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Pri ct'cnl I llut* lor tin* Farui. l
Tho whole gross question, and tt great
many other questions, arc Hummed up iu
the aptijorism put iu tho nioutli of an old.
farmer: No grafts, no cattle; no cattle,
uo manure ; uo manure, uo crops; no
crops, uo fortyprs; po furmow, uo nqtU-1
ing. '
A correspondent of tlio Katma Farm-1
cr says a large hog; breeder iu Illinois iu
forms him tunt he lias produced eleven |
pounds of portt from a bushel of corn,
uud seventeen pounds from n bushel of
wheat Ho 'grinds tho wheat, pours
boiliug water ovor it and allows it to i
stand some hours.
J. N. Sturtevnnt gave a whole lecture
in a few wortiB when he said: A mowing |
machino is an extravagance for him who
is spariug of oil, or does not keep the
uuts tight Tho scythe is mow economi
cal. But when a mau has a lit training
to manage tho mower tho value of it is
very great. So when persoui adopt an
intelligent way of kooping cattle,
they will bo appreciative of thorough
bred cattlo, and tnoy will bo profitable to
them, when not purchased nt too high a
price. I
Thoro is a great difference oi opinion
its to tho valne of ton as a mulch' A re
cent writer*"cites several instances m i
?which upon fruits arid vegetables lis I
effects wore disastrous. Several market
gardeners near Paris lost all their winter
lettuce by covoring tho beds Willi tan.
Any ill result must bo duo to tho fact
that tho lmrk was not thoroughly ex
hausted. When the solnblo matter is all
'extracted from it tho effect of Iho tan can
only be a moOhauical one. WUoro Utero
uro such different?experionceo it will bo,
wife to expose tho tan.to tlio actum of j
raius some mouthy before using it i
In selecting buds for-proMgnting the
peach, I would not give much preferenoo
to singlo, double, or triple buds, beliov
ittg tliat the angle, buils atari tho soonest
in tho spring/ tho double buds tho surest .
Aud in budding from yearly trees there
is not much but singlo buds, tinloss wo
use very largo bods. I prefer to have
bud htleks just a little smaller than tho ,
stocks, witliont regard to wlictlior the
buds lie singlo.or otherwise. In P^pa-1
gatiug from bearing trees I find it best
to me triplicate buds, as thon lliero is al
wuys wood as well as fruit buds. For a
builder tluit ?in tell fruit Mid wood
bnds apart it will make no practical
difference, so far as ray obsonatious ex
toud. f* I
Wherovor organio matter abounds in
the soil a fiWUMof bonos and potash
will speedily rostoro it to its ongiual fer
tility. In sandy soils organic matter in |
tho form of peat, muck, or loaf mold
should bo combined with tho bones and
potash. Tho finer tho bones lire p-pnuu
tiie moro speedy their action. If the
bones nro ground in a raw stato, that is,
without stealing or burning, ami ground
very fine and mixed with tlireo times
their weight of fino muck or neat or loaf
mold, and kopt moist for three week*
Ijeforo being Usod, thoy will gcuerate all
tho ammonia' necessary to tlio rapid i
crowth of wheat or other growing crops, I
without the addition of other sub-1
Vnlne of I'iiutcr. x
An Ohio farmer writes tho 1 Km tern
J!unit as follows: Tito past four sea
nous have been vory dry, as all in tins
pai t of tho Stalo Will bear me witness:
uud a largo fart, probably two-tliirde, of
tho clovor seed sown in this viomity dur
ing that time lias l>c*n lost In .tho
imiiucr of 1(J?3 Isowed ono field of eight
acres" to oats, tlioronghly harrowed one
way, then sowed on clover soed and
crosfl-luirrowod tho field. I then put on
about tlireo'pecks of piaster to tlio acre,
and tho rosult was a good yield of oats
and a fine catch of clover, tvliich grow
finely tlironghout the summer, aud last
scjtsonprodnood ttlarRobnrdon of num
ber ono clovor hay. 'litisI am now feod
iug to my calves, for I prefer It to any
other wllerf properly cured; for calves
should have tho best. Tito somo week
in which I seeded tlio eiglit-acro lot I
seeded one of four acres, and in precisely
the sumn manner, savo that I sowed
plaster on two of it. Tho other two
acres went without plaster. Now for the
result. Whew tho plaster vos sown
tho clover grew as tluely as iu Ibe eight
aero lot, and produced as much ltay last
iieason, while on tlint witliont iilastor the
yield of oats was much lighter, and
what clovor seed sprouted, or nearly all,
diod from the effects of tho drought; bo i
much so that it would not pay for liar-1
vesting. TUos&tlwai sandy?what we
term hero sfutd-knolls? and poor at tliat
Apple Orchards Ortrrloratliw.
Au interesting 'paper ou this subject
was read boforo tho Farraora Club or
No* York, by Dr. J. V. O.Smilli, wlicli
excited much discussion among tho mem
bers present Tho prevalent bohef an
pearod to berliowavsr, tluit the coudi
tious of euftivatibg 'npplo- orchards had
greatly changed in tho past fovr years,, or
rather within o generation, anil that the
greatest catiso of the cliango was to bo
found in ths- thoughtless and wasteful
destruction of forest trees which pro
vided for orchards tho necessary cli
matic nourishment Tho forests are
justly termttl tho conservative forces in
naturo, in consoqnenoo of tlieir power to
harmonise extromes of tempomturo.
They not only servo for a shelter from
tho oold winds, but thov maintain tho
humidity of tljo atmosphere, aud oqual
izo tho temperature so as to suit tho de
mands of vegetation. Oidtivators of all
kinds of fruit*, as well as of yogetablos,
will in duo tiiu? consider tho importanoo
of a fact wliieh has so long been neglect
ed at a risk not now to bo ostiinotod.
Wheeler & Wilson's Souring Machines.
We call attention to tho Whcolor &
Wilson advertisement in onr columns.
This well known company hits tho moat
advantageous fadlitios for supplying tho
public witli sowiug madiinos, on as fsvor
ablo terms as tho bnsinoss will allow.
They warrant all tholr work, tuid it is a
matter of importanoo to tho purchaser to
deal with a company whoso pojdtiou and
pernianenco givo assurance t lint their
Kuwmitj *111 1* fulfil!oJ. ' SMJ linyo
ngoucios aud olfloen throughout tho civil
ised world, for furnishing noedlns, thread
anil other necessary supplier and have
an established roputatiou for reliability
|Ui(f fair dealing.
rtion of a sciontlflo paper
It is the aflftc , }? the first, condition
flint solf-guidanoc Unprovable being,
of a reasonable, nt noliool how to
ShUdren should learii . (or themselves
ndy ulone?to dl-wovct ^ jQ
hat they winb to ^u0^' '?ig them
tliem no initiation, in donj* to ro
thoU' free wi'.l, wo preiMiro Ujo^ _ im.
siim Utoinnolves to tho jmsaivo 1 -x
nmMHl unon tho nation by govcrnmnflK
KlnOT. taUWlv" iu &
ot social Intorwt. We Ultli tmm mh
jo. ti for ft tyrant, not citlMM ot ft re
ni'oV', " ?'
Item* of Interest from Iloino and Abroad
Mason, arreatod in New York charged with
passing oouuterfoii mo tier, w?k ouo of sixteon
mon who conspired to klpuap l'roeident Lin
coln and Secretary So ward from Wa?hlngtui to
Richmond! The plot wan (Uncovered, and ho
was sentenced to bo Imprisoned for life In tho
Ooluiniiud jonltoutiary. I!o wm pardoned on
condition tliat he iihould quit tho United Htato* j
and uever rotnrn In a caaoin Washington '
A colored mau who wait uot allowed a shave in 1
a barber's ahop waa refused a writ, the court,
declaring that saloons and barbers shop* did |
not como under the civil righte act Aj
conflict has oocurred betxeen the troops of
Iudia and China, and twenty Chinaman wore
killed:.... The lower Ho uso of the Heioliarath
has approved a grant of 622,000 for 1875 and
one of ?50,000 for 1876 to defray tho oxponscs
of tho representation of Austria at the Conteu
nial exhibition Charley K. Laudis, well
knowu as tlio fuuuiler of Vinoland, ahot and
seriously injured Carrutli, of tho Vinoland IiuU
in tuitu, hi tho office of that paper. A difficulty i
of long standing existed bctwoeu tho two men, j
and the editor, in almost every number of his
piper, had something to say of Landis
The United States governmuut has already
taken the preliminary stepa for modifying the I
treaty with tlie 81oux Indians in regard to the j
Illicit Hill* In Newatk, N. J., ouo mau j
employed another to assassinate his wife, giv
ing him 9100. Tho mau employod took tho
money and thou told the atory and the in
human husband was arrested.
Tito Lhicohibhiro handicap, run at Lincoln,
England, wan wou by The G turner. Tho
favorite waa badly beaten.... Tho ice-gorge
at Port Jervls was swept out i>y a fnnthot
which overflowed tho town, causing a damago
of ?50,000, and carrying away two bridgos, one
a railway bridge valuod at ? 110,000, and anothor
a suspension bridge worth H0 000 Tho
Emma Silver Mining Company lias been ordored
to tile a bond, to cover costs in its ?nlt for the
rcaovory of *5,000,000, by Judge Ponohue, of
tLo Now York supremo oourt Mount.
Siordot & Co, well-known London merchants,
havo suspended payment. Tholr liabilities are
stated at #8,000,000 The New York Assent.
bly pawed the bi'J protecting incorporated
banks by a vote of sixty-six yeas to forty "*y?
A Camden (N. J.) school teacher was arrested
and put uudor bonds for whirling a scholar.
Wo havo furthor reports of loss of life lu
Utah by mow slides The old man arrested
in Arhtona eonfecsos that ho is John Deuder.
lie denies oommittiug tbe Kausas murder*,
but aays that John and Kato, his son and
daughter, did. Ho aays he so|>aratod from
thorn in Texan, where they all went to from
Kansaa, and camo to Now Mexico and subse
quently to Arixona. John, Kate; and the old.
woman wore together when he left them.
Ten convicts, 'employed in making bricks at
Little Bock, Ark., overpowered their guard and
oscaped. One of Uiq convicts was killed by a
guard. All except two were recaptnrod
Tbe grand national steeplochase waa niu in
England and won by Fathfludor... .The Uuitcd
States Senate, in executive session, ratified tho
Hawaiian reciprocity treaty by a vote of fifty
ono to twelve Tito Canadiau government
will not impose a duty of ten |>cr cent, on tea
coming from tho Uuited State* Tito North
Carolina Houso of Representatives pawed the
Senate bill calllug a constitutions! convention,
to bo hokl on the Cth of September next, and
tbe bill ia now a law Iu tho Cinciuuatl
Republican convention John Robinson, tho
well-known circus proprietor, waaunainlmously
nominated for Mayor Thofallnroln Lon
don of tho (letieral 8outh American hanking
Company is announced. Tho liabilities aro
oHimatod at ?1,600,000 Charley Sm.tli, or
Greenville, an employco of tho New Jersey
Ceutral railroad, awoke to find that himself and
family had been chloroformed and rohtiod of
nearly all their wearing apparel, a gold watch
and chain, and about $79 hi money.
Every house but one in Camack, fla., was
demolished during a tornado Tho voting
of tho Eplsoo|>al standing commltteo of tho
United State* has resulted in tho confirmation
of Dr. Jaggor and tho rejection of Dr. Ho
Kovcn James Gordon, whito, and Charles
Ramsey, colored, wero drowned by tho cap
sixing of a boat in the Savannah river
Mrs. Avah Gose-died iu Amiionit, N. II., at the
ago of 105 years, one mouth and uiuctccii days.
....The United States national I tank circula
tion now outstanding amounts to $3i0,4A2,BCl,
of which amount 12,8811,000 are notes issued in
gold bank* Au Indian 123 years of ago
aud believed to bo the oldont inhabitant of the
earth, diod at Santa Crux, Cal... .Tito Mexican
government is said to have glvon satisfactory
assurances to tho United States in respect to
tho massacre at Acapuloo. It condemns tho
critno and iiromlses to prevent other out
breaks A mass mooting of thirty thou
sand Irishmen was held iu HydoPark, London,
and resolutions demanding the releaso of tho
Fenian prisoners were passed.
Stacy Atkinson, of Mouut Holly, N. J?
slipped on the Ice, and the contents of a gun j
hn carried killod him instantly Mrs. Otten- !
dorfer, proprietress of tho New York fVbtilt1
'Mlunj, meditates tho founding of a homo
at Astoria for aged persons II. L. Rate
man, tho well-known American theatrical
manager, died in Louden On Saturday,
wliilo eome fifty persons and sevotnl teams
wero on the ico bridgo at Quebec it broko
loose and floated np tbo river with tho tldo.
All were lauded safely somo dlntan? abovo tho
eitr on Monday morning Senator Abbott
Introduced a bill into tho Now Jersey Legisla
ture confirming tho salo of tho Stevens battery
to Jobn Roach, of New York, for *105,0T0. i
....Tho projected fnslon with tbo ('or-;
lists has proved a failure. Only eight of tho
insurgent ohiefs follow od tho action of General
Cabrera iu giving in his adhe?lon to tho gov
ernment of King Alfonso Tito tornado In
Georgia did more damago than was first re- j
ported. Fivo lives wero lost, and much property i
waa destroyed.
A dispatch from Georgia referring to tho |
terrible tornado there aaya t Tho toruado was
procedod by a dull, heavy roaring as of boavy j
artillery. It spent ita fury in about three
minutes. An eyo-witness says tho souses were
utterly doadouod and appalled. There was a
crash, a roar, and tho mingling of a hundred
torrlflc aud unearthly sounds. Tho dostructiou
of |iroperty Is Immense, and tho lint of killed
and wounded appalling Tho Uuited States
Seuate, by a vote of thirty-three to twenty
three, passed the Republican cauous indorse
tnont of Prealdout Grant's action in reorgani
xlng tho Kellogg government in Louisiana.....
11 ay ti is in tho maxkot for a loan of 912,000,000.
At Lowell, Mass., Mrs. Sarah Low, s
young marr.od women, was mortally wounded
iiy Iter husband, Charles J. I<ow, who fired two
i-hots from a revolver into hrr head aud (hen
killod himself with a remaining charge. Mrs.
Low was a domostio in tbo family, and bad fled
from iter husband in New York Slate. Ho
intrcurd her to that city and killed Iter Itocause
alio refused tollvo with 1:1m An alarming
death rate Is reported among the colored resi
dents of Washington, 1). C. Tho rato shows
from fifty to soventy.flvo per one thousand per
anttnm abovo the rate among the wlilto pnpnla*
tlon, which is attributed mainly to lite want of
proper food and protection f mm the cold. '
Prince George oonnty, Md., a nogro, who
committed a fearful crime ttpn a married
lady, ^wig * trc0 ono hnndred
yard* of wliv? tho prime w\? r?wmlt?od, |
Aa Article 10 be ttnad Cnrerullj- by K*cry
Gold manifesto itself differently in dif
ferent people. Iu some it produces fever
and |uiiii in the limbs, in otiiora caUrrlx,
in still uthcru soro throats. Whatever;
part of tho system is weakest will bo at
tacked by tho cold.
A largo pro|iortion of cases of deafness 1
comes from ueglected soro throat. Tliis
is because of the intimate connection lie-1
twoen tho throat aud tho ear by meiuis of j
tho eustachian tube. Heneo the impor
tance of kuepingtho throat in u healthful
condition. Thetoudancies of sore throat'
are to tho worse and not to tho Utter; |
hence any affection of this part of tho
body should receive prompt attention.
In cuso of ordinary sore throat, tho sim
plest and best treatment is tho wet pack,
using a linen cloth wrung from cold (
wuter, and Over thin n knit or crotehoted
yarn band, four feet long and four inches
wide. Apply this two or three nights in
Buoee'sion,- unless it is a very sarious |
case, when tho pack should bo kept on I
during the tiny. If takou otl" ia tho i
morning, wash the throat in very cold |
water, rub dry with u coarse towel and i
with tho hand. This will prevout taking |
more oold.
Mucous membranes liavo tlireo kiwis,
of iuilajnmatiou--cntarrhid, en >upous, and I
diphtheritic. Everybody knows how i
tho first appears; in the croujioiia a liquid |
is poured out which collects on tlio outer ;
surface of tho mucous coat, and forms a j
mombrane which can bo peeled off or
removed without injury to tlio mucous |
coat lwneath it. In tho diphtheritic tho
liquid poured out infiltrates itself into 1
the mucous membnuio, aud if forcibly j
removed leaves tho mucous ooat raw and |
soro. Diphtheria is blood iwisou. The j
pntieut complains of fooling stupid) tho
anglo of the throat swells; there is likely
to bo more or lea* nasal catarrh; there
appear in tho throat patches looking like
dirty wash-leather, which, being re
moved, leave a row spot; tlio odor of this
exudation is offensive, but tho disease is
not usually contagions unless tho exuda
tion comos in cuutoct with tho mucous
membrane of another individual. 1 lenco
tho greatest care should lw taken that no
towel or drinking vessel or spoon used
by tho pationt tcmlies the hps of any
other person. Groan is inflammation of
tho larynx and nsnaliyattncks tho pationt
suddonly in tlio night. Tho menibrauo
ia formed iu tho larynx, is white, and
extends each way up aud down. In diph
theria it forms in the throat and oxtcmls
Tho food of a patient Buffering from
diphtheria cannot be too nutritious and
stimulating. All physicians agroo in
this. Thorois nothing letter for tho
pationt than boef tea, made by puttiug a
pound or two of tendorloiu into a glass
can, or bottln, sealing it tightly aud im
mersing in water, gradually raised to tho
boiling point, and kept there until tho
jtiioes of tho meat are extracted. Give
as much of this as tho patient will take.
Old sherry is also prescribed as a stimu
lant by tlio most devoted adhorouts to
temperanco principles.
A California Jury.
Thoy have peculiar jurymen in San
Francisco. In January a Chinaman
named Wah Ah Tooug was convicted of
murder. Recently, when a motion for
a new trial was being argued, ono'of the
jurymen made an affidavit to disorderly
conduct in tho jury room, iu which oc
curs tho following dovelopment: When
they returned to tho jury room," one of
the jurors produced a bottlo of whisky
and soveral packs of cards. The jurors
played cards, some for money, all night,
during which tirao there was ono ljottio
of whisky dniuk. Afterwards thoro was
a bottlo of liquor of some kind, which
afllant took to bo cocktails, introduced
Into the jury room and drank by tho
jurors during their deliberations upon
the question of tho guilt of tho accused.
During tho night there wore two or
.three bottles of liquor drank by tho
jurotn;' Iu playing cards crackers were
usod, with wliieh sevend jurors seemed
to bo abundantly supplied, as a repre
sentative of money. Monoy was also
used by the players. During their de
liberations alUautwas frequently insulted
and threatened with personal violonce.
It wont so far that at ono time alllant
was compelled to call in tho deputy
sheriff for protection. Had afllant fully
understood tho facts of tho caso and tho
date when tho mnrder was committed,
ho never would have consented to the
Til<7 Sair It.
Some time since a vossel was cast upon
the shore of Lake Michigan, aud the
captain and crow wero threatened with
death at any moment. Two horsemen
were seen riding along the shore and
looking at tho vessel. Tho captain in
voluntarily gave tho sign of distress pe
culiar to a iiecrrt society, and it was
answered by tho Btrnngors, who at once
turned about aud, at full speed, retraced
thoir steps. In three hours a tag and
Jifo boat, manned entirely by members
of tho society, arrived, rescued the fam
ishod crow, aud secured the vessel bo
that she wis afterward removed with
safety. N. B. This story will answer
for Masons, Odd Follows, Good Temp
lars, llechabites, Sons of Malta, Gran
gers, or any othor secret society.
Tlio Wales 3Ilnorn.
Twenty thousand peoplo at Merthyr
Tydvil aud Dowlais, in Wales, are now
dependent for fuel upon the coal they
can got out of the waste patches and
cropping# on tho mountains. A largo
number of men have left for Queensland.
Tho coal owners have refused to meet a
| deputation of ministers of the gospel who
wished to act as mediators between them
and tho strikers, and it has been inti
mated that Mono will bo received until
tho submission of tho men. Tho coal
owners are determined to resist at till
costs, even if tho hands staud out until
tho summer.
Six Millions.
Alwnt two years ago, Dr. J. Walker,
o#old and prominent physician of Cali
foruin, discovered, by actual experience
upon his own system, a mcdicino which
may honestly lw termed "a boon to
suffering humanity." Being a combina
tion of licrlmlistio extracts, pungent and
sour to tlio taste, and yet possessed of
gentle ntimulativo characteristics?
although entirely froo from alcohol-?he
named it Vinegar Bittors, and despite
the prejudice existing among his pro
feorion against all patented medicines,
ho determined to linivo tho jeers of his
brother practitioners, and givo to Buffer
ing humanity the benefit of Ids occidental
disoovory. llo did so, and tho bonetlts
from its use Iwoomo known. Tlio do
mand increased, and immeuse quantities
wore sold, nt a merely nominal price.
Its merit is told in the fact that " in two
years over hix millions of lxittlos havo
boon sold;" nnd still tho demand in
crease?, Wuroly snob a man should lw
ranked among tho benefactors of tho
human raoe, *
Tho Piano-Harp Cabinet Organ in n j
now invention, combining thrto and
ono-half octavos of a pianoforte, or of
nn instrument with tones between those
of tho piano autl tbo lwrp with
tho organ. It is a beautiful instrument,
costing but littlo more than the organ.
Tho Mason fc Ilamliu Organ Co. are j
not able to mamifacturu it rapidly
enongh to supply the ilomaud. *
Giant Trees in California,
It has been supposed, says a Califor- '
nia paper, that the Sierra sequoias, or
big trees of California, were coufinod to ,
a fow small and isolated groves like ?
Uioso known to tourists by tho name of j
Calaveras, Tuolumne,'Meroed, nud Mori*;
posa, scattered at considerable intervals j
aloug tho western slouo of tlio moun- !
tains for a distance of sixty miles. It
was known that a collection of big trees J
larger than any of those in the Marl*:
pvsa and Cnlavern* regions exists in j
Fresno county, whuro Thomas' mill lifts
for sovorul years l?oen sawing this red |
wood of tlio Sierra to supply tho mar
ket of Yisalia, but it wns discovered List ,
Rummer that this body of big-tree tiiu- j
bor is not properly a grovo, but a forest |
extending for not loss than seventy miles j
in a northwest and southeastward diree- ;
tion, with a width in souio places of ten '
miles, and interrupted only by tho deep
canyons which cut acrons tho general
course of tho forest, ami redtico the level
to an elevation below tlmt at which the
troa is found in a wild condition, al
though whon cultivated it thrives in all
our volleys.
Different persons havo traced tlio
forest from the basin of tho Tnle river;
in latitude thirty-six dog. and twenty
miu., aeross those of tho Knweali ami
Kingti to that of San tho Joaquin. Tlio
olovatiou has not been carefully mea
sured, but is supposed to vary from,
4,000 to 6.000 feet At ouo point, a:.d i
one only, this forest is accessible by a
wagon real, and this is at Thomas' mill,
forty-eight miles from Visnlio. Unlike
tho groves fiu'thor north, thin forest
consists mainly and in some places al
most exclusively of tho big.troos, and
there aro also a multitude of snmll onos
in nil the ages of growth, some just
sprouting, ami others saplings only two
or three feet .through. Tlio lurgest
Htauding treo as yet measured is forty
foot in diameter; a charred stump?the
treo itself having disappeared?mea
sures forty-one feet neross. A tree
twenty-four foet in diameter four feet
abovo tho ground, in precisely tho same
thickness sixty fe?t higher. A fallen
trunk is hollow throughout, and the
hole is largo enough to drivo a horn?
and buggy oeventy two feet in it as in a
This forost is ao extensive, tho timber
is so abundant and excollont in quality,
and tho demaud for it is so grout in the
bare valley at tho foot of tho fionntaiu,
that it cannot bo withheld from the axe
aud the sawmill. The wood is similar
in general character to tlio Coast sequoia,
or common red wood, straight iu grain,
splitting freely, even enough in graiu
for furniture, aud for superior to oak iu
its keeping qualities iu positions ox
nosed to alterations of moisturo. Tho
Sierra sequoia does not throw up sprouts
from its stump us does tlio redwood, and
can therefore bo felled out mora readily.
It is bettor to bo Into than uover at a
A Baltimore beggar lias retired from
business with a fortano of 820,000.
A Few Word* to Fecblo nnd Delicate
By It V. Pierce, M. D., of tho World's Dis
pensary, IJuffalo, N. Y.
Knowing that yon aro subject to a groat
amount of suffering, that delicucv on your part
has a strong temloucy to prolong, tuid tlio
longer it Is noglectod tlio moro yon liaro to ou
dnro and tbo more difficult of euro your caso
bocomon, I, ss a physician, who is daily oou
suited by scores of your box, doelre to nay to
you that I am constantly meeting with thore
wlioliavo been treated for thoir ailments for
months without being bonolltod iu tlio loaat,
nutU they havo bocorao perfectly discouraged
and havo almost mado up their mind* never to
tako anotlior dose of modiciiie. nor lio tortured
bjr any further treatment. Tlioy had rather
dlo and havo their sufferings ended than to
lito and suffer as they have. They say they
aro wont out l?y mifforing and aro ouly mado
worso by treatment. Of anything moro dis
couraging, wo ccrtainly cannot conceive, and'
were thtore uo moresuocomfulraodoof treating
such difficulties than that, tho principles of
which teach tlio reducing aud depleting of the
vital forces of tho system, when the Indications
dictato a tieafmcul directly tho rovenw of the
ono adopted for them, thnir cases would bo de
plorable indeed, lint, lady sufferers, there is a
hotter and far moro successful plan of treat
ment for you ; one moro hi harmony with the
laws and requirements of your system. A
harsh, Irritating caustic treatment and strong
medicines which will never cure yon. If you
would tieo rational means, such as common
sci^o should dictato to overy intelligent Jndy,
tako such medicines an embody tho very l>est
invigorating tonics aud norvJ.ios, cotnponndod
with special reference to your dellcuto system.
Such a happy combination you will And in my
Favorite Inscription, which bus received tli'c
loudest praixo from tlmusamls of your hl
Thoso Illiquid, tiresomo sensation* causing
you to fuel Hcarcely able to bo on your feet or
ascend a flight of stairs ; that continual drain
that isnapinng from your ?vntcms all your for
mer elasticity, aud driving tho blood from your
cheolis? ti.at ruiitiuual btrnin upon your vital
forces that renders yon Irritable and fretful,
may all l>o overcome and qulxlnqd by a |>er
j severing uso of tliat marvelous remedy. Irregu
I laritles mid obstructions to the proper work*
I inuH of your system aro relloved by this
| mild and safe means, while periodical pains,
the existence of which U a wu o indication of
? serious dit-ease that should not bo ueglccteti,
| readily yield to it. and if its uso is kept up for a
! reasonable length of time tlio special canto of
j tbeso juUiih is permanently removed. Farther
I light on the.ne i.uhjects may bo obtaiued from
j my pamphlet on diseases peculiar to your box,
font on rccoipt of two stainim. My Favorite
! Proscription is sold by druggists.? Com.
I If you want tho best Elastlo Truss for mjv
turo, write to FomoroyA Co., 714b'dn-ay, N. Y.
?Com. _______________
Uuiixett's Coooaixb is tho boat nud
' Cheapest hair dressing iu tbo world.?Com.
KLEcrnicrn- is Lint.?.All nervous dirt
orders, chronic diseases of tho chest, head,
liver, stomach, kidneys ami blood, aches and
palms nervous ami general dobllity, etc.,
quickly cured after itniKs fail by wearing Volta
Eloctno 1 kilts aud Iknua. Valuable book free,
by Volta Belt Co., Ciiieiuuatl, Ohio.?Com.
Pbatob i?y CoNSiTMPnox.?It is esti
mated that 100,000 dlo yoarly in the United
States with consumption. Whon consumption
first aptwars there is naln In tho chest and
opprcH-ion, attended with difficulty of breath
ing. Hoot) there will be a cough, if this irrita
tion is not hoalod, and tho offort to ralso will
still odd fuel to the (Ire. AUou'h Lung llabam
will at once allay tho |<aln ami Irritated parts,
stop tho rough, ami pn vent what ft on Id be
1 consumption. It is making cures of diseased
I lungs which wore considered incurable. For
' sale by all modlclue doalofo?Coin.
Pills which contain antimony, quinine
and calomel, should be avoidod, as so veto
griping pains would bo their only result Tlio
safest, surest and best pills are J'anrmn'
rutyniiwor Anti-Nlioui rilU.~Ccm,
Foitxd at Last !?A remedy that not
only relieves but cures oousumptlou, as well as
coughs, eolds, bronehltis, sore throat, itillu
eiiea, oto. Tho remody to which wo allndo is
l)r.'.]\1ttnr't IJalnam of Willi C/ieprv.projMirod
by Heth W. Fowlo A Sons, J Jot ton. Fifty cents
and ouo dollar a bottle, largo botUol much the
oh eapor.-Com,
Beef Caltlo-PrhuetoEalra Uulloofct
Common to Oo?tl Texaiia
Milch Com I
Flour?K tiro \Y**t?rn.<
Siutt1 Kitn..?,
Wl*c?t?lied Weatern...
No. <1 bpriutf..
Moro tlinii fifty years hovo olapsed
sinco Johnson's Ann-ImP Liniment vu flint in?
rontod, during which timo liuudrodu of tbon
nandtt havo boou bouoflttcd by ito two. Proba
bly no articlo over bocame mo unireraally popu
lar with all cbuuou an Johnson's Anodyne Ltni
now for tho ilmt time Introduced (o tho
public, rank* In excellence with tlicir fam
oils No. 0 Machine, but hnn some modifica
tionsi adapting it to apecial classes ?f work.
The Tailor will And it a* well ?uitnl (0 ),jH
work a* in No. 0 to leather work, It might
properly la termed tho Tailor'a Machine.
Send for Circular to
Fliilir k Isi Ift Da,
44-14tli Street, New York.
The Markets.
11 ? is
Ityo-SUle. WSSSSM - _ .
JUrley?Mate 1 30 (?i 1
llsrley Malt 1 ?3*<4 1 8 7H
Oat*? Mixed Weatoni 70 7u
Coru?Mittxl Western It ?l U
Hay.perowt M (4 1 10
Ktruw, j>cr cwt M (A US
Hoj* 74V?15 (?10 . . ,olil# Od <4 IS
I'urk?Jlw*. 20 M (430 85
Lard 14!,'<4 US
Fi?li?Macki-re', No. 1, now. 13 1)0 (.411 U0
" No. a. DOW 10 00 MM 80
Dry Cod, jmrrwt 0 10 H 0 SO
Herring. Healed, |mr box. . . US (4 40
petroleum?Cru-le. . _.. .G7(,'(jl07Jtf lteflued, 14X
Wool?Onliforula Fle?vo ti M J]
T??a *? 33*(4 M
Auiurallau " Ml*.,4d.
Untter?sul?> 38 (4 3)
W??t? rn Dairy 33 M 33
Wwdern Yi'llow 30 (4 33
Wratcni Ordinary. IT (ft IT
ivinuylvanla Flue 35 3 34
ChWle-Mali* Furtory IT (4 IT
M*tr Skiotniw) 06 (M 11
Western 13 (A 14
Ktffi*?State M (4 33
Wheat 1 33 ? 1 J3
liyo?Ntatr X3 (A 95
Corn?Mixed HI c 85
lUrley-Mito 1 80 (4 1 30
Oat??Stole 01 3 08
Flon# S 00 (4 7 00
Wheal?No. 3 Hjirlug 1 05 M 1 75
I'oru?ijllfd 70 04 77
Oat*...' 63 f4 83
?Wt4 or*
liar ley 1 1 25
Cotlon?how Middling* 10 ft ]ft
Flout1?Hatra 7 0J <M 7 00
Wheal-lied Wuleru I'M (4 1 70
Hye 1 CO 09 1 03
Corn?Yellow i 81 (4 81 fc
oat*-Mlxid 01 (<? Cit
Petroleum C7>?a OTJU
Hour?Ponnajrlvanla Extra S 00 A 0 75
Whiat?Wrttrrn lletl 1 ?] (?, i 33
Hye 1 01 0 1 01
Coru?Yellow 83 (4 83
Mixed 83 (4 83
Oat*?Mixed M (4 0T
Petroleum?Crude 10 (410 liuflnctl, 14#
Eotary-Hook Look-Stitch
inon.33 TIXATJ
Family Mucin
Sewing Machine.
We, manufactures* of boots and shoes,
are lining Wheeler & Wibon's New No. 0
Sewing Machine in nil kinds of stitching
on our work, and confidently believe that it
will supersede nil others in this branch of
manufactures, for the following reasons:
1. Tho work done by this machine is !
Miperior to that of any other in txtricty, \
amouht, eictllcncc. and, betiu/y.
2. This machine is more durable than nnv
other of its clow, requiring much less outlay
for rw*n'r* and rcnemil t>f jniin.
:J. It dot* tlio carding ir tinging 0/button
I Aofa In a most elegant and sulMtniitiul mnn
ner, without the expense of royalty.
In ahort, becnuso by tho usoof this ma
chine wo can turn out *ujxrior tark at Un
cort than with any other.
_ , # [Signtd by many.]
K" It is fnst superseding nil other ma
chines for leather work.
Trial has Demonstrated
their Superiority.
0 MACHINE muM eventually mipcraale nil
othm now run with which it comet in eomjKlition.
\ We recommend/or it the highctl award which it
it in the joiner of thcJnftitute to bestow."?From
I tho unnnimoua Jteport of tho fivo Judges
[ of tho Americon Institute, Now York, 1B74.
I Tho lkmrd of iMnnagem unanimously ap
proved tho report, and recommended for this
mnchino tho Gohl Medal af the Institute.
The Board of Direction unanimously ap
proved this recommendation, and awarded
the Gold Medid to Wheeler & Wilson, tho
only uold medal awarded for a Sewing
Machine by tho American Institute for
many yeprs.
Tht. Austrian Official llcport of the J7rnn?
ICrjnsition pronounced it " the inaml of the
Erjiixilion," and added, "this unirersal machine,
tnr* the heaviest lenther harness and the finest
yante vith a trulujxart stitch."
The Grand Medid of lYogret* wit avardctl
for it.
What tho Leading Manufacturers of
Boots and Shoos say of
$40, $*0, $75, & $100.
Shipped HmmIjt (or Um.
822 iig^
?Willi* tbo BOLUKOtt TriUUKX
Watkr Whxju. mt oourLY.
B.OOO To Hire A??/.-A fet.V) OoM Watch mtfrM lo
?<t?l Maulvl i>riuin?uti
iuin m wern la u>e *
rnai* ?*u. IViboui lumn* mull ?rtirlna In Mil,
$2oo Ka&iSK^Ta^---^
M 0 N E
Hu'Iuem Men, Fartunri,
bow to ni It JuMUio
To tbo L000 IixornunoKi heretofore In WeUtot*i
Unibridirid wo hare reoentljr added four p*?M of
agmed uprawl/ for (bo work, at Urgo oipeuo.
flTTItc Authority of Rrcrytrady.
The sale# of WeU??r?i DkUoiurioa It
onnnlr]r|ltH873 w?<ro ^Uin>* M^Urjjn u u
wn ?At* nr
Tlie Bnrliocton & Missonri Riyer R. E Co.
On Ten Vt?nin' Credit at 0 per cent. Inn-rent.
m*"" KAI"1
couim uup^l.nrito DUraunt*
IjANI) ('ll.ti.llISSIONI'ff,
tiro* ? u. liiiitoiJ Ciiat*
Thii new Tnue It worn
with perfect comfort
**?!?l*e or drain
Elastlo Truss Co.,
No. (JS!J Itroiuhvny, N. V. City*
>njjwitb^m?|j. OAltorwrnd forOlrcoUr.aodhecnrwd.
Miiiurnrtanu* of Pliant 11,,?mm ?
R-mltofete vsesT"1' ?
A'*.n"ny,,?;r.'T' ??"?*?
WATm.v.tj, punusmxa t.'o..i'hitari?.it>hu.i?a.
s&3Sa!8S^.v.m st
UN,000 M.Itl.MtY SOLD.
Kit Carson
OfiB/MdererykJii. tadifamp
f#r ('?!?!.>(.... iM-ii Crnl Wriun U?
?4IPUU1 1?wU, HTT??UMflB,
tt?-. Painless Opii Cure!
m^vm i0ih"ra*k,'VCf 'Iv ''I'ATKNT IVORY" Of0.llak.ld Knife Th.i
in Uo&ry'ri.'l hy
'I r*taMt n>r a ?ncoi ?.iiii tuui tii Hum
New Imlldln*. mm onnn. IWfrni to!
nay. AddrtM (or p?mcnUr??mleiU]
?? I'nllflie. PouitiiiMP?to. N. V., Onilm-llmiton. Oulj I .?llhiilon &?
tiriettatiComnweUl Befool11 only on? pmrlilln* tltua*tori lor QndulM.
V- Airnvs
? *.'? NNjj
(V HV*

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