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The daily Wabash express. (Terre-Haute, Ind.) 1857-1867, August 02, 1861, Image 3

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Uf We piie an iutere-tin letter, this
morning, from a new correpou Jet;t. It w ;M
found vert reilahV
3T Mr- P M. Du.nel'y, ai i- !.., cu-ton
At thj Ca,ll f lot) M'jf, it
refrth': mul
litude, w.th the t:.-t ie'.. ' -Lt
him a call
I Jive i
Watermelon, the fir-t of the :.
Itr.e, ri'-r and hiiurious can be hid at Tut
t!e4 R -.J.'if ii.ahr !f'f rde.-uv
n Tuttle
tUtUl h e th
f;r-t an I of even
. . - -
7f4.ir leiiw t it.rr. W. Ji. M' K en,
W. H I!crL'a;hara. J. H. Hv-er n I W. Y.
liiell rer:rtn-l ! :ne lestt-plvv in k 1 "I
Lea!th. fter the.r UU to Wa-M:;;tot. t! e
Seityf Wiir htrl Ne York i'y
tff The Journal till fail I I'uV.i-'. t
u.I.jr.' the CntteJen re.v!atior. ie. -:;'i v
fcltu -t uja:iaKu!y l l'-nre..
1 Urn t e r. :e
wdu'i-I like t. kr.oT heu-r or
thr Journal appro e the r-KluTii
'f The nutt H I'ierate! -:t
I )u au J tu:il the o,t of re-ervin the
rf.iTerr.ment which "Ur fatheri purchie.l
.ith iheT bhu.l in d-.WM t"i cent 'n
inr'-nn lo.ilncli!'otrf:al v,.
-- - -
When th- me.-'-ury tarl.A at 1 1 o'e
k'r'"in th? in !c f r three rone ut; e i-.
ith the mniiV-t ii.lentioa of a njrit'.i!.n:i
ii : rrre-hit;,; ti rnet n fri-:iI i;;-m th
Tet, lv rrtcef oif put yoi ,:t
tki -. n.; . ti'.:n bif fan
t rare
men a kin I hetrt We
TikP.rii . Aiirw. A Ifcu.: o-vurrcd
.nil T.ev Oreck t.rnhir oti Tmv! y riht.
tet -!) WiUUra nd Sitnuel 'otorth :t;d !
la w. lutrjel Arnold, In re,'rd t.
hreichv ock. in hi-h Wm V'otwort'i
rrr!) cut I'i lb'' Arn d 1a. father ar.d v.M.
eitirr are fjtallr ii jurcd. Foiorthy im
Mf liateh nae hircelf p M rp- ''.T
h rii he wa?. upn ctamimtion. .vj'ntfe f
Miüj f ur Tn'on Deiu-cr iti--frier.d
hoc o'i ite I for cop f 1 -u
Srmrie'd. ('IiiLibus irA f'.iir.i-o
-Meohe, a.:: 1 Imf ftioHt l our vjp- ly.
Wdl not the Jr.urn I have tio- kindn- t
pabhih or:e or to .f them? We think it
would b m "r X' reptlbV thin ihe dii?:.: ,:i
harangue tint .ii.-cj the .Tjurml from
da to dsr.
- -
We hic iiifjrmati"U
Git. Far mont.
V'iOm a private Mjuree, that Gen. Fremont,
with a teet of eight te.tmcrf. left St. Lou's
eterlT at non, for r:pl'a Point. He
ake with t'im several thousand men and
v t quantities f munition?, stores, ic. He
ii on hi way to look Ufr JctT. Thump-on,
Go . Jack.n Jt Co.. ith their traitor thieves
aroand 7ew Mi.lrul. We venture he will
give a good account of theui.
tsT We th'nk th.tt men wl. - mp.ith n
with Hreckinridge's tnitorom -pecch ao-t j
laul it, h u!d -it ou -e Hbove thmehe , cnd of U".cU tin soldier will rrceixe i b'tn
from their oath t- np;Art the Constitution ty of j-lf .i in .M. .ind 1 VJ acre of land,
of th United t.ttes bv ri-ining nny oliice j Hvrn tiug otlice in Linun block corner of
ttkcT may have a.'oijeutt thejted the p-.p'e
oit of, on Ule jT'etcnvr-, .i-J nino to the
I ind nhere th'eve.1 are rewarded with ti.n:
taiiions and where pj'irv is eteerne
AxoT.'tn Ho-LA the loyal hearted j
j.eopl of Ihe tireat Free Wr t are ru-hing
inthdUial to the icvtte rf the Govern
ment. an I rallving with tme patriotic fervor
iro oi l the gloriout old tilg, the Journal sets
a, another h ml for tf party. Because on;e
political rdli-es. flel with retel tympathier.
were cleaned mil anl huntM. loyal men put
n their plwes, thejjfrri'i fvirl cre.mn I
,a;ony .U th" jTos.T.pt ion of it. Iriml. j
Su- it hasn't f;ot t!. houe-ty hint at the j
,,,,,,, f Dern Urals wh h ue al- been an j
(oinied to oiVi:e. Insicvi of jaWing a
. ion! ia behalf of tha (ovenimenf . threat
, i
.-iil hr tkieves aud pirate, an I enco-irig I
ir.g the hevrti of our braic soldier who hive j
perilleJ their live n defense of their com
.'rt --it continue to howl for i" rtrtt lt$
. , ,. . ..Ii
V-trty is In a condition lo CAtorl a howl .
'Jf We leim fmtn the IndiltlHt.oI.s Jlisr
xitUit l;ie '211 regiment left f,r Whim;
ton C fy on We ine Ity erenin.' Thee.piip
o.eiits of this tegimenl are complete in all
ir;.vt, aal are of the tn t ub-t.intis
hvneter The men are young, v'goron-,
.hi. I -ili'e I. die I. at 1 in p.nnt of 'e ci I
im.,"ul r dev rh-.j'meri? are ii.l t cv eed any
hirh ha e lf eti uniformed at lh I ' p;t.! -
Li drill th' exhibit jjreaf j r ti encv. re
tie fin credit npen ibeotTo-er wh mm it. I
T!4e regi:u;it m under the i oun.i m l d
Col McM ii'n, ! kind, aeeonipl i-e I -Hi - r
i-d gen tlem m. who ii uureia'.tt-n m h
kis !acs to his men. and hi of ; 1 e 1 the rn
with ercrv comfort preparatory t. j -:n . the
cra id armv
Oir fellow fit irs, Dr. Fi K t.l In
..harseof the meliOal deptrtii.enl IT tc
11 ition and skill as a Phyi ivn and -jre..!!
is not icelle I If any in ihe Stale, which
mmud him to the onh b'ri-e an.1 re.p. rt
of th e nh) miy require hi ervice
VV e are pi-ie-l f le.rn thvt ihe reiuie-i
.. tr. i'io r.p of r'ht Out of the ten iv:n i
v es fr-m the Tilt t'wi:rei.tnal Di-t;i. ;
Wiih u"! o3:, rr. and uc'.i oet w e in
tfe!v entrust the l.o -r a r.l liefen, r of ..!..
Vatio:iai Fig Wherever fate mo r .
theu we knw t!.e gallant Twer.ty f.r-t a it
add fresh ghvry to tl Indiana V.-'uutefr--
K.nnv ille fiad Cris vr lorli life Itml
rcnil IICUrlon I the Ire! I limn
Dcmoosf mtion al Hockvillr on S:it -urd.iy.
Ah; 3rd, mil.
Oov. Morton, Col. Dam u.t. Delai.ey l
Wdbamvr. arvt Dick Rran will ail rnke
ITuloi rieehe at Roekvillve
An e -iir;-
t-aiu will lete the rion D;vt at ferte
It.i'.a Tu. l! w'rf vltl nt Siu-.!ie mirni-i at
1) i p asiog Otter Creek a! H fo. H i t
Ule 11:10, Citl n arriving at Jj.xkr.
At 11: 1-". Returning w til let. e R- kville on
COOClutioa of the spreche jy between f. '"H
a.vl 7.i) e-V!oc'. P. M.. re tcMr Terre
H ate on hourand a -i ttr after rv'
Far fr .m Terre H i;i the tonn i tri.)
entj rrm othr ta on ht'.f far
5upt. II k C. Ra.lrs.ud
Trrt lUu, July 31 1-'.
'tVujT ViiMir.r Cjixtt his i,ir
The FvanviJ!e Jjurna! :.ikiu if the
N f.iti.v . f M id.-m. Ii I. an tphs an 1 L
Incite, sivs of Yan lor toi-:;
We have oe comptnT in the 11th rei
( inert. CaM. Thon. At Caia- Knot we
1 liorUii c.iiopmic , Cap'. Con uett ant j
I rill. At C ttap Vaiolerhur,: we hire three !
j couijui.ies. Cap:. Rheinländer, Histmj: and
! Sulliuii. At Camp da ut e UttwiTtf
" roUJt,lVt Capt. ISrowe, and part 01 u !
or her. At Camp SteuWn. we have one ar- j
t.Uerv company, w hu h i f at L'.hu up lo li J j
men In d i;l..ii to thee we hate furbish-
el .it i ii n.iv men ir me niu rr:iuifiu,
inelu l n? if.oe recruiting imdeethc '.hree '
i eiri Cül, wni"-. a company w no wem
from here under Captain II moa. an 1 after ;
w ards d..' itide 1 at. 1 f:il int. i d.Sere:t rei !
Uit-nt We lino n-l eiht
.tri:.aiiie. on I :. ttiute l U.t-u cuuli t,i j
ot '.. er tr 'i. ;.:' xi.i mm in '. ti mik oi
' Li re coin -int.
In a i !
t. n to t!if-f. w c
1 1-
CMtnjar.. ortnieT ha 11 'ine (iutnU '
! The tt uii c-oii-t hoe erenJei JÖ.'-'J !
i , ... . . ..
f.r arno. he-i hi puv.ite t- ;tt ri tut i-I r '
the tu p'iryo-e
i r. ii ;i r ol eii j.ii llif lie'tnenm ,
Htri i. .f the lö:h Ke.-iniri.t. e ihvi.lo ith '
f it . t
our ii-i.'a'Kri ol 1 oey fount In i-.l r. '
iii'I a in jority ot it inember, hoeer, are ;
ifiMn.u of I'i'i ein Cert tin it U th it it i
tljit it th l-rt tu i
ilk f Kit .flfttf a f
, l n I ui.i.
m -
".u !c; bur viur)t i ieoH t J iu(.re
t!iau he hu ti 'i.e We belte ö jik the
ui;ier-l eiitimcnt of lu-r ieop!e, heu
uv th it he I rei ly to in ike any anl II
aorifi-'e of men ati'l tu ney for the purple
of ot.iinii tlie t'on-t.turiou.
Van Jf'rb'irj h 4 Jom nob!e duty for the
.i!':trv . mi I in idiovi tiva'ry rh 'ulil not be
i eicouiaiI. Madison, I.afiyeH, Indiana
ipoÜ4.isd riv .m i!!o h i c but leflf o'ed the
'.tri'. feelin' of tfie 1 ' : lo 't I;i..int,
other jo'.iiL-. o far a. tliey had the ch m e.
h iv e
the iMDC
i (
1 Cu'irit l;nii?hvl t j romp ttunie f.r the
lltb.one for t!.' 1 tili, a lar'e proportion of
i o;ie tor the 13th and number in other reiri
men She hi- f ur Mnv.ini of Home i
. tiutpbi or; mi.i'd and diilled The !
county will do nil is required, und, for the
gj.t. when ln !e Sam .m - "u-f will all
Z,ff Djn'tf rt the I'nioM Club uiri
inj to niht 1; will be an intere-tiu one.
A d;!li:u:5h 1 -p iker ff om i'rvi l i ex
jctd in I thf ptfio"' t h tr iil be pn
- - - -
SpttthitiK tf Ilockvillv.
Mmon, lol. Dviraor.t. (1. Manioti,
I). k U r m ai l others w iil r ldres the citi
7rn "f I'irk muritv on
Sitarday Next at Rockville.
The I'.. A; R. K will run an excursion
triin on t!ut dav to accommodate thoe who j
!eire to from this city. Further r.irtici '
nrs here if ter
iy 311tf
. Volunteers Vanted.
j Volunteer are wanted to form a company
! to f.!l up the ten i;e regiment just cal!el
I for ! the rioven.or. The company hi
J been ar;e; ed. nn l will form a part of the
firt regiment formed under this call.
i Pav f.om eleven totwe::tv one dollars rr
i moi.th. exclusive of clothing and rvfiors.
j Terms of cnlMcii! f'T three voir jrdurin;
w.ualcisw.'i-er dii.-hared, !i;.! at th
Mirket m l W ibt-h Street, Terre Haute.
I Indiana. JOHN S. WHLCH.
The undei take great plei-mre in
ree-unrnendinj; Mr. Welch to tlcie desiring
; to volunteer at a gentleman and a jtrson in
I .i. I
cverr J v ijoiiiiiri 't nr . unuii uii m i
conipanv F. P. A lit.
Audir.T Vigo Countv.
H. S Cox, .In "
Terre Haute. .Ink '21. I'ol
Phtm lst r vM r Covir vn v or Hciiori
Con. Messrs. McLrvN A t'r. v i- h iv e been
appointed Agents of this well kn wn and pop-
ul.ir Inuraac Company . t w Ca; f. d. B II
cu. g-me t.. the war. The I'inim'." sunds
ecund to no IiHUt lHe Cor;ir ition in tlif
Pni.ui. for wealth, promptne- and l,Unhtv- J
in adju.r.n and paving it lo'.e
i ' P 1 1 tiirm of ( I nv er V I ':iitt liiltl,
I. hu teer di' bed by nvinml r..ti.nf All
I ,. ,,,,n,f fl!, tnt ,. , iir,.vrr. All
tb t is !- Otflrmts . be plt to boil, d II
1 i-v!.te-!r.rs ..f thefrm Utobe .. h.tr.
JiiSU II (ihiiVKlc.
ill l;f .El Etil: 1 1 X I -I
j J'.ei7. lsni-dtf
W vrn tU IUI I M.E.f!tls AUMY-
' W .f-itll neu. br I i cr f licl tron
i r,. th.iiy-Bve yesr l'v fr.-.n fll.'M t' .M.x
, lii".:il)i, w !h rt'- i arter. commence
i t iir.
1 . 1.!1 r fk.W !e i- i t t v r i: . li- h ill
, jr.-tire r, 1 presr t t t It- l.ri r-T. ' !!1 r n "
! rept 4! ) t rrni.t .
I .T 1 r- '.I f i " 1 1'. . .V ) 1)T Iii 11
1 p. f.Ui! V f -r..i,i",- f min I !rd !;' r
I -r '. im s -r i.f.'rn,..fi, rj!y t thf rn !-!! ..11
t r rr II "H H.e west 1 i- i.f t' e yisre
, K I) I. lint ;,
I'si.t t!ti I'i'viiry f S A, eTuit I il.
ii J.iU 2!. "?
j Office T ' llmitr Itichrioixl i:. It.
! Tir Hit r. J..!.r I?, lt
'urit'i:. Onarilafer Moi! ItV.
I tt l'k lb I e in en tins ;1 :'!
1 le.e th r.FVE'tVJ. rvsEVu K M lll-iV f 1-
1 J.-ns-
f:j7rv t
r' ! "
E ) f r ' s ut
Vis;! rr.'.n f
. . I ' f . w
,.t. 11 . .
. M t. w
The M-!.t I. -!,.-" is s nh Ir.snv.
?" I" er.i- r sre f (.i re 1 t purrbv-- ticket
1-r f .r ' rtiri!i th t t s. I'-ikls t be rinsed
must at :. ;.'. .-.ti ifii nii-,.!.s t-.ef-.re tbe trsln
l.-ae. 1. J. ft K, Snpr
U 1 ti?'. ' .I--HT nal rej.y.J
ICM Iininisir.
11 ' 111 n'U,M--
i-'LoiTK and n:r.i stork
HAVINu bn:Lt and rfltte.J ! iUm u !J.; c
w are r.w r-rentred to furrisS tl.e ri'iin. nf
n i 1 erre-Haa:e, ,tb A N Iart.lf
i .Ml..l.
" . S"
. h A . .
HALED HAY. A.- . r
At j r es In. t ti.f l'.-ne S! f f fe-e
u,r !-.. dfhrrrrj fr r. of cUrsc. I
ii . s'i !
f t re-
' re i t-ef.' driier) .
I lUafri !h1 dei-r nppiif .! w.rh C ur n tl. u.v!
' rnM ira H.titjf L l ye r f f e x; eri-rve
. In the mi.l:! f-l t'Bne, we rij erj tu make
I cur hn e tie ef rnrr! e'ol.ty 0 the nr.
' l UkK'4 1 Iis Klf mr,
I Oy urumm l-:niiiM. rnruer ( bto and f.th t.
Jul 3, d4
oon Uispatclics.
lieu urea; arä Iter ott n. Ic r i ii g - II I
Seoul loptured-Ilcf eat I ti.ril
Vtr uol tonfinurd-l'riure
poieon eu route to U ashing ton
Offer lroiutrt-ieiiernl Or
der o. J.'-IU. Vernon lo m be
Held Sur red l Ue lie treu I (nu
w oian'a llrTi Jl.
W tuii.To, Julv 31 Ye lerday 1W iure
iari h .ti rt-v'onnoratin iu jeiun itliin thrve
(,r liur mite of the I'luin li-Ie. at.. !ila
i.arH of ten or hitecn of his trovii.! Boutin:
i It. ore. Iat ten tniuuie afu rwar U the latter
u ... ..it .... i.
wt-ie nil tu.'e t'ri'oiirr' 1 v t'tr' M tl ol
New Yoik, a Uuion -oui:ait ti. a u-nt
out f jr the ourio- of Mftuiin them
. . .
The whole number kilk-.l. oi .. I au.i
tui-iii ' of the iro Znavi" ii tw huRliel
... rw t . .
ami tüirtv n e. 1 hey re to be I i .xf1
York, bein thoroughly iooiotali I
t&iHOi tirT:n.
There U no contirnx ition at heol (4uarterj,
of thedrteitof (en Wi.-e in WiMem Vir
j gm at HulUluw n
Ntw- YoLk. Au'. 1 Piince Naunean
I Uoniparto, and a pTti o t hi.s M.iie. If It lor
; Wa-liin'ton ly the evening train vetcnlay,
I leaving the 1'iince, :tni oilo r ladies of his
! party, at the New York Hotel. The I'rmce
will t iWe a tour through the we-t and return
j in a few weeks.
( Tkibi m'ü i'isi-ii it
I Wauioio, July 31. The following
1 nominations for llrigadier Generals were pent
I into the Senate to day. The date! of all the
commiioiis are Miv 17. t'ol. Si;nl. I.
HemUe'm.iu of the 17t!i Inlantiv. Cd Andrew
i'orter of the Ibih Intantry , the pte-eni IVo
o-t Mar-hal of the city, Col W m It ir.nk
lin 'Jud Infantry, Col. Charles H. Sione 1 l:!i
Infantry, Lieut. Col. Thos. Wi-eman, ;lh Ar
tdlerv, Jds. Hooker id" Californi.i and A. S.
(rant of Illinois. Cat lams in the regular ar
my, Frederick W Lmder of Yirg ni.t, Kd
warl I). Uaker o( Oregon, F. F. Kelly of
YirMuit, and Jim. A McCiern inl of lllino.s.
i W siuoToN, Auij. 1 The following or
j der hieju-t beeu promulgated:
He uhjuartcrs of the Army,
j W.ihiu-toii, July U.
(Inttral Order Ao. 12. Se i relics of
tTi'IltM Ol
I hou.es lor arms traitor, .o.ie. und arre-t of
: oJVe:n!ors in null niittors, shill only be
j muie in any d:trict by the sjecial uutheitty
of the commitider tticieof, except in ex
i treine ca.es almttiii of no delay.
l!v couun md of I. cut. Gen.S ott.
i K. D. Tow.nslnu. At. Adj. (Jen.
Another hisjust been issued by (Jeueril
t SiHitt, to the army or persons who m iy be
' near the grounds and tomb of Washington,
' to regard all there as sacred.
Wife's retreit is confirmed, but under
what circumstances is unknown
I lieu. W'tml !t go lo lrtr, .Ion-
roe Lucrjjetir .llotement by the
Unr my.
I New YtF,July 3tth The Baltimoro
American ol yesterday evening h is the fol
lowing: Humors prevailed about Forties Monroe
th tt Geu. iluller w ould be placed in another
mditiry department, and the comaiindoi
th it department would be unsigned to Geu.
Lieut. Crbv of the L'nited States Armv
J w as wllt by Commodore Stringli un with an
armed tug to tlie mouth of the J ocotnoWe
River for the rurp.e of tir ng npon a n'im
ber of boats saivt to have been carrying Mip
plies to the Ctuilederates ot the eastern shore
ol Virginit Irom UaltiLiore.
The Tux wm well aimed and manned.
The Lieutenant h id orders to act determin
edly. The result had not transpired; but
about 'J o'clock at tiiht a brisk, cannonade
w j heard in the direction of Pocomoke, and
it is feared that more than one party was rn-pv-ed.
TSrilit TDisjDatclios.
The War for the f'iiion.
! Official from (icn. Cot Tin Kanaw
ha Vallc Vrvr of HcbeU .Mutii
lious Captured llvn. Wool to be
i ailed into Acfive Sen ire Dispo
sition of Ollicers Iiis: in the IV
loinar bin iboldinii Officei Uf-
i'ned Siiisr.-glins Itecru Is from
lnrlaiid It-ltr lropariim a
rirrl lor tf rototiiuc Tlit Pnw-
iirt' Orderi-d to Acquin 'r a !.
W .-iiioro. August 1. Oilicial dipitch-eJti-t
received from (cn. Cm, commander
f the Federal forces on the I,in.i h 1 river,
in Vi.-i;iiiia, täte Ksniwhi valley now free
of rclel troops. Co'- lipid pursuit of
Wie'a forces re-ulted in the i.ipture of one
tVu.i.u.d aland of atms and a l ue uniount
of Kttnriwder, 'eft behind by the enemy in
their flight. Vie and his forces wen cum
p'tt'.dy route I. There w.h no chtnee f.tr a
fi,;iit, a the rebels p-trette I f.i-ter thui
p ir-uit could be m ule. Hi force is tnted
to be h e or 'n thou-in I. Tho enemy
li'imed .ill the bti.L'es in the retrett. (en.
Ci' add' ih it he now ipnetly t.cci p e the
T nlev . and th it the people are leiuiuui to
ihe r houses, from wh . li thev have been
driven bv the rebels, lite it leju'n-n-s h iy e
bcei in ide on the K an iw h t river nt I lie te
tre it f Wi 1.
it is rumored that lirn. S o d is to be Mit
iiicdi.ifelv e died into oi live ervice ; n l us
j -utiie coinni md at Fortre M'tim p in j ! o e
I ol I'.-itler The I liter w ill he onle. ed lo co
j opr-te with McClellan.
I Ii i. als. iepirted tint Uen Mcf.'ill, rf
i I' ..! '. a ni . is to co to II itpeT Ferry.
I All rjuiet in tlie Fcleral emi; on Itie Po
'('mic lat iiiht. The he iv y rains hue
! ffc ed the rreirn o thit it i- itnposib'e to
! 1 ,r 1 it at t re eut.
S tteen effirers of the Otribildi Ouanl.
disit!fiel with their etperience and incom
letenerto tli-dnrte the r tlutie, have re
ine. mid rcturne! I 1 .e otk.
; rif mi i tut. r ir.
! A letr fiom a te'dent of Wit-liiiilfii,
now in rn htnon.l, s iy tint tectuits f.r the
I r bl nrmy are mi'.led 1 own the M iryl n
! fchore ot the Putom tc from heie fllid f!'0:i ta
I ken cro the river by vr in the employ
I of the enemv.
FrLctvi. ro tiir thiri m
I'vjt. Rowan, of the Fawrte. h i rc.eived
a leiter fcmi Alex indri-t -t.'tin th. t the
Con.ederates had tike,, all the upper wotk
' off the Meimer PtCe nnd put r.x uns abosnl
the rt ., ..t o,,he R.pp, .
ihrt.noAhsdbaen br..u,hto ar to the Pot .
j dj c. There is siid to be a ftf.it mmj t
Arquia Creek The Pawnee h been or
I tiered to Acjuia tVerk in cone.Uettce.
j The Ooverninent hi arrange 1 with four
i m vnufactorie to hvre itty tiflcl cjhuuu
i turned out per week. O.ie t:rm contracts
t for three hundrel rr mote.
AtTnlrs A ronnd Cniro.
Ca;ao. Anut I Scon's just in retrt
, s'ftT Thompson, with fue thutnd rebels,
eti-mt.-ej iiTty m ie S oath ot Ihrd's Po.tit.
, There ..rt-' fhiee t!i..its.ind l.etween Chirle-
hTi .in I ew l idri'l, an I seien t-omsan I at
tlie 1 itter place.
Hnllooniiiz t No Purpose.
Fortis Movar. Augu-t I. Kamoun-
tiin m.de a bilhon acrn:jn, and could not
discover the enemy in any direction
XXXVII rovoaiA, Kxm Siox.
Wahimuto, Auut I.
Hoi -Mr. Sedpwhk, from the aal
Coinm.tlef , reported u bill. whicU ai piioi,
authorizing aoitittoiul enlistmcuu to the NV
, v f r thiea vein or during the war.
Mr. Sit veus. from the Coaim.ttee of Way
and Means, re;oiteJ a bill, which was pil,
appropii .tin $100.00) for field fortificalions
lor lie lefe:.e of Waihinjrton.
Mr. Sie ens, from the t'ommittte of Cou
I'fM'iue on tl. fcupplt-mental loaa bill, made
.viertort, ij!iio'n thai the dUagreemeuts
of tlit two itou-fi had been coruprumifcci by
hlrikiiig ut nine ct rent, in certain casei
Mil uti-t tutio six; also moilifoing the sub
ttra-urv a(t co that iiiAtetd of gold aud silver
beti. immediately paid into the treurr, a
no rt-qüire l. the moucjr derireJ from the
I. ..in m iy rt-to iiu out in .uru.ince of the law.
Mr. ('oiiklit: enquired whether the Com
mittee retained ihe dulie from cufiee. ugdr,
Ac , a pledge tor the loan.
Mr. Meter. replied that the Seiule would
not rollout to it, and rathe than lose the
bil'. t lie Committee had sirreed to abandon
th it i htuse.
The report w as adoptod by b3 against 34.
1 he Senate bill authorizing the apfioint
men! of Aid de Cjidjh in addition to thoA
allowed bj Uw, by the rreident. on the re
commendation of Lieut. Uen. Scott and of
the Mj. Oc eriU, n.i pi?el.
The bill w.t pa.s.ed appropriating $100,UX)
for the j urchase of ordn r.re for the ue of
the Navv, ie.
j Mr. l.l.tir, of Misrouri, riiu to a personal
I expl.in ttion, lead some remaiks of Thurlow
Weed ft.iin-t him and his brother Mont
l ,....,.r ui.: ft .f ...... i i
roitory to them in connection with ihe war,
as to the latter, Montgomery HUir, tint gen
tlem hi could take care of himself, although
he(F. T. HI it.) differed from Gen. Scott
with re eieuce to the conduct ol the war,
their j ere m il relations w ere of the kindest
' hat u ter.
Mr. Hlrtlr continued at length defending
him-elf from the charge that he h id couiiiel
e l the late advance and was theiefbie one of
tho-e who were iesjonible lor theclsictcr
ut liullV Hun.
A colhwjuy enaued between Blair and
Kichardson in reference to a conversation be
tween (Jen. Scott and the Pres dent, as re
ported by Iiii h.irdoon. s to the Ihid's Iluu
Sex ate. Mr. Grimes ave notice tint ha
I . t fill I fk till ifkl ie!n r iinArct!tii.
- ll Ulli J r Hill il,.l.l 111 UllVVIUilWU
, wuwt hhj nv.1, iu li 1X11 ULVl'IVII VI et pl V
I "f the litiict ot Columbia to the State of
"onai in act tuiainz retroces-ion 01 a part
Mr. Siulsbury moved Lo take up the reso
lut.on of enquiry in icj'erence to the heading
j of arms to the S:.ite of Delaware. He said
; that Delaware was us loval as at V Stite in
toe l nion. nut persons attemptei to mike it
appear that thev were disloral theieto.-
Mr. Wilson intioduceda bill mak:ng forti
fications. The bill prorides for $P)0,0d0.
and also prohibits flogging in the army.
The bill to promote the efficiency of the
volunteer force 4 of the United State was
taken up and paed
The bill t j punish fraud, on the part of of
ficer making contracts for the Government,
which was returned from the House with
amendments, was taken up.
.Mr Wilson moved u reconsideration. Af
ter tkome discussion Mr. Wdsou withdrew his
motion and the bdl passed.
Mr. Wilson inadtf a report from the com
mittee of cot Terence on the bill for the bel
ter org tniz ition of the aimy. Auer some
oi?cu-.ion the reoi't was agreed to und the
bill p.i.ed.
Toe bill for the suppression of Insurrection
was taken up.
Mr. Fegenden m idc a report Irom the
committee of cenference on the loan bill.
Th report was agreed to and the bdl FUnds
The consideration of the insurrectioa b 11
was resumed.
Tlie Hebel Force nt ev Madrid
General IillovTnnd his Bombu-t.
Cairo, August 1. Scouts just returned
from the South report that rebels at New
Madrid are we I armed and well drilled.
They hive live b.iiterici of ten pound field
pieces, officered by foreigners, and two regi
ments ot cavalry well equipped.
Gen. Pillow, in command, has jiromised
Jackson to place twenty thousand men in
Mis.ouriit nce. He has issued a proclama
tion full ol bombast to the people of Missou
ri, declaring his intention to diive the inva
ders from ihe State, and enable her j'eople
to regain those rights so ruthlessly taken
tway by forces who march under banner
inscribed wi h "beauty and booty" ns the re
ward of victory.
He says he will show no quarter to those
taken in arms.
Taking Down Trleuraph Wires in
Western .lIiiouri.
JlrrrnsON Citv. An. I .--The Missouri
and Wisteni Telegraph Company cim
menced taking dowu their wires west of this
place this morning. Owing to the disturbed
tale of the counties between this nnd the
Kansas border. It ia found impossible to
protect the company' property which is be
ing rapidly destroyed by lawless persons who
roam unrestrained throughout that oitlon of
the State.
Dispatchea poinr to Kansas City, Missouri,
uid points in K uis.m and Nebraska, will go,
heieifter. vii tjuincy with but little delay.
.Iore Serisiiii Itomhast Jtulgr Cat
ron. l.ot isvn !.. August 1. A dispatch fiom
Nashville to the Cotirer say McCulloch 1
le ited Sigel in Southern Mi-s,,uri. killing
nine ihou-and ami loosing ii& hutu'red. The
reoit is not believed ut the Courier ollice.
The Richmond Knnuiiff of the 2,.th )
a Pennv Iviinia regiment has been captured
by the Confederate.
' ". K. Stephen n in 11 cail in the Nash
ville Union, this m .rio.ig, says Judge Citron
will not undcrt ike to h )ld a Federal Court
in Nashville nga:n, n) matter what imy oc
Prince Napoleon at a h ington
Mrs. (-eneial (wiinc Think, the
Southern Confederacy a I 'nil 11 re.
Wauioton, August 1 Prince N tpoleon
will be the i;ttet of the French Minister
while here.
Mr (eil. Oiiue iftuinel from New Or
leins a strong I 'nion wont mi. She considers
the Sjuthetn C titeler icy a failure, and
tiuh w.i the general opinion there.
Inteiestiiu front Western Yirgiui.
Clkvkland. AuguA 1. Ueut. Rur;es, of
the Seventh tegimenl, the Ple.tinde.iler cor
rpj n- cm a "
2-th u. . s,ys Col Tyler ' hea
i town th.t d,r nd f.mnd h
i C d. Tyler advanced to Flat oods. h
respondent at lUilltown. V.l., under date ol
1 fled.
the teb-
ls tili fleeing. Heiring there that General
Cox had driien W.e from Chsrlestowu, Col.
Tiler considered him completely surrounded.
The New llrigndier (eueml.
1 Waui:oTPi. Auciift 1. It is siid the
new Rtig.id er Generals w ll fe ne'ecteJ br
the President n their services are required".
Qnict in Maryland.
SPT H 'Oii. Md., Angnt 1 No impoi.
t nt movement hive yet taken place.
T. .1. TOR 11 K ST,
Attornoy at Law,
5o. o Wt aih-t., retwen SJ art.1 4th, South Ride,
anlHwlJ TERJIF.-IlAtTK, I5D.
tcio.tia ii. mint,
(mccEteot to t a. bakk a co.
UlteleiMie A. Ketall
Paints, Oils, Varnishes,-&c.,2
r have now on hand, and
1 am ronatat.tly ml1rif, Try artiel luuaMy
kept lo Whoirl firuj liar, aui iurtla tii aD
won of
Country Dealera,
to ra irW htfo9 pürcbaSng elwhere, tt'.mg can
f.Jer.t tLat In price anU qualttr
I ran rouipele with ClnclnnHtl
And utbr Heavy Good, in! 4 in lou at a vrrr mall
advance on Manufacturer' Prices fi (hh only.
I have com to tit conclualou that tb ciA jrtm
1 iL best, boUi for tvyer and trller, ail hil in fu
ture do but llttl frtdit balnea, being enabled Üiere
by to ell my froni t a n.aller pruf.l. 1 bar ufl
band a large tock of
fine old;cioarsi
Tiirr Wille and Iaiquor
To wLUb I would ak pecial attentioa.
Fancy OoocLs !
of every kind including In part.
IJorn, Rubber and Shell Comb; Soapa, Tootb,
Hair, Nail and Clothes Hrube; Soap, rc-m-ader.
Hair Oils, Cologne, U., Ac.
a vr orut ria.
Hxirnete for the If nudkerr hief
All the Popal-.r
Patent M o d I c i n o o
Of the day, which I can sell by the rfoxen, at th low
et price.
Goods ol ."TI y uwn TIatiufaeturc
And w Lieh I can confidently rtcotamend "j?
For Coughs, Colds c.
Otie of th- lt things In use r the Lair.
conrtantljon haxxt, 4
11 t ii l o tc Glass,
Of all sites cut to order at tbe sborte.t notice. I als
have a full supply of all articles used in
Oriental & Grecian Painting.
Carefrlly and Accurately Compounded J
MW It F. E M I K R -i
riat I will undersold by any one, and do not
forget th Cid Staud.
Cornerof Fourth und 'Inln street.
l k(i VAKUS MU nti.
;)v',KfU LAWNS Very Cheap
).rlil Crape Ra rege and Tisnes
e) rnusually Cheap.
ai and Mi'se' Rest Steel lloop
llV.UVJW SHADF.S From 2.V to$l.
Embroideries and Lams!
w aiTw.nwl all 4äl V.TY V
tsiaf 1 ii." ami mmw
IJiivii Handkerchief.
Lin:n Drills for Pants
Firt rate VJualitv '
Gent's Neck Ties, Paper Collars and
Shirt. !
Rest in the Market
Summer Cloths and Cskesimers'
rtiNCtn AaoaiMicr cv
Rummer Vctin;? !
Bootfl cfi? DllOOCJ I
!. 11 Main Ueet, between 4th and Sib, North S!J
Hard Times No Hore !
!ok in at ihe Kny Scene and the Immense
!! of Goods at
And be coiiviiCf-d tint the time.-; are not as
hard as they might le. We invested largely
for Cash, and htve leeeived over $25KM
woilh of goods during the pat tend.iys, pur
cha.Ml at a ru'nou losa to the Imjorter aid
Manufacturer, And whicli we are enabled to
ell at lovrer j Ticej than ever known ou the
WabaJi. viz:
About 70,000 Yards American and
English Caliccfs,
In Choice Strles and Fast Colors at Gand ?c.
Fine French Challis at lS'e per yard;
Superfine do at 13 and 20c per yard;
Silk and Linen Poplin, formerW sold at 50c,
for 26c;
Chene Poil de Chevre, formerly oM at 4Dc,
for 25c;
WK) yard Mohair Foulards, Double Wreaths,
for Street and Tnvelin Suit, uiub'.e
for Summer and Fall, at 50c;
Beautiful Style Mozambique, at 20, & and
31 cents;
Barere Anlaise, Mohair and Live'l9t for
Traveling Su;H t 6. 8 and lite per yard.
S00 yards Rjh stripe Fancv Si'k at 75 cents.
1 hee Silks com $1 ,2ii to import.
Beautiful Shades and Quality Phon D,-e'
Silks, in Blue. Rrown, Drab. Tan, Alli
es. Roes. etc.
Our entire t..k f Fancy Silks will bw
Closed Without Regard to Coat
Our Stock of HLACK SILK haa
Never been Eqnalled in the West !
Reautiful High Lustre Oil-Roiled Silk at To,
iN), Ni, '.( iihd 1.
4 I Fttra Heavy Mantilla S.Ik at $1..';
4 4 Foulanl Silk in mall check figure.
At prices that will atonih all.
Knstt though ,ol liiaHl!
40SO till
G reil t Ha renins
UmbUl Cambric Scrtu !
At M. it end e.V. usually old from
$lr0 to $J.(Xeach'.
Saratoga Fan!
In various at vie.
J7 We wish it distinctly understood that
thce poia tre all new and freh, having
bfCU purrhi,el "luring the lat 2")ilays.
Catr Vain and FoarU. 8tr--ts
lino Jvt Gallorv !
ii stAix mrr,
To Lre your Iti-tore uteu la ail tf.e v xrlf-us i 1
kiiou to tLv art !
afcLxAB's SrtroTiiaio OkWAL. Tbi i.iv.iln
ble cotLiourid, wr are gl4 i know, has Wcm n.c tb
njost poj.ulsr reaie1r In th 1't.itrd State. Nr.r
I rrrry fjir'.ty keep It on hand. Tbej f.thl
I j.l.yvirtnV Utl. A nU quantity given
j will w srd off Fcrer, r ary reTsJent Uimsm-.
tbe !vrrt.eRent in ar.othrr rolurnn. 'i.wln
I))pep.ia with lile
ft 5 a gT't emr in aui-pooing tbe I-.s o!:iy a l
i cl 1. ; 0.iJ.3iuu or Uuimer ts are utl, to-
ward a ( kk. l'rMiSiacr rru.ove -Ii cau-,
by priKiLg l!jretl a uA prfrortir. iolise:i ,
tLre y nariL;iig th o1y tLrvup'j Üü-
-To, ept. H, lv'.-
I'ir Uiire tbu tbirty yeir. Lve 1 .i-red reat!
from Iprpl ii.i Inie. Mr trird artu' medi
ciue w;ti,..ui beitt. In January, I lr-an w.ih lb
I'kKlViaa Mur, aid y the uV .f tbtt-e l.sr, I
ui j-rlfCiiy cured of lotL 1) im ar.d lMe. V
grl erl bhb is rK-w !1 I rr ie..ire it.
kl)lMw kUUuN fHl.oKn.
HKI-MfxMJ'-.s til Ii ACT l?U i:r.
th:: liKKAT Miknii
Till. i.LEATI'iUUTlC.
THE i.KEVT!in:i llC.
UELlinOUl'S EXTRACT Pi t lit'.
And a roaitiie and SKs-if.i Ueraedr fr ler
K adder.
tVopT, OrRW.ic
And all IiIhiki of tLe I nxiarj- Orpt..
See Adtreriikcroect In ar.otLrr eol ua.n. On it .!
and nd for tLe Medicix.e at once.
LEWAfiEt'FCV rXJ E!: FL 1 7.
Urdtict'd b D)spepsa to a inert
Ct-aau r "Laaaava'a Hotxann Trrns "
Mr. A. MaULrrt, a tracer pryl.at-ly a wrll-kru wi,
a ary man lu Western ret.r.ylvr.ia, tatrs a f 1
Ut: "I niet witL a fam:er in Artx.iror.j; r. v t
w Lo w redsiced t y Iyj-pu to a m rp kl let..:;. I
j.erude. Lira t lr a Uxile T IWrrUve' lUüin.i
lütter, 11. erlief it woal -ure L;m. Kfctii.g Litn
onie mt tli aner, wfcat v rrj sstn:.itn;ri,t at
findlr lira a tale, L arrr can, 1 uld me Le t.cw
( ell.rd two Luüdrrd pouusl, ai.d lbt Uiu wor.J r-
tul cu: jj had Wa prtxiac! Iy Do-rLave' Hwiljn 1
Itittrr to wfclcli te attnl'Uted ."lily I t. reTcralK4i."
nij lldw lm
To C'irtuiiiiti r !
TUe ad-ertacr, h.s ti; b-u reta.r J tv Lealtii in
vwr mrl$ ty a ery aitrple retrejy afler Lavicg iuS
rred ecveral year wijli a errre lung ae-.ion, ai.d
ihat dread ihsetur, Cvuturrptioi. iv a;.jikni u maki
tiiowi. to LU Irllow-auSrrer tLe mean tl cure.
To tW who wi.Jj u try it, Le w.U end a copy ..
iiie prt-vrriptioti used (free of cbrt) wttb tLe ttn-c-iuii
for pr-parti:i and nsiu; tbe ame, L: b tley
rill find a ur cure Tor Ci.uBpt:n, AtLu:, lron
ti'.L, Ac. Tbe siy object of U.a adveruvr t in
sending tie precr!puoa to bened tLf afllicird ai. t
pread iufortuatiu ünL be Cunctlve to l-e u.vulcs
le, and Le b'-pes every nufferer w;;i try LS reinni,
it conti tLera t.tL,T!jr, arrd may provy t r.-oi. ;
Eartie winLing the preTiptiori will plre ad irr
ky. ti)Ai;i) a. hilhin,
W :'.lianil'urp,
srptedwlw Kln t oui!t, N. V.
Qraca NArkrws. Tbe mJor.ty cf hsir wli,
a!r dies, hair toidcs.Lair oil, tLe i.tm.tcr pi j t
rtio-i wl.irh are now r-rC.re tic put he ULd-t m
rxtrav,(jtiT Lypcrbol.cal a:d tents!c mir a
ee paraded In bow-wauJuw cards, and tiewjxpcr
tiradjas, Lair preparation, are 11 Luml-u
be Crt w.ter; tiieir real merit, w hen thy pus-ce
iiiy, is, that tie j lo no trm. Hog's lari, whrde
:l. lrd viZ, -et oil, aorntrd tJ crjored, ru.kr
tt:i In Icautdul wrip;cr, t.d wLIie f.!i,t f'.-L
-ottlca, the cstlt character cf Immcs, ar J wbru
tu iuüy, are baptised w.ih m e trt-eUst le tvrie
ind caujl.t at hy verda:.t yysrji; a:iJ ill cf I oth e
S ich ii ii' t the rbarrt r ff Pr. f. Wtiod' IIa r
t-Mortivy. Tti cfütleir.anrorut f.re iL -orl t
ar-.tLoat ane "L'gh filutiu" XihpLlof.r1arn, orftrr
vKher ast.Hii.dir aud t.srtilnr rauh-rs-nry tern.: l,y
singly alvrrtic a HIr ls:.rfltive um ir -..resiws,
rrecin !y ni a a To to; ntive tt ait, f.'.f
I'rof. VVixd" Hair liest.iratlre, and !t vr.Iu j..:ir
-calp, aye, yorrr very brains, apjly L-!Li.-:g flsr; f r
it my ! tl.at ru yotj rUI gt aoirte vtr eul.Matu-e
ihsn perfurr.f d lrd oil on your rranmru. Crn.rtnis r
VtMi' Itorative frtr Ihe hir Is the lest arti. I e
ant. J;.v:wlm
HrandrrthN Till..
llieusn t.f these pi'.l AtU Tlllll ltVlTtUn
th rtiaUl.. u. to rMi the AClluN or I1.1 Arl
Tlie wsy in wLlih a curt it evicted t.ijy l-e -,, r--tinj
to prfi-vioi.l men.yit tt is tot f a. j it f
tieq'ieti' e to a t jsii r w-'Man in r t''i '. 1 ? "h
TuaT wast 10 aov
iT mow it ia. a.
Nrw-Toaa, Apr. I f., l-Oi
Xa. ft. rajo-rm Irr Mr : In tl.e j.r.i n ' Ivüt
I had the the iinr.rlaiie to t.reak my ilnj, in rm.M -
junirc i.l !.! h iny coii!!tutin t Kitre rrratly ''
'lillated, an4 aurVerrd with yrrat e.i.t. ti-, a'trn 1
ed with dtllilirss and nrvrre pnln in the hra.l aid j 9
tut oppression if Ihr heart. I ti a'trriin! Iy ie
-rl physicians if tl.i. '.ty fir three j rar witlum
ottaiiiit.g rtlitf, su l tad dep!red rf a cute t.'l I al
ly t w- itidacrd t try your Pill. wLi'h ilmt iu
tat.tly rt lled u.e, and lu a hört t.rj.e c. lupins!)
cstored iny heal'h. I C'.i.al'Irr U. ni tlie t e ll
tue in the w ..rld.
Y'-nr truly,
J A MF" MtnniV, X.9 lr.i Sttet
Price 25 r.rt p.-r txs.
J..M hy J. It. ri'sis..iu, Terre. flaute, and 1-y 1
resieolMr drsl.-ra In inedirlne, r f.". w lui
The Orcit English Keine ly
Fill jAMLs I I.Af.Kl VS
i:i:i.i:iiiLM i:i it.mai.i: rn.i.s i
I'rrparrtl fri'n t jrrrrri tmn nf Sir J i'lurkr
Ml) .Vhyt.nnn lUtffriliuarti toOtr Qtmi
Thia InvalJatde li.r.'.n U.e . u'-fail;uj in tl.r iur
all lhe . an. I nl and tC' rou J - t w l.o Ii ll.e
female rMilllutln i utj'-eu ft liil l atr. sit -ce.sr
and resnoi-ea all ili;rn t.o'is, m l a -e .H
cure my relir-t n.
TO K AK1ÜH I. It-It. s
tt patu ula: y u. "J . It s.ll. In a l.utt time
riß; n the UibiLi per.t :Ui Tt-niUt itr ..
ta.h t"Vlc, pr'rr .t.e di Uar, t t!. '." rn
tient StAu.p of tireit I'.rlttain, t prn,t r.ui.ter
K m:si 7Ut:inx(sitt.f ij--.-v,.-
Kry art wr lo Irtn j Ol iTtmoirri t J', f'i't 't
4ft (fn tKry or a iff.
1 1 all cst of Nerwa ant plial AfTrrt...ri, Pal
n tb n k and tJni' .. Tat'cue on sh.t eierl.o
slpltaUon of the Heart, HyuerU a-i-i vvhn
Ii !i P. a will aVft a rrre wLen all othtr me
iae failed, and ilt'.iogh a w.-:fut rrm. dy,
tOtCOTits'.n Iron, rattiteh iti:....:.y r a:.t.
-lurtful to the c :it:r:tin.
Fill lirertl.Ni lu th pamrh'.el a'"'id e h .ar
sg-e, whirhhiull t e caretuh'y pren ed.
!vte AreM f t 'r.e I nlle.1 stat- ait 1 1 a .'..
JOn VllK5, (l-tet.O. '.l !w'.n A C...
!'.ot h rr, ?.. V
N R it.M and 5notj inup e;i-lo-d t a
athorised JT.t, wtlt lnare a lw.ttle, ceii:.o:iP
111. ty retora ruad. So'd ty J. It. ("ur.i.icgu
int I. M. Donnelly, Terre. Hacte, aril all r
(furf.st. n.yt4lw
Rr? tlre are a few mr cske f Ids L rMy
-rated -,p ,- t unh!:'. I a f rrtt
to lx an etcelint artlcte t..e i'.i.v,-i.- - ! 'be t.-i!
rre cure lr chap i th tv f t.! t-, -od ro
eetb.il is utsurpat ... R w rrs.t. 1
move pait.t and -rees. fr.rn -.'!. -.in. l.l eti
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