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Legal Notices.
Valuable Lands.
JIcnry lliannon. Administrator of Robot i!
Irvine, deceased,
The heir* o! T'. ?' irt Irvine, d?cTn.>d.
Under dom e rn.tared in ih? case by tin ;
Circuit Court of l.euis < ounty, I will a lint |
public auction, in fiont ot't i Court* iiot i ,
ol Lewi? touniy. (iii tin
2d (Inv ?-!* August, lw;v,i.
tlmt bri ./ :i ?? "r?t tinv of the August term |
pf the County Court of s.ud county, the f. I- ]
lowing real estate belonging tg the ?-talc of j
Jloberl I?vim-, ilv.-a- ?!
O/u: Hundred trnd-Tirrnhj-l
Three and One-Half \
. I errs
on Sycnnwe Fork or FLik'i Creel:, in Dod?
driii."? county ?
One Hundred and Eight
and Three-Fourth
in l.cwis county, on Camp Rttn.'n branch of
Fink's Creek, below Sycamore Fork ,
One .Hundred and Forty
Seren Acres
in Lewis county, oti the water * of Dutcher's
Folk of .Satnl Fork of the Knnuwha i'.iver,
Adjoining Michael Colling, being Lot No.
21 ?J of flie Camden, Uailoy nnd Camden
lands; the following lots out of the Innd
owned by said Irvine oa the Jbuvell Ilill,!
?ast ol Weston:
Lot A'o. 8 of.'r 11-16 Acres: j
Lot A'o. 9,ofo 7-16 Ac-rex:
Lol A'o. 2, of 11 Acres:
Lot A o. 13, of 221.-2 Acres:
Lot Xo. 12, 111-8 Acres;
Lot A'o. 11,of 6 7-16 Acres,\
except two Jots sold to William Tibbs nr.-i j
benjamin Flra, of one* fourth acre each; I
Lot Xo. 17, of 1 .'lore:
Lot A'o. 10, of 3 1-4 .lores,
except two lots of about \ of tin neie
tilth, *cdd to Jeffriea nnd Coburn nnd
Charles Lee;
A Half Lot
fdjoiuing li. H. Smith;
Three Town Lots
fronting on High Street, in lies ton ;
A Small I'arcel
on the Staunton k l'arkersbnrg Turnpike,
la Weston, adjoining the Uibacli lot.
A credit of one, two nnd three years, the
purchaser giving notes with good seenrit v
tearing interest from date, and title lo be
reserved until th - further or.kr of Court.
Special Commissioner.
in:ty?0 In*
COMM1 ?5I0XE !'.\S .SALE. j
Edwin Maxwell, Excciuor ol Barton Dei-i
pnrd, dccc-nsed,
finnutl 11. Moyeis, C J.Moyets nnd other-.;
In Chancery in the Circuit Court
of Lewi.- County.
In pursuance of n decree pronounced in
faid cause by said Court, oti the 2d day of
March,' IStO, the undersigned Commission
er appointed ftr the iiurposc will proceed,iu
iho front doar cf the court house of Lewis
couuty, on the
7tli ilay of June, 1880,
to ?e'l at public auction, to the highest bid
tier, one undivided thitd of a tract of
on Hull Hun of Cedar Creel:, in Gilmer
county, West Virginia, said -{57 acres being
a part of a larger tract of land fold to Sam
uel li. Mover.', AibtmH. Moycrs and C. J.
Mayer*, by George.1. Arnold, J. M. Dennett
and Burton Dcspuid.
Snid undivided third of said tract of lard
will l:e sold upon a credit of C, 12 and 18
months, and the jMirdiaser will be required
to execute bonds for the several instalments
of purahaso money, with good security, nnd
bearing interest Irom date; aud the thin will
bo retuiued as n futt'ier security.
\Y. (J. llEXXISTT,
jnttylo l\v ('omnuse'ioner.
The above in lo is continued until the 2il
day of August, laSO.
IILACK fMSilMHXKN, present uta
prices l.-oin C.r. tents to jicr yard?garnet
plum color, dark green, l.ro*vn, navv bine,
liii'dium blue, it., which 1 shall kM ai
Cost & Carriage.
in order to close tliein out. a. Iibsiie to
dispose ?.f all gao'U in that line. A lol
of t'llKAi1 PIlKSS COUD.S, now retailim'
a', from 1.* 'o :t.*> outs ptrynrd, I will sell
Ht cost and carriage,
For Cash Only.
Alio n line cfl.imn N'upkins, Table l.inen.
Towels, litd Ticking ??? , on wIi'h'Ii ymi
fun hnve ti'iia l'J to 2j centii on tho yard.
Tlmy were bought heforc tin rise in good?,
nnd' arc much cheaper than ti.? prweut
Wholesale price.
I will hereafter keep ot.ly LAD1KS'
I.'lti:.S.S Tltl.M.MINUS, i-uvh ui
].adij:s' i M>ri!\vi:Aii.
xkck v. ;?
ito., &c.,
? large stock cf which I now have on
Mrs. J. Id. Atcliinson.
0TT> llAlh &C0.,l
.101JHIC11S IN
Alain Slivri/Wljcoliii^. W. V?
Legal Notices.
Land saL'b;"" '
ll'iilijisn I). Linger, Kxccuior.
Matilda M. Linger and otliers.
By virtue ol n decree of die Ooiitiiv Court
of l.i u is count/, in this cure, 1 w ill ?ell m |
public auction, v> 1110 liij'Iic-t bidder, in I
front of the court houjeol Lewis county, j
Oil lilt* 2<l djiy of August, IJSSO.1
that l.eing the first day of the August term ?
cf the County Ccurt of Lewis county, n I
tract of ' |
on Road Hun, a branch of Ms Skin Cicek,'
i:i Lewis county. deviled by .Nicholas I).
Linger in liiu will to his d'uugblcr, Mory'
Jane Linger,
A credit of on* and two years, tlic pur
chaser to |iivo no (en witli goud security.1
bearing interest.
Sjicoi.il Coinmi-sioiK-r. ,
Catlinrinc J. Iluteliei, Admini.-tratri:,
Hugh J. Rtitcher and others.
In Chanoety in 11.-? Circuit Conn
of Lmvis C<>un,tv.
In pursuance of si pronounced by
snid court in the above sailed cause on the
Sth day of March, lssn, the undersigned
Commissioners appointed for the purpose",
will proceed, at the front door of the- court
house of Lewis county, on the
7ih D;?y of Juno, 1880.
lo .-ell nt public unction, to the highest bid
T1|AC'I OF Itn; ACK1>
on Cross Hun, in I.cwi3 county, adjoining
lands of J.M Retnett, and near the Poor
l-arm, In said county.
LOTS XOS. 21 AND 22,
on the west side of Centre S'.;eot, in the
town of ireston.
Also, the remainder in fee after the life!
estate therein ot Thomas Hawkins in twol
adjoining tracts of land in Lewis county,j
one containing
situate on the West Fork River, about six I
miles above the town of Weston, opposite j
the mouth of Rueli Run ; the other contain
i>'? I
. 12} A('11 MS,
and adjoining the lust named tract. j
W ? will aiso proceed, a; the front door of
the court heu*u of Lewis county, on the j
lils-l 1 *:ty of Auui'.^l, j
to sell at public audi jii, to the higiiut bid
A LOT OF c; no UN I)
in tho town o: Wistorjj fronting '.-j feet on
I'rout Sue, t. and i xundii'^ h.ic!?;,ud south
of First Streat, along Centre Street, Io*.?
feet and "J indies. On tl is lot there i? situ
ate a handsome frame dwelling house and
convenient out-h-mses.
All of. .id real estate will be sold free'
from the dower estate la kind of Mrs. C. J '
ilntclier therein.
Sftid property will be soid upon a .credit
of one, two and three yvars, and the pur
chaser will be required to exeeuto Wornls
with approved security lor the several in
stalments oi purcliUwe money, and bearing
interest from date.
inaylo l\v Commissioners.
The sale of the above lots and traets of
lands advertised for June 7th, I83u, is c*:i
I tinned until the'.'1st day of August, IdtO
W..O. li'li.NNETT,
junolO Commissioners.
Luke Murray
Patrick Murray"? Kttala.
I'nder a decree rendered by the County)
Cour t of Lewis county in this case on tin
"til of February, !?-??. I will tell at public]
auction, to the i..>:lit.-t bidder, ia front ol
the courl botuo of Lewi.; county, on the
Si.'coiiil Day ??f August. 1880,
thut being the first day ol tho August ltdm;
of the Vountr Court of said county; a tract
in Lewis county, on the head waters of In
dian I'oik of iaml Foil; of the Knunvlia
river, owned by i\,u:a Murrey at his
uvaih. A boundary of 4(1 acres out of eaid
"met has been nstignc.l as dowel to Jlaryj
Murray, p idow of Putrid: Murray, and the
nil" will be made subject to her dower in
hat particular pierc, to that the purchaser
under litis sale will not come into posse]
siun ol said piece until her death.
A ere lit of 6, 18 and 2 ? monthr, the
PH'cIms.t to pvt- notes with good security,
beari ig interest from date, and a lien to
e.xi-i on the land tlieie'or.
VjH'cia] ('(iiiimissionor.
DiiAi.i;n in
sumir .iwaw,
Sliiliouci'j-, I'lcliucs, rnuiios, I'ulinc
CO au,i( i?ui >.
All ihe leading tlttiliuH n
tvivi'd nit'l lor s.m!c. 1
E'r::litre! lo Onlrt
Tlic Clicrry Yallcy Honscl
Near tli'! A.Mifon Snlt Sulplmr
S|?ni., ?. W. ;c0 ,\v. \ a.,
JVili ojH.n June bill., >3U, for tho fcafion.
l: t-i-i the mi.? I i.aasnut jjroucds, and is the
most comiurial' ? 1.., . in i!?. oiumr.
lorkoanL-iwd horses well eared
The Pfmochat
MTVJWAY ? June 19
The CiBTrnl'ack Elixir Par
ty Will raddle Bt* Own
General II rarer, of.Jowa,
a ii (I JJ. 0. Cli a m hers, of
Texas, Compote their)
National Tided.
ona>'t nxn:i:ED ac;ai.\
you tssj.
Tli" political new* of tlio last few
days have tin interesting tlavor
that will ropav perusal. Tlio Cireen
1 tiirU partv in'Chicago decided that
it* -lainiaYd-bearer in tlio impend
ing campaign Hliall lie Gen-jrnl
Weaver. (,f Iowa, on tlio head of
the iicliul. and 1?. 0. Chambers, of
Texas. in thi.' second place. These
1 nominations will not bo lmrllul to
the lU'tnoeiacy in any Slate that it
cares to carry.
A Hpecial dispatch from Chicago
'confirm.1 the rumor that tho throe
?ireat (1 rniit boss' > v.-ill enter Grant
'again tor the gnat race in LSSL
The Syracuse Courier gives a=
isurancethat Seymour will accept
the Democratic nomination if it bo
j tendered him.
J Ion, Hen. Wilson*
j Reports from all parts of the dis
trict indicate that >i hearty boom
lor Col. lien Wilson has started,
and that his re-election wij.l be de
' mauded !?y the people. So mote
be!?Kitsfu'c Democrat.
| Colonel Wilson is capable of
i rendering valuably service not only
?totlio people of-his district, but
the entire countn. When he first
| entered Congress lie was placed
| upon the Committo on Invalid
; Ivmduns, then oji Manufacture*,
from tlurc up through the Com -
mittee on Privileges and ICiections.
and Committee on Ctumnciva. to
the Coinmiltoo on Foreign A Hair?.
: of which committee he is a con
spicioiis, artivc, ami useful mem
ber. This is the most important
of all tlio committees of Congress,
and in view of the jrro.ai interna
tional (jiiostioi s now being consid
ered by it. and to he acted on by
the incoming Forty-seventh Con
gress, the failuro of the First West
Virginia district to retmnMr.WiUon
wouldnot oily be a 62\vie loss to the
people thereof. hut to tliacountry at
large. Uur pdai'mus with the South
Ang lican republic? ami foreign
; powers, partici 1 irlv England. hav.>
i Wen subjects of thorough investi
gation by this committee, that may
i jf.issiUy'leavl to the abrogation of
the Clay'. ?u liulwer treaty, which
is ill*?'*i_*hi by ?i>:ue to have been a
'jreal i?h uU*V ;:i A. i.-ri>r:in diplo
macy. ? ?? itii.ii:. iov.kinir to a
treaty with China, .'apanand Can
ada mo be:; : eonsHivied by
' this committee, and in each and all
jofthoic- ipastien.- Mr. Wilson has
ibe-on an ajtiyw patlic.ipant. if?; is,
als" a member of the Committee
| on Printing, which, composed as
jit is of bul threo members, and
having nil (jjitisiioiis relating to
the governmental and Congres
sional printing reiVrm.1 to it makes
great exactions upon the time and
patience of its member.-. Mr. Wil
son has been an untiring worker,
and nev i r misses a session of either
citnimittee. llising early and re-,
tiring late, he seems to take de
light in devoting his entiro'time.
to the v;ork which he says his con-1
stituents elected him to perform;
and tint above paragraph, indica
ting a boom in the First district for
his election to another term, ex-!
hibits tin- M>und sense which pre
vails i:i \\\ .-t Virginia.? MWu/n/-|
| toil Chrouick.
j List of Claim* .llloired at
i lie J a n c Term of I he \
Counhj Court.
Hi mil Claims?Skin Creel: District.
Gilbert Spaur 2 days twolior
hf.-' and blow If-I (HI
i William J*. I/mger sai.io .".<?)
Same. lumber, Are., 5 40
IC M liurr 1 day 2 horses and
*1?m1 ? 2 0'
j D S Bennett 2 days 2 horses
>and plow ?'I f1'1
l.l 15 Peterson same j 00
Sanie.2 days 1 horse and plow 2 CO
I Dallas Gould 2 day.^2 horses
! and plow ?'' 0
Same, for same ?!(?_"
I i\l 1. lFardman same -1 Of
(iranville Cavlin 2! d. ys two
liorse team ?ri 00
(Jideon ClaVk 2 days same ?! -HH
.lohn A Francis sanie ?! ,)!,i
bee Morrison eamo -I 001
W H Linger same 2 001
S (J Jones samo -I (nil
!sat?" Linger samo -I
f W.T.ilbert davssanv Ol>i
U !! Linger hauling n>el:?'ind
timber ' 1 HO
i' 1'" Linger da.ys 2 horse
team ' 000,
S (' Jom-.- I i day; 2 i.or.-o
I cam . 300
j M M Um/er f! davs same' ? 00
.1 W llnrits ?!"
i(i A Shoulders 2.1 same .r>(?''|
(! W Mr.cv 2 days same ?! 001
Same, pt i. o of 1 pick 1 2oj
M Cr.ntield, 2 days 2 horse
team ? -1 OOj
Samo, P 'i t'.-.-i of huuber 1 Of.
l-'eott liadabanih 2 day:: 2 j
!i??!?-?? ttj:.i ? -5 001
\ F r pi\uY* Km
< i ( ariin I day same 2
(' 1* Vine nt san.o 2 00
Gilbert Spam; 'aire 00
i' !?' Lint.- r day san e 2 0t!!:
J nines F. G . !? 1 i day same 2 00
P K .McNomar 2 days r;.:no -i (K>
Collin's Settlement District,
fl W Allmau 2 days 2 horse,
and wagon ?! 00
O MiilW.v S dr.vs work l IH)
Jlullnuiy 5 days 2
hojsch and wi^cn 30 fi0|
Jonathan'Lewis same 10 001
.1 W Kiniiejjan 2A days 2 hor
, hfs unci plow . i"
W A llorncr 1 days 2 horse?
lard v-jij;. ,\\ ' 8 00
!. I' Horner 5 days samo 10<H.h
i W I) Andcreon l'day game 2 00!
Thomas Ileal same 2 00 j
IT. F Lnwton game 2 00
! T!i??nun K Dennison 7 days
Juovk t it road over a^e 7 00
j Charles A! Powers 2 lior?c
team ."ulay." ' 10 00!
| W A Sims 2 day? samo ?! uij
U 'J Di unison * days samo T> 00
1 John C IVnni a day:- 1
| horse team 3 00'
I W 1) Anderson 1 day 2 horso i
jtoam ' 150'
j V A Horner puttin;; t'p f*> ?t
| bridge 1 30
iJ 1' Whites'.lll A days 2 horse
team 3 (hi!
| Jolin 11 Watson 2 days panic ?! 00j
j.) \V Duw.il) 1 days same 8 00
Mauley Swceker 2 days same ?! 00 i
! Luther (lam-tt :j day samo 1 oO.
| IJuntrn A Moore S\0 feet of
oak boards 7 05
'.lames M Hellin ox t?*aiii S
j davs and G davs work on
voads ' 11 00
1 (' K Micl: 1 day 2 horse team 2 00 |
I Mariin I*V>>: 2 days 2 burse
j team and A day horse team o 00
J il Iv'.'iiiV SM'viirs iis
j to Weston for Doctor and
Ju.-lires in easo of in?i?o-l ,l?y
jorde" of justice .*? 00'
i M r. Wlielan examining Mil
i ly Watson a? lunatic o (Hi'
j V. (' Cum:Ingham plow and
scraper and 2 horses 1 day 2 00
.Sylvester IMuihou 2 hor-es
and wagon 1 day and 1 horse
and }>l'?w 1 day 3 00
|Jam?*s iJ Kinnojian 2 horses
ion the roads 2 days 2 00
J (' Smith 1 day removing
obstructions * ] 001
Court Ifmisc Du'ricl.
j John Tierncy 2 days 2 horse
(team ' j 00
jT M Mil isdays same !> tin
iJohn (.'o|.c]oy 1 day fame* 2 'hi
j J; >!. :i *4 Ilailov da\s same ('-(hi
!J A IN.Iiiboueh 1 day same 2 ?:??
! Peter West fa 11 - j day? same $ (i0;
jll J Crumrine 1 day 1 horse
team ' 100,
|(? W Ballard I \ days 2 )uirsc
j team and ?! duvs work over
|( narliw Skinner 1 days work
| ag- jiiul foot IjJl's ."> 50'
J James Mulladay ') days 2
j tetih! ' ' fi 00
W T t hitttim 2 day - same 2 (KJ
J Matthews work on roads
(with team* at diliVivnttitiius
in l.S7t> ^ SO 00
j i'1 "J'go Fislior o days 2 horso
I team t; 00
! David TVtor 5 days same 10 001
John Wholnn U (lav.? work
I moving timber from' roads 3 00'
j ^ Ihcb i''* Crcr.k Dittricl. j
|: V- ' ?: ?:i 111 2 uays 2 horses
! and a j>r r * 4 00 j
;!?!-.ar ?:?ith 2 days 2 horses
hn.dwagoit -1 00
? J -? llersnip.il 1 day 2 horse
I team and 1 day* work over
! , * 8 00
! Jacob II IJunh 2 days 2 horse
team _ ' 4 (H)
j Je.':S0 Woofter 1 day same 2 tH>
j i'cter \\ iiliams 1? days same 3 00
: Isaac Jackson 2 days'samo -1 (Hj
iKvr \ day sanu- 1 W
1| l.ifc ! ! day? saine . ;! (xj
I K I, Smith 1-day Suine 2 00
J \\ 8k id more K days saiue 0 00
.Taspre IVterson l' days same -1 tiO
W il Aifeire 3 day s;ime 200
LOiit'i-'erH days same and
1 day 1 li.?rso team 5 00
A I) Cook man 2 <lays sanio -i 00,
Luke Flftchct 1 tiay 1 horse
team < * 100:
Jesse Woofter repairing 2
bridges 350,
W (i lLinzman2day8 2horsc
team * 4 0)
IVter O Swisher H days
same " ' ft 001
W S fctarclicr 1 day satno it fiO j
John r.nram 1 day'same 2 (Km
James Trowbridgt* ] I days
-ame ? * 3 (i()
Jam ,'s M IV-ck S] days same 7 00
I'cder Williams U days s.-ime A Of)
WilliKui Woof:< r"l day same 2 00
John l'ailoy 1! days same 3 00
1 A W Woodford lumber for 2
|brid??-.i 10 10
IM \) Morrison 2 days 2 horse
1-ain ^ ' 4 00
\Y W Foirle -? days samo 0 On
M (.' Dai ley 5 davs same 10 '.Hi
'(?eorge Lawson i day samo 2 00
jJaim s 1! l,a\v 1A days saina '100
! J I. Straley 1 day same 2 00
| \V < ) I .aw 2 1 lays same ?i 0f?
1 !?' V- l'osi same .j 00
j Andrew .Sutton samo 4 00
I John Young same .} (in
?; V* (uiodwin 1 day samo 2 00
M Cook mail 2 days same 4 00
!.o\vis lVtorson 'dayo same t'. (K?
I'arker Cook man samo (J 00
(iporge Post 5 days same 1(M:0
-I I. Cook man 1 il.jy saiao 2 tHI
M H Kelly 2 days same 4 00
F (? l!r?>wn spikes for bridges ?!('
Maik llorsm.m 2 days team -l IX)
?f W U Kea repairing bridge,
' U00
David Wilson 1 day team oil
road * 0 oo
j ^ l\(cmnt'g (.'nth lHshid.
|lil. (oiston clA dayh 2 horses
I and sled ' 7 po
(' H'jdiland -1 days same S 00
j J \\ liaiiey 1 day samo 2 00
I !l OMakor 2 day* work 1 f?0
j M J J lall hntilinp; and lumber S^.SI
J i: Hall labor and nails "05
Hohcrt JJailoy 1 day 2 horses
and wayon o 00
j II li Henry 1 day 2 horses
and ehain 2 00
; William llurkhnmmer 2 clays
|2 horsos and plow " 4 00
1W T lkiic!i?-r same 4 00
j II m< ?{.'all 2 day a 2 horsvs
and sled JJOOI
(iraiivillu O Uiiti her 1 day
same *20oi
?lobn^JjV.iley 1 day 2 horco
1i(tam"pIowin}! ' 2fHl!
Ahr.un Gaston 2 days same -100 j
(' W Davit son 2 davs extra
work ' 1501
P h S White ] day 2 horse ;
team ami oueliundud feet of
lumber a 1*1
A Wooftir 2 <la." - 'i<>?
team *' "0
.1 K Norm 1 any same ' 2 00
Jnmts Alfred 1 <l?y? extra
work 75
Owen Ouinn 0 days 2 howc
(tan. . 12 00
>1K llutclier fm-nisliinpr lmn
1?r 2 00
Same 1' iluyis 1 horse tt>Ain ?! 00
Doupln* I'.ut. i1 day two
! r-rsc tun lit and driver 2 (
(. \V huaii 1 days work over
a.w "
A S lluiineli U davs with 1
Iml'Mf 75
W ?' Woofter \ <L"V with ox
{. .nn I Od
!i I! 1 linzinasi 2\ days two
horse team 5 00
! \V 1'iisliji work oil roads, ?'? 00
.Ianif.? Woofter 0 days two
hor-e team ' 12 00
.1 K 1' Muxcii 1 day extra
work ' 75
N A j.ovett timber and haul
ing < 2 (
i' Wliilo ) day 3 horse team
and 1 day 2 horse team 1 50
A C SumWrs 4 day plowing 1 00
M Hint's 1 dnvextra work 75
John Cull! nasi ?amc 7."
Thomas ('ullijinn tamo 75
Jacob I'eck same
* Vandcvender same
<; W Wrst :) days 2 horse
Irani ' -100
11 grouse 1.} days l' horse
tram " 2 00
M H I.nvelt 2 dnv? same 4 00
.! 1! Killed I day same 2 00
\V 1, llarl) '2 dav.s same -l 00
?l"lm .llecghlev' powder. fuse
and lumber
ii W llollin- making scraper,
h'auiiiu and driver and 1
day*, extra work 50
| Sruuvill* <?JJiitviicr 2 day., 2
hoiw":eam .J 00
Ado!j?nu? Fisher days 2
ho:-u team * ' 0 00
.1 ii j?uilcv -1 days 2 horse
team and driver ' S 00
'I iioaias lluteher 1 davs team
and lumber * 8 5-1
.! ?lm i' Jordan 5 davs 2 horse
i am on.I 1 hand " 10 00
A !' White 1 day 2 horse
Moore ttms. r:led;:e hammer
I' II Cotirilj -J days 2 horso
Irani S0O
II ?' 1'ropsl mating scraper S 00J
sialc 'Mbliial TiTAwucIa
tiojl f (I'liu.
V. J1IU>'KMAn7Sole Agent.
Bettoiits of this Association.
Persons liotVi ivn tliv ngw of 1'
:ni?l tifi yt-arp, who lia'.o tirst-class
health record, mav receive a Cer
tillc.lt "J Ol' ',!"l!)li:'!,r!ii|i. a- follows :
1-S to So?.fo.000?pnvaMo at
ikitlii Ol-at expiration vear.--.
to l-i?.fl.OOO?|iarahiu at
?U-aih or at expiration t>fai vears.
?hi to 110? avnl.lo at
death orat expiration efiii vears.
Or if |inferrtd, a cortilieiito o!
1 Imlf membership: for ; ae-lull I the
"'s slate.I above.
7 71
Kadi f.'ertilieato .trill pledgo t
I the family or le-nl lu-itK at "
i" to tho to. in'.'oi- if liviim it tin
.cXplrai; ?stufth. h rm, V.M-cnls 1',.':
each (.'eltlii...lu {., fiove in ti.
time, iioi i jji(.
j named 111 tlu; C < |-tii;(.ltl... r,v,,;( i,
1 li"' ?"Vs.iH';-r!i!iV;a'ti', ii
(which case tho animmt will lie
"ellts !.?.? fine!: ii,
and lint osiwilin" i-fyjuo.
Hackers Creek
Ami ftirrotiniliiig eotiutry.
W. B."Mo2zisoa
keep.: constantly on Mind u l?i'?e
supply of
/).??// Goo/hi,'Groceries- .Vo
/ iuns, Hals- Caps,
Hoots, lilt wit, <$??.
lie also Icevps on lianil a full suj
ply of
Sridles, ^addles;Harnesi
of good quality and at low ju ices
^ All kinds of country |>ro-1
dueo taken in extdiange for gooi'
ait ho highest market price.
IEb^Ih'nI E*rice for
? 0 ii 1
At tho
Weston Woolen Factory
A full lino of |
wliicli wis vi-iih you lo compare Willi oiIhts1;
t'oiofini! and Fulling dc-iw at ptices
to suit all,
Wlioicanta ami llotuil Dealer iu
E'oroi^ii and Eioiiivntic
Wines, Gins. Alcohol &c,
Offico anil Warc-ltootiu, No 1, liutf.,
liloclt, I'ilto Street,
ATT0UNKV a law,
Glcnvillo, W Va.
Vill |.r.uli? ia iv ( ?? i.''nadCou>t*
?UrU vl {jiiliht; count}'.
hew si3 h, i"jsr a-'' s to c k i
H Vi'S1 1,'ili'st Hlvlw. MIR", Soft, Knr nml W'nool
' KIT.AW hath of nil Mini*!
T JIMI'B'S niul SHOES?I.;u7i> Woman's MiW am
a) ' t'liililriMi'.- .w'li->t s from lliu lwsl (unites in the country.
Now Store Hnom. Main .Strcd,?
C?IUac. ^37^-,
NO. 11, MAIX ST.,
Tiio olilwl, lmgosl ami best
in 1 i?i?< ncctiun of the State.?My stock of ev
erything t<? I"-' found in a first Wass Drug
Ptore is full And compld".
Prescriptions of IMiy.sifinns a Miecia'.tv.
I keep fill kinds of Notions, : ?> 1 !cs. Sta
tionery, Perfumery, &c.
i<~3Liu.<?> CC> li
ofall*kinds constantly on Ijnnd.
117 L L I \'l P KR i n en dless va ri ehj
Cathartic Pills
Combine iho eholcestoathartic principles
Inineilieinc, in proportions accurately ad
justed to secure nctivltv, < ?Tt i.lnty. and
uniformity of effort. They nr.; t!??* result
cl years of enroful study and pv:-.rt i>-al ox
pefinuMit.alidar.: the wost cftortml rem
edy yot discovered for <U. c iised by
derangement. of the stomach. liv.r, and
hewe!;*, with li rt-Qiiiri; prompt and effec
tual treiitnieiit. Avt'.n's l'n.i ?? nn* sp?'
rinlly appllealdo to this?la ? of dise.nseri.
Tiny aft directly 011 the digcJtivo ami
nssiiniiulivo I'loivMi s. ami tv.tore regu
lar healthy action. Their extensive nso
by physician* in tficir prat-tire. ami by
nil civilized nations, is o?i?* of ihe many
proofs of tlu ir valnu a* a xifc, r.ur?\ ami
iwrfoetly reliable purgative' liicdlclne.
1 liein,!; compounded of tin; concentrated
virtues ol purely vegetable substances,
they arc po.xitivcly free irom oaloinol or
any injurious proiM-rlles, ami can ho
administered to uliildruu with i?crfcct
Aykii'js l'ir.tj arc nn oTertur.l car.1 for
Constipation or Costivencss, I mil?
fiction. Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite,
'onl Stomach ami IJrcutlu Dizzi
ness, Headache, Loss of Memory,
Nunilmess, llUloitMiess, Jauudlce,
Hheunmtlsm, ICruntlous uutl Skin
Discuses, Dropsy, Tumors, Worms,
Neundnia, Colic, Gripes, Dlarrhrra,
Dyhi'iiterj-. Gout, riles, Disorders of
tho Liver, ami all oilier diseases result
Ins from a disordered statu of tho diges
tlvo apparatus.
As a Dinner Till they havo no equal.
AVhile gentlo in their action, thoso
rir.!.s nro the most thorough and search
ing cathartic that can lie employed, and
never civo pain unless the bowels are in
llninctl, ana then their Inllucnce in heal
ing. They stimulate the appetite and
digestive organs; they operate to purify
mid uurich tiro blood, and impart re
newed health and vigor to tliu whulo
I'ractlcal nn?l Analytical C'lieniUts,
Lowoli, Mass.
bou> nr all lmfuurnTs eveiiywdcub.
I linve lor sale, and keep constantly cn
nnml Oak, l'oplnr and Walnut Lumber?
? iilier air or kiln dried?all sizes.
I \vi!l guarantee aatiil'acilou in regard to
quality uiid price.
1-LOUU AN I) KA h.
I 1 also keep the best quality of Flour ami
Corn SIuul at my Mill.
Hctspect fully,
For Bale 3 Lease
Known as thft
Bdtlcn \v . 1//7/.v .['roper tij.;
A ir;?<rtui' 1 sr;;; Acres; i'. tnu-.t of!
1112 :im>; ;? Is... i 0:' 1-jK ucivs: :i
tract of f>0 acres; a tract of 5S !
acre : ami 'iiti't uf '/i. \ aercp. j
For particulars. apply to T. A ;
|IMu'imls, \Y. K. Lively or \V. tl|
ft BJBtV K. FETTVi i
S.M.T nnd other Goods sold at Weston '
fSS-nt-M Prifti jiniil (?r frmiutt. |
ui.otis & Koliiiiis
?'??iKUiV6, 11V. Y\
?'? lure ii?b. lurS|,rinsTni!- -
s MS f?!?ri,.r i.u-.'icliuna varlct r ,a
ililln rliwitlVrifil.
Fu!l "Kor"?"nl wHI l?
ly ill? Inwcit |i-int.
I- ?'< "WiAI'I.AI.N'ifc SO.V
Wbccliug, M,v S.
3 '"Moitim Liraa lsnuonATOn*
plisniMur ticLiviT, Siomneh ?.*&g
!^'!e.rn is Purely ?$Sp;''
ip ,V,0of'
S-to i bViO? .yv. 0?o>?
?iJ *6? Ar*
I Lur<p#?H
s Pfis VLo'V^o'^J
"?? ueeu nsttfcS
'IIs (ilfe'* ,*">' l>ractiooi
8 &? "'"' b.v li"> Iiublic.fi
SbEVU*' ... r mor" "'mi 8S yc.irs.5
"!,i'Woeilciil?] resnlt&s
g m 3-!i ,, NBK*OHKOI**.?
J. W. Roberts
importers mid Joliliors of
/?''om'i'H Domestic Dry
N'olions, Fancy Goods nnd
VI hire Caoocls,
an,i l?'i!timoi'c, ?ml-12 ?nd
?M Clonnan Streets,
iiii:;j .sii?i v
Milton Steele,
fnr I ho
Siller Sewing Machine,
a* ptfnwl nn ofJu-o and wnie-iooin
.. 1 , Kl'cl'a constantly on hand a
? of Madiinus.Mttachniunu
and fixture#.
, H->Sp.^IE,l]NrG
lor ul! kinds of Machines done lo

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