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'I he party oft has first, 1 fear.
Au eye to all thegroed of Rtiin...,
These tokens are so very clear
We must, by any ineana, nttiiliii'
County Correspondence
R«v. Mumby's View.
Patriotic I'oHtlcinn.^
"We sit, we listen and wo loam
What politics are for the best. ..f
Home things wo hardly can dlscom
Which side will ever stand the tost.
What Is the best for most, we think,
Is what should be the ruling side.
Nor ever from our duties shrink
Or light beneath the bushel hido.
"Which for the country's woal or woo. .:
Which has the patriotic soul
Or which will waver to and fro
80 that the masses thoy control?
is it aggrandizement or power
Or is It for a selfish fame—
The bubbles of a passing hour— .«
Or Just to gain a higher name?
v,:3- ivRv
3u politics so much to learn,
And painful things we sometimes see,. ...
strange hidden workings, we discern,
Mo much that is not grandly free. v.rv-
iso much of Ignorance we And.
So many are so easy swayed,
By others of a keener mind frZwivMWs!
Aud others by the thought of trade. *•w.v-.w
Our ballots all be true and Just,—
A duty to our laud wo owe,—
"Wo say in God we put our trust .-ww-
And then to other things we how, v. v:
Nlmme on the voter who would trail
Our country's honor In the mire.
ur would our liberties assail
To satisfy his own doslrc.
•J God. to Country, all be truo.
On this foundation all may rest
nr noble nation in roview
Hy righteousness will stand the test. -.?:v
Vo itatrlotlc voters, hoar! -.k':
(110 high otllclal servlnu well
And soon will come the changing year.
l.et him again In ofllce dwell!
—Jiobort Mumby
(tolden, March SO, iRMi.
In Stemoriam.
Mary Luther .Baxter, was born at La
mont, Mich., July 14, 1873, and died at
Colesburg, Iowa, March 20th, 1TO. She
was married at Clarion, Iowa, in 18SKi,
to Mr. J. W. Piatt and entered upon
the discharge of the duties of the home,
with loving devotion, all the more in
tense, when God crowned her young
lite with motherhood. Besides the hus
hand and two little children, one sister,
Mrs. Nellie Reed, of Clear Lake, Iowa,
the only remaining member of her
family, survives her. She gave clear
evidence of her acceptance with God,
and during her short life has greatly en
deared herself to a large circle of
friends and neighbors.
Fold the waxen hands 'V/.'vV..
Across the lifeless breast •. ,-.v
She uow dwelloth with anui'1 bands.
The dear onehas Kone to rest,
(lone our precious Mamie—
Oh! how can It he
She, of the radiant «niilo,
We no morn shall see.
But the awful silence
And the cold white marble brow
Tell us, Oh! too truly—
She hath left us
All hushed, the ringing footstep, v,\vx7
And voice so full of cheer *.!•-:
Falling In sweetest accents
Upon our listening ear.
A halo beamed o'er the lovely face,
Reflecting Innocence and grace.
Dgelic light
Crowning that nonle hoad
With angelic light, and sweetness
yes Madonna llko, love laden
Kyes Madonna llko, love laden
Holier than bellt a maiden.
Showed a nature pure and good
Sanctlflod by Motherhood.
But amid our grief and pain
Wo would let our burden rest.
Wltb him who doetli all things well,
For we know that she Is blest,
In that fair celestial clime,
The loved 0110 Is safe forevernioru
beyond the ken of mortal strife,
Hho 1ms reachod the other shore.
-M. ,1. Wilson
('olosburK, March si, 1899. ,•«
Mrs. J. W. Piatt, after a painful ill
ness, passed quietly away on tlie even'
ing of the 2fith ult. Mrs. Piatt was
a woman of many pleasing qualities,
and by her amiability had endeared
herself to a large circle of friends. Her
death was hardly looked for. as she
showed signs of improvement up to the
day of her death, but that invidious foe
to life, hcartfailure, claimed her as an
other victim. She leaves a husband and
two small children, besides a sister to
mourn her.
Leslio Strader has secured a school
and will teach atOsterdoek thiB spring
At our city election last wock the
following gentlemen were elected to
the council: W. S. Adams, W. H. Bush
and George Knee.
The Methodist church is trying to
raise money enough by subscription to
purchase an organ to replace the old
one which is about worn out.
The spring campaign of draughts
has opened.
Mr. Keenan, of Manchester, was in
terviewing our merchants last week in
the cigar line.
Christian Woidt moved his house
hold goods to Ostordock last week Tues
Mrs. lteid, of Spirit Lake, was hero to
attend the funeral of her siBter, Mrs. J.
W. Piatt.
Mrs. Racliael Lockridge returned
•:v.v'3.'homo last week from Fayette, where
she made a week's visit among Tricnds
Miss Edith Lockridge will teaeli the
'Brown" school house.
Mrs. George Chapman and son,
,Glenn, returned to Manchester last
sweek after a visit with friends here.
Miss Isa Franks, an estimable young
lady, who. unfortunately liasbcenquito
hard of hearing, was surprised the other
day hy being presented with a pair of
artificial ear drums by members of the
Kebekah lodge. She is much pleased
with the improvement of her hearing.
Paul Pry is an old gossip, marplot
.v and has his nose stuck in everybody's
business but his own. He was reliears
ing his gossip a few days since to a
mixed audience and appealed to a by
-stander for his thoughts on the matter.
Tlie answer was: "I have lived a num
ber of years, but not as many as you,
-and have learned that an individual
:may think all he pleases, but he liad
abetter not tell all he thinks: tliatsome
vtimes it is the part of wisdom to keep
his mouth shut." The rebuke, from
BUCII an unexpected source, fairly
squelched lum.
The Burton Comedy company, which
was billed to show here last week, did
not put in an appearance, owing to its
^disruption at Greeley.
A colt, which Joseph Moreland was
bitching up for the purpose of breaking,
started off without a guiding hand and
distributed the fragrants of a bobsled
along the way.
F. A. Grimes returned from his
southern trip in the early days of last
v. week, whore he was looking up a situ
for a saw mill.
Mr. Wallace Dewoody rode his bicycle
to Goggon, Sunday, after spending the
day at home.
Uriah Wheeless went to Hopkinton
last Saturday for a few days viBit with
his folks there.
Mr. Joseph Cree, of (Jalva, Iowa, who
has been visiting for some time at
Manchester, and Miss Mamie Gibson, of
Thorpe, spent a few days last week with
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Patton.
W. J. Montgomery has finished plas
tering his house. Mr. Ilolcom did the
Alex. Calhoun has commenced work
for Henry Ehlers.
As potatoes are scarce the people have
decided that they would not plant any
on Good Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E, Morse, of Man
Chester, spent Sunday with their daugh
ter, Mrs. Frank E. I'atton.
The lecture at the M. E. church on
Saturday evening was well attended.
Dave Patton visited with Eddie Ew
ing Sunday.
C. F.JIIesner and wife were in Du
buque Tuesday.
C. 13. Blanchard WBB in Manchester)
Thursday on business.
Arlie Young returned to her home in
Greeley, Friday, after a short visit with
her brother Lester and family.
Mrs. .7. II. Firman and son Glenn
made a business trip to Dubuque Mon
Jennie Robbins is spending her va
cation with her sister Mrs. C. S. Max
MisB Tid Peck is visiting relatives at
Volga this week.
Mrs. Will liurgin has opened a milli
ner store west of the furniture store,
and has secured Miss Alice Otis, of
Manchester, as trimmer.
Linn Snow returned to Delaware
Monday evening.
Port Weaver, of Stone" City, was in
town between trains Monday.
J. li. Engstrom, wife and children, of
Manchester, visited at W. Garretson's
JiesBie 11
asters spent Sunday in
Strawberry Point. mp *. mm
Wra. Croskey loaded several cars
with hay, and one with barley last
week, and G. W. Belknap loaded a car
with hay.
ChBS. Thorpe was a caller in Golden
Friday. There was a car loaded with
hogB Saturday as a result of bis call.
There is a caBe of diphtheria reported
in the vicinity of the Hay.
Hugh McElliott's loss is estimated at
about 81000.00. Everything went up in
smoke except the clothes the family
had on. House, furniture, bed, bedding
and all. The fire caught in the lloor
where the heater pipe went through.
The high wind and flames swept every
thing. Mr. McElliott had no insurance
and all is a total loss. Mr. MoElliott
has the sympathy of fhe entire com
Chas. Pratt, and wife of Manchester,
Bpent Easter with G. F. Stone.
Miss Bertha Huey commences school
today at No. 5, Miss Gertrude Porteous
at the Portable and Miss Minnie Young
at No. 7.
Mrs. Jennie Jones and family, of
Manchester, spent Easter with her
daughter Mrs. A. J. Andrews.
The weather prophets used to say an
early EaBter meant an early spring.
But this is certainly an exception to
the rule.
James Belknap, of Golden, was visit
ing friendB in this vicinity last Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. T. Donahue went to
Manchester last Tuesday.
Shirley Brayton came home from
Manchester Tuesday, where he has been
staying with relatives for some time.
Allen bhofner, of Manchester, was
here looking after his farming interests
and viBiting his relatives last week.
H. Brayton went to Spring Branch
Sunday to see Mrs. II. Kaster, who is
quite ill.
Our schools will begin Monday, April
3d. Millie Brayton will teach the
Barryville school and Florence Wells,
in the Wells district. These young
ladies are both champion spellers and
will no doubt teach the "young idea"
how to spell as well aB "shoot."
Our school ma'ams are attending the
inspirational institute this week past.
Some oi our young people attended
the party at Geo. Belknap's Friday
Mrs. T. Donahue and children went
to Cedar Rapids Friday to spend Easter
with her sister Mre. Ward.
Alfred Wells is still hauling baled
hay to Golden.
Joseph Pfeiler of Southfork was a
passenger to Dubuque the first of the
Mr. Henry Schnier ot Southfork tran
sacted business in Dyersville last Mon
Assessor J. V. Weber, who was very
sick last week, is getting along nice!
and will soon be able to bo around agaii.
Quitea number of dogs have been kill
ed in Dixon Settlement supposed to
have been bitten by a mad dog that
passed through that country not main
days ago.
Air. and Mrs. G. Schnieder of Peters
burg were here Wednesday to visit
their son John, assistant cashier of tht
Farmers State Bank.
Mr. and Mrs. George Domayer o'
Petersburg spent Sunday in Dyersvilh
with Mr. and Mrs. John bchacherer
parents of Mrs. Domayer.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arnold of Plum
Creek went to Independence last week
to visit their son-in-law and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. li. Fuller. Mr. Arnold
returned Monday and Mrs. Arnold will
remain forsometime yet. "Hank" will be
a grass widower for awhile.
Mr. Henry Arnold is in receipt of a
letter from his son Lieut. Fred Arnold
of the U. S. Army, in which he states
that the snow is from 5 to 15 feet deep
in Montana and that the weather is re
markably cold, beating all former rec
ords for low temperature in March,
Spring has not as yet made its ap-
William Decker and wife, of Win- week.
throp, visited at the McElroy home last
li. li. liobinson was in our vicinity
last Wednesday.
Miss Mary llaennig left last Thurs
day for a three weeks visit with her un
cle at Epworth.
E. F. Robinson is very ill at this
li. F. Stewart transacted business in
Masonville last Friday.
Miss Anna Welch and May McMahon
attended Institute in Manchester last
Wm. Barry had a "bee" hauling a
car of lumber for his new barn, last Fri
Miss Jay Wellman visited with Mrs.
Corwin Cross last Sunday,
Dr. C. C. Bradley made-three profes
sional calls in our neighborhood lust
ICarl Cross visited his uncle in Man
chester last week.
Thu schools will soon begin for the
spring term.
Mr. Frank swindle will teach in the
Can-others' district, Miss Anna Welch
the- Mnlvehill district, Miss Agnes
McCaffrey, of Dubuque, in the Mulli
gan diat.-k-.. and May McMahon in the
Stewart district.
Those few lines from Slocum's pen
were very interesting. We would like I Swinburne.
to hear from him oftener. Mehitable
said he had gone to the war but 1 saw
him sowing oatB the other day. (V)
A large crowd attended the dinner at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Savage
last Tuesday.
David Bleakly arrived home from
Riverside, California, the latter part of
last week. He is very much delighted
with California.
Mrs. N. M. Rowlev and little daugh
ter Opal returned Saturday evening
Last Saturday a telegram came to
Mr. and Mrs. Conwell from the county
auditor at Marion, saying that he re
ceived information of the death of a
young man by the name of Charley
Conwell, near Kansas City. As they
did not know just where their son was
they concluded it must be their Charley,
but hoped against fate that it was not
he, but further investigation proved it
was their own wandering boy. The
blow has been a -severe one to
the old folks. He died March 18, and
the man he was working fqr not kniW'
ing where his parents lived, it was
some time before he found out. The
body will probably be exhumed and
brought home for interment.—Monitor.
shops, returned home the fore part of
last week, she took the train at Hop
kinton Friday morning for Arlington,
where she will act as trimmer in a large
millinery Btore a*t that place.
Miss Maude Smith of Monticello vis
ited with Sand Springs society one eve
ning last week.
A large number of friends concentra
ted their social faces at the home of
Max Stevenson's Tuesday evening of
laBt week. A very good time was had
by all. It was the best party of the
Miss Amy Chaplain entered the Ep
worth Seminary one day last week.
Miss Ilersey, of Monti, waB visiting
with Maude /oiler the first of last week.
Mr. George Lawrence in order to get
his educational expenses paid went to
Iowa City, last week to enter the
school there. The oflicers thought him
to be a trille too young to enter, and
concluded he would be of the right age
next September so Mr. Lawrence will
work on the farm until the fall term
Tyle Chadwell is agent at this place
for a superior kind of ink powders. He
sells them at ten cents per package, and
has had good luck so far.
Mrs. Nellie McGinnis has been re
ceiving a large number of orders for
Alfred Pests wall paper of late.
The line inspector, II. E. Seeley, of
Oxford came near injuring himself near
this place one day laBt week. He was
coming on his car down the grade and
striking a stone, upBetthe whole shoot
ing match which rolled down the cliff
at a rough rate. Nothing was harmed
to any extent.
The dinner at O. C. Depuy's home in
in Hoptown was a success. 83.75 waB
taken into the society's treasury.
Mesdames Louis Cummings, Perry
Thorpe, and William McConnell took
the train here for Cedar ltapids last
Thursday morning.
The northeaBt half of the southwest
portion of the "Gene Gang" were Mon
ticello visitors most all of last week.
Mr. Charles Brodt is sullering the
IOSB of two lingers which were taken
from him in a grist mill on Mr. Kurts
Farm south of town.
Somebody go wind up the lleview.
The fact is very evident that our
E. H. Blanchard drove to Greeley on I
pearance and the farmers are beginning business Thursday.
to get the spring fever in a bad form, Miss Alys Thorpe, of Hopkinton, vis
with no cure for it. ited her aunt, Mrs. S. M. Chase, las
Mr. and Mrs Ed. McGuire, of Marion,
are the parents of a fine boy.
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Stoner, of Dun-1
dee, drove down Saturday, remaining
over Sunday with home folks.
J. T. Stanhope, of Dubuque, had bus-1
iness in town Saturday.
MIBS Opal Stoner is assisting in the
Lyle Corbin is on the sick list this
Misses Kate McGuire, Lizzie Fraser, I
Lizzie Deals,* Ella and Nerva Burton,
attended the institute at Manchester
last week.
The Epworth League business aud I
social meeting will be held with Miss
Maude Swinburne, Friday evening,
April 1.
School begins Monday after one weeks
lloyt Tuttle was in town Thursday.
A. L. Boomer went to Hopkinton on
business laBt Thursday.
Mr. George Dutton was hauling lum-1
ber from town la*t week for his new
house in Milo township.
il. M. ltoot and Mrs. Sarah Cook had
business in Manchester Friday.
Little Ollie Doolittle is on the sick
The W. F. M. S. will meet Thursday I
afternoon, April 5th, with Mrs. C. E.
Seeley Billings was quite sick last
week but is recovering.
The ice has been strong enough the I
past week to furnish skating for the
young people.
Misses Maude and Lucy Glen, of
Manchester, Sundayed in town.
George Wheeler, of Strawberry Point
spent Wednesday in Lamont.
John Flaucher purchased a line horse
last Saturday at Cedar Falls.
C. T. Rosa returned from Colfax, Iowa
Thursday where he was sent Monday
irom several days visit with the lady tj delegate to attend the Grand Lodge
parents at Ryan. I (Legion of Honor) which convened at
Town election passed oil very quietly ^at place
Monday, a light vote being polled.
There waB but one ticket in the field,
namely, A. K. Sheldon and A. F. Pill
ard for councilmen, and W. II. Hal
stead for assessor.
E. May haB been on the sick list the
past six weeks but is now og the mend.
Miss Emma Bracher, of Lamont, I
who has been visiting her sister at
Mason City the past several weekB, vis-
Miss Ida Ilalstead arrived hoijie from I niss Addie Dunning in~Strawberry
Clay county where she has been teach
ing, last Thursday morning. She says
when she left there the snow was so
deep that it-was impossible for travel to
follow the roads, but most of the way
went through fields.
Point from Thursday until Sunday
while on her way home.
Died Friday, March 31, in Cedar Falls
W. T. Moore formerly of Lamont, held
in high esteem by all.
Frank Turner spent March 26th in
Strawberry Point.
Joe Flaucher transacted business in
Strawberry Point Wednesday March
Frank Brownell attended the wed
ding of hiB niece. Miss Mable Brownell
of Stanley and Loren Cotton, of
Lamont, last Wednesday March 29th
Married at Stanley, March 29th, 1899
by the Rev. Jesse Smith, of Lamont, at
the bride's parental home
Mrs. Helen "Nellie" Flaucher closed
a very successful term of school in the

Shop In Masonic Blk,
over C. O. D. Grocery
Loren Cotton,
of Lamont and Miss Mable Brownell.
Both are good, industrious thorough
going young people. Tbey ^sill go to
house keeping on the groom's farm I
on out
north of Lamont. May success, peace
and happiness accompany them through
life is the wish of their Lamont friends. I
Miss Mary Sheldon returned from her I
several months visit in New York,
J. it. Morrison waB fooling around in
a northerly direction last Saturday.
Miss Lucy Olmstead who has learned „.
the millinery trade in Cedar RapidB '-1J J' „J®—' MIBS Clara Pitcher and Miss BesBie
Smith and Fred Field returned from
Chicago Saturday morning after a four
teen days stay in the "the Fair city."
Mr. Smith Field had an operation on
hiB neck which proved very successful.
T.J. CloBe, of Waterloo, transacted
business in Lamont Thursday.
Misa Etta Jones, of Arlington visited
her parental home and many friends
here Thursday.
The W. O. W. had a dance Monday
The new comedy, "Taming a Wife."
was rendered in the Lamont opera
house last Saturday evening by Burton
and Co.
The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs. Min
nie Ludley Thursday March 30th.
Dr. Dorman, of Manchester, spent
April 3rd in Lamont.
The L. A. S. of the M. E. church
served dinner at the Mrs. Mary Dun
ham home Wednesday, March 20th.
Nearly one hundred dined there.
ltev. Jesse Smith preached the
Baccalaurate sermon Sunday evening.
The Junior grade furnished the music.
The theme was "Advancement." The
text was "Go forward" Ex. 14:15.
The Junior class of the Lamont high
school gave a banquet at the D. M.
Brown home Monday evening, April
3rd in honor of the graduation of the
The graduating program will be
rendered in the opera home Jo-night
Wednesday. There are eight in the
class Beven girlB and one boy, namely
Lydia, May and Loren Brown, May
Keicb, Bessie Doak, Laura Berridge,
Harriet llesner and Lulu Thompson.
There was a mission sociable held at
Is not only a good place to discuss Uneeda
Biscuit, but a good place to test them—test
them by tasting. For a cup of tea accentuates
the delicate goodness of the new delicacy, and
the flavor of a good cup of tea is, in turn, made
betterbyllneeda Biscuit. Youcan'tunder
stand this until you try them, for there is noth
ing in your past experience with biscuit to
make a comparison. The best biscuit skill in
the country is concentrated in
Ask your grocer about them. Bold only In 6cent packafftt.
Never in any other way.
Artistic Tailoring
My Spring Suitings have arrived and those desiring stylish and
handsome suits should not full to call and examine my stock. I have
the latest patterns in ovorennting and pants that will cateli your eye
at a glance. I also have a choice selection of fabric that I' am mak
ing up at a reasonable prion and I would like to take your order at
once. My high grade custom work speaks for itself, You get the
latest style and (it and best of workmanship at A. L. Sovertson, the
artistic tailor.
streets Saturday.
building by raising the back part and
enlarging the building.
MisB S. May Howes, teacher of violin
in Hillsdale college, Hlllcock, MichigaiJ,
expects to spend the summer with ber
parents in Aurora. Miss Hewes will
have a violin, piano and organ class in
Lamont. Terms 60 cents per leBson
The L. A. S. of the F. W. Baptist
church had a
Brownell home Tuesday, March 28th.
John Bonney has the erysipelas in
his face.
J. J. l'iele is improving rapidly.
The K. of I"s. gave an elaboratt
orate ban-
farmers will not be able to "feel their I quet Wednesday evening March 29, in
oatB" next fall if spring does not come
pretty soon.
We notice the assessor's turn comes
next and he is always on hand.
Say did you wear your Easter hat
last Sunday.
honor of Joseph Jackson who will soon
move to Kansas.
MrB. El. a Sheldon gave a party in
honer of ber two little sons, Bert and
Willie, Wednesday. The little folks
reported "the bestest time we ever did
According to the Express our friend Kenyon, formerly of Lamont, but now
Charles Butler has had one of his hands
sawed off in the sawmill at Bellevue.
Somebody get married quick for
there is no news.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Crocker are visit
ing with Mrs. Charles Wood in Dubu
liemember the Sunday Bchool conven
tion next Sabbath.
of Arlington, who has been taking I
treatment at Iowa City, is improving,
she will soon be able to return to her
home. Mr. Kenyon is with her.
Kreussel & Bracher purchased the I
lumber business of Ethon Tickner last
J. L. Allison was a caller in town
Dr. Swinburne was in Dubuque on
Among those who attended the
Normal at Manchester from Earlville
were Prof. W. E. Burke, Miss Mattie
Murley, MISB Whipple, John Williams,
Miss Iva Dunn Bpent a few days last
week with Mrs. Curtis llockaday near
Mrs. Dr^ Parker spent a few days at
her home in Manchester the latter part
of the week.
MIBB Caro Staehle and Caro Millen
were gueBts of friends in Greeley on
Mr. Clyde Foote left for Omaha, Wed
nesday night. There he will attend
Business College, and be with his broth
er during the summer.
E. 11. Millen returned to Iowa City,
Monday evening.
Will Cattron had business in the
county seat Friday.
On Tuesday, James lteeder delivered
forty four head of fat cattle to parties
from Bloomington, 111., for which he
received $2275, and on the same day
William Ede sold 22 head of cattle to
the same parties receiving over 813(10.
Bisgrove and Van Fleet sold on the
same day to Monticello parties over
$1400 worth of cattle.
Our grain market is beginning to
boom again, much corn being delivered
to II. Pitcher, who pays 25 and 20 cents
per bushel.
J. C. Nteman shipped a car of fine
horses to Chicago on Tuesday last, lie
returned from Chicago on Friday morn
Miss Esther O'Neal,
of Colesburg spent
a few days calling on friends in Earl
ville, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Schrimmerhorn, of Win
throp, Bpent Sunday at the home of ltev.
.. MrB. Susie Aldous, of Manchester, is
the Ethan 1
ickner home Friday even-
viBiting at her father
ing, March diet. I Mrs. Knowles and Miss Grace Her
v'Bited the normal at Manchester
Monday evening.
Miss Irmscher was a guest of her sis
ter, MrB. Wiokersheme one day last
On Sunday morning the Congrega
tional church had Easter services in
their church. The revival meetings
will be continued in the M. E. church
duri th
a dinner at the Frank
Harry Culbertson, of Spencer, spent a
few days here this week.
Frank Irish's brother, P. II. Irish, who
enlisted in the signal corps and went to
the Philippines, will be mtiBtered out
the first of April, when he will visit our
The city election passed very quietly
I We are pleased to hear Mrs. Harriet Pf0^^'th®re being only one ticket in
the 8nd lts
,, .... 1 the team to James Clendenen but he re
a s^ra?w^ksX^errringg8"ofh« thus throwing the
aged father. My but M. P. is Bpry and IC0Bte
candidates, T. B. Arm­
strong and Frank Irish were elected.
The horse stealing scrape has turned
out like the preachers' son, bad. An er
ror was made In tbe original papers and
an attorney advised the justice to return
Burgess. The thief
he unties all of the time now. caught and has confessed to his guilt,
haB been
IA. L. Severtson,
No other dye can do what theee will.
Each package dyes all materials—cotton, wool, silk and
mixed goods. It washes and cleans while it dyes.
Does not injure or stain hands or utensils. Colors
...... absolutely fast, never fade or wash out.
Dyes cotton fabrics in from 5 to 10
minutes without boiling.
It is antiseptic and non-irritating can be worn next the skin
by the most delicate baby. Makes home dyeing a pleasure,
renewing soiled garments with a new brightness and freshness
obtainable by no other method. Quick, cheap, clean, easy.
Only 10 Cents a Package, Any Color.
For sale by all Druggists and General Dealers.
Take no substitute. No other has the same merit.
.EAB.LV IliliE
II. li. Uolmes'of'the Nfews wat
MisB Ella Marshall, of Manchester,
was the guest of friends in thiB place,
last Saturday.
The following farmers of this vicinity
will build new barnB, this season
Chris Sauerbry, on the Moser place,
Fred Glass, and A. R. Carrier.
Austin Thyne, Jr., Will, Peter, and
Bert Henry and Earl Stalnaker had a
two (lays hunt last week. They se
cured seven foxeB, three of them old
and four young ones. Small game was
not touched. The boys report a splen
did time.
Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, of Man
chester, are here, guests at G. E
Gratke's. They came to attend the
10th anniversary of Mrs. Marshall's
sister, Mrs. Ira Whitman, which event
takes place today at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel Gratke.
J. B. Engstrom, wife and children
of Manchester, are guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Allen. Mr.
Engstrom IB the inventor of the Dairy
City farm gate, one of which he now
has on exhibition at Mr. Allen's shop.—
Mail-Press. s-kssk
Misses Margurite and Vennle Piatt
visited relatives at Greeley this week.
Tbe Smith sisters marketed thirty
five hogs last Wednesday weighing
an average of 320 lbs each.
MIBS Lillie Joseph arrived Wednes
day morning from Anamosa and IB
spending her vacation at home.
W. D. Jenks, a hotel-keeper in Du
mont was here this week, looking up
the advisability of taking charge of the
McConnell, Place and Wilson hotel.
Mrs. J, D. Piatt and little son depart
ed Monday night, for South Dakota
where she will join her husband who
went in advance with tbe household
Miss Pearl Beck who haB been at the
home of C. C. Pride and wife the past
six months left last Friday for Cedar
Rapids where she will spend the sum
mer with her sister Jessie.
Mrs. M. R. Doolittle and sons, Wil
liam and Lawrence are visiting with
her parents, Rev. Daniel Uusseil and
wife at Manchester this week.
The city election passed otf very
quietly here Monday. The oflicers
elected were: E. M. Loop and Martin
Steen councilmen, and F. C. Reeve re
Does Coffee Agree With YouP
If not, drink Grain-O—made from
pure grains. A lady writes: "The first
time 1 madeGrain-oI did not like it but
after uBing it for one week nothing
would induce me to go back to coiTee."
It nourishes and feedB the system. The
children can drink it freely with great
benefit. It is the strengthening sub
stance of pure grainB. Get a package to
day from your grocer, follow the direc
tions in making it and you will hare a
delicious and healthful table beverage
for old and young.
Q. S.=
but has not yet received the sentence of
the court.
Burton's Comedians dlttbanded here
Sunday. Two of the company quit
Saturday night, and the other members
informed the managers, Burton & Til
den, that they did not propose to go into
the in.-erior with only half a show, until
the week's salary, then due, was forth
coming. While the company were at
dinner the managers had their personal
baggage loaded and well on its way out
of the county before the former em
ployes could get out an attachment.
The striking members of the company
say the end is not yet, but that they pre
ferred to loBe one weeks pay rather than
continue in the employ of Burton &TI1
den.—Home Press.
I6e and 860.
flanchester, la:
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Manchester, Iowa
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as usual for
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