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rarv of COVIS«»»
.' ■ . ■ 1 ■■■■. 1 :UT-g 8fc' „ ■■ .. - . —
824 Market Street
its bought, sold, rented end
i D d Loans negotiated si
tei of interest.
Income collected sod
ii I
Mortgage*» Bonds, Wills and at
er* prepsped.
tales of city and country
brat, carefully in-myed .oi
Los« conducted with prompt» eas
fefldonceand ample responsibUI
17 Carriages,
tee Chests, 4 c
i. E. Corner of
weekly or monthly
[Tuesday and Saturday
f until 9,30 o'clock.
ide of Silicates.
»gainst the ravage» oi
do«troy the y rowing
wllu tu# *'®rtlU»«r H
,Bd Worm»
1« Hie Colorado Meetla or Potato
U'5» k6 Worm and all kind» of
, , ,L 't attack the tomato
plant, cauutlower, ououtn
»»teloape, currant
b ro"' frult lr ** a
•■«htiy and on hard
ÎÎSL «V Ä|, 7- Th * best time to
, JrV e, 'J."hen vegetation la wet
TI )e «moste» being la the
■itiB» 18 applied by
«IçMhrongh a doth bag shoot
re.!K"" Ma - *
tn h.H Potato«« IS w,
* tlŒ* -!^ alokly . »venly,
1 S? r band du»an«
ordinary walk. AU
w Ppiy the hag».
1. SMHH'd,
co ~ supeelatÏvÏ
9g ^
uaTÄ™' .ÎL" jb*
«IfclUa.OKUHY OU.yjB
I,*""" 1 »"»« «•"<« at.
1 u " "«ol«.« Put-Ill.
lit ,^ - Grove Extra
mbkiil mfg. CO.
N W fi Sons
I h j Vî*?*? ^ C ur»d nun.
r iu'i 008 bun
— _J^--tu.Mi.ssA»»
damp Da Pont Is N
#1 the Pll
tee of tba
The Delaware militia, having an
oam pad at OampDuPoat, Brandywine
Springs, for the past «even days, broke
np camp this morning and os ms to ibis
oity on a speolal train provided by tbe
B. & O. road. The tents will be taken
down by a detail of men appointed for
that purpose, and the equipments and
parspntinalla will be shipped
our olty. The boys have had a right
reyel good time camping ont, and
loath to leave so many pleasant
ries of oamp lift so toon. It will soon
bo one more pegs of life's history to be
looked back upon with pleasure.
Tbe roll oall and taps are now a thing
of the psat for oat
more year. Tbe
plokete will bavs time to folly recuper
ate before turning from a soldier to a
peace loving artisan.
Hyatt's Military Band and Iks drum
oirpt, tended by drum major Higgins,
bad a big tlms last night. They
aaded sack oompmy separately and
1th the (ffloers. The
tben wound up w
drum oorps kept It up until midnight,
and cheer after oheer rent the air for
y body, every oompeny,
oer and all mankind in general. The
boyafwere In the b »st of spirits and
treat** all their friends with open
handed hospitality.
Mr. Qeor
is H. Bates and several
partook of
Adjutant General Ktnney's hospitality
In the afternoon, the honors of whloh
performed by Gsn. Armstrong.
A sa'.uts was fired from the Gatling
gnn last evening, whloh has a capacity
of firing 1,300 shots In one boar.
William F. Taylor, of Company A,
was promoted from the ranks to corpo
ral in plaoe of Joseph Jewell, reduced
for negleot of duty. William was so
htghly elated orer his promotion that
he never slept one wink last night, vl
•Ions of osrtsln other ahonlder straps
passing bsfois his gaze.
H. Hyatt was appointed corporal In
plaoe of E. Carey, who was honorably
Adjutant General Kenney was given
a royal send-off yesterday afternoon
by the militia, headed by the band,
who eeoortcA the General to tbe depot,
where he took tbe oars for home, being
rather lndlspoeed from the routine oi
duty of oamp life. He was tendered a
serenade at the hotel before leaving for
the train, and Chaplain Jonathan B.
Willie, D. D., as spokesmen for the
offloers and men, delivered an eloquent
ad dr sea, In whloh he oompllmented
Adjotant General for the admirable
manner In which he had managed all
tbe detail« et Cemp DuPont.
General was eo overcome that he oould
not find words In his vernacular
bis fooling« to reply to the kind
mgratulallon coming from
nd men. General Kenney
other noted
3 : I
words of
hts officers a
is well theught of by all who oome In
oontaot with him. He Is every lnoh a
The soldier beys, hraded by Dram
Major Higgins, gave a misfit Italian pa
rade yesterday
whloh eleolted no little merriment and
Bharkey and Bewdoa toox In the alghls
Of oemp life yesterday.
Brack J. McBcrley, foreman of ih)
Sunday B:ar, got so stuck on the sold or
boys that he filed Into cemp early In
the morning and never left It nntll the
wee tms' hours this morning. Frank
says Troop B are tramps.
Osptaln Oonden, of Company 7, la
one of ths most genial
campas, ably assisted by Lieutenant
Harkins. Tbe oomyany Is very pro
Aoieot lo army evolutions.
Corporal Cloward of Iroop B.reoelvod
a hard knock
io Red Olay crock
didn't gauge tto depth of the water
rightly aud took a header In about fonr
feet of water. He was fairly stunned
for a time and left the stream In dis
gust as sooa aa he reoovered his equi
nlog through oamp
Wm. H. Quinn, MIohael
on tbe
the nose while bathing
Saturday. He
Philadelphia Items.
Philadelphia, July 24.—August
Stettler, an old offender, when ar
raigned before Magistrate Pole yest *r
day charged with the theft of a herse
belonging to John Obarlton of Rlelng
Bun, o'.almed tbtt tbe owner had given
him the animal to eell. He represented
that tbe horse was not worth mnoh,aml
the understanding was that he and
Charlton were to divide the profits. B.
J. Campbell bought tbe animal for 8?fi.
Btattler wae Leid in |8C0 ball.
Tue ferryboat Wenonnb, at 9 o'clock
yesterday morning, got alack onamnd
bar below tbo »hallow waters of the
new channel eff KiJgway Park, and
remained there for folly
Lour. Most
of the passengers Dad just arrived from
Cape May and were anxious to reach
their homes or places of buslneei. 1
Finally tbe passengers were transferred j
to ths ferryboat Pennsylvania, and the ,
Weaonah manrsed lo get off the btr !
Weaonah manvged io get off the ber j
A verdict of deaih from blood poison ; «t
ing, dne tc an Injury to the band, by a
person or persons unkcown, was ron
dsred by the eorouer's jury yesterday
in tbe ossa of Shadraoh Oliver, aged ;
4 years, who was wouuded In a stone i
Aght. j
The oor oner 'j Jaiy In the osse of i *■
James MoOartf, aged 23 years, a Phila
delphla and Reading Railroad brake- j
man, found that tee Ceoeaaed *
u.. .u* while j
i, slipped and fell Lorn the !
whloh be was riding and wa»
t uglne
it, n over.
Fall of au »levator.
, .. , .. ,
0° .iMt'rfclt. lt lh.
T^°«tahie» oav« wav vefierdav
Klrkn tan stables
«na »ev« »l ureth knocked ont, bnUh«
other Ina t nonp«I with n low hrnlne». i
I, jury to a Thumb.
While at » »ork at a lathe yesterday
J.l i. Wl.'U.V l! Jame.f an em- al
ploje of tho Jaokeoo & Sharp Oom- 1
paoy, had tbo loft thumb of hit hand
almoot flavored. Ho wao taken to tho
office of Dr. Can »well, who draoaod the ,
»fron« hope» of tho
wonod and has
digit heailog.
Hocelvad an 9 Contract.
Yesterday the Bri udywine Granite;
Company received the oentrao! for far
nlshlug curt&toce to tl- e extent of eight
miles Their bids per t *>t wer« : Six by
twooty, 35 oenu pet foot; 818 . 6 T oeoM;
atroul.r oarblog, tl.60. , to
Feaoh Bhlpmonts,
The shipment of punches jesteidty
over tbe Delaware railroad oorelstsd of
sixteen oarloads, distributed as follows:
Philadelphia, 10; Scrantan, Pa., 1;
Jersey City, 5- Previous shipments, G 8 ;
tot.l to date, 74 carload*. |
T'vn'îtfc'*» h:ne? vd
'sign painters, 864 Grange street.
Washington. D. C., July !4.-Sena
tor Beck, who is s member of the Fl
nance Committee, thinks there will be no
legislation on the tariff st the present
session of Congress. He said, lu dheuss
ing this matter, that the Senate sub
committee would be able to report their
bill to the full committee within ten.
dsjs, and a week later It could be
ported to the Senate. The Bepubllosns,
bo thinks, will pass their substitute for
Then the matter will go
to a Conference Committee,and this com
mittee, for the sake of appearance, would
be g lven a week or so to lock horns and
demonstrate that they cannot agree.
In explaining his reasons for not cast
Ing his vote o
tat We Furan,
porter that he withheld his vote for the
reason that it would not have changed
the result. "Had there been a tie,'* raid
Mr. Foran, "I would have voted In the
negative. As it was, the question was
simply one of greater
ty, and, thereto
my Democratic brethren." Touching a
bill the Senate may subztltute for that
of the House, Mr Foran said there was
understanding among Protection
to what they would do.
want to see touched
wool and tin.
the Mills bill.
the Mills bill, Bepreaen
of Oh io, sold to • Post re
smalier major 1
, I did uot
•'The two points
upon," said Foran, '*
If the Sens's Is wise and desires to have
a bill pass It can secure a sufficient sup
port from our side of tbe House The
duty on wool might be reduced one half.
I favor that. Tben there should be a
.•ponding reduction In woolen goods;
that would only be right. Tbe Mills bill
puts wool on the free list and leaves the
duty on woolen goods, a clear discrimi
nation in favor of the manufacturer.
"Tin should be properly protected. Oor
production of tin Is very small, of course,
but It Is a great mis ake to throw the
roofing material
manufacture of ^1
Into bands of the Welsh Plate-workers.
the free list,
The Mills bill puts tin
and if that becomes law they will put a
tblu coating of tin on sheet iron and
market with all tbe roofing
, and that Is
nlderable amount. Thus a great home
Industry would be utterly destroyed,
the Senate will give us a gool bill, with
wool and tin plate properly protected, a
sufficient number of Democra's will vote
for It to put It through tbe House and
make a law of It."

Pittsburg, July 23.-—Herman Doefer,
hia ranche in
who bas 150 000 sheep
San Jose County, California, said to-day
that free wool would kill hia busln
and that the removal of the tariff would
Induce him at once to sell out to the
highest bidder. He says that two thirds
of tbo wool-growers of the country and
particularly In California bold the
views Mr. Doefer was returning from
Washington, where he used all the in
Iluence he could command to defeat the
Mills bill.
Bitten by a mad Horse.
Newark, N. J., July 23.—On Bator
day last a horse belonging to Hugh
Dolan, of No. 13 Wall street, booame
suddenly 111 end refused both food and
water. Doctor Vogt, a veterinary
geon living at* 60 Ferry street, was
summoned this morning and afler ex
amining ths boras praioribed some
rciuedlts. About 7 o'clock Dolan lea
the horse
daoo him to drink Ifae animal suddenly
se ssd him by the right
elbow and lacerated It frlgbtfnlly, tear
ing off portions of flesh lo the wrist.
He then ran ont of Ashbridge stree*.
to Ferry, bleeding at the mouth, and
followed a horse np Ferry street to Fer
guson, biting at every objaot te enooun
tered. Near tbe oorner of Ferry and
Ferguson streets he
horse attaohed to a baker's wagon,
when the driver attack him a blow
with his whip and be sprang to one
side and fell dead near the curbing.
Mr. Dolan, altbongh badly bruised
and suffering Intense pain from bis
get to his fe»t with the amlstsnoe of
those who had gathered around and
walked to a store In the neighborhood,
where hs remained a short time. He
then went to the residence of Dr.
hlle trying to In*
near tbe
np beeide a
, wae able In a abort time to
Po'.k street, who did np
in splints and applied oarbollo
add and other antlseptlo*. Mr. Dolan
also drank a quantity of llqaor, whloh
bs thought might counteract any poison
Dr. Yogi has slnos pronounced tbe
horse suffering from hydrophobia. Bnt
little hopes are enterta'ned that the pre
cautions taken by the Jootor will prove
effective. It le not known how tbe
horse beoame Inoculated with the dread
Media's Water Stopped.
Media, Ps , Jnly 23—The Media
Water Works came to a itandstlll to
day, owing to the bursting of the steam
„ .
boiler whloh supplies steam for
'be work*. A large hole was made iu
ibe boiler by the explosion, but, as
ntltber the engineer nor aDy of the
other amp oyes were In iha bol er-hcu»e
Injured. The
o.ner emp o
«t the time,
bursting of tbe comparatively new
boiler la a mystery, as the engineer
e«y« «team gange showed only a
pressure of forty pounds a minute be
fore tbe explosion. Oonnollmsn Baow
den says be thinks it was dne to a flaw
*■ tbs iron. .... . .
The residents of the borough have
been notified to be ae economical in
* " " *
their art of water ae possible until the
works are In running order again. The
«twet sprinkler has also been «topped.
Luckily the basin wii about half fall
when the nooldent ooourred.
A Veteran Falls Head.
OnAlilttciUiElUBG, P.„ Jnly 23.
B,linu,sl Ritter, a veteran of the late
war, aged 66 years, fell dead npon the
»* 0 an ' Jer eI,Q!l ''
,imllu oltonnuUnoc..
Uood Price* for Cow*.
Robert Morrfok sold thirty fresh
al pnbllo .t 0.utr.v)lle 0 « Moad.y
î''"5° 0D . »> P tlM * *»®Sl»S from »3« to
■uaking an aye.ane for the lot of
««.«» Oon.ldertng the quality the
P<}™» wore oonoldored qnlto reaoonable.
There will he another eale on Monday,
August 13.
For Hale Cheap.
. a .
A good dearborn, suitable to r light
hauling, sold for wantof
eeen at tbe stablos on W«t Fifth «trett,
rear of blacksmith shop. betwecn Modi
«eo .od Monroe .tteoM, from 10 o'olook
to 12 o'olook, and from 1 o olook to 8
o'clock. Price f!0.
, MâltFi » _ , n - n « rtA n #
Has J JiS® 1 wLundD? f
Imported, Key West and Do
nalland InsnSfthem
Thfy Äi/SÄtoMprlot».
Cbae. J. H. Beokett,
108 West Seventh street,
Uj on moonffgat Aueaûc.y , Jury 84,
Fatally IrJared.
Yesterday afternoon William Sulll
aged 10 year«, In ooaapsny
bis brother and another lad, look a
ramble aroand the marshes bordering
oa Stell pot oreck. A a they were re
tarulng home they took the railroad a*
a abort out. They walked along the
track, and upon reaching the overhead
bridge, which «pane the roadway lead
ing to Shell pot loe honee of
beo loe Company, young Sullivan
started aeroai. It wee a fatal mistake,
as the Philadelphia and Baltimore cy
press, leaving this elty south bound,
asms thundering along.;
The engineer of the train gave the
oestomary signal and tbs boy dropped
between the two trsoks, but wben the
locomotive wno within a few feet of him
he raleed his head, and la almost an In
stant the side projection of the bumper
hit him in the head and hurled him
the Kenne
as'de, The train was
almost lifeless lad was
stopped and the
up, placed In the baggage oar and
brought to (be station. Ho was then
placed In tbatffioa of Detective Jones,
who 'quickly summoned Drs. Ogle and
Pi* roe.
Upon examination it was found that
ths shall
had been orushel In. Trepanning was
found to he ncoeeeery. After the opera
tlon had been performed and tbe wound
dressed tbe boy was p.aoed In a wagon
the right side of the head
of the Pellman Oar Company and
driven to ths home of his father, Jere
miah Sullivan, who resides
Twelfth street near Railroad avenue.
After tbe boy had been plaoed in the
wagon he tore tbe bandage from his
wound. An exolted crowd gathered
around the wegon and forbid the driver
to leave nntll tbe wound was redressed.
After waiting for some time he was per
suaded by Detectve Jonee to drive
ahead. Instead cf making the shorttst
route to the boy's home tbe mao drove
to King street, to Eleventh, to railroad
avenue and tbenos to Twelfth. At 10
o'clook this morning the lad wao still
living, but there are no hopes of his re
When They Leave Us,
nr bodily troublea is
1/ their departnre is
aueccjmpanled by pain. It is the fault
of tbe best of oommendable oatbartlos,
which aot solely upon the bowels, that
In operating they gripe and weaken
these organs. Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters produoe a laxative effect, but
neither onuses pain
dominai region or the stomaoh. This
Is pro eminently the alterative which a
constipated, billons
Tbe exodus of
doubly welcome
weaken tbe ah
or dyspeptic per
, alnoe a resort to It In
volves no bodily discomfort nor pro
duces a violent reaotlon. Tbs liver Is
aroused, the stomach benefited, and
the habit of body speedily and perma
nently Improved by it. Fever and
ague, rheumatism and kidney troubles
among the maladies for whloh
oorded (xperlence baa proved it to be
eftioaolou*. It Is a wholeeome nppe
tlzjr, and a far more rellablo tranquil
lizer of the nerves than stomaoh-dlc
tnrblng narcotics and sedatives.
son should
A Ureal Victory for Friend Moses.
Tbe great fight In the Interest of pro*
teotlon la over, and In spite of th* party
transferring his license lait Wed net
day, through tbe Int.rfereuoe of a
"lawyer," to his salesmen, the exposure
was snffiefeat to knock them cut In
three days. Yeiterday
tween the hears of six and seven, ten
ont of eleven massive oases of rubbish
were carried to tbe Pmnsylvuuln freight
depot by Transfer Company wagons
Up to lime of going to press It was Im
possible to ascertain to what point they
left No. 416
Mr. Moses,
ing, be
shipped, as the
Markrt street unmarked.
Mr. Fellhelmer'e aotlve salesman, Is
being congratulated by tbe rmrohants
of Wilmington for tbe fight that led to
A Heading Politician stabbed.
Reading, Jnly 93.—While George F.
Btronse.a well-known local Democratic
politlolan, was going home at midnight
he was attacked by two
bed him In the left groin and right
breast. The wounds are very deep and
several inches In length. The attending
phyelolan kavsma'l hope» of Slronso's
rjoovery If infla mmat i on eh onld set in.
Tbe Humors or Disarmament.
Berlin, July 23.—The North Ger
Gazette, referring to tbe rumors of
disarmament published tn French
papers, saye: ' Bnoh ohlldlah and ab
surd luoulrations oonid never te ven
tured npon among reading people In
Germany. The Idea Is so silly that tbe
Inventor const have supposed himself
writing for th e veriest tyro s in p^lltlos.''
Vrasb rub.
Powell, the well known fish dealer In
Third »tree! Market has
for sale white catfish, sc a ba»s, porgnlee,
halibut, ood fish, haddock, flounders
and Spanish mackerel. All are good
and freeh.
, who stab
bis stands
They Mutt
tbli month. We have *oo many. La
dies', nifosea* and children's, men and
boys sllppsrs, Oxford* snl low shoes.
Babcock's, £0) Market atreet, atove
Increase your speed for fell positions
by renting a typewriter.
Chah. G. Guykr. 8i0 Market Bt.
Tennis and Hai» Ball
•hoes mast go this month. Prices
lower then • ver at B .brook's, 206
Market street, above Second.
Bay yoar carpets from 8. 8 peak man,
No. 816 Markei str«e% (Masonlo Tem
ple). His priors
terms acoommodating.
reasonable apd
If you wane a good picture, true to
nature, of yonr lovely phis, go to J.
Paul Brown's studio, No. 617 Market
Prsscrlptlons oarofnlly compounded,
at-d everything kept In a firtt-olass
drag store fresh at Beatou Smith's, cor,
Seventh and Pine streets.
remember that Ohepman's Cigar House
is always open ai B a. m. Seventh and
Orange streets.
Good mnslo
Barry nest Tuesday night.
Regiment Band.
Ask for Youth's Smoking Zobaooo
Jos. Waliaoe, 6o7 Pine atreet.
board F rod crick De
For »ale.
A two horse load of mat; are for (1
It is In the way and must be removed
at onoe. Apply at this office.
Ford & Ogle's Installment sale of
building lota Saturday, July 28th. Sec
p estais.
WOcprtyM Ta '?'!57 Bcxi, Bb!j*Iey
Btl V«. b WJUkifo
ThS genuine Sharpie si creamery but
ter has Sharp less printed in full on eaoh
print. Always for sale by Lynoh A
Leary, Madison surest grooere, N. W.
corner Fourth.
that everybody ought to know that A.
Sergeant gives 8844) lbs. of the best, well
cleaned coal In every ton you buy. Oak,
pine and hloory kindling wood In large
loads. Lime for whitewashing. laid,
foot of Monroe s tree t . Central office,
I King IMM. Look lot the
' White Pulmonic; Balsam,
Tb« front and mighty lnng medicine,
for ooaghs, «ore throat, &o. Endorsed
by thousands. Far from being exoelled
by any other. 50o. and fl. Depot,
and King sts. Bold by dealers.
WatcfclDg the »nigh ta.
Pittsbubo, Pa., July 31.— -A dis
patch from Chicago stating that It was
leavnsA ew good authority that Pinker
ton detectives had been plaoed on nearly
all of the large roads in tha oonntry,
and that they had also worked their
y late ths labor organisations In tbe
disguise of worklsgmen, was shown to
Horn« McGaw, ax General Secretary
of the Knights of Labor, this afternoon.
Mr. MoGaw did not doubt the state
ment, aa be had been shadowed himself
while traveling Ihrongh the West last
April, and again in June. He believed
that nearly all tbe general officials of
the Kulghts of Labor were followed,
and that In all portions of the osuntrj
these detectives, In the guise of work.
have become members of the
Stabbed by m Capitalist.
Baltimore, Md., July 21.—Richard
J. Capron, a capitalist, yesterday entered
the office of John King, a real estate
broker, to transact some business. They
quarrelled and clinched and Capron pick
ed np a large pair of shears from a desk
and stabbed King three times. Two of
slight, but tbe third is be
lieved to have penotrated
lungs. Capron, who asserts that
King's clerks struck him before be did
the stabbing, has been released
await ihe result of Klng.s injuries.
the stabs
of King's
ball to
Olaytm House Arrivals
O. A. Helwig and wife, J. Woodfln
Men IQs, G sorge Herman, O. Smith,
Walter B. McElroy, Baltimore; B. H
Palmer, O. G. Fisber, J. E. Hubbell,
Jr., F. W. Walker, D. Lewis, New
York; W. McKinley, Philadelphia; D.
H. Lenta, Troy, N. Y.; E. F. Giles,
Huntingdon, Pa ; G. U. McUlmey,
Plymouth, Pa ; H. M. Barlow, Grubbs,
Del.; H. 0. Pennington, Dover; John
G Mannt, Boston, Mass.; H. B. Wink,
Lancaster, Pa.
Fpslag on. Americans in Ireland.
Eublin, July 23.—The police of thla
o'-ty are keeping a olose watoh upon all
Amerloan visitors. A detective enter
ed a hotel reoently and Insisted on
holding a private Interview with t
gat tlr n*- from SL Louis who had pre
viously visited Dublin. The gentleman
complained t> the United States Con
sol, who has written a letter to tbe
polio« authorities demanding
a^t.on of ths detective's condi
u It,
More Money for Ireland.
Detroit, July 23.—The following
was sent from here this evening:
Detroit Jnly 23,1888.
To 8ir Thomas Grattan Esmonds,
House of Commons, London, Eng
Tell Blggar and Kenny I
eaoh .Cl.000. Tell murderers of Maude
ville tbe League Is
Charles O'Reilly, Treasuier.
<1. ?-1
Caught in tbe Aet.
Fitthbubo, Pa., Jnly 24 —Two men
were arrested In Plitsbnrg yesterday
while attempting to ewlndle an old
They had In their possession
845,000 In épurions greenbacks and a
Urge number of dies for quarters and
half dollars. It Is thonghi they belong
to the gang wuloh has reoently been
flooding the oonntry with counterfeit
Kalu and Hall.
Plymouth, Wls., Jnly 24 —A heavy
rain and hall storm visited this vlolnlty
Sunday. "The extent of the bell
fall may be judged from the faot that It
oovered tbe ground to the depth of
several Inches for boars after tbe
storm." Fruit and crops were greatly
damaged. The storm is thought to
have been quit« general and to Involve
a large area of oonntry.
Going into Damp.
The Rochelle Camping Club, consist
ing of twenty-four ladles and gent!e
, held a meeting last evening at (he
cf B. Frank MoDanlel. The
members expect to go Into oamp at
North Brook, on tbe Wilmington &
Northern Ral.road, next Monday and
to remain two weeks.
ask the representatives of the
Water Department two questions
through tbe oolumns of tbe Republi
can. I» the Water Department a
arohy? I» it owned by the tax payers
of WllmlngtOL?
I lOl
A Water Renter.
Change of Time K, of P. Excursion.
The hour for leaving Fourth street
wharf on next Thursday morning, on
the Knights of Pythias ezoarston, has
been ohenged from 5.10 to a quarter
before six o'o'.ook.
Change or Time K of p. JExeurslon.
The hour for leaving Fonrth street
wharf on next Thursday morning, on
the Koights of Pythias excursion, ha»
been changed from 5,15 to a quarter
before six o'olcck.
Moonlight Tuesday eve, July 84.
Don't forget the Knights of Pythias
excursion t) Atlantic City July 26.
30 gems for 25 cents at Cum
mings' gallery. 808 Market street
9, 18
12 cabinet photos at Cummings' gal
lery for 88. 803 Market street.
Fine candy at Ferguson's, 11 H. 2d.
Home-made oandles, 4 W. Snd st
Ford & Ogle's Installment sale of
building lota Saturday, July 28th. See
Btreh'«, French itreot wharf Is the plaee
tabuy your c oal.
Georgo W. Jackson for ooroner.
Call for loe oroam soda water
Sfu'th'a drug efor«, Seventh end»d*n«.
jrme e tree is, »
[00MMU8IC.T8I> ]
The campaign of 1840, when Qen.
William Henry Harrlaon wee the Whig
oandtdate for Präsident, wae the most
wtnreettng and exoltlng political oam
palgn that waaia nation have ever ex
psrlenoed. AltL-ugh I was a boy, only
11 year* of age at the time, I distinctly
remember the enormous mass meetings
that wert held In this State during that
oanvass. The old log oabln, with Its
In single file, I have fre
en hauled over the streeta
q neatly
and public roads In this oounty,
as In Dslausre oounty, Ps. Inside of
the osbln were drummers and flfert,
who kept up a oonstant Cl a of martial
mnslo. At the rear end of tbe cabin a
barrel of hard older was suspended,
with a lsrge splggot therein, with tin
oups attached to tha barrel and a free
Invitation on ths barrel was extsndad
for all persons to freely help themselves
loth)sparkling apple juice contained
In the barreL
Alongside of the oabln our late ven
erable trtaod. Bit Or osier, rode a spirited
horse, and ths oavaloade that followed
was ander his command. I dlstinotly
remember at tbe mast meeting held In
Delaware Olty during tbe autumn of
1840 our old friend Ell had his log
osbln in ths enormous procession ai
that plaoe. In front of the oabln a tall
flag pole was secured, from whloh s
large American flag floated. On this
flag were the following appropriate
verses, to wit:
•The people are eomieg fro» moor and from
To |otn la tbo beads of tbe honest and
Which grows like the strse» from the last
ibeltered fountain,
Grows broad, and more broad till it
Vo strength ean retain it,
ssbduo it.
Whet ere doth oppose It breaks gallantly
A ad borne
the ocean like a ship In 00
A short time alnoe I eaw the same old
log oabln In nse fore corn orlb In Brandy
wine Hundred, end It
in n remarkably
several years prev
old Tip
At that time the buslnees of this
oonntry was seriously depressed on
oount of a tariff for revenae only being
imposed on Imports from foreign lands.
Our mills for the manufeoture of oottoa
and woo en goods all over this oouctry
were either closed or tbe employee in
tbe few that were In operation
oompelled to work for a mere pittanoe
per day to keep their femllles from
starvation. With tbe Inooming of the
Harrison administration tbe Whl
party passed the tariff bill of 1843,
almost Immediately thereafter every
spindle and loom was in aotlve opera
tion In our country, and the operative«
then reoctved a fatr compensation for
their labor. Under this protective sys
tem this nation has flourished. New
industries and enterprises have sprung
up to give employment to milltone of
people all over
his giery old Tioptoenoa."
at that time
oocdltlon. For
to the election of
•pecanoe In 1840 the Dsmooratlo
(ho called) had oontrol of this
land at a jnst
compensation for their labor. To-day
party propose to adopt
the revenne only polloy, whloh to
rionsly depressed tbe business Interests
of the oonntry prior to 1842.1
With old Tippecanoe In 1810 tbe peo
ple rallied In their might and hauled
from power the blatent advoostssof free
trade. Now, In 1888, it becomes the
atsjluteduty of every workingman In
to oasi hia vete for young Tip
pecanoe, and continue the era of Ameri
prosperity produced by ths protec
tarlff of 1842 Oaeap goods meats
cheap laber. The adoption of
trade system In tbe United States with
foreign countries would cause this
oonntry to b9 flooded with British goods
made by almoit p saper
whloh wculd olose the
for tbe mere pittanoe per dav paid to
European workmen Free trade would
plaoe tbe poor workingmen of America
ander the absolute oontrol of tha Lords
of Great Britain, and reduce them to
abjeot poverty and distress. Protec
tion to Amprlcan Industry means good
wages and happy homes to Amerloan
votes for the free trade polloy of Presi
dent Cleveland In 1888 votes to degrade
Amerloan labor. To prevent this oast
your votes for Yoatg Tippecanoe, and
our country will be prosperous and oar
artisans will oontlnua to be well olothed
and well fel, with a Lome to oall the'r
ejeot them
R. C. Fraim.
a fres
labor prloas,
workshops of
compel her artisans to work
Every workingmen who
, where no landlords
st their will or pleasure.
Dr. Posey Iltald and wife, Edward
Posey and Mrs. L. A. Rlohardson are
registered at the Beaoonsfield House,
Atlactlo City.
James B. Harper and family
Ing at Hnrlock's elation, Dorchester
Oounty, Ml. They expeot to tent out
about ten days.
Cbae. Alsenfzar, Charles TenWeeges,
Stephen Pickels and several other
friends will camp ont at Rockland,
Del., for a week or ten days.
Wben baby 1
isiok, we gave her Caatorla,
1 a Child
became Mlu »hegclui
Wben »be b*d. children »be gave them Caa
1 cried for Caatorla
Ca» ter la
Owing to their being no quorum pres
ent the Board of EJnoaiton held no
meeting lait evening. The members
wbo were present waited until 8.30
o'olook in tbe hopes that another mem
ber would drop in to make a quorum.
As tho member did not drop In, Dr.
BhortUdge was oalled to the ohatr, tbe
roll was called and tbs board adjourned
until next Monday evening.
Bight Bodies Keoovered.
Ltnohbubo, Vs , July 24.—The work
of olesrlng tbe wreck
sod Western Railroad whloh ooonrred
Snnday morning eight miles above
p ace, wa* began yesterday, and
bodies were reoovered. Two more
known to be under the
the Norfolk
wreck, bat the names oonld not be as
Concert and Hop.
Tho regular Thursday night hop and
open air concerts will be given at Bran
dywluo Springs on Jnly 26. Speolal
train will leave Water and Market
streets at 7.30 p. iu. Returning, leave
Brandywine Springs for this olty at 11
Prioe of tickets, including ad
mission to the pavilion, 50 oents.
• •
Cholera Inlantnm
allnrevontad and cured by Hooper's Ato
end»d*n«. «»**•• »«•d»ofn 3 for teething a.d
» uuuu, au uruygiois.
M.w. Sammwi.
Thomas Hennewy, living nor F»lr
view, Luzerne county, Penna , went to
that village yesterday to get some medi
cine for his wife, who Is dangerously 111
He Jumped from a railroad carlo front
of an engine on another track and was
fatally Injured.
Th . r _
material change In Mr.
Randall's condition yesterday. A sensa
tional report that his ailment is cancer of
the stomach Is emphatically denied by
bis physlc'ans. it Is the prerent Inten
tion to remove Mr. Randall from Wash
Monday next.
The striking engineers and firemen
the Burlington Road st McCook, Ne
Sundsy voted to c.ntinue the
strike. It Is understood that the sent!
ment has been practically unanimous
along the
for s continuance of the
Fifty convict 1 In the
Joliet, Illinois, were
day by Bishop Bpaldlug. As the clergy
entered the chapel the convict orchestra
plsyed s solemn march. The candidates
confirmed in groups.
During a drunken'
firmed on f
st the house of
John Meyer, iu Nebraska City,Neb aska
Sunday night, Char le • Hoffmeister bad
bis skull crushed, and "Jack" Young and
John Hart were shot, the latter probably
A freight train
•he Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad Jumped the track near
Belmont,Ohio, yesterday. A brakeman
and three tramps
Mrs. Charles Scboonmaker and her
grandson James Berrlan, colored, were
struck and killed by a train just below
8Ing Sing, New York, yesterday, while
crossing the track.
During a fight lu Luzerne borough,two
miles from Wilkssbsrre, Ps., on Sunday,
•lames Qu'nn shot Thomas Griffin and
Thomas Dougherty, the latter fatally.
During a fight
Sunday, John Mangan fatally
wounded Edward Kennedy with a cutlass.
The bulletin Issued by General Sheri
dan's physicians la»t evening
"his symptoms are all favorable."
The strike in the shoe factory In Car
lisle, Pa , ended yesterday. The directors
electad a
were Injured and 10
a schooner at Cbica •
Isaac Lambert, being drank, shot and
killed T D Hestle and
at Idount Pleasant,Alabama, last Satur
According to His View.
Ex-Offlwr Patrick Cstboart balled a
Republican reporter oo Saturday last
and aekel, "What Is the matter with
ths Republican non?" "Why,"
plied the reporter. "Well," said the
ex-effloer, "it is no good. Why don't
yon pitch Into Mayor Harrington for
foroe?" Tl
eleven Democrats
If bis rrcollection served him right only
four of the new foroe profets to vote the
Dsmooratlo ticket "Well," said the
ex-officer, "why don't yon give them
h-1 on general principle»?'' The re
porter thanked him for bis views, and
said that he was not In that line of hnsl
ness at the present time, as be oculd
find somethin« else to do In his lelsnre
moments. The ox-r.ffioer was an appli
cant for a position on the new foroe,and
donbt fofl* aggrieved at not reselv
tnga con mission.
(leven Democrats
he reportsr said »here were
the fore*, and
Mr. H'.alne Interviewed.
London, July 23 — Mr. Blaine will
remain here all tbe week. He expeot*
to leava for Liverpool next Monday, „
zz Iz have a fall day there before Ball
ing next Wcdaeeday. He says be has
not mala any special plans for speak
lug lu the campaign. He will go to
Maine direotly after his New Yoik ro
oeptlon.and bas made arrangements to
speak in New York end Connection!,
bat has not aosepted any western In
vitations. He denied the story that b«
was contemplating anything a> abenrd
as the writing of a book about his
ooaohlng trip. He said to-day that be
bad derived so ranch benefit from his
oat door life In England and Scotland
during the lait two months that he in
tends to keep up this cu'-Joor life after
return lag borne. He btlieves Harrison
will be eleoted, and upon the Issue
directly made for him by the Presl
Services in a court House.
Reading, July 23 —During the next
there will be regu
■ervloes In tbe Barks
six mouths
lar rellfl
County Court Honne, the commissioners
having to day granted Its
Grace Lutheran congregation during
the time 1rs new ohnroh Is being built.
Tbe pastor, Rev. W. H Myers, is
of the most popular in the city, and the
the only building
to the
Court House
that was deemed suffloUntly largo t(
bear nim
bold the people who flock
The novelty of taming the bench Into a
pulpit, the bar lut j a obanoel and the
oounsei tables into oiinmnnion tables
promises to attract Immense audiences.
•'Yellow Jaos"
Washington, I). 0., July 24 —Bur
General Ham'.:
capital Bureau, wm notified yesterdsy
, of the Marine
that the brig Tanerlffe, fr
arrived at Delaware Breakwater
Snnday, with two oases of yellow fever
board, which were admitted to the
hospital. One of the crew of the brig
died on the voyage and one case of yel
low fever was left at Havana.
Conductor»' Excursion.
The oxcnrslon of tbe condnotors and
their ft lends will leave the P., W. & B.
depot for Rehoboth on Thursday morn
ing at 7 o'olook. This promises to be the
largest and most er joyable excursion of
tbe season. The tickets are only $1.25.
All who wlah to pass a day at Reho
both should join them.
Coming next Season.
William Queen, agent for Nellie Del'
mere, the celebrated actress, was In
town making arrangements for her ap
pearance here during the coming Bea
red. She will be sop per ted by a first
class company and will present some
very attractive plays.
Bmlth Will Fight Conley.
New York, July 23.—The following
telegram wae received by Rtohard K.
Fox to da} : "Bmlth aooepts Oonley's
ohallenge to fight. England
nent, £1.003 or £3,000 a side, Smith
giving Conley £100 expansée.
Flour and Feed.
Great reduotlon lu prices of family
flour at the northwest corner of Fourth
and King streets. All oboloe brands
aud feed. Do not fall to give
R. P. Janvier.
hand; also hay, straw
a oall
Harsains In L,aoe Caps.
Mrs. J. B. Sooy, 212 King strret-. wl'l
bave a speolal sale of laoc
week reduced below oost; alto c
- v " p,, «l WlvÇi,«
' wao oome ear'y,
On or about September 1
we expect to remore to our
spacious and elegant new
store room*, No. 605 , 607
and 609 Market street, and
as we wish to dispose of our
entire stock previous to that
date so that we may open
at our new location with an
entire new stock In every
department we have made
sweeping redactions 1 n
prises, which shoald insure
a speedy sale of our present
stock on hand. Besides
marking down some goods
to hall, and in a few Install« s
to even a quarter or less^ of
their original cost, we will
allow during this special sale
A Discount of Ten
Per Cent.
On all regular goods not
already marked down, with
the exception oi Prints, Mus
lin*, Spool Cotton and Dr.
Warner'« Corsets, on which
we have a contract with the
manufacturer not to cut on
their established prices. Tnus
for example, you can, during
this closing-out sale, bay
our guaranteed Black Silks
at $1 tor 90c a yard; our su
perb Black Cashmere, spec
ial value at 50c, for 45 c a
yard, etc, etc. Thus saving
exactly ten cents on eyery
dollar's worth you buy. Of
course you understand this
is simply la order to reduse
our immense stock previous
to removal, and, i( possible,
close it out entirely. We
name a few of the many
spscia! lots upon which we
have made a great reduction
in price.
From 12Jc to 5 e.
From 50c to 25.-.
From 25c to 12Jc.
From 75c to 50c.
The bi lance of out stock
of French Chailies from jo
to 25c a yard.
Black and Colored Bro
caded Silks, former prices,
$ 1.25 and 51.00, all down to
50c a yard.
A few short lerqjths of
Checked Summer Silks 1,-om
62 J and 50 c down to 25 c
Colored Brocaded Velvets,
former prices $ 475 , $3 00 ,
$ 2.50 and $ 1 . 50 , all down to
50 c a yard.
1 lot Batistes from 12J to
61 c.
1 lot Seersuokera from 124
to 8 c.
1 lot Satines from 12J to 8 c.
1 lot Satines from io to 7c.
1 lot Satines from 15 to 8 c.
1 lot Prints to be cloaed out
at 2 Jc a yard.
1 lot of Lawns to be closed
out at 3c a yard.
Thia la a splendid oppor
tunity to buy good and de
sirable Dry Goods of all
kinds at prices which will be
a positive saving of money
to you. Please bear in mind
that during thla closing-out
sale you get au allowance of
ten cents on every dollar's
worth you purchase of ua
with Ure few excellons
noted above.
Store for rent and fix.u cs
for aale.
& Hill,
ii-ket Sî.
22 J _

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