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WKHJHT-SPAKKS.-lu »mvrn«, Dal.. bv
J. M. Yingltng. Mr. Andrew J. Wright and
Miss Amania Sparks. Both ul New Castle
Co., Del.
the Ulh
in? ant, Sarah Christmas, in her 33*1 year.
Relative* ami friend* are invited tjattei d
the funeral, D m Iter U»e resilience, No 6*u
, on Friday utternoou. Fu
ll moves ut two o'clock.
CH' IN l\M AS.—In in
W. Furlith w:i
nerai meets ai
Fzi n uhuioh.
LANDERS.—On the 43d instant, Mrs. Ann
D L .odors, in her 62d yo r.
llelatU' S ai d Irieniis ar, invited to attend
the lun-ral, ho*, the residence o' her hus
band, 00 the Long Lane between V/ilioitfg
ton uni New fan 1<», ou Mo day morning, at
nine o'clock. Proceed to New Caatle buriV
AsnuRY Church, corner Third and Walnut
A. B. Wilaou, pastor,
sting every Satuiday aitoi
at three o'clock. Meeting lor consecration
and t layer at 7-3» o'clock this evening.
Preaching, tomorrow, at 10-30 a. m. aud 7
p. in.
A i;. M. P. < 'HUiicH, French street between
8th and yili, Rev. E. 11 Ohipney, pastor. Ser
vice at 10 30 a, in., 3 and 7 p.m. SaObatli
school at one p. in.
Bkthany Baptist Church, corner 01 Elm
and Jo* hsou streets, Rev. T. M. Eastwood,
pastor. Preaching at 10-30 a. in. and 7-30 p. m.
Sunday school at 9 a. in. and '4 p. in.
Brandywine M. E. Chujoh, Rev. E. E.
White, pastor. Preaching at lu-30 a. in. a„u
7-16 p. in, by the pastor.
Calvary P. E. Church, Third and Wash
ington stieets. Rev. Geo. W. DuBois, rtetor.
Services at 10-30 a. m. and 7-30 p. in. Sunday
school at 9 a.
evening at 7-30.
Central Presbyterian Church, King
street near Eighth, Rev. J. H. Nixon, D. D.,
pastor .-Mjrvices at 10-30 a. in. and 7-30 p. in.
Sunday school ar 2 30 p. m.
to ail, und scats lies at evening service.
sttv.. Rev. Job
Cbil nn's
. Lecture
Cvfulal welcome
Delaware Avenue Baptist Church, Del
aware avenue and West streets, Rev. 1. M.
Maldeman, pastor. Ner ict.s at 10*30 a. in. and
7-3J p m. Mornini. subject—"How we may
Know t ©Lord." Evening—(By exchange)
Rev. Dr v eston, Piesid> ui id Crozier Theo
logical Seminary will preach. Revival ser
vices during the coming week.
Ep worth M. E. Church, corner Tenth and
Chureii street*, Rev. W. fc>. Robinson, piustor.
Fr6aii.uu at 10-30 a. m. and 7 30 p. iu.
day st l.ool at *4 p. m.
Ezion M. E. Church, Ninth and French
streets, Rev. W. F. Butler, pastor. Service*
ut lu-u'• a. ui. an i 7 30 p. m.
First Presbyterian Church, Market
street above Ninth, Rev F. 1>. Duval, pastor.
10-30 a m,—Sermon aud baptis
7-30 p. ul—" Cleansing the Way ol our
Youth. "
Grace Church, corner 9th and West streets,
Rev. W. J. Stevenson, D. D., pastor. Preach
ing by the pastor ut 10-30 a. in. aud 7-3U p. u..
Young people's meeting a', 3 15 p. m. Revival
servieach evening during lUc week at 7 30
Hanover Church, corner Sixth and King
Streets, Rev. L. Marks, D. D., pastor. Preach
ing ai iu 30 a. in. and 7-30 p. in. by the pastor.
Holly Tree Inn. —Railroad gospel meet
ings every Sunday aKernoon, ut the Holly
Tree Inn, cornei Water and Market streets
at 2*30 o'clock. Also on Monday evening, at
7-30 o'clock. All are cordially invited.
Household ok Faith, Rev. G. R. Kramer
.in.—Praye* meeting. 10a. in —
Preaching at 10-30 a. in. and 7-3J
. by Elder Miles Grant, of Boston. Churl
lectuiu on Idonday evening and :
servic s each evening inning the week with
the exception of Saturday evening.
Ki nuswcod M. E. Chapel, Fourteenth
and C.aymout streets. Rev. A. T. SCott, pas
tor. Preaching at lo*3o a. in. and 7 p. ui.
Sanha'h school at *4 p. in. Prayer meeting
Friday ut
Madkley uhapkl, ooum Wilmington,
Rev. 1). Dodd, pastor. Preaching at 10-30 a.
in. and 7-30 p. m. Suhbuth school
Prayer meeting at 6-30 p. m.
New Jerusalem Church, Delaware ave. and
Washington sta., Rev. J. B. Parmelee, pastor.
10-30 a.
'•The'lower of Babel not a Li erul liui ding '
Sunday school at 9 o'clock, a.
sc ho 1 teachers' meeting Friday irom 7 to 9
ji. m., at the ;-astor's re. idence.
Olivet Presbyterian Church, corner oi
Adams and Chestnut streets, Rev. Charles P
. Resilience No. 1228 W
Front street. Preaching
7 3u n ui. Sabbath
ui. Prayer meeting every Friday at 7 30 p. m
Covenant, on Second street between West
and Washington, Rev. J. L. Estlin, pastor.
Se; vices at lu-30 a. in. and 7-30 p. iu. Morn
,*t—"Christian Zeal. "
lect—** The seven Morni-jgs. " Prayer meet
ing at 6-30 p. m. Sunday school at 9 a. m.
Scott M. E. < 'hurch. Seventh and Spruce
streets, Rev. C. M. Pegg, pastor. Services at
10-30 a. ui. and 7-30 p. in. Mornli g sui j jet—
"Refit -or the Weary. ' Evening subject
—"Strength—Why Needed and Where
Found. " Prayer meeting at six o'clock.
chi dren.
pastor. ',)
Loveli art.
Aiuuture —
Mallory, p;
lu-.,U a
. and
du.ols 9 a.
veniug .'•ub
ich streets, the Rev. K. B. Cook, pistor. |
. by the Rev. A.
Second Baptist Church, Fourth
Preaching at 10-30 a
McArthur, ami 7
Sabbath school at 9
Bible clans at 2 p. in.
10 p. iu. by ti e pa
a. w. ami 2 p. u.. Pan
Shiloh Baptist Chuiuh, 12th sire
Orange, Rev. B. T. Moore, pastor.
10-30 a. m. Baptism m mo Brandywine bi
low Mamet street bridge, between 1 ai d 2
o'clock, p. m. Preaching l»y Key. T. D. Mil
ler, of Puiiide!| )na, at 7-30 p. ill.
St. John's Church, cot. ol Market street
and Ediott avenue, Kev. T. Ganliner Litteii,
lector, Rev. E. C. Ajcorn,
st 13 a. in. and 3-3u p. w. Sunday school
trvico at
.-taut. Services
rch, Market street
St. Paul'* M. E. C
above 7th, Rev. J. H. Caldwell, D. D., pastor.
. m. and 7-i
1" 3
Trinity Chapel, comer 5th and King Sts.,
Rev. William J. Frost, D. D., Rector. .Ser
vice* at 9
tl IU 30 i
. and 7-30 p. iu.
M. E. Church, French
Union Amki:
id 13th, Rev. Ben). I.
. and
;n 12th
street bet'
Kuley, pastor, ^reaching at lu-30 a.
7-30 p. m.
Union M. E. Church, corner 6thand Wash
ington street*, Rut. J. B. Mann, pastor.
Services at 10-30 a. in.
ing by tho past
and hose w»)
ceil tho »
meeting beg<
Seats tree. Stranger* welci
Unitarian Church, West s
Kev. J. M. W. Pratt, pastor
a. ul and 7-3J p.
S -ii'■•ttneati
it,— H
they Ad
. Tho public cordially invited.
hove 8th.
ut 11
. Sunday sclihni at 2-30
Wkht 1'kk.sbyterian Church, co
and Washington streets, Rev. A. N. K
win, pa
ir 80
aching at lu-30 a.
i-tiool and pastor'8 Bi
2 p. ui. i lie illustrate! sermon
lug will be the eeoud of a series
j 1 he Thy Name. "
i thee
Hie L<
prayer- •• FI
WANT* l>.
i have alwaj H nt command the
mo •» y for good mor^tic. h, large
amlNiiiall- IIK.i,.iia < o.
1-17-19- 2.-26- 30
W A'«TFJ>.-10U children,
v ice<. to form
)pera 11
for a perform*
ooStt-rday afternoon at
ture Ko »iu
W. Ha)os,
Pinafore ('<»
A| M
Opera II
Instructor Ford's J
Mrs. B.
1 ti-i r.
-\«rA.\ 1KII.-A PKuTttS'l'ANT (JlKi..
W to* general hjusewerk, middle aged
«rre-i, rolcrcnce required Apply or'ad
Stanton, i cl.
ter's chair. Inquire at Kbpublica;
A KD1 'G -r'olll
gentlemen anJ their
private family,
1 17U
iHjunl in a
; privlledae of bath.
wive- can
127 W. 3rd
n st-o
Hoarding e
ul 694 French s.reet.
si int (
304 Klu<strtet.
dars can be a< oiramodatcd at
quality, dead or alive, delivered at my
Third street market.
lining ton, Delaware.
d Phlla
'he New York
From our orti^e
defphlaStook Exchanges. (|uotatlqps lur
ultaneously with rails being
in tile at tho. © exobange«.
Philadelphia, New York anil SinFrancisco
-tockti and bonds bought aud sold and cur
riel o
Local Securities Bought anl Sold.
Ca-h Readv lor good First Mortgages.
ft. F. t er. Fourm anti Aaritm.
For Sale.— 30* 0 Philadelphia. Wilmington
Sc Wiiltimore R. K. Bonds. 6 shares Union
National Bank Stock,
Corrected by K. R. Hublnson A Co., Fourti
vnd Market streets.
U S 18*, Bonds.
Currency o's.
\ow Vs ol '81.
IW Kivi'tered.
Wilmington I'lty Bonds.
Du ware K R 1st Mortgage.
Dolaware ft Western....
tt i.mington City 6s.
Wilmington City's 5.
Wilmington City ..
Wilmington ft Northern.
Delaware State Bonds.
Delaware Extension.
Delaware R K Slock.
Wllzrlngton Coal Gas Company.
National Bank oi Delaware.
National Bank W ft B.
First National Bink .
Union Na'lonal Bank.
Farmers' Bank.
Delaware Fire Insun
.. 10UH
Register's Office,
New Caetlk Countt, Jan. 6, U>*.
Upon the application of Warren Hart
Ad mnistrator of Joseph Kline, 1
of Pendader Hundred. In said county,
deceased, it Is ordered and directed by
the Register that tho Administrator afore
said. give notice of the granting of Letters
of Administration.upon the estate of the de
ceased, with the date of granting thereof,
by causing advertisements to be posted wlthli
forty days from the date of such Letters, In
public places of the county ol
having 'de
nix of tho mom _
New Castle, requiring all p
man.In aurainm the ehtate, to present the name
or abide by
m:uie and provided,
same to l»e Inserted within the
act ot Assembly in such case
And also cause the
period in
the Delaware Republican, a newspaper
published In Wilmington, and to te con
tinued therein throo weeks. (e*w-d)
Given under the hand and seal of
<. l.r. ( Office Hi the Register aforesaid, at
' ' New Castle, In New Castle county.
aforesaid, tho day and y
S. 0. BIGGS, Register.
Notice.—A ll persons having claims against
the estate of the deceased must present the
same duly attested to the Ad minis irator,
beiore January 6, 1881, or abide the Act of
Assembly In such case made and provided.
WAR KEN Harper, Administrator.
Address Wilmington. Del
New Oabtlb <'ounty, Jan. 17,1880.
pon the application ol Albert L. Jones,
of Mary J.me Wattson, late of
Wilmington Hundred, in said county, de
ceased, it is ordered and directed by the
Register, that the Executor aforesaid,
give notice ol granting ol letters Testamen
tary upon the estate of the deceased, with
the date of granting thereof, by causing ad
vertlsementH to be posted within forty days
Irom the date of such letters, in six ol the
st public places of the county ol New Cas
tle, requiring all persons having demands
against tho estate, to present the same, or
abide by an act "f Assembly in such case
tided. And also cause the same
t'» in--jrted, within the same period, In the
Delaware Republican, a nowsuaper pub
lished in Wilmington, and to be continued
therein three weeks, (oo-d)
,, Given under the hand and son
j l.s. j ofll *e of the Register aforesaid,-.
* ' New Castle, In New Castle county
aforesaid, the day and year above written.
S. C. BIGGS, Register.
Notice.—A ll persons having claims against
'he estate ot the deceased must present the
duly attested to the Exe utor on or
beiore January 17, 1881, or abide the act ol
Assembly In such case made and provided.
AI.BERT L. JUNES, Executor,
ddress—304 Jackson street, Wllwing
ton. Del.
1 tl
New Castle County. Dec. 17,18f».
Upon the application ol Joshi a Mart*. Art
JiilstratorC !'. A. ot Andrew F.'sellor,late of
Wilmington, Hd., in said county,deceased,
is ordered and directed by the Ke
ter that the Administrator aforesaid, give
_..ice «•< tho granting of letters of Admlnis
tratlon C T. A. upon ti e Estate of the Ce
je.ired. with the date oi granting tnereof. by
."ifising advertisements to ho posted within
lorty days Irom tho date of such letters, In six
of the county of
tie. requiring all person* having de
msudfi against the Estate, U> present the same,
de by an act ol Assembly in such
and provided. And also cause the
to be Inserted within the Fame period in
the Dklawakk Republican, a newspaper
[juhlished in Wilmingten.and to be continued
therein three weeks, (e-o-d)
ost public | l;
ven under the hand and Seal o
e <>f tho Register aforesaid, at
thistle, In New Castle county
aforesaid, the day and year above written.
S. C. BIGGS, Register.
having claim*
against tho Estate of the deceased, must pre^
sent tho same, duly attested, to the Admlnls
ir beiore Dec. 17, 1880,
L. A.
■ abide
de and
tho Act ol Assembly 1
J e
Adinlubtrater C. T. A.
Address: —Wilmington, Dol.
12 24
This institute
by the Legislati
d (Charitable purposes, in 1868, FOR
to which the inviolable iaith ol tho State Is
pledged, which pledge has b
an tverwhe!
Irmchbe in the new constitution adopted De
cember 2nd, A. D., 1879, with a capital ol
$ 1 , 000 , 000 , to which it has since added a re
serve fund ol $360,000.
BUTION will take place monthly
ond Tuesday, if never tcalea
Look at the following Distribution:
was regularly Incorporated
i ol the state for Education
renewed by
ing popular vote, securing its
t iio sec
1 Capital Prize.
. 19,000
. 6,000
1 Capital Prize..
1 Capital Prize..
2 Prizes of $2,690
6 Prizes ol 1,
29 Prizes ol
109 Prizes of
200 Prizes of
699 Prizes of
1990 Prizes of
. 10,900
. 10,000
. 10,000
• 10,000
. 19.000
9 Approximation Prizes of $300 ..
9 Approximation Prizes of *490 ..
9 Approximation Prizes of loo.
-- 2,700
.. 1,800
1867 Prizes, amounting to.$110,400
Responsible corresponding agents wanted
at all
points, to whom a liberal cemponBa
111 be paid.
e, clearly stating full address, for fur
ther information, or send orders by express or
mall addressed only to
New Orleans, La.
No. 319 Broadway, New York.
All our Grand Extraordinary Drawings
under the supervision and management of
JUBAL A. EARLY. 1-14-d-w
or same person at
lb* Steamer "admiral" Lauded
Mini at Havana - How lie bai Re
ceived HU Future JMovenaeutN.
Havana, January 22.—At half-past
eleven o'clock this morning the steamer
Admiral arrived here, having ou board
General aud Mrs. Grant, Colonel Fred
Grant and his wife, General Phil Sher
idan and his wife and two young ladies.
The steamer iett Key West about two
o'clock this morning.
As the Admiral entered this port a
small steamer belonging to th* Navy
Department and carrying General Arias,
Civil Governor of the Province of Ha
vana and Confidential Adjutant of Cap
tain General Blanco,several staff officers,
Henry C. Hall, the United States Con
sal, and a number of American citizens,
among them General Webb, proceeded
to the Admiral, which they
General Arias then tendered General
G< aut the hospitality of the city and
an abode in the palace and said that
Captain General Blanco expressed regret
at not being in the city to welcome Gen
eral Grant, but hoped to arrive befare
the party took their departure. General
Grant replied, saying he would be hap
py to meet General Blanco.
General Grant's visit here is exciting
considerable interest, he being consid
ered the greatest celebrity in America.
On landing the party entered carriages
belonging to the Captain General aud
were driven to the palace, where, after
their reception at the foot of the stair
case by General Callejas, Vice Govern
or General, aud Joaquin Cirbonell, Sec
retary of the Government, they entered
aud inspected the palace. The party
then sought repose from the fatigues of
the voyage.
The party will take passage in the
steamer City of Alexandria, hence for
Vera Cruz ou the 12th or 13th of Febru
ary, but before proceeding thither Gen
eral Grant intends making a trip to
Hayti and probably to other West India
islands on board a United State3 war
steamer. General Grant said that lie
came to Cuba merely to see the country,
but would accept several invitations he
had received to visit some plantations.
The party took a drive this afternoon
and will to-night receive some friends
who happen to be in Havana. Colonel
of Engineers Cerero, Commander Riv
era, Chief of Staff and Cavalry Com
mander Sandoval, Adjutant of Captain
General Blanco, have been commission
ed to attend General Grant and party
during their stay here.
Eloped, Married, Forgiven.
Miss Nellie Flanagan is a very prEtty
daughter of Kx-Coroner Flanagan, of
New York. She i* sixteen years of age,
petite and has dark hair aud eyes.
When she returned to her father'*
bouse last spring, having spent a few
months at a convent school near Mon
treal, Mr. WalliDgton Watson, a son of
Ex-Auditor Watson, fell desperately in
love with her. As Mr. Watson was on
ly nineteen years old, the young lovers
got it into their heads that their parents
would oppose the match aud so ou Mon
day of last week they eloped. The
night of that romantic day came, and
then the old folks became so much
alarmed at the absence of their children
that both of the new-made mothers in
law tainted aud took to their b*ds.
Mis* Nellie and Mr. Watson succeeded
iu getting married aud took the first
train for Poughkeepsie, where they re
mained in hiding until Tueeday of this
week. Then they returned to find
wholesale forgiveness and best wishes,
much to their surprise, of oourse, be
cause they had expected squalls. They
will live with the bride's family uutil
Mr. Watson shall have attained his
majority, when he will become pos
sessed of Eoasider >ble means.
Auifry Democratic Keuators.
#Washington, Jan. 22.—The Presi
dent having withdrawn the nomination
made for Supervisor of Census for the
Sixth Indiana District because he was a
Democrat, the two Senators from that
State have covered themflelve* with
war-paint, and are determined to way
lay the Republican who may be Dom
inated in place of the man who was
withdrawn. Mr. Voorhees said he did
not object to the President confining
his nominations to Republican*. This
was supposed to be a Republican Ad
ministration, aud Republicans, there
fore, were entitled to the Executive pa
If it was a Democratic Administration
he felt confident Republicans would
not lie invited to participate in the
spoil*. But when the President select
ed a Democrat for Supervisor of
Census, and subsequently withdrew
his nomination because the nominee
was a Democrat, Mr. Voorhees felt like
iuterposingan objection to consenting to
the appointment. It might have been a
mistake to make the nomination in
question because the man was a Demo
crat, but it was a greater mistake to
withdraw it for like reason after it was
Another Adventhl Atrocity.
Di'Bi'qi.'E, Iowa, Jan. 22.—Great ex
citement prevails at New-Hampton,
Iowa, over a supposed horriblti'murder.
An Adventist preacher named Elder
Buck resides near there, aud makes a
living by revealing secrets which lit
says are confided to him by spirits.
One day last Fall a ueighor, hearing
screams from the house of Buck, and
seeing hi* wife wringing her hands in
agony, looked through the door and
saw Buck beating his youDg son, who
was tied to the bed. Since that time
the boy has been missing, and as
Buck belongs to the same class ol re
ligious fanatics as Freeman, of Mausa
chusett*, it is believed that lie killed
the boy. Mr. Buck declares that the
boy ran away. Buck has fled, aud the
citizens are making an investigation.
A Republican Nucieas.
Watertown, N. Y., Jan. 22.-At the
recent charter election in thiscity Mr.
B. B. Taggarts, the well-known paper
manufacturer succeeded in getting elec
ted as Mayor by a Majority of 30, the
opposition being mainly Democratic.
Mr. Taggarts lias thu* succeeded in
revolutionizing the City Government,
which heretofore has been in the hands
of the Democrats. He is a strong man
and a popular politician, besides being,
as many New-Yorkers well know, a
very capable and sncceisful man of knei
Freicli t ittle nneenneod.
A contraot has just been tinned by
which the "Frenoh Flat*" * re to be pre
dneed on Febrnarj 21at.
A •1,000.000 t'l.OOD.
TheColombia Intimidation Whim
lieitroyed Vlllagt a aid Deiaili*
l«ifl Farm Lauda.
Panama, Jan. 13 —The Cauca Valley
hae suffered a visitatiou of the floods
which seem to have been general all
through Colombia. In the early days
of December the valley was visited by
a very heavy raiu. The water rose
until It was many yards above the
highest freshet mark designated by
memory or tradition. The inhabitants
for miles along its course were driven
from their homes. The river rose until
it was over three miles in width and
went raging through the valley carry
ing all before it. Several small vil
lages were destroyed and some lives
lost, although no definite re;*ort has
been obtained. On the sntHideuce of
the storm the people were aghast at the
Everything was destroyed in the wav
of small crops and moveables of all
sorts; cattle, goats and horses were all
gone. Cocoa farmers visited their ha
ciendas in boats, trying to gather their
crop which had been left ou the trees.
They had to go armed in order to pro
tect themselves against the immense
snakes which had been driven down by
the force of the waters. The losses are
put in the neighborhood of $1,000,000.
Blaine l<» Thank for II.
The Philadelphia "North Americau"
says it is very well understo od through
out the country,amlnowhere better than
in Maine—that for the triumph which
the Republicans iw that State have won
over their treacherous and conspiring
enemies they have Mr. Blaine to thank.
It was through his energy, through
his courage and wisdom, that the de
signs of the Kuaiouists were brought to
nothing, and the rights of the people
vindicated. James G. Blaine is a born
leader of men. He has b>th
the magnetism which attracts and
the power which controls. He Is a
man who is able in a high degree to
command both the affection and confi
dence of those with whom he is brought
into contact; and the manner in
which he has piloted the Maine ship of
State through shallows and rapids will
not be forgotten when people are look
ing for a man to place at the helm of
the nation.
Lawyer* 4'an't Be K«llt»rM.
Judge Patiersou at Lancaster on Wed
nesday summoned before him Mesir*.
Steinmau aud Heusel, editors of the
Daily Intelligencer aud practising attor
neys, because of a criticism made in
Tuesday's JIntelligcncer charging the
Court with being influenced by partisan
.wnsiderations ia disposing of a
known a* the Snyder liquor case, which
ha* been a case of much notoriety there
aud has already caused a libel suit.
The Judge declared that they should
be ruled to show cause why they)should
not be stricken from the roll of attor
ney*. Messrs. Steinman aud Ilensel
denied the authority of the Court to
require them to answer, as attorneys
for their editorial criticisms.
Tho*. Limb, adm., has sold th« farm
of th« lat« Andrew Mahoney, of Black
bird hundred, 21 acres, to Robert
Grumley, of Pennsylvania, for $850.
Hotel Arrivals.
T. D. Richardson, Phlla.
H. A. Stanhope, "
Robert Day and wife, Phlla.
W B. Boggs, U. S. Navy.
Geo. E. Doty, Boston, lla^s.
J. B. latum, Richmond, Ya.
John Hayden,
Mr.and Mr . G. D. Slaymnker, Lancaster,Pa.
Wm, Si»ru*nce and wile. Pa.
H. Y Kurlin,Lewistown, Pa.
W. F. (Jury, New York.
John ll'.yden, Richmond, Ya.
Tatum Hayden, " "
F. H. Garrett. Chester Go., Pa.
John H. Chambers, Avondale, Fa.
D. M. lory aai wile, Portland, Me.
G*o. W. Burton, London, England.
Harry Hurbert. Hilda.
Hurry Curler, Will ngsford, Ct.
Samuel Ku.-fcII, Richmond, Ya.
J. T. Appleton, Jacksonville, HI.
G. w. Peotde.^, Zanesville, Ohio.
. 'I hompson.
William Wort ,
H. J. Brookhammer, Oil City, Pa.
RKUlftTF.R'ft OK1IEU89.
- Castle Couwty, Jun., 22,1879,
Upo t the application of Uerrlus Ann Alex
ander uiul Jesse Alexander, Administrators
of Richard G. Alexander, late ol Jtod Lion
Hundred. In said county, deceased, It is or
derod and directed by tbcRegister that the Ad
tice of granting
ol Letters of Administration upon the estate of
tho deceased with tho date of granting thereof,
by causing advertisements to be posted within
Iwrty days lr»m the date of such Letters in
six of the most public places of the county of
New Castle, requiring all persons having de
mands ag »iii8t the estate to present thesame.
or abide by an Acto! Assembly in such case
made and provided ; and also cause tho same
to he Inserted within the *arn'e period In the
Delaware Kepi BLtc'Aiv, a newspaper put
li bed In Wilmington, and to be continued
therein three weeks (ood
mlnist<ator.4 aforesaid give
. —^ . Giver: under the hand and Seal of
j l. 8. [ Office of tlie Register aforesaid at
f ' New (,'astle, in New Castle county
aiorcuald, the day and year above written.
S. C. BUGS, Keglstor.
Notice—A ll persons having claims against
tho estate ol the deceased must present the
same,duly attested to the Administrators,on or
before Jan. 22 1881, or abide the Act ol As
sembly in such ci.se made and provided.
Addreis, Delaware City, Del. 1-23 Admin.
Cahtlk Contrnr, Jan. 16. 1880.
Upon tiie application of Mary E. EaHtburn.
Administratrix of Marion East burn, late of
Mill < ree* Hd., in said county, deceased,
it is erdered and directed by tne Register,
that the Administratrix aforesaid, give notice
i the granting of Letters of Administratrix
upon the estate of the deceased, with the date
of granting thereof, by cuuslng advertisement*
to be posted within forty days from the date
of such letters, In six of the most public place*
of the county of New Castle, requiring all
persons having demands against the estate,
to present the same or abide by an Act ol As
sembly in such case made an! provided. And
also cause the same to be Inserted within tho
same period In the Djclawarx Republican.
newspaper published in Wilmington, ana
to be continued therein three weeks, (eoa )
Given under the hand und Seal of
Office oi the Kogisrsi aforesaid, at
New Castle, In New Castle county
aforesaid, the day and year above written.
S. U. BIGGS, Register.
Notice.—A ll persons having claims against
tho estate of the deceased, must present the
same duly attested to the Administratrix on
or bolero Jaa. II, Bril, or abide the Act ol
Assembly in such case made and provided.
Addrass, Pleasant HIM.
t* Y STEMS*.
TO THE PUBIAC.—Having remodeled my
store at Sixth and Orange street*, i am pre
pared at all hours of the day to lurnlsh my
friends with the best loe cream and oysters.
The oyster season having new arrived, it is
my lateatloi to sell neae but first class oys
ter* aid at prices within the reaeh of all.
Honing to still eentlnne receiving a share el
[IBTUUT'1 ■ •*«.]
Wb»l ha aim l<» May About Asnena
iai Negroes lu Appoqululmlnk
From First Edition Every Evening.
Mr. J. Henry Hanson, Assessor for
Appoquinimink Huud red an uring J87 (J
aud *77 was in town yesterday express
ing a great auxiety to know wherein
the 11 grievance " lay, which United
States Supervisors are to rectify. He
wanted this question answered with
particular application to h is own locali ty.
'*i want to know what ground they
have for charging me with any unfair
assessment," said he. "Why, let
tell you something. In the winter-of
1876, just before I hung up my assess
ment lists, four men, Joseph U. Hutch
inson, George R. Townsend, Elias N.
Moore and another man whose name
I don't care to have mentioned,
because he's going to move away,
came to me and asked me if 1 was
going to put the rest of the niggers on.
Well, I just told them to send them along
and I would put on the names of all that
they would vouch for. The uext day
they came down the road behind a big
cloud of dust. Well, as soon asl looked
at the crowd, I knew 1 couldn't get
through with them in one day or two
or three days, either, if I just took
them one at a time, so 1 says
to Hutchin»on aud these other
fellows : " You just go through this
crowd and take down the names of all
that you kuow are entitled to go ou the
assessment aud give them to me and I'll
take your word for it and put them on.
Well, they did so aud I put ou the
names of those niggers and hung the
list np in the hotel there aud it's hang
ing there yet, jand 4 none of them ever
came to pay their taxes. "
" I tell you, " said the ex Assessor
with emphasis, "there's enough nig
gers down iu Appoquinimink to out
vote the whites any day. I had over
200 of them down on my lists and the
present assessor has 117 niggers and
1 IS whites on his lists. But the Re
publican party won't pay their taxes
and they won't pay them themselves.
They say it don't make any difference
to them who are elected, they can't
get anything out of either party and
so they don t care anything at all
about voting. But there's no griev
au -e and there was none while 1
assessor; I assessed every nigger they
brought forward,ai d I want the 'Every
Evening' to p-ay this over my
that everybody will know it."
Bo saying Mr. Hanson winded his
way toward the depot.
name so
44fia*ral diauib*rlalu'n Exper
At the annual meeting of the New
Knglaud Association of Alphi Delta
Phi, held at Boston last evening, Gen.
1. L. Chamberlain, of Maine, was pres
ent aud w as elected President. On tak
ing the chair he spoke as follows :
"I arn giad to be here but at the
same time I am not quite sure I ought
to be here. I have not qeen used to
seeing things so one-sided of late,so ev
enly balanced. There are many thing*
I should like to say but you kuow I
am under bonds to keep the peace, and
I see others not bound. 1 wish how
ever, to say one word about the influ
ence which such an organization as this
has upon its members, apart from the
social enjoyment which it gives them.
The influence of a society like
should be great in such times; for, loyal
to its laws, members of the Alpha
Delta Phi will also be loyal to the laws
we live under. One lesson has been
taught us, which we shall see when the
smoke rolls away iu Maine, the
ness which we came to a hand to Laud
conflict, nearer, gentlemen, than you
imagine Though I have known these
men of Maine intimately,! confess I
wholly ignorant of what was in the
minds of those who I may call unre
I had not supposed that the people
of Maine would ever-strike a blow with
out previously calmly reasoning upon
the matter. There is a significance in
experience, which leads beyond
thi* mouth or year,and it beooraes us to
think if an investigation is not Deeded
to discover if the foundation of
civilization is just what it should be. It
became my sole duty iu this experience
to save the people of Maine a sad lesson,
aud show them that questions of right
should not be settled by force and vio
lence. I am proud that God enabled us
to carry the S ate through ou that line.
' ■
A hfNArtrd CeiiteiiarlaD.
'Man's inhumanity to man' waa never
more fully exemplitfed than in the fol
lowing despatch to the Philadelphia
"Times" of to-day :
Lackawaxkh, Jan. 22—Lewis Rock
well, aged 101 years, live, in a little
cottage about live miles from this plate.
His wife died about a year ago, at the
advanced age of 96, aud the old man is
now left entirely alone. He has child
ren, all of whom are well to do, but
these children have so far failed to
tribute towards his support, aud the
centenarian has applied to the court for
a rule to show cause why his olfspriug
should not support him in his old age.
Mr. Rockwell was for a number of years
Sheriff and also Treasurer of Pike
ty. He is probably the oldest
Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Meuatnr.Eleet Uarlleld Serenaded.
Senator-elect Garfield, of Ohio,
serenaded at Washington lastereniug,
by the Ohio State Association. The
opening proceedings were interrupted
by the breaking down of a plattorm
which had been erected in front of Gen
eral Oarfield's rekidence. About thirty
persons, including the General and sev
eral ladies, were upon the platform at
the time, and all were precipitated to
the ground. The casualties, however,
were confined to a sprained ankle.
When order was restored, Gen. Garfield
was introduced, and spoke fur about
twenty minutes. He was followed by
Representatives Butterworth audKeifer
of Ohio; Sapp, of Iowa ; Dunnell, of
Minn., aud Senator Hamlin, of Maine.
A pouring raiu interrupted fmrther
Itetl vine Tke Whlpwlwc Peat.
Louisville, Ky., Jan 22,-The lower
house of the Kentucky General Aisern
bly to-day paseed a bill reviving the
Whipping Post law. The same bill
passed the House of the last Aesembly,
but was defeated in the Senate by the
casting vote of Lieut.-Gov. Underwood.
mau in
Lint orPnbilc flalen
To take place:
February 8. Victor DuPont. Treetee, city.
•• 12, Sarah Kusiel, N. O. H.
" lfi, Frank at Puiey P.nnook, N. O. H
" IS, J. O. Uutohlnsoe, N. O. Hfi.
" H, Banauln BMta'iMlaM.H.O.H
fit, J.M N.wi.re'e eaUM, U. O. Kfi
For Philadelphia: 2.21 7 . 00 , 8 . 10 ,9.3ft. 9.0Q
19.0k 10.30 a. dl; 1X13,
7.00, 9.40 p. m. On S
v., ft. 00 . 6.30, 9.46 p. m.
For New York: 2.21, 7.00,10.0'i, a. in., 1X13,
IX.30 u. m, Limited Express, ft 46, p. ui.
For liaivimora and Washington: 1X61. X10
3.3ft a. m.; 1X62 p. m. Limited Express
l. 04, 6.18, p. BJ. On Nunday, lx.1,2.10
а. m.
F >r Until more md Hay Dine: 7.08 p. ru.
Far Halrlinoro a|d way nations: 8.36 a. m.,
б. 18 p. m. *
t r New Oaetlflf.lft, a. m., 1.10, 6,30 p. m.
Far Delaware Hrft. 9.16 a. m.: 1.10, 6.3G p.
No Sunday trains.
Far Wilmington A Northern It. 11.:
1X39, 2 30, 4.00. 6.46,
unday, 2 21 8 10, a.
6.20, a.
m.: 8.06, p. ui.: 6.30, p. m. Sunday except
Far 1 unaware Wostei n K. K.: 7.1ft, 10.80,
6.30 1 *. in.
From Philadelphia: 1X43,2.03, 8.80, 9.10 a.m..
1X08, 1X42, 1.02, 2.60. 4.20, 6.18, 6.26, 7.00,
803,11.10 p. in. On Sunday*: 1X43, 2.03,
10 10 a. m.: 7.3ft, 11.16, p. in.
From Baltimore* XI6,9.80 9.ftlA.m.{ 1X03, IXLT,
. On Sundays: Xlt. a. in.
6.36, 9.36 p.
0.86 p. w.
From Washington: 3.15 a. m.: 12.08, 1X3T,
6.86, 9.36 p. m. On Sundays: 2.16 a. m.j
9.36 p. m.
From New Castle: 8 .» 0 , 9.60, 11.60 w. m.
6.26, 6 46 p. in. No Sunday ftutns
From Delaware H. K.: 8.60 a. m.; u.63, 8 46
p. m.
From Wilmington A Northern K. h: 8.6o
а. m. 11.30 a. ru.; and 6.36 p. m
From Delaware Western R. R.: 8.00 a. ta
X16, 8.00 r>. m. Sundav fain ft.*46 P. M.
Fro ai Broad street and Wasniugton avenue
7.80, 8.00. 10 . 80 , 11.46 a. in.: 1.30, 8.00, 4.00,
б. 16,6.00, 7.00 p. m. On Sun
day*: 8.30 a, m.; 6 . 00 , 9 46,11.80 p. m.
I'hlrty-Seoond and Market street*: 1.08.
780.11.36 a. m.; 12.26, 4.00 6.00, 11.89 p. m,
on sundav** 1.08. a. at.
Boom and
•1 don't you forget It I We
are outgoing to have a " Grand Opening, 1 '
nur make a "big sputter" about "the larg
est store," Ac., but we wish to Inform our
Here we are
friends and the public In general that we have
removed from the East End Boot an l shoe
Store, coiner Seventh and Spruce streets, to
the store lately oocupie l by Joseph Fleming,
No. 12 East Fourth street (two doors Irom
King street) where we shall keep on hand at
Mil times a full supply of all kinds ol boot*
•iml shoe* for gems, ladles and children,
which will he sold at the lowest prices; and,
us wo have gained a reputation In the past for
fair, square dealing,
motto in tho future, and we guarantee
to our f lends, who may favor us with a call at
our new place ol business, the same lulisfao
have given them lu the past at our
intend that It shall
old fetan I.
r«o don't forget to call,
Both men and women—all,
Come in aud buy your bools and shoes from
We'll try and use you well
Up ut the Grand Central,
And give you fmrgaii
No como rig In
you don't often see.
to Marr's,
loot or by the cars,
And buy shoes cheap to put upon your feet,
For noys, and girls and men,
1* rom a one up to a un,
You can get «t No. 12 East Fourth street.
P. S. —We shall still continue to do repa'r
Ing oi all kinds In bo neatest and be*t man
and at reasonable rates
1-17-tues-wed-thu-sat-if LEMUEL MARK.
K. F.
14iink<*U m Bluer Wine of
Do you want something to strengthen you,
or give you a good appetite? Do you want
to gut rid of Eervousne**? Do you want
energy, sleep well, or be cured of dyspepsia,
kidney or liver disease? Try E. F. Kunkel's
Bitter Wine ot iron. Every bottle guuranted
todo as recommended.
Kunkle's Bluer Wine of Iron Is lor sale In
Wilmington by Z. Jame* Bolt, N. B. Dan
forth, John J. Gallagher k Bro., Herbert K.
Watson, Taylor ft Fullerton, Jno. S. Hart
man, H. K. Brlnghuret and the drug trade
H uruiM 7 _
E. F. Kunkel's Werra Syrup never tails to
destroy Pin, Seat and Stomach Worm*. The
doctor can tell whether or not the patient ban
worms. Thousands are dying daily
worms, and do not know it. Fits, spasms
cramps, choking and suffocation, sallow com
plexion, circles around the eyes, swelling
and pain In the stomach, restless at night
grinding ol the teeth, picking at the nose,
cough, lever, Itching at the Beat, headache,
loul breath, the patient grows pale and thin,
tlckllmc and irritation In the anus. All these
ayimitoins, and more, come irom worms. E.
t. Kunkel's Worm Syrup never tails to re
m«ve tneui. Price $1 per bottle or igx lor $6.
(For Tape Worms write and consu^fthe Doc
tor.) F or all others, buy ol your druggist the
Worm Syrup, and II he has It nut, send to
Dr. E. F. Kunkel, 269 N. Ninth Stroet, Phil
adelphia, Pa. Advice by mall, iiee; send
hree cent stamp.
Tlie pm. «r ih« World.
Are Dr. Slurnu' Vegetable larer Fills, Su
«ar floated, without tin equal. Tliey never
grlpo or elciton In operating, uiovo the bowel#
easy by acting directly on the I,lver, restore
the lost energies by promoting tho healthy
action ol the Diver. In doing tills Headache,
Neuralgia, Pains la too right or Iett s.de or
through the Dungs, Indigestion, Clostlveness,
Sick Stomach, Weak Back, Dimness, Had
Feelings through the body, Aching Dimbs,
Hllliousness, Danguor, (tenoral Weakness
and other bodily Inltrailtles are cured. They
are the only Fills known that will positively
operate without llrlplng, Sickening Weak
ness, or leaving tho bowels costive. Thev
promote a healthy Diver and leave the system
ireo Irom tho danger of prevailing diseases.
Sold by dealers aud oountry store ..eetters.
Ask lor Dr. Simms' Fills and take no others.
Principal depot, Fourth and King, Wilming
ton. Del.. Philadelphia. 80 k Arch St
A Card.
sullen ng irom the errors and
Indiscretions ol youth, nervous weakness
early decay, loss ol manhood, etc., 1 will aena
a recluo that will cure you Fit hit o*
OHAKUE. This great remedy was dlscov
ered by a missionary In South America. Sena
a sell-addressed onvelope to the Hbv. J oh art,
T. Inman, station D. New York (Jlty.
Important to Blottier..
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup Is the only
thing that mothors cau rely upon lor their
children. It corrects acidity ol the stomach,
cures wind colic, regulates tho bowels and
gives rest, hoaltn and comlort to mother and
child. During the process ol teething Its value
Is Incalculable, it soltops the gums reduces
Intlummatlon and allays all pain,' thereby
giving rest to tho child and comlort to the
mother, Twenty-live cents a bottle.
To all who
Prettcrlpilon Free.
* or the speedy Cure ol Seminal Weakness.
Loss ol Manhood, and all disorders brought
on by indiscretion or excess. Any Druggist
has tbo ingredients. Address
DAVIDSON ft CO., 78 Nassau St.,New York
7-8 tu'sd wl?
Truth and Honor.
l|uery What l« the best family medicine
In tue world to regulate tho bowels, purify the
blood, remove cofitivenens and blllouanehS,ald
digestion and tone up tho whole system ?
1 ruth and honor compel* us to answer, Hop
Hitter*, being pure, perieotand harmless.—
Ed. See another column.
Or. Minin..' mini. Pnlmoulc Bal
This great lung remedy has saved fully ten
thousand people irom going into c insuiup
Uon. Fifty cents aud one dollar per bottle.
Depots, Fourth aud King streets, Wilming
ton; 604 Arch btreet, Philadelphia. Sold by
dealers and country stores.
Red Wheat...
Penna. Amber
Mixed Corn...
White Corn...,
Timothy hay, per hd
White Oat*.
Mixed Oau....
. 1.3lal.40
. 1.40al.4l
. 1.42a 1.46
. .67a .6*
. .68a ,6u
. 1 OOttl.10
. .86a .96
. 1.10al.26
. .48a .69
. .47a .4*
. 3.69a4.60
. 2.00tt2.'4u
llogs, corn fed,.
Bee* Cattle eerlOO
. $4 60.>6.69
. 6 26<t7.2
. 4.00&6.26
Hay, loose, per ton..
Hay, baled, ..
Straw loose, 11 ..
. I6.ooais.co
. 18.0oai9.cO
. Il.jual 2 . 0 v
latent Fiour...... ...
Family Flour.
Bakers' F'lour.
Fine Yellow Meal.
Coarse Meal.
Host Amber and Red Wheat
. I9«0
ca * m n ate*: j ©<on r 1 k n r i)
By lllilion Nicholson, or Plili a , lf|<
pbla, at lb* Merornatd < burrii.
The Church of the Covenant was vr e ,i
filled last night to hear an exi*.u„*.
sermon by Bishop Nioholsoo, of Pm.
delphia. The text wus selected '
Heb. 10: 22-25, and was descriptive P f
the Christian life aud walk.
mon was not to unbeliever*, | ( , u
those who had already accept*.1
Saviour. IHs remarks were listened *
with close attention. Alter the „* rUl0a
the pastor of the church called tl *. car>
didates for confirmation to present tl JM ^
selves at the chancel rail, when ir» p tr .
sons came forward. The Bishop WtD j
through the beautiful oeretuony „f
placing his hands upon the head of
each candidate, and after so doing h«
deliver'd a very poiuted and practical
address to the class, exhorting them to
Christian diligence. The pastor then
read two letters from persons who cam*
from other churches. After prayer and
the hened:otiou the congregation
dismissed, j his church has
rapid progrrau In th« abort tim, ut j U
rilauinoe. It coiuiunniM'd with tliirtj
pinions and bow has a mnulwrahlp of
100, and tho Sunday school numberi
orer 300.
Saw Kularprlww.
Mr. M. L. liitobtonstein, the w»||
known dry goods morohant, at No. 221
Market street,
week to hare his place of business fittei
up with steam power for the purpos,
of manufacturing .ladles' cloaks and
wearing apparel. Mr. L. has mad.
arrangements to supply a larc»
York house with tho Cloaks, and iu nr
der to meet the increasing deiuaud ha
har purchased from the Wheeler and
Wilson Sewing machine Company four
teen of their machines.
will (N»nini*nc
It is probable
that Mr. J.. will need twenty-live mars
machines before next fall. This
taiuly apeak* well for the pluck an l
energy of Mr. L.
Committees Appointed.
President Farra, of the Odd Fellows'
Hall Company, ha* appointed the f„|.
lowiug committee* :
Account*—John G. Vate*, R. If. m«.
Danel, F. W. Ileis*.
I enting Committee—John H. Ilrit
ton, It. II. McDanel, George VV. Duf
field. •
Building Committee—W. G. Baugh,
John G. Yates, Wm. H. Foulk, Joshua
Mari*, Archibald Crozier.
Auditing Committee—Joshua Marin,
Win. U. Foulk, Geo. W. Duflield.
U. I. toiirl.
This morning the case of BeDjitniu
F. Townsend in bankruptcy
postponed until the 13th of February.
In the case of F. A. Churchman k
Co., bankrupts, hearing on the peti
tion of Keafle k Levy in reference to
their claim waa continued until Taw
day next.
On motion of Wm. C. Spruance, 1
in the matter of Swau, Clark & Co.,
Philadelphia v*. Robiuson & Co., tie
rule was made pre-emptory for tbs
takiug of testimony by the first day ot
March next.
A Literary Knlertaiu
Ou February 4th an entertainim-nt
will be given at the Opera House for
the benefit of the Sister* of Charity. It
will be an offering from the people in tbs
management of which the Misters will
have no active part,
will give select reading,
home talent engaged. A short comedy
will also be enacted, the prominent
character* of which will be taken by
John I. O'Byrne, Franoi* X. Messick,
n'sq., and Outrle* Reynolds, Jr.
i'll* Inter-Miate Nhoollng Natch.
Owing to the absence of the Penn
sylvania team the shooting match
which was to have taken place at
Parry's Tavern, Brandywine Hundred,
did not come off. The Delaware team
was in excellent trim. In order to tent
the ability of the marketmeu a match
was gotten up among themselves iu
which Edward Mellon, and Robert Og
den came out tie. The stake of $10
was divided between them. Ten balls
each were shot and all were broken.
Th* Hark Inn' Senate Uec*pflon>
This eveuing, the Harkins Sen
ate will give their annual reception in
Webster's Dancing Academy, Masonio
Hall. The participants will, no doubt,
enjoy a rare treat, as the young men
composing the Senate fully understand
the art of catering to the lovers of the
light fantastic. Ritchie's orchestra will
l>e in attendance.
Prof. Murdoch
There will U
Franklin Circle No. 6, Brotherhood of
the Union, hold their regular anniver
sary this evening at their room No. 17.
in the McClary building.. There will
be a varied programme consisting of
speaking, singing etc. The admission
free, and the publio generally are in
vited to be present.
lllown IIorn.
J. B. Conrow & Son's now ic « house
in course of •onstruction ou the Cristia
na creek near Newport, blew down last
Wednesday evening. The new house
was nearly completed, as the roof wa§
have been plaoed on it yesterday.
Lecture this Evening
A familiar lecture ^>n the next S. S.
Lesson, (International,) will be given
*t tbo Central Presbyterian Church,
King street near Eighth, every Friday
evening, at 7iJ o'clock. Sunday school
teachers aud others interested in pi«
paring the lesson are cordially invited.
Uonrl.hlpand l.ovr.
On Thursday er.uiug, January 2Jt->i
Rev. F, H. Norton will deliver a leoturs
iu Shiloh Baptist Church, on "The
Leading Features of Courtship and Lor.
in its Purity." After the lecture*
grand promenade and festival will I*
Hoard wl Hevl.lon.
The Board ol Revision will meet i»
the Auditor's offloe nightly from G to *
0 'olo.k. A new ohandelier and also »
drop light has been plaoed in the oifim
for the convenience of the Board.
MoCIw.fcejr No.1st Uwp.
The MoCloekey Boeial Club's Lop
takes plaoe this eveuing at Cowto *
Albert's roomB in the Herdmsn UaM'
ing, on Bast Fourth street. The.grss* 1
march will take plaoe at 9.30 sharp.
Herries A. Alexander and Jesse Ale**
ander, have taken out letters of &
ministration on the estate of the
Richard ft. Alexander

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