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The daily Wabash express. (Terre-Haute, Ind.) 1857-1867, September 18, 1861, Image 2

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O all Wiethe pro.pect bnRhtn O ,
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H A. ... . 1. Amt
t!n cn I inor anT omer rvnuucik
ihe palUnt Uow ol Mm- nr,....
, i . ,illlh,g viide a t tr4vu m oar mnM are true. u to b our cuotrYs fate. U Aii 6 mm Uri w. w.hm
vnnd terribly rnnwh the p.itnc; who ; Comprvmic, or ao corapnirnLse. we fchonl.i T " ,
- VtVyi 50ven.ment TnHim Aug .4 HI. j give Confederata reWl nder,Un4 that ! OV wu'tl-iu io-hr!:
-h world cter aw. In ."Witrn Viri:.nU r brother l oan or th M come 1 1 ; they ueel not ho pe for aojihin;: oiiui-le ,.f j i wl.hlt.r Ä r.iirw.iei.t rri.U !.-, ill tK i rcw
. ftu'V i i t Kt4ht wm rr .!tul ti here tne i ntou nu ue ruaies. fitiier lv Uic i u. . r.iii.n.iv.
nhelowl of Yirfiinit an i Kentucky,
Lre broken tbe -power of the rebel-, and
- - . . .t . ii!..i ..
AreariTin-iTcia v.. - ,
. . I . . I ' f .A f .fill I III 1 r- I . J i
The idi'rithiof the l.eric .- of
Kent icktL l-een Wjtket.e.l. and thou-
nd ar W.zirp I'f irfü. and rally:.' t'
it . . i.i . : iU
,k.'.M'mr.9r .rredr the' Hi.'ho,, t;en- lm
rl ! fitiu 1 it extent to cluDge hw ii '
lte'r menaeeJ bv an in
oleat cow, thtnk t- the almost .r-u-
Dbnaian eaere'e of the ir.domiub!c Kr.t '
j . - . .ik 4
j wrx rcncüei ni , aM- . ifi mi
acoUtUeenürareW rwv of tie We9i. ;
In tortV extern Mionri Oen. Pcrr V..m di '
t1 Mat'tii l.irN atl hi three tm-a-id
: . . .
t . i . u.;.. i.r
,1 nr:" rpirr.ii ;un.r, v t
Ijy! lie..nap rcciln- to their t uuir
Stloaare belnp CuM !
' '
A .Avi
Latfe etjf
. . , r... t!-.o rLel i
row R';t the m-st auiciou rpe?t of t
öin m that the Xorthern entiment U, day
,. .
hy day, growing more a;.d Dure con.oMv
trJ. Ai th' b-couen known at the South,
t. will hare a most disheartening intiuence
.. mi -i. .v-.
ori t;ie rvutiieni uiuiu, sui
tutthe U-iboje frxm dirii.m and diesen '
.'on, a'mon- the fJf.tple of the North, i tit-
leny . . -
In another place uc giTt n;i article Irom .
the Chicago Time, the organ of the late
enttor D-tcctas. in reply to declaration
of the Loui-Tiüe Cnurwr. that the reorgan :
iiien of the Democratic party in the North
would ultimately compel the Administration
tci end the war on arr term?, and an edito-
j-- I
rial from the New Albany i?fr, on tne
time subject. Ioth thrc are leading and i
r.oin tnrc are leaning ui
Dcm K-ratie papers, and we
e , . i- : .
r payer of that de taking
and intluential
hon to tee other
the atme to'.tion. Wr omnt'nl tbe e er I
tielea tur reader.
Whati vkr uiav le the real menta of the
, - . . ... i
cntroTerny or il !rrence o. onuuoa and poll- .
.... . i
-z . m I'reiden. I.twots vud tlenet.il '
,. i . . .i t
Fai v. t, oho t!.:ii i terT eviUonl. that all
. v r ' , i n-. kt, i:,.- i
th iMit-er North oi Minn una I '.ion Ime '
.... . ... , I i !
whrh hate been po budv emploTc-l in de- I
ine an 1 tradnr nc the I're.-lent. that ;
ther culd never Hnl time to x one w
)nj j
Southern thiete an ! j
e of th.t (.overnnent
Tn den. ti i.itio:i nf the
ollet or in defent
- . A iiwi ni-.irii.n- Ui r.:r.iv. rf mm .
, '
T . t , ; ,mT , -
the?' icb.d fnei. -la will he he'. 1 vtcred wlme
, . .i c .i i
the t'rorier v of al I n:m me u. in trie Sjutu,
, , . i . - i i . I
i being coiiii-tel, aulea or dtstroye-1 by
the Aauie trait rt'i wh ra theN'orthern peace
men arnl AympitlnAen adhere to whom they
.t.:ti- rrl.Ati.l dn.l i-itrnf.irt The it) t of these
. , .. . j . i . .
. 1 1 ir .1 . i I'M i. . -v . . . ... .... i - ... ...v.
,., . .! t i
i!.... ..... . ih.ir .im'Klhim run If live
IIVII Mt " . . . .. . .. V . . " i - - - - j
arn cnfi"Ued tlie Ootrerntuent iuut cither
ell them r feed tbem. Dooa the Terre
11 ... . V . .. .1.. tl.a 4l , Vafi .Ujira I i
Iiauic unit "i i
I :
U,s eil .r?
e tal UokAetlra f
Srhncl flaair4.
T1. a tVvM..r in . irAtfTitllA Iflil reAollltlOn I
t 1 .v CkT n , 1 r '.
"'T " "J
i it v, at their lat meeting, Septeaiber iGth.
I !!: ;
WiikttA. Tlos Sate 1'MtA.l of Kducation '
bae re""mnei.. VtctiutTev'i) Speller, j
r - t: . r r.' ' i. !
ir-'TulTev new Sene of. Ie ulers, Ivar ,
Ari-hmeiii. .ind Pinne..' (.ramratr a I
text l.'ks for the puhlio Imv. of the j
nmum.I lt-hsna; thrreforr, j
1 . . Tl. . al.A .Al..vAm i.a. ml . I A I
fri rf I li iiJ t'vw im uir'4 i a -a
t .t. - .1 1 , . . .
'("nil m Mill' ut- li-rn .in" .im .ir-.i
bw.ka l'.r ihr ptb-rb.,i of this ritt. '
We bate aJw.-;, . hid a strong preterenre i
v rt,:,e f , . .c, miw The KcpuWicaas aware that thev would i whether tb I i.um .hall b- i.reerved.i nil : ) AM , , 1111(lrr, ur(. r,.,u, .,,.t ,., . ,u
t rt t.mir, J, , f , .. ,. , . r , . , . . hazards .iid thit ive thoni hot e, from a . imn.e.?:u t- u.J -tile, a. I U:o.- n ä t ir
l.iSotrt!reerrr Keßicftr t,d north : not let John ( Vm here but we ,i1njOI -la orthern M'utimtnt. We hat a i"v Aturt;h tbir .v...u:.u i
..i'USaWiltVSl line- ar- bein tuo,i the in trinibie in there Hoot titce i- ; had to., much of thatalredv. "l,,'r -" f. colWtLw.. r-r-.V : '-r t
. . , i. . erver;ii.nrhere th Renublicans l trami. Uli many wichen br tho itid'e oi tour , ,lt ii .!W.,r s. It. hMITll. I..::.
vi.st .letU and eiveüed the reb-H n i r raiu mrrc ' . j.eaoe th-tt the aJmmi-tr.itHn ttouui bn.t o ........ , .
W.I.Jad.anwer, UinS Liev raisin wa-hinn and the ; .11 an r u on U Vm.. L??-. ZT
ei, all orer the free Narth wn-i Nonh- tbeia to dry TorUiga. ib a to ,tay there , j lri.-.., .-,t ,...e that 1 i.ay l- fom.J at
we,, hundred, of of .Vate arM , 3 ytuM üd 1 wors than a Southern lat : , - . , , i' a,tWv NO. -J I.IN10N !U.(H'i:. i:STSIDKl
,. , , . , . mj -,. .,f ,1.,, rebel- ' lni'latl hcrisiectt taat returel wa sw Mit! ; j'.r!, in-" hin- '..Mi
Ciü.andalreify l!.c mW-M of tho rebel lu.ni xtcpsieuit ir inv reaMc gu.irtrt.e whVU mar ho I STOVIv4 TIW VINl.Xt
Lor, W'-i bat iheir am draw u.u. 1 ! ow four llioul dolLr and the Coin- tIltiato the p.-oterion of their t V V1 , , ,
.tionto a!!t!,,. c ou,, for h. the L art of the rouare, H U was heU to u ,mM ,c if Af r;0,, ' iV:;:'; Li'l';;:;; t :i
?n tViA j i..ii f.ir RoVihinr the corertnent and Meionir W hen thov sc-k to lotrvW the rovernuictii. ii.r..i .i .i o.i. miMi. i.Mtr..nfl-.-. rmu'ir
f ir Mdiuflaf'e.ies.if school bok erer alt k in weitem irgini.i this f ill ii' tliere is any
other we hie eter ei unine-l, and we arw c'iaiicc lot a vulsti ni I litte starte 1 dock
ßrV'HM tint the S !. ol llarl hate .vknt- i ut t day with t'.io .n'- nd -tste.2 !t a
Cltutinnthe ftt b..ks of enr public ( lj ring w tg- ui the amp t mke hi and
i . . . .i.i.. - . r. i t . .! i ...
acliool e iiar ivi.ij o.-tn -4inr.ri lii il
thee bowks were m; r-f.-e t in th' 8:tte
through pdiuo.il iii!l'i;ie. nd not from any
Oier'.t in cot.".; :'nz -er!r The inductire
K.....tf .S.t w.t fi.-,r. !ef ton aruf tK '.
liili U.nl l eriu.e liiil li.t:iigu'.jb the 1
Mc .iftcy's serle-. :unt !wtjs c 'miin I 1
t item t te ichers un Ito the ;iViv .
V....P. V P. WMi'i.t i i.1..e(..t..i;
. - - - . - ...... v . ...... . . . ,
it. rf.i., i. i . i
. ruru ,..rr oi i.ie hikhp o- , nur uroTs
fl t.j er!ni,i i!ie Mciutie' aries f..r
!-Vsno m the h i: N "f chvi t h.!!rcn.
un ti- r.ist lO'nl .1 1 . oitiirroiis terin.
... - . .-. . .i . ...
jl t..e t..r i. m i l;.. n. nie pio;s,uir,n. ,
i.AAsrd an 14.1 ditiotul re.!ii?:n t, tm e.Te't .
that the widmora honld le nn.!r at the '
Uvvk store. ,.f Mesa. s. Ib,rkiskA,u and HM
lftt. any time between thr Rrt of o,
br. Iwbl. wnl the 'th .lay of rabrwan, I
PrtV.'. Mr. tirant. the aant, assures na that
.he ns'.bb.ho.ir hoo.e will lm. the nx.k.
prom; tly o:i bn.l l the tU pevif.e4, ef
wtiith ft ptre ? arid ;h ol children wi',:
p.ese tAke ik-r.
... ti r A imii iMr naiue na
known w .. kille! by the miil Irtln on the
T. H. A . A St. leni Kcilroad. yesterli
eiriiiiig. a If m des IfVi-nd M!t--on He
a wa'Ain lb trsek. anI hd ti.-nel
od bke. at the approaching train an 1 t'lii
aite.i on aain Thewh:a?le w ..nri-Iel
IU it tnr. C . tnd th
revk Ahi:el '.wo.
but late
Th ! i one .trijck lurti .11
t';e t.3'di'e of the awJ tif
t'..,mM V ? ' -
oi tie
r-i' r. i.
', as ,r Him I
We learn that dcorge Sec r. L'n
tmirt'. ii one f lh rtrafaniea io ll-e Urb
lr.'lana Keg:rcert.ltl al Client Mutfaia.
few b ao lU fmct tHi$ ny
JTpp. following (:r.JuUr.oU treaaorxalue ..TUi
lettar, ha leen handed u by a friend to
whom it waaanch.ed. frum LbeatUotui-
.It wai. written bw a citizen of th. i
.j.. . . Ki- i.....- tr? a Vnurt.ib Ileri I
r.4sce U Ma brother la PourteeoUi J.er,i ;
iQRot,ri It' worn chance. ha Wlei. into j
" ' ' ...
th l" fowrd ' -
I he eonienia oi mc 'i ,
ipLlic tlm,!. j
iae WW' u"(,,"1'u a
. ;
irom you w, arr a -n. nc . r, ,
portent newa or you. I, eutweieie ,
.rN,.h .f.amfrh luit I iiMliT n wa well h
. . ... . .
A . 4A .14. . . - v - - . I '
will come home to
coun nexi week we iivi (
jre!,pH tho largest Democratic meeting That I
ever was held here on last HatunUj t'u 17th j
the north Hr
- the land oxxier foot all over
Ure:n5l0irn Every rrialiag office that they
due to they tnreaiea ILO journal out u e rr
they bother it thia town will Uy In whe. in
aWv order and thousand will bo left under
v .m tir t.ittrt ffir ntnnriin' thee rree
... . . 1 1 i
w to keep yon aoldier in the dik every
pje-a tlat says a word abuut hurrying up the
war t'.epartmeot to iy oi tno sonnen n ran
ccrioni)t Hut thev may auy what the ;
'-" i
r.ftxi if the cont rat vou on 1 reit) n
-- , ...
lU luv m a bout there juy th four
the eo!d pnn Won, thev they rill kill ,
btm if he Tetiira The he.id tnen'ol thi wr ir i
only trants tn ix!i and tJunder and Ke,;ird j
of tour lives they h At e .INreirdcM the ,
i , . " . . . , t 1,,.: i
, Conututon Ju a much aa Jeff Dat n lor
they are all or t of sight of it and it i dick i
and the nigger o it goe Ton wrote inorae j
!.... i... 1...- .h- Vir I
inin in yoar oittrr it-h-i wv.. -
Zouaves at KulU run or manaa you ate
njinformed the official report i a dirae
Tu i'ie n it um that there eomander trom '
1 1 . 1
his own en publiihod m tne cmr.nnati v.om
mercial That they wua brought up in front oj
mi Allabama Uigment the latter neru on m j
Zotut at a distance of CO feet partly from j
under cot er and the .ouare.A run tne iu-i
fier and wa not Rallied aa-.n the whole d.ty :
.u:- :. ..- .-,... uh.mhov -ot back to !
i ... i
" ...
there old entrenchments near wanmgioa
tbey got into a fu.s and meny of them was :
they got into a iu anu mru; i inv. .
; Vjini we h.we had a moore of a dUtruetite
1 . . . 1 t . . . L!M,1 '
laughter in moun where Ljou wa killed ,
m ' . i
tbm marus was they try to keepit dark but it ;
i comes out it m another tLreo month affair 1
I.. i I .. ., .. n a
tnee J monm mta time wm .ui "i
the reajian for the altert llartiee wuu .-o.ve
rra""" 1
RV1 ha Taken the Iron inounUn h. II.
. ., . ,
and the change ! a:aiiit m on all side
a" 1 mc v , .
Minie T got Home He ha became rery
c 6
DAttiotic be wrote me a letter matins tbat I
r ..tin
hould become a trar mm hut he h.wl as wed
"" w ,
... . . ..I . . n w
try to poke !utter uo a waa ca. w ,m a i,o ...
tne ttun cant te 'no me an'mnu'j-ui
draflimr tery strong volunteer come- err
Jr.w ou :oke of retting in the cavelrv tont-
"-JJ .
Ti.:. nuiiilw .-knh! )u for thi better
I '' .
, . . ,
that it ma dotrs
altho it ru.te not L a
D.V at Ut Rüspel of the London Times v a
looker on .at the Hull ran IVittle he sa;
. . ,. ... .
that the panic w as a disgrace to ntiren not
aoldier in uniform tho gotermcnt h is lc
come ofTende! at him much thvtjthey wont
give him a pa.s a rros the. r.itomte Dick
rvan II out fa favor ofgeitn2 up Aiiero rig
.TL l;m i ,t ,1 f.-il fnr
. ! 1
antir." nerie- In oir white army otne of
the KepuM.canA Trie.1 to mike it appear munter ii-oeeuu. as we i,eu,nr.u, m,u.
ill. Ai i .,1h,,, u'hirli does not
! there, w - negro rignienf at bull run but it
ha ben proved a be bv our own inen I eti
. . ... ; r.. .li
j tiOCA 1 A go;ug u w iuii;(i'n irum .in u-i
I the north kinj thr i'reAideiit to jmt out
? tlie present Set-retary of war Simrn Cam
; r,, It I' hs wrote tou . letter and
.1 I :tt V ... .v. tun. vril
, , , ., r.u 1
HiniMUiriMMIwr iir.cTvVi h.h .
nir a ..cneral 5Ie of the tvartlio Isiyou rin
all of tlie gooj letter of inlrnt ptshlTebeil
from the arm we hit e a bout half a ri';m'nt
. . '., , . w
here in csmp It CeapH them lny w.-tclnng
them -ome of them runs away eren i.jy
ben yon vtrite me unin give me the names
of all jour devl as neir a w-n em through
th fr I llii:u I tiinisiu.l i:iuiif to
t.A I .1 t-t
- .,
rt-t) bat nhen i t wrife 1 formet mmh-
of them I think prehsjr that I hl uit ...n-
i:ir jnie iri tmj ;mi- jhi- uiio n im-ii i
the -'liers tiaf Ileing al tf.e U months'
when ton v .dnrdcered you .i srt,,tf' hi t'r
years them tht m swoie In f'r 3 i oith
na ife -!ai m iL I I kerf r1 i-l. ri.s t n !h. Vn t
. . t i . .i
,e,r,o.el,,. ' '"
nleraTn.rnliAtmfnt bsU I
P' t '. cant h
th.si yoa are un
dnt k oow rb vnri h n l' i ii avf rjr
...I.,,! .'.!, in l.....r.ii .. i,i.iuui U
..... - - ... ...... - .. . - ... -
.. .. ;.....!. . . -!
orau e feriA in rsouin h . i i v)Iiiii,iiiIk
w ill old n i;slien w j aI wathinjtou attd
pun-as the other other dv and he w.. just
t fv,r the S.mth w!l rf t!e frren nAfion
" . .... . . . i i
, aror of th" S-nth y.oi Us a no net now
r.tov.mv liinea los'kj I b jt t a'r' hat on all
can make It appear that tott are illep! md-
if ,ö wuU TO'ur Leo.is n albr-r
n9lhn ,ttt lry , , ,9
Jt Hy a mutiny write a v.a .i.l e will 1 vom
for evrr a ever
An latrteatlMg aad ri'.iiie Lettef.
t e hue been trmdted, bt tht author, lo
ttotdiAb i f 1l,win.- l.tie rifirn 1. J.,.l--
. . . . ... .
I t trwoi. u the ItetswxraliC lno:i Meetini:
. . . . . t .. . . .
nei at MreencA.T.e. auj. .u ai. arvi r.,,.tmIt,,
It to the careful jArnA! of all patri t c men.
ania!s.,toUH wh rw f.r their s,r'v fir.i
, , .
and for the.r country after-. rda:
Trrai IlrTr. Ixp . Aug. 30. Nt3.
trifWn 1 car.nM be jesLent at toir
Demiwrttii t'kn .Meetin;." bu if our
i rir!'ent liners .'r'h A Wrt'.t,
-i .i ...t a j .rve'l .ii ..:i M it. arte 'ritb
wr.. .. I vu iMortneti iner win or. you w.n
' 1 t.i ii..
lark nothing f-rrpeaaera Tbey Mtethepi
riitum sti-1 abiiittlo naVerou te'.Iii'g l"ni m
rerh.-. If tu hate a meeting of good
Demorrvt. vrt j wi'd
lure a cvl I'mon tnat .
,, V
u lence in, or rrpsct lor
ir '. I ha e WO COC
(hat kind of leoiovre wi,.rh . nt -r t.'.a
fttionrif, i ait and ALL THT. TIME, anj
e0r In ; rerat!.n by all necesaa.r rr 114
i Iba kiwd ef iVtBorrmrr or patriotism j
ilk'i I like iu cQiradiaUnctiou to that half-
w a v .....-. T -... 1. i. :. c V. T I .ta i.-m r t .
u..,.., ,,v wmpro,ni.; or
that contineer.t ratriotism which i for the
. ....... .. .
toa eminent. - if mm tWiVw i rfmili. anil I
eminent, - r m, ,K,iry prerai.a. ana
2f?Vm not etail.
be .ecrnment ouirht to hght t-ijrorou.-i
ly. .. while Ar mi an 1 compromise !
i-cu nrraaon ju.t an.j itonornbie terms,
- thout reni toV-r tha, party pl-tforai;
Ut if tht fine houM narer come, he.
.. .il d fi,.b - t.i.k... :r
e... )Cuimi uui u uivumi uu
-fBl hft or inA(t;vitT of Norih,rn J
1)eui.ratl .
Nothing w 111 he duue or id at our ue-t
in" i It I I l ie e t fclll tl il A I.iP ntlltlieafl..li in
.r' v,.,i .,1 ... i ...... :n '
Mi " - - - - --- . . ,i( .
.... . . .
frin fjuptil
H w is 1 cau r
no iii.j:reci or rJiutrocMi nut
. . i , .
jUule of riicli an iLteq reUlion
rebels t- beliee that tt, 1omI
n,eetUlK 3n'l 'r -;MI inlt ironi it, I uh
"itt rrr-e tfulU. c.,
Hon. Hlnki Äuifr, Delana K. William
nos, and other. Committee, (irerncaitl.
ihr Duly of Democml.
We jrlut hi aDoii.er column .t hhort but
time!? article fron t!i Chioatro Tiiiu'!, in
rej lt to an .tertion ot the Iaisville t'oun r
that the Democratic airtv tf the N'orth would
..... . ..-.,. . . , . e
i .-peedily take euch a derided rtand in favor -f
villi.ovii diseoTer. The lteiuorrncy Maud
ihe.v cc.i.e to have cliimiu Dfornnti j.
iii(h I ill f ho v m a ti 1 (t i .1 i.i .t it inn In ro.
-.. -i. r:ii .l.. ...:u.i .. .1... i,.
. .. . . ,,
a other- must and will regard tlicm a
encmiw The le .drr.of the Southern re
belhon lirst attinptel to oc-tror the Porno ,
.q mi;.ht tht. ;
more easily destroy the Union. They H itter j
themelve-4 that they hare done both. They ;
may di-corer that they have done neither. I
The 1
i"4on of ?0! hould not be L-.t uini
tiern the Northern Democracy, at i
Charleston and at Baltimore. ternly teliMed j
i & - t I .1. . T .1. I I ,,f ll A ......
'u 'e umc uonurm uhm m ;
tn tha dictatorial mandate of Yutieet . WM!k- !
wociite the rebel, mat- re-t
a4yurfHi thAt they will not yield the country ;
anu au in gioriou :ivk iiumi i um- mr .
xt' flM.nlll ;
1 V
r,!Uh their theri-ho.1 end of detrovin' the !
i. . . . . . .
Tnion through the ngency of the Northern I
Deniocntie orgaiiiatin, they are reckoning t
without their Wt. It i po-mMc that ind
f . . Rfefe (j
prostitute it' even to s,,cn purpo.e a
prostitute it even to sucn ua.e purpose-, a
thi.-. but their number? are mall, and thet
are scorne! nnd repudiated bv the ra.i" of
X)enioCrÄte rrtrtv.
i a ..a- .ii . . a a
The Democran N'orth do not sircar hy Lin-
coin; they care nothing for Lincoln a a man.
Hut he the President nf the nation, and W e
- y, - . - ,
oo not mint ne h more oonoiou to me
Democracy of our day than wan old John
Adam to the Jeilersonian Democracy of
1796. They ubmitted when he was electotl,
and turned him out at the end of his four
vean. HV c.ui do the same by Lincoln
To suppose that the Northen Democracy
will consent to the dtruction of this groat
nation liecau-e an obnoxiouH mitiha been
e!ectel i're-ident for the term cf four yenn.
U an inu!t to their intelligence and and im
j j,llUt;,ri j thei! piiirioti-ni. Siipjnise,
I reader an accident -hou!d befal you.ortlut
I a disMe should scire upon tou. and your
U, she
( phrsician, when callcl in, should sav tn ton,
i . ...... . . i . . ' i . '
i i nM
AtMictioti of ouri cr.nnot be got rid of
in le-s thin lour year: I think you hu!
better let me or -ouielodv cNe cut tour
throat at ome." What would you think of
tour dtKtor? Wouldn't vou feel like making
a-urhumanellort to leave your couch of
suffering t kick him down stair: tcoue
tou would. Well, here is a nation. who-e
pan of life should bo reckotiel by rcntutiea
instead of the three score years and ten
allotted bv llie psalmwt to man. And it is
proposed to eut the throat of this nation to
i rr,. sjlorl ( ,,rt.e years from
M in h lievt!
For urteil e, tt hall h ive no ,irt not
lot In the murderous, unnatural deed. We
bear t.n Inte fr Lincoln. We did all in our
power to defeit him with a national tn.ui and
a trne patriot. I.ut lie wis rierteo, jusi a-
Adams. Harriuoii. and Tavlor. whom ti e
DeniorrAr,T et. were elected. AH the
f.,rw f .',, , ... w rr(. ro!UI'lHJ itll
" . - I
m bis election, and Die Drmoeracy oi the
North will not be o f.tl-e to honor und f.l
to coutitrf as to desirov the lTnl m beciue
they uerc defeated In an elect ion. -.Wir
.ttMMy lsfJtr.
1 he following is f ho arücje alluded to Ui
the ab. uc:
Tlie Louistille l'ourier gratelt uistnts
that tie DemoxTatia party Is raj'idly re-or-
., . . , 1 .
ni.tig. an., m every Northern S.alclia r. -
t I a.. . . . a k.. . m . 1 Ihn I ' aw rn 1 . I i r t e
fite.l lo ro otsrnto with the I'epublir.-in tar-
y llut, "nhile the pt.tple ot the N'ojth j
are be.uning didel, the Democrat gener
allv oeirg and the Ilctmbllcans sustaining j
the' war. ltr a. "radftinT fsct tint the pe.e.b- !
of th South are tctT Ut brv ornin;; mri j
nnitC'l nrd detciniine! " .
It ia iir.-loubtedly true that the Democracy
have refiMdl to imite wi'h th IlepiUi'Hus
in a dUtribnli oi d' (dVnrs, for the reV ui
tJi.it tin- Inder td fit nod the Tribune, arwt
j ojb.-r li.ll au l iiiei..'.i.u v p.ipcM. :ire
: still I r 'f i I7el AS ill ''om1 t 1 1 o i 1 1 . Or, it
1 lea.t h i e li iVWi(i h-av.tw-ed. til tli JK'
J .j;. in.ea-e lore of the
f.JtVnr,,, , i .tt lo .,o. late fil'i.
Lo o. ilejnr Ii r'imlfiwix'f , th Alll-
tWw element, but ibey de.ire a:vl Atrang.v
. ... t - 1 1
le'T oi ' ' ' " '
Iitie III II ronwvAiie iiri'iiiiii'-iii" win
at. .1 h. ... .mot- af la
unite with them tro the plstlorm t.blih
el at St rf ue, for the preservation of the
Hepubhc. Il is w:drne t't. t tlo v opMe the
rr. srxl wo v tvirer of tlie South which a-
iAertsthtt the North i diTidrd nttoti the
.lMiim of niaintainins the Mit retnarr
of the tioenirnent agint tebelbon, hold,
out ä ll-a an.l ftttl kor to its res dm
I 1 of being d.ri.le, . !Hr .enllment
! bi the lo al States is d.iilv ljeiii ron.hl4i.
( w h , Seriion-
1 ist or n AbolitionUt. nn d w e .1 lot doubt
'hat a large portion of the KepubÜcsn party
areas aiiH-erely o;ie. to thelvt 1 to thr
stra -1 iw ' a ' '
Let no men in armed telelliou Mk fr
ail in the Demociatic psrty. It will neier
rum.. Ther dl lot. fr wKrri tliei i.lee.
l but they iW nht trei'-t n aherfter H reir
'it heid Thev are ready at any inlf?t to
, llieri .iriT niirri in inr -i r-l .ijirt 111
I . ... . ... ... ,
. . r.i . 1 1 .. .
if p r, un'i 111 1 1 . 1 . rt-r in' ri "" ''i
' . .....
r4rl tectirin of the I moti under the t'on-ti i
i Intk-nal rem lies, a re.Attion of t!ie rerellion.
: a heriy f f!ort to re.p.rve the Pnion ou the
j y-trt of the Aere-Ic-I Mite, l.ef.. re Democrats
I 'cn frMm ,,,5,. fri,.ndthi fr their
Soiitben br.'tl.erti t cit Twt, 9lh imf
Medicated Hair Wnoh!
! I JKUr . uKUItf i h W. (-ANA DA
ari rt tH h .bAtSn arxi ÜAlr Ir;rwt
! ,k T'rre M.tiia n. !ta ur
I u ,r-?Tn v '' ttv4puUr ffreTaüy, tht be
it ma ptoa1 ottrs t nm ruetUsaMAr at ! V m
rTi nVriw in kia
; wat MuActcArj- wiAaner. U'fri
! HPf csr: u,,
eU'frt A'tA-ra.n ftrtn I
a1 liwl.e tf.r
t ucad-iiKurii-VM,
4 tUlT Cuas UP.Y (.tOi ALLSMAN,
oilier n4 iplj. On I. n ;'. E-glih iiH
4i rjisn t-rc .rr
n.ir vlim'rflli':ii n Sivlo Iri't.
t.rr. r.f Ctli au- Miin rrl
Tfrnrt ia.L.vm n n.ir fm,nr.-tU ti
!.,..,-. ..r iir riii-:.!i.rrr. luwc !? ii'.t u.
.LI.. -,7. '...... ....i , i ..u-.-
ill f Ii II II IUI HMin M'fi. ,,.i-if'..' ,--
c.ili ia iwnii'.
17, ljw ;(. .M. till Kt n.
'IttKK NOTICt In-. J. I". Ihnmpvm f-1
1 In mv hi nt- nn paiiH I jt
ti-'U. Thi-y uiuvi lt (.til. t f-itl.rr jki -" -1 r
i.f'- "ti , i'i i r ler t. r'-t-. '-i.
ein, r. nrv,
N , tlw Irl N". Ni OI la Mf-r.
XTOTK'i:. IVifeona Iiavin- imi-
ll n-i wiih .v tVi.lf Äi 4'o., w.Il fm,l itirt u;.'! '
fai-l m the Hart r- Sior of t in. t. Iiri' li
ao.j'iiww4 . oni.i
V Z. f. T . .
m a O . . . r . . .
!'wW""S ';' fw
Pricrs '.'.' rrru ii ! f."A Ar T'.
im .ito i:it,
S iUini:ii .
. mlm'tivi'ic iv Ii VI?
W-'V. i ejV"i
rpVVin jHrr,i!" n-b 'wwU n.'.'e! aJ' Tifo u"
" . . . . ....
ri.) school bonrsth.r intra to stnartiiiarein . o,,
ih ftrM SatunUr of iVtober n-t. st A o. u. . t-
b-cta Iiror-t..r f ,r each Di -trie! tuuisiiie th- ci:
"!t6 :
S K. At.! FN, Tri0--
1 3 -ciis-t:
rC. . r,. Ä .n. r
AurKirs .ma;aini; rm:
. S jii-n'-r, at
t . ii. i;IVki.;m vr
I I) It lafll .til' AOVCi .
i ...
1 HEA I LaI I.' i A J ICJ.S: Ym
plol In our- tithiiiif, .a
MA I' OP Tilt: 8KATOF WA!:, inclu!in,f Fa-i. rn
VlriclniA. n1 Mrt uf MAryUu1 nn1 Mlarr.
from the ht nthoriti-, f
V. 11. HI CKINiillA.M S.
Tnr Tactirn;
Sr.tl' Infantry Tüictie.;
Army IteiilAtlon;
Volunterrs M'iim. l. No.', 1 t: 2, a;
l;H KINil! .V.' I'.iMik MOK'.
Ar.ff. 17. -Iw-tf
v. n. wri.
ill. l),TOPn(i aV
ll. LM. IX
' p Hü(j porJ.ar Lumbpr. Shiuulos,
' ti.-
: Ja.uu, .i..t
, I.I'AVI. on h.ui.1 1 1 ir-- -t . k .1 m i- ... ,1 In-u'r,
, 'v
r-i.l, Terro-IIute, Ir. I.
af Ml orittT att'ii.l'it n . r i j 1 1 .
July M. ,13m
Alii-Ifticl nun, l t w een au- of eigtitiun
Atvl llilrty-f;' .vnir-.. I'a.V, t!ie v.oni lo i.lnu.
! rs, from fl.t,iH) to eJU,iJ jxr no "tit ii. wilti rti
and quarlrr, t romnieire at onre.
l'mlr preriii retnlatlori, any Ai-MiiT hai Ait -porfuiilty
f twcomiiijt r.t:nnN. !:n-.t 'ftir r.
I'.'r f irttier liif'jrinatl.'ii, Aooly ut tl.r r-u!r
At Terredl.vute, on the wr-d i'l' of tl;' on.irc
Ti.it ti r i.M.isii'.tir.'N'r.
I Ii. r O O
AU ItliD I.. IKM (ill,
, , u 1
I . Alii. . 'Ml ,111.11 .If 1 . -i.,
Kvci Ultt";; Oi;!.
ju , df
W. CUrm-N. ilrn.t..lly lltu-trAfr. ly 1 1, ij.pt o:
Vol. ta.
. .
THK WT?- AXJ) nüAUX t.T SOt'lT'.TV
.... ....
, tNn .-i?1it .r m-i i.f ';.! Ir
'.el:! At . U. n aiv i ioAV
4rJlSS4l: (i A I!INK
la ort f)F town '
Ki r tti-rr Are a f"w "f i'U' .f 1 !t l.,w,l.l -.-.
V trl S.''.ij. Uö trf r"t, -tr!rh A'r Tf . t u rf,
W- A'l f rrllrtivrtJ t ?r tis ir Ar t 1 1 !.!!.
i tute mr fr Lapi ( m l!n I - or ! ah! l..r tl r
tmmlf I m'trpasiit Ii i rritf-l !', litr.
! paint am 1 Jr.,.. f 11", ila. linm. mu.
; h woh ta;t e,,.,.; .n. wh te f,,n .u kind.
' cii it etui. it. ..
' rtf -t t, At.'l ..-for
ril Irf.iff II I. n' .io
pAiu.nu AM ciiami;i:i:
1 I J U N 1 '.I.1 II im:
triir in ioi i'.mi
.'i . .Wnfiry 7'' il I ' ; 'T ft tit . Ituitun.l!
14 U IM MT.IkT.
1) Vl( II t 1. V 11 SuIICl. It Un-I C.O.. o. i
h-nn I' tu'V t .ri i. tint 'l t'.if t -l
lx tt AiCilM of t'i ltf t rtn f ',1.1, Mrj A.
Co . ir" in U l: iv'i ! iHr im '. rl 41. '1 fr
oliriit. it-l 1 1 . Ic. . p t.i.-m u .1 n.l rtn o-ir I
he It, .. IriM'-'-it . ' h 1 i 1 ! t t i lli! 1.1 V -irr.
a Iii'. I. I ! I 1 t l I li'-ni 1 m r 1
: lA.k.r.i ..i .... .. .. .1 . ikH 1 inijt r.Nii
I ... .- , - . . . . I
' i 17. rf?r J - v
... . .
ToTici: ok .ri-..k'ii"N nK ni insi: -
J. Si.fl. 1. Iirrrt T aivrn. I'.i" I W ill Aj'l'.T to 111
l..sr1of I ,,i:ii!ii.iiti.r -f t lift r!Ujr, In. Inn, it
thrir nt rrrnlir Irrei. r.itur.riv p.t .fi th lo
Mtvlar In I. milr, 11, f-t a Ii r.- to !
t'AlfAiit g ll.iiw In a lr. rifunflfr llni H'iifl
at a tin. Mr p! e i f l ioisi ar t tto prm-i..
wlterr4i AM lienor ' t Kr-.M. 1 oi tt" t'-L trn,
vi ! .. 42. In Trrr !t 'itr, lUfTt "it i- I. p. tn
Vif nei iititr, IrcÜAr.A.
N. KaT7.s t it
arp. . dii-a3T
W.. Ji ntON, l'rwprlelor.
Corner of Illinois A nhington Ms,
. .vi:u9 storm-:.
1 111. I I HI. IV- .Wl Iii.
I t. A i. fr r f f T-mmr r .Ifli'Hhf nl r.l
Minshall & Paddock '; -
or tho irn rriM.
.YeJ'liM Lit ni
S I I 1 il l S !
Milliliter I mlrrurar
Ml kill'
Undei.shirt Sc Diuwer,
Leither Faced Driving ülovo.
We ii-tve t-M Ofi h.il.d. M .'M 'ti.e',
l-'l LI, A o l; I W K . T
KKIINt'JI I'.HOAD 'hol H-.
nitKN ADIN r
t o
Mi I r Iis ..
M ' M M K ! I C A s 1 M k. 1 1 b .
thicli we are pre pitted to mike up lonnirr,
in tlie mnit flrfsnt ni.inner.
,tNNAI.I.;.V l' D1HK It,
.Still I -iiri, n llnl.
r on K hiliT A J; 1. 1".
S Ha r M-vinrator.
Two ihnMAAivI in tie ! Ml w ..rr.sr.tii1 !
None ever returned ! l'irt l'i -itiii.ni t.k-u :it 14
Mate Fmrs O Iho r. ?. l'Air. n.l ti-i'.n'rr.f. ..f
t'ottnty Kafr.
It boiN nore rAnvlly. n..ik' I 'Ht r 1 1 1 .mil Si.-ar-r,
nnntn" lr fiu-l, ! iimrc rlf.11.lv, 1 nime
.':. 1 1...:... ... r..,. ?
ivi )ttr s.ifif.''tiii in rxi rr wy. .Si.iu ny 1
I oilirr Ki ifin.r.Oi.r. Ii K ni o!.- ut -.tn-. i .n l.il, .iil
will !...( i rn K Willi -.i... n In tl. 1; I. ' f p..r. f
I t.iM and it 1. i;.g li:.-.t willt I n k. it tii"!.
1 II tJ.- .oh .tit.lL: of iron Mi't 1-rn V fut i -.n i.
i l-inivt.
T i i j.ii v. . inj i i Itli'I . p!.
j ji! ,i vctnl Mi- !; !'n r '. 4 i r I .itr. I
I m.i.lo Lift ir ." Iii.! !in.i- , iii-l 1 i'v il ki r
! t ..i. .i ii f lOiilrrtiVi' t'i tf li' S..,.i.i"i .V.ij.'r
j s.ir.-- t. .Mt I i;s. prinuf- I !. o . A:: U. l-l
i My tu-. I a I in Ail- w ilti pi i Ml at '.'" . . ir r rl
, It.riMiM.k iti.'t'ir-t r. mniMi ..f ' ili llhoo
, sin' I'M'.r. Jv Fi spti t.n !ii :'! .ir s.
j Ml UUU, Mnr't.iviil. . il!.
I I'r.irr s ,. Tiir tinn nm. Ir..:, V.. '.'. A.'.: .i ,
I 3. ''. I. ;.. C..piH" 3. .: N. ;i. e?.'.;
No. i,
Vai Mil h'Mit ili fiiro.ie. Iron o. . '.'..; ..
a. e.;i; Nu. i. '!T. ('i..it-no i, v .. :. t
N". 4.57. MMFiiN 0.A.
SV ot i! M !1 s nv. . a m; i,i .t I . r-11 i'r .
.'. oi 1:1, .1 im
St. Nicholas Hotel,
Croal-.v:ii , AVw ori..
"i( 1 C till' "jN II. I
i r.
v -t r..-M 'S ..I
i !:'.li. i .Ir n" ' t I !. i
; !.-- !, ri 1 .' 1, ii !. i . o
1 . . , --... - i . . ri.'..- ,i i!i
': ri. ii
',' i .. i t
,!.:, .! . .ti. !.. ' Iim.,1,. r
it,,-,, 1 ! 1 !,. t! hi
V l I I. t . I I. I . r-.-n. I I ' '. V t
I -. .1. r . ..I .li . 1. . , ! lit
(.1 :.l . 1 M . i .i
. Ii '.- Si ..l i ..
1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 11 r ... 1 . p , 1 1 . , , ,,f ...
ft I ! I ! !-i,i, 11 . ..( ift.ii nl 1 1 .111 I i-i j .1 ii-rnl
wl.l. I. t,.f 1 !i jri li -ir I, tit 1 ... I. r. !(
,. . l. ! . 1 I III. p I T. .. lJ- V lit .'1 It j I .1 !1 IT1 '
ill -ImHi k l.' (i.vi I, r.tr. ;t 1 lJ'.' il 1 1-. M..f
1 Ir ..1 I Si-- M ' . f ii . . ' . n ppi r. , o r.,
In I h -1 t fVi.tn .' t'l-' I.Iii, '. !,". t 1 1 Hi.
.i;Uir. ...i. t.. i. il"' -..01 i,
1. i.'. rsn.t '
lint.' I.f dur.d tin- I'liee of Itofii.t lo
TWn Iml.I.AlIs Pill; V
. f . i. . ,-.' ..- ti. J. v .. - if Ii
wilt- Il t''t': ' ' r ) 1. 1, li. It r.i: . .pj a I
I :l Met Y I 1.. tv iini ur, a. 1 1
UNlnN tPAhltll.l.I-: i:NI!
W'lU. A
li the
ATIf. M riiOMITl.T io Ml. i l.l
Inn'. I I.
M'in- fun l 1 f m fl 1
j aj-.t r'to t r"n,ie rt .
, tv?VtT.
; .
..'ir I hr'rt y pli . I,, tii 4t l, r. ,.f a,;,.,,r.:.
iri:i.m.(. A.a.. m.r , f ii,." r.i.ti. cf Jarr.. . I'm
t; tt, Lite of Vit r'Sin., ,;r-e.r.1. .. r rn gr .ir t-
el to J.i',. w . V i.r.tt arM K ir L a rl J . 1 1 a rr i . A:iv .
u-'.Otr l ti tt.1 ..Sf., .tu! nAl psTTtirrit
JA, tt. htNNETT,
icr1' RlCUAJ.Li J. HJkJtFJi
l. nrcE u son.
vir i'rtotiit.i.miu:
tO. Till
IV AR T I M E S !;
Qrtoda Mu6t he Pf.id For ou Delivery
A. C'itsli HusiiifSN !
! H h:-v Hit'.- . r I :.i.KU1l, 11 ti.i
"I"'1 i !!' I i .' o iif CTf-il', ! I"' .uj.t (.rli . h -
..ir.i, .-r jr. ! t. .t. t;; A' Ii ; ft f 1 1 MK of M I It
l'HÜM.. MOI NT ;.. kt :r vi. THOfsv l
lM.I.h. 5-i.ii v ,.r it Kvy ktjTiJ rc. T I"-
W'pi .rtlt Ihi. ii, . , li-'.r M'OlinilMl
1lMf. u. t.i m n.iim t!i.-nnM'ifiK m
11 "t i:-';.'.'!i r - q i . - v f -rrj il'-i.!
!;'-' ' e.af- j.jrti . V t? . . v' .
4 W i I 't ' ' (I f I '! 'f 1 f,, i, ,,,!.. .
M I- t-Lll IMVt' i'. (. -.!,!.' .If. .
i i.. i. . . , .
.t" ' !-.,.'., m. '. th 1 1 w int? -
Within the Next Thirty Daye,
U- Kii1.' nil fif ut. r i rrn nt ifk. T Tnu
ftiixt lllit y-rt.l t irr run v:ur
I'rif t'tx tr.il ittihitt f:lito Luh.
M) wr: 7 A A wi: cam
II. -V-th." '.:!., ' .1 ..II ; K-
TJ .-lfl.t M IM I. III. ii-vl. 'N. tr-.oN
1 w w !.i i.f Aii. i;hi--., 4
I W i 'i : ." ! I '!' 1 .1 1 ;. -i - !..
,11 i' . .
! : Ht't ! f: W n-. .''j.
A'.-..; f-'ii .'. !:!t tf r i.V.
. .. il.i T-.- Ii 4'.! I v . i!k ' I I "K
1AI ,":hl K. il
Mir Artt lroraimiK'.
i.'is M)i.ii rbinf.v ioucah. :;:.'.-i
i.hl vTH; INI! (. T.MKN7S o ( t;! HUYKI'. to
i j r i ft ai j),.- 'I'.is. Irjr'' th.t;i tln-y ir .m'r f.
L. RYCE & üüN.
Wall Paper Sale !
' lOeWall l'iO -l kein-ed iu i'rn"e t-
ii . hi.
" vhl at 40C
Kir..'o!.J i'.i.ri M .KtitCM-
. . .
( bir olije. t it, n.akitig tLe-e a-tnnihtr.giy
lv Triif i- t l'loe tZnt this Sock
Canton IVSattinga
Curtain Drapery,
MtoMxr M itrtristin iiotnln
During. lull :ilid AugUt, to ill-Hie ., Srilq
S.ilr !
V Mt f Mit M. O T !
i in
tii v.nj Mt 1: m:i.nti:d
r)U,UUU LWtN.S- Verv 1 h h p
nnn akd o lay i.lla am
j ii j VAUDS I'LAIN t'Ol. 1: D
).rrf l'ri.t p ,1-et-e and Ti-nes.
- t'Aii-LOAl.-. i.Y I'itlN I S.
f) l'r.n-uall v 'Loup.
t) CAlO LOAD.. uP LAD11N
W rjtil Mi--e. Het Steel II.mi.i
1 1 1 iuu ' pa:asoi3 and m n
I r, IV 1 7 W1I ADPS Piom V.c to .
Einlnviidcrips and hurs !
;i.oviin .imi nosn:iti :
Ms i ii rti MMtw tt tlhri'flt irtii.
v;iri; and phintkd
Lin n Drill for Pants
I'll I T AI e tj.i'.ii '
Citnt'a Mrck Tu, Pnp.i Coll&u and
'; in 1 1, l .(
Summer Clothu and C.xiinciCH
I.IVtill' -'iHl O
HtimiiK r Vrf iim. !
BOOtM 3 tiilOOM !
0- l r Mr M h Tiir ii.irr -
1 ! v IIS M .m ' rcH. r..t:. 4'. av t. N.eth f ta
r. NiPii.p.T
' t e t
ini. n 's
-' -" r
; e n
r -'
vi L.f
Kl.i '
frfarr TaMnju ' AfirrTaiii.;.
1 l.lr lir iii A fe Ii I 1 1 m 1J
UiMl Tver rKrn !
rM!K niiUSA.M)S uo, i!.,
inf i r t ttrrsy ?1tlT i. a nilr fen h.!i
- Twn4f V rt-n.w!-. a;nt ISVITk'R tTV"! ,
JtreJ i 1 I r ' 11 . jii'.fkirii m-i
iWUIiri- wi. r - h4 '.A .-i.r
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