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V0LX1V.no. 23.
lit yak 11 1A» oBNEU
politicians on
of the as
Bfcato Con
ed to con
was a live
the occasion
H * U -
t an "iirtillHretit counties,
IP*"*, L jjUrtHrs at the two
"JT town 111" n»y» nl 1,0111,0
ofiheW""' vlir i„„ B matter.
aisciiBKe.l until all the
Iberally 1 iv^.i sllor ,iy after
""iP'rl-e *i> i.-Kate" l " 1 " 1 <,ach
«* B talW together and pro
tocao*' • .Viimlngtoti held
le T in tliB parlor of the Cap
JjftU " hi|,| ' " ,eS " | t 1 ®'.n 1 mi r
County was ..'. r IB "'
irlwl, which thay joined
'! 4 r v in lancuH, and,
, c l , ,,, 't William Herberts
... MSect Him o
rue Wllndupton men
MdU- S-l in electing George
* L-:. i,f the delegates
of II I to 28 for
y Central Orav waa
1 ' . vl ■■ led as ihogither
1 Widiiim Herbert and
mo. 0
hh altennit
lllt .. ,. n ui ii-, after lii'iuK
tan lmur, ndected James
x Congressman
1. >g,ites, with
,i d ltobert J.
The flplit in
Wolcott ami
pvfii* 'Y
, abe
J. lUrruigt*
m- gaining the vie
feds, the f-r
ei wi'li ^atlifrii.^H of tliia kind
.y -a - • .ii loggerheaus
#*re long winded
i session
• »hey arrived at
i-.nint of tlie long
ion ( f John W.
hoy being in
Ei l ward
„ with Dr. E. M.
id Charles
Senate of
in St ah
Clerk el
in crane
lelcgates, des
lion called
Igof having
hour, and feeling
fou ;j hard.y he safe to go into
[t j (l „ i n cni'piy stomachs, re
tupH. hof«d f- r dinner, after de
•„ I'-.. ( -r for organization about
t-k. A her 'ids. log their din
r. Sussex was hi ill in
.ii,.fli^r half hour passed
M'.re the d(i'"iuteH from tbe
county made their appearance.
tiled into Court
elegates i In*
•luck the con
'rder by Chair
!• Is of the State
l Committee, who spoke briefly,
:nu every Demecrat of the State
hich they
led b■ the various calls
2 his term of office.
to the auspicious
vliich they assem
n th'.i cutt'.viitiuii, with bright
Denueracy through
lie spoke disparingly
wnat Uqmhiirau Convention at
(Mini tlifii' uormuees for the
of Presidet
taking of *t
.1. lb
ii u
istancs under
tets tor
* v
I Vico President,
approaching Domo
i.t- said that thorn
ry undidaics that could lead
that wero well
in their
H but trf.it. butter lie
friend Bayard,
fi). After referring to the Ke
if two years
an Mv.
!. was opened with
whieu gave the
understand that
ratio party
Huded by
u ■ ipb-s of the Democ
hat Mm
were going
lit, 'V
chairman, and
■i ii ;
< \V. Whiley,
'•■mporary Secre*
business, so as
could get
■ iu. Edward 1^.
•' it-mporury or
M Doan quickly
•c • halt' ot the
S opposed the
d - rwards vvith
ii moved that a
u each county Vie
■ ci i the following
vrird Ogle, Giles
Ib'4liter, Nathan
•' I'uw Dciikyno.
; i: F- M.
in, l»r. James Tom
Joseph H. Bur*
s 'razor,
lev t V *' Kl l<*good, C. W.
-«», J-'l." M. Hons,on* I»i. Fow
pi ih'i i:
i-i l
J';; U. McN
con Gredontlftls
uited to dispense
• ere were no eon
tlnit. as the outtlon
" •e had already boon
s motion to dispense
"'d bo In order. New
J a'terwards cic
s °f lhat committee.
*d the following:
Dr H,
LMr. Willi
• I:.
W II.;:
offiinn n
Darhl Kcoso,
4 Lewis, W.
7~ K ' A. IIoho
druitt. w
'Hum. W, a. Jacobs,
rr »D Kbe Wslton.
Ronucy tho following
" '"'tovon resolutions:
' lla »"l W ll | in in h. Morris
iv xv flHain Bonn,
y Y*j! ' H. K.Ko
M •
' N;
, ~*y, Dr.
Rebelt J. Rev
: Thomas L.lter
Fratm, D. F.
. * i
"■ v.
'■ r " retired, and after
..j" 1 . ,,s loliows :
1 l-ntl'iis report tho
1 1 1 i* liy oiiucub an heiny
•!permanent ur
Gnu lollowlng ottlcers
V. '*>W ; Vice ]»ri
Gllla,nii, Francis
" •' 1 I, I. * ! ' 'A" i Socretarlos,
I • : xvi„Y f ., „ K,,r '>*«y and G. w.
•'oui were elected by
■out, Ob'
of tho
* F. Bayard
,1 u, J* r KUouiod, "tho
lucavo delogatcH as
••aucusRcs. Tho
' l- "living rsturned,
''u and read hv
"■"'ling nl which
Bn" 1 " Hi*
i foil,...: 1 "
r,, l
tl.p „u M: 111 Vftr, °us stages,
m ol Bayard was
Inrun ml,I,.V s , r , "c'awuro. I_.
U.B, I 1 "" 1 ..' ml vane, of tnu
Ml', '■""rf'iui'y ... ti"','! "■"'a n> l>o nuiUo
it h'l 1 ml' |,.lures the
'Mm,, l J*" cardinal
M .I |nil|»i£f! #r th.
tv iJ', , S' 1 »' M J , I'"*?' 1 '»
*'ib, .'""ttH " „ r ' m ana ro
' fur fi,',' n " "nd o.-i r ... K ' h,lvo horn up
ur 'i c l , inu eg jHParivnro. and wo trust
1110 approaching Con
party. Tho
vention at Chicago will co-opcrato In con
form line and adopting them to the present
need of the country. Wo present to the whole
country our follow citizen.
*• Thomas Franol* Bayard, ai a statesman,
who through his Iona public career has enun
ciated n ml Illustrated the enduring princi
ples of the Democratic faith, and wluse
nomination tothc Presidency would furnish at
once a platform and a candidate, whoso elec
rould satisfy the highest aspirations of
the American popple."
In moving the adoption of the resolutions
Mr. Cansey said that a speech wu« not neces
sary and merely referred to the time when
the great Webster was named as a candidate
in the Whig convention, at which time it
was said In Ills behalf that no speech was
m-cessary, as Mr. Webster was a platform In
himself, lie then sad that : horn us F. Bay
ard was platfo'tn enough for the State of
Delaware and the whole country.
A storm of applause greeted the speaker
at the close of his remarks, after which the
unanimously adopted, with
three cheers lo Senator Bayard. At 216 o'
clock the convention adjourned and the dele
gates departed for their homes. The Con
vention was only In session forty minutes,
all the delegates seemingly desiring to be Ib
more of a hurry to get homo than they
to deliberate long over the hopeless chances
of the next Presidential nominee being cho
sen from this State.
Be*olntlon* on Hi© l*(© Bebecca
At a meeting held last Sabbath of the
Anbury M. E. B.ibbatb School, the fol
lowing resolutions were adopted by a
rising vote of the School :
W u eke ah, In has pleased our
Heavenly Father to remove from our
beloved and aged sister,
Rebecca Matlack.of our Sabbath School;
Resolved, That while
have sustained a loss in her exemplary
Christian life, we bow with submission
to the will of our Heavenly Father,
knowing that He doeth all things well.
That in the decease of our
feel we
sister, Rebecca Matlaek, our Sabbath
School 1ms lost a faithful member and
of our School,
its female
who was
for many years
superintendent, and that while we
her death we return thauks to
for the privilege of
sister's presence
and for
many years
the rich
legacy she has leit, us in her Mincer*
pie,and wo will endeavor
uiate her Christian virtues.
ftdt sympathy to the bereaved family
sending them a copy of the above
preamble and resolutions.
Christian ex;
u> c
That we tender our heart
Harry K. Hkislkk,
James E. McKay,
Mary R. Lincoln,
M. Anna Taggart,
Eulogistic remarks on the deceased
made by tbe Rev. W. L. S. Mur
ray, Jacob Williams, Edward H. Spen
cer, George F. Hartman, M. Anna
Taggart, Harry E. Helsler, JermanJ.
MeMullin and James E. McKay.
vi ere
lleallli (iiiardlanfl.
A meeting of the Board ot Health
held last night with Dr. A H.
Griinshaw presiding. Charles W. Horn
was given ten days to clean a filthy
alley at Taylor and Church strrets, re
cently complaiued of by Paul Mark.
Executive officer Stewart reported that
Coulter and Williams had failed to
clean some filthy wells in Mechanic
instructed to
HtrHiit. Th« Sei'riitiiry
notify the «xi.»vator!i to do the work ou
a penalty of having their lioenHo re
voked. F. X. Jacquett, whorofuaed to
WoHt Eighth Btreet
abate a nuisance
bv order of the Board, was ordered to
Mechanic strent having
lie prosecuted,
been examined by Messrs. Feaster and
Jrawthrop, and found to bo in a filthy
condition, the attention of the Street
Commissioner was directed to be called
to the fact. Mrs. Dennis sent a cornmu
nication to the effect that stagnant
water existed in her back yard at No.
41G King street, caused by a cut off
Tlie matter was referred
water pipe,
to Messrs. Gawthrop and Feaster. A
check for $25, from Henry Wood, of
as ac
knowledged by the Board in part pay
ent for draining the Pole lot. The
opinion received from
Secretary read j
Attorney General Brewster concerning
a ccnllii-t tii'twc.'U tb« Hcmlh Carsllna
Ijeiillli autlmrit.ioMBDd Oovornraont in
ti)H nrecedcDcu of the
spnetors, as t
State or Government otliovre.
Attorney-General rules that the latter
MMHlenee, although ho must, be
•d by all reasonable regulations
provided by the State Health authori
ng. After allowing James Stewart $t
M-kcs pr<
ages the Board adjourned.
rrerdom ofTIionght.
dillusion of the
The wide-spreat
principle of freedom ot thought anioi
s is an inestimable blessing ; yet v
red to realize, that this, like all other
freedom, imposes an additional obliga
the Individual conscience,
lunger asked to submit
be dictum of another in
sitters of re'igion, or government, or
scientific conclu
If we arc no
our beliefs t.«
jut criticism,
hioiih or social observanews, or ai ything
else it is all till) more incumbent upon
honestly ami earnestly W seek after
If no one lias
the truth for ourselves,
the right to censure us for our opinions,
whatever they may be, wo have a con
sequent duty of Helf-scrutiny to find
out how and why we came to believe
thus and so, whether our motives were
pure and our grounds sufficient. And,
if our time and powers are too limited
for tlie close investigation of many sub
least learn more
jects, we may at .
modesty in assertion and morei kinuiy
toleration for the mistakes of others.
Grlin© Record.
O. O. Mairen, a pronjiueiit citizon
Kentucky, was a»»as
Greensburg, _
sinated by some unknown person or
persons on Monday near that place.
John P. Kennedy murdered kin wile
the head with an
V»y striking her on
axe iu New London, Connecticut, oi
Monday night. They quarrelled be
of her infidelity, winch h!i« con
fessed. , , , ,
Charles IT. Cambridge beat and shot
bis wife and then committed suicide in
Muskegon County, Michigan, ou Mon
day night. Bhe is not expected to re
cover. Jealousy was tlie cause.
iu Boston, Tuesday, tlie jury in he
ease of Walter E. Bradshaw, win' shot
and killed his father in Cambridge
few weeks since, reported to the Judge
that they were unable to agree, anil
were accordingly discharged, lhey
had been out since Saturday afternoon
Joiirunllslu' F.xciiI'.loil.
CllESSON BlTtlNIIS, I'a., June 17.
About 150 journalists from l'liilailel
phia, Baltimore, Washington and other
points, accompanied by their wives, ar
rived here at 2.40 this afternoon upon
an excursion tendered by the I'assenger
Department of the Feunsylvania l.ail*
road company. The party, numbering
n al. 100 people,dined at the Mountain
House, and this evening attended a ball
given in their honor. The excursionists
111 leave here at 10o'clock W-morrow
morning, aud after a trip over the Bell
Gaji ltatlroad will start for home,
reaching Philadelphia at 8 p.
Tl»© Free Trad© Bolters.
New York, June 17.—Many Demo
crata being out of town attending the
Saratoga Convention, it wan rather a
bad day for an independent Republican
conference. The Botson committee of
twenty-live, however, entered the Fifth
Avenue Hotel booh after the arrival of
the Fall River boat. The few people in
the corridor at that early hour stared at
the procession, headed by the Hon.
Henry L. Pierce, lirru, grizzly and de
termined. Following closely at his
heels waH the hero of 100 controversies,
and the gallant defender of woman suf
frage, Colonel Thomas Wentworth Hig
ginson, Colonel Theodore Lyman, ami a
number of young gentlemen in tight
pantaloons and wearing eye-glasses.
The Boston people held a meeting in
the afternoon at the Fifth Avenue
Hotel, at which Carl Schurz spoke. In
the evening eighty-seven gentlemen,
including the Boston delegation, met in
the large parlors of J. Henry Harper.
There wore present George Jones and
Charles R. Miller, of the New York
Times ; George William Curtis, Thus.
Nast, Henry Holt, Jackson S. Shultz,
General F. C. Barlow and others of
New York, and T. B. Reeves,
Wood, F. R. Cope and Joseph Parrish,
of Philadelphia.
George William Curtis presided and
said the object of the meeting was to
concentrate the opposition strength.
Carl Schurz introduced the resolutions,
which were similar to those passed at
the Boston meeting. Speeches were
made by Moorfield Storey, of Boston,
and F. S Wood, of Philadelphia, who
also reml a letter from Henry C. Lea,
endorsing the Independent movement.
Mr- Wood, who was introduced by Mr.
Curtis with the remark that the Inde
pendent movement had begun to make
headway in Pennsylvania, said the In
dependents of Philadelphia were not
solid for Blaine.
Speches were also made by George I*.
Sawyer, of Buffalo ; Henry Hitchcock,
of St. Louis : Colonel Iligginson, and
Several speakers mentioned
Governor Cleveland as a man whom
they could support for the
cy, and the name and sentiment wore
loudly applauded.
The* real reason why the meeting took
place at this time was to influence the
action of the New York State Conven
tion, the Independents being in favor
of the nomination of Governor Cleve
land. General Butler came over from
Boston ahead of the reformers, and
pointed out Governor Cleveland's weak
points no doubt with a great deal of
himself. This home
of the General has greatly
?. s.
satisfaction I
thrust '
pleaswl tlie Now York opponents of
(iovernor Clovelaml ami disgusted his
The Democratic State Oonvontiou of
Maine met on Tuesday iu Bangor.
Atwood Levensilver wan chosen tem
porary chairman ami made a short
speech, eliciting enthusiastic applause
by mentioning the names of Tilden and
Cleveland. Delegates to the National
Cbnvention were chosen. The resolu
tions adopted oppose war taxes, favor
the retontion of the present duties on
whisky and tobacco, but the reduction
of the revenues "to such an amount
as is absolutely required for the expen
ses of tbe Government," and urge re
form of the civil service. A resolution
was unanimously adopted aud tele
graphed to Chairman Manning, of the
New York State Committee, declaring
for the nomination of Cleveland for
The Democratic State Convention of
New York will meet iu Saratoga to-day.
The Tammany, Irving and County
Democratic delegates had arrived in
Saratoga last evening. Neither Tam
many nor Irving Hal) held any meet
ing last, night. Both organizations will
meet this morning. The tacit under
standing last night was that the Cuunty
Democracy aud Tammany will each
have 50 representatives in tlie Conven
tion and Irving Hall 12.
The Louisiana Democratic Conven
tion met on Tuesday in Baton Rouge.
Henry W. Ogden was chosen temporary
Chairman, and he "pledged the State
fur any nominee on any platform that
may be uttered by the Chicago Conven
The Independent lb publican Com
mittee, appointed at tlie recent, meeting
in Boston to confer with the Now York
Independents, arrived in New York
General It. F. Butler has written a
letter formally accepting the Greenback
nomination for the Presidency.
Ttio Last Niul Kile*.
A large number of persons attended
the funeral of Henry Whit,took, a well
known, highly res|
farmer, who died o
residence near Odessa,which took place
from Dravvyer s Presbyterian church,
Odessa, on Tuesday. Among tbe at
tendantsat the funeral were a number
of friends from this city, Philadelphia
Rev. Willi?
alt by
Sunday last, at bin
;fed arid
and otlior places.
Louderbaugh, of Salem, N. J., the Rev
John Crowell, of Orange, N. J., both
former pastors of the church, aud the
Rev. William McLean, the present, pas
tor, delivered addresses. The remains
were interred in the burying grounds,
of the church.
State of the rnermometer
at tho Rbfttblioah offloe in the shade,
T o'clock 10 o'clock 12 o'olook
84 c '
8H J
Fenn & Co'* thermometor registered
^ostorday, 90 degrees at 3 p, m., 86 at
^ p. and 81 at 10 p. m.
Th© Weather.
The weather is warm and hazy, indi
eating a coming storm,
promises to lie cooler with showers in
some sections.
A Premium to Innoletic©.
To put oneself in the way of being in
sulted again and again, when we have
proved the innate brutality of such and
♦Mich a person, is to act like a fool and
merit the return we shall meet with.
It is to otter a premium to insolence,
and to offend against that self-respect
;ery man should preserve as the
very crown of his moral lil«.
Hu* Mine Bn.lne...
At, yesterday's sesston oUbe United
States Court but little "J$6,000
ISnued until SSSt term' it,eZZ ol
ilarubley vs. the Junction &> Break
water Railroad Company, will be tried
before Judge Bradley of Washington
on Tuesday next.
ar- ,.ost.
nac kaze containing a second-hand
A l. V mn-b°°k, a bottle
. .rvetlii'ine etc., was taken from under
of m*lh ">•. «« u teainer Mary Morgan
*"®, tr | n f rom Philadelphia
° t „, lay afternewn. Anyone return
J Bam6 t0 t ij„ Captain or clerk of
8 will be sullabiy rewarded.
s|the boat, wu u-■>_
Trr Bnah's coal; you will like It.
A Blew Way 1© M»k« Money.
Boys, save your Happy Thought
tags. I will give 10 cents for
dred of them. Also will give a cent a
piece for Bull Durham Bags,
man, Seventh and Orange, and No. 5
East Third street.
. Lookout, Fainting.
W. 8. Simmons, house and sign palm
ing, graining, glazing, etc. Brick stain
ing a specialty. Shop. 716 Shipley street
Bargains! Bargains 1 !
For the next thirty days in cigars and
tobacco, to make room for new stock,
at 105 E* «t Second street.
T. Danner, 510 Market street, is still
alive and ready to do all kinds of paint
ing and graining. Jobbing a specialty.
Prompt! llellatH©! Nufe
Canada Pine Syrup for coughs and
colds, can l>e depended on every time.
25 cents a bottle.
h U u
Jiurk© and Kell uni.
Gull telephone 247 for the beat c
for family use; also lime, sand, etc
Burke & Keilurn, King and Railroad.
Families ordering their ice fr
Kennebec Ice and Coal Go. ate .sure to
ge' pure eastern ice, because they do
any home ice from their
not ser
family trade wagons.
New styles of typo will be constantly
added to the Republican job rooms.
anting job
We invito a call when
work, and wo Hatter ourselves that we
can ulease both in work and nrice.
KunkeFs Magic Iiair Restorer, King's
Ambrosia, Hall's Hair Renewer tmtl
Montgomery's Hair Restorer for sale by
J. R. Hartman, druggist, Fifth and
The worst case of dyspepsia can be
cured by using Clarke's Vegetable
Compound, as thousands can testify
that have been cured by its use. Try it.
Kickapoo Indian Oil, KIckaj
Cure, sold by Taylor & Fullerton, 302
King street.
Kennebec Ice and Coal Company do
not mix up home ice and eastern ice ou
the same wagon.
Holland takes pictures in cloudy weath
er as well as clear, by the instantaneous
Gallery. Market street...
Now is the time, and 713 W. Front
street is the place to get bargains in
coal, flour and feed. Call,259. Sheward.
Yerger's, 405 Shipley street, iH the
ice to get screens for windows and
doors made to order at short, notice.
Hot lunch every day at II o'clock
and every Tuesday and Saturday
nights at the Ebhitt House.
Kennebec lee and Coal Company
supply to their family trado pure
eastern iceonly.
lee cream wholesale and retail at
Hanna's, 1105 Jefferson street.
For a great bargain In Black Silk,
warranted not to cut, Bussell.
The plane to get your ice on Sunday
is at 201) West Eighth street.
Hot of spreads and liy nets at Yerger's,
407 Shipley street.
Ooall good coal I French street wharf.
French stroet wharf Is the plane for
good clean coal.
Taikl.l <>v.r 1,2W Jltlea.
A Cincinnati dispatch ou Monday
evening is re.ponsible for the follow
ing : The feat of talking over 1,200
mile* of wire connecting two tele
phoned,with nopreceptiblo lossof power
by induction, has been performed here.
A telephone wa. placed in the opera
ting room of the Baltimore and Ohio
Telegraph Company aud another in the
The instrument were Hrst con
cellar. .......
needed with wires to and from Chilli
eotlie, nearly 200 miles, when the con
versation was heard very distinctly,
though carried on iu a tone indistin
guishable a few feet from the instru
ment. A similar line was then formed
to Grafton, W. V»., 000 miles, with the
result, aud then to Baltimore,
perceptible ditfer
1,200 mile§, with
once iu the distinctiveness with
absolutely no apparent loss by in
Though fourteen telegraph
wires alongside were iu full operation,
no sound of an instrument could be
The Instrument used was the
■an kdftrtl.
new Hopkins transmitter, i
♦ he. carbons are iu constant vibration
the current
during a conversation,
being thus alternately opened
by an ordinary
closed perfectly «
Morse key in telegraphy.
Ulie Soolt Liquor Law.
The Supreme Court, of Ohio on Tues
day announced two decisions ou tin
Scott, Liquor law. In ODe of the case
the Court declares the second section o
tbe law pertaining to a first lieu on th'
premises unconstitutional, and leave
the rest of the law valid and operativ
an heretofore.
The question of constitutibnality of
the whole law is hold not to be raised
in the case, and the Court stops with
the record. The liquor dealers will
therefore be required to pay the June
collection tax under the law, leaving
the matter open for a further test be
fore the semi-annual payment in De
In to rest i Mg.
Our stock of fine trimmed hats and
never so large or desirable
bonnets wj
as at present, and we are selling them
at very bottom prices. Also a full and
complete Hue of the newest and most,
desirable shape in untrimmed goods, a*
well as a large and we 11-selected stock
of plumes, tips, flowers, etc. An ex
amination of these bargains in milli
nery is respectfully solicited. Mrs. R.
S. Kirby, 202 King street.
To III© Lull lea*
Mrs. M A. Fritzpatrick, formerly of
Philadelphia,lias a large and handsome
stock of trimmed hats and bonnets,of al
the latest styles,at Philadelphia prices.
Also a large stock of handsome mourn*
Dig bonnets and veils. Ladies are re
quested to call at 306 King street, aud
examine the stock.
Nale of Prorertj.
Tlie property of the late Marshall
Phillips will be sold at. public sole to
morrow afternoon at two o'clock, at
dwelling, will bo some
of bonds, of this city. For par
ticulara. see adverti sement ,
In additi
♦Tllulilnh Musis.
Tlie newest and most, fashionable
wrap for evening wear, in light bine,
pink, crimson, cardinal, cream and
greys, from to $ii at G. Worrell's,
Masonic Temple,
„ , _ .
Uo lo F. A. Mv" 1 c *.
1 For the Wilcox & White organs, and
Hazelton Bros, pianos.
Pianos and Organs.
Buy only WiiiCOX&W hiteOboan
F. A. Nokth & Co., 713 Market street.
W H. Mullen, Manager,
5* ****V.
Alfred Ldirur Heat.
Sun rises 4.;J4.
Sun.sew 7.28
Axsnis for Ihmiaii'R Hal*.
Hum ford BrofiicrN, Haller*.
a trip.
Cool nights.
Take It easy.
Hay harvest.
Be con touted.
Jersey produce.
Gutting hot again.
Rather dusty again.
Bricklayers are busy.
Glam soup
it Kuiln
Devil crabs at Fullmer's.
Try AI use
Try Ain?
Try Alnscow's deviled eh
A good lit—A Ht of laughter.
Try Amsoow'selaut chowder.
Try . inscow's ice co»d oysters.
growing very fust.
Shocking—A magnetic battery.
Pic nic parties are now in order.
Always on the s, ot— Detectives.
Ice cold salt oysters at Fullmer's.
Fashlonablo circles—'Round di
of the paved streets need repairing.
,feed, She ward, 713 W. I'
City Laundry, Sixth and Shipley streets.
Millard F. Davis, jeweler,y E. 2nd street.
Gluck's of all kinds cheap, fiy iont st
Fruit, Hower and excursion beskots.
Tu rifle soup and stowed crabs at Fall
Wringers sold and repaired, at 313 Shipley
(I, s. Humphrey & Hro.,hatters, 302 Market
Fine 18 K. Rings, at Haaf, 16 L. Four la et
Brazilian Balm, coughs and colds, 10 cts
paign clubs are preparing lor bust
's clam soup.
's deviled crabs.
A rlsii g man—A 1;
Gum Is
Goal, hoi
This is the latoflt
'i he ( each crop Is sale.
*•'8 snapper soup, 707 Shipley
Try Ainsc
The school-girl's favorite Roman ho
cm, f. Lovell"t>eHt beef, No. 11 -nil street
ark et.
Go to West's, 618 Market street, for base
ball goods.
Go to West's, 018 Market street, lor spott
ing goods.
I'intypea, best, cheapest. G^dory, 3 Last
Uheap Hour and feed, Kimble, Front and
Mail Ison streets.
Use the double ender tile, at Mull in's,
West Front stroct.
Perfumery, Ware & Smith, dragglaui, 5th
and King streeta.
What a man wants—All he can get. What
a woman wants—AII slit- can't get.
For good artistic photographs, try West*
o<»tt A. Gummingfl, J-Ovi Market street.
Go to B. Hammer, 301 Ad utta street, for
the best cigars aud cheapest tobacco.
non may be consulted it ois oince
No. 18'J4 Gamac street Philadelphia.
Take y
mlngs for one photegraphs, 302 Market at.
Glams and crabs, alflo salt oysters, at Pen.
nella fish stand, 120 aud 122 King street.
The huin of Industry Is % g<>-> i thing, kut
there is r>me Kind of Industry that is noth
lag but hum.
1'ake your tables to Holland's, 307 Market
street, and have their plotu ci taien by the
Instantaneous process.
The (ilace to get reliable work done Is 024
W. Front street. Bucknmster aud V'ood
mansey, houne and Btgu painters
When all other remedies tall thin try Dr.
r Discovery for Gi nsumptlou
Trial Buttles free. N. B. Daniuriii.
children to Westcott & CJum-1
An Irishman <loricrihini£ tlingn-wth of putn.
a ciiuchur.
tool in liis native land, said,
An' sure a bushel of them will nil
As a pickpocket tugged at a gentleman
wauji, tno gentleman blandly said as .
hurried sway : " Excuse me, sir; 1 have r
time to sp*re."
Man's happiness is said to hang upon
thread. This must he the thread that
er st hand to sow on the shirt- button that
is always oft.
)ob i<
Haviug bought
dvi'.Majc iu the money c<
ng t
at the RKruuuoaN office.

plan* buy
Irfft, all
•<i t
nuG. Bry
r se.nl
I.d Elio
tux Kin
till 1)0 bVi
samples of books
and Water streets
Edward Willey !'
3 cream salon
U Last 4th str
Eil'll-Should (Mil
i .h hot
vi 11
also have hi« tine ii
iny in the Tbi.d
), lb
Hints f - «"
at $8 iip cc
Beau til ul \>u«h
.43 to fh
woekly payu
ns, from
i suialt
f Alba
Mr. W. U. GM
under date of M
here h
v, Gji.,
: M r.
> a, 18N4,
i eat.
u hit
I ac
•ry one thought ho
dead iu » short, r i
r. lie
j stop the ravages ol Hjh <
Swift's Specific two
had a wonderful
<is yesterday so
joovered ;lb to be out, at, his work,
a fair way to get entirely
on Blood and Skin
• ommenced taki
months ;»g»>, and u 1
eflect (-n him. 1!"
aud i
iciue i
IT eat u
Diseases mailed free.
oiEic Co., Drawer 3, Atlaut.
W. Twniiy-third street, N. Y.,
1205 Cbestiiul street, ITiilndelphia.
AiiGlicr A<*<*uiim»o«l»t:on.
•cr Norwood ban commenced
is e.i:y and Pbila
s tar ting from
it. to interfere
Tile Btea
12 111-'
I tbe buur
either place is stud
materially tv
other boats oil l
leave Philadelphia at
this city .it, 4 p. ui . hours that will just
wish to make a
ith ill-2 business of tbe
. s:
45 a. m., a ml
suit parties wb
pleasant, excursion,
should see to it that places for tlmir
accommodation should bo made at
u r
Foil o <1*
A sum of moni>5 was picked up on
K»ng street last Friday by Mrs. Sutton,
of New Castle Handled. Tlie owner
sit her
by cV.li
'et nia*kid, nearly
iuAcan office.
CPU have the same
stall 1n the King s!
in front of the Rri
Saturday xiurLing.
Improved i.'f©r!u« Nwpiiorfeir*.
ire i
ited 1
Ladies Buttering
' dfpurt
nminothesc applia
Sixth srnl
No. 1 W.
ment ot
Sixth street. 1
ly attendant.
A slimy IEjum
in- stc;
J ,
to Beverly, N.
Olyilc, on Fiiilay, •
French sirect wharf at 7 o'i
h, te;n ing
>ck. Tickets
50 cunts.
We insist upon a guaranteed satis
faction for trusses A special room for
applying. Danfortli, druggist, Second
aud Market.
Whirl) ift Very Important.
Other pin sters a ro dull ami slo Bens n >
Gapelno Porous Piast-rs act promptly, bav
Ing time and eultmln.v
Circulation 7,000.
The celebration of " Bunker Hill
Day " in Boston yesterday w
ally spirited. The day was observed
as a holiday, the custom house, banks
and moat of the business houses being
. A great deal of noise was
raised and danger incurred by the
ringing of bells, tiring of cannon,shriek
ing of steam whistles and explosion of
firecrackers and torpedoes. At Charls*
ton, the " Mysiic Order of Owls" gave
" an allegorical parade," and several
regattas were also on the program
various points.
"Public Board of Trad©" in Cleveland,
Ohio, was closed yesterday by the
lice, and its proprietors were arrested
der the law against gambling. ''The
operations were on the principle of
speculating in the bueketshops, except
that f ee quotations were artificial and
wire indicated automatically by ina
t y, instead of following the course
>f the markets."
The 39th annual session of Ihe Grand
>t Honor and Temperance was
id yesterday in Reading. The reports
indicated that • "the temper
e movement is spreading in this
State, and that during last year it
i-d a new impetuous and acces
ir> membership,owing to thorough
organization in many parts of the
TVi. p
a- u
It is reported from New Laredo, Mex
and twelve
laborers were killed recently
ieo, that two A meric
by t,lie premature explosion of a blast
on the Tampico branch of the Mexican
Central Railroad. One of the Arueri
was a contractor named Madigan,
ell-kuowu in St. Louis.
■a ns
1 he Galveston News publishes crop
reports from about seventy-five agricul
tural counties in Texas, which show
that this year's wheat and corn crop
promise to be the largest ever gathered
in that State. The farmers are now in
the midst of the wheat harvest.
The Western Union Telegraph Com
pany gives notice that business will
nor be accepted for the present for Du
rango and Silverton, in Colorado. There
shouts of the wires and
hich may take a week to re
have been wa
The crop reports from all parts of the
Province of Quebec are very promising.
All the root crops lo«»k well, hay will
lie abundant, there will be an average
fruit crop and grains are Hourisbing.
Another writ for $10,000 damages for
slander was served on Maloney, editor
of the Richmond, Vermont, Gazette, on
Mouday night. He is in jail unable to
find security.
The Manufacturers' Bank of Milwau
deeided to go into liquidation,
* there is no profit in the bank
All claims against it
keo, In
ing business."
will be paid
Monday's edition of tbe Correo de
Limes, " a scandalous weekly." pub
lished in Mexico, has been suppressed
by tbe Mexican Government.
The rug-boat William M.
while towing a vessel up to New Or
Monday night, capsized and
liree i.ieii were drowned.
U'.rrs on
hu.inesB part of the town
is Altos, Mexico, was destroyed
on May 2:tib. J.owm, $1)00,000.
of Pi i
by fir
What Boa* Holly Will do.
The New York correspondent of the
Philadelphia Ledger,under date of 17th
" Boss
iys :
Kelly, withii the past
r hours has, to some "Xtent,
His plan is to use
If the
d 'Hoiosod his hand.
u- as a foil to Cleveland.
is nominated, the apprelieusion
•4 that, undercover of supporting him,
ie will go to work and defeat him by
naking a deal with the Republicans,
at which lie is an adopt. This
} to have
! UtT*
ay Hancock is supp
b«*eu killed off. As heretofore observed,
I,unman v* will never forgive Cleveland
fur declining to nominate Tammauyhar
aud for signing the Cily Re
ih tht
bur masters
form Bill*, which take away from the
e right to con
firm f lic Mayor's nominations ; aud bo
ny are the Anti-Monopo
e the Governor no good
ote of the Five Cent Eie
itcd Railroad Fare bill. It is by no
certain, therefore, that even if
he Mr. Tilden's legatee
the will of the
Grauieroy Park statesman will not bo
hot ly contested at. Saratoga. As for
Mr. P ower, he will be" a good enough
Morgau " until the Convention has
omplislied its work, and then he
will be cast, aside by the " Boss " with
is little compunction as an exhausted
• »range. There is really no evidence
that anybody here has seriously thought
ofmakihK h-m a can J id ate for the
scarcely credit*
Taimnany Aldermen th
hind T.
lists, w
ho <
rhe, Gover
as bis friends assert
I're.-mleuuy, anil it, i»
tl,lfl Hat, a gentleman of his known
itted himself to
intelligence has p>
ia.il in with that singular delusion.
Sympathy for the Propaganda.
!t,ing was held in Baltimore on
evening, under the auspicas of
the Carroll Institute, to protest against,
the spoliation of the property of the
tnda iu Rome. Alexander Por
-e presided, and letters of sym*
read from Senators J'eudle*
ter Mor
pat by w
ton, Gorman and Kenua; Keprc
Follett, Springer, Itroad
b-nd, TulIcy, Belmont and Calkins; Mr.
Dudley, Commissioner of Pensions; Dr.
Luring, Commissioner, of Agriculture,
mid others. Appropriate resolutions
•re adopted.
lives Cox.
Mricfnenn nn«l Flrinnes*.
It is difficult to say which is tlie
greatest defeat in a parent—strictness
and Dimness in his family, without
feeling and affection, or fooling and
affection without strictness and firm
, Under the one bad system the
hiUlren are apt to become slaves or
ypocrltwq under the other, tyrants or
But true love is always firm,
and true firnWiess is always love.
To (Ii© I'ubllc.
Mrs. TU W. Bancroft will pursue her
Ink marking, card writing,
etc., at Miss Lida Carrow's store, 711
Market street. Orders for engraving
•ceive ptompt attention. The
engraved (>lat,es from the store of Win.
Bancroft, where they can either be ob
tained by the owner, or can be left in
her care for future orders.
A pr tininent Diiltiiuore businss man
heretofore an active Democrat, writing
to one of our business houses iu this
aui not on that side of the fence as yet,
but it will not take much to tumble m»
over, because I am.au American, ami
what we do want is an American
President. I am not alone in this re
spect here " by a jug full."
Ii for Blaine!" 1
: "H
Baby Carriages,
A full assortment n all the lat
est styles in willow and rattan
810.00 TO 825.00
The very best make guaranteed
Cold dry-air Refrigerators with
lee Cooler combined,from
$12.00 TO $85 00
We are offering the bal ince o
our stock of mattings at 25 pe
cent, belou market price to close
them out All new fancy pat
terns, from
150. TO 800.
Wc have a lew bargains in
short lengths of carpets, of 12 to
IS yards, which we will sell be
low cost, in Ingrains and 'Tapes
tries and :i full assortment of the
latest patterns in full rolls at
greatly reduced prices.
is fully stocked with every
thing needed for Housekeeping.
Parlor suits in Walnut and Hair
do h. Chamber suits in Walnut,
Ash, Cherry and other hard
■woods, and a large variety of
Cottage suits in all colors at very
low prices. Also Stoves, Mat
tresses, Bedding, Lounges, Chairs,
Tables, Bureaus, Wash stands
etc., which we will sel on our
usual easy terms.
On a bill of $io.oo, fl
down, and jin week.
506 Market Street,

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