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Zbe iRe w lRorthweet. _
VOL. 27, NO. 36. DEER LODGE, MONTANA, FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1896. NO. 1192.
Three Cheers
--FOR T-II -
Red, White and Blue
of our national flag always bring
forth an expression of true patriotism
that nothing else can, and thel colors,
Ifed, White and Blue, are always beau
tiful to an American eve. But these are
only a few of the in y beautiful colors
that are found in the Sherwin & Williams
paints, which have made beautiful so
many homes, and are always the pride of
a true housewife. But beauty and fra
,crance go hand in hand1. This was shown
by the great rush of last week for those
free samples of Palmer's perfume which
we were giving away, and the great sale
of perfumes that followed the giving
away of these samples. We carry the
largest line of Wright's, l'alnr's and
Pinaud's popular odors of any house in
Anacooda, lltld our prices tire lower than
'-"Take lDr. Mclleury's Vegetable
sarsaparilla for the blood.
Standard Drug Compluany,
The Rustling 1)ruggists.
212 1E. Park Ave.. Anaclonlla.
OPEN:: A :: -AN) :: NI li
Teleriihonis No. ST.
'-~--- -.I-`---.--- -. . .~I
& MacCallum
Wholesalers of
SCigar s.
We carry the largest
stock of these goods
in Deer Lodge county
We buy our Wines
and Liquors in car
load lots direct from
the producers and we
can sell at the lowest
market figures.
Agents for
H. McKenna Hand Made Sour Mash
AnheusernBusch Budweiser Beer,
The Carmencita Cigar.
& MacCallum.
A Resume of the Most Notable Events Transpiring
During the Week-- Notes and Personals.
By a S, cj ial Corresl(pond ( ut of' Thi New Nortlhinst.
ANACONDA, iMarch 19. -- Anaconda's
people enjoyed St. Patrick's eve. The
entertainment in the opera house, given
under the auspices of the Irish National
Alliance, was a gratifying success. The
audience was one of the largest and most
representative that ever assembled in
Evans Opera house; the musical pro
gramme was one of exceptionllal lerit:
tile lecture by IIon. John F. Finerty
charmed and delighted every person who
heard it; "The Story of Ireland" has of
ten been told, but never was it recited
with more eloq11uence and pathos than o1n
the evening of the 16th in Ana;ouda.
After the entertatinment in the Opera
house, about 75 prominent, citizens of
Anaconda enjoyed a banquet at the loh
tana hotel given in honor ,of Mhr. P"inerty.
It is the universal opinion olf all who sat
at tile banquet that it was one of tile llost
delightful affairs of the kind ever given
within the state of Montana. 'IlThe tables
in the spacious dining-room of tlhe spln
did hotel were arralnl ed in the form of an
"F," out of compliment to the guest of
the evening. Thell repast was simply the
best that money and tllle mrket couldt
provide. Manager Reynolds undertook
to malke it onlle of the most tempting al11
enjoyable feasts ever providled in these
regions and he sucnceeded admirably.
The service was lirst-c:lass in 'viery detalil
anrd the thole afT'air wasl a credit to the
mrngemeout of the Montana hotel. I)r.
Sfpell manl acted as tolastmaster and malilll
eloquent anld witty rsponss ll ere made
to the toasts. The splendida success of the
entire programmoe-of the 1(ith was a ltrib
ute to theilt intelligent and energetic m·an
agement of President .l. V. (ollins and
his follow-workers in the local couneil
of the Irish National Alliance.
The populists have nominated a ticket
for t.i sprling electionl. n fl'Cnti r
is nainedl for alderman in the First ward,
Jllames J.lohnston in the Sero!id, Moso
)azxell in the T''hird, and (Chas. \Villians
in the Fourth. All but Mr. I)tzell have
already served this city as aildrleln. The
ticket is consilderedl abloit thl stroligest
the polpulists of Anall:colnda could ha:ve
named. Mr. WVilliamns did not want the
o inll atlioi ln, and it is tlderstod hie still
insislts lpon retirilng front the raee. At
the convntion MIr. Willianms said:" While
I an sincerely gratel'ul ft r the oiimpli
lIellt implnied in ly renioliination, I de
sire to ecline enltering tle contest. I
have already had my share of the hntors
which miy party has had to nfltr. I
think others shlinld now lie given al show.
As a imenIl er of the board ounlllty coi)i
missioners, I find the tinme which I ran
afflord to give to public bu siness fully
taken ui anrod I desire to be relieved of
my duties in the city council."
The democrats will probbllily put ai full
aidhermanic ticket in the lield; there are
plenty if gtood men aivailable in every
ward. The general dlesire is to secure a
counctil composed of solidl anud sensible
business lmen whose Iirst consideration
will be the best interest of the Copper
City. This promises to be one of the
most important years in Anaconda's his
tory aind the necessity of securing alder
men of brains and public spirit must be
alIparent to every taxpayer.
The republicans have not yet made any
move in the way of naming a ticket; but
there are any numbenir of first-class en
in that party who would be an adorn
uent and a valuable acquisition to the
city council.
Anaconda wants the county seat and
she has started out in earniest to get it.
The first steps toward that end were
taken at the city hall Saturday night,
when two hundred of the most proui
nent men of this city met and organized
for the campaign. There was a great
deal of enthusiasm and the gentlemen
went to work in a manner that showed
that they meant business. An executive
committee of nine influential men was
appointed to take charge of the matter
and the next morning a petition was
placed before the public for signatures.
It is directed to the board of county com
-missioners and asks that the matter of
the removal of the county seat from Deer
Lodge to Anaconda be submitted to the
electors of this county at this fall's elec
tion. Already about 700 names of quali
fied electors have been secured and the
work will be prosecuted until at least
,-,000 names appear upon the petition.
An energetic and intelligent campaign
is promised at this end of the line upon
this lquestion.
Thl bright amn beauti'ul little da(ighl
ter of Mr. and Mrs..1. \. ('otlins was se
verely Iittenll by a dog one day this week.
The aninal's fangs tore the child's face
in a frig'htfl l nu1 rll. While she is not
cot si.ired to ie dan, gerously injured.
si.e sultffers much pain l. aI. :nd Mrs.
entire omm:1 n111 ii Iy.
Toi1 NI.w ~e'lustile ci i irir 's(llet-oftlle
11t a!iitation of the gll.stion of n n Wce
llpera l ilS, tfor .i llaon d:i. It is l tri
hlte to the pubic spiril of the peopl.(l of
this iity thatl the projiet has takenu Iti
litt slhlape io so on. l-ast I\week a comnli
lititee of egt.ill teneon waited lolhl the
isirlless nllo hlire ianl ill a few houllrs
s:;e:ldled ill raising nearly tii t housand
dollars towards huildin ,g a nelw ope l
hllise ill At acoall. 'It now eiois t hat
lti n ie tlheatre will be built this season
by popiular subscription to Ithe stock and
hllt it 'ill be a hanll soilm- structure
whenll ompleted. Anacoda and her
peopeI are all right.
Thlie maan whotli told Sam urcl.h tha't lihe
ould il ig'ht is aI fool or a great joker.
Santl tried it on. at Fronech 1111hall to-night
with Ike Hayes of ]Ieleona and now
there's sorrow ill tilhe iell of the
htirches. Ilayes has a reputation; he
can make a good light and has the heart
to stay. ile hats whipped iall a dozen
Food men ini his day. is a big, fat
coon, and is swift and vicious. Biurch is
big e iough to whip a regiment of prize
iighters, but a female cook in at Michi
gall liuber ca(llp would mlltke IL lolinkey
of him with the gloves. \When Htayes
mn1 Blurch got into the ring tonight tile
;i0) people present expected to see a
scrap. There lwere only two blows
strulk; Hlayes stllruck utrch iand 1lurch
strucllk the ground.ll It waIs aill over anilldl
lhiurchli hails labadonied his idea of chal
lenging Corbett.
Tie scrious illness of ,I ulgre Frank Il.
Fox is deeply regIreted in this city. lie
is s lT'ering' with apendicitis and is con
fined to his home. .Judge Fox is ta ronod
citizen and a vast host of friends in this
csity 'arnestly hope for his speedy re
ION THIE 1 .l i()
Little Felluows remni An iaionda Thal
Sinholti IIter Heaad 'ut IOn 'Erm.
Daly & Marion have a good trade be
cause they keep good goods.
The celebrated " liunehahta " Filour.
Tripp & I)r:agstedt, Agents, 308 E1. Park
Ave., Anaconda.
For stylish teaosll and good single road
sters go to ti Warinl Springl s Livery
Stable, D). ). T'wolhy, proprietor.
If you are going to take your best girl
out for at drive, call iat Twohy's livery
stable andt get ia ice horse and buggy.
]'rank Kennedy keeps a line variet' of
cigars and tobacco. Fresh candies al
ways on hand. A full line of stationery,
knives, razors andll smokers' articles.
Oln Hiands asdi Knees lH1 Dirags Himself
Neiirly a Clile.
(Georgel S.(-Gordo, a ranlhmant who re
sides aboult five miles fronm Avon, near
Bradley postollice, tmet with at most dlis
tressing accident last Friday evening
while driving from Avon to his home.
VlWhen about two miles fronm Avon his
team becamte unmanageable while cross
ing the railroad track and started on a
mmad run up the track. After running
about forty rods the team shied
to one side and struck an enlbankment,
throwing MIr. Gordon out of the wagon
and onto the track.. He tried to get up,
but found lie could not stand, and, pull
ing off his boot, discovered his right leg
was broken just above the ankle. lie
was in a sad plight; it was quite cold and
dark; Ihe could not get his boot back on;
the nearest house was 1); miles away,
and he could not walk a step. In this
condition he started on a painful and
tedious journey up the track, crawling
along the ties on his hands and knees
and dragging his broken leg behind him.
He had not proceeded very far when a
train came thundering down the track
and he dragged himself to one side to let
it pass. After a short rest he again started
on his journey. He had travelled fully
three-fourths of a mile in this manner
when he saw another light on the track
which he took to be the headlight of a
locomotive. To his joy and surprise it
crossed the track, and raising his voice
to its utmost he shouted for help. He
did not call in vain; the light started to
ward him and soon he recognized his two
sons. The team had come home without
the father and the boys immedatelv :et
out in search of him. They found him
nearly exhausted and his hands and
knees were skinned and bleeding. lie
was taken home and a physician was tel
egraphed for. Dr. Cranson went down
Satnrdlay, arriving at the injured man's
holn about noon. The doctor found him
in a cheerfpul rmood. although both bones
in his leg were broken and his hands and
knees swollen sore and from the terrible
e'xperinei of the preceding night. hMr..
(ordon is 53 years of age and is a veteran
of the Unioni army, having served during
he war in a Michigan regiment. D)r.
(Craoi says he is a nman of wonderful
(rvo amlid thinks he will get along all
righti. though ai wound lie received in his
right thigh during the war may tend to
aggravate the rase.
Otne of the enjoyable features at the
('olldeg' of Montana is the recitals ocna
sionally give'n by the teachers and pupilS
of the musical department. On Friday
evening Ilast an unusually good pro
gramn lie, as appears below, was rendered,
whichl was listened to with much plea
sure and satisfaction by a number of vis
itors from the city.
inut t--Ist. -Ntovn teilt ........ .........1layIden
lMiss [etll t Larabie.
S (l a )-(( ' Maj.) for two piano s........... ozart
Misses Klelhyv aId Kraft.
Ntiio' rne-" iidsunne,s r Night's DIreotll........
................................... alendel.'ohi
.alien tistiec.
a 1iss O w s ll t . .
Vioi n etsolo -[Sole ted] ............................
W.'. F. (ulette.
oon l --(( . 'IM j.) for two pilnos............. Mozart
Misses I'le1ntul miiid Krafl.
' I)e . .\b ho d ......... ......... ........ .. cb("] 1i l
ti onlenl es - icah, .... . .......... ......Schlluber
iss M chain
Venl (Quurtlete--"_lAiuit' Lauri" ......... Puck
\l s.ri , n e M l neodi, lldretli, Wolfe and Belboo.
An arti .............. .................. Goddard
alive C'olllltan.
Itirtalladte-- I . 1 ..........e I. ......... . ('edien
liifen, re'ert' ii th case if Wil tu ' N.
A yle w solo-- l ae i st o.... n ........ .....is. .. a........
ers. . The case. (il t secure a arti
ti of the ropery )iocated between the
city he ulltte Miner f edntlle,sday n Eaort
lrii say, ans: d Speir elongsterdd to the
firllce tci saleJohn carlae b . A. Nieden
nofen, rsoleree in the asproperty tof iu. N.
Aylesworth against Johl n Fis the for a
otlhers. Tile case wa's to selcure a parti
1tin of the oroper locatsied between tie
Sity haill and the new postllicte, ou East
Blroadway, and wlhich belonged to the
leilrs of Johnl MIcFar'land. Capt. Nie
lenhol'fen sold thle prolperty to WV. IN.
Ayleswourth, the lllaiatiff ill the suil, for
$14,000. Thle olrdier signed by Judltlge
S.,peer aplproves tile sale alnd distributes
the Ilmoniey Ias follows: W\. N. Ayles
worth, ~11,03r5.50; Frankl Conley, assignee
of ,John, (race, William and Birdina
Fisher, $2,301.75; John ]Fisher of Eng
land, $1,534.50; Mary Ann Saddler,$383.
(i; (atlherine Aylesworthi, $383.60. The
judge also allowed the referee $.5,
Ayles\\'orth $l:i.0 for expenses anod $250
for attorlney's fees, and Frank Conley
$2.50 for expenses.
Malrevelotts ltestltts.
Fromin a lettter 'written by Rlev. J.1. Gun
dernai, of D)initindale, Mlichi., we are
permnilted to mllake this extract: "I have
nio lhesitationl inl recolnlntlieding D)r.
King's New Discovery, as the results
were almost malrvelous ill the case of Inmy
wife'. While I was pastor of the Baptist
church at Iives Junction she was brought
down with pneumonian succeeding Ia
griple. Terrible Iparoxyslns of coughing
would last hours witli little interruption
and it seemed as if she could not survive
them. A friend reconunended Dr. King's
New I)iscovery; it was quick ill it work
and highly satisfactory in results." Triail
bottles free at J. It. Owings & Co.'s.
Regular size 50c. and $1. 10-1y
Sheriff Willis left last night for Deer
L]odge with Joihn Currington, who will
serve a life sentence for rape. Mary, his
sister, andl the victim of his crime, was
also taken west, where she will be better
cared for and provided with a good home.
-Glasgow Record.
Wonderful are the cures accomplished
by Hood's Sarsaparilla and yet it is only
because lIood's Sarsparilla, the one true
blood purifier, makes pure, rich, healthy
Hood's Pills for the liver and bowels,
act easily, yet promptly and efficiently.
Good, Had and Indifferent, all Classes of
People Find Mention In These Columns
If They Succeed in Doing Anything
Really Worth Mentioning.
It is reported in railroad circles that
the Northern Pacific will soon obtain
possession of the Montana Union and
nmake it a part of their system.
The court house at Missoula narrowly
escaped destruction by fire last Sunday.
The blaze started in a defective flue and
before the fire was extinguished $500
danlage was done.
News was received at Billings Monday
of the killing of two Shoshone Indians in
northern Wyoming by three white men,
who murdered the Indians and then stole
their horses. Tile murderers escaped
into Montana and sold the horses. They
are being pursued.
The \-ellowstone .ourual.which makes
a specialty of fashion notes, advises the
public as follows: "The announcement
thait loop skirts are comning into use this
year is erroneous. All the girls are go
min to ride bicycles the coming year, and
hoopl skirts do not go with bicycles."
The River Press says that Conrad Kohrs
tihs roecntly closedt a heavy cattle deal
with li lhn Slarks of Renio, Nevada, the
purchase comprising, several thousand
head. The outfit, which consists of spays
and 2 and 3-year-old steers, will be turned
loose on northern Montana ranges the
conling season.
The Billings Gazette reports that the
Butcher creek oil fields in Carbon county
have been bonded to a St. Paul syndicate
for $300.000. Machinery for the extrac
tion of the oil has been ordered by the
syndicate and as soon as it arrives a large
force of men will be put to work on the
bonded property.
The immigration convention at Helena
adjourned Friday evening after electing
following otlicers: Paris Gibson, presi
dent; James IT. Mills, vice president;
Sewell Davis, secretary; E. H. Talcott,
treasurer. An executive committee was
also chosen, consisting of one member
frosm each county.
In In interview with the Ifelena Iler
all, Wen. Courtel\y, of Miles City, re
ports that he had1 never seen Montana
live stock in as ,to d condition at this
season of the year as it is now, and that
the same nlay be said of the range. He
thought that beef shipments this year.
would begin as early as the month of
.l ilie.
The supremie court of the state has de
cided that the statute extending the time
for the redemption on mortgage fore
closure sales front six months to one
year, is constitutional [as to mortgages
executed while the old law was in exist
once. as it does not impair the obliga
tion of the contract, but affects the remn
edy only.
.Bozeman dispatch of March 12: At a
meeting of the local board of trustees of
the Agricultural college held last week,
it was decided to reorganize the college
faculty. The board concluded the best
way to do this successfully and without
giving offense to the teachers, was to ask
for the resignations of all professors. The
matter was kept secret a few days, but
finally leaked out and was for a time the
topic of conversation on the streets. As
near as can be learned there has been
some little friction among the faculty,
and the board thought things were not
running smoothly enough for good re
sults. It is said only three of the resig
nations were accepted, to take effect at
the end of the school term in about four
B.eWare of Counterfeiters
Who infest the market and
are the means of robbing sick
people of their money, and what is of
still greater consequence of not unfre
quently aggravating the complaints un
der which they labor. It is an act of
duty we owe to society to warn the peo
ple agaiinst these dan rous frauds. A
little care on the part of the purchaser
will protect them from imposition by
bearing in mind these facts: Never buy
where it is offered in bulk, (in kegs or
jugs) as the genuine Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters are sold only in bottles having
the handsome steel plate label displaying
the combat between St.George and the
Dragon, and having at the bottom a min
iature note of hand for one cent, bearing
a facsimile of the signature of the presi
dent of the company. Over the cork is a
metallic cap, on which Is impressed the
name of the article, together with a
medallion head in the center. Any per
son selling the counterfeit Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters we shall not hesitate to
brlng to justice, as we never fail to

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