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"I-Iold Fast To That "Which Ts Good."
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ri.l 'ol.r.l ii U IrrVr.i, f a tM 1 1 1 r f t f I t
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rarifi tUily 'lrt4.
siriiM'iiim: rou Tin: jotiinw.,
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OlV.ro: Cor. Meridian at 1 Wellington
Streit, over National IS. ink.
VOfi. IX.
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"IM I KM" N ATIO.N A I. HANK of Win-
X rhe-trr. It. i.r.. North Kat
.. t It ri r. t..l. M.riiliuhktrrtt.. IS Alik.
... -
injT h iif y . H. to f. M.
) A . Monf, rrri.leLt.
um ,,,j Wm.M I.oike.C'a-lifr.
Mll.I.r.It 4 MN'K!, Attorr.fT at
Law aril Ileal rotate Apent, Win
r heter , Iri'liana. Ks; rial attf m if n given
to Collet tin atnl securii ot claim.
O.li. r in C.lgruve iL Miller's new t ii! J
din,;, uj stairs.
C1III:M:Y JL WATSON', Attorney at
I. iw , Winchester, In liana. K;eriI
ttriition ciren tu the Colltcliun ai.J üe
firiCv of (,'l.iim.
BUOUNi: x PIlATUÜIt. Attornrjs
at I.nr, Winrhrtrr, Indiana. Col
Irrtiori, und II kinl of Ni)tarlaU)iHir.f
will recri prompt attention. O ce up
t4ira in new brick bluck. !ni'l( 1C7
Vnni KV & M'.rr, Attorney
13 -t i
,w , V it.rliftrr, Indiana ill
attend prompt' to Collections and all
buiiie intrmted to Iii care. OHire up
etairs in National Hink Huildii'fr. third
U 'or from the corner. vCclit
WATTS 4L Itr.Y.NOI.DS, Attorneys
at I.iw and Cnitrd State Claim
Aeent. WincheMter, Indiana. (Jive ppe
rial attention to collection.
Gii:. w. iinrci:, 31. i.. rbtnic
I" and Surgeon. Winchester, Ii.dia
Tenders hi professional service to the
cit'uer of Winchester and vicinity. Or
n. a At his Keitidence, corner ol Main
and Su'ith utrccts the former residence J
of Ur.r eruon. J
II. Tr.XM'I.I., M. II.. I hy.aician
atd .urceon, WliichcHir, Indiana,
T'n-lr Iii jr l-.inha I rv ict t t tv r Itnen t
of v mrrctti r aiul .urroui .I i t iciii Ii) .
(m.a.hlirrtJrnrF,li att hiai.k St.
SUUt; EON Ur.NTIST. Winchester, In
diara. respectfully ilTirs his services
to the people of Kundolf h antl ailjoininp
counties. OtTice, Kast side of 1'iblic
S jutre, nrer Kichardron JL Helms' St re,
hff lie'ls prepared to lerlcrtu all kod
of Dental operations. nl?
1 nT rm th cttixn. of that j lac and tlrlplly
thai halt ff .t imw aixl a l all Ii inr to prompll)
r all alt tu lta bu.liir... t!iar;r
raontU. I t tt.l
Physician and Surgcor,
lütlsrt illr, Indiana.
CIU promptly attended to by day or alpht.
Mat !-. " lf
Eclectic Physician Sc Surgeon,
K ., full. t"iilr Ms profoiilonal fr Ices
! ta l'iiisrw f Kilrtlcw ir.l vicinity. IIa
wtllfi. .pMcial attitlin t'tl'Uronic li. ea.ru.
an. I iia nf th liffUe organ and r')e.
CalU .r..utl a wer-. I nijtl.1 or da) . Chargvi
two.lerat. Con.wllatlona Irre.
ff it a at siiinoi t riavtBw,isD.
1 f .isnliiif I
Wishes to inform the public that he pijs
specitl attention to
!Kyo and liar Surgery
sod SIUtOKRV in pencral. Those who
have CrOSO EyOS r deformities of
any character, gi.rmeacall. Also atten
tion piid to the maladies common to the
n:?ic o-ir Uichardson'd Store. Kcsi
dence en Kast sirret.
Januarj 'JO, ?7l).
dr. henry carver,
rmtrlff 'caaam, Hae (unty (.,
offrr his professional services in the prac
tice of
ui:i)it A: si r;f:i:v
to the cititensof Winchester and surroun
dins country. From his former connec
tions with the Put. lie Institutions o( the
V., and his extensive practice in the
West, he hopes to merit a share of public
patronsce. I'rticilar attention paid to
of all kinds. He has associated with him
iu practica
a crUmtf of Pennisort l?nivcnity tr.J
Slrl'mr Medical Col Ohio.
OMia;-()ur Kouth & IUbniitrr't
at re, front room.
Winchester. Dec. 9, 1?C9.
moss ki.ys.
Hlflgcrittc, Mm! in ita.
C. T. It A I L K Y , Proprietor.
Good AccommoJationa for traveler and
XrfA-;.if Cor. Main ami Fjth Sts.t
lare Reduced to Ttvo Dollars per Dny.
v.?Äj:.. Richmond, Ind.
fSITLTNd 1 RICK, rropictors.
Jal) it, Vi. I)a31
Third Strtet, o;poits tit Court Houit
Charlos CuthcII, Proprietor,
4 ' eur.ii.n, .
!,....-. ....lo L' II I I.I . .
, hfrrn MnJ Shoe nJ Hsrness besthet
..ti-. .
j m .Mirri i ncr.inj ruti tD KT Hides
(ft'l It.rk. 7 I'l.r.m
i Tiioi.wan,! I. a. matt
ntiLiti it
HAH 13 Ar A "R 3 ,
.No. ."i, l ily Unit lllock, ortliSidr
I'ublirSijiirirr, W iiirhratcr Inil .
1. P. IIEASTOt.J I L. I.. lirAPTOX.
C I rr Y M ILLS,
Dcalrr In Houraiut all kin.fi of (;raln, Seed,
Af.. At. W j.fi) l In Ii ich-! price.
Wi k f-p halt 'or by the barrel.
Cord wood wanted. n32 ly
Uralrr in all kindi jf
S.lt.roalan.l Agricultural troplements Lath,
SJilnaln, Vc., Air. ' n3j
Fine IIor.es and Carriiprs to let. On
Min, just North of Franklin strut.
W.C.llt.lT. D.C. f. REDEk'rR
n. C. HUNT Sc CO.
No. C? Walnut Street,
rnctory, is Ilnmmontl St.
June I. I-rL.-ljr
Boots & Shoes,
lints, Cap. Leather nud I indinp,
Älnsic, IPaiixtiiig
Taught bj
Ir. 31. K. POUTER.
I.esons on Piano, Melodeon and Orpan.
Full instructions in thorough Diss. Land
scape, Oricnttl and Orecian 1'winting.
tor term. Inquire at the Post Oflice.
a "
Boots & Shoes.
SHJI r iitinur in the Hnot and Sim. uslne.
at Mi n.-w at.-in.l, on Main irct-l. two loor
)u;h of Itcaitnti's Mill,
wiNt-ii:sTi:n. ini.
Thank for I at favort Iii old natrons an!
olicil them to roiiMitue. .41... Intitft new cu
tomrr t call and ie bl ntjle otttork. For
cheMpiic. aud workniai.iLIp he can nut t e
celle.l. ri3Ctf
5? t?,
Of every description, neatly executed.
TIrs. C. I. Sinidi,
Vp Sfnira, first Moor, over CnrterN
old stand, west Public square.
Yinekt$ter, Indiana,
Winchester. Ind.,
Insures property apainstloss or damage
by fire and lightning iu the following Com
panics, vix: Asset?.
A! FN A, of Hartford, Conn., $:!:2..ri32t9r
Hartford, of Hartford, Coon. U,n.TJ,3f
Home, of New York I,t:i.'j:i4,r.3
! Security, of New York l.'J()'.).n03(.lt3
I'nderwriters Apencyof N. Y. 3,1 Ifi.535,24
Western, of Iluffalo, N. Y. . Cl4.tUM.37
Connecticut Mutual Life 20.000.00
Travelers Life and Accb'ent, 1,:00,(hhi
Klectic Life, of New York... 200.000
Are you Insured ? If not, why not The
cost is tritlinjr. DeUs are donijerous.
0FF1CK Corner Meridian and South
streets, with W. D. Frazec.
Jul 15,1-U) if
Woolen Mills!
Weuiathls method tlsrrm the public that,
having purchaieii the abova factory, w e arc n
prrpar.Ut UoallVlml. of n.li manufaclu
ritioo short uotlce and Iu c .d tj la.
Having enjix t taa servles of a No. I Roll
t'ar.Ur, r. rriarel ta war.aul all work Iu
lau line.
Mr.P.LIIIUSMiTill ensced to do oiirspln
nlnf.anJ ti.lnc an nlj Spiunor. perfect bv .rrc
tlce.wa tpecltn be cellcd bj lout IntLt
branch oltbe builbcu.
IIa ii ii fa a ii r f n
War prepare ! to doall ktrnJt nf Mannfartn
rli.f ,ln tiMi, an.l tiall arr.m our ork not
t ba aveelled by aiij . u Iht lilu Mar
NVarp.tl.e teil twa4.
Fa Hing, Coloring nnd Cloth Drelnc.
AVork I n Itil lln. lon. on r ort notice and I n
good tjli .
v ha secured the service of Mr. W. N.
. I K KNS. mf ouch workman In both theory
ant pracllcv. to .u rtiilrtlfrus,at.l m t haU
(uarantce all ork.
W have an itlna In eonneriloa with ot
wi.fioer. w hall not b dela) et . but
kallraa aifbland Jaj If aacassarj to do the
Wood, Wool or Wool Create taken in
Ilichnnerfor Work.
.10,000 II) Wool AV a nt en
fjrw tOtbib alrS'it fr tee will be pa 1.1 In Cah
oratthatftd lor Ihm best lot otgoA In the
aaI eoverlails, Llanaelts. UI4 (pnrL.it el
Inf jara, fte. ( all a t1 oar t !. Tbejr
nak f" rthami.lt es. bot a la quality anl r-rtr
M l riont ak f.r all t work In ibis an! al
lot aire ronntlii, balw !.! a.k a liberal rstrrn.
a;a. Trjri. H AUKIS X BOWk.UK.
CBleoiriMtAiriMrc?. 10
I'p. awnkrn from your slumhrrs!
Tin re is work lor to t!o;
"Would yon jlod alon' hJ't'n pathwaj
With no L't-tter aim in view
Thitn jour cilly, ullitn pUaure?
If anolht i Kay is dark,
Fhd some nn.Ülit o'er his pathway;
Ltti J a Land to ftttr his tut'i.
I!arh one has work appointed
IIs aorne fiel 1 to labor in,
Wl.ilif aui'iti in points us upward
To the motto, Work atd Win.'1
I Ii' t think yourself degraded
We have our repctive spheres;
A!l can not be doc-'ors, lawyers,
3ftrch:ii.t.s, mini.-tt rs, or pitrs.
Kvcry person hs his tition
Ilaa n.mf duty to ptrform.
Which, if iioMy done, is worthy
Of the hi'htst honors worn,
l.rt us live, then, truly, nobly,
And in life's iii"ftsnnt din,
Have fome aim for which tu labor.
With the motto "Work and Win."
There are thorny pilh hefore us,
I'aths that other fett h ve trod,
Ci'til, wearied with lift'e burden.
They were laid beneath the od.
We miMt all toil up the hill tid
I'p win re braver ones have hem,
Jev.- fall'rin, always turivin.
With the will to wotk and win.
mini: and tiiim:.
Kverj weddinp, savs a proverb,
Makes another, soon or Lite;
revir jet was any marri;e
Kntered in tlie book of fate
Put the nmnes were also written
Of the patient pair that wait.
Where will be the next occasion
For the flower.', the feast, the wine;
Thine, perchance, m deret hdy.
Or who Knows? it may be mine;
What if 'twere forgive the fancy
What if 't wire-both thine and mine?
How Edgar Left Home.
uy J. t. mowr.umni:.
Loud screams in the voo-sheil
frightened every Lody in the hou-e;
niifl Mrs. Drew ran to see what was the
matter. She opened the door, and
theie stood her son Kdgar hy the work
hench, looking proud and fierce, with
Iiis ii-t doubled up; and there sat his
little cousin Walter on the lloor, his
ey cm shut tiht und his mouth wide
open, screaming as loud as he could
"Children! what Is the matter?"
cried good Mrs. Drew, hastening to
sec if Walter had had a linger cut off,
or an ey put out, or a leg broken, for
she was always afraid some such ac
cident would happen to those boys.
"He struck me!" screamed Wal
ter. I
'lie shan't have my plaything!"
said Kdgar, shaking his head, anil
looking prouder and fiercer tht:n ever;
and with his foot he began to push
them under the work bench. There
wns nn ex press-wagon with four
wheels, and a cart with two wheels,
and a wheelbarrow with one wheel, a
bow and arrow, a Ikix of blocks to
make houses of, an India-rubber dog
that would b:irk nud a cat that would
mew, when you squeeze them, a jump
ing Jack, ami I don't know how many
more things. Kdgar had had most of
the toys a good while, and had played
with them till they no longer interest
ed him, and they had long lain in his
tool-chest at the end of the work
bench, neglected and forgotten, and of
no ue to any body. When his little
cousin Walter came to live with him
his mother said, "There are those old
play things of KdgarV; they are just
what we want for Walter."
Walter was of course delighted with
them. Hut Kdgar, as soon as he found
out that same body else wanted hb
playtings, thought that he wantetl
them, and was unwilling to share
them with Walter. If his cousin
wished to take the express-wagon,
Kdgar said he was Just going to take it,
and Walter shouldn't have it; then
if Walter gave that up, ami choso the
carte, Kdgar declared he must have
the cart ho was just going to draw
chips in it. And so they quarreled, in
spite of all Mrs;. Drew could say to
make her son ashamed of his selfish
ness. Hut to-day she thought the time had
come to put an end to these disputes
aU:ut the playthings. So she stopped
and put one hand kindly on the w ceil
ing Walter's head, and took Kdgar's
unwilling hand in the other.
"There, Walter, don't cry; you shall
have the playthings, for I said you
might. Kdgar, h w con you treat
your little cousin so? Kcmember, you
are a great bo v. almost eleven vears '
old, and he is only five!"
"I don't care! I ain't going to have
him coming into this house and get- j
ting all my things away from nn !'
"Have vou forgotten" what you told
mo whenhis noor mother died? Said !
I, 'Kdgar, your little cousin hasn't nny
mother now, and he won't have any
home, unless we let him come here;
how would you like to have him for
little brother?' You say you would
love him."
Yes!" muttered Kdgar. "I thought !
we'd play horse, and he'd let me drive;
but lie wants to drive half the time!
The idea of A. driving wf I ain't
going to stand any of that nonsense,
now, come!"
Iook heir. Kileir iln von know ,
you are talking to your mother?" aid
Mrs. Drew.
"I can't help that! You always
take his part against me. I've stood
it long enough. I shan't staud it any
Mrs. D.ew looked at her loy in as
tonishment. Aftcra moment's pause,
she said, cnlmy, "What will you do
about it?"
"I'll have Walter go away. If he
stays Iu this house won't!"
'Very we!!. Walter is ln to f.'iy "Ulian't want it;nnl I lon't fi
in tliU Iioum, ami Imvt kind trt-at- 1 ! pouhl liavo It lontf if I lil; ymiM
merit from e crylnuly in it. I have pive it to Walter the lirt time he tat
talkei! to you i tioiih. I'our fitlu-r tl fur It," niutterevl IvIwarJ, turiiing
nml I have done all we eotilil to make to po.
.1 pooil, peneroU', happy hoy of you; lie knew how cruelly unjust thi
nml now if you w hh to leave ih, U- taunt was, ami he wantetl her to re
c;iiw' you are too seHih to have your ply to it. 1 tut Mie only t-ai.l, "Well,
little cousin here, nml too ungrateful j Walter shall have the cap. lie w ill
to reniemher how you came hy these lx'the only lHy we shall have to love
very plaything" why you ran go. ; ml care for now. lSut, I'M gar, it is
And if vou are resolvc! to he Mich a ' gitig In rain. There N no netl of
had, rchelliou Ixiy, the sooner you go
the hotter."
"Well, I'll go, then!" said IMgar,
snatching his hand away, nnd walk-
ing. fierce and straight, up to his lit-
tie bed-room, to pack Iiis things.
Mrs. Drew did not believe he would
have the courage to go, or perhaps she
would not have said what she did; but j J'ltlIt' u a,U r ,U)W Ju1 ''ginning
having said it, she det?rmtned M wait to comprehend what the great trouble
and see what he would do. lie went i was, ran after him, ami caught him
into the sitting-room, and sat down to , I'y the arm. "Don't go, Kdgar!" he
her work (she was making IMgar a hu pleaded, "don't go! Comeback,
skating cap,) but left the door open, ; an'l I won't ask for your play things
so that she could see him as he pvsscd : nn' more!"
through the entry. She tried to ap-j Mt Kdgar shook Mm oil rudely,
pear calm, but she could not help feel- aiut Hammed the gate, ami so bade
ing very anxious all the while he was ' fitd-ly to his comfortable, happy
in his room; and when at last became 1 ome, and went out into the great,
down stairs with his best clothes on, ; lonely world.
and a little bundle under his arm, her j R was going to rain, sure enough,
heart gave a great throb of love and j The sky was datk, and a few drops al
grief, nnd it was all she could do to ready began to sprinkle the dust of the
keep from sobbing outright.
Kdgar, on hi part, had not believed
that his mother would finally let him
leave the house, any more than she
had believed that he would go; and he
thought It would be a great triumidi
to have her at the last moment entreat thought he; ami (), how he hoped she
him to stay. So he made a great noic would! JSut he did not.
tramping through the entry, in order "'he st.w hint go up the long hill,
to attract her attention. As he locked carrying his little bundle, farther and
in, and saw berat work on hisskating- farther, dimmer ami dimmer, undtr
cap, his heart almot failed him; but -the darkening clouds, her darling
lie was too proud to stop then, ami as boy! Would she ever see that little
she did not speak, hestalked out of the c"at those trudging feet again? Kvery
door, thinking she would call him ,,lolm,,,t expected he would relent
back before he got past the gate. j and turn back. "The rain will cer
"Kdgar!" she said, rapping on the tainly send him home!" thought she;
the window; and glad he was to turn
back, although ho did so very sullen
"What?" said he, with a cross, im- Iiko a wer, but like a long denial
patient look j storm. An hour passed, and no dis-
"Youarenot going away without ! liearttnei1 ltle boy with his bundle
bidding me good bye. are you?" said 1 was seen coming down the hill. Thi n
his mother, cheerfullv, for she had , il resv HO dark aml niinea w ,,:inl
got the better of her emotions by this Jt his mother could not have seen
tjnie b'ui even if he had come.
"I did not know any body wanted to Kdgar walked on very fast at firt,
say good buy to me," replied Kdgar, without any idea where he was going,
gloomily, hugging his bundle. j trying bitterly, and muttering to ldm-
"Whynot?" said his mother. "If.lf, "I won't go back now! I don't
it is best for you to go, I am willing; fare if I do get wet! I'll drown my
but let us part friends. And I must ' self, then I guess she'll feel bad! I'll
see what you have in your bundle." Ko to ce, I w ill! I'll come home a
"Oh, I haven't any thing Walter ! rich man, and put up at the hotel, and
will want; don't be afraid!" said the '
envious IMgar, bitterly.
Mrs. Drew paid no attention to this '
remark, which was intended to be
very stinging, but quietly undid the
"What! nothing but a shirt and a
night shirt, a pair of stockings and a
handkerchief? Why, my child, it
will never do to go away with so few
"These are enough," said Kdgar,
stilling his remorse and grief. You'll
be glad to give the rest to Walter."
"Hut you will have to go to work, if
you leave home, and you will want
some every-day clothes."
The boy had not thought of that;
and the prospect of living out some
where iu the service of strangerj was
not very encouraging.
"I can't carry a big bundle?" he
"Well, then, we will Fend you what
clothes you want, if you will write to
us, after you have found a place," said
his mother, tying up the bun lie ngain.
"I shall go to sea. nnd you will
never hear from me ngain!" said Kd-
gar, fiercely. He thought that would j
bring her to terms, but she airpcared
quite unmoved.
"Have you money enough for your
"I have three dollars and a half."
"Where did you get so much?"
"It it it's some you gave me!" Kd-
gar faltered. Then, finding he was
beginning to soften, he added, vindie-
itivcly, "I can leave it for Walter, if
you want me to!"
"No, ray child; you w ill want more
thin that; nnd you know I have never
taken any tiling from you that you
needed, to give it to Walter. It io't
t m M.a.B
because I don't love you, and wouldn't
do every tiling In the world for you,
that I insist on you being kind to your ,
little cousin. After you hae been
away from home aw bile, living among
strangers, who will not be to you what
your fathtr and mother and sisters
have been then you will wish you
had be; n more kind to that poor little
homeless, motherless loy.
Mrs. Drew wiped away a tear as she
nut back tho Uiy's purse. How he
longed then to throw his arms about
her neck, ns ho asked her forgiveness,
and promise never to be unkind to
Walter again! Dut he was too proud ; part. I was mean and selfish. I wish
for that, nnd he was angry Ueause I was back there. Father's got Imuiv
at. .. . - t IUI
she seemed so willing to part with :
"What shall I sav to your father and
sister when thev come home, and ask
for Kdgar?" j
"Any thing you like, I suppose
you'll make out as bad a story as you
can alxmt me!" j
"() IMgar!" said his mother, re- sUte-s had come homo, and his moth
proaehlully. Then, show ing the ska-; er had anxiously told them what had
ting cap, "What shall I do with this?,
I have spent so many happy hours
over it, anticipating so much pleasure
in eeing 3011 wear it this w Inter; and
there will be skating now in a few
1 your starting in had weather. Vuu
can wait till moVningif you like."
"Xo, IM rather go now!" And
away liestn.de with a tragical nir, so
' fuH f sorrow and anger and remote
j that he could not say another word,
! ,lor Iook without bursting into
road. One fell on Kdgar's hand and
another on Ins cheek. 1 lie earth had
"ever leoked so dreary to him; he had
never felt such cold, omnious rain
,roi,s bcfre. "She'll be certi.in to
call me again before To out of jiyht,"
"neu unuprajcu mi ne
was out of sight.
The rain set in, slow and chill, not
not go to see her; and I'll drive a fat
horse past the house, and make all
myoid friends presents, and boo-hou-
hoo!" wept the wretched, angry boy,
unable to support his heart with these
spiteful fancies.
Patter, patter went the rain, darker
and darker grew the way; and now
the serious question forced itstlf upon
his mind, where" was he to pass the
nigh I? Why not go to the hotel now?
Decauso everyliody knew him in the
village, and it would lock so strange
for him to go there for lodging, so
near home. "I'll go where nobody
knows me; I'll crawl Into a barn some
where, and sleep on the hay."
lights began to appear in tho farm
houses he passed, theircheerful beams
making the rain aud darkness seem
all the more dismal to his lonely heart.
In one warmly lighted doorway a
woman appeared and called, "Come,
my son, come to supper." "All right,
mother," answered a cheery boy's
voice from the door of a barn close by;
"Ivo got the chores all done now."
And Kdgar saw a hid about his own
age go into the house with a brimming
pail of mlik-go into light and warmth
and supper, and the comfort of a
mother's presence, while he, houseless,
motherless, drenched, wandered on iu
the darkness and rain.
"I'll go into the next barn I come
to," thought he. And there was one
near by; but just as he was gliding
stealthily to the door, a man came out,
seeing him, exclaimed gruilly,
, "What do you want hett? Clear out,
! you lutle I cgir."
Kdgar was liightcno 1, and ran away
ns fi.-t as be could. He walked ab.ut
'half a mile turtehr, then sat down 011
h sti.ne wall by the side f the road.
Not a person w as pacing, not a light
was to bo seen anywhere. Night had
now fairl closed in, ami it w as rain
ing still. And there IMgar thought
of the past and of his dismal pros
pects. "I wish Walter had never come to
our house! Making a row 'twixt me
ami mot hu ! I was happy as I could
be before. I didn't uc him very well,
I know. I'd got through with the
plaything, and he might have 'em
I don't blame him for wanting to
drive me once iu a while. And
'don't blame mother for taking his
by this time, and Jane and l.uen.
They're eating supper now. I shan't
ever see nne of mother' good toast
again! I wish I was dead!" And
Edgar, jumping from the wall, which
tumbled down after him, walk-
ed on again blindly and miserably,
In the meanwhile his father and
"Don't be frightened," said Jane;
"he'll bo glad to come back again."
"No he won't," said Ellen, "he-a so
I "I wish," Mrs. Drew, now greatly
alarmed, appealed to her hu.-.band ''I i
ivili vim iitiiTa! f.rt iiflnr litm nml fci. i
ii . i. .
if you can lind bun. It don't M-s-m to
mt tluit I "aii liv.. tlir..nr'i Hi, nhrht
unless I can know that he is safe.', An American wants to Irw Vo-ti- J live revive it-df into but two thing-,
Hut Mr. Drew said, "The rogu ! I'm vitn and n-t up a soda-uatcr fountain j antic;pation and memory. The plca
of Jane's opinion-he'll come home 1 near the crati r. . .re. and mi-erb , of the moment .re
r,.r,.1h.,,r:..l.lrvl,,l Atnlh-v,.,,.. ! ephemeral, nnd only to U taken not.
' ' ' :
he will know enough to go in out ot ;
the rain."
The family sat down to supper; but
a sad Mip u r it was. All were anxious
aiMitit Kdgar, nud as the rain beat
against the windows, they could not
help wondering if he was out in it.
After supper Mr. Drew said, "I le
lieve I will go out nhd see if I can
track him." So he lighted a lantern,
and took an umbrella, and went oil'
iu pursuit of the fugitive.
In an hour he came back witout
"Couldn't you find him?" cried
the dispairing mother.
"What! hasn't he come homo yet?
I expected to Und him here before me.
It's nn awful night!"
It was now getting very late. Mrs.
Drew did not dare say what he felt;
she could not stay in the presence of
the family; but she went up the stairs
to her boy's little bedroom, ami enter
ing where all was dark, threw herself
upon her knees by his bed, and began
to pray, iu a voice convulsed with
anguish, for the welfare and safe return
of her dear lost child.
"Mother!" sobbed out a well-known
voice by her side.
"Kdgar, you here!" she cried.
"Yes, mother!" said the penitent,
under the bed-clothes.
In her joy, she threw her arms about
him, and it was a minute before she
could control her feelings siiHicicntly
to ask "How came you here? I low
did you get in?"
"I was ashamed to have you see me,
nnd I climbed up the apple-tree on to
the piazza, and got in at the window,
about half an hour ago. And, ()
mother, I have been so unhappy and
I know I've reen a bad boy I know
I don't deserve it, but if you will for
give me"
Forgive him! Why, tho happy
mother had never loved him so in all
her life. She went and told his father
and sisters, and brought him up a plate
of toast she had kept warm for him,
and stood by w hile he ate it, sitting up
in bed.
a 1 V a If II atYa I
I ten you monier," saiu ne, -rve
found out what home is, and you won't
catch me leaving it again iu a hurry.
"I tl lotight of it, sitting on tiiat stone
wall in the rain, and I din't go much
farther after that, you'd better believe;
1 a v a a a a . . a
out i turned around in a Jittie wmic
and came as straight back as ever I
could. I crossed bv Towner's Lane,
aud that's the way, I suppose, I missed
father. O, what toast! It's tho best
toast, and I've got the best father and
mother, and the best home and sisters,
there are in the world! Ami sec here,
mother" Kdgar looked up earnestly
in her face "if I can't afford to bo a
decent sort of a boy in such a home as
this, just send meokTngaiii, that's all!"
Need I add that she has uever yet
Imd occasion to send him oil again?
Our Young Folk.
1 .11 1U UTA .NT TO SOLIIi:ltS.
A bill pissed both Houses of Con
gress granting to every soldier who
served ninety days in tho Jate war,
the irivelcge of entering a quarter
section of land without cost. Another
bill has been agrcee to by the Military
Committee, and has passed the Sen
ate, giving a bounty of eight and one
third dollars per mouth for every
month of actual service, after deduct
ing all lounties heretofore received.
This will giveanother hundred dollars
to all w ho enlisted without local boun
ty, in ISfil, and served three years.
ri;.si(. 1111.L.
The general pension bill which has
passed Congress makes an important
change In the mar.ner of paying pen
sions. It provides for the payment
(jmnttrly in-dead of semi-annually,
viz., in September, December, March j
and June. It requires the
Agents to furnish vouc
pensioner, forbids p
claim agent, attorney, broker, or to ;
nny person except me pcnsmuoi; It
reduces the fees of the Agent to about
one-half the present charge, and the
fees hereafter are to bo paid by the
(I'ovcrnmcnt and not by the pension
ers. The bill will greatly increase the
work and responsibility at the Agen
cies, but it I-, in many respects, an
improvement over the present system,
especially in forbidding tho Agents,
under heavy penalties, from rccogniz-
ing any "claim agents," "attorneys,"
or "brokers," in the payment of the j
soldier's due. The money ii go to j
the pensioner and no one eNe. Claim
ngeiit.s who are accustomed to advance
money to pensioners, expecting to
collect the pension with large interest,
will'do well to govern them-elves uc
cordingly. Iml'mivip'tlU J rirnn!.
SI. NO ILA It AHITll3li:T!CAI. FACT, limited right of paMurage." All he ,
Any number oTfigures you mny bad u as a few hives of bees.
wlh to multiply by 5, will give the; An old butcher says If a girl wants
sanii result ir dlvidtsl by 2 -a much ; to know when she looks most charm-!
quicker operation; but you must re-ling in the men's eye U when ,he
member to annex a cypher to tho an-' wears a simple muslin dress, with a
swer when there is no remainder, and I
when there is a remainder, whatever
it may U, anntx a o to the answer.
Multiply I'W by ", and the answ er w ill
be 2,:iJ; divide the same by 2, and
you have 22, and as there is no re
mainder, you add a cypher. Now
take .VJ multiply by five, and answer
Is l,7Uo: on dividing this by 2 there is
17U ami a remainder; you therefore
place 0 at the end of the hue, and the
result is again 1,7:1"
am. sours or r wt (;:t.iiis.
1 A California mercnani lias truMtii ,
. o;i1 VH,)-
v.uis .ipo.eon m importing .vrn-
.- t ! .It
tucky It uirlsin f,r his own us.
A Cala forn in sirtsman has
-,-: piirles this spring.
Scna;or Morrill, of Vermont, wa
' '
once a peddler.
Tom Thum has gone to Australia
with his wife and baby,
lictween 2,0: X) Mu 3,0,10 dwellings
I are aid to 1 vacant in Montreal.
Mohammeilans say that one hour of
justice is worth 70 years 0 prayer.
The latest New York extravagance
is to have diamonds set into one's
, ... ... ..
Two hundred and s xty girls arel
im ployed in the (ovcrumeut tele
graph olVices iu Itussia.
California has now G.",0 miles of rail
road, and confidently expects to build
at least 150 more this3'car.
The purest iron ores in the world
are said to le those found iu the llur-
oniau rocks of Northern Michigan.
A good rule by which to get along
in this world is to get all you can, to
save all you can, and give all you can.
Cotton seed oil, refined and bleach-
ed, is now the real basm of most of the
salad oils, taking the place of olive
A (Semi mi chemist has found a test
so delicate that one part of arsenic in
one million parts of solution may be
It is said that the reason there are
so many mutton heads in existence is
to bo found in the fact that such a
number of children are "perfect little
Many Philadclphians have abstain
ed from washing several months,
waiting for tho new public baths to
open, and they are not opened yet.
Jewsharp is said to be a corruption
j of jaws-harp, the name suggested
from its being placed between the
! jaws when played.
The other day f 100,000 confederate
; honds w ere nut tin for sale in Xe-.v
OrIoan?,and brought 4 per bond, or
a a -
4;h for the lot
Many of the paper mills in Virginia
aud North Carolina are using wood
"omuie insmai ftwampin tue manu-
l.a ja .a
lecture 01 priming paper.
The fJ reeks are said to le the most
sensible people in the world, as they
wear one stylo of dress all the year
round, and the fashion never changes.
A new cotton gin has been tested iu
St. I ..on is, and found to be a most per
fect thing. It dispenses with the hand
l"bor of picking cotton trom. the balls.
A New Orleans lady has had a col
ored girl locked up on a charge of af
flicting her with voudoti chnrms,
which make her feel "as if she had
rattlesnakes in her stomach."
Michigan has a lake called Chogg
oggagoggnianchoggaggogg. It was
named by a man w ho was fished out
of It in nn advanced stage of asphyxia.
Mrs. Jennie June Crolc3 propound
ed a most ominous question to her
sisters: "Let every married woman
ak herself if she meant every word
of love she ever wrote to her hus
band." The meaning of tho letter "I. H.
A.," adopted by the Fenian invaders,
fin. I fix. Intiirtil-i.f of intl if vvhbdi linu
, , . . ...
nuzzled a great many, is "I Kan
Pears are express! by some of tiie
warm personal friends of Chief Jus- j ists, an I lays a heavy hand on w.isjo
tico Chase that his health Is so rapidly j fjllncssan I exieavag mco, w ith a pull",
breaking down that ho will not much j He has smoked a hundred million olf
longer bo able to sit on the bench. j
The projected China cable Is to run
ouchers to each!,,-, the Stt,,.i which Mand-, Midway
ayment to any ; UUlu , Yokohama, to Shanghai; !
a,, jN ic,1?t,( including the allow- j
mice of 20 per cent, for slack, will l
U,'2 miles.
"Hub, is yoursMcr nt home?''
"Yes, but she won't sec you to
night." "Why?"
"Ilecatiso she said she was going to
have one more mess of onions, if she
never got another beau."
The English I loyal Society for t!:c
, . . . . ,
iVevention of Cruelty to Animals,
li;iVt. (.inumvucvil to publish a month. '
Jy ,,t.rj.Hi(-al, the object Ik ing to tench '
tu. ni(0ite duty of man toward the
iWcr animals."
An Kngli'h farmer lately placarded ,
the following announcement: "Ex-;
tensive sale of live Mock, compri-lng j
not less than 1 lO.MM head, aud mi tin-,
frill of lace around the lies k and at j
the wrist.-, and no ornaments but
youth and freshness.
Dr. Dralesof Freetown, lia the find
llible ami j)alin-tKok printed in
America. Tho DiMe is Elliot' In
dian llible, printed in Itvrt, aud the
psalm-liook was published in Cam
bridge, in I'll , and U called the Day
IVidm DVdc.
When evcy thing I. cotintc,l it w ill
Ik f.nifd that t'.e mm total of ur
of ftH , av , . tAred forward
j to, or as they leave tbe'.r record iu the
shot I'1 I 3 uth, life Is liehet In an
; tieipation; but as tho years roll mt
: flu initiil riHiiiir. flu luihit nf IrwiLiii"
; . .... . ....,. ., . , , rt
; l;ick ward, and w hen o!d age Is come,
there is nothing left tut memories th a
side the grave.
Kortunatc is that man who. In the
tnidt of the cares nnd turmoils of a
busy and often unsatisfactory life, has
a hnpnv childhood to look lack uivm
1 1i(.ture allerv of lovimr fact that
once formed a home circle; a record of
- mf - f
unny years which Includes gentle
tones, kind actions, cheerful surroun-
hngs, smiling skies, twittering bird-,
blooming flow ers.and inniK-cnt a in use-
. , M t - n 1 1.1
rol him of more than he can ever re-
Turn to him in any other shajK?. A
close, hard, narrow life lived in child
hood, not only dwarfs the future
man's whole moral ami afli-ctional na
ture, but leaves him no blessed store
of memories to fall back ujm)u when
the present is unsatisfying.
Make your little child happy. Pro
vide for him what enjoyments you
can, be they great i r mtall, and to
grudgo no money that you can spare,
in securing him these. In doing this
...... .v ..... ....t.. 1.:.,, ......
1 J 0 0 1
j hlch great deal, as in
youth impressions arc stronger and
more readily received, and the capaci
ty foreiijoyment consequently greater;
but you are really laying up a store of
happiness for him in memories which
shall last him all his lifo.
Ket the whole atmosphere which
surrounds your Children Ik? so impreg
nated with a licet ion, that they shall
breathe it in, as it were, at very in
spiration, and their hearts wFI grow
larger, and their blood run the clearer
and purer for it.
lA't your own lives, mothers and
fathers, Ikj so upright nnd s pure.
that when you have passml away and
your children have taken your place,
your memories w ill bo enshrined in
their heart, and a hnlo will surround
them lil.e the aureole of a saint.
Sitting, my friend, by the evening
fireside; sitting iu your easy chair at
rest, and looking nt the warm light on
the rosy face of your little boy or girl
sitting 011 the rug before 3ou, do you
ever wonder what kind of remem
brances those little ones will have of
you, if (Jod spares them to grow old?
Iook into the years to come; think of
that smooth face lined nnd rotigheno t
that curly hair gray; that expression,
now so bright nnd happy, grown care
worn and sad; and you, long in your
grave. Of course, j our son will not
have quite forgotten you; he will some
times think and speak of his father
w ho is gone. What kind of remem
brance will behave of you?
"Till: .MAN HIIUSMUKrs.''
The fact that (Zen. fJrant smokei
was a constant theme for war corres
Kndents writing from the field. When
he led his forces against a hostile line,
he smoked. When he worked in tho
trenches, ho smoked. When his gun
were crushing the relcllion Into jkiw
der, he smoked. On duty or ofl"
equally Cool and equally unconcerned
to outer appf arance he smoked; and
the man who smoked was the mau
who accomplished.
This habit has followed him into
the Presidential chair, greatly to the
discomfoit of the Democracy. In an
swer to all their loud railings, !,
pmokes. In the mam geinent of tho
cn-atot problems of statesmanship,
7 .. .. .... .
involving the greatest inteioits of tho
country, he nmoke. Indeed, ho
smokes out con option w herever it ox-
tho national debt, and off the expend
1 of the (iuvenil tit nne fifty mlllio'i
a 3'r. d-t I'iMt cems to U
r,nvl,, " Ulm.-Uu, JUt
There is a loud call fir wimAn ii
Washington Territory. A tbounnd
virtuous girl, urite: one who live
there, are wanted. In the rmutrv
: where the corresfioudcut reside, there
;are four hundred tuen and only
twenty-three adult white women,
The region is fertile, and farmers rnio
fifly bu-heN of wheat to the nr re.
Yet w hat I nil this worth? l.r - iv-
,, ' rrt , , . , , . .
the correspondent, "the farmer cn!-f
' fl n ','
' it()Ut a M,u, '(f
. . . V"'
UU dark house at night, lias to liht
cK;k his own supper.
to talk to or !o cheer
arid -neourage him. He may Io mlb-
; from hi nearest tieighlior. ThU con-
Unties day nfter d.iy aud week after
week. On Sunday he rnut wash and
mend his clothes. This Is what all
have to go through who Fettle
on a piece of land, unless they
nre married. Man can't Uand It.
1,1 ra"tH IUan women are taken
f,,r ulvt"' w rial ,: the denmnd.
e U an opening for the thousands
"f ""Protected cati rn gills who can
M-n-ruuniernr,, ,
iiojh's oj inamngo nrc wi mi nine tr.
nothing. The ci-l I ovcr-torkod with
girl. In the great west there Is .1
shiKklng fcarclty of them." The
are or ought to Ik?, valuable facts to
cutcrprbiug girls every where.
About one hundred tnewbrra rf th
Ecumentk-tl Council hnvo c,:r::i r-
j Her that Otey will ppnc I iM! ,

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