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To Southern fit. Western Merchants.
THTTE respectfully ask your attention to the fol
▼ T lowing reasons why you should make your
purchases of goods in the New York market, very
frankly confessing it) 1 is our desire that you should
do so.
It must be admitted that from 50 to 60 per rent,
of all the foreign merchandise which is imported into
this conntry is received into the port of Nnw York.
Of course there is here the opportunity for the
widest selection. The stock of goods on hand in
this city, is at all time», larger than the united
stocks of all the other Eastern cities. It is equally
certain that New York is the chief and great depot
for the manufactures of the Eastern and Middle
States, and of the products of the Western.
The construction of the Ohio and Illinois Canals
is making a very great change in the commercial
routes of the traffic of the Great West.
The prices of goods in New York, by reason of
its immense supplies, and the consequent competi
and credits are extend
liberal a scale as at any other point.
The Merchant », Manufacturer, and Importers
whose addresses are subjoined, are prepared to prove
the truth of these positions, and will lie happy to
dispose of their goods on terms which will verify
all that is asserted here.
■ ;
Importen and Dealers in Staple und Fancy Silk
Alfred Edward» & Co., 122 Pearl street.
Importen (f Dealers t'» Staple If Fancy Dry Goods.
Dorenü/ & Nixon, 30 Nassau, corner Liberty st.
Jobbet of 8tapls and Fancy Dry Goods , Zephyr
Worsted, Canvas, Gloves, Ribbons , Laces, Embroi
der'd Trimmings, and embroidery articles
D. S. Turner, No. 60 William, between Cedar &
Pine street.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Straw Goods, Palm
Leaf Hats, Artificial Flowm, he.
William E. Whitjn® &<kL, 122 Pearl st
Manufacturer and Importer oj Saddlery, Harness and
Coach Hardware.
W. J. Brea. 209 Pearl «lfm.
Sadakry J! r an Mouse.
T. Smith & Co., 101 Maiden Lane, manufacturers
of Saddles, Bridle s, Martingales, p illars, &c.
Publishers , Booksellers and Stationers.
HIjhtinijton & Savage, 210 Pearl street Publish
of the " National School Geography, with a
plan, by S. G. Goodrich."
Samuel S. & William Wood, 201 Pearl st., op
posite United States Hotel.
Alexander V. Blake, 77 Fulton st.. corner of
Importer of French and English Staple Stationery.
and Manufacturer of Account Books.
Wx. A. Wheeler, HI Wall street.
Stationery Warehouse.
Francis & Loutkkl, 77 Maiden Lane, Import
of English and French Stationery and manufac
turers of Account Books, Manifold Letter Wrw
ter», Croton Ink, &c. Lewis Francis—Cyrus II.
Gl&bo Map
Merchants mjd Dealer» in Pa)M>r,
Twine, Shoe Thread, School and Blank Books
Staple Stationery and Paper Hangings.
Maiden Lane.
Hintoi» & Tra vers.
Gold Pen Manufacturer.
Albert G. Baolet, 189 Broadway, for sale at
manufacturers prices, by all the wholesale je web
, stationers, 4rc., warranted.
Manufacturer of the Celebrated Magic Razor Strop
of Four Sides.
L. Chapman, 102 William street. Sold at Manu
facturers prices by all the Hardware, Fancy
Goods Importers und wholesale Dealers, price*
reduced 33 1-2 per cent.
Manufacturer» and importers of Paper Hanging»
The Trade supplied at first prices.
M. A. Howell, & Co. 307 Pearl
Chrihte ft Constant, 01 Maiden lane.
Manufacturer of Haying, Visiting and Business
Cards, Quills, &c.
Gioroe Cook, No. 71 Fulton street
Manufacturer of all kinds of Paper Boxos, Band
Boxes, Band Box j«apers, deah r in Binders and
Box Board» and Importe.» of Fancy Paper.
Chab. Clac nit'». 58 John street, up stuir*.
Importer and Mnmilucturer of Musical Instrument*
and denier in Strings for VioK
and Publisher» j»f Music.
C. G. CHUfTXA ^, 4114 P earl afre et.
Manufacturer and Importer of Musical Instruments.
—All kinds of Musical Merchandise constantly
Edward Baack, No. 81 Fulton street, cor. Gold.
Manufacturer and Importer of choice Pcrlumery,
Toilet Soaps, Extracts, Colognes, ftc.
Euoenk Roussell 159 Broadway, between Liber
ty and Courtlandt streets.
Manufacturing and Furnishing Establishment in
the Daguerreotype Business.
E. White. 175 Broadway, Plates, Cases, Chemi
cal», Poiishing apparatuses, and every article
used in the business. Also the Germun. French
and American Cameras.
Lamp Establishment, Solar, Catnpheue, Lard and
Oil Lamp» and Chandeliers, Bracket, Hanging
Parlor,-Hall, Church nnd Table Lamps, Giran
doles, Glass Globes, Shades, Wicks, Ac. Superior
Cnmphene, Chemical Oil, Burning Fluid, &c.
W. H. Starr. Manufacturer, 67 Beekmun street.
Importers and Manufacturers of Looking (Basses,
Looking Glass Plates, Picture Frames, Ac.
Bull and Donaldson, 228 Pearl street, opposito
Piano Forts,
Goodyear's Patent Insoluble India Rubber Goods,
warranted to stand in every climate.
Georoe Beechkr, sole agent, 100 Broadway.
Wood, Willow and Tin Ware, Mat*, Brooms, Combs,
Hair " ashes, Fancy Goods, Britannia Ware, Ac.
Jon Chandler, 81 Maiden Lane.
Manufacturer and Dealers i
Trunks, Steel Pens, Seuling Wax, Ink, Blocking
Razor Strops, Ac., also Manufacturers depot
Friction Mutches.
BAnNKS and McKbachnii, 255 Pearl street.
William Steele's Patent Feather Brushes, Manu
factured by
Strelr and Co., 305 Pearl street, from 40 to 50
sizes always on hand.
Brushes, Quill»
t Agricultural Warehouse.
A. B. Allen, 187 Water stre«#* ..«fanning Imple
, Field Seeds, Guano, Liam
namontal Trees, tyc. Editor ol
Agriculturist a monthly publication-of 32 pages
with numerous engraving«. Price pi
Manufacturer and Dealer in Agricultural Machines
and Implement», PortaWfe 14ç«se Powm, Thres.li
nra, Mills, fire., Plough*. Slough Carting«, Gin
Gear, &c„ Field Seeds, *c. *
J. Plant, 5 Burling slip.
Fine Cut Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers and
Importers of Choice Sogar«.
John Anderson, Co., No. 2 Wall Btreet. 213 and
215 Duane street, has the premium of the Amer
ican Institute for 1843, '44 and '43.
&e., Fruit, Or
the American
Vinxoxr.—Leonard Brown, 817 Wall street,
Manufacturer and dealer in White Wine, and
Cider Vinegar.
Manufacturers of Crane s Patent Twelve Month
Mantel Clocks and Time Pieces for Banks,
Public Houses, Churches, &c., also Turrctt,
Steeple or Town Clocks.
J. R. Mills, fy Co., 10D Fulton street.
Importers and Dealers in French and Italian Win
dow Shades.
J. C. Woodford, 289 1-2 Broadway, received by
euch arrival shades of every style, full land
scapes, Corinthian, Roman, Gothic, Vignette's,
Plain Scro lls, &c,, ulso gilt cornices, gimps, &c.
New Type Foundry and Printers Furnishing Ware
Cockcroft if Overend, No. 68 Ann street, comer
of Gold st'."»«!, furnish all kinds of Job and Fancy
Type, Presses, and every thing necessary for a
mplete printing office.
Rich's improved Patent Salamander Safes.—War
ranted free from dampness as well as fire proof,
improvement upon Wilder's patent, for sale
A. S. Marvin, agent for the manufacturer,-138 1-2
Water street.
Wilder's Genuine Patent Salamander Safes,
ranted free from dampnees.
SitAj^V Herrtno, Manufacturer and Dealer in
alWSuds of safes, 139 Water Street, comer of De
peyster Street.
Double Sulamondcr safes.—C. J.Uayter,the origi
nal inventor and patentee of the Double Sale,
and improved Detector Lock
and unproved Detector Lock, warranted fire and
thief proof, and dry. Single Salamander safes
warranted equal to any maker, for Bale by
Leonard Brown, 80 Wallstreet.
Bronze Powders. Gold Paint, Gold Silver and Flo
rence Leaf, Dutch Metal, etc.
J. H. Rioutt, wholesale agent, No. 138 Maiden
Lane. Bronze» 50 percent lower titan any house
in the United State».
M.iiiiii- n.-aii-is.
, 372 and 374 Green
wich Street, near Beach, Ornamental marble
work of all kinds, richly carved statuary, and
1 monuments. Dealers
- plain marble mantles
supplied with blocks and »labs.
Machine and Hand Cards.
Joun WiiiTTKMonK if Co. Manufacturers of Col
and Wool Hand and Machine Cards, and
. Office
dealers in articles for manufacturers
216 Pearl Street. _
St. Nicholas, late Exchange Hotel, by
Wkmmbl and Dumchhkt, No. 28 Courdlnnt St
A. A. Wemmell, J. S. Humphrey, late of flow
uni » Hotel.
New York, Jan. 27, 1840. flt
Tailoring Establishment.
Chandler, Merchant Tnllor, No.
12 Market Strict. Would respectfully inform
liis friends and the public generally , that h* ha» ta
„f ,1,...... ft,,, »r r Cerner of
ken one or the new »tores at tlie JS. J.. cunei oj
Market (f I rout Sts. in the now building! tecently
erected by Jtfcsrr*. Duncan if Carnahan, and i»
prepared to make garments of every ki*nl. in the
best and most fashionable style. Vests,
coats, dress coats, ladies' habit»,
made to order. All kinds of c!
vestings, Ac. kept
lie di»|>«''»d
Tlie full fashion rardr just itwtiv«»
N. B. AH garments warranted to tit,
otherwise they will not be » (towed to leave the estab
-.b will
tantly on yÄ ' V.
tiie moot rca wmitVe
jun 30 l y
(£/* D. Chandler. dttcce»sor to George Gill.-CD
dfust Opened,
f w* PattvSoäntry \unnj!s, which they oder for Sub
it their Stor* J- !*• HADDEN it Co.
- Kent.
N The 26ttK0f .March next, a large THREE STO
corncr of 10th und Market Sis.
largo salt lob*, and a large
, where there may be sold I (IK), to 1500
tun* of planter per year, and several thousand bushels of
Salt. iTIiis Store is wall calculated for Wholesale and Re
There are
tail business, there is few belter
Proprietor lias kepi the Store for several yeurs, and now is
^ tiujuira of James Cleuden, corner of Market &
There can lie a lorge quantity of gfnin boufht from the
waggons, mid made a handsome business. Stock and lix
J A.MI.S I I I V 111 \
< tmov.
notify nil .
balance, of Fifty Dollars secured oi
my property, near the old Swedes Church, in Wilmington
paid—because the su id Bnldwin has not finished i»>
according to Contract, and I nm determined
until my house «proper j
t t pay said
IBuigerrroIypc LlkcnciüicN.
^ ^ i the citizens of tVilmi
to ladef in u good Morocco Cose for one dollar end a
January 18, tWO.—tf
. resperifully in
I viclniiv, that he
T 0 Owner*^of Ileal Estate, Physicians, Store Keepers and
January Ut, i'l
». 6, West Fourth Street.
OOK OUT FOR SHAD.—Just received
A Bale superior three thread Gill Twine. Ind fi
sale low at No. 62 Market Btreet, by
January 9, 1846.—tf
J HE Subscribers buve alwuyson hand, a large s*wrtnicnt
I of Fancy Hardware. Such as Looking Gin*»*, Wat
er*, Knivr* und Fork*. Shovel* nnd Tone». Fiat Irons.
~ iler*. Tea Kettles, '
i iV.U-t uâ Pen Kuivc-% B*wi*, Hurt* ( "''iS BMHnl
ifair Hriiui«, Oküb UniUie*, i-'ancy Candle «F k*, Block
Till Ten loul Coffae Pot*. Vlilli a general n.vnnwsnt of
House Keeping »i tides, which they would inviie tlie pablii
to ca and cxnnuiio.
; ud Mullet*
Trays, rv-Suirs
, Fmiffer*
. 57 Market 8t.
1 ,'OR the core of Scrofula, nr King's Evil, Rheifnaii
Ulcerous8ores. White Swelliag», Disease* of the Liver
Skin, General Debility, Ac., all Diseases ari»V>»
xtrnc-t* of Snrtnpa
preparation* nradè in imitntiun i
the Pa
, arc {ye Market
■ .... ..inst 11 ne t u I Family Medicine ~
1 public. No family ought, ——
ai'lar a trial, For Bale by
179 Marked
Nom «-(hing: New.
- ' ket Street, Wilmington. Have .
• Ornament»
wick.* Ac. /''ji'i
r*, linnd»oim-ly guilt, with Marble Bases, net
tin* Market. Also a lurgc assortment ol l.arf
if various Puttern», with
Moves, Moves,
E Subucriher* hnve on hand, n large assorimwi of the
•nan approved Pattern* of Wood nr Coal Stove*,
. t«t ni- Pipe, Coal Iiod*, Ac. For Sale hy
1 *•-" J. L. HADDEN I
•mile again where beauty bright
U DRESS BALD—to be held at the City Hall, on Mon
day Evening, February Second.
Manager».—T. Gallt, C. II. Wilson, R. Pkrsin*. A
P. Dutton, D. Hauirs, J. Obawfokd, Cuarlk« Jone«.
Ticket* tnay be hnd of cither of the Managers,
WuRhiugton Rami Room. 4th and Shipley St»., on Tuesday
umi Friday evening*. Jan. S3—21
N O. 1—A Brick dwelling 2d door North of Second street
_in Tat nail street,,^Ea*| side.
■ 3 — A Brick dwelling on W
. „ , - „ -Ido of Tatnollst.,
between Bd uud 3d streets, occupied by Andrew 8. Clark.
No. 4 — A Brick dwelling on South side of 9cvcnth st.
adjoining Sir. J. F. Zebley.
No. fi.—A Brick dwelling on South side of Seventh st.,
between I<ombnrri and Pine st».
N°. 0.—A very large hundsorao dwelling on French st.,
opposite Doctor R. R. Porter*.
No. 7, 8,9 and JO —In Bwcattuen'a Court, on East side of
r tench street, between 3d and 4th street*.
, |3 and 14.—•Office*in
Money Wanted
good Bond and
'J'nF. following
—91600 and #t,000.
sum* arc wanted, (o lie Well »»cured
:-SI ,000— «4 .01 Ki-82.300
I »ums of $909—8390
Apjilyio WM. McCAULLBY,
No-109 Market Street, Wilmington.
^t||HE Subscriber begs leave most respectfully to
inform the travelling community ol DELA
WARE, that he has, at a great expense fitted up a
large and commodious house called Commer
cial Hotel, BALTIMORE, Mil. situate! in the
central part ol the City, No. 140 WEST
PRATT Street, opposite the Depot. The Proprie
tor confidently trusts that by his exertions and un
limited attention that he intends to bestow upon his
business, he will receive a liberal share of public
patronage. The extensive arrangements he has
made iu the cooking department, will insure the
greatest variety of dishes, served up at the shortest
notice. His bar will always be found stocked with
the choicest assortment, and shall always be attend
ed to with the strictest propriety. I would most
respectfully invite all those who would encourage
the march of improvement to call, and be satisfied
to what perfection the most humble business may
with perseverance be elevated to.
N. B. Attached to this establishment are several
and well ventillated Bed Rooms for the ac
commodation of the travelling community,
ordinary ready at all hours. Tlje above establish
ment is now open to receive travellers.
January 16,1846.—6m.
Estate for Sale.
HM* I T being the wish of the subscriber
ijjg the VV esu he will sell Hint well ^ ^ (
situate on Duck Creek in the comity of New Castle
anti Stato of Dclnwarfi, right miles by witter from Stny
four from the Delaware lwy, at the upper Bombay 11
Philadelphia. '
remove to
«.•»inte contain! a hum
* ' ■ - nearly^ surrounded by ^
witters of
divided into four Farms with Dwelling-house!,
Tha Pencil Orehard, i
In oxcelloiit health and free from disense of every kirnt.
6,000 of which are of the earliest variety, having yielded
prime fruit for several years, that was mid in the Phila-
delphia und N. York markets, several days in advance of
that from any other orchard whatsoever. The remainder
-'"-ϕ enough adapted to
, unknown to
to 30,000 addilumul trees. From some cun
the snliscriber, the fruit from this orchard is i
sculiar fitness of the '»oil in whicli the trees
■ is situnte upon the landing on Duck Creek a
, 40 by 86 feet j tho most remote part
^ t more than a mile from this landing.
Philadelphia^ carl y tho following morning) and in no in
stance the past season tixi late tor Ihn N. York 2 o'clock
line. »HI trees arc twelve^car* old, und hist seasonyield
horotofore ; 5,000 six years old,
atuHhrcc years-old. ^ ^ ^
b Baskets and futures'
der four
. Cattle,^Hogs, l'each
! Possession mny
bo Uju) m (hf _ 1#| of March (i
p or f Ur ,i lur particular» inquire of Etnlen tt Fisher, Uc:
Estate Brokers, Philadelphia, Miller & Parsons, dealers i..
f'iriugii und domestic fruits, New York, or the subscriber
inSt ^ yrni|j De i aWnrei BIMON SPEARMAN.
Smynim, jan 8—4t Or, W. McCAULI.EY.
109 Market street Wilmington, Del.
Ad/.» .1 i(.iih;.4I.v.
that Farm or tract of about 68 acres, more or leas of
•hclpiit Hill, in ^^^«1 Hun
' mje of tb. Philadal
y 1 - -1 - and otw ■ "igf
»''ndirTmT 5
mile* of the City of Ri
t»bia, Wilmingt
iraa > Utue PMt Tevt • V« „^b-ai m '
f mile* of the Dolswp.eh Iti
Philadelphia. The Improvement* arc a tl
And Kitchen, Stone and Frame Barn, Spring House. tce. } a
good well of water at Hoaae,apple and pear orchards, with
K umt* cherries and other fruits. About 40 acres are
e, the remainder
It is divided into eight fields, all well watered, mid is im
a good stale of cultivation, having been limed and manured
considerably. The situation high and healthy, the Steam
sis, also Rail Rond Cars, to be seen from
. It will be sold u bargain,
possession may bo had
immediately, or bn the 25th of Murcli next. Person wish
ing to view tli** premises will cull on PATRICK McHUGH,
thereon, or to VVM. MeOAULLKY.
109 Market Street. Wilmiimton.
«ro .ittcncirte t*
two ways to treat n Secret Diseuse* ; the
appearance of the symptom*, by means of mercury or
copuivn, mid requires but^ u uuy or two, but it is very in
systi-ni. slowly, safely,
is to eradicate it out <
surely, without Mercury
Sound in a day or two,
'Ti* too good to he true.
Thirty odd years of experience in the scientific practice of
curing Sceret Diseases m Pari» and Amorim, have enabled
the French Doctor of the French Medical House, 18 south
virulent disease) no matter from what cause it may have
orginated, ii^u very short hut reasonable time, Without
Person* who have injured their Hçaltlî by n *
TIMORE where a sure cure can
anty Bod forfeiture, with strict honesty, and tens»
written guar
.Voters cif Nbw Castle Cokntt.
r 'ELLOW CITIZENS The undersigned offer* himself
I as a candidate for the office of CORONER, of New
Castle rouuty, mid pledgee himself to abide the decision of
8nmruit ,n BrTclge', d jan P S^tV OUTrEN* D. 'jEHTKR.
fPHB subscriber, now of the City of Wilmington (late of
I Newcastle Hundred in Newcastle County) respect
1842, and
uvernge^mijimty iff 250. Ite^ lakes jins -ipimi-tiimty^to
and infirmities render him less able to suiHxiri n iunie
oii^family than^heretoforo. ELI FOSTER.
ÜIHlcr and H? cl in hold,
II ,nfWir.tiut tne, ,.ù iifetHtred to exwaitu
work in th»ir line, by Ihn Day or Contract,
reasonable terms, for Cash or accented trade. One of tlie
firm may always be foandat their Shop, in Orange between
Front and Kecoad streets, over J. It. Moor* and Co.'s
*' dre PJ— ïm ltt ' ll,linS,
Office Shipley St., East side, above 3rd Street.
To the Democratic Voters
ELLOW CITIZENS —The subscriber respect
fully offers himrelf to your consideration for
' New Cnstlo Onmtv,
New Castle
the office of CORONER
He hereby pledges his vote and support to the
cessful nominee of the Democratic party.
New Castle, JantmiY 16, 1846—tf
HF. WILMINGTON DEPOT, for the Sala of
New and Cheap Books and Stationär}', is at
Temperance Hull, ISo. 1. Fourth Street.
Edward Austin or the Hunting Flask.
Francisco or the Pirate of the Pacific.
The Midshipman, by J. II. Ingraham.
The Burglars or the Mysteries of the league of
Blanche De Ranzi.
The Nun of Ursula.
The Horse Thief or the Maiden and Negro.
Metnliak. the lone Indian of the Magaloway.
Emily Elwood, the Hermit of the Crags.
The Spanish Gall
Mornilva or the Outlaw of the forest.
The Gipsy Chief or the Haunted Oak.
Mary Moorland or the Fortunes und Misfortunes
of an Orphan.
The Rival Chieftain's of Mexico.
Evelyn, or the two Lovers.
Edith Vernon, or Crime and Retribution.
Alice May, or Bruising Bill.
The Confessions of a Magnétiser, being an expose
of Animal Magnetism.
Mary of Burgundy- or the Revolt of Ghent.
Montezuma, the N*n. - *
Attiila, u RomunCe, by O. P. R .Vara««, £«<].
The Fnlse Heir, by
Arrah Neal, or Times of Old, by James.
Breach of Promise, an interesting work.
Love nnd Mesmerism, by Smith.
The History of the Freebooters of America.
Li cell's Living Age, No. 86.
The Life and Ministry of the Rev. John Sum
merfield, bound in an elegant style in gilt.
Every Lady's Cook Book.
Management ol the Sick Room.
The School Girl in France,
Literary Emporium, bound in Gilt ; a splendid
Every Man's Doctor, and Family Guide to
Dew Drops of the 10th Century, gathered and
preserved in their brightness and purity, by Sebn
Smith, bound in Gilt—a work of truth and impor
• Romance, the Cruiser.
the Pirate of the Medi
a •
Also, Worsdell's Pills, for the
of all dits
; Sway ne's Compound Syrup of Prunus Vir
ginia, or Wild Cherry, for Consumption.
Dr. Williams'
of Dyspepsia, H
All Newspapers and Periodicals received as
as published, and furnished
prices, by
(Ö* Dont forg
i D
vrpiv til
bum, &c.
Bitters, for the
the publisher's
January 0, 1846.—tf
et the Place No.
C OLOGN'S.—Beanoni'fi Cosmetic and Aro
matic Cologne, for the removal of sun-burn
, freckle, and other imperfections of tho jskin.
No. 30, Market st
Far sale hy
. 1— A Two Ftory BRICK HOUSE,
North West corner of Front aau King StreetsQlwply
^'O. 2.—A Three Story BRICK HOUSE, adJojtffijRo. I
' 0 A fc° Three Story BRICK HOUSE
A Tarife Story BRICK HOUSE,
apply to
».6-Throe Story BRICK STORE,
' V
UwoDiag at
tached on the South East corner of Front and Kin«,
apply to P. HORN.
V O. a —A Two Story BRICK DWELLING, adjoining
li No. 5. apply to P. HORN.
Story BRICK FRONT, a<l*iuing
A' No s'
^O. 8.—A Urge three Story BRICK HOUBF., with a
first lloor, built in modern style, in Poplar between Second
Third street, apply to P. HORN.
9. —A Lurgc Third Story BRICK, the sumo u > No. 8.
apply to P. HORN
10. —Also in French Street in Congress Row. j three
story BRICK with a two story kitchen and wnsi-hou*e
x, aiid pump of good water at the door, apyl^ <o
apply to

■.g rf v

.—Adjoining No.
Wilmington Dec. 26, IM5
i Subscriber, wishing to decline tha farming Itoni
expose ut Public Bule^jm the premises, ''é F
a hnlf miles from Wilmington, on the - ' road lending
from Kenuett Turnpike to Fulton's mill, and will ur about
half a mile of the Turnpike. It contains
Eleven Acres of which is «ovored
has b'iSi lately
■ ill:. I 1 • 1 H
mi' ' 'l" l * 0 j J B r rlng r il WO * ,0r ' e *.'jv"
Orchunlof tho
^ It is deemed unnw-ewary to give a further dcijjf.'jition of
' X Januory'i(J! 1 |Ma e —"''' rHLTON ®x
' ^ Oie premia««, u thcjq^yi
\ HEADACHE. The most severe *e»dache
Cured in Firs Minute». NO CUlfc " NO
"igf AV." CaÛ and be convinced for yiK
5 ' fl- CTNMORE S Drug; Su,..-, ...
2d door above 4th. Jan. 16,1î»40— tf,
" W For cleaning and Polishing Iron, Steel,
Brass, Silver, and Metal of every description.
It is composed of the pure minorai 01 the moun
tain, and is perfectly tree from nil ar
ticles which polishing powders am usually
composed of, and is noted for its qtickness and
durability of lustre. For sale at Js'o—SO Mar
kot street, 3 doors below the low^r Market, by
_ JOHN P. POLK , Druggist,
Joseph Wall's
in Tatnalst. Between itii &r»tu ,sts.
lyF.RSONS desirous of hiring can be
JL dated with horses and carriages, i
l the best
, and at the shextest notice, by
21 tf
mantier, at all til
calliMo a* above.
I 1 ilYlllpr commenced the Tailoring business i
I 1 the new building recently erected on the
corner of Market and Fifth streets, I tako jthis
thod of acquainting my friend» and the public of
receive that encourage
ment Irom a liberal public which my 4fforts to
please may
As it is my determination to exert mj- utmost
ander entire satisfaction, ini order to
retain the custom of all who may favor die with a
trial, I shall make it my study
be dissatisfied with my work. Mv es
No. 4 south Fini St.-just
I directly opposite Join Hall's
baud, and intend keeping
and I hope
11 -î I.' - ■
pl«tw all, nnd
I- '
tnhlisliment is
below Market,
Hotel, where I have
» general assortment of
ClotliN, CasNimcrcfi, Vos(In;:s, &c
Which I will make up
most fashionable manner, and
I have also
order in th« best and
assortment 6' bosoms,
Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Ac. of thelatist styleä.
and will dispose of
terms. As I have paid
tf.-iolUy than
hesitation in recommending them
and the public.
Û ly
C.!-,.|l .U
D. W. FA
No. 3 5th St. Wilinkgton.
E . T . Taylor, S 1
0 .
1 fe (-NpccHuily inform their friendsit ml the
1.1. public generally that they have
; ! -
hand ah n.î^rtmeiit
, Queensware and Fun v Goods
part of French and EnglkA China
.\o. 55 BarlU'l Slricl
intend keeping constantly
of China , G
Consisting in
Tea Sets.
White and Blue Raised Figured Granite PiiVr Set?
To.fct >cts.
■! -
.! î
,1 •
'i ■
Blue Queensware Dinner Sets.
Blee and Dove Colored Tea Sets.
Blue Toilet Sets.
Iron Stone Toilet Sets.
French China Flower Yasos, Fruit Bushes, Card
Baskets, Pitchers, Bowls, J/ugs. Cups and fencers,
Dinner und Tea Plates of every size and «Riality;
also Glass, such as Tumblers. Afolasscs Pitchers,
Cellery Glasses, Lamps, Salt Cellars. Butter tnd Cup
Plates, Jars, Ac., together with Iron and Fellow
Stone Ware of American manufacture, as Butter
Pots, Pie Plates. Pans, Jl/ilk Bowls, Preserve and
Jelly Jur», Cake üfouhls, Spittoons, Pitches Jugs,
Jars, Ac. Ac., all of which will be 6old cl*ap for
cush. The public are invited to call and efamine
their stock.
Wilmington, Del., Sept 12—ly.
ND MOLASSES.—A trash I«it of S
received from Auction, ve-y i
esicrn Grocery near tlie Black Hi
^ Mollisse*.
X", ! ,
1* K ili ill A N $ 1111*.
st sincere thank I
J E return
Citizens of Wilmington, for the Pkeral pa
arrival here, and
: will
tronuge bestowed
most respectfully inform them, that
main here for a short time longer, in order to give
those un opportunity who have not attended previ
\Ve do not wish to boast of what
Nor do we wish
would invite all those who have not given
have done
humbug the public. l>at wt
<• 1 11
, and satisfy themselves by examining tlie
S rovcments made by our pupils in thi* pWce.
ndies Cl*»» will meet between tlu- of 3
4 P. M. Athenaeum Room.
Private Lessons will be given if required.
Wilmington, January 9, 1836.—4t
Pcakin Tea Company.
Is Removed to Orange St. six doors above Eighth,
Wilmingt bn, Del.
Y*7Tier© may lie found constantly on hwtd, aud
TT lor sale, wholesale and Retail, x viriett
the quality, than they
bought for at any other establishment ia the
Teas, exclusive, are sold at this
Ifl house, and severial varieties which
cannot be obtained elsewhere. Any
«» «4 Teas which do not givo entire sat
ifaction can bo returned and exchanged, or the
money "ill bo refunded.
Tho citizens of Wilmington, and vicinity
respectfully invited to give us a call.
" tiOOMt VMi.iS,
try Merchants, Familie*. Ac.
The YUONO HYSON TEA, which the Comp tu.r.stW at
75 cent» per pound, i* better than must of the Teas «toiled
elsewhere nt $1, and the BlHek Teas, which the; »ell at
triiing in Philadelphia at one dollar per pound7 ARWjgle
sold hy thi* Company, and of their cheapne**.
The finest specimen* of Green and Black Teas e»«r sold
in this country, are imported by the Pekin Tea CoSpauy.
Tho** who want goo<i Tea*, nt reasonable prices, »n til
sser \\ ilmington Del.
Wilmington, Oct, 17, 1815. 3in
Carpets und Oil Cloths.
Great Bargains
Black Horse Alley
No. 19, South
I'll II. AD El. I'JII A.
The sithseriher desirous of reducing his slock of Carpets
and Oil Cloths, will sell the hnlmiru ni his fall goods ut
Iinperitd^Three ply Cnrpctmgt,
do 1-4 3-4 6-8 Twilled Vonilian
, a large and extensive assortment of Floor Oil Cloths
it M per yard.
7-4 embossed table cover
" Primed, " "
" Worsted Damask^
a large awtorltnent of English ».«-kings and Baizes,
together with an extensive assurtineiil of low priced r '~~
petiugs from 30 to 60 cents per yard. Connected with
RAO CARI'EITNOB. aijd hryt cniwtuntly on bund a ferge
Table Oil Cloths,
Embossed Piano Covers,
yet supplied themsujvcs,
>ot, corner of Black Horse Alley, b
r, 28—ly
I'.'t. Iifi-i-r- «1,1
jiectfuWy invited
N > l0S.mil! 2d ^ .
Dagiierieiflypc Miuiatuics.
T ' corner of Fifth and
fet 'street, entrance on Fifth
M iniaturcs of every size and style taken on an entire new
principle.^ Mr. W., will guaruutce to hitfriend s^an d the
res[>cctfully invited to call, examine jpccjmcn*, >!
i V Sutlinclts, and Vestings. Just opened mid for sale by
»to. (12 Market street.
ice. 12,1815.
No. 02 Market street.
I > cd ut No. 02,
. 1 Buie of Whitney Blanket* ; prices un
•. Call and see them. SAMUEL BUZBY.
PhflatU-lpiiiu Hat ant* i (■,« Hloi«.
M--.ag.tL jt.rgg •V/.'ITNM Tfrt .»■»».
£f\ OARDEN A BROWN, No. 19<i MARKET «ft
JJU 9t., twe doors below Sixth St., particularly
n*** invite the attention of the citizens of Wif
mingtou und its vicinity, (when purchasing Hals and Cap«,)
to their Store, being fully satisfied it is greatly to the in
terest of ut! and every person to deni with them. They
now offe r one of the largest and
At i I f in j Is ^Philadelphia,
Sup. Reaver lint*, §2,50 to 8 .|no.
" Brush Hat 82 to 3. | Cmw, cheap ;
ip>», c* iWjNo. fund 2 line Shetland fur
... No. 1, 2 unit 3 fine musk fur
up. Sil
•' C'a
' Fur Hats,
and upwards j velvet, fur trimm
.-variety and style of, silk, oil-cloth, le
:v will *ell n ne
but fir*t-rate Halsend more,
pie tliut
Selling Cheun to every one, judge or
Country Merchants, Storekeeper*,
purchu*iug any articles in the Hut or Cap line, will find it
to their advnutugu to call, a* we have a large and complete
Block *uiied to the country trude. which we will sell at the
wholesale piuck*. Call ami sec. Open evening.
.Musk Hat Skin* und other Fin* wanted.
In. 190 MARKET St., 2d door below 0th, Phila.
Domestic Carpet Hauunu tnrer,
No. 10South Second »tr«et, corner of Black Horse Alley,
between Murk, t and Chestnut sts. hu* conimmly on Imnd P
a large aswrrtiuem of LIST AND Rag CARPETINGS
coimi^Merchant* 2 u'i'iUUou'u'o mo!t liberal term»
!«>\v«atprico!." 0rk WOVin 'iniOM AS 'l!"sm{th. '°
. 28—ly.
Fire, Insure Your Property.
The Wilmington Fire Insurance Company ,
orporated by ihe Legislature of Delaware, wi
150,000 DOLLARS.
Office No. 109 Market St. Wilmington Del.
injjs, goods, vvare*, and li('>u*ehold forniture. buy, grain and
terms us any other sous à i nst rr j r t iyi <i ihu kind »wy Where.
Samuel Mille*,
Thomas Janvier,
John Bullock,
Samuel Hnzbv.
3N RON8AL1., President.
H with prompt intention.
William McCacllrv, Secretary.
President or Secretary, \
ting ilb.od, Difficulty of Dreatbin*, Pain in the Side
• Breast, Palpitation of the^Ilcart, .influenza,
Dr. Swaym'N Compound syrup of
Wild Hu rry.
Dr. Kwavne— Tb-nr Sir:
i^il month* after month* with
gradually grew worse with profuse ni
genernl' ctebdity*" My^co^tiJullon'weSiwl
und was treated by physiriniwnf the highest respeembilitjr
stilt grew worse, until thev guve ma up u» incurable
much time from inv work, and having spent all
/ on the various "Patent Man icure »" which
n-ss. I wu* unable to take tKcir advice.
utiiicted of nil
Ufe tub ing u hijuv^
, n hocking
. with great
•ly a
of the order of Odd Fellow», they supplied me with money
to send me to my friend«, in Saco, Maine. 1 was treated
benefit from them, but gradually grew worse, until my
physician* and myself gave up all hopes of my ever recov
ering, Hint 1 felt like one who is about to pa*» through the
valley of the shadow of death. At thi* "awful juncture,"
I heard of your "Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry," and
knowing you to bo n regular practising physician in Phila
delphia, so I concluded us a last resort to iiuike trial of it. I
, which I am happy to »ay, entirely cured me. and I
i)W enjoying belter health UmnJ ever before have in
r. Sw tyne'a Syrup of ^Vild Cherry
cure any case of eased lung*, if taken uecording to the
prescribed rule* contained in the pamphlets koeotnpsnying
the medicine. Even the physieiciuits who witnessed my
wish you tn'muïe this public,**!! that «Sers whî» nrti suf
fering ns I have been, may know where to procure
cdy at fir«, which will reach their dt»CS » C , without tamp
ering with, nnd ruining their constitutions with the many
"quack nostrums" with which the whole country is floiKi
scicnce of medicine in theory or practice, but at c got
merely with u mercenary view.
' ant a Scarlet Member of the. Hope Lodge
O. F., in Providence^ R. I., and will lio happy
ive ample proof, '
to give any
medicine, und
Providence, R.
in' n ,i-i
of Eighth and Rare Sts., Phi
CAUTION—The public should be on their su
c many "Balsams" and "Mixtures" of Wi
which have sprung up in all pari» of the country, purport
mf^to be prepared bj- physic urn*, all oi ^whicli willjbe lound
regard to^r^tlfvVAYNK'S *COMPOUND SyRUP**OF
WILD CHERRY are -strictly
is daily receiving them from persons who have bean cured
by thi* "celebra'ed remedy." ^Thc (original aiuUirdv) gen
tler of Eighth and^Rn-e*»'*. Pbiia Dr ' *" 0>n "' N '
BALE Wholesale
Retail, t.v MARSHAL
db I IT '■' , | A ( BkET ^
i»».vso/,rT/o.r of i*a h t'.va-h ssstr
rpIIE partnership heretofore exisliug under the
1 finn oi Darnels kljsfi (Rlaeksnuths), was dissolved on
; «raon
being authorized to receive and receipt all
J. A. 8
monies due.
J. A. 8. Daniel*,
and thvpMblie generally,
lalsly occupied hy Daniel* A Deal in King
8scond, and hope* by «riet attention to busmotw
»har« of the public patronage
Wlmiington feffi 2—4t
ijpectfully inform hi* friends
the Shop
For the Blue Hen's Cliicken.
Messrs. Editors :—I was not a little amused
st the long string of reaolutions in your paper
from Appoquinimink Hundred, threatening to
throw temperance men and temperance to the
four winds of Heaven; but thank God the cause
is loo good and humane to suffer from such as
saults. Is it to be supposed at this enlightened
day that a cause which has for its object, the
prosperity, happiness, and well being of t
fellow men can be arrested ? Look around y
citizens of Delawaro and particularly of New
Castle County, (find I ask any candid man who]
has the good of his fellow man at heart) if y
do not know some friend or acquaintance who
the road to ruin from the cursed
, but has been snatched
effects of
from the burning, by the friends of temperance.
And what reasons do those ^ esolutidns ofTcr
Their cry is church
e the absurdity of any
such fears! Are not all Christian denomitia
in this laudable work 1 Are riot
thousands who do not profess to ho Christians
equally zealous in this good cause! Is thero
any probability of tho several Christian de
nominations uniting in one. No sane man
looks for such a state of things—then how ab
surd to cry out church and state.
They give as a reason in one of their resolu
tions why they fear church and stato, because
temperance meetings are opened with prayer.
Are not the two houses of Congress opened
with prayer ! Why do not tho Solomons from
Appoquinimink go on to Washington, and beg
their Democratic. President to put a' stop to pray
ing in Congress, for fear of uniting church ami
shite. One word to our Appoquinimink breth
ren—docs temperance increase or diminish
your citizens! Would not your Hundred
increaso in wealth, happiness and prosperity
rapidly were there no liquor drank in
them! Would there not be fewer battles at
Black Bird Η —■would there not be less business
Courts from that Hundred, thereby in
rroasing our taxes. Go to our Jails und Poor
! »«Un-p.s, and a»k a majority of th« poor hicntin
beings wwifined vhoro, wlv.t wo*
their being In those places, and I will euiö&nteaf*™"
that a large majority will answer, Rum. It is a' .
Ions time since the humble writer of this has
attended a temperance meeting, but who has
drank any intoxicating efrinks for many
years. I am not in favor of mingling temper
ance with politics. I advocate the temperance t ,
cause because 1 see and know the good that
has and will result from it. I have setffthose
I love and respected ruined by thinking there ?
danger in taking a friendly glass, but
until they became victims
fellow eir'xens vou
drunkard! »rave, let! l
, touch f t, the ac.
for opposing temperance,
and state. Do you not se
to its ruinous effects. If,
wish to be secure from
beseech you to taste
cursed stiff.
Wo bike great pleasure in publish™ the;
, .. Cl . ,
plimontary notice of thu different!
in tho vicinity of VV ilraington, 1
following cot
from the New York Farmer and Mechanic.
I with this town
Gentl.-So well pleased
and country round about, that I must Bay a few
words aboutit. From Philadelphia to this place
you pass many fine farms and splendid country
seats; but getting on at railroad speed one has
but. litt!.- olianiv for observation. AI (mg the
toad thpr0 u lnuch Kood land| and only want>
nrnner tillintr to nrndnee
P ro P er u .* I,n B ip proaute
necessaries and the luxuries of life.
this immediate neighborhood,
1 up the
c„ _,n
H rand} Wine, the larming interest is well cared UVl
for by the husbandman, who finds at the manu
( band a road v by
1 . a rea .,>
prioo generally
■ to addition of
abundance of the
facturing establishment, close at
market for his surplus, and at a
in advance of city prices, nearly
freight both
Of the
arts I will also say A
a few words, as it seems to be a general belief
among you Yankees that you make all the)
machinery and offer the most valuable improve
ments to the public. To correct that idea, I
will tell you that one establishment here em
ploys 9t0 hands, making engines, machinery,
and iron abips; and besides this, tUre are six
-1— r - ^-- C--or.— ^ i ur -. l 1 - < -^..:.Ni ; . ,
upon various kinds of machine.y; and Umu . re
lying at the wharves eight steamboats for
vessel, and one of timber be
melting daily
five tons of iron, Bnd two more that use 100 or
more tons per year. Among the improvements
here, I noticed at the rolling mill aheavy.stenm
hammer for making blooms which works admi
rably. The mill is operated by steam, and
quires no fuel or fire more than is necessary for
puddling and heating iron; at the shop of Hol
lingsworth & Teas, is one of Mr. Griffin's heat
generators; they are also now putting up a
large steam hammer, for the purpose of forging
heavy shaftings or any other articles wanted.
At another shop an improvement in the method
of putting chilled
wheels, a description of which is promised.—
Also a smut machine, which is highly spoksn
of by those who have used them, manufactured
the inventor, Mr. Johnson, who has spent
experimenting and perfecting
And a Cone propeller, invented
iactures and
ing built. One foundryi
Äi"rtÄ piife
pelling surface than both of Mr. Er«km.'i>, and
yet of less weight, if 1 remember rightly.—
And again, 1 was particularly pleased with the
operation ofDimpfel's Patent Whoel Blower,
manufactured by Messrs. Elliott & Huston,
(whose advertisement I see in your paper,)
also other varities of machinery, engines
boilers. This blower costs less, and will do
nearly, if not quite double tho work with tlie
same power, runs quite still, 2nd should be in
general use as a mother of economy. Any per
witne8sing its operation and power, would
atisfied of the utility of the invcnlion.
several y
be satisfied of the utility of the invention.
From this, one mile, to the village ofUrandy
wime, which is, in fact, part and parcel of Wil
12 overshot wheels, 15 feet diameter, each
grinding 250,000 bushels of wheat and 300,000
. per year.
is mostly kiln dried and put
pounds for the Southern market. O»« lergp tu
nc and tnochine establishment,
four milling establishments, with
, before grinding,
in casks of 800

gine and tnochino cstablishinont, one for
the inanufacturo of corn-stalk cutters -»(iff grind
, which are much in u«e, and are a vrfctble I
article lor the farmer; one shop for tha manu
facture of common cotton mules; one cotton mill
with 1700 spindle», and employing 80 hands.
Thenee up the Brandywine one mile, is now
fitting up 5 paper mill With aix engines; and t lit
tie further m, is the cotton mill of Mr. Bamroft.
with 3000 spindles, making 1200 lbs. yarn and
8000 yds. Wide, fine, SgJL and plain' Lui,,
per week, employing 70 U, 100 hands; and Mr.
fhnoy weaving; and a litUo further is nnptheteot
ton factory oeeupled by Mr. Walker, with 3,500
spindles, 68 looms, using 5000 lbs. of cotton and
making 15,000yards of goods for printing ar.d
sheetings weekly.
A. Stephens & Co., at their factory, with 4000
spindles, 130 hands, use 600 bales of cotton!
yoarly, making 250,Oflt) lbe. yam and 900,000 :
yards common goods yearly. C. I. Dupont j
has two Woollen Factories, one four and one
five setts machinery, using 270,000 lbs. wool,
and 3,000 lbs. cotton yam per year-making all
varieties of broadcloths, fancy cassimoTS and
Messrs. Young's Cotton Mill still above, has.
4,500 spindles, 120 looms, with 175 hands.
make 20,000 yards jacinot, cambrics, and fin . j
print goods per week, using 350 to 400 bales i
of cotton per year. I have omitted one grist
mill, and one or two cotton mills, and several j
machine shops; and although I am past the j
powder mills of Messrs. Dun
neglect to say that these gentil
, I will
;n have about
thirty mills, carried by eighteen water wheels,
•n which they manufacture yearly more than
3,000,000 pounds of powder, including all va
rietics. This company own and reni several
factories on th«'stream, which runs about six
miles in this state, and has a gradual fall of 108
feet, and I nm informed that the power is but.
little more than half occupied.
Wilmington,Del. Jan. 10, If? 16.
the Baltimore Nun.]
Washington, Jan, 38, 1846.
Memorials were presented from various qttar
ler8 asking t e erection of light bouses; also lor
the establishing of new P<wt R
Memorials wi re presented from New York*,
declaring war to b ■ a great evil, an!! asking the
reference of all national difficulties to arbitra
Mr. filler went for the bill as far
S^deé f snail steam vessels, but was np
P?"« to the construction of large ones. He
v,ew this as a war measure, nor did he
ll ?" *"«»6 the Oregon nouev would
. Mr> Cass said a-few word* about placing
*he country in a state of defence, when after a
,ho 5
^ resolution was reported front the Commit
t , R< ; on ' or ®J? n Aflntrs to terminate the Oregon
?? Thursday. It was laid on the table,
F he Hou * e , wenl I, ïV* C0I ? inUt ÎT® oftl ? e who,e '
? n( | resumed the consideration of the joint
giving the Oregon notice. _
^ r ; 9 w : en fP ok f l " fav ? r of B* v ' n B noll * e S
and claiming the whole territory. lie was:
l ?V' pd b y Mr. Thompson of Pa.
Sldp -
The bill providing for th« settlement of the
claims of Now Hampshire
taken up. The
) grounded upon the services of tlm
|ts of the United States during the Canada
The question being on ordering the bill to bo
engrossed, a discussion arose between Messrs.
Crittenden, Atherton, Wescottand others.
The question on the engrossment was then
put and negatived.
The Senate then resumed the consideration
of the bill providing for an augmentation of the
Navy, by the construction of ten iron steamers;
the question being on the proposed amend
ment of Mr, Hannegan to appropriate the pro
ceeds of the public lands to that purpose.
Mr. Bngby having tho floor, made objections
to the bill, on account of its being a
,and on account of the appropriation being
too small. He was in favor of giving the Or
it re
the same
Mr. Holmes obtained the floor, and
motion the committee
After ihureception of Eiwutive communioa
tions m answer to resolutions of inquiry, the
HouRe adjoumetl,
pams, bostivenM», Liver Complaint, Pains in the Side or in
the Small of the Back, Palpitation of the nenrt. Headache,
Sore Throat, Shortness of Breath, gout, cold, cholic, and w
n perfect emmenogogue. ThiaMedicine has I wen invented
more than a «core o! years ago by the French Doctor of
the Fbkmcu Mxdical House, 10 aouth Frederick street,
a chemical extraction
, Uli- cumin-,
of tiie mire of blossom <if certuin flower», which uct* wou
derfnlly on the nervous system and re-establishes it» own
circulation. The Dr. has used it ever since in the above
Diseases, with great success. Many person* tli ink
that the French Doctor confine« his practica wlolf to
Secret Dixsases, but such is not the case; onv disease what
UVl ( will lie treated and cured on written guaranty and forr
leitnrc, if desired, with strict honesty—oven those given up
by Regular Doctor*. Puisons ut a distance may consult tho
Freuen Doctor by letter, and have the medicine sent to
them. Advice gratis. Jan Ü— ly.
Chair Manufactory.
A r o. 4 Market SI. between Front and Water Sts.
1 n the dwerling formerly occupied by the Del-
JL aware Gazette office. The subscriber respect-
fully informs his friend» and the public in general,
that he still continues the above business, aid in-
tends keeping a general assortment of Windsor
and Fancy Chair*, Rocking Charrs, Settees, Horae
Shoe and IV.,.!; in* Chairs for offices, ike. Posse^-
*uMUl-il LiUJVkitxigC of hi* bnsiiKS, rïrATÎÎi
warrant his work equal
to anv in this city,
Oct. 24 ly
Auction and CommiNion House,
No. 9 East 1 th at.
Also agent for the HERB DOCTOR'S medi
. 17
SOAl* 1M> ( i.MU/IX
I N NOCH ROBERTS ha» removed, and will
jJ duct hi» business at the stand formerly
pied by 1. Solomon,
where he will sell a
'o., corner of 3d and Orange
the Philadelphia prices and
N. B. Nothing retailed
below store prices, therefore do not call i
Ü '
the establishment
E. R.
New Arrangement.
w« A kN and after Monday
ïî£" lof November. THE ACCOMMODA
L- TION TRAIN will leave Wilmingt
Coloré penon. to or from PhUSSriu. 37 J craü.
„ Chester.
the 24th
Loaves Philadelphia, at 8 o'clock, A. M., and
4 o'clock, P. M., Leaves Philadelphia Sundays,
at 4 o'clock, P. M.
Leaves Wilmington North, ut I P. M. and 12}
Midnight. Leaves Wilmington, South, at i
A. M., and 6 P. M. Leaves Wilmington, Sundays,
North, at 12 M. and South at 6 P. M.
Mail Train stops at Chester only.
Fare to and frottt Philadelphia,
Baggage ut the owner s risk.
50 cents
R. R. Office, Wilirygton, Nov. 21,1845.
A N til'dinance making appropriations for
jlV the Er penses of the City, for the year one
thousand ei_;ht hundred and forty-six.
I«t-—Be it ordained by the City Council of
That for defraying the expenstw of
:i ■ ' > e!ir ol,e thousand eight haadrad
• }* c *|* in of Twenty-two Tkou*ard
I - ,a ' !»"«* H'cd arid Sevcnty-nuio Dollars, be and
tt "^ lc hereby appropriated, that is to say :
u ' c ' Five 11 uni iredDol : a rv.
F. 0 " 1 )? ,h « P" 1111 ' Dtb! . Ninelhoa
so, £ . . ,
, For , B™dyw.,,e Water Work., itnd «ten
SW""!* U " f w " 1 h "
Ù « . .. ji?™*. . „ _
r „ fr „„ hh of th , clt Fi „ DoB „
F " *■ »'•
For statienar,-, Candles, Gae Light and Fuel,
„„ Hundred and Fifty Dollar»
Vor Preservation und Re; '
ingSi Fifteen Hundred Dollars,
l'or Public Schools, Two Hundred and Eighty
For th* improvement of the Navigation of the
: Christiana River. Four Hundred Dollars,
j For the Salaries of the Mayor, Alderman, Presi
tient of the City Council, Clerk, Bailiff, High Con
-tabic, Treasurer, City Commissioner, Superinten
dent of Water Works, Members of City Council
and Member* of the Board of Health—T
sand Three Hundred and Ninety-Nine Dollars.
For the expenses of the Courts, Two Hundred
Dollar». ^
j For Fire Companies, One Thousand Dollars,
i For Miscellaneous and Contingent Expense»,
Twelve Hundred Dollars,
Passed at the City Hall, January
Attest, T. BOOTH
of the Public Build»
1st, 1846.
Clerk of the City Council of Wilmington,
tary 9, 1840.—

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