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Libra» i of Coon i
.Y, SEPTEMBER 25 , 1888 .
; ;
i r
thly cic.insc and purify garments without injury, they
[boiled to dissolve the oily exudations of the skin, and
rt, when both can easily be removed by using a mild
snap like the "Ivory," 99 ^ % (P ure )- Washing
Ind Soap recommended to be used in cold water, to
lei, etc., are highly cliemicallcd, and arc so strong that
kd destroy any fabric they arc used on.
I while snips, each represented to be "just as good as tbe ' Ivory'
put like all counterfeits, lack the peouliar and remarkable qualities of
Ik for " Ivory " Soap and insist upon getting it.
( ; yrlght by Procter A Gamble.
Kin Mondiy, October 1st. A fine opportunity for persons of
thosedrslrliin: to better tbelr positions. 91 persons of both sexes, from
i, 'n «tendance last sei
esladit-f-, buuincas
, embracing clerks, mechanics, errand boys,
, etc.
-'ÎANY -> person:»
er bow dt-tident,
y profitably attend. NUCLA 8 SES. Private, Iir
»n. No Embarrassaient.
b'*ukkeeping, Business Forms, Business Penmanship, Aritb
x.ticdl Spelling. Take any study.
method, (Remington or csligrapb). Abund
studeuts now In posItlouH.
3 Miiuday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7 to 9, beglu
Ui. Call or drop a postal for catalogue.
nd quickly k
•1 by
moulais. Kor
eu dally,
H. b. GOlzDEY, Principal.
^ yJV : W
•«UElir. Tu EL'V_
Lowest Prices
'-GO TO_
Weekly aud
y "ay ment 3 .
every evening till 9
L^-flOOk 1 » -
f w»*Ui D g CK »«o«4 baslnsss;
J. U. th-s

i'riV hou.V.ôrV » -
- °*3 M arket 8 t
Office, 834"Market Street.
I have several sums to loan on first mortsage
all .'parts of the
atS or 6 pc
l^>r rent, 12 dwtlllnus In first -class nelgh
torliooiU. Reut reduced fer balance of the
Peroxide of Silicates.
A sure protection against
all insect pe«te
will doc.roy i
»oil. it kills
ravaxes oi
tort lllsor 11
allUrabs and Worms
the Colorado lieetle
Hag, the Oabhaga Wosui and
bagaaBd Insects that attack the tomate
plant, kale, egg plant, eenlttlower, euonm
ber, melon, squash ano e&ntelonpe, eurrani
atishes. rose hashes, trult trees and ail
tkrut*berr, etc., etc.
Un tender vlnea dust Ughtly and on hard
liberally. The bast time to
■ lo. trov
When mtxel with
t »
r retau
kinds oi
■er plants
apply the Kt'icatesU
from rain or
(low. The sllieateo being In th<
powder is reedlly appl
maass of darting through eel >th bag
tbe Miturnofa fine cheese «loth, w
large area of Uabbago
dusted, it can Lo d-n»' t
a time, wt;J
tlape of fine
hen s
Potato«! ts to It«
I olskiy and evenly
oar hand dnsUcr
ordlaaey walk. At'
■>o*a and
w Agents oan sapply i ha bags.
fieorfB V lush & Soot
BNOLAND'g wobkiruhui.
Wnat a Wltmingtontan Maw While on
a Summer Visit to England—All Kng
land in Favor of tue mention or
Cleveland, ueoaose It H«am Free
Henry Charles, reaffilng near Dela
ware avenue and Llnooln street, Is
employe of the Augustus pap
ana a native of England. He
this oonntry more than twenty years
aao, and in May last he went over to
■Dgland to see friends and his native
Mr. Charles returned
home from bis visit aboat a weex ago.
Last evening a representative 6? tbe
Republican called npou him to learn
souaetbtug from him of the temper of
tbo people In Eagland, politically,
daring tbe present Presidential cam
paign in this oonntry, and to learn
something of tbe oonditlon of mann
faotnres and labor In that oonntry as
compared with tbs same in tbe United
States. Mr. Charles regretted vary
mach that bs did not know be was to
bs Interviewed upon these matters on
bis return home. Had be known It, he
said, be would have gone to some
and trouble in collecting the informa
tion desired.
"Mr. Charles, av a general rale are
tbe mannfeotnrera of Eagland as well
off as the mannfaotnreis of tbe United
"No, I think on the average they are
not They make money slower. If
they mako 3 or * par oent. npon their
Investments they think they are doing
"Ars there not In England a great
many moaopolUs, and wbat In this
oonntry are called ''trusta."
1 Ob, yes; the oonntry la fall of them;
ther« are a great many limited partner
"Wbat is tbe general condition of the
working people ln E; gland?**
••They are vary poor indeed, far be
hind the onndltton of the working peo
ple in tbe United States. I saw from
English paper, while I was over
there, that 90 000 working people
left England In a year and emigrated
to other oonntriae. Crowds of poor peo
ple are to be found In tbe coantry and
all the oitloa outside of London. Tbey
troop tbroagh the streets, carrying their
obtidrau with them, and slug from door
todjor. They are not allowed to beg,
and so content themselves with what is
voluntarily handed to them."
"Iha poor wotk.ng people have no
other expectation than to end their
days in tbe poor house, and it la a great
relief to many of them to get there."
"Mr. Otarie«, wbat Is tbo average
wages in England ot workingmen?"
"Common manual labor is ill a week,
which ia equal to $188 United States
srrJFLi c * P £Ä "h.
w.geiot woikm«. »DIMM in Ih.t In
S ÄÄ ID°onr oarMnny
sfMsrj üÂJSïssyaaï
$8 a week, women and oblld labor not
ud. d A good farm hand sets about
£20 a year oi%100, divided Into $îo?J
$11 a month for sommer and from |5 to
$6 for winter. Tbie Is considered good
wages, at farm labor la aaaroe. Married
farm bauds are favored in the way of 1
boose rents and gardens, bat wegee for
them are the aime."
'Now, Mr. Charier, did It oome In
yoor way to note the Drloea of table
living, for yon know car Democratic
friends are always telling na that tbe 1
high prices of labor In the United
States are offset by the purchasing
power of a dollar in EaglanO?"
"If I bad known 1 waa to be ques
tioned In this manner I would have
beeu prepaied with the prices of every
thing that enters Into table living. 1
do know, however, tbat ordinary bntter
oobts from 14 to 25 oents a pound; beef,
from 14 to 20 cent*; pork costs about as
rnaob as heie, groceries are perbaps a
tr flj cheaper Coal, however, Is
oheaper, being about $1 a ton, the
labor for mining it and freightage being
much lower tbnu here.-' I
"How about rents for ordinary homes
for workingmen, Mr. Charles? i
"Reute foroidlmry flveors x-roomed
bouses sre about £14 a year, or $67 84,
ia» besides this tue tenant has to pay i*°
part 'of tbe taxes, say £5, or $24 80, '
wbiob brings the expense of a home up.
to $92.10. Houses are built more snfc- !
A doable
booie. with two rdoms and a kltoben In £
each story, calculated for four families, *
oosts about $L?00. This Is at New
Cattle on tho Tyne. Esoh of these of
family apartments rent for about $54 a
ytar. Houses her--» are finished with
everv oon voulenoe **
"What Is the prie* of bosrdlug per
week for worklDgmen?"
"Boarding and washing can be had
for about 12 shlillugt a week, or $2.83.", and
"Do aa many worklDgmen own tbelr
own Looses Um ri as tbey do hart?**
-'it is a very rare exception to find
worklngmou own their own bouses. *nd
They tesrouly get-enough to procure lot
fjod and clothing and lo pay rent and
taxes, without thinking cf owning
"As much has been said about the
cheapness of oiotblng In Eug'and,
you inform me wbat a goxleuitof
o'oihlug can \»e purobased for?"
"fia, 1 know sometblug about that,
for I putobasod aeult whtn 1 was
there, including an overcoat, for £8,
about f 40 You can get anils, however,
much cheaper, and the clothing is
somowhat btlter than American made
clothing, but tbe difference In prloes is
great. Hats in Eagland are oheaper
than heie "
"Can workingmen live oomfortably
in England upon tbe wages they gel?
For iusUnoe, bow does a man with a
wife and five nr six oblldreu get alung
on $8 a week?"
"Poor enongb, Indeed. Recollect
ühat the wlfo aud obildren do not eat
tbe same kind of vlotuala the
does who works and makes the living.
may have a ooople of eggs for
breakfast, but the children very seldom
g»t any luxuries of tbat kind. Tbe
most rigid eoonomy has to be practiced
to make ends meet, aud should oalamlt y
ootue and wagea stop, tbe poorbouse Is
and last resort. It Is my
oandid opinion tbat tbe workingmen
of A^netloa waste by extravagance as
muck as tbe workingmen cf Eagland
was a altogether."
"Wall, now, Mr. Charles, If tbe
wealtk of England Is no» lu its manu
facturer*, cor In Its working olassee,
nor in It* merchants, where is It?"
"Ah, my dear friend, I will show
where it lies by a book I have up stairs.
It lies with tbe titled arlstooraoy."
Baying this Mr. Charles got tbe book
and bonded it to us with the request
that wo look over It and publish from
it whatever we saw proper. Tbe pam.
pbltt is a tabulated statement of tbe
biddings nod property belonging to tbe
titled nobility and tbe salaries paid
from the (Juten down to the humblest
oup-bearer. We lotend to give
extracts from this book in other articles.
"How do tbe people there feel and
talk Id referenoo to tbe approaching
Fttsldtut!»! oootMt In tbit O.nntr,?''
sr mills
land onoa more.
stantlal there than here
Î re
a tree
"Everybody knows that » great eleo
fe'.cn la pending and that they all hare
won than the nenal interest In It.
Every man, woman and oblld of Intel
ilgenoe look* upon Grover Cleveland aa
the rpeolal friend of England. They
alwaya quote him aa being In favor of
free trade, and they are taught that free
trade will open up the United State«
for the admlaalon of Bngllah
manufactured gooda, and thta wonII
make batter tlmea in England. Tea, If
the eleotton waa In England, Cleveland
would aweap ihs country. I do not
blame the Bngllah for thta feeling If I
lived there i would be a tree trader,
and ao would yon. It li surprising,
however, In tbla oountry that there are
eo many who are ready to throw away
the advantage« we possess and to pnt
onr people in the same condition of the
working people or England. The
English people/* Mr. Ohazlea aald,
"look upon the Amerloan people aa
being extremely aalflsh in abutting ont
Eogllab products and compelling Eng
lish manufacturer« to mauafaotnre at a
low rata and to give lew wagea
io oompete with ihs protected li
of the United State«." The feeling
times would be better If Cleveland
elected does not only pervade Eagland,
bat Bootland, whloh Mr. Charles also
visited. He did not visit Ireland, and
therefore oou.d say nothing about that
Mr. Char lea la a conservative gentle
man In polltloc, and la a R^pu oilcan
principally because be believe* in pro
tection for tbla oonntry, however much
free trade may anit England. At the
same time he thinks the tariff lawa
ahonld be remodeled, and some of their
inequalities abolished. In this senti
ment he la In hearty aooord with the
B ronounoed Republican sentiment of
te tlmaa, and with the Flnanoe Com
mittee of the United States Senate that
is now maturing a bill for that express
In h,Te ,or tte
,2'S.TÆ' V"' f 1
TV, p
not ni«!?-hîLi J?" 1 } B ? y8 iSV** -
Brother bood la not going to fight the re.
to aonn*#*** *° * be
2!?**?,*? of , lb ®
rr0 " 01e ™ Und
of 1 M-na^ P fthar.to n# th« athi.rin
for cinh ÄStardmV i£n Jlît Pnri b ,l
SÎsLÆ?" 1 *"** ? ar0( ' 11 ,rom
In FoDneUy
01no . !n . n »* , Both men were bought
p^rcSn w5?cover P rl I «htfleld , ln nlane?#
tbe 1 1 Pennïui^m nlï v Pl ÎSÎrî f
£mÏ? quJJI »nf hT^tîtïît ÏÏ It
e Glea-on w111 b ® wtalned as an
Gapping and levelling, loa E. Seoond ft.
Try Bash's coal ; von will
as Try Bash's coal ; you will sorely lise it.
a Millard r. Dsvli,Jeweler, SB. Second
Is Fine isK. uinss, atHanrs, u B. yoartb,
the Frank Boop BmlUiÜ dragglst, itb and King,
American Laundry, 602 West Front street,
I Brasilian Balm, immediate eure lor mumps.
Fine elgirs and notions at 8. W. eor. loth
i and Bennett streets. L Bell.
White Pine Tree Tar and Honey, lor
84, ooturhs and ooids, at tbe 26 -oent candy fac
pay i*° r P* Wo - 4 w - straet. fry it.
80, ' g - g — î
up. „
! Havana, Sept 24.—There
t,ODB of another cyclone here
In £ ram frou^ Madrid says that Noberlcsom,
* wel1 known meteorologist, predicts
that a violent cyclone will cross the Island
of Cuba ou October 2.
a - - -
1-8 or 86 gams for 20 oents at Cum
mlngs* gallery, 802 Market street,
Give Him a Gall.
Go to McClure for all kinds of fish
and oysters every day. Eighth street
market house,
— ■ ■ «
Powell, in Washington street market
*nd No. 808 Madison street, has a good
lot of fish for to-morrow'a market; also
olama and lobsters,
Baas Bail.
The fallowing games wert played
At Boston—Boston,4; Philadelphia,1.
At Washington—^ Washington, 1; New
York, 2.
At Putsbarg— Pltlsbarg, 5; Detroit,1.
At Cbloago—Ohloago, 10; Indian
apolis, 8.
At Bt. Leals—St. Loals,2; Baltimore,
The Phillies play with the Bostonians
to day.
The Athletlos will play at Bt. Lonls
Pete Browning has been reinstated by
Tbe Phillies lost the ohanoe yester
day of taking f jurtb plane from Bos
from tbe
extra man.
Hsassn has bout« Ha tba elty
farSlros.» 404 Harks« sSraal
A no tlier Gy clone doming.
A cable
Messrs. Vsruou « sons:
adver., as wef have all
tbe buslnees tbe boya can attend to.
Uhafman, Beventh and Orange.
Hand-made chocolates at Ferguson's.
11 East Second »treat.
Tike out
Ask for Yonth's Smoking Tobacco
Joe. Wallace. 697 Pina street.
We atop Iba press to say the prettiest
window In thla olty oan be aeon at No.
4 West Second street.
Home-made oanaiea. 4 W. Sod at
Call and
the orayon portrait and
frame Gamming« makes oa Instalments.
898 Market street.
BEECHER'S gallery is number 315.
12 oablnet photos at Camming!' gai
ety for $3. 802 Market street.
Bash's, French street wharf la tha pises
tobuy your coal.
Pure drags at Taylor A Fullerton's
802 Klag stre et.
Misa Fianoe, musio teacher, 801 West
Okoiera inramnm
Î re vented and oured by Hooper's Ano
yne. Beat medlolna for teething and
oolio. Ail druggists.
If you want good batter aall at Rloh>
mond's, N. W. cor. Eighth and Tatnali
Gapping and leeoblng by George B.
Mataner, 108 Bast Third street.
Get yonr wringers repaired at Rich
mond's, H. W. eor. Eighth and Tatnali
a tree to.
especially for oar trade. Par». Clip
per», 0 Erst Ssoond Bt,
Pare apfoas, pure s pi osa.
Mews Bnmm try.
1ck Lynch and Nellie Drlscol, both
, went from Brooklyn to Coney
on Suuday, and It la aald, Imbltxd
[eely. About midnight they
m UK Brooklyn, and reg
and w.fe at tbe willow Hi
terday morning they
from suffocation. The g<
turned on but not lighted,
posed that Lynch either blew out tbe gas
turned It off, and then turned It
again without realizing what be
Tbe "Lone Highwayman," who in tbe
past two years has been a terror to
travellers In tbe vicinity oi Kerrville,
Texas, and who has ribbed stags coaches,
rifled mall bags and relieved commercial
men of tbelr valuables, without the as
sistance of a omfederate,has been killed
by Mrs. Lizzie Hay, In Baudero County,
after he bad entered the bouse for tbe
purpose of robbery.
Policeman John H. Weinke, of Chi
cago, on Sunday had a bulletf romoved
from his bead which had been there since
tbe Haymarket riot, on May 4, 1886. Ibe
bullet, which had been flattened Into a
shape resembling
found dead
i had been
It Is sup
j a hjrse shoe, was
mpletely covered by a bony growth.
John Walters, 49 years of age, a
miner in Wllkeabarre, Pa , went
spree with two acquaintances. They
drank a large quantity of whisky, and in
a few hours Walters died from the effects
of the liquor. One of his acquaintances
lain a dangerous condition.
loosed to be the murderer of
8. Morris Wain, of Philadelphia, and
Harry Stone, of New York, has been
arrested In Landers, Wyoming Territory,
while trying to dispose of a camp outfit
similar to tbat kuowu to have belonged
to the murdered
Wallert Johnson,
In Chicago, yesterday attacked bis
er with a butcher knife and Inflicted
woundB which it Is feared will prove
fatal He then tried to bang hlmaelf,
but was cut down before life was extinct
and reaoaclated
■ -
The case of Wilson and Cbopaz, in
dicted for the Bharpless murder, was
yesterday given to tbe Delaware Couuty
Grand Jury, at Media, by Judge Clayton.
The Jury at five o'clock in the afternoon
adjourned nntil this morning.
The family of Isaac L. Crane, in
Easton, Pa , consisting of himself, wife
and two children,
tlon from having eaten cabbage upon
wbiob Paris green had been used to kill
George LaBlanche, pugilist, was ar
rested yesterday in New York, on a
warrant from Buffalo, charging him
with assisting in a prize fight between
women in tbe latter city
Charles Jackson, who murdered John
Walters, jailer, In Waterloo, Now York,
in January, 1887, waa yesterday
vlcted of murder for tbe third time, and
Francis Trainor, a lunatic, f8 years
old, committed suicide in tbe city jail at
Baltimore yesterday, by throwing him
self from the fouith tier to tbe floor 35
feet below.
A carriage containln
In a critical condi
the 16th lu
be executed
8 mith Boyd,
aged 3-J years, waa struck by a t rain on
the Pennsylvania Railroad near Bloome
vllle, Ohio, on Sunday night Boyd
fatally Injured aud died yesterday.
Avery Gardner, aged 8-5 years, com
mltted sulc'le in Rlchvllle, New York,
8 un<hgr,Ly hanging.
■order Added to Arson.
Erie, Sept. 24.—Late Saturday night
filled with baled rags
Lake Shore Railway was fired by
cendlary. When the firemen bad
quenched tbe blaze they discover d tbat
the firebugs bad added murder to their
other crime, for In one corner ol tbe
burned car lay the half-roasted and
charred body of a lad about 11 years old.
At noon to day, as the OoroDer was prob
log the mystery, a young man named
Frank Cuppy
fled tbat he ldi
of Coney Beugbart.
parted company with Benghart Saturday
nlgbt, and, with the remark tbat his
father bad driven blm out of doors and
be must find
hart entered tbe
closed the
At tbe Inquest tbe father of Benghart
refuted to identify tbe corpse
but Bengbar.'s
once. Theevld
a box
came forward and testi
entitled the remains os tbat
The witness bad
place to sleep, Beng
and tbe witness
that of
sfitera Identified
disclosed tbe
fact that the boy was Buffocatedfaud then
burned. Tbe lallroad authorities testi
litd that a systematic course of incen
dlarlsm had been practised upon tbelr
for several weeks in the locality
iu which the car containing the boy was
door after him.
Good ,eof nd-h.ud for t25,110,
. " to $250 Planus for rent. H. F.
Rubeien, 710 Market street.
Now Gast is.
Tbo festival in the Opera Horse at N
Castle, 1er the benefit of the M. E
Church, of tbat city, will be opened this
(Tuesday) evening, with a grand
cert, In which 136 children will pÉtticl
pate. Tbe arrangements for
ual treat are complet«, and in connection
with tbe smiles of tbe ladles and tho
good things provided to tempt the ap
petite will be sufficient to draw dollars
from the pockets of all, save tbe veriest
of inkers Many cf the residents of
elty should pay them a friendly visit, aud
thing may not be learned
In the management of affaire of tbls
Second-hand organs, nil makers, for
$10, $25, $50 to $75. H. F. Rnbelen, 710
Market street.
rest val
Tbe Novelty i beatre.
A large crowd visited the Novelty
Theatre to witness tbe opening perform
ol' tbe week. iCoffree the magician
has been retained ano her week by re
quest. Hie tricks this week_ .
aui were all appreciated by the audience.
Lillie We don's, singing aud dancing was
well received b
tbe large audleuce.
Also Lottie Day, Sullivan and Curtis, and
stock company, Murry, 8 ullivan and Me
Coy. Tbe orchestra consiste of
pteces, acd Is tbe best that
;r played
Before the publio for the last 45
years, tbe Knabe piano baa to-day a
reputation equaled by no other maker.
See them at H. F. Rjbelen's, 710 Mar
ket street.
The Behr Bro's oyUnder top pianos
should be seen and heard before roaktDg
to boy. See them
at H. F. Robelen'a, 710 Market Bt.
d Marines.
Kx-Holdiera, Bailors
Discharge certificates obtained by W.
S. McNair at Hayward's pension office,
room 13, Exchange Building.
Go to Smaltx for your oboloa pears
at lowsat market prloes, 13 East Fourth
, .
Accidental y fct»o|t.
Willard, the 15 year old son of Wm.
Smith, residing near MoGip.landsvi'le,
White Olay Creek Hundred], took a gun
from the bouse on Saturday last and
supposing that It was not
deliberate aim at tba oolo
was approaching, and pulling the trig
ger, be was badly wounded on the left
side near the heart. Dr. Bollock was
called In and round the boy in a very
preoarions oondltlon. Yoclng Smith Is
greatly prostrated over tills criminal
carelessness, and would make any
proper saorlfioe to rcoall the same
After all tbat baa been s»tdj In regard
to handling fire arma, It U surprising
tbat persons will continue no do so
tbua bring misery on ihcijatelvee
tba members of tbelr family .
boy who
, and
CMtl. DjIb, at Iim r.T.r,
Pittsbubo, Sept. 24 —Texas fever
has appeared among oattle In fome too
lions of Harrison and Fkwn Town
ships, this county, having broken oat
some days ago. La»t Bei
fever attacked the Westei
longing to Bertner Brother
Township, and nine steers
fore the disease was checked,
exactly one year from the day It broke
oat last year It made liai appearanoe
and again became epidemic with the
Rattle belonging to Bertner Brothers.
Ou Thursday the last of eight bead
died. It la reported tbat sitook belong
ing to other farmers in Fawn Town*
•hip have the disease. Th<
talk of drawing quaranllai
dem ber the
n cattle be
», of Harri
died be
ere is some
Healgned HU Pastorate.
At a congregational meeting
Olay Creek Presbyterian Church, in
Mill Creek Hundred, on the 20tb Inst,
at which Rev. A. N. Kelgwln of this
city, presided. Rsv. J. M.
tendered his tealgnatlon as p
take effeot on tbe first of mext January,
and It waa aooepted without a dissent
ing voice.
rermon on Sunday, and tie
vaoatlon until tbe end of t|b
In White
astor to
He preached his farewell
e will take a
When baby was
When she was a Child she cri®4 for Oastorla
, wa gava her Oastorts,
When she became Miss she dung so Oastorla
Whence had children :■ tie «av* them Cas
Canary Btrdl.
Any lad or lassie wlshlilig to possess
a beautiful oaDary bird
John Parker, No. 108 B. ijjeoond etreet,
aa be bas some of tbe sweetest and best
OUld call
brongh» to this olty. He Is
expert In ornithology and capable of
giving every Instmotloni ucoeseary to
promote tbelr health anfl their vooal
everybody ought to know tksl A.
Sergeant gives 2240 Ibe. of (toe best, well
cleaned coal In every ton you buy. Oak,
{ tine and hloory kindling wood In large
oads. Lime for whitewashing. Yard,
font of Monroe street. Central
Seventh and King
blue slgfl. Oponi
streets. Look for tbe
of In the evening.
One Hundred Thousand
Sore eyes In and around a circuit of
three hundred rnllos of Wilmington,Del
be cured If they will use Dr Simms'
Eye Cure, the famous rempdy for weak,
sore and Inflamed eyes aud eyelids. 25
and 50 cents. Depot Fourth and King
EometlaluK Nc|w.
Orayon portrait and frame on !n
Cummlng's photograph
gallery, 392 Market street. Now is a
good ohanoe for a nloe Christmas pres
Mercy Is so good a servant that It will
a low its master tp die a beggar.
The virtues ihat lie In Warner's Log
Cabin Plasters are as bénéficient aud last
ing as the qualities of mercy. Best aud
cheapest poroused plaster In market.
Oysters l Oysters n
E. E. Hanaa will open his oyster
house, No. 831 Jefferson «treet, on Fri
day, September 7, where be will keep
constantly on band a tall sapply ol
fresh and aalt oysters at tha
of prloes. *
Don't run into Consumption when Dr.
Simms' While Pulmonic. Balsum, the
greatest of modlciues for Goughs, Hoarse
ness, Sore Throat, Croup, ifce., will
you. Fourth and Klug, Wilmington,Del.
» -
8 ave Tour Lungs.
E. N. VailamUugham, a former editor
of tbe Every Eveniug, now of the New
Ycrk Mall and Express editorial staff,
Is passing a short Aacjatlon wlih bis
parents at Newark.
Uurned Last
Tbe eelebratol Three B. B. B. cigar,
manufaoiured by R. If. Bourdon &
Bro., No. 210 Weal Beooijd street. Tbo
beat 5c. oLax in the oily. Try them.
oi prder and you
wish U repaired drop Er IL. Barkn, jew
eler,2>ÿ Eatt 7th it., a posial,aud It will
lo caned frr, returned knd no
charge made.
If yonr clock is
Tbe Latest Improvement.
Proof shown while you welt. Pic
tures finished la four days. 15 ( ablncta
for fS.03 only at Boechera gallery, 315
Market street.
tbe Market.
Tbe watobsprtng corsets will
break for sale at Huklll
east oorner Sacond and
Tbe liest
Polst, sooth
tnall streets.

»or Baie.
At a bargain, 8 -room llonse, with eon
venleuoes. Only $350 required down
Apply to W. Scot I Verhon, this otto*.

House and elgn paintiir and gralner.
Gall and see me befora going anywbert
else. Work reasonable.
Tilobman Danner.
Emerson pianos, Bmitb Americm
pianos, Hale pianos. Largest stock In
the State to seleot from. Bold on easy
monthly payments. H. F. Robelen,
710 Market street.
Adams & Bro., No. 504 Market street,
are making a great display ot baby car.
rlagis, toys, matks, teokijg glesiee,
umbrellas, etc,
$86 for handsome parlor organ, dou
ble coupler, e 6 ven stops, 2 knee fw Ils
with plush stool and boclh, ODly f30.
F. Robelen, 710 Market s rret.
Behntog pianor, beautiful new style,
old gold aud allvsr oases. Th ae are
ollM » ptonoa at reasonable prloes
Urm*. B. ». Rcbelen, 710
Market ttieet. i
Kmgnte of PjttilM BncntEpmebt-—Gor
geous rag
ftUronry-Yellow Fever Alarm—Bud
owe and Poetics.
Correspondence of the Ubfublicah.
Louisville Srpl. 22, 1888— Lut
week the commencement of the roof*
brought meny strangers to Louisville.
The olty began to pnt
pearenoe; the streets w
tbronga of oojntry folks; the building*
were decorated with fl»g* and bunting;
arches of colored lights spanned tbe
»tree s at frequent Intervals. I havs
never seen a m^rs tffiotlve, liberal and
attractive schema of dtojratlou in any
Tbe It flax of visitors this wetk bee,
however, tollpsed tbat of last. Monday
nlgbt the hotels were crowded. Tuesday
ona began lo go np. Wednesday ev*ry
parlor, hall and large space held »
dossn ootr. Thursday sleeping
could not be got, and the bjtela of
neighbor log towns profited by tbe
Louisville was lo her glory; auch f-s
tlvillea, rnoh o.-lebrations she bad Devrr
known; ber Inhabitants were Intoxi
cated with gratification, her oitlz
snrprised at their own suco as and
visiting strangers delighted.
Every fall thousands oome to tbe fa
mona Jockey C ub Meeting. I,a*, this
year, In raoe week, tbe Uniform Rar.k
of tbe Kolgbta of Pythias held
camp men t here; and on Thursday gave
a parade tbat has never been excelled
In Lxrnlsvllle for the "torn oat" of a
secret soofety.
Toe crowning event of the brilliant
week was tbe allegorical pageant of
tba Satellites of Mercury. This grsnl
affair rivaled tne display of the
famous Orioles of Baltimore. While
tbe procession was
tensive, tbe display was a fine one, and
way inferior to the best efforts of
Toe Yelled Prophet of 8t. Louis, or R?x
at the Mardi Gras of Now Orleans.
As the floaia and th6lr attendant
torch-bearers passed jour uorresion
d ot, the eight waa most beantlfu ; tbe
fl rating piumes of many colors, tbe
waving banner?, glittering equip meals
aod gorgeous oostumes made, lo tbe
glare of the msnj oalclum lights, a p:o
tore never to be forgotten.
With all tbe pleasure of tbe past
week there was a spectre at the font
and tbe oelebratloa ended; tbo people
■top to oonslder, and tbe sweetness of
tbelr happlnoss ts as gall when they
think of
or tbo
a holiday ap
filled wltb
Tbe people here
assured, by the
beard of health, tbat no po-sllile danger
exists, but when every day trains bilng
dozens of Hying residents of towns now
in tbe grasp of tbe fever; when but yes
terday over alxty refugees from the In
feoted town of Deoatnr, Ala., arrived;
when the local board bsileve that
need of a quarantine exists; then peo
aiarmed. Sane people know
tbelr danger; tbey demand tbe exolu
siun of reftuees from towns now in
fected; tbep urge tbat It is better to fight
yellow jack from behind defences, to
keep him out if tbe olty and afar off,
rather than to sttlve to conquer wh&u
Inside tbe oltldel. Already
yellow fever has oooumd here,
and two other persons are down with It.
One thing we bavo to be very thank
tbat is tbe
:< a i.
fnl for,
cool weather,
infection thla j
aj'proaoh of
This will stamp out tbla
and give us a fresh
stand in next yoai's oocfl.o —If It
oomes. A great many physicians point
to the fact tbat last year tbo fever was
in Florida, that tbo cold weather itjp
p *d it tor a time, and whoa tbe summer
uame the germe again became active,
and are this ytar only oocumrno!n<
tbelr work. To tfcore who bold this
theory next ytar seems big with peril,
and the spread of the soourze over the
whole United States is dreadtd
Let na hope there is no f 6 ar of tbla,
aud take every precaution to bavn the
sanitary condition of our dwellings per
fect. Local board of healths cannot be
too ao'.ive wltb all Its dread of yellow
fever helped by Us celebrations.
Lmisvllld la doing a splat d d busi
ness this fall. 9 ha many visiter» brrs
made larg* Inrjsda on the retail stocki
and the wholesale jabber, and manu
toc urera have In turn profited by
movement of treda. This movement
has not been tu fancies alone but In
staples, aud a larger vola
bas bo&u moved Id tbe last t
than In any sixty days iu the same tex
for ten years.
Mod here have been so taken up with
business and oe'.ebrailons tba; they
have not bad muoh time fer politics,
but wbat time they have had bas beeu
us id to good advantage, and in tbelr
almost hopeless fight tbu Republics
forlorn hope has not been wiped
any means.
One thing contributes to the bud
nee« prosperity, c f the Fais C.iy, &nn
-lvlty with which eaob
In business gee» abcot his wurh.
Io Philadelphia ana many oiber large
cities you eee the drivers cf heavy
teams and drays, even If they have no
loads, waikiug tbelr horses. Hero
every horse trots, unless absolutely uu
able to do so. Loaded coal carts go by
tbe jump wltb the driver, whip In
baud, sinndirg on tbe shafts. Leaded
oar male tob»coj drajs race the horse
, and tie activity I« general. If
any one thinks Lonlsvlll*, Ky., is
as'eep, or at all behind tbe times, 20
minâtes visit will sbow him hlu
ot goeds
tha 1 ;
Eat With Gomfore and
It Is by
the oomrary, a will
means naoertaln, but.
:*tic \ fact,
tie well balug if
stimnchdepe dnihttmod:
pint sa which is vouchsafed
Id Djsp*prlr, ti
• the st
( f bap -
Liu in
Le ot nil
ob's tranqul .t , and
mut to b i dread id, h & amp
tLe prallm nary rtlitfond oventi
of wulob Hott t:ei'e ftot
specially adapt'd. It
It w. th a lersc u tble c
■ ■
t to
>h Blum t*
blia ihjne wl o
iree of p >r
■latence to est with relish, bactu ■» It
mper 6 a h?sltb(a: nppeuu; tn « 11 ;e i
wltb o»te, be auto It s teaatbrnr
•tomaob; and to as-i n 1 la e Ue L od
whloh h ea'eu and ci,eit*-d, itui bene
fit lng health, promo leg fijsb and
tatnirg the ex*rclre of tte physical and
mental facult et It, tner oc, ftoil
tates tbe secretl n of Leal thy bie, aoto
atts without discomfoit tie habit ot
:ody, and tmdr, wann tibeu
taring, t» product healthy
Malaria Is conouered r»r It

upon re
al amt e.-.
The Tuatltnto Hall baj beco leaced by
the Protection Cmb for ibe cam, aigu,
«nd room No. 1 will bn
'neadquarters of the R pabiiuan State
and Gootty Com ml tree,
ivenlna ther-» will bi a liouas warming,
»t wb'oh a r umber o7 prominent Re
publicans of ibis city will deliver ad
d eases. An lnvltatkn is extended to
all to attend.
."td as tie
To morrow
Ayer's Ague Co s is warrant, d to <nre
oassr (I Malaria. Bold by drai gLts.
8 t. Lours, Mo , Sept. 24.»- Judge Thay
er, of ibe United States Court, rende. ed
bis decision to day
the pst.tion of tbe
Southern Express Company for a
trial of the suit in which David Fotbering
ha*n was awarded 120,000 damag's for
false Impr.soniccnt
rules tbe moll
grounds except the
Tbe judge over
tbat tbe damages
excessive and order» a new
ground unless Fother
Ingbam consents to a reductl u ot tbe
a «Ard to $12,000. FotherIngham's at
torneys say that be will accept tbe $ 12 ,.
for a
Folbcringbam was
express rocAseng
wbo le Fred Wfttrock, a'las Jim Cum
and theu allowed him
mlngs. into his
to leave again with $70,990 of the
pany's money about two years ago.
w Ittrock and tbe
vldtd the ep*lls
with whom he di*
all In tbe penitentiary
. Tbe company says tbat
Fotherlngbam does agree to accept $13,
010, as recommended by tbe Court, they
will not pay tbat much aud will take
appeal. Judtre Laughlln, tbelr attor ey,
e»js they might pay as much as $70JQ,..
but not more.
Olty Democratic Asaoa.at
The Damoqratlo City Association met
>o adjourned session at tbe rooms of tbo
Y. M D Club, northeast corner of
8er< nth at-d Marxet streets, Javt night.
An aieosloa for r ffijers waa held and
the following namtd perecci were
cboeen: President, Patrick Ne ary:
vloo president, J Frank Bxl ; -.eo.-etary,
William A. MoOloskej; tr««Mure-*, B.
N. Smeltx The rooms of the Y. M. D.
C. were aelsited aa headqnarmra of the
association during the oampaign
ixecntlTC committee of
w*rd was
from each
app/lut d. A oommltte of
three, H J Grippen, H. W. McIntyre
and 8. N. Smeltx, was appointed on
naturalization. Therein
the arsooiat'.
will be
eetlng of
doting toe oampaign
Monday night of eaon week.
In the Guy
W. J. MaxweH,formerly a City C uu
oilman from (be First ward, afterwards
Chief of Po.loe ander Mayor A locond,
atd later Bill assessor tor tbe tauera
»Msigment d a-.rlot, and now a special
tfiicer under the post offlne department»
le in Ibe city for a day or twj. A promi
nent RupubHoau politician met him
aod said to him that be wished be waa
in tbe aw er sot's iffije again In tha
eastern distriot, for in tbat oase them
wonld he a fall and honest a seaamsnt.
Mr. Maxwell seemed mnoh pleased
with tbe oompllment, and aald that
when he became a aworu efflotr be wm
pledged to do his doty, and knew
neither a Republican or a Dm ocra*.
Up from its Eenes
I. T Quigley *s
„ w morte :o factory
at Fourtu and Monroe streets is rap'diy
artslug from tbe dust and ashes of tha
burnt building. It will prac .loally be
entire new bnlldlng, It having been
necetsary to tear down ail the old walla
<pt a part of tbe ainth and east
11. Tbe old chimney fine still re
mains standing above ail surrounding
ofijeo'B, and the wonder la bow It aland a
unsupported as It ts. Large crowds of
people stand around all the time wa oh
lng the progress of the work. Mr.
Qilgley expie* to ooonpy his building
la about three weeks.
H«l for
• Jute (tagging Trust.
New York Sept. 24 —A cablegram
was received this afternoon at the Cotton
Exchange from tbe Cotton Association of
Liverpool, stating that cotton-sheeted
Tbls Is the
3 considered good delivery thore.
' powerful blow tbat has
« , At the jute bagging trust.
Board f f Managers of the Cotton Ex
change in tbla city resolved some time
ogo t ) accept cotton steeling as a satis
factory wrapper, hut tbe question was
not considered s. tt!ed by any means.
It was nece-sary to procare tbe endorse
of tbe Liverpool buyer.'.
been struck
Would Lik»
I would very much like to know If
(here in anything In the by law, of the r.
O R M to tom pel them to stay away
from tbelr families until 2 A. M. I have
irequently observed members of the order
s.cerlng for tbelr homes, where they
should have been hours before.
Holando uaoioe Fat«
it Flour
Is made frcm the BEST WHEAT
A Harruon Neds'.
Yesterday while John Brown
was re
organ bo found an old Tippe
omoo medal In it, snnh
was used In
the campaign of in*-). Oa one side Is
the log oablu, with the barrel of hard
older alongside, while on tbe other le a
profile of Gcusra: William H. Harrison
and tbe date of bis birth.
—For Flavoring and Coloring—
—ManufiO'nred and sold by—
Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
"URKKÏ A NT? S!>Trf sTS.
r 18HS AT
. Del. will to
MON1MY, onTJMEUlai. ism.
'WS.SE dRAt)

I Will noli
1 h«°e °FrMh atd
th,tu *for

o'isxp ?
»r «hsy
win sell
b.d to. Also a
1-hit.d no-tops.
M av vtiQH.
« handler, «nk.
>, Auot.
7*1» * SHIPLEY STS.,
of new and second-lianlle
■ihlng new.
work, (at
N°Ï!, 0 E »LN? l ?' ty TAX OFFICE,
th.l lu. couau tllV. & SZtîi. . T,k « »OUM
1 ooooij rax«.» ror lteiare long past dan
l VOctober the ISth,
Collector öf First
Collector of Second dtotncftu aSth of sixth
proceed to lev
wïsâkü aa*
Ap P ^ h*. 4M motu i vJC m£ir

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