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Local Brtfillci.
_"Uardon tracV' i.l.t. ll.U year
-Severilcueioflyphold ferer.re
fl' * \vw lS5& con" ? ^y io
IW; <?
got himself into lipM lut week, f?
-flan. WUIiun B Arnold ?m *'?
liver a lecture It tbo Aeadem; on Iko
J5ih iflit ?aubject, "Education.
-It !i said that ? MasotucLodge !?
mod to be eitablUhed at WaikerivtUe,
1D?Trou"? nil to bo as abundant
in tlio wouiitaio amarui tbu year, u
g'mbrpptr oinJlJll f|r
Superintendent of Free Bcbooli in Bit
bour county- . ? .
?The continued dry wcathor U tery
bird on tU lumber men along Elk end
l.ittle Kanawha.
?Colonel George K. Latham an
nounces himself ?s a caodidite (" Su
perintendent ot Freefkihoola In Upsbur
?WeMeo grants liquor license tbU
year. The prohibitory Bjlteitn, to far
?8 tbo experience of thia town it con
cerned, was ? etupendoua failure.
Oliver Alkiro his made sory oon
tidcrablc improventnta to hii stc?m
mill. It lioanoka. His saw-mill ia
now one of the beat io tho county.
?Tho I'hilippi J'laindentcr favorea
Oouvontiou for tho purpose ot uoalua
ting i Domoeratio ciodidito for J?dgo
ot tho Court of Appall.
?A ibip m rcccntly leaded it
llicbmond with blioV walnut timber
from Elk riser in thii State. Ill doi
tinition wn Ilim, Franco
?Our two-oent and five-cent pieoea
have the motto "In God we Truit,"
but opr new tweott-cent pieco hain I,
When a man goti that wealthy,tudon t
rropoao to trust anybody, you know.
?Grasshoppers bare not yet made
their appoaraoeo hiro; but potato bugs
mako daily inouirios at Chajfunt k
Mooro'i, u to who baa btught toed po
?Wo aro authorized by a?eral la
dies in tosrn to say to Judgo Sulnaker
that if-bo will "fix up" the luring at
Do Kalb, and keep hotel, bo can ia
.euro icveral "iotertitinj hoardora
?It ia aaid that Mr. J. 0. Vender
vort will build a brick atoro and dwel
ling house this aummer, on * the west
tido of the river, ntar tbo location of
tho old Halo jtore-touso.
?Bicuingi new come aiDgly. A
couple of woeki ago, wo nominated
Hon Bobert F. Bmnia for Supreme
Judgo. Three diya afterwards, hu
?ifo nrownted bio with twins.
?Mri. Elizabeth llaymood, of Ball
town, Braxton coioty, dledttlnde
pondenoo, I'reaton county, cf old age,
on Tburiday, MiJ 20th, agod about
' ??\Ya loarn that the re-aneaiment of
tha real eatate in Court IIouio, Colliua
Settlement and big Skin Creek Dis
triota will inoreais the taluo but
SSiporU to tha contrary having
boon ciroulatod bj toiuo evildiipoiid
persona, Mr. Israel Simmons desires
uo to atato that ho novcr iuppo?ed any
one on Freetnan'a Creek w? engaged
in the incendiariam which recently oc
curred cn faia farm. . . ,
?To-day ia elactian day in Wood
county, on tho proposition to diacard
the County Court lyatem, and bavoa
County Judgo and Commissioners
Wa aro willing to bat a four-dollar
bonoett that the proposition is Toted
d??It il stated that we aro-to have a
special team of the Circuit Court
timo in July Of
we preaumo, due ind timely oont
be kIvou. Wa understand that .?
Iloge, of tho Mirtinsburg Circuit, will
pr?A party ot gentlemen will l?e?o
Westou in ? few days, CT tor
Braxton and W.bstcr, n'u Sutton.
Tho editor of Tua DiMOOTii will be in
the party ; and persona along the rou
will pleaae prepare thimielvee. Uo
expects to gather in "United Bt?t?
I tnoflhr from mil ?ho owe him.
-??They say" that tho young foUs
of Clarksburg are to meet the youuj
folk! of thtfplice. ,l J,?? Vjil' ^
have a grand pic-mc, on the 15th. la
tho evening it Is arranged that the
whole party will come to Weaton.
where a ball and tapper ? to be pro
A yonng mM named Douglaiwu
recently arrested In Gilmer county for
an nassult upon Alrxander Moore, with
intent to kill. The crime was comoit
: j v...,,. pminiv Moore bad
43 dogs wilhin tho limits ol the
aritlon. Thll of courao doea nut
coroorition. Thil of courao aoea-u?.
incfude tbo property of the State with
noted |the gnuUng
of permiti to marry, &o ,
Woofter baa inued tbo "papera to the
foHowing pcreons: C. U u ,
Mary J. Stalpaner ?, Lemuel B"101}0'
Mary U. Webber; Albert N. Morr -
son to Miry Himioao ; rhamai Bat
ten to Ksto I'eto.soo ; Ihoniss J
Shaw to Mioetvi J. Fiaber i 11- W
Alklre to I,aora A- Hnider
The surveyor #ro now Bt w ?
,bo Grafton tJl.mlj
nil appearand tbo people lg?g !??
r?d are thoroughly
crybody in thii county wtilei then
God -rpcol ><> ttc enterprise.
tar Till pott office at Minora, Cal
buun county, on the route (rota Ar
noldeburg to Newton. U re-eiiUhli?hed,
with Abaulom Knotte " poattiiaelcr.
tW Mtnuu?On tbo 26lb of
Siy, by Hot. W 0. Millar, Mr.
tin S. Camden to Mill Battle K
Williams.?Tbe iappy oouplo bavo
honta of friaudi who wish theui great
bippineu aod prosperity and i joyful
futuro ? furlurihvg Item.
XT Bw is Wuiiunu?A
tremcndoni coDSiiratus occurred in
Wheeling on the 28th ult., totally de
stroying tho new liinrilde Neil Mill
and Boll Plato Mill. Tbo loei-lees
tbe iniaranee?u cutimiled at JIO.U'JU.
The (re wu tbo remit ol an accident:
[r Djstiiuidisiico Viaiiosa Co*
iso.?Wu learo that our entire Coo
g/etaional delegation,?Senators Davia
?ud (Jiperton, and Uepreaeutatives
Wilaon, faulkner and Hereford?to
Owith Attorney General
!??, and leveral other diitio
guisbed gentlemen, will viiit Wejton
about tbe 10th init. The visit will bo
a "pleasure trip" on tbe part of then
gentlemen; and we trust thstour peo
ple wilt inataia tbo reputation they
made in ante Ullrn ciaiuw. for ratine
uient, boipitility aod politeneu.
tr Tua Biltimoiu Oitrti Mae
kit.?On the laat "market day" in
Baltimore, Weat Virginia wu almost
without a rcpreicutaltve. Only 25
bead of oattlo from thii 8late were re
ported. Ohio, Pennaylvauia aod
Maryland, furaiabed tbo bulk of tbo
uuuiiwr auld. Prioei ranged about aa
follow*: Beit 6Ju7J; ant quality
51a6l; medium 6a5J i ordioary SJnO;
general iiorage 6|. For many weeki
pact there baa boon a noticoablo do
oreaio in tho abipmeoU frotu this State;
and Baltimore dealeri teem to think
that Weat Virginia in goiog out of the
trade altogether. It ta hoped, bow
oyer, now that wo bavo abuudant pas
ture, that our faroeri will aobh be able
to abip their eittle. Boofla about tho
only tblog wo bay: to rely upon, to
bring money into the country.
tr 1? thil ago of ikeptiolam, facta
are required to inipire oouSdauoe in
tbo minda of tbe peopjoj but, with
good indoraeri. they are willing to
teat auy article nlatming extraordinary
merit. Tho proprietor! of Hall's Veg
etablo Sicilian Hair Bauewer offaia
the following iadorsemont of tbo mer
tie claimod by them for their prepa
ration. by the Piliatujrg, Pa., 0hrit
tian Advuvlt; til, "Tbo publio have
?o often been deceived by the uee of
worlhleaa preparations tor tbe bair,
ibatan article of thlj kind, to gain
their (nor and aeeure their patronage,
uiuit poaaeie real merit U e ire glad
to assure our reader? tint Hall's Vuge*
tablo Sicilian Hair Beoewer ii meeting
witii tbe sufloestJ whiali its merits so
Joatlv deserve; aod ve baye reliablo
evUeuco, that it will pirfvm all that
tuaneot dreaaing, ii uneurpaeaed.
liutia Toriiik ?The famoua
Bailoy, of tbe Panburiau. baaan illus
tration in bia last paper wbioh we
take tbo liberty of reproducing "Bus
,i0." It will bo recollected, is tbe young
lady Thedore Tilton mod to "arry
around to "tind a aoft bed. He aaya ?
^^Some of our exchanges are
poisoning tho oommunity with
? ?,Vurious pictures of Miss B,s
J lie Turner, of scandal fame, in
nearly every ease utilising
Detent medicine ooti We ceme to the
rescue wilh tho above beautiful like
neai, a moat atrikibg one, of tbo young
tady Ita elaborate deaigo ia beyond
oriiiciitn, and, aa ? work or art, elial
lengoa the naked eye Our uttst ha<
aiuee died. Hie rcmaina and the skeiob
reached ui simultaneously We make
no extra eharge for thil issuo beoauae
It nreaonta tho above portrait, but extra
copiea will ho aem to any address on
receipt of 840 - prooeeds to be given
to the widow of tho dead gentui.
N B.?Tho cut ia oopyngntcd.
p P 8.?We mult apologiio for
tho crooked poaitien of the picture
within the column the auhjeot uioved
t3T IUioTi>ii.i.nC*"io""
r* ? A oorreepoodeot of tho (jtuoin
bardtimeain Weat Virginia, caused
bv the droight liat season. lie in oli
.ourity Calhoun county ii in a do
nlorable oondition. Snob acarcity ol
footl has never been known b??r<l bo
fore. Nearly all tbe grain of our ?wn
production li ooniumed. and we are
now obliged to rely on Importation for
iourd.il/brcad. It mono* waa plenty,
ill would t? wall; but unfortunately
it la not. Many people are unable to
bav Brain, aqd bonco are compelled te
Kii^aibt on scanty rations. Somo of
;SS??,o b'!r?? i?
one meal ncr day Ooo-half of tho
ocople have nothing but bread tp eit
1'riuea are aa followal l'lour, 49 per
nrrel t corn. $1 60 P'r huihel; pota
to,,, $1.00 per huihel) town. 18 c^a
ncr pound It muit be remembered,
foe, that after paying lbt.,bo" P"^"
for provUioni wo ire, io icoe in
ilanoca- oouipellod to convey It to our
bomea on our ahoulden, beaati of bur
abiliti'a W? "* Pll0llQtE J
deolof corn,but tho proapectaof a good
crop are net inviting, for there baa
hW. .nJ ""H* E," 17
a" mio thi>
itli (May) tbo last being on tho
locking cheap bomw DQt como 10
t'alhouu county thil suotmcr.
[ 23T Tu* Rail*ojj>.?Wo learn
; that the survoying party roaflfied
Clarksburg on Tuesday hit, having
made a thorough, experimental surrey
of tho routo on the west sido of the
river. They will roturn on Ihe "niko
route," and will probaWy mob Wes
ton early this week A meeting of
the directors will then bo called, and
steps taken *t onee to deoide which of
the two routes id tho moat praotloable.
?& Summer.?Summer has made
its appearance, asserting itsself with
an intensity of heat that gives warn
ing that we way ozpcct a sweltering
time before it ia over. Take light
diet now, and drink cool drinks to
slako the thirst; be oarefui of sun
strokes and wakes, and don't got the
"spring fever." It's very dangerous
iius timo of year '
tS" Wa?F Vihoini* i? ourrving off
the oratorical honors of Bauipueu Syd
ney College. W C. Campbell and
Kdward J Davis, both students from
this Bute, will be prominent speakers
iu tho comiug Commencement exer
cises. West Virginia has taken the
highest honors at West Point aud An
napolis in recent years.
jKT Anotukr spring poet bu ven
tured oat with several verses on gentle
spring, and as the production beors the
mark of originality, wo hope he won't
freezo to death defore tho next 4th of
July. In the middle of the poem he
says the Grauger
"Gently jokes the mtld-syed male
Bciide tbo agile sow,
And to the forest hies away
' Those who have soeu the rosy milk
maid?and who has nott-digging
chestnuts with -the esrly break of
dawu, aud a flail, oao form some eon
ooption of tin beauties of tho whole
poem, and its truthfulness to nature.
X^U.iOlva Riouts ? Lut week,
a geutoel-lookiug darkey arrived here,
uoootnpanied by a bright-looking mu
latto woman, whom h? pronliuiicen t->
be bis wife. Ue declared bis intou
tion to rwmaiu hero; and weut to
work to establish a barber-shop lie
-put up" with Cal. Minuia; and had
just rettrad to his virtuous oouoli, iu
company with the "wife' aforesaid,
whfu th* Deputy?8herilf of Wood
county arrivod on the soune, armed
with a warrant Tor the apprehension of
the parties. Thoy were promptly.ar
rested and lodged in jail; o?xt
morning were taken back to
burg?the Lothario boiug bsndcuflyd
Wc learned from from the officer that
it waB a lioceber-Tilton case. The
unsuspecting husband bud takeu
Othello to board with him ; and in a
few weeks the ruiu of the wife h-id
beuu accomplished ?It wus also eta
ted that io their flight the? had taken
a considerable sum of money, and oth
er valuables, belouging to the injured
^ J, x/.\ _lj
?3* Dkatu or a Uuave CosrBDKR
XT? 80LDIM ?Th?ro died in Monroe
county on tho 22d of May, says the
Greuubrier fndependent, Michael ros
ter; from a wound roooived at Peters
burg durin* tbo last day'B flj?htiut? in
April, 1805. Ho was supposed to
haro been killed and left on the field
IfcWal Terry sent a flag of truce for
his body The party with tho flig of
truce found bim alive, but so severely
woutidod that on the .retreat ho was left
in the city of Petersburg, and there m
oeived tho kind attention of Federal a*
well as Ceofederato Surgeons, until ho
was removed to his home in Mouroc.
We can pay no higher tribute to hi#
brarery .< * soldier than hi* General
ga?o lo' bliti when be f'l") ?>
wreath .if flower* u the bravest nun lu
1 tie Stonow4ll Brigade Tile ladle, of
Rockbridge i?nt to Gauorii .lanksju
tivo luiti of clo.lie*. one to be giren to
the braT*?t mnn of etoh regiment, and
a wrea'h of buret" tli ihe bravest man
in the Stonewall Brigade He gave
the wreath to Mike Foator A higher
compliment could not be pail to > wl
dlar thaffSlll., ooming from the immor
tal Jackson. While there i? ont.mcm
beroftho llrigade living, Mike Fw
ter'a memory and nima Mill llvo Ho
died a CbrUtieo, and bit joined the
army of tbo redeemed in o brighter and
better world, ivboru hi, ?ufferioga will
have ?o end "
tf fIoaiiiBi.11 Muaoni i? B*i?on
Count ?The details of a iliockiug
murder in our neighboring county of
lialeigb Iijvu ja?t reaohed ui, and are
about a follows: On Sund.y owning
last, about nundiiwn,atrangpr stop
ped at tbo house of Jobn ..Pulton and
?,k(d to atay all .night. ? Mr Patton
told him that U wa? not convenient to
keep hiifl Thu seeuicd to put bim
in a rago, whereupon he aeited an
tie uear by and started for Pattoo.
but? youug nian named Burgees,
?landing between the two, was prompt
ly felled bj a ?iroko of Ihe ana Pat.
* ll,!a nml lullIIIf nn (iM man
teeing thii anil being an old man
.. ff _ __ Minviiiil fn rtlli
UUHHV .? -
shortest noticc.
&3T Max has boon a mouth of bor
ders as well as a month of0owere.
The wreck of tbo Schiller on the Bog
lish coast taken the lead iu the chapter
of disuatera; other marine disasters of
less extent are recorded; the great fires
in Poonaylvauia add a painful interest
to tbo story of suffering and distress;
the Bostoa explosion and the Holyok?
diiaater corich it with horror, and
now, as the month closes, the oable
tella a tale of earth-quakes in the East,
involving the destruction of six hun
dred houses and tbe loss of one hun
dred and sif ty-ooe lives
tar A Snakn SfOKY ???Theodore
Piokle," a Barbour county correspond
ent ef (he Regithr, s>ija:
Last week, whilo visiting on Roar
ing Creek, Randolph county, I took a
walk to the famous rattlesnake den for
the purposo of making war with them,
but oarue off of the Sold disappointed,
by only helping to kill two snake*
Two weeks before a party of thirteen
portions killed forty-two at tho mid"
den, and forty-six during the day
Marshal Scott killed five at 3 shots and
mother snake tried ro fasten its fangs
is Mark Carter's flub, bat wis unsuc
cessful. The Wheelingites oould not
find batter sport than to resort to this
ptaee io the spring or fall, when they
ire laying iu huge piles around their
Jen, or while walking through and
aver the shelvy rooka dozens of thou
ire shaking ihoir "la'ter ends" on
utther fide of you, sad bidding defiance
to ail powers.
Tub Asylum Sswkr.?The
Sower. 10 long needed by the Asylum,
has at last been ordered by tho Direc
tors. There wero two routes proposed
?one, it appeared, much more costly
than the other. The bids were opened
on Tuesday last, and were found'to bo
as follows :
.JLP. Washbtirno $0,204 86,004.
. 4f. ChaUuoi 88,035. S7.oot)
Thoi. Moonojr 87,150
Bashaw ft Co. 810,859. $3,750
Alter consultation, the Directors do
oided to adopt tlio cheap route; an I
tho oontrujt was aVarded to .Mr U II
P VVftsliburno. it^G UD4 Tbosower
will bo of 12 inoli terra cotta pipe. A
large flushing tank is to be pbced ut
tho hexd of tho sawer, and wells are to
bo jixed.in every Huotioo ef 500 feet.
Tho Sewer will oross the meandering
of I'olk Creek ? by mtans ofacque
duots?threo limo*. Tho entire dm
tnuco ii 8,500 feet; and the averatfi
depth of excavation will be about 15
or 10 feet. The bids wore regarded as
exceedingly low; and tbo opinion
prevails that "the lucky man" will
make no money on that contract.
JSJT Tub Giuhsiioppkr Puoub?
Their Appenrnnre in We$t Virginia?
Hum Ihey do in Kuntttt and Atiaonri
?LaBt wo?k wo made mention of the
fact that grasshoppers, in considerable
quantities, hud made their appcaranoo
in Payette county; and we now lonro
from tho Wheeling Intclligenccr that
these pests are pouring into Ohio
county iu countless hosts. We aro
also informed by several farmers in this
county, that the "hoppers" aro moro
abundant in sotuo localities than they
wore oror known to bo before If may
be that we iro about *o be inflicted
uth this plague; but it is to bo sin
corely hoped net.?Prom a private let
ter from Mr Thomas Woffindin, of
Douglas couuty, Kansas, wo take tbo
followiug extracts, wbioh will servo to
show what trouble tho unfortunato
peopla of that country are experiencing
wirli the grasshoppers
"Siuoo I lust wrote you. tho grass
hoppers have iuvadod my pl?ce They
nimo on Sunday~tboy don't obsnrvo
the Sabbath, you see?sod the army
was 3 or 4 day* in passing They
oain'e in divisions, one uftor the other,
uutil tbe grouOd wss black* with them.
They seem to profer tho bottom land*;
'oi ou tho uplands they "alesn out"
one farm, while tho u-*xt one may pass
uutoucbod. On tho bottom lands,how
ever, they take everything clean a*
ih y go. In ena day they oat up all
my grsss, corn, vegetables, bushes.and
barked from top to bottom every young
tree on the piece During their "vis
it" to me,the ground, fenoes and home
were alive and black with them Tho
paint on the outside uf tbe house is
nearly all gone. It kept me busy all
tho time?brooln in hand?to keep
them out of the bouse ; and when tbo
*do'?a was. opened for a moment they
would rush in by tho thousands. A
neighbor of mine dug trenches on bis
placo, and caught 80 bushels ou four
acres in two day*, and is still capturing
thorn at the same rate Mr Long,an
other neighbor, dug i doep bole, 3 f ot
wide, anu in a few hours it was full
Another neighbor on Tuesday last
oaught 50 bushels. At Independence,
they caught 15 barrels in tho Court
Houso yard in 6 hours. The Oenersl
commanding the U. S. troops at Leav
euworth, turned out with his "boys in
blue," and caught them by tho wagon
load, and dump-d thorn1 into the Mis
souri River David Lewis, a good old
Doraodritlo friend of mine, in company
with tfo nf his sous, captured GO bush
els iu 12 hours; but guvo up tbe tusk,
as ho says they were ten times thicker
when he quit tbo battlo then when he
commenced. Ho also informs mo that
u black snake, 8 feet long, whioh hud
got into ono of the holes, was killed,
eaten up, and bK bones picked as clean
as if they had boen boiled. * * *
I am sick and tired of the annoyance
uud stench of tbls terrible plague. * *
Tho prospect for crops of all kiudi was
magnificent, and tho weather was very
favorablo. Every IndUetrious farmor
would hovo hud good crops, bad it not
buon for tho "accursed hoppers," as
wo profanely torui them hero."
jar D*. A. M. Dbnt bn looated
permanently in Weston for the praotioo
of bis profession. Having attended a
thorough course of leotures at Sterling
Medical College,' aftffr an experlenoo of
twelve years as a practical druggist, tho
Dootor has obtained not only an ao<
ourato knowlodgo of diiooson, but also,
from his long eiporionoe as a druggist,
understands perfectly, tbe propertiosof
nodioines, and their application in tbe
treatment of disease. The Doctor
Sin be found at Ills residonoe on Centro
troet,nearly opposlto tho Court Houso.
All oalls, uigbl and day, promptly at
tended to.
Ita Early History.
^ Our neighbor of tha Delia has com
piled, from Withers* "Border War
faro" and other sources, tho following
interesting scraps of history. As the
country spoken of was onco* a part of
Lewis county, it will bo read witU in
tereat by our people :
The first whito tuon 'that located on
the waters of the Buokhannon lU?er,
wero John and Samuel Pringlo, {in
the year 1764) who ocoupied as a
home, a largo 8yoamore tree, at tho
mouth of Turkey Rub, about three
miles below the town of Buokhannon.
where they remained until the latter
part of tho year 1767. Their ammu
nition being nearly exhausted, thoy
eonoludud that one should go to tho
noarest settlement on the Shonaodoah.
to replnni&h their then exhausted sup
ply. This was successfully accom
plished by John Pringlo, but wan not
undertaken until their supply was re
duced to two loads of powue , as they
feared arrest if they went to the settle
ment, being deserters from tho garri
son at Port Pitt,
Oo tho return of John Prlnglo, (he
having^ brought the news of peace,
both with tfio Frenoh and fodiann)
they lefl thitir wilderness home, and
did not return until tho fall of tho
year 1708. whon thoy wero accatnpa
ni?l by aoveral parsons who came to
view tlio country so glowingly do
scribed by the Pringles
lhe noxt Spring, tha following per
sons roturnod and mado improvement*
and put out a orop of oorn : John and
Samuol Pringlo, John Juckson and
bis sons, (Q-eorgo and Kdward) John
Flackor, Alexander and Thomas Sloetb,
William llaoker, Thomas and Joss's
Hughes, John and William Itadoliff
and John brown.
, Soon after this, other emigrants ar
rived under the guidanoo of Samuel
Pringle, among thorn were John nnd
Benjamin Outright and Henry Rule
'1 he Cutrights sottled near what is
known as Outriglit's Run, and Rulo
n?ar tho mouth of Fiuk's Run, wtiero
tho town of Buokhannon now stands
Of tbo names recorded above, wu
know of but few who have descendants
living in this county, the Cutrights,
Pring'es and Jiokfton*.
Quito an enKngom?nt took place bo
tjreen tho whites and Indians iu the
year 1778. in which Jeremiah Curl.
Simon Sohooloraft, and John Out
right were wounded, and Austin
Sohooloraft killed; Indians wore also
killed and wounded
On the 8th of March, probably 1780
or 1781, ai William Wbita and Timo
thy Dorman and his wifo woro going
to, and in sight of Buokhannon Fort,
Homo guns were discharged at them,
and White bning shot through tho
hip soon fell from his horso, uud waa
tomahawked, scalped and lacerated in
the most frightful manner. Dorman
and his wifo wore taken prisonnrs.
The pooplo in tho Fort hoard tho fir
ing and flow to arms, but tho river
being between, the savagos cleared
theinsolves while the whites wire
crossing oror.
On the 8th of February, 1782.
wbilo Henry Fink and his sou John,
woro eugagod iu sledding rail#, on
their farm iu tho Buokhannon settle
ment. several guus woro simultaneous
ly discharged at them, and before
Johu bad time to roply to his father's
iuijuiry, whether ho was hurt, another
Suu was fired and he fell lifeless
laving unlocked the ohain which
fastouedthe horse to the sled,the old man
galloped briskly away. Ho roachcd
his home in safety, and immediately
moved bis family to the Fort Ou
the noxt day tbo lifeless body of John
was brought into the Fort The first
shot had weuudod his arm, the ball
Irom the second, passed through his
li'iart, and ho vus afterwards scalped
After the killing of White (one of
their most aoiivo uud vigil mt warriors
uud spies) uud the aapturo of Dorinan
it was resolved to abaudon the F.-rt,
and seek elsewbero, security from the
greater ills wbioh it wai found would
befall thorn il they, romainod. This
apprehension uroso from the fact, thut
Dorman was then with the savages,
and that to gratify his enmity to par
ticular individuals in ths settlement,
ho would unite with tho ludiaua, aud
from hit knowltdgt of the 'icountry, be
enabled to couduct them tho tuoro se
curely to blood and plunder.
While some of the inhabitants of
that pettleuiont wore engaged iu mov
ing th#ir property to a fort in Tvgnrt's
Valley (tho others moving to Nutter's
fort aud Ularksburg.) thoy were fired
upan by a nartv of savages, and two
ot thom, Michael liaglo and Elias
Pdynter fell. Tho norso on which
John Bush was riding, was shot
through, yet limb succeeded in oxtri
outing himself from tbo fulling.auimal,
and escaped though oloselv pursued by
one of tho savages. Several times
the ludtau following him, would call
*?ut to him, "Stop, and you shall uot
be hurt.?If you don't 1 will shoot
you," and Bush, noarly exhausted and
in dospsir of getting off, actually ro
taxed bts puce for the purposo of
yielding Inunelf a prisoner, whon
turniug around ho saw tbo itvag*
atop also, and commence loading his
gun This inspired Bush with fear
lor tho consequences, and renewing
his flight, mudo his escape. Kdward
Tanner, a tuoro youth, was soon tukou
priaouor, aud us be was beiug carried
to tbo r towns, mot botwoon twenty
and thirty savages, boaded by Timo*
otliy Dorman, proceeding to attaok
Buukhaunou Fort. Learning from
him that the iu habitants wero moving
from it,and that it would be abandoned
a in fow days, tho Indians purauod
their jotftnoy with so much bantu, that
Dorman had well nigh failed1 from fa*
tigue. Thoy arrived however too
lute for tho aoootnplishmont of tboir
bloody purpose; the settlement was
deserted, and the inhabitant* sat with'
iu tbo walls of othor fortresses.
A fow days after the evaounttoo of the
fort, somo of Its formor inmates went
from Clarksburg to Buokhannon for
grain which had boon loft thoru. Whon
thoy oamo in sight, they beheld a heap
of asbie whero tho fort had baon ; and
proooodlng oo, beoamn convinocd that
the saysgej worelurklug about. Tbs;
however, continued to go from farm to
farm collecting the grain, but with tho
utmost vigilanee ond caution, and a
night went to no out-houao, noar whore
the fort hud stood. Here they found a
paper, with tho naiuo of Timothy Bor
mau attached to it. dated at the ludhn
towns, and coiitajqjag information of
thoao who had beea taken captive in
that district of country.
In the morning onrly, as una of tho
man went from thu bam* to the mill they
>iaw the savages crowing the river. Dor
man being with them. Thinking it
boat to impress them with tho belief that
they were able to encounter tham in
npon coafliet, the men advanced to
wards thorn,calling to their companions
iu the house to oonie on The Indiana
fled hastily to the woods,and the wbitos.
not so rash as to pu'suothera. roturned
to tho bouHO, aud neourcd themselves
in it as w 11 as they could. At night,
Ouptain Georgo Jaekjon went privately
for h from tha houso, and at great har
vard of b*ing discovered by tho way*
laying savages, nrocaedeJ to Clarks
burg, whero he ootainnd suoh a roin
foroeraent as enabled him to return and
escort bis former companion* in dan
ger from the place of its exist once.
Disappoint*! in their hhpaa of invol
ving the inhabitant* of the Buokhannon
settlement* in destruction, thu aavag?a
went on to tho Vnll'iy II?ra batweon
Westfall'sand Wilson's Forta.thoy cam"
upon John Bush and his wife. Jaoob
Stalnakorand his son Adam. The two
latter being on horse back and riding
behind IJush and his wifu. were fired at.,
and Adam foil. Tho old gentleman
rodo briskly on.but some of the savages
wore before him and ondoavored to
oatch thu reins of his bridle, and thus
stop his (light Ho, however, esoiped
them all The hnrso from which Adam
Rtulnukar had fallen, was caught by
Bush, and both he and Mrs. Bush get
safely away on hitn.
Tho Indians then crossed tho Alls*
ghenuy mountains, and coming to the
house of Mr Gregg, (DorraanV former
roaster) raado an attack on it. A
daughter of that gentleman alone foil a
victim to tboir thirit for blood. When
taken prisoner, sho rufmud to go .with
them, and Dorman Runk his tomahawk
into her head and than soalped har
She, however, lived sovaral days and
re'atad the cir<JuraMrtno*abov? detailed
In tho <uinmor of 1795, tho trail of a
large oarty of Indians was,discovered on
Leading Crook, and probeedingdirectly
toward tho settlement* on the head of
tho West Fork, thaw on tho Buokhan
non river, or in Tygart'a Valley. In
consequonoe of the uncertainty against
whioh of thorn tho savages would direct
their ?porations, intelligent of the dis
covery whioh had been made was sent
by express-to all; and raeosures. to
guard ageinit the happening of any un ?
pleasant results, wero takei^>y all ax
copt tho Inhabitants on Buokhaonon.
Thoy had so long been exempt from the
1 murderous incursions of tho savages.
| while other uettlemonts not remote
from them, wore yearly deluged with
I blood, that a false security was engen
dered In tho issuo, fatal to tho lives and
liappin ma of somo of them, by oauslng
thorn to neglect tho us? of such prooau
liouary moans as would warn thorn of
(he noar approach of danger, and ward
it when it came. .
Pursuing their, usuil avooations in
despite of the warning whioh had b on
given them,on the day after tho express
had sounded an alsrra among them, as
John B-iiuth, Sr.,sad his aons George
and John w.irn busied in drawing grain
from the fioli to the barn, the egooia
iog shrieks of those at tho houso rent
tho air around them; and thoy hastenud
to asoortain, and if practicable avsrt tho
cause. Tho elastioUy of youth onabled
Georgo to opproach the houso some fe w
pacea in advance of his father, but the
praoticed aye of the'old gentlemen first
discovered an Indian, only a short din
tanco from his aon, aud with his gun
raised to fire upon blm. With paren
tal aolioitudo he exclaimed. "Soo,
Georgo, an Indian is going to shoot
you." Georgo was then too near tho
savage to think of escaping by flight.
Ho lookod at him steadily, and whon be
supposed the fatal aim was taken and
the Bngor just prossing on tho trigger,
he fell, and the bill whistled by bim
Not doubting but that the youth had
fallen in death,,the savage passed by
bim and pre*sed in pursuit of the father.
Mr Boxurth had not attained to that
ago whon tho sinews btooino too much
relaxed for active ?xertlon, but was yet
springy and agile, and was onabM to
keep ahead of his pursuer. Despairing
of overtaking him, by reason of bU
groat spoed, thosavago hurled a toma
hawk at hia head. It passed harmless^
by, and tho old gentleman got aafely off
When George Bbiarth fell as tho In
dian tired, ho lay still as If dead, and
supposing tho scalping kolfo would bo
the noxt applied to his head, determined
on seizing tho aavago by tho legs as he
would atoep ovor him, and endeavor to
bricg him to the ground, when he hoped
to gaiu the imHery over hitn. Seeing
bim pass on in pursuit of bis father,ho
arose and took to flight also. On his
way he overtook a younger brother,
who hud becomoalarmod, and was hob
bling alowly away on a roro foot
Georgo gave him every aid i? b?n
power to facilitate bis flight, nntil ho
discovered that unothor of tho savagos
was pressing doge upon them. Know
ing that if he remained with hia brother
both must inevitably parish, he wan
reluotaully forced to leavo him to uu
fata Prooeadiog on, he came up with
bis father, who, uot doubtioc but ho
wan killed when the savage fired at
him. broke forth with the oxclamatlon,
?? Why George J thought you weretUadf
and manifested, evon in that sorrowful
moment, a joyful feeling at his mis
take. , ,
Tho Indians who were at tha bouse
Wrought their work of blood upon such
uu would have neon Impedimenta to
their rotroat, and kijling two or three
smaller children, took Mrs. Boiarlh
and two boys prisonora With these
they made their way to thoir lowoi and
arrived in time to surrender thoir up
tivoe to Goueral Wayne.
This was the Isst mlsohlofdonfl by the
Indians in North Western Virginia.
For twenty fairs tho Inhabitautao
that section of country bad Buffered al
tho horrors of savage warfare, aud al
wood whioh uprlog from tno unourliod
ludtilgouce of those bvr^flroun uod, vlll
diciif. whicli bur an; in
?aw|. bream. The treaty of Qreoa
j'jfj. oonoiadaj on Ibo 3d of Aujoit,
.795, put a period to cho war, and with
it 10 tlioa. uti of iir.it,11,0 ,ni
, h?J ia liog ipread diamir
an<l gloom throughout tha land.
Io eh? yoar 1815.1 portion ofwhatja
now known aa liuokhannon, w.u Nil
out lo to town Iota. ?o,l of tl,. lota
ware aolj, anil from tbo beat inform.
tion wo have, we pro,sumo this wax tbo
argt time that tbo formation of a towo
y? k'", At tilil tint.
W??id IC J.ok?,n lived in tho prop,
arty known ai tbo Nathaniel Karna
wortb property, tad iouj oooupiod' by
Tho town did not endraenwiagror.
'"S until tho yoar l?i(. IJ this
joar, Daniel Farnawdrtb, aeeompaniad
by h?8?o Mat, J,mel, Thorn*., .V,.
tUaniol, uaao uud John, cams tu thU
place from Suten Maud, Now York.
I Ho old gentleman (Baaiel,) aottled in
tho bouse which bid boon ooonpiai
prior to Ikat timo, by i^iward II.
Jaoltwa. Hu aon, Jirata 3 Htt1?<l
ou the lot on Loouit atroot, now ?a.
oinl, and owoad by Andrew 1'ound
?toue. ilia a .una lot on whioh Mifflin
Lorenu erooted 1 fine dwelling jut
before tbo war, but tho same wai uaod
? a ho.pitai during tho war and waa
burned during tho IVitcbar raid, by
Ti'oSSmen in tho Autumn
of 1804.
I?ao Farnaworth aottled wboro Mr.
Mo 8 I'ubrr'a midenoe now
?Unda. M?. Liur. Nioholaa, lirad
'?t that time, or not long after, od tho
lot whoro Mr Levi Leonard now re*
t.... n0" Mr>
J* ?1111 K*lng, but is quite old aad fee
Jernea Farniworth. tbo oldest of
tne family ia tho only oqo of tbem now
living. Ho now regidea io Gilnor
oonnty, Weit Virginia
Tho town rlowiy but ttoadlly inorea
iod,and unprored up to the yoar 1?51,
?in which year tho comity of Upshur
was formed, ?ud Buckhannon booamo
tho county seat. No prottior leoition
?of mown can be found in tho 8tato,
aiid has as many adrantaeei na aoy iu?
land town without railroad advautagoy.
1 herd aro two turnpikes pissing
through tbo oentro of tbo town
#t right auglos, travorsing our
county in opposite directions. These
pikes;' though' not macadamised, are
wall graced and afford good facilities
for tho oitizens of the county to reaoh
tbo County ^iat,- czoept a portion of
the winter season, when thoy got quit?
muddy 1
Buckhannon was inoorporatod by act
Of the General Assembly, passed May
1-th, 1852 Fivetruatees and a ser
geant constituted tha officers of the
'owo, and the timo fixed for the eleo*
tion of tho came was the 21 Saturday
[io Juno, and annually thoreafter ou
the samo day. Tho first meeting of
I tho Trustees (taking tboir reoord book
?a our guido,) was hold on tho 18th
day of Juoo, 1853, at which timo tho
officers for that yoar qualified and took
their scale. Jcbn 0 Core, B W.
Byrne, John Maxwell, \V. II. Shuey
and Mi J. Fo<g were tho trustees
eleoted, and Henry MeFadden Was
olected Sergeant.
a Mr. Bvrne is now gtato Superia*
tcodent of Freo SohooU.
' Mr. i Sliuejr was the editor of tbo
North Western' Obtervtr, tho firat pa
per ercr published io Buckhannon.
f?T Ninth Monthly Hi port o?
tub VVhston Giudkd School.?Roll of
ttmr?John Morrow, 0. 0. Horsmaa
and Theodoro Urbaoh.
llonort on Recitation?Academic
Department?0. C. Hersman and
A. L. O'Brien, 0 9; 2od, H P.
Camden and J G. Juok&on, 0.8; 3d,
Miss Maggie Butcher 9 7 ; 4th, D. U.
O'Brien uod 10 M. Vandorvort, 9 0';
'6th, T. N; Barns, T 0. Brown and
Miif Lizzie Morris 9 6.
llonort on Examination?1st, H.
P. Camden, J G. Jackson and A. L.
O'Brien 0 0; 2d, Miss Maggie Butch*
er and 0. 0. Ilersman 0.8; 3d, T. G.
Brown and John Morrow 9.7; 4th,
Miss Ellen Maxwoll 0 7 ; 5th, Miss
Mary Bland, Miss 3Iay Jackson and'
K. M Vandervort 0 0
Recitation?High School? lit, Geo.
Hamilton 0 0 ; 2J. Thomas Halo 0 7;
8d, K. A Oliver 90; 4th, Richard
Harrison 0.5 ; 5th', Miw Mary Hurley
and Scott Vandorvort 9 4. 1
Examination?in, K A. Olifdr
0 0; 2d, George Hamilton 0 8; 3d,
Thomas Halo' 0 7; 4tb, Scott Van*
derrori 0.6;: 5th, Mws Mary Hurloy
Tho following poraons vUitod tha
School during tho month: Hir. Mo*
Donough, Her. S. B. D. Prtckitfc, Ma*
jorD. II. Smith, K. II. Kostor, J.
Millar,,Mias Lydii Touns and Miss
Flora Woodford.
/Vo?w*ion--Sallio Fisher,Laura and
Mollio Samorrillo, from Grammar to
Hi^b Seliool. Sallio liaUton, Mattio
?Smith, Georgo U'iss, Jamas Itilntou
aud Josso Daasisr front .Intermediate to
Grammar 8cbool.
Having rooeived a card from Dr.
?Sears stating that owing to an oinbar?
raisment under whioh bo was laboring,
he oould not give uu tho assuranoo of
drawing, tlii^ yo.tr, tbo amount of tho
Peabody l^und apportioned us, il bo<
caino necessary to oloio tho school
earlier than we bad intended closing it;
having taught a term of 181 days.
The last 3 days wuro spent in oxamfu'
ation of classes. That those pupils
who had anticipated atto nding ?ebpol
until the closo of,tho teu months may
nut bu disappointed, tbo Aoadomio Ou
psrtment will continue, under tuition,
rnitil the 15th of June, on tho evoning
of whioh lion. W K. Arhold has oon.
sent^d'todeliver a Icoturo on tbo sub*
set of eduoatiou, All persons fooling
interested M tho oauso of education
are cordially Invited to attend. Tho
Sebool is still open to visitors, Be*
nides 4ho visitors reported, mauy at*
tended the examination at tho closo of
tho term. IIt D. Gunn,
t 1'rincipaL
Best Knglf?h and American Sertbflj
at Chairant&MooroY
That Tea at 75 ets prr round a?l
Cqlfeo 23uts at Chalfant Si .uooru's,
Sugar. Cured Ha|iH, Slmulden and
Breakfast B utou at (Jbalfunt k Moore's.
Paioti, Oil* sn.l Window Olaw at
Oh-tlftfpt^ MyireV

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