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tlon Price $2 Per Year in Advance
* rAY, APRIL 23, 1807.
The war cloud that has overhung
..Greece for weeks past has suddenly de
scended mid the plucky little nation of
the East has met the Turks in shock of
battle. Up to this Lime no deci~si e battle
has been fought, but the Greeks seem to
be hoidlug their own, notwithstanding
the army of the sultn, is superior in
numbers and appears to be more solidly
organized for a campaign than that of
Greece. Both armies are inspired by the
bitterest hatred, and their engagements
are furious and bloody, while the "great
powers" are maintaining a dumb silence,
and the people of our own nation are
anxiously watching the conflict, with all
their sympathy and admiration centered
on the fiery little nation that dared to
defy the crowned heads of Europe. In
point of numbers Turkey has much the
advantage, but Greek valor has won many
fields against heavy odds, and this may
be the beginning of a long and bloody
war in which the whole of Europe may
become involved.
Sol. Miller, editor of the Kansas Chief,
wv' sage and politician, is dead. His
n, .tation as a humorist was national and
he was a power in Kansas politics.
Some thirty-odd years ago old Tim Lane
of Kansas, who was then senator from
that state, "switched" on his political
system, came home and killed himself.
Col. Sam Crawford was governor of the
state at the time and the duty of ap
pointing a successor to Lane devolved
upon him. It was currently reported
at the time that the appointment was
tendered to Sol. Miller, the newspaper
wit of the state. But Solomon was as
wise as he was witty, and the story is
told of him that he came to the capital to
confer with the governor upon the mat
ter. If our memory serves us aright the
appointed senator was to hold his office
until the meeting of the legislature the
following winter, and that he would be
in active service as a United States sena
tor for only about three months. After a
careful study of the situation, Mr. Miller
sized it up about in this manner: "If I
accept the appointment, I cannot be
elected by the legislature, and when my
term of office expires and I again return
to private life, people will point me out
as the blamed old fool who was senator
from Kansas three months!" lie declined
the appointment. Genial, warm hearted
old Soel-may his spirit find kindred
spirits on the other shore.
The Anaconda Copper Mining company
last week declared its guaranteed semi
annual dividend of 5 per cent. of the cap
ital stock, or $1,500,000, making in all $3,
750,000 in dividends since May 1 of last
year. The company owns immense
works in Deer Lodge county valued at
millions of dollars and is assessed at a
little more than one million dollars.
Last week proved adisastrous week for
two of the Hunter family. James Hun
ter, a prominent turfman of the Pacific
states, put all his money up on his race
horse, Goldbug, and lost. IIe then tried
to drown himself, but his friends fished
him up, pumped the water out of him,
and he is alive and well. Dr. Hunter,
the republican senatorial aspirant of Ken
tucky, was indicted for bribery, and if his
political friends succeed in pumping the
indictments out of him, he may still live
to win the race.
We clip the following item from a re
cent issue of the Salt Lake Tribune:
"Thomas Daly left for Butte city, Mont.,
on Monday, where he goes for the erec
tion of a smelter at his copper claims near
Lisbon Springs. Mr. Daly has spent six
years developing his copper property, and
while working undergreat disadvantages
all that time, has never lost faith in the
ultimate outcome. Mr. Daly is a cousin
of Marcus Daly, the Montana mining
man, and in early days was associated
with him on the coast. Hle hopes now to
secure his assistance in the development
of the La Sal mountain copper district.
Grand Valley (Utah) Times."
Can any one inform us in what part of
Montana Lisbon Springs and the La Sal
mountain copper district are located? Is
Montana to have another copper king of
the name of Daly, and in what county is
he likely to locate? This recalls to mind
the speech of Hon. Sam Langhorne of
Helena when the vote was reached on the
Powell county bill last winter. It will
be remembered that the gentleman from
Helena fell inside "the works" on that
occasion, and, with all the zeal of a new
convert, he exclaimed: "I wish every
county in Montana had a Daly!" If Sam
still entertains that wish, we shall inter
pose no objections to having this new in
stallment comfortably settled in Lewis
and Clarke county.
Tae death of Mrs. Elizabeth Tilton
bings vividly back the memories con
nected with the scandal which attached
to her and Henry Ward Beecher in the
long ago. The world has for years been
divided in opinion in regard to the guilt
or innocence of the two, but assuming
the former is true, it is not extraordinary.
A beautiful, brilliant woman looking up
to a man as a demi god; a man bright
beyond his fellows and a man who had
never much drilled himself in self-re
utraint, what wonder if both were carried
away? It may be said: "Look at their
social position; think of their vows, nup
tial and religious, their obligations, etc."
We say if they were guilty, they would
have been had a flaming angel stood at
the pearly gate with hand upon the latch,
and If both had seen and known that with
their fall the gate would close for them
as surely as that which shut the first par
uats from Eden, because the wisest wri
tae have all r*ached one conclusion, that
*ame em6s so aecouastag fsr tshva
ries of which come of sexual passion.
Both,after the trial,were greatly changed.
The woman gave no sign, but went into be
voluutary retirement; the man turned his so
glorified face to the world and tried to be BP
as of old, but he was not, and when an Tu
other man stood before his countrymen a lig
candidate for a high office and a scandal of
was- charged to him, Mr. Beecher de- pa
fended him even on the possibility that M'
the story was true.
There is nothing new about it all. It
was just the same when the Master said: sai
"He that is without sin among you, let ke
him first cast a stone at her," and then no
bent down and with his finger wrote in be
the sand, while one after the other of the a
woman's accusers skulked away. an
When Mr. Beecher died, ten years ago, wi
the Tribune said he should not be judged
by what he had done, but by what he had
resisted. Now we say, in life the two A1
suffered enough; do not disturb their II:
final sleep.-Salt Lake Tribune. by
State University Bonds Sol. tie
The croakers and all round kickers se:
ought to take a back seat after hearing of ga
a transaction that took place in State ki
Treasurer Collins' office today, when that ni
official sold at private sale $100,000 of pi
state university bonds at a premium of wt
$2.5. It is one of the largest deals of the
kind consummated in the state in many a ra
day and speaks volumes for the credit of -
The bonds are sold in accordance with
the provisions of a bill passed by the last
legislature authorizing the issue of $100,
000 in bonds for the purpose of complet
ing and furnishing the state university at
These bonds do not cost the state one
cent, as the interest and principal are to
be paid from the sale and license of state
lands and state timber upon state lands.
They draw interest at the rate of six
per cent. The state treasurer advertised
for bids on April 5, but as none were re
ceived he was authorized to sell the
bonds at private sale Tf possible. Ile
immediately opened communication with
several well known bond firms, with the
result that today he sold the entire issue
to Frason, Leach & Co. of Chicago and
New York, one of the leading bond buy
ers of the country. There were two
other firms also anxious to procure the
bonds, but the lucky firm put in the best
bid and captured the prize, for such
Montana bonds are considered in the
east.-IHelena Herald, April 10.
The body of General Grant has been
removed from its temporary tomb to the c
magnificent mausoleum which is de- a
signed to be its permanent resting place
and which will be dedicated next Tues
day, April 27.
n Carlos F. Shepard, a Member of the
Indianapolis Board of Trade,
ed is About Once More.
n- A Case of Weighty Interest to Anyone Suffering With
N Nervous Complaints, for the Patient was Cured
by "Feeding" the Nerves. This is a
New Term in Medicine.
t From the News, Intdianapols, ltdl.
One of the best known men anout the In
dianapolis Board of Trade is Carlos F. Shep
ard, who for several years has been con
nected with the house of II. E. Kinney, grain
broker. Mr. Shepard is a bluff, hearty, old
gentleman of medium height, gray-headed
and with a mustache like a French veteran.
lie is a man of very decided views on all
subjects and is especially orthlsdox in poli
tics and medicine. Notwithstanding his firm
ness in his convictions and the vigor with
which he maintains them he is a man of mannny
friends for manly men, even though some
times obstinate in their opinions, have the
force of character that win admiration and
So a few months ago when the news came
to his old associates on the Board of Trade
that Mr. Shepard had received a stroke of
paralysis and that the probabilities were that
his days of usefulness were over, and that
perhaps, his hours were numbered, the deep
est sympathy went out to the smitten nman
and his family. It seemed to all his friends
almost impossible that this rugged old man,
always so wholesomely hearty and cheerful,
always a picture of health for
could have been so suddenly laid low. But
it was true and many weeks passed before
his well-known form anid kindly itee re
turned to his former business haunts. His
re-appearance was made tile occasion of a
hearty welcome and thle story of his illness
and recovery is well worth the telling.
"I was taken sick," said Mr. Shepard
"on the 17th of August, 1895. As I had all
along been of the opinion that I was made of
iron, you may well believe that it was hard
for me to entertain the thought that I was to
be laid up for more than a day or two. I
am 58 years old, and for 40 years up to
the time of this attack, I had not had a day's
sickness. The doctors who diagnosed nmy
case saw at once that it was somethingi seri
ous. They at first saad that it was lumbago
then sciatic rheumatism. They finally
came to the conclusion they did not know
what was the matter with me. I experi
enced no pain, my head was clear, my ep
petite good, but I lost the use of myself from
my hips down. This was a hard stroke
to an active man who has always had an
easy going pair of legs. My brother-i-n-law,
who is a physician, came from a neighblor
ing city to see me. He pronounced my 1:f
fliction to be locomotor ataxia. I am of thle
opinion that he diagnosed the case correctly
for I was absolutely paralyzed from the
hips down.
' Before he came, however a day or so be
fore I had begun taking Dr. Williamls' Pink
Pills for Pale People. That was on the 20th
day of last October. I read an article in the
Indianapolis News and saw testimonials de
scribing cases cured that were similar to
mine. It struck me that the remedy could
not do me any harm and I began to take the
"Before I began taking them I could not
stir a peg, but had to be carried from place
to place. I had not got far into the first box
when I felt that deliveranee from my en
led imnatimon had eeme. Before I fiishred
sasised bes I ws aMl to walk Is
Greeks and Turks.
A war between Greeks and Turks will
be no one-sided affair as many seem to
suppose. Greeks are courageous and
splendid fighters, but no better than the
Turks, who are a brave race, whose re
ligion leads them to believe that in case
of death they are instantly translated to
paradise where houris await them. Tom
Moore says:
"A Persian heaven Is easily made.
A pair of black eyes and lemonade."
And the heaven of the Turks is of the
same kind. One against the other Tur
key will overcome Greece by force of
numbers, but people who believe war to
be necessary to purify the atmosphere
want to see a struggle between Greece
and Turkey, knowing that all Europe
will take a hand in it.-Missoulian.
The Chinook Opinion says: Claim
Agent Toomey of the Great Northern,
Harry Lund and Thomas Dunn, assisted
by Captain Plunkett of the Bear Paw
pool, C. M. Williams of the Shonkin as
sociation, John Survant of the Bloom Cat
tle company and Gus Hammer, repre
senting Wallace Bros., have been en
gaged in inspecting the hides of cattle
killed this winter on the Great Northern
road between HIavre and Glasgow. A
nice bunch of cattle is represented by the
piles of hides stored at the Chinook wool
warehouse, which numbers upwards of
700, and these will be paid for at the
price of cattle during the winter by the
railroad people.
MAY 7, 97
Of several pieces will fur
nish sweet music for this
occasion ...
Experienced in his line
will have charge of the
floor, thus avoiding delays
Are assuied an enjoyable
and comfortable evening's
holiday .. .
Will .be served by lady
friends and a small extra
charge will be asked ...
TICKETS - - $1.00
with the aid of a cane. About home I do
not use a catne now hut when I come out on
the slippery pavements I feel that I need a
little support to make my footing sure.
"I am :till using Williams' Pink Pills,
but I have reduced the close to one after
each meal. It seems that I have been able
to throw some discredit on the predictions of
my doctors thanks to the pills. They said I
coull never walk again but here I am, and
I think the credit must be given to the pills.
It is said the pills are stimulating, but I can
not say that they give mie any sensations that
I am aware of. lhey merely cure and that
is quite enough for nme.
"Since I have been out I have been a
walking advertisement for Williams' Pink
Pills. I stppoze I have recommended them
to at least a hundred persons. What I You
want to print all this? Why, my dear sir,
I never gave a recommendation to any pro
prietary medicine before in my life. Per
iips it may not be a bad thing to do so this
time if it will help any sufferer to regain
health and bodily activity."
Carlos F. Shepard has been a resident of
Indianapolis for over twenty years. Helives
at No. 720 East Ohio Street. He has always
been an active enterprising man and his
many friends will rejoice that he has liter
ally been put upon his feet again. He is
not only well-known locally but to grain
shippers all over Indiana and Illinois.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
are anl unfailing remedy for all diseases aris
ing from a poor and watery condition of the
bliood, such as pale and sallow complexion,
general muscular weakness, loss of appetite,
depression of spirits, lack of nmittiion, ane
miin, chlorosis or green sickness, palpitation
of the heart. shortness of breatll on slight ex
ertion, coldness of hands or fiet, swelling of
the feet and limbs, pain in the back, nervous
hedache, dizziness, loss of nlemory, fitele
niess of will, ringing in the ears, carty decay,
all forms of female weakness, Iuceorrhli.t
tardy or irrcgular peitods, suppression oi
menses, hysteria, paralysis, locorlntor ataxia,
Irhlconnatism, scinti.a, all diseases depending
on vitiated humors in the bilod, causing
serofuil, swelled glands, fever sores, rickets,
hip-joint diseases, hunchback, acquired de
forilitlis, decaved bhones, chronic erysipelas,
catarrh, consumption of the bowels and lungs,
and also fori invigorating the blood and system
when broken down by overwork, worry, dis.
e:ae, excesses and indiscretions of living, re
covery from acute diseases, such as fevers, etc.,
loss of vital powers, spermaitorrhnea, early de
cay, premature old age. These pills are not a
purgative medicine. They contain nothing
that could injure the most delicate system.
They nact directly on the bilod, supplying to
the blood its life-giving qualities by assisting
it to absorb oxygen, that great supporter of taill
organic life. In this way the blood, becom
ing "built up" and being supplied with its
lacking constituents, becomes rich and red,
nourishes the various organs, stimulating
them to activity in the perfoirmance of their
filctions, and thus to eliminate diseases from
the system.
These Pills are manufactured by the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady,
N. Y., and are sold only in boxes bearing the
firm's trade mark and wrapper, at 50 cents a
box, or six hoxes for $2.50, and are never sold
in bulk. They may be had of all druFgists,
or direct by mail from Dr. Williams'
Medicine Company. The price at which
these ills are sold sakes a eourse of treat
ma nexpeniv e a ps na with miht
The state capitol commission and the
will state board of land commissioners for the
m to state of Montana offer for sale $850,000
and worth of bonds as provided by act of the
the legislative assembly of the state of Mon
re- tana, approved March 4,1897. Said bonds
case are secured by the grant of public lands
d to made to the state by congress, amounting
room to 182,000 acres. Said bonds are due in
l30 years and are payable after 15 years,
and bear interest at any rate that may be
the secured by the commission, not exceed
Tur- ing six percent. perannum. Bids forthe
eof sale or purchase of said bonds or any part
1r to thereof aill be received by the state cap
here itol commission or the state board of land
commissioners at any time until said
bonds are sold. Any bid may be ad
dressed to either of said boards of com
missioners at Helena, Mont.
aim --
Cheeks Are Rosy
Had No Appetite, But Able to Eat
attic Since Taking Hood's- Blood
kern Thoroughly Purifed.
A "My little boy has been in poor health
r the
wool for some time. He had no appetite and
is of his skin was yellow. His hands were
the covered with warts, and his blood was in
the such a condition that when he cut or
bruised himself the wound would not
heal for a long time. We procured a
bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla and he began
taking it. His appetite returned and his
cheeks became rosy. The warts disap
peared, his blood was purified and he was
entirely well." MRS. ANNA DEMELMAICO,
Eureka, Utah.
" Hood's Sarsaparilla has been our stand
art medicine for the last three years. We
recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla to all who
are suffering from the effects of impure
blood." E. ELLIOTr, Scofield, Utah.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the Best--in fact tile One True Blood Puri
fier. Price $1, six for $5. Be sure to get Hood's.
Hood's Pills ae tateless. mill, efec
oodS P ive. All druggists. 250.
PANAV fiRend for our new 1587 Cat- `
ONCY. ein'caiain full dtacriprronn ý
Uil ear 'jan08 and Organos
ti EMflu uMDEnIt we ane the only
________ ____ _ firm of actual manufarcturers
selling exelaively to the general public direct, atj'cfory cost-the only firm where yo fet the
heal Exact Value for your moncy. There are no A ents', Dealers' or Iiddleimen a profits
. P
S to sait your circumstances. uat.os and Urjuo rcinfle en o rty es' trial in
O your own home unde our rspecial warrmant fur twenty-t1e years. .lo moneU re
gmFR M redin advanc. neefedrellvreyt r-haser Euar1ante .
ný ý EFESRENL'EF:-Our hank;, your un IPI 1atSatll.0Fy " _1 RO
11 0 any bunk rho ditor of this papri or ay nt I
Sthutitudo of g etronsf o reir hn1 orno M
milhoneordionarsworth of instrument from 1 '"mcie~t r i. an salt Or our nI oU l ](' 1·.
n us during the past I eaos. Ou naw took roue of our t atter $U.l..)r
"The B rt of ter Pven c containingree. td.,. f.x +" r,. n 'smnm.( t'ne
~thousaudrv rrefetrencer~s, sent freu. llon't ,I./l"1 LiL'.k ::ý
'y~ _fi to writo at once to l i -.ý ., ý
CORNISH CO.GO, Piano" and~r Oaai~akcra. Washington, M. Jlý. s'gb4.
Information Wanted.
The address of friends of F. E. IIutch
ings, formerly of Vancouver, Portland,
Oregon; Bitter Root valley, Montana, and
Boise City, Idaho, are desired by his
widow. lie was in government employ
as wagon master, teamster, etc., from 1814;
for several years under Captain Ingalls,
Col. lIazen and others. Address
MRS. M.LuR C. IIU(rcuNixs,
Cochecton, Sullivan County, N. Y.
Yukon Gold Fields.
Miners and prospectors contemplating
a trip to Alaska should not overlook the
fact that the "North American Transpor
tation and Trading Company" has estab
lished a new and elegant line of steamers
which will operate between Seattle,Wash.,
and the Yukon Gold Fields.
The first steamer will leave Seattle
June 10; the second, August 10, 1897.
From Seattle the steamers will pro
ceed directly to "Fort Get There," on "St.
Michael's Island," near the mouth of
Yukon river. There, change is made to
the company's river steamers, which pass
up the Yukon river to Circle City, Fort
Cudahy and Forty Mile; thus affording
an eagy, pleasant and quick trip.
For tickets, maps and full particulars
call upon, or write, your nearest North
ern Pacific agent, or W. M. Tuoby, gen
eral agent, Butte, Mont. 38 10t
DI. J. W. . ESSIG,
Office in Colema;n Block.
Deer Lodtge - - - Montana
n Some People .
want the EIrth, and of course we
Ihavent got it, but we want to
call your attention to at few
Good Things to Eat
that we have revelved wih1in the (J
past wee.k front our importers...
SlllV'Rila Fig's
Valencia Shelled Almlonds
ieglic0ril Citron
Royal l ulhillghal
Cluster Raisins
French Prunets, 10 lb. cans
,iulbnllur-1'er Cheese
(ter'manl As/)aragus
(lernlaln Strin HBeauns
F1,renrnluh String Beans
French Peas
1'Freiit'nchi M ushrools
Flra eo-Ainlerilcan Soups 4
Russian Caviar
Kipipere'd lierring
Satratoga Chips li
Sli((dtl Ovsters
Hollland h.errl'ing
SlInedded Codlishl
Boneless Herring
N is the himie to buy. Flomneli
indl g nods and all cerelals have i
ready aldvanced. allnd you uIlslt not
be sburprised to see other goomds
go higher . . .
The Cash Grocery Co
Headqurters for Good Things to Ealt
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similating thefoodandRcg ula
ting the Stomachs andBowels of - OF
Promotes DigestionCheerful
ness andRest.Contains neither
Opuntr,Morphine nor Mineral IS ON THE
ý,mpkn;, Sr,/
.Aim. Seed .
7F*1, '.ced - i BOTTLE OF
Aperfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
Worms ,ConvulsionsFeverish
ness andLoss OF SLEEP.
TacSimile Signature of
NEW YORK. Oastoria is put up in one-size bottles only. It
Is not sold in bulk. Don't allow anyone to sell
you anything else on the plea or promise that it
Sis just as good" and "will answer every pur
pose," .SBee that you get C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A.
___________________ wrapper.
I14 State St,. Chicago, Ill.
Such Wonderful Cures as those effected daily in
all manner and kinds of diseases
by these Specialists. a
Cure lGuaraanteed...
Failinac oI enrlgy. I Dtilault, too Frequerit, Milky or Blo.ly L'rie.
DEB2JILJJIlYY haus Drains.
Ex RalinICti"llCE ns ra ii nl cured by
Arising from Indigestion, Excesaof I'lldlgenesa, E , our local application
producing some of the following effects: Ner- applied at home.
votusness, )cebility, Diinnehs of night, Self
l)istrust, Defective tMelnory, I'implers aone
tihe Faee Averosion tho tnhe Sietv of F' c tnt or
males, Los ot Anl ition, Lck tl" Cointll-I n ClltltS lleseb e l -ns
encs. ui . . o l . llein .. ..l.., rr e l les. o utiona treatm lt
lens, Melalnellltly, l)yspepsial, Vanric eler mln:l, t m n.itl air will c ere. S mcct.omAll.
etc., treated with resucess aiiL pownerfllly treated at home or at olime.. Perfectly hlrtm
restored. leSs, sal , plleasant. PurItes, IhIPil, S.OiS and
cures, every dishcl:trre, sweetens the breatlh.
HOM lTisETiDs's,
BLOOD AND SKIN F. Ricy cured in short
Affecting the Body,Nose,Throat, Skin and ve,l3i., R
Blotches, Mucous Patches in thle Mtllh. iErUllp- r
t lus. Rl llnatlnsm, Fillilng tlair. Ac me, EcazemL,
Old Sores, Ulcers, Painfulll Swellings, whatev;r' IB i LOOD ISON P'rmanenLtlycured
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er 1,00.o b 0 . rre prove Its poe rr to -detroy the desire for tob DWAo in REy
Mt, Usrrage t Game, Sto-bvesd. Many gain10posiui and Iteel,
failstmolake thd and -iorud ict. Jut try a box. Vou wiltte de
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wherl . u tered for our brnkle 't de. elesnr o st lil se Your ife Away.' written guiranten and
ree spl Address TlE o thE city. A sharE ED O., Chicago or New uofk.
"OLD) AND GUARAN'TEEI) by Deer Lodge I)Drug Co.
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Smoked and
Dried Meats, Etc. Mining Supplies,
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Goodsdelivted to any part Carpenter and Farming
patronage solieted.
Inst South of O'Neill's Hardware Store. Tools. Tinware, Etc.
N. J. Bielenberg & Co.
Office Over City l)l'g Store.
Office Over William Coleman's Store.
Office Opposite City Hotel.
Physician and Surgeon
Office-To the rigtt h. ad of stairs, Coleman and
Lansing block, Deer Lodge. Montana.
Office hours-1 to 12 a. m., and 8 to 6 p. in.
Hospltal-12o m. to 1 p. m.
BANi I 1S,
Do ageneral bankingbnsiness and draw exchang
on all prinelpal cities of the world.
Careful attention given to collctions, and remit
tances promptly made.
New York Correspondenlt: Importers & Traders
National Bank, New York City, N. Y.
College of Montana
Normal and Preparatory Courses.
Special courses in Art, Music, Typewrit
ing, Stenography, Book-keeping and
School of Mines.
Department of Engineering and Chemis
try, including Mathenmatics, Survey
ing, Mechanical, Civil anld Mining
Eungineeerin g,
Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Assaying,
Gener:al, Analytical and Applied Chem
istry, Blowpipe Analysis, etc.
Open to both sexes on equal termns.
For Terms apply to the President
Shelf and HI-eavy
Special attentiou given to plumbing in
all its branches. Estimates promptly
furnished either for town or country.
Corresponde.nce Solicited.
W. H. O'NEILL, : Deer Lode.
Western Brewery
J. E. Van Gundy, Prop
HIaving bought and put in the most ap
proved machinery for generating Soda,
Sarsaparilla, Ginger Ale, Lemonade and
all Carbonate Drinks, with experienced
workmen in charge, I am prepared to
furnish them bottled or in charges for
fountains, promptly on notice, and as
Address orders to
J. E. VAN GUNDY, Deer Lodge, Mont
Fruits, Confectionery,
Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc.
Soda. Water - - - - Ice Creamtl
WVe ºire Headquarters for
The "Liberty" Wheel
Extras Kept in Stock rand Iicycles ot All
Kinds Repaired on Short Notice.
SOrders left with us for books, newspapers,
magazines, etc., will have our prompt and careful
(Mlgnerey & Rodgers' Old Stand) Deer Lodge.
HELENA tPullman
BUTTE Sleeping Cats
SPOKANE__ Elegant
TACOMA Dining Cars
PORTLAND Sleeping Carsi
Trains Arrive & Depart from Deer Lodge.
No. I-To Garrison, connecting with
N. P. throunh train for Portlandr ...11.00 a. m.
No. 2-To Ilrtte. through connlectlons
from Portlrnd ..................... 8.20p. m.
No. 3-To (;arrisonl, connecting with
N. P. through train for Helena, St.
Paul and eastern points........... 6.35 p. m.
No. 4--To Butte, connections froml
Helena .......................... 1.20 p. m.
Arrive and Depart from Itutte.
No.11--From St. Paul, arrives N. P.
local depot. dally..................10.45 a. m .
No. 12-For St. Paul, leaves N. P. local
depot dailly..................... 9.25 p. m.
Nos. 11 and 12 baive standllard Pullllman
sleeping cars to and from the east.
Through tickets to Japan and China via Tacoma
and the Nortllern Pacific Steamship Conlp;lly.
For Information, time cards, maps and ilcaets
call on or write
R. J. DEE, Agent, Deer Lodge.
General Agent, Butte, Montana.
6enarai Passeseand Thket oAgpprt
BPauL Q.

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