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®Jje JDemocrat*
WEDNESDAY, DEO. 25, 1001.
1901 DECEMBER 1901
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If we cannot have peace on eartb, let
UB at least have good will toward men
The manner In which-the president
reprimanded Lieutenant-General Miles,
for expressing an opinion in the Schley
case, was brutal in the extreme.
President Roosevelt has already com
menced his rough riding through the
departments at Washington. It is rea
sonably safe to say that the cabinet of
ficers, who are not prepared to submit
to coarse indignities will not long re
main as the president's advisers.
J. Sterling Morton, the ex-secretary
of agriculture, says that the cutting of
Christmas trees is a wanton waste of
timber. Morton always was a churl,
and age doeB not seem to improve him
particle. There will be ChrfstmaB
trees long after he has gone where tim
ber and firewood are not needed.
It WBB reported from Washington
yesterday that the Treasury port
folio had been tendered to Governor
Shaw. If this report proveB true, it
means the retirement of Mr. Wilson
from the department of agriculture.
Ur. Boosefelt may take that method of
driving Tama Jim out of the cabinet,
but he will hear from Tama Jim later
on sometime during the summer of
The great English Empire is well in
to its third year of war upon the two
little Dutch republics of South Africa
War has not alone been waged against
the men of the Transvaal but upon the
women and children of that unhappy
countrv, who have been driven into
camps and herded like cattle till they
have died by the thousands. The
lingliBh statesman has reason
tremble for his country when he thinks
that God is just that His justice can
can not sleep forever.
New York has passed a law, which
will go into effect January 1st, for the
protection of her milllonares from the
wiles of designing women. The author
of the law asBerts, that the estates of
rich men are being constantly preyed
upon by woman, who come into court
after the men die and claim that they
were their common law wives. This will
not hereafter be possible in New York,
for the new law will recognize no mar
riage as legal or binding, except the
marriage agreement is signed by both
husband and wife and tiled, in the
county clerk's office. Sjjjjjp
The Manchester PresB is a champion
of trusts, corporations and monopolies.
In all questions between plutocracy and
the people it is ever found to be
staunch supporter of the plutocrats
And as a rule the same may truth
fully be said of the republican press
Of course there are exceptions, but un
fortunately for the welfare of the peo
pie the exceptions are altogether too
scarce. The Hopkinton Leader laBt
week kicked over itB party traces, and
in an editorial which we reproduce in
full on the firBtpage of this paper, tak
ing for its text a recent utterance of the
Press upholding the steel trust in mak
ing its exhorbitant charges for its pro
ducts to home consumers, the Leader
conclusively shows that the very reason
given by the Press as an excuse for the
recent advance in prices made by the
trust, is no reason at ail for that act,
but on the contrary, instead of ad vane
ing the price, should have reduced it.
Ninetieth Birthday Anniversary
By Mrs. Lydla lilJor.
On Saturday, the 21st of December,
1901, at the pleaBant Yoran home on
east Howard street, occurred one of the
pleasanteet gatherings of the season
It being the 90th anniversary of the
birth of-Mother Stevens, of this city,
whom everybody knows and by Mrs.
Yoian'8 invitation, about twenty eight
or thirty of the old ladies and friends
of that venerable old lady met there to
help her to celebrate her birthday in a
becoming manner, and I never Baw any
thing so successfully carried out, as It
seemed to be Mrs. Yoran's desire to
make it very pleasant and comfortable
for all concerned. The program waB
a very interesting one, each of the old
iadieB that wished having selected their
favorite hymnB to be sung, ltev. Pratt
offering prayer, and Mother Stevens re
turning thanks at the table, and such a
table, spread with every thing that was
palatable and nice.
The total age of thOBe present was
1,593, and there were twenty widows
Mrs. Elder contributed the following
article in recognition of her birthday
Deau Friends:
On this auspious day, the 21st day
of December, 1901, we meet here in
happy commemoration of the natal day
of our venerable friend and neighbor
Dear Mother Stevens.
Old age has been beautifully com
pared to a noble vessel sailing into port
after along voyage.
From comparative youth to old age,
the grand, beautiful, christian life of
mother StevenB has been an example to
UB all.
One of the most indiopensible requis
ites to a comfortable and happy old age,
is a proper understanding of one's cap
abilities, both mental and physical.
How many from luck of such know
ledge, have been cut Bbort in their
career of usefullness or become so
shattered In health, that old ape has be
come a burden, and old age well nigh
intolerable, still her busy, useful life
has not cut,short-any of her days, and
ber example would teach us, that energy
'V'V'PI* 1' IWf WWW
of brain and body will not detract, but
lengthen our li\eB, when used for an
elevating inlluence. The cbmmand, to
labor for the elevation of human kind
iB not to a chosen few however, but to
every intelligent being. But these aged
christians, as they approach the con
fines of life often seem to reflect upon
those around them, something of
the glory and blesseduess of the heav
enly world to which they are hasten
Of Buch, it has b'en said, that their
closing days of life are a going up in
the mount of vision, rather than a de
cline into the vale of death We quote
from Wordsworth:
"Thy thoughts and feelings shall not
Nor leave thee when gray hairs are
A melancholy slave,
But an old age, serene and bright,
And lovely as a Ldpland night,
Shall |ead thee to thy grave."
:V-.Vj* Cf,v,
The more we sink into the infirmities
of age, the nearer we are to immortal
youth. All people are young in the
other world.
And now Dear Mother Stevens to
to you we will say:
You are ninety years of age today,
How long your life has been,
Yet we can scarcely make it seem,
That you're four score years and ten.
Your first ten years were blest indeed,
llow faBt the years roll by!
No thorns were in yaur pathway
No clouds were In the Bky.
The next ten years brought changes,
Death came among the rest
And removed your brother Nelson dear
Away from the old home nest.
Then year by year brought partings too
As you left the dear home fold,
To take the husband of your chuice,
In the blissful days of old.
To you for fitly lleeting yearp,
His faithful love was given
And then he bade farewell to you,
And went to live in heaven.
The years sped stealthily along,
And sprinkled the gray in your hair,
And stole the rosea from off your cheek,
And wrinkled your brow with care.
You have shared earths joys and pleas
Also itB cares and pain
Many dear friends have left you,
And many still remain.
Five children dear, long since have gone
You mourn their, IOSB yet know
Your Heavenly Father knoweth best,
For you while here below.
There will be a glad reunion soon,
When you are gathered home
To dwell with Christ forever,
Around the gold paved throne.
There to meet the dear loved children,
And the huBband gone before,
All to dwell in peace forever,
When life's troubled dream is o'er.
You're ninety years of age today,
Just four score years and ten
Your eyes though dim can plainly see,
The dawn of day again.
Like winter Biinn, that always shine,
God makes your pathway bright:
His love and favor, now are thine,
At evening time, 'tis light.
Following Is a letter from her former
pastor, Dr. R. D. Parsons:
19th, 1901.
We have learned that the 22nd, of
this month, marks your entrance upon
the last decade of a century of life.
Allow us to send you greetings. For
twenty years you ha been called an
old lady. During all this time you
could have claimed for yourself the re
watd thai wifdom holds in her right
hand, and all who know you, far and
near, have all the time gladly accorded
to you the "honor" part of what Bhe
holds in her left. You have so long and
pleasantly walked in the lieulah land of
Obristain experience, that the boundary
line of life has been the border line of
heaven. There may be, many far
younger than yourself who will depart
and be forever with the Lord before
you, but whether you tarry long or go
soon, you are the Lord's and lie "keeps
His own in perfect peace," and will
continue to use you to the praise of
His glory and continue to fullfill to you
the promise he made to Abraham, "I
will make.you a blessing."
What changes you have seen? What
growth ot this goodly land? What ad
vancement of the Redeemers kingdom
You have Been your Lord and your
friends say you nave been a helper to
many, a succorer of needy people and
It would afford us pleasure to be pre
sent at the celebration of your birthday,
as this can not be, we would have the
pen convey our greetings. Our ac
quaintance with you was profitable,
and iB now a pleasant memory. We
are expecting an evangelist to assist in
reyival meetings next week. The
children will come home for Christmas,
except Maud, the oldest daughter, who
is in Denver.
Yours Sincerely,
It. D.
District Court.
Beacorn vs. Munwr continued.
Yandivur vs Ballard continued.
O?borne Oi vs Connolly jury waived
trial Friday.
Colo vs Str.uson defendant Ad flint'
Stim8on dismissed ber counterclaim
plaintiff dismissed case :it his cost.
Pbiliips vs Corbin set for trial on
drst day of nnxt Usrm of court.
Henderson vs O'lieagan: case re
*rrcdto E. B, Stilt's.
Keony vb Action sot for trial Decern
ber 20.
Goerdt vs Scbliekmau jury waived.
Seger vs Raster dofuult ueaiott J. G.
Kaster, answer of Wm. Raster pnmi'
abee offered in evidence judgment
leainst garnishee Wm. Raster on his
answer for $38C
Ryan -State Hank vs Frederick set
•Jed. dismissed an*l costs piid.
Application of Thomas permit grant
ed for 5 voars.
Phelps vs Masters ooirinued.
Applici tioa of Dugan permit grant
ei for 5 years.
Moniice'lo State IUuk vs Burns set«
Dolley vs Peters P. Blair appoint
ed guardian ad litem for defendant de
fendaifc adjudgarl to b? fuubf* minded
Mary Dolley appointed defendant'
guardian, bond $100.
Marshall vs Krngor default judg
ment against defendants for $31.83,
percent. iut.,$3.15atty. fees and costs.
Reystone Mfg. Co. vs Roehler de
fault judgment against defendant for
$118,58, int. 0 per cent, and co?ts.
Loesche vs Goerdt transferred to
equity docket.
Crotby vs Crotby default private
sale decreed at not less tban appraised
•x '"X fv _A r*
Value John Oeorgen, E. Peritins
and T. R. Hatappointed appraisers
E. M. Carr, W. H. Morris at C. Yoran
referees bond, twice appraised value,
Bruggeman VB Schnicdcrs judgment
against defendant for $132.50, 6 |)*r ct
int deoree foreclosure of vendor's lien.
Farmers State Bank vs Hawkini d'
fault against D. S. and F. Hawkins.
Dolley vs Kopke default.
Ferguson vs Ferguson default de
cree quieting title as prayed on payment
of costs by plaintiff
Locke vs l'ut7, def tult public snle or
dered G. H. Ovel, Mlchaol Puts ai
Fred Uubly appointed ippraisors bond
Wasson vs Wasson decrce of divorce
oustody of minor child given to plain
Cole VB Greeley dismissed at cost of
town of Greeley.
Todd VB Todd decree divorce custo
dy minor children to plaintiff 52850 ali-,
mony given to plaintiff, to be paid be-'
fore 0 years, int. 6 per cent, payable
semiannually judgment against defen
dant for costs.
Piatt vs Piatt et al Hubert Carr ap
pointed guardian ad litem for Ventura
M. Piatt, Geo. P. Phillips, D. and Mary
rourteilot default of defendants except
above petition decreed as prayed de
cree private sale of land G. Merriam,
H. Eickottaand J. A. Dalrymplo ap
pointed appraisers and H. C. Haeberte
•jferee, bond, twice appraised value.
Monaghan vs Moaagban default.
Holbert vs. Holbert et al default cx
.«pt A B. and Mati'da Holbert B.
Blair appointed guardian ad litem for
be latter.
Phelps vs. Curler continued.
Brlggeman vs Briggeman, default.
Estste Sarah A.Morris oluim of Mary
Kaltenbach allowed in sum of 300.
Estate Edwin Davis demurrer to pe
tition and amendment sustained, claim
Guardianship Wm. Wilcox Delaware
connty's claim ol 885.09 allowed.
Estate Mary A. Marohant: flnal report
approved, administrator discharged
and bonds released.
Estate Ferdinand Dunham will ad
mitte to probate Abner Dudham ap
pointed administrator an 1 bond fixed
at 114,000.
Estate B. Niehus final repoit ap
proved, executor discharged and bonds
Estate John B. Domcyer final report
approved, guardian discharged and
bonds released.
Guardianship John Gutheil report
Guardianship F. W. Doolittle F. B.
Blair appoiutc guardian ad litem of all
minor children private Bale of real es
tate ordered at not less than appraised
value G. Merriam, F. E. Williamson
aud«A, E. Reevo appointed appraisers
bond guardian fixed at twice appraised
Estates Edna C. Trumblee, Mary J.
McKay, and C. F. McKay and guardian*
ship Bernard Carpenter set for hear
ing Dec. 23.
Guardianship Lewis C. Atwator F.
B. Blair appointed gnardlan ad litem
sale of interest in lot ordered as prayed
M. J. Yoran, Hubert Carr and C. E.
Bronson appointed appraisers bonds
fixed at $260.
Estate Julia E. Kingsley real estate
ordered sold as prayed F. B. Blair, M.
J. Yoran and Q. E. Bronson appointed
appraisers bond ot ex. fixed at twice
the appraised value.
Estate Milroy float report approved,
distribution ordered, administrator dis
charged and boa Is released.
Guardianship Dennis Delay port
aporoved, guardian ordered to loan
money on good real estate at not less
than 5 per cent, interest.
Guardianship Delia M. Haennlg final
report of Mary Haennig as to Delia
Hasnnig approved guardian dis
charged and bonds released report of
other minors approved.
Estate Wm. Reeder set for hearing
December 27.
11. 11. KobiDBon ve. David Whaley
D. M. Osboru & Co. vs. J. P. Connol
ly* judgment against defeodent $167,
interest at 0 per ceut^nd costs.
Frank Goerdt vs. John Schlickman
bycoDsent continued till tbe question
of tbe validity of the tax voted, now
pending in tbe supreme court, is deter
Sarah Moore vs. John G. Wolfe set
tled and costs piid.
O. S Leib vs. F. JJ. l,eib dismissed.
Geo A. Coon vs. Hugh Smith et al
decree quieting title as prayed.
Geo. A. Coon vs. Fred Kaltenbach et
al decree quieting title as prayed.
Mary K. Fleming vs. W. W. Fleming
divorce granted.
John E. Lewis vs. Frank Welch de
cree aB to Frank Welcb.
C. Spetbman vs. Chas. Spethman di
vorce as prayed.
-I. J. McAreavy ve. J. Magirl et al
decree and judgment as opluion at last
day of last terra of court as per opinion
on Hie.
State of Iowa vs. A. Luense releas
ed on $100 bail.
State of Iowa vs. John McElroy, John
McFadden defendants plead guilty
and lined 810 each.
Estate of Minnie Hughes petition to
sell E.G. Perkins appointed guirdian
ad litem to all minors except C. LaSelle
ltosena Zumbach vs. llosena Abby
petition for appointment Emma L.
Abby appointed guardian of llosena
Estate of Edwin Davis 11. F. Aruold
appointed guardian ad litem of minors
Estate of Martha S. Lyman final re
port approved, sale ordered and F. 1J
lilalr, M. J. Yoran and C. E. Bronson
Estate Jumes Milroy petition for
order auditor authorized to draw war
rant lor distributive 6hare to Margaret
In the guardianship of Howard C.
Clemans and N. Ji. Nichols and the
estates of J. 11. Beacom and Jos Fleck
enetein, tbe llnal reports were approved.
Estate of Alary Buck set for bearing
December 27.
Estate of Chas F. McKay Until re
port approved.
Estate of J. UaakervilJe, will admit
ted to probate James Legassic ap
pointed executor bond 310.000.
GuardiaDsbip of Susannah Vinton
WiW J*"T
f'-r* #**¥'*'& A a.^1 JC_
Coon final report approved.
Estate of Edna C. Trumblee will ad
mitted to probate, O Yoran appointed
executor, bond §0,000.
Estate of William B. Wheeless final
report approved.
Estate of Julia A. Ivingsiey report of
sale approved: deed to J. F. McCormick
Estate of J. S. Van Fleet report ap
proved executrix permitted to sell and
exchauge personal property.
Estate of N Nicliollt- liual rt port
Estate of J. 11. Urait.jm llual r.poil
Guardianship of t. hfistuj-her 1,'nn
final report guardian dn-'Ch.irgi'il: un
ties released as to ward inleruit a.e
report as to otlier w^rJs apiJiuVe.!.
Estate of Mary .1. Uclvv,' li
coctcil admitted to proluli- W. Dun
ham appointed executor bond SIOOJ
Estate of Scitha GrillHh liual r-pui I
Estate of G.S. Peck final report ap
Case of Admiral Scliley, from the
Washington Department
Point of View. ......
Because of Some Remarks Made ill
Recent Interview.
Long Disapproves Dewey's ISxcop-
tionfi and Opinion on th» Com
mand July 3, *p8—Court's
$ A
Mnclay Fired.
Washington. Doe. 23.—There was a
climax ill the Schley ease Saturday, re
sulting from tlu* determination 011 tbe
part of the administration to "close
tlie Incident" so far as the army and
navy are eoncerncd. Tills was devel
oped In the publication of correspond*
ence that passed between Secretary
Root and General Miles, and of the
nav.v department's ruling 011 the bill of
objections to the liudiugs of tbe court
of inquiry tiled by Schley's attorney
Incidentally the man who is called tbe
cause of it all was asked for his resig
nation—Maciay. Probably General
Miles was given one of the sharpest
reprimands ever received by a United
States General otlioer.
How the Limit-enaut General Oft'emlcd.
The first letter of the series is one
from Secretary Hoot to General Miles,
in which the latter Is asked to explain
an interview published as with him
at Cincinnati, Dec. 0. The pltli of the
words quoted as coming from Miles Is
as follows, referring to tbe Schley lind
ings: "I think Dewey lias summed up
the matter in a clear and concise man
ner, and I believe his conclusions will
be indorsed by the patriotic people of
the United States. have 110 sympathy
with til eefforts which have been made
with the efforts which have been made
to destroy the honor of an officer uuder
such circumstances."
Miles KxplnitiH Illtt Ketnurks.
To the very brief note asking an
explanation of the foregoing General
Miles repiied that his words had no
reference to the action, pending or oth
erwise, of a co-ordinate branch of the
service they were merely my person
al views based uion matters set forth
in various publications which had been
given to the world, and concerning
which I conceive there was 110 impro
priety in expressing an opinion the
same as any other citizen upon a mat
ter of sucli public interest."
MakeH a Further Explanation.
Later, but before the secretary's re
ply had left the latter's otlice, Mile
made an additional statement 111 which
be says that as he understands it, the
court of inquiry "unanlmouslyexoner
ated liim rSchley] from such epithets
as coward, poltroon, etcetera, and their
opinions were given to the public for
the information of all citizens. When
I said that 1 had 110 sympathy with
those who had endeavored to destroy
the reputation of a high officer
I had in mind and referred to those
assaults aaginst which the admiral had
appealed for protection and justifica
tion, and certainly not to a co-ordinate
branch of the government."
Root Communlcuti'H ICowkuv«lt's Conclu
olon to tlio Chief of the Army.
Root's response to the two noti
from Miles, who is also stated to liav
had very warm half hour or so with
the president personally, Is as follows,
in full, dated War Department, Was]
iuglon. Dec. 2. 1SMJ1:
"Sir: Hy direction of the president
I communicatc to you his conclusions
upon your course in the interview
which your attention was called by my
letter of the r.Mh Inst. Your explana
tion of the public statement made by
you is not satisfactory. You are
error if you suppose that you have the
same right as any otlier citizen to
press publicly an opinion regarding of
ficial questions pending in the course
of military discipline. The establish!
invariable rules of official propriety
necessary to the effective discipline of
the service impose limitations upon the
public expressions of military officers
with which your long experience
should have made you familiar. Your
duty Is to express your opinion on offi
cial matters when called upon by your
official superiors, or in the due course
of your official reports and recommen
dations, and not otherwise.
"The first article of the regulations
governing the urmy of the I'nited
States provides: 'Deliberations or dis
cussions among military men convey
ing praise or censure, or any mark of
approbation, toward others iu the mili
tary service, are prohibited.' This
provision lm» been a part of the army
regulations for at least half a century,
and the highest obligation to observe
rests upon the officers whose high
rank should make them examples to
their subordinates. Any other rule of
nctlou in the military service would bo
subversive of discipline. It would not
be tolerated in a subaltern, and it will
not be tolerated in any officer of what
ever^ rank.
"The present facts are that for sev
W«#*3P? '•$ "-ftwm
J- K-Mf
«r 2»
Cures all
Kinds oi
Matt.J. Johnson Co.,
GentlemonI tako this opportnnlty to tell you how much good your "6088" has done
me. My feet and ankles were badly swollen last fall but on using three bottles of cur
remedy I felt a great relief and have been on the Rain ever since.
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Long Approven the Court** Yordict, Snubs
Dewey ami Fire* Maelay.
To make complete the work of get
ting the record of tlie Schley case
closcd in the navy department Secre
tary Long began by indorsing the find
ings of the court of inquiry with his
approval, at the same time disapprov
ing Dewey's exceptions to those find
ings, and also his opinion as to the
command 011 July, 3, 1SUS, at Santiago.
On this subject Long says: "As to
the further expression of his views by
the same member [Dewey] with re
gard to the questions of command on
thp morning of July 3, 189S, and of
th6 title to credit for the ensuing vic
tory, the conduct of the court In mak
ing 110 finding and rendering no opin
ion on those questions is approved—
indeed, it could with propriety take uo
other course, evidence on these ques
tions, during the inquiry, having been
excluded by the court."
Then he wrote a letter to Admiral
Dewey dissolving the court, and next,
The very last paper to be published
Saturday was the following, addressed
to It car Admiral A. S. Barker, com
mandant. Navy Yard, New York:
'\Sir: I am directed by tbe presi
dent to ask Edgar S. Maciay, special
laborer, general storekeeper's office,
Navy Yard, New York, to send in his
"Verv respectfully,
Frightful Disaster Occurs ut Itlast Fur
tiact* nt I'lttsburK.
Pittsburg, Dec. 20.—H.v an explosion
filon of gas In the Soho furnace of
.Tones & Luughlin, near Brady street",
this city, at 0:80 a. ui. ten men were
burned to death and probably twenty
others more or less injured. The dam
age to the plant will amount to $20,
01 JO.
The explosion occurred in one of
the big blast I urnjices. The men were
!it work at the top of the furnace over
12U feet above the ground. They were
employed as tillers and were just get
ting ready to quit work, being mem
bers of the night crew, when the gas,
which accumulated in the furnace, ex
ploded and tons of molten metal, cin
ders and slag were thrown over the
unfortunate men on top of the struc
When the gas let go a panic ensued
on tlie small platform about the top.
Hie men made a rush for the elevator,
but it had gone down and there was
no escape. To jump meant death, and
ro reuniln on tlie platform was just as
certain doom. Tons of molten metal
and liames fell upon them and burned
ten men to death. Their bodies
dropped to the roof of the mill, eighty
live feet below, every bono broken
and an unrecognizable mass of human
IMttsburg, Dec. 23.—In three days
I'ittMiurg has had three fatal disas
ters of more than ordinarily shocking
character. Saturday occurred the
third. At Singer, Mlnick & Co.'s cru
cible steel plant seven men were hor
ribly scalded by the explosion of two
Then' aro four of these dead, as fol
lows: William Heed, died Saturday
night: Kurd 1». Heed (his son, aged 17),
John I\ Brown and Alvin K. Pershing
—died-yesterday. There are at least
twenty other men who were at work
in the mill at the time of the explosion
who were more or less injured. The
men were all hurt by the escaping
Taylorvillt% III Dee. 17, l'JOl
To whom it may concorn:
I am 31 years old, enllered for 8 yearn
with Btomach and bowel trouble. WaB
unable to work a Rreater part of the
time, and was compered to go to bed.
I doctored with many of the best doc
tors that I knew and got
ral years there has been an unfortun
te and hitler controversy in the navy
pnrunent—a controversy generally
deplored even by the participants, as
tending to bring the service Into dis
ostccm at home and abroad, and to de
troy those relations ot* mutual con
fidence and friendship between naval
officers which the interests of effective
service require. In this controversy
the army lias not been involved, and
110 bar had been raised to that good
feeling and friendly relation between
all the officers of the navy and all the
officers of the army which is essential
to t'ie successful and harmonious co
operation of the two services iu prep
aration and in action.
"A court of inquiry has been held on
the matters in controversy, and a re
port had been made in which one mem
ber of the court had dissented In some
particulars from the majority, and the
report was pending before the review
ing authority. At this point you, the
lieutenant general of the army, saw fit
to make a public expression of your
opinion as between the majority and
the minority of the court, accompanied
by a criticism of the most severe char
acter, which could not fail to be ap
piled by the generality of readers to
the naval officers against whose view
your opinion was expressed. It is of
no consequence 011 whose side your
opinion was, or what it was. You had
no business in the controversy, and 110
right, holding the office which you did,
to express any opinion. Your conduct
was in violation of the regulation above
cited and the rules of official pVoprlet.v
and you are justly liable to censure
which I now express."
A postscript is added, as follows,
which explains itself:
'T. S.—Your second letter of ex
planation, dated today, and received
since the above was written, does not
change the ease. The necessity for re
peated explanalioiis but illustrates the
importance of the rule which you have
ifflMI^-" l-IUMil
•*,•!,«• Kg,
,V J"*,---' -2 ...4
rfe l»
V--J 4'
Cures all
Kinds oi
Blood Trouble.
a N A
Respectfully yours, D. N. HOWLETT.
be refunded
Ol Tho First National Bank at Man
chester, in the State of Iowa,
at the Olose of Business,
Seps 30, 1901.
l.oun8 anil discounts 1270,485 08
Overdrafts, scoured and unsecured... 4.W9 38
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation....
Banking house, furniture and tlxtures
Due from National Bunks (not re
serve agents)
Duo from approved reserve agents...
Cheeks and other cash Items
Notes of other National Hanks
Fractional paper currency, nickels
and cents
Lawful money reserve in Hank, viz:
.Specie $ ir».37il 03
H. C. Haeherle
Kottceto Stockholders.
Tho Annual Meotlat of the Stockholders of
the !«'irst National Bank Manchester. Iowa,
will bo held ut its oillco IdofManchester oa Tues
day, January 14,1002 at 2 o'clock n. m.
wk Cashier.
Notice of Change of Name.
Notice is hereby given that on the 17th day of
December, 1901. an order was made by the Dis
trict Court of Delaware county, Iowa, l)y which
tho name of a person described as betas 28
yearrf of npe, height feet
inches, liair dark
brown, blue eres, born I Manchester, said
county, and whose parents were. Margaret A.
Dugan, uow residing In Prairie township, said
county, and James F. Dugan. whoso place of
residence Is unknown, was changed from John
Kobert Dugan to that of John Bert Barr, and
that said change will by order of said court,
take effect on and after the 2ft day of January
Clerk District Court, Delaware Co., Ia.
Attorneys for Applicant.
Notice of Appointment of Administra
tor With the Will Annexed.
Delaware County,
Notice Is hereby given, that tho undersigned
.s been duly appointed and qualified an Ad
ministrator with wlliannexed, of the estate of
Ferdinand Dunham, late of Delaware county
Iowa, deceased. All persons Indebted to said
estate aro req Jested to make Immediate pay
ment, aud those having claims against the same
.... ... ....
in lntti.i' in .iitni-nov« «n'. will present them, duly authenticated
M) a lettoi to xuiipMHi jittoi no} b, 111- und.ifHlunoa for ullowiuice.
You aro hereby dotifled that thcro is now on
file In the ofllce of the Clerk of the District
Court of the State of Iowa, In and for Delaware
County, the petition of Amos lletherlpgton
and Mary A l'rowse, plaiDtlffs In wnlch
ihoy allege that they are the owners
in fee of lot No. 13 of the sub
ill vision of lots 140 aud 11*7 in Manchester, Iowa,
that the certain mortgage thereon made by
Oztas I*. Reeves and wife to said defendants,
on or about tho 23th day of October 1860, has
hofii ful pal that said mortgage Is a cloud
upon their Mtl- to snld premises, and asking
that tho Mimn he adjudged canceled, and for
(her further relief.
a m1and
that unless you appear thereto and de
(Yn before noon of the second day of the next
term being the .February term of said Court,
which will commence at Manchester, Iowa, on
Vu- loth day of Februaty 1902 default will be
entered against you and judgment and decree
rendered the reon. as provided by law.
When I first called on l)r. Shallenberger
the Chicago specialist 1 was so weak
and discouraged that I could hardly
stand up. Life was a burden and mis
erable. lie said he could cure me and
today I am well and happy. Work
hard acd enjoy life now. If yon write
me, I will tell you all. lU-apectfully,
52 lw A. Piggott.
Dated 24day of December A. D. li'Jl.
52 4 Attorneys for Plaintiffs
We have an excep
tionally fine line of
Candies and Nuts, for
the Holiday trade.
Call and see them.
i.soo oo
0.400 00
0,*2ft 21
20/274 8
S.S3t 92
2.0l»5 00
3! 50
Legal-tender notes 14,100 00 '29.470 03
U. (.'ertlf'fe of Deposit for legal
Hedi'inpiton fund with U. S. Treasur
er i!S per centof circulation)
Due from U. 8. Treasurer, other than
5 per cent redemption fund
25 00
100 00
Total *306.6:17 32
Capital stock paid iu $ 50,000 00
Surplus fund...". 10,000 00
Undivided profits, less expenses and
taxes paid r»,8C0 58
National Hunk notes outstanding.... 13,500 00
IVw to Slate JJunk* and Hunkers ....
Individual deposits subject to check. 70.4(13 21
Demand certificates of deposit 52 265 26
Time curtillcato of deposits $ 157,102 32
Total. $306,037 S3
State of Iowa, County of Delaware.—ss.
I, it. A. Granger, cashier of the above-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
ment is true to the best of my knowledge and
belief. ii. A.Grangor,Cashier,
Subscribed and sworn to before me this I9tli day
of Dec,. l!K)l.
Knnis Borrs
Correct—Attest: Notary Public
M, F. I.eltoy
A.H.Blake -Dlreotora.
Dated Manchester, Iowa. December. 17.1001.
formed tlieni that the department linv
lrip approved the court's recommenda
tion that no further proceedings be
had, the department will take no ac
tion on their brief in behalf of Samp-1'
son. A letter to Schley informs him House and Acres of Land in Man'
officially of the department's action
and incloses copies of the necessary
official documents in tho matter.
Attorneys for Kstate. Gl-S-w
Chester for Sale.
I will sell on reasonable terms my place Id
Mauuhester, which consists of 7tf acrcs of land.
Tho Improvements are a Ave room dwelling
houj-e, a burn, buggy shed, chicken house, Ice
houso any other small buildings. For particu
lars enquire on the premises of
40 tf. ALEX. rUBVIS.
When seen at his hotel Saturday
Schley stated that he did' not care to
make any comment whatever upon the
action taken by Secretary Long. Hoth
lie and General Miles are said to have
gone to New York Saturday evening.
CHEAP—Residence Property tn this city,
nqu re of Uronsou & Carr.
Original Notice.
hi the District Court of Iowa in and
for Delaware County,
Amos Hrtherington
mury A Prowse,
Plaintiffs February Term, A. D.
Maglll, Denton & Co.
To said Dofendaut
5 We are Commanded to Watch
5 as Well as to Pray.
ire M:
thank our many
'friends for the
pat- I
.all a happy and
and prosperous
-ipast year's
ronage and
A full line of
You enn lmvo a wutch
on your wife, your
tor, your son, youv sweet
heart, iiiul on "yourself, ill!
for very little money, with
full iiBsurmice of good time
mid confidence unslinken—
by calling on Boynton &
McEwen, who have in stock
a full line of
Il'in iii Wilis
watches, from the smallest
size to the largest made—
cased in solid gold, or 25
year -gold filled, or solid
silver, or liickle cases
stylo and price to suit
your pleasure.
We have large line
of Ladies'and Gents'
Chains, Rings, Em
blem goods, Charms,
Lockets, Solid Silver
Spoons, Forks, Ber
ry Spoons, Cream
Ladles, Pearl Hand
le Knives, Large line
of Solid Silver Sou
venir Spoons==with
Court House or U. S^_
Fishery' buildiug en
graved in gold gilt
/r 3
We have mndo special etlorts
stock this season, and lijivo a
ment of j'-
Ebony Goods, Wave
We have an elegant
line of Silver Plated Hol
low-ware, Tea Sets, Cake
Baskets, Baking dishes,
Nut bowls, Bon Bons, &c.
Don't foi-get to call
and see what we have to
show you.
Cases, Glove and Handkerchief Sets, Cuff and
Collar Boxes, Pocket Books and Card Cases.
We would be pleased to have you
'pine. No trouble to show goods.
The Leading Druggists.
Telephone 119.
Established In 1859.
WW wvwwww vwv»*
The Celebrated Rixford Sin
gle and Double Bit Warranted.
Also a full line of Kelley
Axes., ,v Respectfully,
S. Lister.
selecting onr Christmas
fini? uud complete assort-
Crest Ware, Medallions,
•all and look over our

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