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iL. VI.—NO 34 .
mist edition.
. WHS «*eeaehfs»H*
.|WiMbe«-Th«C MM!■!•■■
.lh«fislR" ,,l,, "* , h , ' r Inrl.
. AeeMnn. laesaltlR mm*
ly Revenue Collector J. A. Ilay
Uperate encounter with "ninon
[> in Barren oonnly, Ky., on the
He and John Branuan,having
a distillery, wsrs Immediately
L, bat escaped without injury,
[lied oos and wounded two
who firad upon them.
Ig took plaoe at a distance of
l, and balls passed through
KH,t leg and pistol scabbard
striking him.
aptsin of tbs Italiau bark Ro
rcondo, which arrived at Baltl
Sanday, reports having found
track of vessels bound out from
the wreck of what appeared
American three masted sohoon
the wreck of a British vessel
Gl-indou" or "Gladen '
f letters or the right band,
stor Thomas, who was sent from
ire to investigate tbe burning ol
saving station on Cobb'r|lsland,
27tb, four days before it waa to
on opened, has made his report
t it te Washington. He believes
e %re was of iDoei diary origin,
the incendiaries is said to
n obtained.
[T. F. Pickering, of Portland
Aits at length decided that Webb
Lton must swim their rase over
Usuohtlms and place as they
Etntlly agrse upon. Webb and
[have slnoe agreed to swim iu
br harbor, Boston, on tbe 16th
te race beginning at 8 A. M., so
I completed before dark,
is Colpty was shot through both
ind Patrick Gaffney clubbed aud
I with a pitchlork on Monday
by a man named Donton, living
indsor, Vt. They are in a ori'—
dition. Dnuton says they tried
an entrance to his bonse after
rdered out.
id Slates Commissioner Osborn,
r York, yeBterday discharged
Callow from custody after de
in application for his extradi
Catlow was a steerage pas
on the steamer Aiizona, and,
pparently insane, (tabbed and
Iwen Jones, assistant steward of
reported in St. Louis that a
n combination for another line
Pacific, involving the Pennsjlva
b Handle, Vandalia, Missouri
and Atchison, Topeka and 8an
[oads is in progress of formation,
rwenty-neventh annual meeting
American Pharmaceutical Appo
[waa held at Indianapolis, Ind.,
ay. There is a fine exhibition
[e drags and aparatus in Mason
. Tbe sessions of the Associa
lll continue until Friday,
tnnual session of the Grand
indery of Knighte Templar of
irsev was held at Trenton y^ster
I. Layton, Register No. 7,Mani
as elected Grand Commanders
ensuing year.
an hits agreed to row CourtneF
io complete the arrangement to
Hie race is expected to take
n Seneca or Chaiauqua Lake,the
w*ek in October,
trial of William BuoholU, ser
John H. Sohnhe, for the murder
nantcr, at South Norwalk, Conn ,
pter was begun at Bridgeport,
National Association of Fire Kn
h^gan its sevejnh annual ees
CVanhington, D. C on Monday.
Cronin, of Washington, was
Bcond trial of Rev. H. H. Hay
the murder of Mary Stannard,
»en, Conn , a year ago, has
Btponed to the first Tuesday in
pnnn, an old journalist of
igton, died on Monday sight at
pbington Asylum,
l SfH) miners at Mineville, near
pry, New York, struck on Mon
I>0 cents per day advanoe.
laater General Key has returned
puessen, and was to have left
■ton last night for Hartford,
M'o.Romsn Wrestlers.
mug me nj whose names we
scout)t of their innate modes
*b to revive some of the manly
the Amphitheatre, had a
watch in the neighborhood
tnd Market streets. One is
m of bnild, but long experi
wrestler with Chinese charac*
i boxes lias wonderfully de*
Mw, and his stout, heavy
>onent found in him met *1
his steel. For some time the
l athletes tugged and strug
out either gaining the advan*
were just being mad*
n . when the sudden giving
)mr of unmentionables caused
* decide it a draw. "He
thrown me yet," said the
wiping the perspiration from
Miers and friends of the Red
l church will hold an oystei
)sni festival on Wednesday
W evenings,the 8th and 9th
r- Supper tickets only 35
No Cases.
no hearing at the Polioo
morning. A few prisoners
Ihe oells, but none of them
ired for trial.
*11 Viol* this city.
' ^ r- Coleman, of Toledo,
f ,8lt his irienda In this city,
Ptospend next Sunday at
parish, 8t. John's.
f «n old nans_Th# bsby
Always bright and obrnr
PpMtonal dots of Dr, BnlPs
IP were admlnistsrid. T
■Miomr mam nmisi.
TheBop'Ist kr.lb.rii A.4 Tbelr
lltKlii. Rrmli Che Mnlkn
• bal They UIM4 to Do-The
■oettwaa t* be U neral.
To-morrow there will commence a .e
ries of meetiuga in thi« city in the in
terert of missionary work. Hiey will
lie ul der the auxp cea of the American
Baptist Publication Society whose ob
Jeute are: The circnlation of the Holy
Scriptures, the publication anil difu
a on of denominational literature; mis
sit nary, oolporterage and Sunday
school work. Tlie influence of this So
oiety has been felt in all parts of the
world. The glorious work which it has
been enabled to perform, plaoes
among the formost of those organize
tions that hare for their end the re
demptlon of man.
iliey will lie addressed by m-n of
zeal and ability, who will faithfully
preseot the claims of the society on Sun
it ay afternoon. Two grand Sabbath
School Mass Meetings will be held to
which all friends of Bible Schools are
invited. Including teachers, scholars
and parents. ■ They are requested to
bring some off ring, great or Bmall.tbat
they may assist in forwarding this
branch of the Society's wok All the
Baptist Churches in this city will unite
in these services with the exception of
Delaware Avenue, whose paster is 1.
M. H aid email. All who have an inter
est 'n this great work the society cordi
ally invites to alt-nd these meetings,
The programme Is as follows:
First meeting in Bethany Baptist
church, Thursday evening, September
llih, at 8 o'clock, address of Welcome
and on History and Work of the Arner
lean Baptist Publication Society, for
fifty five years,by Rev. Riohard B. Cook
of Wilmington. Address on "Loyalty
to Christ and to Man," by Rev. A. J.
Rowland of Philadelphia.
Seoond meeting—Second Baptist
Church, Pilday afternoon, September
12tti at 3 o'clock. Lecture on "The
Home Field of the Society's Labor, and
Importance of its Kvangelization," il
lustrated from a large Centeunial map
of onr country' by G. J. Johnson, D.
D , Missionary S-cretary ot the Society,
Address on "Delaware as a special
field,its Spiritual condition and our duty
to it as a Denomination," by H. L.
Wayland, D. D., Kditor of the National
Third meeting—Seoond Baptiat ohurch,
Friday eveni. g, September 12th, at
o'olock. Paper on "Early Training in
the knowledge of the Holy Siriptures
and the Snndl.y School a Means to
This " " by Rev. T. M. Bastwooi, of
Wilmington." Addresses on "The Son
day sobool an agency for evangeliza
tiou" by Rev. Sidney Dyer, Ph. D.,
Distriet and Sunday Sobool Secretary
of Society for Now Jersoy,Delaware and
vicinity. A Fr-« Conference on "Sup
day school Missionary work" led by
Prof. Mobi-s Heath of Wyoming Semina
ry,pastors B. MacMaokiu of New Caetle,
James M. Hope of Camden, W. II.
Young of Milford, B. G. Parker of Do
and followed by Sunday school
Superintendent who may be present and
ot k erg
Fourth meeting,First German Church
Saturday afternnoon, September 13th,
at 3 o'clock. Paper on "Work of Amer
ican Baptist Publication Society in Eu
rope and for the people of European
Languages," by Rev. J. M. Hoefflin, of
A general discussion on "Publication
Society's Business and Missionary
Work," in which everybody is Invited
to ask questions and pr> sent criticisms
concerning both, with address and an
swers by B. Griffith, D. D., Secretary of
ihe Society
Fifth Meeting, Shiloh Church, Sat
urday evening, September 13th, at 8
o'olock. Address on "o< lored popnla
tion of Delaware, their Migions o-mdi
tion aud needs," by Rev. II. T. Moore,
of Wilmington.
A general talk on "condition and
wants of the freedmen of the Country,
and - the adaptation of the work of
Ihe American Baptist Publication So
ciely to the same," led by Drs. Dyer
and Johnson, and participated in by
Closing Meetings, in two pliurohes —
Lord's Day September 14th, as follows:
Sermons setting forth the claims of the
publication society's missionary work,
will be preached at ini A. M., in Beth
any church, by Dr. Iller, and in Sec
ond church, by Dr. Johnson.
Mass Sunday School Missionary
Mee'ings whioh all Scholars, Teachers
Patents and Friends are invited to a -
tend, will be held in Betliany church
at 31 P M and in Second church at 2
P M and addresses made by Drs.
Dyer, Johnson, and others.
J -——
A Breve of HummerN.
William White and Ben Johnson,
lioth colored were before His
Honor last evening on the charre
of drunkenness, disorderly conduct
and ge"eral enssedneee.
Killum, Special Officer Legg and others
testified that the pair were a general
nuisance to the neighborhood of Front
and King streets, and tbe penalty ct
fi2 00 and costs in each esse, insures
BUI and Ben a berth at Fort Pyle for
the next thirty days. .
They Expect MomethInK
Upon inquiry at, the Post office this
morning for news one of the carriers
informed us that there was nottiing
particularly new just now."but" add-rf
he, "Our bachelor friend, yonder,"
pointing to another
fitting np a cage near Seventh and
Madison, and I think the bird has been
J. T
Onr readers should attend the Socia
ble in the Sunday Sobool room of the
Calvary church, this and tomorrow ev
,pings, as a very pleasant lime is anti
cipated A ticket of admission, inclu
ding refreshments, can be had for 25
cents. Go and eDjoy yourselves.
A Hog-Konc Item.
Oflloer Hunt, sent five mongrel enrs
to the happy hunting grounds, via his
patent sweat-box this morning. He
has yet on hand the "setter" mention
ed last week and unless ions one oomee
to olaim it within a day or sc, it will be
apt to tske its final "set" before the
Isa* ml Ibis week.
— _ .
* ^1 * .V fc ![ * **«.»«•
*~ lhlkl .r
Special Cor espondence ol the UepuDllean.
8m " > " ®*» °TZZ
September 8. 1879.
Sunday morning buret forth with all
'he perfeotnese of rural beauty. The
lj !rds caroled forth their glad strains
from musical threats np*n the morning
alr The bussing and ohlrping of in
sects could be heard for miles around,
a « d a11 'be people at the camp ground
w « r « rejoicing that the day was so
beautiful, as it would be an induce
rnent to their neighbors to join them
» nd nuitedly offer praise to the God of
nature. At an early hour wagons of
ev *"7 conceivable character (from the
beautiful carriage to the meanest look
ln 8 hay wagou) began to arrive with
P"®pl« from the surrounding country
and towns." People were upon the
Rr.mnd from Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Wilmington, and many other places.—
About 5,000 people were present,
In the atte noon, Rev. Geo. R. Kra—
niHr preached from:
manifest by the appearing of our 8a
vi <™T Joans Christ who hath abolished
do* 1 *", audhatb brought life and immor
talt 'y 10 light through the gospel."—11
Timothy 1: 10. This theme was upon
1 he state of the. dead. Prom his dis
course it was learned that Christ was
'he author of immortality, that He
brought it to light through the Gospel.
What is it f Is It Inherent f Has man
<"> immortal nature? Does he possess
withiu himself elements of indestructi
hilily ? Does Christ bring this kind ol
immortality to light ? No plaoe in the
Bible can we find immortal soul or the
At half past ten o'clock Rev. II. L.
Hastings, of Boston, preaohed from the
words : "And this gospel of the king
d »m shall be preached in all the world
for a witnets unto all nations; and then
shall the and come.*'—Matt. 24:14.
After a very elaborate introductory, the
speaker referred to the gospel as glad
tidings. He considered the following
P»'nts : The Gospel of God, the Gospel
of i.hrist, the Gospel of the Grace of
(1 " d . 'be Gospel of Salvation, the Gos
P«> of I'eaoe and tbe Gospel of the Kiug
d ®m. Thess Were treated in a very
able manner, and his listeners were
held in rapt attention. He said that
the Gospel waB to be preached unto all
the world for a witness untoallnations;
and then shall the end come. The
coming of the end would not be de
f«rred until all nations were converted,
Gut that it would come when the Gos
P«l had been preached to all nations,
His discourse was sparkling with beau
l T. and was hearkened unto by appre
ciative listeners.
Such an immortality was taught by
philosophers, sung and hymned by
Pagan poets, but nowhere taught amid
'he utterances ot Jehovah. Immortality
'« a gift, not something v. hich belongs
'»us. "For God so loved tbe world
' b »' he gave his only begotten son, that
whosoever Bhould believe on him should
not perish but have everlasting life."
Joliu 3:10. This is the kind of immor
which Cbiist brings to light —
Immortality is given to believers. "My
"beep I give unto them eternal life."—
«e now possess it ? No. We receive
■' when Jesus comes. It is commuuica
'« d '« "hen this corruption hath put
" n > Qoorr ' l P t >o n > and when this mortal
"y hath put on immortality. Death
"akes an angel of no man. If it did,
there would be no meaning in the
words: 1 1 he last enemy that shall be
destroyed is death."
Christ brought immortality to light
hy goinz into tlnf grave. He arose three
da y" af '* r S oin 8 'here. He says, "1
die no more." "I am He that liveth
rtud was dead. He abolished death
hy His triumphal resurrection,
I" 'he evening Rev. U. L. Hastings
preached from Acts 20: 32:-"And
now, brethren, I commend you to God,
and to the word of His grace, whioh is
abl " to build you up and to give you
an inheritance among all them which
are sauctifled." A great trouble among
Christians when they are in sorrow is
that they do not go to headquarters.
I '' l,r instanc- they'go to man instead of
K oin S lo God-lien in the midst of
their troubles, but if they were better
acquainted with God they would have
1""" trouble they would go to Him by
prayer and by reading His word,
When Paul was to leave his disci
P le at Kphesus, did be advise them
when in trouble to go to his fellow dis
0, P Imi? "V- He "aid "I reoommend
vo l u t0 «» d - ' This sermon like all
others preached by Bro. Hastings, was
tr "e grandeur; and I feel confident
t,14t ' nanv were benefltted by the
B: talks winch he delivered during
hi short visit here. And I also feel
confident that many would be very
glad to meet him again.
Bat is now made
A Lady Axaanlted.
Mrs. Margaret Smith, a lady resid
ing near Edgemoor station, in Brandy
wine hundred, was assaulted early yea
terday morning, by a colored mao.
Mrs. Smith was on a visit to the house
a sick neighLor, and it waa while re
turning that the negro made this as
sault. Her cries frightened thenegro,
uud he left the spot precepitAtely.—
Mrs. BmitU went direjtly home and
told her busbaud, whereupon, be with
hta sou immediately pursued the negro.
They liowever lost sight of him in tbe
vicinity ot Juo. Webster's on the Phil
adelphia pike, near tihellpot bridge.
he pursuers picked np a chisel and
auger and two coals whioh the man
lisa dropped.
The M. 3, R. A. held an interesting
publiu meeting, last evening, at their
Hall. Thomas Lynch presided, and
short practical addresses ware made by
Messrs. Smedley, Morrow, Whelen,
Richardson and Gray. The olub will
hold another meeting Friday evening
Klrhman'u Haw Stable.
The new stable at Tenth and Tat
nall streets, being ereoted by Ktrkinan
and Bon will be large and commodious.
The dimensions are: 110 feet deep, 40
feet front, 40 feet high, <0 feet on the
book line, and thirty feet wide. Mr.
Haary Laps will be the oontraotor.
MEW covin

ter m
Something New
Mr. George Drake, for a number
i ,
years auctioneer in this city, has open
sd a store for the sale of old relics,
tho building adjoining the Opera House
In Philadelphia, New York, Boston and
other cities there are establishments
that do an Immense business, both in
the sale and purchase of age stricken
articles of household furniture and the
like. Mr. Drake in pursuing the husi
" m
n ™«m*i,i/« j K U P 0 d
« ^ r and
seeding them off to these northern es
*.i u.._T
tablishments. He has come to the con
, ,,. w „ v i ...
elusion to start in the busmes for him*
„ ...a ..
££ £ Crt..i «nT"
fashioned docks, wardrobes, chairs and
tables stand about the room while
here and there hang pictures primitive
manshlp, all bTarTng the^imprirt'of
age. The windows .refilled with high
ly polished andirons of unknown date,
t rnaments and small household arti
cles. Some of these bear histories that
.requite interesting, all coming from
,_-i-_. .* ..
families whosem-cormng ante-dates the
days of the revolution. Mr. Drake is
encouraged to go on in his attempt,
and he will on Thursday have a new
lot on exhibitiou.
I«S ^O Basin
Suraro fa
Tho Ouarier
Neal HssSay
la Atleadaaee— ihe Law an
On Monday n> xt the new term of
additional session of New Castle County
oourt commences. The aot whereby
tliis law was passed was drawn up
Dover at the last session of tbs Legisla
ture. There were no objections to
and when Senator Sbarpley and Repre
sentative Ware explained fully
merits of the bill in their respective
bod inn all coincided la the opinion that
the demand waa au imperative one and
that an additional term of court for
dispensation of the constantly aooumu
lating petty cases was an absolute ne
It iB to bs merely a court of General
Sessions of the peace and jail delivery.
The court of Oyer and Terminer ner the
Superior Court can be opened, as tbe
text of tbe bill folly shows.
In addition to the fixing of dates
the bolding of this Court, the Bame act
provides for jurors. Those who are
summoned as grand jurors for tbe semi
yearly terms have to attend those extra
sessions, as do also those in attendance
at the May session aa petit jurors. The
provisions of the law are simple aud
prder that all may understand it
append it.
Be It enactsd by the Senate and House
Bepres. ntatives.of the State ol Delaware.
General Assembly met: That from and after
the passage of 1 1 is act, in addition to
days; and times now appointed by law ft
the holding olsa'dCoar> olGe .erai Sessions
of tbe Peace and J 11 Delivery shall also com
tnen -eand he held In New Ca tie County
the third Monday In September and the first
Monday In Feb uary or each and every year
ineluding the September term now current
Section Znd. Be It further enacted
■aid: That the persons selected, drawn
and Fummoned to serve ae Grand Jurors
the aeveral Courts as they are now or here
after may be holdei, shall attend and serve
as Grar.d Jurors at the additional terms
t/ e Court ol General Sessions ot the Pea
a d Jail Delivery or ate I by this act; that
persons last serving and In att emlance
pettlt jurors upon the May term of Court,
toe same are now or berealter may be held,
•hall attend and serve aa the pettlt j jry at
September terms ol the Court ol General
session ot the Peace and Jail Delivery
ted hy this act; and that the persons las sorv
I g and In att ndanee as petit jarors upon
the November terms of Court as the same
now or faereafier may be held shall attend
andserveas apettlt jury at the February terms
ot the Co or of General Sessions of the Peace
and Jail Delivery ere ted by this act; and
shall be the duty of tbe Court at the May aud
November terms. In discharging the said
pettlt jurors, to discharge them until ihe first
ut the next succeeding terms ol tbe said Court
of General Seeslens of the Peace and Jail De
livery to be held In September or February
may be.
The term beginning on Monday will
probably not last over a week. This
is about the time generally alloted this
portion of court business. The cases
are mostly petty laroencies and easily
and quickly disposed of. Thus far
nothing of any moment has ocourred
to occupy the minds of the Court.There
will also be a number of liquor cases
tried, a few of which ware continued
over on tbe calendar.
as the
Nuo-ressful Treatment.
The Republican is pleased to notice
that Doctor M. Souville, the eminent
French physician of the New York
Frenoh Surgical Institute, who lately
came to Wilmington, is successfully
treating some our best citizens for those
trouble some affections such as catarrah,
asthma, bronchitis and lung diseases
with wonderful results. A great num
ber are ava ling themselves of the new
process of treating such complaints,
lia throat and lung Paris spirometer is
said to be the greatest invention in
medical science of the age. His office is
216 West Fourth street.
American Trip to Camden.
The American RilW contest with
company C. Sixth Regiment N. G., at
target shooting takes place tomorrow.
They leave on the steam tug ''Seaside
The contest will be given at
Stockton Range. A banquet will aleo
be given the Rifles'.
West point CadetiklR.
Seth Ellagood, son of Dr. R. 8. Ells'
good, of Concord, Sussex county, lia a
been appointed by Congressman Mar
tin to the vacant cadetship at West
Point, He will not be examined for
admission until next June,
Rota and Dashes.
Coroner Butz has had a full rigged
ship built in miniature. He has it on
exhibition in his window.
Lafayette Guards are lively, new
members are still being added.
Several of the colored gentry have
rented the City Hallandienoe room and
converted it into a danoing academy.
The dew Democratic assoeiation met
last night, and adopted as their name,
"The Bxoelsior Demooratio Club."
A Chester mannteotnrer has rented
the Henry Clay Cotton Factory on Du
Pont's banks, and will soon put it In
operation. It has been olos«i a year.
Action of the Health Boar*-Wei.
eeese te Mi ■ later Welsh-The
■tale Axrlrultaral Pair—The
Death Increase—Found Dead
Other Items.
Special Correspondence of the Republican.
PlIILAOBLPHlA, Sept. 8, '79.
At to day's session of the Board of
Health a communication from the Na
tional Board of Health was presented
relative to establishing a government
quarantine station at the Breakwater,
for the purpose of inspecting all vessels
about to pass up the Delaware. This
action, it waa claimed by some of tbe
members of our Board, was simply in
tended as a blow at Philadelphia com
merce, whioh would in fact be ruined,
and it was determined to ask the Na
tional Board to suspend operations in
that diieotion until tbe views of the
Board of Trade and the several com
meroiai exchanges of the city have been
ascertained. Whatever may result from
this opposition, it is clear that some
thing should be done at the mouth of
the Delaware for the better protection
of the numerous towns between that
point and the Lazaretto:
If that something has to be done at
the expense of Philadelphia commerce
—and for this assertion there seems to
be no really valid reason—it is better
oommerce should suffer rather than the
residents along the Delaware
be placed in jeopardy by imports
tions of oontsgious diseases. Iudeed,
the transfer of the Lazaretto to some
point near that proposed by the Gov
ernment, wonld undoubtedly fill the
bill of sanitary requirements more ef
f-cnally than at present, and would in
all probability avert the impending
dispute with the National Board of
Hon. John Welsh, ex-Minister to
Great Britain, will be given a formal
welcome home on Wednesday, between
11 a. m. and 1 p. m., at Independence
Hall. There is to be no admission
The State Agricultural Fair will be
formally opened to-morrow, with sing
ing and music and speeches by several
prominent gentlemen. The officers of
the Society expeot a total attendance of
200,000 viBtors. The fair is to be oar
ried ont on a grand soale, and, with the
large numbers of people walking the
aisles of the great Exhibition Bulding,
cannot help but prove a strong remind
er of Centennial days.
The total number of deaths last week
was 345, an inoreaae of 31 over that of
last week; 51 persons died of lung con
sumption; cholera infantum, 33.
The Indiana sailed for Liverpool this
afternoon, taking out a number of cabin
and steerage passengers, and an assort
ed cargo valued at $113,536.
Cbaa. F. Stearns, son of Professor
Stearns, of Harvard University, was
found dead iu bed this morning at the
Arch Street House, having committed
suicide by taking laudanmn. He left
directions as to his father's address,
and mentioned the residences of two of
his friends m this city. It is thought
. *
p . u , , ,
Kate MeadOworoft, a five-year-old
*"*• ™J" n
with lumber at FaIs of Schuylkill about
«ooo, aid instantly killed. She was
'rung to pass underneath the wagon
a \ he tlme ' The drlT " WaS
i fSTg?tZ
Terminer Court, on charges of murder,
and ail of them pleaded not guiltv.
Among them is Dennis O'Sullivan, who
j • t .. . , . ' .
during the frenzy that existed in this
^ .
oity at one time during last summer,
. , . . e , .. . ..P , '
cut his wife's throat with a razor, fr m
*"*? *"" a '»
w Tr*£ir.s, p r" r "
Zt JhT *7? , £. T
•"'orestainoe tte first introduction a
Fr J oh ^„ fo f orodnoHon in "hie coum
try ' }* m . erit i , the honcr ofbflin « ( cal ' ed
The scenery in particular
f ™ ' , ° f r
klud l hat 8 a ramy m tbe aouals of
'he Philadelphia drama Owing to
P TT, en ?ag«o«eo' a Andre Fortier
will not he presented later than this
. j , followed l,v the
r™..', S„TJ' n n . p y th
Colnlle Burlesque Opera Company.
Ipsslel ■eetlm
D. Reed oan be foand at tbe ooruer of
Fourth and Market streets, with good
fresh peaches every day.
Just reoeived 10,000 teu cent cigars
from a Sheriff sale in New York, which
I am retailing to Democratic and Re
publican smokers for 5 cents apiece.
P. S.—Greenbackers are also invited to
try them. Chapman, 4th and Shipley
The oase of the Water Witch Com
pany against Daniel O'Neill for alleged
cruelly beating the horses of the com
pany was dismissed by the company.
For a nobby suit of fail olothing oall
on Geo. H. Ash, No. 4 E. 3d street.
"Carry the news to Mary !
and happiness is found in every box
of "Sellers' Liver Pills."
A large stock of kilt salts for child
ren, can be found at the WilmiDgtou
Clothing House, N. W. cor. Fourth and
Market streets.
"Worth their weight in gold
what "Sellers' Liver Pills" are said to
be. If yon don't believe it, try them
The iDerohaDt tailoring department
at the Wilmington Clothing Honse, N
W. cor. 4th and Market streets, is the
finest in onr oily, and not to be excel
led. Onr entter is the best.
A lady always in attendance at the
Ladies' Department of Z. James Belt's
Drug Store. Separate private entrance
on 6th street.
The largest and best 5 cent cake of
toilet soap in tbe city at Danfertb's
Drag Store, cor. 2d and Market streets.
Also "tbe" plaoe for trasses. Fit guar
"They cannot all lie," was tke ob
eervation of one while reading the end
less testimonial! of Dr. Liudsey'e Blood
Searoher. It is Infallible.
The largest (took of boy's end child
ren'* clothing, all new and made in the
lateet styles, oan b. found at the W 1
mtngton Clothing Honse, N. W. earner
A brass hyakiirM victory
rares—lidh Hesumefthe i.eijt
■•tore Republican—A Kcpnblleon
Governor ond Republican Slate
Later returns from Maine indicate
that tbe Republicans have 18 members
of the Senate to 13 of the Opposition
and 89 members of the House to 62
the Opposition. There is nothing t
show what the vote for Governor is, o
whether Davis, the Republican candi
date, is elected by the p 'polar vote
oot; but tbe overwhelming majority
the Legislature gives the Republican!
party the State. It is thought that
vis may be eleoted by tiro people.
Adoosta, Mo.. Sept. 9—Midnight.—
Very few additional returns have been
reoeived since yesterday morning.
will be several daya before the resul
will be known from tbe official returns
It is quite probable that Davis may
eleoted by the people. The Repnhli
can tioket ia elected iu Androscoggin,
Cumberland, Franklin, Hancouk, K«n
nebej, Lincoln, Piscataquis, Sagadahoc,
Washington and York counties, giving
them nineteen Seuators, and making
certain tbe election ot Davis by the
Senate if he is not elected by the peo
pie. Eleven of the thirteen Represen
tatives in Kennebec are Republicans.
.Portland, Me., Sept. 9_At mid
night the returns show that the Sen
ate stands Republicans, 18 ; fusion, 12;
doubtful, 1. Tho bouse has 89 Repub
lioan and 62 fusion members. Senator
Blaine, in a speech to-night, said the
Republicans had a large majority in
the House of Representatives—eighteen
Senators, beyond all doubt, and may
have twenty out of the thirty ouethat
omstitute that body. ,
He predicted that the returns coming
in from the back towns will give Davis
an absolute majority over both compe
titers, tbongn he would not assert this
as a fact. Iu alluding to the extraor
dinary features of the contest he as
serted that prominent Democrats whose
property consists almost entirely of
Government bonds voted theGreenbaok
tioket. The Senator'a speech was
general review of the campaign just
closed, and an enthusiastic congratu
lation of the victorious party.
Annual Heelings.
On Tuesday evening, October 7,
1879, the Grand Encampment 1.0.0. F.
wilt hold its annual meetiDg.
On the following day the Grand
Lodge I. 0, 0. F. will hold its annual
session. On both occasions, offioers for
the ensuing year, will be elected.
Bit f: VI TIES.
fc»on rises 6 88 . Sun Mt* 818.
Well, Maine, you did pretty well.
Rather cool now Tor camp-meetings.
Now 1 r Ohio, Iowa and New York.
BEKD birds at Fullmer's, 5)8 Market st.
The Southern boom—that ot their shotguns.
Salt oysters, Ice cold, lor sale at Fullmer's.
Soon partridges and rabbits will begin to
Eight cents per line Is charged for advertls
lng in this column.
Vcnon's lard ftr sale at Weldin & Lloyd's,
Sevent and Kina.
Pure cider vinegar at Weldin fc Lloyd's, at
Seventh and King.
I *on't he in a harry just yet about rushing
out the winter ulster.
The cry of the hatter these cool mornings
is, "shoot that straw hat."
Snot elx cents per pound at Middleton's,
Fourth and King streets.
REED birds at Fullmer's 608 Market Rt.
Three North Carolina newspap
ed and run by colored men.
. Pint and two quart fruit jars, porcelain and
glass tops, at the DO ent store.
The exposures of the De nocratie e'outi m
frauds are making things lively.
A. drive in the country, in the language of
the fair sex, is just perfectly elegant.
(lo out west, )Oung ladies, go out vest;
wives are much In demand in (hat ee^tlo .
"What's on you?" *s t*e latest Ohio style
ol asking a person >vhat is the m itter.
When a policeman does his duty don't find
fault With him, no maiter whe Is hurt.
Kelley A Co are running night and day,
filling orders for their Boi'ax i.ihen Soap.
The only trip some people have taken this
summer was
all rich.
The reporters say locals are scarce to day,
but the Kufldlican will have Its share ol
are own
a bauana skin. We are not
To-day reminds us of the hasty approach
will hear reports from
of tnll and soon
hoes' livers.
Some people consider It a moral delinquenoe
for child en to have an opinion different from
their elders.
According to the entomologist of the Cin
cinnati Comme cial, tne huruet is a litt e
stern wheel rhinoceros.
The West Ch sler "Local News" wants the
as a pun shment lor wile be t
is level.
whipping post
ers. It's head
No trouble whatever to catch oold at night
by having too much of a breeze through
the sleeping chamber.
All those who Intend to engage in hous n -
ke ping should remember that Adair's is the
place to buy their f urniture.
Croeier'sstring music, any lumber of pieces
dedred, for 8 cial. private,er surprise part es.
No. 3u9 South Jack on st eet.
The sexton looks upon the minister very
much as the showman does upon his fivedeg
oalf, or his man with ihe iron law.
A little Sunday schoel so olar, when asked
to define chaos, a iswered that >t «as a great
pile of nothing and nownere to put it.
The largest stook of hats and caps In the
city is at G. S Humphreys, 218 Murket St
G. S Humph 'ey, the hatierof Wilmington
"I takes my tex dfs morning," said a c >lor
ed preachy 'from dtt portion ob de scriptm
whete de Fos'le Paul pints his pistol to de
INotioc to the public.—l wui half-sole an*
heel boots and shoes for $l,and other mondin*.
In proportion, at S. W. corner of Seventh and
ratnall streets. John E. Ballej.
An auctioneer w « endeavoring to sell a
fowling piece, and failing to get a bid, a by
-tander who had read t'ie papers said, '-blow
in the muzzle and ft will go off."
Fine D.jrby hats from 76e. to $2.00 each We
are tho onlv agents in Wilmington foi*the
genuine Dun ap hat. Sheppey, Palmer k
fn.. one pnee hatters, opposite the Olayton
Fro* - . Hochkepnel's night school will be
very largo this year. It will open on Septem
ber 15th at 6% o'clock Ladies and gen le
mon will be Instructed in any desirable
branch or language at Askew Building, 7th
and Market streets, second btorv.
Maud Muller o* a lair Ju e day,
Weut to the field and turned the hay.
Beneath her hat her hair was "banged,"
And from its ferlm no ribbon hanged.
The hay She pitched on an old ox-cart
Until her hands did bleed and smart;
And when she raked Into bumble's nest,
Of all fcst time Maud made tho best.
She tossed and moaned the live-long night.
For her left optic was bunged up tight. !
Now when her dad a farm hand leeks,
Maud jUjw at ho ue and fries ilapjaskp
And tells him to hive a tramp.
*? "Pvahla Trlp-Meetlns OIS
f rlends—Tk Sea Beacb
rba San Iron Pier, a e
Correspoaaenos ef the Republlcaa.
Coney Island, Sept. 9.
Yesterday, by invitation of Mr. E R
Mills, General Tioket Agent of tbe New
York & Sea Beach Railroad, we took a
trip over that route to Coney Island
for the purpose of escaping the exceed
sive heat of the city and enjoying the
cool exhilirating breeze from off old
t >
°f all oar trips to the sea beach this
Da-1 summer we can truly say that we bav«
enjoyed none so muoh as that ofyeater—
day. Leaving pier No. 13 early in tba
afternoon on the steamer "Sylvan
It stream" we made a rapid run to Bay
ftid 8« where we boarded the train on
he new road and were borne along «t
be tremendous rate of speed to th*
We proceeded to the "Sea Beash
f°lo Restaurant," whioh is the largest
wd most complete in all its appoint
ments on the Island, under the abto
naDagement of Col. E. R. Abbott
well known to the old
Krie Railway,
While in the beaoh depot of tbe bom
r, ' ad - which, by the way, is by far tho
finest bnddlDg on the Island,
countered our friend Mr. 0. W Pou'son
accompanied by Mr. B. H Peokand Geo.
D. Collins, Bsq., \Vm. Floyd and T.
' < mitb of New York. They were btigily
angaged in devouring the inevitable
in r «a»' dams. Charlie stated that it was
his intention to get away with aboot
seveuty-fiv e or a hundred bivalves as a
sort of an appetizer, and then get sorne
thing to eat.
He appeared in fine spirits, and said
that the Sea Beaoh road wonld, witb
0111 doubt, be the route from New York
t0 the sea-shore. We fully concur ia
h> 8 opinion as expressed, lor the route
well conducted under the able man
agement of President A. E. Ricker, whe
of *as formerly general Superintendent
of the Central R. R. of N. J., and also
a General Manager cf the New York Ele
Fated R. R.
The Sea Beach road is tho only one
which connects with boats from the
North and East river sides of the oity:
and the boats of the Company are re
nowned as the fastest and safest in New
York harbor. The conductors of tho
trains appear very affable and polite;
aud, taking the route all in ail, it ia
decidedly tbe most pleasant way that
we know of to get from the sweltering
oity of New York to the Sea Shore.
While on the beach we visited the
new iron pier. It is a magnificent in
stitution and its owners are well deserv
ing of the patronage which it receives.
The enterprise which they have shown
in constructing such a substantial and
commodious, as well as elegant build
ing, where to au ordinary observer, it
wonld e-era almost impossible for a
building to stand, is remarkable and
worthy not only of commendation bat
also of compensation.
As we sat npon the second story of
the pier in company with Major Bridge
ford, one of the offioers of the pier
elation, listening to the dulcet straina
of music as they floated nut ovor tl •
swelling Imsnm of the graud, majes ic
cean, and drinking in the oool, re
freshing sea breeze, whioh fanned onr
-I leek'
patrons of tbe
we en>
V dntii't exaotly think that
in Heaven, but, somehow
«! pnared to be fully con—
i our own minds that we might
* d*al farther And far a great
a i. 1 r -
Nkw Castlb County. Sept, 8.18*9.
U|.(," the application ol Catharine K. Ash.
>(1mlni«tra1rix ol' John G. Ash, late rf
Heno-der Hundred, In said county, deceased
It Is ordered and directed by the B»
rlstor that the Administratrix aforesaid, (five
notice of tho (frantlrof of letters ol Ad
ministration upon the Estate of tho de
ceased, with the date of (rrantlnf: thereof, by
oauslnif advertisements to be posted
lorty days from the date of suoh letters
sted within
of the most public places of the county of
New Castle, requiring all persons having de
mands against the Estate, to present the same,
or abide by an act of Assemoly in such case
ide and provided. And also cause the
same to be inserted within the same period in
the Delaware Republican, a newspaper
published in Wilmington, and tc be aiOLtfnued
therein three weeks, (e-o-d)
Given under the uand and Seal of
Office of the Register aforesaid, at
New Castle, in New Cant e county
aforesaid, the day and year above written.
__ . S. C. BIGGS, Register.
NOTICE.—All persons having claims
against the Estate of the deoeased, must pre>
sent the same, duly attested, to the Adminis
tratrix, on or before Sept. 8, 1880, or abfdn
the Act of Assembly In such case made and
provided, CATHAKI VE K. ASH.
l. s.
Admi,l8t > 'itrix.
9-10 d&w
AddressNewark, Del.
Rugby Evening School*
This evenlmr school will re open on MON
7 o'clock.
PROF. J. J VCRS'>N PEIRCE, the artistic
Penman of the Kqgby A ad my, will h va
charne of classes In Plain and Ornamental
PR I. JAMES A. KEALY, A. M., will
tea -h Book-kee 1 g.
PHOF. JULIUS HESS will teach Me
ch<nlcal Drawing.
43*Circutar8 giving full information can ba
obta ued at the Book store of O. F. Thomaa
k (7 ., or bv applying
Dtt. filMUELA
- -HTRPHV, A.H.,
Principal of Kuicby Academy
9 10 St
UBL1C sale.
The subscriber will sell at Public Sa's on
the premises, situated .n
Third and Walnut streets,
At 3 o'clock, P.M.,
No. 1, A corner house containing 10^b
. one a large store room, ,2,000 ran iu!
row-iin on No. 1.
No. 2, house 200 E. Third street, three story,
containing S rooms, bath room, hot and oola
water with all the modern improvements gas
throughou ,one hall can remain on No. 2 .' For
part cuiars see bills, or inquire of the suhaerl.
or L. W. Stidham A Son, Aunt's. 9-10 eod 12
tbe S. E, corner of
DIOR SALE.—At a bargain, drstclass
E Dearborn wagon, goon as new; in tip
top order, suitable lor grocer. Add v to
WM. HITOHEN, Giocer,
Fourth ami Walnut.
9-10 It
W ANTED. -A while girl to do general
housework in a small fiunllT. Apply
It. W. corner 4th and King.
W ANTED.—Good maohlnlste wanted by

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