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The daily Wabash express. (Terre-Haute, Ind.) 1857-1867, July 16, 1861, Image 3

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rckhk-H4tTk aK-uuom tiuit
train Lea.
Train 4rr1.
f -..., Aru. . .Na- Ii U. i. i
11111 rri, aitoi er im ia eaitaoati
luU.M. Tr.,,a Anl.e.
v- i' 10 ,0 A " Atalt.... 1. 4 M. r h
...W, r WW 2, 14 1-4, a.
TAxanu i.n wii.ixt (i it a 4iiiMit
Ttaina Le, fialt- Airi
1, 2), ...... Ate V. 1, 15, r.
, ints.4. m ...M;l . .. . t. H
bottvitLk rrtsioa
Tlalna leave. Trait. AlftT.
. 1. Hi, r m Mall V . I. 10 On, 4. m.
C tiiMH (iui med prueitptty jr 11 lbe aUet
a votiii k on i: f k riii:rMON
Speaking at Sanfoid't SUtiou.
t hirus K. Hooao, K'j.. A H. CtM,
kj., and Col. Ki.w Akt, mil 4i!lif the
pa-ople of Payette Tuihip Ail 1 vicinity et
uf rl' li.iii. the pte-eni uiftnl f,.
tolititt V .
On Saturday next, at 10 o'clock A. II.
Let all who love tlii )loiioun!d tl'.i' .H'eud.
. u
A n i L:-iil jo-t iViH-ufiuix rain
fell 4 extent 4 munine in (hi iinniu. Ii
b cSeerel the t 'ufr ihI iliue sjiei
to tint prowin crop.
JPItwill he rtltf intj to all Int-u.Jv ..f
the r r.ion and deeni't to .earn that the im
tiioua traitor Clrk of Mi-uri. wh. tufro-d.-eJthe
iibjeet f "llelfer" into Conrea,
arid bo wat retentl m .trnn .a rxri ilie. t
a'altiit the eii.b.enl. hi" been etra-lle!
fioin 4'onrt
i-f The coi 1 ej. n il-., t ot ihe i "iuv uniat i
l44(, now with fJeu. MCIeilm ' . 1 1 ,n
1 the r.4üd arm, iu 'e-iru V'ii.uii. 'X4
the hijrhe-it tün.liXii'!it4 10 the keriin of
th Indi-mt volutiifir. Jle fpeak if Cd
Milroy iu terru of Uie h.het commeii.hition.
wivt relate-, an aiiecd -le ill tKlnt irr; hit
uitlrh! - l.eroi-iiii lii lijiu ii nukin
herielf. ;rrit mine iti to!- wr.
iT I If noble and jlri tu- puroüu uk.ru
by McC'Iernind. ht-wn ritie Member ot Con
ffrea from the SpiiufieM ( 111.) lllirut. i-.
refre'iinjr in the-e ttmen when rrojr$t,l
I'nlon men aie jaju'i.inp Jibout "unnatural
wam"and "coin, lonwe " The dllTeren e U,
McClernaml i m pitriot the ot.i,r4 arefttn
pathioera with intitor We are gbd to know
there wer b.t in apjloo'iu for treuen iu
th House of Kepreentatire The rountr
ant their n .nit.
l a a iiotewortiiy l td that hite nar
luwi-Blinde! men are bloviating about thel're
rlenl haviup- iolatel the Contitution of the
..... .
LniteU sutea. not ;i .a,nir!e Hcui K rai in Con
gte-n baa intimated any mi-!i a ihin, a icepi
lk traitor Valandlnui.
Mr. John (. Daia, in hia great ., h -t
an, never et en lente 1 that Lincoln bad
violated the Canatituti.m He ia too ool a
Uwyer to commit Inui !e!i 10 ,u h 1 de.'l.vr.t
AiWAia.N'iw At n Nice It i aiei
the constant motion ot the i tenda to puri
I f the air, and the conLmt repleniphiri of
the at.xk of elegant, vutleru in'a furnishing
good at Min-hili k f'addocka. teada to keep
tUaya on hand the mW upetb .i4.)rtruerd.
We lo not lare to eir-ourage ettrav aance,
therfoto we auxKcat tht for econornv's
ke, tl.e dtairing lo clothe fhemrlrei
elegantly wad kheaply, 1. uld go directly to
Minalull .1 RaJIooLV where p-U are aold
1 beaj
A Sir tbrwuiKD. The circutmUucea
ith the arre.t ol'R. H. Aley, a Marylanl
e'4a4 oniat, and another ititwhoni he
in communication, arc carioi and inter
eating: "One night lat week a picket guard
topjJ a mm on t'ie roid la Hi.erU)wn,
who anwerel tlie rund' jueriea bi aninr
If wit be wiahel to aee Oerj. Ruiieixm; but
when atK.it t be iatio.lu-el u tiei.liiartMra i
ithed tu evade the inlenie. H waain j
f antlv aeiae.1 n.l -.r -K-l ...i i:..,,.!
m - - - - M , '4V If1
ware foun I uj.n him fron the rebel General
Johriioa to Mr VUev MM
uiiui. ine of !
Gen. rAtieraoti
lorthwith tri:.-. the !
rete! py, dree I on of hia own men in the
rebel dothea. gave him JolriWa letter,
aol atarltnl him oft ut ae Mr. Ahcv. The
dnjaau hea, ln.we er. had In-eu n'.cel ojned,
op.' taken, and then repealed M -NluUin'a
iuto wa received by Ali eT. hIio tlitw fell
iot.i the trap uoH baiitii"ult. le tin
loklei atl hia jJana, jI e hiuj m ritten
aaaar.Ma to Johnaon'a diapatchra The aup.
Hed inea.1 conreyed Alvey'a drHumeui- to
Gen. Pattcraon The arrtM took 4ace qui
etly the net day. Wheu Alvey a cot
fronte i with the document and the m lUpai
Ub!e e Thiene of tu own treacbe y, it ia
Ael he a cnj;4e4elv unmvooe l, il annk
Ui.Ui ihe biirle:, of h;a guilt '
- 40- - - -
Militnrt Item.
iieaktiLi 1. tm Ai-vwa KiAa- Tho
Lid;anaIi4 Jm1 .a.
! , A "'"t'r'""'
evety wreV m,U to the trovo m .tetc
a a
irima i vrite rwcacea of paper puh'.iAed
Let aal. it other s.'.ut4 v the State, wusch i
4 Advma Fapre Company geneno!
foiw trial ner tD the troops a theybwe
..ff.cea. Ire of charge. I'ay w aa t.fleie l t o
tf.e .-erice .vn.1 refuel Tb hiMI w d!
pt4eetla sii.-h an ,ct et" kivtne
I "t vouj-at of cavalry .r tbe I'nilol ;
Jj.alea ervce. ut!iorifet to be rai d in
SeiUeilaud county, hia len iuie up ai I
ready lo enter the regiment Another -rj
panv .f cavalry, to t attar bed to th
!tr,4ua Ie-i,ni. Ina teen r-aniTe-l in eit
.erlaivd. Mr. Z. S. kagaa of Clay tan. Uriel
r.cka i.xinly, aiet Mr K. W. Morjan. uf
Johnson county , are eweb ratini oi.(n?
of cavalry the latter with ibe ie
uf tat-o Iba t'nite-t State aerve e
n of gw ,
lit l.lk Hart Cvuntv
Gi-rda. CjniA 1
I Url c it into I'.iL.nal VJti 1!. m .
. "-i'""-!!!, !
and the Lagrange Guard. o?f,,'red by T"d j
Um Roy. Captain, C. D. Seel, lat Ueuteu ;
ant anl WilHam Smurr. il Iieuteaant, ioto j
Coh.nel McMillan "a rrieem. A tvtopauy 1
, Ä. r. . 11 I..'.,, I
trocv 1 uuiam count v, com man text to l a 4im
, ' 1
ökebon. wbK-h ia the th.nl cotüny I stiiiai
co.uty ha tent Into tbe iSekl. w,ll alao f o iu i
w Coicctl MeMilW reritaect. '
TPl.rr.lMlMIFP. VtflVC
! A LiUJUlii!.! HIV ilU II k.
itr treat bt th um raioaj nu
touiit iJiNjutchta.
Prfetlaaaattlota of Um, t.elcber
Un I lag mi truit in Ulxli Judge
Irl. wucc4orlleljel4 tl
Treaiern Irglni Matelng Prot
iiilliM of It fee I ftrlanerv
ftplew IrrealeU- A Itefcel Otfieer
About im Tender Ihr- Ileal
saaeiiltt I 0irruutrliliunr)r
Ml N r lurk
W ami i jn.ro 4. Julr 1 iiK. Tl.- Tribune a
epevial dupat'h ' tv tf tiree rifiien of
ienna who took refuse. In the cvmp xt TMtrV'
Church. iy that Gov. let her had uiU, -
j proelamiboti requiring the count it. of fair
; ftt, Trine Willnui, Orraiii.. SuttTor l. Cul
; lp;r, Ht jK4hiiii h k au I J.ouJ n iu tur
liUh tfxMMn. l nirii witliin to Jj If
t not forthominjr th mt ir t m tfAttl.
- Th mn i.unv of their nKrwr ill
j to our iir,-
Arr.nlin t. tru,ii.iih ruiu ittnr nr
fVfMi tbtun.1 tr m.i .a K.ilil'ix nut t-nt
f;e Iiuh ImnI at Ct nterv ii!e. Tr.
.in chief
i Hvm . i i"4ni i, .-) uvn v jro;;n aii i ieor
k'u. wr.-t of tho 'irininM U Tillen tuck
w Vlenai. ('nioti men think no will
Im m 1 Jt t!.' i, le of Wu i..u
Thr-HcmM U-r4tch it it mniorel
; that JowetjJi Unit of Ketittirk v w ill tappoiut-
j e-l Ju.!:e tf the Supreme tV.urt in plai e of
! Jul-e McLe.n. ilece ir I.
j It h kaiii mniorc-l ihat teii I'Atleixxi
I ll.t.4 lt4li a coiiriu-t with Johiv-tton
J n authoritr ot .1 Cabinet t Ihrer it in u
cJ that an orlicer of iknr reNei .rui In A v
, ern VirtinU h.ol -urivel with i.i-oi..ii?..ii "
mat tue majority ot the h.rctM thie un ln
the ret I Ax houM nsn up the I'nited St4e
rUiC-ant no .il'euuce to the Federal
föenirnent. He 4 the majority .ire lo 1
at Wart, and antio. - to pi o e theiu-eh e
under the Ha? of the countr .
, (tea. McClellui his been teh-ranhevf i
1 rtde. private- 1 I non rammi-uoi)t otli
i cera on .1 linr-le p.irole of honor, on their
j inhvribini; mnuilnpf nlleience and pledge
j not aa'tn to tak Mp urni4 aainat the (Sot
i ernment urt-ler pe! Jty of death. A to com
j m'jMioncl oSicen v Mt i eerciMt hi own
; tlLicretion, but urtr 0 j 1 irciimntaiKea Uinv
ofHcer or pri ate 1'Srmer.rtn the Vnited uJh
: Army to h released.
JrJi. Leslie. Jr.. of Pliii ide'phi h- ieoei
) 1.4 ä II 4
e-l lue t.;eiUWiip ot the War Ib-jarttnent
The position is en;ii sVm to the .ittnt
Seretar -.hiji.
A llete Spv fron Richmond w a-retet
ill the Relay llou o today. al a erm.in
woia.ui ;ta arretted m.: number of letter.
to prominent Kt teN found on her.
The Wo:! I'm Ji-j..it( h iy it ia iiunorol
ilut Siena' c Cm I.!c ha information, that a
prrimiiK iit oUu ei ot the Confederate aruiT La
nboul t.) tender three tephierita of Virpn'lana
to the (orerr.ment .
The Chioao Democrat &nd Springfield
Jumal are deainatel to publish tho acta of
Congrew for the eniiiin two year in Illinoia
Also the Republican ut Omaha, and the lVea
at N'ebradi.i City, for Xehra-ka Territor.
The Time dup-itch aaa Secretarv Chae
bx4 rcceive-1 a note from the I'reaident re
j juestinj: that the nomination of Rut'na T.
, Andrew a be cent to the Senate a a SurTevor
of the port of New York. Tlii- ntt!ea the
li't of piiiiciul otr.ee.
... . .
1 I CH I
I 11 1011 Spee h of Joaepb Holt
So it 1 hern Mpan-ufntionwlll Treai
inf I'riaonera Savin; (? Quill
The Delia Iespniriiiy of" Kuro
peni Hecounitioii.
I4i tav in i, Juh Ii Joa. liolt an Zixtur
lay eTcniu lree! an audience, one th'rd
ladiea, deusely packing the laret hall in the
city .'in an unconditional Union cpeech, which
wan received with tapturoua applauae.
The Charlcaton Courier urcesta that
aeenta be apjaunted to recede aubaxrritiona
ot rice and other Confederate productionj. to
uataiu the SauUierti cae.
The Now Orleans Delta aayi ihe N'ewr
York Marine Ini irancc Comianiei cov cr
loa bv piratea and not bv privateera; there
fore, if the Northern Courta condemn South
ern priv ateea-J aa piratea. the Inoir.uice Cora
peniea will tx liable.
A special fro 111 Richui nd on ihe iUh, .aa
theeeral prominent crooners who were t
hitherto on parole, were confined to .lav. be
cau.e of the action of the Federal nuthoritiea
relative to Southern privateer.
The Charlr-ioti Mercury tella ii countrv
reader to aave their prooe piilh the -to k
I of ateel peaa will 0011 give out.
Th New Ora-v DfiU. of U.e llttj. Pay
further peraitrtKe bv the ('.nt'e!(rate State
! in endeavoring to obtiiu reconitin of our
I naticoality ia ue!eaa.
11 pav.a ii.e primii .umiarrv naa ni tne
ivuriif rvir the in. linatioii to .ii.;K to the
tconfeder.it Sutia. the nilea which ah ha a
norml ai tJi.sl to other iiL-n-. ..i-l ur.
too much imprt uveav- Vi. 1m u aiud to
ibf idea that r ran e .arel 1 'nh nd w ouM bi 0 1 k '
I the bkckade, to get S ulhetn product.
The flitor iir't-eH to iccaII the Commn
oionc;z. and refue the rcVideni Couu!a of
lwera which will it .t recounic imilar
I oincera ri n.r i )n:e iera;e .tate.
Ttorr l Ike Privnlerr Sumlei
Niw YoRk.Ju'r 11 The Tribune tr.in
! late an account of the operation
I pritateer frm the Cjenfuego eoi
of the reticl
rorre io' nt
..r ,i 11 - rv r .1 u.i. . v.:i.
t tu iiitjiiit 1 'iir p. o uir .-0 in-, i.nt 11
; a.wa: Ou the f.rh in-t . the privateer Sumtrr
broticht int jxrt .- irie. 1 fie cargoes
ronsiat prin ipallf of wiftr atd molare
The a-tingG4rremT--rrpirte tiSe c.eerre:e1,
lo the civ il Governor It ia repirtel tint the
rami minder of the Sumter demtnded tint aa
the cargoa were Sp.nih ll.ey ahould be im
tuedtAtelv utdo.V'le.t 1 the v eaela ile'ov er
d to him. to b lea?r i J, and the cargoea
kept nntil the Confe lent cremtnent le
el.irr if they are legil ptie.
Ilarpevra uniuetion th!e the cid .ei -
i nor tiered the Sumter to leate the prt im -j
mediately, and t!e-"Iv:e-l he a.SotiM retiin the
priea until the deeruiir..ition of Her Majea
! iv'a goverament can ;c known. It i almost
rm"!l 1:1,1 r-,T' r Ji"rt" .' I
ae! w ithin water ;..,.!, r the p.;r.a.l,cn..n f
.Cuba, arvl within ih-e nanlic-l mile of the
.a. L.. 1 I Ak i
- -
t ertniaii May tatuvteat iroau
Mir Li aa4eml-- t'tatt I it ewe e I I It e
Oi ML 1v Tltr HtlUi.
HviTiMoat. Ju' H un Hcniv Mav
,H. i ieiuii.e-1 frm 11 -hm at bUt nsh. Vkk.--He
aar tbe r.ufj.let.. e tf the Sat'hernera in
ll.esr a. i t tn'ini.ih over the-NotlU ia nil
.toc.b'e-i Tl. K1.L1.1ml Mprr a.ii.cate
'' -f tbe tSe jopeitt of N.ttb
a L ' a V t I
I ri n larmer in r etriA-A rrw.my, lei are letel
irv;ai.t l (he lnlon troops.'
e ta
Iroin I'ort Pickeas kller iKr
Vtitrrr Sumvter. '
j Na Y. as. Jü!t li TheVahvwba ar
j lived Ciia morning from Fort. Picken on the
i. .th, via. Key Wet oa the '.ih. Site bronchi
i Rinifi'i ComrtartT tf IJrht Artiüert
TKe health of l5e tror.pa in iVkena al ,t,
ÜU Ho la'aivl eaaoL -
.The Nirr4 aiet Cniaader uere ! at
IseT VeT. lo l in Ihicvih c-i ine ifiiviai
. e
raiat loa of HricatiV. -
-. Yoe. Jnly IS -TbeHfrxkl't W.h
ir.gton deapatch aava the lat Ma4achaetta.
! Michxan a&l lilhNew York Regiment
, . , , .,,,. t
will form a Itrtgade uoer tot. Kctarlin
0f Michn. aiwl will form a rrt of (General
Tyler' d.vis.oo. aiw ill frofcvblv form tbe
" r 5 adrijcxj colaxo
tariietl Killed Hebel. 4'omplrfrlr
hi,.x. V4 , July 13 A trin rii.!
lr thU morning biiuUJj th Ulr of (Vt,
(Jrueit. ht comiain ler of thf rie? fon tu
U 4t4Va VlrnU. Th rrl.eU er pur
J Imu Lturfl H II hr (n. MornV mm
mr.!.runitin; of ih 14th Ohl i u t 7ih
fcoJ lUlj hi.iai U:imetu, t Cirriok1
Koni, iht mil yuth of th ton of Si.
tlorr. (li. (Urnoit altcrut4.l t.t rati t
hNfoir, hruakhtrpftkirmU ruiur.1. in'
hirh li.un.lt ktlll. wl Ufnt f hi
tarn lr!t .tM on tUm tr.unJ. I.t.i.lr ruAr.r 1
tnI;r lui rnrruvl off 1 lit rrM 4iir j
cornp!Hlf rout! an.l iKatttrivl in 11 tlirp !
tiou, hurtr lo4ls aon4 tut .11 ttirir
h-rM met (m;i njiuj.a- fell iuto our
Inn.!. CJAmftt'4 rrnuuH tili l.t i-ruliAlm.!
nl jil4ct at th ili.,.il .( ),h trifi.di
Twu men tre killrsl nml lovitill
4Ton.!vl of ih Ohi. ith.
othrr o.4i on our i. lc tur irvHijx j
tnA m-.rt j.ri.ner thn ihrv c u! I tkH '
ir "f. ..,
Tin oiniu uu h C' uit-.
N.w Vokk.J'iljk I i. Al ir iroui 1'aoa
ma iervrt the Arrival of the 'Vuon.- She
wouhl lf.ua on the fifth fei ihr tiulf tif
C.i'.ifurtii.i on ciuIm" for the i.r.U-otiu ot
Aniericau I'ominerce, umlur l.ient. Maur, ;
com in 01 ler. Lteut'i. Mitchell, Poiter ami
flat kett. and .Tl A4itjnt Kuineer Lioninx
Iia.I retciieit. .Mot of them came 011 the
North StAr, ala Ijout shvrock A' iho Harm
nie. The tale of th l'aii.imt moieuiont i-t
K'eiira'lv e!eel t. tat or the inleje it-ten. e
of tlie lathmua.
AiliC4 from Nicarapia y th.it iivrlle,
the mimlerer of of Jiiaeph I, White, tm
t.ren -entenreAl to th chain Kn.
ft i 4-r hi ritl-biirc.
l'ltTamko. July l.Y Ricerlhrt-e lel nine
inchea by metal maik u.l rai-t nv Weather
clear and cxl.
DeHtb til Hon. Hlbltll Apple.toN.
ltro, July 14 Hon Ji'athan Appleton j
died TtterdA .
ClNt i(UI, Juli li N'.H.li.
Rii et ri-on m
it.rhea in i hatmel
leet ieven
Raining ftcadi
aiucc 111
o rjiH-k. , li . '
h'h-iir dull bait nmli tnrvb Sujieifoia :tf0
ntd.Tth Kvtra lJill.lO.
Wheat unchan:! not much d.ini'.-
lYime led 7tV. White. b.i.'.
Cru firm ut
Whi.-key utictuned. No tlr; up to inmn.
I'roviaiona juirt. Noen.jUov
'rocerie firm nt full price i
INight DisjmtchcM.
Keiituek) 4talr liuardl'la) inn Ihe
Tratur-.Mere Xeulbera Ueiabatt
Ice Uautnl In Klohutoud-Morti
Kent ut k la ut Joining Ilie Cu
fealerala-w-l'iaKlur I. oh 11
lxu l.a illa, July 15. The llopk.n-.viUe
Mercury report.a that Cjuartetmanter Allen
Worth, of the Tenneee troopa., stated there
on Thura.lay, that lire banJred of the Ken
tucky State (Suarda were mustered into the
TenntJuee rertrice four day ago. The ame
ynper leara3 that eight hundred more hare
encamped near Grayaville, cloae to the State
line. -
Xewa reachei Little Rock yesterday, via
I'ocahontaa, that Pen. McColloch, with 12.
iMH) ißen. atUckel N OiMl Federal At Spring
field, Mo., killing nine hundred, when the
Federal, surrendered uuconditioaally. Two
hundred Smthemer.a were killed.
The Montgoaaery Mail learn a tlut their
regiment at Xorfo'k ia afflicted with niea.se'a,
though mildly; that more of them nerd
clothe, not having been paid off".
.NirUunt. Julv II. The amd bat-
teriea on Ship Ulacd.' opeaed hr Tueday
i toornin. on tho Yankee war itemer, trb
fni'a 3. The fire wai retume-1. One Con
' federate wu w ounded. The teamer hauled
' off and went to ChandAlier'a hhnd. twelve
miltra from the batteriea.
RiniMO.vp, "a., July li. Ice ia octree and
14 selling at from 5 to 10 cent per pound. ,
The Naahville Union and American of the
llrh, contain a letter from Chrkaville, on
the 12ih. that Brigadier Oeneral W. T.
Withem ia oranieiiijr a Keituckv Brinide
for the Confcleratea, at Carn Rrown, eight
milea from Clarkaville. Wither haa al
reuly xlout thirteen bun.lred Kentuckiana
iu camp, and üwaita urler from Divia to
augment the brrade to three th uaand.
- t'l. Haine hia jut anivel froni Rich
m n to carnm.itid one of Wither' regi
A letter to the same pa;r from .1 lidv,
.i4ka whether ladie-i cannot be or; miel to
administer to the troopa at Camp t'iieatham,
where he nav the soldier ate lin;' deel
mated bT d.cxie
AronTa. Ga., Jiilr 1 1 . A large roecf.Mi
amenable 1 to hea r Vice President Stephen-
;uk upn the pnxbtf e loan. A committee
wa app-intel to procure ubcripf iona
The Charleston Mercury calls Uivtly u
the Northern eo.ede I Stale to raiae and
end along produce and prtivii..tH tor tlie
Confederate arm . . -
lior Initiation ol m-ii. 1 1 11 r I but -The
('Mvnrtlice of Trnilora Tkr ftebvtl
lion uill be ("mailed.
t't lc, lit . July 10. Rrigadiei (General
Hurlbut hta i4-.il a pnHamatin lo thecit
ien of north e.lterti Miouri. denoaiiveinr
the fle r nd deaignin,' men who are seeking
I?. overthrow of the Govertiment, and watti
t'lem that the time for the toleration f trei
son hta pied, and that the men or llt of
met, who venture to atatul in defiance ot the
uprcrne authority of the Cnir. jeril t'oeir
liv e in Ihe attempt. He avv the rharaeter
of the reaiatanee which ha ln made. I in
at riot conformity with the aource from which
it orifciii4ted Cowardly aanasin watch for
opportunities to munler atl become he roe
among their Aci ted bind by slaughtering,
by teilth. thae whom, openly, they dare not
meet. I hu vatcni. unknown in rivihei
. . ... m
warbafe. i the natural fruit or treiaon lie
tt,If twre of ftimirul court, admin
; t,re,l in iliflected district, will vet cur.
, ... .(.
in: avaieia 1 aaaaat'.naiion oui ine urn
,nd im;rati e demand of military nece-
aitv, an 1 the duty of self pro let tion will for
nUh a ahort and decisive reme-lr. iti the aum
miry ju4tice of a ourt mirlivl. He gumn
leea j tectiva to allpeirebe citizen win
1 remain in the d. schirme of their duty, but
urge ihe r-ece.sity of their orgatiiu:c anl
! taking part tn tho rerun -friction of the fume
of .v-t He cloe by ita.aring the o
pie of ft t ill e.vtetn Mi-ouii tint the i'nited
t Mate . though preferrinix a ipiiet and uni
form ouavlttrnee ta the law. are yet ready
and a bund tally Ji t- eofurce a-ouplUie,
arl tw Inflict, if recr itt, tbe evtrerue -ally
!! active and known traitor
. a ea
' The lVfwnel Gwrnett not the Kt Utn
I (,'irvviann.
pMit riiraia, July 15. Accotding to the
K.hmond Wbi Gen'. Garnett la Robert S.
i Garnett, late a Major in th Federal aitnv,
- and nt the Fx onreeivin.
. A letter from Havana on the Hub aav a that
Cpt. F.nenal ordertvl the Sumter off and re
tained the ptie', the cfgte teing Spabtab
pr.tj-ettT T be ve! are be! I for the action
i.f the ji-roe Gov emuent
I le. tractive fire.
Ctaiaeai, V Y.July lü A detmcttve
bre, thi m rning. conaame-l a'rtt the en
lite bualueM portion of tLe uu. cou.priicg
eie torea. tr.ree ow::inr. a churcn. ho-
tet and carriage mtrr. factory
known. Gesmllj lnarti.
Huim. On motion of Mr. Wafthhuras it
v a iroltel tint th rouunittfi on Vom
merf l dirct 1 1 inlitu( tu itHtuÜAi
irnjuir Aß to hut farther tneunire hr n
vt4Arr. if n, t make th t.loc!t.i of th
tu of re t.lliou) Sütel effectual, nj to r
rri tlf linre.htioioi of pirate now pre tin c
,UI"'" A,"r ,,r
Hltlh,',, 1 "'
ujn Atnriirii tommfrr uuuW j-rctei(Jsi
I rninjui. IIuih1 Iy tr.c . i:iii' i
Hu iiii.ti.iii of Mr. Piton, a reolutii W44
ol, the SfitAt concurring, tlut Connie
ljiirii on ttvt Kril.iT.
Mr t'cuiktiiij.' Aktt Ie.ue tu h.Tt inlor a
resolution j nilitip for t-elcrt rominitife
I. w hi. I sh vll l.e referred the aulijert of .i
t;n.erAl innktupt Iaw.Io rp.it t the nel
eion tv r othetwi e.. Al..Je. -
Mr. Klii.-u from the committer on Com
incur re;rtM the following:
Uttalrttl, Tint the Serrt-tAr of the l ieA
urv ( e iuentid to employ imme.li.itel, uf
1 hcieiit force to protect tiiirroranitn'e from
! the pirate w hi. Ii now infect the hihe.s
The SjK Ak er hid before iho )loae I let
110m .ui. v .imie, re-iniiii UM oejt, lie
in' been elected Senator from Yiririnia.
Mr. W 00.I off crial tlie following:
Lrltt. I litt Una (onreai recommend
the (Sovenioi of the various Stale to con
veue tlieir leriahiturea fr the purjnie of mil -in
for the election of two delegate from
Cacti Conreion.l district to meaH in general
'onvtntion at laniiav ille, on the fitt Mundav
in Septetnber neat, the purjwwoi of the con
vention lein to devi-e measures for the rea
toratioii of the. jeace of the count rv.
Mr. Waahburn iimvel in lay the reaolu
lion on the table. Aj-ree.i ut Üiagainat LI.
Mr. Allen a-ked leave to oflVr the follow
i 1 : T resolution: - - .
lrilie1, 1 hat whenevei the Sutea now
in lebelli ui airaiiKt the (luv ernment ahall
ceaae their rebellion, become loval to the
Union, it ia the du:y of the Government lo
auapend the pro-ecu tion ot the war.
ne$olofi, Th.it it w no part of the object of
the preenl war to interfere with laver).
Mr. Rlake Mitd an amendment bv
adding the wonla "and surrender their lea.l-
; er to be hung."
; Mr. Yalhindiirhaui asked tu to ofl'or
I erieiof leaolutiuna settir-g forth the recent
i acta of the Preaident in relation to railing out
! troojia foi the war etc, and deilarinf; tluat
itiey wert witnout warrant or law. and in 1
olatioii of the Conatitution.
Mr, V vllaiidipham aaid he wanted the rea
olutlou referral to the committee of the
w hole.
The Houae tabled them.
Mr. Hickman from the Judiciary commit
tee reported iv bill which he said had receiv
ed the approv al of law, of Government and
the Judiciary committee. The title of the
bill b, "to define ami punNh conpiracC Af
lor couaiderable diaeusMon the bill pned.
Yeia 123, nav,7.
Mr. MrClei n.md otl'ere! the follow in
n't . .
Wliereaa a ortion of the joj.lt ofthr
Cnited Statea. in violation of their comtitu-
thmal oliligation , iiave taken up arm acaiuat
the national Government, and are now trir
ing by en aggreitivc war to overt.irowr it, and
bretk up the Union, therefore
Krlift, That thia Houo pledge a itielf to
vote any amount of money and any number
oCineu which may be neceaaary to aecure the
ape'y and effectual suppreaion of the rebel
lion and the permanent retoration of the
Federal authority everywhere within tho lim
it and juriadiction of" the United Stateai.
Alopted. Yeaa, 121, nay o.
StNATE. Mr. Dion "said the rebellion
tiiuat be put down, whatever the consequen
ces. Let the army move! South with ir
resistible tread and let our banner wave ever
Richmond and New 0rJf.tr;!.
Mr. Hale moved tb the Senate proceed
to the election of a Serret try.
Thirty ii ballot were rat. Forney re
ceived twenty ait and vvja declared duly
Mr Wade offered a bill for the protection
of Government contract?
The Army appropriation bill wa taken up
and the aeveral nmendmeuta reported from
the committee on Finance adopted.
Mr. Grime offered an amendment that the
Canat Survey be auspended during the time
of w ar. Disagreed to.
Mr. F eaende;i offered aa amendment ao
n . to read that all the proviaiuns of of law
and appropriation herein contained are ap
plicable to tho three year volunteer?, ahould
api.Iy to two years volunteer aud all other
volunteer exceeding three month in the
army and navy. Agreed to.
The bill wa reported to the Senate, and
pas eil.
The bill to increase the military eatahlinh-
ment of the United Hfate, wa taken up
The question wnaon the ameaduient. re
luring the army again, in ?ix mmtha after
the iuäurtectiou wa iupj.te.ar i, ami it w aa
modi fief! 10 aa t mike it one veir in -tend of
;T montha.
Mr. W ilaon opra.ei.1 the ' amemmrnUVta it
would have a bad ette-t on the army, and de
ter ofticera from entering the new regiment.
Mcr Hale and Harri aN oppoed the
amendment .
Mr. Wiljoii .iid tint although Im t.t not
' "devotedly, nttichel lo the nrmy, ttl the
country w a not w atching the intere t of the
army as it lion!l do. , If we ,baJ had tforty t
thouand men !.tt Gctober. jtoliefl, Ji-fiib-ute.1.
We might have bid the tort in the
Southern port lo-day .
On motion of Mr. Rret kinridge a reaolu
tion approving the ad of the Präsident wa
. m-le tlie apar ial order of the day for to mor
row, a hr wished to nuhtnit a lew remark).
Mr. Howe moved ,, amend the amend
nifnt re-lucing the army again, in one year
after the insurrection ia auppre;cd, bv pto
v i'üi g that the nrmy J e isbi'-e t t'on
gies may lirea-i .
The amendment lo the amendment waa
a:ree.l lo. V ei vi. na lt I be bill (hen !
Mr. Ch auo'ler introluced a till pioviting for
I be conflacatiori of the property of rebel.
Tbe loan bill w .n taken up, and the aev er
al amendment reported from the committee
on Fiuanee adopted.
r w I rem Xi iaaon rl Purjury of
Jim CreenIIIoodllilratleiee of
li o 11. rriro-C'aeualllee ait Cair
Si. Init, July l.f lutoimaiion liom
Hannibvl ay a that ei Senator Green ha vio
lated hia parol, and left for the interior with
a hand of armed meiu
Officer of Sigel'a command fioin Spriug
fleld on the twelfth, whi returned here to day
report all (uiet th're. . ' , .
Kiev en of SigeYa comrurnl woutide) at
the battle of Cjrthvge have ainee il'ed. mak
ing the total lo-tw eaty-oh. -
Oaptaln Conn d" company , left at Nwoaho
bv Sigel, ia trioimltvi by about fifteen
hundred Atkauaa cavalry and given ten
minute to surrender. Gen. Price demanded
that they tie delivered to the Miaaouri troop
to beahot. which the Arkanaa officer refo
ed. Their arm aii etTect were then taken
from theui and the oath administered, and
liev'itte u.an heJ uut of town under an es
cort of Arkanaa troopa, and reached Spring
field ou Thura-liy.
From eight to ten thot4ttd Miort and
Atkanaia troop are concentrated at Neo
hv. Th relel repoita their lo-a iu h.lile with
Sigel at five hundred.
Tl;ec'mtry aroarvl SprineM iwaru;
big with mounted Home Gu.-rcU
The Sumter Prise fleleaaed.
Rovrux, July 15 A letter from the Capt.
of the IHg Allien Adam, dated Cieafuegoi,
evening of the tb, tate that the Captain
General re'eaed all the Sumter rriiee, and
they would fail netl raindug.
Gattin Vnu llmen oa the War.
Alam, X. Y.. July 15 Mr. Yan Ruten
La expressed Iba opinion that the war ought
to be vigoroufJr proa ecu ted until the fall au
thority of the tioreroment I reitiuted.
Hlßhly Important from Europe.
tuttiVAL oiTiii: lutnu,
Ni Vo. Jiilj.li Tk S4AOfÖ4 bM
arriJ, from SuathABiplOn on the 4th, bruif
ing ihre Uat Uter iJvice. Xht brinc
tl;,tMt in pecle.
Th4JJuhtmian arrii 4 out ou the U
The rreat fire in Idou mil burcinjr.
The t'atterson familr caj bu betu Uecl
dtvl. The appeal wit dinuiikaJ ab t the fimt
JuJf Dient ron&rcl
Two Hourbon Cotmilte have beeu Ji
rotcreJ, at N'ajJei, and tit buiaired smtkeu
A r!ot to avaitiite (laribaUi bad beea
A Kojal Hecrij4 bad beam ol to tb
Hungarian Diet, in whirl, 1 e Ad lreae w
! light of the Crown. ' The Diet 1 ie.4ueted
I to alter the form and content of the Ad-lie-
The Diet will I aiiraoUed if ix re
HaUM of Kachatige are falling.
Ll . Ck fSii.l Hri.tti A'4 ir kt ..1i 'l'li
weither w at laurflt fot the eniji. '
;V M wPrrHIM in 1liuurl Tbr
lubcla lUtria Httii (aiicu iu cloae
quHrtora Auolber Tinitor Ar
Jkriraa.i Ci 1 1 , J :, 1. Col. McNeil'
Command croaaed into Callaway county thi
Col. Suiith'a Miaaouri Zouavea and a bat
I talioii of Col. Hoeruatein'a Regiment, under
j Lieut. Col. SehaetTer, are aUo approaching
j the .name county, and the 4th Mi.ouri Regt
meut. unler lieut. Col. Hammer, will enter
iu from Herman,
j Simultaneoua with'thee moemetl4. tba
; llliuoia trooH, under CoN. Smith and 1'alui
9Ct will apjaacli from the aiaat, thua com
I t. lately Kurrouuding the rebel forcea under
! Ilarria and Green. At the tame time acat
j tering artiea are marohiug through the
country, on ihn side of the river, to clt.w
thia !e-tion of armed band, and prevent
communication with the rebel.
j All ia quiet here.
. The home guarda throughout thia vicinity
are active mid vigilant. and no apprehension
' are felt with referem c to the aasetabling of
! the Sute Convention .in Monday neat.
K. J. Donuelly, connected with the tjuar
master'a Dupartmeat of Jackwn'i army, re
turned here to-day, and lua bean arrested.
He b implicate ! in the b -t burning of the
0ape bridge.
Oltlrlal UUiiMirhve from General
.lit C'ltjllau The F.tieuiy Com
pletely AnnikallMlwd In Writtru
WaxHiMiiox, July IS. Official dispatches
have beeu rereired at beadpuartra from
1 r r f w m er t
I the 13th. giving an account of the routing of
! the rebel lorrea ami the tbvatli of Gen Gir.
I netl. It onhrnn prcvioua accounU.
f He aav a be hao completelv annihilated the
enemy in Weateru irginia. "Our Ion ia
but thirteen killed and about fortv wounded
The enemy's loa. i. two hundred killed and
one thouaod piieonava. We captured eve &
gunj. a portion 01 uarnett force retreated,
but I look for their capture by Gea. Hill,
who ia in hot pursuit. It ia said that Gar
ny tnops are the craci regiment of
xkjt77i Virginia, aide 4 by Georgian, Ten
nesaeean. mxl Carolinian. Our auccea ia
oomplete, and I firmly believe aeeeaion ia
killtl in thi lection of the ountry."
luterealluc: from Ufr. Pattereone
Divlaiou-Tlio IKebele nek time to
Determiiuo Whether to Fight r
Uun-A Prompt Uelj- The Heb
ele Hun.
Nkw Y'oaii, July, li. A private letter,
from a member of the 12th NTew York Reg
iment, dated Martinaburg, 11th, ears that the
regiment were tinder marching order, and
expected to leave that evening, a all the
tent had been struck. There are thirty-aix
thousand men In the vicinity, encamped in
sight of each other. 1 he 12 lit have the right
of the line giv en them. " ' '
A flag of truce came to camp on the 10th,
with a request from the rebel for an armis
tice of ten dayä, to make up theft mind
whether to fiht or retreat!
The enemy lxaa v.nce retreatd fifteen
mile. towarda Richmond.
"S -ea
.Martial L IlHtlerle
from Pick- 1
'Wash in ri. July 15. It appear from
official date that three porerwi order relative
to the declaration of mat tin 1 law ha been
Uaued by the Administration, brat on the j
27th of April, thia waa ruodifiod on the 2d of f
July. The thinl caae vr a under proclama
tion of the Preaideut and made matial law 1
operate in Florada over Key Wet. Tortuga ,
und Sauta Rosa. !
Capt. Rrewcr'a battery univ c t here al -. eu !
a.m. yc.'terdaj, direct fioru Picken. The j
ttattery eonuta of four tw elve pounder and j
eighty four men Another bitter) follow j
the above . x 4 i
-e av j
.Iit lo F.at rcnuesei- rnirfAa ;
Court lloe titif tierapied by ludi i
bub Troopv"" " " ;
Wahiutox, July li. The Foatomce
Department ha ordere! mail matter foi
Fast Tenneasae to. gv li the Cim iun iti di
tributing oflice". "' ' ' - " '
The result of iiKjuirica in mititny :ir
ten, (hia morning. jj that Fairfax Court
flouse ia not occupied by tile Federal troopa.
. .
I .aaeinri 4 iscoavsiav aesiuieui ioii(
Chicago, Julv l.r. Tbe 4iL VVtaa;onia
Kegitaent pa Med through tlii city at three
o'elocg thia afteraoou, and were elthuiiati
rally received by a large crowd on their line
of ruarcl through the city, to tbe Michigan
Soatlra Depot, by which route the they
leave tin evening lot the Kat.
Letter Irom ilfinialei llare Hebet
Ntw Yoaa, July 15. A paftial ditpatch
to the Poat v Minister Harvev write from
Parte, oa the Wlft o June, that the rebel
look for a dedal t a mortment abroad, In
their favor, within aiitv lav.
I an laviMt-e of
I Miaaia 1 Cmh iat:'a HATS, RIDDONS.JkC.
Alto the Nw Stvl ftinnmer
Tbe We 1u. tlta t ttry. rbaale arwl FUgar.t t
MllaS. WaVLTKU, i
tat Maia etra4, berwaew llfth an! Flath.
n I limit i i . i
Iiaoaa Maaea 7Arw af 15 err tfnt. Xarewnf .'
tvt Manr mm
.c ;v -'-vrt
tliaZ-. ? . - - - ; ;
1 ta Uajw Xrtxxr, Bar. Frrra a.w Brtra
CiL ajim.va o r r
at riit
pnanoH OTORE.
r. nrppDnT a Dürrn.
LAWXH Very Ouv
Iii lilll 1 AHI3 on LAVHXA hu
0,000 1
'rape Barege and Tiuvv
t) t'nuaually Cheap
aa aunt Miaar Real Steel Hoop
SHADES Fi om 'i-'-: to 4
Embroideries and Laces!
Uneu ISa it dktrch itfu.
warn: and printed
Linen Drills for Pants
Firat täte Qualit !
Otüfä Neck Tifti. Paper CclUrw and
Shirti !
U4 iu the Market !
Summer Cloths and Cagsimorcs!
-cri trier Veotlntjt !
Boota cC3 DHooa !
No. UC Main Strca-t, between 40 ai Sib, North fade
Tl.kRI-ILt.rnE, CSU.
Rodomption Agoncy
rH att
ttiN itt:iiiTf:i
BIHtioi ami MVfonht
XT. Erlaagoi'B Clothing House.
niinoli and Viicoiiin Currency
!- M W arrta llocA,aat la KdaalL atcDnwewl aa Ce,
jaltU wa)
o to NiroLora
Kino At Gailorv !
ley mac; ficcT,
T kava Jowr Ivtwre Uwatt la all ihm atWwa ul
kaaarn to att t
Hlj !ArraarMaa dnuau TWa raia
kle u.pwut, 4r are UJ t knew, ka I icmi Lar
1 mot prpular fm-Af iu lU t7atte4 Mala. f
tr Uwlly kxpa It ue, kal'l. lty tad
kiratetan' UU. A maU qwaotltj frm
wt!l mri Ut rr, vr AA prveaiirti .11
tlf; aJt etuemt.t to a&otfca Owlom. f'bJwla
tue oriat Mturrr
! HH.VfvutJra KXTRAaVTmt.'CUl',
HKiJ4i.Ma s kXtxaa?riJaiC,
. THK tiRKAT lrLHkTwl
I UkLMnOLiM KxmarT Mvttr.
J lTta; (iHfCAT Ut kKllvi
I 41 a r. .tl4fv4 W..i- Rrwsfy i 1MB
, U W.I'U, Wm4w-T4. tkea
j t'1. ' Oiiu Tleakiwaa,
Aa.t all laavt I Ue t rtoary OrMii.
A Jvrti-uvoii m fttwcivrr c4aioj. Cm u i
ivl 4ivl f.e- lle MHlHne t m.
1 an.VlSia
lrapepU with rilee.
It It a gloat ern la eupiKaUa tha rUw a le
tal Iimh, O iitnui oa Li(UuMrt.u are WM4ts
war4arriut. Prarvtaa Siaar m&aa-iav teaa,
ty iMtiMritr.f UutU. a im! pf.Ua et.U .
tWty teatrisluii tbe iol läruuh Uta tlsl
Ww, hpu a, la&A.
rvr iivwre Ü.4U ti.ii ty vr.. Lavrt I Sere4 aTfwi
ft.Ha lvprju 4X1 r.ira. Hat Ut4 varWiau wil
.iura liltoui IxMiefiu In Jauaarv, I baae wltav ue
FftactiAM Scr, aivl by tte uf' of ttr buU.
aJuprrfecUycur-4 4 IsaJi l;.a an4 niea. Uj
general bahh U nova 11 1 ran dra'ro tt.
Mavl.1ww KILTO.X UAtKil.TT.
To CoateaimaitlYee !
Tbe atvertiaer, katin Ul rswJ t LraJck 1 a
lew WfM k. tt ry atrrple remejy aAtr kvlaf vf
forsl oaerJ jrj trtth a oevora Iwn aftrcuoi -ir-1
tiat drtad ÜM-ve, Conaunptijo 1 arikai u mak
kaaoatii to Li tVHew asffrrtwi tla mokj. trxr.
T tUo bi wih to try It, be wttl euJ royr i.
ti prenrrtptlon UoJ (tree 4 ctargr) wlik ta- tira
Uor.a fr preparlu a&4 uiu ih tux, wbi. a ua)
jrtll Cod a aure rare for Cturopuwi( AaUuna, BrvMi
ctvlua, Ac. Ta fail oltloat U Um, edeart'aac U lav
aeivUiur the preocrtption bvrfit tW ak4s! uvd
ttiturt&atiea which W onnrrlv-e U Le Uvalaa
ble, and be bipe rry uffr-rr will try bia rmistgr,
aa tt coot tbetn DaHbiivf, aiet naj pre a U.an.
roÜr wL!i4 iL prterrtpiiob will pUae aJiieaa
Rav. FDW ARI) A. WlLilOjr,
aj.ia.tl KtBa; Cowit, K. T.
DrHUdreth 11II.
Uta roatUnx ua te racial iL ACTION OF lXSKASft.
Tbe way la which a care I (fleeted may be luw
aüu to prftaloual mrii,yat tl la iw of aajr a4( U
coaeuaoc lo a i&aa vr wmnu la search U icattl
raar eat to urow
T mom rt ermia.
5w-Toj, April 5, lk0
Da. B. ba-tinere lr JJhr : In tb aprtetc lau
! bad the tbe biafartan to break my tLif b, 1 emm
queue of which my cwoetltutje Name grcaaly tie
billtaied, ana auffV-red witb gTa( coatifvateaa, atUbA
eat with ditatijeaa atd aa-Tera pan la tb bead aim) epta
and Cpprf taUxi tbe heart. I wi utewieJ by a,
eral phyriciana 4 üua city fur three year 4 witbeaM
obtaining- rtllrf, and bad deapalred rf a rare till final
ly I waa iiducs1 to try ymir ItUa, wUcb almt Ij
atautly reltf rJ tue, and In a abort time ootnpUuly
rcetored tcy bralth. I cirtaider them Ux bat ntedt
eiue In tbe world.
Toura truly,
Jms muefht, si Wut
TrVe li ce&ta per but.
S44 by J. R. Cryiwoaaa, Trrra-Hattte, and by al
ratpttetable dealera la medkine. mayl&dwlm
Rodncel by l)ipcpla to inre
CVmat ar Mfiaaiava'a IbaxaD btrriaa."
Mr. A. MalcLett, a tracer prebMy aa well-k
aa any maa io WcMern Priori h aaia, at at 4 at fui,
l"vr: "I inet wiib a farbM-r Iu ArmatrMia; coüut
w bo waa reowced by Hyappat t a nMra aaleto. I
peraua.ted Lim to j a bottle of firba-'a U4IaaMl
latUr. 1Hr1ng It wiaild cure him. Meeting )Jm
uta ruictli aiVr, wbat w aa luy aM.a4U.mant a4
Cudom bun a bale, baarty mat.; ba iud ane K tm
weigbaal two hurvlrtsl puundu, arJ lial lal a. Vt
fai cbatua Lad Lasoi priiwd Vy PBi.t't It.l--
HtU t to LkL be atUiUttt-d Mi-iy Lia rt eaOon.
Qt aca Xoeracwa Tbe tnynKy vt Lair aW,
hair Jyc. Lair LYikt.balr ul, live bumbtrlea prpa
raoinea wbkb are ttut brtuae taa puMVc uteW .-
atraragai.t, byrrls4Wl and fautaatM' title a wt
aee p.fra.b-d la khow-airxl.r car Ja. aud iM.w.raa
beatlnir, Lair T paraifato, are aU Luiblv -l
j tLt. mat water; (hr real n.-nit, wLen tbey pea
j ary, U. 'br .1. in bartn. ltwg'a tar t, U
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tant. (jrdwlm
The Great Englith Remedy !
slit JAMK8 CLARK!.'
Prrpurrd from a prrni4ion f 6'ir J. ilurle.
V ) ,'Ayicwa F.rtrarJtry to tk QvrtM.
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Aiaarp nt t;real Prltt ain, le prtft car;t
7 I'Üi 1,hJ'1 ft'4 te ttlrt I y f'H-tJv Jr,M
tk4 nasi THREE XOS'TIIS ff Vejf !-, a
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tr im tXy art aft.
la all caaaa of Nerasma and Spina! AtWtlo4a, Faib
ia the IWk aiM Limla, Faiia-we en alibt aaxlKa.,
ralpttatl.ei of the Heerl, MeMeriea and WTbitaa,
theae Fill. wi! affert a rure wb.o all otber luaauv
bae fallal; arvl attboob a p.-lfiil reev4y, L
b4(ofitatn Ira3, calnrurl. aoituety or arjtL'
bertfol I tbe t.4iiatiro.
Fall dirs-tiia la lb pampblrl arueod ecb pa-4-4,
wLL'b Ii Id te carefully preferred.
Aoie ArJK 1w tbe twtld tlaUai arid Ca bad a,
JOBMOar, (Utel C. lUUtnaaVCo ,
K.-liertcT, K. T.
S. H. 1.00 aod ( p."Ka-e utampa -nc!tsJ l aay
auiboriaed ag eut, will Insure a bottle, rontalr'n 24
rtll. by return mall, fcrfd by J. R. Oujulaf bam
and r. M. LVonell, Terra-Uaate, a od all food
rrvujfirt. myUiwtf
11 . 1 1
Bcr Ibere are a few more cakaa of LJa blaijv c:
braied oep, left at trtU'a, wVkh art warratitee4
Ve be aa eica'.Unt artkle foe abaTtiux tad tbe Vale, a
rare mr f cbap on tba faoc or bauda. a4 fJrthav
teeth, tt la naaarpaaaed. It la warraateed alM te rv
matve paint and rree from we Jlen, itlk. lmen mw
Mb, (wttb faetoolura,) aud wbite av4a txaaa all AW
of farwllare. Io
CT CaUt vo Bartlctt, who 1 aU area, ao4 v'VS.
a take bafort la la ail me. laaesy

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