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cilallona by *e*iraoa-S
jPil—A Case ol kyuehtn*.
gm.vcTON, D. C., Dec. 29.—The fol
* j mc re,;tlug letter has just been re
j* i »
j San Diego, Cal., Dec. 17/ 4876.
L B. II. Bristow, See. Of the Treasury
Lit msy not be Improper to allude in
iletter to the present trouble on the
Ljarvline. On tbe 4th lust., a band of
-( bandit*/ ten in number, attacked
Gaikil! brothers at their (tore in Mal
Both Gaekills were wounded; one
feared, fatally. The Gaskills killed one
L robbers and, it appears, wohuued
Lrfour others. The bandits robbed
itore of everything valuable, they also
'lino robbed three other settlers
li vicinity and shot one of them but not
It also appears the same gang of
two days previous to the at
|rr> one
foil the Gaskills, brutally murdered a
fit Claire and ex-Judge Loro, who were
Lj r «-ay to tills city from Lower Calk
fa Much apprehension is felt all alnhg
[lint. Two of the robbers were caught
L, day after the attack and taken iu
L ny tiie Sheriff of Jhls county. ^ That
t tiie guard was overpowered aud the
[ers Imug by uukpowli patties. Threats
Msliatiou have been made. Lower
foriiia has long been a refuge foi' crlnli
[aiiil desperadoes and within a short
i nineteen men have beep tnurdefe^ ncaf
tcundary line, nearly 401 ol whom were
trican citizen*. - Ot;iatej.it appears $
liderable number of Sonoriaus have come
Lower Califoruia. They are generally
aimed and many believe that they are
of the present troubles. Humors
Political troubles and an impending tc
Ition in Lower California are rife, how
[, that may be, it is quite evident that
[desperados ther® bav# prgapiaed for
leryand plnnder afid-tliii'e will lie -bHt'
|esecurity for the lives and properly of
pit iluug the liiie. TJ 10 atft^bHtictS ill
ter Caliiornia appear to be doing all iu
r power to crush -out the gang. The
tus of this city *rais*B a fund by inclj
bal subsei-ipiion aud dispatclied a small
tv of well armed men to Milquatay,
re to remain as a guard for a time. Very
peetfully signed,
w. W. BoWERe, CoyeOtot.
custom iicitiM.
f ashing ton, Dec. 29.— The question
iin»; been raised as to what customs dis
itthe Port of Harpwell, Maine, is edi
ted in, the Collector at Portland, Maine,
;es that Harpwell is in the customs di*
at Bal
t of Pori land. In replr ^to aq
Gy the GeneraT Appraise! __
(g^Hore, as io whether bent glass which is
colle^Hordinary winefcw glass lint, should be
pitied uud»r .provisions for window glass
ps mauufaclurers of glass. The Secreta
Wtlie Treasury decides that such bent
Its should lie classitied at the specific
Iv prescribed for window glass. In re
nt to the importation ofshsep the- See
ary ol the Treasury dricMcs that under
daw that animals of common'ordinary
it cannot be admitted free of duty, even
imported for breeding purposes but
liable 10 duly at the rate of 20 per ceut.
valorem. Sheef oif a Superior breed and
pieri to improvipgisfock of the Country,
admitied iree oiduty, but to secure the
1 entry of animals of, character the
ulatious require the proiluctlon, to the
lector at the place of importa ion, of a
riiica'c ti-om the Ilfitted Slates Consul
port of slilpment, showing that the
WbAls are, to the best of his information,
^Healed for breediifg' purposes and
etinemcnt of the .owner . under
that the animals 'WfeVfe pdrchasM
imported, into the Uuitpd States, espe
for such purposes in addition the im
is require^ to present to the Collee
sati.faiory evidence that the guimals
f ol superior breed.
Plessrb. Schumaker, of Baltimore, have
Flitted the question to the Treasury de
irtmeut as to whether books printed more
'0 years before their importation
United States but not bound till
tliat period, are entitled to free' en
the Secretary of the Treasury de cides
tke affirmative.
an Di inion.
1 * Attorney' General's Opinion
" 11 Gernudluz the tax on Dlvl
or ntock—Several Nice
Woiiifs or Law.
■Wauhnoton, D. C., Dec. 29.—The
Hiving j s i/,e opinion of the Attor
; y General on the question submitted to
111 by tiie Secretary of tl'.e Treasury as to
(''funding of #176,251 tax oh dividoudS
'stock of the Illinois Central Railroad
''bipany, belli by non resident aliens, the
' t of i c sue being, whether the refunding
Jl1 be made xo the company «l they
Jl| a it should be, or to non-resideDt alien
"^holders. The tax was paid in 1863 to
:*>• After reciting the' facts attending
e payment of the tux, the Attorney Gen
11 says from papers * submitted
question is raised
j'jri tiie statute of limitation of
"'b.vofthe Government to repay #178,2,
'd money called as income tax, the sole
'tion presented is whether the money
■ it to be repaid to the Illinois Central
Company, irom which it. was ii
"'by taken or to be certain, stockholders 1
riiat Company to whom it rightfully be
'Wl, and who would have paid it but for
"ci ion of tiie government in demanding
.""i n' of it by the Company, this money
' claimed aud received by the United
'b's as income tax upon /dividends or
'G'bold by non-resident aliens made by
•Illinois Central Raatlroad Company B
'years 1863-64-95 and66. Subsequently
Goiirts of the United States declared it
'Tb! to exact this tax upon dividends of |
belonging to aliens uot residing In
"country. The officers of the Comp 1 . ■'
trustees of tbe stockholders, and t y
."'be money earned in Vnist for the-)
-wrs of the stock. After ' be payment of
jN'd claim* ugainst the Company, the
cj'yol 1 hn road, were bouud-to pay over
uvwicndg earned to the stockholders,
U| ey have no right to withhold 5 per
; '" any other sum for any Illegal pur
band if so withheld the stockholders
appears no
might sue and recover the 6um against the
The alien stockholders can recover of the
.JHM t0 pay/ aftd the coroqfjitibB (fahBotfie.
fetid Itself in a Court of L*w against. The
olalt fl, on the ground that the Company
was paid out rtf the money flpob some un
lawful exactiim, CspeelaHy after rite'pays'
ment lias been declared illegal by the high
est tribunal, the Government unlawfully
exacted t he money froiWtbe Railroad Com
partj'i'and it should be paid 'tyck to the
Company, from which it wa6 unlawfully
taken. The non-resident alien stockholders
elm recover it ofT thfc corporation 'which, as
T uiiacfstithd,'is perfectly solvent. Tt'vfill
he no defence to the Company to plead that
through negligence, ignorance or delay or
other illegal act it has lost t^ie. money, the
right of tile Railroad Company to repay
ment Of money which paid to-th
ment under an illegal exaction, dl
pend upon-whether it- has first
money to the stockholders. The govern
ment cannot by unlawful demands deprive
the trustees Ot money which It holds intrust
Cur another, aud wueu asked to repay it ip.
sists that the trustees must first pay
cestui pie trust , the very money ef which the
government has deprived him. 'At appehrs,
on adjustment) that the government has al
ready patd back part of this money to
stockholders lawfully entitled ,10 the bains,
hqw milch can be deducted ^ni; blt]a§e
paid over to the road I
_ / .
41 Certain Hon. »•».
Washington,' 1 Dec. 29.—The Treasury
Departiih-nt upou the report of.thg^ Director
or the Mint, that tf>c recognized cojjfmef
cial vaiiujof tbn doubloon of tht^ivglntinq
ItCpUblW, 58.58, belfcg the samefvaViialtoSi
. „ _ „ „ _
Urania New Year Matinee.
.Washington, Dec. 29-r-The following
the pi ogtiunffie of' the TVesldeht's 'New
Year's recep/ivu:
1 he tlMlal New Year's reception will ba
held at the Executive mansion according to
the programme. At 11 a. m., the Presl
dent will receive I he Cabinet and Foreign
Ministers; atd 1:30 a m Judges of %
prymeCeuit of tlie Lnited States Sena
tors and representatives in Congress,
Judgesot Court of Claims, Commissioner
ol Dtstfict of Columbia and Judges of the
Supreme Court of the District of Columbia
will lie received. At 12 m., the afficera of
the Army and Navy will be received. At
12.30 p. in.. Assistant Secretaries of the
Departments, the Assistant Post Master
General, Solicitor General, and Assistant
AttorneyGeqt'ial and the -leads of 6evfkJf
Bureaus will be received. At 1*45 4sp,
ciafed eoldiere of war of 1812, the asso
ciated veterans of }84ti. and members of the
"Oldest Inhabitants .Associatioh" of the'
District of-Columbia wiiHwrecHved.
. The reception of citizens will commence
at f p. m., at wlik-h time the gatrs will be
opened awl will terminate at 2 p. no. Car
riages will approach the mansion by the
Eastern gate aud leave by the Western
I. not de
tail! the
as heretofore recognized by the Department
has ordered (lie ■'acceptance of that valua
tion tin- 4he bast* -in ascertaining Invoice
Values upon all ilivbices certified in that
Kaviil Atralra.
Washingcon, Dee. 29.—The interest In
the general re-o. ;.aiiizM.ion of the naVy In:
(Heated by Mr. Whitthorne, Chairman of
House Naval Committee, 1» J very great
among naval officers, leading ones among
them arc not iu favor,of lufimni Ironclads',
but are for a system of iron rums actording
to the plan of Commodore Auracn. This
is upon the ground that they are- cheaper
and much more effective. Capt Sehufeldt,
chief of the Naval Bureau of equipment has
prepared a liiil in the interest of common
sailors which he will submit to life Naval
Committee. Thfc trill is in accordance with
a suggestion made in his animal report. It
provides for a special training school and an
allowance to sailors of #50 for clothing with
four per cent, interest allowance en their
savings after tbe custom in the army.
The Weather To-Day.
For Middle and Eastern States northeast to
southeast winds , falling barometer and sta
ionary temperature cloudy or clearing weather.
Grave Charges.
Brooklyn, Dec. 29.—Letters have been
Sent to Governor Tilden, by twelve members
of the November GraAd Jury ifi Kings
County Court of Sessione, containing grave
charges against Qiatrlct Attorney Britton,
They claim to have th* sworn evidence of
trustworthy witnesses which will prove the
existence of a mofty startling system of core-1
ruption and blackmail inf-on the pert Of
certain prominent publicoffigers... That }c
dietmeuts were uot found fat these cases was
due,-they claim, wholly ttrethe Tlctcrmlna
tlon of the District Attorney to shield his
political friends at the expebee.of the pub
i .
Th ® latte latheriSt'lim,
New York, Dec. 28j-^-gAther Bohem
tffie CcnteniariaM Methodfsr minister died
to-day at Richmond, Stitetf&land, He was
illsome jirac ago, and on
lescent resumed his duties. ...While walking
one day he caught cold causing pneumonia,
ofwhicli ha died.' Ho removed to Rich
mond, from Jhe residence of his
daughter in Jersey City, during the. sum
nior, having bean suffering from erysipelas
of the eyes. The excitement crtnscqRnton
1 his Centennial celebration at Jersey City,on
(he 8th of last June, prostrated him. His
physician advised repose and retirement,
anil lie was restored to moderately good
health. On the 12th inst., he undertook to
preach in the village church, au«Lwpf,,.*t.
tacked with a severe cold which qatnpelled
him totakc to his bed. Heborehiaillifferings
with rcmarkabl# fortitude. TheWeTwus a
brief interval of relief from three to four
o'clock in the 'afternoon, ; which in
| spired a favorable hope. He conversed
freely with his family, and when bis ap
proachiug cud was spoken of, he raisod his
hands and gasp'd out. something nb <ut go
ing to his home. During the lust year lie j
frequently prophesied that this would
be his Iasi in the. journey here below, and
then he would go yonder, (pointing up
ward) to his home. It was hoped that h*
would live to participate in the Centennial
of his country, which is younger than he,
but that hope has beoii dispelled. I
The Geacrtti Elcetisni.
Madrid, Dee. 29-Ti e SDanish govern
" ^Wlered the generKuon®tobe
.January 10th, next, and the open
tof?a |ih«Cortes on February 15th.
h PrtB< "* »*ure.
P A 8 I liP < '®. 29. A couHcil of thePrinccs
, ans family was held yesterday,
at which the Princes resolved to retire from
lieir'jieci^lon lias been
of t
formally anuoui
is a subject of t
ll.ical circles.
The ttpanlsh Crown.
Madrid, Dec 09.-^Co(iiit Fun
now in Paris engaged it the offfc
hil duty
arranging fbr the return of the ex-Queen
Isabella to Spain, His; Majesty King A1
fonso opposes the wilf of tlie Mlnlstry on'
this important matter. He defies the Cabi
fet, declaring that the Ministers may re
sign, Dut fhat she—the ex-Queen, bis moth
fir—must have an asylum in Spain, her resi
dence robe in Valladolid, for the reason that
Madrid is not considered a safe place for
her. It is now believed 'bn* this serious is
sue han been forced on Alfonso by Isabella.
The results will be most disastrous. The
Spanish army will be divided at once if the.
ex-Qur -n takes any part in the direction or
counsel of state affairs. Isabella's return
will even cause the loss of Senor Sagasta to
I'usUleatiou Project.
Berlin, Dec. 29.—Austria's project for
. l-Uie pacification of the Turkish provinces,
(j-eeently drawn up by Count, Andrassy, th<
Prime Minister, has not yel been eefit to
the great powers,for some reason unknown,
It is reported that while,an agreement has
Been made with regard to the cohtrnl,tbe
.ijreatjr'powers should have, negotiations are
pending between Russia as to what manner
it should be exeroised.
tATEiteoN,'N. il., Dec. 29.—An'old
named George Shephard was ran over by
the 6tff M. train east, on the Erie Ruil
road' to-day. He died shortly afterwards.
Flint, Mich., Dec. 29,—A fire occurred
yesterday A. M. in the large flouring mill,
owned by Clark & Hurd, at the village ol
Flushing near this city, and the property
was totally destroyed ; loss 815,000. '
Washington, D. C. Dec. 29.-The Kali
way Mail Service has been ordered from
west Congord to Lanenhurg Junction, Ver
mont,. 'on -the Portland and Ogdensburg
Jlailroa^, fifteen miles, from Jan. 1st.
n ..
Trnn^W-M 6 «?h b °r S ° fCX *
D f *! robberies were
, ,, ltted for ! na1 ' The eviderJC(i
eocited lor the prosecution waswery strong.
1 ?, nd i m . 1 t ,^> convl ® ted
^ stealing #10,000 worth of silks were tu
^V*''n'emed to seven j^ars imprisonment
fbe typhoid fever is raging in the city and
® u V. '
'.-New Y<3rk, Dec. 29.—The great wrest
J«g matok for #2,000 for the championship
America between Professor Bauer of San
Francisco and Andre Cristol, of New York,
J 00 * 1 Pi*® 6 to-night, 3000 persons were pres.,
4®t Crlstol won after a desperate contest
gaining 1st, 2d and 5th tails-in one hour
and 50 minutes, bett.tng was 100 to 80 on
Chicago, 111., Dec. 29.—Nothing further
has been developed in the whisky cases.
During the last few day- there is absolutely
no>foundation for the rumor that the Gov
e'rnmcnt has compromised with tHe small
fry in order to catch the larger game. The
testimony Is said to be complete without,
any such bargain.
St. Lome, Mo., Dec. 29.—The stories to
the effect that- the President intended to
pardon ex-Supervisor McDonald *nd ex
Revenue Agent Joyce are stated to be posi
tively without 7ounda"fibu.~ Joyce has never
made any applieation for pardon as hal
been alleged.
St. Paul, Minn., Dee. 29.—Jonas F.
Brown, of Minnaapolis, arrested for operat
ing in crooked whisky, wasi before United
States Commissioner Ccrdozo, yesterday
and his case was postponed for one week
The government officials have, possession
of his establishment which is worth #35,
000 .
The Dry Bones Again.
Brooklyn, Dec. 29. —Moulton has
retained Ex Judge Morris and Gen. Roger
A. Pryor as counsel in the suit against
Beecher. Beecher had a long Interview
with his lawyer to day, regiui91igt!ie'
The Plymouth Church Committee has
resolved to send a request to Mrs.' Moulton,
that she Would name a time convenient for
her to call the eouneil agrceed upon,
The National Secret Society.
New York, Dec. 29.—As much has been
published recently iu connection with the
secret society called the order Of "American
Union," the National executive committee
of the order has decided on giving to the
public a summary of the principles under
lying the organization.
First, They accept the Bible as a basis of
all moral, religious, governmental under In
Second, TheyyicldunhcsitatingsupporttO
tho constitution and government of the Uni
ted States and the several States,
Third, They urge that the present system
of general uusectarian free school organisa
tion shall be maintained inviolate.
Fourth, They claim that no part of the
public funds shall ever be tired for the sup
purf or maintenance of auc reamriau relio d 1
or n-ti.tlon whaler.; r , ..Uy are oppesai 1
to iu. . 1 jron.-o in politics by any mail fir
bodyoi iuvuac:ing in bd.itorby direr-;
tion of any Ecclesiastical body or power, j
Tliira ..erni or on» term (Democracy or
Republicanism), hard or soft money, crook
ed whisky or straight, are entirely outside
of their aims and plan* and receive no at
tentiou whatever.
Cabais All .irs. _
New "York, Dec. 29.—A special says
the report is correct that the American
government has addressed a circular to the
European powers on the subject of Cuban
affairs, including a copy of Spain, although
its contents cannot be definitely learned
froifi,official sources. It is believed'that the
expression of views of foreign governments
has been asked concerning intervention In
the affairs of Cuba.
X ' t • n y* ~ -m
Last even l n p before Esquire Brady, Dan
' el Ja l me » was givena hearing, charged with
to w£ th " n ' " d hUd in the • um 0f
! t0 kee# the peaee^, _
The anuunf meeting of the Farmers' As
sociatiou, of New Castle county, will be
held in the /second story of the Telegraph
Building, Third and Market, streets, on fiat-*
r ext, January 1st, 1S7C. The mem
bws- of fMs Association did a great deal of
good this Fall in preventing the orchards of
the farmers near this city from being robbed
and otherwise preserving the
persons living in the country
there will be a full attendance.
e hope
Professor Webster's dancing academy at
the Masonic Hall is now open fo! the second
quarter. The success which has met the
Professors efforts so farts an excellent guar
antee of t he efficiency of his method of teach
ing, and those who have been his scholars
ars are known as among the most accom
plished drncers in the city. The latest
dances including the glide waltz and the
mineutt quadrille are taught by Professor
Webster, and private lessons given !n them
if desired.
William Maloney, Jack Stidham and a
companion who refuses to give his name,
were arrested by officers Brinkle and Dun
can at noou yesterday, for stopping several
women on the P., W, <fc B. R. K, track below
the city, aud attempting to extract money
'rom them in various ways- They .captured
one market Woman's basket aud demanded
her money, but she fled and. obtaining help
returned and had the party arrested. They
will have a hearing this morning.
The unfortunate woman, who made iuch
a rash leap, last week at New Castle, to
escape the clutches of the law, has not
spoken since, and there is little hope of her
recovery. She will probably soon be re
moved to tl(e hospital in this city. Kate
Jones a woman, wlib sometime since was
sent to jail for sixty days for vagrancy, is
attending the sick woman, and waits upon
her constantly and pinijiy, and has received
tbe commeudation of the prison officers for
her womanly services.
Mr. Bright, the President of the Rebo
fcoth Beach camp meeting association is
laboring earnestly to perfect the arrange
ment to build the proposed railroad from
Lewes to the camp grounds at Iieboboth,
and last week he had an interview at the
Continental Hotel with Mr. Greely, -the
President of the Junction trad Breakwater
road, in reference to ttm -matter. Mr.
Greely favors the construction of the road
decidedly, and has promised Mr. Bright his
influence with the directors of his road in
rinding the scheme, and the turner is
guine that the road will be built.
will appear this evening in her double bill,
"Leap Year," and Simpson <fcCo. A few
seats yet remain unsold which can ba se
cured at 521 Market street.
As will lie seen by reference to our adver
tising columps we are to have a graud dra
matic treat on next Monday evening, when
the Two (Drphan's sv,i]l be produced bv the
,Uniq|ff Squi ^ -
M's* Laura
re ffreutle Combination with
_ Alberta and Alice A. Harrison
as the Two Orphans "Louise" and "Ilar
iette," supported by a company noted for
its unusual strength, each artist being se
lected for his or her aptness 'o the charac
ter represented. The company also carry
with them the original scenery formerly
used for the
Theatre. New York
; unginm Bcenery iormcriy
play at the Union Square
Those who are agrieved, generally go to
the bar of justice, but the first place a Wil
mingtou man makes for is the. bar in tbe
little shop around the corner.
_ George Washington may have been the
Lbfi first in the heur.sof lih/couittrymen
a rfew silk dress and asst of furs M the first
in the hearts ol his countrywomen.
For pure eu6sedness, w Wilmington sa
loon keeper, says, the man who takes
beer and eats four pines or bean soup,
comes nearer to it tLan anybody he has ever
A Wilmington girl having read in the
papers that Chicago' women hnemt bread
btdly, states that there are some old maids
I ere who need men worse than they do
- A Wiiifdngtou man who smiles very fre
quently, briys that you may talk of guardian
angels, but the best kind of angel 1* the
one that strikes you when you need a drink
the worst.
The emotions in Mount
nothing te an emotion which nnawl- tti
an uptown hoareliiv-liouse vesterdav A
WO mnn erupted so far as to lav out ten
boarders because tliev said the saneaee
showed s'lnus of life when the eat enmetn
the dining-room. 41
„ urn i ,
uj 1 ® 11 ? Wilmington man came home last
, eK ana <f° B 'P{ainca ol his shirts not being
"°"9 ''P t0 suit him. She said 'I m just
li,e ' n a, ' lstour ""C notions you ve got,
" ou , uaa t t {' c,u paper Shirts on until
,, e refer . a "toned. Its
lot * llun wou t wash,.:
And when she came into the dining
yesterday morning and said she did not feel
well, the young man upon the opposite side
"f the table proposed • Mmr for a doc or.
Guf wh-ri ii. mit .umic v\lin aiu nmcm-rel
ll b' 1 "' ■ In: concluded dial j
t-'i'i'lif ■•'(' h; iwtid ntvur go lor a .
br.' <t.
The Hand iu Hand Assembly will cclc
hrate the advent of the Centennial year, by
a grand masquerade ball, which they will
give im the Masonic Temple, on Friday
City Connell meets this evening.
A watch meeting will be held in
Delaware Ayenue Baptist Church, to-mor
row evening.
Rev. J. M. Burdick will address a temper
ance meeting in the City Hall, on Sunday
afternoon next.
The -Sunday echool scholars of Calvary
Cliapcl, Third and Washing street, wii
hold a sociable this evening.
A meeting to organize a State Teachers'
Association will be held in No 1 school
house, Sixth and French streets, this morn
ing, at 10 o'clock.
The schooner Amtriean Eagle, arrived
Tatnall's wharf, yesterday, where she
now being loaded with corn meal by Wm.
Lea & Sons, for New York.
The steamer Jersey Blue has been hauled
ant on the marine railway of Enoch Moore's
ship yard, for the purpose of undergoing
some much needed repairs.
B. Sutton, Esq., of St: Georges, has a het
which laid an egg weighing four ounces,
and measuring 8]4 inches around the the
long way, and 9% in the other. Can any
beat it!
Yesterday afternoon the steamer Samuel
M. Felton was flying her flags at half-mas.,
in honor of the late Robert H. Barr, ol
New Castle, who was at one time her com
The Baltimore train which leaves this
city for Philadelphia at 4:45 P. M. was de
layed nearly two hours, yesterday, at Bay
View, the engine, 31, having blown out u
pipe, which necessitated sending to
Baltimore for another.
L. W. Stidham & 8on sold at publie sale
on Tuesday, for Stephen Wilson, of Mil;
Creek Hundred, a farm containing 100 acres
to Wesley Flinn, for #80 pea acre; a lot of lb
acres, without buildings, to Israel Lacy, for
tl8li0; and a lot of six acres to Wesley Flinn
for #1083.
This evening in the Brandywine M. E.
.Church, the children of the Sunday Schoo!
will hold a Christmas entertainment. The
exercises of the evening will consist ol
ringing, addresses by the Revs. Mr. Hunter
and Martindale, and lots of good things for
all hands.
This evening a Christmas festival will b<
held in the First Baptist Church, Fourth
and French street. The exercises of the
evening will consist of singing, music, and
addresses, at the conclusion of which those
present will be invited to partake of
Teshoaents, provided for the occasion.
A meeting of the Delaware State Fire
Insurance Company was held in this city
yesterday, at which a resolution against
taking risks on property to a larger amount
than #25,000, was passed. This company
has only been incorporated since the last
session of the Legislature; since which time
it has issued a large number of policies.
The German Literary Society, of this
city, will give Its first Grand Ball to-morrow
evening in the Odd Fellows' Hall, Third and
King streets. The managers have made ah
the arrangements possible to base the affair
the most successful of its kind of the sea.
son. Tickets, admitting oue gentleman and
two ladies, will be sold for the small sum ol
On Monday evening at a meeting of the
members of the Delaware Avenue Baptist
Church, a unanimous vote was taken, invit
ing the present pastor, Rev. I. M. Halde
man, to remain with them as their minister.
This action was taken in pursuance with a
request from Mr. Haldeman, that if the
members wished him to officiate that they
would so signify at the end of each year.
An ajourned meeting of the Indianapolis.
Bloomington and Western extension first
rtgage bondholders was held yesterday,
in New York city, to hear the report of the
special committee, appointed on tbe 15th ol
of October. The report, which was adopted,
closed with a suggestion that measures
should be immediately taken to foreclose
the mortgage. Quite a number of the
bondholders of this road reside in this eity,
and other parts of the State of Delaware.
On Saturday, January 1st, the colored cit
izens of Wilmington will appropriately ob
serve that day as the anniversary of Eman
cipation. In tbe afternoon at 2 o'clock, re
ligious services will be held in Bethel A. M.
E. Church, Walnut street,above Sixth,dur
ing which a sermon will be preached by the
Rev. I. R. Johnson. At 7:30 In the evening
service will also be held in the A. U. M. P.
ehurcb, French street, near Ninth, and Pres
ident Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation
will be read. Addresses will be delivered by
several prominent colored gentleman of this
tWi city.
Capt. J. P. Merrihew, of this city, cele
brated the 7flth anniversary of his birth
yesterday, having been born at Marcus
Hpok, Pa., on the 29ti> of December, 1799.
He removed to tWs city in 1811. O 11 the
election of Richard H. Bayard to the May
oralty in 1832, Mr. M. was chosen High
Constable, being the first man to fill said
office in our city. The Council continued
for some 18 or 20 years to appoint the
Mayor; Joshua A Driver being the first
man elected by the people.
John Boys, also of Wilmlngtoi
talned his 80th year, tiaving bee
Philadelphia, in 1795. He was elected
Coroner of this county in 1858, at the same
time that Abraham Cannon, Esq., was elec
ted Sheriff. He also served as enrolling of
licer In the 8econd Ward in 1863 or 1864.
For a number of years he was watchman
for the P., W. <ft B. railroad at the crossing
of Market street, and finally becamj inca
pacitated for the duty by the failure of his
F*9 \eura lu the JiiinLni.t
Chicago Dec. 29.—The city authorities
arc arraugtug to celebrate New Years'day
in a manner becoming the Centennial year
Buuting will be very generally displayed
throughout the town and salutes fired at
stated intervals.
n, has at
U born in
A Pleasant Party,
The O. B. 8. Society gave s dancing parly
iu Professor Webster's room,in the Masonic
Temple, last evening. The party was well
attended, about thirty couples being on the
promenade, and the affair passed off very
pleasantly. Refreshments were served at
12 o'clock, and it was early in the morning
18;tore tiie j v . ,iv
bn rim 0 ;
Pi-'f Pitch e
Hm.M/vi 1
'Squire Brady was considerably surprised
on Tuesduy evening, about 9 o'clock
to find the front portion of his office held
possession of by a stout stranger, armed
with a huge club and a lo'n" navy six-shooter
eoeked and pointed towurds his 6eat. The
stranger had entered unannounced and un
observed, and the first the worthy Squire
anew of his presence was the salutation,
'■You are the whitest man I ever saw,"
"And who theduece are you," ejaculated
the astonished Alderman.
"Don't you know me? I want you to
dance quick," and the enormous pistol was
leveled full at the Squire's head.
But Brady has been Chief of Police and
knew how to deal with his man. He made
a flank movement and catching
the bcligerent's arm, quickly dis
armed him, and thrust him in the street,
hut such clamorous threats were made at.
he door that the Squire was compelled
• o open it for fear that serious damage
might be done. As he swung it hack upon
its hinges, a blow was aimed at his head,
and only missqd its mark by a few inches.
The man then ran hastily up the street to a
hevr saloon when he was subsequently cap
ured aud taken to police headquarters. He
;aid the costs and went around yesterday
morning and apoligized to Esq. Brady,
stating that be was drunk.
uBiTUAmr. -
C4PT. I?. H. bark, of new castle.
Captain Robert H Barr, of New Castle,
Del., formerly of Philadelphia, died on
Christmas day, aged eighty seven years.
Captain Barr served in the war of 1812, in
(he gunboats on the Delaware. Fifty years
ago he was well known to the merchant
marine of Philadelphia, being engaged in
he Canton tea trade. He once brought his
hip home from Canton in ninety-seven
lays, the usual voyage being one hundred
nd twenty days, which was net surpassed
•y the famous clipper ships which were sub
equendv built to make short voyages to
that port.
Alter Having quiled the sea he was for
uany years iu the employment of the-Phila
iclphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Rall
tad Company, sometimes in command of
heir steamboats an 1 sometimes in charge
,f their office at New Catila. His latesj.
■rvice was during the rebellion, 11 a com
uaodcr of one of the transport steamships
■mploved by the government iu the waters
of Virginia. lie was then an old man, but
•till a sturdy officer and commander, and
aded his public life as lie liad commenced
if—in defense of his country and its flag.—
i'hila. Times.
Editor Herald :—I received to-day
iut letter enclosing an ext ract from the
Vetcs and Advertiser in which I am accused
f scekiug an office in the city of Washing
on. Now my dear sir, permit me to say
hat every word you published in The
Gerald in reference to this subject was
rue. I have not been in the city of Wash
'tgton since last March, 1 was not an appli
•ant for unv office at. the meeting of the
resenrCongrcss. I never asked any mem
ner to aid me in securing a position, and I
..artninly would no: accept cf any appoint
ment the present DemncraHc Ilouge could
b-stow. Therefore your article was not
"reckless," hut true, and if any gentleman
:i a conference with a Republican editor
makes mo the subject of discussion, I sin
crelv hope when you publish the plain un
furnished truth, you will not be charged
vith "recklessness." I have years ago
eased not to expect ju-tiee from the Re
mblican press, indeed 1 do not expect even
(indness. 1 intend to oppose the Republi
can party aud its erroneou - principles in
he future as in tiio past, and any misrepre
sentation made by Republicans, will not
eigh a feather iu the opinion of your hum
Me servant. B. T. Biggs.
Summit Bridge, Dei., Dee. 28,1875.
Wire Beating-Bankruptcy.
Chicago, Doc. 29.—This morning Brocky
McLain a noted criminal, boat his wife so
idly that her life is despaired of. He was
arrested and awaits the result of her inju
E. P. Stevens an extensive real estate
dealer in this city has gone into bankruptcy
with debts said to be secured, amounting to
Ship Wreck,
San Francisco. Cal., Dec. 29.—The
'lip Ever.lale which arrived last evening
brought the intelligence of wreck of the
British ship Khonceisch, theuee for Liver
pool with a cargo of wheat on a reef near
l ie Island of Venointhe vicinity of Pit
cairus Island, south of the Pacific ocean.
The ship is a total loss. The entire crew
M ere saved aud safely lauded at Pitcairus
Island where they staid 52 days wheu the
Lverdale came by and took them alUoff eX-'
cept one arid brought them to this port.
Forney Takes a Hand.
Col. Forney take' a lvand in the thlrd
*■ rm discussion. He says a "thoughtful
.nd unusually careful friend" writes to him
Irom Philadelphia, underJate ot No/. 31
"Grant is to be renominated and re-elected.
Moral : The one hundroth anniversary of
the Republic will also be its ends." Col.
Forney says lie lias received other letters
• king a similar view. He recalls she ac
ton of the Republic,.!'. State Convention of
List Fall declaring
and President Grant's letter on tho .same
subject, and says lie cannot believe his
friends' predictions, since a great party can
nit stultify itself atUr this fashion any
more than a great man. Even if the Prcsf- •
■ tent Is so unwise as to desire a third term
Col. Forney does not believe the people will
rive it to him, but on the contrary predicts
that "next year will lie n year of jubilee; o' -
reconstruction, of peace and prosperity, aud
not a year of internal strife and bitterness,
..nd hate and revenue—worse, perhaps,
or id
inst a third term,
.cn 1 1;? i"' r
-.'t .diy loan .1
of the United
he die most
■ eminent Repubilc..u caiididai** are Min
ister Wasliburne, Mr. Blaine, and Senator
Morton, and hopes a "kind Providence may
honor tbe Republican party next year bv
I lacing one of them at the' head of its col

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