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The new North-west. [volume] (Deer Lodge, Mont.) 1869-1897, June 05, 1896, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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VOL. 27, NO. 17. DEER LODGE, MONTANA, FRIAY. J ULNE+ 5, 189(i. WHOLE NO. 1-2O.
VOL.27, O. 1 .' EER ODGE 3IO TAN , I+llI _ Y J I- -h: ., 18 6. HOLE NO. 203
SI.:Lart Col (.Ion x I' ' 'P plx (Go I ll'- 1
TI'll {itr I,'eiir . . it I'iai .l- 4 r to a. tIIve
ll] uu'l" IlI';il.I';illl ( ll {cv hwt (: llý;h.ervi 1( o dlý,ý
)[ " ll'ixx i )x , Vi:Ia-. iixx -i xxx- x :x/xI ill Ih1 1'
xin, xe .i: rtrh re' rant and ,tlriti
thlll]uci i 31tm < of(u ch r i b ' } lll i:IIc' l ývk
:t- sei 'xx l il i 1 r.ity w il li- h -
i'." \1 ;t - m , '111 1'}. I; i; ' rl s l \n.} t
:1- x. t 11, :tir. rl ,, l:xvi lrt anti rIlt',
r n 1' " rr :,)lil:r'- f1 1 , o 0 i- oc i l 1 (cm1. h11
Ood fix tii It, Ax i--xhlx Mar xhal
x Ai' 1 i ll o ii r r ol l wii t- ;;Fi aI ir ' ill, llll
;c n" t r inoanaLý· rn fo ,klnd hrolk it
-+,m 'e ,,.ullnr, , anr di>;+~,nf,ýt. Mill illy
1:i >. ill if[,h, 11;111,q,, lll f
.u ýh!+ cýýuu tm .. l ýýI : ýL ' , inl Ti interva]
ri' 'xll ru lxi , r 't ilne . ,n, it r l x , ic lh t,
-ux d p , ,l x,.t tai,neýnr, :xxlx t tl.: r lxiunt
hliýeIl-f i x dead in , xi e:; n i llm ntli bral
xi t h , t( lIe r 1,rm xn x i x .+fll x xI.ogl
(,, t h . l,,.' l :u .d x,,i. xhl.x xx i'_ t1 h
x'''alixx ( xa: t l,,.ti , ixix N e. "
]ciud h,,-i hadx U;t-- ,lx x-nIx-"i " .+ .t
1L , ery +f lt : ftl t1 11i h : ,ti I t
,ý u h tu ll .f t+,lýýru w t; l ;,] b.x, i ll I v.
At it ft "t, llngt· rll as.: Ta ] th e , -[l'
" r .,'I l u i n foot a't and l ti- .,m hi ac'l
htli . md p l xaxxe - I .l l )n I r h
dill:- a -nd
.n the foioovi, nt h,' , hrel 'r:
) l ' lll. i,(jd*r l''d \\ 'if, InhrrlI f, ,lll v,ýw,- by
]h D arr il, slo n of t rt I I1x 1,1i
^. h lum e-hu n ,etndorhed had rerl: ieo
t ile Fl irii eh tl rte-t, , l l, -iy lsistnt
' lief o.i:i't : i t ;. A. Ri . lx lxx ax , nclex d hr
'd r ey li A . . ' .rit ln de l v , ,,-d : - N o. "o ti
x' x .t t]u. inrg ttni loa rng x an orxsl
t'i l atxncr o f(r t he d ay , rh l in h l r Lh.ir oud
xuriizxrg ill larri:tex . 'lh 'ox wx ere l fv I tx
0t'eS (xxlxi i l lx it an Lx ltxxexl t .x vchilo txr
.f i. llxwx', id to the, i " x' l xxlt'.
%xire a, lox it ntximxx: wiix iii's
xx-i e nxxrinx-xxt -iixx tx xtxi ix xx'x-x
r. \1 1.1c - t '--" e ('onir". ý:ctif ,," lv d ,ilhl,
A:motr t hr dete.
i. xMu il i h.yix ' , x IIv txii xi i ir,
Ld e Fi-elinix s L x. 'il plig
I. Addr ess-ti l the A. R. Iarlin. f tr
iu oi irati, x n gietxr a. l rate e s. t
::ale la rtettei , willg xmixxid ii ici s in
mauie sn.ty appearance, anx tlxxgi
.Ta s--it .hlo.t fa lh ( . rdx.nar l, leadr
f tPresident artin deliverr gle calls in,
- ilant er tou xhlulated a xx touch the I'earts
f that has oer en hldiersd incall back Lividg.
meuring its Ioiearful day w r' ap lifed t
nea r stnu y, si. uts beern spokies of in terms of
stly' high praise by il Whicto lis n smto khe
pureathend lofty sentiesants which fient
thsages. The singing by te respose t the alld
distant plart of the cemetery, which cameest
acppropriass the anield like a treiful.lous echo
from the oo hotaos and llrodlcthe reatest
prAt th.re onclusionI of the c eremonies
odth e procesion reformed and to livelyng
march tnuime returned to the city hVIlfeatre
ofthe hag was saluted and it ouall- be diliclt to ispersed.
In the evend in the state with thgave advan open
make air concert from the balcony of-the court
Ilouse to which a: larget couxcour-o of pe],o
ple listened and which wias !grea':lly r
joylod. Altog'ether nlemorial di v of this
1 year iiw Iio ' il m h eleIIi' rei d sl ' l ili1('x W
lith 1110-1, matabl o ur ,V er ebra l lhrt i t,;-1) 1
lhllxx.' t IIxix lt t x I x' V''l'l'l ' x i 'lxl' i'xltt'(' ill x ) 'xl'
I 1rrside .fa],till'; Addre,
Fi ollowi ' i' ' the Mem'orin.r .lllrs l ii
Hr. Martin in full:
Sohldirs. Ilro 'or; ofl the greIa' lil , :a , i hI ls
Tori'l c II:l1 ,i of ;1 bro'' h+,ltho.)l Ih cllWit i oll o-ll
ino'~ d l ::1; x lotl(; Int [xloiv' lxxi 'I: linilt I ilt
olllltd I h iriv' d rll OnI toi t ill lO ll'ii l i ll
; tII ll ' i ,i' i f' t Io l lll ' r' (I 1i i . 1 : 01 0 yl u . 1[
s;a'1 t olul I'v' xOtly, h i l i t II' L rliill ll h'l' fIII
I n l'll ei: lii" hl ig lllhxi l lx1' ll I' !l htl' ll y ill
.. l ll( l Ihe a e t d i h , l'I ntl t v ei s :o VlI lInx i
ill ill l'To he-, llu' I IN l II11e will eii Elll i l oh ll n
viritlro: t ;111.e con InI hl-dllo-,a 10l [ l' 11illlh ;I
oon,, io t t Ill le l lt h l lt i , 110, 1ti I , oI. 'vi
oli ; i pilh;,' L1 riml " peil ollhl, "l. l t l PIt. rl'ho of)\
''t1 x11 l i x'l Hill
orIl oll ssýlll r .11n,| fol'r yolll tll., ictory li t Ihl -
tlI l( l :'I Itllx Il t it' tll 0 1.
.gIo ,, Illiilm 't 1111h . , o ,.i!; hlr m 1 11- Ilk,
(-ll. ( Is ha ;(' IlC t hIo ' h llo:e 1. 11 ",li' I 1 I , 1 1 h
illlld i " lll l'i toi' l lltI~ (,Ii' 'i: h li h tI' >llI . ill i
g*:1l xhxi i her 'I ,' l: 1.,13 ki. II i :i' [i l' I,,x1o:; L l x tx ll
P. a rImI ,;l at. :Ik.' aI tll mh in"!del ;,Ill \ ii d.- ý i1 ,t ,
tt,.I.Ill 1,i i " 1 J:-' ! ia t h' n o a d l . l,('l u 'i. :".i ý!,+
ll]lwl';ahd m~1 1 llil, I htilt! ; t oln.l, l , l' t ,lio"tr
;I ntlt s olri ehtllmn " 1 ildr'n tol .vllih o:,i )ll m l illt mlll
1 ant1 it h- crilty lis - .lk h, lt:llII h N P!,' ":Ols , illea
toll it he t it l, ti'llnl lo , Ii1c 1 Iii'h l Wll h II 111. I
mlold tI I1d ly bl rly llp lllo h , ]i,:,o,. (,f t!h llat lld.
iel:s o f o t' Itl h el o ui n t1 h 1'" tlll ] ly :1II i al(,l
, II, Ecll 1 ,,; l i h, th:Iit :1 l ll r i lxtxl ol -ir :i litl IlIn . 1i 1
,il ' IkI on, ilt Tl 1 Iit'x Ir I ix c l [; ('l l [ix nix It, sII lik
I ht, xll 'I i 1ou. ,II llix llo iLx w 'e w ifv , -~ lth lac ,
- ,forumll,, t h lo hll h lild l.ll 'i ilxle Itx t tl hlu
i, illlit'' are',, ma' llklx i s lii Ihl l tll tol of li I'mll , lxxi
lt .idi i ' idl' oi ll t Iii',''x.' x ir t l xi.
1 , hi e ournknpol a ndil mast itun otln with out ril
t l xr x i l;lt tll'r a i, llh t Illn xx lp d xIw ,r'si'I'x ll 11"
btl -lx d x axl i that xxx clhxlx xlxix l s' inilx tre i ton. I.
wah llhr e ba l hat plirllep ld thiokt oI the mll ialy who.
ir t hh ll( i of the hi' i est lt h h e. t'xl daii to
cr ,llen ti ll: 11) where plthe , mI's of silvetr'y htca it\
clh ilib ovt. tlx totl hls o xf lit'i'l,
soilem is[ll h hh hll l h, tlhar t h t;Ill f hi, ~ tt nierig
lwhich htl e sl'llii ; ti l tl s, ti hisI i i, \tll nd
haveil llllg (l, lhve yet. We, say they' werl'.-- Ihoy 1;\'
lelilh P ll, lh'e l It no hi o l e htS i +lx i i ;: I ;o l li t i i ll'
alttley o . hi thet r;ilsx oi l ftheil, ixni lItii th e
,lxx orlx l l thoe of i thell ysyr , halti x11o iiier;il rihx,
Illi obselquieis, lnlo l ileOmirlllllld, :lll Ion c ll Imiki
no lovinhg;p i lgrimaly toit their torln s nd. onet
lx lox hiii' Idlxxilhp , x hxx l ho xi lxilx. l'r tl ' lx'x x
lx o i t ll xlol these lied ln o ow' i ll tilHe I Il otl.l f
Lil I xhehir I'aci llx'" In i. it ix.n I ex' ri''xoi' of ill
their t'll'ilhltis, 1 " li di.g sOxe w lit' hi' ix ll tl '
;i;ltx xIl Vlx' o, lrilng I'd'll lltlx ril'lt delxx t, I'' , i -
thnr hei r'o'yx I l', of' h ir .hix g ; lth x it hnx Mo i t.,
or" c lll~ t, di~s, y al, !iv'x' , forx'i' h t ll'y. Trho
Ihel i, .i ' loud lxhx Cir loi'mravi lo l t'l xili
hiet Ir t r c sonxtln. TlIx.xe ' the ('ll; mlrxll h hioe
laixlL i i a xrty io lt a i' a th v whti , li . o l' m ed thl
lU i- m tl,xxx!iixxt h hix lxi , 1xilx )th dItlxx icix lI nia
lion si ll xn th ro rsx of iee civllim th xer !ontI'lin' I -
k llo nl . r 'ixie i i th te ica 'eo fll ;ilt l rx' ditnxl ixn
rtau hlico s andlco stitutihonlrliberthy mak thei
mand, HILO h omts aund their Iiadine.; nilrOlatlvmll
io blll tod-'d l ien l itx' w Ie o'il d A i i li the ie
"iatherioi tey as we areO, the ideal m ut'ilo is lu.t
L t 'i' ideal.th
'xWe, loki th.i O wvith lIx xill hilh, biul n'il ol hh
'iho iml o ' ra chie v'e mntxts still wi e di n t ll o ve"
war rllxximr, io iwtr w I never sxhall. io' is niox m lte
r x xelit xx'selii'y. 11 fitixi he i l vlii t' liiilx'e ll h lind
o xi'i t l's x o iy. l It lxx g i i te , gir ill sgx li enlx y in -
vso w. aht Ii claims alnd will ot m i lie i x up. Iwhx
slix h ;I ion lict txmere e ex ii'i x ti ; alnd lh
Sgx'x'.;, wxih ,lxxMly, Uxilhieilixig Ixi'l'tery, lxxxi 1'0
llowed hi, sari's aio stripes ix to thilx llotteto f thl
ligixht, hlx'rinxg your blre'ast to the. awlfll hail of" Ill]
Io. thir'oilh all the heill flii' that passex y
Tby rlad n''rd the xyo ii hod o tlx'othi'e Olx der. ver
xat iGetlysbiirg, xxilxx ix gihxi'hilg aip the diead,
aimiong tho xiiiknxowxi was foundiix Onlle with ax bibl'
in his pxociket, but lno nxIame'. iBx'etwlelei its paigiei's
thrix' 'is at lxeltter atdire'txssedi ''il ' " iDe lxaher," iilnd
sig.ixedi, " T'our T'xII," ,Wiixxl ii Tomi"l Wha'aii'l he xtx'On
e ii tl I Il' 11 iiow . tiol In thiat, c'askx t.'i
ill, tile ball that xi'i'x'xi the lr)xiy or the ii ar Iiir
pxierceid the heilrt lif the dear fither. May Ibexx
whei the alii c'lmxix' 4 xringithroui h ihe i l iv'ix'' g
flesh tiat hehad 'islolis Of the ohl botil e, the dear
fatherxl' lilld th ix p irecilx.i ixilixir i til ixhlix iAio ,
re've'reintly striix'iig ixo ifowers lxuon ii somel ollh,'xs
gril.lv'l In memory O xiii' r ix nli. Oh, lhaveix, looxi
xiiixth pxit hl khexliMildly vxil fl ithe 'ht'xs and xnorth
(eors whioie axiibxiitions ierisix d and lii liose heai'ts
rlie Iburied iln thiesex grxvtes; who, hi fit(' revrilx o
tiiio boy fellh heh ox xtiihroughx l gxting night
beyond the loxixs aiid try lto syiy, 'It ls well."
The'ire hire yll seventy-in natixonixl ceml erlieir'xs.
contxin)inlxg niearily fouxr hnii lr'i e ]iUixxxI thusn ida .
illiiglixi tllesi Imitaxtxies all ali e iii nd milars, illed in
bxittle array! Whiat ai vaxst 'xrmliy it [would mxlake.
All exoeplt two of these Cxmelie, tehries 'ontiaiiin "'1u1
knxowln" graves, ainId CihIo record of these li'ixiixx
grxixes shows nixrly two hiundixred thollslanid. Thxat
iilmany hoies unilsipeakably saiddxene'xd; noxi relative,
nlo frioixd kIiows where to weepx over their re
imxaiixs, thiereforex they are ours xxaid the nalixon's.
Let us feel the saxcrednxess of illi thei'o uiniknio;wni
Today, hi thesi ixel citit'les ''lei' or xomrxdes
The Grand Aixiyot th~xteopxxhiil hs but tiho rein
tint of the i tigihtylhn its t''t" tlI itt thti -t'it it lsh i
coutitry r ckei' t d i- few ar.. ,, t I; i ll
privi'll.ieR of leil'ing w' itllt -,o-tIi'r lil i-ti' Ih a 'soP
lilt' tint t l' l iaits i'it," tt iIitt it rills.
lI]"i-' w In' h ie brthers mi l li-i wait illt brotheI -
lioonl it In. i -,Aroun d the I ra s lil ' i l!l l li
trin Amerii' it ; blit li h r t11ti1 1 ml] il \I. t it file
ilearls of thus" who~ e 'ir. ,, a)'e ],i'u ý:1. W idot\S
i Ilv Io..r a :l.Illll Ihelt" I ( ; love: toesil+ 11111l
'tittitt thihk t ~trfll oft t.iti'ft he t tinvh
H' baHck; lovers live ',v "r at' tthi' hattt ily It o
II tl' : w \lOih v i 'ti w her ie ''' ill::' nitlllI l ico l n hi
k'!,lllt l I' ;II l lpp i ;i i l d I'l[l.tt
j i ,'llt ii t i tolll i t t ', h lu
,1 ·i liMi! Mi Hl.' ~ hlll ,.' A ll ii- lh!< ;ll)'1· l 11ild 1~:
,lit'illi. ii lt I t.l M in s lu' ilti tI ail;,"nt alll Il
", .::,r;,-lit thei t u t " l n e toil'i- k t ' l [ ; -
llo,'g'tl, Ilool , (1t l\'ll lL r Ih v lo lol l:. It i:; s "ll
iull of !Iiitli . .\!b et , rh.",t , .l'u'l Ih ' tillilr
:lllwr, of :1'.I I ltlatle, l la ltl1 r ,, il: ;n 'e i\\ rill' i ;l
t+' ý1, II't: Ii'i flood Io1 :t n, l oi , o'S1t l l iN ;fii'l Na-',
tW I ."11 tool. llt It iI I 1i rt ýl lit lIl l ii 1 h In itr . It itI .
ýtt,\h,,' l t :M odsi! rl. ro ndltl : L,< iii , , ItI, i +lttl , I -
;r 'i"i,:; i n, l hti Itm h itlh i .nl t ' il ' ild . 1' Ik .
ri iir itit l -t -i i
.1liti titti- t I'-li.iliti ','i -l i I i tll lll't it -1' ill
1iit: nl it tiI ttll tl'il ' l Ii- i ni ' t lm o I m :ii n 1
' .I n tt-i I t."'1 t li ii th "m i tin,- tIi1. ti ;; Ii t I
,1 rilliel i ;: alih hl el oitt + I tli h , tt:,.
1. l i, . t. t-it o'w I ii l+ hie do' iid. '-'h I'i- n --, lli -r
i ",ldoldo Iih envy Id the t \vorlt, 'I'!týýl,,lnll. i ttl t otn
m~, id'lllr' l li its 1i r li li. i I
t1ý,' atil 1;d I ihs. liiil, "I 1;1i0 i lt l'l,- I -i ll ttll
I lth Ie , li -lht t igt v h i i ll'- e , I t1 -i il liI inel l li t
h' lte . lmtqll l i 'o lln lli i. to lpl'l't'll on:li S !' ,i
th tti,. hll h t i th , Ma isstissip i r ,!', tI
1 111 iiiw til I ili - :.nii ti t i1 l iii i llt- iH- i tilo i ,i
; idv sni l ti ' 1 '11 i til - t,t' I llt Ie tld the l ietri' lt
,,l:' t ý", .i'i,;n ,"ýI t tt.l i :1 .,o ; 1i l . t; 11 ,1 ; ll .,e I
?Illiis o II ti lt j Wtolin ttt' iitttt tutu I ll ttt t'IIn
Iived I ill ] th iii' l It-I, tIt't! i-it II tI i thi'I tlll li ii
.11l'rtim lli l l ih - ;tite. - 1 u l ol to the st'ilo
hra v.' y - sue l lin . t lh ill helo l.o' Ii ,lil" l.e 1 ilt
l r]iii :ltillid rino li-it t tt u ttitilt i 'llwlt - le 'o t utu' iný
loltt; wtol -: t ! lndul' r ' i - oulrdli i d t, l1. l'
Yie llt, th l i t it ittilh t e i(-e il Io t., II \tuLt dii,
lh rll te i tl l ilil ttI ' bt al h -'llel tri1 lllit. T'i
ast. I oVlI' I w hihl t ll yo -f ill'l t - % I I '1mv o t lid IIoil '
Voi "lt I d t ly frol im hilh r tells-i le. ~lrhu , ".\\invt , itl
wlloirg'd, tIl l.hock and s nobdi h od f I our n" In: l
ld nt`e;. Blllit, thltlt n llk.i ht l l lil, hilllll e l h +
-" I o thid t 'i ' l , I-e tso:dtti Ii rch t the
;oletmt o islc d tle. il -nt ; tm iii :iti'll land
IC'lt seldit r ll i all Aitllliti lt th' ir hl lris;, tl dc
itho' l'i' Io ti ll titt lti - 'tti lil' la i .rll iLin ti;ld o nlgl i
olr c'llill, clhi ll of le to r v tlu c ' the 'liti'i
lonl corrior s l t . i,, lli hos it bl, ~ dl lmlllsic
SThor, i, ;l 1 o ,'.- g i' i u ip l 'ii ilt 'i t of lli oiis
un]to le'lth, ;lld ow noblw did t h, ullo! n., ti, tll
f ri oi r th , ]aiii, i itit t itiig lIt L nt i., w i \toi r d
tt' I till ther,. ''hu I i ltutu. ' 'ý oi'Tii'i't of :i11
tho hlt iless bl ys h It eett c lhlol. \"till Iot It t ,tin nb",
:tver seh chtlll I.!l ll dIi aftet r id;lay the'o mo t , ard
IWe r\lber tai rn todu' y with glt'! o i-d ;, thi
learslt aenlot itfl the liustr o' thsir dl ds, theyi
Liri ourst to leel.t-aye, to kee ilili li'iorever. Ilow tilt i
derl''ou plce th lll thowers on tbLle gres thai
inttlk l Av't ' i (lai k in;; li. I te-.lit; ii,- It ' liti-Ih"
t .lviiii'mti Iip'ii!'" n\i'l' ittiiitenp'a l tuit tiro l l l,ion
Ittll, nt, l'nts'nl"ttll ftlrt, hi t tititti Ielehttiu u,
Fanliti a ind ti'e nt n hll to a OlikeC to 'li'the, fi l'ltlt'5.
The' t IF It he ,n i ttit t wiill bitush it itet t h e rthii'ti I f
ehtili, itslt ] t it'lno iti ei t. 'll1ll of t ie W, ' ll. a i
rtithe io h iiiliii' nlitih.l Wo% l iil itlgl toul ui htho tiltl
ulh ogy oiv rt i'tl" ti lord lion'e. ;iilll hit'i ilitihese
tloi\tei<t'riin i 'h e .late d ili til 'ihel l l t% filettd
ebolt itIt totth o In ltitti'e l I1;rnt. thy h enti d t ht '
slir noatt iens t1011 soant iln . t\ !he!: ;tiid I tider
teise h ea 'th-f- -ni.ilng he sday ittensltitt d wi l t ittttt
acitid we an hien -I 1-1to old cotn i nttlitolderl ill tlhep
wel netil ethe t itet toý t c tll h to h, t r itniih in tie
I"ithi l"s huiot-tt tiltso . lu trenofthem. det inSiii, who
lae Ilnstoi l'eehtai e c, toh kte thineet ho lintet
wdenye th e flto;wek!r, s thon thent g n'a1t-es thae
boys ,h eft C"I I:lse iI iio tb ll n i 11 hnjllita il
front of Richimollo d uiiih it ttfgllltiil u I ii patl .id:0
"Chaipliin, Ileias-o , Mrll. iv l lille how to di';" llant
I henl tile Cl l i'i lit tlrier]d to (il- ifrlll t dliiit hl in
\n'-'d. "'Its :d l right. ch11tpItli;i, llut er.; lle.
Littflle ill Illtliltl l: tiii 1i 11i i tl-I !ii go- ililothile I
co e', at d h i ier! oi tlin to i ot ; tiurger llllli thin
ea th co 0l give. 11 hile" ;mother d1 r11 in ih.. j
M u'lc h i Iet'c iidr l' 1h ol ilid Inlt l l I ii l ~ ,
ii tlll -iu fu lr "v l-i-th i. *i tlast M lw li hi-i-i il n t d
,;llW h rpool. t I y, with h eJl~'r nllothwrly v ,l'l hjr'lk
ý Iit t o rth il- i t l, II III ý s!l>]r+t n] nlhie. h
_ wIIa! v i{ý I-Itt. I1:",; t 't' n r n Ily h
;rii:, o f tl t i - I I I ' il ;m~lo %Io' I-d Ie L-uti. It i,
Ilh! i t il l I 'ii till t I-III n lit t i- II III l t !i
( i; ht,, lliý,y' toed %w'10 llees t ihie ,a ; l d
l l!. illyI ,'I t lhe sl, ,li- i i-ti I(ii i . tt lin i i u JI'
o[h e ir ": eiih , oth," + r, re f 1 ,o i i in the t I .
\ il' he ill- till It"d e t , o idir u - i till ,i" ii,
IllIý r- lll" 'I iil '[i e i t lh e llit -it l :. fllpm ,;'- v'il:
ti,-lllll illI't. 11, i'.ntgl'llcr bo\l," t 1t:he111l
iltg , ilt-. t
"1'o In iiy Ilit , I,\,l A'rs ith tll i,1 1m lt ltpo l illw::
W (' l h-tý llolel ,"v,ýi ct: t'i ll it ll 1t lt\ :Ilelr fit I'i
r l~ , ll t "h ' "ll l it, ith l tit I'l ilo I t1 w l ty:.
I t i.-',i fto "riii eti- l fi' ). " t llll l -Wi, n "-. ii 1 :ih . ti
o "orl oI'Clllrll , .r ll' i l i:irt l m i i n it - l'l, d to
,I:III11ll, l iii thl e dli ;,: old Iittl o 111 i 1 u til .
~ ll l -, i- ' 1 i 'lI 1' e0lI.l0'til hllpt Ill ll l oI .
evIr ito-il f Of i-i toc Lttlb lot,
llt'[ i ll - Ill, " ill ,llnl U tll l . tlit'1 .t illtit.
Il Iitt Iit f, thi i 'e ni lltt lit, n iuInlt tlI. n I"i lh,
I t ' hail ' Ill ,h ,I l ti tl l Vitt vIl l l i, i ,k I
Tti hIleI .rIav fi to-et mi- o 0till) 1 'Iy ,id.'
- l - -rlll o < to il os I;ti ell- s i ll li11
1,;:1 l t ill,, I ItII ,ib ri rl > nll l ,t i i 1 ole
It+:;r,,ac ; eIthlii t i- illi ons of 1i' tf i, h lt
.1t i . h lo. too;Int I ill the iilt i lh tdop r ii
htee t, o ue \ I ili tlepol o h :ti 1 n ;rt-.-il
IlDi i l coll ; leon wi nll o ele .]r t I h el n w '
Ilhc l," ll ll IIIS of r itl ilt ,1111. ,I lll oil- :It
](IIhr, IN here t P . l'll e lIII '[s T"no ;ut g't Id
"liFor teiti.i ol tu. it; Idli oisra: No
t1, t11 .t, i, i tt ti til. \t sl ]ai W\ . o e 11 m n -
ri l thei blit a s of toi tootio pilt i to t at
l I.-n tiill , nul :il the tlu, rooims l ihei rl u
Ii(Pll]th th ir o lts tiltlt ti P li l t'ilo o . F Ite1t
s.ilht i Suit l t he ic ilit o, ao , lm e i k rilllllt
,alrlt ti-p W eilre - i lit %%a ltthlii le l ilt 1o the
lia-l. ln1i11 1,-o l iclinu m elt- d arll!nighd
itollf cd11'a11 heve "f1 1 nlu ii iially i"arri"iihed.
Thi aiht"I bt l y th e adtblh e y ,ok e r h ip iltn
'Ircl io i Vhii andro! ,lilt , u r\1u-uh llu Aii h t!-'u ih
wIl l-ih 1e uI tr , ill r ;t is t pllt itin t leet -
Luugu -tic 1 eatr iniit s lof Ii rlit of pat
ritlillt "lOil sthll ld alo del l t tl ,ind
te X llru ion- i_ n iliapp iropiiat- I% t< tiem h
hbrttcil ofi ll- iic nf thi h hi., h tld e noa -
At hle Siou'Loday ;night vies-tling the fsul-,
elowinig genihi ui enl were i rllitsent: S. E.h
iri blhi-, N. 1i. liell iberi, h ias. 11. Mills,
si II. Zen or, Fra i Con le h, Thomas Mc-lle
"Tagutlt, C. 1 . Joslyn, Ii. i. .tol i.s, John. Mar
Gerdits, Jas. W. Fox l, W. W. Goodman,
l):niel Mor,,l. Jud,_e Brantly, AP. N,
Aylsworth, L. P. P. Bowen, and S. J. M.
BeIbee. ( aptaiiu Mills was chosen chair=
man an4d Danieil Morgan secretary. After
:t mortilonl had been adolpted to have a
lth ,f diuly elebriation. a teenoral discus
si:n followd l as to the proposed features
of' the (e\vent. .i ' L'u'sritn as to a bar
bi. x\i- tovti titidon and the details for
tihe day wler lift to a coimmittee of ar
rrxu+ý ,nt.. thnu.'h it t:was decided to
]I:I(' :t I-'trat i ii I[ i l n llrnin-g. races and
-,, hall iN the at.rnn , and fireworks
inll it' rniu,. F",'r defra yini g expenses
Iti' utttlun to be rui:,d was fixed at $500,
f i, 8tics ':;. wais ,-.naranteed at the
n i ý , tlhe : ounnu t t* be' atiuportioned
......: 3iic.. . ..: iu,, for' bicycle and
, ,,r r ,. .. ,. ' \wo\ rks, X100; mis
: . l. The commlittee on ar
v'ir'uf iuun-t,- ,,, is ,ti follows: lJudge
Th,,. l .~ I. ' f. I ,. Davis, i. A. Smurr,
It. >, 1i i. ii II. 1t. Zenor: that on
tn-. 'et-. I'rn k ,n t ,y (ol, . 1). .Joslyn, and
W. . .luvort.l. . The latter ci'mmit
t . " :it ' wt iotwi ! I to -efl ('concessions at
117 . uud- :tail, Witll i'' l-t to the comn
I , :1 itS ullnorroOW Iight.
i unlit o':-l hýilia th.ii art rangements
f' b;t i tl are i e t] )tha ds of W'. IV.
,:,udniu. X r-iri hinran anill S. J. M1.
lh,·ici. Alu i tvlatioi will be sent to a
It or i i" : unao dt Ii i -nt and it is believed
[i1:[ n l tilt ,, 2,:'111' it- w ill be put up.
,r":ý' d r trial ;i-aus sill be pinyed here
a u: l [i :n, \-.elIctl bi- J hn C'hlague who
wiil c'al tain the lh .r tLodge teami
Dliur -L.l.d!e oit'r mian attractions in
tilt', Fn'1n 1t'F, it i o I'ne Iof the mn ost pietur
-Jl~it' a d. il · tliful t it c s in the state and
ti , . di t a ildu t a i- u m ii ii nbeir of peo
-ii, f;-m ii( ur neighblrin-i cities will be in
"tt'lnh'lllllan thti' Fourth. gotood base
ball -inlltue wouli undoubtlely bring many
Iher,, toge,-ther with the other features of
thei in,0.. ting lrogrram that will be of
fe"i-. ai iwell as thle ever present sweet
liI phureL fralglll'e olif oll untainted at
ninlllahel ant , l oi. rat ifu erdui re of
our itluling held an d1t gr woves,
llin o the Collg-i % ill OIrurvu-e the Closing
ofl' the" A.ademie Year.
tFollowiu _ w!!it l be the ulisilt features of
1ilW ivi citi'.-l int exercises of the Col
,.' l tf 11 t)lutula for next wveek:
r,'sid.nt Mahlui will prea'ch the bac
tit <ll uit,- 'lll-l ti in Colittonwoodl hall
next utn cny ,v, nit l it v or clock. The
Ihurcl l- ii i n l \'ti iill hav'e no services.
iTh minister, ith lhir congregations,
will inite ill tIhe ha u rl' ttirtie service.
The luili, are most crordially invited to
be plt 'ie . t ia3'.ine l ieraui d will be
prt-,,int and sing,
The Iov. ha.'l etl-, i 1. 1)., the lead
il," ('tig'regatio allist .clrvtiuau of the
state, will deliver itihe ai u al lecture of
the College of Montana ii n Cottonwood
htall on ni-xnt A(lMh1lny eveninX,," his subject
bin-g,- XViited: I-ducated ('itizens." Our
p iople will Iie ht'lighted to hear Mr. Kel
sy. Maduame erauld will be present
:nl1, add to the pleasure of the iccasion,
whii; r alonre would in-ure tan enjoyable
The Ciuuuoinnement exercises take
plat' at 11)l::0 a. In.., Tuesday, at Cotton
wood ll h:allt, and consist of the reading of
the tlueses by th'e graduates and the pre
soihtation of diplon us.
Prl'rs for the innual 'concert of the
(onSi rvetory of Music, to be given Tues
day evening at iCottonwood hall:
(chlrus -' ".tlullnlrill ILtlu d"..... ......Em erson
l'ianu stilo--"Sweethearr t .. Richard Goerdeler
\Mitss t iil-l rit
YVtal o-"lIap nill s .... ......C rlGotze
Miss Owings.
oi iii solo-"Biolero"................. Favarger
mliss 0tishei1.
o solo ............... .........................
31iss 1 eallolll t.
Pliani ii o ' l'- iuig orint g'". .... ..Godard
1 [uuvenir ie Trte Clateau.......
)lis Owinigs.
luet "Night in \'0uice" ................L. Arditi
)MIe. BHraud. Mr. McLeod.
Pian.gO gllrheh't-- "Wedhdig Alaci'h"..delisohn
'lisses Kelley, Moore, .Itrable, Beaull nt.
Piiall -luartete -ie " l zariiged.irFigatro"..MoZart
Misses Alit lin. Coleim.ian, lyde,. Owinigs.
ocal solo -"hlearts. ............. Chla s. K. Hartlis
Miss Cockrell.
liaiOt solo- "Balllde". ....................Chopin
Miss ilhydte.
Vo'0 ;ll solo-- 10oh(n1ian 1Girl"....................o
'ih's. t'itleoy.
Piano Solo "Failst"...... .............. GOln ;..d
Miss tColemantii.
VOeal solo "T tanhauser"................. Wagner
line. l.rauid.
Piainot tSt- "'oSitate Pathetic"... ......Bethoven
Miss MchLain.
Concerto ................................. Bethovenl
Mitte. Beraud, Miss Coleman.
Chorus--"-right Crlhsoni Morning"...... Pahlmer
On Wednesday, at 8 p. mi., the presi
dent's reception takes place at the college
parlors. All are invited.
TilE .l-:\r Noit)-rWtEST acknowledges
the receipt of a quantity of both vegeta
ble and alower seeds from Congressman

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