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A Lureeuy cbm -One lirunU-Tne
Peanut Tenders in Trouble.
The polloe office last evening was lit
erally packed and a large crowd unable
to secure admittance remained on the
oitside and glanced through the win
do re.
two prominent business men,
butcher the other a .shoemaker, were
obliged to occupy a seat in the prison
ers' dock,as the jam nt surging human
ity was too much for them. Scarcely a
night passes but what a large crowd as
sembles at the police court, many at
tending out of mere curiosity.
The first case tried wse that of a hoy
by tbe name of John Craven who was
arraigned on the charge of larceny.
Fro n the evidence given it was sbn »n
Ilia' Victor Hughe?, a lad twelve years
of age, was met yesterday afternoon at
Third and West streets by the prisoner
and another boy. Craven first ashed
Hughes fora piece of tobacco, when the
lauer informed him that he did not
use the weed Craven doubting Hughes'
veracity commenced to search him, tak
ing out of his pockets a pocket book,
while the other boy, whose name is
Mullen, abstracted a peu-knife, but at
terward returned the same.
Craven also returned the pocket hook
hut minus 30 cents which it contained
Officer Bernhardt testified to arresting
the lad also to his admitting to tbe
thelt, and his mother gave the officer
the 30 cents. While the trial was go
ing on Craven was in the dock crying
bitterly. As he bad been arrested be
fore His Honor was accustomed to the
hoy's tears and he held him in $100
bail for court.
James McMahan wa? fined 50 cbd'b
and costs for being drunk.
* Tho last case aud the principal one
was but an initiatory step in a wai
on the venders of peanuts and other
de ictcies. The defendant whose name
is Lorenzo Cagnasia, is an Italian who
has a stand at Second and Market
streets, in front of Mr. Babcock's shoe
stor.-. Lorenzo undoubtedly has not
resided in this country long, and as a
consequence cannot speak the English
language, like many of the Italians.
The defendant was charged with viola
ting section 2 of the city ordinance in
relation to certain nuisances. The fol
lowing is the section:
Sec. 2 It shall not bo lawful for any per
son or persons to erect er hive any booth
stand, stall or place In or upon any ot the
footways, streets, lanes, alleys
houses of this city, lor the purpose of expos
ing o-< fieri ng tor sale any goods, wares i r
mtrhacndl.se, whatsoever, (unless authorized
by an ordlnanceol tbeclty) or a special per
mit from the C ty Council ltr such privilege
tint bad and obtained.
Lorenzo had an interpreter with him
who communicated the ordinance to
him. The interpreter reported that
defendant admitted to keeping a stand
yet he had a State License, and pro
duced the same. The interpreter fur
ther stated that the defendant was not
aware that he was violating a city ordi
nance and in an innocent manner said,
"I'will stay if you let me, if not I w ill
go away." City Solicitor Macallister,
was present during the trial and repre
sented the City. His Honor sentenced
Loi enzo to pay a fine of $5 and costs.
As the witnesses were leaving the court
room David Lemon in an indignant
manner turning to Lorenzo said: "We
will have you up to morrow if you sell
at.d the next day also. The defendant
on being asked the amount was in
formed by Sargeant Whelan that it was
The Sargeant afterwards said that
the lawyer's fee was $3, making the
amount $20.80. After some persisten
cy Lorenzo paid the amount and left
the Court room. The following are the
names of the witnesses summoned, but
as the defendant plead guilty, there
was no evidence given : David Lemon,
Thomas Burk, D. E. Buckingham,
Charles Kyle, William Morrow, George
Gray, J. L. Carpenter, James Bradford,
Wm. F. Brick, E. K. Crawford, George
Marple, John Trapliagen, William
Miller and John Guthrie.
The case of Andrew Cardinello, a
peanut vender, at Fourth and Market
streets, was postponed until this even
So great was the throng that
oue a
In the U. S. Senate yest-iday Mr.
Randolph, from the Committee on Mili
tary Affairs, reported the bill foi the
relief of Generl Fitz John Porter. Mr.
Lrgar presented a minority report. Tue
bill was placed on the calendar. Bills
were introduced by Mr. Wallace, to in
crease the pensions of wounded soldiers
of 1812 who now receive le3s tLan $15
per inmth; by Mr. Logan, to amend
the statutes in relation to immediate
transportation of dutable goods, and by
Mr. Teller (by request) to regulate
Indian affairs. The j >iut resolution
withdrawing the legal-tender power of
United States notes was taken up and
Mr. Bayard spoke at length in support
of it. At the conclusion of his remarks
the Senate went into executive session,
aud, when the doors were reopened,
In the House Mr. Caldwell, of Ky.,
from the Committee on Private Land
Claims, asked leave to report a resolu
tion instructing the Secretary of the
Interior not to consider any applica
tion for a patent to tbe Fanoohe Grande
Ranch?,in California, until the Mil re
lative to the land.now before Congress,
shall b- disposed of. Mr. Rage, (.1
California, objected.
The bill making an appropriation for
lira Yorktown Centennial
Mr. Cook, of Georgia, from the Commit
tee on Fost Offices, reported a bill de
claring all public roadu and highways
thoriziug the Post
4 es, and
poet ri
master General to put postal se
such routes when public necessity
may recjttite. Mr. Blount, of Georgia,
made a point of order, which was sus
tained by tbe Speaker, and Mr.
withdrew the bill to prevent it going
to the Committee of the Whole. The
revised rul^-s were considered, pending
which the House adjourned.
Fzlon Revival.
The re/ival <f religion which has
broken out a*. Ezion M. E. church un
der the cuarge of Rev. Ur. Butler, still
continues to grow iu interest and to
grow larger. Last ni^ht there were 2ff
forward at the mourners bench, 10 of
whom were converted. The meetings
will be continued nightly and as long
as the good work continues.
Republican Coranilttea Meeting,
The Republican County Executive
Committee will mset in the Lincoln
Club room, 504 Market street,this city,
on next Wednesday, February # 4th, at
2 o'clock in the aften oon. A full at
tendance of all the members is reques
xbw isaiiE Hum
When, mow and Vhrrt the Dela
awaro Fire liompaoi *« Build.
The building oommittea v-it Otlng of
J&niHs Wilson, E. .1. Uamillou, l.urns
F. Dalev, L. O. File, Samuel Lewis,
Andrew Peterson, Juseph Cannon and
John O'Brien, appointed by tbo Dela
ware Fire Company to prepare plana
for tbe erection of a new engine bouse,
reported at a meeting last evening, and
the report of the committee was accept
Tbe new building is to lie erected on
tbe S. K. corner of Sixth and French
street*, and will be three stories in
height and twenty-one feet front with
press brick front aud marble trimmings
The first story will be 14 feet with large
doors surmounted by heavy cornice.
There will be an open stairway, wind
ing upward and finished in hard wood.
The second story will be 12 feet in
height. Anished as a parlor running
back 50 feet.
The third story will be ten feet in
height and will be used as a meeting
room and will lie of the same length as
the parlor. There will also tie a stable
attached to the building which will h<
two stories in beighth with three stalls.
The committee will advertise fur pro
posals as soon as the specifications are
ready, and work will probably begin
in about two weeks.
An lu | a act ion liiucfl.
JudgH El cock, of the Court of Com
mon Plcaa, baa issued a preliminary
injunction restraining the U. S. Inter
nal Revenue Collector from further pro
ceedings in the matter of the seizure
of the Reading Railroad locomotives.
The seizure, it is said, has not inter
fered with the bnsineas of the Compan y.
H >FFMAN.— \t her residence, "Bum
side. '
' Gray's Lan\ West Philadelphia,
on Fourth cay evening, the 7th inst., Han
nnh, widow ol the late Jacob Hi liman, aged
89 years.
TO UBEKT.—In this city on the 20th inst.,
lary K , daughter ol Wm. W. Torbert,
In her 33rd year.
Kelatives and Inends are Invited to attend
the funeral, from the residence of her lather,
403 Delaware ave on Thursday, the 29th Inst.,
at 11 o'clock, A. M.
I.lNt of Public Hal cm*
To take place:
January 29, Bower k Miller, W. C. C. Hd.
" :tl, Wealey Hawkins,city.
" 31, J. T. Ileald, city.
February 3. Victor DuPont, Trustee, city.
" 6, Amos W. House. Chadds' Ford.
*• 6, B. T. k F. Heald, Keimett, Pa.
" 12, Wm. Foote, Mill ('reek Hd.
" 12, Sarah Russel, N. C. H.
" 18, Frank k Pusey Pennock. N.O. H.
" 17. Emma Clark, Red Lion Hd.
" 19, J. C. Hutchinson, N. C. Hd.
" 24, Heniamln Booth's estate, N.C. H.
" 26,Sam*l. P.lcDonnelly, near Newark,
" 28. John Newlove's estate, N. C. Hd.
March 1, Abner H. ana Elwood Woodward,
Trustee*, Mill Creek Hundred.
" 0, £llts Hicks, city.
" 9, Carr k I^ea. Brandywine Hundred.
" 19, John Barnes, city.
have always at command the
mon«\y for good mortgage**, large
and Ninall.
1 17-19 23-20-30
ber's chair. Inquire at Republican
tlemen or two gentlemen and their
obtuin board in a private lamily,
627 W. 3rd st ; prlvileiltre ol bath.
be accomodated
1- 2-et
ti'-st-clasB Guarding
it 004 French sireet.
sient hoarders can be accommodated at
3U4 King street.
Shipley street.
Manufactured only -mder the above Trade
Mark, by the
Immediate Relief warr» nt ed. Permanent
jare guaranteed. Now exclusively used by
celebrates Physicians of Europe
America, becoming a Staple, Harmless and
Reliable Remedy on both continents. The
highest Medical Academy of Paris reports 96
lures out of one hundred cases within three
lays. Secret.—The oaly dissolver of the
poisonous Uric Acid which exists In the
Blood ol Rhournatlc and Gouty Patients. |] a
Dox ; 8 boxes lor $6 Sent to any address on
-eceipt ol price. Indorsed by Physicians.
Sold by all druggists. Address
Only Importers', Depot. No. 212 BROAD
WAY, N. Y.
9-4 lydaw
♦if*Tor Sale by
Z. .T v »ES BELT. Druggists.
« g:c v . Ti»e«rr«on '* a
/.i 1
' 1 % A An untali
; {Mux cure (or
'A (yi **
' Weak nos
uea, Impo-^ij
TC* tency, aud -
that^fonow After Taking,
kfl a se-^uan 3e of pell-Abuse; Loss ol memory
Unusual La Pltude, Pain in tbe Back, Dim
acrfe oi Vision Premature Old Ane, ant
many othor Diseases that lead to Insanity oi
Oonsuaiptlon and a Premature Grave,
49*Fall particulars in our pamphlet, whlct
we desire to send free to every one. The Spe
oltlo Medicine Is sold by all druKglsts at $1
per package, or six packages for $6, or will be
sent free by mall on receipt ol the money by
Mechanics' Block, Detroit, Mich. 45fSold
In Wilmington by Z. JAMES BELT, Whole
sale and Retail Druggist, Cor. 6th and Mar
ket Streets. And by Druggists everywhere,
3 4
1 \.-At /vj
Before Taking
freight linen.
Sail Irom Market street wharf, WIlmlnKton
daily, at 0 P. M From first wharf below
Chestnut st., Philadelphia, daily, at 6
o'clock, P. M.
Express arrangements in both cities, bj
which prompt delivery of merchandise is In
_Wilmington Delaware.
*3)00 Term s and 06 outfit free. Addres
H. HALLETT k CO., Portland,Maine. I
[ymthdat'o iivo.]
The U. B, Dot eminent Officials or
Philadelphia ■alien Raid 1'poa
the Properlx of tho Readlaa
Railroad Comma? for Unpaid
Yesterday morning Depnty U. S.
Revenue collector John F. Cline, acting
under instructions of U. S. Internal
Revenue collector James Ashworth,went
to I'orl Richmond and seized 22 locomo
tives belonging to the Reading Railroad
Company for theuon-payment of Inter
nal Revenue tax. It appears that dur
ing the past year the Reading Railroad
company, as shown by their last annu
al report, have issued upwards of $5,
000,000 of wages certificates, which the
government officials held, under the
law ,to par'ake of the character of circu
lation, and, as such, liable to a tax of
10 per centum. This tax has not been
paid, the formal notification of Indebt
edness from the collector meeting with
no response from the Railroad Compa
Eleven engines that were actually in
nse were among the number seized, hut
the company were granted the privi
lege of ruuning them between Second
street anil tbe wharf at Fort Richmond.
The Government claim for taxes has
not yet been made against the entire
amount of wagee certificates issued, but
only against the first lot, amonntiug to
abont $1,000,000 on which the taxes
are about $100,000. The property
seized is advertised for sale by the U.
S. Internal Revenue Collector, but the
company have twenty days within
which to pay up and stop |the sale.
They cannot enter security for the pay
ment of the claim, or be in a position
to contest its validity unless payment
is first made.
On the part of the railroad company
it is said that the first issue of the cer
tificates was in December, 1878. They
were in the form of promissory notes,
iunniug for six mouths aud hearing in
terest. They were redeemable at ma
turity, or could also be used in the
payment of debts in either the Reading
Railway Company or Reading Coal and
Iron Company, and it was that clause,
being payable to either of these compa
nies, that led the Government to make
the assessment npon it. The matter of
the seizure will take its legal course,
and a hearing will probably be had at
an early day. The operations of the
road meanwhile are not beiDg interfered
with to any extent.
Ke-ririianlzailnu of Ibe Band.
The City Cornet Band met last even
ing in the baDd room in Lieberman's
building and reorganized by increasing
the number of members from sixteen to
twenty-one and electing the following
Fresident—G. Ferguson.
Vice " Jno. Yates.
Secretary—S. J. King. ,
Treasurer—J. Wailsmitb.
Leader—G. N. Eilinger.
Business Committee—G. N. Eilinger,
A. T. Hyatt and S. J. King.
With this reorganization the band is
put upon a more permanent footing
than heretofore. All engagements in
the past have been made through the
leader but under this new arrange
ments the business committee will per
form these functions. The name of the
organization has been changed to "The
City Baud."
U'niial Flection.
State Council, Jr. O. U. A. M.J held
au animal eeesion in their hall in
the McClarj building aud elected the
following officers:
8. C.—Wm. Hanna, No. 2.
V. C.—Wm. Watson, No. d.
Secretary.—Wm. Whitworth, No. 3.
Treasurer.—S. M. Wood, No. 2.
Sentinel.—Samuel Gould, No. 5.
Con.—Wm. Cloud, No. 2.
War.—A. G. Vernou, No. 3.
Representative to National Council
which meets at Richmond, Va., in June
next, William Watnon.
Motel iliaiigcs.
On the 25th of March there will be
many hotel changes. Mr. Isaac Pyle
will leave the Clayton House and go to
the Lafayette Hotel, and Mr. Ortlip, of
the United States Hotel, will take the
Clayton House. John Dougherty, now
occupant of the Lafayette Hotel, will
take the United States. The European
Hotel will remain under its present
successful management. At New Cas
tle Benj. Lougland of the Delaware
House will take the Jefferson Hotel,
aud Mr. Millington it is thought will
open a summer resort somewhere along
the river.
Tw«*uly-flflla Aualiersary.
Last Friday evening a party of thirty
paid a surprise visit to Mr. and Mrs.
Thos. Darlington,resitiiug at 5(*9 Wash
ington street, the occasion being the
25th anniversary ot their marriage.
The whole affair was a surprise to Mr.
aud Mrs. D. The
eniug was devoted
to social intercourse, Mrebhnjents were
served at 12 o'clock and an hour later
the guests departed for their homes
with pleasant recollections of the happy
Severe Earth quake* in Culm.
Havana, Jan. 2d. —During the past
week repeated shocks of earthquake
have been felt in tl-e Vuelta Abajo dis
trict, being particularly heavy at San
place induced the government to send
thither a part of the Engineer Corps.
According to the latest intelligence,
all the public buil&ugs at ban Christo
bal are iu ruins. Seventeen members
of the Civil Guard were wounded by
falling buildings on the night of the
22d inst. Heavy rain is falling to-day
in Vuelta Abajo.
Advices from the latter
An InveNlltfallou.
Sargeant Whelan, who is engaged in
working up the disappearance of the
government bonds from the Clayton
House, made a thorough examination
yesterday afternoon. The suspected
party was present, but no conclusive
evidence was obtained and tbe matter
is wrapped in as deep a mystery as
Sam'l. Reeves with A. Breen ^ Sou
carriage builders of Norfolk, Va., is
on a visit to his relatives in this city.
Edward J. Dougherty, ex-chief of
police of this city, was iu town to-day.
A small iarm ol forty acres, in Brandywine
Hundred, (Loebe farm) will be sold on
at eleven o'clock, a. m.,
at the auction room of Ihomas M. Ogle, 600
Market street, wilmlnrion, Del. Sale posi
tive. Terms easy. (HAS. B. LORE,
1-27-ltd-ltw Attorney
bankehs"anTi hkokeks,
W Irnlngton, IMlawaro.
our ottt-e to >he New York and Phila
delphia Stock Exchanges. Quotations
nished simultaneously with tabs being
made at those exchanges.
Philadelphia, New York and HanPranolsco
stocks and bonds bought aud sold and car
ried on margin.
All Local tteeurltles Rouirht and .Sold.
Cash Ready tor wood d. r-t Mortgages.
Received by private wire of
N. V. O. k Hud.
Lake Shore.
O. k N. Western, Coin
. 181
C. A Rock Island.
Ohio A Mies.
Pacific Mali.
Wertern Union Telegiaph.
M. A t*t. Paul, Uom.
" 44 44 PreTd.
Mich. Central...
Union Pacific .
N. J. Central.
Lei. Lack A Western.
Del A Hudson.
Wab. St. L. A P,, Com —
" 44 44 l'ret'd...

n. o. & I. o.
M. Kansas A Texas.
P. A lteafling.
Lehigh Valley.
Lehigh Nav.
Pitta. T. 6t Butt...
Phils, k Erie.
Northern <Central.
Northern Pact tic, < 'om..
" *• Prat'd
.... 84
.... 62
Iron Mountain.
I/orlsvllle A Nashville
N. F. 4 or. Fourth uml Jlarket,
Fou Salk.— 30i.0 Philadelphia. Wllm ngton
k Baltimore K. K. Bonds, 0 snares Union
Na.ional Bank Stock.
Iphia, Now Terk and 1 ston stocki
bought and sold on commission. Every fact!
Jes artordod for i»ersons to cell or Invest It
• tooks or bonds. *ehaa-ls
Corrected bv R. R. Robinson k Co., Fourtt
and Market streets.
U S 1881 Bonds.
Currency 0's.
New 6's of '81.
4W Registered..
Wilmington City Bonds..
Delaware K R 1st Mortgage....
Delaware k Western.
W ilmington City 0s.
Wilmington City's 6.
Wilmington City 4%s.
Wilmington k Northern.
Delaware State Bonds.
Delaware Extension.
Delaware K R Stock.
Wilmington Coal Gas Company
National Bank oi Delaware.
Nat*anal Hank WAB.
First National Bank.
Union National Bank.
Farmers' Bank..
Delaware Fire Insurance
New CatSTLk County, Jan., 22,1879.
Upon the application of Berries Ann Alex-
ander and Jewe Alexander Administrators
of Richard G. Alexander, late ol Red Lion
Hundred. In said county, deceased, It Is or
dereduud directed by theRegister thattheAd-
minlstrator.i aforesaid give notice of gracitin*r
of Letters ol Administration upen the estate ol
the deceased with the date of granting thereof,
by causing advertisements to be posted within
forty days lr*»m the date of such Letters In
six of the most public places of the countv ol
New Castle, requiring all persons having de-
mands against the estate to present the same,
or abide by an Act of Assembly in such
made and provided ; and also oause the same
to he inserted within tho same period In the
Dklawahk Republican, a newspaper pub.
llshed ii> Wilmington, and to be continued
therein three weeks (e o d)
- Given under the hand and Seal ol
l.b. Office of the Register aforesaid at
(' New Castle, In New Castle county
aforesaid, the day and year above written.
S. C. BIGGS, Register.
Notice— All persons having claims against
the esia'c ol the deceased must present tho
same,duly attested to the Administrators,on or
before Ja n. 22 1881, or abide the Act ol As
sembly iu such ciso made and provided.
Address, Delaware City, Del. 1-23 Admin.
Nuw Cahtlb County, Jan. 17,1880.
Upon the application ol Albert L. Jones,
Executor ol Mary Jane Wattson, late ol
Wilmington Hundred, in said county, de
ceased, it Is ordered and directed by the
Register, that the Executor aforesaid,
give notice of granting of letters Testamen
tary upon the estate of the deceased, with
the date of granting thereof, by causing ad
vertisements to be posted within lorty days
irom the date ol such letters, In sixol the
most public places of the county of New Cas
tle, requiring all perJbns having demands
against the estate, to present the same, or
abide by an act of Assembly in such case
made and provided. And also cause the same
to be Inserted, within the same period, in the
Dki.awakk Km-IBLIOAN, a newsnaper pub
lished in W ilmington, and to be continued
therein throe weeks, (o-o-d)
iMven under the hand and seal 0?
offi :e ol the Register aforesaid, at
New Castle, In New Castle county
aforesaid, the day and year above written.
S. C. HIGGS, Register.
Notice.— All persons having claims against
the estate oi the deceased mufit present the
same duly attested to the Executor on or
before January 17, 1881, or abide the act of
Assembly In such ease made and provided.
Address—392 S. Jackson street, Wilming
ton. Dei.
L. 8.
1 22
New C'ahtlk County, Jan. 16. 1680.
Upon the application ol Mary E. Eastburn,
Aaaiinlstratrlx ol Marion Eastburn, late ol
Mill Creo* Hd., In said county, deceased,
it Is ordered ami directed by the Register,
that the Administratrix aforesaid, give notice
oi the granting ol Letters ol Administratrix
upon tho estate of the deceased, with the date
granting thereof, by causing advertisements
to be posted within forty days from the date
of such letters, In six of the most public places
of the county of New Castle, requiring all
persons having demands against the estate,
to present the same or abide by an Act ol As
sembly In such case made and provided. And
also cause the same to be Inserted within the
same period in the Delaware Republican,
a newspaper published In Wilmington, and
to be continued therein three weeks, (cod )
, . Given under the hand ami Heal ol
J L.s. [ Office ol the Regis:sr aforesaid, at
f • New thistle, in New Uastle county
aforesaid, the day ami year above written.
S. C. BIGGS, Register.
Notice.— All persons having claims against
the estate of the deceased, must present the
same duly attested to the Administratrix on
or belere Jan. 10, 1881, or abide the Act ol
Assembly in such case made and provided,
Address, Pleasant Hill.
TO THE PURLIC.—Having remodeled mj
store at Sixth and Orange streets, i am pre
pared at all hours of the day to furnish my
friends with the best Ice cream and oysters.
The oyster season having now arrived, It Is
my intention to sell none Dut first class oys
ters and at prices within the reach of all.
Hoping to Kill continue receiving a share ol
pu >)lc patronage. I Rcmain Yours,
9 26-3md UH ARLES K YLE.
List or Culled mates supers Hors
of Krfflstralloa for New Caalle
The United States District and Cir
cuit Court was opened this morning At
11 o'clock. Judge Bradford on the
bench. Tbe llr»t business transacted
was the confirmation of the United
Btates Supervisors of Registration for
Wilmington and New Castle County.
The following is tbe list :
First Ward.—Alonzo T. Christy, rep.,
James A. Plunkett, dem.
Beoond Ward.—Leighton Grimes, J.
Frank Ball.
Third Ward.—Eastern District, Jos
eph Kichardton, Wm. O. Paugh. West
ern Dlstriot, Frederick Pyle, Edward
Fourth Ward — Western Dlstriot,
Wm. H. Griffin, Wm. U. Brady. East
—Thomas F. Moreland, John Aiken.
Fifth Ward, Eastern District—Henry
C. Conrad, Henry 0. Turner. West—
». R. Roberts, J. Alfred Collins.
Sixth Ward, Sonthern District—Rob
ert C. Fralrn, Thomas M. Ogle. North
ern—Gilpin B. Underwood, H. B. Mor
Seventh Ward, Northern District—
Wm. H. Btout, Samuel 8. Peirce.—
Southern—John J. Flanigan, Thomas
J. Mellon.',
Eighth Ward—Edmund Provost, Jos
eph 8. Dailey.
Ninth Ward — Amor H. Harvey,
Geerge M. Pike.
Tenth Ward—Wm. McLaughlin,Pat
rick Neary.
Brandywine Hundred, Eastern Dis
trict—Cnrtis M. Talley,
Grubb; West, H. C. Mabafiy, John F.
Christiana Hundred, North—Abner
Woodward, James Toy ; South, Wm. M.
Brackln, John R. Killgore.
Mil! Creek Hundred—Wm. F. Miller,
Edmund Hammond.
New Castle Hundred — Jonathan
George, Donglass McCoy.
Red Lion Hundred, East—George B.
Money, Cltas. G. Asb; West, D. B. Stew
art, Thomas Bird.
St. Georges Hundred—Wm. A. Hu
kill, Columbus Watkins.
Pencader Hundred—Geo. W. Groves,
James Nicholson.
White Clay Creek Hundred, Eastern
District, J. F. J. W. Peters, Urial S.
Wier. West, David J. Murphy, James
H. Ray.
Appoqninimink—Arnold S. Naudain,
James C. Wilson.
Blackbird — John A.
Abraham Hayden, Jr.
[The firet names are understood to be
Isaac N.
in tbe U. 8. Senate yesterday
munication was received from the Sec
retary of the Navy stating that an ap
propriation of $1)70,901 will he needed
lo put the Pensacola Navy Yard in a
state of efficiency. The hills providing
for the publication and distribution of a
supplement to the Revised Statutes, and
for the location and purchase of a site
for a new Naval .Observatory, were
passed. Mr, Bayard gave notice tha*
he would speak upon his resolution in
relation to legal lender notes to-day.
The bill to punish persona who steal
horses or other property from Indians
was considered and recommitted. A
bill incorporating a National Associa
tion was reported and placed on the
oalendar. After an exvoutive session,
the Senate adjourned.
In the House, J. F. Phillips, Repre
sentative elect from the Seventh Dis
trict of Missouri, was sworn in. Bills
introdnoed by Mr. Manning,to
organize the U. S. Supreme Court:
by Mr. Warner, to establish a Superior
Court, and abolish the Court of Claims;
by Mr. Dibrell, to abolish the duties
medicines; and by Mr. Davis, to amend
the tariff. Mr. KjUey's motion offered
on Monday of last week to suspend the
rules and adopt a resolution declar
ing the negotiation t.y the President
of a commercial treaty fixing rates of
duties, to he f.n infraction of the
constitution and invasion of the highest
prerogatives of the House, was adopted
—yeas 175, nays C2. Adjourned.
a coin
Turned Protestant.
A special despatch from Baltimore,
Mary laud, says: A defection from Ro
man Catholicism to Protestantism is
rare in the history of the Catholic
Church, at least iu this diocese, the
last having occurred several years
ago aud created at the time somwhat
of a sensation in religious circles.
Late last evening it was ascertained
that a letter of resignation had bsen
sent to Archbishop Gibbons by the
Rev. Johanu Hodja, a Roman Catholic
priest, pastor of the Bohemian Catholic
Church of St. Wenc-slans. This church
was erected a few years ago for the spe
cial use of Bohemians, and at the
quest of the Archbishop, Father Hodja
came from Bohemia some eight mouths
ago aud accepted the permanent pastor
ship. Recently he determined to
brace the Protestant faith, and a day
or two ago formally renounced the
Catholic religion in the Trinity street
German Evangelical Lutheran church,
with which denomination he has
ciated himself. The defection Las been
kept very quiet, efforts having been
made to prevent its gaining publicity.
Father Hodja is 32 years of age, aud is
said to be a ripe scholar and au able
A Nlalsari Old Bourbon
Kx Govsrncr Westuott, of Florida, the
stalwart old Bourbon wbo diwd at Mon
treal tbe other day. hated' the northern
States bo intensely that he would not
live in the Union after Lee's surrender,
aud some time ago, during the annexa
tion furor in Cauada, he begged a de
voted friend never to allow his remains
to be buried iu tbe United States, and
in ease the Dominion was annexed to
have his bones dng up aud carried fur
ther north outside of the territory.
Hklll at billiard*.
Two exhibition games of billiards
ware played at Chioago yesterday. The
first waB 500 points, French oaroms, be
tween Daly and Schaefer. Shaefer
made 500 and Daly 370. Schaefer's
average was 18 14 27; Daly's 14 ti-26.
Shaefers best mu was 180; Daly's 90.
The seoond was a cushion carom game
between Daly aud Sexton. Daly won,
scoring 100 to Sexton' 87. Daly's best
25. Twenty-three innings
run was
were played.
Union 81. E. ChnrclK,
The leaders and etewarJ, of Union M.
K. Church are requested to meet
Thursday evening at 6.45 p. m. A full
attendance is earnestly desired. M. B.
mim LkAva wiumivrOB.
' or PhllaU.lphta: La 1.00,1.10, 9.U. 0.00
lO.aa 10.30 A. m.1 li.13, lLM, 1N. 4.00, ft.40,
7.00, 0.40 p. a. OnSunday, la 110,
O'., ft.OO. 0.30, 0.40 p. in.
Tor N«w Yorft: Lill, 7.00,10.01, A m.. 1LU,
■ il.30 p. m.UmlMd Kzprem, ft 40, p. m.
For Haiuinore ami Washlngtnn: ILii. L10
1.84 a ni.: 1AM p. m. lAnltod EzprMi
1.04, ft.ls, p. a. On Sunday, lLul, L10
a. m.
For ilaltlmon and Hay I,In*: 7,00 p. to.
For Baltimore and way stations: I .aft A m.,
ft. IS p. m.
fr.r Now Castle: 9.11, a. m., LID, ft. 10 p. nr.
F»r Delaware It. K.: s.It a m.: 1.U, fl.tC p.
No Sunday tram*.
WtluiintfUiTi flu Northern R. K.:
I . r
0.90, a
m.: 8.06, p. ui.; 6.30, p. ra. Sunday except
Fh-r Dataware Wertern h K.: 7.11,10.00, a.m.
6.80 P. ui
Fron Polla lelphi.i: UU3,9.03, i.jw, 8.10 a. rn.,
>9.08, 19.48,1.08, 9A0. 4. J0, 6.18, 6.86, 7.00,
8.0). 11.10 p. m. On Sunday*: 11.43, 2.08,
10.10 a. in.; 7.86, 11.16, p. in.
Fr.vo Baltimore:2.16,9.80 6.61*. m.; 12.03, i'i.87, p.m. On Sundays: 2.16, a. m.
9.88 1 *. m.
Washington p.m. 0$«
F om
: 2.16, a. m.: 12.03. 12.87,
Sundays: 2.16 a. of.;
»p. m.
New Castle: 8.60, 9 60, 11.6»
6.26, 0 46 p. in. No Sunday train.*.
From Delaware K. U.; 8.60 a. m.; li.6o. 6 16
F.'om Wilmington k Northern K. H: 8.e<
а. m. 11.80 a. m.; and 0.86 p. m
From Delaware Wee tern R. K.: 8.00 a. in.
2.16, 8.00 p. in. Sunday train 6.26 F. M.
From Broad street and Washington avenue
7.80,, 11.46 a. ra.:T.a0, 8.00, 4.00,
б. 16,0.00, 7.00 p.m. On Sun
days: 8.80 a, m.; 0.00, 9 46,11.80 p. m.
F om Thlrty-Seoond and Market streets; 1.08,
780.11.86 a. rn.; 12.25, 4.00 6.00, 11.83 p. m,
un Sunday** 1.08. a. o>.
a. nu.
Boom and 6hon.
Here we are and don't you forget It! We
ere not going to have a "Grand Opening, "
nor make a "blgiputter" about "the larg
eet Btore," Ac., but we wish to intunn our
friends and the nubile In general that we have
removed from the East Ed<! Boot an.l iXhoe
Store, corner Seventh and Spruce street#, to
the store lately ocoupleil by Joseph Fleming,
No. 12 East Fourth street (two doors irou*
King street) where we shall keep on hand at
all times a full supply of all kinds ot hoots
and shoes for gents, ladies and children,
which will he sold at tbe lowest prices; and,
as we have gained a reputation In the past lor
fair, square dealing, we Intend that it shall
he our motto in the future, and we guarantee
to our friends, who may lavor us with a call at
our new place ol business, the same satisfac
tion we have given them in the past at our
old stand.
So don't forget to call,
Both inon and women—all,
Come In and buy your boots and shoes from
We'll try and
you well
Up at the Grand Central,
And give you bargains you don't often see.
So come right on to Marr's,
Either on loot or by the earn,
And buy shoes cheap to put uj»on your
For hoys, and girls and men,
1- row a one up to a ten,
You can aet at No. 12 East Fourth street.
P. S.-we shall still continue to do repair
ing oi all kinds In the neatest and best man
ner and at reasonable rates.
1-17-tues-wed-thu-iat-tf LEMUEL MARK.
L. Hnnlt.l 4 . Bitter Wine of
Doyou want zoiuethiQK to strengthen you,
or give you a iroorl appetite! Do you want
to K«t rhl of nervousness 7 Do you want
enenty, sleep well, or he t-urerl of dyspepsia,
kidney or liver disease? try K. IS. Hunker.
Hitter Wine ol Iron. Lvery buttle guaranted
to do as recommended.
Kunkle's Bitter Wine of iron is for sale In
Wllmlnirton by Z. James Belt, N. B. Dan
forth, John J. Gallagher fti. Bro., Herbert K.
Watson, Taylor H Fullerton, Jno. S. ilarb
raan, H. It. UrluKhurstand the drug trade
. Worms!
E. F. Kunkel's Worm Syrup never tails to
destroy Pin, Seat and Stomach Worms. The
doctor can tell whether or not the patient has
worms. Thousands are dying dally with
worms, and do not know it. Fits, spasms,
cramps, choking and suttocatlon, sallow com
plexion, circles around the eyes, swelling
and pain In the stomach, restless at night,
grinding oi the teeth, picking at the nose,
cough, fevor, itching at the seat, headache,
foul breath, the patient grows pale and thin,
tiokllng and Irritation In the anus. All these
symptoms, and more, come iroin worms. E,
b. Kunkel's Worm Syrup never falls to re
move them. Price $1 per bottle or jdx for $6.
(For Tape Worms write and consu®he Doc^
tor.) Tor all others, buy ol your dffgglHt the
Worm Syrup, and H he has it nig, send to
Dr. E. F. Kunkel. 26w N. Ninth Street, Phil
adelphia, Pu. Advice by mail, ireo; send
hree cent slauu.
The FIIU of Che World.
Are Dr. Simms' Vegetable Liver Pills, Su
... " equal. They never
gar Coated. Without HD e«(um, xury never
grlj»e or sicken in operating, move the bowels
easy by acting directly on the Liver, restore
the lost energies by promoting the healthy
action ol the Liver. In doing this Headache,
Neuralgia, Pains in the right or left sldoor
through the Lungs, Indention, GosUveness,
Dizziness, Bad
uiiuugii mo jjungs, inuigenu
Sick Stomach, Weak Hack, _ _
Feelings through the body, Aching Llmbs^
HilllousneEs, languor, General Weakness
and other bodilv infirmities are cured. They
are the only Pills known that will positively
operate without Griping, Sickening Weak
ness, or leaving the bowels costive. Thev
promote a hoalthy Liver and leave the system
iree Irom the danger ol prevailing diseases.
Sold by dealers and country store seepers.
Ask for Dr. Simms' Pills and take no others.
Principal depot, Fourth and King, Wilming
ton. Del.. Philadelphia. 002 Arch H t
A Card.
To all who are suffering from the errors and
Indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness,
early decay, loss oi manhood, etc., I will send
a roolne that will cure you FREE OT
CHARGE. This great remedy was discov
ored by a missionary in South America. Sena
a soil-addressed envelope to the Rev. JobHPn
T. Inman. Mutton D.Now York City.
Important to Kidhers.
Mrs. Winslow's Moothlng Myrup Is the only
thing that mothers can rely upon lor their
children. It corrects acidity ol the stomach,
cures wind colic, regulates the bowels and
gives rest, healtu and comfort to mother and
child. During the process ol teething Its value
Is incalculable. It softens the gums, reduces
inflammation and allays all pain, thereby
giving rest to the child andcomlortto the
mother, Twenty-live cents a bottle.
PreNcrlptlon Free.
For the sneedy Cure ol .Seminal Weakness
1»88 of Manhood, and all disorders brought
on by Indiscretion or oxcess. Any Druggist
has the ingredients. Addross
DAVIDSON k CO., 78 Nassau St.,New York
7-8 tu'sd wlv
Truth and Honor.
Guery :—Wnat is the best lamily medicine
In tue world to regulate the bowels, purify the
blood, remove costlveiiess and biliousness, aid
digestion and tone up the whole system 7
Truth ami honor compels us to answer, Hop
Hitters, being pure, perfect and harmless,—
Ed. Mee another column.
Or. Minim*' Wlilta l-ulmonlr Ilal
This great lung remedy has saved fully ten
thousand people Irom going Into consump
tion. t'llty cents and one dollar per hottle.
Depots, fourth and King streets, Wilming
ton; euZArch street, Philadelphia. Sold Oy
dealers and country stores.
<4 RAIN.
Red Wheat.
Penna. Amber.......
Mixed Uorc.
White Corn.
Timothy hay, uer hd
White Oats.
Mixed Oats.
. 1.36al.r.H
.60a .67
,68a .60
.86u .96
.48o .60
.46a .40
Hogs, corn led,.
Beo> Oattle wer loO
. f6.76a7.00
. 0.26a7.Ou
. 4.OU&0.26
Hay, loose, per ton.
Hay, baled, " .
Straw lvoso, " .
. 16.00al8.00
. 18.00al9.Q0
. Il.00al2.0l
latent Piour.
Family Flour.
Bakers' Flour....
Best Ship.
tine Yellow Meal
Coarse Meal.
Best Amber and Red Wheat.
. 19.
7.21-0 7.76
6 1
Maori i.era k»iti»,
Tbs l awww Which Law in
nsovBl orjBall Aisai'w. v
lt was with some surprise
public received Intelligent, ofVh- ■
mary dismissal of Captain W. \ 8 l
gett from the mail agent ',,r',i
which he was one of the most f « ,
officer*, his route extending from ]>i?
delphia to Crisfleld. The follnain. 1114
pears to be the offence for whir l, V
tain Swiggett has fallen under tuj
pleasure of the Fost office Departs?
It seems that the route agent, sJ
ing that their pay was inadn' **
the services they were call^G u wn
perforin, recently organized wLat tb
were pleased to term a "Route g
Advancement Association." i *
Swigget was elected Preeident.
purpose of tho association
' aptii
are full*
in th« following extract from
circular to all route agents all
country :
let:—U to petition the
over tb
oorning p.
aion of Congress for an taoreaue Af
front our present salary to tJZ
($1200) Hundred Dollars per
2nd :—To procure the co-operation,
etch and every Route Agent i u ( i.
move. 01
3rd :—Not to lose a moment, nor a
main idle a minute until "our oblJS
Is acoompliihed.
Our purpose is lo call the attenik
of every Member of Congress and (J.S
Senate to the true and glaring f 4t t J
the Importance of our position, onrdij
gers, our exposures, our expemej
home and our responsibilities; at j j,
case of accident, what our familj,
would be obliged to undergo, as nu ™
visions are made for ns, and all
for our present salary. How credit*
ble (f) to those who know the raaliti*
of our position and affix onr salary
To awaks the Press of the country))
the fact that the class of men—lioifl
Agents—whs work so faithfully iu thj
interests, and strive so hard to
dite their daily or weekly tssii
receiving so meagre and grudgiuilr
salary, while the ordinary '-Porter'' I
the Custom House is receiving
third more aud for what t for
spouaibility assumed, uo danger eat
od, no expensea added, and
ures necessary. What a painful»
sad distinction of men's ability, Ub
and remuneration ! Take a VensiM
view of thy case, and don't it reaU
seem ridiculous in the extreme, thj
we shall staud .idly by aud see wbi
we call—our rights—justice—trample
on, when by a little exertion
part, as a combined body, will aecon
them for us 1
The route agents felt encourage! ii
making this effort as W. B. Tbouipsoo
General Superintendent ot the iiailvi]
Mail Service, recommended the objee
for which they were associated in hi
annual report to the Post-office Ik
partment. Not long after the issuin
of the ciroular, Captain Swiggett tn
surprised to receive a commuclcatiii
from Mr. Thompson refering to the cil
cular issued, and Asking him if he haj
signed it as President. Mr. Swiggej
not being at home when the ietta
came, a second followed couched i]
plain unmistakable language.
As eoon as Mr. bwiggett could heM
swered the letters, stating that he
not sure that he had signed the circq
lar, hut anyhow his name was there b]
his oonsent and approbation, in
short time afterwards he received
letter from J. H. Marr, Second Avis
ant Fost Master General, informing hid
that his services were no longer needs
on the mail service.
Several other communications pasie
between the parties, but though Ml
Swiggett demanded the officers of ta
department declined to inform hint a
the causes of ltis removal. Thus thj_
matter rests at present and tboni^l
Captain Swigget has made no move
self it is understood that a large nut^^H
her of his friends are actively intercr^H
ing to have him reinstated in the rriH"
vice. ■
A Dangerous Fall*
A young man named Patrick For j®:.
aged about sixteeu years, in riding
horse down Fourth street from Urooi
yesterday afternoon, was thrown ov<
the animal's head and fell violently 1
the ground. He was partially etunne
and before he could raise himself h
was trampled upon, one of the borw'i
feet treading upon his face He wi
otherwise injured. His bruises M
ever were not serious.
llantlMome Office.
The law office of John C. Pattsrsoa
Esq., G08 French street, is one of thj
coziest, and at the same time one of thj
most convenient offices in the city. Till
gentleman has egress and ingress fwJ
and to any portion of his dwells!
through the peculiar design of its cot
strnotion. The rooms are furnUli*|
very nicely.
A Change of i lerks.
Mr. Howard T. Wallace, head der
of the Clayton House, offered his rrsij
nation on Saturday, and yesterday b
entered upon the discharge of bis dal,
at the Diamond State Rolling Mills a
clerk. His position at the Clayt)
House has l>een taken by his broth®
John Hunt C. E. exterminated sevi
dogs this morning. He captured lii
to day and with two others which b
intends to keep for a few days, uiab
seven canines in his "dungeon" cell.
Martin Bnzins, who tall down a « e j
says it was 22 feet duep and liad '
ftet of water in it, aud had it not I**
for the timely arrival ol a fallow e*
penter he would have drowned.
Plans are being drawn in this city
the erection of a number of honed *
Marshalton, Mill Creek Hundred, S
the use of the workmen in tbe mill* 1
that place.
"Our Goblins," now being p.oye' 1
the Arch Street Theatre, Philadelpl*', 1
will appear in this city sometime 11
Mrs. Hayes' Juvenile Pinafore tronj
being organized in Wilmington is®*!
ing fair progress. A performance a
be given the latter part of FebruW
The Happy Five will give their
annnal reception in Srenger Hall, 01
Tuesday evening, Feb. 3d.
Seth H. Feaster, rigger at the. y' r
of the Jackson & Sharp Company, 111
his hand mashed yesterday aflern 00 "
by a bowsprit falling npon it.
The alarm of fire last evening w**
false one.
Senator Bayard speaks to-day 011
legal tender resolution.

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