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Local New,;
F RIDAY, : : : NOVEEMB R 7, 1878.
gj LOeAl a o:olee 15 eents per lime for
the first lnaIsro *, and 10 eents per liae
for each additional masertions; solid N .m
pareil type being the basis.
Advertisemeats and Local Notices handed in fbr
pablisation, unless the time is specified for which
oaey are to be published, will be inserted till for
bid, and charged for accordingly.
We wis ouar patrens to distinctly auderstant that
hereafter oeb Printing and Transient Advertisements
most be paid for in advance. No exception will be
made to this rule.
.iL. L II. GEAR has purchased the phoWo
graphie outfit of Mi. Morrow at Fort Ellis,
And will hereafter furnish the people with
first-class pictures.
Taken Up.
A arge w~de SOW, which has been excessively
annoying to several families. The owner will
please call and Itl her away. .lg ie at this of
COL. L. R. BLACK was registered at the
Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York, on the 19th
ult. We suppose his visit to that city was
made preparatoJy to his return to Montana.
Ellis & Davis
Are selling Merrimac, Cochicos, Hamilton, Rich
mond and all other
Calicoes at 10 Cents per Yard.
Ray.. L. B. CRITTENDEN preached last Sun
day at Hamilton in the mot ning and in the
evening at Weaver's School House on the
Gallatin. The attendance was very good.
Flour and Grain fiacks. at
W. H. . RAxMOND, of Virginia City, accom
panied by his mother, spent a few days this
week in Bozeman. Their old friends were
highly pleased with their visit, and trust they
will come over often.
VISEQAR BITTERS, by the bottle or case,
and all the leading Patent Medicines, at the new
Drag Store of W. W. Morris Bozeman.
TaH farmers are taking advantage of the
good weather to haul their wheat to the Gal
latin mills. An unusual amount ot teams
heavily leaded with grain have passed through
town the past week.
Jew.elry.-A general assortment of Ladies'
Bellis were married in Virginia City on the
30th inst. We extend congratulations to the
happy pair and trust they will have an abun
dance of bappiness in their new relation.
For sale.
Four nice young work mules, on ninety
days time. Apply at this office.
J. W. TINSLFY has been pardoned by Gov
ernor Potts and is now at home with his fam
ily. The Montanlan says "It was, we think,
a humane. just and righteous act of the Gov
ernor, and believes the people of Montana
will so consider it."
All persons indebted to the Drug Solre of W. W.
eMrris is Boz, manl are hereby nutip.ed to come for
ward immediately and settle.
L. B. CHERCH, ex-U. S. Assessor, whose
melodlous *simpaiwin songs are still echoing
in the Rocky Mountains, has a good ,ailroad
position in Chicago. Stick to it, L. B.; your
Republican songs have lost their charm in
Montana. "'Old Shady " has slid up the
To the Public.
The card signed by H. F. Williams and publish
ed in last week's Courier, to the effect "'that ac
counts due us would be sold at auction if not paidr
by November 1st,"'' was published without our au
thority, and we hereby repudiate it in toto.
Ws notice in our market a new brand of
flour-XXXX-which, numerically consid
ered, should be superior to the standard
XXX. It our delinquent subscribers will
bring us in flour, in exchange tcr some hand
somely printed receipts we have on hand,
we will not stop to count the Xs.
Morissey Whisky, the best ever
tapped in Bozeman, is served to the patrons
of the popular Kirus SALooN, Main street,
SCHOOL OPNED.--The Trustees of this
School District having secured the services
of Mr. T. B. Gray as teacher, that gentle
man, on Monday last, entered upon his du
ties, at the school house in this city, with a
goodly number of scholars. Mr. Gray is
well qualified for the position, and we are
satisfied will render eminent satisfaction to
all concerned.
DR. L. W. FRART is now on a temporary visit
to Bozeman, and will remain during the present
term of the District Court. All those requ-ring
the services of an experienced, practical Dentist
should call at once, as his time .s limited. Office
with Dr. Crepin, in the new brick block, up stairs;
entrance same as the Commas office.
from the last report of our Helena cotempo
raries: "The changes in produce are slight.
Madison and Union TXX flour is selling at
P 50; Standard XXX at $2 50; XX at $1 75.
Oats are li good demand at $1 50; barley,
2e; wheat, $1 25; potatoes (new) 1-12 cents;
onions, 4c; cabbage, 8c; fresh butter, 25a30c;
iM4 55e per dozen; hay, $13~16 per ton.
Tas Grand Lodge, 1. O. G. T.. met at Lit
tle Boulder City on Monday last, The in
erest manifested in this great reformatory
cause in the Territory a year or so past, we
regret to say, has manifestly abated. Two
years ago the Good Texnplars wielded no
insignificant power in Montana, but the
powerful and dangerously fascinating nflu
ence of King Alcohol has decimated the
rank and file of the institution wonderfully
since that time.
avy. - Cuasnt, wl;o was assigned to
this plaee by the Conference of sthe Methodist
Church, South, we learn, has declined the
position and returned to Belrea. We regret
this very muah as we regard him as ap able
and devout Christian. Connected with this
is an episode. He was married last aiunday
to Miss Searis a o(Lw is in Clark county.
It was In part a runaway aWcht, and there
w-as4tinga of rirnaee ebeantho s it
uage rather unuahfloeare prwseber to Magp
to beastessf that bnd. ? hadving time
fliab thle ouohe geat *'ýy
.Oeober em t atast Jdc r
ansdfor Galltin o as*y, rnse*ad a
rious (as is usual wit her. sex)4a d
judgfcwuat for her _ et caWs . k
CihtmaCaers & G hada l rt
uiel Langborne, andi`. of
Commisoiona aWD ttr. Sty des fmy
ants. Judgment rendered -fv plaintitis by
default, and decree entered.
Zachltrish Sales respoudatat Vs 1W. H. Bat
ley, Treasurer of Gallatin tyg, appellant.
Trial by Court; judgment ppellant, with
Hibb#rd & Gurley respondents vs Tomlin.
son & Erskhue appellants. Trial by jury;:
verdict for respondants for $1" motion for
judgment on verdict sustained, with costs;
execution stayed for twenty days tro·n ei.
vember 1st.
James Frlsable plaintiff vs Jacob Gum,
Daniel Melton and Robin Dowell defendants.
There being nobody to prosecute this action
it was dismissed at plaintiff's cost.
B. W. Carpenter plaintiff vs E. Morse
defendant. Continued at plaintiff's cost.
W. F. Chadwick plaintiff vs J. L. .Nbe,
J. D. Chestnut, J. J. Parham, G. W. A. -
zier and George R. Dow defendants. Con
tinued by consent of parties.
Mary A. Stairley vs J. W. Stalrley. Con
tinued generally.
Jacob Litchen, respondent, vs Jas. Latta,
appellant. Dismissed at costs of appellant.
Jacob Feldberg vs A. H. Woodman. This
case tried by a jury, who found a verdict for
plaintiff for $2,179 55. '
T. B. Gray vs Board of Gallatin County
Commissioners. Action dismissed at the
cost of plaintiff.
John E. Vawter vs H. As Skeels. Judg
ment by default against defendant and decree
of foreclosure of monrtgage.
George W. Wakefield vs Jacob Thomas.
This case was tried and submitnted to a jury,
which failed to agree, and was eo'tinued.
In the matter of E. M. Dunly and Exec
utors of N. Ford, in arbitration. The award
of the arbitrators heretotore submitted wua
confirmed by this Court.
John V. Bogert vs Charles Drew and Lou
isa Drew. This case wis passed until the
time for answering should have expired.
Mathias Mount vs v Elisha A. Rouse. Con
F. P. Heman vs W. H. Drew. Judgment
by default in favor ot plaintiff.
J. R. Watson vs Charles Drew, James
J.innings, and Charles N. Drew. Passed for
Nelson Story vs E. Morse. Default enter
ed and judgment rendered in favor of plain
Territory of Montana vs Charles B. Clay.
Assault with intent to commit murder; sen
tenced to ten years imprisonment in the Ter
ritorial Penitentiary and to pay all eosts of
Territory of Montana vs E. M. Dunphy.
Change of venue to Madison county graited.
defendant to give additional nil.d of $5O,0.
Territory of Montana vs John Cloney.
Defacing brand. Continued bail $300.
FLOUR!...... OATS!...... FLOUR!
Are now prepared to receive all the Flour and Oats
which may be offered in exchange for goods.
They are retalUng goods as less than
Helena wholesale prices.
PourTEEar.-IFoitenCss is the honey of ex
istence. We like politeness. We are happy
to observe that our Bozeman youths are well
supplied with this Indispensable requisite,
and that on all occasions they exhibit this
virtue. But too much politeness sometimes
gets a person into a dilemma; as, for instance,
on Sund.ay, when a young lady in church
dropped. lar Oluo. -in-thapew, a Toun,"e
quisite politely stooped to pick it up for her.
and seeing the embroidered border of her"
pocket-handkerchief on.the floor, he picked
that up too, when an angry ejaculation from
the young lady and a dig In the back of the
hand from the point of the young lady's par
asol admonished him that be hadn't better
pick up that handkerchief. From the heated
appearance of his countenance whent he arose
we shouhld judge he was sitting too near the
stove, and Irom his evident absent-minded
ness during the remainder of the services, we
fear that the admonitions of the preacher fell
on barren ground, at least so far as the young
man was concerned. When he meets the
young lady on the street now he suddenly
bethinks himself of a trifling purchase he has
to make in the nearest store, and goes for it
Callatin bounty Bonds and
Holders of the above local securities can find
ready sale for any amount to the extent of TKI
THOUSAND DOLLARS at The First National
Bank. D. A. McPHERSON,
Ass't Cashier.
PERSONAL.-Hon. N. P. Langford, U. S
Bank Examiner and Superintendent of the
National Park, arrived in this place on Fri
day from the East via Virginia City. His
visit was of an official character, in ccn
uection with the First National Bank of this
city, which he reports in excellent condition.
Mr. Langtord intormed us that he intended
to urge the matter of an appropriation for
the improveinent.:of the National Park, the
constauction of good roads to and through
the Park, etc., before Congress the coming
session, Congress having set aside that vast
and wondertul country as a National Park,
and thereby excluding private enterprise
from opening up that cotntry, and furnish
ing the thousands of visitors who will be
annually flocking there with the necessary
accommodations of life, should make i lib
eral appropriation for the purposes herein
D. H. CaPRPNTER, Prop'r.
ILI Keeps constantly on hand the best
WInes. Liqpers, Beer and Cigars
to beobtained in the city.
THEATRICAL.--The thrilling drama, "Inn
Keeper of Abbeyville," was presented at the
Fort Theatre on Friday evening, and the
characters were well sustained by the Com
pany, who are improving very much in their
rendition.. New scenery and eoatumes added
much to the attractiveness of the play, and
the recent improvements in heating the Thea
tre to the t otfort of the a lience. After
the play Mr. M. J. MOlibbe sang an Irish
comic song and w asieg maaseUted with a
triple encore. .The st tgt three of "Slasher
and Crashe " :eoniludedl thbe.eal aienter
talnment, whieb was au exceilet one. This
(Friday) eveaing sqthaded bill l.aaououe l,
the oe.aslon being for the lbsm t of those old
favorlses, T'. Coiston ad4 I. SUmith We
hope to ase a good Z4pr oeua tion eom Dme.
man present.
Wiered frorm li -reso stfaM ltoatg* and
bess assortment of Impetit d
Liqnors of the ieitittdsee b b to
.maw i B* I5 , G. O. 0 . agci and
Scacoa WBWs*TiArI.ertun sta ite
r*.. ts . avi
Jr++ SI* * . ... . + 1 .
roaT ELL.s, Mi.Tzo
Dear Coaak.r .: o m
.thidng of uusuaalitmport
here du.rztg tot pate
the iapove ent e it . s. c
General lSwitzer, the commsudig offieer,
seelns to. I T a ts. al tlhe r~
getie in he. abu w.e g
enmy t µry n o ist
iMe -thas tlshtps. . r rt.~Ull
gavel paths are made all t i ough ia
taread the garo being s etcedw in lmakes
the bort a village Isnf isee ta aforemen
tosed grnavewlkad cg. ete a
of apark.
Ip iro tso for the meai as
the po rl welfare of ti e
also daily taking t a
an lnstltutles whiri
passing mention,
Association. Th rsei non
Iled In the Coopany, ao of the
Company. 31 perion is to member
ship unless be is an "A" olmpany an.
The Coa tituaion Is vlry staiut S tE aptrst
By-laws. The organizatle tiat pteall in a
flourishing eopditpna Thais b eru of dally
papers recel twogived eninse i vea wetek
ly papers, thirtyi; iothbl papers magnd oaa
sines, ten. Besides the papers that arerie
daily, and for which the subscription lspld#
one year in advance, the Association keeps
the reading room well stocked with books by
the best authors, so you see that a Company
is bound to be enlightened, and to keep so,
concerning the chief topics of the present
day as well as the past.
There is also another Association here, the
object of which is to develop th', "latent"
grace of movement and to arouse the dor
alant Terpsichorean qualities of the "Boys In
Blue." It is called the "Whippoorwill Danc
ing Association." Sergeant Joseph Mason,
D. Company, is President. and I believe the
dAg.ci.tion numbers about fifty members.
They ob-upy the Good Templars' Hall and
have dances two evenings in each week.
Vive is Wbhippjoorwills..
Last Saturday eve:ing was a joyful occa
silon in Lincoln Lodge roontr, On that even
iug was Instituted "Parker Temiple," the De
gree Temple attached to our Lodge. Twenty
one members were instituted as a Temple,
and well may they feel preud of the work
accomplished. The Temple was named iu
honor of Brother Orin Parker; the most la
detatigable worker in the temperance cause
in this vicinity, and we doubt not in the Ter
rltory. The following is a list of the officers
elected for the present term:
D. T-Joseph Zwisler.
D. V. T--Gen. D. Richmond.
I). S-Orin Parker.
I). F. S-Joseph Mason.
D. Trea.-John Newell.
I). Chap-M. J. McCabe.
D. M-John Washburt,.
O. G-W. H. Thompson.
D, - -------
Circumstances over which the Lodge has
no control prevents the possibility of having
public installation as previously announced.
The exhibition given by Professor Morrow
at the Theatre was not as well attended as
the merits of the entertainment would seem
to warrant. The Professor showed some fine
views of Dakota and Montana, showing the
gates of the ruountaln andid aenes, ui Prickly
Pear Canton, a.ti also some splendid In
dian views. Every one who attended the
exhibition went away well pleased with Pro
fessor Morrow's distinct and humorous de
scriptions. The Professor has taken his de
parture for his home, (Yanktor, Da.) having
sold his whole establishment to Mr. Geer, his
former partner in business. Mr. Geer is pre
pared to fill aniy amount of orders that the
public may favor .,u with :ind warrants en
tire satislaetion. Give him a call.
I remain as ever, hi.
For the Fall and Winter Trade!
Just Received at
A large assortment of
Dry Goods, and Clothing,
of the latest styles, from the East;
Gent's Hats,
etc., etc.
guire, our next door neig hbor, has succeeded
in getting together, aided by Dr. Crepin, one
of the finest prilvate mineral cabinecs we ever
saw in the Territory. He is indebted to the
Doctor, we believe, for nearly all his ore
specimens, which represent the leading mines
of Eastern Montana; but the cabinet is
mainly made up of rare and curious speci
mens obtained by the Judge on his recent
tour of observation to the Upper Yellowstone
and Geyser regions, and embraces silica for
inations of every conceivable form, a great
variety of agates and pretritactions, marine
fossils, "volcanic walnuts," jasper,var legated
slate, a brilliant array of amethysts,, and in
numerable odther curious and beautifdi'things
from Wonderli nd. He also has in his cabi
net a specimen of Aztec pottery from South
eastern Nevada, and the tooth (with petrified
flesh attached) of a carnivorous animal sup
posed to beextinct. The collection is attrac
tively displayed in the Judge's office, and he
takes pleasure in exhibiting and explaining
the specimens to viitors. He will make ad
ditions constantly.
Painters and Glazlers, Attention I
You can find a full and complete assortment of
BRUSHES and every article in your line at the nee
Drug Store of W. W. MORRIS, a few doors east of
Lamme A Co.'s. Bozeman.
SHEEP.-Mr. Flaharty, brother of our
well known- fellow-citizen, Mr. Marian Fla
harty, who came to this place last summer,
has determined to permanently locate in this
county, and engage in raising sheep. We
regard this as a wise conclusion on the pi rt
of Mr. Flaharty. There is nio country in the
world better adapted eo sher p raising than
Montana, and the foothills of the Gallatin
valley presea na range for sheep unequalled
in the Territory. We have often wondered
Why some of our enterprising people did
not engage In this apparently lucrative
branch of industry at an early day, and con
gratulate Mr. Flaharty on being the pioneer
sheep eir ia this valley. Mtr. F. has re
oently purchased in this.Tciriory sixty-five
fine ewes sad one iam, which are on the
range a sbo toWn, and in thesprinR he In
tends aturaning to the East for the purpose of
watst out o rverl tiUtasud head.
Clark a Isrtis n anoth r auaah: hi Sirat
lesn i~very tad Feed Jlable for ,es oi>
!iqtes ha a ring t mwen the -
Sof shb e Fr nt ioUh. This lthe bet
Mssi..ss-Q~ .am
fhea4~ 1w~
tal ý..an dw"a
a ~ -
b lth rsnb .y )gold i ro
en epta oat but
steo Sartd at s
.ap heeat, sent rtin ons to
t o eak p. We
orh tha e. He atd wt
I"ta rukita. e ad litad i
"ol re to t o goa t Nathe .0.N.
me .eserswl e potaste calaemts
beiat Adethod. Ag5 probal1tbhat
tuch o the ground " .8r to the pan,
but it Ie reasonable anidIh the
(bataoter of the guloh, . iggings
hate been struck.
Is requested to give ln W of his readlace
amd poet togee t
D, .so an ers.hon , r'
Irs a b ping to re et haert
buin, at Itha so tho "So
men about town" the
dispatchedo a messenger *
some Carbonate of Soda # s reeiOve
the troublesome comp ymoue mis..
hap the clerk sent Tarta and the er
ror was nit discovered Wnil) the article l s
diluted and swallowed bSe merer,
when he discovered the ewent the
article himself to sure of getting it
right that time. He lthe soda with
-'ater and drank it, a' he ndw thit t it
folly tor people to go to ie ational Pr tod
see geysers. when they can manulaet them
in the interior of their "crporositue 'af any
required dimensions and n short ittie.
Carpets, or every stvi, at
ING;,--We see a ver copy of an item
recently published in ou4 paper in regard to
the disfigurement of theeoaters in the Geyser
Basins going the romids of the press in the
shape of a telegram tron Washington. It
commences "the Secretary of the Interior has
received information," and ends with "an
appropriation will be aed for to put the
National Park under bce regulations."
We hope such "regulati ' will be inaugu
rated next Spring. If s hling of the kind
is not done the most bea~l features of the
Geysers will soon, as se before stated, be
sacrificed to vandalism. ?
Crowdea! Crowed!! Crowded!!!
A Cfeat Rush for'Bargains at
SaNsaxLa.-The managemern of the Young
Men's Literary Society have appointed a 11
brarnan for the winter, and their Hall here
after until Spring will be found well heated
and well lighted, and every way agreeable to
members from 7 a. m. to9 p. ni. The library
now contains several hundred volumes of
valuable works. Aii n crolled as inew,
btr ehould sanld i. their' nanme without de
lay and enjoy the highlyeenjoyable pvdlleges
of the institution.
We call the attention of the public to
the GREAT REDUCTION in our prices
of Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats and Caps,
Fancy Gools. Crockery and Glassware,
which we are selling Twenty-five
per cent less than they can be bought
for anywhere else in the Territory.
Naw MEAT Mar-WT.-Wednesday morn
ing Mr. Jacob Gum opened a new meat mar
ket hii Perkins' brick building, adjoining this
officel It is under the management of that
superior and well known butcher, Dick
Robinson, The shop opened out with a fine
display of all kinds of meat. One of the
first beeves btchered was a three-year-old
heifer, which netted 908 pounds, and was the
best meat we have ever eaten. Mr. Gum is
killing his own stock, and intends supplying
our people with the best of meat at low
Two WsUDRED AND rFITY pieces of stand
ard prints, such as Merrimac, Cochico,
American and Sprague's. for sale at 12-12 cQs
per yard, inferior quality only 10 cents per
Tax ExCihcuWia Is the cosiest place in town
to spend a social hour. s'he bar, club and
reading rooms have been re-decorated, and
none but the finest liquors and cigars are
kept there. Wines of tlie'choicest vintages.
and the purest tlourbon Whiskies and French
Brandies always on hand, and polite and
attentive waiters to serve them. Go to the
Exchange for first-class liquors. *
Socw.L HoP.--8ome of our spirited young
ien improvised a social hop at Odell's Hall
on Monday evening last. and being ably sec
onded by the charming ,young ladies of our
town and vicinity, quite a goodly number of
both sexes assembled. Ar as reeable and
pleasant evening was spent in the delightful
and exhilerating dance.
GRArD LorrEay.-Mr, Walter Cooper has
advertised a grand lottery of Sharp's Im
proved Sporting Rides and One Montana
Jewelry, to take place in Bozeman, on the
26th of December. Forty-eight -prizes are
ouftered, amounting to $2,480. Tickets $10.
M&a ,y of our citizens are lit.ing the inside
of their residences with brick, which ninkes
houses very comtortable indeed, The idea
appears to be excellent, and thereby our
friend Tracy hoas dispoed of a large omount
of brick.
ARU we not .t have a eourse of lectures,
ree"4nsgs, ai ogs,; or sometiatg of that
ati this witetrf What say the members of
the Young Men's ssOdita lioi? Lyceum en
terttaluaments i d be highly 3 elishable.
OMie our a~ea.r Webte -da dDouglasea a
han etr to sljiselves.
e g ofm ur youngS men ao, out on the
Wair :pah ta otofbuXti e Jo . so.a
boys have go over to the Yell wutorUe and
+:' Mc M. J r y;; No. 7l 't or
towb is to hand: ite its usali
S eand
ice`t : of at least $4;
i-a-k.a is the modett
e hlsr ct y. Those fond of
4" Mite amoney by sending 80 eena
fee t "ei mb er nuathsr AddCehs,
J. L. P IarS, ar S ~Ieadway, N. Y.
h rrATIONALs BaSK ot D romau.-We
publish to-day the statemerini ofthe condition
of this snsCtlation on the 11th of September.
It will -be seen that it smes an esxcellent
showlug. N: P. Langtord, B1ank mxE hm
was here last week, Imaking the regal
aminatton' and found everything conn
with .'om bank in. fine o6rer. The manage
ment has been careful and dtisreet.
A eooo asmortmeat of ioi nes andI 1e-i
latmesat ST1ABUBII R & SEZtLIRNG 'S.
Rzv. T. C. lure 19itiebud a very oqet
rmon ats the I. . bur. * dSally y
gca* l and listenied towlt i nse
terest by a 1eri zamerous tion.
Mr. ifft, by his earnest Chr labors, is
becoming very fopular In our `wamunity,
and we are haipp tO say, lcaesr eei.
ELLIS & DAVIS are daily
receiving large additions to their
already extensive assortment of
General Merchandise.
CHANGE oi TrnM.-Sat iwday last Galen's
coaches changed their thine to ti' winter
schedule. Coaches now leave this place
daily at 8 a. m. for Helena, laying over at
Radersburg for the night. Travelers will
find this a' rangement more pleasant than
the old one, where passengers were required
to leave their comfortable beds at 3 o'clock
in tie morning and be confined to the coach
until 8 p. m.
STAsnURxaE & slPE o are In receipt and
have opened out a fine assortment of cus tom
made clothing, boots and shoes, hats and
caps, with a general assortment of gentle
men's goods, queensw:tre, glassware, &c.,
Groceries Liquors, tobacco, cigars, and ev
erything needed in the mercantile line which
they mean to sell at low figures correspond
ing with the times. *
Sp ENCOURAOING.-Ip these days of Epi
zoo and other epidemics, 'tis ercouraging to
know that panaceas for all such are found at
the BALL: ALLEY SALOON, in the
wholesome exercise, good liquors, wines,
ales, porters and cigars there found. We
have tried them. Go there-and do likewise.
THE Kirus.-This popular saloon, which
has been under the proprietorship of Messrs.
.Mpunts & Worsham the past year, and
through their gentlemanly management at
taiued afvesal peprlarity. has been sold to.
Messrs. Ed. Fridley and James Butler. The
Kiyns will reatain iTi- ellee-Ii vert repura
tion under the management of these young
DEVrLOPING.-A party of practical miners
are engaged, we understand, In an extensive
sinking contract on ore in Sixteen Mile silver
ledges. They have engaged to run an incline
200 feet. Deyelopments will continue over
there all winter. Some of the ores assay
high, and one ledge is represented to be 6
feet between the walls.
held in the Church on Sabbath evening next.
After the usual opening exercises the hour
will be devoted to Christian song by the Con
gregation, Sunday School and Choir. Some
of our best singers have promised to take
part. All are invited.
HEALTxY exercise, muscular development,
splendid liquors and fine cigars at the
For Investment)
Having to enter upon the dutits of Sheriff of al
latin county-on the Ist of December next I offer for
on Bozewan street. The stable is furnished with
all the appurtenances necessary to run
A First-Clm u ry ai d Feed Busal.
and parties wishing to engage in that line will find
this the best opportunity ever offered in the Terri
ET For particulars apply to
4-3 C. L. CLARK.
There will be sold at Sheriff's sale.
On Saturday, November 16, 188s,
Consisting of
[29 Mules with Harness and 8 Wagons.
Those wishing to purchase will do well'to bepres
eat, as the property is liable t, go cheap.
On and after this date I will
his rnale is Iapet~atv and will not be departed
froma Jau "y lalace.
Ie mnte SuiBect yrstelf to the mortiaeatoa of
beins wrefued'
Theas ladte to ra re arunestl requtsed to
-etle wle it b a unaeeoga delay,
Ipprnt so mnae the benoeclsal toy wmy
Ionsers x*ise iw ais f .,i
: . ." ".b~~ffi~:" , ,t-. d." tm.'
1 where nasiclgoine?
ti this latitude: aand the
intb it will ts along titaebeore
plenty again. The j .eoplh*e l
have a hard time to pay their taxes we fear,
hat they manage in s 1'aegmef to rais it
Itwe to save the l. per ut..R
Dauvruas e on Cowrt` r.-A large n
tity of hay has ben d terted at Fortls
duaring the week. Pariais who ha' o-i
gag d to supp give amouns udeR eon
tract seem deterudnte. to do alp t he in n
thart-direcnon before another biap orf
weather sets in.
.L. MoPsmesow and lSad~I et on Sunday
last fo sabort trip over to =Heen. This is
the first time they have been-ever to their old
-homeý they came samengus. We hope
-theywlt have a pleasant itsu to their old
ndsrbais a safe retsur before either snow
ortorms om :
RIcfAIw Luct, Esq., late of the firm et
T"ootle, Leach & Co., of Helena, died last
week at his home In Kansas City. His death
is a sad blow to hil famlly and bosts of
friends. lie was a true friend, kind husband
and father, and the Airi to which he belonged
will uias biaw y.
IC. , , heae rmet8: to Vir
l he will ake o In
atture:. e -ratifled to hive o usefl
and public ritedaictiszen back in our midst
Tued.ay orn : ,lty, ba.
Int In charge XIt3! "s ato the
Nt .. ls returned from a
trip to is tratns loaded with
with i .sle ,, Ie to th tis Basin.
Rav. T, C. lurr p prteach In the Church
Sunday m rning.
-- .. .. . . ....
ReIm6 gls the ahteome at ea.eqm.
ar. 2, 3ar. , 1s5s.
Barry Jamsl e Jtison Robert
Clark Miss Fanny Kirby H
Coper Miles 3M Landsberrv John 4)
Davis W A Marl-A lison 0
Gage Wm L Masas Louis
Gray John May Henry
Hawkins W Ohlson Oliver A
Hawkins John Pierstorff Andrew
Herbert Joe RODye MAC
Hindmand Wm 8I Janes '1
Hites David S Swan Miss Wildy
tngram'Geo F Widner James B
Wilkinson W H
of the endltion of the
it latioial Bans
At Bozeman, in the Territory of
1Montana, at the close of alsi
ness, September 1i, 1878.
Loans and Discounts..... ................$53,317 62
Overdra s t............e..... " .l ........... 8
u. s. Bonds to secure 'cir, len,;; '..:'"":s30,000 00
Other Stocks Bonds and Morgsages........ 2,437 90
Due from Redeeming and BYserve Agents 3,105 .t
Furniture and fixtures................... 2,601 27
Current expenses..... .......... .. . 941 03
Taxes paid...........................
Premim ............................4,050 65
Bills of other National Banks............. 6,406 00
Fractional currena..................... 43 23
Specie--coia......................... 90. 5O
--gol Ten d .er ' . - ....."...... .l .....- . . .
Mutilated Currency.................. ...'8 93
Capita 8tck paid 1k...ck............*50.0 0 0
Surlus fnd.p..ad ..................... ,.,a7 6
Inerest .......................................1 7 10
Profit aad Le ss......................... 17 90
National Bank circulation outstanding... 26,930 00
Individual Detosit.................. 0.9825 02
Demand certificates of deposits......... 1,965 00
Time ', " . 1.. .16,871 64
Due to National Banks ................. 3,459 94
$.109,806 66
TaalTrron or MoNrANA. 1
Cottty ot Lewist C. arke j s"
I, Geo. W. Fox, Cashier of the First National
Bank ol 1to.eman, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true, to the best of my know
ledge and helief.
GEO. W. FOX, Cashier.
Sworn to and subscriboed before me this 30th day
cl October. 1b37. HIE- RY ADIDOMS
ISe 1.1 Notarr ublifc.
Curreart-A tiest.
est . J. LYSTER,
cGEO. W. FOX. Dtreotors,
Wit L!Am uON,
30 PriAz a 450 CahceL
GrandPrize, $3,100
$4, 50 0
Tickets, ~1O0 Each.
A. Prize for' Everv Fifteen
Tickets !
T]Hl CeAPIAL PRIZE will be my present busi
e nes :nd dwelling-houseon Main street nearly
oppositg the Court house, which Is a well-built,
wo- story establishment, eemprisin; 10 rooms, 2
haliT and 3 closets, with a warranty deed to the
r"'ound. It is a very ohceapl property at.$3,11.
The other prizes run in value from $13 to $150, and
embrace elegant Inrniture. all of which is rated at
the lowest caah prices.
The drawing will take place at a public hall in
lBozeman, at an early day, under the direction of
a Committee of Citizenas, to be nominated and
elected by the ticket holders present:
Nearly Half the Tickets have Al
ready been Sold I
1 House an. Lot 1 q MaiU Street .... $l,40
1 Pine Black WsaIlxdU( ct Bedstead...... 4150 00
1 M. 1. Tobias God Watti ................. 125 00
I Fine Black Waima round earved exten
slon table * 10000
1 Carved D 'WalnlIUt Freneh Bedstead.. 100 00e
I Bed roor ast, Bedstead, 4 Chairs, Bureau,
Wash-stand s at siand-table ............. 0 0(1
1 Six-dr wr with glae.......... o00
1 . . 7000
1 " .. ... To70 8
L Large Double-door an. drawer Ward.rob.. e.
1 No. 7 cat .uoa o ook-stove sad pipe......:. 500
1 seta msesto k O ee (Cairs . . ..,
Ash round Q eats ining isab e ........ 46
1 wood . . ..* ............
I 'n e ............. .................... 14 _0
1 " .. . '- - . .-... ... ..... ..
1 "e " .. 1a 0
1 "l .... beA
4 4.. . . *
~ie~r~l :·:··I· -·· ;·: ~:~ "'r i~kP Is..,..
1IELE(A, M 'T..
Wb.ku.st mi RIWi Dmiuu a
$brslrnrs awd ) rauhi s
Wall Paper.
Iuir~d hsot~it¶, Skedt Ilic,
Vi nd Guitar Strings,
. assars~i~ A
Agoat. for
The most omwplete stock to the TertttIy.
We keep always on bat
The latest Dokp, Music, 8aoisg"As, NOWs...
papers and Periodi.aZ8,4Wc.
Botinesu Houses
4 . Stom and Warehouse
Iately oeecpied by A. LAMMU A CO,, core:of
Matl sLbteS setrcets. This is
1d. The Room lately occupied as a Furnitare
Store, uader the Conmi oMelce. This store has
been THOROUGHLY RENOVATED. and is row,
both as to its
Central Location and Attractlveness
one of the most desirable business places in town.
8. The Billiard Hall, Saloon and:
lately occupied by;G. W. ODELL, Esq. This is
Te last llttive B1ilirTIta aMn i'
in the Territory, and li COMPLETIE IN ALL ITS
Bi11l Tales, Billiard Fixtures aid IBar Ilitures
Rents Moderate.
Possession to any of the above can be givtn ima
D' Apply at the First National Bank.
d STOI .
W. sW. 1oRI
W( OULD respectilly annoass to.the people it
V Gallatin county that he bha
Just Received and Opened
A large and well seleeted stock of
Drugs, Medicines,
1-'aints, ,Oils, ' Dye ;8-tuf.f
Fancy Artices.
ijThese ods have Just arrived fromunthe East and
were boaght from first bands for cash, andwill be
sold as lew as they can be bought in the Territory.
Preseriptio. accurately compounded at all hours,
da and night.
e establishment will be under the charge of the
well known Apothecary.
whose long experience is a guarantee that medi
cines will be compounded accurately, and no arti.
cle will be substituted for another in a prescription.
Call and see for yourselves, a few doors e la
mme A Co.'s Bosensa
arus! Guans! Guns!
Cuns, Pistols and Ammunition
Second door below L. M. BlMek's store,
Ali kinds of repairing seal! and promptly done.
Cottbwood, Red and Wblt*
Pln DryU d ..
Iany uauztior ena eil, onre tkeaye,,. lxa m
low:~j ·-lJCIIa

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