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Ajtsatous, Md-, Oct. 16.—This morn
ing n condoeter of n freight train stopping
at Odsotoa discovered two tramps on the
train and ordered them off. The tramps
eoanmnead firing, and one of the ballets
entered the apartment* ol Geo. E- Creid
lea, agent at the station, and barely es
caped striking bis wife, who was lying
down at the time. The tramps then fled,
punned by Mr. Creidler and Peter F
Watts, who overtook them at Springfield
elation, on the Baltimore and Potomac
railroad. They were brought back to
Odsntoo, and on a warrant issued by a
Justice of the Peace were taken to An
napolis and committee to jail. The tramp®
One represents himself to be from Wash
ington and the other from Delaware.
Thirty-three yonng ladles took the veil < a
Tuesday st Baltimore Into the order of
School Sisters of Notre Dame,
Ex-Senator We. M. Randall, died a 1
PoUavtUe, Pa., yesterday morning, at 6
o'clock, of gangrene of tba lung*.
In and around PotUrMe a great scarcity
of water prevails. Ten cento a barrel i*
charged. The streams are dried ap and the
mills stopped.
President Hayes, Mrs. Hayes, and party,
were In attendance at the Manchester, Md.,
fair yesterday. The visitors were received
by Governor Holliday.
Despatches from Berlin state that CouDt
Von Boost being unfriendly to Germany
bis appointment as Austro-Hungarian Min
ister at Paris has created ill-feeling in
A Vienna dispatch to Manchester Guar
dian says:—"Simultaneously with the pres'
en'atlon of his credentials the Ottoman Am
bassador to Vienna was ordered to declaie
to Count Andrasay that the Porte would be
compelled to oppose by arms the advance
ol the Australn troops upon Novl-Bszsr."
The first basis for an arrangement be.
tween the Vatican and Germ&Dy having
completely failed In consequence of the atti
tude of the Centre party in the Reichstag, a
new and leas radical basis will be substitu
ted, and the relations between Church and
State will be regulated as nearly as possible
In accordance with existing German laws.
A courier who arrived from Waterproof,
Iml, on Tuesday night, reports that 2,500
armed negroes surrounded Waterproof and
threatened to burn and sack the town. It
is thought that they have burned Senogal's
plrce, on Lake St. John, four miles from
Waterproof. A call for armed assistance
was made on Natchez, and 100 men will
leave there on a ferry boat to aid the whites
at Waterproof if needed.
the names ofL. C. and W. F. Bloom.
F. K. A. Ball, Nov. 8th.
R. A. A. Ball, October 25th.
Sutterle; copies old picture*, life-size, in
Rutterley copies old pictures, 302 Marke t
Tinware In every shape st Simper*, 8th
snd Orange.
Suttorley can copy anything in the ebspe
of. picture.
The Republican City Executive Commit
tee meets this evening st No. 404 Market
All kinds of House-furnishing Good* et
Milton Simpers, W. Eighth stj-eet, above
The services of the West Presbyterian
Church last evening were conducted by the
Rev. Albert N Kelgwln.
A full line of Boulevard kid gloves, 3,
button, every pair warranted if properly
fitted, for 99 cents, st the 99 cent store.
Come snd look.
The State Conventiou of the Natlona p
Greenbsck Labor Party wl'l be held in tb e
City Hall, this afternoon, at 2 e'clock, in.
stead of Fourth and K mg, as before stated.
Engine No. 71 which brought the 7.20
p. m. passenger train north yesterday,
blew ber cylinder bead out at Tralnor'e
Station. No. 5 engine brought the train tc
Philadelphia after a abort delay.
Prejudiea often rules In tbe physical treat
m°nt of Babies. They are allowed to suffer
and scream with pain from Colic,Flatulence
Bowel Disorders, etc., when some simple,
reliable and safe remedy, aa Dr. Bull's Baby
Syrup, would give almcat Immediate relief
and perfect ease to the little sufferer. Price
25 cento per bottle.
Edward B. Francis, a barber by trade,
well known among tbe sporting fraternity
living at No 202 Orange street, wes four d
dead in bed yesterday morning about six
o'clock, by his wife. He had retired tbe
tight before at 9 o'clock, telling bis wire
that be had taken s dose of valerlon.
Coroner Rets held an inquest, and a veto
diet of "death through congestion of the
brain, superinduced by the excessive use of
btoxtcatlng liquors." Tbe deceased bad
been drinking heavily for the last month.
He was 46 years ef age and leaves a wife
and a child.
The Good Will Fire Company of West
Chester will procure horses for tbelr tn
Cheater has organized another band, o!
f lrteen p'eees. It will be known aa ths
•- Chester Band."
The Post Office Department, at Washing
ton, has ordered an increase In the pay o
C. C. Carpenter, letter carrier, of this city.
The Memphis Appeal says; A wedding
look place on Adam* street yesterday after
romance. Seteral weeks ago Dr. W. F
Beaaicby, a young physician hailing from
Jocestowv, Ml*n: offered tU servicas to
Medical Director Mitchell- Hts credential*
perfect, and coming at a time when
pbyafctaaa were moet needed, were read
ily accepted- Juntas all the preliminar
ies had been settled satisfactorily, a mes
senger entered the office In great haate, In
aearch of a pbyslcian to attend M1 m D. F.
Ratter, a young lady who had been strick
en with the ferer at her residence on Adam*
under circumstances surrounded by
Dr. Mitchell turned to the gallant young
physician, and remarked that he could
immediately be placed on da'y if he so felt
disposed. Dr. Beeanchy unhesitatingly ac
cepted the call, and at once accompanied
the messenger to the young lady's resi
dence, where he found her prostrate with
a bad case of the fever. It is unnecessary
to go through the detail* of the lingering
Illness, but cjply to say that the young doe
tor'a attention was close snd faithful, fi
nally resulting In tbe joujg lady's reco.
very. Soon after the doctor was Strieker
down- True to the instinct* oi her woman
fy nature, doubly Intensified by her self
acknowledged indebtidness to him for hav
ing saved her life, she went to his bedside
and there remained, gtvlig such attentions
only a woman can bestow upon tbe sick,
until tbe glad tidings was announced that
be had passed the crisis, and bid fair to re
He passed through the tedious
hour* of convalescence until entirely reco
Nothing more was known or thought of
tbe matter.by t be few lDtlmste friends of
tbe yonng lady until yesterday afternoon,
when tbe doctor, accompanied by Esquire
Quigley and s few friends, drove np to tbe
residence, and in less time than it takes us
to write t.bls paragraph tbe two were joiDed
together In tbe hold bonds of wedlock. Such
a union, consummated under such circum
stance*, cannot fail to abound with bappi
At tbe County Meeting of the Democrats
of the Suf*ex county, at Georgetown, on
Tuesday the following county ticket was
Dominated :
Senators—C. J. Rust aid Dr. Charlt* H
Representitives—Jo6bua Webb, 3. P.
Houston, James Laws, J S. Cannon, Eli
Short, 0. C. Hearn, J. N. Fooks.
Shertfl—Joseph Ellis.
Coroner—S. J. Wilson.
Levy Court Commissioners—S. H. Dra
per, E. Owens, N. J. Borwick, J. F. C.
Day, J. O. Lingo, J. J. Derrickson.
After tbe nominotWn Messrs. Biyard,
Martin, Hail, Gray, and Grub address.-d tbe
The Chester News of yesterday say*:—
There was a dog fight early this morning at
Wilmington, and the '-boys" from all this
part of the country were there. Quite a
crowd of Philadelphia sporting men passed
down late last night. A few Chester men
were present.
John Lair, living at 626 Msdleon street,
was arraigned before Esquire Hagsny yes
terday, charged by Thomas Quigley, of
West Chester, with obtaining good6 unde r
false pretence. De was held la 3400 ball for
his appearance at court, which be obtained,
and be was released from custody.
71CF—J, George Whitfield, do hereby_
give notice that I shall apply to the
J udges of the Court of General (sessions ol
the Pe ce and J HI Delivery of the State of
Delaware, in ant for tie county o New
Uaetle, on Monday, tbe 18th day of Novem
ber Term, A D, 1878. h r a license to keep
an Inn o Tavern al ■ lie house known a
the Gilpin House on Oelawsre street, in
the city and county of New Castle afore
said, in the Slate of Delaware, aud to sell
Intoxicating liquors in lees quantities
than one quart to be drunk ou 'he pretn
see, and me foiiot* log respectahlucillzens
recommend the said application to wit;
M. M. Cleaver,
L. M. Chase,
J S. Hoilllday,
• R, Wagserman,
.Tame i Grrqan,
Ja ties Wilinot,
J, 8. H.eiver,
J. T. Eilason,
W. Hulschumaker,
8. F. Eliasou.
Abel Rothrook,
■OTICE.—I, Patrick McUullli, no hereby
give notice that 1 shall apply to the Judges
of the i ouit of General Sessions oi ihe
Peace and Jail Delivery of the State of
Delaware, In snd for the county of New
Castle onMocday the Irihday ol November
being the 1st day or the Nov. term, A, Dt
1878, for a license tokeep an Inn or Tave u
at No. 2 01 Market itreei, known as the
Village Jnn, In the Ninth Waul of the
city of Wilmington. New Castle County,
»Dd State aforesaid with the privilege to
sell Intoxlcat'.i g liquor* in less quantities
than i n« quart to be drank, ©n tlie prem
ises and In© fo iowlDg rerptctshle citizens
rtconmeLd the said application to wit;
r, L. Mousiey, F. t'. .Trimson,
James A Morrow, G F. Rehfurs,
Moirls L. Pike, William T. Bay-clay,
Alexander Haz'elt, William M Kirks,
wiibun H. Carson, William Todd,
James E. Gamble, Isaac Achuff
W H, Kennedy, Robert Anderson,
Gustave Keolck, G. W. Kennedy, Jr,
J Mouriy, J, T. it 11 lott,
John Natton, W Sweeney.
James Stuart. F. E Gsliaglier.
Joseph Bair, Jr, Davis White,
Johu O Turner, Alfred Elliott,
l homes B. Turner. hamauH. Chalfant,
This ane'ent bit of advice is well enough
lor 'spare" people, but how shout those
that are already loofu? Whit is to become
of them? Hit still, aud I'll tell you. After
many experiments, extending through
months of patient investigation and toil
•he celebrated anoalytlcal chemist, J. C.
Allan, has perfected and given to thr world
Anti-Fat. Thus far in several hundred
cases this great remedy has never tailed to
iednoe a corpulent person from three to
six pounds per week. It Is perfectly harm
less and positively efficient, bold by drug
VJ-OTICEs—t, Andrew Wilhelm, i o hereby
iM sirs nottes in*t l shall app y to the
Judges ol t're Coart of General Hesslona of
tbePeacsand Jail Delivery oflhebtate of
Delaware. In and for the county of New
Oaaile. on Monday, the 18th day of Novem
ber, being the 1st day ©f the sore nber
term, aTd. 1*78, for a lloenss to keep an
Inn or Tavem at No. 4il Shipley street, 1
•he Ihl d ward of thecltj ol Wl'mlngton
County and State aforaaid, and wi'h
privilege to sell Intoxicating liquors In
less quantities than one qnart to be drank
on the premises,and the following reaped
able citizens recommend the said applies
lion to wit;
C.Bchmdh, John Bader.
George Ftnck, K. Abberger,
Thomas I. Rnssell, James Clark,
Conrad Keller, Fidel G. Frerer,
William Baxter, Charles Krapf.
n. Llebcrman, e. Blermano,
Leonard Harncann, Mlet eal M'gary,
W. itichm'D,
Tbej Biermann,
P. Monaghan,
A. J. M*xwe'l,
W. H, Chadwick
A Blckta,
P. B. Forman.
Edwin A. Parker,
John F. Farmer,
, V. J. McManus.
OTKE.-I. tat mine Sord do hereby
give not'ee taat I shall ap
ply to h» Judges of the P,aoe and
Jail delivery of the Atate of Delaware in
and for theconnty of New Casile, on Mon
day, the 18th day of November, A. D. 1878,
being tbe firs; day o f tbe next No ember
termol the said Court, for a license to keep
an Inn or Tavern at 4*4 E, Seventh street,
beiDg tbe B. W. corner of Seventh and
Lombard streets, in the llghtb ward
in the city of Wilmington, New Castle
County, and Sta e aforesaid, with the priv
ilege to sell Intoxicating liqnors in less
quantities than one qnart to oe dr nk on
the premises, and the fo lowing respect
able citizens recommend the said appli
cation to wit:
James Mason'
Alfred H. Htont.
Frank Gradwobl,
A. R. Crawford,
Wm A Cummings, George Loyd,
A. Jendell,
I avid Merchant,
Johu G. Heinel,
John Nichois,
Thomas Baker,
J, E. McCartney,
John Kennedy,
J. S. Daily,
Kiss Mess'ck,
David H, Wells,
John Sbeeby
John Horty.
John Brooks,
P. A. Horty,
H.B. Trulit,
Daniel Kenney,
Mscbeal Ford,
James Gorie.i
N OTICE—I, John W. Reyno dsdo hertbr
give rotice that I shall apply to the
Judg* of tbeC* irt o: Omersl (Sessions of
ihe Pe.ce and Jail Delivery of tbe Stole of
Delaware, in and for Ihe c-untj of New
Ca-,t e. on Monday,'he 18 hday of N .vem
next bring ihe fl.-stday of the Novem
bei Term, A. D. 1878, fora license to keep
an Inn or Tavern at ihe house known an
tbe Malta House, No. lfl'i Best Water street
Ihe le.onil Ward ol the city of
Wilmington, New Castle county and State
oi De awure and to sell intox'cating fiqnois
in le>s quantities than one qu.r , t > be
drunken tbe pr mlses.nndthe following
respectah e cltlzo s leconomead ihe laid
application, to wit:
Jaues Chrl ty,
J. D. Brown,
Richard Booth,
John W. Gray,
B. R. HeLler,
if. Melch'or,
Charles Weyl,
George Johnson,
Duncan Thaicuer,
Stephen J Gilbert, Harry Christy,
Samu»l RoWrt 8 ,
Joseph t-toecaie,
, ■,
I hsi les E. Sparks,
J.icbael Kenney,
Johu F. Bosh,
Robert Gibson,
Pe er Durban,
Elias 1 oaowjy,
K U. Taylor,
Reese Pyle
Fred Gotchma:,
Wm. Lfgg,
E. P. Wise,
D'ilUE—I, Bernard Bonner, do here,
by glvo notice that I shall apply to the
Judges of the Court ol General Sessions ci
the Peace and Jail delivery of t e State ol
Delaware, In and for tbe county of New
Castle, on Monday, ihe 18th day < f Novem
ber, being ihe 1st d iy of the November
term, A. I). 1878, for a license to keep an
Inn or Tavern, at No 619 E. Fifth street,
being tbe 8. W. Corner o Fifth and Spruce
st eets. in tbe Fourth Ward of tbe city
of Wilm cgt'in. Conoty and state aforesaid
with tbe o'ivilege to tell intoxicating
liquors In les> quantities than one quart
to be draek ou the premises, and the fol
lowing respectable citizens recommend
the said applica'lon, to wits
Robert Carswell, Geo. M. D. Loner,
John S. Gallagher, James F. McGonigal,
Augustus Simmons, John J, Toner,
Nell Gormley, Samuel M. Wood,
Francis Keiley, James H Joseph,
Berna d Donohoe, Richard T, Venn.
William etyoo, James U. Bartley,
William A. Hoxie, Jos'ph Aat ey,
John McCaulley, Pitrlck Htssion,
Frank Maguire, JanesRigney,
John M. Stuart, Seaman u. Paitlnsou,
John Timlin. George W. Hudson.
Francis McMonagle, Alva D. O'Neill,
OTICE—1, Hugh McGovern, do hereby
give notice that I shall apply to the
Judges oilhe Court of General . e.-siors ol
the peace and Jail de lvery • f 'lie State o,
Delaware, in and hr the county of New
Castle, ou Monday, the i8th day of Novem
ber being th - first day oi the November
Term, A D>, 18.8, for a lioense to keep an
Inn or Tavern a the fotel. known as the
Green Tree Hotel, in the city of New Cas
tle, and Fchool District No 45. in New
Castle Hundred, and County aforesaid,
with the privilege to roll Intoxicating
liqnors in lesj quantities than one quari,
to be drunk on Ihe premisis, and the fol
lowing les-'eclabiecit'zc as recommend ihe
said a
W. H Lambson,
A. c. Gray,
George Urav,
Isaac Grubb,
Pierce Jolly.
John F. McCaulley
V. Lesley,
, lo wit:
WHDam Herbert,
Khm'i IT BlrtoF,
James Wimot,
I. H l o s,
Charles 'hearer,
Alexander Waeon,
OTICE—I David Boulden, la compli
ance wiih the requirements of tue
Act of Assembly in sueh csts made and
provided, do hereby give notice tnat 1
shall mike applicat'on lu writing to tbe
Court of General Hes- lons, of the Peace and
Jail Beliveiy of the Hla'e of Delaware, in
and 'or the county of New Castle, on Mon
the 18th day of November, being tbe 1st
day ot the November teim, A. J'. 1878, for
a hens- to sell lntoxl atlng liquors In
quauilties not >ees then cne-hau gallon
not to be drunk on the premises, at my
store on Water street, in tie city of f ew
Castie, In ichool diMrh t No. 45. in New
Castle County Del.,and the following
spectable citizens recommend the eaid
plication, to wll:
lames M. Housmau, Samuel Gulhrle,
John W. CYffm.d,
Jam -r WDinot,
F ordinal rl i tckler,
J. H. Rogers
W. T, Richmond,
ii. B. Waagerm m.
Johu J Black,
F, I, ( hasa,
JchhY. hiuont.
M.M Weir,
i A Fo s
Gouge Gray,
OTICE—T, Bernard ZiDer, do hereby
give not'ee ibat! shall apply to the
Judges of the Court of • ener»l sessions of
.he Bence i-ud Ja 1 Dell veiy ol the State of
I'elaware.in and for ihe county of New
Carile, on Monday the 18 h day of Novem
ber next, being the flist dav O' the Novem
ber tetm. A. 1;.. 1878, for a licence to keep
an Inn or (I avern at the house known as
the Cniou Hole 1 , iu Clinton street, I'eln
ware City, In echini d stricts, No 52 and 76
m Red Lion liuudro!. New Castie Cour ty,
in fbertiate of Delawa-e, and to sell intoxi
cating liquors lu lesi quantities than one
quart, to ne drunk on 1 lie pieinlaes, and
the following respectable citizens lec m
mend the said application, to wii:
W id. Moirls,
F. Tugend,
William F- Neef,
A. Collins,
N, G. Price,
T. I-, B adway;
R. Ar iKtro ,g Jr,
OCt 11-31
J. C. Bruner,
M. I anr,
H. Derrickson,
T. H. Brad way,
Wm. Davidson,
M. K. Welsh,
.1. M. Jester.
T. D I)uq ap.
By Virtue of a writ of Venditioni Expo
nas to me directed, will be exposed to Fob
lie Hale, at the Lafayette Hotel. N<. 84i
t»h>pley street, kept by JohD J. Dor gberty.
in the City of Wilmington. New Castle
County, Del., on
SATURDAY, the 2nd day of November,
18"8. at 2 o'clock p. m*
Tbe following described rea. estate viz.
All those ceitaln lots of land, sitnaUd In
the City of Wilmington, New Castie Coun
iy and state of Delaware, with five 2 1-2
;< thereon, bounded
lows to wit: Begtn
easterlv side of Lin
story frame building
and dtscr.bed as roll
niug at a polht on the easterly side of Lin
coln street between lttb and 12th 'treet,
20 feet frem 11th street, tbenca ^northerly
along Lincoln street 1.5 feet to a point,
thenee easterly oetween lines from said
po'nts parallel to lllh street, and escb
other 100 feet.
1-0.2. Beginning at a point on the weat
erly side of Kirs w od a'r et between Tay
lor and Nln'h stie-t, 16 feet 1 Inch from
9tli street 1 hence southerly along Kirk
wood sireet 2' feet 8 5* Inches more or
less, to a point, thence westerly, between
lines from said points ptral el to 9th sire t
and each olher, 65 feel 0 Itches, mors or
less, with two 2story brick homes 1 herein
No. 3. Beginning at Ihe norlh east cor
ner of Tbud and Tatnall stree'a (thence
easterly along 3rd street 8. feel 11 Inches to
a point, thenee northerly, b tween Tat
nall street and line parallel thereto Jrom
said point (SI feet 10 Inches, be the i.me
what It may. with six 3 ftory brick dwel
lirgs -hexffl c'acted, one of them being
used f. ra »lo e and dwelling, and all of
the" ii ring Hie necessary outbuildings
No. 4 Beginning at a co'nt on the east
erly side of Market street, between 3rd and
4th streets, 41 leet irom 3rd s reet. thence
easterly 93 feet 10 Inches, thence southeily
parallel witn Market street 41 feet to 3id
street, Ihence westerly 18 feet, thence
northerly 29 Get 91-2 lncht s, tbenc9 weg;
erly 75 feet JO lncbe-to Market street, and
thencenortbe-ly23 feet 27 inch's to the
place of beginning, with a three story
brick store thereon erected.
No. 5 Beginning at a point in the south
erly sldeof Pleasant street, be'ween Jack
son and Van Btuen streets, 85 leet from
Va-i Buren street, thence 1 asterly along
Pleasant street 15 feet to a point, thence
southerly, between lines from said points
parallel with Van Buien street, and each
01 her 50 leet 4 Inches wl ha two story brick
dwelling thereon erected,
No. 8, All that cerialn lo* of land with
the buildings thereon, consisting of a two
storv brick dw-lllng, stable, tenant house,
hothouses and other out-bulldjogs, sit
uai/d lu toe Hundred and County if New
Castle, and state of Delawft'e, on the wes -
erly side of' h« public road Irom New Cas
tle to Wllsuli glon, bounded and described
as follows to wit; &< ginning at a stone ir,
a line betwe-n tols tract and land of James
Roger j, being also a corner lor lands of
Eliza A.HoMlngewo tb, thence along said
Rogers' liuetouth 43 degiees 4i minnles,
east 52 81O perches to a stone In the edge
Of the New Castle and Wilmington road,
thence along said road north 19 degrees 44
minutes east 51 perches to a corner made
by the Intersection ef a cross road from the
Newcastle and Wilmington fbad to the
Wilmlnaton and Clark's corner road,
thence by sabi eross r. ; ad norlh 53 1 2 de
crees west 37 8-10 perches lo a stone, and
thence by a new line dividing ibis irom
other laud of Eliza A. Hollingsworh as
aforesaid south 37 degrees wtst 4> 4 10
peiches to the place of beginning contain
ing 13 acies 37 nercheR more or less.
Beginning at » point on tte
northerly ride f Front stre t 5) ft. trrm
Vanburen s.'hen e<art'rly along Fieot st
15 ft o a poii", tbence nor.herly between
lines fro*" said p int piraltel t© each other
and VanBu'en ar. '5 It. 6 in. with a3story
1 r ck house IhereoQ. No. 8 Beginning
at a p >int on the 1.0 tfcerly side of Front
stre t 85 ft from Van Buren st- thence
easterly along Fiont st 15 ft. to a point
them e m rtherly between l 1 nas from said
pi lot parallel to each' other ard 10 Van
-uren st, 63 ft 6 in .with a story brick
dwallng hou-e thereon,
d and taken In execution as the
proaerty of Thomas YJ DeNorma idle, and
.0 be a rid by
No. 7.
e elz
IS A AC G RUB B, Sheriff
Sheriffs office New Castle, October 15
By virtue of writ of Als. Levari Facias to
me dir c ed, will te exposed to Public
sale at the Taf i.vette Hotel No.84l Shipley
sireet, kept by John J Dougherty In tha
City of WilmiDgton, New t astle County,
Dei on
SATURD VY, the 2nd day of November, A.
D 1-78, at2c'ctotk, p,m.
7 he following described real estale viz:
AH lbos© tao loto pieces ard parcels of
Und situated in ihe city o' WilmiDgton
> f res .id wit h a large brick d welling brick
bakery Ac., thereon erected bounded to
go.he as f n ows lo wit. tiedningat a - take
ia tile no theilv side of 5th Sr., between
n'na'land West streets at Jolin Bridleys
line formerly Wuitlock thence with tha
ra'ne forth 3: el p. east 65 ft to a corner
■ i«6e thence suith 5'i d g east with Sam
uel Vic sDes Hue 76 f . 5 in. to the westerly
rice of 'ia-HHlI s riet t' once therewith
s ufh 82 deg wari 65 f.. to said side ol 5lh
St. ihence in«rewiih north 18 deg. west 76 ft
2 i '. to the placetof begin ing be the contents
metre o© less
Seized ahel taken in execution as the
properly of Robert Tayior surviving mort
gagor and t. t. and to be sold by
Sheriff's office New Castle, Oct. 15, 1478
By virtue of a writ of Livari Facias to
me d.recta d, will be exposed lo Public
bale, at the Lafayette Hotel, 841 Shipley St
kept by John J. Dougherty, In tne city of
Wilmington, New Cas'le county, Dei., on
WEDNESDAY, the 30lh day of October,
18 8, at 2 o'clock p. m„
The foliowirg described real estate, viz:
All that certain lit and brick dwelling
home thereon, altuate In ihe city of Wil
mington aforesaid, bounded and described
as loilows to wit- Beginning on the weak
en r *ide oi Lombard street between Sec
ond and Third streets at the centre of the
iarty wall between this and the a-jolnitg
home on the south, late of John McLear,
now of Lewis Masou, thenc© westerly along
th© centre of the said party wall and par
allel to Second stre 174 feet to tne easterly
side of an alley leading into R binson
street, tbenee norlberlv along the said side
of ihe aaid alley parallel fo Lombard street
13 feet 6 Inches lo a coiner of laud late of
William G. I owe, row of Mre. Patton,
thence eas erly along a line of hei lands,
and parallel lo the first mentioned line
through the cei tre of tbf party wall divi
ding this from the adjnlnicg brick boose,
on the north 71 feet to tue said side or
Lombard street, and thence thereby south
erly 13 feet 0 inch's, to the place of begin
ning, be the contents thereof what they
seized and takee In execution as the
pr ifie Iy of AFc i M. McKenna, surviving
mortgager, aDd t- t s, a d to be sold by
Hherifl'sOffice. New Castle.Oct. 11th '78
can make moaey faster at work ioi us
than at anything else, capital not re
quired, we will start you;
homemade by the industrious men,
wo, n f P' hoy s and girls wanted per day to
W V£. r ° r , ul 'i Now la the time. Men 125
outfit and termsfree. Address Truk A oo
Augusta, Maine,
By a writ of Vendition 1 Exponrs to m*
directed, wilt he exposed to Public scle, at
the Lafayette Hotel, No. 841 Sh'p'ey sti-e*',
kept by John J. Do'gbe-ty. in the City o
Wilmington, Newcastle Con .ty, Del., un
WEDNESDAY, the '.3rd d iy of October,
1878, at v o'clock pm,.

1 he following d scrib'd real estate viz,
All that certain 101 of and wiih a ih ee
story brick d«Jilu« Locs* Hi r.,,n.,
situate In the city ol Wilmington
bounded and desc-ibed aa f Hows, n wit
Beriming Ht >he ea.lerl y aide 01 Tat tali
stre t bet we 11 ,ie aware avenu e a <)
Eleventh atiett. at 114 distance of -9 lee<
0 inches fro a the eouluerlv se e e
Eleventh street, and at the <e lie of the
E arly wall between this and tbe adjoining
ouseontbe north,ibeuceeasterly iiiriugf,
the centre of salt wall, and parallel u
Eleventb sire 191 feet 4 inches to » eer
ier, tbenca somberly parallel to TalusD
street 20 feet 6 Inches to a corner, iherc*
westerly rarallel to tbe first mentioned
line and Eleventh street along a line 01
land ofL. P. Buck on tne ' oath 9C leet 4
Inches to tbe aforesaid easterly side ol
Tatnall streetavd ihe«rethereby noitnerly
2ufet6 Inches to the place of beginning,
bi contents thereof what they may.
Prized and taken in execution as thr
property of Patrick H.Fyoo »nd Cecelia
his wi'e, and t t.V, and to he so d by
Sheriffs Office, New Castle, October 8,
By virtueofa writ of Als r evari Facias to
me directed, will be exposed to Pubi'chale
at he Lahti ette Hotel. 811 Shipley street
kept by John J. Dongheny, in the city ol
Wilmington, Newcastle county, Del., on
WilDNEBDtY, the 30th dty of October,
1878, at 2 o'clock, p. m„
The following described real estate viz:
All ibat certain lot or piece of land, with r
two story brick dwelling house thereon,
iltuaie in the city (.f Wilmington, bounded
and described as fo'lowe lo wit: beginning
ou the easterly sldeof lombard street, ai
the distance of 47 .Vet 8 inches from the
corner formed by the Intersection of the
easterly sldeof Lombard street, with the
northerly side o'Me jaulley street, and at
a corner of land ia-ely sold to Bamuel
Me Line, thence with a line of the same,
easterly parallel with McCWnlley stree.and
Eleventh street £0 feet to a stake In a line
of other lands of Craig and Taina'l, thenc
with a line of the same, northerly parallel
to Lombard street 11 leet 4 inches to tbs
sou:heriy side of a 4 feet wide alley lead
lrglnto Lo-nbarJ street thence aloDg said
alley side 50 feat westerly to the said side
of Lwbard street, and iher ce '.hereby
southerly 11 feet 4 inebet to 'he place oi
beginning he the contents thereof what
they may.
Beized and taken lu execution as the
prop .rty oflhomas Corry and Jane Cor
ry, and 1.1., and to be so d by
Sherifl's o/bce, New Castle, Oct, 11th '78
^ By vir; ue of a writ of Als. Levari Facias,
to me dlre.Ud, will he expo el to Public
Sale at the Lafayette Hotel, No. 81. Ship
l»y sireet, kept by John J. Dougherty, Hi
itecily of Wilmington, New Castle cjun
ty, Dei., on
SATURDAY, the 2nd day of November,
1878. at 2 o'clock p. to,
The Wowing described real estate viz;
All ihute tnree certain lots pieces or par
cels of ,aLd, with the Irame dwelling
toereon erteted, sitnaie In the ciiy < f Wi -
in ing.on, hounded and dttc.ibed as follows
to wit:
No.l. Beginning at a point on the east
erly side of c hurch si reel between Eighth
aDd Ninth s reets at the dlsttr ce of 57 feel
from the northerly side of Elghih street,
thence east rly parallel with E'ghih sireet
100 feet to a siase, ihence northerly paral
lel with Cnurch r treet S8 feet to another
s'ake thenee w sierly paiall.-l with
E gn-.h street 100 feet to the aforesaid side
of church street, and thence therewith
southerly 38 feet to Ihe p ace of beginning,
be the contents thereof what th-y may.
with two 2 story ft me d felling homes
theieon. Book S, Vol 7, Pase 3i3, «e.
No. 2- Berinulug n ihe uorthetly sh e
of Logan's Ci,urt, a .-treet, 29 fe t wide lead
lngfrouitbe WEmlu.lon and Christiana
Turnpike road to 'he Phi adriphla, Wil
mlnglon and ialtimoie railroad, and at
the distanceofl« fee- easteily fro n Nancy
street at a c jrner ©I 1 «nd to in irly < f W K.
Moore, thence northerly with sai 1 Moore'
line parallel with said turnpike, 6t leet to a
ltneof land lato ol John Hedges, ihei.ee
with his lineeaslerly parallel with Logan's
Court 45 feet to a st tie in a line iifljijn latje
of John Fiitin, thence s mtherly parjlle,
with the ftist mtnt'oDed line 68 leet to ihe
aforesaid side ci L-gau's Court, thence
therewith wester.y to leet to the place ot
beginning be tne contents what Ihey may,
(subject nevertheless to ground rent ul
fifteen dollars.)with a two storied frame
messuage thereon. Book B, Voi: 8, Page.
1-54. AC
No 3. Beginning nf a point on tne c outh.
erly side of Ninth street bttw ea Madison
•md Mour >e Greets, at the distunes of 260
f ;et wes trly f ora Ihe weneiiy side of Mad
ison street and 76 met >*estj..y nom the
west erly side of Monroe s reet, a coiner
for oth-r land ofthesa d S. J Horn, thence
with said Ho'n's land soulheny paia'lel
wiih Malison itreet 70 feet to a stake,
thince wisltr.y and pat a lei with Ninth
riree u 14'eet to a htat e In Ji„o ot land of
John MeCafferty, thence along said
Mcl'afTerfv'a line norther y and rarrllel
with Madison s reet 70 ftet to the said side
of Ninth street, aud thence therewith east
erly 14 feet to the pl.ee of biginning, be
the content* thereof what they may.
Book R Vol 9, Page 3 8, dc.
Pe zed and taken in ex ecu ion as the
prone'tv of colotnon J. Horn and Hugh
Mcclaff rty and Ann McClaflerty, t. t.'s,
and to be sold by
SherifFs OfflceNfw Cattle. Cct. 17th. '78.
By virtue cf a writ of Levari Facias, t»
me dirteted, will be expose I to T ubl'o Sale
will be exposed to p „oi.c Fa'e t'ke Lsfiy
ette Hotel 841 Shipley Sireet, * ept by John
J. Dougherty in the ciiy ol Wilmington,
New Castle County, Del., ou
WEDNESDAY, the 80th day cf October,
1878, at 2 o'clock p. in.
The following described real estate, viz:
All that certain lot of hmd and a twi story
frame dwelling thereon e eeted situa'e iu
Ihe cltv of Wilmiugton. bounded and de
scribed as follows to wit: Beg'nning at a
corner oi land fo'-merly of r-ainuel Wniias
ton, now of-on the northerly
tide of Ninth street, and at Ihe distance of
£5feet westerly side of Shipley street,
thence by a line oi said land north 32 de
grees east and parallel to Shipley sireet
62 feet to a stake, thence north 58 degrees
west and parallel to Ninth street 17 leet 9
inches to a stake, thence ty a new line di
viding this from the residue of s .id lot and
passing through and along the middle ol
the partition, dividing Slid dwellings
sou'll 32 degre s, west 62 feet to aioresaid
side of Ninth street and thence thereby
south 58 degrers. east 17 feet 9 inches to
the place of beginning, be ihe contests
thereof what they may.
Seized and taken id execution as the
prop-rty ol John F. deaden and Emma E
ills wife, and 1.1. and to be sold by
T84A0 GRUBB, Sheri ff
Sheriff's Office, Naw Castle, Oot-11th, '78
By virtue of ou Order of the Orphan's
Court, ol the *U.te 11 Delaware, in uud fo<
Stw f'astle County :,i,.j at. New C,stle
the lbiU day of -tin er, a. d.„ :88; wiu
beexp med to Fu' d ' " le, at the Auction
Boom oi Mere i-k . crake, In Masonic
Hall, la the ci j f Wilmington, Del., on
1119:2 d DAY of OCTOBER, A. D„ \r,;,
At >1 o'clock, a. in.,
ih* fo lowing dinorth d leal estate, being
he p* perty of Hu Ii M Ilaughey. decess>
d, >-u Jeer to ! he. ower ■>! Catharine Haug.
• ey, w.dow , f ihe *al t Hugh ss.Haughe*
Je -esseu, to alt;
NO. All that certain tot of lend shunt
ed In the Clly of Wiliuirgicn New Un tie
Couily. and Stot- of Drlaware, bounded
and di-ser.btd as follows, to wti : Le-lc
nlng at a poin' on tue westerly side of Mor
row strre-t between Eighth aLd Ninth
streets at he dlst*ui e of seventy feel from
.be Ncr hirly side ofElgbih street thence
we.terlv parallel with E ghth street eighty
feet and six lu«b*-B to a 41a*e, theneo
northerly parallel with Madfsou sireet one
bundle 1 and seventy-eight (17fi) feet to a
take, 1 hence easterly parallel with > igttl:
sireei e ghty feet and six inches to the
said ad© o' Morrow street, and thence
thereby southerly one hundred and seven
ty-eight feet to the place of beginning,
No. 2. All that certain lot of lend situ
ated In the Cl y of Witmlugion, New
castle county state of Delaware with the
Bri'K Dwelling thereon erec ed on ihe
eastery rideif Trtnsll 'tr-e*. beiweei
fifth and His tn streets, bein' fifteen feet
frorton l alnall stree: and extending back
with that width easts ariy it lity-three leet
nv e or leas, to land fate tf Benjamin
A.iendince will be given and terms
mndeknown, at the time and place atore
«sid, by
Or, by his Attorney.
Attest, J. M, HOTJ ?EMaN, Clerk Orphans'
L t No. 1 will bedtvidel into lots lo sul 1
purchaser.-; and at tbe same time hi d
p act John Ferry wiC offler for sale 3) f e
ol land on Morrow B'reel; adloi ing hit
So. I, snd a'so d'v.'ded In suitable lots.
Teims will be made easy. octio
By virtue of a writ of Als. Venditioni
i-xpouss lo me directed, will be expose!
lo Tubllc Baie at f e Lafiye'.te Hotel ho
st' Sn'pley street, kept by John J. lougli
-riy iD the City of Villa ingiuu. New Cas
tle County, C el, on
SATURDAY, the 2r d day of November, A,
D. 1'78 at 2 o'c ojk, p. m.
The M owing describeJ real fs a'e viz.
No. AD that certain lo-, ptoceor p .reel of
lend with two story br a messuage Iheie
on erectel situate in the city of • limiug
ton, Del, bounded and de cri ed as fol
lows, to wit, B.glauing at the err or
formet bv the inters'c ion « f the northerly
si e of Fif n Ht. with the easier y side of
Wa nut 6t 1 lienre easterly a ong the north
er y s'de of Fif h St.. 70 f. 10 in. to ihe
westerly s'de of an alley leiidleg ictoFif h
SL, thence noriherly paraltel t> aaiHut
St., along said side of b* 18 alley a2ft, lo a
eerrer i her ee wes' erlv naiallel o Fifth
32 ft lo a
corner fLecca westerly paialiel o Fifth
st ,72f'. 2 in. to th- easterly stdeofWalnut
st., and thence toutlierly afoi'g 8-<id side or
said St . 32 ft. to ihe corner aiore a;d and
oiace of beginning, lie the cotnents thereof
what tuev may, with the privilege and use
of aid alley, Ac.
se zefl and token in exe-uUon as the
rrooetty I f DA'.id Vc ini'll and tcba s ill
Sheriff-s efflee New Ca9t'e, Oct. 15, 1 78 i
By virtue rf » writ of Levari Facias to
me directed, will b- exposed lopubl :c sale
at the La avette Hote', 841 ©hlpiey street,
kept by John J lR'iighe y in ihe city of
Winning on, New tattle c.unty, Dtl , ou
WEBNEoD IY. the Wh day of November,
A. D. 1378, at 2 o'click, p. m.,
The foliowirg deicr bed r-al estate viz:
All it at certiln l-t or piece of la* d riluaie
in ttec ty ot Wi mtogton, bavn-g a two
story hr ek d-veilinr fhere.n erected,
hounded and desc ibed as fo lows to wh :
BezDning a, ihe no therly side of front
sireet. at the distam e of 177 feet westerly
from Ihe wcs'erly side of Van Buren stree',
a' a corner of Jnc b Fiunex's land, Ihence
Iher by northerly pi al'el to Van Buren
s reet, 69 feet to tne sou htri.v side of a
3 1 2feetwidealiey,ihencetterehy westerly
parallel to Front street, 16 f et ioa slake
thence soa'herly p r illei >o rfarriton s'.reet
60 feet to the side of Front street a'oresaia
and thence the.tby ©-steriy 16 Let t iine
place of beginning, bj the contents thtnof
what lt mty.
Seized a'd taken in cxecu ion as the
property of i liza H risa d Mary Harris
and terra tenants aud to he so d by
SherifFs offie?. New "i.s.le, October 17.1878
oct 7.
MATIC REMEL'i.—is the
Hob of one o! Philadelpnla's oldest physi
cians, and is guaranteed lo cure rheums
tlsm, neuralgia, sciatica, pain, Backacuc,
Ac. or money refunded, by invigorating
Lhe nerves, purifying the blood, and neu
tralizing poisonous deposits in the system,
By merit lt has become a standard medi
cine, Suffnrtng and money saved by uselng
lt in time. Remember that Dr. Fitler Is
the only pnykteUn in America devoting
K) years to this one line of practice. Cure
warranted. Advice gmtlB. 45 South Foe - '.,
From llie £arlleat Agea
4CROFBLA has been the bane, and as it
were, the curse of mankind, Moses, in the
(3th cnapler of Leviticus, lays down very
explicit rules on this msea.e. So terriole
uia loathsome had it been considered then
that a person kuown to be infected with It
would not lie allowed U mix with society
The Jews regarded ltasa divine Infliction
»nd believed there was no care lor It,
was then the sins of a youth or a dlvla'-ltrt
irom the paths of virtue wepe punished ss
long as life lasted Happily In our day,
the sleuoe of medicine has been developea
the great storehouse of Nai ure furnishes a
remedy, the disease is stripped ol it* ter
ror by the nee oi theSA W A RlTAN'S ROul
AND HERB JUICES, and the vlotlin. oi
Scrofula, Ulo-rs, Sores, Pimples, Blotohes,
TD ter, etc,, cau be restored to sound heaim
in a few weeks. That there are thousands
now whose conditions arc ae bad ns those
o* the dark ages we are well aware. Many
now tail to find a cure as well as they did
'hen. To all such the Samaritan's Root
and Herb Juices will prove a happy boon,
eradicating all imparities from tie blood,
and making the complexion bright ana
healthy. A few bottles wa) remove pin 1 '
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cosmetic <n. powders. FOOT AN U HER©
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15 Racestreet PhlliulalDhla *•

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