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u 1
Tu telegraph Urt Bight brings us a con
trtdiction of tha Cincinnati C.utu'$ täte
aaaat that Gao. FatMost had actually b
upettwded. acd was oaly allowed a few davs
at hi own request, before turning Li
aa tray er lo hia uccesjvr. We hope to
Kaf rwt oo thia ubjact, for a refi at let-
A Ma by the name of Cot a t now on
trial before a U. 3. Comiasioner in Cleve
land, upon a charge of being enraged, a
Kfki .f lk GUen Circle, m a couajRr.cv
gikatth Gofernment. Upon k lru
leuar waa read from another member of thia
traavaoeaMa brotherhood which eipo the
aaaa of a number of the conspirators la
Ohio, who art engaged with him in tasking,
at he ih dawned abol.lionuu fee'
that there U a Sjuth." This feJbws tun
ia W. T. TfrrBiM. and t) riebest part of the
affair is the yoetacriyt ta hi letter, where he
lalUbow he feels tie way along when be
go. Uto a atrtx.t pUce. !! tridwile
kaowt 4' arJU. See what he avs:
lDU5tjnT you a little hint. If lean
est gw the name of men when I go to a
pltcm, I ek who 1 Minf wir in the Dem
ucrmti frty are, and then 1 find them and
Ulk aieaf ear iihttn$ direct, aud I tad
oat in that way if I daw to tell my objert.
I ull then my objeet U fe tke Dmrt
igpmriy as." He talks jot like our Ith treet
beighbor doea.
Thia fellow ia qualified to travel. He un
derstands eamaa nature, and knows a hawk
tram a handsaw. He goee right up to the
the plain reasoa that be knows, fall well, that
the jrret body of the Democrat art loyal to
the) Oortrnment. And he talks right out to
thewe "leading men" without any hesitation,
bacausa he knows they'll lend a listening ear
And he tella them to kelp th Stutk !.
nr fJU "dsmntd miolUnxst$," because that
will tke Drwrtic party Wt'f t
heard euch thinp before. Wonder who he'll
call on when he get beret
Ts JoaraaJ deairte ua M U lint to a s:n
le Democrat ia thia region that dosnot de
sirw tha perpetuity of the Uuicn." In an
ewer wt say. In tha first place, we are not in
the htbil of pointing out prirate eitiieos by
aasae. In tha eacond place, we Ue no he
ttatioa in aayinx that aaosf of tha DemocraU
- ia thia ration" art perfectly loyal men, as
iri M aaj other ritiiea to the Union. Thia
vt hart ofWo aaid. But what we have said,
and now repeat, is, that there re a few Dem
crata about here not a mile and a half
from tha Jeamal oflce who, while they
profese all the time to be for the Union,
ymsalJUe with the rebel States more than
they do with the Jforth. take good care nc
er to My one word to help the Goreram-nt
011 iu the war it i prveecuting for its de
fence ajainat treason .are eternslly fiadiog
fault with erery thiojdone by the Adminis
tration deaigned to put down the rebellion.
throw eold water upon every meeting of the
people got up to consider of the ben way to
make the war effectual abuse and Tillify
ery Democrat who takes part in such a
meeting, and charge him with deserting hi
Prtl j are foreTr Ulkicg about comprom
ise, when they know that the South ha
tpurned, and atill spurns, every compromise;
aaan raounuin af abuse upon ooinif
U only imlk treaaon. but hate no word of
0 ensure for Jeff. Daria and hi traitorous
horde who nuke war to destroy the Oofern
saeat , advocate the policy of carrying a
proportion for compromlie before our r
saiee. when they know that it will be hurled
Uck la our teeth ; and are calling for pirty
vwuToationa to help theco. at a time whoa all
guodeud loyal men in the country hare
freed to fling their parties to the doge, until
the triumph of the Union is secured. Sow,
thia is j lain enough, and we hope the Journal
raa uj.Jeratand it. II it knowa any body of
the sort we hare described, in it$ part7' wt
ay to him. when w speak of Southern mb
Iua:icn , ma a ar vup mu .
fiaaTaMT.lamiliUrT cioce,doenotcou
at naerely ia knowing how to prepare an
tiay Ut hattle, aod la conducting its mofe-
lcea darfog tbe cxkofltct, but in th practice
ut ant attiac e or trick pe:eary t i deceive
a enemj, to uU obtain an adrantte over
him. He whopoesea this quality ia the
aihat decree b mot flttxl to eommsnd
liie the uceeful pW of Ältt 'f
cbm. he draws hi adt eraary into dicr by
fale pretences and feint, which put him off
Va r;uard. until, by a euddea more. h e
care hi triumph.
Thi is th r,me row ptayin? ty the gen
ra'.s wL command the Fedenl and Retel
fjftes. especially th-e ia Virginia, enpoeite
t Waabirjton. McCiillan' movement
are Bcsnly cirrwruvr.l'T.l. on the south
aid of tbe ret 0 mac. within th ermi circu
tar lice which psrste h: atay (rem thu
ettdertae rotwmand of Jowto and Ffr
aüaan; !o Baa i hM in reserve
abcit Har;r s ferry and between thu jo't.t
arl "ah'rcto:i. oa the aorth tank rf the
river.ueceuriW i:t':rr; et'.er to :tra r-r
It. attack ad. a rirruaitrce. in the rvV
erwj I th jam, hall render recery.
JoaTO and I)f trtrmip fcav a larger
(eld ef epevati'ir.a, and can charge trio be
vhif kwOeuinU. rar Ireprntly, and.
therwlore. iwov eSVctuoly If ilvCmto
hA14 UKv part f h. I.pc upti Falrfji
Cosrt UM to letorvt'.!t, arvt hu'.J
Ca4 tiaxlf cafroatM bj a frce Lv !src
im ; diieeily, a rfe driven tu tue
eeceesity f falUr Lark Mar
4 biuataii wen!d i.ed o-.Wdj to te'.l
them that hi p iion waa only chanto-l a
few suüaw; si.d that k aa auU wahiu U
eeasi vv!ar line t jyS-M h!,w or. t!
axAa-wuld ad-e u;va hua ir. !rc t
OwthWak ftfcw river. If Jeuarx aaiTati
aay polat. u; h line, and fall tu a aya c
aa aawtkor pvo twa. they iu'4 Ol.'' e 1
taraxt cf the rea-h of Mci'lltt r i rr
lal ttMaatlia a wft-teni - ? - .
lhyt ! i -v i"P,r!il 10 .Vi h a
!3reta- uid k f mVI, y -mt mi i r
1. tad cattixeir e foe t vn TUi rat,
yul Urjc frce st I etui; tl rref
Barm t r.tard Yrtif, ) ly . $.. r a
aH,rüeau( that fwneU le rlt-!'.' f
Ymll't Chart U -r rn:a t'j tn Ii
caaf a fc'il o rmvst t;n Mct'triu
Haee te aJrow, ar! tbo aat day t l'.-e
ume, bj the Minuui Hailr-oad to Wtucbes
ter, aM threaten to attack Harper' Kerry
and cross otr into Marvlami a ad HaxA
IirsaVPiiUion. And they can rer-eat thi I
tnorement on JfcCmiaN leftrtelow
eaandria. keeping him all the time. In conse
quenee of their hating ao large a field
to move la. aod bating the control uf two
imporUat railroad, iu a state of doubt aud
uncertainty a to their movement. Thia U
the strategy of war, which puts the capacity
of a commanding General to a far sererer
test thsn any other human pursuit. It will
be seen that McCi.au. a Is, therefore, in a
moat trying position. He ha to feel his way
with the extremeat caution because a aicgle
fa! step may endanger his army, may
draw Lisa into an ambuscade set for kim by
the euemy. Not so with JoaTo and Btt -atuaai);
they can L tick upon Ma
naaaaa or beyond it if they please, and by
holding their completed fertificatiuas with a
mall force, either mote off, with a portion
of their Uoopa to other po'mts, or throw up
new enrenchments. Hence, ia icw of all
these considerations, McClilla is coin
pclled to mote !owly; otherwbo he might j
endanger the baa of the whole campaign
He has. however, demonstrated UU high ca- j
parity js ntufactority, that we hcuM lavt j
ito fears of any Iosj undf r his immediate
coinmaai. The danger, if there U any, may
poeibly lie In another direction. If, while
It is circu inscribed within his limited lines ef
operation, Joun?x and lUariaWAfci should
retain only enough ef their force to continue
the rrACtice of their strategic feint along his
Hn. and .huld withdraw a nortiou of them
eaürtly from that part ef Va.. and .end them
from there iota souther Ky., tv reinforce
BicK'rii, the army of the Utter might be
made strong enough to veuture a movement
upon Louisville, before an vpposinj force,
sufficient to reiisl it. could be brought, into
the field in Kentucky. ThU is a oiM
case and may be a prohibit one. We fee,
indeed, that already orae fears of it are ex
pressed. If the nmement houll occur, it
will make Kentucky the scene of a most
bloody conflict, for there is not a loyal min
in that State, or In Ohio, or Indiana, who can
reinaln unmoved at the thought of the rebeli
taking poesession of Louisville. They will
j jour ever to Kentucky in almost unnumber-
el thouanas 10 proiect u.
We confer we have not military knowl
edge euough ty determine whether thi stra
tegic movement is prolill or not; but, to
our mind, there is this argument against its
probability. that Joufsox and BtivtioatD
must know that, by weakening their forces
at Manassas, they put their army completely
ia McCtrtiAü' power. They are eagscious
enough to foresee that the moment the tele
graph should inform McClkllax that Sam
atas advance movement had been checked
by means of reinforcements asnt by them to
Been!, he would move upon their remain
ing force sni cut them off entirely. By
bringing Bas t crow the rivf r and moving
on to and in the rear of the left wing of
Jousto and Bi araxaP; and then by ta
king another strong column towards Ocqua
con and moving in the reir of their right
wing; and, at the same time, bringing hi
powerful artillery force to bear upon their
batterie ia front, he might secure one of the
mot aignal victories of malern times. It
does not appear probable, therefore, to us,
that i?rcii will be reicfofced in the man
ner indicated. And, hence, we must wait to
ee the sexual of the mancevering upon the
Totomac; having every possible degree of
confidence ia the soldierly abilities of Mc
Clsxiax. Ma. Kdito: Will you please anuounce
that a meeting of tbe citurns will be held in
the econd wsri at the Central Kngine house
oa Tuesday evering, the Ändfor tbe pur
pose of filling up the military company form
edonthe 17th instant! And, with this for a
teit. will you permit roe to say a few words
to thoae able bodied young men who have
remained at home, and are not fighting for
their country! Oar noble Governor has
called upon all the able bodied men in the
Stat, between the) agea of 1 and 45 years.
lo enroll themiclve in military companies, so
th.it If our Slate is invaded. vW tkere i$
ianyer, he mv live a well drilled and in
rineiUr army at hi diapKial, numbering
from filty to one hunpred thou.und brave
men. There is ne excuae whatetcr fur the
hundreds of ruf, healthy young or middle
aged men in our city, if they do not ennge
in thi cauae. The business mea of our en
tire city have voluntarily .ctajart four hours
in the week, in which to allow thetmelve
and their emploje time to drill. The ex
avN attending such an orpaniiation is very
triflir.fc, hca the state farnishc arm, and
pays the eipenaes of J"ir!y encainpmenta,
which it dei And the trouble bein often
urged, what i it! Aol":; when o in pa red
with the grand reult t- be oMsined. What
u the little time, expere, tronble, when
eijhed .sa:n.t the protectnn cf our own
fireid-. o-ir ill? Theenes cf the h.!e
to n are u ;on thee nunier :y ir.d ef
fete ynun ma h have irH cv.raje U 0
t the war, nor inim$tin nMh t 4-'t 'a
forming 4tre militia coro;-nie Vox tie eile
of our c"unlr, far ihe mV? .' v-ur S'le and
city, let us r u from tire slnpT. nl
pUce uur!f in a c'fi' Ij ßf' when
we are relied iia.
Ke-:vt!u!lj. r.
The fhver uf fpt K!aia' srt.llr: . ta-
uoiit-d. at last arcuucia.al edah. M'uri,
haie te'C,re I. arl have teu e neiri
aihl are to b court marti i 1 The i u.e f
tLei f e;t.auot;S. aa to!d 1. t tht the neu J
hal ben prirrled a r'in-(1e'c ou'tl fjr t'.ci-,
bs.t?rt t . t t at St. Ins, i rtl at .I'e . .11 1
(. .ly. atwl tSrji in l .il .e r.rt4 Tit
bt!rv w tnalU rd.d ud iato
tb enctnj' fustr) w.ib ,. ,, t. huudrel
an 1 iS r t riMr.U f amtir it:' , ;,J with
irv, c n.- le --;ai..te; The tL er Lekl i
uee. '.r-f ii.-' r ..! c I. i;,tn:m . t tealci
te r re nt.i. Thia led Lj V1. t in.Oi
irr!. l..k u r.j.iwt. .,f ffi
t a r lt t !iu-K
SerjfaM Itliaacre. v! tbe ivh tc
le-e neu s
Tue!av w!t' over trr l.in.Ire-1 rrer !
vvn K: rntasie-! Th' 1 w:..er tie
re- mer.1 k? t the re at o., ,ti!ar l . f
t.fMine. IU I2:h lft! hi L.,H ;
:rvn P.:e-Wt. UaMlail. r.; ,1 , , -t ;
kc.h lftv U ha t It.!: jiVt!
h.e a Wl' iL iS.l etrr
!! 1, tJ taVe j 1 .eete
I ae
, 1 tie IVS.ua
... a .
XT OUCH it hertbr flUet. ihU lilt
-aVTa iMpllcate for 141 baa been recleJ, aud
la rUMi u tke tat of Tai for aai4 jtr.
Treasurer's Notice for 101.
Ta Ii Ts ryr Vy Ceenly.
Tataaiaaa's Omer, Oct. 15th. lfbl.
ift t 1 - & J ifc
ima m t. r f r
- - 2. j Ä a
its ni la Hi cU ct eti cts I (U
liriUuu IS 1 1 1 t T
ia pwtl lag SO ZA 10 1U
U wa city Uti It is; as j
1 poll In MM U IU I
H-r.jr t ra la u la a I I a
folt lu i um 1 a '
l-rirtt4Mt U 2 1 ll i i; i n ,
do poll tax to la a ü 1 TS j
Fmru i.tk w ti ia i ii a a !
J aU Ul(4M M 1 (4
lnruu liU II t 1 u ; T7
dpUi tat M SO 1 li l?s
RiUjr 1J II, 1 1 1 is 5 TT
1 poll iuiM iii 1 ac
Ork li IS 1 S t 4 ; 7 i
dvi0ll tl SO M W 1(4
'n is is te a i 1 a 77
U atl lu MM U , 1 M
ChtrCrk 15 n 10 J 1 la s as
do poll lit MUM 1 AO
rTu is is is a s 1 is s n
Jo poll ti to 10 tO SO SM
Suw Crftck IS M 1U I ft S H 5
üst pull I11UM !W ItO
Llotoo IS It IS i 1 5 S IT
4 pvll III 10 tO 54) ISO
II. I. WtTrr.Trufr Viv Coutlr.
Ji, wi.-aa3r
SHEkirrS SA.LK. Br vLtae of aa urdu of i.'.e
imocU frwm ta lira Coctm.a f Court, t lus
directed and dftlrKl, In favor of Juaeph T. MArLU
aod ftjjln.i John l a 44, 1 n orucrad to Mil t IU
lowinj drKTlhfd kl Etttf, iliaatrd to Vigo loun
T, IriUiftBft, tftll;
Tae norta-wMtqaarter () of tho .inth-vtitijuar
tr ( V) of vtion Cr (S) iu uuLip ih lrin (U)
north of riart wtti '71 wriL coQtalulrz forty Med
m.xc or id on
??Ja2.i Ä til 2.?. J
poou of u tovo Wttbd K.ai ctaie, to r
lib all ia prtviUf.a aud apiMm0 to tea aaxn
UloncliiK. f'r a urm bot eicdln; even jeart, to
it big h.kt bldJr fur caah, aod epoa fI!ur to r'it
!- itum u3Vlnt to aatUi a.id ordr of aala and
cot, 1 ill boa aiKl tbr iff r tbe fwi-atnap!, in
anJ toiiiJ Ral Kftaw. 10 tha b!nht bidder ft
caah, to aatla'y tba aarao.
Tbl 19 day of October. 1M1.
SAatt'KLCX!NKlt, Äbo-lff,
lVtl43rj.r f. 3.15.
SHKRirr5 SALE.-Py Utar of aa order of sal
lau4 from tbe Vlfo Circuit Conrl, Ia mo ait ccud
aud dlir-d,1o fiTor of Tboaaa H. Ntlaoo aod
against James M. Browa and Jamas X. Caldwolt aa
prtocipal aad Marvin at. lbckcox rpl-via ball, 1 aaa
onierrd lo m!1 Ii. follow in dcacrlbad kcal Katatc,
al'.aated n Tlgo couat, lodlana, to- I :
Tbe south half of lb aoutb-at quarW
of aoctioa J5, towubip IS, rang 9. aJo U awio
Laif I Si of lbs aocib weal quarter l ef auction M
tawnrbip 13, rang 9, anion
VTllbin tbo Ural boors of aaid day, at tb t'urt
Ilouw djor, la Ttrre Haute, I will offer tha rtuu aud
profita of the aboo dearribed Ileal Enal. tO(elbr
IIb all lb privilege and appurtefioucea 0 lb aama
Uloarlne. fur r term not exceeding aeven yai r. to
lb bicbeat bidder for cali, a-d upon faliur tu real-
. a a m al
Ire a aum aarscienl to aatuij aaia oruer 01 a.. ana
cteu, I will Iben od tbero offer lb a fe-aimple, ta
sad to a!d Keal Etate, to lha blgbeat bidder fur
catfe. to üfy Iba Mm.
Tbia lOtb day f October, 1S61.
8AMCFL C05XKB, Sberifl.
OcU3rpre feAS-
SUEKIFTS SALT. By virtue of vn. VendlUooi
Kiponaa Execution Uaued from tb Vigo Com
mon 1'leaa Court, to m directed and delivered, to fa
vor of Xatbaaiel Loo aad agalnat William 8. Curry
aad Jhn Krady, Inpleaded wiib Iaaac B. Kiokead, I
am ordered 1 sell tb folio wing described real ratal
ritnated lo Vigo County, Indiana, to-wtt:
Tbo weat half S of lha aoutb eaal quarter
of eectlon thirteen 13 townablp clevon llj rang
eight S west, and on
WHblu ibe letal boara of aali day, at tb Court
Ilona door. In ferre Haute, I wtU offer tb renu aad
proflu of tb aboT describod Baal Eatato, together
wlib all tb privilege a aad appurteaaaces to aha 1 am
belonging, fo a term not eioeoding aven years to
the aigheat bidder for aab, aod npon fallaro to real
lxc a aom eofficient to aatlafy aaid oaexntloa aad
coaU, 1 will theo aad there offer tb fee -aim pie. In
and to aaid Real Eatate, to th highest bidder for
caah, to aatiafy tke name.
Thia 10th dy .f October, 141.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of
,a order of U lacued from tbe Vlfo Common
Flaa Court, to me directed and delivered, ia favor
of Jufco Sibley and affaintt Margaret 11. Scott, Joba
afcF'e, aod ana McFee, I am ordere4 to aell tbe
folloalDg deacrtbed real eotate, altualed In Vigo
cout.'y, Indiana, to-wit: Lot No, forty-eeeen (4t), of
Jvhn hibley'a divlaioa of out lot o. one(l). In tbe
town of Terre-Haute, a the aame appears 00 tbe
recorded plat of aaid divialon on the record of Vigo
coaoty, Indiana, and on
within the legal boora of aali day, at the Covrt lUme
door. In Terr -Haute, 1 will offer the renta ard prwüu
of lb abov deacribod Real Eatate, together with all
Ibe prtnlegee and appurlenancea la tb aame belong
Ina: for term noi exceeding aeren yeara, to the
blgbret bidder for tah, axd upon failure to realii a
aura auificleot to aatlofy aaid order of aal and coeta, I
wt!l. then and there, offer the fe-alnaple, la and M
aaid Keal Leute, lo tb blgbeat bidder for cah, to
tat:rfv tb sarxe.
'Tbla llet day of 5ept, 161.
Sept23w3wprf 3.; HAML KL CONXEH. fch'ff.
SHEHIFF'S SALE. By virtue of
an order of aal iaaned from tbe Vlfro Common
Plrai Court, to me directed and delivered, In favor of
Merrick A. Jewctt and Mary M. Jewett, and agaiut
Kllaa Johae. I am ordered to aell tbe following des
cribed Real Estate, aliuflttd In Vigo county, Indiana,
Fifty (SO) fet off tbe weat aid f ll nntober flta
(5) ta aUHvtlonnubr 00 (1) f Kutw farm, m
male by Merrick A. Jewett and Msry M. Jewett,
and on
Wlih'.n tha legal bonrt of said day, at tLt Court lluote
dr, tn Tarre haute, I will offer th reuta and proCta
of tbe aho derr1Hl Real Etat, together with all
the prlvilegre and appnrtenancee to tb am Ulong
tg, fr a term K exceeding seven yeara, to the
blgbeat bidder for cash, and spon fall-ir lo realla
a ism aufflflent to ealiufy aaid order of aale and rMts,
Iwill the aad therr off-r tfcs fee-almple, Jn and to
ealt Real F.tale. to tbe feiil.c.t bidder for rab, to
tif the liar.
TValOth rt.y U CVtoSer, lCl.
lAMCrL (n5!f EK, hrri3.
CVtllwJwpra fe.fi.RO
Terre-Hautc Female College.
L Terre-Haute Fcxale Collec. will mai rue nee or
Ibu-aday. tbe rlb f SeateroUr ceil. Tb ane
It'deaor a:d Teachera who bare ao aaiv all a- t
rKirrriT tiled tha aeeral '.eparUnnta of Ue Cut
Wne rereto?ore, wnll. with few eicepiltva, rosrinue
In th cbmd. TU" wt.bic to ee'er ebould i) ao
at tba bi'.nrni.f If prwMa. Any furiber Infocma
tlcn, CT aiataW-se of ib rhol, inay be had by ad
lre1ui t iUt!fe-t ai Terre-wau'e.
aia-iu Jonx mrtKT.
:kconi hand OA Kill ages
K O R j rV K .
(H Fai!y Carrlafe. prw d
Oti I st KkawT tar mtU lai.i:. tioo
O- abt rpea Bacy t-at UttJ uaed. 1W
Nw rarriae. Ffiea a!l ;k-f ff
O rbp.
wijxu a sVRKiair,
rwnib lb Fefc'lc jw,
nuir nu-ri.tvtuM.
7t IIa.. o a. II. 141. 4Ia-?w.
(J mal 077 )
Medicated XZaIt Wash!
1 mor-t.EoiiiJE W. i'a.NAUA
i - klg rtti-l kW laarg al lia r XTe i 4
j ir.r a nixu a4 r.Ulx a-eawfaUy. uu be
I 1 rrer-aT-4 Uwa.t ty.. caeuiera ta k'a
I aal aaatawtery saaet. vrW awtrtioei gleea ta
Jrf rit.. UA-m4 UustK.' (
j - - -
A W, tf.n, .feet.j'y rraeted Sf llria.
y W&VLA X S H lTOHY OV T.i' (;i,A Kf
fei -a
Uvir,r, . a rv tTTT.. ...
, mi. "im Dual a r k. a. 4 1
If Ca Sttlav af "uMa af Arr.tr
I ------ - - - - -m
at w av vrcrrwaava
cooto and qiioeq.
!. 101 Cejoiiuerclsil Il4)rf
rMiu I'ltopuiirrons or this
JL Etfttl;Lu nl woaM mot rpfollj
aauac lotttSr frluda and tin-public r uri.i. tl t
r;: laugest stock
Boota c&3 DI1000,
Errr 9rnd for ftJ" la laift iafk, wilrtring rry
trljrf r
i WKAlt.
I ftuiUM fr IU- Vi Wini. r lr.t-. t 111
' fcrll. wbl.-.!- r r tl t tlx'
lAHti War Vah'u l'rict Fur C$K!
Wt itaUT c!l tt-a attfftl'.wi i-f 'u'Hry Mer
.i.imafidlVftlrrioourUrg ml wrll -llrd
tack rf Ui A is "'ir fjtlhüe uru X
eofttlf.u toMiil. t wbuip.ftle, l' -r (nfr
tfcn auj isftrk't urtt &f Sew Vfk.
irurirk liftt ta c.r.fully rl-rtt .vtt'ic uit
rflUblf Katni Mi.ufctotii. w"J - -4.c1at vt-w
lo opplr iticturil lb .t if rmlry
tnr arrar.Efiufnu sre irh to nuUi' u- tv
kp ur iK.r'mriit fonint!y cou.plru, ei
Cou.trr MerchaM. will find i.a .liffcu lir in Irc
u.. a....
uxr(jraLtD IN yUAUTY uu ran k.
by any b tLU aido of N York. Wt- Uve .Uu
00 band a lar aaoi iroei.t cfoiir own nus;ulacti.rttijf
meda in cur hop t.y iL? bet workmen aud .f t!i
teat matrrtal tUb 0 will waneM Iti rry fn
jer. W are alo prepaelJa make to ordr e ery kind
of woi k tbi n.y ke called tor in our lli.e on ,'rlt
nolle and f tb moil fblT.atle atvlr.
UenJlnij dne U ll. ett tjlc 'd uu L rt
Coui.irv Nfercbant and all tiLera dcoirlng rta
andMioea wiil Cud It to their lnletf'.U 13 glie
call and oxantti our atock and prlcea, aa we ar 1e
termtoed to eli a;Mit as low m any ln-u' lf tbe
city, or rarj loi r.
ID0TKOumr THK 1'LACl :
Cvtumerrlal Kow, No. 107 YV aba ab fit. between 4th
andttb, Terra Haul, Indiana.
1. p. duck v co.
K. B. Contantle rn bard a auperlor arUcto t,f
Vf ATLK UOiir' OIL BLaCKI.NO, warranted lo be
water proof and to make th lcalln-r oft and fllable.
Oct. 1.
rPI10SE in eearcli oi private
-1 noard'ng FIoutf i.i bo acrururr.odated at tbe
Corner cf Fourth and Eagle Street, Nr. 47.
Oram! Exhibition
Tb entirr atxk of a Broken IViwn
Wholc&Al Iloue in N. T.
.It the following, price:
Fin Silk and W.k.I Img Sbanln at 7,50
Super do tio 4a X.&0
Extra Superior du U 9,50,10,0,12,0
Chain Lain Itr, SUawl, ail wcl, at 10,04
Extra qualities do., do., at.... 11 ,00, 12 00 & 14,(0
Stella Bordered Shawls,
India and Caabmerc rfbal,
Tyreao Bhawla,
Double aad Mnle blac k TLilet fthawl,
Mlea and Cbiidreu'a Long A 8r. Wool do.
Scyich, Freuch and American Lor.g do.
Shepherd I'iaiiLautf ShawM.
t& IhM'i bay your Shirrl until yoa Lave rn
the rcagnlncent lmk at
vclQdw . Tor. Main and loulb Street.
orricK r. s. commissary of ..uiwistencf.
IoiA.arua, Ind., I V toter Ii, 11.
received at this office until 12 o'clock M., on tbe
Ud dar of October, iHol. wan tbey will be putlirlr
opn4. for rural bmn Freh Iieef fr the n of tfce
volunteer! at Terr Haute, Ind., iron the lt or No
vember until tbe 31t Cay of iVcember nct.
The Bef mutt be of fir Quality and be deliver
ed at tbe Camp In equal poriloua of fore anl bind
qtiarter. (necks a&d khar.k excluded,) at focIi tlnif
and in aorh quanütie ai way re required fur tbe ue
of tbe troopa.
Each pronofcal ' mnst rcr.;ona totne above apen-
ncatloo. and be accompanied ly th tuati vd midi-nee
a of Iba two sureties.
Frtpoala wtU he Indorsed "J'rooisl for Lee f,'
stid lilrrlted fa
CAIT J. W.inr.Kir.EK,
CotnxiUaary rf S'ikitence, In-lianeplt. lud.
Oct. 16, Ut
Subsistence Stores.
omen r. . roMKi.tAKY on t i"jwnsti.m-l,
tvirar iis lud , tVt. ll.Lul.
krecfi4 at tLia offce uniill 13 oVlnrV M. oa tbe
til dae f Vtoer, iHtl, tifii tby w.ll e paVLrly
optiieJ, fvr famtkbine itvt-tetM e st'-r f , tL u-e
01 ibe olanteera at Trrre lUuie, Ind., fr. r lL lt
of Norember UPtil the 31 at .. f4 I c'-ner ret.
F.ah propoeal inuet ctuiprte AlXf tin fulio Inj
ar'ltl'', (artaal tare rerpircd, fca etra rherpe !
p kr.) vir Me Tora, t'.M-oi, ( -b ) il 1 -r 4id
vlrar i'l",) t i'Mjr, eitr.v. ,:i lur'i. U bite I'm-aiih,
kice, ilnntpy, (,-r poui -l.) Il!0 (!Ve, Si!ar, .
Ü-, Yine;r, t'andlea, S.ap. Salt. (nr lu-Lei, dry
iu. are.) lVlatia. (ier prnJ,) ana Mclae. Ait
article, lo b i rime" iM t., bv deiUered In packa
Re, 1 the raup Ii lualnitU a r"j'rie lf r the
in ol tb fr. I Ii propa amt i'onfct n t
itie a epvctVat'oc.T n-t he accopai ;cd by tl;r
nan, en and reside nee a of the to aurefie. Ircjf.
ila will b er1rd on Ii. enJ.ijie, -prop!."
aad direct- 1 tw
CAIT. i H. lUKKlOLk.
Ca,Ui!aary yHMM, Inltanapl:, lud.
Pvt. Ii. (UL
tlohn IT. S vices.
'HJ. U.ir.iwr ti. FA LI. STItF
nieu'i pr- rn
Sat urtt a y Sept. 2Hfi,
rii.i a tL-f .'n ury f ibe i.m. . I UjII
epajv Lm pa'n In j r-I.' g a rp-iur a-t-l. I
af.an !i!r!i' uei -try:. LraJy mIo. T--elr1r5f
s uperi-r f tic ; bMaill lae tbeir ia-
arr ei! bar tbem fi'I t-y the t wi.irir.aiir
J. II. ?
9 T K .A, llfr.
fejt. Ja,!
112 n treet.
I. CJ llKIa,
. . - A
- ' . . r . aI
' re - " ' -
112 Mam Sraaav. UsT. iiva lira Suva
) g
' ( YJ l . "? rV i V1:."
F 4 tny FrVk iael.'af.. aa atrert, aU-e
tu. ::ib S..i ib'f I y
, vu, ;.i p -
a. 'LiLC s r ner. eM Tf. Irue. t t take Utk.
.... . . - .
I IV . I .11(11 n-.
U,ia tyiter tf j aod Ua;a atfei.
Minshall & Paddock
HiU krctMi Til kl R
M K N ' S r E A K !
Ait luv now fh
t aa.iar ami wt aiar .ront iw
i'.xrr in tti tMy. ur Sl.vk .
Mr it h;i lit Tailurina (JoimK
is rr.HKKcr.
And aii full j rvpnrrd l tnn tit
Elegant and Faskiouabld Garments
OY Eß CO ATS, r .
la the? rry hei itaiiuer. T!.i Stork el
JSIost Comploto
In the- city, and ni'l be aold at prices corres
ponding with the time. The) aaaortment "f
Gents Furnishing Goods!
Is l(ite and varied, embricin everything
new in
Shaker Flanuel Underwear!
fall ami examine Ihe Stock,
Kl U&t to Totiet V Htnltarc Store.
J A 31 I. S V Li A II K 1. ,
HAVING permanently lcatet hlmelf In this tUy,
i. prepared to furni.h tbe trade with all it may
require. Hewül fTyuisb to cuatornera from one 10
one hundred barrel at lote a tS ane ability c.rn
bfl-ovghtntinanycityintAe C'nlo. Ii warrar.U
every barrel of bis vinegar tobe pood snd to be yure
and fit from, ail fHUMvim .tiJ. Ilia ftory ia
aitnatetl upou tbe eat aide cf tbe Canal, a tw do-ri
sotitU of Holmes' Foundry. All order thankfully
received and promptly attended to, -iit either t
Li ci or to Jiesr. Turner it McKeen, to whom be
takes pleasure In referrlce-aU he ak Ih a tiUl
Vinegar exchanged f.r good aecond-Land barrel de
livered at hia Factory. neipectfuMy,
Sept 1.1, dlm-wif
CI WEISS vt CO. are prepared to
J fi!rt;i-hty He barrel. t.r Lottled fuifamüy
ALK. I'OIITKR, Cinr.K. Ac. A.c.
Scotch Al.
IxMulon Prter.
rhiUalphta ToiH-r,
Dayloa AI',
UaJlM.n XU
lTtr.4t Cldvr, Ac, Ac.
No. 87 Warreta Flotk, Wabert atreet,
Bi)ld3n TKtr.F.-llAinK, VSl
r 1 . - -Jaw . . .. - -1
'ptrml er, at
. lt. I I CKINtiH AM ".
plrt" one erlur:. at
MA V OF TUL St. AT OF WAR. iiirlitdin l'irtn
Vlrii.!. and part f Mary Und and lrUrr.
frort tbe N n enthorltie, at
Vm:i striLV or hkiff's i.ii.itT in
rivray Tei""
v..it' luf.'ury 1 v. ti,
inv Uejru'as-;
V. I it t. . t" Vstmel. Nt . A i'.
ir'KiNm M'h ihk srmr
1. IT. J-U
ff'AKF. NOFirf. Hr. J. r. Tapa b.. pia.d j
I , w a.i . . e,,tiwta fcr iwllaw
JL. - - - - -
Hon. They nnl Waettlel .ither Ly par er vr
e.t. at e. n ord-rte a.-. )
Ht . e. M V-n
?fo t Ol i. fr.t
XOTIf'K lVrnne. having huai-
A. ne.l with .V c!f A Co. will -vt the n-d--
rtCrr.1 .ttbe llirdware Afnre cf Tm. . t.r'. d
qlö-Hww '
Vflr,Tu.l,.,1Bi.t crn-.bek. and
A r-t.-f IH.UV..'. -aee t e o rat
m,U.U' T.. in.le.taawl.lp.a
"11.?- XMOl.
SI a -l Difsjcr lVsinlrit si Hake
il Mlii. e-at 1 ltt or. Irkt, Fa-k ""-"
J H M IkF. T'Te Uate.
1 w at tS V
p HO FES S O U f; A Iv ! N E
'Vi tb'te are a lew me Cke r.f Lla I t'y rl.
"fe!t '-p. 'e'l at IjiTtSMt'a, " tu L r arraj-.i
int. .-Mr. fv- t L.,. Ii r. rwlirili . fr r
... . . f ,
U'tk, it 1 necrp., 1 It ix irrat er. a. art, t re
Wtr pair! afd j-e-M. f i o4'-T. aft, liefc. maa
lt, ( ;iA faat c ar w ap. ft , a! klavd.
of frtrre
ar Call an KvnLtt, b la -.'.. a(ert. afcd tra
ilt i-af r it 1 ail ,aprlO,-dri
Standard Preparation !
i Coroaiiic,
ror ll, 1U.r:
r r ili " nirl l-j
Tcjolh WaMi,
the riati.tkrr, U'.rt.
vn thi. iikT cri kik
flavoring fU'tractN,
ra r In Trrt -Hute by
1. M. ro.VNKl.LV .1. H. CU.NINCHAM
-j-2.iC-3iu And all IHsjrt.
opi:i:d THIS DAY
Molmn.AI. ,v
1 r.N.
i;iraut ( hint Eriiil.
i V.r'.t :, Cf iel, Tl'.s! n l Tiwei
hair .i:tts-vi:hy viikav
' ".'j il ii. Tiri (.:oro Sk:it;
1 W .lf. I'nnini S:.in- l .
luM ,'.0f V ie i Sk:r: t.;vri"i .
M) d'!Z. Kui fi i'.r t I tie Kü!;ii
t Lad;- '(, -r.;t yo:tr iiift ii ":r:f iM 1 v
j it ii- our
1: w Mi in i n.
t KI'i ALL. MclKJD'iAL A CO ,
I y:id Ct. Mala and f:i:nli Si.-mI
! i:lall, MrDoual aV Co
iis i:i rii ih vi:i:ti
0 ('AH if
.Yeir fall CailracM,
At , l4, w ,!k'
IOO Ha lev SSrowii Tlti.lin
'.,000 YAKHS
Vrir Wait f trinities.
At IJ1,, l,ar d 20c.
been purcLaedrf tb natiuf.ictarera f,r ch, and
w-nibo aoldaal. w !t!ieauie ou-1 'f bir. in
FfAi u v. tkH uai. x r
F.ll.is nWNPWt.fV
m:v am i:i.r.iaT stvm
Oil V r.llH-I.Il, Oct. Will. I Mil.
from th Fat 4.rh 1 I:c-
ir.l v ur '
-t-vk of
aril aotted
To bvb 1 r vltrf IV atnn.Uon cl
arii ut vi:us OM.Y I
141 Mai 8'reet, b -t e n r.fth and 8!tth.
m. o. TorrtNrt. - T-au"
rrur. tv
T.- j r . 1 T.,.l cm,: 1 .
Pine and Poplar Lumber, Shingle.
Lath", &c,
HAVK on hand a hrct el v k .f !. ! l :u rr
l!!rbere orrr irz at ri--at--ult 'b' limn
Ve.l and 1 Kit - L.-fa-ctM -it. t . r- Ml:"
far !. T rr:--llan!e, Ir l.
aa All ru'r atin.-l. i ti j p'ii "fr.
fSty XI. dStu
j TNTON -r ADini.I.E HAND!
I I'll I. ATTTM ri:.MM.Y T II. t V I I
I ft ihe riu.i'-al line. Mu; f n m-li. I f r
! arl l'eitw t ra.'.i'ii Ii r r.' .
: Jt"'V.
.afional Loan.
1)1 KFNT t' r. !""";: " fro-n t'. '. :.ry
( tbe 1 re -nry, a .k be i.rd
.L'ivuLir;,::: ' v ' i;::!1' 'r;::':
. lr nv urr1i tfn!a. firlre-ry : t -
j I 1 'under tie a." olji'v IT1I1. 11. 1V..'".
; will be tMnl In tuni t f !: T jl.f.. Mf hti..1
' d -i'r., fl v. bnn.!i .1 ,':. . i t !. -iii.l '. i''
i a .! f, t! t Ar lar r h . '.' I l''' A'j". t.
Wl. paiaMe three vera .I'-; dve t" ! r,r ' f , f
m w ritT "r a. il ri -l, .r.J lrirr I: irt
it (bf rat 'ITI 1 Kf n1 jrr n"p ; mti! .
..ru, , ; ,,:,-h ,., .. r,,f ,f
.t H f--r e-ü da, .... evr, .-! .1. I'.r.. F.r
tbe r.i. "i 7 S-1" pr en ' j -r
aen.i an'iti ! intf re.'.a M. 1( m i p. r iy te .Irl, ha 1
n-"w'r.'MU,-1u-:. '""'-'""
t f,,r, 4 .!!ir.r,r tbe f . ' , . I.e .! y f r . .
the t-r. W m ' '". 1 r.p.,.t tr',.-.
' b.d.fii .! lrv n't W vf . It'nl ,11
1 i rf. eJ -.rw t 't
. .1
! .''J' t'.' . 1 1 T e 1 I
; I ' ,
! il !!.! of tr. ;
: rr . y I v j. . i
.1 ! ;,e r rr.e f f u -
Mr. sM ..:..l.rdr.. a
-. 1 1 ' r V
1 o paiti 'it f ! tii.n r " :
', thlt le'r.g tb" ':,''! . '
yt. ran ne J.
1 l rt-fVat w.!l e t.i"'1 !ri '
, Uftf t tf.- arr-'i'-a f 1-' 1.
f . j .1. ' v
. a' 11
t 1 . ; i a 1 n
. . 1.
t. ..
lfc aT v-er e'.'l tranvr; t y . ! t !'.. ."r.t-r
! t4 l " Traari . abo lrr'.rT a?. r 1.
,U r l'! brx" n t" .wr. - .r r a f-r!-; ,
! -.rr'.n irtereat a r"--d n.h t
' in ee wber ?.! a pt r-f i!o aei h i-1
1 j ai 1 al tbe t!n, f au' : t Tr-i-fri ,'
a. it l- : f .!f i.' pjTu.! !- ?'' ,.
q-uri! to tbe f r t. b ll . '1 -''.:. 1 e V4r
i att.'w.rt rl'i-! iy ;-r.ci l r"' !-
-jn T;"".'J T t !.!'
i ay n- ent al" (1 pH m ' I a. i . 'r f . 1 i . .1
' Ue-l tbe nr-.rt'r-ar m:. j y a-1 ! ' .
i e'ial ! the lr :i t a n-! .'; -t. 1
' lnU ih -lvio ff j- i; ri"i, n ! v
! mT.t Fk- aTTt en tbe am- -t pa 1 'i ' i-
', .. . . t .f
j i i... I . U r u ! u if- r'! ... i .
. irj j a ; -r.
T'b-" 7 f "' T
V th Tre- '.- . : i r y
Tt.avl. f-e -aw U i ') l.
Ta w t r !hr t 's'i ' ' . .' t . -
IJT lp"!,,e tr' ri , re,.: ? " r bfn.
Mt'.aj ownae.nf 1 KJ I"N Ilf'. Li.
lt.5.iw "j.Vnltnu
. si I.
Purificx !
j Cffcrr TaliD;
A fur Takiss.
ytet. I)rll louk A EeltSitlul ( .
dlnl -:er laktn I
rrilK TilOl..ANDS upon them-
1 AI..1 !.. are Uaily tali g llrLeaju'a St.-et.rW-inj;
itO.!. rrt.fj lbt It U ttwuluÜT jt fa.avl4
.J- rrn.ely tor rrcwrtnt an! ImüuILTTNG tb
at'rre.l bd Laeae4 ajateeo. ymrtfylnx ad .
: valid lo
HrultU und Mrencth
ll it c ur Lleer 'owiplalüi. lVl1 1!. Itart Ue,
; Inifery, l!adLe. depre' U 5-piriU, Fete
ar! Aaue, l..ard IVrtr, fad Irealb, ry LM,wx
of lL-luTrr. .!Cirh or
(iKMLl-luKX. dvyou 1.1 tU bethhy, ear
aid 1 riu f
LAKL d yo want tLe t!ov.a ef LJ:b u a. ki.i
to jour rlerk again 1 Iben go atoca and gel
I'-lA Ol ft fcilTFS!
Ifl.f ix-t a tr: tit. a L arrat.tei tv give UJ
tl vt. It rare ary !:-atl iL aadieya. V
r hlaüder; I n.T'.r, Vv rv.au! aUnrtrUfcUfm, Fel
1 rc of tbe W ot-.b. Lrrer.r-, or any deaae artat -f
Cfcrffctc it r(viui lo b:aty. it I en KraltttJ
r t lalldrvn.
Is, t u 1-1 r Jri;te, aickley puay
1.1 LeaUhr, !to and rvl-nil lb en glee ihn
XiI!' irritb!f g Cordial, (aea lit tfirocuoa vm
U-t:,j it I de!u-tis to taia.
wu tl le-p.?ul, lakeo errry TrxMuIa taiKiv
U 4 .re prernirv aalaM rLU and foter, yelk
feerr, rholnawr aoy ftT!Uig d.aoaaa.
I At iiu.V ltetar f Irugrita or dear wi
iu try tu ltn vju yo a butila cf Rtuer r
!.n:ia ( tub tbey can tcy rbeapl br aayUc It I
Jut a (uud. llert are eten men hXht aewugh U
l 1 a part of ray name to dob tletr VILC decoo
liun. Au-lJ Uiä inJairoua rl&ATKS and ibU t11
l:r..u ciriijoard 1 AX for l. J. H. atcLvaa
.rti.i:iLen:i,g Cardial and fUnod I"ar!Cr. Tale
f. e:. Ii U tbe tJy retuedy ibal will pwu'y
year i s.xxl iLotfuehlr, and at lb same tlA.
sl'KF.NGTIILN and LN tlGOlLlTE th wbol rau
aaiiuri. ll U pul up In larir b(Ue (1 pee Ux&e.
or .,;t;r lor $&.
Dil. J. H. XcIA5, 84 rvprUor.
Cerwr Thud and line Su,, S. Loot a, liw
nr. ItleLeaan'a I. til re rami Plllet
ea U' 1 cc-ttrtatT, üUMUua, axaAaraa.aW.
Tbere nrer ha lrn a CATHARTIC mdi1ti
orTrTt-d to tbe pt lc, ibat baa r eucb ecure aaa
Ufavlicn aa atcLran'a l'nteeral r.lU.
entirely TTKrteble.lLey ai eifcJj fv-r
rent :.U ran t taken ty ta UtoM iender ItrfaBt Te1
prctrj t and powerful la re:ioli;K all I Mumt ecVe
li.n.n. ander Impure, frtid n.attr froto tbe elwtatrSk
In ta-(, ihr? are lb- only ptll that tUcU b .4 la
oialanoua l;.tru1.
1 l.-y prixloce tio arri ji:-c. AAiajr pai la C
n!.nfü ur t-wel, ituKiU v,ry attT and aeaixtsae
ju'Ii' T 01 riuni, 1 rccoXliijt beatthy aweur. 4
li r and Kl itiry. Wim 1'J afl-r frota b:tloue
i.r, in -! Le a'i-1 ftul aU'tnacb, wb m (dtaap a
rriu 4y ran l-r oi'iaiueil? fcrep tbem rciaey om
Liii'l; a fir pie d.e taken la aeaati, nay preeeia
Iwr, diva ui! nuU I kiiinrai. At far Lr J
eoite-1. they ar laetrle. lrUe only 15 eeu p
i boa an-t fn te eent l-y lo any part of U,e t,'. a
J. M. Mi IJ. A, Sole It iju.r,
C n.er of TLrrd :i-l rtae ta, m. LuaU.
Ilr. J. II. ?IrI.eaia Vwlraaulr Oil
j The liiT KirutvAL ix mi Woau. eua ii
tS ItkAKT.
: Tbouand. -f buraa beiua bar Wr ed a nr
j of devTeftHnde au.1 mlaery. by tbe ae of tUa lal
naMe Ijuiinei.t. Il 111 reLrre FAIX aliuuvt ItMiaa
I Uur '-Wy, and it will cleanee, pu:. ty ard baai the
' fu.t i-iiKK in anlbcro-libly eboct time. VcL AKl
! YOliTA.NiC OIL IJMatFXT will Mlievet le taoet U
vrtet sie fiKi i-f Kbeumattam, bwt, or eura!rta
j FvT l'sra'y!. Cntracu-d MuaUee, fuff.ia or Heah
! n-n in Hi' Joint, iluMlca or Ucamenta, U wül bee.
j er tu.l. To applicattwtia wij uie Nnrr Tbrat(
' M-.tfa- be r Kara.ii'. For F.urr.. "r S.M, c any
'. File, it 1 an if .'.liit.ie rtn-'r. Tiy it, a.-. yWM wiU
. t.-x! 11 .I., rhi."iivil rrti.'-ly. Krp it alaaya
, !..! .1.
I L A M L r.. FA LAI I K.S t aoy 1 1. oLara-a
I t l.ui.-, :ll aae lui tn-y I y uut.jj ilrl-au's Vm
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