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Tna Cincinnati Cvm-mrcll cju talus a Cuj t
of ft rrl!tioa hieb U bcia cirenhted in that
. aitjr, aiug Üt a'eeasieot to rtmwr lb pcee
est Secretary ot War, and substitute Hon.
JcMirii Holt. It i mU to be reeeisei with
much faror by the city public. There i a
strong currect of rx-jular frliu Kttlnj in
ajaioat Mr. Caxtaos, which will doabileas
end itt L'. re:aatioa or ia teat hepro
Beut ia the roschiuerY of the Warofire.
It OoTiixot R. M. Srswaar. of Mi
tvjuri who has led a moat iajular and va
riable pontics! life hithert . is mäkln; orue
amends thrfr ia tie present efforts for the
Union cause. He U one of the loyal meu of
Missouri, and Ls hbwring most efficiently ta
promote the cau.e. H has recently pub
lished an arrest la the jevple of his State
ilia paper ccuUufe a moat elaborate discus
ion of the local fO"c.T 40 purtTl4 by Mi
auri, and is full of etirring appeals to the
pitriotIn of the Sute. The Governor
c'o.4s his addre with the follow ing para
jraph. Tr royae'f, bv lot is cast, and all that I
hare and all that 1 cao do are thrown bto
the scale of Government, Law and Order, as
o?poe4 Revolution. Anarchy and iWood.
For the peace and prosperity of my adoitod
bte, I will aacrince property and life if
nevrmrv. sni all my fighting mu.t be under
t'ie old tla. It came to our naüoa with its
b'rth, has borne its glories on every sea and
land, ha le J the ran in every battle for our
freedom and rights, ani when I fall. I ask
f.r co greater glory than to be hrouded wp.h
l:s stir apanIed folds."
The most apparent result of tle late re
pu!a at Maiixatas, U exhibitlu; itself in th
iucretfed and firm discipline which it has
engendered. The army and the public have,
at last, come to the conclusion that we must
h ive discipline tcrn, riid, inflexible diaci
dline in our volunteer army if it be expect
e-i t succeed. The Lick of this one essen
t'al, at Bull's Kun, on the gloomy Slat, may
well account for the martifrui scenes to
which we allude. It should extend to ofti
rera ii we'd a men, and be as rigidly enfor
ced in the staff a. in the squad or company.
There ia no re ion or sense in penaittin of
fi;er in charge of companies or regiments to
be roaming away from thei; commands, en
joying "high life" and pleasures, while the
latter are neglened ia camp.
There must be active, constant nd effec
tive drill. The post of a staff or company
o.er, well attended to, should be the most
laborious pastime in a regiment. These offl
ces should not be undertaken by persons who
ft.e unwilling to work. They are no sine
cures and ought not to be made such. The
teachings of Manassas should not be lu-t
upon the country. We trust they will not
The r.ew regulation of McCLtLLas and
FatMOXT, UaM aud Wool, all iudicate a
vaat improTemeat it diacipliue. They hre
beua U put their oiücers and men to work
in good earueat, and in a manner that is pro
ducing ubordiuation and effectiveneas, which
cjuli scarcely hive beea conceived. Order
la fast coming out of chao,and we begin to
feel that the Federal army will meet with no
mre disgraceful reverses. The voiceof the
people crien out lor rigid discipline in the
volunteer army, an I the day has arrived
when it will doubtless be had. It is the one
thing now requisite. Let ns prore it straight
way! Ifussell Letters.
The editor of the Chicago 7n5un asserts
that he aecompani? 1 Mr. Kcti.t from Cen
terville to Fairfax Court House, on the eve
ning of the bull's Run battle, and. In ft long
article, claims that the incidents described by
the uoted correspondent never transpired. The
miacriptioa. however, of Mr. RiaarLL. we
opine. i pretty true to nature. It was a
Aitly mn, as the IrNhmin, playing upon
the nvjie of the bttle, described it, and
eanr.ot be softened d wn mach. It wa un
fjrtunvte thit Mr. RrMKii arrived only to
;e the disgraceful and mortifying cloje of
atien. There is mine coloring to his inci
dent, and a dih of nitional prejudice per
haps, but they will appear rather natural to
tjose who journeyed in his wake.
H eco:ii letter of St:U ultimo has
I ut reached thi side. It Ines not seem to
be written in hi usual gcd temper. There
is a good deal of prrjudice against the Federal
nuM "cropping out all over it, but it con
tains ali i much truth and many sensible de
ductions. His description of the battle pro
per which he give upn "heir say" alone
Li not ctlcu! iud t u.le't upon the braverv
cr niliury skill of either of the belligerent
psrtie. The fallowing will hardly "pas
nuster" as a r.-rre :t account of the engage
ment, over the fJ!i;ivl reprU of the officers
and the uniform testimony of eye-witneaaes:
There was nt a bayonet chsrge mvfe by
the Federaht iufantry duriug the day; there
was not c chsrre of anv kind made 'hr thm
Confe'ier.ite cavalry upon any regiment cf I
thesr enemy ntjt.l the latter broke. There
was nut a hand to html encounter between
any re,rments. There was rot a single
battert c'.iirged or taken bv the Fedenl
ists. Yhere were j nitieJ Littrrut in plvy
by the former. There wa no annihilation
ot rebel hors by Zmxves, Fire or other
A vollev fire-l by one battalion emptied
three saddles araug a body of horse who ap
peare-i at some distance, and the infaatrv
which performevl ihe eteeution then retireJ.
There were ro desperate stru ggles except by
thoe wh- wanted to get awy. The whole
snat:er in f lain Knghsh amwrts this- The
Federal ita advance! alowly but steadilj. un
der the fire of their artillery, driving theene
ray. who rarely showed ov.i of cover, in line
before them, a od irradaatlT forrei them back
on the rvht an-1 centre f r a mile and a fcalf
toward Manamas. As the enemv fe'.l back
. gi desl of pnund-ps awy at long rarce. "f - M h ,hin irc 5
with h-ht Ce'd guns so.ne hesrier r.ied j ' Dr" he almost universal
ordinsnce, tS lui on tth a? is bKn; rare ! s-lenee. Oar men are still hiH'.ng the Ta
ly w.:hin fi.e hnlrei yarlsof eh other. ; on the Msaauiatip. firm as a rck. Capt
7.e 'iL atUgree th. thl Feder. 'n mn, i front of where I am writing.
Ls1 a.:fsfref nevhly en the right and rtn- fe c'ai I nasi wait form ironpf.
lr. r t tv t ty had drives back the On Me-.?im it is rainin j like "caU and d-gs."
fe-Jer.tes w eJns.lerable lo for a m.le snl To of the three m'eVing mei have maa
ahvlf when th pan c took place in the regi ' , , . . ? .
eeuu on the f .J. of the rght. whh cere. ! " ni "
sitate-l th ir.e I rt enfer for the re: re ; Oar m are comm-ia swearing after the
i.t of the w .le (r e. an-! the advsnceof mst sp'rove-J camp stvle, the eiher' hav
Lr7T I9 COf",U tlh Jatr !!;'" in'. eeing three of
wh hd bnkeo could ral l, the . . ......
svemer.t. alwavs dangereu with such m J lhif 0n drt l()thf f ".Vile our
tenala. under sach cirrumutxea wa ro aun- advanced guards occupy heir old qnarters at
ttnio by the w.goo drivers acd bv ether ; x .i, BrrT t Bl3tl.
regmeu, and the retreat became Cnailv the ' , .. . , r . . -
shmeliil rout, wbich as coly not uue.le j ? k rm 'b ' 11.
disastroue because of the ignorartee and in- ; MI right on our side. Rh ! "go away sesh
activity or the weakness ef the eneeay. j 9r, you can't eome In."
ü r Hrwut'i reraaras epoo the fo'dy ei Yes re. J. T. P.
ike closing eM,e, n the singular fct
hj it u uot fylhej up, if the cnemj
wer üi fon Wut Mint. as represeuteU.
are rti&mt attd :.;t!o. 11 :
Itut, if the mieraMe rout an 1 ranio of this
FcJeralte hate proilucej suvli tlerUorable
results to their i-aue, they hive still muoh
t be think ful fr. II J the Confederates
beea wre of t!r;r euix-eu. anl to!luel uj
their adtaaUgft erU Mudy morning,
there was uo teason uo earth hy they houU
t ut hive either got into Washintou or corn
relleJ the hole of the FcJeralut trmr that
kept together a od couU uul e'ap), as it w as
a!l ou one roaJ. to surrender themselves trie-
i.era with ail they roese J. If the state
raeutiofthe I'ederaKst papen at to their
strength be correct, the rebelt eouM hire
easily spared 30,(XJ rueu fur that purpose,
with rctcrte of 10,000 or 15.000 in their
The chain bridge, the ford above the Kalla,
were open to them at least there could be
tut Lttie or no opposition from the disorgan
ized force. The column mating rouoJ
from Kairfai t their left by Vienna wouU
have beea ablo certainly to croaa at Metil
Javille; other couU have jrot over at the
Fall, and ati 11 there would have been en uh
to pertait Beauregard to occupy Alauaasas,
and to send on a heavy column to cover Al
eiatxJna. and to abut op the KvJeralMte in
the earthworks and tttt at pt, it not to wrest
theta from troop deeply affected by the rout
thee were witn emetine;.
If the Confederate had the cavalry of
which to much ha been uiJ. they were
acaadaloualv haudlcd. A detour by a crvae
road from Centerville to the Oermautown
road would have placed the horse in the rear
of the retreating utu in half an hour, and
it iii not too much to y that mass would
have thrown itself on the merer of the pur
suer. IfUeaure.ird or Lees force w
amall, aa they a-ty, and suffered aa much a
the Federalists aver, the flight is the uioro
incomprehensible. Hut still it i very strange
that the victors should not hate beeu a are
of their victory that is, of the utter rout
which followed their repuUe.
The attempt to form a lino ou the top cf
Centerville. only parlully successful a it
wfti. tniht have imposed on the enemy, and
saved McDowell from the pursuit which he
did hi best to avert Thejourna!, which
at first boa&tcd ef the grand t'uioa army of
43.000 men. are uow anxious to show that
only 2U.0OO were engaged. Why did the
other 2S.00O run away! The Gorman Hei
roent under Col. iileuckcr. and per ha pa me
other corps, may have retired in Rood order.
Hnt eventually lew withstood tho iucevar.t
lue rain, which commenced ou Mor.diy
mornlrg early, may haro had much to do
with the undisturbed retreat of the Federal
ists, as the enterprise and activity of the en
emy would be much diminished in conse
quence, and as for the beaten army, it has
been alwavs observed that troops bold to
gether ani march well In rain, fcut with all
allowances and excuaes, it is still mysterious
inactivity. Johnston, who-e junction with
4 'J ,000 men is eaid ti have taken place (if
he had half the cumber it is more than I give
him credit for) on the morn ng of the battle,
tnuat have swelled the force under Lee and
Beauregard to 70.000 men at th leat He
is the best oSicer in the Confederate army.
The length of the letter is such that it
precludes our publishing it entirt. The tu i
much that Is correct in it and also frequent
statements that arise from lack of informa
tion or misconception. As a whole the tone
of it is damaging to the Nortb, and calcula
ted to impress European reader with preju
dice against the Federal cause.
The ttth Indiana llejiment.
CuiatMoust.u Pas, Va., Aug. 19.
Editosji Exracvs Event are t'aickening
and cro fdin and verin toward a consu
matlon. the end of which we cannot as yet
saüfactorallr determine The ball has
opened, the "seihers" leading off in the dance
by attacking our adranced pickets this morn
ing. One of our companies are holding tho
dead-wood five mile in advance of us, against
tremendioui odi, while the I t'.h In iiini and
21th Ohio are forming and leaving for the
sceae of action on a run. Thoe who are
left in camp are handling their ni.uk et and
sfandlng ready, should they be neeJei. Al
together it is an exciting scene. After all it
may be only as the few drop of rain before
the bursting of the tornado, and nny end in
a mere skirmish of out post. Here comes
our pickets, driven back from the dead-wood
with three of their number cut off, the rebels
holding the position.
I Wm. Anderson, the Orderly, is forming the
Terre Haute Guards, Capt. Williamson i
ready to leid them, although he Ins but re
cently got up from a bed of sickness. 1st
Lieutenant Taylor i on hini, ma.ket on
shoulder, bayonet ani cartridge box al hi
side. Lieut. William is officer of the dar and
has to star in cam).
Five miie dletant we can see the road
winding over the Mountain and held by a
strong body of men, but whether friends or
foes it is impossible to determine. I shall
bare to wait for reults. In tho meantime
we hare thrown large pine tree aero the
road south east of Cheat River bridge, which
reader it irnpmsible for the enemy's caralry
or artilery to get within reach of our camp.
Clouis of our skirmishers are hovering le
tween our camp aud the enemy, ready t v take
all advantage whirh may preterit thm!re
Th 14th has become a skirsiLhing regiment,
and noth'ng p!ee the b-iys better thtn a
buh whackiug fight with the rebel couts
A caralry ha jat been a-nt back to camp
with ordert fromths Colonel to h ld all ojr
men in revdine. and that he i adr .vising
on the enemr.
Th body of ruea holding the rovi a seen
fire m'!" itlRv. drope-l over thecret
of the Mountain ani dUtp-wured from sight.
It is though: that they are a prt of the 1 l:h
charging the dead wood and roau'ng the ene
my frm their cortr at the point of the biyo
You mty imagine the excitement of one
brain while writing ojt the. details an J not
knowing at what moment he my hear from.
Jereethe enngM remain of hi frietid.
rttvlerei dubly dear from hiring mingled
together in scene of danger. Again 'be dis
tant brow of the Mountain U crowded with
men, and this time by the aid of a gl, we.
krvw them a be of th 1 Ith
A silence, aln-on as ofdrt 'i i reiliag
upon our ctmp An cvra- i l enoairr ia a
Capital in the Eastern cities remains cn
emphued, at low rates of interest. The cur-rei.t-y
Vet la purer thn It has l.en for
uuuv vears verv few uncunent bsnk notes,
ai.d no rail for coin. The circulation of
Ohio aul Indiana is almost exclusively the
ps per of the banks of tl.e Histes. The
Ciiicinnatt Commercial relate the anomalous
circumstance of an orh r from an Interior
Ohio bsnk seeking te take up uch of the
note of his bsnk ss le culd in Cincinnati,
alleging that he had attained the maximum
of l.ia circulation, and reeded mare currency.
Joua UaiwuT lüid prjti,u xi, tltilfr
Xow, reflect w Lai breaking the l.l.nk
de inuna. It tueau a wr with the Hailed
States, and I dju't thiuk myself that it
would be cheap to break the blccka le, at
the cit of a war with the Unitt?d State.
I think that the Cot of war with the L'uited
Stales, would give, probably, half vugea tat
a v cry considerable time, t.i those perwotis in
Lancahiro whki would bi out 61 work if
there do cotton, to say uothinu at all of
the inant.Vit injuitice and "wnng aj-aint all
international law. that a legal and efiertive
blockaJe khould be interfeied with by an
o;her country.
INDIAN. ASBl-Rr. UMVKlLSm-.-Xrat Tarn
coutuica, September IstU. Eaainioaiioa lur
aJiruJiu lu (Uu aihlij Tue4aaj rr,v-.uiai.
Pro.pect far SiuJmu goo.1.
Iroiou Ur Grruiao ao4 Kreuch al low rat.
A foura of Ucbrral Let turn frte.
tipen can U atetljr revlaced, r.pevUUr r
lhM borJiU thetue)vf.
N tboUJCtkt uf UprlHUng.
tjiw triu w.H cwujniD- November 34, ll.
T1IOS. bOVV MAN, ftf't.
J. Tikuitr, Sfc'y.
liuu,mi, Auj. ST, lSCl-dw-if
T)ARTirV!.AK NOTICE 1 her.by hen, to !!
. Wj,uj it inr c-iKcro. tbt all tfca n.tr n4
tvok accounu of the UteCrru -f l.V..ht 8t.;D Av
Co., are Von In tLe Landt if tho uudortucJ fwr
ettlemeot, nJ to whom payment nuit and tau w.ly
b tnaJ. IniueIit atUMion l4caU4 to tltia
lr,nliolio (all ta I avail tbouiarlv of the
; benefit i( tbt nuUet, mutt tarect to pay roata
j Aui.JtT.dtw 'j. kit
Srptciuber. at
Dickens' Xew Xovel !
plete In eua volume, at
MAP OF TBB St AT OF" WAE. Inrlndm P.aiuru
Vtrgiala. an4 part of HarjlaaS and fialawata.
trta tas beat aatfcorlue, at
W. 11. hrCHS3H Akl'S.
saw srrrLT or tiaitrtx n uowt in-
jlX. fTtT Tat;sr,
ftvtt'a lafantry Taetica;
A.nr Eecalatlons;
Tolantaera' Manual. Va.'a 1 al
Aac. lT.Jw-tf
To borrowers of Sinking Fund.
LvriaNarous. Aug. 6,1391. )
rpnc rsuNQrENT ust ix)r lset, op bor.
-L aowta from tb Slnkinii Fund, will be ready ior
Fuolica'Jon about tbt 20th daj of September ntxt.
aynaecta of intrat mutt be inad Debora that due
to aare cot. Tt sal takes rlace en Saturday, th
Uth day of December, 18C1. ,
E. M'ilOXT, rreldnt.
Ang. 13, dw-tf
Thrashing Uachines and Engines.
rpnET are ine eist n? rsc roR cleahxq
1 aod aarlns tb traia, fast thrashioc, and ura
btnty. Tbetr Krparatora took the rnwr ruxifv at
tha VVitd County FaJr lat Fall. Tbeir Horse Tow
rs sr ths llihteit draft of any manufactured; and
tb.tr Portable Engine are unnorpaaaed.
For aal by . s. WOLF k CO.,
augSdAw Terre Haute, InJ.
NOTICE All persons indebud
te tin u&4ecl2ne win plaase sefUt wirk
Itatara X A Pier, as fxxia aa poatfbU.
yi?iwiw tuomaJ n. nr.ucrs.
American Harvester!
li TUt
Reaper and Mowor
roa raaMxas.
nUCI-ei3i Tr ComMoaUtra M .-btrva, er 10 büib
ei Waaat, lat day of Sept. lrtl.
ta Tu-
TTarraoted ia be eqaal u any otter. Price ft86.
rnra.leby ft. WOLF A CO.
Ucnpcr ami Xlovrcm l
Tt rawV.l M!l VERT CHf AJ and
S. WOLF & CO.,
No's 144 an 14 Mala Strt.
Vovwlz A Tnaia Snont I'LO WS
F0RKÖ, AC. .AC, at
n. uoLr Ac co,
JalM-if jaa a4 24 MUn at, Terra-nava.
A a c r Firm!
HAVINO purchnwJ th eniir
stork of rroHaiocs and Ororea, vf Jamea
lFla, as Ko. 11 MCCHAVICS BOT, as4 tiarln
made rvh a4d:üor as were necearr we sre new
pTparssi to funüah to the Husens cf Trre Hsnu
a4 ',-! rvJty .rery articl of tha tbaiormt
The vaarhe afjris.
All rooda Ul!reee4
eh are.
y-r Ktpreaa, free of estra
A uNecal sy.sra ef nuMte p tr onaga Is rerctf5Mf
;st.w-tf x. w. myx a co.
T Stat rrancltco, Clfrvalsi. la
Tea lstf t'rena 91. Jeeepa, ."lo.
Lettars we'gh.'g hetf i-iaee er 00
tm erary a4Jtu-ial half ew or 9acttia of
aaewe 83 OO
fa sH eaart te t-e encl meJ ta CererstnoBt lUarel
etsFlop, arvd av7 Jreea Mifw pt-jtLi.
On a4 afW July sveat a r4wctla to ft 00 ft
half ence wHl be made.
Letters sad Telegraphs win be reeeieed by tha A.
anerieaa K sprees Cerspay at chelr efSoe fa Terre
Baete, and forwarded ta cetmec aHia the aber Ka
pra. wita peocr.f taesa.
Fdt farUet taTorsaatiosi apply a the offlce f the
AJsertea Eipeeaw Casapaig-, cwrthesea eoroae of
U aM Omie ear.
PCy M. WA1CCW, Ars
VTBATPDOB UToLRS ! On light reJ cow wltb
vi Iiuc4 back; bar U:l bat be. a rut a aa t taka
oSTlls truth si Its Sid. f h"rn sbsut uifdium
ia - na ri bar mit a te-illrrted. fh ivfl elf
utlhra. dare aid, wttrh li tnca tha b.;l,ef that
1 Lit lern drttra war. A ai'al-la tewtr J wa all
f aiJ fnr bar rr oery. " J. T. MOJ PATT.
Aa. So. da.t-wiw
an l.ioU t(
iliis Jt Cuiu-ktVe HATS, 1UDDONH.&0.
AlMitba New SulahumiT.fr
zilli:au i'.vrn'HaN hunxkti
Tba Neplua (luaf Airy, Pbaate anJ r.l-at I
1U Mala uat, Ulwaen FifU aiJ Suu
1. C. V. lIM
112 Man riraaar. Ii t. Kh-th axr Hibtm
War unv roß ta su
lllinuU Money 7'aXm at l5rr etnt. Iitceunt!
j. c. walt km.
m. Tom ye. . s. nru.
xi. i.TorriiG v co.,
rxaLir.s 11
Pino and Poplar Lumber, Shingles, j
Laths, &c,
TT ATR m band alarica atock of aeatnttad luiuter. j
mlirU lis oJsrlng at trice tusulttta tlmea.
Yard ati.l 0CW1 on j'arelia trL aortb f
Canal, Terie-Iltui, lu.t
" All irUi a ttnJ-l M PrornDtle.
July M, U3m
WEISS k CO. are prepared to
rurnUh by tba barrel, or butlei f-nfan.lly
ALE. rOKTEK. CIDER, ie., la
loclch Ala.
lir.don Potter,
Iayta Ale,
MaJ.K n AI,
UttrUt Cider, Ac, Ac
Ko. 7 Warran' IAoe a, Wabath street,
majlm TKKRK-H ACTF. tKf
üfCce Tcrro IInuti A. Uiehmund lt. It.
Traas-Ham. Jul 12,
VrOTICE. On an.l af er Monday,
lv tba 15;hlr.at., lb Train on this koad will
Ma!) Train at
Expreaa do. at
And will arrive
a. m.
45 r. m.
Eiprca Train at....
....10 tj a. a.
. . .. R.H p. m.
at ill Tram at.
Tba N'ljht Eipreaa la wiibdrawn.
aT PecKerr required to pnrchtre Uckfta
oeioraenenuz ue cara. V.Agc.m in h checked
mustb at tba station tea m'.nutea before tba tralu
leea. E. J. PECK, Supt.
Jyl3Jw2w Jocrai! rory.
OHEHIFF'S SALI-:.-By virtue of
k tares rcnajuoni exponas eaeenuues Issued from
tl Vigo Common Pleas Court, to me directed and
delivered, one In favor of Nathaniel Scboonover and
agaloat Klcaxer li. Kctcbam and two in favor of '
tlaniel Schoonorer acd against parld Pralti,
I am ordered to aell tba following de
arrlbed real estate, situated In VI50 county,
Indiana, to-wlt: Twenty (2o) acres off the east half
f .S of the north half S 1 of the south-west qaarter
(14), section thirty-four M), township eleven (11),
raupe eight 8 wwt, and on
tVItbln ti legal hours of said dar, at tha Ceart
Uouaa door, In Terre-Haute, I will offer the rents
and prouta of the aboTe described real estate, to
i;tber with all tbs prlTHejrea and appurtenance to
me same De.iongin, lor a term not exceeding seren
years, to the big heat bidder for cash, and opon fail
ure to realise a sum aufficient to satisfy sali execu
tions and costs, I will Iben and there offer th fee
simple ia and to said real estate, te tba highest bid
der for rash, to satMy tb um.
This 51t day of Aupust. 1h1.
tu:iw3pf SAMUEL C0KXER, FLff.
VJUEKIFF'S SALE By virtue of
O an execution lsud from the"V!to Common
nss Court, to me directed and dlirered, In farw
of WHJianj Kockw,fll and ajfslnst Leander W arren. 1
teITld on tLe follow-in described real est ate,
itnued lu Ylo con. tr, Indiana, to-wit: Lot
n 101 In Tueil and Usher's a4JitloQ to tba town of
Terre-liaute, and on
SATcr.D.iT ErrrsinER u, isi,
Within the legal Lours ef said dsy, at tbs Conrt louse
door, It Tcr.M-Haatf , 1 will offer the rent and pro2t
of tha a bora dearribad real etal, tor t her with all
tbt privileges and appurtenances to the same belong
ing, fur a term not exceeding serea years, to the
hiebest bidder for cash, an-1 upon failure to realiie a
sura suCcicntto saUafy said execution and coat a, 1
will then and there oJTcr tha fee-simple, la and In
sal.1 rssl euate, to tb fclfhest Mddcr for ah. to !
satisfy tba earn.
This imh dsj of Acfrnt,
sniHw3pf3.S0 KAMUCL CONXRR, Rh8.
G1IERIFPS SALE. Br rirlm of
O two sxeCBtions Issued from the Vlgo Common
rieaa Court, to me directed and delirered, one ta fa
eorof John nurton snd scalnt William Rtchsrd
I ana i.ajnn t or.orer. aai one tn fsror of William
Rockwell and sslnst WlJIUrii Richsrds, I hsre lee.
ie 00 tue Knowing described real eatste, aitnsted ia
Vlro county, in.lisns, to wit;
fn!nn!ng at tViilitm narrlngton's south line, s1
running south on the enunty rosd tblrty.aeran feet
and six inches S7.ej, thence west to a line with
OriS-Vs west line, thence to narrlnton's scath line
thirtr-eren feet ix inchea (3T ; north, thence on
ssia Hsrrlnjton's south line to the plac. of begin
ning; the said land sloee described ialnlot 5o. f ftT
fonr (.). in the euviir1vJon of sectjoa sixteen (1,
towTi,h!p twelr 1, north of rsrgn nine (9) wnt'
and on 1
5ATTr.I)AT, f IPTEMr.ER 14,
w-1;hln tba leksl bmirs of siii dar.st tha Court nw.
dvr. In Terre-Haute, I will o7f the rents ani profit
cf the ab: described Real Estate, tcgether with all
the prlTflegre ai.d appuner,arces to the same belog.
Ing for a terra not exceeding seren yr, to the
tifheet M idcr for cash, and enon failure to realite a
sum mScier.t to ssüsfr sail ExccuUora aad cou 1
will, then and there, offer the fee-simple, in ao l'te
said Real Estate, to the higbet MdJer for eah to
satlsfe the same.
"This ln dsr ef Ant.. 141.
aw3'eTrf4.00 SAMt KLCCVXER, Sbei-ff
CHEKIFF'S SALE. Bv rirtue of
an elect ilea lesuea rrons the TSgw Cof-rjou
nM Courts rs direc.e.1 and fifljeerei. In fsror
cf Tatrick fhsnon anJai!nt Lewis Croaa. I hare
ja-.ee 4m in. rno-ia; JaerlNed real e.tata, attaa-
, tea na-ieeeeu'ity. Indiana, te-wu Lot V: frry.
sit Is th loVd nrloti of e'rsty.two M seres,
j and sixtr-Cve one hcaired'.hs Ä-loOl tt aa acre ef
! eorth en4 of tha eorthwet uerier, u ef ee.
t;?a twesty-two, ZJi townsiip twelr, (Ul Borth of
rargSLiee ia; tut, teretcTore mad by Chsnneey
He.the plat, aa acknowledgement "hereof has o
da!y recorded, stI en
Tl!s the legal brzT ef aaid dsr, at the Ceart
Httist doer. Ja Trrre Hnte, I mil rffer ths rtsu sod
profits of tt ab. deacrlbed Real Estate, together
with all ths privileges and appurteaaar te tb same
be long rg. f? a tern not ea'eodisg aerea fears, te
the highest bidder for cash, and apog faiiurs'te real
ise a aana euScient t aatlfy said extitlon a od
ewett, I w-:j tfcen arJ there ocer th fo-an)ple, la
ae to said Reil E'.st, to th tlgbetM4.der oreaah,
to aatlefe tha ssme.
Thie l??h dsy of Aerts. 11.
9 AMI EL 057Tlt, rhenft.
eajllwjw pr fiHi I,).
rpOALLWnOM IT MT C05CTR5 Notice Is
X hereby g!eu, thst at ih test Urra ef th Tic
Cir.t Cewru te be holiea at the Ceart IlMse la the
cf Terre-Haute, o th f rst Sfoedsr of Veptam
ber next, the aaderfgned will then sal there ssaA
ap plica Jan U Us J iga ef said Cevrt, that her saase
b afcae e4 frwaa thai af Beeaar Wood te thst e Bee.
twLywws. BXtTIl tTfvv
4- K iSa.w .4 te esc tT
TlillS, pota aa ta aerieaa tnrativr nienr. en1 w
! awat ttrienu' repeat TfrjboJr (ekelte i U vt
j ta Biaka tnsmedut paycuaot. e.i7 y .1".
j ry fat and arran;t fc.j.',i..e e at ; e
itl?44.' Vf.hilr!e P.ir1i.-ul tr Actntly ta tr.a
i (UWffee of am r4t. At tl Kitre t tna wa
j bar 5 flare: in 4" W..fy tba? w. mVA maka
1 J.V AtfmU, and from tLU tlnse wi lot4 d.
Wo are Lapjj to be able to anoounoe to I r , r.u (h it
our customers and the puMic Keaerallr thst
we ate tili enable! to ofier all Unit ot
Domestic Cotton Good
Antielpalibg niontha ao an a'auee in tLe
raw material, we Aurhie.l im
100 llalee Urown Mualia;
50 Cases DlearLeJ Muslius;
Bales Lining, Stripes and Checkj;
10 Bales Deoimiaod Ticking.
axd auocr
100,000 Ynrda
AUof.hUh .,..0...,.. foU...:
Extra Fsst CV.ori, at C
Superior qualities taditylei at 8
Verr best manufactured, at 19
Broten illutlittt:
Good 41 Brow a Mutlias at Cc.
Superior Finn do., at 7. 8 and 9s.
Extra 36 to 49 inch do., at 'J acd 10c.
Bleached .Tlutliut.
Good Bleaehed Muslins at 6c
Extra Fine do . at 5c;
Superior Shirting at lOe.
We have aleo in store orer 10 dlffereat
brands of the cost popular Bleached
musJia. In
Shirtiugs, Sheetings, Pillow Cases
of the following names: Hill, Somper, Idem,
Jarncs Mill, Boott Mills, Suuex, Wamsutta,
"WilliamsTille, Mododnock. Conestoga, kc.
Wo call especial attention to a lot of
Purchased at a peat acriflee to the Import
er, which we are selling at 62tc per yard.
and fullj worth $1.00. Our stock of i
Ha nerer been equalleAl ia nnj matket! i
High Luatre Black P.-cm Silks at 75, 80, 90 j
and SI. We hare Jost opened a magnificent ;
line of ,
Early Fall Dress Goods!;
Io beantiful style for fftre-t and Traeelliag !
ults. j
Elegant Pepllcs od Poll de Cheeiee at tic. ,
Doable widLh Broch Cbeeie at 40c. (
Elefant Enr-rcMfctd Broche Illumlrse
We adflseeur frittda to not allow thetnselree j
to be lfflrjoei epen by the cry of j
As we are still anI will be la a poeUloa to i
e!l at old pHcee, as buy all eur joofls for
ch and sell exelotirely for rash I
Cswwet Vaa eawt feerta ftraeea,
eww catx-aurra, nra.
isVÄir riioGit.i.iT.ur.
roa nr
Goodj IIat be Paid For on Delivery
; i. Cxusli liusiness !
j Tt we baea maa 1 ffaal n.any ocrjr.t, t
j tptiH4 tin cfettdit. ta ba pail wba aa-h a-r-
) counts wets preectd
iud.n. ArwEFGATB ef rvji
f tbem 5or.f fanllnj. Te
! trcTs bow Ay 01
rC'LLAKS, wary
kept ett af lb! rery 1 the "OKniXa
Within tllO Next Thirty Days ,
TT tct.7 $tllf ur present afal . TVw TUu
$tni Dollar trorth, if uv ran rvtlt
rricet thl trill induee frcplt fit buy,
Ttracrhottlb Pall tr.mr, w. TT-
TF.5f ITf LT HCrrUFD, e uoal. (X.w Arr1!a
Daily) wiib LFSIRBI.P. LP.Am. GOfV, a1
r .wuw i-roKranimr.
OWW SOLD 8TCICTLT fOR CAn, w:i orr j
purehaaa at t.t P.ockeyo" tbsn they aware cf
; Wall Paper Sale !
; iOe Wall Taper P.anlceed In Tree te Sic
I l.C
. r
I 1
jnCoMr.,.,.. .,w mM ., 4 j
! Cr C"'eCt ,n nMi lht4e or.Teh!n6lr
Low I'ncea. ta te C!f Oat this teek.
Canton Plattino
j Curtain Drapery.
j - AND-
j &OU8C furnishing Goods
j During Jttly snd Aurcst. to fcsme a S?,rJy
Minshall & Paddock
or tho icrts-rtyr
.V Plun Vitra
ax a rm AonrMrrT of
Summer rnrtcnrc.ir
e iu rrrrHi, Tc.r?vm
Underohixts tS: Drawers,
Alv, a fluj eiior Article of
Lather FAced Drtvinj Gloves !
Weh? a! en haod. at all times,
. !
ajrs a rm trm er
Marseilles, cashmepvEs. ie.. i
I TTokh we are prjHred 19 nske ttp ti enler,
I In the ooste'epant msncer.
yPTT SITIX. of r-RKM fiOOLI, aa thr srpeur ! .'";:. a tr Lirh a ey an lay cU-! b ...v.-,ani.
: ore tnr.n k.. t ten ... nr.y j Itln"
1 ffiNn.f tlieianki'.l ba LirtJv 7I- att 'TTTI. ' ''''ter'.j Ä Ceti.! a.id V.:.i lur .r 'A'
tlMriAl.i.:Jr PAD DOCK,
V. 11 Vas saa lasuua,
1 a
j r yi'Y. i'Ht;i;.s..'D.S uj -ti t,.,a
!, . rr -v 1 JMe..'. k,,.?
!e rem-ly j..r r. - ai.d tNVU..'rit.
... it.
n Hiihrtml screncti,
I is no vi rraiir iri-r t
I l',r;u..y ilr.'a,:.,. ,!7lrMI,i r' y .'.i' V
L Mi:S. d-i j-ea t t.. Lin., of beatiU to Buw,
toyo-r cbe-.k. ,Sx r. T tieo .tcoce aaJ sk
lI.'X.rV'. Mr.KX.THKMNJ cKWaI. M,
j !w;ajf i.rt
l.rr.T 1.!
Ü 'i:. : r;!!. k:c:'
i i, .... 1!. 1 t ai
Pa? a-l at . a . a
- - . . ... ...... .. ..-,n fa. or t:.y c:m "tm arti. -
I rr tt.l.'ttrcn.
-:' Ä.Üca-. ab Hey. pur, rt.l..:,
Illrst M.!n Uri .rT.
1':. j. 11. k:j k v w, nh..
r. rr.er V-ifd arvl lre I.
Hr..MrLfuu t'Rivrrnl l,!t
orVr.-i f tte pu. ::r, U.nt baa iv-n ,U(,
; l-r-rr.o:. a. At. 'u.n'a f,.,r. r'af pTTa Uf "
j I- :rX i.r.::ttJy rectal le.'Jiey are rrfev'.
crrt a:,l c... t e tUa j ly e.r.: ,f .7
fr. a;.t a-i.l p...r:,j 1r :,i. ,v . . , . .. ...V
j t..m c,i,r U:..ure, .:M mm., Jn-n ,ü ."VT
, K.'ir ou i..ir:ri.. r '
oaa kct
aLfitn. t r ' n . . 1 "in l" Ue
i la tbt-:r tu rüii.r . itkim ' l,l
i', t.u.ii. KT I' . I . . , .
' - l a f - - ' -
iiea.(Lra(:ai!.o and loul ..marl,. JT .j
f . - - - r.i ai.rti m . a. t .
tl ......
- . . v . itle T ...
.KM, H.M .ruü'.ri. !,:" .j 'if
lo ai.d raa to tr.i t v n . l"1
IVn tr , 1 1 L i J ..-,1 l-j , t e.
r. J. i:. !Hr2.vuum la.lrstrilc Oil
l iuiiu ni,
Tin. Blst KxTt.A jv 1tit V. rr... lf T. M
- a .ir a rwe,n...kr
fit i't-T.
Je :-ec ? tt od a
. n!f!i1:. I'.? - rc'"-T' lAI-; tn.an-
t.'e u
r l'A t
r.. ... v. ... . ...
pur.t tfc
vvtrra;e case, of Uiit-uu.ati.u! t.., ...
', 1 t.. " ..1 OCT.
ei . lu a;; i.e.'.,.:., !., fUr. Sf, lUcf
; Tain, It :s a i i.ul l trr,rc .' Try a a-j'rcl a J
mm mm- " -
r. t . .., .. 4
. aa. u i.ran, .! It. r.r o.
t lUx's ,VU
llovc i'attlcaiul Horses
TrnnAll OlLirConipUlnt
say cer.u. )wer. it c.v.:Je .li'Ci c.
! f. I'V. -V ? C? 3 riUve enre. at.4 ttere-y
i have ..-., i .. : " v 1""
V.n. -
j e!, t y t.,e use of tl.u worUerrul ir'K-.i. Tb dot
j Ur 'T contain six na. tie qiaT -.ity cf tbea
I oer I,,,!... rot.aer.r.ent.'j s MT, rV.e-tUra U
j F o r .T: n u U i it tl ,
; I ihr (.rct Inirrnul A. r.aiarnnl
iTL.w. .-jr.
MoanSfouJIIIoH rowdrr
Nexei fuM-ic-re !., c t.ph er rl't.
j Moan's rami!- Olm rise-tu
j v srrantM to cure tie n.o; rnate c . cf.-:it,
MnanMinrsr Uintmrnt
j IIa no equal for rM:a . r nvrse-l rtr.
i Tlev aie sr-U tT s'.l .Scalers It nie!W-,e. rVIl at
Terre llsrc 1 y s.l !..;-; I.,.a. iVta'Vl t ai
STMT. IN Tl ANA, VMm o STY, fs.
Vifclf.rnsit CoLif, ..ej.fe.T Ttf3, I rt.
u . , r utiri I..r..ere
t"r.Tart 1 Attar i.nirr.t.
j On tSs rtr. f-it, TheTtli1jy cf Ja-e, a e
; ane, iLe j.:,:. t.?, j jr!jn ai Ctane, L t a:r.
J r.-,e. an-1 f.t .: rr-i: ; I ji:.t l.eren.; a'. A f
:Cri.. , ar.ta-!t L.-m... tL3t tl. öt.'n:. ,t
non-re.. ler.t rt ti.e MiP .1
NmW 1. tl.ertre hrrr: t cl,en t tLe eat 1 .aaa
ant ef tte Ci r.j n1 reeix-y of tt:s rroreadtei
rat lern cft;r a .4 t'r.rt, ftT.Bfr'n on t.a r.t
f--Jr of t W r.tA. I). 10
I Medicated Hair Wash!
J X. har-rf f;i hi. .Idrliir ai.4 flair Dree,!r.t;
i .'Sa:.xn.a'.ni: tie Trae lls.ve U'cse, teslesra
; to far..rm tLe C.t.r.s st.-t r-ni ;i? aer.erajr, r;at be
Ii CK-- preart towat rwo raeton-ere ta
: nvl . -lory mam.er. fir;a afteiirl' tjlven W
, ..ha tip. v.r.:: z r-t Tt "tJ-itf tAri; ajl L1W! CHl'J
ftlM. W. CA5ADA.
I X r. cvim.', r!Mii '.:y mt$trMe4 by HsyjÄ
rj u mrtmm et "ijutm ex
U a .!re1 vrm.ve a;,Tt l:U a. J U7r, ' y7
1 CALlKJN PHiai-c of firusau .-r
un try t.i ,..: c:m v.j , f UT. tK
Ol -I..I1J1J. INI M .. if ITt (t . a
; cure 1 r is::.. h,.r..rs. Cafes, LrlL
j wrer.,v, S;.r, .. tV,.v;.S ScrMcl.,-., t arrlraTSIl
; .. ' Try It. an I t.a wi- U cLr J
i Leint-tBt-er-SS r r.t. 5 a vrrr ::; 3 rcr-n.r.
-.;r.lae..r.Lcr.e. half. -jSuTaVS.
; Z . .U- ' 10 Curr l r ''- few sr.?..
'? . . . hi,r .r:i ar.i fr armaie. Moan's Irv.
I Z''y f,T tL" lnin:erfite cure f f c::c, tLrr
u'uit.'crn, t-.i ,2.c, w.kt tur a, k or k:f
( ßey, wni-a. !y..-Mt, clr4cra iroz ta a I !.-
S ;-rTJ-i:i-: .ev:.-r...;rtÄket lJetcJ.
j U.m, .reu-a ;.f ti.e r,;Tl u the l;r,.V. fr,

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