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The Monitor
e der allst«
f / /y/s-ti^ 4
Whatever meefuru bavt a tendency to àjfalvc the Union, or contribute to violate or Icßn the Sovereign Authority
ought to he ettnftdercd at bifije to the Liberties and laiepmdtnte of Amssica.
Vol. in
[Tot. No. iso.
Geo. Washimoton
'■ ■
Piloted (WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS) by W. C. ßMYTK, two Doore below Mr. D. Bhiston's Tavern, High-Street, Wi nMlwctoh, Pmi.
SATURDAY,' Aug'üst 8, 1801.
Three Dollars per Annum. \
[One-Half in Advance .
Dissolution of Partnerßip.
Clip of John W William dark, Hattie», is
this dsy diffoived by mutual confeat.
perfone indebted to laid firm, ate requefted to
make immediate payment ; and all th*fe who
have any Demands, are defined to prefent them
for fettiement—rmt circumltanCes render an ini
JBcdute fettiement of the concern« nreeffary.
VP- TAKE NOTICE, that the Partner.
July *, 1801
Jn behalf, and in the.name of the General
Assembly of the State of Delaware •
WHEREAS two-thirds of each Houfe
df the General Affembly of this State, at
their feffion in January in the prefent year,
have, with the approbation of the Gover
nor, deemed it neceffary to propofe an
A mendment to the' Conftitution of this
State, which Amendment is as follows,
to wit :
+ 21ft January, 1801.
Resolved, by the Senate and Houfe of
Representatives of the State of Delaware,
on General Affembly met, two-thirds of
each houle concurring, and the Governor
if the State approving thereof—
That the following be propofed to the
Legiflature to be elected at the next ge
neral Election of Reprefentatives, as
ar. Amendment to the Conftitution of this
State, which, when the fame fliall have
been at leaf! three, and not more than fix
months, before fuch general Election,
months, before fuch general Election,
publilhed in print for the confideration of
the People, and ratified by three-fourths
of each Branch Of the laid Legiflature,
fi'.all be valid, to ail intents and paroofes,'
*• a part t f the faid Conftitution. to wit*.
the fifteenth seflion of the fixth article of
the Kid Conftitution, and to infert in lieu
thereof, as the fifteenth fedlion of the 6th
article of the fame, the following:
« The Chancellor shall compose the Or -
phans'-Court of each county, and exercise
Equity 'Jurisdiction heretofore exerci
sedby the Orphans'-Court, except as to the
adjusting ar. d settling Executors, Admini
strators and Guardians Accounts, in which
cases he'shall have an appellate jurisdiction,
from the sentence or decree of the Riig&er.
This Court may issue process throughout
the State, to compel the attendance of Wit
nesses. Appeals may be made from the
Crphans'-Court, in cases where that Court
has original jurisdiction, to the Supreme
Court, whose decision shall be final
Extract from the Journal,
Sent for concurrence.
January* 22, 1801.
Read, and unanimoufiy concurred in.
Clerk of the Senate.
Approved hj Me, the 30th January,
1801, '
AND WH EREAS it waa refolved by
the General A ffembly, That at leaft three,
and not more than fix months, before the
next general i Teflion of Repvefentatv- < s,
the o peak er cd the Senate and the Speak
er of the Houfe f Reprefentatives, in
behalf and in the name of the General
Affembly, fhould duly publifli the afore
faid Amendment : THEREFORE BE
IT KNOWN, that in conformity with
the faid Resolution, and in compliance
With thö Conftitution of this State, and
in behalf and in the name of the General
Affembly, the aforefaid Amendment is
hereby publilhed for the confidëration of
the People.
In teftimony whereof we have hereun
to fet our hands, this eighteenth day
of Juue, in the year of our Lord
one thoufand eight hundred and one,
and in the twenty-fifth year of the
Independence of the United States.
Speaker of the House of Representatives ;
Speaker of the Senate,
Now exercising the Office of Governor.
11 i tiftoa.
By Wholefale or Retail.
Cÿ The fubferiber has on band, the follow.,
i"g articles juft received by the late* arrival»
derate terms.
Superfine cloths, fear- i Fuftians and Velvefets,
Inti blue, brown, ! Irilh linens (fine)
drab fit mixedpieces ' Calimancoes and du
Ditto Kerfeymere, va- j
Elegant Swandown
and Marfeilles
Black and olive vel. j
from £ur-. pe, which he offeis for fate on mo*
Crapes k raltinetts
Tapes,bobbin, dtpins
White and coloured
! Binding, all colours
I Sewing li'k*, & twift
Coarfe (hawls
Bonk muflifi &
Fancy cords & thick
Farr ft cloths, blue
drab fic grey
Flan nets, white, red &
Falhionable gilt, plat
ed and high lopped
Calicoes, Coarfe muf
cn ru
bric, do.
Checks and fttipeJ
Ftrrets and galooua
Knives and forks
Pen knives
Flat & fpoou-end bits,
Ivory combs
Rofe blankets
Cotton & worded hofe
With a variety of other article*.
Wilmington, March 28,18011 3m
known b Y 'he name of Plcafant Place;
w,th frnoke-houfe, corn-crib, (barn, if re
T lird ) ftabling, and good water at the
door. Alfo,
With privilege of Apples for family
and a well of good water at the door.
The above premifes are mod plcafantly
*•* the »MÜ» «f t*« Brandywine.
~ >'«<; BrhJp and
Vyiramgton, co .v meat * k..,
^'' lrch - commandtng a profpedl oi
tb(: riv ^ r - tow f> bnd S e > and c ' eek : „ here >
f he pafftme of angling may be fully en
Joyed.—Poffeffion can be .mtned-.ately
hacb For ^ ^
on the. premifes. ^
CT On Thurfdsy the 14th day of Sfprtra
b «r next, at 12 o'clock, by ihs fubfcrib»r, a
Containing One Hundred Acres ; about fifty
To be Rented,
%* A good STONE-HOUSE, for
merly the property of Philip Bonfal, and
July 29.
• To be Sold, at Publie Venaue,
of which are cleared, the remainder woodland !
fituated on the main road leading from the
Head of-Chefter, to Duck-Creek.Crofa Roads.
There are on faid farm, a frame dwelling houfe,
20 by 30 feet, kitchen, corn-crib, and ftabie ;
alfo. a young apple.oi chard of very excellent
fruit. It is confidered unneciffory to give ary
further dsferkition of the premifes, asitispre.
fumed that any perfon inslining to purehale,
will view the fame previous to ike day ot hie ;
at which time the terms will be made known,
living on faid farm. '
* '
Au juft 4.
at tbe Faov.Hnuf* of foid Count}*, on th* zA
«Ly af September next, at ten o'clock, a m.
Notice is hereby Given,
To tbe TRUSTEES of the POOR z*
Newcaftic County,
tf]- That «meeting af the Board will be belo
it which time and place, the Members of the
Board are requtfted to give their atteadancc_
The Colleffor» of Poor-Tax for the current
year, are alfo netified, that the fécond payment
of the tax is due the 6ih inflant.—Thofe who
may be found delinquent with the Treafurer,
ou the meeting of the Board, rnuft expeft their
Bonds will be entered up, without relped to
perfoas. The Rtngcrs of the fcvcral Hundreds
ia the County of Newcaftle, who have ne.
glcfted to pay over the Balance Meniea for the
f a i t ,f Stray« remaining in their hands to the
Tretfurerof tht Board, mud expeA to be fued
for tie fame, on or before the day aforefaid,
ae other pt*foo or perfons are authorized to
receive faid balances, other than the Tr««fur«r
*f the Board of Trufteea of the P«or.
Newcaftle, 1 Ayid
«• »»«»-J
Hund- Bills, (äc.&c. printed tbeap.
Foreign News.
HOUSE or COMMONS, Jtlni to.
The heufe having rcfalved afeif int» a com.
mit tee of fupplv.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer fold, it
would be recollefted that hi# maislty's me flare
had been referred to the committee *f fupply.
It oow became his duty to move a vote found.
cd upon that meffage. He was extremely forty
that the urgency of the publicfervice required
that hi. majfty mould be enabled to raiie the
fum of i.coo.oool. by exchequer bill«. He
felt it, however, to he hi. duty to Hate, that
the latgeucfs of the fum arofe fiom the en
creafed demands of (he naval fervice. Many
eXpencei had occurred in various branches of
naval fervice, particularly with refpeft to tit«
Ba'tio fleet, which had not, nor could they,
be whelly forefeet!. The total inercafr of cx
pences for thi« fervtce ameunted to 1,686,741!.
He felt it, therefore, to be bis duty to refort
to the houfe for a vote of credit for two mil
lions llerlieg to cover thia fum, and any other
iucidental expencea that might arife. If peaèé
fltonld fortuoately fpeedily take piace.the whole
of this fum wauld not of ceuife be wanted—
but the »eceflity of fuel) a vote would be ob-,
vtous, when he allured the committee the fum»
before voted would not hold out longer than
the month of OAolser without this additional
aid. He concluded by moving " that it is ih*
opinion of thi» committee, that a fum not ex
quite. *
seeding two million« fterhng be granted to bn
majtity, to enabls hi« majifty to t«ke fuch
meafurc. ai the exigencies of «fair« fllould re
The Çharcelior ofthî Exch.-quer then mov
«J -that the followiog fum» be graated to his
«Pr !
.* Î »
«cot.^' ft
to the
ttcea of the Britin»
.2,701!. for the chairman of tht houfe of
The Chancellor of the Exchequer obfsrved,
'hat the fum ever and above 2,50*1. was lor
1,1 nutet advanced by the chairman of the kaufe
of lords, for the public fervice.
Mr. Grey ebferveel, that he cculd not eon.
frit to an increafe of the falary of the chair
man, of the houfe ef lords, from ijcol. t*
2500!. chus unneceflarily placing a burthen up
>o the public of i*dol.
Mr. Tierney followed Mr. Grey in repr*.
1 »ting this expenditure, which he contdered
tquaadering the public maoey leaudaloufly.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer coafidsr
rd it an advauce jiiftly merited by the noble
i-rd who held that cilice, from the attention
which the office demanded of him.
Imefo of parliament, he faid, bad iacreafcd ia
a very g>eat degree within the laft two feflions
—and during the lilting, the whole of that
neble lord's time was occupied hy it. The
f * ,at y »• theehasrm.o of the houfe of lords, he
ia,d > wa9 Foroo.rly paid out of the treafury,
w " bo » t referense to that houfe, but he
thought it the moft conftitutioaal method to
5r ' n tf before the houfe a« he had now done.
He then proceeded with his mationa.
90*.e*ol. to pay off exchequer bills for the
year 180e.
iO.8911. 11«. lod. to make good money
»lid by hit nisjefty, purfuant to addrdhs of
-,t houfe.
J28L to Arthur Young, efq, for premiums
paid by tht agricultural fociety.
4000I, to the Sierre Leone company, for
the civil eftablißiment of that colony for one
The bu
2,5eo,oeol. for the army extraordiuaries af
Hreat-Brilain, for the year 1801.
600 oool. for the army extraardinaries of
Ireland, for the year 1801.'
The refolutiona were agreed to, and the re
f art ordered to be received to.morrow.
DOVER, Juae 7.
Thia morning at fit o'clock failed a flag of
*uce, with a difpatch from Mr. Otto, which
1 .'c«Md v«ry urgent, for there not being quite
* atsr enough in the harbor for the accaSomed
flels to fail, it w»i immediately forwarded ia
open boat to Calais.
At eight o'clock failed a paffage veflel for
'-Mai«, having on board two or thiee French
fo' jilie» of diltiadlion.
A geatlemau in the neighbourhood of Can
14 bury, ttturnisg home tome evenings line«
orlier thaa wn rxpefted, found the door faft
«ned, and that a rival in hi« wife'.» aff fiions
wai within ; he knocked, but in vain - rite
door« continued clofed i he then procured a
light and Tome faggots, and literally let hin
häufe an fire. When the flair.es reached the
internal apartments, the lady, with her para
mour, rufljed out in a volume ef fmoke, and
a child who was in bed was nearly fuffotmted-,
The houle was burned to tht ground.
The __ e .l v r ,
1 Jnmul ,onns e c 'he EafUnd.a cam
t ''" 9 *" * h * ® f l ' Ue UA
Tr. .. e ■ , ,
-JFt* '"P r f ' ht wbB,e
» ^ - * nd ' S "
J**? '" f waseftabh/hetl
0 tom * l ** 'S*- */*• 5 d *
IVZLJ l ' ^ f -T
f^uffor ,K £X P' û ' d ' ,f / J^gmer t
II; * b '' ™' J ° . * ' ,Vera * e ef l kt '** »*
p.i * ® ' „ lc 1 3 PP e,ri he 19I. 6».
rp. Tf 0 1 S^ C, '.
' rt )8 1 °f'k* »M regular bot.
dillirmin'th^f, '".t ' "dia conaource, (as
t ** n lte
^ f b * adoption of the new fyi.
wa# ' ' e Y» * u ' 79*» t?93> *754 **<d '79λ
To Madra« and Bengal 25I. 10». per ton.
1 o Bombay, Bengal, and Seccooieu 14!,
10«. per too.
The fales of the ʻft. India
good», which, in February, 1793, wvre efti.
mated at an average t» *n» nu .it tu 4 988 joo'«
amounted laft year to the fum of 8,337,066!.
BOSTON, July 30.
. yeflerday informed, hy a gei tle
mau from Salem, that captain Crowoiofliiejd
arrived there on Tuefday evening m » days
from Algefua, (near Gibraltar) and inform»./
the receipt of inulitgeoee there, that the Tri
politan ci uixers had captured feveniaii af Ner
thern Amerirr • «dfet
w rr
W Was .
tttrr to a gt«,
in thu town, and politely handed us for pub
lication r
ied Irani .'.»ram, *
Arrived iftis day, the (hip Prydent, captain
Crowninftiield, in 33 days from Algefira«—
Verbal' information by the captais is, that a
peac* had been concluded between the Preach
and Portuguese ; the terms of which were, that
part of the ports ia Europe and the Brar.il» to
he given up—eight millions ef dollars to the
French, and two million« to the Spaniards ;_
and the Englifh to be expelhd from their
The treaty was oa tha point of being ratified,
when an Euglifh fleet of 14 fail appeared off
Lilhon,and advifsd its rejeAion—of ccuifc the
two allied armies marched forward, and ere thi»
Portugal mufl have lallen. Capt. C. touched
at Madeira 27 day« fiuce, when the inhabitant«
were iu the utmoft conftcnnation.
By the arrival at this part of the fhip Har
lequin, capt. Turner, from Liverpool, we have
received London papers to the :6th of June,
fovea days the latrft. From as attentive pc.
rufal of ihem, we do not find that they con
tain any frcfli intelligence of importance re.
(pedtiug either the military or political affair«
pf Europe. The few articles we have
tracled from them refpe&ing the military ope
ration« in Egypt, ar* of the fame date as thole
mentioned in lard Elgin's letter, already pub.
liflied—from Portugal nothing further had oc
curred—of the Northarn Powers, nothing had
tvanfpired to imped: the amicable accommoda
tion of their difference« with England. The
mod interfiling articles which occupy their
column«, ia the prefumption that il entertained
in England of tbe probability of a renewal *f
the war on the continent: this appears to be
founded 00 the meafurc« adapted by tb: re
publican troops of re-occupying all iho points
ef military importance 01 the right back ef
the Rhine ; on the rapid decline of French
flocks; on ike conluefs which at prefent fob
fills between France and Fruits; and by the
pains which the French government take to
difguifs from the public eye ibe real tituilioA
of affairs.
BALTIMORE, Augtift a:
Ex traft of it letter foam aa Americas gentle
man now ia London, to his Iriend ia this
CIT, dated |jne 17.
*' Some accounts favorable to France arrived,
yefterday from Egypt, the particuiirc I cannot
i-fo ra you, aa they are kept among great
folks ; it has, however, given a check to the
India flock.'*

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