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ar.l and Iparture of M ull at tUe Deer
rr I, Lire Iount OMie.
--o -
ruD~s T. IL IL. Coumxra, AeN C. P. R. L
r-Daly t . ... ...... Ip..
- - r, HuL·A), vt.uaea I IND Nf3I5U PAM.
-r at............ p.-.
acD, t.... aL-.
la-a law, BIt. .uI AND sD OMoUNxt Cwtr.
rrl-Every alternatIe day, at............. . -m.
k l.tt- * ...... .. ........
_saa'neal PoILLIPuSsUY CALI CITTv. A3D
L Bas.,
,ARve-Every alternate day at................ p. E
art. **..............a.m.
s1 a .l, Froa ss, MuaorI.a. CIDAI Cu1a1
,l--Dally .... . ................ at 7 p. ..
r ........ ................ at . .
rrsve and Ihaafrt twice pr wee
gVAII malls wilt dose the Int t previous to their
gprtutt. at it p ,.
!r-r, Ieos's --0 a. . to t p. mo. .ldays. 10 to it
&. P. PFISH o R, ud It Mrchats Echabas,
,our authuoried Agent In Ian Francisco.
It :LIGiOliI.
pi arrTTillax.-- fItrci will be held at Odd Fe!.
.ss hall t I t a. a. and 7 I. m. to.orsrow, Rev. J.
K Ru,.ell. olicIaisl
l.day .hcbul at SII p. ui
CToraLIr--R. Father DeRycke will hold serice
It the Catholic Church. Deer Lodge, to.iorrow at Io,1
The ..T. Jarss Sunday School meets at o'clock p.
. each Lunday at the 'umrt Doose.
Rev. J. B. atUlin will preach at Warm Iprlm School
jouu MaYuh 1, at II a. . and 7 p. m.
TyvoALL's PrATar Tarr.-Reverend
. L. Blackwell had a large audience on
-.stalbath evening to hear his discourse
looswer to whlat is known as Prof. Tyno
dul's Prayer Test proposition -the propoe.
tin being to test the efllficacy of special
rayer as claimed by orthodox christians.
I we remember aright the proposition was
•uething as follows: An equal number of
ilients suffering from disease and baying
nearly as posab le equal chances of death
r recovery, as determined by the tabulated
atistics and the conditions of the patients.
be placed in two different wards of a
ospital: the treatment, care, etc., to be
ie for each ward; those in one ward to
avu special prayer for their recovery made
y the Christian world; the others not to be
rayed for by anybody; the instances of re.
every or de ath to be entered up to the debit
,r crelit of Paayer and the resait todetermnne
the question. The Reverend gentleman in
iscussang the proposition argued the con
ditions were impossible, that prayer under
lhe plan proposed would be lacking impor
unt elements tbhat give it ellcacy,'thbat noth
ag could prevent both wards being prayed
or or being benefitted by it, and that the
!yndall Prayer Test could not be accepted
y the Christian world, although they be.
ieved devoutly in the eficacy of Prayer.
rhe discourse evidenced that the speaker
iad given the subject earnest thought and
as intently listened to by his bearers, each
,f whom probably decided for themselves
he question as to whether or not the Prayer
rest was a fair method for determining the
,ooted point. It seems to as that under
Il the circumstances of the test there would
ae as much log rolling and buttonhbolio. to
et in the prayer ward as there is among
politicians to get Into ofice this week.
MrTri--r T TIT ---hT1
We propose to sell our present stock new rather thm
cam i over to another uear.
laslankets, Hleav Clothin.g
0 all Mktnd we are now eorlaag lower than ever
Our stock Is saited to the wanla of the peopl, and
Larne enough to supply the Wholesale
sadrlesl trade of the County.
One Prioe to All,
he ni we do net dsolae ronm.
Deer Ledge, N. T.,Jaaary 1i, 1Stt.
Ta 8STAos Lina. -We have heard it
stated that the epiooty bhas not afeted
Gilmer S 8lisbury's Utah Uoe mas al as
tbhe odoer of that line would bave Mon
tanians believe. We have had it made man.
Heat to us by indisputable evidence that the
disease ha efected many heroes on the line.
The company have lost no hores it is tr.e,
and the mails and pansenger have bal de
layed considerably, at which thee has been
exceptional complaint. But we believe the
omcers of the company have doen every.
thing reasonable, humane and sensible to
keep the coaches going, orotect their stock
and socommodate the public. To hbve
lashed sick hormes through heavy woads and
snow would have bean inhuman and prob
ably have killed enough stock to hive e.
tended the detention weeks beyond what it
Wil be. With the lime well stored with
feadand medicines, the experleea of other
localities to guide them, and a material il
terest in going through the epidemic ason
as safely and speedily as psoible, Mr. .
J. Salisbury and his division agents, Reed
and Corbin have probably "railed" the
oo4oo better than any other stage can.
pany in the country. The horsnes on Mr.
.e.d's division-.aake River to Corenne
ere all recoverlng ten days ago. le had
n t lst and did not eaps t to lemae h
i ali.lumore ee the stock wil hbe lans
ge 'd w.iklag orderas ever. On the Moe
tan Divislio, on the 1st., the horsesa Hol
n t be Rock, Pleasant Valley, Junction,
and VWillw springs were very sick, and it
wases pected o eted to Loverll' by the
last of this we. It has come more slowly
than was' acdtlpaied sad ha sarmely ben
bad onm s thanSi to 1 miles of roaden
at a time. Overeal mrotes the horsen ar
not driven tasr than a walk, and might
driving has enabled the malls to be rought,
with the ern opieaet dering e dp on
the divide, In f lesi to Sight di s, M nom
spress goodr are M ld d evel is light.
It is believed &e worst ls past as the lers
on the divide andesok aol now he r
covering, and ona ithel i end the roads
are better. If it hal beo my think
ourselves fortuesnasto.
By telegraph March th.
On bores slek at Ryas. Cah ad
Samueit a. t0 a. mf. t..day meo -a
ges. Osact left 6Sake Rlvr astp.e4
two pamsseges. Oe left Sacks R
lag South at the eamitlame. Slowing bidi
two feat of enow on a level.
f*persener as waheitp . l a
os.m LnsrNeeam,,E Plmg -
hengave thm , mdh isri
ethr ases o talk MUSll d hl
sourf ae[ i n am
ses,.ge We.l4.A. Al . &L,1emeans
SMs gast easeal rb rPt V lmsle
Bubsequent to the unual order of business
in a regular cnmatnunkatio of Deer Iedge
N',. 14, A. F. & A. M., held in their hall on
last laturday evening, Bro. HiramKnowles
advanced to the East and n a brief sad
happy speech presented Past Master B. S.
Btackpole with a Masonic Past Master's
Medal, as a token of the esteem, conildence
and love of the Lodge. The recipient res
ponded feelingly and quite briefly to the
sentiments expressed in behalf of the Lodge
having had not the slightest intimation of
the presentation, and silen gratitude getting
the better of eloquent expression. The tes
thno-isa is the moat elegantly beautiful one
we have seen. The design is after the style
of the decorations worn by members of the
uropean Orders, and In its compactaeas and
design, and as an example of the goldsmiths
skill, is as pretty an emblem as royalty
need wear. Tue medal, of solid gold two
Inches in diameter, is pendant on a badge of
royal purple crossed by three bars on which
hang enblematice pendants. On the circle
of the cledal are the various Lodge jewels,
resting on a base of frusted gold, and with
in the circle a Past Master's jewel. On the
reverso is engraved:
A. F. a A.. ERL la, 178.
The Jewel was manufactured In New
York to the order of W. M. W. A. Clark,
who had been designated by the Lodge to
pnrocure it. That it Is worthily bestowed
upon a good Mason, Deer Lodge No. 14, is
fully assured, and that the recipient will
ever treasure the good words, good wisbes,
and good gift of the Lodge with grateful
memory needs no vouching. It was a pleas
ant Masonic occasion to all. and "Ed."
thinks if '"It is more blessed to give than to
reeive," never happier hearts throbbed
within the threshold of Masonry.
To buy Ave heed of good lch cows for which the
Cash will he paid. Applyito IBMtitY . NEIL,
oe Dan)rs' ianlch, eo.to W. i. DANCE.
Deer Ledge, February ., 188. 1940t
A Rastnrrscaxcl.-"Calcium's" humor
ons account of his "Splendid House" in
Bozeman recalls an incident related by Mr
C. W. Couldockpn his last visit to Montana.
When be and Miss Couldock were on their
way West to join the Langrshe Company at
Denver, they stopped a few days to p!ay ln
one of the aspiring young towns in a West
ern 8tste. The "irst walking gentleman"
was addicted to drink, and coming on the
stage in bad condition a couple of evenings,
the engagement was abruptly terminated by
Mr. Couldock. A number of good citizens
thereupon signed a paper declaring their
appreclation of their abilities, and askiag
Mr. san Miss C. to give a Reading. The
gentlemen presenting it said, "If they would
favor them with a Reading the hcase would
not bold the people."
"You accepted the complimentary teet
moenial, of course."
"Yes; that was bow we come to give our
Art Reading."
"And had a good house ?"
"Yes, it was a splendid house, and they
had old ns the truth : They said the house
wouldn't bold the people and,--i- dida't."
letropoian Billiard Roomni!
ave thO fNest bar stock l the We.t tidea or
thed and two of the het.rauatra hlakd ntablen
Uthe Trrur. St IvtaMtm to the whe
ammaldt to sa see foi.
Gen. Pe.ry, Pioneer. hasbought an interest
rith Sullivan, Skinner & Borrier, in Pike'
'ak gulch. They have 4.000 feet of
round, and 3,000 feet dumping ground,
ad will put ina two feet futne as soon 1G
reather permits, havmngalready ordered one
tundred iS feet boxes. They have the use
of the water coming from Pilgrim Bar. of
which there is an ample quantity for fuom
Dr. L, W. Woodruff, of Willow Creek,
ins week made male of his interest in Orig
aal lode, Butte, to Judge W. B. Dance and
other for a fair figure. "Doc" still retains
omae mining interests on the West Side ac
uoired seversl yeas ago.
Mr. R. P. Hopkins, metallurgist, who has
been examining the lead property of the
National Mining Company of New York
Dily, at Butte, returned a few days ago.
Be is very much pleased with the ores then
io far r he could examine them, and be.
loves the leads when developed will prove
rich. He is suaolently well satisfied of
this to recommend the company to put on
forae this spring, develop their property and
ship their ores.
Mr. G. O. MeLain, of Blackfoot; who
has with bble wife and boy been wintering
at McCabe's on the Cedar Gark r.ld, ro
turned on Monday to get ready for the
Nama's mining. The company of which
he and Thos. B. Pound, and Freak Orean
are members, own the Ohio diteh (the larg
emt one at blacktoot) and pil the old Car
peater Bar diggings, except the claim of
Duffy Co. They intend this season
working in the gulch, and after working
that out will go over the old ground, clean
lag up the hills and gulches that have al.
ready paid l00 per day to the hand. It is
good ground to have yet
Walter W. Johnsam, surveyor, emie over
on Monday's coach to survey placer mining
lanad fr Messrs, d. B. IrvIe d Co., agar
Caraboo, prepaatory to patenting it
Capt John IL. Rodge has hIred his
miaers for Pilgnm Bar at per day. That
appears to be She standard pries at Pioneer
and Pike's Peak.
8b AM Dier Il n e1r,
we mase me s.anO ad test AUsabd/ mier Ta-d
IS hell tuter1 Is maaseetitls n A sv.
Palas WPLLrr W eI .
Cm er wl n a u..........-Tsmm.-- -,-
of Ceut Cemms.s.ss.'t.. ss. Irvine.
ýhear w oee and to ya* Pl
SIeide o able they l IhsaveL gmone sr
the asseauts e es e aesaplaulon of the
meaty, eeoag uep em el . It has as.
ammd eatn am . Ur. RA. C ~t
the bud hap wedksle
dhlM ·llr aOrSy'
" tICI~lr Y
- -lmswlll s m
tusomeue Mn les by WsmesT . W.Johass. . . I.
The following table of altitudes, was pr
pared by Mr. Johbeso. in arlesof observa
tions and calclulations during the past two
years :
re. ACiE ORA
Ieles ......................... ........... 7
Loet of Dusky mesastabs. Ten Mile........ 4.000
summit " " " pw ... ine
" Du c crek Hall ..................... . 6
*rsier Loge (saa · sm4, ................ u0e
hero d'r s Ba ek ...........................
lver Iew ........................ .... IL
an city .............................. ... 5sn
summit Deer It le ae u.... ...e.. 4,76
Top at mostam towerd ighlled ........ --0
D * of DRes Meostalsn ..................... 7.74
Ids Mountain city .... .......... .... 7. .
Moose Creek sw Mll ..................... 4I,4
on B1.At3T101 AD M3LmA MeAD.
GreeLbora Smit ........................ 47
GreOenhbore station................ ........ 4,
ammit aof Rocky Mountaes....... ....... a.00
llt of ll as te Greenwood....... . 5.
Greenwood............ .................... Inc *
ISummit o Clark's b ........ ............ 4010
Foot of (Clrk's hall (west side)........... . 3,4
:lackfoo0 City...... .. ..... ............. 111
Top of Divde to Nevada Creek............. 5,
Nevada Creek..... ...................... 45,15
Wahinlaoe Gaulc Toews..w.... ....... 4,00
elm's Rnech, Nevada Ceek............... 4on
*The sltitude of Deer Lodge Is obtalmed fron the
mas of a year's baemetric observatlos by (reuville
tuart. The Hayde m.asurmeat was, perhaps the
reselt of seeas ebsrvasio. The other measesreme
.- W. W. Johasap, were made from only stgle ob
uervtolon, but are apprexmately correct.
The DaueamDes*er ledge thess Gume.
Bozsuax, March 7.-The Bozseman ches
players will play thb Deer Lodge chess
players a match of three gaame by telegraph.
the losers to pay the telegraph expenses and
to contribute to the winning party one setl
of Staunton chess men, English manufac.
ture, club size, made of box.wood sond
(All right. Draw your articles.
JAu. E. OwNoas.
Local Brevities.
Philipeburg celebrated the 22d with an
address by E. B. Waterbury, Esq.
A Ine assortment of tbhat Montana made
stoneware on sale at J. B. Wilcox's.
Mr. Phil. Evans says the gras is starting
i- the valley. Pretty good for front end of
Hank Valiton does business on the largest
scale of any man in westean Montanas.
Splendid sleighilg on Sunday, Monday
and Tuesday and the mercury ranging away
up in the sixties. Its augespel now.
The ow.r*r says "Mr. Owings will be
accommodated by the Bozeman chess play
er." So far so good. Mr. Owings wishes
business to proceed. Set the game.
The Imperial Club dance on Tuesday ev
ening was meagrely attended. But it is
said "all the folks" will be out next Tues*
day evening and then look out for fun.
Mr. G. O. Melin bad glorious tihes with
his ride at the Pattee ranch this winter,
having killed dozens of black tail deer and
mountain sheep on the bills within sight of
the house.
We presume trom the dispatches that
Messrs. Kobre and Bell are losing some of
their Snake River cattle. We have not as
yet this winter bheard of a ead of stoek dy
lg or suffer)ng from hard weather here.
Dr. OGo. Perry, Kglyus, Pioneer, has dis.
covered and keeps constantly on hand the
only reliable preyentative and remedy for
the much dreaded episootie. Two bits a
Mr. A J. Davideonand Harry A. D'Acheul
were passengers on the Helenasbound coach
on Thursday.
Mr. Thos. E. Tutt has sold hig interest in
the Hoskell bank, St. Joe, Mo.. and will re
turn to Moptana this spring.
Ed. Corbin, the rustler, is off at his old
tricks again, keeping his division of the I
stage line in tip-top condition.
Mr. C. L Weeks, who has been working
a Gilehrist's sbeft on the nPrrott, is in
town, and says the op is still widening I
with a gold bearinlg rock comin in.
Our energetic watchmaker townsman,
Wa.. syde, was at at Maysville early this
week setting the chronometers of Cedar
Creek in order and espects to be in Bear.
town for St. Patrick's Day.
David Crockett the man killed by the des
parado Benson, at Legsa recently, resided
for usveral years at German Gulch in this
county, and was esteemed as an esellent
eitizen. He left here a year sad a half
Walter. W. Johanso, Surveyor, having
made a mineral land survey on Dry Cotton
wood, lefton Thursday to make a servey
on the Mountain Chief lode at Butte. He
wil be in tows gale n Sunday and Mon-.
day. Parties wishing surveys madle will
please make a note.
Imi rlmbWlOll
As I-3iasino0 otL. w
E~rs lnw Neare-Wsr-
I write you a few items whilst watklng
for the espress to take a to Cedar. One
of the sacial dannes so frequently held here
took place on the llbh Ist. There wan
twenty Ave ladies prasemt (only three of
whom werewhite, thereatbeig half-breedr)
and shont ffty geatlames, prineipally
Prench Ca sedlae A posy of gentlemen
eam over from the Jeeko Agency, and
sume from Mlsose Th esoae was eom
peosed of a clalrkes, anda vielis played left
beaded by "The V'ila Blaekamith."
Tieka were $ e lac held.lga spper.
Ther e e about thirty hoses here many of
whics wmrebuilt daring se COder (Oek
amlteMaset. but cal e are oeemped at
Mr. Oliver iPebtta s 9. sIe begs asoi
she Isef r.enmber, sher esaeasstiag PM,
hhasuielamtbiesd left fer the balaam
of wte wimr.. iTwen s.epof tahee e is
esaln whisk avera O p=a6n
an tmh o s e ns
be I`
has juI u so
ill- TI -WI e am Yli ilI L
The iulesms mstate that an appropriatlee
if S*t, was recommeaded and pen hiy
as incurporated in one of the iH, to bOid
Sred it4, or in. the Yellowstne Natioadf
ark. It is pesemau l te tpesristasdeat
f the Park, Mr. Lagford, is allowed dis
rtioeary powers In the tier. There are
º few aggetions pertinent to the occasion
we wish to make, and If regaded favorably
-y the Nadesat , whose Asocidte Editor
a conversant with the sabjset and by the
UFrier which has acess to good Informs
-,on, we trust they will join la tnoommemd -
og them to his coesideration which we aiso
rust will be favorable. Thee are very
nany people in Montana who have a strong
esire to visit the Park this oedming August
nd September. Access to it on horseback
a now practicable, easily so for men,
by going up the Madison from Virginia, or
sp the Yelklowstone from a point opposite
Boseman. The better route is to go up one
river and down the other. The distance
aross from one to the other, in the Park, is
twenty five miles. This route gives pless
iag variety to the scenery, includes all tie
wonders and attractions yet discovered in
bthe Park, prevents dopblias over any por
lion of the route, sad makes Virginia and
Boreman starting and terminal points, (it
msking little difference which is the start
lng point), and without making this ciredit
the trip is inoomplete and unsatisfaetory
These two River routes and the one projec.
led from Snake River Basin,will be the ones
onsidered in determining the location of
the projected "Road." While we deem that
the ond from Snake River Basin should not
be given consideration at present, and the
building of a carriage road over any route
will require considerable time, we wish to
peak at this time only of what should be
done this season to reader the Madison
Yellowstone route easy for ladies as well as
men, on horseback. and it will require but
little labor and time. lit, All the trails in
the Park should be "blazed" or staked, and
handboaris placed at diverging points iiv
ong the objective points and distances. .d,
There should be a trail cut throuah the fal
len timber on the beoch ground between the
two Geyser Basins, the trail now leading
through the marshes, which are disagreeable
if not dangerous. 3d, Temporary foot bridges
should be erected across the Fire Hole in
each of the Geyser Basins. 4th, A brushed
or corduroyed trail maude around the 8wamp
Prairie on the route from the lower Basi.
to the Yellowstone. 5th, A ferry should be
placed on the Madison below Its exit from
the canyon near Henry lake. These things
done the bridle road would be good enough
for anybody, ladies could make the trip
with as little inconvenience as riding trough
our valleys, and parties without guides, or
persons straying from their parties, would
be in no danger of getting lost. The total
expense of making the imprpvements would
not probably exceed two to three thousand
dollars, and no one we we believe who has
made the trip on horseback will wish to e
a stage road built into it. However, that
may be debataole. But the desirability of
having done by the first of Aegust these
things we have suggested is certainly
unquestionable, and we ask the papers al
laded to, to join with as in recommending
it earnestly to Mr. Langford. Were it
known that the brd le path would be placed
in the condition stated there would be scores
of ladies and hundreds of men in Montana
look upon the grandeur and glories of the
Yellowstone Park this year.
.apeoona leow.I.
LOST s .ee... @0 amw*se
STPATED OR STOLEN es Saday last. MArch
N, a 3Blc mixed geter eel Newsendilaad peppy,
shut Mi montAh old, with white o. brwast e
wbile r toot. The above reward will be pl it
etued to J. B. WITCOL
ltkLnwav'e PzU.--The blood is the very essence
of health and IIfe It tfralshe the pomponeats at
ash, home. muscle. nerve and lategament. The
stomach s the qaparatas-the arteries. the diatribe.
taa aee the letesties the ebanads by which the
waste matter is carrie o. Upon the stomach and
bowels these medielnes aet almameon.ly. C cents
per b or pat.
4mage W d eof Nike'" Nr. U.
was saged In laas tannming between Fogt asie.,
HBela ,Deer Ledge and Misela. Was last head of
ia Beleaas l et luSl L .apposed to be la Utah
or Nevads. Any parse knewi.g hi penewt where
abosts or having knewkdge of his Iseatige to the tall
of Ite, will ctooer a favor and be compeaseted by
addresslag J. D. BINNS,
tI4t Deer led, Meata.
All persons knowar tbemselves debted to me b
sote or secnst. will please retember that my post
eils address I. We. WILeeO
188 Deer Ledge ity.
wR. 7ns ..d .
will psem" Ton. Awl whethe oftsh epUe oaIlema
-toS o ame net ooever S
ase ao a m a Ish ofIs Tme ystyea
Tate utl s.PehCleaueer ei
Cs. lpmeam oeaoI IoAp s"r Nem.e,
Cast.. Aibue, s J. ni 46gnyt
ol- N hlrlleIeibish.
Per relIc. mue. with the a leuneem of making
umsuybau AMllr do m mm WankA
*a. write for tan to .LIVORDACO.,
New Terb, or 1 e11 seat, bf Franisee.
e.a5f wseng upser 4...0 e sr as.. .ng orel.
make mate meer wat alt e tM r sparle mles
maer, teasIso timer ta at pate t Bu
- - am--C----
The Uri;da Camber.
SAYeS hi ( esag Usee, an sea t ael ewh
deasel S ml of hed bamrp sI s
ut.. Phtleiel ta Ph. i No.l
Yar 3serje hisal e
llm, ear 3mBe Ae sefler m hit with
£ >L Ut55bp for Cllmi L I
Masestemia M V.
An uskainw men was foaus ded in bis
ternb e> (dea, as btunLy last. iHe
leed lme. All hinbg idilcates that Ito
awlngr a muaset toward him, it was ac*
cidentaily disharged, the balls strikig in
the sdom n.
The most violent storm Virginia has bad oo
since June !k, 1835, began on Saturday r
ighbt and luted 48 hours.
k W. . . ukl, oegaist at t. PUls,
was prm ld a beautiful gold chain by ap
pr.ate friends on Friday evemilg. . d
Mr. 1. C. Claweo is anouneoed to lecture e
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Cope received at
their reldeoee on Thursday evenag last
About two hundred and twenty-five ladies san
and ganlesmn called. em
Mr. Wm. H. Taylor fell on a icy side
walk in Virginia on Tuesday evening and °
broke his collar bien. He was booked for the
siat Lake. mfr
District Cot convene at Bozeman on
Monday and will probably be in session
about tee days. Jndge Servis leaves for N
that point tonmorrow.
0 ounces of silver bullkes, averaging $4
per ounce, was brought u from tie Iron a
Rod mill of Porter, Elb k larper at Silver i
Suar, on Wednesday. as the proiuct of two
tons of ore from Henry Enselman's lead; v
and .t ounces, worth $8 per ource, as the to
result of 750 pounds ot weighed rock from es
Joo. Manheim's claim on the Eberhart.
S Issoulsaeb Peb. Se
The ice in the Hellgate. opposite town, is
two end a half feet thick.
The Bridge over the river, between the i
town and the Island, is up and partially o t
finished. ar
We have more and better sleighng Ina
Msseoula this winter than ever before.
The citizens of Fren.htown propose to
enter forty eres of land for a town site.
The stone is delivered on the ground for
the new banking bouse.
Jam Brauiiton ispronounced thoroughly
but not dangerously demented.
On Friday, the 4th inst., Harvy Lent, a
q, of Gird's Creek, had his leg broken by a
kick from a horse.
From the Oetsste. W
The stockholders of the Geseue Publish- T
lor Company on Monday elected the follow
Ing Trustees. W. P. Chadwick, G. W. Fox,
L. F. LaCrix. Ike Greenhood, Massena AT
Ballard, John Keating and Peter Ronan.
The prosecutions against Sunday gamb
ling failed. The point taken was tha the
Court had no jurisdiction which was sius A
tained, and the eases dismissed yesterday. O
These who have license to gamble can do so
on Sundays. bet
Rev. L. B. Woolfolk. of Helena, was
announced to lecture at Virginia City Nev.
on the 18th of February last. The subject tu
of the lecture, as we observe from a pro- e
ramme sent is, was: "On Physiology and ,
Phrenology, in which he will present im tsr
portant onginal discoveries, whicb, impro.
ed, will enable all to secure perfect helth si
and happy marriage." ("Nothingoffensive
to the most refined.") "He will also set v
forth a New mental Faculty, whous odlae
has been hitherto unknown, which exerts
an absolutely potential influeuce upon
Beauty, Manners. Health and Happmness."
"The object of his lectures being to present
his discoveries to the public, the admission
is fixed at a low price, merely to pay the
expenses of the Hell."
We learn that Messrs. Hobbs & McGarri. th
ty made a cleam-up this week in the Harvey B
mill. on Grizzly Park, from 150 tons of ore aD
from the Park lode. of $7,000. This is theo a
report, and it is believed to be true. Quartz Da
mining begins to look up about Unionville. 1
Avant Courier Feb. V. thu
The Fort Ellis Dramatie Company gave to
a 'Twenty-second" entertainment in Bosze.
Those of our citizens who were here when
the 18th Infantry garrisoned Fort Ellis, will
be pained to learn of the death of Ita Lieut.
Osceola A. Thompson, who died at Newport
Barracks, Ky., on January thebth,of small- U
We had the pleasure of a visit Monday
from the Rev. J. R. Russell, resident min
Ister of the Preabyterian Church at Deer
Lodge City. We found him a genial, colti.
vated gentlemen, and worthy of his high
It seems th.t the gauntlet thrown down
by our FL llis friend has been taken up by
the Virginia City Chess Club, and also by
Mr. J. K. Owing, of Deer Lodge, the latter
proposhng to play by telegraph. Gentlemen
of Virginia, draw your wallets or haunt your
holes, and Mr. Owinpg you will be accomo =
dated. IL
..***--~----- --
Asoruns Comm FOR Epszoo.-The Den
er Newn publishes a well authenticated
atlement, that a band of horses in Douglas
onuty having been infected by epizooty
ad access to a barrel of lime, and eating of
t oraciously were cared almost immediately
nd without any injurious rsults The
Yrea recommends the use of slacked lime to
orse owners on the Pacifc Slope.
I.sawms-MNuaa--emr Vlrglai. ebruary 1lth,
re h A. 1t. . wrgat, J. P. kDnl Wevus
sad lrrnm . hboth c
iosnus-maosa-rr-At the eademes of the hbrides
t ethek. e West elasi rsl ur, FLhrera 15 1f5,
by the ev. Dr. I T. Cult Mr. JeL M. Nob
tsoa uad m Plraloase Mae
)Am.sat--UHnsa-Js the tCthelle Chuich at aeit
LakeCy..ao he menmd lt 1kmozd. 18W.
r.?l l.. ht WiLh..,,. , sd
Mr. Dualer wu asuyf, te a premlnert Mlamia .
We tote a theuamnd Maintas M.eeis l giving bhi
_Lu.. . Eh. m s, u..me. ....... .. I
the war a W.J. Suephsey Zq., a w. ist.
.asom-la Daer L . Marhb 4th, .l. to the
wefst eas w.U. . n. wie- s-4 -es ami
e -tl Itl h. h li . l
Mo nDAY 3ssVire, NAaem mrra, m
w, R -- . s e, bas
ter `.,.. Ii
; b' Cr. r~~aO'M
New To-Day.
[1o. 185.1
Application for Patent.
. as. BLsusj T
Notes Isra that EDWIN . IRVINE,
wh ms pmeetese bm is De
Lssesimt.y. . T.. dthi s d. d
hi;rUI p ra es.gtleat rk
ae--- datuset as mre .M Ths es The eit
amta sd R. Aade ; ea the sotb ahtleLa Ca.;
ent 3x e the aeithemt i, ml the auntL of te
westihe the sa immI t dfr O the wmesn
s. U wd. 8. tls Uw W rt iIa . N . Ta., t
thlty crs sprn wa uslrs as ata . (
Iae OSt wONs - L thes dse ad,
t TerusDe l ad seoat. Im. T. bais nd i the
ttsa de t ees ailr er mld d rst Ths ajlue r
tu death ish bamt . mt weh m of m -a rt
.eM d. s sea.west an tes ; a,
.es toawhap. aoh Ii we.t, whC land
th e erm enrry e .agllteora i led; _o
1156d Degliter.
C. S. LAN Om.EuLuwA. M.T.,1
NICHOLAS CONNOLLYT, e h pWita addrsth
Is e..aer city. Dire Ladeoanty. n. T.. chas daed I
this oes his appllstiom toaster a ipelcultural lel
o e sand ad ~eon o southwesm.t ip, setied 1.
towshli 10 marth 0Iwt, tid erost i of ootheast
f sictic IS townshIp aoth west, which laud
IPmpsd fm sals gforlelturl Flour.
Olw t nes ht a a uring will ba ad at this ac
ar. Pa a ll .a Mtoc. ee aI. 1a. to
dstALD POOla to dporo mliral character
of the land se Gm d Wt oou to bee mader
a, will he tabs e the obe Jud of Deer
. HAW, M. T., .4000 pT. , oor befth day
of Aprl.lrm at 10 a. m. Ita allqegd there
mi a. u mweon or ers e e r o t 8 18
Proposals for Flour.
Orresa Casw CuaiAs? ow Suasruseucu.
Je Sr. PAUL, M Feb. 1. 151
SEALED PIOPOSALS In dupircate. s llvited
antt iloAck, N. TBURSDAY, MARCH n . 1850.
fr faurnelbrs the U. . _ ubitn Department with
46 lo. to Fblread XXX F lour, to e mad
wholly from original stock of sound Spring Wheat ii
--stg msltty a ed delivered s followr o
AT oi seM SIIAW. . T., 0000 pouadte, f orm twore
. ioa t 51 .A m a
1am,. eac b lrer .our .m Smoet sae om I a
AT FORT ELLIS. d . T, 1 b,000 puesd an or bfor
m .a to h187 1a
le0l woids -oore edorbedin Sept, 80.18p1.
AT CAMP wAKE, a. T.,atw0podwa i orll bee
Joie 1, oe , d
lUM poard mo id or emore Sept 1811
The or to be delivered I good strong a or
each d should eat 8, r. i utt l . m twoA.
rINTERNpolATIONAL pt for the fOTEl pHelerforma o
the ret If awarded. A am Priof at t ht
oe of each ber hed dor ofFered. ryI all charn
the idfol. owd ah rates be : umbered ad mirked
erved o Ir ..............................
The proypol wll be saldried dIstinctly, "Propos.
al afor.elsrteaoe RStae," mad dllresesd to the A.
C. . Fort aw, . T., at which p res they willy be
opened at throoms will e tI aove ftad. nd iddn are in
vthus to e .ab t to o rpuep to a ere bids.
S Proprietor t D rntrt Commander.
11e T., CFebruar SA. . 191 Co. U. . A.
Cret Reduotlen In PrImu.
On amd after the 14th of Febru try, I shill charge
the followIng ra tm t
Mnglaem . .............. 7
Dns u erdy fromom..............to 100
nd fome ............. .0 to
Thankful for pat pitronage. I respectfully solicit
a contlnamuee of theisom, aurorlag my patrois that
the tabled ron will e always found rootel
to silt the most famtldloea. I hvew radied the pare
thus to enable evebody to sake Ltt their adrn
tagi to stop at my H WFEAC
Proprietor Internatlu-al Hotel
BHeena, . T.. February 11.1821. 111-l
Customa Mado Bootu,
Sige of rh Big B Rd Beet,
Man u a aoturod from the
flot Mtock of imported
and Domestic Ellkins.
ewed and Pegged Bcotol
A wiorh euwanmitmml. ne ass ma tl
Dtp Goode, ClothIageto.
E. L. Bonner & Co.
DEER LODGE. Moatauna
We ffer to Wholebale and Retail posebsaea the
m"at cemplete stock of new and desirae gooda aver
ofered to mlkeb mmet.
Foreigd sad Dmuslet Dry od*s,
Shirttigs, Ticks, t&., &c.,
Ladles' Drews Goods,
l bw r 4l11 0ug1 am Wed 3-.
asheImM.eeamies a'dmasse.
ýMil swa Im ,Lut TIerIT
Boots, Shoes,
l.eve.s, ato ry. Mto te.,
8 1, yvCTG
oF Tas
([OmaL NAYis-Nae. L]
AN ACTm al nt d m oeedo of a .sm
e cmb ts est ektled deaim
Be It acu by.de Se amd Baos to mpr
inlivl or the Unie Steai of Amerle Is Cope
b, That s all conteRted election the
anbd the I bL4 betak~.saln the d30 -
de. TNhecatoast dshall take kimmy during th
asst -tyndathae. td mtmber datlig the sel -
-emeodiot aeIoreup emmeoWt wo ho
noh dacf thn the remaelin mS das at
Sed Baote tetimany Ie rhtmo may be saken
Sd sti. Teatimy may be takes at two
-r -im or at the sa. timen
e..tmr m etim witam emm edd atmeM.
the distri t ey.ad the smah a l ° . may
be taken betas ny oAer atberim bd w to akeb
btimuomy I cotetaed electiaon es e district
which te wiomt to be esaaed may remtde.
be. a That te pry delan to takesa depoamtie
te diUe uaer -he prote s Obfeeha act, io ot
S a wd ýp b thi mle nmie an mbel gv.i he
amlo the wita or wltagm to be e ,mi tlw and
t the mam d an aBcer betee whom the a. will be
ta.me. The malice all be peoamtnyly aer apo the
aiaae b pa.y y i aor or atak Aey t- aa hi
..-me me the matter of sobe co eastIt, bthe .eu
t meesabe od llaemc peeneal meder M n be
sirvisc anot e made% tb.e may be made by
avinga dplicate oat. ismlde at Ie ed place os
ce eopd w party The moteebal eeved
stioer , al orbppite .arty e.ct tie by th
a mew bt travel toattead, ad e deay foar prepr
Ande dot tt akt tl ma yloe I etsed e .In
wit.os. t t n or te alnwi the o be te aBet
ar sarll be sabaemd to the done whie cos
pinead. Thepartymneted am kb mh or
mrn. ma . d h , a eit n i. m o rite in
dmaoflo te B led Sumate i o acr m a ettBi the el
peeltule mdo eae tae buo ea them bota, m tnl to.
gekd, and be wertlad bh them botha. te It ýely
oeot md r ascH w at l the e mUaetyian a.
lekem beta, and merladb er aome It ra be
lon aade to acct, i the set to wbhtoe to Is t _
mOeatthr paty Qppwer sact la pemon er
to take dep . este wht otice; aod ithaled be
oarteted if the, bym . whe amdeot, o taoepo
wise ha whe tre o ýt om h ..
itioee (whetherf poi wiat houtmice) bef my
aEM or ocere -horlaid to takedeposmtions In coam
- law or civil aetla, or In chaamery. by either th
laws .t tie Untaeed tatesf . Se, in whic
mme may be tykm to wave anp uod o 4we oNal
mmm gives m afo eali mhab returasi with he imp
.sitoa; and every e oUse el he by theain
in their agmata or attoenmru od aohela ti
hav all power the armia ee thte aomferred
ei oere mmd tUherin. At 4i taking atmy ý Ipo
to a uder thact,or hact to wbich thie te.eo wamed
mmei, either party my eppin and act In pemao, or by
-be Allct ar thh s e a odbal l tabmo te baed lt
meatente. AN toh e when ethr bydeoeioher ohr.y t
wimelto, hall when te trhe hea hmie Ie aee-
d witk· houtmea ary de, certify th. @m=
Apprv d JmuarL forwad te 18e, by
talli, 0 a[G Ce Clha J . mo- . t a 1H , edR -
.Nt ACTt t cUntaed e SUtaes, W heLag, Ia. ad
ienke mi endorse upaon terevlose comntaing muck
de it etomd t he t ename atd oase n which
ttakve tof ther Uwnith tame ofp Amertys wh
.ebled, T t tsake, lr seall aeberibe uch e
maet. ria th itten rem ornt a ether mtye
Cl-rk ofheo of t ne imoaole shal ope on
depaotion at omy tnmeer belsoatall have revesdo
me, amd he may Iorniseb either paurty with a copy
Approved Jmuary 10, 18LS
(MammA.L xA.-as-No 10.)
AN ACT to prevet ertaa o cera UnIted Suatbe
and Territories from practiclngu attorneys or mollto
letoracourtasodat United tasmes eeralta cea,
Be It enated by the Snat mad House oft epree.
tatives a the United States et Ameriela Iong
Sammbled, That no clrk, meletant or deputy cmof
aof Cimd, or tuhe Sme Court of kee nted Stathe.ore
marshal or deputymarmbal of tIe Ueiled Stalte within
Sdrict for which he apponted, hal act aa
iecitor, proctor, attoney, or co In n de
pendngt iher maid rt, or Imn ly d ftrlt for
which he i acting am much omeer.
Sec. I. That whsamoever hall violate amny provimon -
hs act shell be trick. from t roll of a ttorneys. by
1k court ups complaint, snpa which h respoedent
mhallhave dueo and be bhad Inbisdeen;and
lb. thmat as ea or deputy marha al o
he albles h raeommeded byb e cot for dfroem
Atrove, ee ha rlJry 1 a, 1 edy l6 .
AN ACT to Az the ad arteat eo.as gerso and mie
Be it enacted eby w tbane d . oa ed ea
meerer.. t thepott Basts shall b. e ta me
pvided !or the -ademe of odaers a th4 port of
Apporid, imJua y ., STL.
.maz. Itavu-N-o. 14.
h.l berI'mel I ftSy. w ' md Udrag
orb tha at repmemmtatte shall mk re
rea "eampmetiaeat 0 ten debt. er , andthat
.V mmbtl l laehat c e enro.
IoWn*Al UATUUX- O. mti
AN ACT oit se as set etddid "As at toi mend
the Ulh recles at on ac entiled 'As as demetles
puclands to the several States and TerritarI
whiah my providl c ang le br he audt d al
alluer mod the mlchaib ar,' pprmvod dJl ea
eihteen hundred ami itymo as to u the
time wlhims which the Im f s daM act shall e
lta.es of the United Elates or Amerla I Congrm
-emehd. That the time within whichl the earal
ateM thb h el n tee ad mrend lyst en
ti -Ane I.A etei prlle lay toa the Wseewak
ate -mo a'rrllrhne w pviem amctls tr
he seeiet oai chall ae the mechanI mite, ap
pe.nei Js semrl d, eight he ee amd Wetw
al ml A sEm e sealspullin es meslh ms s
she, sht' es.i:mi mm o M.tte whisk
have _an somptlbh with the Puovifh at mmli mtes I
--a--'s Tht~ eli sei -d at wdseb
aeers, afte te ie la the Ut
•AJLrg, _ a '- - p-ah ..
apdesrls Usa ds, . eie
ImS.esa wih Thi smue oseas as I s t alt
at MAs as motlmbl. she tie 1o the ussal Mopel
meemer whsise sgeSwhe slet eael ma i
lota l l at he et e ls e atAmers s e
AmlbTlzhedmerl h etir tml me e
the De asoCe m theUseishmil
Deli aate hy thIe Ded e aw st epese.
tWhes. th sMeenlDaty s ImsC
mdmsdsD haaellapseeuai 'tathwerhe la et
eMssnael la ve*s, s d bdeeaauk mses p
I hmhuiseer; t t wham mho apes. et a
lathes of the um d sum of A hethg
That Use. a tdoo me t · asl
1878. SEASON 1878.
Commission Merohants
WVL. .lv thUlr pumps aha pa. oal attentom to the
retlvag and forwardiag lat fnlrht to
" J. A. C. & Co., CORINNE,. U. T."
Chas. G. Reynolds, - Helena, M. T.
E. S. Sackpole, - Deer Lodge, M T.
8. B. Rice, - - Virginia City, M. T.
W. W. Copeland, - Omala, Nebraska.
HELENA'. ............... MONTANA.
CORIN NE......................UTAH.
-F.NfY .G. VALrTo,
Feed and Livery Stable I
eoah and Epre ULino. Stop Here
The trveUll peOie wl lal pot ad s, . ives
Ib thelra.lml at this wei saad ave
my known SliaSe,
1.4m B. C VALUTO
e Laodge Breve
P-rWr vMuWWW, Vu..*
Deer Lodge, Montana.
Llager Beer.
Cresea Ale,
Bottled Porter
All the reliable
drinks of the
leauson, on
Peter Valiton.
eer~ Zodge B ee
San Franoisoo, Calilbmmrn,
Piokles, Preseves,
Bartletti Pear.m,
AS d UiW I lady, aNa Prqmnd
km ulmi hd ames Ma.
E. T. HUSON & CO.,
weassaais amss - amamme
mRa ooosf , COATIna Dooml a .6
Genoral llrohandst ,
mM ILOUIsI eolNt. M.1
A Lusp u ral Auambeat
et an pd and .t .
ua wpeA opbei
Prtus to Sutt the hes.
4- w~(4w

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