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Three Cheers
Red, White and Blue
of our national flag always bring
forth an expression of true patriotism
that nothing else can, and the colors,
lied, White and Blue, are always beau
tiful to an American eve. But these are
only a few of the many beautiful colors
that are found in the Sherwin &t Williams
paints, which have made beautiful so
many homes, and are always the pride of
a true housewife, But beauty and fra
grance go hand in hand. This was shown
biy the great rush of last week for those
free samples of Palmer's perfume which
we were giving away, and the great sale
of perfumes that followed the giving
away of these samples. We carry the
largest line of Wright's, Palmer's and
Pinaud's popular odors of any house in
Anaconda, and our prices are lower than
W'Take Dr. Mllcelenry's Vegetable
Sarsaparilla for the blood.
Standard Drug (Company,
The Rustling D)ruggists.
212 E. l'ark Ave.. Anaconllda.
OPE)N::I u :y: AN.\ D::.N:IG--.LT
Telephone No. 3 7.
& MacCall urn
Wholesalers of
We carry the largest
stock of these goods
in Deer Lodge county
We buy our Wines
and Liquors in car
load lots direct from
the producers and we
can sell at thelowest
market figures.
Agents for
f. McKenna HI-land Made Sour Mash
Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Beer,
The Carmencita Cigar.
& MacCallum.
A Resume of the MIost Notable Events Transpiring
During the Week--Notes and Personals.
By a Special Corresponldent of The New Northwest.
ANACONDA, Mlarch 11.-Annie Singlaub
of this city is suing Caspar Singlaub, her
husband, for a divorce. The suit has
been instituted in Deer Lodge. The
complaint which Annie has filed,tlirough
her attorney J. H. Duffy, goes on to tell
how they were married in the city of
Anaconda in 1889, and how for the past
two or three years at their home in this
city her 'husband has continually sub
jected her to the mnost scandalous cruel
ties. She says Casper is a nasty, mean
thing; that upon repeated occasions lihe
has called her vile names and accused
lher of having sustained improper rela
tions with one John Nicholson, anld also
with several other men. All these accu
sattions are positively denied by Mrs.
Singlaub. She says they are false and
unjust, and that they have caused her in
tense mental suffering and great anguish
and more than her share of pain. Shed
asks the court to cut the knot that ties
her to Caspar. John Nicholson, the man
whose name has appeared in connection
with this case, is on the warplth too. lie
says Singlaub lies and is an infernal ras
cal. lie says that he never lhad anything
to do with the woman; that he knows
her, having worked in the neighborlhood
where the Singlaubs reside, but that he
has never been on intimate terms with
the woman. Nicholson says that if Sing
laub does not walk in a straighter course
hereafter, and if he persists in making
accusations of a serious character eagatinst
parties who are innocent, thait something
is liable to happen which will dissolve
the bonds of matrimony lbetween IMr. and
Mrs. Singlaub before tie district court
lehas a chance to act ulpon the matter.
Tihe news first announced in these col
umus that Con Hayes, the lessee of
Gregson springs, intends to erect e splen
did hotel and natatoriulm at that popular
resort this summer is received with a
good deal of approval in this city. Arch
itect Lane has drawn tie plans for tihe
proposed improvements at the springs,
andl thle work of construction will comn
mience early in tihe sprin. Tihe plan is
to, erect a hotel with 50 rooms sand a
plunge bath -10 by 100 feet. All the
buildings will be heatled lby' hot water
from tle springs 'nolt will contain every
modern convenience. People in this
part of tie country have long wished to
see somlething done toweards makllting
Gregison springs mlore attractive tas a
health resort. The water is unquestion
•ably the best in this part of the world. It
is a delightful place for persons to recun
perate and rest, and ucnder Mr. Ilayes'
manlalegement it tpromises to becomiee very
popula'r with Anacondc a peeople. Mr.
Ilayes has a lease, runnillg for tel years,
with a bond upon the property. The
probabilities are that lie will peurc:lhase tihe
entire property before the lease expires.
In the meantinme Anaconda is glad
to learn of the contemtplated ilmprove
John Cuffe, thie police ollicer who was
charged with assault in the second de
gree upon the person of CT. . WlWalsh, at
torney, has been bound over to anlswer to
the district court. This is a case which
has attracted a good deal of attention in
this city, and it has been dragging along
for some weeks. Tlhe witness Smith, or
Comboy, who testified that he was in
the cell in the city jail at the time that
Cuffe nmade the assault upon the attorney,
has also been bound over to appear as a
witness in the case. Being unable to
give bonds for his appearance at the trial
he was committed to the custody of the
Following the suggestion first made in
the columus of the NEW No'~.itRtw:sr
sonic weeks ago, a number of business
men of Anaconda will meet this
week for the purpose of discuss
ing the plan for a new opera house in
the Copper City. Many of the business
men here have become aroused to the
necessity of taking an active interest in
this important matter. In a general way
it is well understood how necessary it is
for this city to have a suitable opera
house, and it is also very well understood
that under present arrangements the city
is the loser to the extent of a good deal
of money from the fact of our not having
accommodations for first class theatrical
attractions. The old policy of a great
many prosperous men in this community
permitting one man to take hold and
push to completion all of these projects
important for the general advancement
of the city, is becoming mighty unpopu
lar. It is now regarded in many quar
ters as being very unwise to permit the
city to suffer for lack of interest on the
part of men who are makinlg their money
within the corporate lilmits. This city
has grown to such proportions that it is
no longer possible or practicable for any
one tmi., noli matter howi wealthy or pub
lic-spirited, to provide every conveniences
which thle city demands. The people
siwho are sharing in the pIrosperity of the
place are niow called to put their shoulders
to the ,whl el and help push these go(od
works alonge. Men who l:have mlade for
tunes there, while equally bright mensh
have met with disasters in other sections
of the state, are b:omlnin arousedt t to the
fact that Anaconda requires united effort
on the part of all the citizens. An opera
holuse is needed and the menll with tmolney
must help to build it. There is not the
slightest doubt but that the money in
vested in suchl an enterprise would pay at
least a reasonable interest. It would ibe
a safe intvestment for the Ipersons putting
their money into it, and it would be a
splendid thing for Anaconda in a geu
eral way. The plan under discussion in
vol\ves tile construction of an opera house
to cost about 5.30,000. it is believed that
very easy terms can be made with the
towtinsite company for a suitable site in a
central location, and it is also understood
that if the business men of tie city will
talke ail interest in thile matter and show\
their appreciation of the enterprise by
contributling a part of the 'funds neces
sary for thie erection of the building, that
a liberal sum could be outained from men
who have always had the best interests
of AnacsonIda at heart, and \who have never
been ibackiward about putting up their
fu111 share or nmore. This opera house
(uliestiolh sihouild be taken ca:re of imlllle
diately. It behooves the public spirited
citizens of the Copper City to go at it in
a ibusiness way andt take handsomlle calre
of it in thle imnlediate future. We be
lieve this \\ill be done.
The different political parties here
abouts are oin the iimove. Calls have been
iSsuted for a mleetinig of the deitmocratic
and populist citly central cemi'nittees.
The meetings will be heldl Saturday
e\tllinig Whenl the question of nomina
tions of tle four aildermen to be elected
in Anactonda this spring will be diseussed.
The republicans thus far have made no
movlle. There liars been suggestionss lhat
politics hie eliminated from the contest
this spring nit Illshit m011 good mian i
each ward lie selected to rlun for illider
ian and thlt there he eno contest. It
would be a right ,good thing for the city
if' tils could be done(; but it very pIrobla
bly can't. At this period in Anitconda's
history it is of suplreme importance that
good, sensible, sulbstantial and progress
ire and public-spirited men be elected to
the city council. iBt the partisans will
probably want to get their fingers iuto
the pie and the chances are that any at
templt to elect good men upon ai citizen's
ticket would nmeet with failure.
The democratic county ccnlral cosm
mnittee has been called to meet at J. M.
Kennedy's offlice in Anaconda on Satur
day, March 21, at 1 o'clock. Business of
considerable imlportance to the party or
ganization will comeie up for considera
Tile Recorder last week published a
ticket which it said the people of Deer
Lodge were discussing for the fall elec
tion in this county. It was a mixture po
litically and wsas headed by A. MI. Walker
for sheriff. The Nl"w No'rruwlsor does
not know that it is Mr. Walker's inten
tion to be a candidate, but if it'is, he will
get strong support in this part of the
county where lie is well known and very
highly esteemed for his many sterling
qualities. Ite is a hard-headed, honest
business man andt public business is safe
in his keeping. In one respect at least
the RIecorder's ticket is off. It names
J. MI. Kennedy as a candidate for clerk
and recorder. Mr. Kennedy has stated
positively he is not a candidate for any
office and will not be.
On Monday evening, March 16, at
Evans opera house Ex-Congressman John
F. Finnerty of Chicago will deliver a lec
ture upon "The Story of Ireland." The
lecture will be under the auspices of the
local branch of the Irish National Alli
ance. There are few more eloquent or
entertaining speakers in America than
Mr. Finnerty. A man of commanding
personnel, deep learning and possessed
of all the eloquence and fire of his race.
he charms all who hear him talk. Those
who miss hearing Mr. Finnerty's address
next Monday evening will miss the best
entertainment of the kind that has been
presented in Evans opera house. A good
musical programme has been prepared,
and already tickets enough have been
sold to insure a large audience.
Little, Fellows Fron Anaconda That
Should Havre t Heail 'Put On 'Enm.
Marcus I)aly will return from the east
in a couple of weeks.
During the week a daughter was born
to Mr. and Mrs. Hlugh Early.
)aly & Maron hlave a good trade be
cause they keep good goods.
The ceelebrated " Minnehaha" Flour.
T'rilpp & l)ragstedt, Agents, 3O8 E. Park
Ave., Anaconda.il (
For stylish teams and good single road
strs go to th111e Warm Springs Livery
Stl.Ie, D. 1). Twohy, proprietor.
I f you ar going i to take youlr best girl
out for a drive, call at Twohy's livery
stable :aId Oet a nlice horse and buggy.
lFrank Kennedy kCeps a: fine variety of
cigars and tobOacco. Freshl candies al
ways oi hand. A full line of stationery,
knivesl , razors and sl(mokers' articles.
A daughter was born to M1r. and Mrs.
lMi.hael Cosgrove at their home in this
city ni Wi est lPark avenue last Sunday
Jalmes Shields is now il San Francisco
ani will return to this city illn short
while. llis healtthl is said to ha1ve ilr
proved ctnsidcrably during his sojourn
in the south.
L. A. King, one oi' the mlost p]rosplerolus
and p)opular merchants in the Colpper
City, returned froi m his business trip in
the east last Wednesday. Mr. r. King was
accompanied on his trip by lilth, his
bright little dclughter.
Gilbert Barrett of Deer Lodge and
James Coleman of Miles city have pur
chased tile saloon building and business
belonging to John lHirsch on Chestnut
street, in this city, :1nd the new lirm will
tatke ipossession about the lirst of the
A typographical error in the N tw
NFIIir'IlW ,sT last week pult the A. P.
Apes ill tie wrong hall. The state con
vention was held in the Iattie block
hall, not inll the ha:ll over the ('tentenuial.
The 1111al over Foskett's is used for nobler
Bob Greig is doing an enormous busi
ness in bicycles this yea:r. lle has sold
1 great number of wheels this year al
ready, 'rld the plrospects of futlire tra:de
are very bright. lIe hassecured the ser
victes of "an expert bicycle repairer, alnd
his relair shop is always doing a big
A building and loan association has
beenl started in Anaclonlda, and is mleet
ing with a good deal of success. A great
lloaly homies will be erected in this city
during the coming season, and the build
ing and loan association will be of great
!.ssistanllce to lilny poor personsll other
ise lunllablle to secure the Illoney to erect
at hole.
Tuesda-y w'as pay day at the uipper
works, converter, refinery and Standard
Fire Brick comipany. The lower works
rand foundry paid on Wednesday. The
amount of mloney paid out this pay day
was even greater than it has been
for tile lpast three or four months, and the
business men in every line of trade
reaped a rich harvest.
The County Assessor will Soon be Abroad
in the Land.
As Assessor Schwend will soon begin
assessing the county, it behooves all good
citizens to be in readiuess for an inter
view. We are informed that, in addition
to his assessment work, the law requires
hinm to collect it road tax of $3 from all
citizens over the age of 21 years. This,
in addition to the poll-tax of $2, makes a
t. tal of $5, which the assessor must col
lect from every one. Assessor Schwend
will be assisted in his work by C. L. Em
mtons and 1). 11. Morgan, the latter doing
the ollice work.
It May Do as SMuch for You.
Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, Ill., writes
that lie had a severe kidney trouble for
many years,with severe pains in the back
and also that his bladder was affected.
IHe tried many so-called kidney cures but
without any good result. About a year
ago he began to use Electric Bitters and
found relief at once. Electric Bitters is
especially adapted to the cure of all kid
ney and liver troubles and often gives al
most instant relief. One trial will prove
our statement. Price only 50c. At J. H.
Owings' City drug store. 15-1y
Good, Bad and Indifferent, all Classes of
People Find Mention in These Columns
If They Succeed in Doing Anything
Really Worth Mentioning.
The Bitter Root Times says that Dr.
Brown's meetings at Hamilton are "a
howling success."
Ed. Simpson, the well known mining
man, is able to be out again after having
been seriously ill for several weeks.
Missoula Republican.
The city council of Billings has sold to
Farson, Leach & Co., $25,000 worth of re
funding bonds, bearing 6 per cent. inter
est. The price paid was par.
What's the matter with Cuban bonds
in exchange for .Montana cavalry horses?
The Montana mustang is just the animal
for the Cuban gueriilla.--Madisonian.
If the recent photographic discovery
makes it possible to see through one's
hand, what is to become of the great
American game of poker?-Silverite.
Supreme Court Clerk Webster, of Hel
ena, will print your visiting cards cheap.
Ile will also correct your spelling and
grainmnar, free of charge.-Bozeman
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Cobb
of Cascade, tMont., on February 20. If
tlhe little Cobb lives he can celebrate his
first birthday on February 29, 1904. His
little toes nlay be covered with corns by
that time.
The report of State Treasurer Wright
for the quarter ending February 29th,
shows that the balance on hand Dec. 1st,
1895, was $273,034.86; received during
the quarter, $414,359.96; paid out during
the quarter, $385,675.28; balance on hand,
Judge Buck of Lewis and Clark county
has given the board of appraisers of that
county an extension of 30 days in which
to fix values of all real estate for pur
poses of taxation. Judge Buck holds
that improvements are a part of the real
estate and as such the appraisers must
fix their valuation.
Gov. Botkin need extpect nothing of
his party. lie is only "a party conven
ience. lie is able, ready, earnest, but he
isn't in the ring. He can be lieutenant
governor again, or fill some office that no
one wants, but the plums are "not for
Aleck." lie may as well recognize his
place and take it.-Helena News,
The supreme court of Montana has
decided the arid land bill tc be constitu
tional, sustaining the action of the board
in every particular. This will likely in
susre a market for the state arid land war
rants, in which case it will doubtless per
mit the arid land commissioners to pros
ecute the work of reclaiming arid lands
of this state vigorously during the com
ic"g season.
Ex-uManaager Conrad, of the Mtontana
Coal & Coke company at Ilorr, is caus
ing no end of trouble in that camp. lie
has incited a lot of Huns to try and drive
out the new superintendent and get him
self established in that position. If the
miners of Hlorr knew as much about Con
rad as the Red Lodge people do, they
will not have anything to do with him.--r
Red Lodge Picket.
Dr. W. A. Burleigh, who died at Yank
ton, S. 1)., on March 8, was one of the
most noted pioneers of the west. He
went to the territory of Dakota in the
sixties withl a commission signed by
President Lincoln in his pocket, was a
delegate in congress from that territory
and repeatedly elected to the legislature.
lie came to Montana and settled in Cus
ter county, being elected to the territorial
legislature in 1884. He finally moved
back to South Dakota to spend the re
ainiuder of his life among his first asso
ciates in the west. Dr. Burleigh was 75
years of age and was the father of A. F.
Burleigh, Northern Pacific receiver.
Nine men came down from Mr. Har
low's railroad on Scundsay last, having
quit. They had a fair supply of surplus
shoes and clothing, which they were will
ing to sell cheap. E;One thousand dollars
face representation of "certificates" was
held by the nine men as their net earn
ings. For a pair of shoes they could get
a few drinks, but for the whole batch of
certificates they could not get a schooner
of beer. These men are led to believe
that they can get cash for these warrants
somewhere in Helena at a slight dis
count. We have not been able to locate
the speculator who will pay anything for
them, and if such exists we will willingly
advertise the same free, so these hard
working men can know what they are
worth.-Townsend Messenger.

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