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The Democrat
kiruiuu r"\
An lndthnU of the [.(tut r.mjtujv
General Gordon, who command
oil tlie lust of the Confeder
ates against Grant. gives this in
cident of tho advance: The hour
hail come, ami when everything
was ready I stood on 1 ho breast
works ofCohpiiit's salient, and or
dered two nu n to mv sM? with ri
fles, who were to fire tho signal for
attack. Tlu> noise of moving our
obstructions was going on and at
tracted the notice of tho Federal
picket. In the Muck darkness his
Voieo rang out:
"Mallo there! Johny lMi! what
are you making that fuss about
over there?"
The men were just loaning for
ward fur the start This sudden
call disconcerted nto somewhat:
but the riflemen or. my right cam<
to r.iy assistance by calling out in
a cheerful voice.
,4Oh. never mind us, Yank; lie
down. und. go to sleep; wo are just
gathering a little corn : you know
rations are mighty short over here."
There was a patch of corn be
tween our lines, some of it still
banging on the stalks. After a
few 'moments there came hack the
kindly reply of the Yankee picket,
which unite reassured me. lie
'?All right, Jolmy; go ahead and
get your corn, I won't shoot at
As I gave the command to "for
ward" the man at my right scorned
to have some compunctions of con
scionce f??r having stilled the sus
picion of the Yankee picfci>, who
Iiad answered him so kindly, am!
who the next moment might bo
surprised ami killed. So he culled
out to him:
"Look out for yourself now,
Yank: we're going to shell the
This exhibition of chivalry and
of kindly feeling on both sides and
at such a moment, touched me al
most deeply as any minor incident
of tho war. I" quickly ordered the
two men to "fire."
Hang; i'ang! The two sh.'.ts
broke the stillness,?and "forward
men P [ commanded. The cho
sen hundred sprang forward, eager
ly following the axeman, and the
last time the Stars and Uars weio
carifcd to aggressive assault.
h'anhd More Shcvp*
The l:nited Stale* neeil more
sheep. In all parts of.this country..
to secure health and comfort, iU
people must have food and cloth
ing. The sheep furnishes the best
and most wholesome animal lood,
and the most comfortable clothing
vet tested by the masses -?L our
people. In malarial districts--es
pcciallv where extremes ol heat
and cold are frequent?woolen
clothing and a freer and a more
common diet of good young mut ton
would insure better health and bet - .
tor vigor than generally eharaeteru
ed pork eaters and weavers of cotton
and fino linen. From the best da
ta within our reach v.?* ascertain
that there are on the satire ge<?&
")(M >,l.K M M M h.i sheep. Of th? tno
United States has but :-r>.OtX 1,(100.
Our manufactories consume annu
ally more than *J2ii,0(U pounds ot
wool. If each ofour sheep furnish
live pounds of wool, there would
be a yearly deficit of "AIM pounds.
Here is a gnoil ticld for enterpris
ing stockmen. ^\c need double
our present number of sheep. Let
no one indulge a single tear ol over
production either of mutton or ol |
wool, Could our lloeks be tvippled ^
or quadrupled, they would add not
onlv to the comfort and healthful-:
nessoftho people but to their j?ro-j
ductiveness of every lield usou as,
a sheep pasture.
i'ooi' <ttnl i'rtnul.
Young men out of business are
sdinoUitR'S sadly liain|H!t?l Willi
pride. Manv voung men who go
\Vost take more pride than money,
and bring back ail pride ami no
money at all. \ young mun "who
works for his bread,' no matter
what honest work lie does, has no
cause for shame. A man who eats
the bread of idleness, no matter
how much money he has, is dis
graced. A young man starting in
life ought to aim?fust ot all for
place where they can earn their
bread and butter with a hoc, axe.
spade, wheel-barrow, curry comb,
blacking-brush?no matter how
Independence first. The bread
and butter question sett led, let the
voung mau perform his duty so
"faithfully us to attract attention,
and let him constantly keep hi.
cyes open for a chance to do better.
About half the poor, proud young
men, and two-thirds poor, discour
aged young men are always out of;
work." The young man who pock
ets his pride, ami carries an upper
lip as still as cast iron doorstcp
Bc.raper, need not starve, ami
stands a good chance to become
C'urn /v?r .sV/.'/^i/ic^'swsh.
A Vet half a towel, apply iU?? the
back of the neck, pre.-sing it up
ward toward the base of the brain,
ami fasten the dry half of th-fowe!
over so as to prevent the too rapid!
exhalation, flic ell'ect is prompi
and charming, cooling the brain
and inducing calmer, sweeter sleep
than anv narcotic. Warm water
mnv l?o used, though most persons
will prefer it cold. To those sutler-.
ing from over ? xeilement of tho ?
brain, whether the result of br.un
work or pressing anxiety, ibis sim
ple remedy is an < special boon. j
1'copln who do things too meanj
for the public to know, ? nt? i'Uu?? t
very b?fiv idea* on the Mib-e- t of,
^correct ami puie ;"u?*na.i-u;
A raise Alarm
A larp congregation lt.nl galli
k'red In lioar n stranger ofwmie no
toriety. Snon after he hail ini rn
I'jnmMiis Btibjwt the cry nf "lire!
,hro. ? in the street very much dis
tiirlxMi tlit: congregation. mid mauv
were about to retire, wlu-u an olderlv
lay brother arose and said :
"if the congregation will be com
posed, 1 will step out ami see if
there is any lire near and report."
i lie congregation became com
posed, and tin- minister proceeded,
lakin^ advantage of tho occurrence,
he called attention to a lire thai
would consume the world?a lit*
that would burn forever in the lake
that is bottomless?-and lnui just
concluded a sentence of terriMe iiu
poit, and m?jt ivithout manifest im
pression on his audicnce. when a
voico from the other end of the
room./is ifindeniul of all he had
said, bawled out:
tV <i false alarm!"'
The ofluct was ludicrous in the
extreme. The old man returned:
but the inopportune response
spoiled tin; force of the elo<|Uenl ap
peal from I he pulpit, and even the
preacher could scarce refrain from
joining in the universal smile that
passed over (he congregntfa:}..
lU-tpJrus in a Sim nip
Mrs. Mary Avery, n widow lady,'
?Jo years of ago, living near Hone-1
dale, I'ennnvlvania.recently started;
out on foot from that, place to visit
relatives some miles away Night
overtook her irliih* posing IhrouL'h
"Tin):wig swamp?/' in the western1
portion of Lackawanna township,'
I'iko couufv. and as the darkness'
increased s!ic lost lierwavnnd wan-1
do red from tho path. Siielinallyl
became fact in ?ome mire near tiiei
centre of tlio swamp, ant! .in vain
did slio try to escipe. Tho more '
she struggled the deeper siie sank.)
and she was forced to <?dve tip her1
cnorgios and trust to Providence for
deliverance. For eight <Javs she re-1
mained in that plaee, up to her,
?vaist in tho bog. witnout food, save;
soino birch-bark that grew on the
bushes within her reach, the was
obliged to drink the dirty vrutoi- in'
which she stood. On tho seventh
day she gave up a!i hope of rescue, j
but on the morning of the eight
day she had a presentiment thai,
she would be rescued from the hor
rible death which threatened her.
John Harden, a gentleman who1
happened to be passing through
the swamp on a hunting; expedi
tion, on thoafternoon of tho eighth
day of Mrs. .Avery's imprisonment,
and heard her cry for help. Pro
ceeding- in the direction from which1
the erv came, ''lie discovered Mrs.1
Avery in a semi-unconscious con
dition. Tho jov caused bv seeim:
Mr, Jlaisden iiad so acted upon her j
feelings as to make her partly un
conscious. Mr. llaisden en?lcav
ored lo extricate tlio .suH'oring wo
man, but was unable to do so.' lie I
was obliged to walk a distance of j
nearly three miles to obtain help.
H e returned, accompanied by some
of tho neighbors, with a wagon and.
some boards. The boards were
laid across tho bog ami Mrs. Averv!
was finally rescued. * i
It was after one o'lock in the
morning, on tho ninth day of her
captivity, before she readied tho
nearest house. Medical assistance
was procured as soon as possible,
and after several hours the lady re
covered consciousness ami was
given food, the first that had passed
her lips in 1!M hours.
Information tfunUul.
; We respectfully ask our brethren
of the I'ress to publish the follow
ing in their new* columns and re
ceive the thanks of sorely distress
ed parents :
Information is most cnrnestlv
desired of the whereabouts of Will
iam Manning Willis, who left his
home on I ho night of the ?lrd of
?Spieniher lafjt. Jio .took Willi
bim his clothes in " a vallow hand
trunk. The only articles marked
wero some collars with inilals W.
K. < *.?7 !o is thirteen years of ago.
well-grown. tall iind'slight, light
hair, blue eves,'and of remarkablv
fair coniplcxion. iiad on when he
left, it is supposed, a grey suit,
black slou.-h hat-, ai.d it is thought
be look a western-bound freight
train of the iJ. .V 0. It. If. X?,|V,r
niatiou ot bim will be most greal
fuIly received and greatly relieve
the distressed ami terrible suspense
of his parents. Address, U'iliinin
Bwilu Willis, nf Uo. d s Mill. Car
I roll County, Maryland.
V?c fioj.,. the newspapers gener
ally will give this an insertion, h
'may come under tho observation
"flhe youth, who left his home
mid-.- an Impulse, and he ninv
joe indtteed m return f..r hi-".Motli
ler's^-fko.''from wliom he has the
iifsii.-niicr, Hirotjgh us, that tin
arms of loving parents are out
?tret'*lied {.. receive bim.? Charles
fuicn Fn'ti /'ir.<s.
A strange incident, of the rent
agitation in Ireland rccentlv oc
curred m-j.r Mallow, Ireland, A
landlord offered l.-is tenants a re
duction of fifteen per cent., and
I icy refused it, Jli>c treatment oi
"'?'in tn the pa-l, they said, bad
neon so generous, and the-.- had
en Mich gainers in prosperom
years bv his arrangements with
llietn, thai they were dcteriuimd.
for t his year al least, he f),ouM not
.sutler from the exitingdepression.1
teveral of them emphasized .his1
declaration by paving in full o|, I
the stM.t, and the remainder ofli re.:
t'? HOllle accounts by the end Ot
the fallowing month.
fieorge Francis Train prophesies.
!!?? ???!.? s lint (itwrmimii s|?'ii,i,;
iiiiiii.tli.-il.-iv (Jiuhiliil t|?.
tioii t-t ;r.tin: riiat inundation ii
I'-'ir.-l." hi,.i,s .Irimghl in Am. riea I
nini l .ii.I a !.:in:i;i? i.
JHns(i n on It't
After man c:imo woman. #
And she lias been alter himcvei
Shy in a person nf free extrac
tion, being made of man's rib.
I don't know why Adam wanted
to fi.nl away hi* ribs in that way.
!mt 1 suppose lw was not account*
a!.!.- fiirail ho did.
It costs more to keep a woman
than three dngg and a shotgun.
Sin- i- handy to swear at. when
over you cut yourself with a razor
and don't- Tee I like blaming your
Woman is the superior being in
There- are about. pixty thousand
more of her sex than s-.aic in that
This ae?T,;int." for the terrified
litiun d-down expression of the
single man who has emigrated
from the Kast.
Woman is not created ] crfi-ct.
She has her faults?such as
false- hair, false complexion, and sc
P.ut she is n crent .deal ? huttPT
than her neighbor, and she knows
Kve was a woman.
She riiti-f have been n mode]
wife.too. for it cost Adam nothing
to keep lwr in clothes.
Still, I don't- ill ink she was hap
She couldn't c:o to pewir.s circles
ind air her information about ev
erybody -!:<? kiv-w. nor excite the
envy of other ladies bv wearing
her new Inttr bonni ;t to church.
Neither could ; he hanu" over the
hauls fence and talk with her near
All ftur-e blessed privileges were
denied her.
Poor Kvo! r-he's dead.?s'wo:a
Good J!c.!nl!ii'j.
If a child he taught to read well,
it lias acquired a valuable imm
inent for gaining information, and
of gathering for it-elf fresh stores
of learning from the labors of the
past as well from the present: hut
if only imiierfeetly taught, then a
check is placed upon further ad
vancement, and the child's further
progress and enlightenment will be
slow, or. what is more likely, will
lie wholly im pedud. The difficul
ties that besot our orthography do
undoubtedly impair the ellieioncv
ofRood teaching and binder the
progress of the work of education.
Mr. JSmanueM leering, livin?
near ICecdysville. Maryland.fearing
a visit from thieves, removed his
meat from his meat house a few
days since and left the door un
locked. The thieves did make a
raid on his place, and. without
trying the door of the meat house,
dug a tunnel into it. Their feel
ings on finding it empty and the
door unlocked mav be imagined
hut cannot b* described.
r Ti'iYrtlV tii?od 'Mafia wi-n-ifr- ?
I ; w. r.. |?MP*??a?HHll?ll-Ti-ralil>-''
* ?' ,1!'.. H'.l! ?? 11 orrlmr
-j. n. u. Mir-"
it! rl Frtii; ??'?- K.
i..kKLLr.:i? \ - . ,
.. s-'ih V
For silo Jjy J. II. l>AKX,\Venton
Say* a Itoatnn ujtynlclan. " tin* no equal n? n
hiu-Hi imrlli-T. of It.s many wntnlt-rflil
cinvi aft>T nil olliV-r r?-s*.f<!Ut? !iu<l i.utnt. I vis*
UiM tin' I.:iVinu..ry. i.mi c\>rivlmt<l mjxrlf of
ie? ifiimliu- merit. tt 1< iwiir.rv.l fnim luirka,
ia lbs Brent 1.1'khI 1'urlfiiT.
WU1 can? tin* worxt cbiic of SeruAila.
Um elftctnl numc numlutut cun? in cams erf
Cnrffl the wur*t r.-v?* of Canker.
Cure# Conn!i|<ut|nn an.| regulates tlio bowolft
In a valrnHe rtlxM il/ '? r 10'attache.
WlU euro I'yn| ciwlr..
Ui 'U.ntt tlio onttfu nvfi-'iii iti a Li-nlMiT eond>
IlrniavM tlio raiUJO of Mrrliirv.
auiiovtn Falnliirw at Itie Rtiminrh.
C'in# I'nlr.a In itifi lu?<-lc.
E:I\ctua!ly t-urcs KMnry Complaint
In ?(lvctlrc In I la euro of Fraiat* WwiknetJi
Is the jTcnt rouwily for IJi-iirrt-l DcblUlyv
I* Tm: n?vT
r;t'l?r?tl iiy
II.it,STJ2VKXS, itoston, mass, j
Vogeiine is Suiii by All OrutMisfs j
John K. llyitn
, M. H. Cur roll.
In Chancery.
' By virtue of a decree of tlu? Circuit Court
of Lewis county, rendered on the 2d day ol
?September, 1?70, i:: the alme .stvlcd causet
the undersigned, who wits bysaiddccrce up
pointed SjM'dul Commissioner for the pur
pose, will oiror for sale, sit audior., !o the
, highest bidder,a: thi front door of the Court
House ol Lena count/, on Monitor, the
1st day ol* December, 1ST'.),
that being the first day of the December
tern: of tlie Countj* Court of said county,
lrt7l>. the property in the jphiintilTs bill
mentioned, being
! in the town of Weston, known as Lot So.
12, 0:1 the east sMm of Centre Street, being
the same lot conveyed by deed dated 11th ol
September, ls77, by John It. Hyun to Jl. 15
; Carroll.
Tlu? said property will he sold upon ft
credit of sit twelve. ar.d eighteen months,
with interest from the day of?a!e. the pnr?
chaser giving notes with good security, and
the title will bo reserved as a further Etcu:
W. W. littANXOX,
novSlw Commissioner.
co.mmissi:oxer\s salm
L'ndor authority ot a decrce ol tins Cir
cuit Court of Lewis county, made on the
lib of September, 1373, in the chancery
eau.-e ol (1. I). Camden, vs. William II.
liurkniuumer, the undersigned Commission*
ei will
t>u Monday, tli;.1 fit}i day of Octo
ber. 1S7?|,
before tno front door of the Court Hocrc of
said county, make salens public nncliou,to
thu highest bidder, the land it: said cause
mentioned, beinir
itrsaid county, on the waters of S.n.mfrns.
TKRJIS?A. credi t ot l and 2 years. and
bond with security to be given, and jn lien
reserved tut I'urthtr security.
CJ. J). CAMPKX, Jr.,
COXTIXL'KD.?The above snla ij contin
ued until
.Monday, the- 1*4 of T)c?;oruber, 1S7D.
(J. 1>. (UMDKX. Jr,
novSlw Commissioner.
Great Attraction!
"Stv? Tv'?cs.
MBS. M. S. IUl'.UXTON' liaajust
recfivt.il a large stool: of;
gkymantowx yakx,
And all IvUkIh of Laeo ami I.,vc
Y'htu, ttc., which will bo sold che.'tp
for en sit. Cull before jnnrlia.siiig
?iitc goods and prices are stive lo
{'lea Hi*.
WuiVwHvvc. & ?ia\\AWvv\
Main Si root, Wheeling, \V. Va.
? I'ltOfHIKTOK orrilK ?
r! It ST ST It MKT. (Near Main,)
WKMTOff, %V. VA.
Cemetery Lots enclosed with Galvani
zed Iron or Ilntss Tubing and Marble ors
(intuitu posts. Aiso dealer iu .Scotch
(intuitu .Monuments. y&~ Plans and speei
cations forliOCjsK WUliK done upon
hurt notice.
cirlAS. J. GOFF
\\ liolesulo and Retail Dealer in
Vori'i^n Jititl I9oim**lic
Whiskies, Ilr;iiui?cs
Wines, Gins. Aicohol &c,
OlKco and Waro-Uootu*, No. I, Gull s
Block, Pike Street,
Soots Shoes i
5 J a Is, (Japs aud |
! H'e are now reccivitg our Fall and llln-!
j ter .Stock of (joods, all ol which we ba7o
purchased of manufacturers at bottom fig-!
tires, and will sell at lower pricej than ever
belbn known in this part 0! the Statu.
To purcli.i<ern from a distance we willse
at a very slight advance on cost.
S. A. lIUIi.MHS & CO.,
No. 0, DcspnrO'd Hlocfc,
Olarksburg.W. Va,
The Cherry Valley House, with '?<) acres
?f land, near llddison, H'ebster county J
Largest and lust houso iu the cotiut)*.
-Vi'utly all buiH tliis cpriug. Contains l;: I
rooms, turtil>!it ii with _ overytliing uccessary {
lot keeping a fust-elass Hotel (litod well, I
stables, Ac. lias done a splendid business j
the past .'insoti. Will *be sold claap. l'us?'
ewiou itu n.uliately. Title perfect.
?nwrTvooft Wva
('boico li<(i!ot'H of all kind;? and!
Sim; rigars lor ,>.ilc bv
(.M INX A ltl'KK.
IIin.lt:ia..!i Iv-.'-r..::. W '
i.vaws. mmcra.
The State of West Virpnist:
At liulcs held ia the Clerk's OfU-c cf the
Comity Court <?1* Lewis county, on the Is'.
Monday in November. 18?.'.
It. II. Wallace, plaintiff,
.lolm T. Moore una 1 M. Kennrtt, defind
COf.N'TV. j
The object of this suit is to assart a licn.i
for the purcluu* money "is a trnct of 30,(H>0:
acres of html, 011 Steer Creek, in ttic couu
ties.of Draxtoii, Gilmer and Calhoun,and to
cause tlic said l.iml to bo sold fur tin? pay*
i incut of tlic purchase money.
Ami it appearing by nrtidavit filed that
Ihe defendant .lolm T. Moore is not a rtsi*|
?ictu of tin' State of HVst Virginia, and he:
not. appealing, it is ordered that he do ap-,
pear to said cause within the time prescribedj
j by law, and do what is accessary to protect!
his intercity in this suit.
J. M. Bennett, att y. nowS-hv
noticeto creditors.
To tlx Creditors of Chsirlen S. Viihon,
dee cased:
In pursuance of n decree of the Circuit
Court of Lewis county, made in a cause
theteiu pending, to subject the real esSate
of the said dairies S. Wilson to the pay
ment of his debts, you are required to pre
sent your clnims :i*:niii5t the said Charles S.
Wilson, for adjudication, to W. II*. ISran
uon, Commissioner. at his u,litre in the said
county,on or btfore tlic 24tli day of Novem
ber, If 70.
Witness. W. (I. Harrison, Clerk cf said
Court, this 22d day of Ortober, 187P.
W. 0.1T A I? II1SON. Clerk.
Henry Jiraiinon. att'v.
Cow MrsnroN nit's On-im. V
Circuit Court faint County, :?
October *J*-M. 1S71I. )
TO J. II'. Johnjun, Sheriff of nrccnbiinr I
county, and us. such administrator of j
Mrs. K. C. Illedsot, deceased, suing for |
hiinstll'and nil other creditors of Jnmes
McCrny, deceased, plain lift,
Thomas I?. McCrny, in his own right, r.nd
as administrator with the will unnezed of.
Jnmc;< McCrny, dacca?edj ll'illinm 0
McCray, Symauthr. Jj. Armstrong, Wil'_
inni W. Hutchison and Indiana J. Hutch
ison. liis wifj, ami Minor II. McCrny, de
Yon nre hereby notified that I hare fixed
upon the 2."?th day of November, 1S70. at
my ollico in th" town of Wilton, Lewis
county, UV9I Virginia, to jexecute :?n ordor
of reference nude by the Circuit Court of j
Lewis county, on tlie 215th day of August,
1670. in a suit in chancery pending in the
said Court, in which you are plaintilfs and
defendants; bv which said order a Commis
sioner of?vd Cowl is dire, ltd to converse
nil tliu crcdi'ors of Jumcs McCrar, deceased,
and ascertain and report their debts and
their priorities; to seUlc the accounts of
Thomas L. McCray, us administrator of
James McCray; to ascertain anil report the
land of James McCrny, dcseiiscd, liable for
hisdubli; to review the settlenientof the
accounts of said administrator, d ited the
Ilth of Soptvinbcr, 1870, and ascerUin and
specify wherein tho saire is erroneou?. and
:a<?lify it accordingly, so ni to show the
true statu of the account at the date of the
completion<of the report directed by said!
order; to ascertain what lands of James
McCray havo been sold by his administra
tor, and the paiticulats thereof. At which
time and place you arc required til atUud.
(liven under my baud, na a Commissioner
of-aid Court, the day and yar first above
w. w\ hkasxox,
oetitfhv C??nmiisj?ioncr.
To the CWditors of Javies JfrCr iy, dc
lit pursuance of a decree of the Circuit
Court of Lewis county, made in a cause
I therein pending, to subject tho real *3t?le
j (if the said Jaiues McCrny to the payment of
! I.i, debts, von nre required to pivsent your
I claims agiinst tliu said James McCrav, for
adjudication, to W. W. iirauuon, Commis
sioner, at his oliice ia said county, on or
before the 25tIi way of November, 187'J.
Wi!uei.i, W. 15. Ilartison, Ulerl; of said
Court, this ?i?d day of October, 1471'.
U'. 0. U AUUIt'ON, UlcrU.
Ucnry i?tatuinoli, :itl'y.
j C0MMiSS10\EU'8 KALE.
F. UrlukuMi;
Margaret Trbach, Kxccutrix of Cuspvr Ur
Lucli, deceased, an 1 others.
in Cli.'tntvry in the County Court
of i.ewis County.
In pursuance'of n decreo of ;said Court. J
pronounced in said cause nt the August,
term, I371?j the undersigned Commissioner
appointed for the p-irposv, will proceed at'
the front door of the Court Houaf of Lewis j
county, on the
J.-t tluy of Drccmlier, 1870,
to :e!I at public uucliou, to the highest bid
der, the remainder in fee after the lilo os'.ale
therein of Mar?iitut vrbavh in iho following :
real estate:
1st?-The Lot on which Casper L'rbac h re- j
tided at Iho time ol his dentil, fronting 72A j
'n ioa the ?S'tuuu'.oti and I'.irlieri burg Turn- j
pike rO'?d, nud extending back So Coal sltcct
in t l.o town of iVeston.
2d?A lot nearly opposite tlm above, on
tho north side of said 'pike, trontiug M.'.J |
feet thereon, and extending back to Slots? !
Coal Creek, nud adjoining lots devitcd by
Casper t'rbacli to Theodoie aud Isaac L'r-j
Asia remainder in fee in said real citato;
will 1m; sold upon u credit of V., 12 and In |
months, with interest, and the purchasers <
will bo lYipiircd to exocuie bomU witli good j
security for the respective instalments of
purclmie money.
\v. (i. i;enxi:tt, i
PlPOjj |
JQKX.R- JIYJjYdesires to inform but many jiafrn
?jiu! llw public generally, that he Ii:is now on Iwml the largest stock 1,1
\Y 0 YOK.
.?vor hrouslit In iliis market, ntiich lie offers at [irincs never Wore I,,.,,..
iif. I also have a large line of my own work) which will he solil
Also a large slock of SAK0M5S anil HARNESS on hanil, choaj>.
fftr I still sell all kinds of SEWING MACHINE at
Bottom Prices.
Nothing Stieceeds Like Success !'
J The Former lli^h l'riccd Mndmiea ItEDUCED to
I'lfWiiti Siiiiii#
Thoroughly warranted and'sent to you for
And no obligation to keep one, if not nErrEit tlmn any machine you ever bad.
The Old Favorite and Reliable STANDARD ^
. 5"
5 iVc Cmnint Moke a Htllcr M<trhinc at Any Price, ^
Th'.' Hiirhe.st Premium a\vav<le<l llie Stitch at tlie Centennial, s
^ A .Strictly First-Claa Shuttlu Double Thread Lock .Stitch Machine, mote complete inS"
^equipments than any oilier, mid combining all the Into improvements, with the c!<i>"
/>and well tiicd qualities I'cr which the ?*
A Faithful Fwniiy Sowing Mnchino tn every snnso f?f the word?that run.t smooiii and'
docs every dcscriplion of plain or fancy .scwiiit; with ea.se ?n I certainty--.?o airnt;" m;.'
wu!! ru'li . mill so thoroughly tested while in use for yoiin in Thousands or Families" tliu*
each Machine lhat leaver our Factory is wnrranted for live year?, and kept in Order fr-vof
clmrgu. M.uicv refunded at once if not perfectly .Satisfactory. Uednceil in tirir# furdowi,
below oilier Machines. No lv\int3 lf> pay for. Knelt Machine is accompanied by* ni0.,'
CouiXirrs Ort/iT of numerous n-v.i use! til attachments for all kinds, ot work (free of
extra charge) than i.; given." ilii a ay other Machinu at any price. The Standard Macl:ii>'t
ha# mote yood qualities than those of double the 1'iice. Liv'htnnd Busy Running, 'n chill
can tijii It. Strong mid durable, never out of order, llapid.and certain in execution X0
useless cogs or cams 10 w.ear out o? make r. noise Will Irjt for years Is ready in.a in0.
tiicRt and understood in,an.hour. Male?.the Donblr Thread Lock 'Stitch, alike on fc'on
I Hides of tie goods, from cambric l? leather, u?os a Short, Straight nud-Slrong..Vcedto k1.
| tra Lung Large easily threaded Shuttle. With -Yew Aut w.utic TvnsJoa. Liygn Ro'il.in";
j capable of holding ono hundred yards of thread: A Large Strong. Machmawiih great
width of arm, giving it many desired ?palitlcn*, and great (Apar.ity. far a wi.lt r?P"?. rf
work. It in the best Machine in ptincipleand in point ofi obstruction. Umj 1i ou.uJim,
' ton will use tto other. 1
Aililioss, STANDARD SJiWIXO .MACIIIXK CO., Umadwav ,?.i
Clinton Plscc, Xuw Yolk..
S. 15. ICAKSS5.TT, Agcn't, Wcaton, WAV
I huvi> fcr s.iir, ami k<ep constantly nr.
i twnd Onk, I'oplar nu?l Walnut Lujabcr~
cither nir or kiln dried? nil
i will guaranteewit wl'ac'Jou in regard to
ijiinlily find pricc.
I nlrfo kctp tin- I'i'.st quality of Flour and
(.'?>rn Meal at my Mill.
Kcsp'ict fully,
0\'V\ C<00\*> & ftnV\OW*v
wssa;KM.\?.-; w. ta
Wo have now open forprin .(.Trade n
.stock superior !n t-tc'.it and variety to ntt |
hitherto offered;
Full nssortmcnt will be m:iitiia>Tic<l'
throughout (he season, and pries* inviirinl;- ,
,iVt Uip lowest pint.
Wheeling, May S.
.Successor to
claukskuuu, \v. va.
Having been engaged for 23 years in the
manufacture of Cnrriajjesof all description?,
I Am prepared to ollVr to the ary
kiud cfn vehicle known to the trade. 1
have now iti slock and am building con
11' AGUXS.
And ns a specialty, lam usta; the cele
brated Dexter and Iripple spline, whitli
for tomfart an * duruMlity cnunot he sur
lly usiny nothi ng hut the best orptork in I
the construction of iny work, and hy fai
and honest dealing I hope to receive a lib
iral share ol'tlio public patronage.
Prompt attention paid to all kinds of re
pairing at prices to suit the timed.
All work ftillv j!u:uantee<l.
Factory at the junction of Main
ami Pike street.*, west em!.
B2o?? for Sale.
I hrtvo fur sale two litters of pisrs??thnr
?n;'liba'd iSnkjhires?psdigrt-o furnished
mid blood guarantied. Freight p.tid to
miy point on the railroad for sales made in
Lewis con r ship the 1st ol
December. For term?, address
Homines .Mills, \\*. Va. I
I'ilcnville, W. Va.
WtM ji-aciit.- in t'u-I'irndt :ir,d (>ui:tv
[ keep on hand ft few pnllon* of as mrsr,
Kentucky Whisky as wua cvor o(Ti.-t^r1 it.
this town
| 1 also keep Wine and firnndy
I hare a nice rlgar nn l onn plug of ehenrin;;
tutaccQ If von wmu LUXCII I keep a
jdeee of rheese, i few crackers anil our mi;
n rorw oyrfarJ and ft glasj.enjeyntan's hi'?i
Laser Hcer.
j ! forgo: l!?.t numhw, but bnr? been sir -
iu^ for hoikv time ou l!io c.ora^r qf Se?owi
nrd Center .Struct*, Weston
Jit ill I'M BOH AIV.
DK.UKtt 1?
\ \vve VAoo&cA Ca\\A\x,-.
a nd SI loop !
Proprietor of tub
"\Yc*\.ow WovvvVw^ "KVWVa.
A largo HUpply of
! FliOUil, M kaL ANV VKKD !
conatautly on haml. Higher prico
pni<l at the Mill for
Grain delivered attho Mill*
House "Lot $o* Si\V?
I oifcr for sale my liotisc ami lot on th?
corner of Main nnd 3d streets, in the tot*r..
of Woaton.
ticitJ tM, n/f i.i, ni/ ajout,J;t nu
tincTl.ni SlmviH'C Ohio.
IHixKohilsnn it'olicc.
Ti.ofirm or Persons, Atkins, Hro. ft (.'o.is
tiiw tiny dissolved by mutual consent; niul
sill tiie debts of said firm ure uasutneil by
Atkins ?fc Uro. Those imlcbk-.l to t'ao f.i?-*
will plena? call ami settle nt one.
ATKINH k lilil).
Weston, March 20, 1S7&
We thank you for past favora, and ?t Ul
na k yon to iomu hii<1 see us. Wt shall do
InwineM ut tlio Ftimo place In our own sejm
rfttu names.
Carriage, "Wagou nrnl Blacksmithing
donp to order.
VKUSONo, Wootl-Worker.
ATKIN S lillO., UUtkMniitf.
Liquor Dealer.
I wish to inform my friend.* that I I"""0
Just received a l?r^? stock of goods. My
aim in the future will Vc, m it liiu been In
the put, to keep a Urge nnd well #cti-ei'd
stock of the best brands of Nelson, And***
son, Jefferson and Jfarlon countifj, Ken*
tacky VAii&kie* aud Hiandici.
1 do nut keep rectified or compounded
whiskies in any way ; but receive front dis
tilleries direct,nnd guarantee the good# f*vC
from all adulteration!*.
Don't forget tin* |ila?v?No. 7. Mf'5'
stnft. Writnu, \V. Vu

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