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Mrs. Cooke, of Earlville, visited with
her daughter, Mrs. 15. Skinner, apart of
last week.
Ollie Smith has returned from her
visit in Arlington, made the iaBt of the
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Glfford visited
with their daughter's family at the Bay
Settlement recently.
Several of our folks in this part of
town celebrated the Fourth at Rvan
and had an enjoyable time.
May Skinner is enjoying rural life a
few miles out of town with a siBter who
lives on a farm.
Rev. Harnish, of the United Brethern
church preached at the St. Paul's
church yesterday. His subject was
"Sowing," taking for his text Isaiah 32
20. There was a large attendance,all of
whom were greatly interested.
J. E. Frentress, of Thorpdf Iowa, set
up a gasoline engine on Jas. Patton's
farm east of town Wednesday.
A. E. Sheldon and family, former
residents of this place, passed through
town on their way to Delhi, where they
visited Mrs. Sheldon's mother.
C. A. Jerome has purchased a new
Deeringself binder and says that he
will be as independent as a hog oji ice.
Mr. Thos. Patton, of Cherokee, la.,
is visiting relatives and friends at this
place. He is accompanied by his
nephew, Ralph Knox, of Marcus.
Mrs. E. E. Morse, of Manchester,
visited her daughter, Mrs. Frank E.
Patton the latter part of the week. Mr.
Morse drove down Saturday night to
accompany her home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Patton enter
tained Mr. Thos. Patton and nephew.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Knox, Mrs. Jos. Pat
ton, Mrs. Dan Gibson and daughter and
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Henderson for din
ner Sunday.
John Beatty, Bert Henderson and
Joseph Coquelette returned home from
Des Moines Thursday morning where
they were looking up the threshing ma
chine business. We understand that Mr.
Beatty bought a very fine running out
fit, propelled by steam and has the
latest Improvements.
Thos. Henderson haB purchased a
new mower of our dealer, Alex. Mc
Henry McMullen sold twelve head of
nice heifers to a Cedar Rapids buyer.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Calhoun are the
proud parents of a baby boy, born Sat
urday night. Congratulations.
Charley Wilson, of Buck Creek, WSB
seen on our streets Sunday.
11. Arnold and wife spent the Fourth
with the family of J. B. Fuller at Inde
H. Millen, of Greeley, was in town,
Henry Peters while shooting fire
crackers Monday evening had the mis
fortune to have one explode in such a
manner as to seriously injure three of
the fingers on his right hand.
The Denton railroad force returned
from the west, Monday.
Edson William's boy Leslie was kick
•. ed in the face by & colt Wednesday
evening, it being necessary to take sev
eral stitches to dress the wound.
E. Bisgrove's team ran away Wed
nesday but very little damage was done.
They broke looBe from a hitching
The Fourth was a quiet one in Earl
ville. Picnics seemed to be the most
popular and those who did not go to
Dyersville spent the day in this way.
The largest picnic was the one at H. J.
Vanfieets, about 150 persons being
C. Tinkey and wife, who recently
moved to town, are rejoicing over the
arrival of a daughter, horn July 2nd.
A game of ball will be played here
with the Dubuque Y. M. C. A. team in
the near future.
G.G. Davey and family, F. Merrick
and Jerry Jacobs and wife spent the
Fourth at Fleming's mill fishing.
About 100 pounds of bass were caught.
Miss Bertha Staehle arrived home
from Burt, Iowa, Thursday afternoon.
B. W. James, of Guttenberg was in
town last week.
John Flynn, of Dubuque, spent the
Fourth with his brother William. Mr.
Flynn Is working on one of the Dubu
que newspapers.
J. A. Thomas, of Ryan, was here on
business Friday.
Will Cattron and Misses Grace and
Ruth Ilereey and Bertha Staehle picnic
ed at Fountain Spring Mill near Gree
ley Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schaller visited
fiends in the city all IaBt week.
J. B.Taylor, R. H. VanWagner, Jas.
Rogers,W.l.Mlllen,Bert Powell, Arthur
Barre, Howard Gardner, Dr. Parker,
Emmor Millen, AVill McCabe andChas.
Liebe, went to Manchester Saturday to
attend the ball game between Center
Point and Manchester.
Editor Junkin, of Fairfield, Iowa, 1b
visiting at J. B. Swinburne's.
Mrs. F. W. Anders WBB falling on
friends here Saturday.
A program was given by the Y. I', S.
C. E. at the Congregational church Sun
day evening.
Mr. Rose, of Marietta, Ohio, is visit
ing at Dr. Swinburne's. Mr. Rose holds
a prominent position in the manage
ment of the State Penitentiary at that
J. W. Roe, of Manchester, was a vis
itor here Saturday.
Several from here spent Friday after
noon and evening at John Cruise's.
Miss Ruby Noble, of Graettlnger,
Iowa, came here Tuesday for a four or
five weeks visit.
Miss Mary NelBon, of Racine, Wis.,
was the guest of Miss Belle Whipple
this week.
C. B. Ulancbard rode his wheel to
Independence and Oelwein Saturday,
returning "part way" Sunday on the C.
G. W.R.R.
Mrs. Moreland, of Delmar, Iowa, is
visiting relatives here.
Mrs. L. B. Blancbard spent Tuesday
in Manchester.
Miss Julia Shepard, of New Hamp
ton, is vlBiting her many friends here.
Miu Clara Evans, of Wyoming, Is,
is visiting her many friends in this,
U. M. Bowers and family of Arling
ton, spent the fourth of July here.
Will Xorris left here Wednesday for
Oelwein where he has gone to begin
work as Qreman.
Miss Alice Peck drove to Volga
Saturday to take Mrs. King, who goes
there to care for Mrs. Hawthorne, who
is very
MIbb Tid Peck returned
with her sister Sunday. They report
their Bister some better.
Mre. W. Cole and daughter Blanch
returned home Wednesday.
Ernest True and wife arrived here
Mrs. J. H. Firman and son Glenn
have returned from Wisconsin.
Orland Eaton and wife anived here
Saturday from Cuba, Kansas.
Will Rickets, of Hopkinton, spent
the fourth of July here.
Mrs. Pelleymounter and Miss Rose
Frye, of Greeley, spent Tuesday at
Fred Royden's.
Camp Meeting Is in session. ..
Frank Burbrldge has been under the
doctor's care for a few days.
Dr. DenniB Fltzpatrick came home
on Saturday and will remain about six
A large number of walnut logs are
being shipped from Strawberry Point,
for the government. They are to be
made into gun-stocks.
Mrs. John Webster was taken very
ill last week with rheumatism of the
heart and for a day or so was danger
ously sick but at this writing is much
Charles Nelson came in this morning
from San Francisco, where he has been
in the service of Uncle Sam's army for
the past month. He failed to pass the
required examination and was dis
John Ocker'B dog celebrated the 4th
on Monday instead of Tuesday, and
now he is sorry that he spoke. Some
boys had lighted a cannon cracker and
threw it into the street and the dog
wishing to be in the game grabbed the
cracker in his mouth, be knows more
now if one eye is gone and he covered
with bruises.
Sunday just after dinner the alarm of
fire was given, the residence of O. Wil
cox was discovered to be on fire,
blaze was coming out all along the
comb of the roof and running up the
weather boarding on the west end
Prompt assistance soon extinguished
the fire but not until a good deal of
damage was done. How the lire
a mystery as there had been
no fire in the building during the day.
The loss was fully covered by insurance.
—Home PresB.
Mrs. A. B. Wheeless, has gone to
MarcuB to be with her sister, Mrs. W
S. Davis, who iB quite sick.
Misses Florence Ricketts and Mar
garet Copeland are to represent the
Lenox Y. W. C. A. at Geneva this sum
mer. They departed Thursday night
Miss Copeland coming here first.
Miss Emeroie Davis departed Thurs
day night for California, where she will
spend apart of her vacation. At Den
ver she will' be met by Miss Minnie
Campbell, who will accompany her dur
ing the remainder of the excursion.
Lee Lyons, while plowing in the corn
field July 4th,
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Tregenza and son
Elbert, of Brooklyn New York, visited
r. with Mrs. H. G. Millen last week,
shot just below
the knee in the Oeshy part of the leg.
It was quite a mysterious affair, until it
was found that a hired hand at a neigh
boring farm had taken the rifle, a 22
calibre, and was Bhooting some birds,
It is supposed that carelessness in point
ing the gun resulted as above. At any
rate there are, we understand, no
charges other than this.
The case of the State of Iowa VB.
Wm. Aldrich, wherein the defendant
was charged with stealing flour from
the store of Wood & Gelvin, at Sand
Spring, was started last Saturday,
change of venue was taken from Justice
Brazelton to
Tibbetts. County
Attorney Blair,
by E. C. Per­
kins appeared for the state and W.
Welch for the defense. Twenty-six wit
nesses were subponuid. After the law
yerB, witnesses, prisoner and all had
gone out to Mr. Tibbitt's home, east of
town, it was found that there was an
error in making out one of the papers
and they could not proceed with the
preliminary examination, so it was
agreed that the hearing be waived and
the defendant was placed under $200
bonds to appear before the grand jury
in October.—Leader.
Herman Schutte, of Pingree Grove,
111., arrived in Lamont Thursday after
noon to visit his brother-in-law, George
Jiracher, two weeks or more.
Mre. Charles Little returned from
Pingree Grove Thursday after a four
week's visit with Mrs. J. H. Schutte and
Mrs. Grace Benedict entertained Mrs.
M. A. Winkel and little Harold, of
Webster City Mrs. D. H, Blossom, of
Oelwein, W. S. Shultz and wife, of
Jesup James Benedict and family, of
Oneida, and Mre. Jeanette Benedict
Stimson and husband, of Stanley, last
Mrs. Mary Sharpf and children de
parted for their home in Prairie du
Chien Thursday morning after a three
week's visit here with her mother, Mrs.
Lens Bracher and other relatives.
The Fourth of July celebration passed
oil finely everything went merrily, big
crowd, very pretty decorations, very en
tertaining program. The drills, under
the leadership of P. C. Arildson, were
among the best. The oration by llev.
II. Lusk and the reading of the Declara
tion of Independence, by Miss Anna
Clark were very distinct and very in
Miss Clara Bracher accompanied her
Bister, Mrs. Scharpf to Prairie du Cbien
Thursday for a Beveral weeks' visit
among her former school mates.
Mise Emma Bracher returned from
Dubuque Monday after a several weeks'
visit there with his brother John and
and Will Tighe have pur­
chased the city restaurant of C. G.
C. G. Flaucher and family have
moved back to their residence.
C. P. Keenan and family, of Man
chester, spent several days of IaBt week
in Lamont.
About 8 o'clock July 4th morning,
Frank Sheldon's residence was found
to be on are—the alarm was given, the
engine seemed animated, never was they moved into their residence at
more willing and expeditious helping I Petersburg. He is survived by his wife
friends on hand, hundreds ran to help, and two children, John and Auna, who
But little harm was done. No one can have the sympathy of the entire corn
solve the cause of fire as there had been, munity. Deceased was one of the
no lire in that house for several days. pioneer settlers of this -vicinity and
John Flaucher Jr. was a Waterloo helped to turn the wild wastes into fer-
business caller Wednesday and Thurs
Fred Starr Bpent July 4th in Cedar
P,alla with (V) well what do you care,
five of our very best girls are there in
school and for all we know maybe he
escorted them all July 4tn.
Station agent E. S. Manchester re
turned from Northfield, Minnesota,
Thursday p. m., he reports his ntother
as "a little improved." Mrs. Manches
ter and little Marion remained in North
Frank and Ed Marson, of Oelwein
renewed friendship here July 4.
Miss Raymond, of Des Moines, in
company with the three Misses Schug,
of Aurora, visited the Ehrke, Kreussel
and Bracher families July 0 th:
H. Ebrke is building the Stevenson
juBt Bouth
of town.
Born to Wm. Garland and wife June
29th, a daughter.
The Misses Myrtle and Emma Otis,
of Manchester andEd Goodsell, of Far
ley, were among the welcomed crowd
here July 4th.
Mrs. Nora Jones and two children, of
Dubuque, visited relatives here last
A rough estimate says 7,000 or more
walked Lamont's streets July 4th.
Miss Josie Schneider, of Greeley, VIB
ited o*Ur little Lena Hutton last week.
Mrs. Joseph i*enberthy and children
returned from New Hampton Saturday
July 1.
D. M. Whitney and family returned
from W irth, Arkansas Thursday.
Mesdames Benedict and Stimpson
spent Sunday with their Oelwein rela
Mrs. G. G. Blanch and son, Johnnie
spent several days the first of
week in Arlington, Iowa, with the
lady's daughter, Mrs. W. A. Kyle.
Mrs. M. F. Hollingsworth returned
to her home at Palo Saturday. Her
mother, Mrs. F. M. Philipa accompan
ied her home for a few days visit there,
The only fantastic Bcene in Coggon
on the 4th was A. E. Nugent when he
drove into town in the morning wear
ing a coat of stars and stripes and toot
ing an old tin horn.
The annual meeting of the Linn
county Veteran Association will be
held in Center Point Aug. 23 and 24
The old soldiers there are enthusiastic
and are making arrangements to enter
tain the visitors in fine Btyle.
While in swimming with several of
his playmates Johnnie Grlflin came
near ueing drowned. After going to
the bottom two or three times be was
rescued by some of the other boys, un
harmed but considerably frightened.—
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Barr, of Thorpe,
were guests in town last Friday.
About 80 men are here working at
ballasting on the railroad track.
Mrs. M. A. Hoag and daughter,
Carrie, left Monday morning for a
visit in Primghar with Mrs. C. U.
Fred Tarbox is constantly gaining.
He has been moved home and is able
to be up some each day.
Rose Sargent and little brother from
Spencer, arrived here Monday evening
for a
with relatives.
The ball game, last Thursday, be
tween a team from Manchester and the
local nine resulted in a victory for
Charles Huene went to Charles City
last Friday, and secured a situation
with the I'lano Manufacturing Co.,
whose general agent for thlB eefction
resides there. He returned Saturday
evening.—Mail Press. 3'
Several kegs of beer spent the Fourth
in this vicinity.
Mr. Farweil, of Manchester, was out
thiB way recently with Singer sewing
Italph Dunham, of Manchester, pass
ed through here Saturday on his way to
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Burbridge have a
new boy born July 2nd.
Miss Carrie Heiden visited her
brother, A. W. Heiden, last week.
W. K. Bundy and wife spent the
Fourth at Oelwein with their daughter,
Mrs. HaU.
Quite a number of the neighbors had
a picnic at Geo. COX'B the Fourth. All
report a good time and plenty of ice
F. Burbridge received a serious in
jury last Monday, while putting in a
pair of scales, by cutting hlB foot with
an adz.
Mr. J. B. Dunham of Almoral, visited
his son, Buel, last Tuesday.
Dick Miller went to Dubuque, last
Sandy Smith has gone to Waterloo to
apply for a position as brakesman on
the railroad.
Elder King and Brother Bundy have
entered the political field and are calling
on friends and foes alike.
Jas. Foley, of Manchester was the
guest of Mr. John Hynes and family
the Fourth.
Mrs Jos. krapfl and Mrs. R. Fitz
patrick have returned from a pleasant
visit with relatives at Delmar.
Niss Anna Kircbholf who has been at
Manchester for some time has returned
to her home in this city.
Miss Susie Jaeger, of Northfork went
over to New Hampton Monday wbere
she visited over the Fourth with her
brother John and family.
Mrs. Henry Westemeier departed for
home with her children last Monday,
after a pleasant visit of several weeks
with her father, brothers, siBtere, and
Grandma F. Westemeier. They reside
near New Hampton.
Mr. Herman Bruggeman died at the
family residence at Petersburg last
Thursday, June 29 th, 1899, after along
spell of sickness, at the age of seventy
eight years. He was a native of
Hanover, Germany, and was born in
1821, and came to America in 1852, and
settled at New Vienna. In the same
year he was joined in marriage with
Miss Helena Hermsen. They settled
on their farm near Bear Grove where
ihtj resided until this urtna when
tile fields. He was a "thorough chris
tian gentleman, a kind father and good
neighbor and died respected by a large
circle of friends. The funeral took
place at Petersburg last Monday' and
was very largely attended. After re
queim services at the church, his re
mains were laid to rest in St. Peter A
Paul's cemetery, Rev. Father Bottler
performing the solemn rites. May he
rest in peace.—Commercial.
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JULY 6-21. '99.
Everyone knows what a delightful time cau be
had at the Chautauqua Assembly at Cedar
River Park and what a fine place It is for a sum
mer outing of two or three days a week or two
—1— ». |been
een larger.
and the 1899 pro*
weeks, the program each year has larger,
better and more entertaining, and
gram far exceeds that of last year.
For a copy of the program and list of talent,
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liams ONE DAY LATER than the dates nanod.
The new "Southern Homeseekers" Guide de
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Homeseektm' Excnniona to Points on Oqicr
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Tho Illinois Central will also sell on the Irst
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many of the Western, Southwestern and Sotth
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Epworth League Convention, Indian
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tion International Epworth League, at
Indianapolis, Ind., July 20-23, the Illi
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South Dakota, at a rate of only
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Jul 24th, with privilege of extension
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Agency fee of SO cents, and depositing
ticket on or before July 24th.
For further information and advertis
ing circulars address the undersigned.
A. G. P. A., 111. Cent. K.
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