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„ v Mrtfi*r.' r ' '""'n
Tbe •yaWfry aurrmutdlng the death and
Identity of the young woman whose rtf
mains were found near Silver Lake, Staten
Itland, on Sunday last, seems to thicken.
Clews are plentiful, and theories to no end
annoy the Inquisitive minds of the people
of the Island. While rumors are flying
thick and last and good "tips" for sharp
detective work turn up In abuudanse of
their own accord the authorities are as far
from a solution of the enigma at on the d»y
the body was found.
Certain facts have transpired during the
last twenty-four hours which saem con
clusively to prove thst tbe body on which
the Coroner now holds Inquest is not thst
of Mary Ellen Murphy, the affianced ol
la order t® know the
fate of his mistress, west to the CoroneT
and gave himself up to tbe annoyances ot
arrest, suspicion and notoriety. His arrest
is not very irksome, however, for he goes
about the village at will and seems to have
no desire to leave until ha Is ordered.
Riege's mind, tormented by long anxiety,
disappointment and a lover's solicitude, was
rather unsettled and disposed to accept any
thing In substitution of the vexatious un
certainty that had been his for so long a
tine, and when be heard of tbe finding of
tbe body he jumped at the conclusion that
It was that of his mistress and so only sougbt
verytblng he heard and saw for cor
roboration ol his prepossession. He acknow 1
vdged, when examined by the Coroner, that
some things In the appearance of tbe dead
wtmao be had never remarked In Mary
Ellen, hut then again he found many points
of coincidence, and these were sufficient to
satisfy him that bis mistress had been mur
la e
Nkw Oblbans, Sept. 17.
The new cases of yellow fever reported |n
tbe last twenty-four hours is 223 by the
Board of Health, 862 by the Howards, and
88 by the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion, making a total of 663—an Increase of
250 Blue* yesterday. The total number of
cases so far Is 15,086,
Vicksbubg, Mist., Sept. 17.
New cases are on the increase aid are
extending to the interior. Abatement and
reduction are regulated by the weather,
which t»-day Is not favorable.
Memphis, Sept. 17.
Nloety-stx deaths were reported to-day,
or which twenty four wherecolored. Owing
to difficulties experienced In burying the
dead at Elmwood, Superintendent Phillips
being sick, and his assistant, John Dawson
dead, the Howard Association has placed a
man In charge of the cemetery.
Hickman, Ky., Sept. 17.
S'ill no abatement In the yellow fever.
Six deaths have taken place within the past
twenty-four hours and three new cases are
In addition to the above reports, tele
grams from Grand Junction, Tenn., Brown
ville and Grenada show the plague to
be unchecked in Its ravages, but rather on
the Increase. There is a case reported in
Indianapolis, and In Richmond a family of
refugees hts been stricken down.
London, Sept. 17.—A special despatch
from Berlin to the Dally News says:
first day's debate lu the Reichstag on the
antl-Soclallst bill was somewhat dlaap
polntlng to the eager audience assembled in
expectation of heated controversies and
dramatic scenes. The proceedings were,
for the most part, decorous and even dull.
The chief sensation was Herr Babel's effect
ive speech. He entertained the Liberal*
and annoyed the Conservatives, by making
fresh disclosures about the relations of the
Government with the Socialist leaders a
few years ago. Count Von Eulenberg,
Minister of the Interior, who waa not in
office at the time referred to, made an un
hippy attempt to break the force of these
revelations. His reply to Herr Babel's
argument la also regarded as very weak. It
cannot be said that the bill has gained
strength from Monday's debate, but, as It
Is apparent that It must go through the
long routine of a reference to a committee,
some days must elapse before Us fortunes
can be definitely predicted.
Advices received through insurgent
sources claim that the Austrians have been
defeated near Zwornek and Tuzla.
Captain Eads has declined the Invitation
of Dom Pedro, Emperor of Brszll, to super
intend the river Improvements of hie
Tbe Massachusetts Republics* State Con
Tenttod met yesterday, Governor Claflln
waa cho-en permanent chairman. An In
formal ballot lor Governor stood: Talbot,
851; Long, 268.
The places were subscriptions hare been
opened In Paria for the relief of yellow
fever sufferers In the United States are the
newspaper offices, Monroe & Co., bankers.
United States Legation and Consulate, and
at the Exposition.
A shooting affray between Dick Evans
and Lem and John Offutc, at Georgetown,
Ky., on Monday, daring which fifteen shots
were fired, result'd In critically wound
Evans and Lem Offutt* A dispute in reg
to a cate In court caused tbe difficulty. 1
On the body of Bill Brazleton, of Arizona
w6re found belts full Of cartridges, two re
volvers, on* Spencer rifle, a mask and some
watches recently taken from passengers In
a stage coach. The Sheriff argued at the
Inquest that Bill muet have been a lobber
and deserved to be shot as he had been.
London, Sept. 18.— A A(ienn* despatch
to this mqrntng'e Telegraph *ay«i ^"The
pegther ^Jpyd, heretofore a loyal suppor#
ter of Count Andrasay, the Austro-Hun*
garian Premier, raises its voice againat the
reported Auatro-Servio-Montenegrm alli
ance, which thatjeurnal dedlaroa wonid be
a slap in the face to Hungary, and it takes
the opportunity ol this Count Andrasay a
Bosnian policy."
The same paper prints an article written
by Dr. Jack, a memberof the Reicharath,
heretofore an ardent admirer and apologist
of Count Andrasay, in which he aaya that
an advance with ibe Slavonic principali
ties would be an enormity and an insult
to Hungary. There are other and mean
ing signs of Hungarian discontent at the
present situation of affairs."
Tne Standard'* Vienna despatch gives a
verry different account from that of the
other correspondents of the alleged over
tures for an alliance. The Standard's ac
count aaya that M. Riatres, the Servian
Premier, offered the co-operation of Ber
via, but it waa declined, and the Vienna
Cabinet have given it to be understo od
that they never entertained the idea of ac*
cepting auuh an arrangement.
Cincinnati, Sept. 18-—A special de
spatch aaya:—In March last the log-bouse
of John Hurley, in Seneca, Mich., waa
burned, and one son
flames. Mrs. Hurley and her infant es
caped, but were so horribly burned that
they died next morning. Hurley and the
boy, who slept up stairs, escaped unhurt.
There were suspicious circumstances at the
time, but nothing waa developed till last
night, when Harley was arre-ted on a
charge of murder made by hia father-in
law. One of the motives to the crime
was probably an unlawful, intimacy with
the wife's unmarried sister, who now
charges him with the pater.iity of her two
children, one born before and the other
after the catastrophe.
perished in the
A. pharmaceutical chemist writes as fol
lows to the London Times concerning the
Princess Alice disaster:
"When 600 men and women aie plung
ed into a river only a mile wide, it is
tonishing that only five or six should have
saved their lives by swimming. It is no
less f stonishing that so many died imme
diately after immersion. The reason will
probably be found to be in the quality of
the water. Close to the site of this dread
ful catastrophe are the two great metropo
litan outfalls, on the north bank of the
river at Barking, on the south at Belvedere
At high water, twice in every 24 hours,tbe
fieod-gates of these outfalls are. opened,
when there is projected into the river two
continue tie columnsof decomposed ferment
ing sewage, hissing like soda-water with
baneful gases, so black that the water is
stained for miles and discharging a cor
rupt charnel-house odor, that will be re
membered by all who have passed through
it on these summer excursions, as being
peculiarly depressing and. sickening. As
sewage when extremely diluted—say one
drop in 10,000, will, when taken in milk
or in water, induce typus or other fevers,
it will probably be found that when taken
in a concentrated form, sewage, especially
when in a state of active decomposition, is
a true poison relatively as fatal as prussic
A special despatch states that in the
lumber camp of "Wells 4 Co., near El
more, Montgomery county, Michigan, an
epidemic has been T&ging among the
men for a week past, which Dr. Levaly
pronounces black jaundice or yellow fever.
One of the men, Thomas McGuire, was
taken, and as no one would nurse him or
give him medicine, the unfortunate man
was sooa delirious. None of the citizens
of Elmore ivould receive him into their
houses and the patient was placed under a
tree in S' drenching rain and soon after
died from the disease, which the Doctor
says was clearly yellow fever. The re
mains were placed in a box and buried un
der the tree where h 1 died.
A Somerset county farmer has shipped 50
bushels of cloverseed North—au unusual
Tha Delaware State Fair will be the
greatest event of its kind ever occurring on
the Peninsula.
Dallas Hayward, of Easton, while gun
ning last Monday, held one of his hands
over the muzzle of his gun when he didn't
think it was loaded. He ie minus one finger
The liberality of the people of Chester
town for aiding the yellow fever sufferers is
historic. In 1793, when Philadelphia was
attacked, the people of Cheetertowu opened
their purses.
The campaign In New England is "red
Butler Is called the "stormy Petrsl of
American politics,
Thurman to Bayard:
room for your uncle."—[Ex.
Hie sand lot orator has arrived in Wor
cester, Mass., to try and bowl Butler
, Go and see Sutterley's fine cabinet pic.
tures of babies, 302 Market street.
Tommy make
LOCAL notes.
E very body takes# sO-bgMes to Sntterley's.
The streets ve g^U^ unpleapaptlyjdgsiy.
' Sutterly takes biby pictures In one
second. 8 y» ! 1
The Bright House at Reheboth has been
Sutterley never falls to take a good pic
ture of your baby.
No place like Sutterley's to take your
babies for a good picture.
Fine life-size crayons of children at Sut
terley's, 302 Market street.
A meeting of the Water Witch Fire Com
pany will beheld this evening at Ty t o'clock.
We regret to hear of the serious Illness of
Mr. Henry Brown, chairman elect of the
N. G. L. party.
A fine display of fire works were sent off
lsst nlgbt about 8 o'clock, on the yacht
Edgar Berohand. It waa witnessed by a
number of persona.
John T. Lee, living at 301 W. Third'
street,died yesterday afternoon, alter a long
Illness. He waa a member of the Water.
Witch Fire Company.
Wa have nodoubt that the concert for the
benefit of tbe Southern sufferers will be
well patronized. Those who are at the
head of this worthy movement deserve
much credit.
Higgins & Co.'s yacht, Edgar Bernhard,
arrived yesterday afternoon from Baltimore.
Mr. C. L. Dunlap will take a party of In
vltfd guests sailing on ths Delawuie river
this morning.
In the report or the meeting of the Dem
ocrats in the Second Ward In yesterday's
Hbbald, W. H. Quinn, Jobu McCaffrey,
and L. Dennis ware proposed as candidates
for nomination for Inspectors.
Wilmington has not a first-class detec
ts,—[Republican- The writer of this |s
either malicious to an uncalled-for exte? 1
or else la not acquainted with Wilmington's
Institutions. The Delaware Detective seen cy
No. 108 E. Fourth street, waa never busier
than at present, under the management of
that wide-awake gentleman, William E.
Mothers will grow weary and sigh ovfr
the responsibility that baby places upon
them, but they have the high privilege of
shaping a character for usefulness. Tbe
exercise of patience and the preservation of
baby's health by the proper use of Dr.
Bull's Baby Svrup will give them great
present comfort and prospective happiness.
25 cents per bottle.
Jefferson Lodge, No. 2, I. O. O.F., at
Odd Fellows' Hall.
Mattaboon Tribe, No. 11,1. 0. R. M,, at
McClary's Building.
Keokuk Tribe, No. 3, I. 0. R. M., at
Maris' Building, (Hh ttfd Shipley Sts
Eden Lodge, I. 0. O. F., at hall, 3rd and
King streets.
Wilmington Division, No. 1, S. of T,, In
McClary's Building.
Hope Council, No. 2, Jr., O. U. A. M., at
Jr. O. U. A. M. Hall, 511 Market street.
Lady Washington Home Communion, 504
Market street. ffife
Wilmington Grotto, No. 1, 8.
A. A., Bradford's Building.
Clayton Lodge, No. 4, K. of P., K.of P.
Hall, 411 Market street.
N OTICE—TheC't'z ms' Loan Association,
Netv stock lor sale, no back payments
Apply to GEO. C. Maris, Sec'y., 601 Ship
ley street. sep IGlm
Be It ordameU by the City Council of
Sec 1, That Adams street shall be a lead
ing street from the curb lines on ihe south
west side of Delaware Avenue te the curb
line on the north east side of Tenth street
and fiom llie curb line on the north-east
side of Delaware Aveuue to the Brandy
wine creek.
BSec. 2. That VanBuren street shall be "a
leading street from ibe curb Hue on the
north-east side ol Delaware Avt nue to the
Brandywine creek.
Sec. 3, That Madison street shall be a
leading street from (he curb lit e ou the
south-west side of Da aware Avenue to the
curb 11. e on the north-east s de of Tenth
Sec. 4. Th<t all ordinances and parts of
ordinances Inconslstaut herewith be and
are hereby repealed.
Passed at the City Hall, September 12th,
A D. 1878.
Prtsldenl ot City Council.
EDMUND B. FRAZER, Clerk of tue City
By virtue of a writ ef Levari Facias to
me directed, will be exposed to Public
Sale, at the Gilpin House, kept by George
Whitfield, In the City, Hundred anu
County of New Castle. Del., ou
THURSDAY, the 26th day of September
1878,at2 o'clock p. m.
The following described tea estate, viz,
All that certain plantation or tract of land
situate on t e northerly side of the New
Castle and French town Railroad, in the
hundred and ccuntyol New Castle, afore
said, bounded and described as follows,
(acco' ding to a survey made by A. F. Pen
nington. March 1863) to wit: Beginning at
a atone in aline ol land of William Motli
erall and corner ol laud of George McCrone
and George Bartholomew, and running
thence with land of the said George
McCrone north 491-2 degrees east 25 perches
and 41 chains, south 31 degrees, east 8
perches and 69 chains to the New Castie
and Frenchtown turnpike road, taence
therewith north 48 degrees east 48 chains,
thence with land of A, V. Lesly south 39 1-2
degrees east 13 perches and 41 chains, south
37 degrees east 2 perches and 35 chains,
south 411*4 degrees west 5 perches > nd 81
chtlns, south 26 1-4 degrees east 68 chains,
72 degrees west 38 perches and 9U
with the Delaware Railroad to the
said turnpike road, thence therewith north
451-2 degrees east 17 perches and 79 chaluB
thence with laods of Bimen Rodman north
451-2 degreeB west 3 perches and 64 chains,
south 4 gl-2 degrees west 2 perches and 79
chains to a stone, thence with lands of the
-aid Wm Motherall north 25 1-2 decrees
west 7 perches and 50 chains to the place
beginning, containing.' 66 acres and 4
square perches of lan$, be the same more
or less.
Seized and taken la execution as the
property of John Bartholomew, snrvlDg
mortgagor of John and Ellen R, Bartholo
mew hisjwlfe. and t t., aid to be sold by
Sheriff's Office, New Castle, September 3
A boy stood on the gallery floor
At the naughty female show,
And cast hia earnest glances o'er
Bald-headed sin below,
I'm too far back," he sadly said,
Yet he dared not forward go,
For he saw bis aged father's head
First in the foremost row.
Put away the little speeehes
That our darling was to spout
Now Eugene will never need 'em,
Greenback votes have snuffed him out.
Gone to see his lather-in-law.
—New York Sun.
The State of Kentucky has no public
Take your children to Sutt 'Hey's gal'ery
for a good picture.
Ninety-two persons died of small pox In
Montreal last mouth. , »
A few years ago Mary Anderson was con
tralto in a Louisville choir.
When Victoria handed Dizzy the order
for a new garter, he said, " No use, Vlccy,
I can't raise my hosanna higher."—Boston
A mm walked, into the yellow fever re
lief office in Philadelphia the other day,
gave $1,000 to the Treasurer, refused to tell
his name, and went away unrecognized.
A Boston young man married against the
wishes of his parents, and, in telling a
friend how to break tbe news to them, said
"Tell them first that I'm dead, and gently
work up to the climax."
Dio Lewis, after three yeats in California,
took part in a discussion of the Chinese
question in Boetpd, and claimed that the
Chinese are physically, mentally, and mor
ally superior to any other people.
The Prince Imperial of Austria, Prince
Rudolpbe, Is likely, they say, though the
lady la a Protestant and he Is a Catholic,to
marry the Princess Victoria, of. Baden, the
Emperor William's granddaughter.
A young man In Orange county, Va., Is
said to have,visited his sweetheart forty
times [n five weeks, and the old lellow be
gins to wonder where the fallow got his
living before he met his daughter.
. Ex-Governor English, of New Haven,was
visttea % a tramp tbe other day, who
begged for an old pair of shoes, and after
receiving them returned In an hour or two
and asked for twenty cents to pay for get
ting them mended.
A (armor who lives twelve miles out of
Boston drove Into the city with a load of
hens In coops, arriving at tbe market about
sunrise, and found a row of fowls under the
wagon on a pole connecting the two axles.
They had roosted there and retained their
bold during the long ride.
The two hundred Trappist Monks for
whom land has been purchased In Pennsyl
vania are not tbe first of that order In
America. In 1803 a colony, led by Augus
tin Lestrange, settled at Pigeon Hill, Pa.,
and alter removals to Kentucky, Missouri,
and Illinois, located permanently In Nova
8cotta. Other colonies were established
later In Kentucky and Iowa, both ol which
now hold the rank of abbeys.
Brandywine Seminary, which opened
with such encouraging prospects, has
already made additions to Its number of
pupils. In order to afford still greater ad
vantages for primary scholars, Mr. McNair
has engaged Mies Sayre, an experienced
teacher of little children as well as an ac
complished musician.
No. 2 E. 5th. STREET
(Lleberman Building.)
Custi m Work done 6atlsfactorl ly. Low
Price and good work guaranteed.
atigl 9 8 m.
Exposition Universelle
PARIS, 1878.
Centennial Exposition,
The"Stleff , unrivalled Grand. Upright
anil Square Pianos, tbe recipients of more
than sixty first premiums and Gold and
Blivet Medals, including the Medal of Mer
it and Diploma of Honor at the Centen
nial Exposition In 1876, have achieved at
the Exposition Universelle, Pails, 1878,
over all American and many foreign com
petitors, their
Together with a Special Certificate,
of Merit to Jacob uperletend
eutof thebtietr Factory, lor bis extra
ordinary skill displayed lu every part of
their construction, the whole form ng n
Grand Award, higher by fur than
that of any other American Exhibit,
and demonstrating beyond doubt the Im
mense superiority of the Stlell' Instru
The "StlefF' combines every quality ne.
cessajy for perfection lu a Piano. Its rich,
graud, mellow and powenul tone
been excelled by any other Instrument.
9specially in the treble does the "Btletl '
Plano show It# superiority over all others,
by the bell-like clearness, sweetness and
singing quality of tone, which lend to it an
Inestimable charm. For quickness of re
sponse to the finger and oenness ol touch
throughout the entire scale, faultless ac
tion, unsurpassed durability aud artistic
finish, this Plano has justly earned a world
wide reputation.
SECOND-HAND PIaNOS of all makes
constantly In s ock, at from 375 to *30J.
Bole agent for the Southern States of the
Peloubot, Pelton & Co„ and other makes
Catalogues of Pianos or Organa sent on
application. Address,
has never
9 N. Liberty Street,
The Ladies of Wilmington
and Vicinity are requested to
examine our
These Silks have a world-wide re
putation, and are excelled by none,
and equalled by but a few, and are
sold at prices paid for inferior Silks.
By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias to
directed, will be exposed to Public t-alej
the Hotel of Jacob Hyatt, In Newpi
Christiana Hundred, New Castle coun
Delaware on
F.RIDaY, tbe 27th day of 8e[ tember, lj
at 2 o'clock, a. m„ ]
The following described real estate vli
All that certain plantation or tract oflm
situate, lying and being lu the hundred
Christiana, bounded and described as I
lows.towii; Beginning at a white, oak
or near Chestnut Run, a corner of land!
ol Peter Brynbere uow of John W: 'lato
thence north 46 degrees west 58 perch
north 8i8-4 degrees west perches, the
south 4 perches, thence west 88 7-10 perch
thence south 50 i-2 degrees west 09 j
perches to land of William Z, Derricks!
thence along the same south 70 degn
east 85 9-1't perches to a corner stone n
a small run, theuoe bv the same land sot
24 degrees west 2i7-,0 perches to anoti
■orner of Derrickson's land, thence sol
03 degrees east 20 8- 0 perches to a staka
stone thence south 80 1-2 degrees 21 I
perches to a stone In the middle of Klj
aulsou's road, thence continuing the si
course 88 perches to a stone, thence noj
12 degrees east 14 1-2 ptrehes to a id
thence north 8 1-2 deg ees west 19
perches, thenoj north forty-nine and
half degrees east twenty perc .es to 1
said white oak tree and placeof beg
c mtalning wit bin said bounds 72 3 iacre
land, be tbe same more or less.
Also, All that certain plantation or ti
of I uni adjoining the above desori
tract and bounded and described as
lows, to wit: beginning at a black
sapling a corner for the heirs of Jos
Stidham, deu'd, thence along said S
uam's lunu these next three lines, ■
South 11 1-2 degrees east 48 2-19 perc
to a corner stone on the ditch of the th
hedge, thence south 82 8-4 degrees wes
6-10 peruhes along said lier'ge to a o r
stone and south 8 1-2 decrees
perches to atone a corner of a line of la
of what was formerly John Springer's 1
lotment, thence by the same south 79
degrees west 94 3-10 perches to a cord
stone in the west side of Ktcliardso]
Road, thence along the line of said ra
north 18 degrees west 18 1-2 perch s id
corner stone and north 41 perches to a d
uer stone In the above described tract
laud, thence by the same these next th
lines, viz; North 82 degrees east 71 4
perches toa stake by a run, thence up sj
run nortli 55 degrees west 4 (i-io perches]
a stake, thence north 8 1-2 degrees east
perches to a stake, thence north 44 dcvri
east i.4 perches to an old marked core
while oak by the tide of the aforesaid r
of Peter Brynburg's land, thence uorthl
degrees east 1 8 10 perches to a corner std
of Isaac Stidham's allotment, thence bj
line thereof south 62 1-2 degrees east 83
peic'ies to the place of beginning, contal
lug 471 4 seres and 10 perches or land
the same more o less, with a two etc
brick and frame house, frame barn, a
other outbuildings thereon erected.
Wet zed and taken in execution as t
property of Joseph 8. Foreman, and to
sold by
RheilffsOffice,Newcastle, September
By virtue ol a writ of Levari Facias to 1
directed, will be exposed to Public Bale,
the Hotel of Alex. Maxwell lu St. Georg
Hundred, In New CastleCouuty, Delawa
BaTURDAY. the 28th day of Septemb
1878 atl o'clock p. m.,
The following described real estate, via
certain tract of upland and mai
known as High Hook, situated In
George's Hundred, New Castle County, a
State o Delaware, and bounded as folloi
to wit: Beginning where an old white 01
formerly stood by the side of the mar!
and on the west side o a branch whl
extends up at Drawyer's Creek, and ru
nlDg thence north 4U degrees east 40 perch
to a corner while oak, thence with the 111
of the land of ihe late Z. B. Glazier not
and by east 191 perches to a corner whl
oak standing by the side of a branch whl
divides this irom the lauds of George 1
Karsuer, thence down said branch on t
sou'h s'de and by the several conn
thereof 150 perches to a corner white 01
on the south side of Bald brancu, then
south 20 degrees west 88 perches to the hei
of a valley, thence southwest 48 perchi
thence south and by west 76 perches to
corner c n the ea-t side of a branch by t
side of a marsh, tneuce along a small ri
in the marsh wntch divides this from t!
maish of the late Hamuel Townsend sou
80 degrees east 74 perches, thence south
degreeseastio peiche , south 60 degre
east 12 perches, north 7y degrees easti
perches, south 31 degrees east It perches 1
Appoqolnimlnk Creek, and running
said creek by the several courses then
south 80 deg. welt 20 perches, thence sou
54 degrees west 20 perches, thence sooth
degrees west 40 perches, thence south
degrees east 40 perches, thence south
degrees west 40 perches to a corner stal
by the creek side, thence leaving U
creek and running through the man
north 10 degrees west 40 perenes to anotiij
corner stake, thence south 65 degrei
west to a slake standing near the crea
thence through; the marsh north 30 (j
grees west 200 perches to first mention!
cimer and place of beginning, contalnll
within these bounds 232 acres <tf uplan
and 112,'acres and 138 perches of laud, mo
or less. , , , J
Also, the adjoining parcel of marsh, uj
ginning at a post at the side of Appoqol
mink » reek aforesaid, being a comer
the before described marsh and running J
said creek the several courses tbereot V
perches, thence up Drawyer's Creek by I
Several courses 80) peiches to a pot
thence by the marsh of the late Z. B. Gig
ler arid north 25 degrees east 24 perches
a post, being a corner of the laud of sN
Z B Glszler. deceased, and the place I
beginning of the other before mention!
tract, thence reserving the last line there
south 30 degrees esst 181 perches to tt
place of be.Inning, couta lniug 63 3-4 aen
of marsh, more or less, w4th the Improw
ments thereon, coos sting of a two-ana-i
halfBtory brick bouse, f ame barn, stabllt
granary, two small frame tenant housi
and other out buildings thereon. UPC
this faraqare o.'OJ or.eo'JO pea.h trees lu 10
bearing. .
Htlzed and taken In execution as tt
property of George H Foard and Alice
Foard his wife, ""^^^B^heriff
Kberlfl's Offloe, New Castle, September
1896. _
All that
8810,000 drawn every 17 deve.
r 311,000
821 Prizes, amounting to (Spanish) CT50.
Information furnished fbm.
filled. Prizes cashed. Spanish Bank on
Gevernmen V spurchasea ;<Ban
11 Wall K. New Yort
1 Prize 01
1 Prize of
1 Prize of ^
2 Prizes Of • 10,000
10 Prizes ol • >,000 each
124 Prizes ol 61 000 each
1 82 Prizes ol $>00 eacu
nTJU r r business you can engage if
DEiOl 85 lo 820per day made bj *9
worker of eilhei sex, right it their o vu j
lalltles Particulars and samples worth <
free. Improve your spare time for '
business. Address stinbon a Co, Poru»"
VT»1r»A . *•••
can make money faster at work o>
than at anythin? else, capital not
quired; we will start vou; ,
home made by the industrious m
women, boys and girls wanted per day
work for us; Now Is thetlme. Men
outfit and terms Dree. Address TBU*«.
Augusts, Maine, .

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