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The daily Wabash express. (Terre-Haute, Ind.) 1857-1867, October 15, 1861, Image 2

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rnir r ill v T?VT)DT?CC Report of Ike x'saiuattieo upoan IMan
lllEi UAlLl CjAlliüiOO. I lor Ihr ttil.tixrt )i.i.Un f
, Vlco fount t
-r , 1 ' " Tm Committee ftj'U.trtl t cocwJcr ao-l
äEJ H. jriü- ü .A. "CJ T t jjr upon a jlan lor tUc MUiury rsiniia.-
tiou f iL Countr of Vi'O. hTe ü'sciurfMi
TCF.SPAY. . OCTOItEK Ii. ll ' lhÄt jutT,at.d aubmit th following report;
. j
About iifteen xeari o
f!tr?jinea ugCled the
ych'cal Alliance, the object
brir together I rotestatiti cl lu-uence .r ;
llcarU of th worll. aud cUIl wit'.'"'
i . i.. ..uli trlt ( if
juiiii'.': " " n r - .
M.f nf
, , , i, , ,.n.
the ud.ucenjft .f t.r cause m rr-.r . (t
cLritiij.'.t, ns.d the penetA ,jt tf : tl
ti .nft-ific li4e al.-e-dy
" i' J. " ' - "
UeaU! !; the IM in I-J m in I 1
r-Or.u alo In Ixr.dor. dur:n t.ir Cr :i
I iutm! KvhiLit''U in l'' ; m
C ;., 1-: an J th Curth Ja iW-rlln in
r.n in . - -r
,t the vcul rc.uct o. the U K . , ,
uf l'ru-' i, Krf lfrieL Wil!im H . 1 f.e uIlJ
- . h ,.l i cMloa vi the c!atrt c:t
A t.r.-v., ia r4xcx.-. t-re t.e i ,
ierof Jn T .IriV f M,ifnc wfr,? , e,,nI J
dcW of the "refwiuit-J uviUin?" which ,
' '-lit ia citradntlnctior to the teach- j
s. ,fa.rnri- i
.-ot uatr.er. urrr , -v..--fr -. it
au-i- ia urhauks.cmiusS8U-u j1 t
i i lijl iti tta tiiJO- i
s Itmaüon. .inc. iu be,
I , ia -
r.ir. - It U cil'.td, on thi acr u:it, the - Vrot
' .
enunt Uornr" and it U eny to trace writ the
.t of rrformfl d.xtrlce-t h.cü hare
bee", ur.zht there, up-m the f-ith of the I
churV, of Shetland Kr.nc. Holland. !
l-.,tof.:..,r,forme.l d.xtrice, .b.cl L.t.
.n.i r 1 th L'nitc 1 Statri.
1 l.'it'.Cr La been in thehaVt Wj.en a Cosp-Vv hi!l be tltü frne-I. - ;
,. i44..,;.l fn.m'lM .ft!,nimbn dull be forfar-!! t. !
ol ..tu:,;:,.- th-ie inrtuu ar-l from , i Gexirral, who bcinS ati,hed of
v..:. or ;nu!.or thirteen hunlrd. i .j. ,h, u,ue n orJ , ihe j
fit thm hit e btt n .
,i,.o-.-.rth. mo tiNliriruii.he.1 luca ui the , i.I.ce of election. He hall aU 5.u:t j Jr Ln.-tn....e,;t not to CTti-ecd three day
tuo.i.r,t t.if ml ui uni,ui ir ,-r.i, l rr. tj recrire ac J -a each ae.tr, l-r the p4iiic troops, wbn ap-
relijv. w-irt-i. ,.v! hue tepretet a.. -; - ..r the company proa eJ by the (pernor.
th. l'rotrU .it den mination. ar.l. o! co-xrse, Ärrire. A raaioritr of the i h"M romnany. bittl.on :xh1 rexux
raera rroie-t im riyi.w. -
.a j,r.:-re at the lut date from ('eneva.
therr a er a large number of pcrvmin at
tend an -from all the I'rvUsUnt nation oa
the fa'-r. of the plobe." more than a thousand
um- ha.ng been reiter-l. It U aii
that it surpaei the fourth meeting in aum
ber m. i interest at far a that Mirpaei nl. t -rjj0 ceri (f eleote-l bv each tuia
iho t re ei;,i " onn. Beide the root Im- j u, are :a Cjij t.n. ;i Fnt Lieutenant, a
tii:'-tii'..ed Div'uue frora all the couutilet of
Europe. feveral from tbe Unit! Mte.
-i. l.r.M. U!-ratinn of lavmej. amount
.iar n ' -- . "
- -r.u. ..i'ii.. v:r
mwmarceuiiur ..w..- .
, ,i I
ol i'ru nt, aci tue rnry u-unr..ur i W4V '
I . ,-: lI1..1 Tl. ir.., 4I1' 4if .
a t . .. '4 I1DIKII I. - , . - - ;
f.tch .t." t"Cmbl.Tp co-M 1 it b- - therv. i.-e
r!i..i. w r.rc.tin- and. in the hl?;het decree,
l.T.:orl.ht to the ehitin world, fr th ienti-
rn-r.anJ oplcion. moulded by it ir.üuence(
r' tliiseminatel thronphout the world, and
catrT r.Ung with them a weight of authority
hivl-Tone i snßiclent to 5e?ure them the
nn -ii -a of many thouaad mitU.
Ofcouiac we cannoi in au artkle of thi
kind refer even to the many Important eub
jeoN dlsmwevl, tior U the aaaie of the dt-t.
tia ui.h.cd i.icn v. hrthave participated la their
ü -i.-il n. We mat. theiefori, be content
uith a reference only fa that pr.jl ofthepro
ce ilins iüch hi waf practical lieariog
uionthe prent coo-tition of atTiira in the
Ini.ed Sute.
Itv ?pe?tal reif't, lyR It ux deli-re.l a
diouf'e on the HiVorr of the Settlement of
;;. Enilanl. ind the Southern States,
t-etfin il9 Culoaitf of Jame Kit er and
M aj.tcinMtt H ay typical of all the oth
er. Thoe who have any u!ea of lh tatil
.n .md cmiixeace of Ir. Hvttn, need n?t be
!! I that he would dip!ay preat ability in
t;.e d'.-UiX.ou of uc!i x ubject. Ax the an-th-.r
.f KcIti"H in America" he hax al
i e.-xdr ühona a rate familiarity with our hitto
ry. civil a wr'.l it eccle-tiaatical. He refer-
1 to tired tf-'mce In rclitriou intitution.
, -ricter uu.M't", .c. between the early
fiv.r.vr .vad rmt.i. a UtjP eioun-ia- ,
ti- :.r "th-i bitter tntt-n'tire between the j
..:.:.! a.; .in-: t.'e rude. lid enot -eem I
, . , , .-ri,-tl f 1
t tt be car-dercd 'tw , a an f.,! o ;
.I m-.t'. b.r the ro- o th.t U ei.r-le.1 m all j
the on'T.ir., .-r.d there wa a mue general j
wi-h ht the South thatit x!k.uI1 be aiolißc 1 i
thr.n the .'-irth. 2at he regard it a Ir- j
tic . I
1 a..' it the tM.'Td. ! our prr-n um. .
. u'.tr, 1. ;;. e t h teea -vi I. widnteti '
..1 .-..-:.. . ilm.iiihni in '
. ir-. tr.a,(.li,
I U: (...aentment. Hen-, he tracl .h I.i-
iary fr n the Ormathat of the (Vavliiution ,
the atiou aiUtio:.-of it, t j
o !i . .i"
' .i-eo-rtt' e hw that, br crimina-
" ' " '" ' . , ;
u t. -el re.-tim.o.t.oa l.. rclerence I. it. t.se
t'!- .i- i- -d th-? o-th . 1 'Uth had been
,tr.. i v'.ti.h ta the cm mi of the pre !
, . ... 1 .1. .. 4-.
tr " ni.im .. .e ..
ii.i.t o.uM uidertaVe to ;t down .atcra,
e en if it -!.'vreo 11 '! , oeV'au-e 11 n:,4 !. it
n.. aer .nr thi Constitution. The ef-
' .
t.t: tod.-..r..t. ,P .. anp.r;,an. o-rey
;he C:
Ith. "now timet, '
u. 1
Ui et Lie
v.t hi-:, " ca-ie the loofthe fjur
.Kvele.V. 'S-t II I.aal t.. the Cmon.
t.ddiv-de tVe North whc. 1 :m. -u;-o,t.
... . 1
I O n,'!M.,Pl.UrOft.ii..pi: nnin
. , ,.,,. ..1 . , .
J 1,.'. . 'i'.M.r... o. "l -li i-ll te-J t il I i.e
l- 'I ihi I h . at ,n
tc j.'..ia:4 the j.iiht, -eetonent rf Kur-; .
. 1. a ti.tf i.i i' l! e t : 1 in . ..r'd rw . r .
.'..ie. - ' i --t I tt-e t be t et-r ..!.
r I i 1 t ti - . u I'
t. r ,n ite tht tb
err t lr-' ' ' ' '' ' -''t'n'i! ie a
tU- '.'..a-e,-.' Vio rV4ri;l h .e
,-i,rr 'he-. " I - t :r -r. i,t
I..r.. . '"I
."..'"!" ' ' -.. i I ;
. A .. - f i Jid li e ;.ri-
t . -) . . ,.: i. !ermaet.t Al th
I ni -, )
i-..e t .'n-i ' f l.uMj1 .oe
t t . f.e ..- 1 . .t th- xntfiontr o;
.1 ... .!.
a .
... ...... .. I. niiu; i: r 1 .4l. 4ii in.
-d . 1 1 .. ie'.!!: n. h
Ul.. Iii- i-l. f'l.Tt t'll- t
i a . v
) ' . 1
S!. W
t "
il-'l 4 !.,' l I
. il
.At. .... I .
... ,. -
1 ! ' Si ii ineo .ti el he 1 fctTay
. .".'-I. .'Ih- Ha .!.. ft lUn,l
f '" ' ' . . .
a " e . .. i
.. ,--'f ! ' n et?.e " i I th-;e
f t.co.- i.i wa tK-. S. ti
' ' - 1.1 - .1 " . f
-f the ' - a" i-t er.i. t
..tr. .tat . -bttl '
. ft.tu-o iiilto '.KV Si ...-..." I '
Sorb "1 h"! ,ef..r the Herolution." t are to re .ap..i.te.i vr the 1 .. .. r - ; co-tu e-tor: ,e niifiein ttlv rno'.e to caa0 , tkon iV.ti.-
x.,i a.inr. u renlue-! it iah u.t ba io. n - .,T t , ... ...:.t s-.r.'. Mi; r. , t;-.,- , m-ns.tft .'ihe. Wit", thi-a lew thev lC- r.v ,a, i.l
1 'j-ti:..'. 1 tai.ni'e .II the c!oa:e. He , tcrra..-ter cr.-e.;:.t. .t-t ? Vor Hert-r. , coi.tn.e: '. that -o'ne (titab per.-n I Ktwar.U Ki.j-di 2
A'r'-itc the rr i.t""-V.-n of thee prej'tdice j A M..j.r :ta:i be r!?rt-1 by the ti.e;: : . -hill be . 1 v.l. e duty it hil! ,c to ' jjf..",!,
t'...:-. ,ene of th- cer.tral coiWe and ' rerimet.t. and h?eh... ;'pp.nt one fer -rir;- the m me-t npe:lj before th- eopis i il t-u u M -
, , . ' 'n 1 1 i"t .1 AibuViüt a::i !'. n:i:er. :ir.d I - ti.e .in tv, i-i t'ie mo ie ri:-t an;iruiriato ! t:rrrpi.i
the .en o.r. ):trjv.:i uia;er cx-itr-i oy in ; another t a't a t;-.att mater rrl ( ' : t ) - are t!.e oi.-ec:. K r ir in:-I:i!e opera
11 . -.ii ..nt)'N'r of (ret i.rit.a, wlne.i wa. 1 4j,;Hirx if t.e'ev'tr teouirc if. 1 - nnv t f". am uz t the .1 ",- m' Terre H inte
The. at for the orxr.ixtion an 1 re-ula
,off ,Wn rfv fire. ho onU fhiU e
f--.Liil ,,1 muitwtJ ii;to iL Serrire.
. : . f v. - I . 1 kl
. .
T o .SWBfjf Mi Lt l Cunndi of l thvp
r- suNjfct to bear ariu uuJer the
4,litulion 0f th Sutr. who do net belou,-
t. Artive Militia. The Constitution
,k( th Militia of the htate cou-Ut of all
, . . .i . r
fi.ll iSlJ Uy-rr. cept ch a mav
y ex,rn.,ltx 1T 'the iAWS c.f tilC Tnitc 1
sute, or ti the SUte llei.tr, 11 t'..e j-cr
within the-e 3K-. !ki d i..t U-wne
of the Actire. will eonMimtc the
srarv x,;,;.
T!:e nrjui-titlon. urler th itir. U .
h d-7ti t tc rolnnury. Wheuevrmuv
f theoaehei a o!u
tter tnihtxrr wxufwn or comitiy. thf
shaU te j.j, Auditor of the f-ro;r
Cour.ty. a copy af thrir arttc! or n.-ocutton
or 'teetnenl to tuat eöeit, rr.d r-cosifinT
milh an un.iert.,kir; or Uat.d. ith Muiity
to the KutM.irtion of the Auditor, that cuh !
meu.her of the a..ociat.on or comaauT j
uulforxu hxo-elf. ithin i three la.J.tU. After
l. lt.. . ru ... rim irk
lrrOCi... , a UTIULtr I i- -', 4-.....-
h"TC, that the Adjutant General of the
oa t c .lst of vjeterabcr, lfcfil.
i'uel an on'e
u.urtnin- of Ct
Wwi ,a oh!?7 to thc eJect that the ,
l ornpjir.ie win or w.im-1 un i
nihed with atui. Thi- or- '
P ;.U.,,d Mir.uiLt to au:l.jritv urax.tcl ,
I.'.i. - ..vi, '
Tt te cat, U neceirT to an election: und
4-',-i:..r, r.n t.e hid. nn'.e bv two IMtu
ofthecompanr aote. Whca Iii? . oinpu.v ,
i. metered into the ertice. each member !
of it hall Like the oth cf a!:ei i;CC pie ,
i i. tt ., in ti e IVite 1 State-, and I
the Sttte of Indiana. Tbe Adjutant C.ct.rr
election, h ill ivae I
1. oesns nonncu 01 mo
commiioi. to the oCicer eVcted
Secor.-I Lieuteuatit. mi Orderly Seipeant,
f-ur Sergeant, cnJ acomrany Clert. An!
ea a com.wiiT iau C)j..sa 01 not, u--" i.uti ;
th". two r.ur mote than OLtf h und re 1 pn-
I" - " - " "
l.eoiiu ii.'" . ':ii:""t. i'i.iwi iiiu.i, n.r- i
-. tt e ;
I !- ;
y-i- , r.iv:.:I r . th v.t;-,.
I . .. r I. i- i. v.l.... .1,. ..i iv ii ?!iiv I i i ii 14 .. i iri'u -ii..i. . I -
eotne ArterK w , v. ,, .!,,; Com nmr. m Cotmamaer in Ch ,ef. posee TJKMIMXr, in the Po!
idea of n Kan- , SMfnUr ud Aeliae. . . , the t,rr I j .order the AcMe Militia kjfO-J ; 11- AITK. MNA.
..r (- i 1 to l i,e ir-rire .Mil tt-i t to co-i-:i oi .it; ao.e- ". ' m -
' . i- it-. - l . i .u. I1, n'.inlifi r.f l!a (Vmia'.)I lu ' nnM Dfl- 1 7j . .1 '
The hvde body of the Active Militia of I tiM of the rrviec. and tb Corcr.dttee will.
the S:ate hall be .tried the Indiana Lci. J t!:r:efort-, My, thcra-elv to the prarti
whk h. in in complete orpauirat'.cn. is oj.i- j c-l ,,u.ti m re.'Vrro 1 to them.
idered a a s'.ngl armr corp. comrvxol of
DiTiaioaa. Brigade, Regiment?, (Jitiilion
and Companies, and th general, field. :md
staff cßrrr.
Fotir companies shall constitute a btt-
Lalion. !
Thrrc batulion hall fontit-te a rr-z'x-
Thr r.rirtieüt rha'd co:i"tita :i bti
t ' . ... . ....
Three brira-ie -hall cot.
stitute a di :-toP. I
The oracere, beidea th company n;S?er-
ar antKjinted m loüow.:
The T.overuor hall appoint n aIjor lim J
er?.l for etch division, a Hriudier Gexurtl ;
for each brigade, and a Colonel and Lieuten
ant Colonel for earh regiment.
That-itTofa division ah ill conNtofa
Uiriiioii Iric.tor, who ?hall act a uu A
a'. taul Adjutant tex;eral; a tuartermaster, a
Payrtuter, a S irpeon. ami a Judsre Advo
cate, each with the r ink of Lieutenant Colo
nel, all of whom are to be appointed by the
Major (ier.eral of the ditision. He h all a!
0 ipp)iiit two Aid de enmp, with the rank
of Mjor, and four talTSergdacL.
ThealitTof brigade sh.il! coniL of a
Briga!e Inspector, who act ta Axtar.t Ad
jutnt (.Ier.eral, a Quartrrmiter. a I'ayma
lar. a Surj;e)nand a Judj;e AdvtH-.tie, each
with the rank of Major, ali of hjm are to
be appointed b th Itricadier General. He
hall a lxo be entiled to one Aid de camp.
ith the rank of Captain, on I -hill appoint j
four t.xrt" Surpeon. ,
The reimer tal '.IT i Ii i.:.i-t of mm I
i Adjutant. ItertrH M il t-i trtein.'-ier, a '
p4, m,,.rr. . S.trce ..1 an-1 u Jud-e Adv..
cate, ea-h e ith the ntik of Maaten tt.t. nil r.-f '
a.:L.c ..!! the !!! t. one in-hvi.hii! U .
oiT aI- .'it-iiiil lo lfu c.'nir:i.si n'.i oi- j
non rorr,:i;;i4;,,r.M .,,,, ,
ltAlu;;on ..j ,n -r.tsr.t Sureo:,. the I
r.: k of l"irt Ientemnt
A fund ba been ere ited by loan I -r :!ie
Kt of the n. l.tary orr .'nation . f tl e
Mat. It h lea.ed ar.d c d:tej r. ct!ier
UlM 3f. Ler u ae,.i in V;
eo-.i.ta . ..r the j rt-aCr.t vc- .r. l.".0 ii ol j
-h:th -uia -t mtv be aume J thete ;:!,
il." collected. O..r-fotirih.f.r ft 1 .0 ..f
, ;
Lt to r ,:rAaft m the wartaM of the Cm
to oder in Chief. vwhoithe ( J o ern tr,) to '
t"ay the .ilti. of the Adj ta:;t C.ca-ral at. I
the ('ni'-r miter (Irrer! a:.d the r iene '
Hrirade IViBirn:eM.'. ..: .! 1
I,r?de Court M ttt'.al ar.d oti.er i; rider.: ; i
e;--.iei. 1 be rem lit.in . rhiee fourth. rr !
ill-", ot thi futid. re into the ree.eral I
MJi.jrf Kurd of the Stfe. f, be ! Vri'mte 1.
,, tie amwnt colleael fron C.e 1!.,, i
r-.u. c rr ri:a am n ia e iv u-.' e
,h,C. -'n artsae Mil ti. in pt-.-..r! ., t , '
'tbe I .n'.e,-jn euhcou-s?v. To eu-. '
, t jj.tta ,.f ......
ret no h .re of ihn ditri!. .i'.in T - r ......... ;
d.tribut.l i t-a be p-ard to the Cunt Tie.-"
urer. who Ii d nre d xa f .;t..,va-
tiff I .ie I jarth ot 'o 'c :
a t.fthe C.d u.;, uf tr.e re. j.: - ,
mer t of 1 he ,x-'.u 1 1 a pene 1 I he iu . r r 1
rn ier lienera! of the reme:.tv of rre-er
T.r- the pnbtic arm, and of th He -i.T.etita! '
. ... .
or f.itf.HM. drii1. pir..!e 'mm-n.iii
con- a nautiai
X-nv Ti.e rem t't !e '.; ? - .:S';
i e u ' r
'e.1 '1 ti.e Cviwre. i.f tV i ,i
urr;-, 'Pi - ; I' e e-rfrir..;.:
i t ..r.. .-, i.-i r i c '.i
l e v : .--e- of e..ti.lf. .,;,
r.ur I, J, i .f i r,i r'e ;. r I
cor- e ': "--li 4r;d rvi'e.,' .1,
Ke -. I . . . .
: r ! . . .: S J ,
tute a e - .; J .-, r, i,.. .
I 14 J ." 'l
', , ,-j
I'ir.ivn iitil,!, , . l .j,,,, j
by tb-V -.j,. ... Cr.A fr
' . . ,!:.! u,fr t . e r i : . ; t - - S - , .
' . ' t.4
ip-n a r.-, . t....a .t-.rt :.a,
eerei'e ....... 1 1 .
. - . . r
ft , , , - - ...
iii. . ; e-. e -rt c .i4rre 1 h. e A - t t
of ate t , .1 . . u-''f i; m h:. ,r . '
- irr
i e e M...t:a. t.e.j tr. ---t i
i i i i'n rder f'i th.
e '!. C o,;.i !... r l4 i" ', f '
lie cue, ,,, b 0f peie. 1 f tr t et t 1 a
31! V tr 't'nie r.f K.'.'f'-.- '..-ir 1 1
ilr ,K i,:,i. :'i t'nre of m r .. .
1. . . . .4 . .V .
int !iii;;'U.f ,i ivei.fi.el a.;:!,,!
a.- -n. r t Se-e 1 n,ir reet . rr ?- s; ,
e-e- whe-. , f, . e; i:.. m. : . r-, e
Je; tr-n r; . rj ; j
iari .. 1 tt . 1
r v.a .:' re o'.'t't Sti'e. A" .
r -a ' r e-Xfee r.f rS-Ak r--iA. f.r ...
.- .t' .1...... .. I
jeM r-. ir. t a.".. . !
t. . ,r V7 'I. . '.' ' fV', '
... the rar 1 f the Ccted Stiu-s. ,., .
r,,..) f.t,t oa tha (.er.--r i-,t pee -
. r'e rae of it.truetr.-.0, t l !t t- p.
cjh0!.ulu:: and ui eao oi rar, v.mu u
hallcrae. No punishr.ien;, ha ever, r hall
cxwii 1 eo far in time of peacas as the taking
Iii ün:e ot r th milhu Kbatbe entill J . j
pax at the nie rate, in all repect. a 1
rorrefpo!idin -radex mar, at the time.
iTri.iit.ui iM.ii.i . .
th- f-.-er.-aot n.umiljr-'um a. the
mtii'.(.f reif.,,? üji &dancii2 ny dc
ri;ii - tu in k .n! th St.il1. aiid hfre t! e
i i i .... i . i :r i . i- . .
r1'" I'MHiifrtM ii .'
4 I
' T. - . . .- ....... uhtlhap ,
u- t. In -f tue ei-tinj rtl-ellioa : Ayw, ltib j
r-lr1' "'n ..fth.r..:tMH.atej:- : l'"
tuVy, t'n ri Kvjtiv .!!, nit 1 iJ fliouhl he- lUrutt Srlt J
couie i. c".r . In th" o; ini n of the iVro I titt.o Si-Bah
udcr u Ch:. t , or J,- tU frt. of the ZZ'Zui
rrtver.! t!to r.t ..f of r.t.u. illo, ii wuld r-1.... u
be iuij.ifr.tlv r -i r cU M for him t . -'irort. ; 1
Or if tl. citv of i;.u:,d!e w.-ir alout t be ; lia u"r',L
at'. r kr i br the rshV.i. it ou'.J he cuiu; j i rw; j, !rJr
tor.t for f . or It r l'-' l.e.T ' t tlotcti i it. l ;tvu Uori.V
fur ti.U v -j..!.. t, ..-. :,- ii. .irfor.eo t ladi- , H.-ktr Mrj
atit, i: U:tu (t:tn:,!v lC-t m -de or . B;rUl!erJii?r
j rot-'.::. Nt- Albtov ... I JeUvriuiiTille, j ikumih YUt
tii o'i vent L.iu'.ni: lim "in ir tk-n lKKi (.'rtcr IJi 3
or I t tjt.'Ic e:ieuv. Vor u t other ,
. i i i I i , , i t
purp:' tii tin-.. 1 trip ,Cin beOliMe-l j
bfV' r:-! t';f '.itt.
():!;,(.; .r- ic.iu-.fd t i stt? thit thfir coxa- !
:.re a ell driüe 1. ar;d are tbemu-Ue
In Me t be u.-ini93e l by a sentence of a court .
. I
mart. 1 for .cjncitT . m cajc they f .l
(iUahfv tii:n.fh e. Thev fhall orlr idC-
ceM'dri!; ;iud -c'uomh of iimtriftion, anJ
either 'rir.to:id the infrtirtin or procure
:? to . ' !
v .-v i v .. . i..- j., ,
für lime iuet-li t-ir. at. 1 h ill !iav. not :
le - s ttrdn nip my dni! ecri rrir.
('omni m !cr oi b it:thor. r.!) J rerr'm'-nt.
W:omi thrir romm u.U. or any considerable .
portion t lh:n. ie in the Miae COUtity.miJ
Uatouot K-m than Mre, latftlioa dnlU in
-ar! e ar. , j
4-umiuanuet iui or-
may n.hjp: c:i,t,tut..n nul br-lawa tor in
on - non.niriii. fuii er i to appiotai uy uie
(l.iv en.or, rtxid may cvliect all fine impoied j
upon it ueaihen by rnoehn-i betöre a
.1 ue ot the iVare.
lb' i lv th. iIl!n of the Lecioxi into the
iM - t - a.veoi tue Mate t.y ti.e t.ovcrnor, as .
Kuium t;. .er :ii I a er, me .adia militia may
f ilie 1 out to uppre any tunult, ri t,
m)h, c , in auv c.tv, t'jwn an I couiity. rT
.1 i. i
oruer et tue jvcrnor. or t:ie tiaor 01 11
r , . j
c.tv, or .1 r-'iui f f re'-oi I. or a ind-re. 01 ta
SheriiY or h' hvn:y. uri-b r the io-tri -tii. in
ot the law. ,
A l!i wrr iroa i.-n.- l ti: U ie
11. t . .1 ...
all tn it n i tie to tue oratio .r.oii . 1
4.-, I ,h ..-iiv.. mitltJ-. it i not ;
fru uui;cui in ciivf mioiia. it m ;ioi (
de-.'niel r.erc'strr to refer toothei which ;
concern nore 'lro?t!v tlie ft.'mlr.istrativc tlu- i
v. .-.w ....... . - i
It i ta;'-e l tint unv loval titirn j
. .... rr,. , ;
rjt'ii'ti nn.iM'io t irnt'iiiuii. a tie oniy
iuestj.:i,tberifore, to bo considered is.wheth
er thcrf i- -ji-h d inner ol invasion asrende."
it ncee-i.a! v to.t the itiaen of the State
houM j ut thein-civci in readim-4 to de feud
ajraiu-.t it. We know that there is an infu
riate.' and i:rr riii- le-l enemy now in Kea
'tf. ky au I j:r.t-Juil! apj-roachtn. our bar-
!l .1. - . A
ue., inreaienir.p, ;t- it t:oe so, ia uesiraj
cur ntie an 1 deo!ate our field. We hope
tlie tro'-i now ir the field ajninst thee reb-
e!-, ;tt.d fiirh other :a j to their aid, miy
b-i M.ni:ie :t to npei a;i pun'uh them, but
tliev vou v be. In thia event, there is no
th'xi? more ext.ii t in the future, than that we
will in datie r of itnasion. It i nuni
fe.'tly cur duty, therefore, to prejure
lor the p"ih"l.ty of uc! an event by
an irr.rne b i'e :niutry rj;an:zatio;i, which
-h all he, it once, th ootiIi, complete and ef
ft .vi re. Thm v. e -hall oe ready w hri called
Tkisi the i.ne -!" t'.te rotintv of Vi -o for
1 ?'.), a the b.ii nf computation, an I mak-
inr a fair dedu.-t'.on for i!i number of o!- I
liters from toe vom't i-v in tiic arutr of tlie 1
l. mted ?-'ate. it may be r.u:ne.l that there ;
are now in the county, ..OW person between t
the ae of eighteen slid forty-five, anbjaet ,
to niiit irv di.'v. TI e-e, if thev wie nil in '
, ,- . ., . ' . . t
erviee, vo :,.l eo.tiibate ttrt le-ini'Mi'- ;.n 1 !
two thirl of a ihi;a! A the n hu!e nam '
be; . h awever. i .ukvjI be eipe fed to volua- 1
teer, it i? b"'.ieve 1 th it , if the Toper pain
nre tikcu. t Jett out reriment nay be
f-'rrnt-1 it! :. in;.!, i'.ijü.-ultv. An I the
Vrm.,t:. - ,r. -. 3 . : r r 1 -; a I th .t :'tire .md clh
t i s-ietel tint r.il wlu nie within the
pr" -r . h til tiri.a tiin?e!i t into Cum-
r.,.,;f, o; ,.nce, nnicr the hw,
'.M J r. -ee i t rtatte their or.niz itior.x. pre-
I xnniry to the f .imti.oi of rp-im nt, bri-
1' lea .1 !, 1 toti-. a !
V f hum -r -f injniher ofr tt-n in tbe
Co'in'v -n .ut? ;.;. n tSe ne of fortv five
yetrv.i;. !. r (., jurjtjr, are etcia del from
the c;-er it:on ot the m iitarv law. But
they are .1 deeply iun e I in the rl.are.
pr o.per,ty .an J ;e ire of the Sute ax !ie
r!l , ar. f, r ,n..:.u.e Br.f,vJ
M ' . ' ' v rfJti ty lijt;id be alforJo 1 of i
exY ;.; :o--
;: 1 ji 'r; tirn by j ,
u:.ttry r tr.le.u.r. :n m aey. t de.'r.v 1
I e 1 ri" irv eipne of th . m litioa !
It i .i,.pa..'.l th ,t there nre f ,ue w 0 ., m . r !
"'' 'b-r ia the -erviee. and wh ,
u . th'M .). form the tnoIvo. Wh
miy h ,
here auch J
U kt:on;i to b.' the C-e. a fund t hire ! Mt the
1 ,!,- , ,,r;P, t which ther
tn .-at b' ;, eiM be .-.,.r orlate.! f r th.t
i" -"-. n on o ie very xea ra
b'e th .t the 1 C, .:! I le ne-Vel a rhep
'ire it r.r-, . f ierre Haute, iifü
I uv-e t . !.e ii-r 1 .a x am, ut. here !
th e ..r:-n r- 1 ,! I bt dr. Je I at redi'ar r 4. i
- th - .V. -et it ia re. omme..
'h-t - - nb'.. : ,b.rof Jrxor-x benp j
r ro-.'.- 1 rere.ve r nt rd.a'ionx j
tr m v." o V . -!,! n -. br,rn. nf;n. ;
. .
'.: l t e :. ; e 1,1.1. t
A - - rn e i.e,-. . r 1. . ;jre the efti
er, tlnii t.j of the ft..,-, ,t m an -e-te I
.t . . 1 - T 11
,4,t ' I. :-,. e n.e;, o. I erte H iue j
1 ' he,4- .u;r;ri
n! i.m i i-k m liie alieino.n. rxm, n
't.? n in rr'i cr'i, iti or-Ier tint I
e mo iura o;ri ier-.t :m- id
...... a. ... th-. . f .! '
11 1. 1 i 'iiif'i.ii ..;.
I ! r
t' - '
1 1 ,
n," r
M'; r
Ut .''--!. lilt tfTft a.f.ii.V I. be1
I oe : - e e of the o ,Vf of i, t h Pf '
re, t ., i.-"r.." 'e t t t v "-rai! r t! n. n
h ' ; lo . . . he I'd' deeto o J.et.
. t ; r- .e i i ..-r .r I '! e . , , ; ,!, .
. . . o .' Ilm I kiKiI.I" i!m l.oai I
'r I .I d i Xo ! M,b it fM,
, - ,-'r .. d.frar l'e t, '
' .'.';- ' r.o i
lli'.fJ. Tint '1 I'l' ti 'i, the
' 4 Oi r ! Ifir IIil'i I..- ir, -.inlhl I., 4-h.4
the r . f !- e. a tier ! "horjravM-
i.o h rii at r.' t 'f!a.k in f1!"
'. Ie.a', ta.iJoi iu each '..
1 ' 'rn'. e the t; itir- ( '.tnpat.'e in t':e ear
f. : 4 ffe. t i' msoIi e in no..af a dri I
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o, re.-- tf..! iV..fTi tie I
!: W. THOVION. l I
r. it Ai.i.KV. s c
O'.i intliee
i ll (a.) ,i,,er. at.ni.a . T .
, 1 n ' "V. t
: ' 1 .'IIMatr ',i,
.xli'l tr.tVr.r.,
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i,,-JJ jw par Jy, ,Ae lf.mt
i Paxr Hurt
Circulation !
m siaw'ar tirx w wrwvirMiai
ji.m wr lair. m. ji uuh
orna: at tkkkk.
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stpphrnn Mary J
et-mera Clri
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sJ.trtuaj t.ui
Sterling Mary I
.Steven MartL
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s;in r Savll!
coit Carolin t
itner Fauai
Story Alma
;ro ig Anna
Hbwmakr L'.li-ti
Scott KM-rrl
Scott Sarah J ate
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"niith Adeline
.Smith Cbatioll
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invrayk Mary
Vt.) j Marv Ann
Watson Mary K
WUbard Li4
W'lliiami Minerva
VS t!limoo Marth
Wiliuouth Eitz
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Clark Atnt.J
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tlolrar Mary
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jtinvn AnKlV
jene Manu
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Jmir.t AtiR
John-. n At n
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Whitney ilary
White Martha
Young Mary -
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t v n i i a Vie 1 it?T
Ali A(il!lw
Aodra lvUt
AcWhuiire J:i(.
Am .timitii
Iuog Beur
Lyou Peter
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f.u-tlaotn tie-.
Mariicks Aiuoa
Mxltews David
Macklyo lluauer
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Mee Joel A
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McKenney (ieo
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atcKinii Jno
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McMaban !wl
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McNabb David
NVflT .Samuel
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Farka Ceo av
Prater Alx
Perry llorrsce K
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Parker Jame
Fain X ar1n
Falnier Cyru.
tVarman ItaviU
Fain Mark
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Fattcroa Mr
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fulllips Jr.o
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1'ouuili Ferr)
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Kay Wallace
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Kapp Mr
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Hlack Natlianir-I
baker tieo 11
l'rah-r Tli 11
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r.ra-ditT hot. rl .
I'.Unctvar.t Josr-j b '
Flair T U
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Backstein Cail
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Black Jusi.Ui
Berlar. S
BenberRer T 1
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Boyel Calbert-on
Bal'tworth Frt
Block-on J J
Hulger F
Butler Jfs !
Burnham A M
Calvert Inaac
CLpln L 1'
CariHin Too
l'ae WiKln.o
Clark Win
C 1 y James
Cse-ly Wra I
Clane Juo
Ch-ak Samurl
Ckriiity Dav.U
Coltrin Alonxa
Cooper Marshal!
J!ptn Benjan
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Chuicb O-car U'J
Cutter K rank
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humpv va a,. an,
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I riiie Mid PopUr Lmaber, Shingle,
Laths, 6c,
t.1 At t: W.aI tatf aawk ? a4aae4 ta.aa
- tarJ tai f 3r ry, Lafaeett. rtr.at, arah
Ca-at. Terr, lit-:, lad
ar Ailr .tW.4 f. fr
1 ifiiirTi.i ixa
Bry Goodn! Dry Qoodo!
AT 'l "UK Ol.ll l'HH.'Krt !
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' n o o :f si
ril ItiPLhi.
i.l'WIIiü i
woui-KN oorroN ri.A.NNia.,
Brown 4
j Stich V Table Lilien, Tovvlinj;s, Irmh Lin
rn. SLirtltoaom nd Collar.
Su i o r Black: und Hin Clothd,
Super Hluck and Ilu Oisimtire
I'luh, Velvet olid f.reiiHdaje
V 1 B T J IS ts .
WvuUn I'ndtf Shirt und i)rvtcrt!
K. NflTKkT A PCN j
j ürv. 11 at.vlu etre!, brtwrvn 4h a. J .'.'h. Worth 9Uta j
Iilinshall & Paddock
vi Hacaivai Turr
M- w x W' I' 0 f
O 1 j It.
Ami litve iio ün
lafcorer aD Mef aiaciajii .v.a w
! C A 1 MUHLS.
K.ii t i 1I1 City Cur htoek of
Mfrrhdiil Tailoring (Juod
And -.ie tt. lullv prepared lo Iuim out
Elegant tuid FaKionableOarmftil3 ,
t.VKHCOATS. 1c , I
hi llir tn t lie( Hiinuei. Ulf Mi k vl !
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Iii ihn tl. and will he aoU tl price lorre:
U. ih.Urwe. The ,rt meet ef
Gt'iils' Fnrnisliini: GixnIs!
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irie-l. a io'ri iij; a et xihieg
new m
.SHIHTs. COl.t.AkS. TIK.H. hCkKKS.
Wr.AU, Ac
titMi. lv no ttiik-aaitt.
Shaker FIummpI Pmlerura r!
fail and xumine lsc MorJt.
111 lilt a 1.1. A fall DOCK,
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V . la. . . . v ! ...... 11 . I
OK Ttlr
Buckeye Cash Store!
to mkkt Tin: i:xi(ii;.fir.
-4. . iu ' aju .'p fir . u-'i-.- i ,1 iu u.
, (vrni'T itai-rfaril, vie t-ha.1
r. .. . . . , .. i.
! Sell Goods Only Tor Cash !
lfottiiiK tho-.' w Lo punhaai i:t tki.-o . (:rtt
: 111 1- a.Mt.rf. r1 our ce-rt - m iM 1- H
: aii Hw to s.-
a:v vri i n
Cloak and S haw 1b !
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'Ihm t'wii, .Vi, Trufiiuu.j ai.'l li.cM ,
Wlrrt Uutlond I
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ptür.tnit rt wj'.l l-e your lt
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.lire Veil, tWLel LVaid ..l.d Cctd
Hi ,il Nets and Fancy 4rtie',e-i of II
Lind. Fmbrcidetie, Collar.
Sett Collars a -a i S.eevc, Thte.td
Lace Collm. V.dienncr.o: and LnrJi-h 1
Trl Wgmjrs hte Inxh Lmmt.s ,
Shirt Ho"nn aid Curl, .id Hop Sk.it. ,
uqur tor tlir
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White Jlaniiols.
rW- lQVi PRICKS wlllp'.es-e yru.
Ciaakev (..natura. 'Ne Stile.; oleit'me
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CAlO in s. tUL CLOTHS.
K c o , I) O R M A T S .
e lilacrltlee tb!-: tx f,Kta w.t, a 1TKM1 SRH K.
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