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VOL. XIII. NO. 36,
v\ivi: knaky or tub so
1 virth and Wash- I
11 * hurcb, st Jowded on Friday
HtreetH, waa . ftl .,| ver .
!*ciSSu Exteualon Society.
v I,a ■« Hill prealded, anti the I
' 1 ".'run hi r I
Bonner* (J . .. . ' ,,p
ur armor > .. .
,,y ' addreaa wal mLle by
,V It. IJllljfy, will! Haiti tllB
,f < hurt'll exten*lon »»»like Horn.)
not r m.w, hh(I Ik
wondered If Hie prophet
,„t of the church wttenidim
ft HI
>lrt)i(«U*U commenced the work
1 1, i xtciiHion Just one hundred
ven ve»rn ago. when our father*
heir chape! in Kent County,
i„|. The Melhodi-it fhnrrh ia
banyan tree, that taken root
»n wherever theohureiie* touch,
i,. |,a«t the church ha* been Borne
ikeTipeey, it ban pro wed willi
i,p l.ruiipld up, hut now we have
I, Kxteunion Society, that in
up and npreadiUK the caune
limit the entire cotinlry.
nure, liuwever, nonie kindnof ex
, |„ which lie wan opponed, one
n entahlinhed in New York
, under tile inline of the
im- ;»g<
i d Bter Exchange, ami
n.iii of which the President of
iKii Slates was invited, and the
sidered it an insult to the
rs « on
that Midi
Ml ion
have hmi sent.
ii.pnl that flit* day was not tar
[ *hm thHoiitiretwelvothuusaiul
icrosH tlm earth's surfacH would
, Christian ihurch«« touching
b. rail tho way.
c u ved in chmrh extension, and
ply to do all in his power to as
for tin* Methodist church takes
ml against polygamy and defends
jut fri in the influence of the sa,
Arise" hail been s ,ng
C. 0.
r ti e by
if the Pro
n ngregation, Ohaplaiti
1 , D !>., was intnMhiccd, and
i. cause ut churc'i extension was
the greatest of the many great
:u which the Methodist church
. id that he was a member of
cat Methodist church, and while
jiot wish to Mini fault,he thought
greater work could he acrorn
[I if the people were more fully
nth the Holy Spirit. He thought
im - n would be well for all the
icrs to stop preaching until every
in tlc ir congregation took some
the church papers, no that they
become fully informed of what
the world and
ipdom of Christ was advancing,
l,after all.is the only news worth
jMike about a mat) ill jbe West
»d built a church that, cost him
atid his i.cighlsirs all said that
I gone crazy, hut the speaker
1 there w
a whole lunatlc
cli men.
society has from December 1st,
cli men.
society has from December 1st,
to October 31sf, built 442
les in diilereiit parts of the
1 Slat*-*, hut the speaker did not
>ugh ; there should
that was
■ than three churches built
king day in the year, one in
a*, noon and one at
rmiig. Mil
must t«- doi.H
keep pace witli
inas** mi tin* population,
onignerin this country brought
lends h r»' as s<».>n ;
a i
they could.
ppe«l, in fact he
■ i st* |*|»*•(!. ter il foreigners
•< r. .'cioufsl to come to t his
grandfather would never
i fr<
enld never have
■ a money geiter; all
tioyhood, all
ministry hiMl
of money
use of christi
ot hi*
fk I t
' ls -'"i8 in lh
in tha
•tie ldci
8| read the «•;
! ""'l-'l Git this
Dakota, and
"f lands flowing
y, he found this
•ii in
1- •" il lion,
ai «! l!<>
much better for
American either,
I. w
'** jtmrinuH land, hut he did
' 1 ■ I ' "I'ic to think that lie
: i- ,, 't, although he talked
1 • • w as not, lu^t he only
'•'' Hu people ab, ut, this
h l,,al (i,M l has given this
<1 1 .
cletfnniwd to
of (iiiveriiiiii.m, anil
' 'union a total almtl
11,1 I" IiojimI the day wan
u 11 total extinction of
" 1 1 cl I C the law in all parts
■' tlethmijflit thednvil
'a'ilni'kril Potior CNrunty,
1 "• "lii'in li(|iiorx have not
1 '' '"' iity yearn, and Haloon*
1 "'i.ti'iii a Hliort titiii. hIiici. the
I at a iiiil out,
Oakota, thi-r
<s six motithsold, anti
-fventy mill.* to Kilt, in the
h'm there, Imfoiiml he
^. 1 ua a Him], so iietook hisHtrind
,'2 r n'" votnnienicl to *i„o,
| m i„ ,1' l,r »l*urooin Cometh," anil
[,l , '" ll " came up ami
' ' "'"K with him, ami then a
"gatlierwi H,lillly 8 " v '-' ri11 »>un
ll "Cone this i„ Wilmington he
^ue heenurrestc.l as a meniher
• ''•'lloti army, but the people
1 ■l"'hat ,„ Dakota they
1 ■''■viIixhiI out therein I hat re
are herein Wilmiup
this jail fur
■'* U WJ
nilir:! "! «« the corner
Ifn ou.l .T W< ''ccau.e intereHted,
K I .Ln VV 1 b0 111,1 «■"'«
' Imw n cl ! " 1:hun ' 1 '- a,,d
low.r.l i, V 1 y WHrn K U| I J K to
1 give 1 "i"it sai,i hc
! w kayo a Imndred '.ll',.™', "'I'. 1 ,
lw rt f»rt».«ne Imodreddo l.i
J'" 'he |,eo|,leaded him to^ lee
C Iheii 1 that ni K i„ a „d h
hothltiK, So when tlieiillllh eanie
..I ® r B* audience in the room
d'Viie'i' 'H" r " te
e«'tne I IW f P " llm ' H " lie had let
lit that ti^ be thought
* out n,„i , R^y something
red '(loiliifk vv,, ' ,,l, '' l nl»«
it. u , i lrs belore 'imv lelt
''ontinneil tlie
a,Hl "-"in (hat a,,..;, 'e
een eeinii| Hl || ' , w, ' rt 11 ehureli
B hundred , i.'i""hot* Unit cost
elo-inu c| . | ?;
'•ecy t wo 1 , " ' M ; G "be said
'""'hmed ae lV. U "', 1 11 ^ ''"l
'hurch i„i 0 „,iJJ". 1 * ,HVHr J . u > Uft
for enough money to Htart two
churches. A scene then ensued that
' possibly could not be equalled In the
churcbeHof any other denomination,
and the people seemed to vie with each
jollier as to who should contribute firet
to this great cause.
I Mr. and Mra. Job H. Jack hod occii
!p*«d seAts on tJjw ,<jfl ot > an,i J UHt OI,t '
. Hide oftbe altar railing, and I mine
*H»foly after the appeal wax made Mr
I •> *<'*"«" »»» * f * w lln ?» » P'V'« °<
papttr, which wbh paHHed up to Chap
^McCabe, , i to lh „
dieuce aafoliOWH Mra Jackaon con
tribute* two hundred and fifty dollar*
*>r Jmr little hoy, Henry F. Aakew
Jack hod.
Thin wan followed by the Rev. C. W.
Prett y man and weveral other ministers
contributing rifteeu dollars apiece, and
then the Kev. A. D. Davis rose and stated
that he had obligated hiniHelf to pay
ten dollar* a year to thiH fund aa long
he lived, and he intended to do it.
From all parts of the house came the
order*. " nut me dywn for fen dollars,"
until finally the Chaplain said, "there,
hold on, I've got the five hundred dol
lars I asked for." He was answered
by a voice in the rear of the room, who
Haid " hut we want to give another hun
dred, and I'll start it with ten dollars."
Again (the contributions commenced
follow in, and a gentleman announced
that Mrs. Murray, wife of of the pastor
of Anbury church, said that her hus
band wah unable to be present, but die
would contribute ten dollars. The Rev.
Mr. Murray, who had come in unob
served, and taken a seat in a side aisle,
rose to his feet and said, " yes, lie is here,
. . . ,
and will endorse that by giving ten dol
lars more.''
And thus it continued until fdOO had
Ihmju raised within fifteen minutes, and
then Chaplain McCabe said there were
some people who would not think it
was a Methodist imefing unless the col
*re taken around,
• hich wan done by sv ine of those pre
raised in
lev lion baskets
soiit, and « 4 itit♦* a largo
lhut manner.
Several hj inns were then sung by
Chaplain McCabe, after which the con
gregation was dismissed with the bene
npicul MKNT lOfl
No Urealer Proof
can bo given of t he value of any article
than this, that everybody who uses it
speaks well of it and recommends it to
their friends. This is the c
" Canada Pine Syrup," the great lung
remedy ; 2f> cents a bottle.
Reducod In prices. I ine re-toaehed cabinet
reduced from $ 6.00 per dozen to $3.00 jier
dozen. Lard photographs finely re-touched,
reduced from $ 2.60 per dozen to $ 1.60 per doz
on. T. G. Holland, photographer, gallery
307 Market street.
flurKalnn! Hargnlns!!
Fv»r the next thirty days in cigars and
tobacco, to make room for new stock,
at 105 East Second street.
. T. Danner, 510 Market street, is still
alive and ready to do all kindsof paint
ing and graining. Jobbing a specialty,
Family Flour.
Call on K nnhle, Front and Madison
streets,for good family flour ; good flour,
$4.75 per barrel.
House and sign painting by Walter
Joseph, at 122 Market street.
Go And be convinced that Sineltz &
Co., is the cheapest place to buy j
in the city. Apples, oranges, lemons
| butter, eggs, cheese, sweet potatoes,
white potatoes, and all kindsof country
produce, at No. Id East Fourth street.
Holland takes pictures in cloudy weat h
er as well as clear, by the instantaneous
process. Gallery, 307 Market street..
By buying a bushel of Janney's
, st 303 King street, you
may receive a present, of $25 in gold.
Fine toilet articles you will find in
large variety a' 302 King street, and at
reasonable prices. Ta> lor A Fullerton.
Rond's Extract and H umplirey's Mar
vel of Healing are sold by J. R. Hurt
man, druggist, Filth and Poplar.
English waxed back tooth brushes,
15 cents, lhiufortli, (lruggist, Second
and Market. '{ iiishch a specialtv.
choice poi.ati
and 303 King street,
shelsof choice jmfatocs at
He gives a card with
2,(UK) I
market rates,
each bushel, and a present of $25 in
gold to the holder of
when the cargo is disposed of. No
humbug or lottery, a mere gift of $25 In
gold to some one of bis customers.
of these cards
luring trom the errors and indlHcru
tloiiH of youth, nervous weakness, curly de
cay. Ion* of mnnho*sl. etc.. I will Bend a recipe
tli.t will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE.
'1 tils great remedy wan discovered t*y a mis
Uor.rry in South America. Send a self-ad
• Hewed e* velopo to the KEV. JOSEPH T.
INMAN. Station D, New York City.
inarl ood dfiiw-ly
I»r. Hiimnn* White Fiilmonle Hal.
The leading Lui'g Remedy of Wil
mingtoti, Del. Nothing can beat it
curing Sore Throat, Goughs, Hoarse
ness, Croup, etc. Lots of references.
50 cents ami $1. Sold by dealers.
Main depot, Fourth and King streets.
( oneerl st (Gasgon.
M. K. Sunday school,
The Glasg
will give a concert, and entertainment
in the M. E. church in that town on
Wednesday * veiling, the 12th inst.
The music will he entirely by home tal
Gravel ltoollng.
Plastic slate roofing, ami ;ill kindsof
slate roofs repaired by E. Mitchell, Jr.,
310 West Front street.. His coating for
tin and shingles never tails to make
roofs water tight.
Ttilrly-Oiie WatcticN
with Old Honesty,and eight clocks with
Durham plug, have been distributed
within the last six weeks, by Chapman,
at the great, tobacco mart, Sevnth
Orange streets.
Ituttou* witli Meet ell'cct are the moHt
"leHiralde. We have a Hi.e aaHjrtuient
i ,f 1,u,h ' wl1 " " r without .'eel.
be to yoiir advantage to see our lar K o
* u, " k ' Ki " KB ' ra,t -
A P 0, '* to be drawn ti.v a tnem
ber of tbe Itaynard watch club next
At Weyl'H, No. 7 Ka*t Second rtreet,
yo " rttn set. die iiiceet, biecuit, and
chocolate cake in I lie city.
• • •
Mw ' Bj A,, » ,
Whonyeuiixk (nr Hun ton e ( tipi'lno I er
on ' l'l»"ier*. (ion't accept any i.thura as "|uat
*a Keud." I rleaiUuonta.
A gold watch lo be draw n by a mein -
ber of tbo Ilaynard wutcli dub next
Tlie first drawing in the Itaynard
watch club on next Tuesday evening.
It will
Fortieth Anniversary.
For the Kkim iilk a i*.
The celebration of the fortieth anni
Ternary of the weddingof Mr. and Mrs.
August us Dennis, which came of! at
their usually qule f. home on Fast
Third street, on Friday evening last,
was an event well worthy of being put
on record, one that will long be remem
bered by ail who were present, aid
their name was legion, for they filled
the house up stairs and down. The
guests began to assemble at about
o'clock, p. in., and for two and a half
hours,although there was neither wine,
whisky,gin or any such kindred spirits,
there was a continuous How of good
humor from first to last.
During the evening a question that
has long t>een a mooted one with many
persons,was at least partially settled, to
wit: " Whether a woman could or could
not keep a secret." A most amusing
incident that occurred on the night nl
the espousals had lieen kept by the
bride up to that evening, but, its rela
tion even then, after so many interve
ning years,called forth peal* of laughter
from all that heard it. About Wp 4 '
o'clock, j>. m., the presents were to be
made. The bride received a very hand
some hair cloth rocker, with the under
standing, however, that the groom
could borrow it occasionally, a silver
pitcher, a pair of silver napkin rings,
silver oyster ladle, sugar spoon, a very
handsome glass stand, with a large •
iced pound cake tlc-reon, besid.ia
numerous other mementoes of affection
were brought out.
And now the speeches all being over,
as many of the party as could well get
in were invited to the dining room,
where a large table was fairly groaning
under its weight of pouud, sponge, jel
ly, cup and all kinds of cakes,as well as
a most profuse abundance of fruit, such
as grapes, oranges, bananas, etc., and
as far as your reporter
every individual surrnuuding that table
was well helped, and helped them selves
well. The party consisted mostly ot
members of Anbury church, John (l.
Raker and wife, old and cherished
friends from Grace, were present, and
the former gave one of his best speeches
during the evening. Somewhere be
tween the long hours of the night the
company retired in good order.
ab!t* to
11. s. ti.
in the I'. S. Senate on Friday Mr.
Pendleton presented a joint icsultiMon
of the Ohio Legislature urging the pas
sage by Congress of a bill to prevent the
importation of foreign contract labor.—
The bill to regulate the practice ot patent
cases was made the special order for
Tuesday next.
'The Naval Appropriation bill, which
bail been received from the House, was
referred to the Committee on Appropria
The bill providing that a majority of
the Judges of the Supreme Court shall
constitute a quorum (instead of six out
of nine, as at present) was taken up.
It also provides that no .fudge of the
Supreme Court who shall have heard a
case at Circuit shall he one of the Judges
to hear it when it comes up on appeal.
After pome discussion, the bill was
passed. Mr. Plumb, from the Commit
tee on Public Lands, reported favorably
the House bill declaring forfeited the
lauds granted to the Texas Pacific
Railroad Company. The Seuato then
adjourned until Monday.
In the House, the bill for the retire
ment of General Alfred Plaasonton
with the rank of Colonel came up as
unfinished business. Mr. Steele, of In
diana, movtd to re-commit the bill,and
the motion was carried—122 to 115. Mr.
Browne, of Indiana,immediately intro
duced a bill granting Alfred Pleasou
ton a pension of f loo a month. Objec
tion was made to its present considera
tion, and it was referred to the C
m it fee on Invalid Pensions. Mr.
O'Neiil, of Pennsylvania, presented a
resolution of the Vessel Owners anil
Captains' Association ot Philadelphia
favoring t) o abolition of compulsory
pilotage. A number ot private bills
were disposed of,and an evening session
was held for the consideration of pen
sion bills.
Everybody's duty is to work ; to make
•ouiethiug to lay up ; to take goml care
of that which we have; to increase
ami grow prosperous. Success comes
through watchfulness and being careful.
Now we are well aware that we • annot
hold your trade unless we fulfill ...
promises. We are careful, therefore,
to make no assertions in advertising
that we are not fully prepared to carry
out in practice. You will find in our
■tore juat what we tell you we hove. A
large stock •elected with special
reference to the needs and tastes of this
community and the requirements of the
spring trade. And the beauty of it all
is that wo are offering decided bargains
in everything, and as we have started
out to keep at the head of the procession,
we intcud to do it and give full value
for your money every time. THY GS.
And we feel sure that if you once give
us a trial wo shall hold your custom.
School Shoes,
Work Shoes,
And Shoes to wear on Monday,
Big Shoes,
Little Shorn,
And Shoes that'll do for Sunday.
Boys' Shoes,
Men's Shoes,
Just the Shoes you seek,
Shoe* to-day,
Shoes to-inorrow,
And Shoes for all the week.
Dollar Shoes,
Or cheaper Shoes,
Almost any price you name,
And broad feet,
Or narrow feet,
Are fitted just, the same.
At Mihr'i, No. 12 K. Fourth street,
the best and cheapest Boot and Shoe
House iu Wilmington.
Remember that there will be four
watches given out in the mouth of
April in B. H. Clark's watch club; one
every Monday night; come join at once.
You get a first-class gold watch by
joining Clark's watch club ; join at
Oranges bv the ton ami selling for a
mere trill*;, at smelt/ &<'o., No. 13 East
Fourth street.
A'l kinds ot job printing done at the
Khf DBLIcan Office. Good work and
fair prices.
Go to Smelt/^6 Co. for your butter
eggs, and produce, and save ten per
cent. Smeltz & Co., 13 East 4th street.
Clocks, watches and jewelry at. Mas
sey's, 404 King street, the best at the.
lowest prices iu the city.
For your 25, 30 and 40 cent oysters go
to Maura's, 605 Jefferson street.
The Warren Uymnanitua.
The Warren Gyronasiun Association
ia the name of an athletic club that has
leased the second story of the Washing
at ton engine houte.and has fitted it m»
handsomely, with papered walls And
painted ceilings, for a place of meeting
in the evenings, and for the practice of
gymnasium arts. 7 here are about .15
members of the associating,
them members of the Washington
Engine Company, ami some of them
are young men residing in the vicinity,
They have pooled their means together]
and have made all the machinery para^
phernalia and contrivances for the de
velopment of the muscle, with which
the room is so plentifully stocked.
Fulling and lifting machines, rowing
machines, a walking ladder,dumb-bells
and Indian clubs, trapeze rings, hori
zontal and parallel bars and boxing
gloves are placed in their proper places
around the room,some of them suspend
ed from the ceiling,
To see athletic young men awing from
rings to trapeze, * and from trapeze to
horizontal bar is quite
saw It yesterday. These young
spend their evenings here instead of in
the beer saloons, and there can be but
few citizens who will not eud(
This evening is the last that the room
will be open tor visitors in general, and
• he Warren club will warmly welcome
all their friends who may pay them
the reporter of the Rkitbeican
MM OfNalM.
•• loth—John E, Lewis, Deer Park Ho
tel, Nowurk.
loth—Michael Lynch, t'hrlsttana Hd
" l"th-8Hl A Bailey, Red J.
loth—4ireden, Executor, Ilockesgln.
llth—Win. Veale. Brandywine hd.
• llth—7<»0 Market street, city.
12th—Palmer's Sale, 1 hristiara lid
" 12th—Price fit Vroman, 9th ward.
12th—K. F. Heed, Pencadcr Hd.
13th—A. W. House, Chadds Ford, Pa
" Pith—John Banning, C'hrtstli
13th—B. It, luee, Pencadcr llondnal
14th—L. W'. Stidham At Bon, city.
14til-Mrs. Edward Beeson. Brandy,
wine Hd.
" 14th—Solo for S. CJ. Stidham, (Christi
ana Hundred.
I4»h—1403 Jackson street, city.
•* Kith—Martin Farrell, city.
" 16th—Peoples and Hicks, ('lirlstlana
" 17th—Win. Thompson.('nrlstuma rid.
•' 17th—Yl. (T. Sutton, Christiana Hd.
" 17th—N. Davis, New Castle Hundred.
•• 18th— Latimer fit Zeblcv. Christiana
18 th—George Veale. Brandywine Hd.
" 18th—George Vance. Christiana lid
18th—000 Market street city.
" 19th—Win. W. Ring, Christiana Hd.
*' 19th—Wiliner I alley, Brandjwlne
" 20th—F. G. fz 11. H. Chandler, Ha
worton. Pa. *
" 20th—Caleb Miller,city.
20th—Elizabeth lreleplane, Centre
•• -Otb—George Glatts, near Chadd's
21st— L. W. Stidham A Son, city.
*• 21 st— D. H. Ridgway, Christiana Hd.
• 21st—Mrs. McCall.city.
22nd—Lcdidell 809 West 8th street
• * 22 nd— Rainho's estate.
• 22nd— Wetvster At Lee, Brandywine Hd
. Pa
" Facts, or his Little Hatchet,''a new
comedy, by G. H. Jessop and W, H.
Gill, will be presented for the first time
in ibis city at the opera House this
evening by Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Florence. This comedy ia iii four acts,
and furnishes These two great popular
artists unusually good opportunities for
strong character acting. Mr. Florence
will jK?r son ate " Pinto Perkins," fa
miliarly called the "Governor," whose
faculty tor strait-out lying is some
what beyond the comprehension of or
dinary mortals.
Mrs. Florence i>ersoiiafee " Miss Ma
tilda Starr," a romantic English au
thoress, who Is traveling in the United
States for lhe purpose of gathering in
formation for her writings, and the
IIM'lJSt 1 1
her gruitly, but alie carefnlly preserves
notes of all lie tells her for future reler
•nes be
lies of
Perkins '' astound
kins " ai <1 herself are of the most ludi
d( script ion. The company is
good, w|,j!o the f lay is
niounud, and during the evening Miss
ar tour elegant <
lume.i, made in Paris especially for her
Benevolent Hzqu«M*
will of the late ManusG. Friel.of
Lebanon, Reims., probated yesterday,
makes tbe following bequests : To tlie
Orphans' Home ot St. Mary's Catholic
church of that place, $10,(MM) ; the Cath
olic I'arochial school, $7,000 ; The Cath
olic Theological Seminary of Harris
burg, $ 2,000 : the St. Lawrence Catholic
church at. Harrisburg, $1,000, and for
Him erection ot a Catholic church at
Cornwall, $1,500.
The will of the late L. J. Knowles,
of Worcester, Massachusetts, in addi
tion to a large nutrihor of bequests to
public institutions in New England,
gives $10,000 to Carleton College, North
field, Minn., and $2,000 to the American
Board of Missions for foreign missions.
A Her the death of his widow $5,000 goes
to Doane College, Nebraska, ami $5,000
to Washburn College, Topeka, Kansas.
A I'lnld'laNB InveNimeiif.
The best plan for any person to save
money is by taking shares in the
Equitable Loud Association, which is
now issuing a new' series of five hun
dred shares. No hack payments.
Every share was tak«*r. last
year and
we could riof supply 1 !.«• d
the share holder? ;
•a ml
■d 0 per cellf.
$ 1.00 each.
•y loaned on mortgage **r loan
stock as seciirify. L<»ans may be re
turned and membeis may withdraw
any time after the first six months.
For shares or further information call
on William E. Hawkins, Secretary
No. 712 Market street.
('lilldron'M Temperance Medina;.
The children's temperance meeting
will be held as usual iu Gilbert chapel,
corner of Thirteenth ami French streets,
to-morrow evening at 0.30 o'clock. Rev.
A. W. Holt and other Conference min
isters will deli ver short addresses. A
cordial invitation is extended to all to
attend, as the services are concluded in
time to allow all to be present at
their chosen churches, in time for ser
Nale of Nfock.
L. W. Stidham c*te Son, auctioneers,
yesterday sold the live stock belonging
to Guest. & Mousley, iu Brandywine
Hand red, at the following prices: Cows,
$81, $50, $ti!>, $80 ; 2 year old bull, $32.
50 ; six months old calf $15; 18 months
old colt, $100 ; shoats $4.50 to $7 ; stick
ing pigs, $ 1.40. The stormy weather !
seriously interferes with the attendance
at country sales.
ateli club $40, at Mas
Ladies' gold
sey404 K ing st nud.
Gents' silver watch club $25, at Mas
sey's, 404 King street.
The first drawing in the Baynard
watch club on* next Tuesday evening.

1 Hi
Nun rises 0.21.
Dump, isn't it.
ObrUtfleid A He«t.
Agent* for DnnlapN Hale.
Kumford Brother*, IIalter*.
Sun set? 6.00.
(Jod f<iir#,;*idit i.
Medifc Oft
City Laundry, Sixth and Shipley street*.
Millard F. Davie, jeweler,w E. 2 nd street.
Wringers sold and repaired, at 313 Shipley.
G. S. Humphrey a Bro.,batters,302 Market
Fine IS K. Kings, at Hanf, 16 E. Fourth st
out Mowers at Hayden's, 0th and Shipley.
Brazilian Balm, coughs and colds, 10 cts*
Lightning rods put op by W. J. Morrow'
All kinds (*f table catlery at 99 cent store.
Coffee roaster, 4o« King street. Fresh roast
ed dally.
Dr. I>arroon may bo consulted at his office
No. 1824 L'atnac street, Philadelphia.
Earthen fire proof Mew kettles Warrant
ed tiro proof 1. Lewis Row 416 King street.
Catalogue of Roses at Hayden9th and
Hoofing done at prices to suit all, by
Morrow, 417 French street.
Fixtures and lightning rods for sale by W.
J. Morrow, 417 French street.
To have your gravel roofs repaired,go toW.
J. Morrow, 417 French street.
Old tin roofs coated and made tight by W
.1. Morrow, 417 French street.
Gravel and plastic slate roofs put
J. Morrow, 417 French street.
Consumptives call on your Druggist and
get a free Trial Bottle Im
covkky. N. B. lianforth.
Parlor, chamber and dining room
fthlpley street.
Great rush for Mtnett's photographs,only
|1 per dozen, at Westcott and l.'ummirga.
302 Market street.
W. J
by W.
. Kinu'h Nkw Die
iittresHos and feather* at Cannon's,417
lake your bable* to Holland'fl, 307 Market
street, and have their pictures taken by me
I m-tan to (!**•< ns process
Take your children to Westcott U Cud.
mlnga lor fine photographs, 302 Market
street. Bueccssor to the Jute . 1 . K. Butterley
For good butter and cheese, go to H. H
■. bulls 72 bhd 74, Heeond street market
Idler* cannot even find time to be Idle, or
leisure. We muft always
the iiidustr
be doing or fullering.
He that does not know those things that
d necestity lurhim to know, is
but an iguorant man whatever he may
know besides.
The publisher of " Accidentally Over
heard " hereby gives notice tli.it .ill riulits
::r : reserved, and any unauthome 1 attempt
to dramatize It will be punished to the lull
extent of the law.
A man h
more right to say an unciv
il thing than to act cue ; no more right to
say a rudo thing to another loan than to
knock h Im down.
If you have great talents industry will im
prove them : If moderate aLdliticr inctiFtry
will supply their deficiency. Nothing is de
nied to well directed labor. Nothing is ever
to he attained without It.
No girl ought
think of marriage until
sho cun wash and iron. She can t got along
unlesfl she knows how to smooth her hus
band s boFom when it becomet. ruill♦*<i
" It ts neeep*ary to understand Hie man
agement of the breath," says a writer, •* in
order to be successful as a singer." It is al*o
necessary to t*e succeesrul as a husband.
My stock of frames composed of gold.plush,
velvet and fancy mouldings, will make your
eyes glisten and mouth water if yi u see
them. G. K. Baugh, 203 Weat Second st
Koss, 110 Market street, ha? just received a
large invoice of latest stylo hats lit 1 ' ■
York which he will sell at the ven ..
cash prices, also a good line of gent-. 7 furnish
ing goods on hand.
ing goods on hand.
All notices not sent in by 11 o'clock
ruing will nut be published.
Madely Chapel—Morning, the Rev. James
('arroll : evening, the Rev. 1. N. Foreman.
Scott M. E. Church—Tho Rev. <'. M. Vevx
Epworth M. E. Church— 1 Tfie Kev. A. 1>
Bethel A. M. E. ( hurefi—The Rev. J. A.
Hr i mile.
Brandywine M. h <'iiur. fi—Tfi
C. Atkins.
Kev. I.
Newport M. E.
Jfitirch—The K»*.v. f. <
at in or Id i L r stjrv let
Grace M. E. <'Lurch—>1
J. S. Willis : evening, the lu\.
M. E. Church—Mon.i
R. W. 4 oild ; a Homo
Uouseould of Faith—Mor
Dr. Caldwell ; evening, the
Mt. Salem M. E. Church
Rev. J. c Alownray : evening, tfie Re*
W. \\ . Wilson.
' to* Kiv
H \ i u.
fie Kev.
, t ho
Second Baprist Ghureti—lTtinmiMr n nrn
1 eveimiK by the Rev. H. VI. Wharton.
laUnltarlau ('hurcb. Dr. H. H. Wil.f.n,
2.ter. Service at 11
Swi'l.iy s-liujl at
7.30 p.in.
Green Hill Prenfiy tcrlar. cfiiiicli. near Rls
log Sun. Pieacfnrg
)0. 0 H
, by tfie Rev. 11. K. Walker at Auburn,
All are cord 1 ally
iv. 1 *.'
. «i.
Delaware Avenue Baptist Cfiurcli. Rev.
l. M. Haldumai). I'abtor. preacli.iia at 10.3U
lfible Scin.ul at 2 p.
m. Revival serviees all day. Bnj tisu. tf lit
candidates at the uveoiug service.
. 111. hi <1 7.43 |>.
The Swedish M. E. Mlssi n Ck pel, over
Eleventh street bridge.
Sunday School at '
'arlston, |intaor. All Sea dinaviaris
7 .;
cord in I ly
The Kev. O
at tfie First Prasby
•1 pistor
tfiat Ciiurrfi to
i t.uoL in ttie
lia . lie will 11 so iq
All .1!
nt not
Second H ipi.
('b ircti.
streets. It
at RI.3U
: sued.
■ k
Mr. \\ liHitoi.
c* i>n
<• Re
♦ d M
.1 HI;
.NurvbTS 10.31
H. Wit
I. 1.
? .3U i». ia. M'-nun**. t'N Rev. J.
av Bill. Md.. ev
r M. t
vl. t.
oiling Ly tie* Kev. R. A Tull.
Church. Feduralsnurg. Md. Suniluj school
at 9 a. 111
Hanover Church, corner of.Sixth anti Kina
Marks D. D. Young People's service in the
morning. Subject : "The Weakness of Hu
Suture.'' It is expected tout the Rev.
Mr. Pegic.iittondlng tfie Wilmington Gonf'er
ence, will assist in the morning. All are cor
dially invited.
liotliiiuy Baptist (Hmrch, corner Elm and
Jackson streets, tfio Kov. H. 'Pratt, pastor.
Preaching morning and oveuing. .'Morning
subject ; " All to fio fulfilled." Evening sub
ject : " How shall w» escape."
Sunday school at 9 a. in. and 2 p. in. Pas
tor's adult Hiblo class at 2 p. in. Young poo
pie's prayer meeting at 7 p. in.
'reaching by tlie pastor, hev. L.
West Presbyterian church,corner of Eighth
and Washington streets. Kov. A. N. Keig
, pastor. Broaching M.'.j a. in. by
mstor, and 7 % p. in. by Rev. A. W. Light
nmrne, tt the M. E. Conference.
Monstty, Tuesday anti Wednesday even
ingsby the Rev. W. O. Alexander, of Mid
diet,own, Thursday and Friday evenings by
the Kov. J. C. Gaton, of ('liesapeako t'lty,
Md. All aro cordially invited to •ittend.
Church of the Covenant, Reformed E|»ls
copal, Second street near WHshington, the
Rev. William H. Barnes, rector. Church ser
. anti 7.30 p. m. Morning
inching hv Rev G. L. Hardouty. Even
J. M. ('0111118:
. nt tho t hurch,2 3*i|>.
lug preaching by Kev.
Smith* v 8. bo*d nt 9 a ni
m. at the elm pel ol the (iood Shepherd, Filth
avenue, West Wilmington. Chapel meeting
Wednesday, 0.30 p. iii. Evangelist If ser
vices on Tuesday ami Friday
the church ; confirmation services
tiny at 7.80 p. m. Prayer mooting at 0.3o p.
7. 8o p m.
, .. .___ linn |
Circulation of the ltKl-um-lOAN, o.MOO. |
vimikday aui kmiox m km*
Yesterday afternoon's session of Con
ference eonvened at 3 o'clock, with the
Rev. J. H. Caldwell presiding. Devo
tional services were conducted by the
Rev. W. Underwood, D. D.,after which
Dr. Caldwell stated that the object of
the meeting was to hear the report of
the committee on forming a Historical
Society for the Wilmington Confer
The report of the committee was pre
sented ami read by Rev. J. P. Otis, and
provides the manner in which persons
may become members, the objects of
the society, duties of the oflicers, etc.
The committee was appointed for this
purpose at the Conference held one
year ago, and since that time have
framed the constitution and laws that
presented. On mot on the
articles were read separately, and
with a few unimportant amendments
adopted. On motion the following com
mittee were appointed to nominate a
Board of Managers for the Society:
Revs. It. F. Price, T. O. Ayers and J.
P. Otis.
After a few minutes spent in con
sultation, the committee announced the
•wing, wlm were unanimously
elected : The Revs. J. H. Caldwell, D.
D.: GetrgcA. PLotbus, D. D.; A T.
Bcotf, J 8. Willis. A. W. Lighthourn,
James A. Rrindle, A. W. Mi!by, K. W.
Todd and B. F. Price ; Laymen, Dr.
R J. Price, of Vienna, Md.; Walter
Ii. Thompson, of Easton; Dr. H. W.
Houston, of East New Market; Henry
C. Conrad , Esq., of Wilmington ; L. A.
C. Geiry, of Port Deposit; Dr. W. T.
Collins, of Brnyrna; T. A. Leather
bury, rif Onancock ; I. T. Matthews, of
Smyrna ; L. E. 1\ Dennis, of CrisHeld.
On motion of the It-v. T. L. Tom kin
son, the Secretary was direct'd to have
the constitution and by-laws printed in
the minutes, and the managers weie in
structed to hold a meeting next Monday
alternoon at 2 o'clock.
Shortly after 4 o'clock the doxology
sung and the meeting adjourned
with the benediction, by the Rev. B. F.
A session of the Lay Electoral Con
ference was held in the lecture room of
Ashury church yesterday,which organ
ized by elu ting the following officers :
President, U. F. Pickeis of Wilming
ton : Secretary, Dr. It. J Price of Vien
na , Assistant Secretary, Henry B. Dul
any, of Fruitland ; Treasurer, C. M.
Leitch, of Wlliiiiugton.
A series of resolutions w ere offered
and atlopuul,endorsing the itinerant sys
tem ami the present timeliiu l of preach
Twelve candidates were nominated
delegates to the General Conference,
ami on the third ballot. T. A. Ellis, of
Elktou, and A. G. Cox, of .Middletown,
were chosen. Dr. A. E. Sudler, of
Sudlersville, Md., and Joseph Pyle, of
Wilmiugtoii, were elected alternates.
A collection was taken to defray the
expenses of printing the record in the
minutes of
au adj
clock 11.
i nference, after which
t was hud until 8 o'
ruing, win n yesterday's
proceidiigs will be reported to the
.d the Conference of Minis
It FA I. im; testimony.
The committee appointed to investi
gate rlie charges against the Rev. L. C
Andrews met in Union Church to hear
testimony at 2 p on. The Rev. J. R.
Quigg, commissioner, also sat. to take
testimony in tbe case ol the Rev. W. J.
O'Neili. In each case the testimony of
the witnesses was written down, and
then read to hern, when they signed it.
completed, the testimony in
the oui-e of the Rev. W. J. O'Neill will
In* on st'it ted to Conference, and the
action <4 the elders in the
Ij. C Andrews submitted, but the evi
dcticc n. the last named will not be read, f
aso of Rev.
I,oilers Gre-*(«<!.
Letters testainentary
-re granted by
yesterday to Lemuel
f Rachel
Graves, late ot Mill Greek Hundred, to
Hilaries H. Simmons and Lewis Sim
ill of
Einelme SiinnioDs, late of this city.
Letters of administration were also
granted »o Robert M. Gibson,on the es
tate of Thomas IL Campbell, late of
in.ins, executors named iu the
On Thursday similar
granted to John C. Johnson
the estate of Mary Ferguson, late of
Mill ('reck Hundred.
Accident to a Colored Driver.
< »u Thursday evening Thomas J.
Pallium, a coloicd driver for George
W. Bush & Sons, met. with an accident
which came near being fatal. He was
engaged in unloading some barrels
from ;t wagon into the W. *& N. freight
depot, when he lost his balance and
fell to the ground. He struck the back
of his ln-ad and had his neck badly
The Male of A. Worrnli.
of Pleasant Hill, Del ,
was rather poorly attended on account
of the snow storm, but prices were good
for all but mac! iuery,which was with
drawn. Morsel
the 5th inst.,
,.. |!? 8 i
5*fo, $.'(►, $t»2, $<o.50; heifers,'
l*igs as high as $8 apiece;
Malaria in all its forms positively
cured with Emory's Standard Gure
Pills, a never-failing remedy; purely]
vnget.abln, contain no (i»iniii« or other on
poisonous agencies ; endorsed by physi
dans and sold by druggists every
where.—25 and 50 cents.
ills .»() cents..
" Meno sana iu corpor** sane :
sound mind in a sound body" is the
trade mark of Allen's Brain Food, and
we assure our readers that, if dissatisfied
with either weakness of Brain or Bodily
powers, this remedy will permanently
strengthen both. $1.—At druggists.
i'lciranf Home For Sale.
That new and beautiful residence,
503 West street, next door to the resi
lience of W. K Crosby, Esq., can be
bought, right, only $1,000 cash required.
Possession immediately. Call ou Cyrus
Stem, No. Ill Market street.
Take Notice.
Parties having business with S. W.
She ward after this date will find him at
his new place No.713 West Front street,
between Madison and Monroe. If you
have no business call and make some
—the latch string is always out.
John Walther, agent, manufacturer
of Hue carriages, ol the best material,
and warranted, at Fourth an l Walnut
streets. Repairing also promptly at
tended to.
Jolnoneof tbe three watch clubs at
Maj)sey . 8) W1 Kin3 ttTeetl
Floor and Table
and Stoves,
We oiler a stock to select
from whicli is second to none
in the city, containing a fine
variety of styles, all new pat
4-4 Wool Filling Ingrains,
45 and 50 cents.
All-Wool Extra Supers, at
75, 85 and 90 cents.
Fine assortment of Tapes
tries, ut 7 5 to $ i .0.0.
Fancy China Mattings, 20
Stair, Floor and Table
Oil Cloths, from 10c. up.
Oil Cloths, from 10c. up.
The above goods are all
made lor present season use
and are no old shop-worn
remnants, offered at reduced
prices, to be closed out,
and having been bought
strictly for cash, we guaran
tee them to be reliable
- 4yyb
In this department we o!
fer some real bargains.
Parlor Suits, from $40.00
Chamber Suits, from $20
Good Lounges, $5.00.
Bedsteads, $4.00 per pair.
Mattresses, Pillows, Bol
sters, Comfortables and
Blankets at very low prices.
Warranted Reliable Cook
Stoves, $ 1 o up.
Haby Carriages, in all
Styles, $IO tO &>lS,
on Weekly OT monthly pay
* j 1 j
On a bill ot $10 00 ,
$1.00 down and
$1.00 a
506 Market street

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