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Ja. 1. Milli, - - Editor
"It still nmoves" SoGalileo said of earth
in the teetih of the Ilquisitioaists, and so
we say of the Peniteatiary business, despite
nill appearances to the contrary. Dr. A. 11.
Mitchell, Commissioner, has received in
structions from the Secretary of Interior to
proceed at once with preliminaries looking
to the immediate construction of the build
ing, as provided for by the Acts of Con
grass and the Montana Legislature. The
pI'ns, elevations and conditional slpecific
lions are forwarded, and the detailed specl
feations of the Commissioner, in accordance
therewith, are being prepared, which being
apl'roved by the 4cecret.try, will be advca
ti/ed for proposals from builders. It iscon
template'l the wing now to be built shall be
dcuptiletcd in six months from time of com
wlencement. The Plan, as forwarded, is
'nlmpoied of a central building 80x86 feet
8:1 feet high. with two wings, each 70x44 feet.
Only one wing will be built at present. As
ishowing the general character of the build
ing, we are permitted by Dr. Mitchell to
sumnaurize the following from the specifca
thins of the kecretary. The wing will be 70
fouet 2 inches by 44 feet 4 Inches from out to
out; to contain 42 cells each 6x8 feet and 8
feet high in the clear; these cells to be in
three tiers-14 in each-one cell in each sto
ry to used as a bath room, etc.; the two up
per stories to be approached by an iron stair
way an:d galleries. The excavation of
teteches for all walls to be at least 8 feet
below ground line, and so much farther as
n~r b necessary to reach solid foundation.
All foundation and extension walls to be of
rubtle masonry of the best bulding stone in
the vicinity; corners coined, window hacras
arched; all walls above surface double.
faced, and window sills of split stone, The
cell walls to be of best quality of brick laid
in cement mortar; cells to be paved with
brick, cement or flagging stones; sell doors
to be of 2 inch by 1) inch iron, crossed and
riveted, with four inch openings; iron imr.
posts in windows; frou bars in lower half
one inch in diameter and not to exceed five
Inches apart. The two tiers of galleries to
have iron stairwanys, brackets and railing.
The roof ia to be covered with I. C. tin. The
The entli front, as projected, Is 170 feet,
but only the west wing will now be built.
There are quarries of excellent stone and
good clay for brick in the mmeodiate vicinity
of Doer I4odge. Owing to the drouth, labor
is far below what It will be next season;
the Territorial prison is needed to provide
for the secure and economical keeping of
prisoners, who are now quartered in and upon
the several counties at heavy expense to
them, All things render it desirable that
this work should be proceeded with at once,
and now that Mr. Cavanaugh is in Washing
ton, and has induced the e to- ra
Lion, we uit ti MllewW
taned e chimera
jaf lNmsoDan central to the several Ter
ritores.We anticipate soon being able to
state that the work has begun.
In another column will be found a car~
from Professor Steitz, asking for mining
statistics. We understand he has solicited
Mr. Granville Stuart of Deer Lodge, and
Hlon. Frank ILH. Woody of Mismoula, to com
pile statistics of their respective counties.
We are assured more competent persons
amiuld not have been selected, or those who
would have more ready assistance from the
m!ners. It is desirable that this informa
should be furnished to Mr. Steit,. and we
might as well state just here that the Mining
Commuissioners have been systematically
bilkihg Montana. The Government is pay
ing from $10,000 to $40,000 per annum for
tie preparation of these Reports-appropri
ating sums sufficient to enable the commis
sioners to visit each State and Territory
whereon they report. What has been the
result ? Mr. Taylor never visited Montana;
Mr. Langford furnished the statistics which
were cut down without shadowof reason, and
Taylor pocketed the appropriation. Mr. J.
Ross Browne had some $80,000 or $40,000
appropriated for the same purpose. He
never visited Montana. He sent Dr.
Blatchley on a flying trip through the
Territory, as the darkoy went through col
lege, and left Professor Keyes to make the
Report. Keyes gave the best geological re
port of the Territory ever written, but it
was not Browue's fault. Then Mr. Ray
mond was appointed last year. He traveled
over the Paclfic Coast region, and tarned up
I. New York, Siptoumber T7, without any
report of Montana, witbou' any Gove:nment
funds to pay for one, and the Report must
be in by the meeting of Congress in Decem
ber or the Territory be unrepresented. Pro
femsar Eaton, then in New York, volunteered
to have a preliminary report of Montana
prepwred in time, and with the gratuitous
assistance of Professor Keyes and Colonel
De Lacy, Montan again had the most valu
able papers in the Report, And now comes
the final Report Agal Mr. IRymond has
visited Colorado and the Ibiolo Coast, and
is atpresetin Idahbo Batt es is noi ti
nation of his visting Montena. snd ona
triansmuast aplsai atultously wepres.sea
faruish the Report or the Territory will be
Ignored. The Commissioners get paid tir
their work. Other Territories and States
are visited. Why is this, the second gold
prodcag commonwalth, persistently pass
pd by gvisited? The ability and integrity
at thbs eantemea who have made the Mon
as appofi IS JnaCqsestoned, but this vs
pha isl WeWIJI4 llpor)antd *o01d rse
insve, in equmpsn with otrs,^ t pe(uol
Attention of h CaLb q mr. As it does
pot, there is the reter .W oawo ty 0llit
. .ialt s oe swhoi w.oa,4i, did.h.
pA DWy , of Sdm usiniss', U to
Two American Statesmen of note hbave
died within the pest few days-William
Pitt leusenden, of Maine, and John Bell,
of Tenmasee.
Mr. Fessenden was born in New Hamp
shire in October 16, 1806. He graduated in
Bowdoln College and removed to Maine.
le was elected to the Legislature of that
State as a Whig when but 25 years of age.
From that time until 1839 he practiced law,
when he was returned to the Legislature,
and in 1840 elected to Congress. From that
until 1854 he practiced his profession, and
served two or three terms in the Legislature,
he being in the Legislature in '54, when the
Kansas-Nebraska question came up, and a1
though the body was Democratic he was
elected by them to the United States Senate
by a fusion of Whigs and Free Soll Demo
crats. He took his seat February 23, 1854,
and his speech on the Nebraska bill on the
:kl of March succeeding placed him in the
front rank of Senators. He was re-elected
in 1859, for six years. In 1864 he was
appointed Secretary of the Treasury, suc
ceeding Mr. Chase, and in 1865 was returned
to the Senate. He has for years been re
garded as one of the greatest statesmen and
best financiers in the Senate. He occupied
for many years the leading position on the
Committee of Finance. le cast one of the
seven votes against impeachment of Andrew
Johnson. iHe and Senator Trumbull wers
the orly ones of the seven who had ability
and character sufficient to suecessfully meet
the storm of popular resentment against that
act. They saved the Presidency to Grant
by it, but it was not seen in that light then.
John Bell, of Tennessee, a man of not
less ability and force than Fessenden, died
full of years-verging on 78. He was born
in Tennessee February 18, 1797. He stud
let! !aw and was elected to the State Senate
at the age of 20. He was elected to Con
gress as a Democrat in 1848, and served 14
successive years in the House, being elected
to the Speakership in 1884 against James K.
Polt. He presented the anomaly of being
a strong Calhounist, opposed to nullifeation.
In 1885 he quarreled with Jackson, went
before bhis constituents. and was returned as
a Whig. He alone of all the Tennessee del
egates favored the abolition of slavery in
the District. In 1841 heaceepted the tender
of the War Department from President Har
rison, but shortly resigned. In 1847 he was
elected to the Senate and was re-elected in
1859. In the issues that came up prior to
the war he took sides with the Southern
Senators, and in 1860 he was on the Ameri
can, Bell and Everett, ticket for the Presi
denrcy. That ended his public career.
Our Missoula correspondent asks when the
government surveys are tobe extenderd there.
The tollowing from the Naft.al Rgpubldei
Sept. 1st, assumes to throw some light on it,
but it is not clear to us. Gneeall.sW lI
IdtsUe* lR JpeiBln s th s_ u
S-g-. he 8urveyor General at
Helena, Montana, showing that that ofil
cer has lot a contract for the survey of pub
lic lands in Deer Lodge valley, in the south
western part of Montana. These contem
plated surveys will embrace some of the old
est settlements in the Territory, and me de
signed to form a basis for the extension of
the public lines into the Hell Gate river.
The valleys of the Deer Lodge and Hell
Gate comprise some of the anest agricul
cultural lands in the Territory, including an
ares of about three hundred thousand acres.
which it is proposed to survey at an early
Is rranything now, Mr. Nsw Noar-W trr, that
Jamai M. Ashloy should have "the Denocracy uulted
against him r" And is it sw that Mr. Ashley is a
'"leding" RepublicanT An] do you sertoisly think
the new Governor "proelpitat.." minters when be ex
emises a prerogative vouchsafed to overy preceding
Ex.cutive of the Territory At any rate, Captain, is
it not a little rash In the higher of year "neutral"
glory to prescribe the bounds o his destiny to "ninety
days " We would, at least, dear boy, admonish you
aiglnat a too frequent Indulgence in such portentloss
predictiosu, for you ayorself are best aware of how
mlghtly they have failed yue in the past.--SNerd,
The style of the above is "portentious"
enough to emanate from a " higher" gram
mcttleal and orthographi"sl source In some
other "town sight" than Helena. It is in
dependence, not " neutrality," that incites
the admonition. The Nsw Noaru-WZrs
is untrammelled.
If this, which we find In the New York
Ti .use of September 80th, is not getting
things muddled, then we "pass:"
r Louas, Sept. *.-A Virginia City, Montana, de
upateh .ays: The Terrltrial Auditor and Treasurer
elected st the e eetlos hare been removed by the
(evoenrr,, has MUed their places by appelament.
The case wll bem euosteti. The eason for the ena
moval was the fradelult returns of Madison count
and the thrownlag out of Choute coun ty. oes accont
of informality at the esdal count of votes.
And this from the Omaha RepubWafss,
The telegraph tuaorms g, that Governor Ashley.as
removed theTrrltersI Amttoram'mreasuer et Men
Stn s o.eseqsseq sem s uesnvuSatsrms.
Tae. Saa Franeso ihrwa es am&s Ned
Buntline "an tepreiLble humbug, a witr
of senstiQual trash and a degdeid and dmu
drames v~rlel," wd all tis hsems he said
in Chiaoe that a aest assy people In Cbl
Iferole died of drik. The Oisetts eaght
to take a had in the Capital disegemls, -
Da as or L J. GaaruoUnd -WheaWet
the deist on Augest 1atl, at MamsL- e a
aifterals pginsar of Aa' 3.myasuis.
He wa at one flee a prpasse dsewhat,
bwes sts win Mtant pr- WU me aslistr ,
bnu ut Wltsshbear y lnea, s.1 kib
tsr, fm whck he bed uml an . tima so.
o leandibe adr psh ange me haeM, s
et see·a aae sixueir mne - -
asemi areas.lls a*g**** m bhn
tleagsI.tIPeeola Uat
sawna eloeies uesee e
Lnwinguese assisenghp plhppe33 tire esI
mC .ver" L3.ea' vea eoM a 01
Ismory Note IBeook.
"-LOWS oPtsa war s Tvnap am.a" F
We have Deer Lodge river, leer Ltigecos.ty, > r
Lodge valley and Deer Lodgeiaty. I is anodd psl
at. Do you know how in rigitest It ce l
from a large, sgar-loaf mond, with a thermal spring
on Its summit, situtaed near the caster f the breed,
upper halt of this valley. It is of the most be
-tm and inteesttag fermate es to th ao[cth-wet,
growing with the gaturt the wates buildlag their
throe slowly, imperceptibly, but steedily as the coral
builds the ocean reefs, and tn the coaing years will
attract many thousands to drink of its medicinal wa
ters and And health and pleasure nlathebeautiful valley,
montaln.rled and comued by esrysta rums.
war IT so WxANs.
The mound is over forty feet high. It stands in the
midst of a perfectly level valley; and the hot spring on
its summit, during the greater prtle eof the year,
sends up a heavy volume of vapor, rendering It a con
spicuous object for from twenty to fifty miles In every
direction. It bears, In the distance, a striking resem
blance to an Indian lodge with the smoke ascending
from it. Through all the traditions a the Indians,
the valley has been famous for the plentitude and fat
nesr of the white-tailed deer that graze upon Its ever
nutritious and almost ever-green grasses, where the
snow scarcely ever fall. and falitng quickly disap
pears. And so the aborigines, true to these facts and
wearving with them a happy fey, named it after that
It most resembled; and we have it that the Snake hun
tng parties approaching the creae of the surrounding
mountains, before the pale-fa came to the land, would
try the fleetness of their steeds to see who would first
catch sight of, and hall the point of r.ndesaves-"IT
boo-Kn. x CA.n-na"-the Lodge of the White Tailed
Dour The early coming French, appreciating the po
otry of the designation, adopted Lt Hiterally and among
them It was known as "La ops£ sCA CAsoull' Blutthe
laconic, matter-tfact Yankee pioneer came this way,
and without remorse, boileddown all its traditions and
beauty and poesy into the practical appellation of
Deer Lodge," by which is now known the valey, the
river, the county and town.
wazas TuHS MoUt, Is.
It is eighteen miles distant from Doer Lodge City, on
the left bank and at a mile's distance from the river.
The natural rod to it Is unexeelled in all America.
We had the pleasure of visitlng it a few days since in
company with Mr. Granville Stuart, Dr. A. IL Mitch
lil, Mr. Louis Keyser and Dr. J. P. Adams-and the
trip was not lessened in stIractiveness by thecompany.
The Mound is situated about two hundred yards north
of Warm Spring Croeek, and Is In the center of a tile
swamp some sixty or seventy acre In extent, only
passable over one or two paths. Its hight above the
surrounding swamps is forty or forty-five fest; the
base diameter on the terrace that surrounds it, cue
hundred and thirty-ds feet, it having the shape of a
Inverted table bowl, with a gently rounded top ea
hich fifty person can tand comfortably. The sar
rondlng swamp is treacherous mire, that would en.
guiph man and beast Instantly, with here and there a
solid formation, the depositlon of mineral substances
from the sprflp. The base of the Mound to the
ight of the terrace is soil; above that It is silicious
and ferruglnous tufa, a deposit of matter held In solu
tion by the hot water which in overflowng from the
summit has formed it in concentric, corrugated and
foliated layers, varying rom two to eiglht inches in
thickness. The crystalizatlon of this deposit isalways
at right angles with the plane of depoeition, and the
rock is extremely friable. It it are to be load large
pieces of pure carbonate of Iron. On some portions,
and especially on top, there is bright vegetation grow
in the soil drifted there by the winds. The tom
pe.eaure of the Mound spring Is 113e, Imparting ahigh
temperature to the entire Monad. It is two or three
feet deep and as many in diameter. A rumbling sound
like the growlof a subterranean monster, Is continuous
sad distinct, and the footfall is echoed anywhere on
the Mound, but the waters are quiet, the overflow
eased, and the Lodge of the WlfWe ' e~ l
grw a s .
aerve of land
ibe Mound. They areas
marhable for their number, temperature, medical
proprties, and the contiguity of extremely hoat and
cold springs. The followlag thermometric observa
tions of a doen of the springs within a radius of
twenty feet will give an Idea of this phenmenon:
No. L 1e0. Nao 4. 18. No. .163. No. 0. 1M-.
No. 149P. No. . 13. No. 18 6 I. No I. 10.
No.5a 113 . 1 lNo. G. 0 Nao.. . No. . UlU".
The spring registerg 1! is not more than two
and one-hralf foot from that rugestrin; 8, and both
are pouring out strong streams. Many bubble aad
boil, emitting vapor, like caulddrons; ethers are quiet.
So e ione from small oifleas on the surface; others
a two, four and slx feet deep, with equal diamlute..
In the larger coad springs plants are growig; spring
a ew feet distant would cook s ag. The sprinC -
w waled with their own farmatdo, and the interr,
ning grund is st ast jelly. It is net more tbn ahalf
rile from there to--the creek; ao wetaodearetafull..
The depa itt of Iron carbonate, salphstee and slicat
i the little strea ou d ams in aw atIoe tule lad,
where allthewatersltaiks, resealta I· itle format
almilartothatconstitding the Mound, and the bo
spring land is already elevated several feet above the
surroundnglevel. May not thea eprintge poseess as
nrderful attribates a those of Mlerpls I AsIa
"inobr, whose water weea led about the vineyards and
gasdeans, and the chaes theread trned to bance,
ach o a sinule stoun
wuem rso13tsna.
Thermal sprngs derive their medidnal value foem
their temperture and solvets. These arChybeae,
boldiaga large qutity of iron Ia elatiom, nd p.o
wmeing various tempertaaes, from Ib to r 1 labr.
An analysis made by Julius Deetker, ot Doer Imdge,
chemist, while Incomplete, owing to the absence of
essential apparatus, ahows that one plt o water taken
from the spring egisting h lends te sats ofr
smliam after evaporation, primalpapy arbemats o
Iroe, salphates and chlorides o maguesitad sodium,
with a small amount of silicate of alluina, rid per
haps other subtle eompoobis which the Imperfect
aaalysi dldMnotmhw. h thw s alrs, hoewm , shows
them to belog to the same dams as te Wlbad
springs at Germany, the Tunbrkdse sad righton
spriugs otf ngnsad, andt t Bedford springs
In Peu.sylvafa, which arel a Chaybeate. Both a
b~athing. d naklt g wate aty re vdalubl, mpart
lug to the blood, according to Liebeg, the re partlaMl
that perfornm such a mportant part i. respiration.
Many caes of d roue rheamatlm have already been
relieved by hatrg hMrs, ftar a at-hous, with a1s
fet pouo, has bee bult, san me hudred .r~ bfm
th apring. Isala,. esotablednaelig, w.th ii,
.bles, etc., oveamlet. The property in owsed by
Mees. Bellnger A AlI.m, of Preach Gutch.
A rooa *sawui Ae--asEuD.
Prom she mmie or te DeerletAp the eadeempe is
ms oease. Around the Duer Iade Vally, fstr
m les ag and mss. m imw was aupreaed asr
baauty In an ar wle doma, swaps in twshblrds 'f
a csele frem north to asuth-wet, the main arocky
MoeataIn taup, wIth Me elebrated pm vile. la the
seathou twe prpettelusl mes etIthwlelnms ba
m £eet*ebw luft olh. Onattsewst4tedd
Ar.k mosqala. was brelt e *lcwr!Plest
-0- sn - . AllOmU. t-m
.Vt.sas.pIr l s ,. A. .,on
f .ee.oadms g Mh doom. t mus
. ;m.s- _ .. ...a.
'id *(igl thl
teut; um n~a~man sttna s
a tr WAashs sI 7abrpW 1 (¶ nd le) 3 n
TIM N a e ore Judge it
losses on I'u s d
D4O J C C , rTALA,
DES4R D aD --A
comanor aras:.
O It Car OmI Ysaa. ......................... 8 00
On Corr a Ys Meanei ........................ * *
S nt....... 4... 8....14.1.4..178. o
SMot ....... 6..8..1..14.1. .1. .t8. orb 1
! " ...... U. T.1!.l.18.1.!. .80. .40. 50 Mo
S" ...... 9. 18. . :. .40. .W..g. 80 140
u Year .. .1.. .40. a .. 6 n..75. o10 S
tpe. luca uess N eo t 0ices ucts pet line.
s 'r Cor.espnadence, bshrt asd newsy, solidted
from echeamp. Wrld.e.name must acco a ,nyc
letter, to .rte good faith. Pernl' o to 3ue
name or I tareerred. NoletteintlahlWb harsh
personalities poublished, ecpt over name of writer.
Had.el £ Mnet ................ParkRow, N wYork
Steel Yanti................o.......... lo
L. P. Flue. ..b........... rancisco,
WCo Wetherell Co...........h....... ladlp Pa.
Thomillias Ray.... ........... .......... e City
I1.,C Jobeso, ........ .................. l k
. . P. . .................. lc..... Gulho
Worden . t oU ..s......................e... la il.
Ti se.ou . a.......................Mble City
Henry Jack r I
a. T uck n f ......................Gr .eak
Crle Sed . Wayren,. .Silver Bo0w
Frank S.yc ......... ............ alifornia Gulch
J. N. IrMerri . .......................Ph.iU ity
Judge C. Wileel ata...... re............ ....Beartwr
Jaues. Middagh, ....................... o D.ep
Jo.nT NoycAs, Dette" yF
PrrThe e in property by the recent ....... ooe Creek
David C. Irvine, m agI ate.e sp sd
Adam Flcer,r
lln agr et a i.......e.. Fmu ch Gulch
Cded Pttee ..........000or M . ...enerrsow Gulch
Miss15,000 wete man the catelebrated actres, saile fro
New York for Europe, on the 7th Inst.
The loss In property by the recent oal mine di Genter
at Scranton, Pennsylvania, I. estimated at 0h4000 to
he1 to c Twenty m aoce In the mine, sppothe aaned to
be sfcatlld.
A mstting dtlusaat the sub-esuty, Now York,
dSenator cidde ded to is 0 for Mrs. Gener, Male on th
$1b,000 were Immaediately subscribed. Grant gave
The President this afternoon appointed General1
Sherman to act as Secretary of War until the vacancy
Senator FeIsenden died at Portland, Maine on the
8th Inst. He was sensible until the hour of his death.
He had passed a comfortable night ntil three o'dock.
David Walsh, shot and murdered his wife in Chiea
go, September 7th.
A dispatch dated Montpelier, Vermont, September
8th. says not over 45,000 votes were cast in the Senate.
The return received indicate a Republican majority of
about 80,000. The Senate s unanimously Republican.
and the Boose stands 00 epublican to S Democrats.
The Allentown, Pennsylvania Iron Works were
burned Septelmaber th lose, P80400 One tonsaend
men are thrown out of
O enm len 7 has iinesd a proclamatem on the
result of the election ln Virgini. Walker will be In
stalled Provisional Governor on September slat, and
the Legislature I to meest October 8th, when the
adoption of the expurgatedl O itltulon will be an
nousncd. The following Wells Congresmen are pro
claimed electp : Ayes; Pratt and Porter. The foL0
lowing are the Walker Congressmen: Meagher, at
large; Boker, ldgear y, McKenzie, Milner and
Up to September 0th, I10 deae bodies were taken
from the Aveadsle mine, at Srauto.
Providence, Rhode Uland, had a terrllegals on the
Oth-the sevrest since '5L The Hrtforld ailroad
depot was blown down; nearly all the church steeples
Injured or blown down, and 1W00 blling unroofed.
Many vessels drove ashore and the Resolution went
down. Several persons killed sad great damage done
thoughout the State.
The fore at the New York Navy Yard Is Increased
The war ships are alto be put incondituaiforservice.
The Republicn State Convention et Minnesota has
nominated Jldge Austin, of St. Peters, for Governor.
Ground for the Liacu monumnt was bmokes Sep
tember th, at Springlhld, 1lnols, with appropriate
ceremonies. The association has funds to the amount
of nearly shteea million dollars.
The Commissleoers under the treaty with ngland
of July allU, for the sedent of daims arising from
tfreig treaties, who have bee In laseesl hbe. for
some time, have pronounced awards In favor of the
Bay Compeny for 10~5,000, and the Puget's Sound
Company for 100,000. These companies are requred
by the awerd to uleasets the United States, all their
possesslos and right In (Oegon, and Washinglep
Territory, which was 0he subject matter of their re
spective dalms
Charles IL Wright. the city editor of the Chicago
Tisese, died September a0th. It Is supposed that he
died from heat l..eases.
William A. UnderMhil, awell aknow. and hgly-e
teamed amrchat at Cicags, was astanly kited
September 9th, by beleg struek by a epress trainrao
the Illnois ental Railroad, near yde Prk.
The B sten Co 1se5m is bolmg repaired tor another
concert in October.
The Mllmab table factory of Kavanaugh Docker
in Now York was burned Septemberlth. Leos 90.84
New Mesim rs.desedOclen (fhpsllcme) Dilepte
to Conpgre, at the Spember eketli
An Odd Phowe emunelos. 53 stros lef Omaha
:ar Sareancisce on the 1th.
Bom. John Sel dIed at Nashvtas, Teanesse. Sep
tember 1th.
At leat a dose vseei s vwn wrecked or went
ashore on thie rethie. coaeS ris the lant oe
Wedmneda eight,, the ah.
A Prts letter phbW s n& .Lodon, saps the st:
peor abdleat lna o his son n his nt birth
P. a r~. k a pses ej died h. boes, pton.
ber lth.
On AStesmer th. a*bst panager tie. paes
over Sti Ieavswerwt Atclism and N -e--sears
oihad, aring gO samons etim bah we..
e)e es. to. .as, su .e .. -il
Th ftd iho is.ee, .O«IIr Ina Car
.eesoarb-eh yo W nt o wnhrge 0.'S eeu* li#
haiewls., wise.s sects ann d ase1 se seems
wear..aeth e sehe W 4m s1 h
lo;ae geft' 3 a aeamit h mdi
MI In I -Imj1
,-,Lc f::*·
was borned t
PbladelphiSa, o l
Hon. John Boats A. . J.
American for the fo e
under the Oregon treaty, have a
of e0,00 in gold, to be paid by the United States to
the Hand.. a anad PFgets Sound compaies, In e -
t o thi t rind forks war t!i(eky
±ounu, irresthpet oitfcaim ifoe icnaigatin of
The Centra Pchce sts1 d ystpdnttroe bded in
breaking up the gng of lncnadarles, who had bn-ded
for the purpose of destroying Me tfel and watertanks
a the station east do the mountains lately. Among
the parties arrested are thes W a set 0re to t1ea.1
sheds nur the summis
Lay Palmuerso, wleovof thelate elordaleates,.
died in London on Sunday.
The sBtte lair in San Francidso losedlt atprday.
It was a success, Ilacially.
The Western Unaon and Atlantic and Pacie State
telegraph compantes have someoidated.
The California pioneer excursion party weretolksae
for the East on Therdsy. the tRh.
A dispatch dated San Francico, September 19, syr.
A party vouched r as edlable, write to the ulU..e
from San Buenaventura that a document wasfoend a
the beach at that place on Augq.t, which was much
m-utlated. It requested the fiser to forward It to
the Secretary of the Admirality at London, or the
British Consl at thb neares pt. The request was
printed In six commercial languages. On the mnasi
every vacant portion was Sdied, relating to Sir John
Franklin and party. The document had evldently
been cast into the water In latitude O de~. IOm. 4fsec.
and lonagitanue deg. 4 ain.. . est. It .res an
account of the desertion of the ships Erebs sad Ter
ror, and the party nnmbred 10t. At the time of the
desertion they were under the command of F. R. M.
Crosler, and succeeded In reaching the above latitude
and'lougitude, where they tfoad a relic of the hate Sir
John toes ; states that the party wintered at BDedy
island in 18411, sad that Sir John Franklin died on
the 11th of June, 1847, and contalus many interesting
Incidents connected with the expedition.
Portland, Me., September 18-midnigbt.-LIttlo In,
terest is manifested in the election; one hundred
towns, or aerly half the State, give Chamberlain -,.
785; Smith, 16,850 and Hlehboeran 714. Compared
with the vote of last year, this Indicates a total vote
of 68,000, of which Chamberlain should have 48,000;
Smith 85,000, and Hlcborne 5,000; so Chamberlain's
majority should be about 8,40 over both contestants
against 11,00 of last year. The total vote last ear
was 10,781; the Republ can last year carried 15 of
the 16 conties, this yer they lose one or two; they
nI probably elect 7 of the 81 Senastrs.
The late disaster at AvoIdale leaves 73 widows and
151 fatherless children. The number of the latter will
bJ lncreased to nearly D0. () The reeeIpts by the
Treasurer of the relie fund I nearly l11,000.
Warrem Kennedy, of Cladcnadt, suaided Monday
Four hundred and twenty Marmon emigrants left
Omaha for Utah, on the 18tb.
Grant nil not appoint Wilkes to Chiau. It is be.
liHed the Mission is tendered to Frelinghnysen of
New Jersey.
Governor Geary has assurances no Secretary of War
will be appointed for two months. Then, it wil be a
Jea Mace, the English pgilist, in New York.
Grant and 10,000 other American eitiases w..n-fre
the laying of the corar stone
ment In Alleghenu,
I umbe ,Sk fiaAn ] skth, Y.I
Herald, Sept. 8.
R. . . sk left for the ast today.
A Heless lady gained two pounds obsh during a re
cent severe Illnes.
At Mr . & Mansedas ale the huse was puhased
by Zeoglsr A Broe., for *$.M ; the plane by Clonel
W. F. Sander., for 41i0; the organ by Rev. Mr.
Lloyd, for hS0.
Repubhla Sept. 8th
Sureyor Crbett, accompled by Profesor Hencke,
thLthree Olbsou brothers, and Mr. Wright, left Vr.
gils on Monday, under aoders, to estead theprlanpal
meridian of the Territory to the south boundary;
thence west on the second standard parallel 34 mles
thence, guide merldimnenth 80 miles; thence, ofset
west, i miles; thence guide meridan nrth, Sl
miles, down the erutre of the Jefersa valley, through
Silver Star to the base line.
Messrs. Red Norris amre taking out very se are
from the Perk inlde. They intend soon to com
mece work In the Pratt & Eaton mill, which has been
idle for a year past.
L M. Black, eq., has put up a Sa0 foot store o
The Virginia Poatolee has b ee placed upeo the
list of Internatonal Money Osder owiem.
" We perelve by the st Noerr-Was that James
Stuart Mill has et with an as~ideas.at Philipebhag.
Is this the twin brotherof Jobhn Start Mill, the Eng
lish phikloophberadstatemanr' Wretch! Language
is lnadequate.
Herald, Sept, 10th.
G. Jules Germaan left for the East this mordnng.
Captain Martin Mtter left for San river with a
company of 80 volunteers, today.
Republean, Sept. I'
The party who were hunting the Jake Thomas dig
gigs in 8eake river, have returned to Virglnia, and
pronounce te whole thing a bilk. There a no dig.
la s- there:
tr. Batter bas returned from Looe Creek nlace.
He reports that the place Is very diauelt of atcees, the
msed rmsg and ameen, and Wry emeaa sase; no
valeys, ha hench grass eoves the mentanso l The
gulch .eotalo , as aar he could judge, about thirty
workable dclm. We gold is found In the gravel, but
some has been takemn tore bedrock on sewral dama.
Captiethapdshabe egh a dearth atemut in 1n800
feet for $11go; Mr. Poladestar h alsoh pcrnhased
0 tet for S,00 Ia several 'lstances parties own.
li dlms have ombied and ae putting in Sumes,
the lumber for which Is umeadhetaud with a whip
maw. reviles ef all kinds are very high-sour ,18.
ba-, 80s.; cased frult, $1J5 butter $1, ad other
rmtldies inpeportlein. ees a peoor opInio, of the
500 pope at th Capal Balt Bestaay was .perl
over the faces of the Capltalonlan like apple butter a
the dlner s a os rt sahool hboy. *"I wea thºmut
briliant party ever wltn ed I Montana."
Mr. . N. MalsuM end d apt. Joe. Wright an
about tostarta p.pr at Doesa. They have new
m dteria alt a aea! das.
''lt. d I e 1 aida$.
Eal p. ,. .
flmser u'dseiry, piruiet anrr steas Ins,
e W sa,'ltrra , advert. iedeead ~ ease
etsatnsMe arst eearwood, ought Ire frem the
Sbanig them and .few toes of
abbS h de sbwere an urleady tal
3ij efeir qnIMthl. s hbaes .shie
ala sae ..itdhse rdeW S..a lb
>,,.m. a u: ila w st Ism a Wst IaL
We I g- L uch t lilsbetls -W
careless , Ip the
ran; but the m shot
to a bait, and foretd deilve ther
boxes. Charley Carte a ge ed
Inh owby the last Cutorinas
th coach half as of bbery.
NJ5em nwho lay over
enoughato beothe etae that was robbed. He lost
e& Ai n Meher passeager had in . en poket
book and $15 nl another. When ordered to dismouant
he saved the former by putting it in his boot; the lat
utso I"t ." allot thee poppUr but aC a
oma, t aws of hig-tned chivalry suffered
them not to molest. aer, the passenger who was
on the et doA h put under tribute, had PoASwIrt
hle. S told Mr. Carter be was goig to get married,
but that it he had been robbed be would have a.
sumaled a bcheor for Ite. Fortunately for the
lady, he sceoeded Ian getting away with the money;
but It wal a powerful elea call whether he beeate a
Bunedtlq orhas apt.
The Hele Water CoOppany hre about thirty men
anployed lring pipe conectinog with seyeral srings
and ilth ertainly have plenty of water to suropply the
demand next week.
Gasrtte, Spt. I.
Mr. ln Bobbins, wthea sB wouaned in capturia g
the roed Agents, is ie fair way of recovery.
Three boy babies last night
"I" says the mtaner in which the heavers are
building their damse idicates a hard winter.
Repubican, Sept, S th.
Mr. Barkley. Teriterial Treasurer, (under Executive
protest, has appointed W. W. Monrris, Esq., of Vi
ginia, to act during his temporary absence in the
A letter from David McCranor, Esq., to several of
our citiaens, under date of September 1st, from the
Leos creek mines, states that the plnar so far Is no
very extensive, though there isome veryoo ground
There are Ibut le sluices running. All the gound is
taken and can only be obtained by purchase at very
high prices. Three or four buildings have been erected
and others soon to be. About three hundred men are
In the camp. A oviion ae brought from Boise
City, 1a miles distant, en pack animals The roads,
the worst in the world, and the camp, when snow falls,
will be Inaccessible. Mr. McCranor advises all who
contemplate golan there from this vicinlty to stay at
home, as this is a better country by far, nless amore
extensive placers are disonvered.
Gaset:e Sept. 14.
Mrs. Anderson's school opened yesterday. Mr.
E.sslts will open a school on Monday next. Mr. Joh
Core will opea the Rdaney street school it two
Mr. Merritt, who died Sunday, has been a resi
dent of helesn seags 158D.
Colonel A. G. Bracket, the new commandant of Fort
Ellis, s esteemed bf the citizens for his precastions
in guarding the valley.
Tuesday, the 15th of September,-pbay of Atone.
meat-was to be observed in Helena.
Fast Lynne, with Miss Price as Lady Isabel, Wal
drou as Carlyle, and Richmond as Levison has" b
rnning and drawing well at Lanrishos' this weker
liramn Caswell, "goes back" on his wife's deWSbt
a localcard. .
Mr. Wil. T. ea : U it g ie ip
' sWili ' bMt~ s are improving the
Barts A Will challenge any jeweler ain Montana to
make gold chains with A. K Will.
. eGette, Sept. 15th.
"N" writes from WasMhington: "Dr. Mitehell, of
Deer Lodge, has been re-appointed to day, Commis
sioser for the erectiaon of the Penitentiary at Deour
Lodge. The Secretary promised that the work shall
proceed without delay. But there is much red tape
yet unatovel. The Postmaster Generaal has not been
in the city for some weeks; Mr. Cavanangh will wait
to see him, as be Is applyling to a daily mail from the,
Railroad to IHelena and Iker Lodge, and a tra-weekly
mail to Bozeman and on other routes."
"E. . Irwin has just executed a splendid extra
four-hour photograph of the torks of Orizaly and
Oro Flo gulches."
There is about M ns of freight yet at Fort Peck.
o.sv. Lov. Dsua LODOe.
.7. B13. WVILOX A CO.,
(Suoceaors to D. a Haldonnmn,)
Deer Leig Ctny, ontamn Terriory,
Have In store a ooapleote masrtet
sdeeted eaprely for the
which they propose to sell for
Cash, at Helena Prioes t
They have In More, and aro new. resdviu,
a hla assortment of Provolens, lacluding DRIED
FRUITS, sad all kinds of
A superior article of
Tea, C*eo, Sugar, Molasses, Sauces,
of every vrity.
Brandy, Choice O1 Shawtm ly. Whisky,
a-d aJ rtle. ts uaykept a the Liquor rad Grocery
nl, o tohe the attention ato te
Wholeasale and 1Retail
tesne ivaited.
.. . JWILCx a Co..
Deer Loabe Cty, l r7r, 1ee.
... ' ....l ' "tx . i " is " '
. BMC PAOTOR e.. .o .,
(hsplamtde oeatpkes d 4. Glow
as e i-&. oe:+osr - + - opn a, f-.o.
.inw a Qere gathe* s .
-ALW4 :.pS. A J. -.
4S URga 'p cooto a
'i iirO l itiee awai00 8 M
To tl strict Court of the Second Judicial District
fd itans Territory, Deer Lodge county.
Igned, appointed by order of sid Court
at .hl term, 18e. a committee to report rules of
Court, submit the following and recommend theirc
Ruts 1. Five days before the tM 1a e6a6dh team
of the Court, the Clerk sthal makh ie eeadaim oalt
are t !rtues eitber erw tef oin4 temes
and one for the DBr.
e shall writeln the calendars the names of an the
parties, plalntattg ddeodags4 Adt. the nai ea of
their respective attorneys eopeste, on the left hand.
side. On the right of the names of the parties he
shall note the staturef t~ tsb as to each defendant,.
whether on answer, demurrer, motion, default, e.c.
Causes coming to ite iaa r the cale is d r i de
out, shall be added to the OidthsM 1 thdlr order.
Rus s.. -tiHetns' bdt. l and bushainess in the
Untled Slates Court, shall, in thie dOeretion of the
Court, have precedence of civil business
RU.s . On the first day of each terms the alendar
stallbecaled, and all causes at isehe of fact shall be
srt for trial on day certain.
Run.a 4. M the time a cause IS set te trial the pr
ties shall state whether or not they desire a trial by
jury, and thetact shall be noted on the calendar.
Jury causes shall be nt tried, and then those for
trial by the Court.
RutLS.f Noenusewhich l notat issue of factbe.
fore the tenth day of the term, shall be for trial at
that term, except by consent of parties
Rut 6. The first and second days of the term shalL
be devoted to the hearing of demurrers and motions.
Demurrers and motions flied after the second day of
the term, shall be for hoarnmuat any timq when con
venient to the Court after one day from the time they
are iled.
As soon as a caunse is brought to an Isome of fact:
after the decision of a demurrpr or motion [provided
it be before the tenth day of the term) it shal be set.
for trial.
RU.s 7. When a demurrer or motion to strike out
or correct a pleading is overruled, thq party demurring
or moving shall answer or reply within twenty-four
hours after the.decllga.
When a deorurrr, or ipotion to strike, out or correct
a pleading Is sustained and leave to amend Is given,.
the amended pleading shall be filed within such time,
not to exceed Ave days, as may be alidwed by the
Court; and the party lemurring or moving shall have
ten days to plead after the filinof the m·ended plead-.
RULE 8. All applications for eontinnanies in causes
at issue of fact on the Bret day of the tenu shall be
made on or before the second day of the termu untass.
for case6 Mdig after that time.
In causes which come to Issue after the irst and be.
Fore the tenth day of the term, applieations hr eontin.
uanees shall be made within two days after the lane
is made hp.
RtLa 9. After the first day the term the order of
business for each day shall be as follows: .
1st. Roading the minutes of the preceding day.
9d. Ie.wrlagpof usprrt motions.
8d. The calling of the ctlendar for the day.
Rotu 18. On the argument g |f ga!iqnu the party
qoviug shall be e tith and in
o eases os n edeer to s "e at wheu
- sym he an ag "led t hot,.
.b en O tet e esvi.at
iteaento l this Court.
Swa . parties or
Sroceedings in a case
e the Court, unless the sUme shall
have been made in open Court and entered In the min.
ntes, or noted by the Judge, or unless the evidence
thereof shall be in writing, subscribed by the party' or
his attorney against whom the same p~ay be alleed.
Ruts 18. No bill of costs shall be re-taxed unkMs
the motion to re-tax be made within five days afterthe •
judgment Is entered.
Rvuta 14. In all return made by an officer or other
person of service ed p~lcess or papers, the return shall
state the place of service on each person served, and
ll contain a atatement of the items of f-es charged,.
Including the number of mleas ndoesarily traveled.
W. W. DIxON, ,CCoalittee.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing rules he and
the same are hereby adopted as the rules of the Dil
trict Court 'for the ad Judicial District for Montana
Territory, and it Is further ordered that the same be.
published in the following newspapers, nzx: Tas Naw
NoarH-Waas and the Deeor Lodge Iand.pemset, for
one week. IUlu~ Kxowls.r."s
Dated, Dzrn Laone CrrT, ,. T., Sept. -, 18 1.
TERM. Iba.
A. Lincoln and J. Lincoln vs. John S. Rolrs, J. N..
Collins, Otis Strickland and Ruford Pleasant ; dama
ges and injunction; Clagett A Dixop, plaintifr at
torneys; verdict for defendants. Notice of motion
for new trial.
W. 8. Darce et at ve. J. W. Shriver et al; forecloa
ure of lien; James II. Brown and M. $. Harrson,
plalntiff's attorneys. On motion, Sheiff orered to
amend returp.
John Mathews vs. Seth Bowman; replevin: Sharp
A Napton, plainlirs attorneys; Thorfhton, Roblnson
A Stephens, defendeat's attord.s: verdict for plain
tiff. Stay of proceedings ordered till last day of term.
George Plaisted vs, William Nowld and Alex.
Aiken et al-Cable Company-dlssolution and settle
meat. ChumaseroA Chadwlek. and Smith & Cullen,
attorneys for plaintiff; 'Calget a Dixon, for defen
dant-N-owlmn; Sharp Napten, for defndant
Akena; amended emplaint Sled. '
Job J. Pmtmberoetal vA William Maloy t l;
recovery of mnshr porund; Maybew A McMurtry
and James IL Brown, Plalntiffs' attorneys; Thorntos,
Robinson' adi Stephens. defendants' attorneys: o
O. B O'lANINON, Clerk.
Dmn Lones, September 17th, ISIS.
Painting Palntlang! Painting! Painting
Henry IHitohtin,
House and Iga Patating,
Gralning and Glaing, in the highest ptyle of the art.
promptly attended to.
send *1.i orders and havw leir sign returned to
them by express I tern days from time t order.
'My sk 4 ns a aovr Monana, are m rlefens
Price. sode.rate.
w o erde proatp. *uu . ... ..
J. _ YWTR A CO.,
dee toi'
Groceries and Pro*Fisiats
Wheat, Oat asnd Nqyr, Lsator, se
Corner of Broadway and auim &eeta,
T. hlnts telW
o ' IT'f TAL
ShattId t u t atv 1" ' .. s A
iý ":'R ".; ls. tr eý le al the
.. "" .. . d " . , ...
i. ei ,,&.·.ll .. .e ,,w
ii t u4 o BathS'

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