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WEDNESDAY, DEU. 25, 1901.
Merry Christmas.
5", —John Mitch was a Farley visitor
j. Saturday.
—K. 1!. KobinBon was a Masonville
visitor Thursday.
—Lee Bronson spent Sunday at the
home of hta parents iu thin city.
—Clark B. Day, of Chicago, is spend
ing the holidays with relatives in this
—Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Yoran are the
guest of the latter's parents at Trac,
-»Jos. llntchinEon made a business
trip to Marshalltown the latter part of
last week.
—Ernest UriggB and Harry Hilton, of
Dundee, were Manchester business visi
tors last Friday.
—^r8- -II. Reynolds and Mrs. A.
Baker are spending the winter Ht
Hammond Louisiana.
—Claude Austin, of Austin, Minn.,
is spending tlio holidays in this city
With relatives and friends,
.• —Mr,anil.Mrs. Shexman Harris en
r'tertaiued a number of their friends at
a six o'clock diuner lait Wednesday.
—A. D. Brown announces that the
special holiday sale will continue at lils
furniture store for several duyB more.
—G. S. Amsden is homo from Med
•ford, Wisconsin, to spend the holidays
with friends and relatives in this city.
—A. Funk, of Edgewood, has a nutn
berxf thoroughbred Durhams for sale.
See notice "Durham Cattle lor Sale," In
another column.
—Mrs. Ed Ilonon, of Des Moine?,
is visiting friends and relatives in this
city a guest at the home of her mother,
Mrs. Etta A. Coon.
—The ladits of the M.'E: church will
hold a reception at tho chutch next
Wednosduy evening. Everyone is cord
ially iuyitrd to attend.
—Every member of The Itoyal Neigh
bors Camp, is requested to be present
at the new meeting, Jan., 1U01. Come!
bring your lunch basket und your
family and have a Itoyal time.
—Alton Dunham was pleasantly sur
prised by a party of twenty-four of his
friends last Wednesday evening. The
gueEts'brought baskets with them and
a pleasant time was enjoyed by those
—Noah was one of tho earliest adver
tisers. Lie advertised that he would
"Bail on a certain date. Those who did
n't believe in advertising failed to get
tickets and were left in the wet during
'the forty days' rain without umbrellas
or bathing suits. As most of them
could not swim it IB thought they took
to the trees and became monkeys.—Ex.
—Wm Ryan has bought from Geo.
W. Dunham the latter'a fifty acre tract
on Main street being apart of the An
son Shelden farm. ilehadsomemontliB
before bought the forty acre adjoining
his recent purchase on the west, on
which he haB made some nice improve
ments, He has rented his old home
farm and lives on the one recently ac
quired I him.
—The following officers have been
elected to take charge of the Koyal
Neighbor goat for the ensuing year,
Oracle Mrs. Aiola Dutton, Vice
Oracle Ola Edmunds, Chancellor
Mary Brings, Recorder lice Scott,
Eeceiver: Stella Bell, Marshall Anna
Xippert, Inner Sen. Nettie Oonfare,
Outer Sen. Carrie Mitch, Manager F.
L. Forrester, Camp Phys. Dr. Lindsay.
—An exchange says that "e" is tho
most unfortunate letter in the English
alphabet, because it is never in cash
and alwayB.in debt and never out of
danger. Our exchange forgets that
.the aforesaid letter Is never iu war but
alway in peace. It is the beginning of
existence, the commencement of ease
and the end of trouble, Without it
there would be no, meat, no bread, no
life, no gospel, no Jesus, no heaven.
—A man in the northern part of the
ata'c is rasiias chickens and obtaining
moijey under false pretenses, lie made
his coop air tight and put curtainB at
tho windows. At noon he draws the
curtain^ making the hen house perfect
ly dark, so that the biddies goto roost,
and one o'clock he raisee the curtains
letting the light in The hens think
another day hue dawned and proceed to
lay another egg It is a darn mean
trick, equal to the mafi who put green
spectacles on his boree and then fatten
ed it on rye straw. The green spec
tacles made the poor horse think it was
—According to the Democrat Man
chester lias got more improvements
than 6he wants':—Greeley Home-I'resf,
There has never appeared in the Demo
crat a word that would waurant the
Home-Press in making the above state
ment. Manchester wants all the irn
provements that it can get, and while it
is the finest, neatest, wealthiest, thrlf
est and best city of its size 1". the state,
its wide awake citizens are all the
wntie exerting themselves for its fnr
,\ ther improvement, and will not rest
easy until ther add to what Manchester
already ha?, many other industries and
Improvements, some of which were
enumerated iu the list of its wants stat
ed in last week's Demociat. Manches
ter now has many of the advantages of
the larger cities, minus their disadvan
tages, and the eeeker after an urban
home should not pasB it by.
—Tbe^Wetmoro Tobacco Company
has passed into the hands of a trust
Col. Wetmoro played the game very
'v shrewdly until~he forced the trust to
come to his price He made contracts
for a year's advertising with nearly all
the newspapers in the nation, with the
privilege of Ruspending the advertise
ments at tho end of six months. In
I this matter he gained a much larger
proportion of the trade of the whole
country than he had before he. began to
plan to force tho trust to purchase his
plant and its equipment, and ho waB
•j'able to prove to the trust his arrange
ments were complete to continue the
advertising for another 8ix monthB,
The advertising made his business, and
advertising forced the trust to purchase
his property and the lesson is so plain
that it should be read and remembered
by any person who has any desire to
increase trade. -State Register,
—Jerome Sabin is at home -from Min
—William Frentress departed Satur
day for Los Angeles, California.
—Miss Grace Ford has returned from
her visit with friends at Waterloo.
—E. B. Stiles is eiijoying a visit from
his mother and aunt of Oberlin, Ohio.
—Mrs. William Dudley will spend
Chistmas at Earlvllle with her parents.
—Dubuque defeated Manchester at
basket ball at Dubuque last Tuesday
evening by a score of 24 to 17.
—Allen Graham, who is a student at
Drake University, Is spending tho holi
days at his home in this city.
—Miss Ollie Tucker Is at home from
Pittsburg, IViin., where 6he IB attend
ing school, for tho holiday vacation.
—Mr. and Mrs, Fred W. Ford «re
spending the holidays with the latin's
parents at Elk Point, South Dakota.
—Will l)lck spent Suniay with
friends in this city. lie WBB en route
to his home in Waverly from Chicago
—(iny Crosier, who iB attending the
Cedar Rapids Business College is a
guest at the home of Ills mother In this
—Mies Ruth Paxson, state secretary
of the W. C. A„ is at home from
Des Moines to spend tho holiday vaca
—Charles lirlegs and Clarence Ko
lonus are at homo from Des Moinep,
whero they ire students in the phar
macy department of Highland Park
—Themovine picture entertainments
at tho Central opera house last Friday
and Saturday were meritorious and in
—Mrs. R. E. Carpenter has gone to
Mclntvre, where she will be a guest at
the home of her nephew, Robert Den
ton, for several weeks.
—Ye6terdny was payday for the pat
rons of the Manchester Creamery SI 07
per hundred was the average price paid
them for November milk.
—Mrs. .T. M. 1'earse and grandanch
ter, Ithea Schneider, departed Mont'av
morning for Peora, Illinois, for a visit
with the former's daughter.
—Miss Kate Shimmin, teacher of tl
primary grade of our public schools, is
spending her holiday vacation at her
home in l'ecatonlca, Illinois.
—Geo. McEwen, Harry Austin, Del
la Millerand John Jones, students at
tho Ames Agricultural School, are
spending their vacation In this city.
—Tho Illinois Central is putting in
8" pound steel rails between the rail
road bridge and Spring branch in tho
place of the. 75 pound rails formerly
James Bremen, a section foieman
on tho Illinois Central, stationed at
Farley, was run over and killed by a
train about two miles east of Dubuque
Sunday morning.
—Miss Elva Dunhan, who Is a nurse
in the Homeopathic hospital of the
StBte University at Iowa City is visit
ing at tho home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Abner Dunham.
—J. J. Coyne, who has been telegraph
operator at the Illinois Central station
in this city, has been assigned to the
Dyersviiie oillce. Fred Hruby takes his
place asoperator tiere.
—The Friday Afernoon Club will
discontinue its meetings until after the
holiday season. The first meeting .of
the new year will be January 3rd 1902,
at Mrs. Joseph Hutchinson's.
—Miss Sue Paxson is enjoying the
holiday vacation with friends ond
relatives in Manchester. She has an
excellent position in one of the high
schools at Omaha, Nebraska
—Born at Mrs. Van Anda's home in
this cltv Monday morning to her daugh
ter, Kitty and her husband, Mr. and
Mrs Will Sutton, of near Delaware, a
healthy, rugged boy, weight-13 pounds.
—Warner Brown, of Eugene City,
O tgon, is a guest of friends in the city
Warner is a son of W. E. Brown, who
formerly conducted a drug store in this
city in the building now occupied by
Carhart & Amsden.
—Norman Ackley has received word
from the commissioners of the s'ate
board of pharmacy that lie has success
fully passed the examination held be
fore that board on Dec. i. His many
friends offer congratulations.
—Bert Matthews, Ira Cunningham,
Maud and Ruth Graham, Kate Ford,
Claran® Yoran, Louis Haberle, ar,d
Edith l'utman, studentB at Cornell Col
lege, are spending their holiday vaca
tion at the homes of their parentB in
this city.
—Stephen Popham has sold his farm
in Prairie township to Edwin Blosch,of
Dubuqn? county, for $65-per acre. Mr.
Popham's quarter section contained a
little more than 100 acres and the net
price realized by him from the sale
was §10,400.
—Mrs. Christina Belknap and sons,
Frank, Will and Bernie, ore at home
fro'.ii Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the holi
days. The boys are making good
progress in their school work there and
will return after the new year to re
Bume their studies.
—The friends of Miss Madeline Tuck
er have received announcements of her
marriage to Franklin Ray MacMillen,
which took place at Los Angeles, Cali
fornia, Wednesday, December 4th. Mr.
and Mrs. MacMillen will make their
home at Abbotsford Inn, Los Angel™
Mrs. MacMillen's many friends here ex
end congratulations.
—At the regular meeting of the Man
chester lodge, A. F. and A. M. No. 1B5,
Saturday eyening the following ofiicers
were elected and installed for the en
suing year: W. E. Graham, W. M, G.
W. Hunt, S. WjJ. B. Iloag, J. W.
Seth lirown, treasurer J. M. Pearse,
secretary. OflicerB were also appointed
as follows: Grant Brayton, S. D. H.
T.Barber, J. W. D. Hoyt, S. S.
John Marschali.J. S. and C.E. Sager.T.
—The large store of D. F. Riddel I &
Co. had a narrow escape from fire last
Wednesday night. In closing for the
night the stove was filled and it was
supposed the, wood falling pushed the
door open letting some live coals on the
floor. When the Btore was opened
Thursday morning it was full of smoke
and the floor was found to have a hole
burned through it about two by three
et. Riddell & Company can count
mselves lucky that no further dam
was done.
w** "s-a vte-'
—See For Sale notice in another
—Mr.and Mrs Jie Hoag aro Minne
apolis, Wisconsin, visitors.
—MisseB Mamie and Peral Gibson,
of Thorpe, were in the city Monday.
The Board of Supervisors will nu et
In regular session the flrst Monday iu
—Mr. and Mrs. James Legassick, of
Bremen, wire Manchester visitors
—Mr. and Mrs. Peter Urassfleld will
spend today, Christmas, with relitives
at Marion.
—Burdette Given is home from Mil
ncapolis, Minnesota, where he is attend
ing BCilOOl
Miss Mae ilooney Is homo firm
Jackson, Nebraska, to spend the Christ
mas holidays.
—The MaBonvllle Bank makes a very
creditable showing in its statement, iu
another column.
—Herbert ilussei has bought a tract
of land in Dakota and will move there
iu the near future.
—Madge Pentony
are home from their
Sinsinawa Mound
—MISB Nellie Vance, who is a student
at Madison, Wisconsin, is spending her
vacation in this city.
—Clarence Lister who is attending
school at Grinneil is spending his holi
iy vacation in this city.
—Mr. Milton Waugh and wife, of
Chicago, are guests of the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs David Waugh.
-teTommy and Cecil Hines, Btudents
at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, are
spending their holiday vacation with
their mother in this city.
—Letters addressed to Mrs. Mary
Cook, MiBS Ada B. Croyle, Miss Adrlia
Cox, II. A. B. Loy, Jno. Master, and
Joe. Heusey are advertised as unclaim
ed at the post ollice.
The report of the First National
Bank of this city, which appears in
this issue, is more than ordinarily satis
factory to the Btock holders. The item,
"undivided profits, less expenses and
taxes paid, 85,36653," Bpeaks for itself.
—An exchange says that a new order
has been issued to the effect that letters
on rural routes must be stamped when
they are placed in th4 boxeB. It is not
the business of the carrier to Btop. take
off his gloveB and lick stamps—not this
kind of weather anyway. Buy a few
statfips and keep them on hand BO that
when you have a letter to send you will
have the necessary stamps to stamp it
—The Webster City Review warns the
public to be on Its
guard for three fellows
making a house to house convass sell
ing dress patterns. After yon have
made the purchase another gang comes
along claiming to be detectives and say
the silk has been stolen. They know
all about the deal and of course can
describe the silk, and you are out your
money. Better patronize your home
—Monday was a "rusher" at tho
Clerk's oillce, in the. marriage line of.
business, four licenses' to wed having
been issued by clerk Georgen on that
day. Permits to wed were issued dur
ing the past week to, J. Edward iiud
den and Anne Muehlenkainp Frank
Schmock an/i Libl-ie Barr James G.
Belknap and Margaret Milroy Orin 11.
Davis and Fiora Gilbert John Car
roll and Polly Culhertson and Benja
min M. Ferguson and Minnie Kieth.
—Ye er'itorSj are in receipt of two
beautiful boquets sent by B. C. Keller,
Port Angeles, Washington, for which
he bas our sincere thanks The boquets
were picked ia a flower garden on the
17th day of December. In th* letter to
his parents, Major and Mrs. B. I). Kel
ler, he says the flowers were grown out
doors, and that at the date of
his letter, 17th inst, flowers are grow
ing there, the same as they do with
us in summer. We haven't heard
of any one who picked flowers in
tho open on that day in this neck-o'
—Judge Piatt came here Monday to
hear the case of Frank Goerdt vs John
'Schlictnran, an action brought to de
termine whether the plaintiff or defend
ant is the legal president of the board
of directors of the district of Bremen.
One witness waB put upon the Btand
and before his evidence waB heard in
full, the case was continued to await
the decision of a cise from that town
ship, now pending in the supreme court,
which it is Bald will be decisive of this
action, Considerable interest is felt in
thegcase by residents of Bremen towu
ship, and quite a number of them were
present, among whom were: Frank
Goerdt, Conrad Schumuker, .V. II
Funke, John Slichtman, Arnold Bock
enstedt, Joseph Bagge, Jno. A. Truirmi
and Messers Slickerman and Ililder
Mrs. Harriett Colwell Cruise.
Harriett Colwell Cruise was born in
Devonshire, England, near Boyton
August 7,1812, and died December 14,
1U01, therefore being 80 years 4 months
and 7 dayB old.
She was united in marriage to John
Cruise of the same place in 1830.
To this union 11 children were born
of whom only three are living viz: John
Jr., Charles II., of this coutny, and Mrs.
II. L. Bond,Rising City, Nebraska.
In 1845 she with her husband and
family came to America locating in
DuPage county, Illinois.
In the Bpriug of 1854 they cams west
settling in Delaware county, Iowa, at
which place she has made her homo up
to the time of her death. She survived
her huBband three years, he having
died November 26,1898,
Mrs. Cruise united with thechurch of
England when quite young and hss al
ways manifestel a true christian spirit
always thinking of the comfort of oth
Coming to this country as she did in
an early day, she experienced many
hardships through which by the help of
God's promise? always looked on the
bright side of life. Her last wotds,
"God is with UB." She had made her
home with her son John Jr., for some
time at which the funeral servicei were
held on Tuesday at 12:00, and from
which her remains were carried and
laid beside those of her husband in
Earlville's beautiful cemetery.—Earl
Manchester Public Schools.
Report for the month ending Decem
ber 20th, 1901, O. 11. Atkinson, Super
1 X'
6- hi
as S
7U V,
'o 4
nr. sia.tM
2 18 31
IS 40
83 0
-io 'J
IS 41

7 l« as
8 18 45
C'JjUl 3
43 93
05 3
45 42
sa( 18 "si)
NHP is "SD
Nna is
00 5
*45] 30 5
and Cecil Ilines
school ditties at
HS I* "h
01 jTl 7
582 4S(Vii
si ii
Of The Condition of Masonvilie Sav
ings Bank, Organized Under The
Laws of Iowa, Located at
Masonville, Iowa,
In the Countvof Delawnro.at I lie close of bucV
wss on tho 10th day of Dec.. A. I),, i&u. maiTo
lo the Auditor of Statu us required by law.
Amount of Bills, nonds aul
otlior ovidfneos of debt
fllM-ounied or purchased
actually owned by the
Legal tender and national
batik notes aud subsidiary
Drafts and cheeks on other
solvent banks ayjl other
cash Items
on hand nud bi-longtng to
tlie bank $
Ati.ount subject to be drawn
at fcjtfht on deposit with sol
vent banks or baiikerK
(.specifying names and loca
tions of batiks):
Meiehants Natioual, Cedar
32,570 -II
Rapids $
Ddlawaro County Statu
Manchester. Iowa
Bankers Nat. Chicago 111...
Des Moines Saving, Dos
t.r.ni 72
Moines. Iowa
8 l.fiiio r».*
003 00
Total of reaf property own
by tho bank $
Viwueof perse nal property
(owned t)v tho bank) $
1,213 71 1.813 71
$3",7(y U7
Total Assets
$10,000 CO
Amount of capital stock
actually paid up In cash...
Individual accvuts
Amount sight deposits 10,040
Amount time deposits $ IS.UOS U) f2fl.55-J {8
Rills payable $ i^iTO) $1,217 i9
(^ther profits on hand (after
UrduetltiR taxes and ex
penses $
Total I.labUltles ^TT!!!^r.837,7G9 (!7
Amouni of all liabilities to
the bank ou part of Its
As borrowers $ 0-33 00
1 As endorsers $ I C21 00
State of Iowa, Delaware County—ss.
Wo, Demi's (.5raw, presldeut. J, W. Turley
('ashler, of tho Rank above named, do solemnly
sweur that the foregoing statement is fu'l, true
ati-t eorrert, 10 tho best of our knowl- d«o and
belief, that tlio assets therein set. forth are bo»a
lido tbc property of raid bank in its corporate
eap:u'H', and that no purt of the fame has been
I'Kiued or advanced to said bank for the purpose
of btfci exhibited as portion of Its assets.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In my
l»re^enco by Thos. Hose. Dennis Mcdraw.aud J.
W. Turley this 18th day of Dcc. 1901.
Notary Public.
J. W. Turley
Attested by: Dennis Mciraw Directors
Daniel Fagan
Manchester Markets.
Hogs, porewt sr. ooais GO
Steers, per cwt
Heifers, per cwt
Cows, butcher's stock, per cwt
Cutters, per cwt
t'auners, per cwt
Turkeys, per lb
Ducks, white, por tb
Ducks, dark, per lb
Spring Chickens
Chickens, per lb
Old Hens, por lb
Com, per bu
Oats, per bu
Hay, wild, per tou.
Tame hay
Potatoes, per bu
Butter, creamer)-, per B)
Huttor, dairy, per fl
KUKS, per doz
Timothy seed
lyoor seed
5b® l»»
.KKft 3 00
a 75
2 00 3 00
1 003 2 00
are likely to bo u?od for clfiziu1
coiTeoY If yon knew,
yon would ho
snro to demand
Lion Coffee
which is^ver contaminated with
:iuy «liu'.iritf of wiy sort, cithor c.'.'rs
(HUM— just! ptiro, fre.ah, strnn-r.
fmnmut cotfeo.
Thopenlnrt pnr] ai.-n insures
i«r«: (luali' j- nucl
Pure Bred Pekm Ducks For Sale.
IVklti DwkH. ftock of Wm. Boielt'-r. La-
IU. Drakes $1
luiuis tho (own Cliiuupioiishlp.
llui'lJnjrlon, I:l. Dec. 30.—Frank
Gotcli defeated Oycur Waseui in a
wrestling match Tuesday, {jetting two
straight falls, lie now claims the
Iowa championship.
Sous of Animal Koepor Walker Prevent
Death I11 I'll at KIgln.
Elgin, Ills., Dec. 2u.—Four black
bears, lieree with hunger, attacked
David C. Walker, custodian of Lord's
park, in this ciiy. They knocked
"Walker down in a cornel* of their pit
nnd apparently were on the point of
tearing him to pieces when Walker's
two sons eamc to his rescue with
pitchforks. The sons drove the sav
:e beasts into their cages and res
cued their father.
Walker entered the bear pit to feed
the tour large animals that constitute
the park's hear exhibit. IIe« was met
with growls and snarls. Walker,
9 his custom, commanded the animals
to stand aside until lie could place the
cornmeal and water in a trough. He
was unarmed save for a stout stick.
Frank, the biggest of the bears, was in
an unusually ugly mood, and when
Walker stooped to prepare the food
the lieree beast rushed upon him and
knocked him down. Walker called
lustily for help. Ills two sons, who
were skating on the lake in the park,
.'csponded just in time to prevent their
father from receiving- injury.
Will Nut K\|)cl r, J. McCiulro.
Philadelphia, l'a., Ikv. 1*3.—In ac
cordance with a vote taken by all of
the unions of the United Brotherhood
of Carpenters and Joiners of America,
P. J. McUuire, ex-general secretary
treasurer of the brotherhood, who was
temporarily suspended some time ago
for alleged irregularities in his a
counts, will not be expelled from the
KU1*m1 a nan Years Ago.
Gulhrle, O. T.. luv. 2."..—James Wil
son, a farmer living ten miles west of
this place, was arivsted Saturday upon
a requisition from the governor of Mis
souri for the murder of Orvilie Lyons,
at Arno, Douglass county, Mo., thirty
two years .a^v
1 melts
Ave No Longer Oui', but Twain.
Darmstadt, Dec. —The superior
court has pronounced the separation
the Grand Duke and Ducucss of liesse.
Ono eighteen months old Stallion
colt dam Woo-lberry mate sire Almont
Ono two year old Morgan mare colt,
Enquire of
45[f Manchester, Iowa.
Durham Cattle For Sale.
Thoro'jjhbroil Il'irlum Bill and luilfora ot
forsa'o, olio two years old Marlon Dukor
127131, six your»oli! rot by Glostus Hero No
112134 out ol Vlrnlnta 4tll bv Hoy Star of Main
Va ley B-1171. Till, Is a-il bull, kind to liaudlo
anil nood brocder, wel^l! "T JIIR.
Edgov. Iowa.
Dor Sale.
Ono roL'lstered thoroughbred Durlmm ou«
and one bull for sale. Inqutraof
also have Pure Br-d Toulouse (ieeso for nab',
stock of C. C. Khoomaker. Kr^epnrt. 111. IJnti
ders. woiuhimr 2 1"8 nph»c» $3.00. (Jeese St 5».
Addreas MRS. .1.
s'Al\ Ryan. Ia,
Puts cray m-i'ter in your head.
... 13rln?s
rosy K,
'OW. to faded eheeks. Restores vim,
vluor, mental ami phjslei.l happiness. That's
what Rocky Mountain Tea Will do. 35c
Dentou & Ward.
BUIIB For Sale.
Royal Duke3:tl.a thoroughbred Durham bull,
color red," year* old. a tine nnlmal. l'edhrreo
furnished if desired. Also ono high grade Dtr.
ham calf. Call on or address:
,v c. II. KHKXCH.
(Jolden. I-«wa.
•Mf miles south of Mancho U-r.
For Sale.
Thirty-two farms in southern iowa
from 60 to 100 acres $27 to 850 per
Hotel nnd fixtures for sale. On«
Rood creamery for sale or trade for
lands, also farms and city property in
and around Manchester and South' Da
kota. \V. G. KKNYON.
Is filled from cellar to ceiling with
choice staple goods, the best that money will
buy. Ladies', Gents' and Children's warm
Fleeced Underwear, Woolen Mittens for
Ladies, Misses and Children.
Cotton and Wool Hose for everybody.
Men's and Boys' Fancy Shirts, Prints. Mus=
lins, Calicos, Towels, and Toweling by the
yard, Doilies, Pillow Shams and Covers, Bed
Spreds, Worsted Blankets, Table Spreds,
Stand Covers, Jewelry, Silverware "Roger
Bros. 1847 Only."
Lamps, Crrckerv Etc,
Fine Decorated Parlor, Hall and Hang
ing Lamps, Glass Lamps of all Kinds and
Sizes, Fine Decorated Glass Sets and Novel
ties, Fine China Ware, Crockery, Granite
and Tinware of every Kind.
Our Musical 0
is complete with choice Instruments
and Merchandise. Our Holiday Goods are
now on display. We will show you a nice
line of presents suitable for old and young.
We can furnish you with nearly everything
you may want in your home. We invite
you to call in and see us every time you are
in the city. Yours Truly,
Atkins & Chapel
To the Mayor and Citizens of Manchester:
We tlio undersigned, having duly and solemnly considered the
nifttter, do hereby offer, as an inducement
For the "Common Herd,"
Uf-cd by the ladles of fa-hlonall ovorthe
It's without doubt the greatest beauilfter i-ver
offered the Ainerlc tu women. 35s Mado only \V3*
by tho Madison Medicine Co.—Denton & Ward. 81/*
Ke*ddnn'e Properties Top Sale. ill/
Sovep.il Qno residences in desirable porli'ms
of the City ot Manchester for ?ale cheap. En
quire at tne oftlce of Manchester Democrat.
Phaeton For Sale.
A flrst-class second-hand phaeton In good con
dition. for sale At less than halt Its original cost.
Time given If desired. BRONSON CARR.
Kindly take notice that Kly'a Liquid
Cream Balm is of great benefit to those
FutlVrers from nasHl catarrh ho can
not inhale freely thrcucli the rn«e, hut
mnn treat lliemsi lvt hy P[ IMJ. I.i
quid Cream Italm dilT.irfl in fmni, lint
lot merlicbiallj' .from the C'reaiii li.ilm
!f nl has stood for years at the head ui
remeriies fur catarrh. It may he used
in an1,' atom-'zer. The pric-'/iueindinc
a spr-ij-itiR Jul e, fs 75 Wite. Sold l.v
drupgitue and inaili-J by Ely
Warren street, Xt u- York. 52-2
A house and lot In one of the host resident
portions of i-it" or.\laiu-)iwpr fnrsnleehr
and on e.«sy terms, iiood dw -Hinjr. barn,
orlh it's \\eight in yoid/'auv suf
ferers fr"m .catarr' of Kiv'a Or^an
Italm. A trial sizorVMs 10 cent*. Fti'
Bi/.o 50 cents. .Sold l-y orusjeists o?
mai!ed by Ely IJros, 50 Warren Btreet
New York,
Albert Minn Mdi. 21, 11)01
Measts Kly Hros.: 1 suffered from
sev» r-» old in the he W, aod was about
ib nd from want of fleep. I used jovr
Cream Jtahn and \vle up with a elenr
head and cold 'almott gone. I would
not- take live dollars for my ottlo t-f
Cream Italm if 1 could not cet anoihi
2-v s. K. Lanedale
Susan.—'The pimple*. s-Tes. and blockheads
are danger signal* lake Rocky Mountain Tea.
you'll plvo «t farewell reception to vour troubles.
3r —Denton & Ward.
lowing wonderful values in furniture, which we are afraid will
raise the venerable bodies of the "City Dads" from their chairs
on the 2nd floor of the City Building. For the ^iayor and Coun
cil we have the following: 1 .Beautiful quarter sawed Oak Ped
estal for only $1 00 1 Beautiful Flemish Oak framed "Pharaoh's
Horses'', only #2.25, and some swell polished quarter sawed Oak
Library and Parlor Chairs for $1.00 and #1.50.
We liavo some beautiful oak Dining Tables for #10.00 -#11.00
,-^00 ,n.lu' S13-00' We have one novel extension table for
5)12.00, which unfolds itself.
Come in and see what we have for the old town'this week.
Bung in the whole family with you and we'll make them twice
Atkins & Chapel
-nn. the fol­
"**T5 *83.
v? -,.«'
Lot 1. Garments formerly
—l-'-OO—17.00, -15 in.
Lot 3. Garments 27 in. iu
length, formerly 10.00 and
12.50, now 90
Lot -1. Garments formerly
7.50—S.50—9.50, now -l.)4
Lot. 5. Children's and Miss
es garments formerly 4.50—
5.00—0.50, now ii.iia

LotO. Children's and Miss
es garments, formerly 3.00
—-1.25, now 2.IJ2
nnual Clearance
Cloaks, Capes,
and flillinery.
Ladies' Misses' and Childrens'
Cloaks and Capes.
For this sale we have reduced nU
Cloaks, Jackets and Capes to about the
former prices. With the large assortment fP
to choose from, and the prices less than the
actual cost to produce, makes it an oppor.
tunity which every one wanting a cloak (0
should grasp at once.
'u^vo divided the entire stock
into six lots as follows:
Lot 2. Garments formerly
L5.59---15.00—l(i.i0, 27 in.
length now go at S.75
From this date on all Furs we will
count of 25 per cent from former
and Boy's
We have an extensive and well selected
stock of Suits, also Ulsters and Dress I
Overcoats in-great variety. Styles and
Prices that will suit you.
We make a specialty of
You should see our assortment and get§
prices before purchasing.
D.F. Riddell
1 1
E 'J
$ •9i-'Z3
-v. stock is much too large for this season of the year and the result •f
is a reduction.
Remember us when in need of anything
in the line of
a dis
___ vJj,
n* P'

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