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€l)c democrat.
WEDNESDAY, J^N. 1, 1902.
—H#ppy New Year!
"r -r^Gul Martin la homo from Chicago.
—IUBS Birdina Tucker is a Waterloo
—•£tie days have already commence^
to grow longer.
—llev. J.'F. Nugent, of lies Moines,
was a Manchester business visitor Fri
—Mr. and Mrs. lloss Cniueiou,
Strawberry Point, are visiting relatives
and friends in this city.
—Dr. and Mrs. F. 1'. Webber, of llhei'
okee, were guests of Manchester friemlB
and relatives over Sunday.
—Clark Showalter, wifo and son, of
Lancaster, V. iBconsin, are guests of tlio
former's sister, Mrs. T. J. acoba.
—Mrs. F. P. Carey and daughters,
Maud and Maye, arft visiting relatives
and friends at Mt. Carrol and 1'ecatoni
ca, Illinois.
—The Jones Mill Grange will meet
at the hail next Saturday, .l.iuuur? 3rd,
for Installation of ofllccrs. ilrlug your
lunch baskets.
—Lee Millet, of Armour, S. 1J. is
visiting relatives and other friends iifn
This 1B Lee's first visit to Manchester
In seventeen yours.
—R. W. Chambers brought in/ too
late for this issue anew lu whiuh he
... quoted prices on an extra quality of
.box calf Bhoes at S2.50.
—Mrs. Dr. Butler, of Janesvillo, Wlc
conain, und Miss Jessie Jiutler,
Chicago, are guests at the Mrs. J.
Boggs home in this city.
—Mr. and
Wirt Uronson andi
children Kathleen and Carl, of .Spen er.
Iowa, were guests of relatives here from
last Friday until Monday.
-—Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Bradley, Mr. ar.d
Mra. W. II. Hutchinson and Miss Km
"mt Hutchinson will give a reception at
l'ythian Castle Thursday evening.
—Mre. 1'. llieger and Mr. and Mr P.
Frank Ileiger returned home from Oel
weln, where they spent Sunday .with
Mrs Rieger's soil-in-IBW and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Nanemaker.
—All anyone has to do in order to
become immensely rich is to save one
penny on the lirst day of January, and
then double their Bavings on every day
during the remainder of the month.
—The ladies' missionary society of
theM. K. church will hold a reception
at the church parlors new year'q night.
Members and frieuds are cordially in
vited to come and liavo a good time.
—There will be a joint Installation
of W. A. Moree post and W. K. C. at
G. A. I?. Hall Friday evening, January
3d, to which all members of 'the posit
and Corps and all ex soldiers and their
families ure Invited.
"The following letters are advertised
as uncalled for at tbe poat olike in this
city: MeBdamies (jay French and Fan
on Messrs. lttiv. Louis II. St. Clair,
ChaB. E. Sheldon, A. L. Taj lor, S.
lleipburg, Jno. U. Koch and Eugene
Ex-City Marshall 1). 15. Alien re
turned home last week from a six
months' visit with relatives in Chicago
and atjils boyhood home in New York
state. Ills hale and hearty appearance,
clearly Indicates that the trip has betu
very beneficial to his health. Mre. A1-'
leni when they reached Chicago on their
homeward trip, decided to remain there
with her daughters for a few dayB, hut
Is expected boine'the latter part of this
—W. C. Cawley received a letter the
first of the week from his -son, Charlie,
who is in the
drug business at Honolulu.
The letter covers four pages, and al
though Mr. Cawley has given to it every
moment of his spare time since receiv
ing it he is no wiser as to its contents
than before it came. From an inspec
tatiou of it, we are of the opinion that
the charac'urs are Chinese, but we are
not sure, and don't think W. C. is.
Charlie wrote sometime ago that he
would visit his parents here next June,
when, if he does not do so before, the
contents of the aforesaid -letter will be
a a
/^Manchester la to have another
The incorpor-
atprs ttri AV
J. W'./Mileo, I/. %atthaw^ Glp Ams
den, B. F.
"Miles- ^nd l}.urtofl 0[6rk, who
compose the boardot'dtn^otr, the
other olUcers are L. Matthews, presl
dent J. W. Miles, vice president, and
1J. F. Miles, cashier. The amount of
capital stock authorized is 825,000 di
vided into Bliaren of $100, each. The
first floor of the building north of ihe
Clarence house, r.ow occupied by W. I)
Goodwin has bw leased und the new
bank will commence business us soon
as tbe necessary changes f-ni1 Improve
ments In the premjBes leased can be
made. The promoters of this new fi
naneiaT institution are among tlie lead
Ing business men of this city. Mr.
Matthews, its president, has for the
past four years been the ellicient treaa
urer of this county, and Ben Miles %vas
a number of years the popular assistant
cashier of the First National Bank. The
Democrat joins in extending a hearty
welcome to the State Savings Bank, to
the business circle of Manchester.
—Many of the readers ot the Derr.o
crat were acquainted with Mr. Joseph
Clark and his family when they lived
near Delhi. Mrs. Wm. Dudley, of this
city, is in receipt of a letter from Culvin
Dudley, of Luko City, thiB state,
which she says, "that Mrs. Smith, the
eldest daughter of Mr. Clark, was in the
.recent wreck on the Illi'noiB Central
near Itockford, and had a very narrow
escape from being burned to death
We copy the particulars from the letter
VMrs. Smith was on her way to Chica
go, and at tbe time of the accident,
r. Franklin was Bitting in a seat
:ross the aisle from where Mrs. Smith
/as thrown over two seat
•«eif up and went to ihe
...Smith, who was pin
^'illy raanged to ex
out of a ho
Irs. Smith then
seat, and Mr,
jd in assisting
am that she
•fter lie had
but for his
F. II. Pan!, of Des Moines, spent
Saturday with friends here.
—M. AV. Batterson, of Greeley, was a
Manchester visitor Tuesday.
—Lawrence J. 0'Grady,of Deadwood,
S. 1., is guest of friends in this city.
.—Mrs. J..J. Lindsay, and daughter,
Florence, have returned from Chicago.
—Ilarvey Keyes and Clarence Cope
land came borne from Chicago to spend
—Mr. CUutehot and Mr. WiltBe, of
Strawberry Point were business visitors
here Monday.
—The Base Ball dance held at th»
Central Opera last Monday evening
was well attended.
-Miss Maude Cunningham, of Chi
cjgo, was a guest of Manchester friends
aud relatives in this city Friday ft-
—In order to make room for their
spring stock, Grassiield Bros., are hav
ing a special sale to reduce stock.
—With the commencement of the
new year many will need new account
books, Denton & Ward can supply
—Train No. 3 on the Illinois Central
now arrives at 2:lfi Instead of 3:15 as
formerly. The change went into effect
last Sunday.
—Mr, and Mrs. John Tiernoy and
children, of Deadwood, S, D. and Frank
Tierney, of Cape Nome, are guests of
relatives and friends in this city,
—Last Thursday evening Mr. and
Mr6. Geo. Ford gave a reception at
their honie in this city, in honor of Mr.
amt Mrs. Will T. A. Iveyee, oi Sherman,
—Robert Miller, aflon of Joseph Mil
ler, of Ninevah, Va., who came here to
attend the funeral of his aunt, Mrs.
Amos II. McKay, returned home last
—Mrs. David McKinley and two
children, of Cottonwood, Idaho, who
have been visiting in this vicinity for the
pant two or three months, returned to
their home Monday.
—A Philadelphia dispatch says: "J.
IJ. Thomas, who is accused of signing
Octobcr 30 the name of J. J. Dudley, of
Manchester, lows, to a deed to 180
acres of land and thereby negotiated a
loin of 80,000 from W. C.Putnam, of
Davenport, waB arrested last night and
is held for Iowa requisition. The
l'inkertons have followed Thomas for
two mouths."
—The public is warned to be on Its
guird for those fellows making a house'
to house canvass selling Bilk dress pat
terns, notes the
Advocate. After
.you have made the purchase another
gang comes along claiming to be detec
tives aud say the silk has been stolen.
They know all about the deal and of
course can describe the silk, and you
ure out your money.
.— Capt. Holman says he has finally
solved the problem that has been wor
rying him considerably Bince the price
of hay and corn went /sailing skyward,
lhat or feeding his horte and cow eco
nomically. lle^lready hus electric lights
in his barn, antTfeajproposes to extend a
liv? wire into, the feed boxes in the
stalls und let the animals eat the fodder
out of the shock. Ugh!—Independence
—A very quiet wedding took place at
the home of Mr. aud Mrs. C. W. Keagy
Christmas day when
of Raymond, a niece of Mrs. Keagy
was united in mairiage to Mr. J. H.
Wise, ot Clinton. The marriage cere
mony was performed by Rev. H. O.
l'rait, iu the presence of only near rela
tives. The bride has a host of friends
in Manchester who wlBh her and her
husband a long and prosperous married
—Under date of Dec. 24, A. M. Sher
wood writes us that he arrived at Ham
mond, La., on the 23rd, and found the
r^idents of the Manchester colony
there well and happy. He complains
some about the heat there. If he had
remained here he would not have hBd
to exert himself, as he now does, to find
acool place. Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood
are now at St. Petersburg, Florida,
where tbey intend to remain until
Last fall, Alderman Davis informs
UP, the council decided to furnish work
for all able bodied tramps who should
apply for aid and the matter was placed
ith Mr. Davis to attend to. He there
upon had several loads of stone hauled,
und unloaded near the city bastile, and
instructed the marshal and his deputy
to furnish a bed and meais for all
tramps who asked for them, but to re
quire them to break rock for tbe city
two hourB before going to bed, and the
same length of time before giving them
meal. The result has been that since
this plan was adopted, but live tramps
have uccepted lodging, and "nary one"
has taken a meal at the expense of the
city, they prefering to go hungry rather
-than "earn their bred by the Bweat of
their face." Now that ample provision
has been made by the authoities for
caring for tramps, there 1B no earthly
reason why they Bhould not while
here, und if,our citizens wholly abstain
from feeding them, the Weary. Willie
problem will soon be settled in a satis
factory manner BO far as this city is con
—The Iowa Fence Co. of this city,
which commenced business about live
years Bgo has, under the management
of Mr. Charles Baumgartner, gradually
growu to be a busiuess enterprise of
which this city and county may well be
proud. Its machines for the manu
facture of woven wire fencing, portable
corn cribs, gates aud stretchers, now
occupy the entire basement lioor of the
large Kennedy Buggy Co. building, and
the reputation of the articles manu
factured by it is such, that its unfilled
orders now booked are suQicient to
keep the plant running to its utmost
capacity from this time until the first
of next July. The plant is owned by
M. F. Leroy, Mr. Baumgartner and
George C. Durey, and until the past
week has, as stated, been under the
supervision of Mr. Baumgartner, but is
now In charge of Mr. Durey, owing to
the fact that the Grand Crossing TV*"
Co. of Chicago, offered Mr. Baumg
ner a tempting salary to enter their
ploy, which he accepted, and last M.
day Mr. and airs Baumgartner le
for Chicago which city will for while
at least be their home, but we
hope ere long to have the pleasure of
welcoming their return to again becoir
residents of beautiful Manchester.- -.
—Miss Eula Davis la a Chicago vis
—Ben Miles we it to Chicago lait
—Will Ward was a Mclntyre vititor
over Snnday.
—Kalamity Thorpe makes some New
Year promises to-day.
—W. G. Kenyon departed for Dakota
Monday night on land business.
—A. A. Hollister was an Illinois
business visitor part of Ia8t week.
—Harry Kenyon was a guest of his
parents in this city Christmas eye.
—Miss Floy Cooley, of Chicago, is
visiting relatives and friends here.
—llev. S N. Fellows,"of Iowa City,
was a Manchester visitor Monday.
—Last Monday occurred the death of
G. G. Angel at his home in Delaware.
—Prof. Hairy Wolcott, of Milwaukee
frionds and relatives In this
—MisBes Nellie and Susan Fuller, of
Chicago, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Cawley.
—Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Dewltt Nlles,
of Cedar Rapids,
Christmas with
friends in this city.
—11. J. Schweltert is in attendants
at tbe State teachers association now
being held aiDes Moines.
—Mrs. W. G. Kenyon and daughter,
Mayme, expect to start for the sunny
south about January 21st.
—Miss Pearl Fierce, of Chicago, is
spending her holiday vacation with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Pierce.
—Mrs. R. E. Carpenter has gone to
Mclntyre, lows, where she will spend
the winter with Mr. and Mrs. R. A.
—Tbe annual meeting of tbe Spring
Branch Creamery Co. for the election
of oflicers will be held at its ofiloe next
—JesBe Lewis refereed a basket ball
game at Independence last Friday
night between Waterloo and Indepen
dence. Waterloo won by a score of 27
to 22.
—Last Friday evening a nine and a
half pound daughter was born to Mr.
aud Mrs. Hubert Carr. May she live
and grow atrong, and become a dutiful
girl and a useful woman.
—Joseph and W. H. Hutchinson have
decided^o offer for rent their well Im
proved 2S0 acre farm
of and ad­
joining this city. Its a rare chance for
someone. If interested, see their ad
—Mrs. Will Keyes, of Sherman,
Texas, is spending the holidays at the
home of her parents in this city. Mr.
Keyes is now traveling salesman for
the same bouse he has been In the em
ploy of as local salesmen for the past
two or three years.
—The Crothy 80 acres of land In sec
tions 2 and 3, North Fork township,
will be offered for sale by the reterees
appointed by the court, at tbe Dyers
ville, House, in DyeiBviile, Iowa, on
Wednesday, the 15th of this month.
The referees' notice in another column
gives the particulars connected with
tbe sale.
—Arrangements bare been made by
S. B. Shilling, president of tbe Iowa
State Dairy Association, to organize a
county butter makers association In
tbis city tomorrow (Thursday), and it Is
desired that all butter makers wbo can
will be present. A competent instruct
or will be sent by the State Association
who will give practical instruction
in the art of making butter at the Man
chester creamery tomorrow morning.
—Jesse Trickey, nlgbt electrician
met with a serious accident at tbe Man
Light, Heat & Power Co's
plant last Friday morning. He was
engaged in blowing out the flues to
one of the big boilers by means of
steam, which was conducted by rub
ber hose, when the hose broke and let.
the hot 8team in hie face. He was
badly scalded about the head, but his
eyesight which was thought at first to
be destroyed will not be Imparled.
H. M. Bart's residence burned to
the ground yesterday morning about
5:45 o'clock. Ur. Barr got up about
5:30 and built afire and went back to
bed again. A few minutes later tbey
were aroused by tbe odor of something
burning and found that the ceiling nad
caught lire from the stovepipe. They
managed to save a few ot the house
hold goods, but all papers, pedigrees to
his thoroughbred stock, etc, etc, were
destroyed. Tbls will be a pretty hard
blow to Mr. and Mrs. Barr, especially
at this time of the year. Insurance
will partly cover the
Miller and Mr. Frank H. Johnson. The
rooms were prettily decorated with
holly, evergreen and mistletoe. The
bride and groom attended by Mies Delia
Miller and Mr. Fred Johnson, aiBter
and brother of the groom entered
the room while Mrs. A. C. Johnson,
of Dubuque, was playing Men
delBhon's wedding March. Taking
their places the ceremony was pro
nounced by Bev. H. O. Pratt of this
city and congratulations followed. An
elegant tour course dinner was served
and Boon thereafter the happy couple
^•*ir tho afternoon train for Chicago,
lq t.hfl
—Miss Anna Sample departed Sun
day for Indiana to can for a sick
-Hal Waaghop, of Mllbank South
Dakota, is visiting relatives and friends
In this city.
—Leslie Ohase and Will Petitt, of
Strawberry Point, lowa, were Manches
ter visitors Tuesday.
—Atkins & Chapel In their adver
tising space, extend a Happy New
Year greeting to their patrons.
—Hunt Armstead, of Rock Rapids is
•lslting bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo'
Armstead in this city.
Bess Willlston, who is attending
school at Oberlln, Ohio, Is spending her
vacation In this city.
—The pnplls of Miss Crum's danc
ing class will give their first dance at
Pythian Castle next Friday evening.
—Mr. and Mrs. K. Gregg and Bon,
Paul, departed last week for Tipton,
where Mr. Gregg has purchased a drug
Dr. Loace Dorman, of Clarksville,
is In the city called here by the serious
Illness of his father, C. W. Dorman,
who suffered stroke of paralysis last
—Garry Thorpe will go to Prairie
Du Chlen, Wisconsin, Thursday of
this week, where be will attend Sacred
Heart college.
—Robert Westgarth and daughter,
Miss Eliza, of Carnarvon, Iowa, are
guests of the former's daughter, Mrs.
John L. Sullivan.
—The Dubuque and Manchester
basket ball teams will compete for
honors at the Central Opera House
New Years Afternoon.
—TheMeskimmen Harp Orchestra,
composed ot A. W. Meekimmen, Cor
onetist Ben Mather, trombone R. A
Kennedy,, clarionetlst: and Chas. E.
Wanghop, harpist furnished excellent
music for the-first club dance held at
Pythian Hall last Friday evening,
out forty couples were present. |fp|
Some Facts About Manchester.
It is a clean -city.
Is a busy business place.
It is tbe county seat of a rich county.
It is the center of a great dairying in
It is located on a beautiful clean wa
ter river.
It Is surrounded by the best farm
lands in lowa.
It has good railroad facilities now.
It has two good electric, light plants.
It has a good sanitary sewer system.
It has several buBy mills and factories.
It has a public spirited dags of citi
It has room for more mills and fac
It has a prosperous future already as
It has a first class telephone ex
It has a large well managed public
It bas the purest water Bupply of any
city in Iowa.
It bas the service of two telegraph and
two ezpresB companies.
It wants a stone yard.
It wants a canning factory. f?j
It wantB a steel tank factory.
It wants a wholesale grocery house.
It wants anew bridge over the river.
It wants a paving brick and tile fac
It wants a foundry and machine
It wants an all-business commercial
It wants an agricultural implement
wants Manchester money InveBted
in Manchester.
It wants a factory for tbe manufac
ture of cereal foods.
It wants every inhabitant to remain
here and help to forge the city's future.
Transfers of Real Estate.
Onaries Beaeom and wife toW Bltn
dwJ4 and sK ot
li aw)i and wtf
chard neK ie)4 nw)t nwfc and ~sK
8-s or nif of wK ne* awH and
—The Fredericksburg News, says
"The Board of Directors of the Fred
ericksburg Butter Factory met Satur
day aud among other business let the
contract for filling the ice house to Jas.
Whitcomb and also hired Harry For
rester for another year as buttermaker
at an increase in salary of 810 per month,
which goes to Bhow that his services
have been highly satisfactory in the
past. Mr. Forrester's salary is now
9110.00 per month. Mr. Forrester will
enter Tbe Iowa Agricultural college
Jan. 2od, his position will be filled dur
ing his absence by D. O. Squires, of
Spring Branch. F. L. Forrester
brother of Harry who is employed in
the creamery in this cltv will also take
a course in dairying at the state school.
—At noon at the home of the bride's
parents on Christmas day occurred tbe
tlie marriage of Miss Maude Estella
Samuel Morgan com at
E 0 Pouna to
•w oorof nefc sec 18-87-6 runessrdilii
ft 8 rd« a fl 89 rds 14 ft 6 8 rds 3 ft
Albert Beohm to Farmers State Batik of
DyeravUle pt eK sefc 17 and 80 a
wswUiwfcieoieandnwfc nwK seo
John Hennessey ir toM Brady etf of
8-4 ne»4 eeji «eo 10-90-4
Hannah A Brady Milan Brady 10 a
5-8sfr8sw}4neH and n% nw sefc
and com at nw cor of swU aeu run
87 rds to center of Greeley and Coles
burg road westerly In center of said
road to center line of sec io to place
of beg In 904
Wm James Ryan to Thomas O yan
frHnwiis©oa88-6 S60Q|
Deidamia O Luoe and hus to Wilbur
Richmond 8K a com at nw cor of ueK
seo 4-90« run 10 rds 40 rds 10 rds
40 rds
Wilbur Richmond and wife to Ohas O
and Belle Roe sH ncK and nwK nett
and wW of neH ne& and ntf nwH sw£
sec 4-90-6 5 goo
Elizabeth Hoag Barr and hus to E
Oole com 630 and M0 ft from ne cor
seo 7-89-4 run 82 ft ton Une of right
of way of O W Ry thence westerly
alone said ry co1s land 83ft to beg...
Patrick McUrath and wife to Mlohael
Maroney und tt lot 78 and 103 Uason
Lottie O Davis to Patrick MaGrath lot
72 and 103 Ma^onvllle
Patrick MaGrathand wife et alto Peter
Kelley lots 72 and 103 Masonvllle
John Mastrl and wife to Rosa Summers
lots bOt 14 Ryan
Brown and wife toN Davis lot
975 and wtt of lot 274 Manchester 8 000 I
A Thomas to Rev Ryan lots 7 and
8 blk 81 Ryan
Robt MUroy to Nora S Jotlln lot 8 and
lot 4-5 End 6 bin 5 Hopklnton
E Ward and wife toW Kenyon lots
677,689.690 Manchester
John MMagtrland wife to Rev PH Kv
au pt lota IS and 16 blk Byaa
Dennis Mastrisr to John UaRlrl pt lot
16andlftblk Ryan
Freeman Vesey to Samuel Vesey lot 9
blk 18 Hobbi add toDeltal
O Bradley »nd wife et al to Michael
WI MlUen and wife to Wlokersham &
Doyle loti 3*3,844,846.846.471. 478,473,
and 474 Delaware
Pineapples come Into bearing In Ha
waii when tbe plants are four months
old and bear In abundance (or years.
Lettuce can be planted at any time,
and tt develops quickly. The same Is
true of celerv.
It is a city of homes.
It Is a city of schools.
It is a prosperous city.
It is a city of churches.
Children Poisoned.
children are poisoned and I
not killed
'-g them
life and
oup and
jntalns nn I
It isn't the Cook's Fault,
It Isn't your Grocer's Fault,
that the bulk coffee you just
purchased turns out to be differ
ent from the'
'same kind" bought
before. Coffee purchased in
bulk is sure to vary.
The sealed package in which
LION COFFEE is sold insures
uniform flavor and strength. It
also keeps the coffee fresh and
insures absolute purity.
Lotus speak of man as wo find him,
And censure only what we can see, :A
Remembering that no one can be perfect,
Unless he uses Kocky Mountain Tea —Den
ton & Ward.
Durham Cattle For Sale.
Thoroughbred irlntn Ball and heifer* ot
for sale, one two years old. Marlon Duker
127194, six years
old pot by fitostus Hero No
11'ilM out ol Virginia 4th by Nov Star of Main
Valley B7B71. TnU Is tt uood bull, kind to handle
and good breeder, weight, 21-iu lbs.
53 tf Edgewood lowo.
What jrou dolo' neighbor.'^ Ilolplntr BIU
What's Bill dotn'?
Mnndy doln'
IU 7
pi OK Mandy What's
er doln'? Taking Itocky Mountain
Helping mother. What.s raoth-
Benslble family.—Denton & Wa'd.
For Sale.
What would you think or your R^cery man if
he sold snnd forsugur? Whar do you think
of a Untwist, who- oilers
you a substitute for the
Madison Medicine Oo's. Rocky Mountain Tea,—
Dentnri &Ward.
Thirty-two farms ia southern Iowa
from CO to 400 acreB 327 to 850 per
Hotel and fixtures for sale. One
ffood creamery for sale or trade for
lands, also farms and city propertr in
and around Manchester and South 'Da
kota. VV. G.
Moore's Department
Dry 6oods,
Is filled from cellar to ceiling with
choice staple goods, the best that money will
buy. Ladies', Gents' and Children's warm
Fleeced Underwear, Woolen Mittens for
Ladies, Misses and Children.
Cotton and Wool Hose for everybody.
Mens and Boys' Fancy Shirts, Prfnts. Mus
lins, Calicos, Towels, and Toweling by the
yard, Doilies, Pillow Shams and Covers, Bed
Spreds, Worsted Blankets, Table Spreds,
Stand Covers, Jewelry, Silverware "Roger
Bros. 1847 Only."
Lamps, Crockery Etc.
Fine Decorated Parlor, Hall and Hang
ing Lamps, Class Lamps of all Kinds and
Sizes, Fine Decorated Glass Sets and Novel
ties, Fine China Ware, Crockery, Granite
and Tinware of every Kind.
Our Musical Department
is complete with choice Instruments
and Merchandise. Our Holiday .Goods are
now on display. We will show you a nice
line of presents suitable for old and young.
We can furnish you with nearly everything
you may want in your home. We invite
you to call in and see_us every time you are
in the city. Yours Truly,
Moore's Department!
Atkins & Chapel
Thanking our patrons
for past favors, and our
large trade, we wish
them one and all a
M^PPy New
~eferees' Said of Real Estate.
BY virtue of an order of sate directed to tho
umlorslttned referees, issued by tbe clerk of tho
Distrtctt'nurt of Delawnre County, lowu. on a
decree obUlnod la said Court ou tbe 17th day of
December 1901, in favor of the plaintiffs, Thoul
ns Crothy etal.and against John Crothy etal,
defendants, for tbe partition of the real estate
described in pluiotlil's petition, we will on the
lfith day of»January 1902, at 10 o'clock a. m., be
at the ofllce of the Dyersvllle House in Dyers
vllle. Iowa and then und there receive bids tuut,
if same aro satisfactory, sell the following des
cribed real estate belonging to the heirs of the
late Michael Crothy, of uelware Co..ln., to»wlt:
The North Forty MH) ac es of the North West
fractional quarter (Nil of Section Two 12,1 and
the North Korty acres of the North Kast frac
tional quarter [Sil of Section Three [3) in Town
ship Kluhtv Eight f&i] North, Kiingn i] west
of tne 5th P. M. In Delaware County Iowa.
Terms of sale cush.
Dated ut Manchester, Iowa, this 1st day of
Jauuary IMS,
W. Norris. J-Uefereos.
Iw2 Calvin Yonuift
Bulls For Sale.
llivval Duke Sal. a thoioughhred Durham bull,
color red,« years old. ft fine :inlmn). lVflk'rre
furnished It desired. Also one lilgh grade Ij:
liain i-a 1
f. Call oo or address:
c. H. KltENCn.
Colilel), I:uv i.
49ir 7 miles south or Mmicbe ter.
"Worth it's weight In goUl/'siiy suf
ferers frrm catarrh, of lily's Cresm
Halm. A trial size costs 10 cents. Full
size 50 cents. Sold by ilruggists oi
maileil by Ely 15ros., 50 Warren street,
Albert Ia, Minn., ilch. 21, 1SI01
Messrs Ely liros.: -1 suffered from a
Bdvera cold in the head, and was about
dead from want of sleep. I used your
Cream Halm anrt woke up with a clear
head und cold almott gone. I would
not take live dollars for my bottle of
Cream Halm if 1 could not eft another.
52 2w S. K. l.insdale.
"Our Prices Are Right"
and will always remain
the same. ..... ..
Lot 1.
length, now
have divided the entire stock
into six lots as follows:
Hi Lot 2. Garments formerly
13.59-15.00—16.30, 27 in.
length now go at 8.75
Lot 3. Garments 27 in. in
length, formerly 10.00 and
12.50, now 6 90
Lot 4. Garments formerly
7.50—8.50—9.50, now 4.94
Lot. 5. Children's and Miss
es garments formerly 4.50—
5.00—G.50, now 3.35
Lot 0. Children's and Miss
es garments, formerly 3.00
—4.25, now 2.32

ins & Chapel
Annual Clearance
•. Sale
Cloaks, Capes, Furs,
and riillinery.
Ladies' Misses' and Childrens'
Cloaks and Capes.
For this sale we have reduced nil IP
Clonks, Jackets and Capes to about the W
former prices. With the large assortment (P
to choose from, and the prices less than the ffV
actual cost to produce, makes it an oppor. W
tunity which every one wanting a cloak
should grasp at once.
Garments formerly
15.00—17.00, 45 in.
From this date on all Furs we will allow a dis
count of 25 per cent front former prices, Our
... stock is much too large for this season of the year and the result
is reduction.
Burton Clark.
We make a specialty of
IMen's Fur
You should see our assortment
prices before purchasing.
D.F. Riddell
& Co.
Remember us when in need of anything
in the line of
and Boy's
We have an extensive and well selected!
stock of Suits, also Ulsters and Dress
^Overcoats in great variety. Styles and:
Prices that will suit you.

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