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ES D A Y, OCTOBER v, 1877.
VOL- IV.-NO. 64.
Local Tints Table.
For Philadelphia: 2.22, 0.40. 6 55, 8.10,0 01k
9 47,10 Will m; 12 37,12.40,2 30 4 30,5.46.
9.46p.m. Oo Sundays; 2,22, 8.10 am;, 946 pm.
For New York 2 22, 9.47 am: 12.87, 12 40,
6 46pm. On Sundays, 2.22am,
For Baltimore and Washington: 1.06, 8.39 a
m; 12.54,12.19. 5 09,966 pm
days: 106 a *40 66 p m.
Tor Pori Deposit: 4 56 pm.
For N'vi Castle: 6.00, 0.20, 9.30 am; 1.80,
. on Sun
6.80 pm.
For Wi/mrtgtvn Korlhem R. R.: 6.25 a m;
- 4.16 pm.
Fcr Delaware Wrtfem£. R .; 10.20 a m; 6.30
. On Sundays: 10.30 a m.
From Philadelphia-. 12.06.8 84, 9.24 a mi 12
m; W 44, 3.M.4.61, 0 04. 6.26, f.25,
810.9.61,11.10pro. On Sundays: 12.66,
1006am;7.30,961,11.10pm. _ „
From Baltimore'- 2.18,9.41 am; 12.27; 12.38,
0.36,9.86 p m. On Sundays: 2.18 a m;
From Waihington: 2.18 a m, 1227,12.38,5.86,
9.36p m. On Sundays, 2.18 a m; 9 36 p m*
From Port Devoeit: 8.00 a m.
From New Cattle: 1M, 8.60 a n% 12.00 m;
4 20,6.40,7.06 pm. No Sunday trains.
From Delaware R.R: 8 60 a m; 4 20:6.40 p m.
From Wilmirgton <6 Northern B. R.i 11.80 a
xd; 8.16 pm.
From Delaware W ettemR. R-: 7.66 am; 3.10
pm. On Sundays: 6 0U pm.
From Broad street and Washington avenue: 7.80
8 00 , 10 30,11.45 am; 2.30,3.80, 4.00, 5.15,
(LOO,6.45, 11.60 pm. OnBODdajs: 8.30a m
6.00,0 45,11.80, p m.
From Thirty-Second and Maricet street to T 25,
11.45 a. m. 12.16,3.55, 8.60; 11.45 p: m. On
Sundays: 8.50,11.49 p. m._
Sterrett's lively stable In Erie, Pa.,
was destroyed by fire yesterday, with 13
The Pavllllon Ho'el, at Glencove, L.
I., was burned yesterday. The loss Is
There have been two new cases cf yel'
low fever and one death at Port Royal
since Saturday.
The street car works of J. M. Jones &
Co., in West Troy, N. Y .,were damaged
by fire last night to tbe extent of $30,
A supposod Incendiary fire destroved
the barn of Wtlliam M. Watts, near Me
chanicsburg, Pa., on Sunday night, with
gome live stock. Loss $13,000.
The U. S. steamer Essex arrived at
Fnncbal, Madeira, ou the 14th ofSep
tember, after a run ot twenty-nine days
from Hampton Roads . She encoun tered
severe wenramriu •—
TParren C. Wheeler, a prominent resi
dent of West Roxbnrv, Mass., has disap.
peared with nearly $16,000 raised by for
geries. He has been -for maoy years "a
church member in good standing,"
Nine new cases of yellow fever and
three deaths were reported in Fernandl
na on Satorday, three deaths on Sunday,
anl live new cases and one death yester
day. Dr. Weltord, one of the physicians
from Jacksonville, was reported dying
of the fever yesterday.
A telegram from Mesllla, New Mexitp,
received In San Francisco; save that one
hundred of the rioters In El Paso county
Texas, are from the Mexican side of the
Rio Grande. A small detachment of the
Ninth U. S. Cavalry has gone to the
arene ot trouble.
At Columbia, S. C , yesterday, Con
gressman Smalls had a preliminary hear
ing, and Woodruff testified that be paid
Smalls $5000 to vote for a measure be
fore the Legislature of 1873. Smalls
was held to answer before the Circuit
Conrt, which will moet on the fourth
Monday of this month. Maxwell, State
Senator from Marlborough county, was
committed Id default of bail on tbe
same charge. The bribery was in fur
therance of what are known as "the
printing swindles,'' by the Republican
Printing Company.
The steamer Belglc, with advices from
Shanghai toSeptcmber 11th,and Toko,
hama to September 20tb, arrived at San
Francisco yesterday: In China tbe cho
lera was abating in the coast towns, but
still prevalent in the Interior. Famine
everywhere, and floods In tho southern
provinces, were causing groat distress.
In Japan the cholera had appeared in
Yokohama and Nagasaki; but not in a
virulent form. Foreigners had not been
attacked by the disease so far. The for
eign war vessels bad left the harbors to
avoid the disease. A small band ol reb
els still held out in Kagoshima.
Senator McDonald, of Indiana, pub
lishes an address justifying his proposi
tion to pair off with 8enator Morton, in
the event of the latter's inability to at
tend the extra session of Congress. He
said: "In so expressing myself I did no
more than propose the usual courtesies
that have been practiced in the Senate
from the foundation of the Government,
ami which had been extended lime and
again by Governor Morton at the late
extra session of the Stnite when I was
called home by the sickness or my
daughter. To my political friends who
may feel solicitous as to my future course
I will say that I have entered into no ob
ligation and taken no pledge that in tho
t s«t degree Interferes with the full and
a ' fi'thful discharge of my duties as a
1/ -."-atic Senator."
- A Schooner which belongs
O n Mo
to Geo. li-.igiit «.f this city was blown ou
the beach ai Dornbay Hook, on the night
of tbe heavy storm. She was down there
after a load of sand, and was under com
mand cf C'apt. J. Fountain, she is con
siderably damaged, and Mr. Bright went
yesterday to see about getting her up.
JVeio Drain.— N. Liebermau the pop
n! \r clothing man is having a drain put
in Filth street, from Fifth and Market
streets, to conuect with Ihe King street
sewer. Speaktr.au & Brother are dOlrg
the work.
All Day Heslhw at Wtmry.
Sunday last was a day of InterMt and
power at old Asbury, Rey. J. S. Inrklp
struck the key note of praise and thanks 1
giving at the Consecration meeting at 8
a. m. Tills was an old time soul Btirrlng
Methodist meeting and was continued
with unabated Interest until 10 o'clock.
At 10.80. Rey. Mr. lmklp delivered an
eloquent sermon In his peculiarly happy
sij le from the text, "But yu shall re
ceive power after that the Holy Ghost
Is come upon yon: and ye shall be wit.
nesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and
In all Judea and in Samaria and unto
tbe uttermost part of the Earth." Aota
1 : 8 .
After alluding to tbe Introduction of
the religion of Christ among tbe Jews,
he considered the miraculous power con
nected with It. and reteired to the neces
sity of Ohrlsl going away In order that
tbeComlorter may come. Ha next spoke
ot the necessity of aantificatioD, growing
nnt of entlrelty of con version,and said that
tbe man who argues that sanctification
is necessary because conversion has not
been complete, reasons like a fool.
In referring to tbe nature of religion
he said he would scoff at the Idea that
it was something that he could compre
hend; it would be a poor thing indeed it
it could be comprehended and explained
by men. He had no faith In what science
or scientific men taught. They might
be mistaken in this as they have been
mistaken in many other matters. He
rebuked Atheism, and declared that no
body at this time is fool enough to lay
that there is no God.After referring to tbe
marvelousness of the scriptures,the birth,
crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ,
he exclaimed with great earnestness,
everlasting curses come on tbe head of
any one who will attempt to destroy this
dream of mine of immortality and eternal
Be cared nothing fcbout the philoso
phy ot the matter, he was Imbued with
Ihe trnth of the doctrine, and would
stand by it. He asserted most positively
there was no happineess among those
who denied the truths of religion.
After eloquently portraying his views
on this point, he observed that the re
ligion of the times Is dying with order
and lespec'ablllty. Fine churches and
large salaries were operating to drive
away the poor, who were thus prevented
hearing the gospel preached. The ar
gument advanced for tbe establishment
of mf.slou churches, was not In keeping
with the teachings of Christ. All
should ha on a level In the church; in
heaven there was no distinction between
the rich and poor, the learned and the
.;j^7"—' , d—'ill. wa re , oQ equality j here.
In alluding to tbe opposition to educa
ting the einotiona, he asked If there
could be love without feeling?
In concluding be said be bad a father,
a son, and sisters in Heaven, who were
encouraging him to persevere, saying,
press on, you will win the prize. With
'n the next forty years he expected to
die and be with them In Paradise.
This was followed by communion ser.
vice which continued nntll 1 p. m.
In the afternoon, at two o'clock a
children's meeting was conducted by
Mrs. Inakip who tenderly sp >ke of the
love which Christ had for the little child
ren, and young as they were, how much
they needed a Saviour. As a result of
thia meeting, tho altar was crowded with
children, manifesting a desire to bs sav
ed, and several confessed that Jesus bad
come into their hearts.
An experience|meetintr of nnusual in
terest and power immediately followed.
In the evening the church was crowd
ed, while many were unable to gain ad
mittance, and those who came with the
expectation that oua of Asbury'a best
meetings would crown the day's work
were not disappointed. Mr. Inskip was
in bis happiest and most enthusiastic
mood, and every Christian present seem
ed to be in unison of spirit with him.
The text was Is. 3,-10.11, 'Say ye to
the righteous that It shall be well with
him; for they shall eat the fruit of their
doings. Woe unlo the wicked, it shall
be ill with him; for the reward othls
bands shall be given him,"
We hate only time to briefly allude
to the leading points of the ssermon.
He Bret spoke of every person being
either rlghteons or wicked, at d said that
righteousness and wickedness were not
in such strong resemblance to each oth
er that a mat could not determine to
nbi ch class be oelnnged
No man baa inherent rigb'eousuess,
but whoever Is a disciple or Christ, Is In
God's sight a righteous man, whatever
the bitter, censorious spirit of the world
may say of him. There was ouly one
man without defect; and yet the people
who are now saying, "show me a man
that can be called righteous," were they
living in lua day, would have joined with
those who udd: ''He hath a devil."
He next spoke of what constituted a
wicked man. People would say it was
crime. Crime against whom? They say
against society. But God Is grea er than
society; and he that violates the com
mandments of the Almighty, and takes
the cup of salvation and dashes It in the
dust, Is In God's sight tho vilest of ain
nersifor he belleyeth not the witness that
God hath given of His Son, and has
thus made God a liar. Hence it Is that
Christ said, "He that believelh on the
Son shall be saved; but he that believeth
not shall be damned."
It Is not necessary for him to swear,
to be a drunkard, a rumseUer or a thief
to be a wicked msn It'ho la honest
with men outwardly, but dishonest with
God, God will hold him responsible for
the robbery he perpetrates on him. It la
not the open degraded, vicious sinner a
lone, that la wicked bnt the man though
the world may call him respectable, who
at heart is vile and corrupt, whatever
his reputation may be in the community.
We must Dot make a false estimate, but
weigh ourselves by God's standard. The
question whether we ire frigh'eoua or
wicked Is as to how we stand with
It Is well with the righteous in this
world. Though they may bave|tronh!ea,
perplexities and losses, they have Christ
with them. Religion makes them happy
under all circumstances; put a mao In
harmony with God, In a condition of
peaoe and quietness and be can stand
the loss of all things. When the storm
comes, the Pilot will take tbe helm.
No,you can not place tbe righteous man
in any circumstances] that It will not be
well with, him.
But it Is 111 with tbe wicked even in
this world. He may, for a while, be
prosperous, but he baa no peace, no real
bapplness. And while religion tends to
make a man honest, Industrious, vigor'
one, and frugal, sin tends to drag him
down physically, mentally and pecuniar
lly. It does not cost near as much to
serve tbe Lerd as to serve tbe Devil.
One night at a ball often costs more
than religion does in a whole yearMany
men waste a month's wages in a single
debauch, besides loss of character, and
loss of health. But "It is well with tbe
righteous: for they shall eat tbe fruit of
their doings." They that trnet in the
Lord shall net want any good thing.
It pays a man to be a Christian. In
lllustrat'on of of this, he referred to the
experience of a poor, degraded drunkard,
who clothed in rags and frenzied with
delirlnm tremens, went to tbe altar, and
there found Jesus as a Saviour tor even
him. That man became an active Chris
tian, and before he died amassed a for
tune of $60,000.
Bat It will be 111 with the wicked.
As life passes on, the shadows will deep
en, the storms grow more and more ter
rlBc. And when death comes It finds
them witbout|God and without hops.:
But when tbe righteous die, they pass,
calmly and peacefully away, to be with!
Jesus; we do not know where tbe place id
nor need we care. It la enough to know
that It won't take a minute for us to get
Then beyond depth Is the resurrection,
when there shall be a new heaven and a
new earth; when this corruptible shall
put on Incorruption, and this mortal
shall pnt on immurtaltty.
It la well with tbe rlghteons through
and In eternity. But the wicked shall
eat the fruit of their doings not only
here, bnt hereafter.
The following Is the list of petit ]uioh
for the October term of tbe Snperijr
Uonrt end Court ot General Sessions If
County, comn, V e^g»^^r?^
Duck Creek Hundred—Benj. Donoho,
Samuel Taylor, Joseph U. Evans, Jame,
Kenton Hundred-Saumel Williams,
Andrew Moore, Stephen Mtnner.
* Little Creek Handred—John S. Row.
an, Issac M. Denney.
East Dover Hundred—Joshua B.
Wharton, William D. Webb, Samuel
""j 11 *- _ .... _ _
West Dover Hundred—John D.Kor
sey, Abraham Pearson.
North Murderkill Hundred—Joseph
S. Burchenal, Isaac Gooden, Levi Stur
South Murderkill Hundred—James
Klllen, John W. Cooper,Thomas Kllleu,
John Allen.
Mispllllon Handred—John H Men
ken, Jesse B. R. Miller, George W. Mc
Nutt, James H. Wroten.
Milford Hundred—issac R. Jester,
Listen A. Houston, John S, Houston,
William Twigg,
Hunter and Inventor .—About three
o'clock on Mouday afternoon, rather
a strange looking team drove up to the
water fountain ou Front street near
West, Tbe sides ol Ihe dearborn were
ornamented with the words "Hunter and
Inventor" painted In fancy letters, and
skins of dtfferent kinds of wtld beasts
were tacked on the sides of the wagon.
On the back of the Bame was fastened a
large wooden box, and the wheels were
lapped wiLb plaited straw. The caravan
was In charge of two men, one of whom
said this was done to keep the spokes
wet while they were passing over the
monotalns coming to this section of the
country. Upon the reporter ot the Re
publican asking him if he meant to
say that they drove from California with
those old erowbalts? be said "yes str,w*'
did, and we arrived at the Centennial on
tbe last day ofthe fair a notice of which
yon might have seen in the papers. tVe
were just two years in getting here and we
are now on our way hack. Will you tell
me the way to the course where the
horse races are to take place to morrow.
We intend trying some ofthe fast horses
of this section of the country." The te.
porter replied, what! with either of those
horses? He replied, "yes sir, yon must
not judge of a book by ila covers.
Matrimonial .—On Thursday, the 4|b
last. John Filling of the firm of Dean &
Pilling woolen manufacturers in Newark
Del., was married to Mrs. Ellen Glenn,
by the Rev. Mr. Poiter, ofthe Presby
terian church and Dr. Phoebus of tbe
Methodist church, at the residence of i|ie
bride. After tbe usual congratulations
the party numbering between thirty and
forty, took carriages and went to the res
idence of the groom, where they were
ushered Into the dining room, when they
were seated at a table that fairly groan
ed with the good things of this life, After
satisfying the appetite a short time was
ipeat In social converse, when tho party
were again treated to an abundance of
foreign and domestic frnlts, of the most
choice Kinds, and the bride and groom
were each presented with some very
handsome presents. They then took the
five o'clock train for New York, where
they remained until Monday when they
started for a two weeks trip throngh the
ie Board of Eduoation on r/et Mon
in the
d evening. President B
o lr. .
tr, Baird reported thalr the com
1 appointed to Becurj seats for
ants in order to guard against
2 work Into school No. 9, at the
it tim,e that would have to be
ed at some future time iu male
li- alteration in that' building, they
h re had a plan prepared which pro
v lbs for eight good sobool rooms in
t it building. '
four committee asked for and re
e *ed proposals for fitting up the old
g mna3i m arid doing the other work
c rneoted there With in the west end
c $bcfolding, and have given the
c ntract'for the work to J. Jefferis &
Urcommittee have also received
for the construction and altera
m of the building upon this plan
fid askauthority to do so.
rt wan accepted,
from Superintendent Har
'd to the course of study in
he r
A re]
n in r
ie sch'6ls was read. He held that it
fiy to teaoh few branohes in
lary school, and to teaoh them
b denied that a ten years
joourse' raa required for the high
jlfihoo], at that tbe advancement of
Ijtupils c ipended greatly on the ap
glicatioi of tbe pupil and tbe pro
fuels mi Ie. It was Intended as a
refutatii i of there port made by Prof.
Roynoli , a few weeks ago, which
reflects! on the management of our
Ifublio i hools and although highly
interest ng its extreme length forbids
its pub cation in our columns.
(iThe sport was accepted and laid
over tt next meeting for further con
Siderat on.
I On ifotton 60 copies were ordered
for the ose of mem
11 .

£■'<> be printed
bew. j
On (notion the proper offioers were
suthorised to draw on the oity treas
urer for (16.250 the amount in hie
sands due tbe Board.
Mr. Johnson reported that a policy
on Ho. 1 school for (3500 in a Phila
adelphia Co., bad been discontinued.
Mr. Bette submitted a proposal
from W. D. Piokels for iron fenoe
around Ho. 8. school yard for (173.
Mr. Pyle reported that the commit
tee on heating Ho. 1 school had con
cluded to adopt the system of doable
radiation for heating, and had oon
tracted with Gawthrop & Bro. to put
in same, for (1900.
among the teaoners ranging from half
a day up to 30 days.
Total number of teachers 109,schol
>rs 499^ applicants for seats 200.
There were vaoanoios in schools ov
Third street bridge and in other lo*
cations, too remote for small ohildren
to atte „ d
Coli E( ! kel oaI i ed attention to the
re-opening of night schools, and on
k . g mo jj on the President appointed a
committee of three to reorganize said
,0 " pr0I) - M# , TM retired from s.nm.l Cor
ry offering to remove ushss monthly from all
hundred and eighty-live
do'lars per year.
On motion of Mr. Eekel *100 were appro
priated to conduct the Night Schools the
coming winter.
On motion the epmmlttee
? true ted to have wooden fence put op around
school yard at a cost of *46.
On motion of Mr. Darlington, the commit
tee on school No. 10 were authorized to have
certain repairs made.
On motion of Mr. Eckel tbe committee on
No. 6 wf re authorized to have carpet placed
on No. 6. , ...
On motion of Mr. Davidson the committee
on No. 3 were authorized to procure carpet
tor platform. , ,, _ . ,
The President appointed Messrs. Eckel.
Darlington and Morrow, committee on
Orders were direoted to be dr »wn »s fol
Beeebnmn, Thornes & Go., *2,399.49:
-T.ines Bradford, *22,99; P. Chandler. *19,61;
B.S.OIarh,S4.90;Samuel Cojle, *9; Du
Pont Sc Spruence. *190; Jame»|D»vis, *14.53;
James H. Plovd, *3,CO: Perris Sc Garrett,
*6.50; -'Every Evening" *3 90: E. M. Bjtopes
*1.25, Robert Haddock *2.15, Renben Hayes
*1.25, J. B. Johnson *1,91, O. P. Johnson *5,
*r. M. Bonnard A Co , *34,19, J. A. Kr.uspe
70o., James Lang *3, Parker K. Mack.n
*1 50. W. P. Robinson *96,20, G. O. Towns
end 8137, Abraham Yeazoy *5, Ia»ao Wood
row 85,84, Lewis Wing *20, 0.8 Go. *2,93.
O'ceobers' pay ro 1 St,326 53, Offioers and
Janlteis pay roll *333 92,'Plinn »nd Jaokson
*22,40, w. McO.ulloyA Oo. *30, Thomas
Jaokson *1.6*. Total, *7,604.92.
No. 8
Quarterly Meeting- —Tbe third quar
terly meetlog of Alt. Pleasant M. E
Church was held last Sabbath. An ex
cellent love feast was held at 9 A, M.
and .'he presiding elder Rev. J. B. Quigg
preached an excellent sermon at 10 30
A. M., from Mathew 9, 9. The ladies of
this cbuiclr are preparing to give an oys
ter supper on Thursday afternoon and
evening of October 26ib, for the benefit
ofthe church.
The Sabbath School Juvenile Mission
Society will also hoid their second
Anniversary Thursday evening, October
19tb. Tbe programme consists of ad
dresses, essays, dialogues, |iustrumental
and vocal music, &c. Great preparations
are being made to make this an enjoya
ble occasion. A small admilatice fee will
be charged at, the door for the benefit of
tbe Missionary causa.
Robbery .—On opening the grocery
■'ore of Amor Perkins this morning, in
Second street near Market, Ihe back cel
lar stair door was found wide open, and
upon examination, the iron bar that is
used for fastening the front cellar door
was found standing against Ihe counter
and the money drawer was set on top of
the counter. It had ahoat $1.25 in pen
nies in tt, but about $3.50 in silver had
been taken out. 7 his la all that was
missing. It is thought that the parties
must have been in the cellar when the
store was closed as there Is no evidence
of it having been broken open.
Asylum I.oil^e, Ko. 23.
Reynold's Knoampment, No. 3,2d and 1th
Tuesday. _ .
Washington Lodze, No. 1, A. P. A., meets
every Tuesday night In the HcOlary bulld
Elgbt cents a Has Is charged for all odrer.
tlsements la this columu.
Sun ecu 5.28.
Sun rises S.07.
The Ohio election takes place to-day.
Peach Syr up at Middleton's, 4th and King'
A few more of these fins cove plants at 109
Careful observms declare that the custom
of carrying an extra cigar In the vest pocket
has gone out of fashion.
Gonrow, at No, 2 B. 2nd ftreet, has not
raised tbe price of his coal.
A gentleman oan probably marry any lady
of his acquaintance—If he pleases .
A half-grown girl In New Vork advertises
that she Is a good common sewer.
Dobell can Just suit yon if you want a win.
ter hat, No. 2 Bust Third attest.
A Frenchman thinks he has discovered
that round-cared animals love music, and
tharp-eared animals hate It.
"Her breath was like the South/' says a
poem on a girl; it must have been solid.
Two loads of hay at Appleby's maricet, 4th
and Frenoh, every day thia week.
A gambler Is alwspa wedded to his ante,
A book publisher's advertisement reads,
"Iu Frees—Agalust Her Will." Some wom
en do objeot to being squeezed—sometimes.
A full line of neckties, collars an<i suspen
ders cheap at Q. S. Humphrey ^% 216 Market
The crimson leaves are coming.
Toung man, don't kry for split milk but.
plok up yure pall and milking stool and go for
the next cow.—Josh Billings.
Williams, tbe artist, makes every style of
portrait, by tbe latest process, 4 East 3rd
"A human vegetable" Is tbe genteel name
for a dead beat.
MeOloskev, adjoining tho Maaonle Temple,
keeps huts, caps, canes and umbrellas cheap
for cash.
Mosquitos still hold the fort
People who get their suits trom O'Conner,
No. 2 West Third street, pass anywhere for
The birds are flooklng southward.
Alnsoow's, 711 8blplev street, is the grand
oyster depot in Wilmington. Oysters 25 and
80 cents per quart.
Sportsmen perambulate over bill and dale*
Look out for I sm coming with a bottle of
King's Good Samaritan Cough Syrup to
stop that coughing:
Qaalls. quolts, quinces aat quinine are 1 in
The new gem photograph gallery
open, 4 good pictoiea for 26 cents,
street corner of Third.
The year rolls gradually around.
Go to Tyre & Bonham, 728 Market street,
to gat your cheap flour and feed. Fresh Ohia
Graham flour a specialty,
• ^I fl b li r mi •B tUUX >**« .<■ ' ■ ! !, I 'fiS i fi aS.A J t WD . i ..
For good family flour, eggp, poultry, ap
ples and sweet potatoes go toHighfleld A
Morton's, 607 King street.
The first air pump was made in 1660.
If you want to exchange your residence
daring the winter call on Child, No. 4 West
Seventh street, and get a good house.
The forest blushes at the October sun.
Go to Garey's stalls, Nos. 10 and 11 Third
street market and get good sirloin steak at
16 cents per lb., and good ramp steak and rib
roast 16 eents a lb.
Hnnters and fishermen are beginning the
fall oampalgn,
Garay is selling good roast for 10 and 12
cents a pound, good stewing beef from 9 to If
cents a pound at his stalls, Nos. 10 and 11
Third street market house.
Wouldn't it he a good idea for Muiphy and
Moody to unite.
Do not omit looking through
Fall style hats before purchasing. The new
"low down" prices will surprise you, Rum
ford Bros., 404 Market street.
Watterson has gained fifty pounds in eight
Rheumatism is our Hfkcialtt.—^W e are
curing multitudes of cases with our pain
searcher. It is the wonderful sure cure. Bold
at 4th and King. Consult in. Simms.
Dhestnuts will soon make people's teeth
Fine stock of beys and children's clothing
suits received in n*vy blue and all colors at.
tho New York clothing house, 221 Market
stieet. cct9*6t
Little girls believe In a man In the moon
young ladies believe iu a man in the honey
Is new
line er
Model Tailor Store evidently gives sat
isfaction as our buBineee has steadily increas
ed and many compliments have been paid
ns for excellence of lit and workmanship, F.
Gar son, 263 Market street.
Police Cases.—Daniel Collins for
drnukecness, In which Daniel said he
only got a couple of drinks and he now
thinks It did not settle very well on hid
stomach. If be had Insulted any person
while he was not himself he was sorry,
and hoped they would excuse him as he
was very drunk. He said be was short
of money and he bad only seventy cents
on bis person woen pulled in. "Siep
back, I will see you directly," said the
David C. Porter, a genteel looking
fellow, was captured by officer Bouzartb,
for sneakiog about stores on Front street,
on Monday evening during the storm.
Billy said be was so narrow lhat if Ihe
prisoner bid behind a lamp post you
would be unable to see him. He was
what you might call a sneak thief. Tbe
prisoner, who bad a voice like a female,
pleaded hard, and got sixty days at tbe
John Manlcve, col., about eight years
old, was brought In off the street. Johu
has a mother living In McCaulley street
but they are lo deatlmte circumstances'
If we may judge from the lad's appear,
Martin O'Toole was arraigned on
charge of throwing stones In the street,
and with assault and battery on Joseph
Mulroy. He was required toj pay costs.
Ebeibart Frey, on Second street, be.
tween Market and King, charged by Nel
son J. Lee with keeping a tippling house
was required to pay costs and give securl*
y for his appearance at court. He was
also charged with selling liquor without
license, for which he gave $200 ball to
answer the charge at court
A large variety of combs and brushes,
for sale by E. Mclnall,Jr. 2nd, and Mar
ket street.
Weather Infliction..
War Department, Office of the Chlel
Signal Officer, Washington, October 9,
1A. M.
Indications for Tuesday.—For New
Eogland and the Middle Atlantic Slates,
warm somh-asterlv, veering to colder,
westerly winds, rain areas, followed by
clearing weather, and falling,followed by
rising barometer.
Town andgXmEtry.
Tbe Breakwater Light denies tbe re
port that tbe Brldgeyille Fair was b fail*
knarry of the attendants at the fair at
Wharton, Md., did not pay any atteutlon
to tbe address ot Senator Bayard.
It is worse than fully to endeavor to
unsettle doctrines well established.
Tbe Court will meet at N ew Castle on
Monday, the 19lh of November.
"How Well rad Strong:*"
Sdipman, 111., Jane 13,1878.
Dr. R. V. Fierce, Buffalo, N. Y :
Dear Sir-1 wish to state that my
daughter aged 18, was pronouuced in
curable ar,<l was fast falling, as the doc
tors thought, with consumption. I ob
tained a half dozen battles of your Dls
coveiy for her and she commenced Im
proving at once, and is now well and
s'rong. She took tbe Discovery last
fall. Very truly yours,
Ret. Isaac N. Augustin.
Our Boarding Bouse —Dont forge
the date that "Our Boarding House
will be given at the Opera House, which
Is Tuesday, 10, h inst. See posters and
advertisements for full particulars.
Appointed Superintendent.—The Di
rectors or the Holly Tree InnAssociation
have elected Nelson J. Lee Superinten
dent. Mr. Lee will take charge as soon
as tbe new building is completed.
Buffering will exhibit Its presence by the
erlee of the baby, and should be removed by
tbe prompt uee ef that highly recommended
remedy—Dr Boll's Baby Syrup. It la free
from Morphia. 28 cents.
OR ItKNT.—A 7 room house in good lo
cality. Arp iy to
L. W. Bi IDHA M Ss SON, Auctioneer!,
Ill East 4th street.
W ANTED. Several active .gents, ladies
and gentlemen, for this And other ott
fes Osnm.se from $10 to 827 per week,
Call at onoe, at 907 ah fpley street. oot9-31
ir ruDklni^
fled time, Cutting And fitting thoroughly
taught. 607 8 HIPLKY STREET.
GTIOB —A gentleman and wife cun ob
tain a pleasant seoond story room, fur
nished or unfurnished, with board, bath
room, hot and cold water. Two
who can ernne well recommended oan obtain
board on reasonable terms. Apply at
Holman's Lifer Pad
I cure by ab»
sorption all Fe
ver Niid Ague,
Dumb Ague,
I n d i g Cbtlon.
Life Long
Heart Affec
tions, not or
S anio, kidney
A Diarrhoea, Fe
1 male weakness
1 Enlarged
>'| spleen, Liver,
» Cough,Pain in
f the Rack,bide,
I Stomach, Cos
tiveness, Ac.
I Et
C onsultations Dee.
Wilmington, Del.
N OTIOK_I, John Keecan, tn compliance
with the requirements ofthe Act or As
sembly, in such case made and provided, do
hereby give notice that I shall apply in writ
ing to tho Court of General be,si -ns of the
P eece end Jail delivery of tbe State ot Del
aware, In and for the county of New uastle,
upon Monday tbe 19th day of November, A.
D., 1*77, being the drat day of the next Nc.
veraber term of the said curt, for a license
to keep a tavern known ae tks Rising Sun
Hotel, School Dlstrlot, No. 45, In tho City of
Now Castle, New Oestle County,In the State
of Delaware, r.nd lo sell Intoxicating liquors
In less quantities than one quart to bs dtunlc
on the premiers ami the following respecta
ble citizens recommend the said application
to wit:
James wtlmot, O. B. Weg<enmauu,
Wm. Halsclnimaker, James O'Neill.
Kdw. Connolly,
David W. rdklnton,
David hi- Wark,
D. Boulden,
J. M. Wise. Sr..
William Kobtnson,
Albert«. Hatton.
P. J. Duffy.
Jno. K. V. Haj.
oc9 t
Bv a virtue of R.wrlt of Levari Facias to
me directed, will b * exposed to puollo sale,
at the
kept by George W. Ortlip, In tbe city ot
Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware,
THE 27th DAY OF OCTOBER, A. D.,1877»
at 2 o'clock, p. m.,
the following described Keal Estate, viz:
All that certain lot, piece
land, with a biicK dwelling and stable there
on, siruated In the city of Wilmington,bound
ed and described as follows to wit: Begin
ning at a point on tbe westerly eld© of
ket street, between Thirteenth and Four
teenth strocts.being a corner for land late of
John H Prioe, thence along the same nar
allel with Thirteenth struct 345 feet 6 inohes
to the easterly side of Orange street, thence
along said slcfu or Orange street southerly 63
feet 6 inches to a stake, thence east* rly p
allel with the first described line and ale
1he northerly side of Thirteenth street 346
feet 6 inches to the aforesaid side or Market
street, and thence therewith northerly 63 feet
6 inohes to the place of beginning, be tho
contents thereof what they may.
Selz d and taken in execut ion as the prop
erty of John Anderson and dnsanna N. An
derson, his wits, and t. t.'s and to be sold by
Sheriff's office. New Castle, October 6tb.
A. !>., 1877. seplT
parcel of

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