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Thk Morninq Hnui to published
mqr momlngJBundays exoeptod),and ile
llvered In the city of Wilmington and snr
payabte to the carrier*. M*U (ubaeriptiom-.
postage free, three doUare per -a nn u m in
O'BYKgg Bros., Publishers,
No.*SW Shipley Street,
Wilmington, Del.
and asylums there grow places for the
children to run with leg or bicvcle, of
summer and autumn- evenings-trees are
nlanted in their bed of bricks to afford
planted in tnetr oeti oi oricks to anoru
shade in the August heat, in fact the city
fathers become living exponents of a prev- j
alent and commendable eitv pride. j n !
. . , , ' .
Wilmington we know of neither the ^'the
ing, it seems, or the good result. We
have no park, no childien's ground, and
though West and a few other streets can
show excellent shade trees in nrivate!
show excellent "trees m private,^
grounds and the sidewalks, they are by no:
meaas plentiful. The city, we believe,
have .a few lots out on the hills to the
, , . a i
west, but for present purposes these ™
practically useless, and will be moreover,
for a long time to come. Now a park id,
needed very much in the eastern part of
the citv—av between Eighth and Ninth
, • ' - een Lignin anr » tnth,
dow n there where several building lots
, ,
are now covered with unsightly rubbish
and wade materials
We do not mean to enumerate small
vie s and crimes after the manner of our
reverend friend last Sunday, nor to mor
alixe to any great degree at all; bnt to
grow half querulous rather, complaining
that the people of Wilmington do not look
to city decoration* enough. Thia fault
moreover, is common in all towns, and is
often experienced in metropolitan places.
When, however, the city aggregates a
hundred thousand for ita population, the
attention of the Gog and Magog is turned
to the locating and laying out of parks
and driv®.. With charitable institutions
. ,
°! eV ! r v ° ne fh T ° uld ^ ln the
possess!,m of the city. I ider the super
good landscatie artist, if the
land could onlv lie purehascsl these grounds
could 1* made fullv as invitin- a. Fair
cou.d he made fully as inviting a. hair
mount is to the Philadelphian or Druid
Hill to the people of Bahimare. We think
that this will at least, bear looking into by
the citizens of Wilmington. As for citv
1 , ,. .
dec. r .lions, outside cf monument* public
fountains. &c., we must look for much of
alone, but every housewife can
do a good work in this direction and i-n
mediately, too, by the various tasteful
ornaments that the inhabitant* of other
towns use. *
The Brandywine Bank?, in the opin
vision oi a
of tliis from private parries, and not from
the w,
c i/itTDv n i e if • • • •
OotERNoB Ame-, of Mississippi, is very
anxious that troops should be sent to that
State, to secure order. We are afraid he
Ames in the wrong direction for peace and
T .,
It .s ? a ,d by the Baltimorean that mash
ea ran onions are a certain cure for the
bite of a snake. It does not say though
how efficacious onions would prove when
An exchange makes the announcement
that since the advent of the cool weather
a man has snakes in his boot*.
the thermometer in their office has drop
ped. We hope that their subscription list,
is huge enough to enable them to buv a
new one " 1
"Hell hath no fury like a woman corn
is what a police officer thought on
Ninth street, Samrdav night, when he
. , , . ' , ,
tned to take in a woman that smelt strong-.
ly of gin, and fought him with -a blue
gingham umbrella. j
rt, i w A'T , . , '
Tux row that Jjrs. O Leary s cow raised r
in Chicago when she ujr*et that coal oil
lamp, is. nothing in comparison to that
which a Wilmington woman raises, when
her husband refuse* to stop coloring his
nose to a delicate red.
n ■
An exchange sac gre en colored paper j
i . . , , , '
is dangerous. That li exactly what the
haul money men say, but gfve us all you
have with thft eel-like signature of Spin- i
ner, down in one corner and w« will run ;
A. Raltiaiore man says it is a beautiful
, ,
THEBB being a great deal of talk about
H ome Rnle in Ireland, a boy on Talnall!
street, hang be 'cant for the life of him see 1
w hy thev desire it as he found out what it'
... hi. t
was from his mother* ilipper sometime
ago, and it is not so pleasant as to raise a
row about.
all jd?k of the danger.
eight to see a youthful maiden with a
peach-like color on her cheeks, superin
tending the perserving kettles. Verj- good,
but ho*'much, time did she spend before
the glass, preserving the peach-like colot.
Mr. Welsh lias been writing open let
ters to Mr. Delano, and now Henry Wil
son has given one. But the married
of Wilmington, whase wife fouad an open
lette r in his pocket that was not
canple affairs, thinks the opea Letter busi
ness a hunting.
on mer
oil t
From tke F kHm itlpkia Preee.
The loaf ta!ked-o( limited Cut mail
plished fact. At twe«dv minute* after
o'clock, A. M, oo Moodar, the fret
j«™». u.w.^
to make the trip through from PhiUdel
phu to Pittsburg in ten hoar, and forty
minutea; to Chicago in twenty-three hoots
and fifteen minutes, to Cincinnati in twen
train to tk* Wart i* now *a almost aocom
ty hours and fifty-five minutea, to Louis
nllein twenty-five bouts and twentr-five
minutes, to New Orleans in fifty-nine
hour* and forte minutes, to St Louis in
thirty hours am) ten minute*. This train
run* by way of the Pennsylvania Railroad
and connecting lines. It is more than
probable,however,that no mail rnafcer will
he taken on this or any other limited ex
prem until the 16th instant, the date orig
inally fixed upon by Mr. Bangs
General Ratlwav Postal Superinten
dent of the United .States.. It may
be well at this juncture to pw to the
general public the truth of the little tit!
between the Northern Central and the
Pennsylvania Railroads, about which so
much was written by irresponsible
journalists who were not conversant with
the facts which they presumed to argue
upon, and thus mislead their readers. The
proper way in which to get at the troth of
any matter is to at once proceed to the
tbuntain-head. This was done by na We
learned from Mr. Bang, that no partiali.y
* h » tey er^ad Uen shown by him or any
person connected with the postal -ervice of
the Northern Central in the matter of
j starting trains. " An impression, he said
! " to have somehow gone abroad that
the Pennsylvania Railroad was held until
^'the other roads were ready. This is not
.true. The fact of the matter is that 1
held one road until the other would be
with .ts cars fixtng tl.e 16tb mst, as
the ^1 ahouldumultaneouaH
Sheathe Northern Central learned
that Ute Pennsylvana were also to start,
and that the time for domg so had been de
lerm,ne( w 1 P on ? 7* Ter . r c** 3 wanted to
fstart on the 9th in?t., though their arrange
hiv] not bt en compleJ. 1 would not
allow this, and the next thing I heird was
i, P re P"J ll ? ns "eaa oi atitneir great
and d f S1 f <1 t ?, 8Urt 1 on ' h * 13thmsf '
] n this case I also adhered to the data upon
which I had alreadv settled Thus vou
, , ..
have the entire case in a nutshell, There
was, of course, at the time of fixing the
da,e ' anot 3 f r difficulty in existence and i:
was not a slight one. lhe Post Office Lie
partment was not then prepared either with
expert- or the necessary schedule of dts- j
mb ution. Matters have now been almost i
s,ral ? h f ened ' an d , w t ma - v reuonMr hope
,he 1,nU, .® d n "' 1 5 a,n t0 tht
\\ est a success in a short time.'' j
The fi-Rowing k the postal schedule
which was^issued simultaneously yesterday
^ ew ' ork and Plttsbur S r -" lwa . v I
.. ' T •
Leave—New Tort, ?.:'0 A. M.
Arrive-Philadelphia, 7.10 A. M.:
Leave—Philadelphia. T.20 A. M.,
Arrive—Hamsburg, 10^.5 A. M.
Leave—Harrisburg 10;ii A. M.!
Arrive—Altoona, " 2.05 P. M.'
Leave-Altoona, 2.25 P. M.
Arrive-Pittsburg (P.R.R. time) d.00 P M
Leave-Pittsburf (Columba " ) 5.50 P. M.
Arrive—Chicago (Chicago " ) 6.4o A. M.!
_pok the southwest
12.00 mid.
4.15 A. M.
fi no . «
1 i'in d vr
i jr l.iu r. M.
Arri\C""ID'liuQdpDili (Co.iiixibus
Arrive—St. Louis,
Leave—Washi 'gton,
Leave—Union Depot,
In addition to lhe ditrerent Portm , vU;r ,
and experts there started from Phiiadel
phia yesterday morning in the limited ex
P«a s ,representatives of The Preet, Public
Led/jer and Inquirer , who will acquaint
!.public with all further matters connected
with "the new departure'' that mav in anv
wa . T t* interesting.
♦5.07 A. M.
7.25 A. M.
7.35 A. M.
10.25 A. M
eetern Eichanye.
p* 3 table was furnished for forty guests
daily. There were sixty elegantly"fitted up
guest chambers in the palace at Belmont.'
All the appointment*attd surroundings were
«n a scale of Oriental magnificence, and the
spacious ground? lighted wtth colored lan
terns, from hundreds of gas jets, at night
presented the appearance of some fairy
palace. Thither he invited every notable
who visited California, and a* well as every
one w j, 0 anie t o him with a letter of intro
duction, or who had the smallest claim
Haw Hat-ton Lived,
upon his hospitality. Everything about
the palace at Belmont was princely, and
there in priticely fashion, Ralston enter
tained all who came, with the same quick
tact in matters social that distinguished
bim in his business operations. He was a
man of princely tastes, and enjoved to the
foil princely living. But there was none
of -the brutal coarseness of a Fisk about
him. His residence was a piece of ntagni
? < * m ^"pfay, but in all about it, though
in many things iflona, there was nothing
actually vulgar. ■. He was a man of some
culture, too, and was alwavs vain of the
society of literary folk, and no correspon
dent ofa newspaper ever, visited California
who was permitted to escape Ralston'*
hospitalities, even if he/ would. In a
business sense, too, this wholesale enter
taining was an important feature in Ral
ston's operations. He took' td Ttis house
'every capitalist who visited California;
every prominent politician whose influence
""Sht lie worth having ; every newspaper
B1 ?*. wh6s f ^*7 . mi » hl P ub,ic
opinion,and, wtth the innumerable schemes
which the Lank had on foot, this va*t en
tertaining was a vast lobbying, pontiuur
ouslv kept up.
judge Pierfepont has been a sore disap
pointmeot to the bloody-shirt shakers,
They feel like exclaiming with the PWl
adelphia 7W "Piereepont may bp .5
bettor lawyer than WilliaM, bnt he ean't
tun an outrage miiL Adhere ara eleo
tion* coaMng off and no troops. It » too
bad." ■'
■ 1 it.: J
;<! I . >
•b ->■ it
■ : I ..
• Id .foot
I .
8L Louie Globe, Dtmoaot. *
Jame* Hunter and Samuel Carter are
brothere-in-law, living about a mile apart,
and both within a abort diet* no* of
Mteintown, Mo. Green berry Lawson,
bmil . T quarrel ha* been wsged betworo
, he Hnnter ^ Carter fomilie*, apd Hun
ter ha* bren frequently heard to remark,
that be would cut Carter's heart out the
fl rat favorable opportunity. On Saturday
lut Carter went tp the house of hi* father
in-law to see his wife's sister, who was
^ He sat on the
was converging with her when Hunter
ctime to the house in 1 be, a: tj sharpen a
hatchet just outside the door. When he
had finished he crept sooftly on tiptoe
through the kitchen to the room in which
Carter and the sick girl were conversing,
He pushed open the door and stepped into
t h e room with the remark,
d—n you, I've got you just where I want
yeu," and be made a rush at Carter with
upraised hatchet, and would hare
brained him on the spot, had not Carter
jumped aside quickly and grasped a gun
w hich was standing near the bed, and
ra i*d it to shoot his assailant.
Before he could fire, however, Hunter
wa8 upon him, striking rapidly with tha
hatchet. Carter succeeded in warding ofl
die blows with the gun, receiving only a
few slight cuts on the arms. Hunter kept 1
crowding him until he fell backward upon !
the ^ and acr «* ,he form of the
„; r t His situation now was a desuerate'
Cue. He knew that if Hunter coulJget a !
f a ; r blow upon his head, it would kill him I
instantly. He suddenly threw up his right1
arm and drew Hunter's head close down to
hLs breast, and with his left hand succeeded !
; n getting from his (Carter's) pocket a
c lasp-kniie, which he opened with hw
^ and.'as quick as a fllh, cut his v
sailant s throqt from ear to ear, the blood
flowing over the bed and drenching both I
Carter and lhe sick gir I to the skin. At:
thi3 ti me Lajvson entered, and, taking in j
the situation at a glance, jumped forward
and raised Hunter from the hed he
did Z dShatch"dnZed from ; he hand
of tlle wouid-be-aasassin, and hesank tothe !
f ^ ^ ^™ 'he neigh-j
borhood seetns to be in favor of Carter, i
who acted purelv in self-defense. :
. ._ !
of the betl and
Now, G—d
What Fmhlot ihi.k. .ru» sim.
waat rtrsaiaf iBiaki efthe "* tn a
From tfu PottsHUe Jfining Jour, of .Saturday .
A Journal reporter called on Judge Per
-hing last evening to a-certain his opinion
of the aetion of the Erie Convention and of:
j the prospect ahead for winning the G iber
i natorial race. Hu Honor was affable as
usual, and seemed pleased with this new
mark of the res,«t entertained for him
j |,v his friends, but as the delegates had not
vet returned from Erie, ami the u-ual
-throng of wirepullers and place hunters
I not yet begun to force itself upon his
■ attention^lte could scarcely be said to liBve
yet arrived at a realizing sense of the situa
tion. As the Associated Press, for some
reason or other, failetl to receive anvthing 1
fo m Erie after the seventh ballot on Thi.r^
i • 'if • • 1 ^ ? ,
d " V nl ^- 1 ' a f nd . the ? fr,e " d ? ln l1 *^
£ on " ;ntlun failed to notify him of bis.good i
^rtuue, he was wholly ignorant of the im
P 0 ?? 111 fact ,h . at on , th e eleventh ballot he j
n nominated for Governor of Penn-!
s.Wvania by a vote so large that it. was im- j
mediately made unanimous, until he was
*o informed bv a friend vesterdav momin" '
He was nui-e'-uirnrisfal" as tl.A.i.d, h. i.Jd 1
1 . 8n / pr . *■ tnongh he had
no ex[*ectatnn of receiving anything more ]
than a possible complimentarv vote. He
a «;,i h id not had ilma* *-* ™ '
said he had not had tune yet to consider
the subject tullv, but he was not unwiilmg |
the subject fully, but he was not unwilling i
to sav what he thought about il at present |
though be did not wish to ire understood a? !
sjteaking to a final purpose. '
platform, the Judge is prejiared to accept it
without much reservation. His views on
the financial * question are in accordance
with it, and he thinks the doctrine
pressed in its financial plank i- bound to
'!v. IHs opinion
As to the ]
. . ,, ... . .
carry tne Country eventuaLy, Ilis opinion
with regard to the resumption of specie
pavments i< the same as that of tl-e VinerJ
payments is tne saute actual oi tl e-Miners'
Journal —that at the present time ■» is im
politic, impracticable, and impossible As
to Ills course in the canirreitm the Jnrlwe i.
to ms course in tl e campaign the Judge is
not fully decided. He will, however, re
tain his seat on the bench and let his
fbnil. t.n tko mmn,™ ic ;
fntnds cam on the campaign. If posst
ole, he will not take the stump a; all. but
tontinue quietlv dispensing justice until if I
the neoule r.f Dennavlvani* si ,U4,I» 1
tne people oi Pennsylvania so decide, he j
drops tlie judiciary for the executive. As ;
to the prospects of the campaign, he war
disnnsed to lie non-committal hot h» »l
uisposeo to he non-committal, but he e>t
dently ho|ies for the best—which, as the
people of Schuylkill countv know but*too
well would be their worst "
wen, wouiu tie inetr worst.
A Trip From Chicago to Pltlshwrg
!■ a Freight Car.
A case of subsistence without food for an
extraordinary length of time was discover
ed at a transfer depot of the Pennsylvania
Railroad on Monday afternoon. A brake
man who had occasion to pats a box car
standing upon the siding heard a peculiar
Doise issuing therefroih. He unlocked the
door to make an examination, when he dis
covered a man lying on the floor. Upon
approaching the man he discovered that he
was In an exhausted condition, having been
so reduced, evidently by the lack of food,
that he was scarcely able to arise. He was
carefully lifted from tbe car and stimulants
were given him, the poor wretch devouring
all that wa» placed before him with a greed
iness that was astonishing to behold. A
quantity of provender sufficient to satisfy
three hungry men was quickly stored awav,
and after the man had satiated himself he
was allowed to telntls story. He said that
wishing to make his way to this city, and
having no means wherewith to pay his trav
eling expenses, be entered the car at Chicago
and had a friend lock the door. He entered
IheeaF on Thursday evening after supper
and since that time had nothing whatever
yo eatl. ' He had* numbeisof times attempt
ed, by shouting, fh attract tbe attention of
empi^et o/the tfaln to whkh bls car was
' U1 *, he
ro^^Tvtaabofid. ^ refared to^te^hi*
n*rtte I . " A/tor teUinghfa'atort be was al
lhwedtofl^rt.' :
•in.ii { .. i ( ii :»ii
lll.l /III lo
• ■lilt /lit A >•>
lo Ii
io I
'4.1// 011 Ini
Monday, Sep. IS, 1875.—S, P. M. <
Bepor «d by Crate, Johnson * Co., Bank
er* and Broken, kk and .Market Do *.
bid. aaUD.
116* %
■ 1®}* %
H8}* X
- H8«
H» M
* ns* \va%
- iao^ wi wr
ll7?f 118
. mx 194
j * Wabash
Union Pacific -
Penna. -
Reading -
Lehigh Valley -
? aT "
ack|SX& E?fe' -
« !i a ' rle
Market weak,
Bid. Asked
Delaware State Bonds, - 102>$ 105
Wilmington City Bonds, - 101^ 101J4
Delaware R.R. first mtge., 101}$ 102}$
R </J 100
#Umington& Reading R.R.
2udmort g
Wilmington & Western R. R.
1st mortgage, - - 20 22*4
Delaware R. K. Stock, - 22% 24
Wilmington Coal Ga6 Co., - 87 90
Bank of ^^e, 500
Fi J'Nation*? B * k B ' d - Twine '
^^ ^ ]
Farmere' Bank - - . 42Vs 4;^ i
1881's Coupon -
5-90, '62,' "
5^9, '65,
y *
540, '66, New, J. U J.
5-90, '67. Coupon, -
10-40, "
Currency 6's,
New 5's of '81
VAX 105
N. Y. C. A Hud.
N. Y. A Eri*
Lake Shore
North Western
Rock Island •
Ohio A Miss.
Pacific Mail -
Western Union
St. Paul
107 }{

35 X
73 X
: . j
■ our^nirr a j.lfvL _
.. tiLKit t s s\l£
O ■
By virtue of a writ of Venditioni Exponas,
■ a/thT^' WlU ^ exp08ed pubUc
in the town of Defaware Citj, in Red lion
hundred New (MsJie ^n.y DH.j on
a t 2od(x;k u in 1 the forfowinst described
gt'oimwi?M AeVc^fle'
fo.rntv and 8tat?^f
boun/d and desiTibeda^foMowstowit:,
k.rrom Porlpiiln ?'', nl , r ® '
n".dand running
Jhence with Jam^of^mirel Jeltoiion,|
d tr£^.h!^Vh Shnst
i g^^t ashllll cm, ns n. rtl. 18 d^s :
1 east o^twebains, nortH sr;{-l desreM east;
7 iMfO chains, to the r«*id leading from
, '"'""re city lo Port Penn, llienee unsaid
r '--'n ~ 1 r'. d h S ItS» ea S 3 |®' IW chaln8 - 1 "? 1 ^
i chains d north°ai , f-4 H dee^ C eatt S ll' , 7Cluu I
chains' -north ?«reBea^Ba*t 5 liCitti:
chains norths}degreeseJst tichains north
^ chains, south s> ilegret»,
S£!&tb3iis ",uU, ^d^rees' W®
chalns.south *5 degrees east :f 15-100 chums |
north '»< 3-t degree*,east 2chains to the old 1
sluice on the Delaware river, thence with,
the guard bank ^th udegrees,west 18S-IU0'
chains south 31 1-2 .degrees west 8 90-100
chains south591-2degrees we*t<5^-lUOcbains |
8f » u ^h 1-2 degrees west 1 chain, south 44 .
degrees, west 1 S-Iuu chains, south 28 degrees
east t 43-100 chains, south 38 1-t degrees west
east 4 43-lOu chains, south 38 1-4 degrees west
3 1*4 chains, south 47 degrees east 180-108:
grees, east 05-Ilk) etiains, south 2"> (b-grts-s
west 7 chains south 20 degrees, west 18 02-100
chains to a ditch, thence with said ditch
north 70degrees, west 5chains north W de
grees, west 1 2u-lou chains to a private road,
thenee along the south side thereof, south
211-ydegrees west 1 chain, south 44 3-4 de
grees west 3 3-4 chains, thenee crossing suid
road north 70 degrees, west 58 links
,heI ? ce along the north side of Baid
r '' iU * n . f ' r, , h 4ti 3 ' 4 degrres east 3 3-4 chains,
north 35 degrees east t chain and 13 links to
a ditch, thence therewith north 71 degrees
west 3chains and 15 links.north 50 degrees,
V*,' one chai " P M2 degrees, west 2 1-4
chains north 35 'a degrees, west chains,
north i» degrees, west 3>i chains to the said
Delaware City Road, thence with the centre
thereof south 18 degrees, west 12% chains to
the Junction of the said first meulioned
road, thence with the centre thereof N. 71
degrees west It chain* and 84 links to the
P 1 ®** of beginning Containing 108 acres and
twenty-five square perches of land ; also all
that certain other track of land, beginning
at "stake in the centre of the first named
rood a corner of land of said Jefferson and
running thence therewith nojrth 71 degrees
west 13 chains and 3 links, thence with land
u. n i . n ? rth , <( Yrecs west 7 chain*
i nk * to Z~, 1—' lhenw
north fti degrees, east 7)4 chains to a stone,
thence with a ditch north 77 degrees east
'-Xy.ia'ns, north 53 degrees east 1 chain
and K inks, south ^degrees,west 8 chains
and 18 link*, south 24degrees west 10chain*
and f>i links to the place of beginning, con
taining twenty-two acres, one rrssl, and
twelve square perc-bett, be the
Seized and taken in execntlon as the
property of Darraeh Cleaver and to be sold
by WM. H. LAMBSON, Sheriff.
SheriiTs Ofllce, New Castle Sept. 8,
By virtue ofa writ of Levari Faoias, to
me directed, will be exposed to public sale
at the
in Middletown, in 8t. George's Ilandred
Newcastle County, Delaware, os Thursday,
the 30th day of September, 1875, at 3 o'clock
P. M., the following described real estate,
All that tract or parcel of land situate
in 8t. George's Hundred aforesaid, bound
ed and described as follows, to-wit: so, 14
-M>eginnlng at a point on the public raid
leading from Odessa to Middletown, a cor
ner for number flftaen, and running thence
with the same santh twenty-eight degrees,
east thirty-seven and four tenths perches
to ihe iineof land of Daniel Cortot; thence
with the same south «!xty-onedcgrees.west
sixteen and two tenth* perches and south
sixty-two degrees, west two and seven
tenths perche*, to a corner for number sev
enteen; thence wijh the same north twenty
eight degrees, west forty-on* and iwo
lenths perches to said public road; thence
with the same north seventy-four desires,
east seven and five-too the perehna sod
north seventy and three-quarter* degrees,
east eleven and eight-tenllie perches, to The
plttaeof beginning, containing four acres
and on* hundred and two perehre, mere
or leas. - •■~
Seised and taken late exsenUoa an tbs
8-arifl'a Office, nv
same more or
sept 13
By virtue of* writ or Levari Facia* to me
directed will be exposed for public aal*, at
Bed ldon Hundred.New Castle County,Del
aware, on
TUESDAY the 28th day of SEPTEMBER,
1875, at 2 o'clock r. wi the following de
scribed real estate, vis: All that tract, piece
or parcel of land situate In St. George's hun
dred, adjoining land of James T. Ca
and-others, and bounded and
follows, to-wit: Beginning in the public
road at a comer for lands of the said James
T, Carpenter and running thence with said
road south thirty five degrees, west one
hundred and thirty-three and four-tenths
perches, to a corner for land of William Clea
ver; thence therewith north twenty-five
degrees, west seventy-seven and two tenths
perches, south 33 degrees,west fifty-nine and
eight-tenths perches, north 25 degrees, west
53 perches, south 72 degrees, west 7 perches,
south 68 degrees, west 18 perches, to a line
ditch in the marsh, then with said ditch
north 64 degrees, west two and seven-tenths
perches, north 18 degrees, west thirty-one
and six tenths perches, north 8 dcgrees.west
fourteen and one-half perches, north 8 de
grees, east eleven and two tenths perches,
north 21 degrees, east twenty-three and
eight tenths perches, north thirty-one and
6ne half degrees, east twelve and one tenth
perches to a iineof land of William McMul
len; thence threwith south sixty seven and
one half degrees, east sixty and thn^ tenths
perches, north twenty three and one half
degrees, east thirty five perches, to lands of
James T. Carpenter aforesaid; thence there
with south sixty seven and one fourth de*
grees, east one hundred and twenty and two
tenths perches, to the place of beginning,
containing one hunjlred and three acres,
two rods and twenty five square perclies of
land, more or less; also all that certain
other tract of land situate near the village
of Port Penn, bounded on the south by tne
road leading to and from St. George's marsh
and the Port Penn road, containing twenty
five acres, more or less.
Seized and taken in execution as the
B roperty of Isaac S. Heaver and Mary
bis wife, and two tenants, and to he
by • Wm. H. Lambsos, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, New Castle, Sept. 7, 1875.
Bv virtue of a writ of Venditioni Evnonas
to me directed will be otSi'ed to rn?""
sale at the hotel of Alexander Maxwell in
Middletown, in *t. Georges Hundred, sew
p. m., the following desc'ribS real
] '*£, a lot of .and situate in MiddleUiwn
i «t. Georges Hundred, hew Castle countv.
: and suite of Delaware, bounded by Lake.
street, toss street, land of John Townsend
and other* being about one hundred feef
on said Lake street and about one hundred
and twenty feet deep, with two frame dwel
Hng house* thereon erected
ofOd^sat to "tl.e^UundJed, "t^ and
. state aforesaid, houiided*hy High street, by
! a n ^ ai """ey by lands of Daniel stevenss
about fifty feet in torn"on said Hfah' strm
and about one hundred and sixteen deep,
Z'J ffl'lhS?onJ^rted' " 0USe
3 a lot of land situate In the village
of Odessa aforesaid, bounded by High street
' thirty feetto front on said Hi'gh street^ and
^'teinie dw d MI?ne^ , herl^,n ,> er«dii deeP '
s „ 4 a lot of land situate in st. Georges
Hundred aforesaid, bounded by the rood
: ! e « d J n S Od**« to W Middletown, by
in^ftan'e/^rWt^lmtatogfour Nacres and
a l.-.lf more o?l«ss' S acres and
a b-df more w leps.
sLCfeorg^s WundreiLaforeJdd,^bounded by
I Appoqufnlmlnk creek, and by land late df
Jl >hn Janvier and others, containing twen
a "a e execution as the
prouerty of tSainuel M ehos aiul to be s<>ld
| &hpriff " °ffice, New castle, sept to.
By virtue of a writ of Lewnri Facias to me
| Airecujd, will be exposed to Public Sale at j
. tfce
' , ,, ,
io. o!3 Market street.
k ?' by G ~' W ;.°? lip ' in Cit >' of W «*
— - -
mington, New Ciistlv iimrxty, Delaware, on
SATURDAY the 25th day *4 SEPTEMBER
l' t '-a,at2 o clock p. m.. the following de
scribed real estate to wit :
All that certain lot of land with a three
story brick dwelling house thereon situate
in the said City of Wilmington, bounded
ansi described as tollows. towlt:
Beginning at the Kasteriy sine of Madison
street between Eighth and Ninth streets,
at Ute distance of eighty feet from the
Boatberly side of Ninth street, thenee east
erly parallel to Ninth streets, eighty-six
feet to the westerly side of a four feet wide
alley leading southerly into another four
foot wide alley opening into Windsor
and 51i«dison
erly along said
teen feet to a corner, thence westerlv
pwcalU-l to the first mentioned line
Ninth street, through theeenlreofthei
wall between this and the adjoining
ling on the south of Elizabeth Shakespeare
eighty-six feet to the aforesaid easterly side
of: Madison street and tkenee thereby
northerly sixteen feetto the place of begin
niog, be the contents thereof what they
Seized and taken in execution ns the
property of Lewis W. Stidham and Eliza
heth hi* wife, F. C. Stidham and Annie C
ki* wife. Trustees of E. 8. Tavlor and Levin
8. Taylor and Annie C. hki w'ife, and to he
sold fiy
streets, thence south
side of said alley
parallel to Madison street six
h ' LAMBSON, Sheriff.
SkerIF* Office, New Castle. sept-7
By Tlrtue of a writ of Levari Faring to
me directed, will be exposed to Public isale
at the
MONDAY tha 27th of SEPTEMBER 1875.
..... ^ •
at 2 o clock p. m.,
Th *. 1d ™ riM *<»«>• :
All that certain lot of land situate ln tbe
Totyn, Hundred and County of New Castle
sidS? 1 "* ™ lh » South-west
hundred SLV frnm'ih 1 ' "i. t *l?. dl,,t * nc ® of two
ofN'tau. he North-westerly side
"r. 5, ?**' thence running in a Mouth
h. w 1 th N,nth
f ^' thenc ®a North
r^i Uo ? *J ,d I*t*llel with Clay,
North fee V th ®"«* In »
parallel to the
fee f t<> toe said side
or nayvon street, thence by the Mild side of
EE&SZJR.** oC.brttlnn.ng.-be
being fit#
wl ®A" d tt s. and to be sold by
ln the
gHERimy BALE. <
By virtue of a writ ofa|„
«e dlrecMd, wUi be ex„o4tJ*«{j
in Middletow, NewUasUe
fn 8t. Georges Hundred, on ThuslS*
teinber 38, a. D., 1875. at i u lS
following described real
3 described ln saldirrUMfe' <
No. 2. All that plantation
situate ln App«q&tniminkH u '?d
County and State aforesaid
follows, to wit: Bounded foi',S
S? 1 A J?.* 8t . roncl L b X la "ds of k&l
Blackbird creek, and bv »i,« ■<
leading from blackbird u, tII " 1 * 1
neck, containing two himdra'^
seven acres more or less. ^ ^
No. 3. All that farm or tract on
William Weldon, the first, thence*J
of said heirs and binding theJfil
forty-five degrees and thfrty mS
one hundred and sixty-fon?
a stone of land for said Weldon s 1 ?*
corner for heirs of Busan Standi ^
with Standley s heirs nonh fe
greesand fifteen minutes u/I 11
perches and six-tenths to a
for said Standby and therewith'
degrees and thirty minutes weS
three-tenths perches to a stone
aforesaid, thence south seventv s?
and thirty minutes west 2 2-lii 3 neS
stake by the side of the publ j,. S
from Blackbird to Matthew^
thence down said road south i«*
38 minutes westlT 1-10 perches ini'
said road, and therewith south!
and 3u minutes west 12 3-10
stake, corner for said Standlev'Vi
in a line of land of the aforesaid
heirs, thenee with the heirs of J
binding therewith south
minutes, west 98-10 perches to
March Branch, a comer for said .
heirs, also for land late of Denni-ii
dy now of John L. MeKnight. tl /j
said Marshy Branch and
lands of John L. MeKnight
and thirty-eight and one-tentii
the main channel of Black bird
down the same and binding themd
several courses and distances theiw?
«J perches to a stake In the main s
of said creek and corner for these m
also comer for Ann Weldon, theme a
the creek and running through a li
tree standing in the wood viiril »,
mansion house of said Ann 'weldno
87 degrees east 13 perches to a slake
public road near Matthews Landin
for said Ann weldon, thence with £
south 80 degrees and thirty minutexi
perclies to a stake in said road them
82 degrees and thirty minutes east3b
es to a stake, corner for said Ann t
thenee nortli 30 degrees and 3u m
east 17 8-10 perches to a double black
corner for said Ann weldon, and n*
north *5 degrees, east 3i perches ton
in the main channel of the said hu
creek, corner for said Ann Weldono
down said creek about 103 perches to.
ner for land formerly of James him
and therewith south twelve deerw
218 perches to three stakes in iiitt
road leading from Blackbird to Tha
fare neck, thenee south 70 digreai
minutes, west five perclies to a «*
said road, corner for these premi*
hind of said Weldon's heirs, then#!
their land north four degrees and #
utes, west (si t-lil perches to the plactl
ginning,.containing throe hundred id
acres and sixty-four perches more#!
seized and taken in execution a
property of Eliliii Jefferson, deceasei]
Jcttcrson who hath survived Klilmi
son and Ann Jefferson and williaml
erson, exoeutors of Elihu Jcfl'erson, k
ed,i and to he sold by
45 d
sheriiTs office, sew Castle, sept. R
By virtue of a writ of venditioni
tome directed will he exposed loj
sale at the
—IX TUE— |
In lied L oil Hundred, Newcastle (Hu
Delawar. on
TUESDAY, the 28th day of sF.PTEMl
1875, at 2 o'clock V. M„ the followW
scribed real estate, viz: All thatcenu
or piece of ground situate in Red I.iM
dred, and County of New Castle,«
northwesterly side of Clinton street,a
westerly side of Fourth street andsora
terly side-af Washington street,inM
City and county aforesaid, contain*
front or breadth on the said FourtH
two hundred and eight feet, and extol
in length em depth on the said t'lints]
Washington streets respectively,two*
red and sixty feet, more or less, tel
of Isaac I'tdt; hounded liorthwWtfl
the said Washington street, south!*
bv said Clinton street, soutlinestaj
by said Sooth strdet, and .nortkwedq
lund of Isaae Ubit, saving and euj
thereout a certain lot or piece of poifi
hundred fret square, commencing J
distane# atone hundred and eighty 'A
suid Clinton, street from the Jwest csnl
Third >treet and said Clinton stitM
from that point extending the jiisUJJ
one hundred feet on said Clinton sttw
wards suid Fourth street, and extent
depth from said Hinton street fn*
hundred feet, this one hundred feel«
being the property of the lw
City Methodist Episcopal Church, M*
all that certain lot or piece of grout
ate on tine northwesterly side of "*
ton street, northwesterly side «■
street and southwesterly side of I
street, in Delaware City aforesaid «»
talnlng in front or breudth on t*
Fourtli street two hundred and eigWf
and extending in length or depth*
said 'Washington ana Adams st«*
spectively, forty-five feet, bounded J
•westerly by said Adams street, *>•*
erly by said Washington street, sow
erly by said Fourtli street, and MJJ
erly by the laud of, at present or W*
by John Ashurst. .
i?etz«l and taken In cxcrunoi >
property of Henry L. Peehard,
• Edwin n. Peehard, Administr»tord"
C. T. A . of Henry L. Teokard, dc**** 1 -
to be sold by - . _ <
8harlfTsOffice, New Castle. Sept
By virtue ofa writ of Levari Factai J
tirected, will be exposed topublie
Kept by George VV. Ortllp, in the flu
fh-minoton, new cast ml covrnj
on SATCKDAV, the 25th day Of wjjl
1875. at 2 o'clock p. M„ tit* fobowjl
of land
thereon executed, situate ln the *aW®|
Wilmington, bounded and descrlbwi
street, and at the Mntre of a
inch wide alley, between this » I ' d J2|
Joining house on the west; tb*n<*"?3
througlt the centre of said allay *® 1 1
lei to Monroe street, eighty foe'.
ner; thence eastorfy Ssrallel »®„ 8 3
street, alxtean feet to another eornWg
southerly parallel to th* first "'"J
line and Monro* street through
of the party well belween this
Ih* aforesaid northerly side oMJl
street, and theno* thereby wssMJ^fj
Anna C.. hto Wifo. aad JimspF D. WT?
S^artraOHrtrjTaw Otafto. W*'-

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