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Lenar, Oct. %^k special dMpatob
from Visas* to the Independence Beige, of
Rnnssia, says that Ragland has addressed
■ pfotest to
Noa of the Treaty of Berlin But the
1 tmse, In a (hading editorial, wbfle admit
tiag that the time bee come when some
be taken, thinks that a collective
rtJw rfthe Powers will he most
stMetnal and believes thst France, Austria
and Germany will not hesitate to unite with
England In protecting the provisions ol the
treaty. .
against her non-sxecu
OnroiniATi, Oet 29.—Three tramp*
er me to the house door of a farmer named
Thomas Lanaon, near Parkersburg, W.Va.>
wcatoiday, tad asked for for food. The
Js i mar's daughter opened tbe door, bat re
fused their rr quest. One of the tramps
Frock her a brutal blow in th* face, poshed
open the door,beat the farmer's wife badly,
took everything that eoold be of nee to
them, end decamped. They were panned
hut succeeded in making their escape into
M. Ramsay!, the Hungarian violinist,
Palled from Liverpool yesterday for New
Twelve Austrian officers have left Vienna
for Teheran, to reorganize the Persian
Army on the mode of the Aastrlan nrmy.
The Kansas State Normal School build
leg at Emporia wan burned laat Saturday
morning. The leee is $85,000. No lnsur
Mr. Everts has directed Minister Lswell
to tender to King Alpbsnso the eongratnls
lion* of the President upon hi* eecspe from
Tbe Government It In earnest in It* sfforti
to enforce the election laws, zn4 upon tbe
experience of tbe approach lor election will
t« bated a plan of operation! to eee that
in the future election! are held fairly, or
that the parties offending are duly punlah
John Anderson and Henry McRae (col.,)
had a difficulty on Monday near Marshal
Wills, Ga. Th* negro struck Anderson on
(be head, and, while b* was stunned by the
force of th* blow, stabbed him probably
fatally. Anderson subsequently shot tbe
SMgro twice, killing him instantly.
Depositors thronged about the Manhat
tan Savings Instltntlou, New Turk, yester
day, and were informed that their money
was all right and would be paid, If needed,
s.t the end of tlxty day*. Circular* *ere
* ued aettiug forth the number* and othsr
particular* of the atolan bonds. No arrest*
have yet been made. Th» private o-r.-i*
of tome of the atolcn property advertise,
offering regards for St* restoration.
At a meeting of agricultural laborers In
Canterbury, England, on Monday, to pto
trat against a proposed reduction of ibe
wage* in Kent and Sussex.it waa stated
that 1 000 laborers bad already struck, and
that the number would be tncrea«',d to
2,000in a few day* If the master* pertis'id
la their deslga. Between 10,000 and 15 000
vv-vaone will ultimately be *ff-cted in tbe
tWO counties Tbe laborers declared that
ina coarse of the farmers Is oppr, islvs.
and threaten to emigrate to the colonies la
large numbers.
Swartbmore College ha* an athletic aiso
The hanging «**« at Irinarood is still *
Monday morning le* was lermsd in Ches
ter county.
Tj* Good Will Fir# Company of West
Chester will hire horses to draw their en
gine to end irom fires.
The Pbcsolx Bate Ball Club, of P oe&lx
Viile, defeated the Bradywlne*. of Weal
Chester, on Satnrdsy, by a score of 13 to 4
The former club had lour players ol the
Philadelphia Athletic club A return game
ertll be played In West Chester next Satur
Hope Lodge, No. 21,1. O. O. F., at Odd
Fellows' Hall.
Morning Star Division, No. 2, S. of T.,
la the McClary Building.
Olive Branch Social Degree Temple, of
True Templar's at McClary's Building.
Delaware Council, No. 2, O. U. A. M., at
Mechanics' Hall, 219 Klug street.
Harmony Lodge, No. 5, A. 0, of G. F ,
of Clary's Building.
Champion Lodge, No. 6, K. of P., at K.
M P. Hall, 211 Market street.
Oriental Lodge, No. 13, K. of P., Jr. O.
U. A. M. Hall, 511 Market street.
Cherokee Tribe, No. 4, I. 0. R. M.at.
Marla Building, 6th and Shinlev streets.
Thfi freight barge of Cbas Warner & Co
which haa been ashore and a groin 1 i,ea r
Holly Oak ever since Wednesday's storm,
la at last aloat In the Delaware. A large
force oi workmen have been busy getting
her near tbe river for five or six days past
and Tnesday she was moved nearly 20 feet.
Considerable progress was made yesterday
aad by evening her bow lay Ina coaunell
that bad been dug from the river. There
wu uot sufficient depth of water to float
her during the tvenlng but at about 8
o'clock this morning, at high water she got
Mr. Daniel Farrs who has been very
poorly for a long tltn* past Is we ate pleas
ed tossy much recovered. He was out
again yesterday for the fl at time Id two or
three weeks.
, AftTS.
"TST ANTED— Immediately, a good tinLer
1 TT at 218 W. Hecond street.
The town wu very quiet last night.
The etenmer Clio In etUl ashore at New
Oaetle. f g r-y* , » .1 .
Lwt night the greenhaeMre had a rally
in the City Hall.
The Democratic Executive committee
will meet tonight.
The Alma House commissioners hold
their quarterly meeting today
To-morrow will be the eve of All Hallow
commonly known as Hallow Eve.
Both basins of the Cool Spring Reservoir
full and the water Is six Inches higher
than the overflow.
The schooner Roger Drury, of Boston, Is
at Moore's ship yard where she la receiving
a thorough overhauling.
Last night the city was visited with one
of those dreary, stormy spells of weather
peculiar to the latter part ol fall.
The body of Captain Fountain, who
was drowned In the late storm Is belpg dll
llgently hunted for by his two sons.
The steamship Saratoga left Roach'*
ship yard, Chester, yesterday morning,
with one hundred Invited guests aboard.

Last night about 1 o'clock a bright
glow lit up the western sky, caused appar
ently by a large flrs. Several of the fire
companies ran out to the city limits bat
sstbe fire was several miles out, they did
not go farther. It wss ths burning oi a
barn, and was in tbe direction of Brandy
wine Springs. Tbe reflection, continued for
nearly an hoar and then gradually died
away. _ : ■ '
The trustees of the poor will hold their
quarterly meeting at tbe Alms House.
They will pay off bills, go through the de
ments sod eat the usual big dinner,
health of the Inmates has been very
good and not one death has occurred dur
ing the past month and only two during
the last three months This Dr. Ogle aays
has not been the case lor the last five years.
N ATURALIZATION-U. 8. Court will
set on Mi.nday.Novemaerl.and Novem
ber 5, at II o'clock, Am.
First papers must be taken out. on or be
'ore November 2, or the vote at the next
Presidential election will be lost. Clerk's
office o
3, from
pen every evening until November
7 to 8 o'clock.
3MIT r Clerk
oct 28 6t
p 5ri
; V
AtUIT Airri-TAI li the great remedy for Corpu
lescy. It t* purely vegetable and perfectly harmless,
it sell an the food In th* stomach, preventing tt*con
version Into fte Tskea according to direction., li
frill reAase a fat sum from & toll ;iwa4, a week.
In placing this remedy before the public a. a post
Hr* cur* for oh eslty . we do so knowing Its ability to
eurs, as attosUdhy hundreds of tustlmonlalk of
whisk the following from a lady In Columbus, Ohio,
I, * sample: " Gentlemen .-Your Anti-Pat was dul
rccclvsd. I took It according to directions and '
reduced me Ave pounds I was so elated over the re
sult that 1 Immediately sent to Ackerman 1 * drug
itore for the second bottle." Another, a physlclun,
writing for a patient from Providence, H. I., says,
* Four bottle* have reduced her weight from ISO
poundi to 1W pound*,and there isa general Improve
ment in health." A gentleman writing from Bos
ton, says: "Without special change or attention to
diet, two bottles of Allan's Anti-Fat reduced me four
and ons-ouarter pound*" The well-known Whole
sale Druggists, Smith, Doolittle * Smith, of Bos
ton, Mass., write as follows: " Allan's Anti-Fat haa
reduced a lady In our city seven pounds in th
weeks." A gentleman In SU Lout* write*: "Allan'*
Anti-Fat reduced me twelve pound* In three week*,
and altogether I have lost twenty-live pounds since
commencing its use." Messrs. 1 'OwsllA Plimptois,
Wholesale Dmggltts, of Buffalo, N.Y.,write: "To
thj PJtovglttTOBS or ALLAN'S Anti-Fat: Gentle
men.—The following report Is from the lady who used
Allan's Anti-Fat. <lt (the Anti-Fat) had the desired
effect, reducing the fat from two to five pounds a
week until I Bad lost.twenty-five .pounds. I hope
never to regain what I have lost.' " Autl-Fpt Is
unexcelled blood-purifier. It promotes digestion,
dyspepsia, and Is also a potent remedy fist
itlsm. Sold by druggists. Pamphlet on Ohes
y&TANlC r j2al?ICINEC&M PHOrtRS, Buffalo, N.Y.
By an Immense practice at the World', Dispen
sary and Invalids' Hotel, having treated many thoU
aand caeca of those disease, peculiar to woman,ri
hay* been enabled to perfect a most potent and posi
tive remedy fbr these diseases.
Te designate this natural specific, I have named It
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
W-a term, however. Is hut a feeble expression oi
my high appreciation of Its value, based upon per
sonal observation. 1 have, while witnessing Its posi
tive result* lu the special diseases Incident to the
organism of woman, singled It out a* ths climax or
walac seas *f mj moSloal career. On Its merit*,
a* a positive, safe, and effectual remedy for tills class
of diseases, and one that will, at all times and under
all circumstances, act kindly, I am willing to .take
my reputation as a physician: and so confident am
I that It will not disappoint the most sanguine ex
pectations of a single invalid lady who uses It for any
of the aliment* for which I recommend It, that i offer
and sell It under A POSITIVE GUARANTEE, (For
eondltions, see pamphlet wrapping bottle.)
The following are among those diseases In which
_J Favorite Prescription has worked cures, as If by
magic, and with a certainty never before attained by
any medicine. Leucorrhcea, Excessive Flowing,
Tiunftd Monthly Periods, Suppressions when from
unnatural cause*, Irregularities, Weak Back, Pro
lapsus, or Falling of the Uterus, Anteverslon and
Retroversion, Hearing-down Sensations, Internal
Heat, Nervous Depresslon-Deblflty, pespondoncy.
Threatened Miscarriage, Chronic Congestion, In
lamination and Ulceratlonol the Uterus,Impotency,
Barrenneu. or Sterility, and Female Weakness. 1
da net extol tills medicine as a " cure-all," but It
admirably fulfills • *l»*lrnr« of purpose, being a
most perfect specific In all chronic diseases of the
_ af system of woman, it will net disappoint, nor
will It do harm, In any state or condition.
Tboee who desire further Information on these sub
lect* can obtain It In The People's Common Sense
Medical Advisee, a book of oyer WO pages, sent,
post-paid, on receipt of 81 JO. It treat* minutely oi
Uiom dlseaae* peculiar to Female*, and give* much
valuable advice In regard to the management of
t> v!w«Wte t ppMoriB«laa *sW lwDniasIsta.
l Licra^*APPLicvridiry
■daesoi the Court of General eei sloes of
Delaware, in and for the county of New
• Castle, on Monday, the 18th day of hovena
*her belnc the first day ol the November
1 erm, a. D., 1874, for a Uoenee to sell ln
t >x eating in quantities not leae than one
1 alf Gallon not to be drank on the prem
i «*, at my atore No 100 W«at Front street
lh the first ward of the city of Wilmington
tfnd the following respectable citizens
recommend the said application to wit;
John T. Kelly
John Madden
ltenrj Graham
B W. Fvana
L. W. Palmer
Philip G. Plankett
Michael Claoey
Joseph Ho >pe*
Joseph B. Hnun
John Klenle
Wm Kyne
1 'atrlew Lally
Daniel Melsr ky
1 fm.T. Glenn
James Mor agban
in ton Henze
Lawrence Kleran
John S. Brady
JobnT. Ul.fcey
J'hn Caldwell
James McKenna
jeorge M Bacon
James W. King
Joseph Lowber.
By virtue of a wrltfof-Vend tloni Expo
eas to me directed, will be exposed to
Public Bale at the Lalsyetts Hotel,
Mhlpley street, kedt b< John J Dougherty
In tbe city of Wilmington, New Oaetle
County Del.
WEDNESDAY the 8th day of November,
1878,at 2 o'clock, p. m.
The following described real estate, viz:
Beginning at a point on tbe westerly side
of Tatnall street, at the distance of 81 feet
from the no therly side of Front street,
thence westerly along the line of land of
J. P. Herdman and parallel with Front
street, 91 last to a lin el land of l>. Glaus,
thence northerly along the 'ice of ssid
Qtatts land and paral'el w.lb Tatnall
street, 11 leet to a line of land belonging
to the hel s t f May Riley, deceascu thence
tayly parallel with Front street, 91 'eet
the westerly side of Tatnall street,
thence sontherly along sal. westerly side
ol i'atnall street, 11 feet to the place of be
ginning, be the contents t ereot more or
seized and taken In execution as the
property of Samnel Barr, and to b-i sold by
Sheriff's OSoe, New Cast a, October 17,
No 841
, on
By vlr. ue of a writ of f Avarl Facial to me
dlreoted, will be exposed to Pnotic rale,
att e Hotel of Wm. B. Ford, at Kirkwood,
in Pencader Hundred, New Castle County
De'., on
TUttsD *. Y, the 12tb day of .November, A.
D., 18/8, at 2 o'clock, p, m.,
'} he following describee rea estate viz:
All lhat ceitaiu arm sr tract of ,'aud sit
uate lyiDg and being la Pencader Hundred
County ol New castle sud State cf Deia
ware partlcula 1 ly botisued and described
as follows to wit: Beginning at a large
blaex oak tree corner of Outen D. Jester
and William B. Calho in's land, and run
ning theuce with the lands if m;d CLIh un
south 67 3-40 degrees west 280 7- '0 perchf * to
a sume in Cantwell Clark's it e, thence
wi h his line south 1-4 degcees east 3:6-10
perenea to a s'one lu Joseph Satp's line,
thence with ids aua William 1. Hurlook's
land, norm 8' 1 4 degreesea»t,7i perches to
a stone, and south 82 degrees east fSo
perch's ton s'one, a c T.ier for David i-.
Wa d's lau I, tn.ii .ee wiki his hep : south
88 degree* east 65 2 lOiaicbes to. a stone.,I
cottier oi George w, Walaec s lauu, thence
wltu his landnoith7 1 4ueg eeseari385-1
perch > to a st -ne in a-pnv «te road, theuce
with the sain rqad due norih is peicbes t
k sto e, a c rr-er of John iMo- v.rm'ok'
iaud, ih-uce with his lsnii north 40 8-4 de
degrees wo 26 S-'O pc-ic
jthenre i.o Lh ,6 l 4 de:
ptrphet to ttciue to pairitu-.-u rtump,
theuce south 84 8-4 dcgiee. 17 .0 l atches u
a stone cor.cero. tbe l*cd of me Rev W/l
lfarn Wllliiitns <i«ae.r-ed, 'be me - n -ith 1
degrrof, wssi 03 .'■iOpr.x'hes to the pi .ce of
bealnnlng, ctnitaluing - he hundred and
foPvj'-e'gUi act os, mere or « /. • , wuc a r»m«
house and other out-oil dings,
seized aad lakau in czeen'iou e. the
P'-op'-rty of - loam Kirk'ey ad 3 ara j, j,
Kl.drv. ,U« wlfo, 1. f. iud J bo -Oill
to a s'one,
t-ast 33 7-it
1. • ACU- UilV.rtieria
KherifT's Office, New
a*"o. *'ct bSi
j^HEklFt SALE,
By viriue of a writ of! <;va J I- ac as to m«
f}Dec:ed, Wiil ue exposed io Pu' ujo halt a
tbe Ho; el of William h. Fori, at Kirkwood,
In Pencader Hundred, v.;w taut:# county
Dei. ou
TUESDAY,the 12ih day of
D, 1876, at 2 o'clock m
The following lie-,or)b. d 'va t el
A t: that cert 1 . lot < r , 'ece f
uat-rin the t .wu of 8t Geo ga
south ride of Ihe toi l lea >i -g irom st.
Georges to Dm aw*ii Oily, b na
scribed - s lol iow* i-.. wi i: P
stake ano cor. ei for a lo: of
Garmon, and 43, feet fr rn ih * Junction o
lhea.de igrs ni.d He awaie Coy reel
wlidi the ■ dp»a fund ruon < rrenct
wrth the *aid j nr ao'Dh 4:3 10 ms lfO fee
lo a stake 1 , and li r eriy flenry L.
.'ecka'd and (hen- e north 47 8-42 ra t 5
feet to a -i me then' • north 44 ,4,1 Wort 150
feat toast ke In south side or the afore
said rotd'hence with t.e said io d south
*7 3-40 w,st50feet to )h» pi no ol beginning
contstningseven thousand fl e hundred
square feet more or !e s, »ii,4 a frame
house and frbni^ stabling the, eon erected
Seized a id taken in execallon as ihe
property of-Phllllo R-'ddeu deceased, and
Isabella r.eddeu suivlvpig mortgagor ei
Phillip Redden deceased, and 1.1.
(Thom-s H. Gould Admr. of Phillip Red
den dccesed, Ac.) and to be sold by
Sheriffs office New ( aslle, Oct. 17, 1878
i.'V.KI*' A
n i
oi* ;h«
(1 illHI Uo.
Bcgi-Xiiug a' a
Reopening of A, S. Webster's
Select Dancing Academy,
Monday Ere'ng SepbSfti 78
Ma'onic Temple, Wilmington, Ifelaicart,
Ladles snd Gentlemen, Misses and Mas
t'13 Whiling to become proflc|.T)l In sll the
iii-ces ,»[ toe clay a .u lo learn ti,e uw and
more fashionable ones will find to their ad
vantage to beg n with the opening of the
Commetping Monday September 8th
Genllemen s e ass Monday and Thursday
evenings from 8 to in o'clock.
Commei dug October 6tb. Ladles aad
Misses -nd blasters class Thuridai s fiom f
08 and Saturday's Irom 3 31 to 5.30' Prl
vate lefisooe given at any hour to suit con
Glide Walt* Tnnght lua Few Lessons
Bpe-ial arreng-meuts for Schools ane
Semina lea »lU for prlvst" classes of iadlei
or geutlemen. ca" lie made by applying
the Academy, a' Robelln & Bro's, No. 71(
Market Btreet by mall to
iHssurrosAiJE. £
,-kJOOe r ?A
, Virtue ora wnt-or Venditioni Expo
to me dtreeted, will be exposed to Pub.
8AT0BDAY, the ted day of Nov
j wia, at S o'eUkk p. m> 1 *>Y
The following described real estate via.
All those certain lots of tend, situated in
the City of Wllmingtoh, New Oaetle Coun
ty and state of Delaware, with flvs 3 1-2
story foams buUdlsg* thereon, bounded
and desen bad aatoltowz to wit: Begin
nimg at a polht on the easterly side of Lin
coln street between 11th end 12th street,
SOfeetfrem 11th street, tbenoe .northerly
along Lincoln street 121 feet to a point,
thence easterly oetween Uses from said
points ^parallel to Uth street, andyC.ch
no. 2. Beglnningat a point oa
erly aide or Kirkwood street beta
lor end Ninth street, 18 feet 1 Inch frum
9th street thence southerly along Kirk
wood street 27 feet 8 5-8 Inches, more or
less, to a point, thence westerly, between
lines from said points parallel to 9th street
and each other, 65 lest. >0 inches, mom or
less, with two 2 story brick houses thereon
No- 8. Beginning at the north-east cor
ner of Third and Tatnall streets,(thence
easterly along 3rd street 81 Test II Inches to
a point, thence northerly, between Tat
nall street and llDe parallel thereto Irom
said point, 81 feet 10 lorthes, be the same
what It mar with six 3 riory brick dwel
lings thereon erected, one of them being
used for a store and dwelling, and all of
them having the neoessary outbuildings
No. 4. Beginning
erly side ol Market i
4th streets, 44 leet lrom 3rd s'reet. thence
easterly 93 feet 10 Inches, thanes southerly
parallel with Market street 44 leet to 3rd
street, thence westerly IT foer, thence
northerly 28 feet 91-2 inches, thence west
erly 75 feet 10 Inches to Market street, and
thence northerly 23 feet 27 inch's to the
g lace of beginning, with
rlok store thereon crested.
No. t. Beginning at apolnt in the south
erly side of Plemant street, between Jack
son and Van Buren streets, 65 leet from
Van Buren street, theaoe < asterly along
Pleasant street 15 feet to a point, thenen
southerly, between lines from said points
parallel with Van Buren street, and each
other 50 feet 4 Inches wl'h a two story brick
dwelling thereon erected,
No. 6, All that cer.ain lot of land with
the Buildings thereon, consisting of a two
story brick dwelling, stub's, tenant house,
hothouses and other out-bulldings, sit
uated in toe Hundred and County of New
castle, and slate of Uelawa. ( ,.o-t the wts -
erly side of the public road from New Cas
tle to Wilmington, bouuded aid described
as follows to wit; Beginning at a
a line between this tract ana land
Roger.!, being also a corner for lauds of
Eliza A, Holllngswo'th. thence along said
Rogers' line south 48 degrees 4 j minutes,
east 52 8 0 perches to a stone In the edge
Of the New Castle and Wilmington road,
thence along said road north' 19 degrees 44
minutes east 51 perches to a corner made
by the Intersection sf a cross rogd from the
New Castle and Wilmington road to the
Wilmington and Clark's corner road,
thence by sa'd crots rred corth 63 1-2 de
grees west 37 S-lOpcrches to a st-ne, and
Other IttCQ Of KllEft A. UolllcgSforll 88
aforesaid south 87 degrees west 4« 4 10
r,!fl3 e ^. l ^^^h™m a o n M£s OOBtaiU '
log 13acies37 fterchesmoreOrlesB.
northerly rift ™F?wt stress"' 'n !"lrom
fines from said't)Mn B t C Dirai r ieU* each ot^CT
• nJfvfnTIn'JLn ?r Va,P' < S
*"cs bouse"hereo* lt ' Vo' S^BeeinnUur
afapc^Hn^p Jfc
easterivVbmi^ntyid* 4 lt*rt tfitt f
St" . r i t ^M' y 5f n l h e SM,iV „*rs°,n vJ d
anVir 1 'f a ia o°(! it°
dwel nir''home^beriou ' " t y br k
a-a-nMnn „th,
nronertr of Thcm^a \ •* D*NoiinaudlsVnd
sJnom-s i. D.Noiaiaudls, and
to ,>« bjiu oy
the w* 1 * -
at a point on the 'east
street, between 3rd and
a three story
■tone in
of James
IS VAC GKCBzi.zherlff
SiienlTB offlee New Castle, October 16,
By v rtneoT wnt t
me a.r n ed, will b
-ale at tne Laf yetle Hotel No.841 Ship.'ey
'ireet. bem by John J D u.jr.eriy in tba
City of Wiimingten, Ntw castle County,
I » ,oa
Ala. L c vzrt Faria', t >
exposed Dj Public
SATu'RDkY,in. iad day of Noventb«r. A '
D J.78, ai 2c'c!olk, p,aa
The Kri'owlrg unsoribed real eetaie viz:
All thpsus two l<i:e p'M' V* a, U pnrcels uf
l»oil sllnalcd In the cl', o Wilmlngtoti
.foreaald wi'h i Wr-e brick dwelling brick
oakery Ac., tin,:co;\ erected bounded to
-,eibc. en f ii ows to wit. Ke, luingal a .lake
lu the uoriiierly mde of 5tli 8t., betweeu
alua 1 and Went -i reets ul John Bndiayc
lue formeriy Whitlock thence with the
■smaiortu l.d g. east 65 fl t'o a co'ser
luxe theuce iK u'li 58 d w.aat with rtam
uel t;c unes ID • 76 K 51ii. mv t- e westerly
side of r 'a'R»lj a rset t enc • therewith
s uth 32deg we>t«of„. lo said aide of 5th
at. lhence therewith north ;k«I k. west 76 ft
. to the p aceof beginitig be tue contents
more or less
(seized Uhd taker In ex cution as the
property of Robert Ta.v or surviving mort
gagor aud t. t. aud to be sold by
3 i
Isaac g "Urp. Pkeiiff
Stheriffs office New le , f et ]5 187
by virtue of a writ of Leravl Facias to
mo directed, w il he oipo.ed to Public 'ale
at the Lafayette Hotel No 841 ehiii cv
.treat, kept by John J. Dougherty
city of Wilmington. New Caktlo
Dei , on
WEDNESDAY, the6th day oi November,
A. D, 187g, at 2 o'clock, p. m.
in li(>
coui y,
The following drscribed real e-tvte viz:
*11 that certain lot of pier* of land w th a
brick hou-e lhareon elected situate In
Washington Vldage - hnstlana Hnnd-eo.
State of J'el now In -hecity of Wilmington
bound!dand described a*, fo.o ws to wit/
beginning at a poi. t or. -,he southerly sld
of the Keunet TumpiK- Roan 40 It weri
of the ve t s de of Kiddle *t at 50 ft w'dc
and runnfngthfnce by the ,tld side ol
Turnpike westerly 18 ft. to a corner stake
• hence by auswlinepirallel with Riddle
st, southerly 80 ft. Iq another comer and
lienee cast wardly pa'alls) with the first
mentioned fine of Keunet Turntlke Itoud
18ftte another corneFand thence northerly
so ft-to the place of beglanlng containing
14 0 square reel more r r less, BcokB. Vo' 7
F-I|e *'4.
""•2 All that cerlalu Jot or pi«ce of
andadjnl.ing lot No. llxurmed and
icilbel asfolfows lo wit. Beginning
point on th#'southerly side of Kennel
lump ke Hoad 40 ft. west of the westerlv
de of Rldd.e st at .50 H.^lde and mnning
theuce by the satu side of Turnpike west
erly 18 ft. to ajorner stake northerly and
israllel with Riddle st. ,46 fv mo e or 'e,s
oa stake thence in an esstcrly direction
17 ft. more or less lo a stake and thence
southerly and parallel with Riddle st. ss
?l ore or ' e!,, t0 lhe P' 11118 °f begin
ning ke the contents thereof
at e
What they
Seized and taken in sxecutkn aa th*
property of Robert Lee. and Anu-s hi.
wife aad t.t and to be sold by * m
Bhcrifl'* offlee Mew Castle, Oct 17 ,
V llmlngton, New Castle Coudty, <Bwt, oh
WEDNBBDaY, the 80U> day rtf October,
1878, at 2 o'clock, p. In.,
The following described real estate vis:
All that certainilot or pises of land, with a
S aaLsa /swateftm
and described as foils#. towns Beginning
the easterly side of Lombard street, at
distance of 47 feet 8 Mono from the
corner formed by the Intersection of the
easterly aide of Lombard street, with the
northerly aide or MoCMMMp stMet, aud it
aoemer of,land Jafslr. sold.
Mclrtne, thence whh sriine of
easterly parallel with MeOauile
wiIh lh . flr . t mtn
arme^d slds u
th^rpW'lh upkK r v
beRinniu* becontentswhMt litev mav
' 5&W nevertheless to 'gTouSd renT^f
fifietJ'dollars.)* ith a two storied frame
menage thereon. Book B, Voi; 8, Page.
«<> 3 Beginning a a pointontne outh
erly »!4c- of Ninth street between Madison
Shd M OTfT't StTtetH. El the d'StsnCe Ol' 200
feetwes efij torn the wsji erly side of Mad
'•»«*W-y horn the
f Oth'r laud of the sa fl s. J H jru, thence
Wiltl KAitA land "Oil belly piUH'lei
Madison street 70 feet to m -take,
h*thence W( sler.y and para lol with Ninth
'treoiH 'eet. to aetat e lu li„e ol land of
John MCafferty, lhence along
McCaffeny's liu, uortntr y and rarrliei
wlth j sun g reet 70 f.at to the said side
ol .Mulb street and thence therewith east
erly meet to the rl.ee of beginning, be
ihe contents theieuf what they may.
nook K Voi 9, Page 3 8, <tc.
1-C S:d and taaeu l.t execu iou as tbe
property Of colomon J. Hern and Hngn
McLlaff.riy and Aon MoClaUa. I/, t; t.'s,
and to be s&itl by
Mist line c* the same, uortUerly paraUal
sei8s»ts& < iru9 52
of Lombard street, and thebe# thereby
southerly 11 feet 4 Inehes to the place of
Sf/C* b8the * 0,lt * nU tke,#0f Wb **
Belied and taken lu execution m th«
proptrly of thorn as Uorry aod Jrjrr CJor
ry, and 1.1., snd lo be sold by .[
Sheriffs Office, New Castle, Oot. Uth '78.
By virtu* of a writ of Al*. Levari Facias,
to me directed, wBl he expo.ed to Public
Hale at the Lafoyette Hotel, No, Ml Ship
icy street, kept by Johu J. Dougherty, In
the city of Wllimogton, New CasUa coun
ty, Del., on
SATURDAY, the ted day oi November,
1878, at 2 o'clock p. m,
The following described real estate viz:
AU those tnree certain lots, pieces or pap
cels of land, with the frame dwellings
thereon erseted, situate In theoity of Wt
tnlng(ou, bounuod und described as follows
to wit:
No. 1. Beginning at a point on the east
erly side of church atreet between Eighth
ana Ninth streets at the distance of 57 feet
Iroui the nyriuerly side of Eighth street,
tbenoe east rly parallel a 1th Eighth atreet
lOOfeet loastaze, thenert northerly paral
lel with Cnuroh street 88 leet to another
stake, thence w..sterly parallel with
E'ga .h stic 1160 feet to the aforesaid side
of Church street, and theuce therewith
sou'htrly 38 lee* to the place of beginning,
be the coo teats thereof what they may.
with two 2 story frame d-elllug houses
thereon. Book B, Voi 7, Page 3i3, Ac.
No. 2- Beginning on the northerly aide
of Logan's Court, a street, 29 fet t wide lead
ing from the Wilmington and Christians
Turnpike road to the Philadelphia, Wil
mington and Baltlmoie railroad, and at
the distance of 16 feet easterly from Nancy
street at a ctrner et land formerly of W. K.
Moore, thence northerly .with said Moor9'
i|ne parallel with said turn rise, 64 feet to a
Hue of land lata ol John Hedges, theuce
with his llneeaaterly parallel with Logan'a
Ooort 45 fee: to a st tie In a line ofluiii late
ofji.hn Fitnn. thence smtherly parallel
* 3d line 68 leet to the
ta's Court, tnence
eet to the place of
oi Monroe siteet, a corner
1-Uerld a Ofone Ntw t astle » et 171 A. '73.'
' ute airee'ed. '•ku\
O i'ui) ic
Ml uie bote/ • »i Joim Jiaiioi., l r » the VillaRe
of Chrm 1 *ua In WniUi Day C'vtn Hun
dwi Nev CaHile Couoiy Del. ou
M1. NDAY, the 4 h day of November, A. D
1878, at 2 o'cloi k, p. re,
" he i l'owlagdesciTbcd real e-ta e vis:
AD that certain pi intatlon ortr-cl ,»f ia- d
sltux.e lying a U being in WMit
Creek Hundred lu the Coun y and Sta.r,
afo esild, bouudal and descrloed as fol
lows to wli: Uounded by 'he Chrlsti na
Turnpiketn« fhr srlaua c «ek bv lar ds of
J h muu Webb' r aud R>hecca lyler ormer
ly of William Hels e", uf Tin anas Mor
viaon formerly o John Ly am snd of
Walter K Houlhgale (deceased) and con
taining iwo hnodred an 1 fifty- rverus et
land be the same more or leas, with a three
s orv frame bouse, frame hern, granary
carriage bon e and oth.r outbuildings
thereon erected. '
Seized a rj talr*n In execution as the
property of! vqn
Wor(gsgor and '.
C,Slotse".burg snrrvivluz
t '.nd to be sold by
Isaac gbu hb, niier ff,
feherlflTsofilcw New ( astle, Oct. 17, 1878
By virtue ef a wrR of L wl Facias to
me directed, will exp ■»«.! to Puiltc
Rale at the Lafayet te Hotel, 841 Shipley «t
fz?K'' , y 4'ohu J f Doqgheity, in tne city of
Wilmington, JN*w Cftstle county, D«l., on
WEDNESDAY, the 80th day of October,
1878, at 2 o'clock p. m„
The following described reil estate ,
All lhat certain M and brick dwelling
borne thereon, sltiiat- in lie city of Wil
mington aforesaid, b >u:i.led and describee
as follows to wit- ttglnnlng 04 iii« west
tri ndeol i.r.mbnd atreet be ween Sec
ond and Third sire ts al the aaii-.ro of
-art. wall between this and 'he a Joining
bonne ou the souih, lat. 01 John McLear,
now ol Lewis Mason, t hence west eriy alone
th* centre of the sa'd party wall aud par
allel to Second stre t f 1 !e»l to tne evtorly
s deof an alley Ita Hug Into R bluson
street, thence Dortb-rl, ainin» th said side
of ihe said alley parallel 10 L unbriU streel
13 reel H inches !oaco, nei of land late 01
WBliam G. Lowe, row of Mr . Pat-on
thfiiiccMH eriy along a hut of he, m .us
(rid perailol to the Hr-t '1/0-utio. . d Hue
tiirongh ib, certre of th> party wall divi
dlqg this fro-w the adjclnit g* brick ho ist
on the north 74 feet to toe said side of
Lombard street, and thence thereby south
erly 13 feet 6 Inch's, to 1h#.pla*e of begin
olng, be the contents thFredf whaPTBhv
naay • .
i elzed and taken In eTreullon as the
nrope ty of Al'c M, McKee a lurvlviun
moitgager aud t' t's, a d to bo so d by
Hherlfl's Offl ie, New Castle Oet llt.h '78
, viz:
L) IriLifl' 1 baainess 1 Ou us, ensaso u,
D EiO 1 85 to 82'- per daymsde bTanv
"?. r i ker S fe , ithe , r *' x ' r| 8ht it their own lo
allties. Particular* and samples worth If
free. Improve your spare time for the
bo* 1 pc m..;A ddress stinbon a ijq, Portland
m n^ftggL* 5 * ItSKS
RAT URDA Y,the 2nd day of Fovsmbar A
D. 1878, at 1 o'clock, pm 1 '
wPf n*}!??*"* real eatats via.
, ®»fluuliig at the corner
euftrly i4de of Rb all«y leading Into Fifth
W., Uisocs northerly pirzllSp to "aliut
Sr'n s??t 10 »
g^ a^RlS jgaajvaai
sS® 11 ®!!
of nf h . « l iPDVllegs and u*«
1= execution as th.
hj°perty of D&MdMcCaUlu And te to * Id
I8AA0 QBVBB, ftkerlff.
ahcrlfPs efflee New Oastie, Oct 15 , ) g.
.By virtue etc. writ of Levari Fselas to
irte directed, will be exposed to public sale
at the La'ayette Hotel, 841 Mhlpley street,
kept by John J. Dougherty lu the city of
Wilmington, New Castle county, Del,, en
WEDNESDAY, the 6th day of November
A. D. 1878, at 2 o'clock, p. m., '
The following described real estate, vie
AJ1 that certain lot or piece of land situate
In tbe city ol Wl'minglon, having a two
story brick dwelling thereon erected,
bounded and described as follows to wit
Beginning at the no'tharly side of front
street, at the distance of 177 foet wtslcrly
from the wea'erly side of v a , Bur*m meet,
al a corner of Jacob »iunex's land, thence
ther by northerly pa allel to Van Buren
s'reet, 60 feet to the sou htr'y side of a
31 2 feet wide alley, thence thereby westerly
israllel to Front stresr, i« fret io o stake
hence southerly parallel io Han 1,on street
60 feet to the side of Front street u orenald
uad thence thereby esalerly 16 l et tolhe
place of beginning, bs the contents tnereol
What it may.
Seized aod taken la execution as the
pro, erly of KUsa Harris and Mary Harris
*ud terra tenants and to be so d by
ISA AG GRUBB, Sheriff.
Sherlfl's effloe. New Oastle, Ootober 17,1878,
o«t'7. '
By virtue of writ of Levari Fa las f o ms
directed, will be expoae > to Public Hale at
Lafayette Hotel 841 Hblpley 8treei,kept
by John J. Dougherty lo the clly of Wu
mlngton, New Castle County, Del. on
WEDNESDAY, Ihe6th day of November,
" A, at. 1478, a* 2 o'cloeh p. m.
The following described rest estate viz.
All that certain lot or piece of land win
the bulidiug* thereon ereoied - situate la
the oily of Wilmington boundert snd de
scribed as follows to wit. Beginning aUhe
laterstctlou of the northerly side »f 16lk
st., with the northwesterly side of Rsll
road A venue (at 30 ft. wide) thence west
erly a, ojg said side of 18th st,. aloft, to a
stake, tb-nce it irtlieriy parallel with Clay
moiit st.. Dy a Lew line dividing this
fro f. otb-r land of the said Kvan O. Ptot
senbur, 238 ft tolhe southwesterly side of
V and "v«r Avecue, tueuce along the said
side of Vaudever Ave la asoutheasterly di
rection 351 ft. 6 io. to a stake in me middle
of the Marsh ro.d, 'henez by said road
soith 14 degrees and 30 minutes west 'IT
ft. and one nalflnch to the n,>rth we-terly
aide of Raiiroad .11 w uf thw% *y
south wtatvriy 160«• loin tollie Plan it
beginning be tbe CQateale lh reof tt A
tney m*y. Tne 1 /.provrmenta then oi
cyn'lstOi a large brick utachiDe shop d'or
tbe ihttu faulnro of belts and nuls - e , la
the blacksmith shop, eugue-aal boiler
house, offite and store iomu at aoved, to
ge brr wdh railroid sidling slab e j . s iedi
and other buildings thereon,
Heizsd a id At in in execution ss tbe
properiv i f Evan C. i-t tsenbu gand Mary
L, hit, wi e, and Jo-"ph O. Rowland and
Husan his wlfe.aod Mahon H 8totsrnburg
and s.llen J. his wife and t t 's, and t. be
* rid by
ISAAC GRUBB, t-her.fl.
Hberiffai ffle* New Cas le, Oct 17 1878.
By virtue O.'a wril of Venditioni Expo
nas to fo directed, will be exposed to Pub
lic Sale at the latfoyt.Ue Hoiel, No. 841
pley atfeet, kept by John J. Doitgberiy
in lh? City ol Wilmington New L'aitle
County, Del-, on
WEDNESDAY, the 6ih day of Novrmbir,
1878, at 2 (.'clack, p. m.
The following dkecribed real estate, v x
No. l.- Al) that eertaln lot, i leca or par
cel of .am) situated lu the city oi Wilmlog.
ton, Nr w Oarilecounty a\,d Mtate of Dfla
ware, bouuded and described as follows to
wit Beginning at a point on the wester.jr
side of Hrcoine street aUhe distance >-r 04
feetsouthe-ly fn m the southerly side of
Six'h street at a evarner of land of LH
frieh las, thence wes'erly parallel with
vlxih direst 149 feet to a corner, thence
southerly par.l'e. with Broome s reet (il
feet lo a c rner. tbecco easterly pirallet
with Sixihaireet 14(1 ieet te tie aforesaid
aid? of Broome street, and thence theinby
nortberiyW feet io 'he pt ceot beglnulrif.
bn the oonlhuia wllktu said bouBds what It
*To.i All that certain ,ot, piece or '
cel of land, sltnate In Christiana huodi
county aad Htate aforesaid, b untied .and
described aa follows, to wit; Beginning » l
a stake on the northerly aide of Fourth
utreetextended, of 82 feet 6 Inches w do be
tween Hawley an J Webb streets at the d'*
tance of 75 feet west rly from the west
"rly side af Huwley slreei ai £0 feet wide,
thence northerly parallel with Hawley
•tree', 117 feet* inches to a stake, the' o»
wsteriy paral el wl'hf'oi rth street S U
to mother stake tli'-nce southerly para
lcl wit i Hawley Hreei 17 leet 6 ln heJ to
tboaforesaid S'de or Fourth slreei, #nd
tbenoe thereby easterly so feet to the pjMf
01 beginning, ne the contents thereof wb»t
they may.
No, 3. All that certain lot of land
a throe story brick dwelling homo tbbre
on, sl.uaieln tbe said city of Wl'mtm to",
bounded and described as follows io jr'i :
Beginning fit tne luirtheily '■lde.ot
street between JelTe aon und Mai
sHectsatt o distance 01II8feet from ML
wrslerij' side of J-ffcigon si re t at ' lie c-h
Ire of tlio party w-H betwee i this and th»
idlolnlng premise" on ihe ea-t,tbonni rm*
erly tljrongh the oeutre of said wall rarj 1 -
lcl to Jeffers-n street IOU feeit > the sooth'
erly Lid- of Jeffe von Park, thence westerly
along said park parallel to Fifth street
feet te a comer, thence sonfnerly p»r«' 1P '
lo JeOersoo street threath the centre cl *
2 feet wide alley haiweon this and ihe
Iohilog premises ou the west. 100 fe»t 'oin»
aforesaid side of Fifth street, and tli , ' [ i 1( '®
thereby easterly 16 feet to the place of "*■
ginning, ho tbe contents heved vVh vttiw
He'zad and taken in execu Ion "» .
i ropejtyofHamnel R, Ball, and to be '°' a
by ' v ISAAC GRUB B,Sheriff.
Fherlffs offl-eMcw Oastle, Oatob#' WJh

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