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The Age of Discovery
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A Resume of the Most Notable Events Transpiring
During the Week-Notes and Personals.
By a Special Correspondent of The New Northwest.
ANACONDA, Feb. 2..-It is a good long
time yet until the political conventions
will be held in this state, but the politi
cians are already actively engaged in the
work of campaign. The most important
part of the labor of the politician is per
formed long before the conventions that
make the nominations meet. The wires
are being laid in every part of the state
now for the candidates for the different
positions. The desire for office seems to
be quite as prevalent in this region as in
any part of the country. This being
presidential year, it is almost certain that
two state conventions, as well as two
county conventions, will have to be held.
It will be necessary to call a county con
vention of each party early in the spring,
perhaps in May, for the purpose of nom
inating delegates for the state conven
tion, which will meet some time about
the first of June. At the state conven
tion probably nothing will be done but
to nominate delegates for the national
convention of the party. The politicians
and the business men of the community,
and every person, will be opposed to
making nominations fcr the state ticket
at a convention to be held so early in the
year. The campaign would be long, un
reasonable and tiresome if the candidates
were named at the convention held in
early June. It is therefore safe to say
that the usual plan of holding two state
and two county conventions this year will
be Ifollowed. The first county conven
tion of the democratic party in Deer
Lodge county will be held this year about
the last week in May. The location for
holding the convention has not yet been
decided upon. A meeting of the county
central committee will be held in a
couple of weeks to decide that matter
and to discuss other matters of import
ance to the party. The county conven
tion for the nomination of candidates will
probably not be held until sometime in
August. It is even possible that it may
be later than that. This will make a
short campaign, and one decidedly more
satisfactory to the public and to the par
ties who will be seeking oflice. There is
at great deal of quiet talk in this commu
nity, as in other parts of the state, con
cerning the probability of the candidates
for the dilfferent offices. For the county
offices a number of persons are already in
the field, but are working rather quietly
amongst their friends. It is understood
here that Sheriff Fitzpatrick is a candi
date fcr re-election on the democratic
ticket. His deputy in Anaconda, Jack
Conley, announced himself as ia candi
date for sheriff nearly a month ago.
There are also two or three other names
mentioned in connection with the demo
cratic nomination. but it is not kom wn
that the parties named are in any sense
candidates for the office. The sentiment
of the bar in Anaconda seems to be al
most unanimoils, indeed if not quite
unanimous, in favor of the re-election of
Judge Brantly as presiding judge of the
third judicial district. Inquiry here fails
to reveal any desire on the part of any
of the attorneys for the nomination for
the district judgeship on any party ticket.
There is a feeling which seems to be
growing in strength each day that the
judiciary should be removed from the
arena of politics so far as possible. The
lawyers of Silver Bow county got together
in the election a couple of years ago and
decided unanimously upon candidates
for the position of district judge and the
management was entirely satisfactory to
the public and the legal profession.
While there are a number of attorneys in
Anaconda who are unquestionably fitted
to preside over the district court, there
seems to be no dissatisfaction with the
present incumbent of that office, who is
regarded as an eminently fair and upright
jurist, and a man of much more than or
dinary legal ability. For these reasons
it is quite probable that Judge Brantly
will have no opposition from this end of
the county. It is stated that possibly
Judge Durfee of Granite county may be
a candidate for the office. Nothing defi
nite is known about his intentions, how
ever, by his friends in this city. For the
office of district attorney Anaconda seems
to have no special choice at the present
time. Probably there will be a full crop
of candidates, enough to fill up on every
ticket, before the nominations are made.
For the other offices there is a goodly
number of aspirants, but they have not
yet succeeded in deciding amongst them
selves just what office they would like to
take. Some people are willing to take
anything in sight. If they cannot get
one thing they will take another. But
the plans are so immature as yet that it
is not worth while discussing in any pub
lic way the probabilities. For the state
nominations it is more than likely the
Copper City will prt sent a name or two
before the convention of each of the po
litical parties. A good many republi
cans in this neck of the woods are pro
nounced in the advocacy of Ilon. .1. It.
Eardley for secretary of state. The denm
ocrats are not making any open claims
for recognition at this time. The prin
cipal fight at present seems to be between
the towns desiring the state conventions.
Missoula wants it all. She wants both
the conventions of the three political par
ties. Missoula, like HIelena, has a repu
tation for extreme modesty. It is only
her unusual litness as a convention city
and her exceptional claims upon the
members of all the political parties of
the state, that have induced her to pre
sent her petition for these gatherings to
be held within her limits. Anaconda is
not out for anything so far as known in
tlis inc. If, however, the politicians
should decide to hold any of the conven
tions in this city, the delegates and vis
itors attending will be taken handsome
care of during their stay here. In the
matter of hotel accoinnonuldatiions and en
tertainment the Copper City is prepared
to offer as good as any other city in the
President Hill of the Great Northern,
with a party of railroad otlicials, were
guests of Marcus I)aly and M. Donahue
last week. They toolk in the sights of
Anaconda and noted with many excla
mations of pleasure and surprise the
great improvements that have been made
in this city during the last 12 months.
Tihe visit of Mr. Hill at this time has
given rise to a rumor that he came here
in furtherance of a plan for the extension
of the 1B. A. & P. into the Bitter Root
country during the coming season. H-low
far this rumtlor is correct this newspaper
is not in a position to say. It is gener
ally understood that when the snow came
last fall that it was the plan of the man
agement to extend the Butte, Anaconda
A& Pacific westward [i .east a couple of
hundred miles this year. So far, of
course, anything that may have been
done toward completing arrangements in
this matter has been kept a profound se
cret, and probably will be for some weeks
to come. The development of valuable
mines in the district immediately west of
Anaconda, and the splendid progress of
the lBitter Root valley, are inducements
to Mr. Hill or any other railroad mana
ger of shrewdness who desires to con
duct a paying piece of railroad. The B.
A. &. P. is one of the best paying proper
ties in the United States, mileage con
It is stated upon what appears to be
good authority that the plans which the
Anaconda company had under consider
ation for bringing the water of the Big
Hole river to this valley by means of an
enormous flumne over in the direction of
McCune's camp, have been abandoned
for this season, at least. This, of course,
cannot be verified at this time. There is
no question about it, but that last fall the
company had fully determined to build
the big flume and bring the water here
by way of Mill creek.
The weather of last week was as balmy
and as beautiful as was ever witnessed in
this region in the winter months. While
the effete East was wrapped in the arms
of blustering blizzalrds; while people
were frozen to death in the streets of
Chicago and groping blindly through
fierce snowstorms in the city of New
York, Anaconda was bathed in continual
sunshine during the day and beautiful
moonlight at night. It seemed almost
that spring had come. The fine weather
induced parties having plans for build
ing operations during the coming sum
mer to get together and talk over ar
rangements. The architects have been
very busy preparing plans and specifica
tions for proposed buildings. One gen
tleman who is well posted said to a re
porter for this newspaper that beyond
question the summer of 1896 would wit
ness as extensive building operations in
Anaconda as did the summer of the year
preceding. A great many residences of
the better class will be erected and a
number of business blocks are under
contemplation. The contractors are as
surgd of a busy season.
There is a disposition on the part of
some excitable people to arouse excite
ment concerning public matters in a most
unnecessary and silly manner. The re
cord of this city shows that in its history
it has had as clean, as sensible and as
business-like administration of its public
affairs as any city in the American union.
No scandal with any foundation in fact
has ever attached to this community's af
fairs. A few busybodies, mischief-mak
ere, who have no faith in the integrity of
any man, have been getting in their nasty
work within recent weeks in this city.
Ridiculous stories, too childish for dis
cussion and too unreasonable for consid
eration, have been circulated by these
cold-livered scandal mongers concerning
the public servants of Anaconda. They
regard themselves as the guardians of
the public weal. They think it neces
sary for them to be eternally upon the
watchtowers of the city to prevent the
very battlements from beingastolen. All
the time they are on guard, at night, they
are busy circulating insidious lies and in
nulendoes concerning men whose charac
ters are above reproach. Anaconda does
not get excited very much over these
kind of stories, however. It is pretty
generally understood that they are the
tales of people who think they have more
than their share of the world's burdens
to bear.
The leasing of the race track by Mir.
Tipton of Kentucky assures Anaconda of
a first-class season of racing this fall. It
is marvelous how many good driving
horses are now owned in this city. Every
body seems to be out for a good horse.
Some people who probably cannot af
ford it very well are even anxious for a
race horse. Tihe horsemen are busy.
There are a goodly number of fine ani
mals now wintering at tihe track, and the
trainers who make their headquarters
there are kept pretty busy. It seems that
Mr. Tipton intends to spend a good deal
more money this year upon the meeting
than has ever been expended before. The
prizes are to be very liberal. Men thor
oughly familiar with the racehorse busi
ness are to be brought from a distance to
occupy the judges' stand, and to handle
the flag at the starter's post. The meet
ing will be advertised all over the north
west. No money will be spared by the
management to brine people with fast
horses and multitudes who like good
racing to Anaconda during the meeting.
The announcement is made that the
Helena Mandolin and Guitar club would
like to visit Anaconda sometime soon and
give an entertainment for the amusement
of the people of this city. It is said that
this is a musical organization of consid
erable talent and that the entertainments
given in other cities of the state have
been very well received by the public.
Some doubt is expressed, however, about
this aggregation of talented musicians
from the capital city coming to Ana
conda. They undoubtedly have heard
through tle Helena press and from liel
ena speakers how Anaconda is the ren
dezvous for thugs and plug-uglies, the
home of the "vicious classes," a place
where clime is rampant and stalks un
hindered through the public streets.
The young ladies and gentlemen who
compose this mandolin club must have
read in the Helena newspapers, during
the capital light, how Anaconda is ob
scured in smelter smoke for 24 hours of
every day in the year, and how danger
ous it is for the health of any delicate
person to come into this community even
for a short visit. With a knowledge of
these facts in the minds of the Helena
rMandolin rand Guitar club, it would seem
like a very foolhardy piece of business
for the members of the organization to
risk their lives by paying a visit to this
one-man's town.
Little Fellows From n naconda That
Should Have a Head Put On 'Em.
A son was born Wednesday to the wife
of Capt. W. N. Kelly.
Daly & Maron have a good trade be
cause they keep good goods.
City Treasurer Delury has received
$8,379 from County Treasurer Hallahan,
the balance due Anaconda for taxes.
Little Hazel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Kennedy, who has been very ill for
some days past, is slowly recovering.
The celebrated "Minnehaha" Flour.
Tripp & Dragstedt, Agents, 308 E. Park
Ave., Anaconda.
Charles Wilson, alias "Mormon Kid,"
has been sentenced to jail for four months
by Judge Fitzgerald for stealing razors,
clippers, etc., from a barber shop in this
For stylish teams and good single road
sters go to the Warm Springs Livery
Stable, D. D. Twohy, proprietor.
Mrs. Mary Bell, aged 30 years, died at
St. Ann's hospital Wednesday. She
leaves a husband and little daughter,
three brothers and one sister in Anaconda
to mourn their loss.
If you are going to take your best girl
out for a drive, call at Twohy's livery
stable and get a nice horse and buggy.
Frank Kennedy keeps a fine variety of
cigars and tobacco. Fresh candies al
ways on hand. A full line of stationery,
knives, razors and smokers' articles.
Rheumatism is caused by lactic acid in
the blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla neutral
izes this acid and completely and perma
nently chures rheumatism. Be sure to
get only Hood's.
Causes Tried, Probate Matters, Other
Suits Commencedl--Conrt Notes.
Julia F. Vaughn vs. John F. Vaughn;
10 days' additional time granted to plead
to second amended complaint.
Robert Keith vs. D.F. Hallahan,county
treasurer, etc.; the motion to strike out
part of plaintiff's complaint is set for Sat
urday, Feb. 29th.
Marian W. Stuckey vs. Alberto Stevens;
dismissed as settled.
Mullen Pass Fuel Co. vs. Joseph Queen;
judgment for defendant, and plaintiff al
lowed until March 23 to file bill of ex
ceptions and motion for a new trial.
Mary Nelson, a minor, vs. Sarah Nel
son, administratrix of estate of John W.
Nelson; demurrer to complaint in inter
vention overruled.
Estes & Connell Mercantile Co. vs. B.
F. Brown, adminisirator, etc.; set for trial
March 30.
Probate Business.
Estate of Charles Hamilton; the final
report of administrator and petition for
distribution of residue of estate allowed
and decreed.
Estate of Alfred Stevens; final account
of administrator allowed and decree of
distribution signed.
Estate of Caroline E. Kenyon; final ac
count settled and allowed.
Estate of Jane S. Brice; order of sale
of real estate made.
Estate of Judson J. Kennedy; on peti
tion of administrator, an order was made
directing sale of mining property of the
Estate of Daniel Gleeson; final account
allowed and distribution ordered.
Estate of Henry Dixon; final account
filed and same set for hearing March 30.
Estate of Henry Hall; petition for dis
tribution and final account set for hear
ing March 30.
Marie I. Tuttle was appointed guard
ian of J. Percy Tuttle, a minor.
New Suits Begun.
Annie Dubey vs. Willow Creek Flum
ing Co.; injunction suit; set for hearing
February 29.
D. N. Dellinger vs. Gordon C. Vine
yard and wife; to determine right of de
fendants to homestead.
Sam Legrant vs. John White, T. D.
Fitzgerald and the City of Anaconda;
damages for unlawful imprisonment.
The First Presbyterian church of Ana
conda have filed a petition for permission
to mortgage property.
Court House Notes.
County Auditor Miller and Sheriff
Fitzpatrick were in Anaconda on official
business during the week.
Attorneys W. H. Trippet and Edward
Scharnikow were in Helena arguing the
old case of Gettings vs. Buchanan before
the supreme court, on Tuesday and Wed
The board of appraisers have adjourned
to Anaconda to finish their labors.
Judge Brantly will go to Philipsburg
Monday to open the March term of court
in Granite county.
Attorneys W. B. Rodgers of Butte, and
G. B. Winston, Col. T. O'Leary, and J. R.
Boarman of Anaconda will all have busi
ness before the court Saturday.
Judge O'Bannon showed the county
officers this week some maps of portionf
of the Idaho country that he lately Vis
ited, and among them was a map of La
tal county, Idaho, which shows all of the
surveyed land of the county and every
piece of land of five acres and upwardd
with the owners names printed on the
different tracts. The map also shows
road districts, school districts, and saw
mills. It is a splendid piece of work.
Such a map for this county would be al
most invaluable to the commissioners,
superintendent of schools and the asses
sor and to every one else, but would
doubtless be very expensive.
Twenty Candidates were Present.
There was an unusually large number
of teachers present at the examination
for certificates held by Miss Thomson,
county superintendent, last Friday and
Saturday, and the sessions were held in
the court room. The total number of
candidates present was 20, of which the
following is a full list:
Miss Laura Beck.....Strickland District
J. L. Singleton ............Willow Creek
Mrs. Mary McGrath......Blackfoot City
Miss Florence Bean.........Deer Lodge
Miss Mollie Wiles..........Deer Lodge
Miss Bettie Williams........Deer Lodge
J. W. St. Clair............ Deer Lodge
Miss Helena M. Gleeson......Anaconda
Miss Elizabeth Evans.........Anaconda
Miss Mary B. Healy...........Anaconda
Miss Marie Condon........... Anaconda
Miss Grace Wisner..............Anaconda
Miss Edna Waterbury.........Anaconda
Miss Nettle O'Donnell........ Anaconda
Miss Mary Berry...........Anaconda
Miss Mary McDonald......... Anaconda
J. P. Durick ..................Anaconda
Miss Delia Platner..............Elliston
Miss Luella Sheehan .............Butte
Miss Nellie Moran ................Butte
Hood's pills cure nausea, sick head
ache, indigestion, biliousness. Sold by
all druggists.

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