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OL. VI.—NO 185 .
Fresh Blind.
will have on in th*
MrlslrsetUrkM, a fine variety of
b !h fchad fresh herrlDg, black base,
'libnt rook fish, Labrador herring,
* b cod-fish, flounders, haddock,
white fish, pike, cat-fish and
varieties of the finny tribe ; also
of terrapin. Call early and avoid
he riwli. _
0(11 Z
Kepnblltau McttlM*
! Tlie Republican County Committee
Lin meet by adjournment at the Lm
]„ cinb room, 504 Market street, on
Heines day, March 10th, at 1 o'olock,
., i| a good representation from the
.'.l wards of the city is desired.
( ' Bksj. T. Bye, Bec'y.
Heeling Willi Success.
j'r John W. Diefendorf, the Mana
' of the Wilmington Clothing House,
N ff cor. 4th and Market streets, is
fa Central New York wholesaling
-cods, and is meeting with great suc
Ton Can Buy the Wood.
from the Wilmington
fast the sstre
Clothing House, N. W. cor. Fourth and
Market streets, and all new stock to Be
irut horn
, and our No. 1 cutter to take
measure and guarautee tit or
George H. Ash, merchant tailor, has
lemoved from No. 4 East 3d street to
fo. 105 Market street. Spring suits
Lade in tbe late t style. Give him a
Nelllng Opt at Lost.
C. IS. Pa'ry, No. 304 King street, is
helling out his tinware and house fur
Lbing goods at eoBt, in order to close
Liiness by the 2.5th inst. All who
■wisii bargains are invited to calj.
IS anil 10 Cent Store.
Will sell yon qneensware and glass
re at bargains ; also just leceived a
new lot of tinware, notions and novel
ies. Ketntmber 1 this Is for hut a short
Same old place, No. 221 Market
Attention, Young Ladies I
Romford Bro.'s, 404 Market streel,
have just received the spring styles oi
gey mixed, brown mixed and nutre
nixed Iterbvs, for ladies.
Dr. Simms' White Pulmonic Balsam
ores every i^se of bad cough or lung
disease, soieAroat, etc., in which it is
properly used ; wards off consumption
indsaves the lungs iu soundness and
perfect health. 50c. and $1. Depot,
4th sad King sts.; Phila., 002 Arch st.
Sold by dealers.
Caleb Cigarettes cures cold in tbe
M, catarrh and hoarseness; best
Hit? iu the world for offensive breath.
ftliby.I. 11. Ba tman, Druggist, 5th
lid Poplar streets.
At tbe Ladies' Department of Z. Jas.
Belt's Drug Store, great c^ra is taken
o entirely satisfy every purchaser.
Ady attendant.
Kennedy's Prairie Weed and Kenne
dy a i'avc rite Remedy for sale by Tay
itfi Fullerton, 302 King street.
State oi tlie Thermometer
t the Republican office, on Tuesday
aoruing, March 9 :
12 o'clock
10 o'tlocK,
file WeatlM r.
War Department, Office of the Chief
Officer, Washington, March 9—
In'.Rations for Tuesday—For the
Mile Atlantic States, falling barome
easterly winds, slightly higher
emperatury, cloudy weather, with rain
More Hokum Uniter Dealer**.
Magistrate Liot of Philadelphia had
touple more oleoinargariue dealers
n front of his* desk yesterday, tho de
viants having been arrested on war
joto ifif»ued at the instance of the
'ro'luci* Exchange. The defeudan *
^ r ' William Coudiu, southwest r
J* r Mil'Iia aud Pallseestreet:?, and
^•"•y Ravin, a dealer in the Girard
"diii» Market. It wa? expeoted that
Iar y McLaughlin, South street, below
-'^v.-uih, would havelreeu arraigned,
magistrate stated that she
t l>o found, being simply a
' ,' and residing out of town.
• Miller swore that he purchased
1 rine as butter from Condin's
R'hu S. Worrnan, a butter
did not think the sample pro
u • wan dairy butter. A lady then
-1 to buying a lamp f om Bavin,
• !i a witness, who claimed to
fcwore was not butter, but oIpo
iar ^arine.
1,1 w r at court.
ut tl
The defendants Were held
Hcmorinl lleMoiutJonM.
'5*7z 1 lecture by the Rev. Dr. But
M. E. church, on Sunday
following resolutions were
M by J. T. Bass, and passed :
"„ j 1 \4 We, tho citizens of Wilmlng
" ' i'fltle county, .State of Delaware,
, u v ia t education as a standard ol wor*
j'. be limlppenslblc, ar d
: i ' v ' We have acknowledged Iri the per
/'Iish Surah Christmas, lato teacher at
2, t
uow deceased, all the elements of
' -bipli^hoG and successful teacher and
;; 1 , l,! tlio mind, therefore be It
! h it the object of this mooting
, 'Miicmo.-ato awl comment upou the
' 1 ' 'dmraetor of Miss Sarah Christmas,
phased Almighty God to
ai it r.
'Mm our midst.
'i hat
deeply lament tho great
d(7 'rf, 0 stained in one who was a
. ' '.'-'I; lily to her race, a credit to the
' > In which sh* lived, an honor to
j; ty ,n which she mingled, and the
l' u of a >ady In all tho relations of
. 1 -r mi waj her zjat f r ill© education of
,, 0 that she took her life In her hand
j We ,| the uvoca fon of a teacher of
in,] ,., Voutha in lower Delaware and iviary
lacb , a ' ilUQ when It was proclaimed that a
a. had no rights thut a white man
jund to respect
Dm That wnlle wo believe that her
G»«t rest that ipmalns for the
oi!,,,, 0 ' ( '°d wo bow In humble submission
nil ii ' ec f ee a ol Him "who dosth all things
' i M we rojolce that it c:»n be e ild of
/ir',].,,* e88e '* are tho dead who die fn the
'«i th«i nc » c,ort * 1 8all h the spirit they rest
eir .'oir labors and their works do follow
r*. Murray, 3
Wm. G. Ghinnaob,
J. H. MUfeRAY,
Wm. Winston,
JOfUBFH T. Bass,
0 « l.rsscps—Ben Hill's Nrrape—A
Family's Oeeay—Tbe Freedman s
Having Fund.
Special Correspondence of the Heputillozn.
Washington, D. C., March 8, 1880.
Mr. Ferdinand Del.esseps, tbe dis
tinguished Frenchman and proprietor of
the Suez and Panama ship canals, who
arrived here yesterday on the limited
express train from New York, has since
his arrival in this country been the re
cipient of distinguished honors, aud he
will certainly receive a cordial welcome
to Washington. He is seventy-five
years of age, and few meu years his
his junior, can show such a useful and
active career. The suocess of this great
undertaking has been steadily growing
and all mouarebs have united in hou
orlng DeLesseps. The distinguished
visitor will remain in Washington but
three days.
A social scandal is now on the boards.
Senator lien Hill of Georgia is the
principal character in the drama.
"For much love" is the result of the
sla 'ders. He should have " lieu "
instead of Ben " Hill "—and
avoided this unpleasant story. Cap
tain Jack, Wass, and Saw a-wioh, the
Utes who came here with Oruay, and
went back to Colorado to negotiate for
the surrender of the so-called guilty
Utes, have returned to this city, ac
companied by SbavaDS, Veratziz Ti>o,
Johnson and Thomas. T.ie two latter
Indians are prisoners, hut are under
no more restraint than their compan
ions. Miss Josephine Meeker was re
quested to visit them ami see if she
could identify the prisoners. She hi .v •
ever, failed to recognize them.
The employees of the Government
Printing Office, to the number of one
thousand, were granted an indefinite
furlough yesterday, as tbe appropria
tion bad run out. It is however ex
pected that the Government printiri
will be reimbursed by Congress at once,
so that the work of the office can go on,
and the discharged ones reinstated.
The old Carroll Place, ap old landmark
of Washington, is passing away.
The celebrated Carroll family, who
were once the principal owners of tbe
original Districts, have become gradu
ally reduced in circumstances, until
now it is stated, they are so strained
that it will be neoeseaiy for thera to
part with their old homestead, which
was the scene of so many notable gath
erings, and ;-o much grandeur iu the
oldeu time. A number of spiriLod citi
zens having heard of these facts are
making an effort to preserve the prop
erty from the auctioneer's hammer. As
it now is the high brick wallst are
crumbling away, and tbe fine old man
sion itself shows signs of decay, despite
the efforts of its proud occupants.
Several petitions are in circulation for
signatures and are being numerously
signed, asking Congress to order tbe
opening on Sundays of the Smith
sonian's Institute, the Congressional
Library aud the United States Medi
cal museum, so that the working peo
ple can derive benefit from them with
out losing time.
General O. 0. Howard is iu the city.
Tbe General has been summoned, here
to tebtifv before the Senate Committee
ou the Freedman's Saving Bank, rela
tive to the original management of the
Bank's concerns. The committee ha3
agreed upon a bill which cots off large
yearly expenses that are now eating
away tbe substance of tbe injured de
positors. Tbe aggregate yearly reduc
tion of expenses amounts to $
eluding $0,000 paid to tu
commissioners. The Senate Bi'l pro
poses to abolish the commissioners, and
give the management of the bank io
the comptroller of the currency.
Bob. Ingersolt, alias "Bob. Injure
my-soni," delivers a lecture here iu
the National Theatre, Sunday yveniug
next on "The Gods." Sec.
Tito Iron Hoom.
It )3 the opinion of Mr. Huxley Ila *
vey, the superintendent of tue McCul
lough Iron Company's Rolling Milt that
the price of i'on will tot continue to
ad vane-*, and that it
at its present fig' 1 re or commence to
decline. The tendency at present is to
go down.
Mr. Robert W. Todd, of tbe Diamond
State Iron Company observed that tbe
price of iron was rather uncertain ami
liable to either advance or decline. At
present the market was quiet with a
possibility of some decline.
TlieNcott Aiiuirersary.
Tho annual missionary anniversary
of the Scott M. E. Sabbath tebool will
Rev. Dr.
Keigwiu, the poster of tbe West Pres
byterian church will make an aldress
aud Harry Conrad, Esq., the editor of
the "Morning News," will deliver a
ten cents.
be celebrated this evening.
adm's3!vn fee will be
Am ri> joyable Parly.
Last evening a numbe- of young
persons met at a residence on Market
street and afterwards proceeded to the
home of M:
son street above Third. It u rf^»e 1 levs
to say that a pleasant evening was
passed wDh humorous games and
social intercourse.
m*'H Shakespeare on Jack
Sale «f X*nlntla>fcs.
Tho sale of fine paintings will take
place at the opera house auction room
at eight o'clock this evening. The
collection is a very rare one and the
bidding should be spirited. All who
wish to adorn aud beautify their par
lors, sitting rooms, halls or library
should take this occasion to do so.
A It liny Mac nine .Shop.
Hilles aud Jones, machinists, are ex-,
ceodingly busy and advertise for good
machinists. They have lots of work
and can give emp'oyment to half a
f'ozen or so first clas3 workmen, and
better than all, there is a probability
of work continuing brisk, at present,
for some time to come.
Ah Accident at Harlans.
Washington Gauze, residing at No.
817 Madison street, and employed at
the Harlan & Hollingsworth shops, cut
himself badly with an adze on the left
leg, below the knee yesterday afternoon.
Dr. Simms rendered medioal aid.
R.Mrlke. reared, Much Less An
ticipated—An Increase of for
Taking Piece-Very Little 111..
e.tl.rncttnn Existing Between
Employe and Employer.
A day or two ago a man announced
It for a fact that some of the wood
workers in the oar shops of the Jackson
k Sharp Co.would strike. About the same
time it was given out that the tanners
aud beamsmen in W. Jones k Co.'s
morocco factory would repeat their nn
snoceSBful demonstration of a few
months ago, and demand $10 a week,
inquiry however shows that the first
statement originated through the
boastful declaration of a dissatisfied la
borer, who hired for a medianio and
could not do his work, and that the
other was wholly without foundation,
la both shops the greatest harmony
exists, and the workmen profit by the
intelligent view which Wilmington
workmen have always entertained,that
strikes never pay. A careful investi
gation by the Republican reveals that
among certain classes of skilled labor
ers there exists a feeling that their
wages are inadequate, and there is of
course a desire for au increase, but
there is no disposition to loudly
complain, inasmuch as the advance
usually made at this season of the year,
when the time of out door labor in
creases, is taking place. There is no
dissatisfaction, except among certain
unpracticed workmen, who are not
worth good wages, and the feeling does
not amount to anything like unpleas
ant relations between labor ana oapitol.
At Jackson & Sharp's wages are re
ported as having an upward tendency,
aud might increase somewhat if work
continued as plentiful as at present.
Seven hundred meu are employed, and
car work and ship work both show au
improvement over last year. Painters
average $8 and $8.50 per week, but
Hist class workmeu command as high
as $10 and $11. In the wood depart
ment about the same prices exist and
some good machanics work for $8 per
week. The advance in wages over last
year is 10 per cent. No serious com
plaints appear to come from the tuen.
it is likely that at this place the a.en
will be able to make considerably more
by over-work in a few weeks, though
this is not official.
The above was about the state of af
fairs at the Harlan k Hollingsworth
works, where there has been some ad
vance in wages over last'rear.
Tbe workmen in iron, who suft'ered
more than any other class of laborers
by the depression following the crash
in 1878, begau to look far better wages
toward the close of the year, aud iu
many cases they have leceived them.
At the McCullough Irou Company's
Mill over one hundred and twenty men
are employed. Wages have gone up
here from 15 to 20 per cent. No com
plaint comas from the workmen. The e
is no likelihood of wages going any
higher, for the prices of iron, by which
they are regu'ated, has a tendency at
present to subside, and will oe.aainly
notoontinue upward.
The pay of labor at the Diamond
State Rolling Mill is understood to have
increased fully 50 per cent, since bard
times, i further addition is not ex
pected, and none of the workmen are
dissatisfied. Indeed the pay in some
departments is said to be bighe" than
the present stale of the iion business
will prudently allow. However while
an increase is not expected a reduction
is equally unlikely.
At the Lobdell Car Wheel Company
tlxe wages of the men were not reduced
when thev were cut considerably iu
other establishments, and iu conse
quence no rise has taken place of any
account aud none is anticipated. "We
employ from fourto fivehnndred meu,"
remarked Mr. George G. Ljbdell to the
reporter. "And we are not doing as
ranch work as we can do nor as much
as we expect to do soon. We are right
busy ihongli, aud will manufacture as
many wheels this year as during any
previous year. The workmeu are not
W. Jones & Co,, morocco manufac
turers, are very busy and think the
prospects for a continuance of woik
quite good. It was Lets that tbe
beamsmen struck some time ago, hot
without success, borne of tbe strikers
returned to work at old rates and oth
ers found situations elsewhere. Wager
have not increased much here for they
did not decline during the sla
Finishers are making over $1;
and the cellar
beamsmeu, $3 par week.
Inquiry at other morocco factories
showed that work was not at all s'ack,
aud that dressers average $12 per week
end the cellar men make $10. No in
crease was expected.
The carriage manufacturers reported
an exceedingly pleasant outlook,which
was so pronounced as to iudicate a
turn of the unprecedented prosperity
which the Wilmington manufacturers
once enjoyed. Wages are slowly Im
proving, though no decided rise was
probable, but the men were Eatisiied,
and good workmen exceedingly scarce
and in demand.
Carpenters and bricklayers are in
demand and are able to command in
creased wages. A conti .ctcr has said
that he thought that workmen of both
of these trades would he scarce consid
ering the amount of work to he done

sk aeon,
er weet;
, including the

A He* Appointmant.
Governor Hall has re-appointed
James C. Wilson Justice and Notary
Public for Appoquinimink Hundred.
Mr. Wilson is also Deputy Coroner,
aud it was charged that when he held
the inquest ou Young Rhinu at Fch:
toore's Mill a week or two ago, be was!
very druuk.
Jester Iu Town.
Dr. Jester the tootli paste man cf no- 8a
ted Temperance fame, is,in town once)
more and entertained quite a crowd at
the corner of Fourth and Market streets
on Monday evening. Ue is a very fluent
talker and attracts quite a crowd
around his booth.
W. S. Pride of the Georgetown "In
quire" was in town yesterday.
A in u nr me n (n— An Arabian Night.
Dalny's new comedy, "An Arabian
Night" was given at the Opera H^sef
here last evening to a fair-sized
audienoe, and may safely lie said to be
the best thing of its kind that baa
been given in Wilmington this eeason.
It is intensely fnnny, aud full of laugh
able sayings and humourous situations.
In every respect It is original, and one
of the most brilliant specimens of
legitimate comedy that one meets with
Tbe plot is very happily formed.
Mr. Alexander Sprinkle, a retired
broker, who is also a married man
with a mother-in-law, gets into a harm
less intrigue with a young lady, who
baa beeD left penniless at a Western
railway station, and who is no one else
than Rosa May bloom, tbe "Wild Rose
of Yucatan," a bare back rider at a
circns. While Mrs. Sprinkle is away
this pet of stars and spangle' takes it
into her head to call upon tbe husband
and dors so. Tbe wife's mother is at
home, and Sprinkle is in a terrible way
to get tbe girl out of the bouse without
being detected. At last tbe oldhjto
comes in and be introduces tbe Wnd
Rose as his niece, whom be id expect
ing to visit him from Europe. To aid
her erratic lover the girl tangles her
self in a web of fibs and pleases tbe old
lady, who conoeives tbe idea of marry
ing the supposed niece to Mh Lafayette
Moodle, a foppish fortune hunter. No
sooner has the counterfeit niece left the
scene than iu comes the real niece, but
by fortunate management Sprinkle
prevents a meeting at that time.
Things go from bad to worse after this.
The wile returns, the mother-in-law
becomes suspicious, Moodle get hope
lessly entangled iu his suit to the Wild
Rose, and the two nieces continue to
drop in on the almost deranged Sprinkle
with surprising regularity. Finally
things are straightened out, though no
one can imagine how it will end until
the close is near.
Ou this plot is hung an immense
amount of fun, and the audience is kept
in continuous merriment all the lime.
The play, aside from being a success iu
itself, is well-performed by a company
that is good throughout. John Drew
as Sprinkle exhibits wonderful ability
in taking his difficult part—but it is
useless to comment upon tbe individual
acting, it is all very fine. I'ossibly the
most laughable situation in the whole
piece is where Moodle comes upou the
stage, after his disastrous meeting with
the circus agent, who stops his elope
ment with Wild Rose, under the im
pression that he is the agent for a lival
"Da. Ci.vna."—Ou Wednesday even
ing, March 8th, the exceedingly amus
ing comedy, " Dr. Clyde," which is
written by Mr. Roseufield will be pre
sented. It is a sparkling mirth provok
ing comedy and keeps the audience in
a roar of laughter from first to last. It
was first brought out at ChestDut street
theatre, 1'hiladelphia, where it bad a
long and successful riln.
Robkbt Bduns.—W allace Bruce, the
well-known and able lecturer, will ap
pear at the Opera House on Thursday
evening, and lecture upon Robert
Burns. Mr. Bruce is very highly spo
ken of, and his lectures upon Scotia's
Bard is said to be exceedingly interest
Mckee Rankin sails for Europe April
The Tony Denier Troupe were at Fail
River last night. *
Mary Anderson will play only in the
large cities next season. Her season
will be in all about thirty weeks.
Adelaide Neilson is taking a long
farewell. "Wait but a little, she will
come again."
Napier Lothian orchestra leader of
the Boston Theatre has offered $25,000
for the Pirates of Penzance.
Dcmooafic tancnfi.
The Sachems of the Democratic party
met in the Jefferson club room last Sat
urday in order to consult with the At
torney General In regard to the aspect
of political affairs iu our State, and as a
consequence it is said that we may look
for grefster opposition on the part of the
Levy Court thau heretofore exhibited,
to the placing of the names of citizens
on the assessment list. Of course this
action was prompted by patriotic mo
tives,the integrity of the Sta e must be
preservd. Brutus was honest wheu
under tl
Caviar less but he loved Rome more,aud
so it was with Wilkes Booth w' en he
slew President Lincoln iatbee iima
tionjoi the pseudo Democracy of oar
country, and go it is with the Jefferson
Club of our city. They are ail honest,
very h most
c gtiisn of friendship he
Caviar— not that he loved
Tlio (bile c ollection.
SSuce the last exhibition in the
Opera House opened on Friday a great
many visitors called to examine the
handsome paintings. The sale will
begin to night, under the direction
Mr. B. Soott, Jr., and it is thought
that the whole collection can be easily
disposed cf. The exhibition will also
be open to night.
Slrciuk ami IXHorderly.
Two cases of druukeness received the
usual penalty at the Police Court this
John MeCaulley and DanielJMcIlhen
ny for being drunk and disorderly were
fined one dollar and costs each.
A Kidlluk mill Accident.
On Saturday last the "squeizingmill"
a part of the Old Ferry Rolling mill
exploded, aud a work map who stood
near by
serious injury,
accident the mill is closed for repairs.
Aeaanlt unit flattery.
Charles Biddle last evening had a
<ie a narrow escape from
In consequence of the
hearing before 'Squire Bi ..)■ for as
8a I u ! tin 8 ^ e , wis ^ Uaon l 5 / 6trikin « him
wlth a cUal| ■• 1,18 evMence waB 00 "
olusive and he was fined two dollars
aiidoost8, in default of whiob he will
be sent to New Castle.
Loan Meeting.
At the twenty-fifth monthly meeting
of the Equitable Loan Association last
night $120 was sold at 11$ per oent.,
$60 at 10 |per oent. and $500 at 9 per
Sknll eliflldreu whose ^Parents
LlveOnisIdothe City be entitled
To attend tbe Public Schools
Other communication*.
The Board of Education met last eve
ning, President Eckel presided.
A communication was read from Por
ter aud 4 Coates, which said that} Brown's
Algebra could be obtained as follows :
Examination 60 cents; introduction 75
cents; retail price, $1.25. The commu
nication was referred to the Committee
on books.
The following communication was
received from Thomas lieu a ter :
Mount Pleasant, March 9,1880,
Mr. Pmidontoi School Board of Public
Education l would like you to answer
the following question?; L I had a ward
pupil to hoard and lodge In the city, would
they have Iree admission to the public schools,
Would they by living In the city with a pri
vate family and board and lodge there be
constituted resident.? and entitled to admls
slon II their guardian resided elsownere.
T*omas Hki'htek.
Mr. Baird said that similar commu
nications bad Iwd received, and asked
tbe question if said children came
would they be refused admittance to
tbe schools.
Tbe matter was referred to a commit
tee of three, consisting of Messrs.
Eckel, Conrad and Betts, who will in
quire about the question and will also
report a rule at some future meeting.
The Secretary was instructed to answer
the gentleman, saying that the matter
was in tbe hands of a committee, and
that ha should receive an answer when
the questiou was decided.
The Delaware Fire Company asked
for the privilege of tapping a drain iu
the rear of No. 1 sohool house. The
request was granted provided that the
Delaware Company would pay the
usual fee of twenty dollars. The com
mittee of No. 12 school asked for per
mission to have the roof and the out
side of the building painted at a cost
which would not exceed $115. Per
mission was granted.
The report of the Superintendent of
the public schools was read, showing
that during the month of January the
absence of teachers owing to sickness
amounted to 15A days aud for other
reasons it amounted to 111 days. Iu
the month of February the absence ou
account of sickness amounted to 35 days
aud for other reasons EG days.
The report of the Superintendent was
received aud was directed to be placed
ou file.
Mr. Morrow presented the following
preamble and resolutions:
"VViikiieas, Representations have been
male to tlio Board oi Education that not
more than one hundred and sixty two capie?
ol Warren's primary geographies will be re
quired In tbe public schools of this city pre
vious to September 1, 1880, therefore be it
Resolved , That the several visLlng comm1 8
tecs having charge oi tho public school?
itiee o f ibe Board he and
chasing pro
and the book
are hereby prohibited from j
vlous to September ). 1880. mora than one
hund r ed and slxty-two copies of tho Wa.r;en
Primary Geography, tbe number .said to be
required, without first obtaining tho consent
of ihe Board.
Resolved, That the several vlMtlnq; commit
tees of the school? shall report to the Book
Committee previous to September 1, I860, the
number oI primary geographies .hat will he
required in their several schools a'tor fl;
summer vacations,
t hall not be pure .used until the consent (-1
the Board shall have beea first had and ob
The matter was laid over until the
Orat meeting night iu the mouth of Sep
Permission was asked to hare school
house No. 13 on Second street, painted
at a coat of $7. Permission was granted.
A resolution was presented by Mr.
Furry asking that the salary of the
janitor of school No. 18 he restored to
850, a3 it was previous to December 1,
1878, and that tho Board pay him the
sum of $31.75 for back pay. Hie reso
lution was adopted.
A bill from George W. Thompson,
amounting to $40, for collecting tax^s
in School District No. 19, was directed
to be paid.
Mr. Conrad moved that the Board
change the place of holding schorl No.
10, as it was iu a swampy and unheal
thy location. The Board decided to in
quire into the expediency of removing
the school and learn the erst of a
suitable location.
The Board unanimously* dec!del tu
return a vote of thanks to the Teach
ers Institute for complimentary ukelH
for Robert Bruce's lecture.
Teachers in tbe nh^ht reboot were
granted the following sums : Mhss
Fanny Butler $68, Annie
Annie Radnitzky $48.75.
Vacancies iu committees caused by
the resignation of Messre. Ttiyloroftbe
First and Menton of the Tenth were
decided to he filled by the President.
The commitiee on the hospital were
instructed to make a report at the next
The committee on No. 14 school were
granted permission to have the cess
pool cleansed and repaired < t a cost not
exceeding $55.
Repairs on No. 3 school not to exceed
$2 were directed to receive attention.
Mr. Kyne was appointed committee
of schools Nos. 3 and 10.
-err $48.75,
During the evening th? following
bills were directed to be paid :
C. V. Thomas & Go., $1,103 57 ; K. I? Morrl
son, $10 56 ; tl. I. Ryle, 40 cents Z. R.ckles.
agt., $3 13 : .lames Brad lord, C7
S. Clark, $3 6J; James I) ivis, $4 4
ami J. B Foreman, $2 60 ; Jacob Wright,
O. P. Johnson, $2 60; D F Adair, $ 1 63 : (
P. Johnson, $4 08 ; Allen Speaknian
teachers' salaries, $t.395
rlee, $4E8 6t», Total, $3,ao4
bad been paid to ITlnn & Jackson.
P5 :
janitors' «ula
Tfie sum ol $40
A Treat In Prospect.
At a meeting of the Uniform Battalion
of Wilmington Pa liarolu, I. O. O. F.,
last evening, it was decided to give an
entertainment in Odd Fellow's Hull on
Monday evening of April 2(ith. The
entertainment will be very pleasant
and amoug the main featnre* will bo
the presence of "Air Watson," a world
of amusement in himself. A gry it deal
of fun is promised.
Crosby A 1(111.
Particular attention is called to the
advertisement of Messrs Crosby & Hill
drygood dealers at No. 220 and 222
Market Street. They aunonnoe bar
gains in ladies and gents' hose, dress
goods &o., that will lie found most ad
vantageous to tlie purchaser. The
prices are remarkably low and the
goods first-class.
(arlrlilg* naanfuctory Destroyed
— I wrnlv-lmir PrrwiM Hilled.
Panama, Feb. 28.—A tremendous ox
plosion to place in the artillery barracks
at Santiago, Chili, on Jan. 27, by which
24 persons were killed. A part of the
building was in use as a manufactory
of shells, cartridges, and other
munitions of war, and it was sup
posed that some of the workmen em
ployed had carelessly dropped a loaded
shell, which, exploding, produced a
general catastrophe. The roofs and
sides of the buildings were blown to
pieces. Fragments of shells and gren
ades, arms, and portions of the build
ings were blown in every direction,
causing many wounas to people, and
much damage to houses iu the vicinity.
Fifty workmen were in the building
at the time, besides sentries, messen
gers and others, and of these, bodies
or portions thereof, of 24 were taken
from the debris. Others among the emj
ployes are missing but their fate is un
known. A fire broke out immediately,
and for a time it was feared that it
would extend to the powder magazine,
where about 25® tons of that explosive
were stored.
The firemen worked with great ener
gy, however, and Boon arrested the
progress of the flames. The barracks
were situated on what i3 known as the
pampa, which originally was well
outside of the city, hut with the in
crease of the population streets were
laid out aud houses built in the neigh
borhood, until it was quite thickly
populated. Had tbe fire reached the
powder magazine, the damage and loS3
would have been fearful.
flic Veteran Alliance.
Tbe Amalgamation Legion held
an adjourned meeting last evening.
Barney Rosenblatt presided and E, L.
Crawford acted as Secretary. After
the regular routine of business letters
of congratulations were read from per
sons residing in Wilmington, North
Carolina, Alexandria, Va., aud Sussex
County, Dels. At ibese plaoes similar
societies will be organized in order to
form a grand encampment. Barney
Rosenblatt said that the name Amalga
mation Legion was a veritable jaw
breaker, and proposed that the name
be changed to Veteran Alliance. The
new name accordingly met with
approbation and was accepted. A
meeting to make the final arraugments
for the society will La held in room No.
18 of the McCla-y Building nest Fri
day evening. AU persons favoring the
movement are invited to be present.
The Itct'abeSenate.
At the regular monthly meeting of
the McCabe Senate last evening the
following; officers were elected*
President—J. A. Mull.
Vice President—F. J. Niedermaier.
Treasurer—John C. McCabe.
Secretary—C. K. Montgomery.
Sun rises 6.'i3.Sun seta 6.01
Moving day will soon bo along.
Don't begin to nuke gardens yet.
Cficufoa will bo around
Farmers aro pn p .ring for spring work.
ai cheap a? ever at 9;> ct. ?:i re
Now give your girl the sick—the ?eal skin.
Spring flowers will come early this spring.
Piles cured lor 10 cts. at 217. W. Third ?: e-.
G. S. Humphrey the hatter, 216 Market ct.
Corns killed for 10 cts. at 217 vy. Third st.
lha ulster is to bo tho leading
Banged hair is out c' sfy'eexte.-t for small
liindreth's garden soods ju-t arrived at
Adam Grubb & &on'd.
The people have got 13, 14 an 1 13
Charity may begin at home but it s! ouhln't
slop tneie.
Simmers is recommended a' the stovo mart
of Delaware ill W. ElgQth straet.
A great many hotel keepers rre ina-iadi
TUe Shields Library are mailing arrange
meats for their annual exeurai m.
A very nice tot of onion setts by the quart,
peek or bushel at Adam Grubb U Son's.
People are already commencing to discuss
tlie merits of the various summer resorts.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians oi this
city gave $100 to tho lush sufferers.
Why go to Pnilndelphla when Adair will
?eP you furniture as cheap?
Rev. J. B. Marn expo'ts to start lor tho
Central Pentjsylvan'a Coalerence tome day
this woek.
The Wilmington Conlere:
meets at Dover
on the 17th ins:.
For Sale.—A perforated lounge or fettce at
No. 103 East Second nrect.
W nderful to see how smiling the candi
dates lor Mieri/I Inve become.
The street brigade should bo largely in
creased to piepj.ro for the beat ol summer.
Cupping and leeching at No. 103 E. Second
street.. Residence 403 Ease Second street.
The Republican Is still Increasing In cir
The Uniformed corps K. ofP. lmvo chosen
July 20th for an excursion to Atlantic City.
IIow was t Ids morning for its spring-Hire
Besides the marble
ever, a yro-xt man/ children have the mumps
.nil Rio kilo living
The building boom i; commencing I
i n i to
All persons who have tried King's Good
Samaritan Cough Syrup say It Is cheapest
Heine they ever used.
Dover Is the CPidta'of a sovereign State;
it have • social scandal
id best
why ci
as capitals ol larger States ?
dreth's Extra Erriy, McDean's Little
and many other kinds of seed peas
sale by Adaoj Grubb
fresh and genuine. F
& .Son, Ninth Ward.
Rather more than every other man met
with at N
' Castle besides these in waiting
ed is a Candida to for olfio;.
to act ass
d get your pictures framed at
d Shipley. Lowest pr!
Bo sure
Yerger's, 4th
and best of frames.
The Levy Court only had three cor stables
to elect for Wilmington, constables Pritchett
and Neary holding the office by special acts
oft he legislature.
Tho Ice merchants are getting their routes
in readiness lor the approach ol warm
Notice to tlie Public.—I will half-solo and
heel boots and shoos lor$l; other mending fn
proportion, John E. Bailey, S. W.
Seventh andTatnall streets.
West Chester policeman aro not altowod to
smoke while on duty. Wiltntogton polico
mon are not allowed to drink while on duty,
Push brothers, push with
Push the 4 to the 6 square;
The 0 to the 7. and you've got ft there;
Tlie 10 to tho 8, or you don't care where,
But the 14 and the 15 they will stlok there.
Push, brothers, push with care,
Till your minds are all a jumble and you tear
your hair.
uer ol
Home Election*- Celeatfala Cow
IUK East—Local Option In Sew
The local election held in Augusta,
Maine, yesterday, resulted in the choice
of Vickery, Republican, for Mayor, by
524 majority. All the wards were car
ried by the Republicans. The Dem
ocrats and Greenbackers bad separate
tickets. The Republicans also carried
the local elections in Freeport, Belfast,
Biddeford and Bangor. The Greenback
ers carried North Berwick.
The striking puddlers in the Palo
Alto mills at Pottsville resumed work
yesterday on a basis regulating their
wages by the price of rails. This gives
them nearly the advance they asked
foe. It is believed tbe men of AtkinB'
mills will soon return to work on the
same terms.
The delegates to the Colored Meth
odist Conference, in Washington, paid
their respects to the President yester
day. Bishop Peck and one or two
others of the delegates made short ad
dresses, to which the President briefly
and sympathetically responded.
The latest news from the Central
American Republics, except Co«ta
Rico, is peaceful. Costa Rica is prepar
isg fo: w-r to carry out ambitious pro
jects of her President, General Girardin
for an enforced confederation of the
Central American States.
An incendiary fire, in Troy, New
York, on Sunday, destroyed Iria Tray
ell's shirt and cotton factory aud three
tenant houses. Several families es
caped from the tenements with difficult
In the Senate of Virginia, yesterday
the Ileadj aster Public Debt bill failed
to pass over the Governor's veto for
want of a two-thirds majority, the yeas
being 19, the nay3 18.
The bark Eblana, from a Welsh port
for St. John, N. B., was wrecked in the
Kay of Fundy an Sunday night. The
captain, first mate and five sailors were
Messrs. Parnell and Dillon arrived
iu Montreal last evening, and had an
euthusiastio reception. '> .
A joint resolution was introduced in
the New York Assembly yesterday for
the removal of John F. Smith from the
office of Superintendent nf Insurance.
Tbe Democratic State Convention of
Louisiana wiil meet on the 12th o r
Aoril to choose delegates to the Nation
al Convention^at^Ciucinnati.
Colonel. W. S. Oliver Superintendent
of the Government building in course
of erection at Little Rock, has been re
moved. His friends Isay his removal is
due to political reasons.
Tbe Senate of New Jprsey passed the
Local Option bill yesterday.
Sixty more China nen arrived at SI.
Louis yesterday, cn their way East.
A .vmrderer's Escape
Andrew Moyniban confined in tlia
jail at LogaDsport. lad., on a charge of
murder, walked out of the jail last Sat
urday night and escaped. He "found
four doors between him and liberty
closed, but rot locked", and lie stole
out.cri'efullv closing theui after him
00 is offered for his bo
\ reward of
dy,"de<d or alive."
\ V
... '
3-y-tu s-tl Opposite Cl ayton House.
gains at 103 E. .Sixth street: Patent
rea entry butter|fromFairmoimt ave.Creamery
hurned every day, warranted to keep sweet
try it. This butter cannot beex
1150.; 4 8)J corn starch, 25c ;
50., lik* summer fruit; 2®*s
5c.; dried apples, 4, 5, 8 and
1< o. per lb : evaporate I apples, 18c ft ; evapor
ated peaches, 14c. lb ; pa ired peaches, 2fts lor
Vee.; cranberries, 5 imcl 7e. qt.; macaron, 10c.
lb ; 2 lbs fruit cake, 20a.; raisins, lOo. ft ;
toes, 12\ can; bakers corn, 15o. can; Wins
low's 18 can beans, 8c. qt*; honey, 7c. qt. and
15c. per bottle: chow-cliuw. 10c. per bottle; to
in a toes pick led, l2o. per bolt!
sup.lOc. qt.; Hour at $(J.0h, $i.'
per barrel; our 8c. flour is good, our
ter, our 4c. is excellent. We sell
celled : 4 lbs rice
y Lbs dried pears
Italian Reaches,
xcelknt cat
1 .fs.tO
Is bet
j lbs of
Clean soap lor 25o.; 10 pieces ol excellent
sop v h>r 25c : a ;
cake, worth 10c
10 U . Six;h st., for cheap grorwR
:at dlvo In toilet soap, 3o
dried beef, 1
T. M. W1ER.
At 10 o'clock, A. M.,
At 12 Robinson st., consisting of 1 marble
raln-it chairs, 1 walnut roclcing
top table, 6
chair 1 hat rack, 1 lounge, 1 marble top beau
walnut stand, 1 walnut bedstead, l
rib, 1 Smger sewing machine, beau
reaus, bedsteads, mattrasses, chairs, stands,
tables, looking glasses, pictures, window
sha les, 1 canary bird and 3 cages, 1 range
iind fixtures, nearly new, 1 parlor stove; in
grain, rag and stair carpets, oil clot s, lot of
tubs, tuckets and many other articles to te
dious to mention.
Drake & Go., Auo.
reau, 1
child's or
3.9-1Z-1S 16-17
Public Sale of groceries at Browntown, 7th
avenue, on
At 1 o'clock, P. M.,
Will be sold at Public Sale, the ontire stock
ol my grocery store, among which are 3 sets
counter scales, l set fl mr and platlerm scales
combined, 1 set meat scales, meat rack, coflea
mill, ect. 3-9-10-15 FRANK E. BROWN*
I* W. Stidham & Son, Auc.

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