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0L, 1-NO. 64.
i, Boyd being • regarded as the most
fhl plate engraver in the counterfeiting
;Tbe Financial BxlHM*.
Washington, Oct. 22—The following
t financial exhibit of the Treasury at the
of business to-day: currency, *6,640.
8: special deposit of legal tenders'for rc
mptlon of certificates of deposit, *63,600,
0; coin *69,003,720; including eoln certifl
tet *11,23 8,000.
A Treasury DeflelMsejr.
Washington, Oct.21.—At the dose of
Dsfncit at the Treasury to-day, a deficiency
'62000 was dlscoverd to the cash account
rthe Redemption Bureau of the Treasur
es office. A diligent search .wa made, but
p to a late hour at night the cause of • the
tflciency had not been ascertained. Should
irther Investigation fail to disclose, 7 he
«s will be made good by a prorato assess
ient upon the employees of the room, most
r whom are ladies. •
Istorious CoMMlorfaltOF Arroatod In
f Illinois.
Washington, Oct.' 22.—The Treasury
epartment to-day has a telegram from
clonel Washbnrne, Chief of the Secret
irvice Division, annonpelngthat he has gr
ated, near Fulton, 111., the notorious coun
rfelter Ben Boyd, who, during the past ten
ns has uniformly ' escaped capture,
though well known as oue of the most
tcceseful cutters of bank-note plates in the
When the officer came upon him, he and
>o comrades ran across fields and through
e wood*, snd Boyd was captured by
ttonel Washburne only after an eight 'Mile
ia*e on horseback. It was ascertained
at Boyd had hie "mill" at Contrails, III.,
d the Government ba* now seized at that
number of plates for the printiag of
), 150, *100 and *1,000 hills, together
h s large lot of' material'and' counterfeit
.ional bank notes, tWady 1 for circulation,
it arrest is considered one of the most
portant one over m%de by the Secret ser
The Weather Te-hey
or the Lower Lakee, tie Riddle and Sae
SlateefeMng barometer, warm and partly
iy or dear weather, with Southweet to
Isapprsrtd With A rail Pars*.
'orces'ter, Mass., Oct. 21.—Mysteri.
ditappearance Of Lucius W, Pond,which
cloned so mueh excitement a ftw weeks
ha* not keen explained, but disclosures
startling and wholly unexpected charac
have been made this afternoon, which
kei the absence of Pond to** mysterious
p at &r*t supposed. ■ Forgeries of 1 an ex
llve character, have been discovered, the
bunt ot which are said to be 1 very large.
H. J. Hldlaad D. B.
ew York, Oct. 21.— The first mortgage
ilhoklera of the New Jersey Midland R.'
met to-day, to consider the plana for re
wization of the road. The plan pre
M and adopted provide* for a forecloe
lofthe road and issuance of the first
Kgagc debt of half a million, which may
Bcrcascd to *1.000.000 at the option of
majority of the Bondholders. The road
J he placed In thorough repair and the
lent mortgage bonds to be redeemed.
Pushed Off *r a Train.
Ieedino, Pa., Oct. 22.—A young
1 fonnd this evening west of the depot
* fibres his name as Charles Wentrich,
1 states that hia companion after taking
r* moi my and watch pushed him off the
r Wentrich is dangerously injured
r toe head. The first attempt waa
r t0 torow him off while the train waa
P in g Sixth street bridge, had it been
P f ul he would have undoubtedly been
I New York Badge:.
P Y »RK, Oct. 22.—J. H. Hoffman &
1 r y goods, 336 Broadway, suspended
ft'l'utilities about *200,000.
I M ' Callahan convicted of killing hi*
f er > os August 29th, by kicking her to
pt as to-day sentenced to seven years
[ ,te prison.
a meeting of tlie Directors of the Pa
ad Steam Ship Company, to-day,' a
ment said to be favorable was present
8 owing ne t earnings for period
e d to be
• Detail*
by a score of 4 to 8.
8 frday James Lombard and Daniel
"> °f Utica, were sentenc#d, at Rome,
, n ' ° T 18 year * bard labor In the State
j' Tke y were connected with the Ger-'
r 8 la ry- ,
"* Wl, a large lumber'deAttr'of
' _ °' toot himself yesterday on Ac
financial troubles. ! " 1 !
Dspatch from Chicago rtates that the
toy anfl^i* Tele * ;ra PbLinetatween'
'«y»mJ St. Louis ha. just been com
on a basis of *2,000,000 per an>
were not made public.
tokiissgu, mteiABi.
j, i York . yesterday, the 8t Loula
the Mutuals
ruiau Otis T|ti «|ku.
Tnrke and Nervinas.
Vienna, Oct ober 22.—A battle baa taken
place between the Turk* and. Servian frou
lerm llitia, Inyrhlch many troop* on both
sides were wounded.
Am Addyefa tm. Cardinal Se01**k«y.
London, October 22.—The English , and
Irish Catholic* have prepared an address
for preaentation to Cardinal McCtoskey.
Addreeeea te Cardinal MaClanhey.
London, Oct 2Si—The English and Irlah
Catholic* have prepared addreeeea' for pre~
aentation to hia Eminence Cardinal MeCIos"
New Yobk, Oct., 22.—Dunn. Barlow, &
Co's Mercantile Agency have issued a state
ment of business failures thU* f*r in 1875.
Total failures in the United States for the
past nine months, 5,334; total liabilities,
•131,172,503. The greatest number have
occurred within the last three months in
volving liabilities estimate*} at *54,328,337.
Failures in New York State, except N«W
York city, during past nine months, 470,
liabilities, *8,474,857; failures in New York
city, 546; liabilities, *31,696,350. Califor
nia, 165; liabilities, *3,134,111. Connectl- N
CUt, 14!; liabilities, *2,368,569. Georgia, 133
liabilities, *4,318,430. Illinois, 277{liabilities,
*6,013,970, Ind., 236; llabillti»*,*3,654,012.
la., 131; liabilities, *1,014.805. Ky,, 106;
liabilities, *2,582.300. Md„ 85 ; liabilities,
*9,582.666. Ma*s., 564 jHabUities, *15,628,- tr
S2}i Mich., 172'; liabilities, *2,490.652
Mfon„ 109; liabilities, '*1383,200. M)ss.^
145 { liabilities, *2,725.973. Mass, 77 ;
Tabilities, *1,894.103. Ohio, 1360 ; liabilities; 11
*46686.333. Penn*;, 419 ; liabilities, *13,
019.883. 8. Carolina, 119 '; liabilities, *2,
.554,518. Texse, 193 ; liabilities, *1,876,239,
Va. and West V*., 90; liabilities *1,480.
g7l. -jyij 198 - *1 523 027.
The remaining States show much-smaller
proportion. Failures fn Canada for the
same period have beenl,86*; liabilities,*21. at
9115i4; ;1 * ■' he
A comparison offailures in the United States hl
for the past nine months with the same per
lod in former years, gives the following re
suit: 1872, failures 8,050, liabilities, 90,000,- td
000; 1873, failures,, 8,887; liabilities, 171,
000,000; 1874, failure*, 4,871, liabilities, *
116,000,000; 1875, failures, 5,334; HabUl
itles, 131,000,000, showing an excess »ver etb
the average of the first nine mouths during Hce
the past four years of 1,174 failures in New K
York, city failures during the nine months
exceed those of the same period lAstyear by
63, with an excess of *9,000,000, the result
in New York Citv is not considered start- on
ling. There were several heavy failure*
this year in this city wblch account for the
increase in liabilities. The increased num
if A*
A Battle sb the l*rrl*a Froptlor.
Vienna, Oct. 22.—A. battle haa taken
place between the Turks and the Servian
frontier militia, ip which many of the troops
on both sides wore wounded.
■ v ■ ; ■ r t
DiMitrsu Itsrm.
London, Oct. 22.—The weather is tem
pestuous, snd much damage to shipping is
reported. Informatlom of disasters involv
ing a loss of upwards of twenty lives hat
already been received. '
A LoNdoN Failure.
London, Oct. 22.—Messrs. G. D. Nerout
608 & Co., merchants Of London and Man
chester, have failed. ■ Their liabilities are
stated to be *258,000, but the Manchester
Courier says a large American house and'
various firms in Bradford, will lose from
*500,000 to *600,600 by the iailure.
.; From Wwvb Kcatls.
Halifax, N. S.Oet. 2L—During * gala
on the 17th inst„ a boat from Petty Harbor
was lost and three men drowned.
The advance in freights from England
causes mach feellng kmong importers.
The Goot is preparing tb aid (he needy
poor duriag the coming Winter much suffer
ing is expected. '»>
The BmIbsm Failures Daring 1*75.
her of failures, however, not : only in' New
York, but in numerous sections of the
country, is an Important indication of the
pressure of the times, and, if not accounted
for, may create apprehension as to the fu
ture. These failures were largely the result
of previous misfortunes with - which the
trade of the past three: months is not Charge
able, many of them'are effects of the panic
of 1873. The increase in liabilities is trace
able, to an attempt on the part of some of
thef'heaviest houses to float themselves
along by Increasing their obliga
tions in hopes of revival of business. A
review of the whole situation shows many in
dications of returning health and vigor.
Fair trade has been dons'at almost all Job
bing centres in antloipsitiOB of movement li)
crops and currency. Th* results*f.autumn
trade are encouraging^ in the maln, there l»
certainly an improved aspect, compared
*Bh the same perjod ( l*rt;y*ai'- The return
to prosperity is slow, but ewe. Tbe propor.
tiph of failure* ,ln Canada ha* been 30 per
W«» wb!le la the Uuited State* it hai only
1000 '
Epizootic is prevailing in a mild form in
Illinois and Ohio.
From our Philadelphia Reporter.
Wm.Cartery, Geo. Lewis, James Welden,
John Devine and John Madden—the last
Bsmed the notorious "n)ght-hswk'' or
Philadelphia—were convicted in the Quarter
Session's Court, yesterday of the robbery of
Mr. C; Legg's tailor store, on Walnut St.,
a report of which was published 1n the
Herald At the date of the occurrence.
Cartery and Lewis Were sentenced by
Judge Pratt to three years eaeh; Madden
to three years and six months, and Welden
to two years, eleven months and twenty
days. Kelly and JerraM, who plead guilty
to the same charge, were also sentenced,
the former to three years and nine month*,
and the latter to three years and six
In the case of the U- 8. va Edwin M.
Lewi*, Trustee of the estate of Jay Cooke
& Co., a writ of execution was yesterday
taken out for the sUfo of *273,201.28. A
portion of this amount Whs awarded to '.he
government by a decree of the Court, and
prior to the adjournment of the Court, the
amount w*s paid byHr. Lewis to Joseph
H. Watmough, Paymaster General of the
Navy Department, the government having
agreed to refund it in case of an adverse de
cision by the Supreme Court, to which the
eause ha* been removed by appeal.
Governor Hendricks,Of Indiana,addressed
a large audience ip Concert Hall, last even
ing, He discussed the living issues, and
alluded eloquently to the purity of the
Democratic Standard bearers.
Senator Butler Strongly addressed an oppo
sition gathering (Republican,) at Germania
Hall. In the course of hi* speech he made
frequent allusion tothe"bloody shirt," and
cited the result in Ohio As indicative of the
confidence which the people yet reposed in
the Republican party.
In the Quarter Sessions yesterday after
noon > before Judge Biddle, the case of T.
Spoole Leisenring, lata contractor on th*
Pennsylvania Railroad and Secretary and
Treasurer of the Steam Railway Conductor*'
iMurance Company, and now a Police Mag
came up for trial. Leisenring 1*
charged, there being two counts In the in
dlctmeDt . with embezzling funds received
by him * s Secretary and Treasurer, and
wlth fraudulently making up his accounts,
General McCandless, John O'Byran ind L
N ' Brown, Esq., represented the prosecu
tton and Lewis Cassidy, Esq., appealed for
'be defense. The history of this esse is
*°®ewhat Intereeting. For thirteen or fiff
teen year* up to less than four year* ago,
Mr - Lelfoaringwa* conductor of a through
tr * ,n 011 the Pennsylvania Railroad, had
chlef charge of the Conductor*' Insurance
Company, and was very popular. H«
dressed hbndiomely, lived very high, and,
11 *» opposed that these facts led to his be
tog suspected by the company of irregulari
'***•. Their reason* for dismissing him were
ttever made pHbliC, of bourse, but it Was be
Heved that they detected him .nsrrying his
friends free and commlftidg other lrregu
'"riile*. An extensive taking off of heads,
both of conductors and brakeman.occarrtd
at thl ^ lme - An old conancto r
he warned "the boys" thst if thsy lived so
hl * h » wore 80 much J* welr 7> recdvdd 8Uch
bandsome presents, and gave so many
champagne suppers, they would be suspect
td > but hla warnin S s W0 re disregarded.
After leaving the road, Leisenring was for
* wh ilo toterested in the Union Transfer
Company, but left it. Why; deponent say
etb Bot - Last February be was elected P«
Hce Magistrate, his personal popularity
K Ivln « h l® more Republican votes than the
other Democratic candidates were able to
mu8ter - and thu8 raakln * blm the fortunate
man - shortl y before this, he wAs arrested
on thI * embezzlement charge. W. W.
Weigley, Col. Forney's son-in-law, was h*a
counsel at the beginning of the case, which
cam8 n P yeeterday. Gen. McCandless, in
opening the case, said that he would prove
the embezzlement by the defendant, of sums
aggregating *12,000, and that he failed to
enter upon the books kept by him, sums to.
that amount 1 . Mr; Cassidy Informed the
Court and reminded' counsel that a bill of
particulars had been furnished by the pros
ecution, which must shape the conduct of
the ease. Walter Lackey, present secretary
and treasurer of the Conductors' Insurance
Company, testified to finding irregularities
in the keeping of the defendant's books.
Two or three other witnesses were called,
and the books of the Company were pro
duced, substantiating tha indictment, at
least to th* extent, that Leisenring had pos
session of certain principal of the Com
pany; entrusted to hi* care as the Company's
aebrMaryj which - principal he had given to
bfc,brother dnd otherwise frittered nWay;
that whan demand f6r the return thereof
A* made upon him; he Was penniless.
Tb* charge 6f Judge BiddM whs rhther
lenient" to the cause of the prisoner, snd
though it 1* probable that the latter la not
gntlty of any technical offenee, he Is deserv
Wg;Nevertheless, of condemnation for the
careless manner in which he handled the
trust confided to his csre.
Autumn Leaves.
Where is the fall regatta 1
The weekly Herald to-day.
Sunday night la Mallow e'en.
Kefley'a lecture Monday night.
Saturday* always market day*.
Wedding* are now becoming fashionable.
81ioo-fly-a-w*y aaid the Qulckatepe yeater
Council will meet hereafter in the City
The City R. R., owns seven cars and fifty
Twenty-six snow storms are to fall this
Over three'hundred market wagons in
town to-day.
Plenty of work at the Jackson & Sharp
Car works now.
A brilliant wedding took place at the Cen
tral Church yesterday.
Not much like winter, this weather. Old
Sol is getting "ramy."
Schooner Postasi Thomas, of Smyrna, ar
rived in Philadelphia on Thursday.
The Bethol Chapel was crowded the other
evening with members of the 8. 8. Conven
• The Cooper Nine go to Kennett Square
to-day to play the base ball club of that
Rooms for the Republican Club have been
secured, for the present, in the third story
of Rumford's Building.
The Wesleyan young ladies engaged' in
sinking for the passengers on the train
yesterday as they returned from Mt. Cuba.
Tom Scott of the Pennsylvania and Gar
rett of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road,
passed through this city on the 9.30 p. m.
train yesterday.
Merchants you should ntver let
Your advertising rest;
Your big white hands wxre never made
To hang into your vest.
Since the session of Council in Odd Fel
lows' Hall, it has been almdst impossible
to bear anything on account of the tramp
ing of feet on the bare floor.
"There, John" said an irate mother,
"that's twite you'tre 1 come home and forgot
ten that lard 1" "La, mother," explained
young dutiful, "it was so greasy that it slip
ped my mind."
A little girl was overheard saying yester
day :
Oh ! give me a new sacque,
A pretty sash behind,
And a bran new pin-baek
Of the latest kind I"
Says a down county paper: There are
five capital felonies to be tried at the next
term of court in New Cattle. That count
now has more bnslness for courts than hot
the others. A large population, a had city,
snd plenty of whiskey makes it so.
"If," said a colored preacher, at the S. 8.
Convention, the other day, ''we can assem
ble representatives from eleven States, in
four months, why, at that rate, in twelve
month* we would have twelve time* seven
States which are eighty-four states—figure*
wen't lie.
! Won't you cut open a penny
er|" said a little girl when sh
from No. 4 school
for me, fath
e came home
the other day. "Gut
open a penny I What do you want me to
do that fori" asked her father. "Cause,"
said the little girl, "our teacher says in eve
ry penny there are four farthings, and I
vsst to see them."
Hon John M. BromaU, late President
Judge of Delaware connty, who failed in
hie election last fall, haa commenced a' suit
for libel, at Media, Pa., against the Hon.
Thomas J. Clayton, present judge of that
county. John O'Byrne, Esq., of this coun
ty, has been selected as counsel , by Judge
Clayton, and it is probable that Judge Brew
ia, will be associated with
Ster, of
At the hall yesterday, the only case was
against a lover of canines, who kept an un
registered pup ; be Was fined *5 and costs.
Before Esquir# Brady, Caaper Topmpn
brought suit against Simond HUlyard. for
threatening bodily harm; Hillyard was held
in *200 bail to keep the peace, gave bail and
was discharged;
At the Home Loan Association, which
met at Third and Market streets last eve
ning, *1800 was sold at the following rates :
*400 at 20; *900 at 26>4 ; *500 at 25 per
The McLear sale takes place today,, at
Institute Hall. The creditors pf the estate
will see that the attendance is large, and, if
possible, keep the property and stocks from
selling at a sacrifice.
In a talk with Mr. Philip Quigley yeeter
terday, about the recent Centennial acci
dent concerning vfhich so mnch noise was
made, a Herald reporter learned that the
whole damage financially was only *160;
while of the men reported to have been
killed, woundsd/' &c., by the sensational
press, all arc now at work, Sxeept two, 'and
they will soon be able to join the other
LsBt Thursday the Rugby Literary Socie
decided to again engage Dr. J. J. Villers,
New York, to deliver, sometime during
season, a lecture under its auspices. As
humorist the Dr.'s reputation is so well
established, that to those who enjoy fun
a gOod laugh, it is only necessary
mention the fact that.he 'Will condescend
visit the city a second tim«.
The Wilmington and Reading Railroad
Company announce their winter arrange
ments for the arrival and departure of pa*,
senger train* on. their ■ railroad; The first
tralm. north; In |the morning leave* Wilming
At 6.45 arriving in Reading at 10.42 a.
The screen! into north leaves Wil
mingtoo at 3M p. in., Arriving in Reading
7.45 p.m. The firet train south leave*
Reading at 7.35 a. m., arriving ih Wilming
at 12 o'clock noon, and the second train
south leaves Reading at 8.30 p. m., arriving
Wilmington at 7735 p. m.
The game that was played yesterday
ternoon with the Flyaways, of New York,
the professed amateur champion* of the
country, resulted in an Overwhelming defeat
for that clnb, and another (hot liner) vic
tory for the Quicksteps. The crowd assem
bled probably numbered 2,000 people, all
of whom were orderly throughout the game.
The visitor* did not make their appearance
on the grounds until a l*te hour, owing
the fact that they had left their suit*
Philadelphia and were donning the gay at
tire of Ithe Diamond State. It was 2.30
o'clock when the game was called, with the
Quickstep* at the bat, Mr. George Fisher,
of that clnb umpiring. Fowzer, Clinch and
Lafferty went out in beautiful order. T.
Fallon opened for the visitor* and failed
hit Lafferty, Hovey made flrwt on error
Fowier, but was put out at third; Loughlin
to Stidham and out.
The second inning found Stidham at the
biat; he struek a strong ball to right-centre
making his third. SplaJii fedledout; Kelly
to bat; SUdham opt at home; Kelly to Bhort,
who muffed, giving him first, and home on
passed balls; Geary fouled out.
.The Flyaway* got ii* two run*, in the Sec
ond; Sbandly hit to , short center, making
first; Quilty to Stidham, who fumbled;
Quilty took his third bn pissed balls, Shan
dly coming in; HankMson but at centre,
Quilty in; C. Fallon to Geary and out; Pow
ers made first, but Brady struck out.
In the third the home team failed to score;
the visitors faring no better. Splaln took
fly finely.
Two more runs Were scored by the Quick
steps in the Fourth, by* heavy batting of
Stidham, Lafferty *m| Kelly. The Flya
wavs were Blanked-; .
The Quicksteps Were blanked ip the Fifth;
the Flyaway* scored one by a tremendous
hit of Power*; > Stock made excellent
catches, the last a runni
Three runs for the home club in the Sixth,
Stidham making a second-base hit, coming
in with' 8nlain at bis ' - — —
again retired without a run. In this
toning HankiusonsCnla fly to right which
was .splendidly taken by Stock and thrown
to first putting Quilty out.
In the Seventh, Stock Went to first on er
ror; Fowzer made a three-base hit to right,
Stock in; Clinch to short; and WeU taken;
Fowier in on passed ball; Lafferty out at
first; Stidham to short mAking first; Splain
to short, with Stidhim out at Second. The
Flyaways were Chicagoed. ;
The Quicksteps were blanked in the Eighth
Loughlin' easily making a double play The
visitors scored one an error of Clinch;
Clinch in this inning also made a double
The Ninth Inning opened when It was get
ting somewhat dusky; ithe Quicksteps made,
before they were retired, five runs. The
game was then called off from the end of
theEighth. The playing of the horns team
was brilliant at times, though several errors
were made. Stidham fielded badly, but
hatted better than Usual} Clinch did not
play up to his standard; Stock was a pelee
of concentrated Jereeu lightning; Busboag
caught finely; Brady, of (he ' Diamoad
State," played with the visitor*. The Fly
aways batted well hUt; made error* in the
field. The score by inniags is appended:
Innings, 1 2 3 7 4 5 6 7 8
0 1 6 /'a 0 3 2 0—8
til quickstep—Phil a. game.
The Philadelphia Ail JDay City Item ot
Thursday thus speaks of the Quickstep—
Philadelphia game and the accompanying
"The "Pearls" made a trip to Wijming
ton yesterday; and succeded ih taking into
camp the Quicksteps of that city, by a score
of 8 to 3.
The attendance numbered about eight
hundred, and was composed 1 largely of
ronghs and rowdies, who made themselves
thoroughly known before the game
ended. ■ '<
The game progressed smoothly up to the
end of the eighth inning, when the score
stood 3 to 3.
In the ninth inning the Philadelphia*
opened with good, safe batting, and secured
three runs before the side was out, the
Quicksteps, iu the meanwhile, being retired
srMwut arm. ' . •
In this inning the Philadelphia players
welre treated in a shameful and brutal man
ner by the young ruflfians, who were evldent
r so enrAged at the defeat of their home
club, that rocks, bricks and sticks were
hurled by them promiscuously at the play
ers of the Philadelphia club, who had some
difficulty iu getting away unharmed.
As Levi Meyarle was leaving the field he
detected a young ruffian In the act of as
saulting him, and in an instant he pounced
upon him and kicked him about the head,
for which the law dieponaera of Wilmington
charged him five dollars and costs.
The Philadelphia* also say they were beat
out of gate money."
Although there is no doubt among Wil
mingtonians that the umpire exhibited a
partizan spirit, It Is certainly not the busi
ness ot the spectators to interfere; and
should many such rows occur Mayor White
ley Will, doubtlcBSjfeel it his duty to prohibit
base ball playing within the city limits.
Ou Wednesday last, Mr. T. E. Way,of De
troit, was married in Philadelplia,to Miss L.
Wilde of this city. After the ceremony the
nearly made pair, proceeded to take a short
wedding tour from which; they returned
yesterday, and last evehtog a reception was
gtVen (hem at the residence of the groom's
father, *06Kirkwood street. Quite a large
number of relative* and friend* were pres
ent W wish the. young couple happiness,end
»»,P«Uke <,f a aumptwou* collation.. The
.bride and groom received many compliments
end wishes for long life end happiness; in a
few day* they will leave for Detroit.'
Partridge sl otting commence* November
Citt of New Castle, Oct.22,'76.
The action of the Trustee* guaranteeing
the payment ef the interest on *50,000
worth of the bonds of the New Castle
Water Company, thereby incurring an addi
tional expenditure of three thousand dollars
per annum, together with the cost of re
building the hotel atHare'a Comer, (the
latter a very foolish experiment,) so crip
pled the finance* of the Board as to compel
them to borrow a considerable sum of mo.
i ey, the payment of the interest of which
caused another drain on the Income. These
additioual drains made it necessary to
tail expenses, especially as it was absolute
ly necessary to pay the debt In the shortest
possible time in order to stop the Interest,
consequently it was decided to withdraw the
annual appropriations for the schools and
turn them over to the people, and they are
now supported by a tax. This will contin
ue however, only till such times as the debt
Is paid, when it is confidently expected
the appropriations will be made again, but
bow long it will take them to get rid of that
burden it i« hard pow to imagine, for, with the
present price of grains, and the certainty of
a reduction in the rent of those of the
farms bringing a monied rent, they will
not any more than pay the Interest on the
water bonds, the Interest on the debt, and
the necessary expenses of the farms, which
latter generally take nearly half the In
come. There is n* doubt but the farm* are
managed well by the Board, but. it would
be decidedly more advantageous to the peo
ple, the only real interested parties, if they
could be sold or leased for a long term of
years and the money safely invested. Then
the incoma would be a clear gain. As it is
tha farms are not really paying more
three or four per cent, per annum on their
value. Whether they could be leaaed for
nine hundred and ninety-nine years, which
of course would be equivalent to * fee sim
ple sale, is a question that has long agitated
the minds of the people, and been the
theme of frequent discussion with all clas
ses, and there seems little doubt but it Will
be put ip *uch a shape, at no distant day,
a* to bring an answer one way or the
Moke Anon.
Yesterday morning about 10 o'clock, Dep
uty Coroner Grove* held an inq
Liberty street over the body of
rine O'Donnell. Mrs. O'Do
ueat on Wes
Mrs. Catha
, „ . nnell has not
eqjoyed for some time a very enviable repu
tation, being an outcast, and in the habit of
spending much of her time on the atreete,
begging from door to door for bread, and for
mhney with which she purchased whiskey.
The deceased came to her death from con
gestion on the brain superinduced by intem
perance. The Coroner rendered a verdict In
accordance with the facts.
The 28tli inst., is the time decided upon
for the dedication of Edgar A. Poo's mon
It is stated that the peppermint crop in
a single 111 inois county isworth fully *500,
000 this year.
Mr. Alderman Jessep, of Sheffield, Eng
land, has given |55,000 for a new hospital
for women in that town.
! An Indiana man recently Imaged him
self for fear that he might become a prey
ta suicidal mania if he lived.
The Washington Chrtmitle says:—"Gen
eral Jeff. Thompson is credited with the 1
prediction that by the 1st of January the
Mississippi river will have cut a new chan
nel near Vicksburg, leaving that place two
miles inland."
Professor Lintner has purchased for the ' '
State Museum at Albany the bodies of the
giraffe and rhinoceros which belonged for
merly to Forcpaugh's menagerie. The
skins will be mounted and the skeletons
prepared for the zoological collection.
It has been decided by a Buffalo judge
that the owner of clothing stolen in 'a
sleeping car has no redress if he cannot
get his own clothing back again, except to
buy new garments and redress in them,
He cannot make the sleeping-car company
buy the new suit.
John King, of Tennesses, is very busy
asking questions about what has taken
place huring the laat thirteen years. He
had a farm in Tennessee in 18f>2, and the
soldiers of both armies made themselves
cordially at home on his premises. So he *
removed with all his produce to a cave in
the Cumberland Mountains,
threw down a rode which closed the mouth
of the ckvs. Therein he lived for thir
teen years, intbadarh, eating from his pro
duce and drinking from a spring. Th
ether day a railroad company, bloating for
tunnel, blasted him out. » -
t j .• . D!D9bmBdbb.
Our Philadelphia letyer from "Eblanus,"
crowded put of to-day's issue. W# not*
from li, however, that "The Day," is to he
enlarged to twice its preient size, on Mon
day next, and suitable additions made to
the editorial aad reportorial corps.
A storm

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