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. . .
i hiiJ Mif, rit i:nn.
. v -r- .
Jl'Nl 1, l"Ti.
J 'Mniblionii Tickest.
ia. r. a. Huffman.
F (n'.'lt 'St.i,
P"t ? f !,
nuncRT n::n:.r.fiT.
uaunaus c. tioiUiS.
tot i!'ff"1'1l lt,
M!tnN THU-Ltri.
' "f jlf f l e frsrii f rttjtt,
f!.t rt.m.i-jfcnc T. nr.uir.
j i Mfirt-riMruLn a. lur.
'nil in . MuriKwr r ock isy.
rcr.cr.::si:?.ii and j'j:i:tu t;ckit.
Fr Cnft Nintli Di'Mrt,
.n. J MIN J'. C. HliANKri.
If P. .! AlOVfc? Jnliri! fltttri
rillf.MI A. U. KbNNF.UV
I or JiHp 1.1'K Jh tl Ul C rrnit,
JA CO I. Jl. II A YM.rt.
Fir., teuft z A ilrit t I'Mi Jnii il Crcutt,
: ( i i' .o iiri I ik i ii
i, ! ' lSt htr ri.lkül ( 1 t!'lu
I i. j mta r.1. tliff ar hat I r ""'I'' t1"!
n' id fir oii.' mi I git 4 .t iKjiifu i l t.
r Ml ! I, (! .
tr fmi! Ik fni!tkr, i4 U liu f Ii irl.l
lt. ('m-r 4if lion, h-'l-l r !
t .IU H ul J b flU f tfif !
r r'tfi h t.rii.i isi fruttiif in
, I4fr fron ik ad", nr rnmtti c anl
i"t''.rf(iunrttiiirMflirtiK4 rf i nuiico
I t.t'MlH tl ffaU-l,
Thr f irrnbttiuii of Ihr JOI'IINAI.
t tth'jnt prunllrl lit ttt liUtnrt f
i'rjpf r In Itnmlolph C'oimlt
AlrrrtlrM u III brnr I nilaJ ttiut it
I-Kr lltsr ADVIillTIhl.NC .1Ji:i).
11 1 llir ( oui.tr.
A our rad r know, from tbo pro
rirdinj of our DUtrict C'oiiviiitlon,
Iubtibed In flip Jol UNAt. bi't week,
hi. J. 1'. V. .Sbank win reiiomina
led. Tbe crowded Mate of our cob
limn prevented iv review of tbe Con
M illion and IM nominee, In our last
-ue und wo Nball not nt tbi late day
nttrmpt ft Kngtby article on tbe Mib-
We fvdleve tbe nomination of Hen.
tSbankn to be h Jut tribute to u worthy
find fttltbful !cprrMtiitative. lie Ih
not a brilliant tnun, hut thu Munclc
TmxfS tbu y-cUj It, wblcb e Iblok U
-orrec I:
"Iti nTtTr tnml agniost tbo ortli-
rrn TnelCi Itdlroul swindle Incline-
m var:tt!y toward him, nnd eonvln
( M that If Iii I not reut, b I nt
! at!on 'Nt. And after nil wo don't
J.jiow t tlmt honesty I inoro wnntrd
Dt tneCupital than Ereatne..M
- .ii.
riALf ur. ci:i.i:iiati:i
Th" nnnlvrr-ary of tbe diy on wbirli i
rnr Tb-voltitlonary fathrn ijMiarcu
"ttirsn eolonlr n free and Independ
ent l foplc" i near at hand. Ah yet no
lT'-parutioti have been made for prop,
nly oliM lvIrflf UU great National bob
Id iy. In Winchester. Shall we eele
)rnte the Nation' natal day, made
more ploiJoiiH by tbe surrender of
lYnit-rton'n Army to Orant, nt Vickx
bur', ami tbe defeat of Lee'n army at
'ettyburj;? If the Citizen will do
nothing, nie there not enough old
i.Jdkr In the country to get up vome
hind ol a demonstration?
Th renurcr of Jay County has
proved n defaulter In the um of
Eighteen Thousand Dollar, ami the
Auditor of that county ha? tent post
rrsout, ottering Five Hundred Dol
1 im reward for his arrest. When Ilrt
elected to ofl.ee, Hiatt was a sobcr
loan, but has ulnee become dissipated,
nnd if course reckle-. His uuretle
became alarmed me time liiec, and
demanded an Inspection of the con
dition of bis onVe. Ity borrowing
money of bis friend., he made a good
bl owing, and quieted their fears Hut
the fact of his gelling money ol otn
e rs leaked out, ami another inspection
vas demanded without giving him a
chance to prepare fcr It. Knowing
tbat he was a defaulter ami that he
could not conceal it nny longer, be tied,
leaving Id nuretlea In the lurch. It is
thought tbe money was squandered,
und that he didn't taXe much wiflii
him. rnfortunately, be is a Kepub- j
liean. If he was a Democrat, wouldn't
mo "blirzard" him, though?
.11 A M) MC c r. i.i: 11 It AT 1 ox.
The M isonleCelcl-ration at Muneie,
x , , . j
uae -I, (t. Johns Dav) promises to!
, .r f ... , . ,
!c a grand affair. The citizensof that
place are preparing to give all who
may attend a warm reception. It is
expeetel a lurg attendance of Masons
and others will gt from this place.
The Lodges here uill turn out in full
force, and it Is hoped the surrounding
lodges will also attend. ILtlf fare
arrangements Lave been made, trains
. leaving here at ?:2 a. sr., and iersor.s
can either return on tbe through
freight, leaving Muneie at 4:T r. m.,
arriving here at C:5 or on night ex
press, leaving Muneie at 1 r. m.
Fvery boly Invited to le present
'whether Masons or not. Jet Win
icsttr have a large representation In
lite ceSration. The Knight Tem
J !rs nnlliyal Arch Masons will Ik?
Vidt in full resalla.
y i. ; TliO Urpi.licnn Partf.
Tlarrr' WeeUljfv truthfully fays:
A hearty faith hi the i great principles
y' pq!'ar government, agcnerul bos
.ltalty toward new iewi( and eon-
j r i:h progress, a pniciieai. pere prion
the cloM rcl itlon tsHvsi n mral
poliele, !'-ep conviction of thw .Vital
. i!fsity of Intelllgenco of a IruVrV
j- itlij' w III geiü rally lead a man to
r;t wii,4tie Republican party, and
. A k .
. k"7Tr.qnrtin-tliat may arise will
--TT;rrrll I-e dottrmlutd by the'rntnc
. h.tratluitlk
. .
I " sm cwrcvi i.
J tinwuliy wftinhi;: nln-nt "rf'rn til
'Hfi f..r In lal mivt rti-ii;. lut
ttltr-il S!r vm'1 K'"t" U c!imi-o to
J r!.!r'' f..r V'ik, Itr f';M nil Ntil
Ihm ref-riH Un ntnl mi ilt vt into Ii:h
p.itrti " J. 't l-k. ' only m
o 1 fiht WtMCfii Ut t'is.ntnl ?.
The Rrrjitt, r 1 In nml the Cu nvv,rclat
UoiiM 1 1 !; to .,
W Imvf waUlird l.ofli sMu of tuo
otitroM-r-y, x t . 1 find (hut the .ViVr
ni.in rlinrtf flu rate allowed by law
for Ms work, rind no Dorr. II
i buried Jut flu kiiiio jt Ice that olb r
printt r tin for similar work, und Jut
'.icli prlCfi m tbtf C'jmmfrci'il man
i Tuld cliMj;- if iif bti-l tbf Hihiicp.
J We WUv fo.fioniy In flip nlinini-tr.i'
i tlon of nur public ir.tlr, nnd demand
It, but IbU Mi-f.itli d reform movement
It deVt loping n rt of n c mj.Irtt
oolitic of tbh country, nml uc he
lie vr that it 'hbcunou Ik one of tbat
( Iu4.
Timtr J i c i ii in m i),
A !I1I p.iwd the II Hi-o .rt the rtb
litC. Klvln-jf u p.Mirloii of :S ii nit .tit Ii
t nil mm vlvjii; oldlrr and sailor of
tin War of Including tin widow
and orpbnm of nitiin und men
married dmln I war. TbU I
i ry -low JiMicr; but c trint It will
in l n law, and t!.at tbo nation
w III b mIIowc'I to kIvo ii pittance to
Hum old Veteran, inniiy of wlmin
briv for yciiM been iiccdiiijj tbv uy
mi lit of tbi i botii'it ilKt.
Tbc Teile Haute IItjuh wiwiN Coti
vn to reiiiiiln In m hi.oii during I be
dodayn, ultli bf.pe Ibat It may pnve
rtal to ionic of tbc mcmbi-14. Amen!
n i-'ifi 1 1 no itnooi n r:vH.
Twenty ilrtinkt pnn.l tbo Tutus
nice in Mtineleono day lut wet k, tit
one tltno. Muucle h n nice moral
town, you know. Ixn't that the place
w here our i x-C'ongrcsin.an llbht on
Judge Hayner wai n little late In get
tint; to Court IhU weck, nil nwliifto
tb' fact, probably, tbat be came ty
tbe way of Tt. Wayne k Itiehmond
It. It. to Winchester. Munv'u Tiniu.
Keep cool, Colonel. If be comet by
tbo Ft. Waytio A Itichmond road to
Winchester, he'll I e on band in ijood
time for tbe next Term of bisCoiirt.
A young man named Charles Stout
wan throw n against the circular haw,
utTrtiltt' mill, near Iielhel, on Fiiday
of week befoie biKt, and one of Ii 1m
feet m badly mangled that he will lose
the use of it.
The small pox is prevailing to pome
extent in IX'! a ware county, nnd the
Tiuut trlc to create tbo Impression
that nnic of the adjoining counties
are nflli. lcd with the dit :i-c. There's
none uf it over in Uitid jlph, Hnuly.
ftonr,;e KN-.lcr, of Antlrrson, bad a
rtirlIty to how eloso he coubl
bo!. I his thumb to ii elrrubir saw. Hi
eurlohity wan fully gratified when ho
picked bin thumb up oil' the lloor.
The opponents of Dave. CJooding
Micctcded in getting his home organ
ordered out of the county building,
where It ban been o long and com
fortably quartered. The Otmmrrvial
say that the proprietor win very
wrotbyat tbe result, and could only
be (aimed down by an application of
live lingers of his usual "nerve quiet
A new Democratic rper U on the
tapis in (Jreenlield. The "harmony"
exi"ttng among the faithful ofthat
county Is the cause. David can't unite
.the opposing tlvnu-nU in bis own
The flreenfield papers have a cute
way of apologizing to their patrons
when they cut on reading matter. The
Cuimmreial has a "bulge" (what Is
that, Ilumrill?) gf new advertise
ments, ami the Dnnocrat "a perfect
rush of Job work."
A couple of young bloods recently
hired a pan of fine hordes at one of
the Itichmond livery tdables, to drive
over to Centerville, ns they paid.
Their drive was extended to Cam
bridge, then to Councrsvlllc and back
i;t acc ic v(
ond. Defore reaching
place one ol me lior.es fell ueatl
from exhaustion and the other is ru-
Jinetl. The Penitentiary Is entirely
too good for mich inhuman monster.
Hccnn & Marsh, the new proprie
tors of the IHnchester Journal, doffed
their hats last week, in a very sensible
salutatory, ami their first number
gives evidence of Imtb brains and
tate in its general make up. JVtrr
Cusdc Lburur.
The Treasurer of Jay county lefi
home Maidenly a few days ago, forget
ting in bis bate to pay over sundry
small sums of mone amounting to
, t.c i . .i i nt
about slS.OoO, lue the townships of bis
county, in conequence of which bis
sureties are Interested in bis where
abouts to that amount.
fcirWc have received a copy of the
Winchester Journal, a Iladieal sheet
published In Kandolpb county. It Is
now published by Iteeson fc Marsh.
We wish our young friend Marsh pe
cuniary success. He is a good printer
and deserve success. Jlmcock Dem
ocrat. That excellent Republican paper,
tbo WiNcriKsrr.K JornvAL has again
changed hands, Mk. Wai.jci r retir
ing, and Messrs. Iteeson & Marsh tak
ing possesion.
Of the new firm we know but little,
save that Mr. Decson is, nt present,
Itt-corder of Hancock County, and is
an excellent and talented young man.
We extcud to the departing and
incoming editors, our Wt wishes for
their future prosperity and happiness.
Muncic Tim.
An Indianapolis dally has the fol
lowing paragraphs in the order given:
Quite a frtir at the Union Depot lot
Mr. A. C. llccson, of the Wixciins
Ti:u Jocunai wan in the city yester
day. Is Uiat cau.c and etreet? (7rrrn fuhl
Clfeourse. We were considerably
Tbe WiNrjii-5Ti;n Jouiixal of la-t
ukrn.iieiMliaud with tbeiiam,,f
, w , f. . 4
Mr. Ib -on wii- formerly e3itorf Hilf
Mj-r. h a rrnly anl vp-alilo
writer, niiiUio n rcrv'r.-n!.il.! rpr.
' '
Mr M .r.l. t.n- l..n for a Ii.oi: time
.... - - - ' v - - - r
ruH.', i J,h printing . HI .in
In.JianMjM.li-, :ul ba tb rcntat,o
ff Uln- in cxr- lo nt w-tVitniin, and
Mj if;i'rtr-iio or ih JofK.NAL ncars
itin --H to tlx- s imp.
Iloth are thorough gentlemen In
all re-p cts, and tbe people of Ran
dolph County Iwive iiuid? a decided
ncqulsltlon by their eltling there.
We trust I hey w ill do weil. (ircoßdd
"We havo a woman In Munclc who
I mi low ami hwret.videed ilmf whetiieml separate workshops. Cndcr
she w hispcrs the leaves of the trees
rattle down like hall; when ho talks
out billd tbe air Is darkened at boon
day with the 11 ing il f.i-U offence-,
roof-, wagon wheels, wheelbarrows,
dray, cal, dogs and old liafs, and
w In u she u rcain, which slut does at
legular Intervuls of fifteen minute,
the sun turn a double umincrMult,
the moon howls with boiror, and (ho
conn U stop tin ir ears with their lall-,
ami lb c nway fiom I he wrath to come.
She' a stunner t-he's a scrtatmr.
When she dies creation will shrink
bu k appalled at the awful stillness,
and nil nature will vibrate irregularly
fl'om I n k of the r.ceutoniei 'yawp'
to kiephcr steady, Mutirlr Timm.
'Jiiee'n a naughty boy, Thomas, to
till hiich a whopping iianative.
I or lloi Jnuriiub
J ito.ii iir.NTHVii.i.i:.
Jtr.NH 17, 1S70.
Itufiri K. Mills has goim West a
half mllc-atid bought 1'J) acres of
land of Win. llotklu, laying him four
thousand dollars for it. Ho explored
Iowa last fall, but likes "Bockum"
lietter than "AVcw-eum."
John F. Hunt is among us "coun
ting noses;" In other word", taking the
Hunt, lioss A- Co., have at length
succeeded in getting a good vein of
water at their steam flouring mill alter
three unsuccessful diggings. They
have found an abundant quantity of
this lat time at a depth of over forty
feet. This Is good news to the people
of this region. All they have lacked
was plenty of water.
Miles Hunt, F.-q., has returned from
a trip to Illinois brings with him his
daughter-in-law, wife of the late Dr.
II. P. Hunt.
I learn that Harret Harnett, w ho left
this tow nship a few month since, to
live with his children In Kansas, died
at his son-in-law's, Mr. Cane, in that
State, a few weeks ago.
K. II. Bales ami Joel Wooton have
formed a partnership in the black
smithing business. Dales & Wooton,
firm name.
iNniANA-ii i:it (iiunvix; mini;
The New riano More of CIIAKMIS
S0i:ilM;it Imlianapoli-.
Amongthc? beautiful andcornmodl
ous rooms which have been fitted
up under thu Academy of Music,
Indianapolis, one of tho most at
tractive is that of ('lias. Soehncr, No.
:N North Illinois Street. Mr. Soeh
ncr, who has been acquainted with
various styles of Pianos since his
boyhood, and has had largo expe
rience? with both superior anil in
ferior instruments, is perhaps, one
of the most experienced dealers
we have in Indiana. At different
times lie has engaged in selling
pianos respectively in Dayton,
Hamilton and Kichmond, altogeth
er having devoted sixteen years of
his life to the business. In 1SG8, at
tracted by tho rapid growth of
Indianapolis, he bought the juano,
organ and meledeon department in
the music house of Denham Dros.,
which at that time had the agency
for tho celebrated Stcinway piano.
He afterward associated with him
in tho husincs? Mr. A. M. Denham,
under the firm name of Soehncr A
Denham. Mr. Soehncr for several
years has been a warm admirer of
the Steinway piano, and when the
agency for that instrument was
afterwards given to another house,
he disposed of his entire interest
in he business and went to Europe.
After returning to this country, the
Kichmond, Indianapolis and Terre
Haute agencies for the Steinway
were consolidated and given to Mr.
Soehncr, which Induced him to open
his prcvnt handsome room. In hi.s
high appreciation of tbe Steinway
instrument Mr. Soehncr expresses
the almost universal opinion of
those who have given ihnm an un
prejudiced trial.
Tliey have been awarded the first
premium by the most competent
and inflexible Judge the world can
produce, many of whom were pre
viously prejudiced in favor of other
instruments the cro'vning triumph
having been achieved at the Uni
versal Exposition in Paris, where
they were awarded the first gold
medal for American Pianos by the
unanimous verdict of the Interna
tional Jury, the United States not
leing represented among the
The following recommendation,
which is translated from the!
French, is only one of a similar
character that
might .be produc-
Ofi'Iit. Li: Mkxi;strk.l, )
Paris, July mith, 1)7. )
Messrs". Steinway A Sons, New
York: I hasten to transmit to you
a letter from my friend Mannontel,
Professor at the Conservatoire at
Paris, and one of tho most eminent
of our time. You will see how
highly lie thinks of your Pianos.
Having leen a professor myself
for more than twenty years nnd
having played on your pianos
theso rnaster-picivs of art mann
faeture 1 do r ot hesitate to'confc
that 1 have never met with in?tru-
jmont o purft'et. uniting tbcj
l"a!jt!c m liijriily prized by!
I pianists, (irrat Minority, ymp;t-i
j w,)fimt nnd a jcrfcft -piaHty j
tbc-o urv tho a(lv;mt;ijj'" u lilch tlo
.Jury bavc nllUinoil iti plat-ir.? you j
... i ...:.-. r.... ......... i
: "m on.iril(..Mi.M..
ttirt j i f unrM Mtwl in cri rlnin !
j ;rv mv .rform an ;K.t
ju.tM.(.f but alo dvcide a- competent i
i juilcs.
Accept ontlftnon, my conratu
latioud and kindo-t retard".
1Ii;miv IlKt rjr.i
Manv of tbo smaller Piano Manu
fueturcr purchase the Piano actions
ready made; runny nlo buy their
keyboards and even the cases nnd
other parts of tho Piano. In addi
tion to this many of them havosov-
those rircunistunc it is scarcely
possible that work of such uniform
excellence can be produced as In
the csinblbdimcnt of tbe Messrs.
Steinway, when nil the labor 1
concentrated in one immense fac
tory, and where every instrument
from the seasoning of the lumber
to its most perfect state is con
strutted hythomot skillful work
men. Every part of the Piano, in
eluding all thojictinn, N gotten up
under the Immediate personal
superintendence of Ihc Mes-rs.
Steinway, tho father and three
The Immense working capital
commands i.like the choice of la
bor, the employment of the most
1 1 - f 1 1 1 und costly machinery, tin
selection of lumber, and its vast
essentially necessary accumulation
for thoroughly reasoning purpo-es
(subjecting every piece of lumber to
a seaonlng procc-s of not less than
two yearn before being klln-drled!
and used. Whlltt smaller makers
have lo depend lor (heir supply of
lumber upon what nicy offer here
and there at the various yards,
Messrs. Steinway procure all their
lumber directly from the growing
region. All tbo wood for their
actions, n sounding hoards, Is se
lected personally by one of tho
Mc-srs. Steinway in tbe log, and
then sawed under his direction into
the necessary shape. This Is one of
the chief causes of the great uni
formity in the tone and touch of all
their pianos, and tho fact that
there never has been a cao where
the sounding-board of a Steinway
Piano has cracked, which Is ol fre
quent occurrence in those of inferior
In 1K; there were made of these
pianos, L7J00, which were sold for n
sum aggregating about $l,.oo,noo,
being a much as the pales of the
Chick.ring and Knabe combined,
whl'.h were the next largest in
point of sales. In the last six
months Mr. Soehncr claims to have
sold as many as tho Richmond,
Indianapolis: and Tern; JluuiV
agencies combined sohl in tho pro
ceeding eighteen months Thh
tends to show how rapidly these
instruments Increase in favor when
once introduced.
Some dealers who sell other In-
strumous sometimes hold out the
idea that the the Steinway is dear
er than other makes of pianos, and
that Steinway charges for his name.
Now while it is admitted that
some inferior makes can be pur
chased at cheaper prices than the
Steinway, it is claimed that the
Steinway is offered as cheap as
other makes when the superiority
of material used and the extra care
taken in there manufacture con
sidered. In addition to the Stein
way piano, Mr. Soehncr has for
sale the celebrated Knabe and also
the OJabler and others. Ono great
point which he claims Is that all of
these manufacturers having an im
mense capital at their command are
founded on a solid basis, nnd are
not liable to changes of firm every
few years, and that their guarantee
may be relied upon by purchasers
as being perfectly good, a thing
which cannot be ciaimedby manu
factories which are liable to change
of ownership. Mr. Soehncr pro
poses to warrant frr five years
every instrument ho sells. Of
these various styles of pianos he
keeps a variety of grades, ranging
from $:)oO to$SOO in price.
Desides these various makes of
pianos he also keeps on hand a sup
ply of Organs, Melodoons ami second-hand
Pianos, ranging in price
from $7o to f$oYl.
Mr. Soehner goes in person to tho
factories aud selects his instruments
with care, for which he pays cash.
Report ftf the condition of the First
National finnk of Winchester, in Winches
ter, in the Sjtate uf Indiana, at tbe dote of
busiotsa on the 'Jth d iy of June, liTO.
bourn nnd Discounts .is.f.O or,
U. S3. Pondä to secure CircuU-
123 03
lion.......... ...
Due from Redeeming nud Re
servo Agents
Due from other National Hanks
Furniture and Fixtures.
Current Expends
Checks and other C4h Item ..
04,000 00
5.5.-0 4 )
PH 17
1,47 00
n:ts 70
Hill of other National lUnks.. 13,321 4 t
Fractional Currency. .. l'J.) 91
bS! Tender Notes 14,'JIS 0;)
1,-M C3
Capital Ftock puM in
Surplus Fund
12.COO 00
4, y 74, 06
;.3,rr.t no
53,:ut; y
4.-:i c
2,253 U6
CiucuTating Notes outstanding
fiom Comptroller....
Individual dtpusil
I),ip to other Hanks and IUiikr,
j Suspense
$1?'J,020 C'J
Statt or Tuduxa, f g
1. Wm. M. Locke, cashier of the Tirat
National limk ot Winchester, do o'cmnly
swear that tbe above statement is true, to
tbt test ot in knowledge and belief
WM. M. LOCKE, Cainier.
Sworn to and subscribed befrre me, this
iCth dar of June. fs70
Notary Public.
Correct Attmt:
Anntinl Statement of the Auditor of
ftiindotph Couulf from 3If 31,
t .Mir .11, 1S70.
ArniTja's Orricr. Raxntpq Co J
WixcirTi.n, Io., June 6, l?7o y
To thr Honorable Board of Vmmittiotr$ of
$iiJ Covt.fy:
(Ieti.ihis: I herewith submit for your
inspection and consideration, the Auditor's
Annual Kxhibit of the financial condition
of the County of Randolph, for tbe Jcr
endirj; May .11 , A. P. l7).
You will find a statement of the receipts
and expenditures of the fiscal year just
closed, ly which it is shown that there i,
at this date, in the hinds of the Treasurer,
over all in leltrdn-ss,the sum of lIVX'G.ie?.
The following is a statement of the total
receipt from all resource! by the Treas
urer ii ee June 1 , IM'I, vif
HjI-U'C in Triti.urv as per set
He mi nt June 1. lfV.: 2,10C !G
rrom r-l tnptioii ol Itnd sold
for t.ns ....
Cbrk, Packet Fees, Cimet
Court . . ..... , , . . ,
C!rk, l-.ckt Fees, Common
I'lr is Court.. ........
Att mrjV Ice refunded. ..
Colter, Jfiit h Cirter, ori so
rountol County Summary.. .
Ib ni if l'uhüc tiiiildiiig.,. , , , ,
b'censc to t ilohit '....
Joimiliaii Ldw an) , Coroix r
Ciuk ol Cirni t Court, Jury IVcs
('oiifilv ll'vnur rollirlrd mi
Prlinrjui nt List o li;s
County retenue eolleitrd on
Pupiirate of lh;i
R"l r e-v 1 1 i r rollrclcd oil Dv
Iilili'lit List of IMS ,
Uud revenue rollectid nn Dj.
plu ite of IM'i'J , ,
ioiiliii rcveiiur coli et id on
IMicinienl J.Ist of M
Tonhi rnfinir1 colli cled on
PiipliCMlr ol IM'iII,. , . , . , . ,
Sjiffi il Si'hool reu'ime rollri ted
Di lliiiieiit bi.t of IHN
Speni .tl School fvomr roll eti d
1W 7S
:n 4)
r.i oo
27 l0
n.r.cs r.j
21,2 10
l,t3 u:
ll,fd9 &3
073 f.l
5.76S f-5
2,2'J7 71
I'll Duplicite of I Ii. 1 f,Ü'7 Dt-
CoMiiiioti School revenue co.
lu ted on Jt Unguent LUt of
IrCs 2,10 31
Couiiiioii ,S.hoo retcioir cob
lerlrd on Puplicalc of IMJII,, 12,12'J 03
Common Hchool revenu re
eelvcd fiom Stats tJ tfjiulijo
I und ...... .... ...
Township School rcviiiiii' cob
fected I II lt liil(tint Li.t of
1S,,H ....
4, OH l :3
233 83
Tonnsliip School revMnir cob
letted on Duplicate of lf.:... 10,.r3C 01
o lun I coilectc l on Delhi-
iuelil List of IMiH,
fop fund collected ou Duplicate
res ci
1,0.V3 4 s
of Ifth'.).
Total rcce'pt.. . $ir.,2'.M 0-
Purin th ye.ir, orders and warrants
have lt i n ilranu on th Treasurer from
No. 1 to No. 1,02'J, inclusive, as follows,
For redemptions of lands sold
f r tu tes
im 7h
2,li2H 7.S
I Ii7
lb IH)
71 0 10
"mi r.2
s.inr. !7
!J1'4 71
:i;i s7
A.o ssinj revenue. . .
hxpensi'M of poor
Riiiel to soldiers' families
F.xpi-nsf of criminals. .
Lspenses of j öl .
Kxpcices of bailifl . .
Ki;(i)tn uf lir.in-1 and Pc tit
J ururs ...
Miscellaneous eipen-i s. . ......
I xpiifcs of insanity.
Kxpcuse of hooks and tOation
F.xpenses of printing and ndvtr
ilsin KxpiiiMii of Poor Asylum
llxjuMissw of liplita and fuel....
Fees nnd salaries of oilicers
l'.xpeimc of public square.... .
Dxpi n-CH of nihlic buildings. . . .
l'xpi iim s of public bridges
Kxpensea of ra ids and highways
Amount of lue refunded....
Fieiists of elections,
Hxpeosesof returning fines, tc.
fjnpenses of assessing turnpik
benefits ...
F.xpcnses of Coroner's inquctits,
luti rest on County Orders.. ....
luniraiice on public buildings. . .
Volunteer liouuty
Special School revenue jm;d to
Trustee- ....... ...
Special School Certificates re
deemed by Trcusiirrr
Road revenue paid to Township
Road receipts redeemed by
County Treasurer
Township revenue paid to Trust
res.. Township fvhool revenue paid
to Ti inters
Dc fund paid to Township
Docket fees paid to Treasurer of
2;C3 23
r.r.i ::i
1.V3 (2
is C so
7,'JTG .V.)
h (HI
230 IK)
:i7.i oo
'J!2 .'!."
7 : oi
2 Iii
214 m
i: !:
-xh :,.)
i:;o ou
M) oo
lo,7."3 !C
:03 07
.1,(H)S 43
8fM3 is
10,044 08
10,775 t-I
1,117 53
LO 0.ri
Amount to btlauce account.... 20,352 34
$110,204 0
There havebee n during the year. County
Orders redeemed as follows, vir.:
Of issue prior to June 1, lb'J... i0,l7.'i Si
Of issue since June 1, lrbO 40.S07 74
Total amount of Couuty Orders
redeemed. 40,083 o
Which would leave in Ihe h mda
of ihe hands of the Treasurer,
at this date, the sura of 03,311 43
There are at this date, Couuty Orders
outsandins as follows, to wit:
Of issue prior to June 1, 1M30 V'!?
Of issue siüco June 1, 15:03 53,075 0.)
Total amount of orders out
standing $53,354 4a
Which would leave in the
Coui.tv Treasurer over all in
debtedness, the sum of $ 15.P56 OS
For the information of the Hoard, and
to furnish data from which the tat levy for
County purposes for 170 may be made, I
would state that the total valuation and
appraisement of real estate and personal
property in the County, including railroad
valuation, is J5:l
Ant the number of polls n,.5
And I ftiiuato the ordinary expendi
tures of the eokintj, to June 1 lbTl, as
follows, via:
The Latest Styles of New and
At Shire & Bro.'s Old Stand,
lYorlh-E.ist of the rulilic .Square.
As those Goods arc nil ffo?h and houht aftor Ihc decline in Gold, I
warrant the prices, at which I am otT;rins the Good?, will sait all.
Are also repaired at my Store, and WAKKANTEI) to give ntis
faction. n 18 .tin
For court expenses and expenses
of crimi'ials $l,f-r 00
Fxpcnses of poor 7l oo
Fees and ssUrie s of ofliccts 7,5 ) oo
Kxp iij.es of insanity 45 I 00
County Asylum. 675 oo
Lights and luel 2! 00
Koad and hihw.js 150 OO
.Miscellaneous rxprrses S5o (0
Stationery, printing and advertis
ing. 1.05) 00
Total estimated rtpenses.. JlG.ssi 00
All of which is usprectful ? submitted,
w. k Menu w.
Auditor ot Ranbdph County.
lo Jidre Colroe's ew HulMirr,
Where Fire. Life, and Accident ro'.iclra,
will bf Issued on sj plication. Also, for
site. Champion Respirs and Mowers, Farm
Wagons, Vibrator fhrr-hinK Mschinrs,
ll..re I'owirs, and the Superior Drill at L
1. Cartir' bUckstnith Shop. Come and
ict thimj all watrsnted.
PioiMon, nml Qiornaw nrr fttoic.
riras. . Harris and L V. Love
JN vir entered Into partnership in the (irne
al C.roeiry Trade, lor ttie mutual benefit of
themselves and the people of Randolph
County. Th?y M II Ihnf kupa
voil stock i f poia In iheir line, and sill
at as low pnocs as any other hous,
f iiiM itv ntonrci:.
Tho highest inirket pi ice pal l for Country
l.nriie and l'rrli Mine k of CmhmIs JiiI
Conltlpff In part of all erades of Suar,
(iUVe, Ten, Molsssei, llice, (Varkets,
Cheese. lb riirs, II loni Sausage, Pota
toes, Dried Apnlei and Pearlies, Spices,
Hour, (!andles, C.iioiita, Nutions, '1 bread
and Ni l il t Soup, Fiuit Cans, Sunh,
Fish, Fre-h Vegetables, (llassware, Cigars,
Tobarc, Kc
Riniembtr (be flare Harris k Love'
cheap cah (Jrocery, North wel Corner ol
the Public Square, Wincloslir, Ind.
Winchester, June 23, 170 n20tf
si;ovi:k & i;aiii;ic
I have on hand and for sale, thn
(rover 1 IlaKcr Soring Machine
One of the best
vi r i v sr w ir s tsrr r v
M'klm M Ms M iriil 1 mm Jl f m
That Is now before the public,
will vo THE
Neatest nnd inot Durable Work of
uny Iticbiiie.
I'lease call and examine for yourselves,
or scud fur tirculais
VV. It. WAY, A pent,
WiNCHisTr.n, I an
AT Tin:
Vo. 2 Torf Front.
Just receiving
Spring and Summer Goods,
II AT.S, CA 1S CO LL A IIS, 1 103 1 KU Y
Ac, Äv?., iic.
Of the latest Styles and Cheap- Prices.
Look to your interest and trnde with
him. nH !
I If 1
Clolhins & Tailoiins House
V would rail attention to our full md
well selected stock of
Cloth) VaHHimercw,
Go ntsTurnisliing Goods, 4c.
Thee poods are bought direct from the
msnnfsrtiirt rs and Importers I'.ast,
and wc can and will
Sell Goods Clicapcr than ever.
Clot hilt x 11 arte to Order
On the shortest nolle and
N .Clothe, CäMirarrrs anI other
poods, sold ly us for mea and boya' wear,
w ill be cut free of rlnrc. ri21
Origin of the lloimct.
Tho Flaco to get Them.
3 doom cost of Irvlu's Jewell store,
Vinchrstrr. Indiiina,
Are jut receiving a lcw and complete stock
for their new
Millinery, Dress tfnkiii,Notions
Thej have
for any complexion and style.
Dresses and Dress Goods
for any fiurt.
Alo, Ribbons, f.aces, Collar. Handker
chiefs, Flowers, buttons. Switches, Ties,
Zephyr Canvass. Sash ribhon, "Shoo Fl?"
Hats, Lc.
They are fully scpplied with the
liest .llntrriftl and Lnteat I'Httfrna,
and will sell nt reasonable prices. Call
and examine their styles, stock and prices,
as they are confident they can suit any
taste. nlTif
Winchester Carriage Works
R. I3JHA.H33,
AVinchcstor, Ind.
He makes all kinds and stylet of
Buggies Carriages, Spring
Wagons. &c.
And ererj thing in the Carriage lint.
Of old Hup?ies, Carriages, Ac. Make
thcru almost good as new.
As ?ool work as can be had tny place
and f r as low prices. All work promptly
done and satisfaction gusrar tec 1
Call and examine work and prices, at
.North I'.Hst corner Ir runWlia and West
streets. nl8
We want, this season, all the Flax Straw
that is railed io Ranielth County. We
will pay for Lonj Mowed Straw, free from
weeds, and of good coal
Poorer fjualitUt
S3 to S7 per Ton.
A little care will enable all to command tbe
best price. We want Ptraw rot close to
the pro'ind to pet tbe ler.pth of Lint.
A pood yield of Straw will pay for hand
ling your whole crop.
Colon Citr led I una.
n 1 'C,m
TIIK JOt'K.Vlf, OAcsIs th lae(tfet Jfnxr
fie prlbtir.
Vo. 3 .Vorth nidr Public
Square, Winchester,
Has on band a
AN 1)
Jut openlnp a handsome assortment h
Including r rrry riet? of
For Old and Voting,
The Ibsst of Workmen employed to
Mnko or Repair
dire IE im a Call.
April t, IhTO.
Bee-Hive Store.
efohii Iicliurdson,
(Successor to llichardson k Helms,)
Dry Goods
Dflat & (Daps,
I haee on hand one of the larrest and
best selected stock of
"Winter Goods,
Such as
erer brought to th' market, which I to
selling at preatly reduced prices.
My stock of
Ii emp1e t and well slprte.l, of ih ey bf
.jriklil) and Ptfle. i.'l ill ! sol J at ruoj.ti
the c!iai. M7 iutk or
Are of the It it quality, from tli finest
Silk to the comox'n Woul Hat, embracing
all of the latest nylts, ttd Lc eoil
at reduced prices.
I hAi e the largest and best t elected stock;
of (Itores and Hosiery eter brought to thia
ruArket; LeuLt direct from the aauufacto-
Of all kinds, such asSupar, Coffee, Tea.
Lc, A.c., lc.
Is under my special care. Mr experienr
of orer twenty years in this rin feats m
to believe I can suit all who y favor me
with their patronage. My stock of
Cloths, Cassimcrcs, Yc tings,ic.,.
Is complete, emt-rscinj all e.f the ltet
styles of pood in the market, which I
continue to manufacture to order or s 1 1 bj
tbejard. All kinds of
Taken in Licbtr-f for gds
0. I. corner jittin ami rranum ..m
. m 9 9T f C
) tneftcstcr, jmttanti.
X. n. CWtht-.CassImerea and ot
inik 1. in d dt me ior men aua tvya w
. m J a. ...
UI be cut ree or CTtsrge.

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