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Copi/rtflht, 1000, by Seward W. Eopklnt.
Between Buckford Wallace ana the
^)6ar members of this band there 'were
•many scores to be settled. But just
then Buckford was at a most serious
"I must now leave you," said Vandal.
"I have business with Mine, du Barry
"Then you need not hurry, for Mme.
jdu Barry Is In the room beneath this
flying down with a severe headache,"
'gaid Casparln. "Instead come with
^e, .and I can promise you an aftcr
,-,no6n of real amusement."
"I accept," said Vandal. "The Prince
Casparln Is admittedly a connoisseur
ln pleasure—and beauty."
y: "But what tibout that meddler," ask
ied Robello, "that supposed suicide that
.Heber Insisted on employing to do
(Borne work which we should trust to no
one? What about him J"
"I did what I thought was best,"
said Keber doggedly. "I saw the fel
low about to jump into the Seine. Men
"Hon Dieu! Mon Dlcul" she exclaimed.
"Who are vout"
who are ready to do that can always
be used in our way. But this fellow
was different from any I have seen be
fore. Anyway, he's dead."
"Is he in that room?" asked Vandal.
"Yes. Wc just looked at him. He is
dead enough."
"Well, leave him till tonight. One
last night, one this. He will be found
in the brewery yard tomorrow, and the
police will have another mystery to un
With a laugh they left the room.
Buckford's brain had not been Idle.
Even while he listened he was study
ing how to turn what he heard to his
He could not get out of the room by
way of the door. Even If he knocked
down the partition he would arouse the
house, and the outer, door would no
doubt be found locked.
"Well, If this Mme. du Barry Is be
low with-a headache I'll have to make
It ache a little more," be said.
He went to work on a sudden plan at
With his quick eye he glanced from
his window and measured tlie distance
to the next It was a building of low
ceilings. The drop was not great.
A leader ran down from the roof
K,wlthih reach. He tested It and judged
It would hold his weight.
1" Craning his neck, he saw that the
window of the room below was open.
Mme."du Barry wanted air.
He leaned out, grasped the leader
firmly, swung from his window and
slid neatly and quietly into the room
A woman of heavy build and exceed
Insly masculine appearance lay on a
bed asleep. The key of the room was
In the door. BuckfOrd stepped to it
make sure it was turned.
Then be shook the woman and woke
I "Mon-Dieu! Mon Dieu!" she exclaim
ed, starting up. "Who are yon? What
do you want?"
"Keep quiet, madame," he said coolly.
"I am an agent of police. I have come
to your house to look for a missing
Mme. du Barry turned pale and shiv
"Mon Dieu! The police! "1 do not
~ow where your prisoner Is!"
"I believe you, madame,-" said Buck
ord, with' unexampled calmness. "I
certainly believe you. But now let us
talk about something else."
|ME. DU BARBY'S face became
whiter still. It was evident
In a moment to Buckford that
there were subjects the men­
tion of which she dreaded even more
than that of the missing prisoner.
"Oh, monsieur, have mercy!" she
wailed. "I am but a poor, weak wom
"Madame," said Buckford sternly,
"your history Is one of crime. I shud
der even when I look at you and think
.of the misery you have caused In this
"Alas! It Is not all true. I am not
|6o bad nB they say."
"Heaven! If you were but half as
bad! Oh, madame, I assure you wo
-know you well, but even the police do
-not think you arc quite as bad as your
enemies would declare."
"Enemies! My enemies! Have I en
emies, then, who denounce me to the
Buckford laughed easily. He saw
mow, that he was gaining ground.
"Enemies! Madame, I have learned
more In three days from your friends
an I ever hoped to know."
"My friends! Name them! Tell me
secret of mine which my friends
Id the police, and'I will assist you in
-a\y work you want—that Is, monsieur,
of course, with an eye to my own safe
-Better and better.
"Why," said Buckford, "do you hap
1.1 h'ii*""""
M. Vandal? Well, I got
iEi? own lips a portion of the sto
|~ry ofrtfce murder that was committed
inour house last night."
"Mon Dieu! That Vandall And he
Is to become my husband!"
Buckford langhed long and low—a
neanlng, insinuating laugh.
"My depr madame," be said, "pardon
ny rudeness, do, but it seems lncom
behsible that a woman of your In
telligence should be Bo easily gulled.
HjTandnl to become your husband!
Phy, it was but a short time ago I
overheard a conversation between him
nil your other friend—shall I call him
limply Casparln?—about a young girl
of Deneslla he was to marry."
"No other. It was as a reword fi
service done for Casparln. The glil1
young and beautiful."
"Oh. oh! This Is too mud
well sometimes to receive visits rroni
the police. They learn everything."
"We do tlint, Indeed," said Buck
ford. "And M. Rebel-? You know lilm
"Reber! That fool! He muddles
things. He got a fool of an American
mixed up In an affair that"—
"I know—tlie prisoner who escaped
and came to your house."
"Alas, he did come, I admit, mon
sieur! But I swear I do not know at
the present time where he Is."
Buckford leaned forward and In Ills
most impressive manner said:
"But I know, madame. The plans of
your friends have not all succeeded. I
have been through your house, mad
ame, and tlie prisoner Is gone."
Madame heaved a great sigh of re
"Good! Then I am not under ar
"Not for that."
"Oh, oh! Then I am still—I am"—
"Madame, listen to me. Wc do not
start out with only one charge In our
guns. We arc ready at any moment to
turn from one quest to another, as cir
cumstances demand. I came here to
find that prisoner. 1 learn that he Is
gone. Now, I have other matters to at
tend to, and It will be greatly to your
advantage, madame, to follow my ad
"I am ready, monsieur," said Mme.
du Barry, with a shiver. It was Im
possible to foretell what advice this in
scrutable agent of police might give
her. But—there was that murder In
her house, and how many other crimes
there is no guessing.
"Madame, you are a true French
woman, I believe?"
"Ah! Am I not! All for the honor of
"Ah, France is Indeed safe when her
honor rests in such hands! Then know,
madame, that this Casparln, who as
sumes a title to which he has no right,
is really a spy In the servlcc of Ger
"Mon Dieu! Is It so? Then Vandal
"Quite true, madame. M. Vandal Is
acting in accord with a spy and of
course is subject to the law."
"Then seize him, monsieur. Oh, that
serpcntllke scoundrel! Ho claimed,
monsieur, thnt he loved me."
"I wonder that he did not, madame.
It would have been one virtue among
his hideous faults."
"Oh, but you cannot know half!
They would have killed that prisoner
too. But then that makes little differ
ence to him. You—oh, I forgot, mon
sieur, that I was talking to one of the
"But you need not fear to speak.
What were you about to say concern
ing the prisoner?"
"Why, It seems that he was as bad
as his enemies. Why they want to kill
him I do not know. But the police
want him—oh, how the police want
him! I saw it all this morning in the
"So It has leaked out, has it? Have
you the papers handy, madame? I
left home early and liavo had little
time to read this morning. There may
be something in the papers to change
my plans."
Eager to please this agent of police,
who held she knew not how many se
crets against her, Mme. du Barry hus
tled around tlie room and brought him
that morning's copies of two papers.
Sitting near the door, so that the wo
man could not escape, Buckford found
the articles referring to his escape
from the depot and read them with a
certain grim satisfaction and yet with
It was evident from the tone of the
article in each paper that It had been
practically dccldcd that be was guilty
of the murder of M. de Bullion. The
articles had evidently been Inspired by
the spiteful police authorities who
could not forgive an American for es
caping from their celebrated Palais de
The connection of M. Monroe, the
rich American, with the case was
dwelt upon at length. His successful
hoodwinking of Magistrate M. Seneeal
his appearance at the depot in dis
guise the entire plot as It appeared
to the police—it was all in print.
An interview was published In which
the American minister expressed his
hope that his countryman was Inno
cent. But there was nothing said
about any vigorous effort In his behalf.
It was hinted that Buckford, desper
ate as he was known to be, bavin
benefited by M. Monroe's courage and
Interest, bad murdered him and rob
bed him to gain money to effect his
cscape from Franco and also leave be
hind no one who knew the secret of
his manner of escapc.
When Buckford read this, his lips
pressed together white and thin.
A reward was offered for the recap
ture of the prisoner, dead or alive.
He would not cscape again. The po
lice would see to that.
As Buckford read and digested this
article tlie whole force of tlie awful
truth came upon him.
He was suspected now of two mur
His escape from the Palais de Jus
tice had so exasperated the authorities
that ho felt sure no appeal to them
would lead to a search for the truth.
Even if he was not executed for the
murder ot M. de Bullion, he would
certainly suffer at the hands of tlie
vengeful police.
The position of the American repre
sentative left no great hope that his
country would act vigorously In his
behalf. And be knew that nothing ex
cept the most vigorous action would
avail anything.
The reward offered for his recapture
was so large that no matter to whom
he might show himself in Paris he
was almost certain to be turned over
to the police.
Monroe was the only friend he could
have trusted, and Monroe was dead,
and he was accused of murdering him.
He might, with a stupendous nerve
and confidence In French justice, go to
the prefecture and tell the whole story.
But he had already told two stories at
the prefecture, and both had been
doubted. He had no wish to try again.
There was but one thing open to blm
—escape from France.
Then there came to him a longing
tor revenge, a great thirst for the
punishment of the men who had
brought this terrible disaster upon him.
And with this sentiment was min
gled a stroiMuMire still to aid the
ot-f^gxha. Ills American wife
and the beautiful Princess Marie.
In Ills own extremity ho dkl not for
get them.
How was he to manage to encompass
his own safety, elude the I'arls police,
bring the conspirators against the
prince to grief, wreak just vengeance
upon his own tormentors and finally
secure such proof of ills own Innocence
as would forever free him from the
charges now lodged against lilm at
the Palais de Justice?
With a watchful eye oil the tigerish
Mme. du Barry he pondered this mo
mentous problem.
He could not go to America. Even If
he reached there In disguise he could
never resume communication with
members of Ills family. And in Amer
ica lie could neither punish liis own en
emies nor defeat those of tlie prince.
He recalled the conversation on the
upper floor. The quartet of rascals In
tended to follow the prince to Denes
If he could reach Deneslla, he might,
with God and fortune on Ills side, reach
the prince In time to save him, punish
his own enemies, nnd, with the assist
ance of so powerful an ally as the rul
er of Deneslla would be, he might re
establish his integrity with the Pari
sian authorities.
To Mme. du Barry, sitting there pant
ing with fear lest this police agent
should, after ail, turn on her and carry
her off to the dreaded Palais de Jus
tice, there was nothing unusual in the
manner of tlie man who sat near her
He seemed merely to bo perusing an
article containing police news of more
than ordinary Interest.
He did not act like a man who was
reading his own death warrant.
His smile was not that of a man
who was trying to cheat the guillotine
of a victim.
Madame," he said, laying the pa
pers aside, "there is much in these ar
ticles that Is of great importance to
DC, though to one not connected with
the police they would seem simple
enough. I find that my plans must be
changed at once. I had thought of in
viting you to take a drive with me to
the prefecture to see"—
Mon Dieu! I would never return!"
But now I think of making a bar
gain with you. You already know how
familiar I am with your affairs. I
could, if I wished, place yoa lu a cell
within two hours. But on condition
that you obey me explicitly I will for
the time forget all I know that con
cerns you."
"Ah, monsieur! I thank you from
my heart."
Yes, you thank me, but do you
Of course, monsieur! What else
could I think of doing?"
Good, then. Now listen! I can tell
from reading these articles that the
escapc of the prisoner, tlio presence of
Casparln In Paris, and a great plot
against the security of France, are in
terwoven hence, as you can perceive,
madame, It Is iiuy/trtant to seize at once
tlie conspirators against our govern
ment. When we have them, wc shall
have no difficulty In securing the
American. Now for your part. You,
madanio, are a woman of splendid pro
portions. I think your garments would
about fit me. So prepare me a com
plete outfit of clothing, and let It be of
the newest you have."
"Ha, ha! Ob, is that trifling service
oil thnt monsieur requires? Indeed
monsieur could have my entire ward
robe for ills generosity. I will trans
form monsieur into a line madame in
These articles arc of great importance
to inc," he said.
a short time." She laughed gleefully
as she spoke. She turned to a closet
at one end of the room to bring the
required garments.
"First, let me examine the closet,"
said Buckford.
He convinced himself that there was
no hidden exit.
In leaving his chair and going to the
door of the closet he missed witness
ing a peculiar, indescribable smile that
played for the moment on the face of
Mme. du Barry.
In Mme. du Barry's miud there were
flashing thoughts almost us rapidly as
had been the case with Buckford's.
She had at no time doubted that he
was an agent of police. She lived day
and night in dread of these persecutors
of her kind. She did not doubt his
story that he had searched her house
and found the prisoner gone.
But she did doubt his story that
Vandal was intending to desert her.
She had been Vandal's friend too long
to doubt him now.
She cared little for Casparin, Reber
or Robello. But she must save Vandal,
her lover.
She was smiling at the simplicity of
this agent of police. He was going to
wear one of her dresses and track
Vandal. She could describe the dress
to Vandal, and tlie police agent would
fall a victim to his own trap.
She took a new and somewhat gay
gown from the wardrobe. At some
new and convulsing thought her faco
twitched with ill disguised mirth.
Buckford saw this.
At his command she continued to
bring forth various portions of a wo
man's complete.outflt.
He took off his own shoes and put on
a pair of Mme. du Barry's, which fitted
very well, though pretty tight for a
young man who loved comfort.
"Never mind," he said. "It will give
me a mincing gait." -3
Mme. du Barry laughed.
"Now, madame, a small valise, if
you have one."
Mme. du Barry had almost every
thing. She produced a valise.
Into this Buckford packed his cout,
vest and such small items as collars,
scarf, cuffs, all of which he still wore,
as they had not been taken from him
In tlie depot. They were, to be sure,
much soiled and bedraggled. But he
did not know when he might need
them before he could purchase more,
and he could easily wash tliem aud
Iron them, not as a laundry sends
them home, but at least clean.
Over his trousers he put Mine, du
Barry's skirts. He then added a wo
man's vest, front and a waist and
fastened Mme. du Barry's little silk
tie at his throat.
One thing was In his favor. He had
neither beard nor mustache.
A slight growth of hair could be
seen on his lip, but no more than Mme.
lime, du Barry, choking with laugh
ter, since the affair had become so good
a joke, exclusively her own. fastened
some false hair to his lietul, first tying
knots in his own to make a safe hold
for the fastenings. A bonnet completed
the disguise, though gloves, a fan and
other accessories were all at hand.
In point of fact Ruckford, after Mme.
du Barry had added a hundred fem
inine touches that lie would never have
thought of. made a younger and hand
somer woman than Mme. du Barry her
self and witli lil.s fairer skin looked
scarcely so masculine as she did.
'And now, madame," he said, "since
your friend Mine. Delatouclie, who lias
been visiting you. Is about to depart
for her home In another city, you will
accept her Invitation to accompany her
for a short stay."
"Eh? What is that, monsieur?" she
"Pardon me, there Is no monsieur
here. I said come home with me, ma
"Oil, but, monsieur—I mean madame
—I cannot!"
"But you must!"
There was no mistaking the meaning
in that voice. Without further remon
strance Mme. du Barry slowly began
preparing for a journey that might
lead her—she knew not where.
"You see, madame, I am not certain
when our friends will return to this
house. I do not Intend you shall have
the opportunity to betray me to Van
Curses! lie had seen that smile.
But still Mine, du Harry, even as she
ruefully prepared to accompany him,
smiled again.
They left the house, Buckford accom
plishing a gait that was mincing
enough to satisfy anybody who loved
a mincing gait. He was a fascinating
person to Mme. du Barry, who could
scarcely keep from bursting Into laugh
ter at the sight of him.
But then Mme. du Barry knew the
secrot. To one who did not know,
Buckford, or Mme. Delatouche, as he
called himself, was nothing more than
one of the stout, overdressed females
so common in the French or any other
Buckford's first act, so he planned,
would be to go direct to the hotel of
tlie Prince of Dcneslia and, If that po
tentate had not already left Paris, tell
him the entire story and ask his as
sistance. If the prince had departed,
nothing then remained but to go to
Trolle, the capital of Deneslla, as
quickly as possible and before the
plotters reached there, if such speed
could be encompassed.
Buckford was about to call a cab
when he made a movement that ap
peared ridiculous In a woman. He
slapped the place over the right hand
pocket in his trousers.
He had suddenly remembered that
he had no money. Even that given
him by Vandal was In the purse of M.
de Bullion at tlie Palais de Justice.
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colored cover. ItB pages are about the
size of the pages of the Ladies Home
Journal, and it Is copiously illustrated
in half-tone. The illustrations are the
results of the beBt artistic Bkiil, aided
by all the lateBt printing-press appli
ances, making a magazine unrivalled in
the quality of its contentB and its ap
pearances. Each issue contains storii-s
of romance, love, adventure, travel
stories of fiction and fact stories of
things quaint and curious, gathered to
gether from all over the world the re
sults of scientific research, and editor
ial reviews. It numbers among its
contributors the leading literary men
and women of the day. A feature
each month is a full-page portrait of
the most famed man or woman of the
moment in the public eye. In collect
ing and preparing for publication the
literary matter and art subjects for the
Notice of Appointment ot Adminis
Delnware County
signed lias boon duly appointed and qiialitled as
Executor of the state of Robert Ham late
of Delaware County, deceased. All persons In
debted to said Kstaie are requested to make im
inediato payment, and those having claims
against the same will prosent them,
duly authen
ticated, to the undersigned for allowance.
Monthly World no expense is spared
The New York World will send six
numbers of this newspaper-magazine
on receipt of Hfteen cents in stamps.
Address The World, PulitzerUuilding,
New York.
An Evangelist's Story
"L suffered for years with a bronchial
or lung trouble and tried various rem
edies but did not obtain permanent re
lief until 1 commenced using Oue .Min
ute Cough Cure" writes Rev. James
Kirkman, evurgelis' of lielle liiver, ill
"I have no hesitation in recommending
It to all Kulteiwa l'rom maladies of this
kind." One Minute Cough Cure affords
Immediate relief for couehs colds and
all kinds of throat and lung troubles.
For croup it is unequalled. Absolutely
safe. Very pleasant to take, never fails
and is really a favorite with the child
ren. They like it. Smith Bros,
DeB Homes Daily News $1.00 a Year.
The DesMoinee Daily News, iowa'B
beet daily paper, is seut to mail sub
scribers for SI a year, 75 cents for six
months, 50 cents for three months, *25
cents for one month, cash in advance
and every paper stopped when the lime
is out. The Dally News reci ivtB the
leased-wire dispatches of tin- i-soriat
ea Press, including dairy telegitipLic
markets. Its children's department is
alone worth the price of the paper. Sub
scribe now and get the news of con
gress and the Iowa legislature, both of
whlcn meet this winter. AddreBS, The
News, DeB Moines, Iowa. 50 2w
Recognized at Washington.
The only instance on record of a poBt
oflice being named after a patent medi
cine, was last year, when in Wetzel Co,,
W. Vs., anew post oilice was establish
ed and named Kodol, after the famous
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, manufactured
by E. C. DeNV itt & Co., of Chicago. It
bad given such satisfactory results tbat
the name was unanimously selected by
the people for the new oflice and adopt
ed by the department at Washington,
D. C. This action was entirely volun
tary on the part of the community,
without any solicitation whatever from
the manufacturers of Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure, in fact the first knowledge they
obtained regarding the matter was when
they reclved a letter .bearing the post
mark "Kodol, W. Va.,"and the con
tents fully explained the circumstances.
For a verification of this statement the
reader is referred to the latest Post
Oflice Guide.
A prepartion so highly prized by a
community must be worthy of {be
greateat confidence.
Dated Nov. 29,1901. Administrator.
Atty. for Estate., /. 49 3w
Delaware Coily
Manchester, Iowa.
CAPITAL $60,000
Vke President,
Ass't. Cashier
W. (i. KKNYON, It. W. TIimiLU
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Prompt attention given to nil business. Pas
senger tickets from aud to ull parts Eur*
»pe direct to Manclic&ter, lor sale.
Long Time Mortgage Lonns Mfide,
Bought and Solrl.
For the storago of valuable papers,
etc. for rtnt.
Henry Hutchinson
Hutchifuon'i Building, Manchoster. Iowa.
CAPITAL, $70,000
Promptly Made.
on Time, Interest Al­
lowed and otfcer deposits received.
sold on Now York, Chicago
and jjubu( te: aisoon Great Britain and Ire
land an'- rurcycacClties.
TICKETS—sold to anct from all European
ports via Cunard, or Allen or White Star Steam
ship lines,
Compound Vapor and Sham
noo Baths.
Most all dis
eases are caused
by poisonous sec
retlons, which
clog the wheols
Tho name anil
the symptoms
may be different
tbe cause of
disease can us
ually be traced
to the imperiect action ot the millions
of pores of the human body. A bath in
accordance with scientific require
ments is the host preventative and
remedy known. The methods employ
ed by me are the scientific ever
invented or discover
'or dispelling
disease. Results tell ttio story. Give
me a trial. This is the Conant system
baths. A competent lady attendant
In charge of the ladiesdepartment.
Office and bath rooms on Franklin
street, opposite Globe Hotel.
G. D. QAT£3
Henry Hutchinson
Breeder of Thoroughbred
Shorthorn Cattle.
Maucliester, Iowa.
M. F.LEKOY l'ro8t. II. A, CHANGEK Cashier
11. A. VOX OVEN. Asst. Cashier
A. II. Bl.AKE. 1st. V. 1'resldoilt.
V. President,
CAPITAL. $50,000
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
.i. H. Hobliidon, M. F. LeRoy,
E. M. Carr, M. Beehler,
A.Grar.rer A. H. Blake,
H. A. von Oven, H. 0. Haeberlo,
L. L. Hoyt,
First National Back. Dubuque, Iowa.
Central National Dank New York City.
Cotrmerclal National Bank. Chicago. Ills.
When you want
Fine Furniture
Fair Prices
Undertaking Solicited.
Earlville, Iowa
The Democrat,
2 Flour! Flour !...£ 1
(f\ We have the BEST FLOUR on the market, and are well iii
(f\ pleased with our trade on same.
jjy We are here to please tlie trade on all kinds of Groceries. ^r
Our 90 cent Flour.
Come in and take a sack home with
The Central
is Headquarters
We have loaded our shelves and cases this season with a
wonderfully attractive line of suitable Christmas gifts for all
classes of buyers, consisting of all the late notions in
Sterling Silver, Ebony, Wave Crest Ware,
Glass, Gilt, Etc. Our line of *Medallions,
Books, Bibles and Game Boards speak for
themselves. 1
We would be pleased to show you.
fei "Gunther's Fine Christmas Candies."
"The kind that gets all the cream"
We have
the county.
Prof. W. J. Spiilman, of the Washing
ton State Experiment Station at Pullman,
in an article in the J\anc7i and/taiigc, Seattle.
Wash., of August 15, 1901, gives the record
of the testing of five samples of milk from
dairymen using U. S. Cream Separators.
The five tests were as follows:
.00, .00, .01, .01, .04
An average of ,012 of one per cent
Please notice that in two of the samples
the professor could find no fat, and in the
poorest one only .0.1. (Probably this dairy
man did not run his separator according to
the directions.)
These records show that the
U. S. Separator is without a peer in
thoroughness of separation.
Highest Award at the
Pan-American Exposition
Write for descriptive catalogues giving fUfl information.
School Suits.
you and be convinced.
A. B. WATERS, t.
Parents are, getting tlie boys
ready for school. They liave to
pair of pants, a
sliirt and hat. We have them
for you. We are selling boys'
two piece suits from §1.00 up.
Boy's three piece suits from
§2.50 to $7.50. Boy's long
pants suits from $8.00 down tom
!2. io. We have the shirt with BJUn
two collars at 50e.
Sl.oO. Big line of knee pants BJJCJ
25c to $1.25. We have our over
coats all in and ready for in
ruler for every boy and girl in
caps from 2oc tom

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