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Zbe iRe 1orthwe t.
J uly 4th!
' I5 ) tins at; Sunrise
-jcj~ - ,~-~
Music bvFiremnen's Bamd
-Ii. A_. 13. IIARITIN,
President of the College of Montana.
Of all Kinds at the Picnic Grounds.
Match Game of Baseball
oe tweenl A.naconda and Dl)eer Lodge.
VYey Low Excursion Rates
To Celebrate With Us.
7--7. --....'-- .2 ... i_.---7 รท" '
The program for the da'
is announced as follows:
11 a. m.-Music by choi
and oration.
p. m.-Sports and game,
begin in the following order
1. Sack Race; two purses
$5 and $10.
2. Foot Races; three purses
men's $5, boys' $5, girls
3. B;cycle Races; 1st prize,
ladies, $10; 2d, boys, $10;
3d, men's, $10.
4. Tug-of-War; prize, $25.
5. Baseball game between
Anaconda and Deer Lodge
at College grounds.
2.30 p. m.-Dancing (free to
all) at Pavilion.
9.00 p.m.-Grand display of
Fireworks at Pavilion.
The Deer Lodge Firemen's
Band will meet excursion
trains at depot and escort
visitors to the Pavilion.
Thousands Listen to Inlpassioned 1tord.-
The Bsands Play and the Galleries nre
( ay with ileautyand lashiou--MeKeliinley
and HIobart NominalLted.
American pIlitics has in recent times
found characteristic expression in those
turbulent and dramatic events known as
party conventions, which, every recur
ring four years, add memorable chapters
to the stirring history of our national life.
At these great gatherings of party forces
the patriotism of tile country finds its
highest manifestation in time of peace,
and while here within the arena come
together the contending ftactions bearing
the banners of opposing persontal hopes
and amblitions, there is always reigning
above all a transcendent spirit of loyalty
and love of country, such as again and
again quickens the resplonsive multitude
to heights of enthusiasm when sentiments
of patriotic oratory are spoken. With
the growth of the republic these great
quadrennial assembltages are becoming
more anid more popular and the demand
for admission privileges has become so
great thalt vast buildings are now espec
ially constructed for the purpose, while
it has been found necessary to greatly
limit the issae of tickets. Preparations
iare made months in advance for the event;
the mlost systenmatic plans are put in force
for transmitting the proceedings momen
tarily to all parts of the world, for which
purpose an army of press representatives
and telegraphers are required, and a vast
number of subordinates are employed to
attend to the general details.
The present republican convention at
St. Louis is in no sknse inferior to any
that has gone before it in public interest,
and it is probable that at no time have
more important civic problems presented
themselves for peaceful and wise solu
tion before the people of the nation than
those which will be represented by the
candidates of the opposing parties in the
forthcoming election. In the Missouri
city during this week all of the men of
all parties who wear the laurels of polit
ical leadership have been gathCered, and
one of the preliminary battles of the cam
paign has been fought; words tof iimper
ishable truth and eloquence have been
spoken, and with every passing hour his
tory has been made.
Ont Tuesday, at 12:20 o'clock p. m.,
Senator Thomas It. Carter, chaiirman of
the republican national central commtit
tee, called the great assemblage to order
with a gavel madle of oak taken from the
original legislative hall of Missouri.
Rabbi Samuel Saale then offered an in- I
vocation. Following this, without offer
ing any remanrks, the national cllairman
called to preside as temlporary chairmaun
of the convention HIon. Chas. W. Fair
banks of Indiana as the choice of the
committee. In accepting the honor, Mr. I
Fairbanks delivered an eloquent gold
bug address, but so filled with financial t
solecisms as to impair its effectiveness,
It is necessary to quote but one of these
to show the reasoning of the monetary
apostles of the Fairbanks stripe:
"It is an immutable law that two
moneys of unequal value will not circu
late together and that the poorer always
drives out the better." An effectual dis
posal of such sophistry is found in this
passage from a recent letter written by
Governor Fishback of Arkansas: "When
ever either metal began to get cheaper c
than the other by reason of increased 1
supply, people who needed money for
the payment of debts, for embanrking in a
new enterprises and for any other of the
thousand and one uses for which men
need money, would naturally seek out g
for the cheapest and therefore the most V
easily obtained. This at once began to
increase the demand for that money and
to lessen the demand for the other. Thus
by the simple law of demand and supply
the value of one was increased and the a
other lessened until an equilibrium had
settled about the fixed ratio." Of course w
the gold sentiments of the speaker were
wildly applauded.
After the address Chairman Carter at
again arose and presented the names of
those chosen by his committee to act as
temporary secretary, assistant secretaries,
tally clerk, official stenographer, and ser- B:
geants-at-arms and reading clerks. All
were concurred in and declared elected.
Among the assistant secretaries chosen
was W. E. Riley of Montana. The rules tis
of the last convention were then adopted pe
until permanent organization was ef- Cs
fected, the names of those of the different
delegations chosen to act on the various
conmmittees announced aind the conven
tion adjourned.
With a chilling rain the day opened at
St. Louis Wednesday and the city wore a
depressed and sullen air after the turmoil
and excitement of the day before. The
machine nomination of McKinley being
universally conceded the political barom
eter dropped , ith the weather, and
thenceforth there was little to make the
great convention mInenmorable in history.
At 20 minutes before 11 o'clock, Chair
man Fairbanks rapped the vast assembly
to order. Marcus liianna, the latest rev
elation of bossism, stood on the platforml
at his left with Senator Thimas II. Carter
at thei latter's side. Dr. Wilbur Williams
offered prayer. The reports of the corn
mittees were not ready in order, but that
on permanent organization was called
for by a decisive vote. It named John
MI. Thurston of Nebraska for permanent
chairmnan. On comingt to the chair Sen
ator Tihurston delivE r-.d an address which
had been dressed in Wall street and car
ried the views and convictions of tihe
great gold contingent, and of course was
liberally applauded. The convention
then adjourned and came together again
at 2 o'clock p. m.
At 2:10 the convention came to order
under the tapill of Thurston's gavel. The
majority and minority reports of the 1 re
dentials committee were received. The
first was adopted and was a distinct vic
tory for McKinley. The convention then
adjourned to 10 o'clock a. in. yesterday.
SMeKinley and lllol.art.
Yesterday afternoon oMcKinley and
Hobart were nominated, the first receiv
inug 6uy' and the second, IHobart, 533!,1
votes. Au unmistakab.e gold platform
was adopted, but the silver men showed
a strength against the single standard
plank of 1101 . Tvwenty-three silver del
egates followed Teller out of the conven
tion, including Hartman of Montana.
Alter casting blank yotes, Mantle, Carter
and Metzel retired from the hall. The
convention adjourned sine die at 7:50
p. Ii.
BIirtllhday Picnic.
A picnic to Warm Springs was given
on Tuesdtay by Mrs. A. II. Mitchell in
honor of the birthday of her sotn Will.
Mrs. Sant Scott, Mrs. Geo. S. Miller and
Mrs. .1. J. ielen berg assisted the hostess.
Four or five vehicles laden with young
people drove out to the springs where all
enjoyed the royal hospitality for which
the place is famnous, and which was made
especially cordial on this occasion.
IBathing and dancing were indulged in.
Among the equipages which bore the
happy young people to the scene of fes
tivity, was the tally-ho coach, drawn by
four horses, which were skillfully driven
by Paul Mitchell. The seats inside atld
out were tilled with joyous merry-tmakers.
who carried a variety of musical instru
ments and the echoes of whose tally-ho
horn floated in silver cadences over the
town when, at a late hour, the party re
turned after a day of enjoyment long to
be remembered.
The Foucrth.
Preparations for the celebration of the
4th of July are going forward in a vigor
ous and enthusiastic manner and there is
every reason to believe that the day will
be pre-eminently successful in every fea
ture. The comnmittees are made up of
men who will spare no pains to give to
the occasion every possible attraction
calculated to interest and delight the
large number of visitors who are ex
pected to be present. The music will be
among the most pleasing features of the
day, as the name of Mir. Cardona, who
will have charge of it, gives a suilicient
guarantee. The races will afford a full
variety of amusement and the fireworks <
display will be of a more varied and gor
geous character than has ever before I
been seen in this city.
The excursion trains are sure to bring I
a large number of visitors from neighbor
ing cities to witness the base ball game
which, under able direction on both sides, I
with skilled players will present a well- It
matched field. Deer Lodge hopes to en- a
tertain a very large number of her friends
and neighbors on the Fourth.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. t1
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, u
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, a:
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands,Chil- h
blains, Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and
positively cures Piles, or no pay required. p,
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac- se
tion or money refunded. Price 25 cents em
per box. For sale by J. H. Owings &
Co. 10-y w
....... -- - -:- - - -' --. - ___
WVhat the People Are Doing and WVhat
the Papers Are Saying All Over the
State--NeSws Items and lPassing Gossip
Here andl There.
Castle has ai r0t lease of life.
The Salvatlonl ALrmy has evacuated Butte.
The calf crop this feair Is unusuallllly large.
thllea played an engagemenllt at Butte thils week.
Six plrisoilers. escalped from the flillol jail last
Valoabhi salplilre lields have beenit found ill the
Judith Basllol.
The Yellowstone Is higher than it has been for
several Yeasm
Billings will l)e the chief plrlmary wool market
of the stael tis year.
Fourteeni thousandl sheepl have been turned out
ill the lelghborhood lof E:lliston.
The oodlllell of the Old or hel d a state coan
vention li lHelenla on Wednesday.
Col. Eli C. Waters Is placing a herd of buflalo on
one of the islands in Yellowstone lake.
Milwaukee brewers have contracted this year
for 2,500,CO(0 biushels io iMonltala brley.
The floot ball team of Doiane college was de
feated by ithe Buttes 20 to 0 on Saturday.
Tllheroverlnor plresented the dillo0lllas to four
graduates of the Agrlcultural college last Fridlay.
Ella Knowles Ilaskell, assistant attrllney ge
oral, is becOllllngllO lted iSO an nolerof rich minet. e
The work ofl' attemultillg to recover the bodlies In
the HIope Inle is still being prosecuted with vigor.
.lohnl 11. Conrad was lately plid 8116,010 for his
illterest In the taorr coal mines near Livingston.
The democrats of the Gallatil "valley. thoulgh
they live in all agricultural section, are loyal to
The Canadiantl Creed; of whom11 there are 71)0 oil
this side of the border, will be deported In llnstall
A nmax aned Halrrly i. Miller has dilsatleared
from Helenlll alld ino trace ihas been so far founld
of lhim.
It is believed that a sale of Anaconda stock has
been made to the Rotllschilds despite the dellial
)f lhamnilton Sniltlh.
MA. tA. eyelldorff, the Polish exile fornlerly of
Ielelna. is anl assistant sergeantllt at arms of the
it. Louis colventiol.
The Missolal bhase ball teall were defeated by
the S. A A. C's of Spokane last week at the latter
city by a score of 27 to 7.
A iliiiill a id I four-horse team were drlowIned Ill
he Yellow\stoune last wee k by the brealking of the
losts holhling a ferry cable.
Big Timber has ai niew electric light plant, ii
city club, is iabout to put in watler nworks, alli will
slhip-,00tll,(lll ounlds of wooll . !
Col. Sanlllders lhals writtenl ; letter to the gohlite
leaders of the east delnouncirng the silver setlli
llet of Ills state as a "craze,"
Many fainillas are passing through the state
from Kansas and Nebraska seeking homes. The
exodus troul the drought-ridden regions of the
soullthwestern states Isrolnlses to be verylarge tils
Charles Henry Carter was sentenced to 20 years
in the lpenitentiary at Missoula on Saturday for
tile crime of killling a fellow soldier of Fort Mis
The railroads have granted a rate of one and
one-flfth fares to the democratic convention at
Butte, which sneets to-nmorrow. This includes all
who wish to go whether delegates or not.
Deer Lodge citizens have decided to celebrate
the Fourth in a grander style tllau ever before,
anld a handsome subscrlption fuld has already
been raised for that purpose.--Citlzen's Call.
Miners' Union day was celebrated In Butte last
Saturday with marked enthusiasmn About 4,000
men were in line ill the pIarade. Judge Pelmber
ton delivered a characterlstically eloquent address.
It is only a few weeks sincire the Helena Inde
pendent was trinmling its sails to accompasny tile
Cleveland fishing smnack. Now It is running free
silverarticles in its advertising columns.-Fergus
County Argus.
The wool men of Montana are just as much in
favor of free coinage as the silver producers are
in fIvor of a wool tariff. On these subjects the
party nmust act together aud prolposes lto do so.
Intter Mountainl.
The copper mines inl the Campls creek district,
which have been operated by the Anaconda colu
panyt , have been shut dloswn and the nlachinery re
mloved. The lines will remain closed for il in
deflnite length of tme,.
The skirt dancer, Venita, while under contract
its Helena to dance forthe Woodmesn of the World
on July 3 at a grand ball, attempted to alppear at
a beer garden there onil Sunday ngllht. She wits en
Joined by the Woodmnen and a lively scene ensued.
If a man is entitled to credit for doing his duty
not only to himlself, but to the people who placed
him in that high position, then Governor Rickards
is entitled to credit for not attempting to set
aside the verdict of the courts in Gay's case.
Livingston Post.
The deportation of the Cree Indians will be a
good thing for Montana, but when that is finished
the authorities might turn attention to the bands
of reds who leave their reservations in this state
at the first sign of spring and continue a begging
and stealing tour till cold weather comnes.-Co
Some ill-disposed persons are doing all in their
power to Induce the Cree Indians to resist being
sent across the border. They cannot make Gov- t
ernor Rickards weaken. He said no to Gay and
his 5 ,00 sympathizers and we therefore believe
that his backbone has been stiffened and that he
will do right henceforth.-Missoula Sllverlte.
The Colmenecement Exercises to be Held
s on btSe lvening of June 24.
Invitations are out for the commence
ment exercises of St. Mlary's academy
which will take place June 24 at the
Sscademy buildings at 7:30 p. m., and are
as follows:
Chorus-"Comr e \'here tie Wild Flowers Bloom'
Double tri---"Paddy ('arly" .....lr .....Czerny
3lMres Mtl. rpitzpairick, J. Norton, 3f. Quinlan,
Iteta Matheson, Nellie McMaholln,
Nano Ityan.
.ut Drill ......... BPoys of the Kindergarten Claa.
1"r'il duet:.-'l'olu know Yonl Do.......... -Iolat:
3,iss-s May and Luln Hamilton.
'iiano-Nuno Ityan.
It sol,, I trilo---Sllotiie Dutndee Quadrilles' D'Albert
3listo" tlid i.s Colet.I, Anaidit CaUrloss tasd
Itarhotkr, Cores lirtkey, Mary MlcMahon,
M. Rinev.
Chlarsos- "'th Little 'lakerd TIrk.r . ....BristoW
Little ladies of the kindergarten.
Q(llltette-"Fliiz der Maikajer" .........H.... olst
Fist ie lau, Mlses Katie O'Brin, Azzle
De alsrdi. ecolld piallo..s i-ses Cora
'it.-er J.nie Norton, 1-rances Porter, Slay
Halintll,, Mary Riney.
Trio fo f first and second violin and plano-Se.
etd .................... .. ..... .. PlyeL
Fi.t ilin Misses litrl Riney ild Etsaa
Stolte: -rcond vhilii, Miss Jesnie Mar
-n P t ; piano, 3t is Katie '0 rien.
Flower drill ............... By sixteen yomg Iradiee
[hlrill l uielt luet idoublel--"Flash anflld C.' aLsh."
(;illop de ('oncert . ............. ........SnoW
Mis-ses Ecinlnal Stolti, 3Mand Barllbour, Mary
Riny, Katilt O'Brien.
Voia lllnt-L--Listien, 'Tis ae " odhir's Songll't
Misse , Jai Norton, luriy Eli ey, piano,
Gladysl Colett.
"~ ilnde~r Syuipbl o e".. .................. .IIaydi
Vocaot lInstrumental dutr-"T_-he Crimmson
(lo.'IO of SuIIP I Fill ".'s .....................Root
3.isaes. Jenni Morgan, Mary I iney; piano,
Quartette.--,' 31arch of the Mariners........ IIolsa
First piano, Mary aine, Maud .Barbourl sec
(u)d Ipiano, Azzie ])ezolrdi, Einia
Itecitation--"Too I tterly itter..
lMiss Jenn;,e Mora,.t,. . . .
D ot-- Chlristllas Iells Polkil".r ........... Wipnett
First piano, Miss Einio Stolte; second
l iaano, Miss (;ldys Coslett.
Fourth "Air V1lrie" on aThen. ....... MercadantS
\Vioin, --is c Jennie Miorgais piallo, alss
Emilin Stolte.
Recitation--"Th'r e Leper"..... .. ........
-Bi-s Gladys Coalett.
Ioc I snolo--"llea v'l II;t SII a l'earl ''...Kuckel
Miss Jennie M.oan: pianlo, Miss Eillia Stolte
Scalf ' irltlla ls c......i ...... By nie young ladies
(Chorllus--"Sweet bie TPhe Dreams"......... ... lrry
\ddre s ................
Mis11t-- i-let
Narrow Escape froln Drowlling.
Last evening, while playing with a
party of children near Judge Stackpole's
residence, little Sue Larabie fell from the
bridge into Cottonwood creek and was
being carried swiftly down by the current
when Judge Stackpole, who heard the
alarm given by her frightened compan
ions and seeing the child struggling in
the water, leaped in after her and made
a strong effort to overtake her by swim
ming. This he did not succeed in doing
and the little girl would have inevitably
been drowned had not Fred HI-ss plunged
into the torrent and seized her. He was
swept from his feet in an instant but suc
ceeded in getting out with the child in
safety. Though Mr. lHoss cannot swim,
this is the second child he has rescued
from drowning in the Cottonwood.
No time should be lost in enclosing
these branches at the crossings with
woven wire fencing as they are a source
of constant danger to young as well aS
The Populist Primary.
At a primary meeting of the populists
of Deer Lodge on Wednesday evening,
Chairman A. H. Mitchell presiding, the
following delegates and alternates to the
county convention which assembles to
morrow at Anaconda for the purpose of
choosing delegates to the state conven
tion at Boulder, were elected:
A. H. Mitchell, William ieinrich,
J. S. Peterson, Julius Simonson,
Nath. Newman, Ed. Fox,
J. H. Schwend, H. H. Wing,
W. N. Aylesworth, Thomas Morgan,
D. F. Hallahan, J. N. Fox,
William Dashley. Len Curn.
W. N. Aylesworth, D. F. Hallahan and
Thomas Morgan were judges of election.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange the
whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles
should never be used except on prescrip
tions from reputable physicians, as the
damage they will do is ten fold to the
good you can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F.
J. Cheney & Co., Tl ledo, O., contains no
mercury, and is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous sur"
faces of the system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine.
It is taken internally, and made in Tole
do, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testi.
monials free.
Sold by druggists, price 75c. per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.

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