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•®lje democrat.
—Henry Funke, one of Colony's moat
prosperous farmers, was a pleasant call
•r in onr olty last Saturday.
—There is a tip in Judge Seeds' letter
on second page that those interested in
the public library should protit by.
—The Sunshine club will meet in
festive array this week Friday evening
with Mr. Will and Miss Georgia
—Everyone is anticipating a real
treat in the bearing of "What Hap
pened to Jones" to be put on at Central
Opera House to-night, Wednesday.
—Bradley Lillibrldge and Hunt
Armstead, attendants of the Cedar
Rapids Business College, came home
for the Thanksgiving vacation return
ing Monday to school duties.
—Dr. C. L. Leigh spent Thursday
with his parents in DyerBVllle. A. well
filled basket of jolly good things to eat
Meompanied the doctor and we trow
tbey helped make up a sumptuous din
—There is a very alluring induce
ment to the trade, offered in A.usti
Brown's ad. this week. The whole Is
good honest reading and in this time of
holiday preparation it will pay everyone
to look upjils column elsewhere in this
—David Beebler, of the Chicago Art
School, has made the Library board and
the Charley's Aunt Company deeplyhis
debtor by furbishing a beauty poster
heraldingthe coming event. The same
can be seen in the window of Welcome
Abbott's drng store.
—Mr. and iMra.'W. O. Blake enter
Mined the new duplicate whist organi
zation last Friday evening, a change of
evening occurring because of the
Thanksgiving ball at Pythian Castle.
Mr. and Mrsi Cbas. Hamblin and Clark
Day were substitutes for members un
able to attend.
—Emory Newton left Tueaday of
this week 'or Independence, where he
has been appointed to the position of
assistant secretary of the Y. M. C. A.
Mr. Newton is well qualified for the
duties qnd will no doubt make a suc
cess of the work. He was chosen from
list of over twelve candidates for the
—Married, in Chicago, Nov.ember
25th, Mr. E. Colils and Miss Ella Ten
tony. Mr. Oollis was recently em
ployed here by the Manchester Electric
Light Company but now is working in
the street-car machine shops in Chicago
and there the newly wedded couple will
live. Mrs. Colils has always lived here
and her many friends will wish for her
all of sunshine and none of shadow.
—A tender hearted woman living in
Waterloo hit upon a novel and simple
method of ridding her house of rats.
Her sensibilities revolting at the idea of
a steel-trap, she filled a tub half full of
water, and poured hBlf a bushel of oats
upon the turface. This she placed in a
room frequented by the pests. tin
making an examination a short time
afterwards, she found twenty-seven
victims hsdbeen drowned by the. de
vice.—Bockford Register.
—The following Is a little boy's ver
sion of dad's breeches: "When dad has
worn his trousers out they pasB to bro
ther John: then ma turns them round
•bout and William puts them oo.
When William's legs so long haye
grown, the trousers fail to hide thtm
then Walter claims 'em for biB own and
styles himself inside 'cm. Next Sam's
tat legs they close invest and when
they won't stretch no tighter they're
turned and shortened washed and
pressed and fixed on me—the writer.
Ma worked them into capB and rugs
when I bust out the stltcheB. At
doomsday we shall see (perhaps) the
last of dad's old breeches."
—The society editor of the Indepen
dence Bulletin-Journal
figured out the following, which we
clip from the last isBue of that paper
To the members of the various card
parties to be organized and reorganized
during the coming season, the follow
ing will prove of Interest: A pack con
sists of fifty-two cards, the number of
weeks in a year. There are four suits,
the number of weeks in a month. On
counting the spots on a pack of cards I
find that they total up to the exact
number of days In a year. The twelve
court cards may be said to represent
the twelve months. There are thirteen
trickB in a pack, the number of weeks
.a^arter, No wonder that cards
are called an ingenious' device .of kill
ing time.
—A Missouri poet, whose love for
the Iliad is equaled only by bis praises
for Missouri, wrote the following: "M IB
sour!, heaven bless her from Nodaway
to Pike, from Stohe to Clark and Atch
ison and all the rest alike. She has
vineyards in the Ozarks and blue gratis
on the Grand, while the winding crock
ed Muddy runB through the richiet
-land. She has the talltet women the
world has ever met, and the best long
green "terbacker"'that waB ever in the
vweat. On the bills the
are graz­
ing that no country can surpass, and
the fattest hogs are grunting in the
'meadow and the mast. The thresher's
Ihummin' and the hay's up in the stack,
Twbtle the thrifty hen is cackling Bnd
tbe ducks are going'quack'. No coun
try can surpass her, she's the grandest
'Of 'em all: we'll have corn an pump
Ikins and fodder in the fall."
—Before yatronizlng any traveling
peddler or fakir ask yourself the fol
lowing list of questions submitted by
an exchange: Is the peddlers name on
the street fare fund Did be give any
thing on the school debt? Did he sit
up with yon when you were sick?
When your barn burned did his name
appear on the list of your neighbors
who bought you anew wagon? Was
lie one of the pall bearers when death
came to your home? Did be carry you
on his book when you were out of work
so long as five years ago? Dues he yay
taxes to support the schools of the
town? Will he work for our town
early and late against every other town
-on the face of the eaith? If he will
not respond to all these requirements
lie is certainly not entitled to as much
consideration as our local bus'ness
—Dr. Green, of Dubuque, was in the
Pssandack, of Richland town­
ship, had business in Manchester MOD
—Dr. and Mrs. Scott spent Thanks
giving with the Doctor's brother in In
—Dr. llarry Hoag, of Garner, was
visiting bis parents and other relatives
in the city last week.
—Mrs. L. M, Johnson spent Thanks
giving with her daughter* MIBS Grace,
at Sinsinawa Mound.
—Mr. and Mre. 0. G. Brownell were
made glad last week Monday by the
arrival of a bright baby girl.
—MisB Florence Lister came home
from College at Grinnell to spend the
Thanksgiving vacation days.
Irene Stiles, now of Waterloo,
was the guest of her brother, E. B.
Stilea, and wife, Thanksgiving day.
—Mr. and Mrs. A. Philipp ate
Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. l'hillpp's
parents in the sister town of Earlville
—Prof. Harry Wolcott, of Iowa Col
lege, Grinnell. was a guest in the pa
rental home here the latter part of the
—Carl Clemans came home Tuesday
morning from a few days visit with bis
brother, Will ClemanB, and family in
Cedar Rapids.
—Mrs. A. G. .Box had as guests
Thanksgiving day and the latter part
of last week, Mrs. Charles Cox and son
of Central City.
—Which one of the Peterson Bros. IB
represented as a soup maker by the
picture in their pd Charlie of course,
Doc. waB long ago shorn of his mouB
—Don't fail to see what happened to
Jones' at the Central Opera House,
Wednesday evening. The greatest
show of the winter, strictly first clasB
—Mrs. Layland, of Nashua, has been
visiting relatives here for several days.
She is a Bister of Mrs. Daniel Warner,
Mrs Betsey Harris and Mr. George
—Fred Hruby went to Dubuque Mon
day where he has a position in the P. D.
office as telegraph operator. C. II.Lynch
has taken Fred's place in the telegraph
office here.
—Glenn Conger spent Saturday and
Sunday with his parents in this city,
having come to attend the funeral of
bis aunt, Miss Annis. He returned
Monday morning to his home in La
—The Manchester-Waterloo Y. M.
A. basket ball game Monday evening
was well attended and ended very satis
factorily for Manchester, our team win
ning by a score of 20 to 0. The game
was an interesting one.
—Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Andrews, Mar
sballtown, spent a few days the latter
part of last week with relatives and
friends in and near the city, having
come up especially to eat turkey
Thursday at the home of Mrs. An
drew's parents.
—The many friends in this city of
Fred Cornish have been shaking that
gentleman's hand in cordial western
fashion the past week. He having ar
rived last Thursday ifrom: his-' Montana
home for a weeks visit with his mother,
Mrs. Effie Cornish.
—The Smock Bros, who have been
farming the C. C. Bradle.vj& Co
Coffins Grove township the past year,
have decided to quit farming, and will
sell their cattle, grain, farming
etc, on the premises, on Thursday, De
cember 13, commencing at 10 o'clock
A. M.
—Mr A. E. Atwater and Mi6s Flor
ence, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Atwater, Mrs.
Cornelia Atwater and Miss
sey and"Louis Atwater, Mr. and Mrs.
A liolllster BBd Masters Eddie and
Lawrence were guests in the J. F.
Jackson home in Dubuque, Thanksgiv
ing day.
—The hearts of Mr. and M's. J. B.
Hoag were made very thankful indeed
last week Wednesday evening by the
arrival of a tiny young man who will
here after be known as Joseph Bur
roughs Hoag .May he live long and be
a worthy and substantial addition to
the good old democratic party in Dela
ware County.
—Miss Daisy Dunham entertained a
number of her friends last Friday even
ing, dancing bein(£ the form of amuse
ment enjoyed by the young people.
Supper was served at a late hour after
which good nights were said. Mr
Lewis Atwater and Miss Maude Cary,
pianists assisted by Harry Roe, man
dolinist, furnished delightful music
for the occasion.
A number af the teachers from our
schools here attended the big meeting
in EBrlvilie Saturday last. Among
them we noticed Superintendent
Schwietert and the MisBes Vira Col
iinge, Kathryn Goodell, Ina Chamber
lain, Gertrude Pratt, Birdie Mc Carty,
Helle Huey, Pearl and Lillian Stewart,
Ethel and Mildred Johnston. Mr. atd
Mrs. L. C. Chandler accompanied the
—From the New Hampton Courier
we take the following concerning a for
mer employe of the Manchester Demo
crat: "Floyd l\et, foreman at the Ga
zette office, bad about two "picas" of
the end of his left thumb taken off
Wednesday afternoon by getting it
caught between two rollers of the fold
ing machine. The thumb had to have
medical attendance and it will be sever
al daj'B before Floyd will will make up
another form. No insurance."
—David Beehler of this place
—Miss Alice RUBSBU spent Monday
in Dubuque.
—Judge Blair is holding court at In
dependence this week.
Olive Tucker entertained last
week Wednesday evening.
—Hon. aud Mrs, R. W. Tirrill spent
Thanksgiving with Mrs. Tirrill's broth
er in Aurora.
—M. Beehler and son, Charlie, went
to Des Moines Monday morning to
spend the week.
—R. W. Chambers makes a special
call in his advertising Bpace to the read
ers of the Democrat.
—Miss Beth Cheney spent the last
days of the week just past with friends
in Janesville, Wisconsin.
—"Kaiamity's" annual "Kristmas
Kard" occupies a double half column of
this issue of the Democrat.
—Mrs. Le Roy and Miss Dora Le Roy
Bpent the day of Thanksgiving in Du
buque, the guests of friends.
—Mrs. W. E. Lawrence returned to
Cedar RapidB Monday after a few dBys
visitwltb friends in this city
—Henry Gately, Cripple Creek, Colo
rado, spent Thanksgiving in the 'city
with his sisters, Mrs. Hart and Mrs.
—Mrs. Eva Parrott-Conger and little
daughter left the first of the week for
Davenport where they will be the
The annual celebration of the birth
anniversaries of Mrs. G. W. Fairchilds
and Mrs. E. F. SiaB, occurred Monday
evening of this week at the beautiful
Fairchild home in Pythian Square. The
ladies served tea and its accompanying
delisacies to some thirty guests after
which games aud various amuBementB
were indulged in until the evening
passed into the i^igbt when, with sincere
congratnlations on thiB pleasunt celebra
tion, and kind wishes for many more
happy birthdays, the guests bade good
night to the hostesses.
—Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Clemans de
lightfully entertained a number of their
friends at a half after six o'clock dinner
last Wednesday evening, this being the
last in their series of entertainments.
After a dinner abundant with good
things that go to make this life partly
worth the living, the dintng tabieB were
cleared away and an evening was enjoy
ably spent in retailing bright
mitted a drawing for the cover of the
Thanksgiying. number of Campbell's
Illustrated Journal, the
which was done in three colors and the
first page of the Journal being devoted
to a black and white reproduction of
men, for they help you in these particu
lars }tnd many more.—Hampton Re- work, a combination which is as un
Wrtder,'11 1 usual as it is noteworthy:"
The original of "Thanks-
giving Preparations," is 19 by 18 and iB
now on exhibition at the Seventh Ann
ual Exhibition of StudentB' woik of
the Art Academy. From the^ Journal
we take the following concerning Mr.
Beehler, "David Beehler is a young
artist who is winning note-worthy suc
cess in hie work at the Smith Art Acad
emy. His work shows a strength of
conception, dignity and sympathy of
treatment which distinguishes it from
all others. Ilis forte is in depiction of
folk lore anif in very clever cartoon
—Scharles bits the nail squarely on
the head in his new adv.
—Rather formal Is Mr. J. H. Stewart's
(better known as Harry) new announce
—If you wai.t to buy a good second
hand Bix roller corn husker, read Joseph
Pazandack's local.
—Mrs. Rev. Hubbeli of Edgewood,
was visiting her daughter, Mrs. Oscar
Dorman, last week.
—Jos. Skinner, Chicago, has been In
the city and vicinity the past week vis
iting relatives and friends.
—Mrs. Earl Bronson called on rela
tives here lBst Friday, returning the
Bame day to her home in Spencer.
—Knights Templar Uommandery
have their regular meeting thiB Wedue3
day evening, at which time officers will
be electod for the ensuing year.
—Reserved seats for"Charley's Aunt"
to be given on the evening of Decem
ber 12th, will be on sale to-morrow
morning at Abbott's drug store.
of friends.
—A. S. Cumming, of Dunkerton in
Biackhawk county, was in the city
Monday consulting with R. M. Marvin
on pension business.
—Paul Triem was one of the Coe Col
lege students who spent Thanksgiving
at home. He returned Monday morn
ing to Cedar Rapids.
—John Cameron and Miss Norma
Steele, of Strawberry Point, visited with
the former's parents in thiB city Thurs
day and Friday of last week.
—Mr. and Mrs. Welcome Abbott
were visited by the stork last Saturday.
Mother and baby are doing well and
Welcome is treating on the new boy.
—Reuben Hockaday returned the first
of the week to his college work in Cedar
Rapids after spending Thanksgiving
vacation with his parents and friends
—Justice Pearse performed the mar
riage ceremony tnat united Elaworth
Wilcox, of Greeley, and Miss Tena M.
3chweikert of Littleport last week
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Will Amsden, of Garner, vis
ited in the Rev. Amsden home in this
city last week, departing the latter part
of the week for Earlville where she will
be the guest of her parents.
—Mrs. Gertrude Conger-Hoffman re
turned Monday evening to Dubuque
after a visit in the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E. J.Conger. Mrs. Hoff
man was called here by the death of her
aunt, Miss Annis.
—Robt. Dunlap, a former Manches
ter boy, who is now employed as hotel
clerk in Marshalitown passed through
here Saturday morning on bis way
home to Earlville where he wdl visit
relatives and friends.
—Lay aside some of your Xmas
money to spend at the young ladies baz
aar to be held Friday, December'14,
afternoon and evening in the Congre
gational church parlors. They will sell
dolls, aprons, fancy work,£candy, etc.
and serve a supper at 5.30.
—Tohn Geinapp of Belden,Nebraska,
where he has resided the past fifteen
years, haB been,the guest of his brother
Fred near Delaware for several days.
—Attention is called to "Lost Pocket
Book" local in another column. Any
one finding same will be doing a' kind
ness by leaving the bonk at this office.
—Burt and Eflie Bishop returned
Monday to Epworth where they are in
the Seminary, after a few days spent
at their parental home in Milo Town
—The establishment of a feed mill at
Dundee has proved to be a great con
venience to many of the residents there
and will therefore be continued indefi
—Mr. and Mrs. Frank Whitney de
parted Tuesday for Sherman, Texas,
where tbey will be the guests of their
daughter, Mable JVhitney-Keyes
through the winter months.
—The board of directors of the St.
Paul's Union church will give a supper,
Friday December 7, at the residence of
C. T. Adams. Price 10 cents. Every
body cordially invited.
—A Basket Social will be given in
Brigg's hall at Dundee, Friday evening,
December 7th, for the benefit of the
German Lutheran church of that place.
All are cordially invited to attend.
—Broadhurst Bros', roaring farce,
"What Happened (o Jones," is booked
for the Central Opera Honse to night.
It is a high class comedy and is coming
here under a guaranty which insures a
full house.
—Elder C. Taylor held very suc
cessful revival meetings in the Sand
Creek church last week being assisted
in the good work by Rev, Salisbury, the
Methodist pastor in Delhi and a singer
of ability.
—At the meeting of Manchester
Lodge No. 165 A. F. and A. M. last
Saturday night officers were elected
as follows: W. E. Graham, W.
Geo. W. Hunt, S-W. H. A. von Oven,
J. W. Seth Brown, Treas. and J. M.
Pearse, Secretary.
—Letters addressed to the following
remain uncalled for at the post office in
thija city. Miss E. J. .Bishop, Miss
Anna Stone, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mrs.
W. M. Moore, Mrs. Lucy Mather, Mrs.
Nancy Parsons, F. B. Hardy,. John
Dawns, F. D. Merry, T. C. Pearce and
P. Mann 2.
—The Leader says: The building
prospects for Hopkinton the coming
season are already beyond the stage
Of talk and speculation and the indica
tions are that the burned district will
soou be the scene of active operations
looking to the complete rehabilitation
of the block.
—J. W. Warrell lost a small dwelling
in Ryan by fire on the 25th uit. It was
insured in the Farmers Fire and Light
ning Insurance Association of this
county, and'last Saturday the loss was
satisfactorily adjusted by A. S. Coon
and Miles E. Blair the president and
secretary of the association.'
—The following residents of this
county have been summoned to serve
as petit jurors at the U. S. District
court in sesBion at Dubuque this week
E. U. Stone and James Burton, Delhi
John Mathews, Greeley Chas. C. Barry,
in games of varioua kinds, all down
right good fun, and only the time o'
night prevailed with the guests to leave
boat and hostess.
—Mrs. W. H. Norris, a non-member
of the six handed euchre club, enter
tained that aggregation of ladies at
their usual euchre meeting last Wednes
day afternoon, there being twenty-four
present. For proficiency in playing,
Mrs. Sherman won a handsome bunch
of carnations and aB an incentive, it IB
presumed, to further the good behavior
of this club, Mrs Norris served delicious
refreshments which were thoroughly ap
predated by all present. The afternoon
will be remembered by the Eucherites
ai one of the most pleasant meetings in
their calendar.
—Word reaches us just as we are go
ing to press that the First Presbyterian
Church of Manchester has left the ranks
ot missionary churches and assumed
the dignity of independence. This,
church received from the Board for the
year ending April 1, 1901, the aum of
$150. Sabbath, November 25, was
Home Mission day, and in response to
the paBtor's plea to pay back the gift of
the Board and do something besides for
Home Missions an offering of $195 was
received. This is a stimulating exam
ple. We congratulate Rev. C. A. High
field, the pastor, and his earnest people.
—Dubuque Presbyterian.
—A petition, asking that a bridge be
built acroBs the Maquoketa connecting
an extension of East Main street wilb
West Main street, is being circulated
among the citizens of Delaware County
and is gaining many signers. Another
bridge across the river at some point in
the city is a real necessity as has been
evidenced many times during the past
summer, especially on a Saturday when
the county's metropolis is filled with our
country folk and the old bridge on
Franklin street is blocked by the traffic.
The petition when signed will be pre
sented to the Board of Supervisors of
Delaware county and to tbem will be
relegated the responsibility of giving to
the country patrons of the county capi
tal anew means oMngress into Man
Barryvilie James M. Connell, Hop
kinton, and Thdmas Wilson, Oneida.
—All of the older residents of
—If you want a job of canvassing,
aee Spauiding Co. local.
—Ralph Dunham is confiued to hiB
home with pneumonia, hiB condition
the latter piirt tf the week being so
alarming that a telegram was sent
summoning home hiB father who was
with the National Park Commission at
Vicksburg. Mr. Dunham arrived
home Monday noon and happily found
Ralph better. The many friends of the
young man and of the family are hop
ing the improvement will continue and
that rapidly.
Manchester .Markets.
Potatoes, per bu
butter, creamery, per &>
timothy seed
community were acquainted with Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Rule (nee Joan Ruggies)
and will therefore be interested in the
following received by Mr. and Mrs. W.
Dudley, from them. "Mr. and Mrs.
Henry William Rule announce the
marriage of their. daughter Clara
Elizabeth, to Mr. W. Gordon Parks,
Wednesday Nov. 28, 1930., Oklahoma
City, O. T."
—Cards are out for a luncheon and
afternoon at cards, Mrs. M. Beebler and
MiBB Beehler entertaining December 10,
luncheon to be served at half past twelve,
Friday of the same week Mrs. and Miss
Beehler will entertain at luncheon, the
guests being invited for the hour of one.
This entertainment will be followed by a
flower afternoon given by Miss Beehler
Satur lay to a number of her young lady'
friends—the flowers of the city if you.
please. These ladies have enviable rep
utations as entertainers and those fa-'
vored with invitations for theBe occa
sions are anticipating afternoons of
—John Whitman was killed by a
train on the Illinois Central, Monday
night. For sometime paBt his home
has been at Epwortb, Last Monday
morning be and bis brother-in-law
Frank Ball, left Epwortb on horse back
for this place. They stopped for a time
at Dyersvilie and got as far as Love's
Grove on the outskirts of this city some
time after dark when John said he
could go no farther. They botb got off
their horses 'laid down and went to
sleep. Awhile afterwards Ball awoke
and after
Marching for John and not
being able to find him, he caught the
horses and took them to the homd of
John's mother, Mrs. Mary Whitman,
two miles north east of this city. Early
yesterday morning John's lifeless body
WUB found beside the railroad track,
half, a mile west of Delaware, and
about four miles from Love's Grove.
Dr. Lawrence held a coroner's inquest
yesterday afternoou which was not con
cluded at the time we went to press.
'The deceased leaves surviving ,))im a
wife and two young children.
2G®$1 40
00@ 4 00
60& 8 60
00® 8 60
60® 2 on
Cows, butcher's stock, per cwt
Oanners, per cwt
Turkeys, per tb
Ducks, white, per
Ducks, dark, per lb
HprlOK Chickens
Ohlckens, per tb
Old Hens, per fc
Corn, per bu
Hay, wild, per ton
Tame hay
iWe would call
your special
to our genuiue full stock of
we are selling for $3.00 a pair.
Just the thing to wear with an
arctic. We handle nothing
but the best goods at the
Lowest Living Prices.
Prompt Payment.
On the 17 InBt my large barn was
struck by lightning and was completely
consumed by fire. I sustained a loss of
25 tonB of hay, 5 head of cattle, 500
bushels of oats, farm implements and
harness. 1 was insured in the Anchor
Kalamity Issues His
M'TEAGUE a story of San Francisco
and others, -cloth bound.
and others, fine cloth binding.
:THE LITTLE MINISTER—elegant binding
Co. of Des MoineB, Iowa. I
have had my loss adjusted today in a
most satisfactory way and received
payment in full. 1 take great pleasure
in commending this company for its
promptness and the fairness exhibited
in settling my heavy loss.
O. E. HUENE of Manchester,
Agt. fw the Anchor.
Between the court house and the railroad
track on Wayne street, a black leather pocket
book bearing a small silver Monogram, a Find
er please teavo at this office. 49
Salesmen Wanted,
[Local and Traveling]
Four in-nti.s and year contracts. Energetic
farmers preferred. Inferences required.
St'AU'-DlNG Co.,
49-2 pd. Spauiding, III.
$.10® .20
Corn Husker.
A Milwaukee six rol'er Corn Husker In good
condition for sale. Have quit farmlog and
therefore have uo further use for It.
8 00
2 miles weBt of Foresmlle,
40-2 pd P. O. Dundee, Iowa.
1 6(
5 CH
that is an appetizer, as well as a
tickler of the palate, arises from the
rich and nourishing soups that ate.
made for the edification of the epi
cure and uill suit the pocketbook of
the economical. Our fine canned
soups, as well as our choice canned
goodsro"f all descriptions, are of the
best brands, and all of recent can
ning. fresh, nourishing and palatable.
w-,:- 5
•o 3
8 2.
rT t? 2L
g, E
»3 S
Calf Skin Boots 'O
S- a cr
3 5*
Annual Kristmas Kardj
land the big store with its thousands of attractive novelties
is in gala holiday attire.
For twenty-one years KALAMITY has been ac- 3
in holiday traffic and this year will be 3
no exception, only that the offerings are greater, more numer
ous and the display better than ever.
The lines are many, nearly everything one could wish
[.for. but this week we mention
We show the
ment of books in the city and by way of introduction will 3
place on sale this week a lot of books including—
OCrokinole Boards-Spc^^^rd
E: piece hack morticed to prevent warping felt covered well full size 30
inches extreme measurement 31 inches.
lArcharena Combination Boards]
only $2.19 Pgi=r-
Visit kaiamity's and see the New Things for Christmas I
Handsome Book*
IQC, 23C, 25C,®29C 35C 39C.
Pure .Literature.
V.'\? C'ujfe
Spending Time
An anxious time with many who 'would
practice economy in their purchases that's
where the helpfulness of this store comet
in. Suppose you put us to a test by
giving us a trial.
There is reason for it, stvtral
FIRST, we've the best and handsom
est display ol cloaks and capM In
this section.
SECOND, you can absolutely depend
upon our garments being right in
style, fit, finish and worthiness of
THIRD, the prices are so very modsst
that they appeal to your sense of
The "rainy" day skirts are one of the strong features
of the seasons outfit worn on pleasant days as .,
well as all through the autumn and winter.
Prices will impress you.
Do you patronize our shoe
department or do you buy
this line whereve.. happens
There area number of rea
sons why you should give us
a trial. We show a most at
tractive line. Our shoes are
long wearing an,d every pair
that goes out of our store is
correctly fitted and guaran
^urton (^larR
Comparison of goods and prices will result In our
obtaining your trade.
and Capes
If you are interested in
the purchase of a Fall or
Winter Garment either in
Ladies, Misses or childrens
then you must be interested
in securing the very best
value possible for the money
invested. Any party so in
terested will nnd it decid
edly to their advantage to
visit our cloak room before
purchasing, as we claim to
have in point of elegance,
durability and comfort, the
very best that it is possible
to secure for the money.
Call early and see the
new productions in this
seasons garments.
D. F. Riddell

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