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vOL. 1-NO- 9».
. .. nosv of Missouri Stirs up the
1 'financial Stench.
Washington, D. C., Dee. 9.—In the
to-day Mr. Conklin, of New York,
r.ted a memorial of the Atlantic
1 Insurance Company and other In
ia as
uuiioe Company's, protesting against the
riniination made against them in the
ibuiion of tlie Alabama award.
White, 51. D., presented the petition
; :iaJor F. I). Wise, asking for pertain rc
,referred to the committee on Military
' Virs, Mr. Conklin introduced a bill to
f'nd the act creating the Alabama claims;
. ircci to the Committee on Judiciary.
■;,.. Mitchell of Oregon introduced a bill
uiing tbc right of way lo the Walla
i!a "and Columbia River Railroad
di to the Walla-Walla military
.ration ; referred to the Committee on
iaarv Affairs.
Sherman of Ohio, introduced a bill,
,nding the duration of the Alabama
ims Court and enlarging the Jurisdic
: referred to the Committe on Judi
. H
'lr. Ingals, of Kansas, introduced a bill
a ling the acts for the const ruction of a
r ml and telegraph from he Missouri
.r to the Pacific. Ocean.
(r. Sargent, of California, introduced e
the l ime for holding the Circuit
the Districts of California, Ore
nun 1 Nevada; referred to the Commit
on Judiciary.
; r . Bogy, of Missouri, introduced a bill
Tiding for the payment of custom duties
gal tenders and National bank notes;
/oriel to the Committee on Finance. He
mitted also some brief remarks in favor
flic bill, and said that it was a measure
pertaining to inflation, but to specie re
uption, and was, in ills opinion, tlie only
iv to reach that end. It provided that
ill should go into operation in July next,
wa; not for «n increase of paper cur
in'. He thought there was enough now
ircnlation to meet the demands of the
l ie and did not wish the amount to be
n raeted, as to (lo so would he ruinous.
-. Morrill, of Vermont, said it was per
ly obvious that the effect of this meas
' would be to drive out the little specie
■ had. When there was no further use
r specie it would be exported. The pro
;itii.n was also a violation of the solemn
ires of the Government.
After an executive session the Senate acl
irned until Monday.
i-ieocU Gets What he Demanded.
UV hut. on, D. C., Dec. 9th.—The At
■u'y General late this afternoon received
cl .ram from District Attorney Dyer at
King that, the Grand Jury had
ind an indictment against General Bab
\number of extracts from the conclud
/speech of Ex Senator Henderson, the
nisei for the Government in the Avery
il St. Louis have been sent to the Pres I
nt and the Attorney General.
ct= not only -leal in the most bitter de
viation of tlie villianies of the whiskey
-. and of General Babcock's alleged con
don with the ring, but the language
I in l hem is personally disrespectful to
Th cfi e ex-I
Tile Weather To-Day.
'■'V the Lover Lakes, Middle and Pastern
-S', rising barometer, sliijhtly cooler,Xort/i
i I'inds, cloudy and clearing weather.
•"RIU'.GnA.MS IN A NUT Slim.
illiam Delaney is to be hung in New
k to-morrotv.
('-ses by (lie big fire in New York yes
iy are es limited at $300,'-00.
h intima ed that the special messago
lie President will throw light on the
jl preparations which have so recently
leNcw York detectives are of the opin
Tweed will never be recaptured. His
denies all knowledge of bis father's
II enlistments for the Navy have been
; peii at, the Brooklyn Navy yard. A
; n,il reduction of tlie force there will
ii lie commenced.
• pedal to the New York Keening Post
ii Washington sals the President sent, to
■ nate yesterday the nomination of E.
i'eliey to lie pos master at Boston,
lie President, sent into the Senate yostcr
, u veral hundred nominations being all
die appointments made, including Secrc
V Chandler and Attorney-General Picrrc
.. .. .
1 - ' "St a knife in his throat,
naa y last, which proved fatal. He was;
!* •'<* of throwing a hog to kill It, when
fool, slipped, nndlie fell to the ground,
king with his elbow. In tlie fall the
I'V which he held in his hand was forced
Hi rough his under jaw to the brain,
< " carried to the house he was ancon
,,l: ■- Dr. C. M. Martin was called to
c,t satsarttr ms
when he died, |
he name of Gratiot Wasliburne, son of
iNier E. B. Wasliburne, will be sent to
hate in a day or two as Secretary of
ation at St. Petersburg. |
Military Court of Enquiry in tlie i t
e of General Babcock convened at Clil -1
0 yesterday, but owing to tlie absence of
Messes, nothing will be done until to-day.
'•eck still protests bis innocence, and
rn - ; confident that lie will be acquitted.

is known that Governor Tilden has
plied Dolan, charged with the murder of
Joe, as it is sworn that the prisoner
u v/l drunk at the time the murder is
1 to have been committed.
-ol. Geo. Williamson, Minister to Central
■erica, is in Washington and speaks in
"'mg terms of the Nicaragua route for a |
P canal bet,','ten the Atlantic aud
•Hod by His Onm Hand.
h'um Dill a hard working fanner, resid
(ii I.imestene, Upper Augusta, Fa.
Desires Peace.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 9.—At the ban
quet of the anniversary ol St. George, the
Emperor Alexander, speaking to a toast,
hoped that peace would be preserved and
supported by tire northern armies. The
whole of Europe desired peace.
A Serious Balloon Accident.
Paris, Dec. 9.—A serious accident has
ociurred at Viucennes. During a balloon
asceusion there, M. Godard, the aeronaut,
with several friends, went up in the bal
loon " Universe," and when at a consider
able height the air-ship was observed to be
come unmanageable, and descended with
great velocity. The occupants of the car
were dashed to the ground,and when picked
up it was found that Laueontel, Mangin,
Uennard and others of the friends had sus
tained fractures, some of them very severe,
but none of such a character as likely to
resul fatally. The escape of the aeuronauts
from death was almost miraculous.
Y M. C. A.
A full attendance of the members of the.
Young Aten's Christian Association met at
Sixth snd Shipley lust evening, to elect its
Officers and a Board ol Managers. Tiie
following was the result :
President—II. C. Conrad.
Vice-President—Thomas McCorkle, Jr.
Recording Secretary—C, A. Colby.
Corresponding Secretary—L. W. Hizar.
Treasurer—E. T. Taylor.
For Board of Managers—F. W. Holder,
of Grace, II. E.; George R. Greenman, St.
Paul, M. E.; Solomon Hersey, Union, M.E.;
II. E. Heisler, Asbury, M. E.; J. C. Mor
row, Brandywine, M. E.; Thadeus Gregg,
First Bitptis';, S. Pi. Ball, Delaware Avenue
Baptist; Alfred Gawthrop, Second Baptist;
Henry II. Barry, First Presbyterian ; Cbas,
Baird, West Presbyterian ; John C. Cole,
Central Presbyterian, VV. D. Griffith,
Hanover Presbyterian ; Merris Taylor, Oli
ivet P,rcsbytcrian ; Geo. Anderson, Epworth
M. E. ; Mr. Hall, Scott M. E.; Mr. Powell,
Madelcy M.E. ; liev.J. Burdick,Kingswood
M. E. ; J. F. Haddock, Elm St. Baptist ;
Wm. Y. Warner, Calvary Episcopal; W. S.
Auchincloss, St. Andrews Episcopal;
St. Johns Episcopal ; Walter Cummins,
Trinity, Episcopal; Thos. Davidson, Old
Swedes Episcophlian ; Mr. Braunste'n,
German Baptist ; Henry Bush, German
Lutheran Baptist. On Tuesday the Associa
tion will make an excursion to the Moody
and Sankey's meeting, Its next regular
meeting will be held on Thursday evening.
The Late Captain Mendenhall.
The funeral of the late Captain William
8. Mendenhall, took place yesterday after
noon from Calvary Church, comer of Third
and Washington streets. The body was
borne from the hearse into the church by
the following named gentlemen as pall
bearers, who are members of Delaware
Lodge, of Odd Fellows, of which the de
ceased was a member : Messrs. William
Sedgcwick, George R. Roberts, William
Hyland, John H. Butler, Lewis Faulk
and John J Yates. The casket of solid
walnut,, was made by Mr. R. S. Youug, who
officiated as undertaker. The plate was
handsomely engraved with the emblems of
Odd Fellowship, and in the centre was the
inscription, "William S. Mendenhall, Born
October 13th, 1830. Died December 4th, '75.
Mr. Latimer, the rector of the Church in
his remarks spoke of the good traits of the
deceased, his manly and upright bearing
both as a citizen and a soldierj "We eome to
bury the remains of a soldier who had met
and conquered his enemies and became a
soldier of Jesus Christ. lie has now over
come all his enemies and is now in the pres
ence of his Mak er. We remember here his
good woorks in the church as the faithful
Sunday school teacher even when lie wa6
unable to do so, anil in tlie social circle as
kind and gentle.
made by Bishop Lee and after the services
the church the body was borne to River
view Cemetery where it was interred. The
following gentlemen who figured in the
military service during the late war were
present: Col. Lewis Guss, Col. Davis, Major
I'rice, Captain Savage, and Captain Wain
A few remarks were
POLICE matters
POLICE mailers.
Yesterday morning Levi Copper had a
hcaring before Mayor Wht ley, charged
with stealing a buffalo robe on Saturday
night from Frank Platt, who resides near
Newark. Cooper was arrested Wednesday
night inBrowntown, Hy spe 1 eial offlcct Win- .
gate. lie was commitcd in default o $
On Wrfnerfay evening Orfieer »tewa. t
found William McCauley at the corner oi
Fifth and Spruce streets, choking ano e y
naan. 'TcCnuley turned upon cie o
andtho choked man fled, an e
wm? ^^r^th^nr^fouHht desperate
{ta'ion house the pi isonei fongflt desperate |
as% \
cents and costs. C
Insinuation of a Pastor.
Tlie Second Baptist Church was crowded
last evening, on the occasion of the instal
lation of the new Pustor, Richard 13. Cook.
The exercises of the evening opened with
singing by the Church choir, after which
the following gentlemen made remarks, and
otherwise participated in the ceremonies :
Rev. George I). Boardman, Rev. Wm. C'ath
carl, Rev. H. G. Wnyland, Rev. Benjamin
Griffith, and l'rof. S. M. Shute. The exer
cises were quite interesting all through.
Rev. Mr. Cook has been duly installed as
Pastor of the Church, and we hope lie may
long be permitted :o serve his congregation
a manner that w ill best promote its spirit
On Tuesday morning next at one o'clock,
m., a meeting will be held in Philadel
phia at tlie Board »f Trade rooms of llio
first mortgige bondholders of tlie Wilming
and Reading Railroad. No onc will be
admitted without first giving his name, ad
dress and the number of first mortgage
bonds he holds. Lust evening at ten o'clock,
representative of The Herald i ailed
upon Mr. George Richardson, one of the
Commissioners of the road, to ascertain
wimt, information he could furnish in rela
tion to the above,and was informed by him
that such a meeting was to be held, but
at he cou i<t give no information as to the
business of the meeting, as he was not a
bondholder in the road himself.
New York, Dec. 9.—A slight snow fell
last night, followed by a rain, which was
succeeded by a heavy fog this morning.
The weather is mild.
Colomba, Ceylon, Dec. 9.—The Prince
of Wales goes to Tuticorin to-day in the
steamship Serapis; from th
Madras by railway.
Queenstown, Dec. 9.— The steamship
Lord Clive, of tho American lime, from
Philadelphia, Nov. 2(5, arrived off Brow
Head this morning at 10 o'clock.
Lebanon, Pa., Dec. 9.—George Gleim,
Esq., for the past forty years engaged in
the banking business here, has just been
elected President of the Lebanon Dime
Savings' Bank.
Cinci nnati, Dee. 9.—A. J. Edmonson,
Postmaster of Noble, 111 , was ou Tuesday
arrested for robbing the mails, by a United
States Marshal who detectcu the robbery by
means of decoy letters.
San Francisco, Dee. 9.—Lucius W.
Pond, a former wealthy citi;
ter, Mass., was arrested hei
he will go
n of Worces
to day on
requisition from the Governor of Massa
chusetts on a charge of forgery.
Montreal, Dee. 9.—The whole of the
Irish Catholic soeleties of this city attended
a special mass to-day as a mark of respeci
lo the late Rev. Fathers Slurphy and Lynch
who were recently burnod to death.
New York, Dee. 9.—A fire broke out at
I he Five Points, the junction of Baxter,
Worth and Park streets, this A. SI., and be
fore the firemen got at work the flames had
spread rapidly and done great damage.
Lebanon, Pa., Dec. 9 —The weight
plate at the North Cornwall Furnace
blown out and the cinders thrown over the
casting house, setting fire to tlie roof, which
was destroyed. Sir. Hershcy, one of the
keepers, was seriously burned.
Washington, Dec. 9.—A two-year-old
child residing in the eastern portion of the
city died to-day from the effects of the
bursting of a coal-oil lamp. The father, in
attempting to suppress the flames, was also
burned, and is now in a critical condition.
Wheeling, Dec. 9.— The State Senate
sits to-morrow as a High Court of Impeach
ment, with Chief Justice Hammond as pre
siding officer, for the trial of State Treas
urer Burdett and Auditor Pennet, charged
with high crimes and misdemeanors. There
are thirty-nine charges against the ac
Watertown, Dec. 9. —The coroner's In
quest held over the body of Sarah Conklin
on Tuesday was closed last evening. The
jury returned a verdict of death from blows
on the head from a club, and strangulation,
inflicted by one Frank Kuttanson, on Tues
day, the 30th day of November, with the
premeditated design of effecting tne death oi
Saratoga, Dec. 9.— Henry A. Mann, the
alleged defaulting County Treasurer of
Saratoga county, was arrested at 1 o'clock
this morning at Ballston Spa. A committee
from the Board of Supervisors have found
notes to the amount of $118,000, issued and
signed by Mann, as County Treasurer,
without, authority.
San Francisco, Dee. 9.—Very uneasy
feeling prevails here regarding the the Pa
cific Mail Company^ steamship Los
Angelos, which is now ten days out.
Gloomy reports concerning her safety were
in circulation yesterday. Two steamers
have sailed in search of her, and their
return is awaited with anxiety.
The Methodist Episcopal Sunday Schools
are arriving at competition.
Special services were held yesteday in St.
Peter's Church at, 5 a. m., p. m. and ves
pers and benediction at 7 p. m.
Chief Justice Gilpin previous to the ad
journing of court, kindly granted the use
of the court house for the approaching
Catholic fair.
The green houses of Dr. A. W. Lesley
which has been for the past few years un
(ler the care of Mr. I. W. Mi.ckey, is well
worthy of inspection.
Register Biggs this week admitted to pro
bate the will of Ann Miller, late of Chris
tiana Hundred deceased, and granted letters
testamentary on tlie same unto John S.
Milller and George Miller, sons of the de
ceased and executors named in the will.
Between a drizzling rain and a dense fog
our ciiy lias presented a gloomy appearance
for the last lew days. Some of t he streets
are in a deplorable condition aud the City
Council should see that the gutters and wa
ter courses are properly cleansed in order
that the streets may be in a better condition
before another rainy spell.
The Government steamer Powhatten I
which was conveying three monitors to An |
napolis, broke the connecting-rod of her en
fore "the Breakwater and come 'up t"°the
Harlan and Hollingsworth Co's yard in this
citv f or repa irs where sheurrivedyesterday.
xh c tug pilgrim towed the steamer up.
= B .
_ . f the
Chcninnu- course, left this
morning lor Boston. "
16 '
Judge Houston has been staying in town
Ince conl . t adjourned, lut left, lor Dover
y eB terdaj' morning.
R Dr j. m. P. Otts, after a severe in
disposition appeared at the West Prcsbv
te ian re 1 st evening, and officiated
ten . , ^ ^
•* —»»- «• i
C ° c
At the monthly meeting of tlie Diamond
State Loan Association held on Wednesday
evening, the following sums were disposed
of: $1,000 at 6, and $1,500 a' 5^, all in the
first scries.
At a mceling of the Star Loan Associa
tion last evening, $600 sold at par.
City Council held a regular meeting last
evening, President Lichtenstein in the chair.
The Water Committee on the
eition of Myles Burke, reported that in
their opinion Mr. Burke had received all
the damages to which he was entitled.
Mr. Farrell objected to the report, as he
•bought the petitioner was entitled to the
expenses Incurred by him in repairing his
ellar. Col. Febiger agreed wiih Mr. Far
On motion of Mr. Farrell. Mr. Burke
invited to state his case to Council.
Mr. Paynter stated that he had examined
Mr. Burke's house but could not find
Mr. Burke then came forward and said
that last August, when the* Water Com
mittee was engaged In laying water pipe,
the workman cut a terra-cotta pipe
leading from his cellar, and durin"- that
night a heavy rain fell, and the water filling
'he ditch backed up into his cellar, damag
the foundation of his house and causing it
to settle, besides the groceries in his store
(icing damaged by dampness arising from
the water.
Mr. Wm. M. Canby made a statement- of
the condition of the property as he found
it when Mr. Burke made complaint. He
said that the ground on which the house
as built was always damp and long before
iast summer Mr. B. had drains laid in his
cellar to carry off water, and he thought if
any damage was done his property it was
not through any act on the part of the city
or its employees.
Hr. Hayes supported Sir. Canby.
After a long debate la which Messrs,
t'uynter, Hayes, Farrell,McGllnchey, Mcln
tire, Lynch, Bickta, Taylor, and Febiger
took part, Mr. Farrell moved to amend the
report by allowing Sir. Burke $65.50. It
was defeated by the following vote:
Yeas—Slessrs. Downing, Farrell, Febiger,
Ford, Lynch, McGlinchey, Underwood and
Nays—Adams, Bickta, Bailey, Wm. Can
by, W. SI. Canby, Hayes, Irelan, Jones,
Mclntire, SIcMeDamin, Paynter, Taylor.
Mr. Wm. Canby moved to amend, mak
ing the award $28.
Mr. Lynch further amended, making it
$50. It was lost.
Sir. Canby's amendment was then voted
upon and adopted by the following vote:
Yeas—Adams, Bailey, Wm. Canby,Down
ing, Febiger, Ford, Irelan, Lynch, Mclntire,
MeSIenamiu, McGlinchey, Taylor,
Nays—Bickta, W. M. Canby, Farrell,
Hayes, Jones, Paynter, and Underwood.
The report as amended was then put and
All other business was then deferred
motion of Sir W. SI. Canby except the pav
On motion of Mr. Hayes it was moved
that when Council adjourn it adjourn to
meet to morrow evening.
On motion of Sir. Hayes the Finance
Committee was authorized to have a note
for $10,000 discounted.
During the evening orders were directed
to be drawn as follows : F. Vincent. $4.70
O'Byrne Bros. $97.88, J. Bradford, $62,71,
J. Backus, $82.45, G. W. Baker $81.03, D.
H Coyle, $20, T. C. Carpenter, $48, Sirs.
H. Glancey, $47 50, R.H. Cook, $565.26, W.
13. Davis, $542.91, T. Conv, $175.15, Joseph
Flanigan, $1003.25, C. McCloskey, $47.30,
Patrick Cannon, $56.32, D. H. Kent A Co.,
$1.47, William Sliller, $2.20, Dennis Mc
Munamiu, $52.80, Martin Shields, $55.22,
Wilmington Hand Brick Co., $49, Walton
A Bro. $5.06, Walker & Caldwell, $10.46,
Payroll Water Department for Cool Spring
Reservoir $145.02, Payroll Water Depart
ment. for Carts $77.03, for laying water
pipe, $828.25, Water Department, $239.80,
Srreet Department Payroll, $424.97, Miscel
laneous Payroll, $1519.2:3, Police Payroll
$1591.60. Adjourned.
,, .. . - , ,, , . . ,
Something was dropped on Market street
yesterday that twenty ladles kicked over
and would no pick up. A gentleman car- or
ru-d off the prize. It was a ladies hustle ev
mane of olu papers. 0n
The clothiers on Market street ore deter
mined to make sales. Yesterday one was
overheard by u reporter saying : " Well I
will compromise the matter. Give me five
dollars, and stand the drinks."
"Und so you vas a fighting Irishmans,"
said a German saloon keeper, yesterday,
"You sclimoke mine zegars, drinks mine ble
beer and dcndalks to me dat vay. I fights
mit you next week ven you be sober.
. J . ,
A reporter of The Herald, yesterday,
atked a German living near Hedgville, if
they ever had any fights out that way.
"tights ! no vig.its. A fraulien knocked
^f ) J nan 8 e J e ou on aB ues aj, ot s |
It had been always thought by those who
have seen the play of Hamlet, that the
Dane wished the ghost of his old man to
tarry awhile and come in out of the dew. t i
Washington correspondent, though, of an
afternoon paper, tells us that he wanted the
old man's ghost, to down.
Two colored women cn the corner a
Shipley street and Delaware aieniie last
evening. One of them remarked, "Now I of
tell you, sister, dat it's all a fer.ial lie,don't i
enre wh0 says so." "Look here, sister
Jane, you and I'se done been to do same fiig
church for (lis long time and dars no use in
tailing out 'bout trifles." "Trifles, If you
keeps* galavantin"bout my husband, mem
bergof de same church or not, FH pull all
*a ... •» *•*•" ,h *',
jottings abouttovn.
A Scotch terrier at the Clayton House
yesterday sent a rat weighing three pounds
to that undiscovered bourne, from which
no traveler returns.
Tilton is to lecture in Wilmington. It is
to be hoped that he will not give a Tilt-on
too many glasses while here, for mauv
would be disappointed.
The funeral of Mr. Michael Colton, look
place yesterday from his late residence on
East Front street near Poplar. There were
twenty carnages in attendance.
The steamer Pilot Hoy, which has entered
the yards of Harlan, Hollingsworth & Co.,
fpr repairs will remain there during the
Wii? ter.
The Ration agent at Hockessin, N. Pslm
i ir has 1 h*c n appointed postmaster in place
o.f the late J> e J. Griffith. He was quali
fied yesterday.
At the Centennla'* News Store, on Market
street the Detroit F*** ^ r ? > * with all tlie
periodicals of the day n. *T h* found. Mr.
Leech will greet you there.
The front of the Friend'*'^ Engine
House, has been tastefully tri.^® 1 * ■ ,!* .
wreaths of cedar, thereby giving an'
tive appearance to the building.
The Delaware State Grange will meet **
Milford on Tuesday the 14th Instant, a. - * 1
the executive committees will meet the pre
ceding evening at (be same p ace.
On Monday night last some malicious
parties broke into the dye house at the Ar
lington Mills, In the Ninth Ward, and cut
thirteen warps. They are unknown.
Bids arc being asked by Commodore Rey
nolds of the Light House service for fur
nishiug the material of the superstructure
of the new light house ou Ship John Shoal,
Delaware Bay.
David Taylor is the authorized carrier
of the Ill'll alo in the District North of
Sixth srteet and East of Market, and sub
cribers are requested to pay their weekly
sub-scriptions to him.
This evening the Hop announced to be
given by the Fame Active Association will
take place. Everything has been done to
make the affair a pleasant one and it Is to
be hopel it will be well attended.
The fair of the American Bides is still
well patronized. Many articles of value have
already beeu chanced off, but there -are yer.
a great many remaining. The Fair will
continue until Tuesday evening next.
Yesterday at noon the work of laying the
water mains through the old collage
ground, which had been interrupted by
the recent rain, was resumed, and the
trenches are now being rapidly filled in.
The cigar factory No. 115 Market street,
which was ou Wednesday closed by a land
lord's warrant, has been reopened by Its
proprietor, Mr. Delzlt, who will be happy
to furnish lovers of the weed with a Ins plus
The following trustees were elected Wed
nesday night for Epworth Chapel, for the
ensuing year : James Leech, Henry Myers,
William H. Robinson, William White,
David J. Ford, William J. Rodenheiser,
Samuel H. Hopkins.
Mrs. Britt will hereafter have the Morn
ing Herald for sale at her residence No.
107 West Eighth street, where parties wish
ing to purchase it, can do so. bright and
early every morning.
On Wednesday night a man came to town
upon the "owi train," and attempted to
jump on again after it had started. In
seizing the platform railing of two ears he
swung in between them with his fact, bare
ly grazing the wheels. In this position he
was dragged eome distance until finally re
A meeting of the Water Witch Engine
Company was held last evening, to take
action upon the death of the late Samuel
Weidin Robinson, who was a member of
that Company. Resolutions were passed
ordering that the bell be tolled during the
time of the funeral ceremonies to-day, and
that the members of the Company attend
in a body.
Mary Hurtt's husband had charge of
Caroline Taylor's child to raise, and Mr.
Ilurtt, he let it go out without shoes, Caro
line then became Ilurtt herself not in name
but maternal feelings. She raised a ruction
around the Hurt mansiou, whereat Hurtt
put her out. Mrs. Hurtt sued her before
'Squire Frazer, and the ease was dismissed.
Hurtt was bound over to keep the peace.
Out- readers will remember that last week
the tug Martha was cut through by the ice
in the Brandywine and sunk opposite Jes
sup's Wharf. That same night Capt
Downing examined her at low water,stopped
the leak temporarily and next day steamed
her around to Moore's shipyard where she
was repaired, the whole thing costing but
$5.87; about as cheap a "sink" us auy of
our skip owners have had recently.
Last evening Ira Corbey, an aged geutle
man from Lebanon, Kent, county, was given
a hearing before U. 8. Commissioner Smith,
charged with selling liquor without having
paid the special tax, in violation of the Re
vised Code of U. 8. Laws, for which act
onc i6 , taMo t0 a tine of not lees than
000 or more than $3,000, and six months
or ' tUree years' imprisonment. From the
ev idcnec given, it appears that Corbey sold
0n the 5th of October a glass of whisky to a
gentleman on his application for it.
Yesterday Deputy Collector, H. IT. Prct
tyman issued a warrant for the arrest of
Corbey, and in the afternoon he wasbrouglit
here by U. S. Marshal Dunn, and held In
the sum of $800 bail for his appearance at
the next term of Court. Mr. C. being una
ble to give hail, lie was handed over to Mr.
___„„„ - ? „
The announcement of the failure of the
large lumber firm of F. A. & G.W. Church
ma> was t t, e chief topic of eonveraation in
| JU6incf 8 0 j rc i c6 yesterday. A representative
The Herald (luring the day called upon
Mr. G.W. Churchman, a member of the
firm, at his residence, and had a conversa
t i on with him unon the subject. He stated
non " 1U V, P ", J nesiuiea
that the failure took place over a week ago,
and all the (reditors had been notified that
a meeting of them would be held next I
week in this city to determine the amount
of the liabilities of the firm, and urn 11 hat
time no estimate of the amount of the lia- day
bilitics could be formed. At present noth- draw
fiig can be ascertained as the territory in her
which the firm operated was so large and
embraced so many business people that it there
would be the work of several weeks o as
certain the names of the creditors withou had
* -*• *• wm **—*1
The above is the title of a lecture deliv
ared last evening in the Unitarian Church,
by P.ev. Edward E. Hale, of Boston. Tho
lcc'ure was really one of Mr. Halo's stories
written In his usual attractive style,
lead in a manner not remarkable for dis
tinctness. The story was of an imaginart"
character, "John Sapp," though often met
wii n. Mr. Sapp was an office seeker, a civil
servant, as he was styled by Mr. Hale.
Mr. ftapp is represented as an individual
whoso education had never fitted hint
for any particular calling in life;
lor which reason lie deemed hfmsejf worthy
w till any positiop from an Inspector
Ofi'nge ip"1 up to a clerk' for the Board
Health. 9? *»!$ exerted himself in every
possible way to secure ^ In which
there was nothing particular to <*>; and r .
'Hired no particular time for qolpglt,
Iasi *fter many ineffectual attempts an
in n-'vplicfttlons, he was offered the post
lion ol Governor General of an isolated
Island off the coast of Russia. Here was
chance; hei '* l was the position that he bed
long sought .or 1 here was the office in
wliioh th.sre was to do—nothing
hr spent in doffig t.Hst. Would be npcept
wa.s the answer which Johp
Sapp sent to Washington, so accordingly
e very preparation v an made for his depar
ture. A ship was go! In readiness, in which
wore stowed twelve ban',* Is of junk, thirteen
of salt pork, fourteen ot" flour, fifteen of
sauer-kraut, sixteen of hart* tack, and sev
enteen of wldte army beans; With this cargo
of provisions for the sustenance of the Inner
man, and several reams of paper tor his of
fi'-ial, and Srnitbsoniau reports., *8(1 also a
quantity for private correspondence, the
civil servant bade America adieu, and set
sail for the scene of Gubernatorial career.
The lecturer was listened to with profound
attention by the large and appreciative au
dience, which bad gathered to hear him.
Preceding the lecture, the choir sang several
p'eces of music, which had the effect of
keeping the audience from getting tired ha
fore Mr. Hale was Introduced.
it? "Yes,
the new second street market house
There is at last a prospect of the old strue
lure now forming the Second Street Market
House, being supplanted by oue which will
be an ornament, to the city. That which
now serves the purposes of a market house,
aPhongh prominently identified with the
history of the city as an old landmark,
mils; give way. The ordinance hag been
passed by Council, giviDg the butchers a
lease npon the ground at an annual rental
one thousand dollars. This will be paid
the city quarterly and will be made up
from the rents of stalls.
Testurday afternoon a representative of
The Herald called upon Mr. William Mil
ler, a prominent butcher in the market, and
had a conversation with him upon the sub
ject. Tliis gentleman stated that the pre
sent, market house was over one hundred
years old, and that when Wilmington was
Borough, the Council held their meetiags
a second story room which at that time
"Now," said Mr. Miller, "has not this old
affair done service enough to give away to a
new one." Ten years ago plans and specl
ations were drawn for a new building by
William Wiggins, but the city never put Up
building,pleading poverty, notwithstand
the entreaties of the'butchers that it
should be done, and which they continued
until they have succeeded in obtaining tbs
result stated in the first of this article.
New plans and specifications have baen
drawn for the new building by .Mr. Jeffries,
everything has been agreed upon with
exception" of tlie front, which is yet in
Work will be commenced on tlie new
building about the first of April, and It will
taken possession of by the first of July.
the new building there will be forty-four
butchers' stalls, twenty-two hucksters'
stalls and twenty-two stands for farmers.
will be two hundred aud ten feet In
ngth, thirty-eight feet in width with a
higher pitch to the ceiling than at present,
1 the probable cost is estimated at be
tween twenty-live and thirty thousand dol
lars. That tlie new market house is needed
know, ami to the butchers great credit
due for the untiring manner In which
have worked to accomplish It.
The three-masted schooner, Theresa A.
K"ene, while on her way to the yard of the
Ilarlau & Hollingswoith Company yeater
afteruoon, attempted to go through the
of the Market street bridge, but Just n
bow got, on a line with the bridge she
struck bottom, and was compelled to lie
for nearly four hours before she could
proceed on her way Of course, he draw
to remain open all that time, thus ob
Miss Katie Putnam will appear in the
character of Little Kill, in the dramatiza
of Die oil's story entitled "Old Curios
Shop." In speaking of this lady we
do no better than reprint again ouoQf
many complimentary notices she has
"This versatile and talented young actress
achieved a decided success in her perfor
mances at the Grand Opera House, last
Wednesday aud Thursday nights. 8h i was
next thing to perfect in all the charac
she assumed, and drew from her admir
audiences cent Imied and hearty applause.
has established a reputation in Reading
which will ensure her crowded houses
whenever she feels inclined to faver us with
presence ."—Beading Nines, Nov. 2l»t.
On the first day of December th«re was a
dissolution in the co-partnersbip of the Arm
A. Bickta A Co., brewers, corner of Fifth
Adams streets. Fpcn that day Messrs.
Jrmes Murpliv, E. J. McManus, and Jamas
Clark withdrew leaving the firm at present
Bickta A C'o., the partners belug Messrs.
Frank Bickta and Joseph Stoeckle.

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