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The new North-west. (Deer Lodge, Mont.) 1869-1897, September 17, 1869, Image 4

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a3m 313 " cmTI, raam, IETr. 17.
A Pm.see Ay.
Two * Imasds.sm Dtisetset y Am Cham
ail- hil. Beutn*d leat lbguter M
A Pis e spondentwrites as follows:
" Notwthstandlng the politial crisis at
t hanging over the fate of Fraace. the
devote a much time as everto the
less aImportant but more congenial matters
of secial life. Madame de -- Is a lady
on the sunny side of forty, rich goodlook
lg and borbon Jenme. ,some
score of years her senior was ordered six
months ago to Algeria, where he holds an
el postion. Madame B--. whose
health did not permit her to accompany
him remained in her vil on the banks of
time ele; shecontlnued to keep open house,
ave balls and parties d appeared in no
y grieved at the cruaelrto from her
ie lord ordained by t ocdal fates.
Tln went on some time in the most irre
preeablne manner. At length, however,
the solitude of sinle bliss began to weigh
on the lady's mind and ended In a nlimos
wirith a dashing Lotbairoof 80siummere. One
morning she announced the decease of her
husband, produeing at the sarm time a for
gl ertifdcte of death. The funeral ser
vices of she lamented deceased, who had
been buried In Algeri, were scarcely over
when the friends of the widow received wse
tiLtur dseor. part announcing her marriage
with the Lothario aforesaidm. The hone
moon went off sweetly enough and the
couple had entered on what the French had
calld Is Io o disenchantment, when hus
band No. 8 receuved a letter fromn Algeria
enforming hm that husband No l was not
dead and was rte to France. Madame
B-- thereupon decided to dispose of the
ocr6 ious old man In asummary way, and
hired a rasan to give him a kindly thrust as
he entered the boose. Everything went of
as well as a play. The old man arrived from
Algeria, alighted at his country villa, and
was going up stairs to hisb wife'sroom, when
he suddenly gave a shriek and dropped
dlown dead. The only thing now was to get
rid of the body before the authorities could
hear of the air. Husband No I was called
Lnto service, and in obedience to the fascin
atin entreaties of his guilty prumour, took
the bmy tied it up in a seck and threw it
Into tberiver, but unfortanately fell le him
elf and was drowned. neither of the bodies
ever being discovered. It now turns out
that Madame B- bed sewn the eact con.
asding the body of husband No. I to the
coat of husband No. , and thus killed two
birds with thea sme stone. The villain who
stabbed M. De B- gave himself Into eoos
ody a few days ago and confessed all; but
the lady is supposed to be in the backwoods
of America with another adventurer."
It is remariable and sad to contemplate
how few of the eminent discoverersand con
querors of the New World died in peace.
Colambo wenat to his grave brokenhearted;
Roland and Boabdilhl weredrowned; Oven
do was harshly supereaded; La Cass
sought a refuge in a cowl; Ojeda died in
extreme povert ; Enisco was deposed by
his own men; Nacnesa perished miserably
by the cruelty of his Vpart; Vasco Nunez
was rcefully beheaded; L e, "who
dellhted mrvody in dvent.es," was
brought to a sad and untimely end by one
of his hwless followers, who murderd him
in a dreary Texan wilderness; Navares was
lImprisoned In a tropil dungeon, anadafter
ward died of ardshi; Cores was dishon
ored; Alvarado was derod in an ambush;
dm4,w and his Ibr brothers out off; and
there was no end of the .assasItionsa and
eecitoLns of the secondary chlef amon
the energetic Lmnlish adventurersu Mar
h* who on the saoring of the tuh of
Jun , 7 with a joy that cannot be es
~ "discoved the MissIsei river,
ied alone on the banks of Lake Michiga
ad wasr buried sear themoutho thater
wlich has ever anes borne the faithful
lomary's ama
For moer than ten years past, scientific
men of the world have told us that durjng
the months of August and September, thi
year, the most wonderful comet the world
bas ever known would reappear; also that
it would p a nearer the earth than any
comet ever before; tbhat either the comet or
the planst wherein we live would have to
c its course or a colision would be
a This cometis several times lar
ger t our earth. Accordallng to astrono
mers, It Is the same one that preceded the
ars of Greee, and was followed a ter
rbl eomtrilon in Persia. ev years
after .it re eared, and was precededby a
mast terlb war with Roe, and piled the
dked to the streets of the eternal .cgl, unt
there were not enough livia to bit
de This sane comve bis p s s
tooursplueresgsln. It y seeb
naked eyeon any dear nigha l the nortI
part of the heavens at from eleven to
o ek, sad from tha. time till daylight. Iý
wiltl r brighte r aad-hthIr as it ap
sthe rth'-ulhyk.E H4er
Arn' you ashamed, Gedirk, for to trl
eo with oar feelinks t
. Iara Moomemas.-Mr. Codls, i bhisae
eas. bek, "Our New W Hrundr the
W-orl," thus writes of hets drts on a ma
withlnthe troples. He is nIndl: : "
muo.ads a t hll, p .in ts L ysr
t iao Is ariost as uwm.bsp . *. that
ofthe sn at midday. There is no eatl
It rays but Jh ehas ent tepem,
brain. The bled rosentothe head .
there a sers of fullness ad pr'ie
whisk, sh o ,no mobon
* fw se7eato keep our umbrellas pread at
midght, aswe as mid-day. It isr
c~rrmrMI th tsroogh In tbsha
forp. di ee "1 ma
pby days no th m
II antL Y &
lithe s a n d. lril 3ý
_ _ L -. .nr >r
A fTusim Mwe JTb m um
ReeI this couptg m .
dim o acys lady I nl tho t ow . ric r
Edwards, New York, by the Nm of D
ray o ueng woman who earned herdail
Md by pursolg the vac of vlag
millner and drmaker. Likemanyothrs
this acqualtance ripened iatolove, andab
d, ad after hort time beres t
fortunate possessor of amn wealth
the death of a blood reation.
lng regularly with his fair betrothed
acrons the briny sea, he expected to reaurs
at a certan day and makeher his wlf He.
died about two years go, before con
m-ating his wishes, leaving his Immas
wealth to the Port Edwards milliner. The
will was contested, but Its validity was fully
established, and certain messages ang
the seal of old England, have been trans
mitted through thl the English Consul to the
oungl ad, Informing her that tbereawaits
ordier in oneof the English banks a small
parcel containing over nineteen millions
As a proof of the correctness of the above
we are relibly Informed that Miss Ga has
left for England, acompanied by the _E =
libsh Conrsul, and other frieads, to receive
this sang little fortune.
And now, young men, In the words of
Cromwell, when about to Invade Ireland, a
be stood upon the deck of his vessel, and
pointed to the verdant hills, " Young men,
there's a prize worth striving for."
Taelrsugss one ussadred Ten
The advertisement, of which we here give
a literal copy, is deserviyg of I
naccoountof thequalntnesof J e'
thde peculiarity of the spelling and dio_
the " shifting" of the passengers which it
announces, and the geneml asd which it
gives us of the way in which traveling was
performed in America at the time It was Is
"Philadelphia STAGE WAGGON, and
New York STAGE BOAT performptheir
Stages twice a Week.
John Butler with his gg, sets out
Mondays from hs hbose, at the Sign of the
Death of the Fox, n Strawberrj alley, and
drives the same day to Tenton Fery, when
Prancis Holman meets him, and proceedsa
Tuesday to Brunswick, and tbhe passengers
and goods being shifted into the wagon of
Isaac Fitrsmdolph, he takes them to the
New Blazing Star to Jacob Fltsrandolph,
the same day, where RobMn Fitarandoph,
with a boat well suited, will receive then,
and take them to New York that night.
John Butler returning to Phiadelphia on
Tuesday with the passeners and goods de
livered tohim by Francis Holman, will again
sot out for Trenton Ferry on Thursday, and
Franels Holman, e., will carry his pwesl
ers and odswth the same epedtionas
March 8, 1708.
D Tnea o, A MODnma SAmox.. -oba W.
Rusli died in Franklin county, Kentacky,
re.ntly, aed seventyfive years. The
Louisville Curier-Joraa l says :
" He was famous among westen pioneers
for his strength and intrepidity. He served
ln the. war of 1819, was a member of the
State Senate, and an intimate, personal and
partisan friend of Henry Clay. He was r
many years a MIeI PI steamboat captain.
The incidents of his fore of will and power
of command would ll a volume. On
ecas.of. in New Orleans be had apermml
rencoatre with the pirate Laste, cd unarm.
ed, whipped himen a.j lected ahmt a ball
"On another, while landed at Natcbs, a
passenger of his boat was robbed b thepgan
which then infested the pofrtio the own
bordering on the river, and knowsn
'Natbes under the Hll.' By urrounding
with bbs crew the ouse wlhich the rob
bers took refuge, he pased a cable around
it, and under threat of pul with t.e
inmates, into the river, he rsesIed rti
tution of the money, and made himself a
terror to the thieves and mblers who tam
infested therivertowns. Of hisgreat ns
persu who knew him only Ina his V
ars, when enfeebled by imwould hae
had but little coneption, when in
his prime it was known from
New Orleans he bhad lifted a shaft w
1,647 pounds, and that he had carried en
tirely cross the deck of the boat an anchor
of 1,3l pounds weight."
fTe Fsdesse of Amerias.
The New York Evening Pa t presents th
following Intereting figures:
The United State have an area of 83,U1i
ae square miles, or s,.190,18 ares-.
nearly am smefor ev.r dolpof thenaonal
debt. The topula ot was t,l4q
.81.. it was b e mputed b the Censu
-Brau, that the mein annual inease of
peuin e t Ish-r: pee cent and ate United
tates would probably contain:
In lrso a ousdma o....................
ism Khe...f................ ..
hIa .Ma pspsls ea... ...........
The l$ ranmber is greater them pres
eat populaon of Gramt Bels, Francs,
pains nd Prusela together, ed far easrt
than number of evilise p~. vf yet
altnited on a eton. Yet wirh .
lde i States would have
twenty-eightl inhabitants ta the s .e
--les than i one-tbird siS et
I. Waf.ty r awa fort istsquarer
"!Mark Tw i." In hiam g his edlitria
duties em thes Umblo Ispes, eters h
wIdnaeti sm aea:s
der: as dmi.t r a
. 1h ý r o-ee-Ir. m
eon si , o .m tho, MI ne
&u. $. uu
Secr Leise @I~eg noa.
UOTAA : # t "ST
sauna a
Gvmvoeies! Gveb-rieu !
G~room" O no"~P~
Dry O~eds , 0110i..
ni amc ly 0mbi:
hy G.sb. hiY 0m
hi oswb hi o..b
a,.. awes.'0m
W'.shIoaatbl. Clothing!
c rai a a
g Y Lt w aaYlrII A, O
aiMio ~ Cbd a
a- C
hb a a hub
sbm mse
oum a`..
buim Urn.
Bo~t Qua uty ortU~taoo ea'.
wsti. w r a...eedi
A rer br. . fIýr t
C m oeIwmm".smmmWn
be~ Sahdbiy mBýiub
.mmm w ass gd umr
3Wls m wIYhgin bubinle
byIAR 6 sbidgRui dim uL¶m
WW.llldr - iu e i s
ntlirI '"r-·, u-ML
B O ~~ NE33 dr rk~iLat
Gemervl kIte'haulridI..t
JR k di:. &WNW «s I -d
- N
-ie -: iCl
- -
~ur~YL~t6o' if
0A 1l --u t-^)4
ob· ~
4?! 01
: I44L I(
r, t. d M." Moon% U. T.
Dvms"B ,Y I 5 Tri 1 M ev,
-0 . m
BM. iab* 3
ýfIr" . ý r la
3.mmm -.ii r~cl~a
sow T Yt1ý /Ti
14.e maumV
lt'ew TradIa peiet.
W~ ·~iABNAt CM~,
of P CITY, 111 b T(L ~
a~~~* ahu.ý. i r
r 104 M' i
Ylwdrt T' ie~ai Ba il r Gtr., Vii~~ii~~~~-iiuim*
w - U. p t~w3 c~
0.6me s OC's. boom. No shed.
w... as to3w . w Boa.. Y Vhjnh CMr
peims.r kah0m imin*-e
DNa tadinmmet w.3.iWNsbbume Camay
141. SITEB s 3Ii 'ml
J. J.a..._ W. B.UUIZ'.
Cam t a cosrrr
mr uRU1 XCioo mCinASYM
General 4gk ttl M1 loiiii i
~L-4 C-4
rn il rn~~c
Ww02·/f3't .& o.
Dry G ..4q Qreoerles,
M~mula~jl MI.,~ Mtaia
1Llr-Har- klllr -11
Tirna .as. Wu. 3a bnut nu
Utdreagu b~ SI~baw
- - w mcx
'r~a an s, u_ atrrr ?r
iwwtesiar as_
Lavgsot Stook .!Goods
war twn rb PIIIwýtý sl1ý
w LiU em romi. A
N.bi U.t MIL.ER
$ j~iit~i.ir~i i.i
L I .es .t -ar ý
v,;t! j
a ~ sssTliwr1sir r .S
" ateP 9;11;LL
Y.rira lLr IC/-' T I * .
bio.'i a*O*L * ,ir'iC' .~tt G t
.-x 35~w. U SU uba
Uwn* hI Itbo1s
aldin.Mrlwm - b~ bg4.b". 3k,
ý ý Mýýiii
v:: 06 a..A .lw DO.
b~rrL -'L r Sw Y- egg
f}*.z Lodge [email protected]
~iu~t Nd~s r#4' '"
Bottled Boor
ýottlWinl porteri
osier.1 Pr..apý1s Fuld.1~
--~ Um. kw Iaus~ OQjt N.Y
? ,N "'lli SWAIN ft aim,"~ll~
?,M Us a Trev. Poem&II
I. WTIf iW ,TD
£4,- a+ CISC
siocldrit bi BflllrrtSllf
__C mw( - , _L'--'-
oe m-we kiI*l
Billiard. by Gasslight
-~~~ im z L ai
14" up.ml l it69af
B. 0. KflýQTZTNG & Coo..
nm I as
ma w& i I iný *35 m1 ac
sýM Dwa L " R Q ILLlir~"
o o~ imsumm irr
wcii ri uain.. ciniain .
l :stirý isal r ý a ·9 ,
F i
$ i rI _r i
t dUSI1Q1
Mt; e
ýYYIS~i~~ t j I'ý4 L
'Ilrlilr tr a ii wig
>tirl ý i~tN ·t ý ri ..wiif
Ibabuub L ia"htl
43W PB&Yi ALVAT 3it AM.
*ela$ Lwr ·el~ ulr·a rAlo.l..
~3.Hh, MONTANA,.
~Y ftIiA 0W,1 ~U0N AJA.
uhlisl~~ i rgI~ssIMgii b.
1. IhI Muinblhml M r a0..uoii..
'SIN M k t, ri* tat!. L Ilrrt Ir
__ a1L muu w'imm
týRt/A iii M Iwaý
T i ,but softPuss n tr7t rlt r
aes. imzuiut a obnsaon,
Dil A AL 10 * A AN ltor
' tt fl obs
N& 5w~ Wf Igm
. ..3 , a . . ONTNA
Ulmm~winaas * Wbtaon
13*1 ATA L3Ur ATl =AND 310W
Oriental Lodging h ne. SO
Uhuw mm..
vs* aim ki.
"M 0IH·y-(l F4LY
Lwv.ev, Pre6d nd sale Stable
T +AYIS ag DUO.,
ar h 3 lt.ohm
Sign oith. Iron Morse?
pj~~a SOL a W.arormr~
Z'srrLyry t.-WI4 rul
oilgg li
Matw mmd Gu.aIfa on Maud
Sign Of tb. "I"n )Koaru
aAtriaI nitA . I.!
- -a a w .
r-- 4,hrlf Ur
-ý` triittlrttcrrr'ýiisit~rk
" grt · .f
361 -
i.veatymThWS6 P ls ..
*o r tSl CUrr nSoa7.
13.ý. l~ eab No on
Poor of Montana
ammewwa ONOli~ PQ
hem Now 1 u C * ht
ily Iwhmi Kpd Skll i ad a M
.e...m l m i..l...................... 1e
Ora Pialm Inry, - 0300
Four " 0 6O0mh * 0 00
Fli "10 '* 6 0
Ten a 0465 s 60
Tot'sl " 1Z O00
T1t3I *l - *3.21 O
"PIktrum- DIt* kWIWG~l
TIe mesul eau ttii eei .ug th hUl ISe
!HO r~aer l tl aeet e~r a ýMx "-MUM
M w11 ;mithema b
e.4$uW. r.
N m ` cmlh u I Sm w u 11 uu V
t is VAT S" WEE a= n. T
UV N 0 N
saw3 hIDtN 133 3*131 t r
71n1... tansý urr~ln
ecm ir s·1Dliksin IaPHILý
.h.lasswwapbi+ tar
TweselS. andS hem*.m Mteo.na.
DwsiCoesinume mis wIm ION will fiq
Ilelems, Yivi ala City
inisr ehtibts re..m..
At 0rni., wtllh CtiC&O * raar~rnmmr,
cuucM am n LM &ii PAU a
ST.aCin 5 COuui.a AMUS 53sA5
Mi3ssouw Z Lla oef Pelek t*
mlml. ph b.w m lUdbm cuhm
Deaver, ceatrwe CIoy, Semi We,
* AtM vh-w hs
OrM Iwsiwdw#L 3~L M I~W
AUS fifrr
Mka La"e Olt Mir SgowU"m * tah.
M P SOUIiTORT with 44s
VeaU's1i Wal*.~ Ri.ilu'be4
te ·u ~lr I r' O tw'''--
> a r N.' alit 3r o"t I
Luu$i a.si~ý..plmg Ckwd
*i~w rAS,td
11804 - =11" w rl
O~J~k "woman 9c^
I mdrwoa l lurl-~ t ~nc m
I Ili 1
W. , MM~y~p tIº

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