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UXJUllU J7iriinlMr;nl.
Miutat Th military of the thinJwr
utier nruj at i aaaoca; rot i,
to -5gbt.
MiLiTAftT Mrrro. All (enoai dcsiriof
to assist In forming a Military Compaoj ia
North Terre Haut, ere requested to ta-ci et
the shop of Wm. Mewhiacey th evening.
Honor to Past Cm a at Mre Thome P.
All Oli Fellows in tbe city, in food stand
inf. at repeated to meet at Oli iello'
Hall thie merttag et 10 o'clock, to py a
proper tribute of respect to Fast Oread Sire
Wilder, who died eoddenl in the eity of
Biltiaere, on Salard moralng. It is bo
oed that bo Odd Fellow will be absent.
I. O. O. F. The members of Fort Harri
)n Lodge No. 13, I. O. O. F., are notified
to meet at their Lodge Room, at 1 o'clock
this (Monday) aAersooo, to attend the fu
neral of-David M. Heere, deceased, late a
Zataber of that Lodge. Members of Terre
Haute Lodg. and all Oli Fellow in the
eity, are cordially isritei to join as in these
latt aad riles to a worthy brother. By order
of the Lode.
' Daara or TnoMtj P. Wrtrr. The brief
dispatch io this rodrn Log's insue. annouocicg
the death of thia distinguished founder aad
PaatOrand Sire of the Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, which will probably be over
looked by many, will thrill the hearts of
more than a hundred thousand men through
out the Union.
Paet Grand Sire Wildey t enshrined in the
beirt of every true Odd Fellow on th's Con
tinent, aa the Washington of the Order, and
the grief at the news of hie death will be aa
feigned tod u&ie ertal throughout the land.
He wm a true Odd Fellow, roeicg all
the r.oble trail of character that make rasa
respected and beloved. Hie memory wiil be
rberiahed while Odd Fsllowahin ndurM
Wo hope every Old Fellow in thia eitv will j
be at the Hall thia nomine- to U Wr ta
the distinguished dead.
J Ovvemor Morton, Friday afternoou.
received a note from Hoi. John L. Newman,
President of the Indiana Central Railroad.
stating that all contributions of blaaketa and
other supplies fur the various regiments of
Indiana volunteers, will be carried over the
above rod free of charge. Thie offer of Mr.
-Newman la commendable and pra Ue worthy .
Wo do not doubt bat that all the other roads
centering at thie point will do likewise.
- ' SiSi
Hotelier Alst ftocety.
PixaaoM Towxaanr, Vioo Co., lau j
Oct. 17th. IS6I. (
At a meeting for the purpofof organizing
Home Aid Society, for the purpose of aid
lg tlte families of those wbi have or may
Volunteer ia defenrc of the couatry, on mo
too, Wm. Brown was called to the chair, and
P. Y. Bus kirk was appointed Secretary.
On motion, the President was Instructed to
appoint a cocalttee of three, to select a
committee of aeveu whose outy it should te
to see after the wanta of the families of vol
Tbe Committee reported the following
oamee, being one from each school district :
Dietriet N. I.John H. Young ; No. 9.
John E. Woodruff; No. 3. Stephen Stark ;
No. 4, W. Stewart ; No. S, W. Edmistoa
No. 6, P. Y. Buskirk ; No. 7, Henry Van
cleee. On motion, the Committee was empowered
to fill all varancies that might occur by re
algnatieo or otlierwUe.
On motion, it wsi ordered thai theee pro
oeedinge be published la the Wat asm L'x
rmcts.and the Terre Haute Jturnl.
Ou motion, the meeting adjourned.
V Y. Bisataa. Sec.
Duf. At 0 o'clock oft Saturday night, of
consumption. Dvir M. Rsrvt. in the 42.1
year of hie age.
Funeral at Q o'clock this afternoon, from
Ct residence of the deceased.
tliuxaaf Ma tt ras. TwoUItt Regiment,
Col. McMillaa. has removed iu emp from
Lomst Point, Daltimore, to Druid 11.11 Park.
Their new location ia railed Camp Murray,
lnhnorof the geutleutaa who own the
groute. Two of the cowrMntewof the 2lt
re ia Fort McIIeary, drillicg with eanooa.
The Fort Wsyte Tu wf Tueelsy evta
g has the following parsgrapL-:
Col. Faros orth, with a regitneut ef ViOO
cavalry, from Illicoia, destined for Washing
tos.pessed through this city todav The?
were a noble looking set of fellows'
CoL Cock, of the U. S. A . passed through
this nty to dav. en route for Washington,
wua five hundred cxvalry sod infaotrv, rg
ulsrs. with ia bras field pce. froei Utah
Thel9ih Regtmeut. Col Mere.l th. i at
Fort Creg, Fairfax cosmtv, Virginia
Caps, GooJing, of tbe "Rd Regtmei.i. Col.
Hendricks, brought with hina from Moari
a few days since $,00ü, which the member
of that regiment had sen borne u thetr
families. The moat of thia monev was sent
to Ute tnnd$ of the gaV.set boys in Jennings
Cspt. Henry CUy. sju of CjI. CI y whu fell
at Bena Vista, and a grand sou o' Henry
Clay, has been ppotated Atsistsnt Adju
tajit General to Gen. Rkhard W, Jhn-M.
to serve la Kentucky.
There are a boat two handrevl aid fifty men
tu Camp Jce Holt for Col. Rav'a regitnent.
ile 4Hh
Ca'ta'ui Sturm's artillery cv &iny m at
rtewdersK. Kentecky. Tbe r gun wete
SJiyl.ed them at that point, ftcm arms pre
lul? at Heodero. , The eoraanv ia to
be üraiabed with a aw btttery s m s
tbe gan can be obtained
A'fry cotuaniei organ sed in tbe Ohio
Hive- ctaliee are daily ractiDg with Le:.r
gun "Datant frirg ever the Oh- wwtd
be repotted ettry day by telegraph sf the
Whjigtoa City aews agent was anywhere
n-ar Nw Albany or Evacv Ule.
Sine compears of iKe !diAa Legtoai
bate been crgannei in K.snsl!e.
There are three compare in Camp HmU
for tLe S2aJ Reg-menr. Col. Mc Reyuohls.
It i expevted to til the -iment wHhin a
few weeks
Owing to the a it if im lUe 54 U rrfi
Ctlt, Col. 3?Hle, bat B ! jet left Caw? J,.e
' MAiaui Br iv, . 5miib.cn th sj in ..
Me Kswaid Dtrro to Ma. Mm Cat.
torn Fitw. all of this pUc.
j MllaltlB- lb0 ,ltai, on the aTlh of
j iCl. at the residence of Coroner Ben
j tOO. CHAtLU WaT0 to Mia Jst Mr
Muts, ell of Terre Haute.
Patriots, Attention !
Yoc aa Ai Bodisd Mi Wasrat
for the Lyon Regiment, commanded by the
gallant Col. John McNeil, Lieut. Col. Isaac
F. Shepard, Major Alexis MudJ. to serve in
the Western Iepertmeat under Major Oen.
rrrmoni. .
This Regiment is epecUlly deigned aa a
living menument to the valor and bravery of
thedrartd Hero whoe uame it beare.
i , ... Ä . . . .i
! A vecru;ting office has been opened at the
uth eat coroer of Wabash and Market sta.,
. Terre Haute, where all persona wanting to
to join thia Regimeut for the war, will bar
an opportunity, upon immediate application
to the Recruiting Officer,
P. S. Pay and rations from the dsy of en
listment, dlw.
Hat! Hat T. II. Ixwerr who ia a
practical Hatter, sad tuaesaor to Joeph C.
Yats. comer of Filb aod Wabaah Street,
K received his Fall ty!e of blocks and has
. . , . , .
now on hand aaxj m manufacturing to order
the bandaomest style of Fall and Winter
Hats at pricea ranging front two dollar up
Vmrj4 Jtf
.e -
A CHrd
The undersigned proposes to gie lnsiruc-
tlon to a Hm.teAl uumber of Durals. In the
Latin and Greek languages; Algebra, Oeom
etry. 4c, with the higher branches of En
glUh, auch as msy be desired.
The leiten will commence on Monday
lith October, instant, it the room over
Minahall'a clothing Store. Main Street.
Terms made known on application to
- er
During my absence Jo" P. Daun, E.,
to aH insurance
nd professional business. Those having any
btisinees with me will conault with Mr. B.Man.
Oct. I3.dl0d.
Hx t3U ACTUS 43 Rt0tMS?IT. (
Cam r Vioo, Oct. 13. Ir61 J
Grocery aad Saloon keeper are ordered
cot to sell any intoxicating liquors, in auy
quantity whatever, to the soldier now quar
tered in Camp Vigo
Anv one knowinglv
violating this order will be a treat a J and
brought to camp to be severely dealt with.
Bv order of
Wm. E. McLEAN,
i r- .ii r-mr v;,
Ulis ll .HEATS.
Jamm Cm smiiw, dealer in Groceries and
Provisions, northwest comer of Second and
o visions, nortnwest corner oi decona ana
xio Street, will keep constantly on hand,
.v tv;-.-. . ' i nf p.JM
nng the W ,nUr. a good s.pply of Fursn
Meats, Beef, Tora, c, wncn lie wm sen
at tbe lowest market price.
Matva Makixo. Mm. M. Rowi.vm would
announce to the Udies of Terre Hauto and
vicinity, th it she las resumed th Mantua
Making busine-. in the house formerlv oc
cupied by Mr. Groverman, on Ohio street,
between Third and Fourth, where ahe is
prepared to receive orders from her former
friends and patrons.
Having just received from New York the
lateat Pari fashions, ahe is prepared to fur
nLb work of a character that cannot fail to
please the most fastidious. dtf
LfT On yesterday evening ou Fourth
street, between Poplar street tnd the Post
Office, a part of bras instrument, consist
ing of a straight shank, about tlx bebe
lotig with a German silver mouth piece on it.
The finder will be liberally rewarded by
leaving it at Crisher'a Jewelry store.
0t. It!, dtf
Ojralerat Of stirs I I
Ralph Sfrague. will, from now until the
clrtseof the seaun, be daily in the receipt of
fresh Otsitas of the best brand, which be
will sell bv the can or half ran, at the U west
rates. He will slso serve them up in any
ule as ordered, on short notice, at his Sa
loon, otie door south of the Stewart House
October II. dlf
- -
rXrcrmtw lor the Forty
Third Rcginirnt.
AUe bulied yoarr men wanted to fill up
thia Regiment. nw quartered at Camp Vige.
Apple won. WM. E. McLEAN,
fieutetisnt Colonel Comman !mg.
B XT Y !
hoots a k i allot:
r T S TO S E S .
Tnaa Itat ta. Up
He baa juet received a larger aed Wetter
selectel stck of Eastern work than ever b
fere, wh'wh be will sell at prices t suit these
bard t'me
A I a. i
M ske to order, and has on hand a gud sa
aotirneot of borne made work.
Come a Ssa
a tare strk frai vatck to f a.
Of vsrtos ki-wta U fsou anl Mks
N. B. Don't forget the "OLD CORN KK."
opposite the Southern Back. dlw wlm
II. Mam S., nsxler tke Nstioaal ils,
Traat Harra. 1mi.
As we SBaBsvfactwr our Eastern work.
can an.1 will sell good at lower pvk-ee than i
can be beucht at v ether bou in the j
trade. PerauM washing U bsjf at wMe-:
. . , . ,1
wid Eud it to their advantage to ' j
I oa, aa we ataJZ ecu st tbe lowest Iaa4er tehees, i
No. 14. Main Street. Tecre Hsate. Iid.
FactTry i.ear Saea-wa Bodge. Lyon. Mast
C-t-'rn work and repairing doe to order
I 2 V U iproementa. well, extern, ear-
. . . . . . . .
, rvf fca aau iaaa, mmm wr ' i fT,w
mmm auU arlk M nlf. K 4 tj
MfMnr t ar rkrU.- st tra. pf I y
SlW iwafV etjee.
i Dnlnncc of Friday rVight
! Report.
The fulljwLn filled j teach us lt
j nht in onsequeoce. of the ru in out of the
line east :
A f entleeaaa direct from llirj ?r' Ferra
, auaounce that the rebels again appeared on
' Loudon and Boüvar llighu this moming,
i and renewed the attack on the Union force
I under Major Gould, with artillerj.
, Major (ould fired upon them with cannis
ter from the Columbia! which was raptured
on TuesJav. aiul drove them back, but not
until the vaaviala bad burned a mill of A. 11.
j Horr. Eq . and took the miller prisoner.
j who they charged with givinjr information to
'the Union troope of the 12,000 bushel of
wheU brought there to grind.
n firing ther waa progreüng, when our
j informant left. Men, wemen and children
'r JS ir rror to the Maryland
' nor iu kiiv.n nun oi iurninir oi me
, , 1
i town.
Msjor tlould ttm tbroa ing bot and bell
( from the Mar land llighu aft i!e rebels.
ana was connacnt he couiu ac latm on un
til reiuforcementa could reach him.
Col. Ueary's wound ia only libt cnt in
the call of the leg,caued bv l e iploAionof
a shell.
! ultsrva Itwsws.
) Lot'isniLX, October 18. Gen. Ward, com
, taxdin at Camp Andy Johnson. Greens
' burg, Kv., has dipairhel to Col. Harlan and
j flea icCook for reinforcements. Ward
i has reports that 6.000 rebels are advancing
y within twelve miles of Greens
burg, ruteen hundred troops have gone to
! tj1.1 jiAnre
i ittM from Charleston snd New Orleans
f of the 1 1th, Savannah of the 10th, Richmond
of the 10th. Knotville of the 12ih, and Nash-
Tille of the 13ih are received.
! Gen. Twiggs ha l resigned on account of ill
! health.
I A blockading rteamer had captured a rebel
i schooner off Charleston.
A rebel battery fired on the ateaiuer. but
j the shots fell short.
General Wine's health is improving.
: Parson Hronlow sujforted the candidates
for the Confederate Congress, but severely
sttimes the rebel authorities.
Breckinridge and Preston were at Nash
ville on the 7th.
Rebel accountj aar that onlr two rebels
were injured by the Monticello'a fire ner
Chicomoac. both slichtlv.
Special correspodence of the Mobile Ad
t vertiaer of the 10th aayaof the Santa Roa
: ansir:
! The bonpit.il building is the only structure
' now stinding on the NlanJ.
x.ieven nunureii were in me expeauiou un
der Gen. Riegle, with Wilston'a Zouaves.
Our forces advauced t nitbin a mile of Ft.
Pickens, from which not u gun was fired,
neither did the fleet fire upon our forces, who
were upon the island from lo till six iu the
The boats engaged er towed btckby
the steamer.
J Ewice, Time andNewfie. and a dor.wn or
! more of the rebels were kille!, and twentv
i nine wounded.
J Major odges, U. S. A., and some thirty
i other Federals are now our prisoners.
Lieut. Slaughter, of the Moble Continen
! tala, who was taken prisoner while bearing a
j white flag to Fort Pickens, hs been released
: The rebel General Anderson has been se-
verelv wounded.
I Krom DarneMoun.
. pAtsKJT0W.H. Md., Oct. 18. A gentle
i msn from tier I in pays intelligence nau ream- j
j d Point of Rocks, thU tbe enemy'- forces
which retreated to the foot of the mountains
j of the Shenandoah Valley on the approach
i msn from Berlin pays intelligence had reach
j of th. f5(.kiT feIon lontr the river line.
hsve left their retreat, .snd are now j uhing
for the Fotonisc in largo number.
It is 8tatel that they had reached Charles
town, and would m.iko their appearance at
every ford or crossing on the Upper Potomac.
Should this intelligence be confirmed, it is
not unlikely that we may have tome serious
A ride from Great Falls to Edwrd'n Ferry
yesterday, proved that all was quiet ou that
Heavy and continuous firing wts heard
here yesterday morning, in the direction of
Lewinsville or Fairfax Court House.
Noon Dispatches.
Rebel Army I'vncunted Leeaburg
Sprculnlion to Their .tforrmrat
Their Present Position.
Washixutom, Oct IS. The abandonment
of Leesburg by the rebel force is confirmed
to day. They" are said to have proceeded to
wards a point on the Manassas Gap Railroad.
It is presumed they went to Mnnassasto join
tbe main body of thdr army there, but the
fact is not definitely ascertained, and the
opinion is entertained, in some qujrters, that
they have gone towards Harper's Kerry, by
way of Strasburg and Winchester. The Ut
ter, however. Is bsrdlv problable. For aome
days the rebel army has occupied the segment
of "a circle several miles in extent, reaching
from Leesburg to the north of the Occoquan
The movement recently made by with
drawing from Leeburg, Vienna, Fairfax
Court House and Anandale, was unquestion
ably intended to reduce the (root, which now
extends only from the Petomir river, at the
mouth of 0(V04iian, upon that creek a along
Bull s Run to Manassss Junction, with Cm
tetville and Fairfax Court Houe occupied as
outprtsts. A very Urge body of their troop
is known tn be thrown towards the Potnrnc
J near Shipping Point.
I Oen StAhel of te New York fth, with a
J small force made a recoriuoionce firt to
( Anauda?e which lesda to Fairfsx C H. The
villsre wssnot deserted as others bad been.
The inhabitants said several rebel agents left
there only yesterday morning.
Gen. Stahel then commenced a J sm ing on
Fairfax C. H. After advancing a mile be
diacoTfred fsur tsiounted rebel pickets. Our
lorces arrived at a bill called Coyle's Hill,
r ear th Court House Our men were much
disappointed when they lesrncl they would
not le irrpttei to o t-n to Ü Court House
thev actually abed ters.
f k ,mrt ,.f ti. iM-iii.niiikiiir ait aim
ply to sscertain the pruiUou of the enemy.
. I .w ,- .V n nrifnninl. hi sine
! satiafie! himself that nearly all the rebels hd
j dUappeare! heyrn 1 Fairfax Court House.
I Tk..iiMM,l i.r iK nmtr from hi a 1
vance! posit:on in front of the Union, lines,
s IuIIt confirmed bv Professor Ia Mountain,
' wh'J nd a balhK-nsven on this sftenwrn.
shortly before fire o'cloU.
He aaceudel fjora a r-Irtia niilea ! of
Alexarv.lria. The wind csrre! tim lire r
six m-.lea oter lue enemy's ctrups around
Fairfsa atiti-n. when nsirg into another a r
rent, he took a circuit to Fairfai Couft IIous.
an.1 theipe bsrk to our lines, Unding at Gen.
Pler.ker's bevlqasrter. He hid an excel
ler.t view of the enemy's position, and could
I Ne their encampments at Msna.i.
; There were n rsll forc. eicej-t hete
j anl there a man. tUia SKle f Fairisx (Xurt
f Haus AI the Coutt Hoae there were cnlv
m f,w rot panics, and the apfearaüce ol the
biTouaca deroutrated that Uta pcanion hd
recently almo-t eourely efacoatel
At lairfax SjtKu there appearel It fe a
lir er force
; l.or si Lyon to Secretary .sesrarsl
? Scvratd's Ileply.
U mit ., O.-t. 19 Lrl Lyons sever
1 al ds spi s:rr-ej a letter ta Mr. Sew-
ard. Senary of Sute. ta which he iijs
1 Hr MJ4v'a (oiemment were mu-h coa
( cert id to that tno Pritih subject,
j Measrr. I'atrV BiVaee S l leriyb
, ie,Mef ti atrv.trsry artc-t. and alth.'U,;!! Uicv
b si been rtleAcJ. it ixiuld tt but regard
' the mstter a reo r;g erj serins ecriid
! eraticn. Ixrd icn, therefore, unler ia
jtrwlcct therefort, fell boutsi to remoo-
strate against such irrerulsr proceedings, as
be dsiguated them, and to say that the au
thority of Cougre is necessary in order to
justify the arbitrary arrest and "imprisonment
of Rritiah subjects.
Secretary Seward in the course of his re
ply, after detailing the facts in regard to the
ttro prisoners named in the note of Lord Ly
on, sets:
The proceeding of which the UritUh Gov
ernment complains was taken Upoa informa
tion conveyed to the President by the legal
police authorities of the country, and they
were not instituted until after be h.d suspend
ed tte great writ of Freedom in just the
tent that in view of the penis of he State,
be deemed necessary for the cierrito ofthat
He, aa well as hie chief advisers, among
whom are the Secretary of War and Secreta
ry of State, is responsible by law before the
highest tribunal of the Republic, and amena
ble ftko t j the judgment ot his country and
the enlightened portion of the chiliied
In cor.i'luiion, Mr. Seward sits the sieh
of the whole people has become in the pres
ent exigency the supreme law, and o lon
as the danger shall et ist all classes f socie
ty, equally the denizen and the citizen, just
as cheerfully acquiesce in the enjoyment
which thU Isw proscribes.
The government does not question the
learning of the legal druert of the Rritish
Crown or the jnstice of the defence which
Her Msjcsty pays to them. Nevertheless
the British Ooverutnent will hardly eipect
that the President will accept the explana
tions of the Constitution of the United Slates,
especially when the Constitution thus ex
pounded would leave leave upon him the
sole executive responsibility of suppressing
the existing insurrection, while it would
transfer to Congress the moat material and
indispenmble posrer to be employed for that
Moreover, these explanations find no real
support io the letter, much les in the spirit
of the Constitution. He must be allowed,
therefore, to prefer to be governed by the
orgnuic national Uw which, while it wiil en
able him to exercise his great trust with c m
t.lete ucces, receives the sanction of the
highest authorities of our great country, aud
is destined, by the getieral consent of the
people, for whom alone that Constitution
was established.
ltne Jtcportrd to Hare Made n Stand
at Cnrthage Jackson Itinerant
Legislature Hebel Dispersing
tieu. Johnson lu Command in Mis
souri He Porbd ItetnovingNlarea
From the State The Cherakees De
clare Tor the Southern Co u fed e racy.
Rolla, Mo., Oct. It'. Tha correjpAndent
of the St. Louis Democrat furnished the fol
lowing items:
A scout has just come in from the west.
He reports that Price baa mitie a stand at
Carthjge, sixty miles from Springfield
The Legislature is to be called together on
the forth of November.
The rebels at Vienna hare diapersed, a
jortion going home and the remainder will
join Johnson. Johnson has been placed in
command of all the rebel forces in Missouri,
and has issued a proclamation forbidding the
transportation of any proporty, meaning
slaves, from the State. It Is" not stated
whether Johnson supercedes Price. The fol
lowing letter is clipped from the Ft. Smith
ExxctTivK Dsrr., Pabc Hiil, C. N.,)
August 24. J
Maj. Cuak, A. Q. M., C. S. A. Sir: I
herewith forward to rour care dispatches for
Gen. McCulloch, O. S. A., which I have the
honor b request you will cause to be for
wutdctl to him by the earliest press.
At a mass meeting cf about four thousand
Cherakees at Tahalaque, on the Slst inst.,
the Cherakees with marked unanimity de
clared their adherence to the Confederate
State, and have given their authorities pow
er to negotiato an alliance with them. In
view of th's action a regiment of mounted
men will be immediatelv raised and placed
under command of Col. John Drew, to meet
anv emergency thst may arise.
Ilaving espoused the cause of the Confed
erate States, we hope to render efllcient ser
vice in the protracted war which now threat
ens the country, and to be treated with a
liberality and confidence becoming the Con
federate States.
I have the honor to be, sir,
Very respectfully.
Your humble serv't .
Principal Chief Cherokee Nation.
Who Ilurnt the Ills River Dridge
Jed Thompson not About Gallant
Move of Capt. Lippincot A Salute.
St. Louts, Oct. 18. The iebels who burn
ed the Big Rh er Bridge the other day, were
maurnding baud- from St. Genevieve and
Ssn Francisco, numbering about sit hun
dred. Jeff. Thompson has not been in that region
lor some weeks.
Capt. Lippincott with fifty men of the 38th
Illinois, met this force two miles below Big
River, and cut his wav through them, inflict
ing a loss of seven killed and a considerable
number wounded. Seven of bis men were
taken prisoners and serersl wounded, but
none killed ia the engagement below.
Sr. Lor is, Oct. 19. A salute of thirteen
minute guns was fired at the Areiul to-day
in honor of Commissary Gen. Gibson.
lie be I I,oat lreratara Their fsrce
llnsrnged -fit Isen 1'leelng Cani-
eii(ltii Adjwuraied.
laorrox, Oct. 17. Tbe rebel Iomi is known
to be thirty six killed and wounded, and it
ia believed t-t be Urgr. as quite a number
were carried off the field.
The Federsl los ts teu wounded one
The rebel force wj about 2.(X1, and be
lieved to be the advance I guard of a uuu h
larger lvly me distance below.
Officers at Pilot Knob nay there eere Lou
isiana, Tennessee and Arknnsss regiments
amor.g them.
(Titiien were fleeing from the vicinity of
yesterday, and the trnnps vere under arms,
etpecting an attack.
The State Convention adjourned yester
day, subject to a call from the Governor, un
til the meeting of th legislature, t) be
e'ectcd in ISfiJ.
light JJLspatchcs.
Miaconstructimi of Reward's Circular
Serretnr Seas ard and tbe foreign
Ministers Across the olomac Ff
fect af Correspondence A flunboat
Turned ItacV uu the Potomac He
counoiterlng Kebela Greeting
More Ilalteiiea Tss enty-sit Vessels
Itnn the Potiunne llUxLnde 1 1 ova
Vrsaels ma Pa.
f sa ehtiser ara Slav Potaananc
Chain Arrsaalhe rttsmar
liess. IcCjbII llecwnnal terltif
Xat'aarde leabtaraj.
Vasnuro5. Oct. 19th. Surprise is ei
pressed here at the misconstruction atempted
tobepatupm Sec. Seward's Circular by
alarmtsu. The Circular shows that our re
lations abroad are in good condition, and that
the Government means to keep them o.
Tbe Administration has taken measures to
put them right within and now turns ita at
tention to putt:ng there ril t withott. It
asks the co operation of the l"yal States in the
Utter as in tbe former.
The Secretars of State, aoct mraraed bj
the ministers Irom England, France and
Sptin, had a p'eaasnl excursion over the
river. je-terdaT, visiting tie Catap tui
f-rt;c!k.na. Tbey altetwsrds attended the
review at Arlingtcu Hights, passed by 3tun
mms Hi!!, and returned at a hte hour by
way of the Long Brt-ige.
arrciat To Kt.
Nme excitement has been created iu diplo
matic circlet here, by the publication of tie
correnoUeoce between Lord Lyot.s and
Sec. Seward in relation to the arrest f Brit
isb SbjCl.
Several new arrests have been made ia
ir rciAL to ma commuci l.
The gunboat Union went down the rittr
last idgkt, with a paymaster on board, des
tined, I believe, for Ft. Monroe. ThU morn
ing, to the mortification of the friend of the
Union, ahe returned here, reporting that ahe
found it impossible to get nasi the formidable
batteries which the rebels hate opened.
A recoouoisance went, yesterday, towards
the Occoqnan, and baa returned, taking the
Te egrsph road a tar a Actiuck Creek.
Pa rung srer sent to Acttuch and I'ohick, and
on a road leading up the Actiuck. ThU lat
ter partv met the rebel pickets who immedi
ately fell back and gave the alarm. Tb
long roll was beaten at the camp aero the
From information received, there are n
iebels between the Telegraph road, and the
river this aide of Occuquan, and but a few at
the latter place.
The only advices received from the Urper
Pstomsc, at headquarters, ia a veiy brief dis
patch sent last night, saying the rbeU were
about leaving Boliver which is near Harper's
Three tug boat wentdowu the river, Utt
njht.to give assistance to any vessels com
ing up ; but iu consequence of the bright
moonlight, and afterward a thick fog, they
were ordered not to attempt to pass the bat
It is thought no aeaeU passed the batter
ies up or down last night. Firing was heart
from the batteries about midnight; but tie
cause ia unknown.
There are indications thst the rebeU are
erecting permanent batteries at Cock Pit
Point snd Freestone Fuint. Considerable
bodies of rebels were seen and beard at w ork
at these points, yesterday. Twenty six ves
sels are known to bavo run the" blockade
night before last, it is believed that t esse!
drawing not more than eight feet, can bus; the
Maryland shore sufficiently to escape barm
from the batteries.
The oniy steamers now at the nav sards,
are the Dawu, Hatezcl, AuacaUa, and Coeuj
de Lion.
The Resolute arrivt-d up. She reports the
loss of a schooner leaded with hay, off Occu
quan Creek, by the slipping of the cable, as
the Resolute was tos ing her. She driftod
near the shore aud w captured by the reb
els. It is reported that the rebels have stretched
a chain across the river ; but the Resolute
being of a liht draft, p i jed over it.
Gen. McCall, with a I- ee of infantrv, cav
alry and artillery, left Prospect Hill, this
morning, to reconnoitre. They reached
Draincville, ten miles frun Prospect Hiil,
without opposition.
Drainsvitle is within fifteen miles of Lees
Seeelaiatle .arrested
St. Lot'is. Oct. 19. Uriel Wright, a mem
ber of the State Convention, Samuel B.
Churchill, member of tho Legislature, and
John T. Chappcll. all notorious secessionist
were arrested to-day, by order of the Pro
vost Marshal.
It is now believed that th large number
of men reported to have deserted from Price's
army including some five or more thousand,
said to hare been disbanded after tbe fall of
Lexington, are still in the service of rebel
lion and will form in bands in various parts
of the State for bridge burning and general
marauding purposes.
The Cnnadinn Pre. on Seward's Cir
cular. ToaoxTt). Oct. 19. Both the Leader and
Globe newspapers of to day, devote each a
lenetby article to Seward's Circular.
The Leider says if preparations of thia na
ture are t be carried on, on the South shore,
the British power on tbe north is bound not
to lag behind. It cannot be an idle specta
tor of works avowedly intended to be a men
ace against its dominions.
The Globe says the Federal Government,
is exercieing a worse discretion which we of
the British empire, considering our antece
dents should be tbe last to impugn.
No News from the South Hiring Con
trabands. Ft. Monro. Oct. 18. No newt from the
south to-day. Oen. Wool has issued an or
der giving every male contraband employed
in the Department, eight dollar jr menth,
and every female four dollars per month.
Thf Uoaton Hoard of T-iade and Ar
my Clothiug.
Boarosr.Oa. 19. Tho Board uf Trade
and the Committee of Associsted Backs,
protested to Government against tfce pur
chase of any clothing in England.
Quartermaster General Thomas lett in
the Niagara with Utters of credit.
It is now said thst tbe Government has
couutermanded the order bv telegraph to
The Cincinnati cJaaette' Story
ItelatlTe to rrcmavn t und Camer
on Contradicted.
St. Locu, Oct. 10 The statement n tbe
Cincinnati Gazette, vesterdav. f the effect
that Secretary Cameron, on his recent visit
to this Department, brought an order from
the Presideut instructing Fremont t-i trans
fer the command of the Western Department
to Gen. Hunter, and that the execution of
the order was delayed at the request of Gen.
Fremont, is pronounced untrue. If Cs meron
had such an order it wsa not pieseutcd. The
interview between Fremont and Cameron
ws a satisfactory one to both psrties.
Pennsylvania Quota ol Rryjinsents
HAsatastao, Oct. 17. Gov. Ctutlu au
thorixes the announcement that Pennsylva
nia has already a sufiicirnt number of regi
ments to meet all the requisitions made by
the National Government, snd that they are
b'irg filled as rapidly as could be deaired.
The Goternor has no power to accept prof
fer of new regimet.ts st t? e prc-ert tim
Important Hntnors lrm Southern
Iot lsviui, Oct. 19. Reports are preva
lent to day of the taking of Greensburg, Kr.,
by vastly superior numbers of the rebel for
ces, and of the retreat of RouMeaa's brigade
towards Louisville
These rumors appear to be whdly without
found lion.
A riaunrl Hill Unrated.
(Jeaat Fatta. X. H , Oct. 19 The Can
nel fsctrv of Jn". W. Townseod, at M
Mil's. N.ll., was burned this mornit g; lo
$30.000, partially inaured. The mül was
running rn Government contract.
llrlllsla Officer Dlamlaaed
lite Bervlce.
MowvaaaL, Oct. luCol. Rankin bss
been distressed from the radiv.a, and Lieut.
Col. Clark from the cavalry sertice by the
Government, charged with enlisting men for
the Federal service
Taotwa Wildey is Dead.
Baltimosi, Oct. IS. The venerable
Thomas Wildey the founder of Odd Fel!w.
ship died this morning suddenly.
St. Loria, Oct. 20. In a akirmi-h tear
Lebanon on th 13Ü, between two ctnana
nie of Major Wrist's caralfT. rl sout
I four bucdrrd rebels previouslj teroruJ. tl
latter bst siltv-two killed, twslv raorullv,
aol t!iirty-six taken prisoner,
i TTHgtt' Iom was oct kUIai.
ClNCIM-SATI, Oct. 19.
Plor uuehsnged. but the demand leas c
tire; ealcs cf superfine at $4,30i M. Re
ceipts light.
Wheat firm at fWc for red. and
95c for white.
Oats aery dull and closing nvminallr at
Cot dull At 3031.
Wuisav advanced ltc, and cloaing at
15c. Demand active anJ sales of l.l00
Paovtsios quiet and uncbangrd.
Unseed oil is held st i6c.
Groceries unchanged and firm; gd job
bing demand at full price.
Money market uncharged.
Exchange firm at 54' premium.
i. i Ma aasaaaa
Sunday Night Dispatches.
Tbe Affair lsclaaw Xew Orleans
T! Other Sts1e-lleeonnanre
Taavarda Ihc Ocruquan- llb
el near onr Mna-The Chain
Arreaa the Poloasaaac At lark. sn
the lleaelule-l llleen Tflles af
lie we 1 11a tier let. Foreign? Advlcea
.Tiare Satlaf ac tar -1-wrd Lyon to
DrltUü Consuls tat Ihr NutU-o
ChalnAcrsit (he Polonaac rif ty
Vessel up since Tuesday -llecon-uslssaacs
Tawarda Fairfax C. If.
srrxtAL to ntaiLD.
Wami!oto)i, Oct. 19tb. Official intelli
gence from a geutlmsn just from tbe South,
savs our Squadron below New Orleans, bad
an engagement with the rebel Squadron, un
der Hollins Two of our vessels got aground
and suffered conridtrablj; but none were
aptured and but few lives lest.
Y oterday Hcintxelman made a reconnou
sjnee in force, towards Occuquan river.
Tbe long roll was distinctly beard iu the
rebel camps, across Actiuck Creek.
It appears there is in reU.1 force between
the Telegraph road and the river above Oc
cuqnan Creek, and no rebels for a considera
ble distance beyond Vienca.
A contriband reports three regiments at
LecsDurg, ready to retreat cn Manassas, U at
tacked. Full account of the firing on the Resolute
received, aUte that she was delayed three
quarters ofau hour by a chain stretched a
cross the river, during which time one bun
dred and fifty shots were fired at her. The
schooner Fairfax being nearest to the bat
tery, received, at leaat, filty shots, when the
rope connecting her to the Resolute, parted,
and she drifted near frhere and was captured.
No one hurl on board tbe Resolute.
Firing continued Irotn five batteries at
distance of two mile; but they have fifteen
mi'es rf batteries, nearly continuous.
One shot from Shipping Point leached the
Maryland idiore. four miles distant.
It is believed that teste! drawing not
more than eight feet, can hug the höre and
escape barm. Several vessel have already
run by.
WaVjiisgto. Oct. 29th. The foreign ad
Tices received by the Ui-t tteamer, at th
State Department, are more than usually sat
isfactory; but great activity in schemes to
violate the blockade and introduce contraband
good. eiisU.
Lorp Lyons had addree-ed a circular to tbe
British comuls in the Siouth, enclosing the
laws of th blockade, which does not allow a
vessel in a blockaded port to take on a cargo
after the anLOuncement of the blockade.
Lord Ljons instructs all consuls to take this
law for their guidance.
Mbe report that the rebels had stretched a
chain across the Potomac, proves to be vu
true. Since last Tuesday over fifty vessels
arrived up the river in spite of tbe rebels.
The tug Murray came up last night, with
sixachooners in tow, and escaped unhurt.
To-day a heavy dctachmect front Smith's
Division with cavalry and artilley, made a
reconnaissance toward Fairfax Court House,
and went within two and a half miles of there.
They saw rebel pickets m Urge numbers,
which "led to the belief that the reserve of
the rebels was not far off.
Generals McClellan. Smith, Hancock and
Porter accompanied the expedition.
Lexington Retaken!
Jxmaaox Citt, Oct. CO Major Wi'.ne,
of the 1st Missouri K-outs. armed here to
day ou the teamer Sioux City, and reports
that on the lCih ot.e huudred and fifty of his
regiment, under Msjor White, surprised the
rebel garrison at Ixiogtou and recapturep
the place, and 11 the sick and wounded, to
gcthrrwitlta quantity of gun, pistols and
other articles, which the la-bcl tlirew away
itt their tl iy lit. Two pieces f uuimii, which
were in the fort, were U cap! med
Tbe Sioux City brought djwn about cs
hundred ol our ick and wounded. aru-rtj;
them CM. White and (irovcr, who sre!..
ly recovering.
The tebcl garrison tumlered three hun
dred. The condition of I-exington is represented as
deplorable; portions of the town having been
stripped of everything, and many of the in
habitants are actually suffering for the ne
cessaries of life.
Tbe piekeu at 0j.e bridge were fired
on last night, and matters are somewhi t un
settled in Calloway county.
A rebel company is being recruited in St.
Work on the fortific tins here bts not
been suspended, snd n- ordr to tbit a fleet
rss e er i-ud.
. . . . e-
Later I raaas llii rape t r s a I af Ih
St. Joa. N. F., Oct. VJ. Tbe aleamer
htna with four davs Utet advices, passed off
Cap Race on Friday.
The King of Pr;-is j-sid a to day's vWt
to Napoleon.
The Emperor of China i rejiorted dead.
Prince Napoleon had sent the Emperor
Napoleon an important State ppr on Amer
ican affairs.
Russell's laltsl letJrr is derote! to the
consideration of the position f Maryland.
Mr Lindsar M. P. in a public lecture has
again stronklv urged tl.e eipediency of Eng
Und ard Frar.cc endeavoring to effect a
peaceful separation cf the n nheru and
southern State.
Earl Rusel. in reply to a memorial, dia
courages interference in th internal affairs of
Mexico, but says Government will eierci-e
the rieht of security for pers onal property
snd fulfilment of engagements.
It is said that oniers sie abut to be Is
sued to prepare a French aqusdron for Mei
ico Paiia bonne dull st C-f ?'c.
Daastitow. Md . Oct. 17. Camp i CM
eJ with rumors ofth retreat of our forces
before superr forces of th er.ewv, at anl
ahov Harper's Ferrv. some sat frai
WilHamsport. aci recrft:rj: to riveT t the
Msrvlan4 shore. The rumors raunot b
trareJ relisblv.
Duff an Tea
Niw Yosa. Oct. ?0 It is unlerst.-!
itit bectetArj Chase has JeciOei thst jTTet n
teas ar raicufactüre-l attides coming frons
1 places other than their growth, aud liable t
5 ity wfaptr ctnt.
JL. Sat urcsssa4 tat aadra ste;k of aooU ef
WOLyxCOat y. 14 lift. Vfabaaii
whars h tnt"4a st a'.l llava a-rp1r; a larc aivi
wII aaacrt! stack cf
A 4 Lap-s .Vcy .0aiei. Lett Vices ami
Faxt 'h; te nal lila (b HfsS Qtaners" for
pbia la laia Um. H will ha aa kaxvd arSi of
Um iad:ce ter.'kiar Stest, al Us bs rf waJoa
sts&ds tbJstl;cI'braua
Na wcaar raa rarpaa tala. as ka&lrods wte Lass
ea-d tawsi raa taauf. A raQ ssr-sJr s4 lUat.c
Stora ef all fattartw. ltk t rosig tas mvr st4
hter ar.akirx partkaaa. Tb
Agricultural Department !
Will Ka tCrf4 a&4 'ara.r srlU st all llmr HcJ
s tx.ll stork af lBsplesBveU ef tas best qsalltj.
IlavlBK aoUtf Stack UirakU la E. H. Corearat!.
tl partaarahlp barviufor MtatlBa; btran aa, aa
drr th r.ana aA atjls oTS. WoII la Uag 4tj
asolved. Th as;nei of ths Crsa w.U ts settled
by S. W uiT ta kaaa all claims Iii fca eraaaata. aa
a.l pajrncBU Bt be ana4. Bs will t-a 1b4 viU.
Mr. Cocca-U at.1 wo-.l 4 trgs lit IrcaMl-.ats stU-
anct ot all t2dcbltiMa te tfca trm.
In rrurtnf from tba proi-Vrtorh a of U Itoua
wv ricosoeod ts oar Kansrecs paireos oer sacress
or as mt are aasurad La will epara bo Set 1 a1s
'rurr auraciSmi S WO LT.
HAVING clofled- mj conneciioa
srtüi Maaara. Waif Ca , 1 arUa ta aar ts f
tnwdt aed tba pitUc last I caay ae foml mi
With aa ecttr; nrw aaacrttiact e?
With a taaewe4 drtermlDation to p4ss te fas ai!
wf wav gv tna a rail, suxl I bops I anaj sm ura a
liberal chars of Us rWt pmUft(. Pa.-tirTi'r
atucU- paid te
Jobbing and Repairing.
Prirrt mkall tvrrttjvnd vitk t 7ws
im taROVEll,
Eclnnll, lcDoupnl V Co1
V ee
ID x o a a O ood.a,
Cmbrarlnj all lbs nw ttjl Prock. Ztoi. aa
(laia. Faniard if otra, Jaspa Tosilard. CtacJnal. avr
!Vrarlnf vary separier sty We, UbIo ectnbtaaUu
kfecksii, sod hraakiMt reraits, fram f 1,U ard -ward.
A x-asuful )!na ea flcuortcf, Vorwia, rdfti s. aJ
4 mrei3tat lot ef ambroiirt t.iU, caw
ot tsbreid'Yed Sol. art, aad a tkotisaad sad
ttnej srticlsi, wkick w trs all psrf bssed for catk a
tba wry lowsst prWa, aad srIU ba aatd aererdtal j
etl-dw Cor. Mala It Tonh
50,000 lbo.
Cotton EXag.
. loakfsfW
Cook, Station?!)
snd -
Fnnc) GootJ.
4-1 If.
t itblic auction, on
Tbsrs-Iar. Ortobar lTtb. st tks ridfa tf
Iks Ttrr:br rpiu U TrirtTtpk MlUa, ea nftk
trest; sua Tiers, eoa Ladv'a I'o: j, ere Cow, eca
rsrm W scou srd Kiprrss Vrsoo eaa Crrls aad
ona bny, tws Ladj's Sadiir, s Urrs U-t 4 drjUt
and Htjia Hsrnaas, ooa tu Flaue, with miliar
HMiarkotd rwrnltur of a supailor cbsiartrr and
a varlrty t(etbT articUstoe tdims to merticn
Sa1 ta ronmfrtra st t u'c'.ork. Tara Csk
Tba proTwrt T mas bavsaalnad an tka nmtilAC ?
ssls. J C.McrCk ii.
ort did
JnuraaJ a? sj4 a-a4 bill ta IfcU ff.a
oAi i. v r.vio.v luivn
r 31- Hi I ZNT H2 .
Jti, ülraUf aflr Ihr arrlral wf Traisa foiag
Ratoo of Faro:
T M'-roT, J,Ti
W. R C Kin ITU, rrcprlstot
pn: rilKAI
F1 LT R s I T XT R ,
-on to-
ir.ii7.vi; it ft i
Easi of Trr Haute House OciTdif
i:aiiue riTY rank. m-
tM t. krbr eirab I tka k bu'.dar. IU.I
tk snnut tBaUng Ut tha pnrpoa rf l-unt rut
ltr-tors for tk auaalnf svar, will b b Id a; tkW
Hank las! Uxtaa, Ui Terr Hoia, en Vs4n4af, tka
Ssitk dsy ef Ncvauibar rat, at i IS P. M
crMtd . Fr.ACII.Caattrf .
sn4 tklfty ta ysrs. Isf, tka san:a ta uia
taars, from 111,' t flS.Oe par Bisttlt, Hk t.ii,
sr.d euartafa, ta crtrtasu a aiwc.
Va4r praaaat rst-bUtUaia, ssy snidiar Is sa my
partnnl'y of baw.rf s e-itnaiisf 1 writer.
frr farlksr liJvmstlori, spplj at tka ran4ara
atlerre-UaiitS, aw tka araat tt i. raMfca aqara
Trim or i.iniT.nE.M,
oo ja: o nr .
ALrnri) u imn.'ir,
Capt. lrk Infantry C. . A., Roaiun OCsi
JoJj ti, dtf
A X c x Firm!
rTAVIN purchased th entit
r .
f.ark 4 PrenalfSi. and Orarartaa, af Ji
! I.e!, at !o. 11 MECHAMCl r.iyvr, kaeit
a&ad ivb ad!ltis sa wars r.arvaary ara ttrm
, prars red te fart Oak te tka r!Ua if T.rrs rtsRi
j and viar,!ty esery artiri ef tL f rSast
I Tka wtftrWt srrda.
AU roda 4nsre4 Vy Itpraaa. fraa a saw.
t A Lkarsl skare vt paUVc rstrata Is raaraetAjlr
jr. w. cojn a co.
NOTICE. I will c!t at Public
1 SS SaUrdsv, tks (k dy Ort , Wl, at
tka Ceart nvn;f door, t Tvrrs Haatt, tan lota In
rlo.k Hikl. four la tior k rjira an-1 M a k v
an, si.l Bisa Wain bl.w k Mrrai cf X.fiaegb)
4 koacka's Fntwttviaiaw cf tba mUd'.a part at tka
soa'.h.w.it aarter tf sert'.oq Cfiarn, town twrUr
oMh rar.fa Rlna wa.
IfTwt- tkWJ ea.u lq kad. n tktrd la
f twtra sad tk'rd Ii :kiao irastvkt.
fj ocUr cf tka Ct&rt at Ceaajoo Pss Paras
Cast!?. If. af.UICHCOX.
sml.wsb ftaajSaas aaatfst

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