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" 'TO;i
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it. VL-NO 47.
«(ll nr ATE FAIR.
a* Day AIIWRR*
( .fl(k>| 00 k 0 U ArrssteR
, Bran*'* •0etlleR.-Ielerr.l
Bsees-ExWWtnva and Exbt
"'corriiqionilence of the Republican.
I Park, Dovbh, Sept. 23.
) all expeotations the day
snt. Yesterday the sky
with clonds and from all
lie weather for the week
edly unpropitious. Every
sd the advent of the equi
s now due. Never was a
j agreeably surprised when
e forth with such weloomtd
lie anticipations of all, and
lotlvity In all departments
marked, horsemen taking
the early hours were soon
ok exercising the animals,
as wet by the preceding
1 of rain and a* the warmth
rled up the mud it became
the traok would be in a
rations for making this sec
of the State Agricultural
loess have beeu extensive
ently the effect 1 b manifest
ms of the park. The de
bits is unusual, iarsupass
; of the kind ever seen ou
■ly morning the peo
stautly arriving until at
era present on the ground
icople. The most exoita
the day waa the arrest of
ickets. The foots are: Mr.
sr of Marydel was standing
:k looking at the races
ring around he nlisarved
leavoriug to deaw his wal
iiicket. The man sadden
ed; but as quick as his ac
ie vision of officer Heal waa
in officer followed the man
r him in conversation wi.h
oes two in number. He
three and took them to
1 b said that some thirty
from Philadelphia were
le grounds yesterday.
ing the pendency of the
te two Arabian stallions,
General Grant by the Sul
y, exhibited on the track,
ducted for the ex-President
ireign tour, from a stud of
1600 horses. They are
oolor, one light, the other
dark. Both are symmet
, noble iu carriage, aud
apple in movement. By
rse lieBh the former is cen
)est of the two. They will
ig the continuation of the
exhibited daily,
e iutemiissloDS between the
ler'f Orchestra discoursed
and served to break the te
le wait*, which, hnwevoi*
1 far between, owing to ti
and ability of the gentle
cialed as judges, these be
Van Oaten, Esq., of Phila
ase experience aud oapaoity
are acknowledged unequal
T. A. Torhert and Caleb S.
Esq., whose names it is
ary to mention in order to
iverything that was done
dance with the rules aud
-nd impartial justice.
Till! HACKS.
i though not aa olosely oon
rs exciting as those which
follow to-day and to-mor
specially on Friday, were
sting. In the first, for Fen
8, a field of six was narrow
-wo, aud five heats were re
decide it. Lady Wright
) have the most font, but
eadily in the third and
>, lost them to Palmer Boy,
bead, it is said, some eigh
s have passed. In the first
se Frank was sent tothe.sta
lity to pay fine imposed upon
jedienoe of orders in starting
was declared distanced In
beat for not responding to
» of the bell, and delaying
loth decisions, though rath
lie owners of the respective
e Btriotly just, and this
on the part of the Judges
et, prevented any further
caused the programme to
l at au early hour,
d race was probably the
ting of the four. It was
8 straight beats by Nigger
H, blaok gelding, driven
. Doble, Br. His record,
this contest, was 2.38, hut
8 fleetness of some of hie
be was obliged to lower It
ch was a very fast heat
i and made some one re
t was a pity that he was
in the free-for-all, so that
re hurried up "Little Han
important race of the day
se for all." Inthlsthal.lt
stallion Hrnnis, record of
n by John E. Turner, who
ippropriately dabbed the
'fal," showed hia heela to
rithout muoh trouble, and
■emiuru in three straight
■29, 2.30 and 2.28, time
"Id materially have reduced
foemen worthy of his steel,
annis was concerned the
ne sided affair, the interest
the struggle for second
s the other three were near
lallty the race was inter
tills standpoint,
will he found the
varioas raoes, with the
aacli horse and the time
r Dark, Dover, September 23,
day of the Delaware State
•t day, purse $100, for horses
[be Peninsula with no better
» v, 30- Ptost horse to reoel ve
P "dO, third $16 ; mile heats,
I >n harness.
to", LnOv Wrtjjht, 112 2 1
i 1 V, Palmer Boy, 3 2 11-2
O H Adair, g I, Gray Morgan, 6 3 P dint.
I. .T Nottingham, b g, Prince, 1 4 i let,
A Pratt, g g, Modoc.
J <1 McKay, bm, Mischief
E1 Dudley, br g, Frank..
Time—2.46, 2.40, 2.42.2 42. 2.41.
'instanced tor not being on the track tn Ume
to start.
t IPiied out ior not i«ylng e fin. Impofci-d.
Same day, second race, purse $250,
for horses with no letter records than
2:83. Mile heats, 3 iu 5, iu harness.
W'H noble. Phil*,. Id g, Nigger Boy, 1 1 1
I, K Redmond, Plilla, d g. Lynun... 4 2 8
WHtlrant.1ienton.sg.btar. 8 8 3
N Honk, Wooditlde, b g. l ei ton. 7 4 4
it Elkin on, N J, b nr, Jenny Moore, 6 0 6
.) II Wharton, Dover, b (. bherman
J II 'lltmen. N.l.br », (leo. Brooke..
A Maxwell. Middletown, eg, John*:.
Frank P, and Toronto.
. 4 *(M.!.I 1 C'(I
. distant eel.
. .'ruled out.
2 S d.
0 III...
.. diet.
Qunr. Hir. Mile
.37 lx 1.10 2.:'4
,36« 1.13 2.80
Same day, third raoe, parse $1,500,
free for all horses, winner to reoeive
$750, second horse, $375, third, $250,
fourth, $125; mile heats, 3 in 5, iu har
Flint heat....
Seta ml heat.
Third heat...
J £ Turner, c s Hannis, by Mam
brino Pilot..
J H Phillips I* k Jersey Boy, by
Young Volunteer.
MOljo4im*B A Irene, Ur *y ^ 4 2 *
W & Doble, bi s booUand, by Bonnie
..... 121
. 2 8 »
3 4 4
Chance and Klcltard
li»f. Mile
First heat...
See md heat.
Third heat...
80S 1.16 2.30
1.18 a.2»
same day, fourth race, purse $200,
000, f»>.* horses that have never lwaten
2.fi5: mile heats, 3 in 5, in harness.
JaiPSudler, Maryland, s g Ston<
WK Oranl Trenton, b K Spanky...
M JteK 3mttli, Mary fund, br g
15» jwo Tom.
A B Perdue, Maryland, g m Clara
Mo'ifll...... 3 4 4
J H PIiHMuh. PbSla.. b in Kftie. 6 6 6
Anoia V ami
l i i
4 2 2
.... 284
Time—2.40, 2.08, 2.30
In the Cereal Building tbe Wilming
ton Exhibitors are as follows:
Lawton the ohina dealer has a fine
display of ohina, glass and stoneware.
His student lamps are models of.beauty
ami attract muoh attention. Theshow.
ing of majolica daaert sets, wedgewoml
copley, mentor illnnor and chamber
■els and Invoice of glassware is varied
aud reflects credit upon the stock of Mr.
Lawton and tho taste of his representa
tive Mr. Mitchell.
HenryW . Morrow exhibits some
spriog beds and claims for them unu
sual advantages.
Peter McCullough fit Co. exhibit
several paire of handsome shoes in what
appears to be au ebony case, but whiob
really is pine, painted by Cooling &
Bro., so as to deceive even experts.
C. F. Thomas & Co., the well known
stationers,have on exliibi jon the patent
Improved Keystone oompanys school
desks. These' desks are made of wood
aud Iron dovetaiUd and have no screws
or nails in tbeir composition.
Geo. W. Stone exhibits maolrinery
parts aud supplies in abundance and
variety of oils, rubber In all forme
including clothing. Also a new species
in' water proot cloth said to he muoh su
perior to oil cloth.
The Jackson & Sharp Co. exhibit
doors, sashes and window blinds aud
also models of many of their fast sailing
L. F. Adair, the furniture dealer, to
represented by Lieut. Chaytor. He
seeds a handsome open silk parlor
suit that surpasses anything we have
ever seen, .Queen Anues chamber suit,
a cheaper variety of chamber suit and
several varieties of chairs.
'Iho display of 0. F. Rudolph, in the
ladies building,Jeweler of Wilmington,
attracts a great deal of attention. Tlie
stock of gold aud silverware to vory
fine; and aside from this the gentleman
has a large musical instrument which
serves to enliven tbe oooasion.
Among the prominent individuals
present are: Governor Hall, Secretary
of the State, James L. Walcott; Chief
Justice Comegys, Judge Houston, Rep
resentative, K. L. Martin, Speaker of
the Senate, Charles Harrington; Presi
dent of City Council of Wilmhiglm.
Harry Sharpley, H6nry MoCoiub and
others. „ TT
Tbere was a ball in the Court House
in the evening which was well attend
ed,Mark Hassler'w music being engaged
for the occasion. There will also be
balls on succeeding evenings until the
fair closes.
Paris Bplrwmeier. •
W« wish to call the special attention
of the public to Dr. M. Souvielle, the
eminent French surgeon, who has made
such wonderful oures of oartarrh, asth
ma. bronobitis and chest diseases. Of
fice No. 216 West 4th street, Wilming
ton, Del. _
From the Berlin "Medical Gazette :
"Dr. Souvielle, by his invention of the
Paris Spirometer, for the treatment of
throat and lung diseases, undoubtedly
discovered the best method for curing
these diseases made more terrible by
the failure of the physicians. Every
physician should have one." His office
U at No. 216 W. 4th street.
The aliened Horse Thief.
Yesterday chief Lynch of the West
Chester police force arrived iu this city,
for the purpose of removing John Reed,
who to in tbe city hall cells, oharged
with tbe larceny of a horse and wagon
trom Moms Wheeler, of that place. As
the prisoner demanded a requisition,
Mayor Allmond refused to all one owe
Chief Lynch to take him without a
the necessary papers, and that func
tionary left for Harrisburg to get a
requisition from Governor Hoyt.
Ticket Scalpers.
A number of gentry have lately made
themselves very obnoxious to persons
going to tbe depot in this oity. These
scalpers purchase tiokets by the pack
aud iu their desire to retail them
i„ passengers they beonrne sometimes
offensive in their importunities.
n»M Ball.
The Enterprise base ball clnb will go
to Chester on Saturday next to play a
game of ball with the Ross nine of that
The I.aet Meenes of tke Tragedy as
Belated by Mrs. Chisolm.
On Monday we published a chapter of
Mrs. Chisolm's recital of the murder of
her husband, daughter and son, and to
day we give the concluding part of her
Now I called to my husband to go in
to a cage till I could see what to do.
The lionse was filled with the smoke of
the guns. I ran down stairs to see
what the mob were at. Cornelia hung
to her father. Clay hovered over John
nie. "Bill" Gully had squatted down,
with his ooat off, and seemed to bs
lighting matches. He oalled to me
and said, "any ot you wbowantto come
out do so now. We are going to burn
the house; it's afire now." I asked him
what for; I ran hack and wanted to ex
change clothes with Mr. Chisolm. I
begged him onoe more to bldg till I
could carry Johnnie out to keep him
from being burned, and starting out
with Johnnie I charged him to stay till
I eould see what to do.
1 went down the stairway and down
the hall to the outer door ; then I saw
the demons oouiing back with fresh
guns, headed by him who, in bis dev
ilish propensities, has put Satan to
shame long since. I called to Clay to
let us lay Johnnie
back to his father. I turned and was
dismayed to see him (my husband)
coming down bolding a gun in his
hand, the breech foremost, Cornelia,
nearly fainting, followed with her
head resting on her father's shoulder,
her arm around his neck, his arm
around her waist. I called out, "Path
or, what are yon goiDg to do ?" He
said, "To take my boy home." I oall
ed to him to go hack, the mub was re
turning. Cornelia bad begged him lo
come down, I afterward learned, tell
ing him "Bud Jnhunie" had died easy
—that it was better to be shot to death
than burned alive.
Jnst as I turned and sawmy husband,
"Charlie" Rosenbaum passed him ou
the stairs. "Why, Charlie," said he,
"arc you going to forsake me f" "Well,
I don't know, .Judge, what better we can
do; they Bay the bouse is on fire." I
ran Iff the foot of the stairs, racing with
lienry J. Gully, who, I was already
]>ositlve, had shut both Mr. Gilmer and
MoLellan. Getting before Gully I just
bad time to slam the door and press
hard upon it, whon the mob surround
ed the outside door. They need not
have thought my hnBhand would run
from the whole of them. Henry Gully
looked on ms with an angry fury, and
put the guu within a few iuches of my
head, hut seeing the grate in the door,
ran it through at my husband. I
screamed to him to stoop quick so he
oould not shoot him in the head.
Cornolia jerked him suddenly down,
screaming and begging. Rememberthat
front her beautiful face even trom her
lips, the blood was oozing—even the
strings of her bonnet, under her chin,
were shut in two. Mr. Chisolm had no
chance to tarn his loaded gun. He
oalled, "Let me up, daughter," and
raising himself, met, within a few
incites, the gun. My daughter called
out: "Don't shoot my papa, my good
papa, who never did any harm, but lias
been good all the days of his life. Oh!
If you must have more blood, kill me;
I can't live without my papa." The
old demon turned the muzzle—she had
her pretty, soft, round, white arm
aroutul her father's neck, and pressed
her whole person before him. Gully
pnt tlte gun to iter arm, and pulling
the trigger, pul the whole load of bails
iuto her arm.
My husband pressed against the
door, calling to me to let him out. 1
always did as he told me. He passed
out. Gully discharged the other load
in my husband's hip. The boy who
hail been active in handing guns all
day was ready at his elbow with
another. I tried to keep it from Gully,
but could not. Gully at once dischar
ged lioth loads into my husband's body
and rau back to the door, Mr. Cbieolm
wavered from side to side, almost hav
ing to balance himself with his hands.
There wero some goods back in the
ball. I cried to Mr. Chisolm to get
behind them. "I'hil" Gully ran out
of a eide room with a heavy stick he
was in the habit of carrying, and see
ing that Mr. Chisolm conld barely hold
himself up, ran to strike him down
with liia club.
1 sprang forward and asked him what
he was going to do, but bsfore he could
strike Gully put auother load iuto his
hip, and "Bob" Mosely, shooting from
the steps, put one load iD. that made
the largest hole of all. My husband
several times said to me afterward, as
he put his hand on his leg, that that
wound was the one that was killing
him. I can't tell how many wounds
were mortal. He was wounded in all
the internal organs, lie fell, and the
moli retreated. I fell down over him.
Of course 1 was covered with blood, hut
not iny own—the blood of husband and
children. Said my husbanJ : " My
whole family are murdered ; you and
Clay are covered with blood ; Johnnie
dead, Cornelia killed ; hut, precious
wife, if any* of my ohildren should live,
tell them I die an innocent man; their
father never harbored a thought or did
a deed for which they need blush. I
die for my country,and because I would
be a freeman and a Republican."
Cornelia fell over him, and he, kissing
Iter, said, "My poor baby, you are
killed." "No, I am not, papa," she
said. "Yes (laughter, yon are shot iu
your arm." Ami, papa?" And this
was the first she knew, though a heavy
gold bracelet had been severed and
driven through her ar it. 3he arose,
and Clay sank down, taking his father's
head on his knees. I ran to the door
and asked if there was a man in the
town who would help me carry my bus
band borne—telling them they had
killed Johnnie and my husband and
shot Cornelia to death, and I could not
carry them all. I saw a body of men
coming, and ran hack to him. "Bil"
Gully was ahead this time to shoot what
he thought another dead man, but I
snatched the gun that had fallen from
Mr. Chisolm's bauds; and raising it,
stood between him and the mub.
Tlte idea that there was even that
much to meet him frightened "Bill"
Gully, and for a moment he Btopped.
down and theu rau
, , t rm.i -• *>
but he railed his gap* sod shot both
barrels at me, without offset. I fired
my gun back at bug, and afterwd
heard I filled hi* brMh with powder.
The guard the* ran *# in haste, and
Coratlia-waat toihwdMA'^There was
not a half mob of her fash, I may say,
that was not wiring with blood, and
out with fragments of balls and burnt
black with the grains of powder whioh
was iu her skin, and afterward taken
out by the surgeon. Sbe raised her
right arm, from which blood rau in two
streams whioh looked as large as her
finger. She said piteously: "Won't
somebody come help mamma carry my
poor papa homef You have killed
him. You hare killed Bud Jolmuie,
and mamma can't carry both'' and,
said showing her arm, "I am so shot I
can't help her."
Just as she had begun Bpeaking,
another dirision of "Kemper's best
citizens" ran up, and when my daugh
ter came to this point, fire or six guns
Were discharged at liei, taking effeot in
her right leg and heel, and literally
riddling her dress. She tnrned to me
where I was bending orer her father
and said, "Mamma, they hare shot me
I oalled to her
in the leg this time,
without daring to leave my husband
"My darling baby, keep out
door, the next shot will kill y
of the
my little child, you will hare to walk
home, mother oar.not carry father, Bud
Johnnie and yon." "Peck" Vandei
ender afterwards bragged that he had
put one load of lead Into that girl.
Tbe Trouble m Couple or Blondes
Caused Denali DoURherty.
"Money is the root of all evil," is an
old saw, and Dennis Dougherty is wtll
iuy to swear that the old saw is about
Dennis had tbe honor of being the
only prisoner tried at Police Court this
morning, aud when His Honor asked
him if he was ready to have a hearing
on the charge of disorderly conduct,
Dennis gently nodded assent.
Mrs. Josephine Gallagher, the prose
cutrix,kissed the book and testified,that
way back about four months ago Mrs.
Somebody had told somebody else who
had told her that somebody saw her
husband Cbailes Gallagher give Mrs.
Dennis Dougherty two dollars. 1 didn't
say anything about this said tbe wit
uess, and had almost forgotten it when
last night, abont 9 o'clock, Dennis
Dougherty oame to my door, and rap
ped very loudly; I didn't hear him at
first as 1 was in bed asleep so he pound
ed until I got up.
When 1 opened the door DenniB step
ped into the room and began usiug
abusive language. Mrs. G. here re
peated what Dennis had .said, aud it
didn't sound much like the recitation
of a Sunday school lesson,and as tbe re
porter didn't listen to it, he mnst lie
excused from repeating the same. "It
was all about the two dollar story con
tinued Mrs. Gallagher, aud finally when
he said be would mash my faoe l
hollered murder and had him arrested.
Charles Gallagher, husband of tbe
prosecutrix,testified that he had heard
the swearing aud pet names called bat
aB he was in bed he didn't see the
Mrs. Dennis Dougherty,made a state
ment in reference to the matter in
which she said the two dollar sorape
had been a thorn iu the sides of both
families for somo time. Whenever Mrs.
Gallagher would get mad she would
yell out something about two dollars
Bat iu the fuss last Digit Mrs. Dough
erty was sure that her husband ban
not used any harsh terms towards Mrs.
His Honor listened patiently until all
was said and then as they had all been
talking about "two dollars" he also
chimed in aud said "two dollars aud
costs, Dennis," anil Dennis cast a re
p)oachful glance at the court as he
walked back to the cells.
Not Mr. Kennedy.
An article published on Frida? Iasi
in reference to gambling and dissipa
tion among a gang of young men on
the lots at 13th and Wilson, has bad a
beneficial effect; it has stirred these gen
try up as we intended it shonlddo auu
it has also sent the polioe into that
neighl»orhood on Sunday. The "gang"
are greatly exercised that their Sunday
amusements have been interfered with,
and are blaming Mr. James Kennedy,
who resides at Thirteenth and Wilson
with having informed on them. Such
is not the case,the reporter of the Re
publican obtained hir. information from
some ladies who had been insulted by
the gang and not from Mr. Kennedy.
In conversation with that gentleman
yesterday, however,he informed us that
hereafter lie would not only iuforin on
them but would also appear against
any of the gang he discovered violating
and desecrating the Sabbath in the man
ner they have heretofore done.
Found Head.
This morning about 8.30 the coroner
received the following despatch from
Midoletown, Del , Sep. 24.
.Town Buiz Coroner:—Colored
found dead near here this morning. "
Tlie Coroner immediately made ar
rangements to go to Middletown on the
special fair train at 9.45, but jnst be
fore starting learned that bis Deputy,
Esquire Wilson of Townsend, would
hold tbe inquest.
Finished ilte Jab.
The other day we celled the attention
of Canine Exterminator Hnnt to tbe
faot that the carcass of one of his vh'
tims needed re-burial. That gentle
man informed ns yesterday that he had
not only acted upon our hint, but had
raised a mound over the defunct canine
and plaoed a head boa'd in position to
denote the fact.
Rare Hargaln..
Among the many rare bargains being
offered by Russell & irpenoer of the Bee
Hive are Pequot 9- 4 bleached sheeting
at 26 cents per yard, and Fruit of the
Loom 4-4 bleached muslin, slightly
damaged, at 9 cents per yard. Quick
or you'll lose them.
The United Assembly will hold a
rand pic-uio ol Itosendale Park, on
aturday, the 27th inst. Tickets B0
Senator Ingalls and the Iare.tl-*
Ration From a Conservative
Mtand Point—The prospect. of
Hlo Vindication—Politic* and
Parties la Kansas.
Special Correspondence ot the Republican.
ToPfka, Kansas, Sept. 20th, '7!l.
Tliis is an oil' year iu Kansas politics,
but the intense feeliug that was the
ontgrowth of the Senatorial election of
last winter has not yet subsided and
the recent elections in Maine and Cali
fdrjnia have stirred up the political
Wind so that party feeling is just at
present at a high state of fetmenta
The Ingalls investigation begins on
Monday of next weok and the Capitol
is already full of legislators, lawyers,
witnesses and others who expect and
are to figure iu this, Kansas first good
big investigation. Mr. IngallB the
principal figure in the sensational mud
dle arrived in the city this morning
and Senators Sualsbury, Vance aud
Cameron (Wis.) came in thto afternoou
the balance of the committee is expect
ed ti -night.
I have had as yet no chanoe to talk
with any of the members of the com
mitteebut know about how public opin
ion regards the situatiou. Senator In
galls has some of the finest lawyers iu
the State to represent him, prominent
among whom is ex-Attorney General
A. L. Williams,acknowledged to be the
first lawyer in Kansas.
Ingalls intends to make a strong fight
and will contest every inoh of ground
the proseoution brings forward, and as
he is a famous organizer aud au unusu
ally shrewd aud acuie man it will take
the combined efforts ct his euemies to
unseat him.
This is the prosecution's second effort
to bring the Senator to grief. Doling
the latter part of the last session of the
Legislature a determined and weli
planned iuvestigation was had by a
joint committee of both houses, com
posed of a majority of anli-Ingall'smeu,
but while they conld trace and find
numerous instances of bribery aud cor
ruption, they did uot succeed in fasten
ing a single one of these cases npon Mr.
Iiig&il's personality.
Ingalls feels confident he will be vin
dicated or at least that the investigi
ling committee wilt fail to obtain suffi
cient evidence tossuslain the charges
against him. It is generally conceded
hers by men who were participants iu
the contest last winter that Ingalls or
hi* friends used mouey lavishly to se
cure his re-election, as high as two
Ihonsaud dollars being paid iu one or
two iuiiances for the vole aud influence
of promiuent members; hut whether
these facts cau he traced directly to In
galls remains for the committee to de
As money was used by ex-Governor
AulbO'.y and Chief Justice Horton, the
only c lo r candidates for Senatorial
honor , the sympathies of the majority
of the i>ersous who are interested arc
in Ingalls favor. It is generally couue
ded that be has been the most val lia
ble Senator to the State and has done
more ior its advancement and improve
ment than any other we have ever had.
Ingalls is a favorite in Washington and
is generally liked by both parties: Sen
k'.or Sauisbury being one of his warm
est friends, and all KaDsans there as
well as political circles in general, are
anxious for bis vindication.
Of course there is some talk of a con
viction, and in that event the question
of succession will fie one of interest; it
is the genera! opiuion that Gov. St.
Jehu will appoint ex-Gov. Anthony to
the vacancy should Mr. Ingalls be un
seated, as Anthony has strong claims
upon St. Johu, he being the direct
means of securing to St. John the gov
ernorship. incidental to the invesli
gstion is a great deal of political talk,
a prominent subjeot being the Ivesi
denlia) campaigu of next year. Grant,
of course, has a large following, and
whenever iris name is mentioned it i.
received with applause. It Is thought,
though, by a great many that Grant
will not allow his name to be put for
ward for the office, and this element ot
tlie parly are in that case pretty even
ly divided betweeu Sherman and
Kausas is such a thorough Repnldi
can State that very little is ever said
atiout Democrats and the Democracy,
i Cud Bayard is a general favorite and
the first clioioe of the better element of
the party. Tilden is seldom mentioned
■n other than sneering and disrespect
ful terms. Thurman I have never hea-d
mentioned, while the Greenbackers and
their party are absolutely dead beyond
all hope of resuscitation. E. H. C.
* postal Mention.
Just received a fine lot ot bird cages
and lamps, which we Are selling very
cheap. 232 King street, opposite mar
ket house.
Two thousand pounds of odds and
ends of tobacco, cheap, at the great to
bacco mart, 4th and Shipley streets.—
See prices in window. Chapman.
Don't forget to call on the popular
tailor, Geo. H. Ash, for your fall cloth
ing. No. 4 East 3d street:
"When wise men speak let the mul
titude give ear." Use "Sellers' Liver
Pills." Sold by all druggists.
Brunet's Bitters, excellent for dys
pepsia, for sale by Taylor & Fullerton,
Druggists and Apothecaries, 302 King
For fifty years "Sellers' Liver Pills"
have brought health and happiness in
thousands of homes. Aak your drug
gist for them.
Correct adjustment of trusses a spe
cialty at the Ladies' Department of
Belt's Drug Store. Entranoe No. 1 W.
6th street. Lady attendant.
Remember!—The only perfect pro
prietary medicine as a "Blood Search
er" is that bearing tbe name of "Dr.
Lindsey," and whioh may be had from
Magic Cure for ohills—1 box oures—
for sale by N. B. Danforth, Druggist,
2d and Market streets. A stock of
trusses whioh cannat be beaten in price
or quality.
Farmers, yon c&n get yonr old fan
riddles recovered and made as good as
new by Arthur W. Brown, 224 West
2d etreet, Wilmington, Del. Lettuoe,
ipinach, cabbage and other seeds.
IA (•;««« of Comical Persecution.
r °" llli8 morning's Morning Hoald.
We notice by the evening jontDito
that a movement has been started to
legislate Hr. Macal lister out of niaplace
as Solicitor to the city by the abolition
of the office. The city cannot do with
out a solicitor, and we never heard a
word derogatory to the fitness of the
preoent official. To abolish the offioe
and then re-oreate it, under another
name, would belittle Council, by doing
by indirection what the members fear
'o do openly. We were opposed to the
extension of the term of office, but as it
was extended, and a respectable gen
tleman elected to fill the position, it
would bs a piece of small business to
dismiss him by a trick. We never
kuew of such small business as is pro
moted, to bring honor to the party en
gaged in the doing of it. We know
oothing beyond the newspaper rumor
f the matter, and we trust it may be
unfounded. The abolition of an efflee
filled by a competent incumbent because
he may differ in politics from the ma
jority of Council to make room for a
Democrat, is a pieoe of politioa! perse
cution which will do infinite harm to
the promoters. To the victors beioug
the 4 epoi1s does Dpt apply in this oaae,
liscanse there 1st no vaosnoy,—and to
make one, to apply the principle, is, to
4ur mind, unwise and uufair. Let well
enough alone, gentlemen!
Clone Went.
Geo. W. Bowers left this oity at one
o'clock this morning for St. Louis, he
obnlemplatee visiting several other
western cities before he returns
A great manyremedies are advertised
to bring them before ihe pob'io, who
decide whether the article is good 01 -
bad. Tlie good ropo tat on whioh Dr.
Bull's liaby Syrup enjoys is a standing
guarantee of Its me-ils.
non rust 0.49....sen sets 6 66.
REED birds at Fullmer's, 606 market at.
Ulaes and porcelain top jars, at 99o. store.
Salt oysters, lee eold, lor sale at Fullmer's.
O. S. Humphrey, the hatter, 210 Market St.
Eight cents per line ie charged for
ing in this column.
The I»e noc'-ats will not hold any more elec
lions in * Delaware this iall.
Buy Kelley & Co.'s Borax soap—best in tbe
1 1 we have had an equinoctial storm It was
h light one, but we are perfectly satisfied with
Fvamlne yeur flues when you put up your
s oiw, and don't say naughty werds Jf tbe
pipe won t fit.
Vernon's lard fbr sale at Weldtn k Lloyd's,
Seventn and King.
A »ro ? wj,i found on the top o f a Cambridge
(Msr) chore 1 ! steeple, 180 leet above tbe
fc'Ot'ou, the Giber day,
Chai mao McMenamln is having tbe st r ecl3
Cstre.ii'ly cleaned. That 1s right.
You can always purchase the best furniture
at 207 Ma>ketsl'cet.
Ihe man who spent six hou»*s the other day
in a rei* : gerator, ieitou coming out aj If be
had been >n aciurch sociable. *
Poet: We cannot ar entan *'in Memo
When s«»e
vh m " which contains Ihe lines
sKipped a d'tch the jp'-iing beucx c.vii';ut a
glimpse of dainty stiiped hoax. " Bonu ' and
boi'.v don't rhy*oe and we don't know what a
nipped lioae's, anyway.
rl ime still o.t^fp'-s on ice at Maying's, 20.'
West Second 6tie9b.
Sirxw hats are dlsanpearfng, and lit. le
jaunty doll - als are taking Iheir places.
Whcte were those blank tax receipts beer
lug Jout.ph L. Cat pen ter. Jr.'s name 'oonu
udtncl? Cau a tall city official give.iny
Hats and cans retailed at wholesale prices
by Sheppey, Palmer Ac Co., 603 Market bt.
We wonld lemlnd fbat bash ml lover lha ;
wunis to make his glH a p-esem. jiiat Cbrfoi
mti* *s oily tbinecn weeks u/f.
1 -v go heo* ted fair managers tell the gai •
keeper in look ihe ol^er when tii kede.,3
sliding in under the fence.
hliie IKK .4
Ail enters pi om* dly attended to when left
ai ff a*. ng's, iU3 West Second street.
Boys, emulate the mule, It Is backward in
deeds ol v'.o'ence.
Cupping and leeching at No. 103 £. Second
9lreet. Ke.^dence No. 403 East Second street,
Ifyon want to polish yourjetf don't scralch
oilier people.
The )a*i rose of summer has gone, and now
the fa'I
a»*e here.
Call on Q.ulgg, Ninth and Shipley, and ex
amine the Vesta heater. It Is the best and
1 hese o-e splendid n'ghts lor sleeping, but
we don't like the hum of the pesky mosquito.
Col cl h/.er promises to make a talc record ac
i ti editor,—" E. E. " Bo eay the ivir at the
yHtevu received dally, lre3h irom ibe beds,
Jot ting's, 203 West Second street.
called club
at l
New Yo r k police stations
Pure elder vinegar at Weldln At Lloyd's, at
Seventh and King.
It takes but a smell hole alongside of a
house to "over the cellar with water in ra'ny
a eai her.
KEEL) birds at Fullmer's 600 Market st.
The woods In hues of gold,
On the vlnlon sore unfold,
Which makes the observer hold
'lhat it Is time to put np the stove.
Notice to the Public.—I will half-sole and
heel boots and shoes for $1, other mending In
proportion, John E. Bailey, S. W. corner of
Seventh and Tatnall streets.
It will soon bo too muddy for rides and
walks through the country for pleasure only.
The average ieporter consumes 620 pencils
during the year not including Sundays.
Persons wanting pvlme salt oysters
them at Hasting s, 203 West Secsnd street.
Wonder if those blank tax receipts were
manufactured at the City Hospltaf!
theu Democrats spare that hospital.
Sheppey, Palmer Ac (Jo., one prloe hatters,
f 03 Market street, opposite the Olay ton House.
A utumn Is upon us, Christmas w*ll soon be
here, and the tui key gobbler gobbleih with
When cold weather sets lu the tramp will
fee from Its wrath, quietly enter our midst,
place himself where our officers can see him,
and be nicely quartered and well fed upon
the lux tries of our prison and almshouse lor
the winter.
Tho Axminster is the handsomest and most
economical parlor stove In the market, found
only at (iuigg's, Ninth and Shipley.
If you want to keep cool and comfortable
these times on Sunday, go to church.
Superintendent Lee was rewarded by the
Democracy lart evening witn a re-nomination.
Hiswur*. or ihe party on election day enti
tled him to a better office,
N. L. Janney, 303 King street, has just re
ceived another car-load of those extra York
State potatoes. Nothing can exceed their
uuailty or flavor. Also will receive on Thure
oay a car-load ol eating apples Give him a
The chan who couldn't express himself sent
h'8 valise Instead.
Why do white sheep, eat more than black
'uns? Cause there's mote oi 'em. Next
11 SO,
supplied with cloanly opened oys
teis by an experienced shuoker, at Hasting's,
2J3 West Socond street.
The lonely gull files o'er the pebbled shore,
Which buried seems in solitude most drear,
While the Dutchman sighs witu woc-engrav
en face,
Ah, who will come to buy my lager beer?
Echo answers, no one.
'She Fall River Troubles—Trial
for ■■IpresUse—Ike Rear* Exe.
Rnn-A Boom -for TUden-Other
laelsleata, Aeeldeate, Crimen eai
Casual tlee.
The Aldermen of Fall River yester
day decided to offer a reward of $250
for the arrest and conviction of the
party who twice attempted to shoot
police Townsend. The question of in
creasing the police force coming up,
the Mayor denounoed "the obstruction
ist measures" of the Democratic Aider
men. The matter was finally made the
special order for next meeting.
In the trial of Carolina C. Goodrich
and Dr. Daniel F. Kimball for malprac
tice, causing the death of Jennie Pot
ter Clark, in Boston, testimony for the
defence closed yesterday. The ease af
ter argument, was given to the jury,
who remained out when the Court ad
journed in the evening.
Since Monday morning 300 hundred
negroes have left Nashville, Tenn., for
Kansas, on excursion trains chartered
by tbeir leaders to 8t. Louis, Kansas
City and Topeko, at low rates. It is
lelieved that a large exodus of negroes
from Hiddle and Western Tennessee is
sbnut to coHm sR w.
The Demoorstio convention of Leban
on county,Pa., held on Monday,unani
mously adopted a resolution in favor of
the renomination of Tllden and Hen
dricks for President and Vioe President
of the United States. David Hollinger,
independent, was endorsed for Sber
Two bodies have floated near the .
month of the Patuxent river, Chesa
peake Bay. They are supposed to be
from the vessel sunk last week by the
steamer Puerto Rico. The oyster pun
gy Priscilla Leach, Captain Leach, is
now snpposed to have been the vessel
A telegram from Fall River says there
are indications that the spinners'strike
is about ended, and it to believed that
if the manufacturers would discharge
the knob-sticks" aud employ their old
help at the old wages, the matter oould
he settled in a few hours.
The Postmaster General has directed
an investigation of the shooting ot the
postmaster at Blaokville, S. C. If the
postmaster is not safe in performing hi*
duty, and is not protected by the au
thorities, the offioe at Blaekyllle will be
Mrs. Mattie Potts, who left Philadel
phia five months ago to walk to New
Orleans and back for a wager of $5000,
reaohed Richmond, Va., on her retnra.
One of her knees tronbled her yester
da.v; if belter, she will resume her
homeward tramp to-day.
It to reported that Dennis Kearney,
believing he wss "used ss a oat's paw"
by General B. F. Butler In the latter**
canvass, last year, Intends to visit
Massachusetts, on coming East, and
"expose some of Butler's tricks."
The second day of the Hoboken
cricket match, yesterday, gave a de
cided viotory to tbe Irish team. Their
sisire was 197, against 67 for tho selected
The body of a colored man, badly
decomposed, with two wounds in the
head, was found embedded in the man
ure under Jay's stable, in New Bed
fold, Mass., yesterday morning.
Waiter Rlsley was shot and fatally
wounded by a man known as "Sandy"
iu a quatrel over a game of cards, at
Erie, Colorado, on Monday afternoon.
General Grant has accepted the invi
tation to attend the reunion of the
rmy ot the Tennessee in Chicago, on
No., mb r 5th.
Two colored men, named Arnold and
Ward, locked arms and walked into
the Missouri river at St. Joseph, on
Monday. Both were drowned.
George Schwab, a rejected lover of a
sixteen year old girl named Mary Long,
at Baltimore, shot himself through the
heart yesterday.
'fcqnlre Hsgeny'a Docnet.
Henrietta Lee had her worse half up
before 'Squire Hagany, last evening,
on the charge of "saltin' and batterin*
Jnstice decided that the payment of one
dollar and costs would just abont ap
pease the cravings of outraged law.
Henrietta was just ohuck'ing to her
self with satisfaction at the manner in
which she had waxed the old man,
bnt] her chuckling was turned to con4
sternation when the 'Squire read a lit
tle document to her, in whioh Aaron
oharged her with an assault with intent
kill. Aaron testified that "Henriet"
had chased him with an axe and
threatened to immolate him. "Henri
et," in defence, stated that it was only
stick of wood she had, but the old
man was so frightened that he didn't
know the difference. Henrietta's pin
money is short to the extent of one
dollar and oosts by 'Squire'B deoision.
A Fact.
Persons who use the Table Talk and
Cabinet tlonrs always have good bread,
for sale at 309 W. Seoond street.
The Weather.
War Department, Office of the Chief
Signal Officer, Washington, Sept. 24—1
A. M.
Indications for Wednesday—For the
Middle Atlantio States, partly cloudy
weather, with occasional rain, warm
southwest veering to colder northwest
winds, rising, preceded by falling or
stationary barometer.
After hearing the evidence the
9 24-tf.
L OST.—On Friday morning
wont and Marcus Hook,
Ing gun in a black leather cover. The finder
will recaive $10 reward by return*ng it to
this office.
between Clay
a breech load
ANTED.—A lady desires a situation as
housekeeper to widower or compan
ion to elderly lauv; references given and re
quired. Address "A. B." Forest Post Office,
New Castle Co. Dei. 9 24-0t*
W ANTED.—A colored girl to do general
housowork reference. Apply ac S. W.
oorner 12th and W est. 9 24-2t*

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