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Mistorical Associatio IX
be IRew lRorthwest.
*ome tn t tlt*n
Drug Co.
come to icinsugt until the STAnDArie
l)e:o Co. came on the field of action
with a bran new line of fresh drugs and
medicines, and druggists' sundries of
the latest style and at prices never before
heard of in Anaconda. For brushes,
combs, manicure goods, rubber goods,
soaps, tooth wash, tooth powders, creams,
pLerflumas and toilet waters, we Cannot be
beat. We also have a large stock of
Walter Sloan's Improved Condition Pow
ders for horses and cattle. Also Frank
Miller's celebrated harness oils.
Try a bottle of Maragold Cream for
the face and hands. It cannot be heat.
Standard Drug Co
The cheapest drug
house in the city.
212 E. Park Ave.. naiinOllla.
Telephone No. "..
- -. .. .- - ---
& MacCallum
Wholesalers of
We carry the largest
stock of these goods
in Deer Lodge county
We buy our Wines
and Liquors in car
load lots direct from
the producers and we
can sell at the lowest
market figures.
Agents for
H. McKenna Hand Made Sour Mash
Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Beer,
The Carmiencita Cigar.
& MaeCallum.
The People of Anaconda Get the News in
the New eNorthwest-Btooming John itR.
E]ardley for Secretary of State-The
Standard's Forces on the Move.
Special to the NEW NORTWREST.
A--NACONDA, January 16.
The NEWv NOR5'I\iWST is in a position
to announce positively that a new opera
house will be built in Anaconda early
next spring. For several seasons past
the question of a new opera house in
this city has been agitated. On different
occasions it appeared that a building
suitable for amusement purposes would
be elected immediately. Each time
these arranllemelts failed before corn
pletion. Thle spring of the capital elec
tion plans were drawn for a magnificent
structure to stand on the corner o!pposite
the Standard building on lMain street.
Subsequently, however, tile proposition
was dropped for that year. it was re
vived again last spring and the matter
seemed on the point of taking definite
shape, when once more solriethillg rc.
curred to interfere with the arrangement
and Anaconda was compelsled to go o an
other year without a sulitable theatre.
There seemns no resasonl to doubt that
now, however, lhe city is to have at first
class theatre uind that the worl' of con
struction will begin early next spring.
This much may be announced at this
time as a positive fact: Th:t new plans
for a commllodious .un a very handsoIume
theatre have recently been drawn, ar
rangelnentsa have ben comnlplete for the
site and iids will be asked for within 90)
days. This will be in the nature of glad
tidings to the people of the Copper City.
The present opera house is one of the
worst to be foundl in any city of this size
in the United States. The building is
tshabby and it has none of the attractive
ness of a theatre. The stage is small und
the appointments are miserable. While
tile arrangements have not, of coiurse,
been definitely made it is reasonable to
rassume thalt Jlohn IMaguire will maunage
tlihe inew plance of amusement.
The f Sact that the NF:w NniTririrwsi;sr
was thie first newspapter to allnoulrnc (o
the public the preparations that are
rmaking for the constructioni of a new
smelting plant of mamtmnoth proportions
in the city ofr Anacondla next spring has
givenl suoure alleged newslpaper mens inL
this neck of tihe woods the jirn jams. A
sheet that is published after dark ill this
city about once a fortnight feels very
b:adly because it hals been left irl this im
portant item of news. It whines out a
pitiful tSale of \woe abiout the manner in
which its field is being occrupied by the
NEi- w No R'lir-V- i -r. It says that the An
atcounda ciulmny is not in the habit of
taking newspaplers into its conrfidenice
and therefore the Nisw o.NIuii- wrsn
could not have gotten the inside facts
concerning the new smelter. In the
next sentence the journalistic pimple
announces that it is in i position tor know\\o
positively that the Anaconda company
Ihas nothing whatever to do with the pro
posed new smelter. The reading public
will be interested in knowing that while
the Anacondal company does not take
newspapers into its confidence that there
is a little sheet published in Anaconda
every once in a while that is right on the
inside. Tihe Standard, of course, cannot
get at tile facts at all. Thle mouthpiece
of the Anaconda company is the degen
erate offspring of the late lamlented Re
view. Nevertheless the facts remain
before the public of this city that the
NEw Norrs'niWESrT, published e 0 miles
from the city of Anaconda, was the first
newspaper to annuolnce the news con
cerning the proposed new smelter. The
statement is here repeated, in all candor,
that the contract has been let for tile
construction of eight miles and a half'of
railroadto run alongthe south side of the
canyon in which this city is situated; that
the work of construction will begin as
soon as the snow leaves the ground; that
Toole & Twohy, the contractors of this
city, have been awarded the contract;
that the road is being built out of the net
earnings of the B. A. & P. railroad; that
a new smelter of very large proportions
will be built not far from the Tuttle
foundry next summer; that the machin
ery is now being ordered for the new
plant; that men interested in the Ana
conda company are also interested in this
new enterprise; that the smelter, which
it is intended to build, will add at least
700 men to the pay-roll of this city within
the next 12 months; that the ores of some
of the mines of the Camp Creek district,
as well as the ores of the Washoe and
Poulin mines of Butte, will be brought
to this city to be treated at the new
smelter; that the new works will receive
custom ore in large quantities from many
points in the state of Montana; that the
machinery in the institution will be
modelled upon the latest and most im
proved plan, and that when completed
the new plant will be one of the flinest.
smelters of its size in the world. This
is a bit of news which is important
enough to the citizens of the city of An
aconda, and all' of the regions round
about the Copper City, to be given to the
public. This newspaper is in no manner
on the inside. It does not make any
pretense towards having the confidence
of the Anaconda comparny or any of the
Anacondat comnpany's agents. Whatever
the N .-:w No-truiiirEST linds out it picks
uip ion the outside. It has not had the
good fortune to be namnedI as the special
moullthpiece of the Anaconlda companlllry,
or of tany of the mlen connlrlected with tlhe'
Anarcoinda compan y. It is in the field to
give the news as it is picked rip ill tnhese
regions and it proposes to do it. That is
siwhy the people like to take this paper.
Thlat is why thle NtrE\w NoS rtrwis\\ ei T i:has ia
bIona tide ciriculaltion within the city ]lin
its of Anacondlra lariger by 0it per cenit
than ti le entire edition publishlie by thel
Anaconr d liecor'der. Thie ptiople of Ain
aconda don't nind lonyin-- the IInews, oerln
if they have to go .30 niles from homnr
to get it..
Seolne of tile reLrpubliLican lanagers in
this city are boorinui .johlin iR. E1:tardley
for the nomination of secretare of state.
It is pretty early yet to start in builiing'
political fences. The tell' of noinili
tion is a long wary (n', ianl it is pretty
hard to tell what kind of comibination;s
Imarty form betwees n lnow ad that tilot .
In a general way, however, it nma- be
stated that the suggestion rof Mr. lErrd1
ley's nominartion for this position irois rs
with very geineral approvin in Anacondita.
Upoill this question all are united--that
Ire is ia tit man and a gio llian for the
place. Mr. Eardlley lhas arl it dial of
experience in public ofllice. lie is holln
orabile, upright, conscientious and tanlrs .
Ills word is as good as ,old. l. In thi
cOunlurunity hre contrnanils thre rlrSDet alid
esteem of tihousands of ceilizens. Shirioul
lie ie be nominated for tlhat or Iany otheil
oftlice, ie will snake ia mighrty hot race
inld will be assured of ai good vote in this
This week the AnacondaL Standrinl's
local forces have been oil tlhe mIove. The
bulsiness olilces and the editorial rioo-is
in tihe Standard's splendid buildirn have
been shifted aroundI so tlhait an old Itillni
would hardly Inow the placei . ()ing- toi
tihe rapidly increasing business of tihe
Standard the editorial oilices have been
crowded out of tlĂ˝- rwer !lor by the (le
niands of tile business ollice. I ereafter
the thinkery will be 14 feet nelrer heaven.
Tihe business maInager takes thie ruinari
ing editor's old romU for his private ltiee.
Thie managing editor goes llup stairs and
the editorial room' s oil the second hloor
will be litted upl in splendid style. Every
good citizen in Anaconda delights to note
the progress of the Standard. This city
ihas been singularly benefited by thie es
tablishment of that splendid ne'wspaper
nearly seven years ago. It is within tile
iimemnory of hundredts of irni living lhere
still when tihe prediction was freely made
thatl the Standa:rd was bulit i (nlcampaign
sheet started in the early daIys iof Septesm
ber, 18S9; thatr as soon as tihe political
campaign ended the Standard's death
knell would bie trlled. But tie Standard
caime into ai rich field, uninvitin ' as it was
at that time, and it lhas illedt it with "ad
ieirable abiliy rind singular success.
Today it stands by conmmonl consent far at
the head of tile journalistic procession in
the entire nortllwest country. Its piay
roll alone is a lmaterial advantage to tlhe
city in which it is published. The mens
whio find profitablle employmnent witlhin
tihe Standatrd's building are an important
feature in the communercial and social life
of this city. In both its editorial and
business management the Standard com
mands public respect; the success of this
newspaper enterprise has been marvelous
from the beginning. It stands today as a
monument to tihe earnest labors, the in
dustry, the ability and the sagacity of the
men who have been intrusted with its atf
fairs. The Standard is all right. Ana
conda is proud of it. Every little im
provement is noted by the citizens of the
Copper City with pleasure and with pride.
It is no exaggeration to state that tile
leap year ball which was given at the
Montana hotel last Friday was one of the
most delightful social events that Ana
conda has enjoyed in many a day. The
attendance was large. The ladies took
entire charge of the entertainment. They
received their guests and entertained
them in a royal manner. Many of the
costumes worn by the ladies were un
usually elegant, and the music was ex
ceptionally good. It is to be hoped that
leap year will bring many events of a
similar nature. The gentlemen of this
city are looking forward to the next in
vitation from their lady friends with a
great deal of pleasurable anticipation.
During the latter part of last week
County Treasurer D. F. Hallahan, County
Auditor George 8. Miller, Clerk and Re
corder John B. Fisher, and other dis
tinguished gentlemen from Deer Lodge
paid a visit to Anaconda. There was a
rumor out that Mr. Fisher was fixing up
his fences for the nomination for gov
ernor next fall, but the gentleman him
self denied it and stated to a reporter
for this newspaper that the story origin
ated in the fact that he was wearing a
grin because of a recent arrival at his
home in the county seat. Mr. Fisher
will ask the county commissioners to
place John B. Jr. upon the pay roll.
Charles Augustus Hayes, aged 21, a
native of Omaeha, Neb., and Agnes Smith,
aged 18. born in Indianapolis, Ind., were
united in marriage by the Rev. Allaevs
last Wednesday evening. Mr. Hayes is
an industrious and popular young gen
tleman who has made this city his home
f'r some years past. His bride has lived
here for a number of years where her
parents reside. She is well known and
highly esteemed by all who know her.
Little Fellowss Fromi Anaconda That
ho(h Hil avel ilead [ 'nt On 'Enm.
Go to Modini's Grand Cafe for a first
class Ielal.
)Daly & MAaron have a good trade be
cause they keep egood goods.
CGo to Win. Miller, the fashionable
tailor, for iobby suits--305 Commercial
St. Paul's H1 mainn Catholic church has
tecently undergone soein much needed
('rockery and glassware sale at L. J.
laker & (Co.'s, :ll-31l Commercial ave.,
iModini's c:afr is tihe finest place in
uoau.olda to eat. Fine private rooms for
Siillir, lhe tailor, guiarantees all work
firs-,.la: and strictly union made at low
,'st irike.,.
Alphlnsl Sri ullivan paid $10 and costs
onei day last week for having too soft a
snailp oi the rows
Iuedge English has been spending sev
eral dlays iln Butte where he has a large
oII (d lucraltive ]ilaw practice.
iFor stylish teamis and good single road
sters go to the Warm Springs Livery
Stable, 1). I). Ttohiy, proprietor.
If you are going to take your best girl
allt for i drive, call at Twohy's livery
stable and get a nice horse and buggy.
I. F. Mlahan who has been ill for a
long time in St. Ann's hospital hats re
covered andl is once mtiore iu his office.
The lhandsolue new home off . B.
IIosford, of the Electric Light company,
was nearly destrioyed by fire last Friday
nigh iit.
.Ir. and Mrs. Charles Wells are re
Joieitg over the advent of ma baby girl,
h(Irt last Friday at their home on Sixth
The poilice force is keeping the vags
on the trt thllese times, andi A.naconltda
catchels her fair share of that class of
C. . F. allett hlas just passed tihrough l
snemcrssfull surgical operation of a seri
ons chlaracter, which was performedl at
Wells' hospital in Butte.
Frank KIennedy keeps a fine variety of
cigars and tobacco. Fresh candies alt
ways on hand. A full line of stationery.
knives, razors and smokers' articles.
W1r. W. Johnston of Billings, commer
cial amigent of tie Burlington road, was in
Anaconda last Saturday. It is his opin
ion that the Burlington will build into
Butte at least during the present year.
Peter Giesler was buried last week
fromt Ehret's undertaking rooms. AMr.
Giesler was an old-timer in this city. He
had worked for 1. F. Kirby and J. L.
Hamilton in years gone by, and he was a
faithful, honorable and upright citizen.
Dan Birran was tined $5 and costs for
engaging in a joint debate with Consta
ble George Burke. Birran sought to
clinch his arguments with a red-hot iron.
Dan thinks he can get a better deal in
the district court and he has appealed
his case.
The insurance men in Anaconda are
reaping a rich harvest these days. Busi
ness has increased very rapidly with
them during the last few weeks, owing
in a measure, probably, to the high winds
that have prevailed and the consequent
danger from fires.
The local press report Mrs. Mabel 1B
Conrad's loss by fire last week in Helena
of a quantity of silver plate that was
stared in the attic, and which was valued
at $25,000, iand which was not insured.
"Oh, my ear full of blue mud," remarked
an old-time watchmaker and jeweler
of Virginia City. "There is no such
amount of silver plate in the whole juris
diction of all the blankety-blank report
ers, and I'll venture a few cart-wheels
that no jewelry firm in this prosperous
state carries that amount in stock." And
he wound up by declaring that it was a
shame that an ordinary citizen should
encroach upon the sacred copy-rights of
our crafty stage beauties.-Madisonitan.
The people believe what they read
about Hood's Sarsaparilla. They know
that it is an honest medicine, and that it
cures disease. That is why you should
get only Hood's.
Good, Haed and Indifferent, all Classes of
People Find M'ention In These Columns
If They Succeed in Doing Anything
Really Worth Mentioning.
Montana's output of murders for 1895
set people thinking. Tax the deadly six
shooter till it rusts in peace.
The taxpayers of Bozeman have voted
a special tax in order that the public
schools of that city may be kept open the
remainder of the year.
A patent has been granted to the
Northern Pacific railroad for 53,786 acres
of land, all of which is in Dawson county,
Montana, and in the indemnity strip.
"Snowshoe" Johnson, who was tried in
Butte last week on a charge of killing
elk, was acquitted, and has returned to
the upper Madison in a very happy frame
of mind.
Agent Molntague sent five tickets to
Rosebud, this week, the same for the use
of five Cheyenne boys who go to Carlisle,
Pa., to attend the Indian school there.
Miles City Journal.
The Helena officials have put them
selves on record as against glove contests.
A big sparring exhibition was announced
to he held in that city the other night,but
the city marshal and the county attorney
interposed with a veto.
The war department has issued a call
for bids for the erection of five brick
buildings at Fort Assinaboine. Theyare
to take the place of the wooden buildings
there that have outlived their usefulness.
The bids will be opened Feb. 1.
Paul McCormick has recently pur
chased a half dozen thoroughbred hounds
from parties at Merino and is arranging
for a grand wolf and coyote hunt on the
reservation. He expects to invite fifteen
or twenty of his friends, mount and arm
them with Winchesters and put in a
week exterminating the "varmints."
Billings Gazette.
There is an opening in Clancy for a
first-class drug store, a hardware store, a
bank, a dry ge1im3sIisA,. sjhpiiTh;~i~i h6
barber and several other kinds of busi
ness. To those who are looking for a
site we will say that they cannot afford
to miss the oplportunities which Clancv
now offers, not alone in the particular
lines here mentioned, but in others which
go to make up a busy and lively commu
nity.-Clancy Miner.
A decision was handed down by the
supreme court Monday in the case of the
State ex rel., Mrs. . . G. Wilhelm, relator,
vs. Third Judicial District Court, re
spondent, Deer Lodge county. Peti
tioner obtained from the supreme court
a writ of certiorari to review the action
of the district court in adjudging her in
sane. He-r contention is that the lower
court acted without jurisdiction. The
supreme court decided that it did and
dismissed the writ.
The annual report of the inspector
general of the National Guards of Mon
tana for the year ending Dec. 31, 189)5,
submitted to Governor iRickards Monday
shows the strength of the same to be as
follows: Commissioned officers, 27; non
commissioned oflicers, 84; musicians, 14;
privates, 327; total, 452. Total strength
of militia: General staff and aides, 13;
medical department, 4; regimental field
staff, 7; chaplain department, 1; non
commissioned staff, 4; regimental line,
481; total strength, 509.
Jadge Blake of Helena has decided
that Mrs. Joseph Horsky, jr., shall have
the custody of her two little .girls. The
decision ends the litigation between Mr.
and Mrs. Horsky, which commenced with
the divorce suit recently tried. The de
cree will give the children authority to
choose their own guardian when they
become 14 years of age. Mr. Horsky
may visit the children as often as he
cares to and even take them out with
him. By other terms of the decree Mrs.
Horsky forfeits the right to keep the
children if she marries again or moves
out of the state.
lion. Alex Metzel has returned from an
extended eastern trip. He sold a train
load of cattle in Omaha, and while east
bought a car load of thoroughbred short
horn bulls, which he expects in Dillon
Sunday. The load includes two pure
bred Cruikhorn bulls, probably the only
pedigreed animals of this breed in the
state. One of these animals was awarded
the second premium at the Iowa state
fair. Mr. Metzel experienced consider
able difficulty in securing this bunch of.
animals. While away he visited his old:
home in York, Penn., where he was
agreeably surprised at the growing silver
sentiment. He talked silver,;too, and
succeeded in making a few qonverts.
Madisonlan. :

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